MEETUP: Free Speech Happy Hour In Cleveland On Thursday

I’m happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with Mike Cernovich to co-host a happy hour in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention. This is the first public meetup I’ve been involved in since the aborted attempt in February because of worldwide outrage.

If you would like to attend, show up at the initial meeting point between 6:00-6:15pm as detailed in the above graphic then use the password “pet shop” in a sentence to identify other attendees and get the final location details. If you have green hair or look like you have AIDS, you will not be given the location.


Meetup location is at the bus stop on Ontario St & Prospect Av

Special guest will be independent reporter Charles J. Johnson, who today was bruised by Michelle I-almost-fell-down Field’s wealthy parachute fiance, Jamie Weinstein.

The public nature of the meetup means that protesters may show up at the meeting point. That’s within their right, but their impotent attacks, as you saw happen on Tuesday, will not prevent us from exercising our free speech rights. Follow me on Twitter and on Periscope for updates throughout Thursday.

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37 thoughts on “MEETUP: Free Speech Happy Hour In Cleveland On Thursday”

  1. Damn I am ok with being a broke bastard with little footprint in this world but one of these days I am gonna have to wrangle up some of that green stuff to come and learn from you guys first hand and toss a few beers down the gullet.

  2. Fuck the protestors guys just use a wedge formation and use bear spray on those cocksuckers the minute they so much as touch one of you.

  3. Damn wish I could be there, love to hear some crazy roosh stories first hand over a beer. Whqt might be just as enjoyable tho would be hearing some GOJ stories firsthand

  4. Motherfucker.
    I thought it would’ve been mentioned again before the convention.
    No way I can make it on this kind of notice lol.
    Stay safe guys.

  5. There should be prizes for anyone who gets a blowjob from a female protester. Proof of the fact that they showed up to protest along side of cum on her face should earn at least a hat or t shirt or something.

        1. Yeah. A fuckin gold crown haha.
          Im sure we have a wildcard type among the ranks somewhere who’d be up to the challenge.
          I had an old buddy that I used to say would surely bang a trashcan if it had a hole the right size.

        2. Every crew needs at least one bullet catcher. One fine young man willing to jump on the opposition’s grenade.

        3. Yes, the counterstrike to the big fat friend is always the non discriminating friend

  6. Roosh I hope this time you will have A FUCK LOAD OF SECURITY like security guys / police with automatic weapons. Stay safe!

      1. Put Kiev in the lineup. But…. there won’t be any protesters, and the girls here like real men. Would that still be fun?

  7. Hell yes! Even though I am unable to attend this meetup, I just wanted to say that this a good thing we’re doing here. Don’t let those damn protesting feminazis stand in the way of freedom. I love it!

  8. Good luck to all. It would be cool to be there but I’m Argentinean and yet I don’t have the money to go there.

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