How Social Justice Warriors Miss The Mark

There is a place for social activism in any society. Problems naturally occur in any civilization and not all of them are given the attention they deserve; those who point them out and attempt to encourage the address of these concerns can do a great service to their society.

There is a limit, however, to the utility of such activism, as there are indeed times when it simply is not needed. Many in our modern society have lost touch with this indisputable reality and, in doing so, venture into the realm of useless, unjustified whining.

Tumblr is rife with examples of such whining, one of the more interesting of which is “Operation Catsuit”. Here is a description of the “operation”:

Operation Catsuit is a performance series in which installation artist/handbag designer Ayana Evans wears a neon zebra print body stocking to various art events across New York City. At each event friends of the artist secretly video tape the reaction of patrons in the galleries and around the surrounding neighborhoods. Those with the strongest responses are interviewed after the artist has left the area. A handful of those who have absolutely no response at all are interviewed as well.

And here is the operation in action:

What we essentially see is this: an attractive black woman (attractive enough to get a decent amount of attention in public without much effort at all) puts on the most revealing, attention-grabbing attire she can find and walks around in environments where such attire is wholly unexpected (ex: The Museum of Modern Art) documenting reactions.

Here were some of the responses on Youtube to this experiment:

Aalinh Orberst

Britney, Jessica Szohr, ScarJo and umpteen other celebrity and “regular” women with acceptable bodies wear tight catsuits everyday. Where are the people talking behind their backs and taking their picture? As soon as it’s a woman with a big behind and more pronounced curves she’s showing the whole world every nook and cranny of her body. How is that right?

We begin to see some of the online social justice warrior insanity/victim-complex leak out here. Aalinh Orberst attempts to turn this experiment into evidence of racism because, apparently, it is common for certain non-black women with “acceptable” bodies to wear tight bodystockings every day.

This is an interesting argument because I cannot recall ever seeing the likes of Scarlett Johansson wearing a skin-tight bodystocking with bright colors and zebra patterns in a public place on even one occasion, much less “every day”. If Scarlett or any celebrity like her were to do so, it would make major headlines, but it isn’t terribly common. The only non-black celebrities that I can recall seeing push boundaries with their clothing in public (or even on stage) have been criticized quite extensively for it – Miley Cyrus comes immediately to mind.



With all that said, what is Aalinh Orberst complaining about?

Aalinh Orberst

This made me me cry. I am so insecure about wearing certain clothes because I fear this everyday. You people in the comments know they weren’t taking pictures of her because her outfit was bangin’. They were taking pictures because even though she is completely covered up, she is a black woman with a voluptuous black woman body (you can’t deny that natural-no exercise required big butts come from our African ancestry) daring to wear stretch a catsuit over her fat behind. There was no love or praise in that. This is the kind of body shaming that is forced onto black women everyday. I dare someone with the technology to image search her catsuit and see all of the nasty comments people made. But this is the age of positive body imagery…..just not positive black body imagery.

I’m fairly certain that pictures were taken of this woman because of her outfit. It is not every day that one heads to a museum and sees a woman of any kind in a bright yellow, zebra-print, skin-tight bodystocking. Had she been more conservative (e.g., jeans and a blouse), I’m fairly certain that most of those who reacted in the video would have had little or nothing to say or do about her.

But what non-sense am I promoting here? The idea that a woman who goes out in tight, bright, unusual attention-getting attire will stand out like a sore thumb and get a lot of attention, not all of it positive? Madness.

Clearly the world just hates thick black women.


Don’t take pictures of people in public no matter what they look like unless they’re a performer or something. I just think that’s so disrespectful and an invasion of privacy

This comment is particularly fascinating: Arria is not actually capable of grasping the contradiction she creates when she implies that people have a fundamental right to total privacy in public spaces. Her argument essentially implies that every space must be regarded as a private space, unless someone is a performer (in which case no right to privacy exists).

Also, take a second to note the truly grand irony in Arria’s comment: she implies that pictures should not be taken of people in public no matter what, as such an action is “disrespectful and an invasion of privacy”.

She says this while commenting on a video in which dozens of people (the folks walking around in the museum as Ms. Bodystocking makes her way through) are recorded in a public space without their permission.


Is this the goal of the online Social Justice Warrior? To redefine basic societal rules and expectations with contradictory, nonsensical amendments? To imply the existence of fundamental rights, and then deny those rights to legions of people simply because they can’t empathize with them?

The social justice rage continues on Tumblr:

…This is the reality of being a black woman, a black femme, and a black perceived-woman. If you do anything, anything, you are not a person. You are a side show and people have the right to be entertained! They will apologize to the white folk they knocked out of the way to get their picture rather than acknowledge a word of personhood to your face! You don’t HAVE a face! You’re just ass. White supremacy has a history dating into the early-mid 1900s of having black people in fucking zoos for their entertainment. This isn’t new! This isn’t new! This is a legacy. This is the legacy of whiteness and no white person is exempt.

