Women Fight For Attention On Facebook Like They’re In A War

Facebook is without question one of the most revolutionary and significant creations of the 21st century. It has produced an information and social platform unlike anything we have seen since the invention of the television and the internet itself. The capability to reach billions of people around the globe in an instant. A platform to share important information and facts that otherwise may not receive the attention it ought to. The wonderful ability to reconnect or maintain relationships with distant friends or family. So leave it to women to take this remarkable invention and turn it into a tool for their narcissism and attention-grabbing needs. Women have the innate ability to make everything about them. The reverse ‘Midas touch’, if you will. Everything they touch turns to shit.

It is literally impossible to scroll through any Facebook  feed and not be bombarded with selfies, pity me/look at me statuses and pathetic cries for attention from half the women in your friend list. Let me also say that yes, men can be just as bad. I have a couple males in my feed that post as much, or more, ridiculous trash than any women. But let’s be honest here—there really is no comparison. Let’s discuss some of the classic attention grabs we all see and what they actually mean.

Excessive Selfies

Probably the most obvious violation. A selfie or two for your profile pic—no big deal. But we all have those chicks that just need to affirm their desirability on almost a daily basis with yet another selfie. It is so contrived and non-spontaneous. We get it, you don’t like yourself very much. You need constant reminders that someone thinks you are “so pretty” or “looking hot, girl.” It is an incredible turnoff and an enormous red flag for anyone that would consider dating you. You are needy and will never be able to get enough affirmation to satisfy you.

Some take it further than others with gratuitous selfies scantily clad in the mirror, usually accompanied by a slutty expression on their face, basically just screaming “Please, someone tell me I am hot or I won’t sleep tonight!” Later on she probably will hit the club and guzzle down Vegas Bombs until she wakes up in yet another stranger’s bed. More than anything it is sad. Narcissism isn’t always for those with high self-esteem after all.  Usually quite the opposite.

The “accidental” cleavage or ass shot is sadly obvious when you see it. “Check out my new necklace”  is the caption, as it just so happens to be an overhead shot of it hanging around her neck while she is wearing a push-up bra in a tank top, virtually strangling herself with her own boobs. Yeah, you wanted to show us your necklace. “Love my new bathing suit!” Cue the ass in the bathroom mirror. Not obvious at all. Unfortunately blue-pillers will always be there to provide the comment fuel she needs, only perpetuating the problem.

Status Abuse

You have seen it, we all have. The pity me or awkwardly boasting status update. Usually quite cryptic in order to lure empathetic inquires and comments. Examples similar to:

“Some days you can’t win, I should just give up.”

“Why do I bother, I will just stay in bed all day.”

“Sick again, why me?”

Boo fucking hoo. We all have problems and bad days. However we don’t all feel the need to share it with the world and seek sympathy from the masses. It’s just another attention grab and it’s pathetic they need to go there.

Just as bad are the overly enthusiastic, “be jealous of me”-type statuses. Such as:

“I have the best life, I am so lucky”

“I never imagined I could be so happy.”

“Today was amazing, I have the best boyfriend ever, so blessed.”

Nobody gives a shit. They are simply just trying to win the endless competition they have with other females for who has the better life.

facebook_depressing (2)

Relationship Wars

This brings me to another favorite. As noted, all of these things are for two reasons: attention and competition. Women are constantly competing with each other for attention and when it comes to their relationships, all bets are off. This includes regular photos of the happy couple on vacation, in their new house, or with the flowers she got for her birthday, and updates that say something along the lines of, “My boyfriend loves me so much.” It’s code for “Ha ha, my relationship is better than yours.”

These are things I personally believe should be left private between a couple.If she is going to do that, she should also tell us when she got busted sexting her co-worker. All her girlfriends will try to subtlety one-up with their own posts. Oddly enough, they feel obligated to ‘like’ each other’s garbage because they don’t want to appear envious, and they want her to reciprocate the ‘like’ when it is their own turn. I personally have witnessed women make their men re-create spontaneous moments so they could get a picture and post it on Facebook. Pathetic, to say the least. If she gets engaged, forget about it—before she even calls her mom she had 5 pictures of the ring on Facebook.  A sad and predictable game with no real winners.


Agenda Of The Day

Facebook is also a great place to put on display your philosophical principles. Chicks love to do this. Problem is, their philosophies change like the trade winds here in Hawaii. Whatever will fits their agenda for that day and makes them seem as deep and introspective as possible is what they will represent, even though in reality they don’t live by any of these credos. When they want a boyfriend, they preach moral fiber. When they want to be the party girl, they preach individualism.

For example, just the other day I read a meme—those pictures of something like a rainbow with some deep analytic quote scrawled across it—basically saying that women need to stop posting so many selfies and start being appreciated for their soul, not their looks. The same female proclaimed that she wasn’t going to wear make-up anymore and how liberating it was. First, half her pictures are her sticking out her big ass and tongue simultaneously. In bars, in clubs, and at the beach, all in her tiny bikini.  Second, only a couple days later there she was again in full slut regalia, and plenty of make-up, at a club dry humping another female.  So much for that cause, I guess.


Wannabe Facebook Celebrities

Let me save the absolute worst for last. Personally I won’t  allow these women in my feed, but we all know the kind. The woman with several thousand friends and a page covered with nothing but half naked ‘modeling’ pictures. This is her claim to fame. Thousands of lonely men that shower her every photo with compliments hoping just to get one reply. I mean who knows, maybe she will fuck one of them if they comment on enough pictures, right? All she wanted to be in life was to be famous, no matter what it takes. Even if “social media slut” is the lowest form of fame there is. Often they are not even very attractive, which is why they can’t be real models. Congratulations, you achieved every little girl’s dream of being drooled over by men on Facebook who haven’t seen pussy since they came out of one. Imagine if desperation only paid the rent.

image (1)


We all know Facebook is a stage, and nobody is as happy or well-off as they appear. It’s a big game for the self-loathers and wannabes. Cut the shit, and just start saying what you mean. “Tell me I am pretty,” “Compliment my tits,” “Tell me you are jealous of my unhappy relationship,” “Make me feel like a celebrity.” I think we would respect that more than the current game of Facebook chess, where you pretend your tits just happened to be in the shot and we pretend we didn’t know that was the plan all along. That would actually be refreshing.

