Reflections On My Freshman Year Of College

So my freshman year of college is over. I had a period of idiocy where I started to believe some of the ultra-left wing bullshit that American colleges try to drive into their students. As a result, I posted some things over on the RVF that I’m not proud of, and I feel as though this is a good place to apologize for it. So gents, I’m sorry that I regressed into white knighting at some points on the forum. Roosh was right to suspend my membership, and I’ve decided to take time actually doing things rather than writing about them.

My freshman year was, all in all, a formative experience. I learned more than I thought I would, and I also found that the Western world is much worse than I thought. On the other hand, I met some really great people and hooked up with a few women, eventually dating one for awhile (more on that mistake later). Overall, if this is what my first year was like, I’m eager for the next three. So without further ado, here’s what I’ve learned from my first year:

1. Most men are bums

It’s true. Most men suck. Most men can’t be forced to get off their asses and do anything. They’re completely happy with staying exactly where they are and not advancing emotionally or intellectually. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I had to take shit from guys over not following what they considered “the rules” for an interaction with women. Too many men still believe in all the typical “nice guy” bullshit that I had to forcibly unplug myself from. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here, but my red pill awakening began when the first girl I dated tried to have me locked up. Why? Because I believed in the “nice guy” shit, that being all sweet and nice to her would result in my getting back with her. Total nonsense, and I wish that today’s me could beat some sense into 15 year old me. Despite the fact that most men suck, you’re going to meet some good guys. That brings me to the second point.

2. Although most men are bums, some aren’t

95% of guys are still plugged into the “women as a prize, I have to win her” mentality. To me, that’s the most important red pill you can take. Most men refuse to acknowledge that embracing the fact that you want to fuck her silly gets you with her. I’m not talking about direct versus indirect, because that has its own place. I’m talking about embracing your masculinity, putting your balls on the line, and making the fucking approach. So if 95% of men suck, then there’s 5% who don’t. That 5% is who you want to surround yourself with. Some of them, like me, decided to learn game. I encouraged one such guy to join me, and I found a few others who were learning on their own. These guys rapidly became my friends. Other guys who showed an ambition, a drive towards something greater also became my friends. These are guys who aren’t happy with comfort zones and refuse to stop improving. Other guys I met through my social circle. These guys become my friends because they’re (a) cool guys and (b) they often are good game models.

3. Avoid relationships

I ended up in a relationship with a nice, feminine woman for the better part of my second semester. We had a lot of sex, and she got very attached to me. I wasn’t as attached, due to having an abundance mindset. When she violated my boundaries, she knew. I liked the girl, and even after we broke up, we ended up hooking up. We both lost our virginity to the other, for the record. Anyway, I feel as though while she was a good girl, I shouldn’t have gotten into it like I did. I got into it because I was basically shamed by a guy who can’t hook up with fat chicks into dating the girl I dated. Yeah, not very “alpha,” right? Anyway, as a result of the relationship, I lost at least five opportunities. Some of my old “nice guy” mentalities took hold. I would go out with my buddies, drink and spit game. But I never went beyond number closing, which (as you guys know) doesn’t mean shit in and of itself. And then, to top that off, I never really used any of those numbers.

4. Learning game is tough, but fun

I entered college with an academic understanding of game. I knew how it worked, I had a few products, but I never had actually approached a woman and started talking to her with the intention of sleeping with her. But as soon as I got there, I jumped into game. I approached something like 15 women in two nights once, and that was what it took to get over nighttime approach anxiety. I approached four women in a row once and was blown out by all four within 30 seconds. That was probably the worst I’ve ever been in terms of game.  That night made me re-evaluate what I was doing, but all in all, I got a hell of a lot better because of it.

I quickly figured out that I was making a lot of beginner mistakes (and I probably still am), but I worked on fixing them, and I got a lot better. My body language has massively improved, and so has my tonality. I’m now trying to break into direct day game, and it’s been a hell of a lot tougher than I could’ve imagined. The state part is the worst, in my opinion, and although I no longer have approach anxiety at night, I still have it during the day. By the way, I highly recommend this article for anyone trying to break into direct day game as well.