Not white women, who are the initiators and main perpetrators of this because (as my friend said) they see her as a threat; not white men, who are indeed just as guilty; not white non-binaries, not white queers (your other axis of oppression do not and will not ever negate your whiteness). No one is exempt from the legacy that made this possible, that allows this to go on unchecked, that is still actively held up by the people who would fancy themselves passive, or “good people.”

It doesn’t matter how you dress. This isn’t just about being fat, this isn’t just about being skinny- this is about not being white, this is about existing in blackness.

You see white people of all shapes and sizes in this video. NONE of them are side shows, NONE of them are experiencing the sheer white gaze of antiblackness and antiblack misogyny. And this is about blackness. This is about being perceived in such a manner that other people only feel the need an “excuse” to dehumanize you: something they do already in the comfort of their homes, in their minds. You know this because not a single white person reprimanded another white person for their picture taking. Not one alerted her after said non-existent reprimand.This is what I worry about when I go out. I don’t even know if people are taking pics, and I pray they are not.

Well, I dunno. Are you going to museums in the heart of midtown Manhattan while wearing a bright yellow, skin-tight bodystocking? Because if you are, I think it safe to say that people are taking photos.

I don’t think that there is anything “anti-black” about giving attention to an individual who clearly intended to attract such attention. I don’t consider the fact that people will gaze at a thick black woman running around in Manhattan in a bright yellow, zebra-print bodystocking to be a sign of white supremacy. I think that’s just… normal. If you’d like not to be gawked at and photographed, don’t go out of your way to stand out as much as you possibly can.

That just seems like the logical conclusion to me, but what do I know? Why not just whine and complain about imaginary “misogyny” and “antiblackness” instead? I’m sure that will solve the problem.

Meanwhile, back on tumblr…

This video shows *exactly* why our work is never done. How our bodies are never truly our own because of the gaze of others. Notice how the majority of people taking pictures of her (WITHOUT HER EXPRESS PERMISSION) were female and WHITE? Can I pull a perpetuation of patriarchy card? Like a Sarah Baartman and other images, her body was as much a part of the exhibition as the paintings on the wall. And it makes me wonder….would a white girl in the same outfit, get the same reactions? Who would take the pictures then? THIS.IS.EVERYTHING and why my feminism can’t be written in the annals of Simone de Beauvoir and her likes and why White Feminism continues to undermine its own rhetoric.

-All this to say, this is some BULLSHIT!

This one is concerned about the fact that pictures were taken of Ms. Bodystocking “WITHOUT HER EXPRESS PERMISSION” but, ironically, fails to note the fact that dozens of people had their pictures taken (and appear in this video) without having given their express permission.

Odd, that…

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. These (mostly white) people are taking pictures of her like a zoo animal. Staring, shooting, then judging. This is a rendering of the modern Hottentot Venus experience.

It shows how Black women’s bodies are still commidified, envied, then rated inferior to historically traditional, feminine, “right” white women’s bodies. And how Black women’s natural expression and respect for their beauty is seen as putting themselves on a platter of some sorts, for other people’s ridicule or consumption.

Because notice what happens here: Most white men stare and take pictures (for their own use later). White women stare, take pictures (for their own judgement later), and literally every one of them turns away with that same look: arms crossed, lips pursed, trying to be incognito. It’s a jealously tinged with, no, based on hate.

Just because racist history looks different doesn’t mean it has changed.


The unique ability of the social justice warrior to simply invent things to offend him/her is quite remarkable. Here, this tumblr user suggests that this video shows how black female bodies are “rated inferior to historically tradition, feminine, “right” white women’s bodies”. I’m not sure where this “inferiority” is implied and perpetuated in this video – people seem shocked because they are in the heart of Manhattan witnessing a woman in a bright zebra-print bodystocking strolling around casually, not because they saw a black woman. Most have probably never seen such a thing before, and I’m sure some think that such dress isn’t appropriate. Isn’t that normal?

Probably not. Let’s get angry about racism instead, because that makes more sense. Only racists would do a double-take at a skin-tight zebra-print bodystocking in Manhattan, because most people are perfectly accustomed to seeing such a thing on a regular basis.

Activism is necessary to bring attention to and actually engage with many real problems that persist in our world, but one does nobody any favors when they become indignant about things unworthy of any serious concern. By failing to understand this reality and getting enraged at the most mundane and inoffensive of things, the social justice warrior not only fails to make any positive progress for his or her self, but also undermines other bids to call attention to real issues using the same mediums that these social justice warriors (tumblr, youtube, etc.) frequent by making such bids appear to be the calling card of the irrational and the insane.