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182 thoughts on “Women Fight For Attention On Facebook Like They’re In A War”

  1. In and of itself, female competition and attention seeking isn’t
    necessarily bad. In fact, it is part of the basic female mating strategy and
    in its purest form it can actually benefit men. However, when this
    natural female inclination for attention and competition gets filtered
    through a narcissistic, ‘look at me’ society (such as our own), it
    quickly becomes a huge problem, especially when social media provides a platform for women to receive the validation they seek without the commensurate trade off that should exist.

    1. I am so totally going to reply to this in a moment, but first….. let me take another selfie!!!

  2. Facebook is only for women and homosexuals.
    Keep a business account with only business contacts. Keeping a personal Facebook account open is like attending an everyday fashion show for the undeserving and unqualified. Opt out.

    1. Wrong!!!
      It’s also for homosexual women.
      If you’re over 30 and a man AND you have a facebook account, take some time for some quiet introspection.
      “Are you on Facebook?”
      “No, I’m a 30 year old man.”
      That right there has sparked the attraction to get me laid

    2. After being on Fakebook for a couple of years, I bailed out of it at the first of the year and haven’t missed it one bit. There are MUCH better uses of my time and I have been availing myself of those uses.

      1. Actually, Satan is about embracing and valuing natural pleasures to the extreme. Narcissistic women and homosexuals are genuinely unnatural, so he doesn’t even care about converting their souls.

    3. I just use it to look at pinup girls and muscle cars. Of course I come from an era when the chrome was thick and the women were not.

  3. I remove anyone who over shares from my feed. Still, if they are hot it can be amusing to poke fun at them once in a while.

  4. Effin right! The downward spiral of Facebook began almost immediately following it’s release. I liked the original premise of the site, to connect or reconnect with people you haven’t seen in awhile. The negatives however FAR outweigh the positives and I can’t help but laugh if I actually look at my newsfeed. The only thought that goes through my head when I see the countless selfies and fake emotional statuses is “The thirst is real”, and the Betas and white knights fall right into their respective places every time

  5. Female attention whoring is in one way beneficial to the individual player, but detrimental to the society as a whole. Another important red pill truth here: Twilight is gay. Now excuse me, I gotta take a new lingerie selfie.

  6. I think the reason facebook is/was such a success is that it caters to narcissim. Narcissistic supply can be easily attained by posting a pic/status. As we all know all women are narcissists, facebook is the perfect stage for what I call the ‘battle of the narcissists’.
    Example 1: Look at how quickly the orbiter responds to krystins’ status.
    Example 2: Lisa post about watching the awful Twilight with her husband isn’t about the appreciation that the husband is watching twilight with her but to fish for narcissistic supply. I doubt it was the husbands idea to watch twilight, if it was his idea then he deserves what he gets for being a bitch beta of a husband. This is equivalent to a guy posting that his wife took him to watch boxing.
    This article makes me wonder how more men don’t opt to take the red pill? Surely being a public emotional tampon, mangina and a thirsty beta with no results should push a man to search for truth?

    1. Women teach the art of shit logic, the one in which the opponent can never win because you don’t use any logic to begin with. Men who’ve accepted shit logic as a self-defense technique are irreversibly doomed to die as betas. It’s so pitiful, but pity won’t stop us from hating them.

  7. The whole of face book is a status competition. I’ve seen it with guys too. I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend, In some city for work conference, out at some fancy restaurant etc. I use instagram a little, but haven’t been on fb for years and don’t miss it in the slightest.

  8. I block selfie-whores from my feed and I don’t ‘like’ or comment on there pictures when it’s so blatantly obvious they’re seeking attention. Believe it or not, some get the picture. A lot stopped doing or do it far less than they used to

  9. Facebook is a good invention and idea used incorrectly. The problem will only get worse though. There are always women competing with each other on the site. The betas and straight up thirsty desperate males trying to have sex with everything in sight commenting on every new selfie and status. Women get their never ending need for attention on Facebook which is why this model has spread to other social networking sites like twitter. Better just not to have one.

  10. We mustn’t forget the almighty gym goddess.
    “Squat till ya drop!”
    Shut the fuck up heffer. We all know your bitch-ass ain’t doing no squats. There are these things known as ‘results’. You tend to get them if you’ve actually been working out for a while. There was this one bimbo I knew that was actually gaining weight despite all the motivational pics, the countless selfies in the gym mirror wearing a large hoodie, and the fucking protein shake pictures. Don’t forget the status updates every 10 minutes. “Gonna hit it hard today!”, give me a god damn break.
    Then one day her tits looked enormous—she got implants. Which was the most pathetic thing yet because she had jacked-up teeth. Nothing says shitty decision-maker like dropping several thousand bucks on fake tits instead of rectifying the fact that you could use a baseball bat for a fucking toothpick. I guess if your half-assed workouts aren’t getting the job done in your efforts to gain attention, then you just finance some fake boobs to get the job done.
    Pro-tip ladies. If when you smile it looks like your tongue is in jail and you decide to get a set of tupperware titties instead of braces – you’re a fucking retard.

    1. I am absolutely baffled by the health nut girls who perpetually have dumpy bodies. They (seemingly) go to the gym several times a week, run constantly, are always eating healthy and lean, and training for some kind of 5k/novelty obstacle course, etc. yet they never look any better. Something is amiss. It is physically impossible that you are that active and eating that healthy and still look 20+ lbs. overweight.