Some of my most fun experiences have come from game. Going to a party, spitting game at some girl, and then going back to her dorm and fingerbanging her in the stairwell is something I’ll never forget. My first college make out, where I said nothing and let body language do the work, was an amazing experience. Learning game is fun. Yeah, you will have experiences that suck like getting pulled away from a girl who’s clearly into you to refill the bucket, but the victories far outweigh the defeats. Again, I’m glad I started.

5. Women can be crazy

When I broke up with the girl I was dating, my fraternity had a date party. I saw this girl I knew in the middle of the street and very calmly walked over to her. I told her about it and and she came with me. She apparently thinks game is “creepy” and we don’t talk most of the night. Yes, part of that was my fault. I got more drunk than I should’ve, but I also got cockblocked most of the night and became more aggressive than I wanted to be. This girl turned out being a crazy feminist, by the way. I take her back to her place and leave her. She offers to teach me how to get girls. I tell her that I’m not interested. She then proceeds to send me three paragraph length texts about how I’m creepy, wrong, whatever. I tell her “goodnight.” She then proceeds to send another paragraph and a half of bullshit. I delete her number. It turns out that she’s a serial monogamist and that my fraternity president (who’s what some would call a “higher beta”) had experienced the same thing. She then tried to bitch him out about not taking her, because he was with another woman. I’ve spoken about ten words to her since, and the general consensus around the fraternity is that she’s nuts.

6. Game is a hot commodity

Yes, I’m not a master at game. I’m honest about that. That being said, since I have some, I’m better off than 98% of all college guys. I lived in a hall with 16 other guys. Out of the 16 of us, four of us (including myself) fucked women. Another guy had the bag of phone numbers, but never understood that numbers mean very little in and of themselves (I learned that the hard way). And yet another guy only was able to do stuff while blacked out. He was shocked at what I told him in terms of game. That being said, game still was incredibly useful. It wasn’t just the fact that I got laid and made out with a few girls. It was the fact that my self-confidence and body language improved to the point where girls would eye fuck me when I walked down the street. It was the fact that a girl I hadn’t spoken to for 3 months would look at me with the “fuck me please” eyes. Sadly, I didn’t actually fuck her.


These are only a handful of the things that my freshman year taught me. I’m still working on my game, and I’m finding that the more I do wrong, the better I get. I’m looking forward to another year of college, and I plan to better myself so that I can recognize the goals I’ve set. Anything less than those goals (involving grades, women, etc.) would be a failure. And by the way, it’s good to be back.

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  1. I thought college was for learning something …. well… you know… “academic”. 😀

    1. I think I speak for every man concerned with truth and intellectual self-improvement when I say I wish it was for learning something.. But unfortunately that aspect of it is shit and degrees are worthless so better get to dicking the sluts I guess cause that’s all its good for. Crabs in a bucket.

  2. If you read the RVF, what the fuck are you in a 4-year college for? Trade school or JuCo, son.

    1. I am fine with guys going to 4 year schools as long as they have full ride scholarships and are majoring in something useful.

    2. I’m in a 4 year BA+Masters full scholarship STEM field program. Europe, baby.

  3. All this “men without game are bums and losers” nonsense is ridiculous.
    Game or not. I don’t care. As a bloke, as long as your existence does not depend upon the approval of women, and you are not a mangina I do not care.
    Some of the most idiotic, pathetic, insecure men I have ever met oozed game, but bummed away their whole lives chasing twats for validation, and achieved nothing with their lives.

    1. I said that men who refused self-improvement were bums, not men without game. Some of the worst people I know have “game.”

      1. Sorry dude, You are quite right. I didn’t read the article properly.
        Good stuff. I agree 100% with it.

      2. you have to go beyond the concept of ‘game’…. and just be game or be like a rock… eventually any sense of mastery in any kind of pursuit – you become numb, dead, inert, fixed, clear and present, in the moment……
        thus you no longer approach the target (whatever it is you want to do), with ideas, theories and brainstorms of bullshit in your head… you just are clear and present.
        there is no expectation, no validation by success or failure, you just go and hit it, laugh at the failures and carry on.
        a shark doesn’t get depressed, sad, moody, angry etc. when the fish gets away, it just goes looking for the next fish….