The more these people complain about things that do not matter, the less we are likely to see done about things that do.

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114 thoughts on “How Social Justice Warriors Miss The Mark”

  1. The only time I see blacks at MoMA are as guards or possibly pet artists like Kara Walker (insert finger into throat). Blacks do not do culture. This gorilla shows up and stinks up the place in typical fashion. Scum.

    1. “Blacks do not do culture”. Neither do Mexicans….they kill many immigrants from Honduras/El Salvador trying to pass through Mex to get to USA. They hate other south Americans, and they tend to stay away from white people.
      I don’t think people realize the white USA was really the only country who even attempted to get along with and learn about other cultures. African tribes, Mexicans, middle easterners…..they all hate eachother and aren’t capable of diplomacy of any kind.

      1. They do have some interesting museums in Mexico City that rival NYC. But that’s the white and Middle eastern elite at work. Pretty soon that’s what we will be reduced to. Caudillo style enforcers over a brown horde. Uuurggghh.

  2. great article, these people are fucking clowns. why are they getting so damn wound up about it? jealous of the awesome black booty? these people need to chill, and shut the hell up.

    1. I beg to differ. I’d hardly call that woman attractive. Her ass is giant and her ‘sense of style’ is fucking ridiculous.
      No wonder people were photographing her. They thought a goddamned circus clown had escaped the funny farm or something. Definitely noteworthy.
      Awesome booty? Maybe to you. To me it looks like she needs to put down the donuts, McDonald’s, and potato chips.
      Perhaps some lower carb food intake and a little exercise would work wonders, although I do not find African facial features to be attractive so she would never show up on my ‘hot chick radar’.
      I agree with the author. SJW’s do stupid offensive shit to get reactions from normal people, then get angry about it.
      They remind me of the guys that do Jackass, only instead of laughing at peoples’ reactions, they file lawsuits and cry racism/sexism.

  3. At one Bachelor Party we forced the groom to wear a Borat-mankini through the lobby and subsequent restaurants of a busy five-star-hotel. It came as a deep surprise to us that people were laughing at our friend and even daring to make pictures. When will this rampant sexism end? Wheeeen?
    (True story though – the reactions were rather positive since he was a good-looking dude. He got even hit on by a girl.)

    1. Allow me to say what the SJW’s all want to say:
      “It is despicable that white men can walk around a city dressed like man-whores and be greeted with smiles by that woman. When a white man does something like this, it is considered funny. If black men did this, the cops would come with tear gas because the whites would assume they are perverts trying to rape children. When white men do it, it’s funny. When black men do it, it is threatening. DOUBLE STANDARD!”
      “And don’t get me started on what would happen if a woman tried to dress like this. Parents would get in her face, telling her she is indecent. You have no idea what it is like to constantly live with the knowledge that the whole male world wants to claim ownership of your body, that you can’t wear what those guys wear, and you have to miss out on that incredibly empowering, important experience of humorous exhibitionism. I want to create a world for my daughter in which she can dress like that and be considered just as goofy as those guys.”
      “This is about equality, folks. No, it is even more basic than that. This is about treating all people like human beings.”
      See, guys? I can do this SJW thing, too!

    2. Those poor objectified men. Will there ever be justice for these victims of a society? Does that laughing old lady in the photo think they are zoo animals, there for her amusement. Oh, the humanity!

  4. SJWs create a situation that they know will cause drama. Then, when something happens, no matter how small, they whine. What we see is a constant victim mentality, and situations they use to receive more sympathy from the public. It’s a never ending cycle.

    1. Woman dresses like a Sideshow Clown in NY city+People notice and take pictures = Oppressive society to women and minorities.
      Women dying in the streets of Cuba due to denial of basic Hospital services =Liberal Paradise lavishly praised by Sean Penn ,Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky.

      1. Haha standard. The worship of Venezuela by rich white suburban liberal justice warriors always astonishes me. I always wonder why the locals of these liberal paradises gravitate towards the white oppressors.fleeing their communist paradise for what is left of the decaying system we decry is capitalism.

  5. Why is there such uselessness existing and breathing the same air that I do?

  6. Operation Catsuit?!? WTF?? This isn’t social justice. Its social whining and bitching and complaining of a ludicrously trivial matter. I turn on the news and I see the tragedies of the Malaysian airlines that was shot down, innocent children dying violently in Gaza, a new outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa, and this is the kind of whining that goes on in Tumblr?! Fuck this lousy entitled piece of dirt crap person who thinks that she is some victim of a great tragedy!
    I remember a time when social justice activism was really about addressing real problems in society. War, sickness, poverty and so on. Now it seems like its been hijacked by entitled deluded idiots who don’t have anything better to do than simply go on Tumblr and Youtube and start some whining bullshit campaign…

    1. Its easier to go online and bitch to do your good deed for the day than it is to actually do a good deed IRL

  7. Maybe the picture takers thought she was a living exhibit: “Idiotic Black Woman #90,000,000”

    1. There is an assumption at any opening in Chelsea that any unusual attention seeking black is probably involved in a performance project. So I’d go with that explanation.
      Oh shit, here comes the next Adrian Piper!