      1. Yeah, I don’t get it either. Seeing enough women in the gym though, I’ve concluded they just don’t workout very hard. Sure, they go to the gym, but they don’t do a whole helluva lot when they’re there. Some hit it rigorously, and you can tell, because their results reflect their efforts. Many go to the gym just to be seen at the gym, and say they go to the gym – it’s not much different than any of their other attention whoring performances – it’s about appearances, not the actual activity.
        The dumpy ones that constantly show the pics and status updates are not posting their post workout trips to Pizza Hut or late night ice cream binges. Those stay off the record for obvious reasons.

        1. Actually, pushing the body too far while attempting a “low/zero fat” diet that is constantly pushed in the mainstream is causing a “famine response” hence their bodies, triggered into “thinking” (our flesh has nerves and our body is basically a primitive brain) it’s in some kind of land of no food. Their bodies will eat muscle tissue to derive amino acids that the brain and organs need and hold fast to every extra fat cell instead of burning it. Add to this the insidiousness of “Low fat” where the food stuffs have some sugars replacing it (meaning the carbs protect the fat cells while the lack of protein leaves muscles behind to get sourced) or even worse the artificial sweeteners wreaking havoc on their own.
          I know a woman who never used low/zero fat anything, used heavy cream in her coffee, and is not a fitness queen. She rides horses (and therefore is a horse chick who should be avoided) but she’s in better shape than most of the women you find in their 20’s.
          My sister is one of those fitness queens, running her 5AM bootcamps and she posts pics of her “crew” on FB often – they are a bunch of chubby house fraus who have “that look” that says they are getting in shape so they can look good in divorce court solely to “make him suffer” or something. The region where she lives is infested with women like that. I work next to a fitness center and see that kind of woman, past their shelf life, going in and out all day, trying to maintain that SMV because they have absolutely nothing else. After working out half the day (meaning: no job) they climb into a fully loaded expensive SUV.

        2. You mean low-carb. Low-fat is a thing of the past. Also “starvation mode” is nothing more than bro-science. Google intermittent fasting (Hodge Twins), and look at all those ripped/muscular people that are supposedly in starvation mode. I agree with parts of your comments regarding those stupid wannabe-fit chicks though.

        3. Fat is an important nutritional element. If anything, you should cut out all that sugary crap in your diet.
          Of course they will never quit their Starfucks milkshakes.

      2. AV8R is half right that they don’t train hard but realistically it’s a reflection of our society. They want to play fit and hard working.e.g a 30 min gym session with light weights mentally for them earns the reward of a smoothie or insert random fad food. Where as health in its true from is no an indulgence of the body but rather penance for the soul. For cross comparison you compare an east african with limited food and must run for transport etc body becomes adapted to survival-absolutely lean -which we view as a survival characteristic and naturally beautiful as a result. If you want to understand this concept further i recommend “man the unknown” – alexis carrel. An absolutely brilliant physiologist and infinitely ahead of his time unfortunately he was the face of Nazi eugenics and his name went into obscurity.

      3. I was trying to get lean and ripped like bruce lee once, my great idea was to do tons of running, Well guess what, Turns out it made my body more efficient, and actually SLOWED my metabolism, So instead of becoming sexy, i became drained and skinny, and my bodyfat INCREASED! The body panics and holds onto fat when it knows there are big 800 calorie expenditures a day, Also, as an adaptation the heart Which requires tons of calories, slows down to preserve survival energy, TOO much working out and you get fat! The body isn’t stupid

        1. This is what every un-sat fatty bag-o-doughnuts tells themselves and everyone around them, until I get them in remedial fat-body platoon. I get them out 3 times a day in the 29 Palms heat and build their body the Marine Corps way on the PT field, then I personally escort them to the chow hall and slap that bag nasty right outta their hands. YOU PUKE

        2. You are partially misguided. You’re body burns fat – for most people this is good. You’re body does adapt to slow metabolism IF you do a lot of slow miles. E.g purely aerobic HR at ave 110-130. Do anaerobic work. Interval or Fartlek.to mix it up- requiring you to be in oxygen deficit- HR 180 plus. Coupled with gym you’re bodies metabolism will be sky high. If you do an easy jog in the morning. Interval session in the afternoon and gym and the next day you will be beast. Furthermore as you adapt you and meant to respond and not eat as much accordingly- nutrient rich food. This is if you to purely look leaner and lose body weight.This depends on what you want to look like- NOT BODY BUILDER, genetic variability and general body morphology. *** speak to Your DR. before attempting any new exercise regimen. For women this would be a closer suit as their bodies are better adapted to hold onto weight. Yet a man at 10%(minimum requirement for 6 pack fat is will IMO be similar attractiveness to a woman at 20% fat- (abdominal outline apparent)

        3. “i became drained and skinny”
          So you’re saying you started running a real lot and got skinny? I don’t see a problem here.
          As an addendum, if you wanted to actually look like Bruce Lee, you would actually have to workout, not just run. Bruce Lee was strong and did martial arts literally his entire life. He eat, slept, and breathed physical fitness.

        4. I knew this bitch who ran 10 fucking miles every day.. No shit, sometimes 12-15… five days a week. She had a layer of nerf over her entire body and everyone acted like it was blasphemy she was not thin as a rail. I tried to explain this to her, but she couldn’t get it.

        5. Yeah, without strength training that strategy often just makes you ‘skinny-fat’. The body cannibalizes muscle as much as fat, so you end up weak but still flabby, since your lean tissue to fat ratio hardly improves. Since you mentioned Bruce Lee, yes he was lean and ripped, but also muscular, strong and hard as nails. He did plenty of resistance training, including weight lifting.

      4. It’s no big mystery at all.If you observe these clowns,they don’t really workout.I know several women who seem to be in multiple activities:crossfit,rowing,volleyball,tennis etc.But they mega suck at every activity,even after months of training.These clowns boast of squats yet struggle to do a single complete pushup(not full squats mind you,just semi).
        Why?Because 90% of the workout time they are chatting with each other,or on their phones.Their preparations include shopping for the right gym wear in the right colors to match each day of the week.They may drink protein shakes and eat gluten free products(without having Celiac disease) yet continue downing coke,chips,fries etc.
        They are like ricers,who think their cars are fast and cool by slapping on spoilers,wings and lowering the suspension,without knowing a god damn thing about how an engine works,let alone tuning it for higher performance.