      3. Are we hating people with game now? Is that cool?
        I’ve banged 3 broads this week, mainly by having a lifter’s body, playing guitar and driving a motorbike.
        I don’t have much money and a lot of people don’t like me.
        I don’t care who hates me.
        It is impossible to “have game” and also crave validation from women. The terms are mutually exclusive

        1. bingo, you cant be trying to convince women, and seek validation, and call it game. Your not a salesman trying to get lucky with your ‘pitch’

        2. God, you sound like a douchebag. I’m glad I never have to meet you in person; it would be bad for you.

  4. Nice post. Good to know you have learned some lessons. Believe in yourself. I studied World Media and learned lots. Learned even more as a Brony and made lots of alpha friends and hooked up with a few ladies along the way, including Melanie who i am hoping to get back together with to make her my GFF girlfriend forever. I have used game to try and win her back and its slowly happening and will happen for sure once she realises the loser she is fucking doesnt care for her like i do. I recommend flowers and cupcakes if you want to get your calls answered…by courier..

    1. This guy has been posting in this vein for some time. This is some deep in character trolling

  5. Did anyone see a film called “The Collector” starring
    Terrance Stamp (1965)? It’s about a socially retarded
    man who wins the lottery, buys a house in the English
    country side, and kidnaps a woman.
    He shows her “every respect” but he wants her to
    volentarily have sex with him.
    She eventually gives in to him, but he recoils because
    he isn’t satisfied no matter what she does.
    She tries to get away, gets drenched in the rain and
    dies of phenomia. He blames the girl for EVERYTHING.
    The movie ends as we see him stalking a new victim.

  6. And now you known why we used to have segregated educational institutions for boys and girls. 99% of these idiotic problems simply disappear when you prevent higher primates from coming into proximity during mating season.

    1. I went to a single sex private school. Yes, the grades are much higher, sporting achievements much more stellar but 98% of guys as a rough estimate are beta as a result and have no approach skills. They become corporate clowns and drive a BMW or Merc but still get pussy leftovers from girls at single sex female schools who don’t know how to deal with men and are sex deprived and fuck whatever beast of a man to spite their fathers who will be a spitting image of the man they intend to marry (when they settle) and so it goes.

      1. True, but that is more due to an absence of genuine redpill role models to pass on the ways of the world to these guys as well as proper social venues allowing for the sexes to mingle outside of the academic environment than to the segregated school system itself. Segregation was designed to allow laser-like focus on what matters while in college in order to chisel out the best men and women to take on the commands of society once they graduated, but that does not mean that mature societies that endorsed such a model were also blind to the need for boys and girls to get to know about each other in a healthy and constructive manner. Which is not to say that women did not benefit greatly from the many perks of the past system as it stood, as they are doing with the current system now – clever and highly adaptive creatures that they are.

      2. This is because children should not be institutionalized. Girls especially should be under the direct supervision/control of the mother and father 24/7 until they are wed, and then under the direct control 24/7 of her husband until he dies, and then under the direct control of a male family member or a religious institution. Institutions are not for girls, they are for elderly widows and monks/nuns!
        Letting a girl out of your sight even for one day equals shotgun weddings, abortions, disownment, welfare queens, rape, and other delights.
        The wages of sin is DEATH and it’s not just the princess who pays that wage, it’s also the unborn, the bastard, the boyfriend, the dad, the mom, and the society.
        Boys and men should also at all times be under control, but that is impossible because you simply cannot control men due to their strength and will, therefore they should be indoctrinated to be good and a service to their country and successful in life at a young age (again, not in an institution such as public school.)

  7. I wish I’d had known more of this stuff in college, where I sweated relationships and got depressed over petty BS from women who hit the wall (and more) by 30. College aged guys should look at any setback with women this way: You might have lost, but at least you didn’t lose a woman, a house and money (which is what happens later). Plus, you “lost” at an age where you’re surrounded by girls ages 18-22, not old bats. Hell, that sounds like winning to me! I want to lose too — take me back to age 21 after I was dumped…I promise I’ll be happy this time!!