    1. In Chelsea the “white” people are, looking at that video:
      Middle age millionaire Jews with shiksa companions (or their actual yenta wives occasionally)
      Models and Gallerinas. 5’7″ 100lbs dad pays the rent
      Asians and Eurasians gawking at the skinny white women
      The videographer’s black chums
      Yes all sorts of rednecks and trailer trash.

  8. Hair Extensions from Sally Beauty Supply – $20
    Tacky Catsuit from the T.J.Maxx Bargain Bin – $40
    Tricking the internet into believing your social activism wasn’t a ploy to show off your new ass injections…Priceless

    1. P.S.

      What we essentially see is this: an attractive black woman (attractive enough to get a decent amount of attention in public without much effort at all)


      1. Great image.
        I’m amazed that UFO guy hasn’t branched out into other subjects. He’s genuinely enterprising in the way he insinuates Aliens into every image and monument and legend. The possibilities are endless.
        I bet he’d have had a laugh identifying her UFO.

        1. I bet he’d have had a laugh identifying her UFO.

          Already found her. Could this be a message left by aliens??

        2. Pure Genius. The Venus of Willendorf is a jig-alien hybrid.
          I’ll file my PhD dissertation on it now. It’s obviously a frigging spacesuit with a wide load.

  9. All these social justice cuntbags need to go spend some time in a less developed country where real problems exist instead of manifested cultural slights. Political correctness is an effect of a cultural disconnect from reality.

    1. All these social justice cuntbags need to go spend some time in a less developed country where real problems exist instead of manifested cultural slights.

      but how would they update their status on Facebook?

        1. I remember using a “phone exchange” in Naples, Italy to call home in the States.
          The instructions in the booth were on a bronze plate written in eight languages.
          Most of all, I remember: “Deposit a gitone (It’s like a bus token you needed to use a telephone in Italy.) and an operator will
          EVENTUALLY come on the line.”
          WE have problems.

    2. I think political correctness is self-censorship and a worst possible assault on free speech.

      1. You’re not the only one. PC is a weapon, the greatest in the arsenal of the though police. Whereas most of their arms are blunt and brutal, PC is precise as the edge of a blade, specifically designed to cut through logic and complexity and leave nothing but quivering, thoughtless flesh in its wake

  10. This is a most excellent article.
    What did we ever do without the comedy stylings of Tumblr?
    “This is the reality of being a black woman, a black femme, and a black perceived-woman.”
    She’s a black woman and a “black femme” AND a black-perceived woman? That sounds exhausting. After she drives her black car home to her black house and feeds her black cat and has some black dinner, black does she black for black?
    “This is the legacy of whiteness and no white person is exempt.”
    What, even the Pope? Rick Astley? Honey Boo-Boo? They’re all responsible for “having black people in fucking zoos for their entertainment.”?
    Where are these racist zoos anyway? The one near me only has penguins and other normal zoo things. I’m sure I’d have noticed if they had an exhibit of black people.
    Notice the copious amount of psychological projection going on:
    “Most white men stare and take pictures (for their own use later).”
    Um, no. And here’s why: she’s not hot. Sorry
    black women, black femmes, and black perceived-women, but the truth is white men mostly aren’t into black women.
    If you look like Beyonce you’ll be attractive to men of all races, but if you look like Lafawnduh from Napoleon Dynamite, not so much.
    “White women stare, take pictures (for their own judgement later)”
    Also no. They’re taking pictures so they can text their friends “look what she’s wearing, LOLS!”.

    1. i don’t know where I read that : nowadays the worst you can be is a white heterosexual male” you can get accused of anything.

    2. Where are these racist zoos anyway?

      Try your nearest Popeye’s or Church’s Chicken.