        1. Makes sense. I mean I don’t go to the gym I work out at home so I don’t really see women exercising in the wild. I just know a few girls who always have running/gym/yoga/kale shakes and all the bs in their schedule and they are still thick.

        2. They “work out” with the implicit hope to appear on the radar of mr. Alpha McTingle. Few woman work out for themselves in an act of self-improvement. No, they do it to up their SMV relative to other women and to increase the chance of landing the (type of) guy they want.

        3. Going to the gym is just another little “badge of honor” to make their fargile egos feel better and impress other females and give themselves something to post on FB and Twitter. Like having a degree, but becoming a stay at home mom while some bluepill sap keeps working the 9-5. Like the 19 Coach purses in her collection. Like the man candy she wears on her arm on friday and saturday nights.
          Doesnt take much to figure out women – there isnt a lot upstairs.

        4. Excuse me, but yes, there’s a lot of annoying bitches who do that, but not every one of us does. I buy my own damn purses because I don’t want to owe a man anything and I work for myself. Hell, sometimes I buy men dinner!

        5. This is a fascinating old thread. I am one of those women who has been working out for 25 years and am quite thick for my efforts. Each decade brings another category of food to completely eliminate from my diet and the best I can do for my efforts is not gain 200 pounds and be obese. Those thick girls at the gym would be obese hippos if they didn’t keep at it. The efforts involved in actually being objectively lean fit are too great for their metabolism or their schedule, so they are doing their bests to not be a candidate for my 600 lb. life or gastric bypass. That is all.

        6. The main issue with a lot of these pudgy gals is that they just drink too often, or don’t regulate their diet properly. Your body fat content is pure science – calories that you intake that don’t get used properly get stored as fat. Your body and your lifestyle requires a certain caloric maintenance. If you regularly go over that and don’t do anything to burn the extra calories then your body will store it as fat. One thing I’ve noticed about the girls I mentioned that are always exercising and whatnot is that they drink very often. Alcohol contains more calories per gram than most anything else you eat so that is going to have an effect if you are hitting the bars a few nights a week and partying on the weekends.

        7. I can’t disagree with you about the caloric content of alcohol, you are absolutely correct. Like I said, some of us thick pudgy gals have been counting our calories and working out for most of our lives and what we have in return is we are merely thick and not obese. Just like some people work their tails off and do great work, and never crack $100K salary for their efforts. I cannot comment on whether men have a variety of metabolisms and genetic predispositions to gain weight easily– but at the gym I work out at, there appears to be no shortage of extremely pudgy men with very toned legs.

      5. I’ve always been inclined to believe they were putting on a show, then pigging down Blue Bell like it’s going out of style when nobody else is around. Alternately, it’s pretty amazing what some people consider eating healthy, then wonder why they’re still fat.

      6. Too many carbs/cals and not very intense workouts (and probably way too much alcohol)

        1. Most of the girls I’m talking about do drink regularly (out to bars a few times a week) and probably aren’t as strict with their diet as they front

      7. Its the frankenfood we’re all eating. Exercise isn’t the cure-all its made out to be. Most people believe its a matter of calories in calories out, but its never that simple. When you exercise you get hungry, the foods you decide to eat will either make or break the outcome.
        For instance, fructose (a type of carb) bypasses a hormone called leptin (makes you feel full). We eat like over a hundred pounds of sugar (half glucose, half fructose) per year. Fructose is metabolized only by the liver and a good portion of it is converted to fat.
        When people eat low fat, guess how much sugar they consume to compensate (taste). A high sugar diet is really a high fat (triglyceride) diet, and not the good kind of fat.
        There’s so much more to this that it requires its own post. Fat is becoming the new normal.

      8. I rarely see anyone of them work up a decent sweat. Their workout sucks that’s why they get no result.

        1. I was working out this past week and this girl came on talking on her bluetooth. She talked so loud that the entire gym heard it. For over 30mins! Finally the owner had to go up to her and tell her that she was disturbing the all us and to turn it off. She got all pissy like we were listening to her conversation, although she was speaking so loud that everyone could hear her!

      9. Only in America can you claim to be curvy or athletic when in reality you are fat…that’s all…just plain fat.
        I’ve never seen so many fat runners (doing 5ks, half marathons or marathons) in my life.
        You’re not supposed to walk the event while eating cheeseburgers, fatty.

    2. I love that they wear sluttly clothing as well and wonder why men hit on them at them. Especially when they bend over (stretch) right in front of where men are actually working out. It’s a joke.

      1. Women doing man things…expect efficiency to crumble unless the men are gods.

    3. Women at the gym do one of three things for me. They either annoy me greatly by being either lazy and in my way, or by being butch masculine (and in my way), or by being actually so hot that they distract my workout (and get in my way). The truly fit girls are usually not the ones doing heavy squats.
      Staying fit is great for women and I encourage it. Getting so hard and square jawed and broad shouldered that you look like a coming of age 19 year old boy is off putting and grotesque. Women have no place imitating men.

      1. I’ve seen a couple asses that benefitted greatly from squats. But yeah in general, they should stick to cardio and calisthenics – maybe yoga too.

      2. Girls with flat asses should definitely be doing squats and lunges to fill out those yoga pants. I highly encourage that.

        1. I’m talking real squats, the kind that actually masculinize a woman, heavy heavy weight. Throwing two twenty five pound sissy weights on a squat rack is not quite the same thing.

        2. But you will only get bigger legs/ass by increasing the weight there, boss. Doing 25 pounds on each side of the barbell to “tone up” isnt going to do shit for anyone.

        3. Yeah, but women are totally weak. (2x25lbs to a female is like 4x45lbs to a male). Especially the good-looking one’s. I don’t think I’ve ever personally seen a girl squat over 2×45.