  8. I agree with this article. Especially the part where the author highlights that average men with no game have the ‘woman is the prize, I must win her’ mentality. We have been ingrained with this moronic concept from day 1, but just stop and think how foolish this mentality is. Besides a woman’s beauty, what other value is she offering to you? The average man usually has more value than the average women. Have some self-respect, If you’re alpha, she’s never the prize. YOU ARE!
    Roll with the mindset of ‘Does she deserve my cock’? Ever since I did this, not only was I more confident and cocky, my attitude and the way I communicated took a 360 turn. Women normally worry about giving up their pussy to a guy, doing this reverses the dynamic. Suddenly I discovered that I was testing THEM! I made THEM work to impress me and invest in me before closing the deal.
    Reverse dynamics are a major mindfuck if done smoothly. Getting them to pay for drinks, shit testing them etc. aren’t what the regular schmuck would do. This is attractive because its different…
    Additionally, if you’re going to university to get a degree, unless its in the STEM fields, you’re fucking crazy. However, if your degree isn’t that worthwhile, invest your time in building connections, learning game and fucking college girls. Both will improve your life more than getting a degree ever would.

  9. “Most men can’t be forced to get off their asses and do anything.”
    Emotional statement here. You must be channeling your inner female.
    “They’re completely happy with staying exactly where they are and not advancing emotionally or intellectually.”
    Depends if they view themselves as being truly content with where they are in life.
    “95% of guys are still plugged into the “women as a prize, I have to win her” mentality.”
    And how did you arrive at this statistic?
    “It was the fact that a girl I hadn’t spoken to for 3 months would look at me with the “fuck me please” eyes.’
    I will say this…you are honing your larping escapades. And, no, that is not a compliment.
    “Anyway, I feel as though while she was a good girl, I shouldn’t have gotten into it like I did.”
    And soiling and defiling her must make you feel really proud.
    “By the way, I highly recommend this article for anyone trying to break into direct day game as well.”
    Ah, yes, the old sponsor routine.

  10. I’m a year younger than you and also write for ROK. If you want to network, let me know.

    1. If you’re on the RVF, let me know. It’s Truth Teller over there as well.

      1. Also a college student looking to network and talk with some like-minded college aged guys. I have an account at RVF too; I’ll message you.

  11. Very good article. Although it was very much a push (if you were playing blackjack), it is the effort that counts. Good effort. You can do better.
    I would implore you to treat your efforts as a distraction and learn game the best you can. But never distract yourself from the real game at hand. Become an intellectual and learn shit in college! Learn. Learn Learn. Never stop learning in between the times you have.
    Work out. Do interesting stuff. Read outside of the curriculum.
    Kayak. Bike. Take classes in your last year in art. Travel abroad as if your life depends on it. Be the best man you can 10 years from now.
    Don’t stop gaming, but realize that this is the easiest time you will have for the rest of your life. Screw as many women as you can, but learn how to define the qualities you require in a good mate. Don’t compromise and commit when you are 29 y.o. to the best female possible after you have become the best man possible for her.
    If you have not read Jack Donovan’s “The Way of Men” do it this summer. One of the best books I have read in the last 40 years (and I’ve read a lot). Read Aaron Cleary’s chapters on what a good husband is and what a good wife is. Game is about being a good person should be. The best man you can be. The best father you can be. Game is different when you are 19..24…29…35…53. Be the best you can be.
    I went to a college that had a 75/25 male/female ratio and never got laid during college.The best thing that ever happened to me and the most frustrating. We didn’t have the manosphere back then. Don’t get jaded about women (pretty much impossible to thing about that in college, but the time will come),there is a great life out there and even though the game would have you believe that there is no hope but to pump and dump (having a good woman at your side is achievable and quite a necessity in a civilized if F’d up world), believe in game and execute it well. Learn to game as if you were in a pre-civilized world. That is how men are hard-wired in the hind brain. Game gives you advantage in your career and in any social interaction.
    I learned when I was 16 that life is a stupid game, and if it requires rules you damn well better learn those rules and play the game well. A skilled operator is what you will become as you hone your game skills.
    At your age, the goal is not pussy (but you should try to be good at getting it–it is not the achievement of it, but the learning of the skills to achieve it in the future that is important ) but to be the best man you can be. Have your eye on the ball (learn how to have life skills and succeed to your best ability in life–have a great career).
    Be as great as you can be as a man and never have to apologize to yourself at any point in your career.