    3. And if you have a big ass and dress like the Thundercats, then everyone will stare at you. Color has nothing to do with crazy. lol

    4. black woman, blacke femme, black-perceived woman…gee whiz, I can’t imagine why, in this modern world, white folks can’t seem to see black folks as anything but black

  11. The show “What Would You Do?” is a fine example of this idiocy. They set up absurd moral crisis situations regarding racism, sexism, fat-shaming, homophobia, whatever, then hide in the bushes with their cameras to record the reactions of bystanders. Usually it is some subhuman being dehumanized by their secret “actor” portraying a racist coffee-shop employee while patrons look on aghast. Those that ignore it (because they just stopped by to pick up some damn coffee) are taken to task for their bigotry, while anyone who speaks out against the injustice are exalted and held up as fine example for us to follow. Frankly I am astonished that any business would allow these phony moralizing crusaders to secretly record their patrons.
    Now you are asking why I watch it. I don’t. My foreign wife watches TV to help with her English so often I walk in the room and it is on. That or a tough lady detective show with Asian computer guy, black sidekick, and cast of dumbfounded but supporting white males while she cracks the case by seeing what nobody else sees and they haul the middle-aged white male perp off to the clink. She also looks good in long, flowing hair and tight “hip-hugger” jeans, flipping her hair aside as she brandishes her hand cannon when they corner the perps in an abandoned factory. She may even have to blow away a few dirtbags, proving that women can perform well in combat.

    1. -letting your superior quality foreign wife watch modern Western television or movies for any reason
      what the fuck man….

  12. Chicks are fucking crazy. All of them. Every color. Desperately in search of attention. This dumb bitch confirms it. I dont give a fuck if she is black.

    1. I’ve discovered that many of these retard SJW chicks are literally about 12 years old, and also non-literally but intellectually 12 years old. They are the internetizen female equivalent of the mouthbreating socially maladapted retards I encounter in mil-sim multiplayer gaming (ArmA3, Falcon 4.0, DCS: Blackshark)

    2. It’s even worse, today, because she is black.
      That shit may have worked in 1984 but not today. No victim cards left to play….those days are over.

  13. “Is this the goal of the online Social Justice Warrior?”
    The answer is obvious: attention whoring.

  14. Many women have a vested interest in perceiving inequality because they have formulated identities for themselves as social justice warriors.
    These women achieve status, attention, identity and self-esteem by “calling out” inequality online.
    Therefore, even if the society were a perfect utopia, there would never be an end to social justice crusades.

    1. Yes. Women have a biological need to be Damsels in Distress. When no distress exists, they have to invent some.

    2. Bleating about equality masks a bid for supremacy. Julia Kristeva called Feminism the final supremacy. All that lunatic needed was a fucking wheelchair and a rainbow bumper sticker and she’d tick off every complaint box on the cheat sheet.

      1. I’m a black woman in a crazy outfit and no one is paying attention to me? That’s because I’m black….lol.
        Ok, sure. We’ve moved past your chapter in the book…onto something else.

  15. Didn’t Lady Gaga build a career on getting attention for this very reason — wearing something wild unexpectedly? If you dress oddly, people notice. Why don’t the social justice warriors complain about all the attention Gaga gets when she goes out in meat dresses or done up like some character?

    1. Because Lady Gaga is white, remember? We are looking for the typical ‘haters’ of black women here (lol). It’s such a setup that it’s a fail.
      Those days are over honey. We have a black President and it’s 2014. The ‘victim’ days are over.

  16. What I dislike the most about this is she is intellectually squatting (and shitting) in the gallery. These venues are expensive to rent maintain and staff. The artists showing there are expensively educated and have generally risked poverty in pursuit of excellence. The gallerist is probably on a financial knife edge. Then this cocky bitch hijacks the show others put together.
    If she staged the show and set up all the parameters for these awkward and predictable reactions to her and risked propèr authorship and the pressure that brings, I could respect her antics as a professional strategy. This is just pissing on other artists ruining their big night.

    1. “The artists showing there are expensively educated and have generally risked poverty in pursuit of excellence.”
      LOL are you joking? Sure they might have had an expensive education, but for what? The pursuit of excellence? This is the Museum of MODERN art. I doubt there is a work worthy of the name Art housed in that museum, much less worthy of being called excellent.
      Though you’re right on all other counts.

      1. Calm down Clement Greenberg! Calm down and eat your Abstract Expressionism like a good brainwashed redneck! Don’t let your philistinism blind you. There are really brilliant works there. And also hot upper crust ass to pick up.

  17. Because far leftists and progressives have this insane notion that everyone should be emotional zombies and should have zero feelings in the world about the actions of others. It’s ridiculous narcissism and extreme individualism at it’s finest – they forget that humans are social creatures and differences in the status quo are noted. If you go to a posh art exhibit at MoMa and someone shows up looking out of place, then that person is going to get attention. No fucking brainer there. If i was a white dude wearing a fucking Borat body thong I guarantee there would be a similar reaction (hell, the dude may have even been escorted out).
    My feelings are in-line with the general consensus here – SJW just making problems out of nothing. Doing something extreme and crying victim, blame-gaming, and guilt-tripping when they get the negative reactions they sought out to get.