      3. This is why over the years I have been slowly building my own home gym. I’m 21 now and I don’t have to waste money on some overpriced gym membership. Plus, I have a park about 200 feet from my house so I can climb trees and get a total full body workout for that “ape strength” lol much better route with very minimal intrusions IMO.

        1. I did the same, A gym membership costs around 700-1000 a year, Gas costs about (3.5$ x2)7$ there and back a day that is 7$ x 5 = 35$/week. 35$ x 52 weeks in a year = 1820$ in fuel costs a year!!! + 700 for the membership this becomes 2500$ a year. IN 5 years you will have spent 12,500$ !! You could buy a TOP of the line machine for HALF of what you spend on a gym membership a year, don’t be a sucker!
          I got sick of waiting for stinking sweaty weights, using benches with smelly asshole and farts on it which i’d have to clean, dealing with music from HELL, and dealing with man jaw janes, rude staff and members who would whine and complain because i didn’t put weights away on time, what a joke! Fitness was taking my money, and after a 10 hour days work, i have to go deal with 2 hours of shit music, jerk off people, while torturing my body, NOT MY IDEA OF HEALTH OR FUN, Needless to say, i would start with good intentions some fitness goals, and every 3 months i’d get sick of the atmosphere, and quit and be out of shape again, I was in this cycle for about 5 years until i had a revelation AND:
          I invested in my OWN gym, It took me 13 minutes to go to the gym, and by the time i changed probably 20 minutes , than another 20 to change and go back home, that is 40 minutes 5 days a week WASTED!!! That is 3.3 hours a week, which is (3.3 x 52) 171 hours wasted a year in travelling time. Now, the lost productivity is 171 hours of income is worth itself about 3000$ minimum!!
          Now we’re at 2500$ + 3000$ a year!!!
          As you can see folks, Gyms are for suckers! They are nothing but jails with stink and sweat, Build your own personal gym for about 15 K, and you can invite who YOU want, and play YOUR music

    4. What is it with the explosion of fake tits these days? Perhaps it’s just me, but I just can’t find those bolted-on balloons attractive. In fact, they are a red flag to me. Often those things are placed so far apart, they’re reminiscent of two planets in orbit around each other. And it’s going to look even more horrendous when they age.

      1. Actually why I left an otherwise great gal. Couldn’t live with the fake tits- they look great on other guys’ gfs though.

      2. implants are a brilliant investment for a woman, she spends the 5 grand, and gets an extra 2 ticks in the 1-10 scale, which makes her worth an extra 200 grand! Women are vanity-investors

        1. Agreed. I don’t understand why every girl doesn’t get them. It truly is an automatic two ticks.

      1. While that’s an eye catcher, I’m kind of weary of being tricked by the “huge tits tiny body” thing. I won’t get into that feminist rant of “this is not natural or how a women looks” shit, because it’s shit and feminists would have all women wearing baggy coveralls if they had their way. But really, can I get a penis extension and walk around with a package that would even make the UPS driver cringe? Of course that’s not acceptable for men, because we are not auto-philiac and child-like. I’ve begun to suspect though that a woman who goes to implants, if not for a professional reason, is out to deceive. I take pleasure in knowing that somewhere, some alpha is pumping and dumping her.

    5. This is so funny xD, not only men are critical of women, in fact the most inteligent women also don’t understand many things of women ,like her, if you understand Spanish, you will see it, she has said in fact most of her friends are men because that

      1. LOL!
        typical red-pill mexican chick. lots of mexican chicks are like here in being down and truthful to reality. and i know she’s mexican because she uses slang that only Mexicans use. 🙂
        she’s hot i would say.

    6. Hahaha that boobs before braces makes you a retard has been my tagline joke since 1998! Great minds do think alike!

    7. This goes hand in hand with this whole cross fit cult that rich white girls are have clung on to. Not to mention entering mud races with personalised team shirts and colourful spandex. The sole motivation for these women in doing these activities is for facebook fodder….

  11. The problem with this virtual female competition is that the aim isn’t to attract the man, it’s purely based on their addiction to feeding the ego (self validation/esteem boosters). They view males as a means to an ends, they are puppeteer-masters. They have become sociopaths, lacking all empathy, showing unapologetic hypocrisy that is often infuriating. All of their tech-age virtual mannerisms have now been adopted as part of their everyday personality, as they continue to attention-whore in clubs and the workplace in order to compete with other groups of women and self-validate in ways that are more obnoxious than all previous generations.
    The solution to their contrived fantasy world is male comradery: red piller males seeking out other red pillers, being able to identify other red pill males in their functional group (work, university,etc), identifying them via reading the non-verbal signs such as the absence of white knighting. Red pillers should prefer to group with and socialize with other like males, irrespective of personality differences, for the sake of not including the female manipulator and thus weakening their ability to influence and attention-whore.

    1. I have a cousin who (according to my wife who is on FB) takes the same selfie EVERY SINGLE DAY making the exact same face and types similar captions, such as DANG GIRL or LOOKIN GOOD 2DAY. She is a single mother on welfare and has 3 or 4 children from multiple fathers.

  12. Yea they have become attention junkiines so much that nothing else matters, only the attention fix.

  13. Anyone remember a social media site called fubar.com, fka “Cherrytap”?
    Yeah. That place is a circus!
    Combine Facebook with Plenty of Fish bitchiness….
    It even gets fucking whales feeling like super models over there.
    On Fubar, women that love taking pictures of their assets also have album folders fully dedicated to screencaps of thirsty comments or even chat box arguments with dudes trying to talk to them, or even go as far as locking up comments.
    But I gotta hand it out to you though….The dude that came up with Fubar/Cherrytap is a fucking genius though, as I imagine 100,000 a day is spent on virtual gifts or credits. The simping is pretty high over there too. It’s as if he knew ALL the social flaws, exploited them, and he’s fed for life.