    1. Thanks for the advice, and I agree, I can do better. I’ve spent the last year basically looking at myself and saying “I’m not fucking done yet.” I’ll take a look at the book.
      Game has helped me a ton. I’ve had experiences where I’ve walked into situations and immediately started leading, even when the way wasn’t clear. A year ago, I would’ve waited for someone else to tell me what to do.

  12. Important Advice to College Kids:
    Listen to the second point Truth Teller makes. Do not let the 95% of the male population who are white knights, have no game, and suck at life get into your head. Stay on your game and keep improving yourself in both game and academics. Disregard all the kids that hate on you for your success. Don’t get dragged down into their world. Find that 5% that share your mentality and outlook and develop friendships with them.

    1. Thanks for the support. As I said in the article, when I found another “5% man,” I became very friendly with him. It wasn’t even game with some of these guys. Some of these guys have tremendous drive and ambition, and it’s hard not to respect a man like that. One of the “drive guys” has little game, but he knows what he wants from life, and he’s already taking it.
      As for the other 95%, I’m polite, but I don’t really become too friendly with them. They’re decent people, but they lack important qualities.

  13. Try not to fuck the crazy girl who every time she sees you walking around campus or in the dorm yells at the top of her lungs your full name and how much of a scumbag you are for responding to her Facebook requests and messages to come over late night to fuck…. and is mad she got pumped and dumped.

    1. If you don’t already listen to the Beige Phillip Show (Rule #1 all bitches are crazy) then you should. Thank me later

  14. This is kind of an amateurish rehash of red pill ideas that have been out there for a long time. Nothing really new. Not sure I would take advice from a guy who just recently lost his virginity. ROK can do better than this.
    I can offer him some advice. Drop out of college young man. That shit is a waste of time and money. I know because I have a fancy degree from UCLA and it isn’t worth shit.

    1. His advice is to other newbies in the situation he just left. Is no one allowed to be new at game? Must everybody be an expert the instant he hears about game? When Roosh got laid the first time, was he as suave as this guy? Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. Is he damned if he wasn’t ?
      Guys come to the red pill from every phase in life. It’s good for ROK to provide material that reaches them all.
      By the way, its funny how my user name is relevant to my comment

      1. I get what you’re saying. I just hope he listens to my advice and takes a hard look at the return of investment on his college degree. A high percentage of those things are virtually useless on so many levels, not to mention expensive. If he is majoring in something valuable, then more power to him. But if he’s paying college tuition for the ‘college experience,’ then he can likely ditch the campus, hang out at the mall, still score lots of girls, and avoid being in debt for a useless piece of paper. Or just stay in community college for a few years, ignore the credentials. Better scene for learning anyway. More engaged instructors. Not as pompous. Same amount of DTF chicks as a University. Many girls have better attitudes because they have to work to pay for college,
        It’s just prudent advice.

        1. Acehole: College is still an important place. Why? My position is that college allows you to make stupid mistakes in an environment where the consequences are low. I think back to many social faux pas I made in college and fortunately, most of those people really are of no consequence to me at this point in my life. The crowd at the community colleges are often a bit unsophisticated and that can negatively affect your own behavior. Your environment does impact your development as a person.

      1. That’s the worst reason to go. My parents wanted me to go. But unfortunately, my parents are extremely naive and don’t seem to understand how the world works. The have no idea what the modern college experience is like; booze, drugs, wasted time and money.

  15. Any illusions I had about white knighting and the so called virtues of women were shattered within two weeks of setting foot on my college campus.

    1. Be prepared to have the second talk about women at a latter time as well. Like when he starts high school. I got the sex talk when I was in the 5th grade. Any talk about women would have been over my head at that age.

      1. I read the Bible to my kids and they get the sex talk from a very young age from the scriptures. I don’t hold back; Samson loved them hookers, didn’t he? They also lived on a farm for a while. It is also very obvious to them once they hit about 10 that mommy and daddy have babies and enjoy each other’s private company almost daily. Essentially, there is no sex talk in my family because it would be like having an oxygen talk or a sleep talk. It’s just part of life.
        The talks they do sure get though are about what happens when sexual immorality enters the picture.