    1. “Because far leftists and progressives have this insane notion that
      everyone should be emotional zombies and should have zero feelings in
      the world about the actions of others.”
      I love the way you put that. Excellent insight, I’ll try to keep it in mind,

  18. In this video, she’s upset that no one is around to give her attention
    Let’s watch!

    1. yep, agree…and someone should have called her on it (instead of giving them the PC interview). A black woman looking for attention in this outfit is exactly what she is doing…someone should have called her on it and then walked away.

  19. Bridges falling apart, destruction of the nuclear family, endless war, taxes through the stratosphere, and they are worried about what Laqueesha wears to a museum. Newsflash to the social justice warriors, if the other problems are not fixed, there won’t be a museum to film at.

  20. Something that I noticed among these whinny social “justice” “warriors” is their own obsession about what other people think and, specifically, what they think of them.
    I’m I missing something?
    Because this seems to be grossly narcissistic but from feminism to homosexualism, namely the latter, caring about what other people think is central.
    I always try to offer my humble, yet I believe, best advice and that is serenity, never mind “justice” or “actualization” or “fulfillment” will only be achieved if a person is willing to liberate themselves from what other people think of them. Indeed one’s pathway to serenity will be as varied and different as a finger print, however, we all at some point must confront this issue. Oddly, for me, I was inspired by an adage uttered routinely in marine infantry and that was “I don’t give a Fuck!”. Although, this catch-all term generally referred to a grunts low paid life of drudgery, this epiphany, for me, was the path to my soon thereafter shedding of the necessity of other people’s thoughts or acceptance. Simply, I don’t give a fuck was sufficient and the punk/abrasive almost “fuck off” mnemonics embedded in such a simply phrase impressed me.
    I’ve never looked back only to realize that whereas it might have been something crude and distinctly marine to nudge me to higher existence, liberating oneself from the oppression of needing other people’s acceptance et al has been a waypoint leading to maturity and manhood for eons.

  21. women’s social justice narcissism is a product of the growing conflict between their minds and bodies, or rather their conscious desire to take themselves seriously and have themselves taken seriously with their rather more fundamental need to get noticed & strut their stuff. Combining social justice / progressive causes with ‘getting nekkid’ (doing it for art / politics e.g. femen, pussy riot) or acting slutty (slutwalking), or specific sexist evils (such as those women who record men cat-calling them e.g. the recent Belgian? woman responsible for making any sexism a crime in Belgium) uses social justice narcissism to both gain a sense of worth (as a person in their own right) while getting attention with plausible deniability. To my mind that is the key. It doesn’t necessarily matter to them that their actual motives to get people to notice them are almost completely obvious to everyone as long as they can plausibly deny that this is the case. And because the vast majority of similarly minded women and other social justice idiots will join with them in this mass deception they are officially taken seriously, so even though privately most people snort and snigger, the mainstream press, the mainstream blogosphere and the alternative reality show that is most of modern womanhood will deny that what these women are really doing is finding a socially and politically legitimated way of directing a big pointy neon yellow arrow at their sluttly little bodies to say ‘look at me’.
    We know it, and they know it, but they can do this because our culture and our craven, pussy-whipped media are too scared or otherwise incapable of pointing it out. Truly we live in the stupidest society that has ever existed notwithstanding the one in that Julian Barnes novel where the french put a bunch of woodworm on trial for eating rotten wood.

  22. Is it just me or is this bitch’s ass so fat that it makes you want to vomit? I have clearly been in Asia too long because seeing a fat ass like that is a real boner killer. That ass is so fucking enormous that the size of turds it produces surely must be regular toilet cloggers. Gentlemen, in order to combat this increased trend of obesity, we must unite and begin our own social justice campaign – Operation Fat Shame!

  23. Just check out buzzfeed. Half the posts are by SJW’s trying to draw attention to some cause or another. The rest are about women and how men judge women. Or feminism. Or the patriarchy. Lately I’ve also seen a lot of posts there that simply dump on white people. Specifically white men.

  24. Did she really just say that in the 1930s, there were black people in zoo exhibits? The height of stupidity.

    1. Wow… just wow.
      Just because it didn’t actually happen doesn’t mean it isn’t true, you insensitive cishet bodyshaming whitemale hater!
      Logic and facts are tools of the hegemonic heteropatriarchal conspiracy to oppress all women, and especially fabulous women of colour who go out in public dressed like a low-budget Thundercats cosplayer displaying more camel toe than a drove of dromedaries.

    2. Actually it is true that Africans and other international people were part of museum exhibits, included alongside displays of furniture and art from those countries. Look up Sarah Baartman (a South African who was included in displays)
      However I don’t think they displayed African Americans or other local people of color.