  14. I’m not sure which is worse: selfie whores or the girls who upload 9000 pics a day of the baby they had because they were irresponsible. Facebook seems to exist to document the death of civilization on a micro level.

    1. Truth!
      I tell you what grinds my gears: when an attention whore gets into posting dirty stuff openly or raunchy messages in PM, but they have their kid as their avatar.

      1. Right….because they are now in their ‘mommy years’….lol.
        Sure, mommy seems to be a little attention whore.

    2. I was about to say that he forgot the stay-at-home-moms that post 100+ infant pictures a day. Whether the baby was an accident or not, they are using it to get constant attention and gratification. Not to mention that when the kid is high school all of his/her baby pictures will be public domain for bullies.
      However, the status updaters are my personal favorite. They are so bipolar. They go from “best life – #blessed” to “why do I even wake up in the morning?” in a span of less than 24 hours.

      1. I disagree with this. I believe that birthing and raising a child in a two-parent home is one of the few causes which should be celebrated on social media. Social media needs more of this and less of clubs, selfies, other narcissism.

    3. You want to watch funny? Combine this with the BTC article. I tell you, nothing is more hilarious than watching a woman slowly ramp up her antics as her SMV drops. One gal I know on FB went totally nuts, her selfies weren’t getting enough ‘likes’ from people. Her relationship statuses were being ignored. You get the idea.
      Holy shit! New whorish pictures (no bra, very nipply in the house today), barely contained cleavage (and I do mean barely), ramped up boyfriend (when she has one) statuses / pictures whoring every little detail like it’s the 1969 moon shot, action shots (look at me do X!) of stupid shit, pity posts (drowning in my own self pity!), more focus on her kid’s (divorced single mom) cuteness and obvious talent (her daughter is average, mom just doesn’t realize it or chooses to ignore it), and so on. All of that and she’s still not getting the clicks she’s used to now. When she was younger, it used to be 20 to 30 people minimum clicking like on her mundane shit, now she almost always gets less than 10.
      While it’s annoying, it is satisfying to watch this selfish bitch get her comeuppance. You just know in a few years she’s going to hate her daughter and yet be living vicariously through her.

      1. “While it’s annoying, it is satisfying to watch this selfish bitch get her comeuppance.”
        A lot of people who come here are bitter back biting spiteful people. I don’t take any joy in other peoples suffering.
        Also you are being satisfied by watching a dysfunctional mother raise the next generation of dysfunctional women.

        1. If you take so little joy in other people’s suffering Mr Alex Captain Save A Ho, why don’t you go and wife her up.

        2. DO you know what a non sequitur is? You just did one.
          It is very feminine to be spiteful and petty. A real stoic masculine man doesn’t have resentment, but he has boundaries and self respect.
          I often fail to live up to that ideal, but just because I don’t want to waste time hating on toxic women, doesn’t mean I want them in my life.
          The only time I get angry at women is when I see how badly they treat the own kids. There is a reason why single motherhood creates so many damaged kids.

        3. Boundaries and self respect! LMFAO! You know what website you’re on right?

    4. Church brother. Real talk. That’s exactly why I had to get rid of mines. Too much attention whores. Dudes are just as bad.

    5. The size of your penis seems to document the death of your sex life on a micro level. Pun intended.

  15. If, in the year 1985, you sat down and wrote hundreds of post cards a day saying things like “Look at my new shoes!” or “I’m so happy with my boyo!” and then mailed them to people with whom you were only marginally acquainted, you would have been both shunned by society at large and also diagnosed as an extreme narcissist and prescribed very strong medication or possibly institutionalized.
    Why we have a different reaction today towards this exact behavior in electronic form is beyond me.
    Men of value, masculine men, don’t use Facebook. Not even for hook ups. Fuck Facebook. Fuck femi-sphere social media et. al. Period. Full stop.

    1. Agree 100%. When facefuck comes up in conversation, I either change the subject or just say “Fuck Facebook”.
      Look up Zuckerberg’s comments on FB members… he calls them all ‘dumb fucks’ for ‘trusting me’.
      Fuck Facebook. End of story.

    2. Ha. I got rid of my Facebook years ago. Of course being that I’m not even 23 yet, means I might as well not even exist to my peers, or even those significantly older than me. And that includes friends I’d known for nearly a decade that I just “stopped hearing from”.
      And to that I say: Fuck ’em.
      I’m noticeably more content with how I spend my time and interact with people besides.
      When you hang out with a group of roughly a dozen people and nearly half are on their phones checking Facebook, and taking turns on the laptop to do the same, they’re wasting their time, and more importantly yours.
      In my opinion the only option is to seclude yourself from them, because something’s wrong if it doesn’t irk you, or god forbid, you derive satisfaction from it.

    3. Facebook makes me depressed.
      I was just there to troll and stuff but seeing how stupid people are on there, just made me angry at the world.
      I closed my account and never looked back.

  16. This slut I know who went for a boob job posted a selfie when she was wearing a t-shirt with the words “coconuts” on it. Within 1 hr, she had more than 500 likes and 100 comments mostly from her horde of beta male orbiters. I was just stunned into disbelief at the incredible narcissism being displayed and at the sheer thirsty horde of betas that she could command in an instant.

    1. So post something that shames her narcissism. Guaranteed that of the 100 comments, yours will be the one she responds to.

      1. That’s what a friend told me to do but frankly I just couldn’t be bothered. It was amusing just to read the comments from all the thirsty beta orbiters though. Lol.

  17. I have the worst facebook story you have ever heard. A friend of mine had a tragedy in his family – his one year old nephew died. This happened only a month or two before his wife got pregnant with their first child. She actually had the balls to express (out of his hearing) how annoyed and frusterated she was that his mother wasn’t “liking” and “commenting” on HER baby pictures (sonograms and shit) and it wasn’t fair to HER that she wasn’t receiving enough attention for HER baby just because someone else’s baby died and the grandmother wasn’t feeling particularly social media-ish. I was absolutely fucking speechless.
    This is the same bitch I might add who insisted her husband take her with him when he went to the bar to see his friend (me) who had been deployed for months even though she was 6 months pregnant. Also, insisted that the venue be changed to a non-smoking bar to accomodate her instead of just staying her ass at home and THEN wanted to leave at 10pm because the music was going to supposedly damage the babie’s hearing. I wish I had told her that the McDoubles she chomps down 3 times a week were far more harmful. Avoid these bitches like the fucking plague.