    2. it is all about giving your sons practical knowledge. They should be aware of jealous friends and manipulative women.

  16. “I ended up in a relationship with a nice, feminine woman for the better part of my second semester. We had a lot of sex, and she got very attached to me. I wasn’t as attached, due to having an abundance mindset.”
    I’m assuming this girl was a “good girl.” In this case, the author was not ready to settle down because of an abundance mindset. As part of the red pill, he should realize that good girls are very rare.
    And it is likely that this good girl (previous virgin) would be forever ruined. Would you blame her for concluding that it didn’t pay to be a good woman?

    1. This is an incredibly insightful comment. So often we talk about how men learn red pill truths the hard way since they discover that it “doesn’t pay” to be a “nice guy” but this be may be the first time I’ve considered that a chick could be a “good girl” only to be tossed away by a cad who isn’t done running through the pussy mill and may have concluded that it doesn’t pay to be a “good girl.” It’s an interesting thought experiment anyways.

      1. That is unfortunately how many of them become ruined along the way and is also the reason why more stable societies tended to incorporate a certain degree of intelligent white-knighting in order to encourage such girls to pair-bond with guys who would also make honorable and dependable long-term partners while simultaneously keeping the destructive cads at bay. This in turn ensured that the more constructive and stable characteristics allowing for upper echelons of society to function were preserved while the more feral destructive ones usually associated with the lower rungs were duly kept at bay. The problem is that it is not always easy to combine raw unabashed masculinity in its more primal forms with the cognitive and emotional sophistication and maturity required to obtain the most exceptional specimens of humanity that this planet has ever seen. Hence, this process has always been somewhat sloppy and imperfect, and the human female’s base innate tendency to instinctively be attracted to the most thuggish cads (and simultaneously viscerally repulsed by the most anemic weaklings) has also acted as a time-bomb threatening to bring society down to medieval-style barbarism. Now that the Praetorian Guard of old has been brought down, we are experiencing the ensuing chaos as once civil society slips back into the brutish netherworld so characteristic of the regions in which you appear to be operating.

        1. Perhaps that is the key philosophical difference between us. I believe wholeheartedly that society is on the way down towards “medieval-style barbarism” and nothing and no one can stop the descent. The obvious implication seems to be that we must simply accept and adapt to these changes rather than waste energy attempting to change them. Hobbesian savagery as you call it – is the future of our species whether we wish it or not.

        2. Civilization and barbarism are cyclical conditions of humanity having followed one another repeatedly time and again over the course of our (somewhat) short span of existence on this planet as relatively more sophisticated versions of higher primates. Unfortunately for us, both the rise and fall of Atlantis can extend significantly beyond the natural lifespan of a normal person, meaning that, if we are indeed on a global downward trend as far as civilized living is concerned, there is a very strong likelihood that we will both be long dead before a major reset occurs and humanity is once again in a position to restart the cycle all over again. That being said, while I will admit to suffering from bouts of somewhat unwarranted optimism at times, the realist in me can also see that the path of human society is quite fluid and replete with wildcards that can severely upset seemingly unstoppable trends in strikingly rapid fashion. After all, the Third Reich and the Soviet Union both purported to constitute unstoppable juggernauts destined to last a thousand years at minimum and, according to accounts from some of my older relatives having experiences both firsthand, there were indeed times when the people living under them would have though any claims to the contrary to constitute the ravings of deranged lunatics. In any event, history may come to surprise us once again, especially given the rapidity at which the information disseminated on these forums holds the potential to obliterate the nefarious programmatic group-think that some of our higher-ups desperately rely on in order to keep us marching to a tune that ends up benefiting an undeserving few at the (severe) expense of the many. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but if we could get more philosopher kings at the head of our fine militaries, we could consolidate a united front against the forces of chaos threatening to tear this world apart. Easier said than done though – much easier said than done.