  25. Was this the woman that Anthony took a picture of in Times Square, got assualted, and then got kicked off satellite radio?

    1. She’s the one who punched out a blonde Russian with a left hook. I mean ‘ook.

  26. The white heterosexual male is the real modern day zoo animal. Laughing stock of all TV shows, considered a creep if not young and attractive, a clown if not dressed in the latest fashions, geek/dork if interested in anything requiring intelligence. Kept around to do the heavy lifting in all corporations, government agencies and many households. Milked while they’re useful, then slaughtered when a better one is found.

    1. We’ll get the last laugh. Society can’t keep up with so much stupidity forever. Karma will be vicious

  27. If she were at a walmart in Detroit no one would give her a second look much less a first.

  28. this is what comes from women not being subject to the occasional bitchslap when they step out of line. without the presence of a man to lovingly correct her and resolve the terrible inner confusion caused by her volatile hormones, females are prone to pick up many unsound ideas about the world, radically unrealistic ideas such as the idea that women are equal or that their ideas matter. if only those poor deluded females had been slapped now and then or had been fucked until pacified, they would all be so much happier.

  29. By the way, I was in Chelsea area last week. I must say, sincerely, that’s the streets with the galleries around 26th are chock full of amazing looking young women. If you live in the NYC area it’s worth playing a bit of day game. If you hint at having an art collection those girls get wet on sight. I’m just talking about the ones walking around. Then there are the gallerinas. Most are young and desperate for a man to pay the rent for them or buy their photo/painting/sculpture or to arrange sales as staffers on the gallery payrole.
    The loneliness and desperation of these chicks is just below the manicured facade.

  30. The only social justice I am aware of is when a woman keeps running her mouth and a man tells her to shut the fuck up. If she does so, that is social justice.

  31. I approve of them doing gives their cats some much needed alone time from the crazy cat lady.

  32. I know this may be a stretch but this same social justice logic is how false rape claims come about. Woman dresses provocatively gets a reaction and is offended= woman gets drunk has sex with a drunk guy ,feels regret, feels ” raped”. Social justice warriors cannot provoke people then act offended and amazed when people react to their provocation. Woman cannot dress sexy, go to a meet market bar and get drunk with a guy looking to fuck, go home and fuck him , then act amazed that sex occurred and accuse him of rape a week later. The logic of social justice warriors is a mockery of the word logic.

  33. Tumblr is for brutally mocking, not for serious rebuttals. It’s full of dumb children, it’s like a chimp fucking a football over there.

  34. “These (mostly white) people are taking pictures of her like a zoo animal. ”
    This never happened before… before people started behaving like zoo animals in public, that is.

    1. Defining white down. Black men, Asians, Eurasians, Jews and some white chick who wished to be down with the Sistah.

  35. SJWs are retarded. They’re making a mockery and self-parody of leftist ideas. In their world “social justice” is about parading as many gays in colorful suits in front of the public while letting the 1% fleece the rest of the population blind… Or talking about tranny rights as if trannies are actually deprived of some kind of rights. Talk about faggotry.

  36. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such disproportions between tits and ass in my life. How in the fuck does this chick avoid falling over backwards?
    I’d be staring to make sure she doesn’t start an earthquake.

  37. I’m gonna start my own social just crusade. I’m gonna wear the same tight outfit as this massively big butted chick wears, but make sure I walk around with an erection.
    I better not get “harassed” for that!

    1. You’ll be harassed with policeman’s truncheon and later the nightsticks of the overnight inmates at the clink.
      Alternatively you could sign up for a gay pride event/march. Then your naked antics will be cheered on by brainwashed suburbanites out to show rainbow solidarity.

  38. Everyone in a manosphere should already know that by laws of most states you can take a picture or video of anyone in public space. Naturally I don’t expect dumb SJW to have any common sense. Seriously, it’s like watching cats on crack.

  39. The thing about women, is that they need something to complain about. Otherwise they will be unhappy.

  40. Nobody gives a fuck….
    You come out dressed like a slut, we as men are going to look and think about you as a slut.
    It has nothing to do with race. Women took photos because they love anything that is drama. Anything.
    There is no issues here. “Why are they taking pictures????”
    Because you look like a smut and you are making My Dick hard. Stop trying to paint the color of air and sell it back to me in a box.
    You are meant to get fucked and produce kids. Stop seeking extra shit. White, Asian, Rican, etc. It doesn’t matter who wore that outfit.
    Fucking bored ass airheads

  41. this could easily have been a sketch about a social justice warrior because it’s so fucking comical. but they are not kidding.