  18. I’m all for the fuck facebook and these social media attention grabbing faggots, but in today’s hyper feminized society where masculinity is constantly demonized as “mean” or “negative”, there’s some use to it. It’s pretty much an address book to find a buncha fucken retards and attention whoring bitches that you want to pretend that you’re friends with in order to appear sociable in certain aspects. It’s all about appearances. If it were up to me facebook and many other forms of social media fuckery would be taken down and put on the top 5 of list of 100 things currently corrupting society (number 1 being feminism). But as a scientific american, I see the use of it just like I see the use in everything. Just be completely rational and logical about it…IGNORE all emotions and then leverage other people’s emotions/insecurities against them. Get inside their minds and read what they are thinking or feeling or so to speak. What we know is pretty obvious…females are insecure attention whores and many males are orbiters trying to get a slice (no need to pound this obvious drum too hard). But one thing is for sure…at least for me…I have to appear like a human being. Have all the characteristics and such. Like bruce lee said…be like water…like it or not these little manginas and social media aren’t going anywhere anytime soon (boils my blood just to think of it). We adapt and utilize everything and everyone everytime. Depersonalization with extreme prejudice is what I like to call it. Its been the only way I’ve been able to get shit I needed these days. If you have a better way I’m all ears. Cheers.

  19. And then they have the nerve to call guys creepy. Imagine how turned off they would be if we started behaving that way, so fucking desperate and needy. Notice when they get a boyfriend most of them disappear from Facebook. Women want to be players but can’t handle the lonely nights that come along with that lifestyle.
    Its the thirsty beta suckers driving this car though. When they stop getting thousands of likes they will realize how silly they look and go do something productive with their life. I see 6’s and 7’s getting 10,000 likes for a selfie. Theyre just raising her SMV in her head and making life hell for the men trying to fuck these sluts.

    1. Why would it make life hell? One of the core concepts taught in Game theory is throwing out negs. If you’re the only neg she hears in her world her attention will immediately be drawn towards you for being “different than everybody else”. If anything this extreme narcissism is making pickups easier than lemonade on a summer day.
      “OMG! He said my butt looked fat! Who does he think he is?! Why, I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind” and badda bing, she’s hooked.

      1. The only thing is the chicks with the huge egos generally don’t have a clue of how to please another human being..so she might be hot and you might faq her..but you’ll regret it before long.

  20. Speaking of yoga pants, female attention whoring can still raise its head…even at the gym

    1. White women got no ass. White women look like SHIT in yoga pants. Post some pics of black women or brown women in yoga pants, please.

      1. Women or 12 year old girls? We all know how much you like children. Sick freak.

  21. What is this Facebook?
    Seriously, I don’t have a Faceplant page, and never will have one, for me or any of my businesses. It’s an easy way to stand out from the crowd these days.Recent analysis in the media suggests that for businesses having a “social media strategy” gets you about zero more sales than not having one at all.
    So save all that money and time wasted on social bullshit, and become anti-social on the internet. Fuck social media. With a telephone pole.

    1. Random Reader thanks for your post, I resist to have a presence in the social media. Even if that would get me some visibility…I just can´t stand the idea of becoming another “me me me look at what I do, buy buy buy my stuff” type of guy.

    1. Yes, and if you’re the investing type this is a stock you want to short.
      But maybe they’ll get desperate and reallow dating ads 🙂

  22. Who can blame them when they have white knights on-call 24/7, like Vasu above, who will jump on her emotional hand grenade the minute – no the second she posts something.

    1. Agreed. This is perhaps a reason we should start shaming men we know in real life who have Facebook and other social media.
      We need to revive the word “sissy” and use it liberally and with extreme prejudice on these manginas.

    2. Who can blame the dogs when they start maiming mailmen, kids, old ladies and joggers?

    3. Shame the White Knights.When they post needy responses to Attention whores,causally comment ,”Wow Brit, your Chihuahuas can use Facebook!”

  23. It’s a fitting end really, for the women of the west. Taking selfies with “Myspace angles” to exclude their fat guts while the world collapses around them. Ever look at pictures of people from 1920s Germany? The women all have that “chubby and decadent” look. That’s what you see now. Big round heads full of nothing.
    Stock up on shovels, boys. When these women need protection and food, they should get shovels instead.
    You see it’s convenient to have a shovel right next to the body.

    1. Ever seen photo’s of young people in 1930’s Germany ? All it takes is decent leadership and you can swing back to a disciplined fit and healthy society very quickly.

      1. Fascism might have some (very obvious) downsides, but damn does it make people fit and sexy. That’s how you know America isn’t a fascist state despite a bunch of people saying otherwise.

  24. Real men don’t need to worry about facebook’s attention whores. Women crave attention and validation, yes, but the ones obtained from facebook are from low quality males. That is why the hot young babe that has 2000 friends accepts invites even from omegas. Individually, they mean nothing, but on a whole, they serve to fill the narcissism and solipism of women.
    Women do care about attention from high value males. Such can only be obtained in real life, unless your profile is really unique (yatchs, maseratis, 4+ champaigne bottle service, etc.)

      1)Autocorrect Fail! It changed Absurd to Amazing.
      2)Strange request but OK,when is this Amazing available?