      2. This is why I have no real problem with arranged marriages complete with doweries. The only way to stop both man’s and woman’s self destructive tendencies would be to not give the choice to them, but to their legal guardians. The kids would hang out with each other in a sort of daycare setting and get used to each other. The parents would weigh to pros and cons both which when one extracts emotion for the decision making process allowing both sides to look at his chance for success as well as their compatablity. If the marriage failed, the women would be given something to support a la the dowry till someone else took pity on her or see that she is useful, and the man keeps everything he worked for.
        This website usually just bitches about women not being worth much of anything, but we do not care to engineer a change for the better in anyone but our own personal lives. It’s almost oxymoronic to call women narcissitic when this is the final product we are trying to engender.

    2. Yeah, he should never have fuc&ed her until he was ready to be really serious. He should have kept her on the side until he was ready to settle down. Most of us, myself included, don’t realize the inherent value of a virgin. We treat virgins like whores, and whores like virgins, and wonder why our relationships are messed up.

  17. Good for you. When I was your age, I was being discarded by women like a used tampon. The sooner you wise up, the better.

  18. Good shit. But I would add a #7 to the list:
    7. College is the biggest waste of time and money. Drop the fuck out and take that self-improvement mindset into the business world, or an equivalent, so long as it helps you become self-sufficient and pay the bills.

    1. Easier said than done, but so is anything that’s worth having/achieving in life.
      Wish I knew all this when I was in college. You’re lightyears ahead of your time, TT. Having no idea who you are, I stisll mean this in the most genuine way when I say I’m proud of you.

    2. I’m not sure what he’s studying, but if your in a STEM course, its not a waste of time. I’m making good money in construction as an engineer.

  19. You have a huge advantage over many of us…many were late to learn of these critical ideas.

  20. Its interesting your statistic of 95%. It seems to me that many American men really struggle with the concept of what women really are. I can only put this down to schooling and media. Growing up in Britain we never had this conception of women as a “prize” or that you had to be a “nice guy”. There wasn’t even any notion of “game”. You saw a girl, liked a girl, walked up and got what you could. The exposure I had of many women was that they were slutty and tasteless and I treated them as such. I guess the realities of the world are hidden to many American youngsters.

      1. Disney. I shall make sure my kids watch proper cartoons. I was raised on Tom & Jerry and Bugs Bunny. Delightfully violent and just what a growing boy needs.
        My teenage view on girls was well summarized by what one of my friends said to another when he was equivocating on whether to meet up again with a girl he had fooled around with at a party, “dude, a dog is for life, not just for Christmas”.

        1. I was luckier than a lot of men, because I escaped some of the Disney brainwashing. Instead of Disney films when I was young, I was shown James Bond and World War II films. Of course, once I got into school, things changed.

  21. I feel sorry for you guys, but of course you should feel sorry for me too because I have to pay for my kids’ tuition someday soon. If my girls get drunk and falsely claim rape against some poor guy, the least I’ll say is, “If you didn’t get fucking wasted this wouldn’t have happened,” and at the harshest I’ll disown them. What the fuck?! Bitches go to bars, get drunk which makes them horny, then take MDMA which makes them even hornier, flirt with equally drunk and horny men, and then cry “rape”!? Fucked society. Totally assfucked for men.
    Washington throws the book at ‘campus rape culture’
    I’m never going to fuck a bitch who’s been drinking again unless it’s in another country.
    I’ve got too much to lose financially. Even if you’re married or whatever, if she’s had any alcohol she’s incapable of consent and if you fuck her and she wants to make your life miserable, she can cry sexual assault and your life’s fucking over. It’s a fucking minefield! Look at this young Canadian lawyer who had his life ruined by having sex with a drunk woman:
    Everyone join his Facebook support page: “Justice for Lyle”

  22. Rok logic:”it is the duty of all manly men to bare offspring, but the child can’t be illegitimate. you can’t get married though cause then you’d be a pussy beta”

    1. That seems to be the major logic gap on this site: sluts are bad and the downfall of society but lets build our lifestyle around attracting cheap sex from these same sluts and then wonder where the “good” women are when we aren’t even looking for them.

  23. “I ended up in a relationship with a nice, feminine woman for the better
    part of my second semester. We had a lot of sex, and she got very
    attached to me….I liked the girl,
    and even after we broke up, we ended up hooking up. We both lost our
    virginity to the other, for the record.”
    You threw away a relationship with a nice, feminine girl who had never been with anyone but you just because you wanted to bang more college skanks? You may end up regretting that one day when you finally decide to settle down and all that’s left are single moms with notch counts in the 20s+.
    You’ll soon find out that cheap sex is all the same but a feminine woman who is bonded to you is a rare find.