  42. Well I’m glad you wrote this. I don’t agree with your opinion, but it opens an important dialogue and I thank you for taking the time to watch the video and sift through some of the online comments, which I do consider to be part of the project.
    I think the biggest item you missed was that most of the photographs were taken by white women of my butt, not just of the outfit, which means what occurs in the video is not JUST about the outfit being bright. There were a couple things you said that I agree with but it’s disheartening that it seems there is less sympathy coming from you than there is judgement. Not considering objectification of women to be a “real” problem is problematic at best. Also, the assumption that loose or darker clothing makes reactions to my body disappear is false. I have spent most of my life trying to cover my curves because of that fact. Yes, when I do downplay myself, I get LESS attention but there are still problems and GRABBING. (but that is a whole other conversation) The one idea I was hoping would come across is that people should have the right to wear whatever they want, without judgement. Not saying it needs to be a crusade, just a basic idea/desire on my part.

  43. And last thing… because my background is in painting and I prefer bright colors in a composition, I chose a neon green catsuit. I think my bright red lip, my yellow/brown skin tone, and the green/black pattern make a great composition in
    most white box gallery spaces. That’s a personal preference that doesn’t have anything to do with wanting attention. Also you said “What we essentially see is this: an attractive black woman (attractive enough to get a decent amount of attention in public without much effort
    at all) [THANKS FOR THAT] puts on the most revealing, attention-grabbing attire she can
    find…” Its not a very revealing outfit. This is where my shape changes perception. I’m pretty covered up. But because of my body type this outfit is called revealing, stripperish, slutty… you name it I’ve heard it. LAST LAST POINT… that I’m mentioned in anything that brings up Miley Cyrus is hilarious. –crossing that off the bucket list. lol. All the best. –Ayana

    1. ” I think my bright red lip, my yellow/brown skin tone, and the green/black pattern make a great composition in
      most white box gallery spaces.”
      Odd how you objectify yourself. Everyone else is dressed low-key and the focus is on the art. Yet you describe the situation from start to finish in a way that makes it clear that you are using your own body to make a statement. In SJW-speak you “centered yourself in the narrative”. So people notice and a few discretely take pictures (I don’t think you would have noticed any of the picture-takers).
      There are some sexist jerks here for sure but they are 100% right about this “art” and SJWs in general. It is ruining the feminist movement. I am especially dismayed because I dabbled in twitter for a bit and it seems large numbers of young women are picking up the SJW thing and It does seem to be feeding and encouraging narcissism.
      Something bothers me about the fact that I can’t follow a young women on twitter or facebook without being subjected to an endless stream of selfies. That and young women constantly assuring each other that they are beautiful. And then they complain that white colonialism caused them to feel ugly and they post some more selfies of themselves looking gorgeous and everyone assures them that they are jealous and omg you are so pretty!!!! and this is women in 20s and 30s. After a few rounds of this from the same woman it gets pretty old, but the people on these networks never seem to tire of it. You can unfollow and then check back a few months or years later and she’s still doing the same thing.
      Even my niece who I adore, how many times do I have to assure her how beautiful she is and scroll past latest photos and gushing compliments, feeling a bit guilty for not joining in. I don’t think I am jealous or anything, I join in enthusiastically at first, but after a while I feel annoyed. I don’t remember experiencing or wanting (I am pretty introverted) that level of attention. It really does seem immature or narcissistic, disturbing it has become so commonplace. Or, it could be that I just get that impression from social media…

      1. btw I am a middle-aged woman if it matters, my handle is cryptic. I have decided to still avoid following these young women, but to be clear I am following them in the first place because they tweet about art or science or culture. So I am not talking about insecure teenagers here who only care about their friends etc or young women I am stalking or anything like that. I mean actual young adults who presumably have other forums for hanging with friends (snapchat etc) and sharing intimate photos. A few were “weird twitter”, I was recovering from surgery for a time and it was an outlet when I started twitter so I did search out the more creative voices that were using it as an art form. Many were very witty indeed, and I like young people but the trend held there. Most, all really, of the clever, artistic young women accompanied their ironic tweets with the same barrage of selfies. The men did not. It seemed a painful illustration of the cliche that men look outward and women inward or at themselves in a mirror.

  44. I’m not sure if you are the same contributor who recently wrote about Orwell, but if so, this ties in. Just like language is being debased by calling every dumb broad who gets out of bed in the morning a hero, pretending this absurdity is proof of racism just muddies the water for real problems in this world. How absurd. These women run their mouths all day, but never actually say anything.
    I can’t imagine why women were considered incapable of ruling throughout human history. Must have been racism. Or fatism. Or sexism. Couldn’t have possibly been PRUDENCE

  45. Every time one of the SJWs comments were posted, my eyes would glaze over. What the f-ck are you talking about?
    I enjoy a good floor show whenever i see one, regardless of race. How unfortunate that these meddling hace nothing better to do than create problems when none exist.

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