      1. Can you imagine having the gall to post something like that? Absurd is right.

  25. The cackling hens of yesteryear have simply moved their insufferable noise from the phone room, hair salon, strip malls, bridge games, and other social gatherings to the web where they can now remain eternally connected in their never-ending quest for constant social posturing, validation, gossip, drama, teardowns and general cattiness. Gaze if you must gentlemen but do not hesitate to avert your eyes in haste the very instant you feel yourselves consumed by the thralls of madness. I really do believe Dante’s nine circles of hell have absolutely NOTHING on this. You have been forewarned.

  26. Good stuff man. I think the whole thing helps drive women’s madness. It creates insane levels of competition anxiety, even if the “competition” is complete bullshit and fake. On the flip side, it feeds the off the charts vanity. Best to not get involved-I stay off of it and just tell girls it’s not my thing and I think its a waste of time if they question it.

  27. Facebook can be useful to sniff out if a girl likes you or is otherwise interested in you. Namely, they’ll be at or near the top of your friends list. Nice way to use Facebook’s Big Brotherism for your own benefit, heheheheh.
    Of course, note that this only works if you don’t do anything on Facebook, such as stalk other profiles.

  28. Women; psychologically dependent on their social media, yet incapable of changing their I-Phone’s worn out battery. They’ll always need men to do the practical things in life; the sad thing is that many male fools will offer to do these things for free instead of charging their sorry asses for it.

    1. “Without men, civilization would only last until the next oil change.” − P.J. O’Rourke

  29. I hope everyone that still has a fucking Facebook account posts this entire article in its entirety on their page.

  30. Good article. It is pretty sad to see so many women needing so much validation, attention, etc… I used to be on FB but left it awhile back. You could see the ones who were definitely good looking but had pretty low self esteem..many selfies daily. Plus, they would give you a play by play status about every place that they visited that day (i.e. at the store now picking something up). Who the fuck cares…lol.

  31. Been over Facebook since my balls dropped. It’s but pseudo-reality and spontaneity. The constant witnessing of attention-whoring (male or female) will pervert your sense of self.

  32. FB has a neat little feature at the top right corner of a post. Its a little arrow. When you click on it, it gives you the option to “unfollow”. I have no selfie’s are self-righteous rants on my news feed. Only intelligent articles posted by my buds and colleagues.

  33. Wow, this really reminds me of something a girl would write about other girls. Are you sure you’re sexually attracted to women..?

    1. Hey Thad, you know who says everything they disagree with is gay, gay people. Calm down, beefcake.

  34. I know this website bashes women but honestly I hate men on the same level as women. Ive had my back burned by a bunch of dudes who I wrongly thought were my friends. And with so many men actin like women its hard to know whos a real ally……

  35. Facebook has many controls. Just skimming here, I see that some posters annoy you. Did you know that you can block their posts from your feed? In fact, I use lists. I sort out my acquaintances according to interest and most of my posts go only to a few close friends. Also, I recommend an app called Social Reviver.It gets rid of the ticker thing completely. With a little effort. You can set up Facebook so you only see the posts you are interested in because they are from people who are your friends in real life. It’s a great way to keep in touch. Just a few ideas to improve your experience.

  36. Yeah but before even Facebook there were social networking attention whores, on Myspace this narcissistic sluts enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame and shame, Tia Tequlia is a great example of that.

  37. I can’t stand perpetual selfies and attention seekers, but I choose the obvious way to get rid of them by, you know, not adding them in the first place. I think I hate fake intellectual journalists “spreading the truth” more than I hate fake models. Jesus Christ, what a fucking baby. I’m sorry your mother rejected you as a child, but writing an (extensively long) article about how much you’re irritated by women doing shit that you can EASILY avoid doesn’t seem to be the most useful way to fix it. LOGIC, morons. Get fucked, you ugly twat.
    -An above average looking woman that doesn’t post selfies and is clearly smarter than you.

    1. Awwww, did this article strike a nerve? Only thing fake here is the cunt without the stones to show herself when calling out the writer. It wan’t to long for you to read and get all worked up about. How does it feel knowing a strangers article can do this to you? Not good huh? Loser.

  38. You forgot to mention the most important thing about Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg became the world’s youngest billionaire by inventing it. And he’s married!

  39. I figured out my GF FB password….good god what a whore….she tried to blame me! LATER!!

  40. I’ll admit there are plenty of insecure desperate girls who use FB to get attention or validation. I used to be one of them (won’t go into detail, here) which is why I deleted my social media accounts as soon as a realized it. Best decision I ever made.
    Thing is, this article plays down the fact that guys can be just as guilty in the attention whoring department as the ladies. And I’m not just talking about the internet here. Don’t act like you guys don’t compete vigorously for female attention! Attention whoring comes in all kinds of forms.
    But anyway, if you don’t like what they post on FB, block them. It’s that simple. Stewing in a pot full of hatred aimed at women doesn’t help anyone.

  41. If a man is wearing a snuggie and watching Twilight…then he is no longer considered a man.
    Turn in your man card….you’re out.

    1. I just stumbled on this article, read that part, and thought the exact same thing.

  42. Jesus Christ after reading this, I swear half the women on my FB do exactly that. Not all of them do the fake “look at my X” but all of them abuse the status and post shit like what they’re eating and so on.

  43. I had this one Facebook friend who kept posting selfie pics of herself holding her cell phone and talking about her squats. I got so annoyed with that-I just unfriended her. I’ve never seen someone post so many selfies on a daily basis before in my life.

  44. Those bimbo’s taking selfies in bathing suits or other revealing clothing 9 out of 10 times have fake tits as well (like the one in the image you used). And very possible waist/belly liposuction, lip fillers for a proper duckface and butt augmentation too. Sadly the rise of plastic surgery is only making women more obsessed by taking selfies, while the other way around is already the case.

  45. Christ Jesus if all of this isn’t the goddamned truth. I have this one FB’er who checks off ALL the categories here. She posts these asinine pseudo-poetic, self-empowering, “live in love” (vomit) memes – but I know the REAL her: an insecure hypocrite! Also, every update a selfie making sure her fake tits are sticking out (even more so if her friends are in the shot). Thanks for this article, they’re the fucking facts.

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