    1. I’m not sure he’ll regret that decision but I do find it hypocritical to criticize western women for being sluts and then treating the very few that don’t exhibit that behavior equally as poorly as well. It’s effectively discouraging the positive behavior and reinforcing the negative behavior. So of course we are going to end up with more sluts. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if referring to a girl with many partners/past her prime, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

  24. This is a pretty accurate observation of college. Getting girls does get much easier when you become an upperclassman though. I think that all just comes with being familiar with your environment. As long as you are confident and have the balls to talk to random girls, then you will meet girls. I don’t advise on using any premeditated PUA lines… the half decent girls will see right through them. Just read and respond to how girls act when you talk to them, and do it with confidence.
    Also, long-term relationships in college are the worst idea. They have their use in the working world, but college is the only time you will have where you can endlessly shoot the shit with your buddies. A long-term relationship will just damper the four year party that is college.

  25. Why are we being “taught” by a college freshman who just lost his virginity?

    1. Don’t be a faggot. This kid is just starting out. Not everyone can shoot out the womb with 1000 lays under their belt.

      1. Obviously. Everyone has to start somewhere. I’m not denying that nor am I attempting to cast a shadow on his consumption of the “red pill.” I congratulate him and hope he finds everything we all know he is capable of when embracing his masculinity.
        But not every man who has embarked on such a journey is fit to teach multitudes of other who are further in the journey than he. A rookie in this year’s NBA draft is not going to lecture his veteran teammates on how to play the game. Yes, he “made it,” and we’re all glad, but he still has much development to go through before he can become a leader. This analogy applies here; we support our brother in his quest to reclaim his alpha status, but straight out of the gate, he is not qualified to lead us.

  26. Your still putting women as the prize, and trying to win her, if you dont see it, then your still a little pup as far as im concerned. Dont believe me? Why you learning game? Because you believe shes a prize(all that time and effort + energy you put in), and your trying to get her Thats all that PUAs are, your trying to convince her to let her fuck you. The key word being, convince
    You know it, she knows it, and chances are everyone in the room knows it. Your still seeking her validation.(this is huge) Like a salesman you go for it, with that feeling in your gut, the desperation, you can feel it, you need her, shes in control, with enough practice maybe you’ll get better at hiding that desperation

    1. First, the contraction is “You’re,” short for “You are.” Second, you can believe whatever you want. I’m not a “PUA,” nor are most guys here. PUAs are generally asocial weirdos. I would call most of us either seducers or playboys (I prefer the first term). By the way, what do you propose in lieu of learning game?
      Compliment and Cuddle becomes increasingly effective as you earn more money.

      1. i use the term whore for people like you
        don’t complain about not finding a “good girl” when you’re a whore enabler
        the feminist movement was enabled by men
        getting women in the work force was enabled by men
        women merely follow, they have to be told they’re good in order to think they’re good
        i was always told that girls are better than boys, but i didn’t give a shit and just did what i wanted to do, while i still see women and girls today white and complain that there’s no “equality” in white collar jobs
        when women act that way, and when they see you act like a whore, they’ll just act like whores themselves
        now this whoreducation is becoming the standard amongst the population, all of that thanks to beta males who either pick up the left overs of the “alpha” male, or actually deciding to have children with a used up “educated” stronk womyn, as i call them
        we are ruled by people who have no idea what they are doing and what they are planning for society
        the civil rights act signified the beginning of this craziness, one just needs to go look at numbers before the act was passed, and after
        we all know how the black community ended up, we see the results today
        this ride has no breaks, and we have no idea where it’s going

  27. Man, you luck bastard. I which I had had the game I now have back when I was a freshman in college. Unfuc$ing Stoppable! I’ll give u the same advice I give all younger dudes I come across. You can make any mistake in the world and bounce back relatively unscathed, except for marrying the wrong chick to early, and getting one pregnant before u are ready.

  28. “the general consensus around the fraternity is that she’s nuts”
    You already she was pretty much a feminist. The latter implies the former.

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