3 Stories The French Media Concealed While They Invented Fictions About ROK

It has been six weeks since the ROK meetup outrage, and though the dust has settled, there is much to learn on exactly how the media establishment operates. Since I’m French, I have identified articles written about ROK in the French media, along with their respective authors. If you believe that appearance is ideology, you will not be shocked on how many of these lying journalists look like. While they reported on us, there were three big stories that the failed to broadcast to the public. I’ll first show the reporters, and then the stories.


Article by Agathe Ranc

The title reads “Roosh V, the blogger who wanted to legalise rape… and fears for his safety. (…) “self-proclaimed misogynist and homophobe (…) organises hundreds of pro-rape rallies”

Capture d’écran (279)

“Yes, Roosh V (…) does think that the absence of consent of a woman is a minor obstacle for the one who wants to take advantage of her”

Agate Ranc 3

The author

Le Figaro

Article by Amaury Peyrach/Peyrrachon

A Peyrac twitter 2

“Pro-rape blogger and anti-feminist Roosh V is everyone’s subject of conversation”

A Peyrach article 2

A Peyrach Facebook 2

The author


Article by Philippe Berry

Capture d’écran (346)

“Legalisation of rape” : How the sexist blogger Roosh V succeeded in making the headlines”

Capture d’écran (347)

“Worldwide pro-rape meetings” (…) advice like “Never ask permission””

Capture d’écran (353)

The author


Article by France 2 reporter Jacques Cardoze

Capture d’écran (266)

“Anti-feminist blogger who writes about rape legalisation cancels his great meetup”

Capture d’écran (269)

“He proposes to legalise rape then asserts that it is a satire”

The author

The author

France Bleu

Article by Typhaine Morin

Capture d’écran (370)

“Small group that advocates rape legalisation cancels meetings”

Capture d’écran (371)

“Roosh V, leader of a pro-rape masculinist organisation, decided to cancel the meetings. The “State Secretary for Women’s Rights” congratulates herself on the matter.”

Capture d’écran (383)

The author

Les Inrocks

Article by Adélaïde Tenaglia

Capture d’écran (293)

Roosh V, the “PUA” who wanted to legalise rape, cancels his conferences”

Capture d’écran (294)

“Making rape legal in the private sphere in order to eradicate it… it was Roosh V’s solution (…) “superiority of the man over the woman, a poor fragile thing that cannot think logically or rationally” (the only sensible thing she says in her article.)

Capture d’écran (306)

The author

Marie Claire

Article by Mylène Wascowiski  (Pascale Boistard, Miniluv henchwoman, jumps in)

Capture d’écran (403)

“Meetups organised by Roosh V, pro-rape blogger, cancelled in France”

Capture d’écran (404)

“Those meetings would discuss the creation of a new societal model, based on the domination of the white heterosexual male” *dramatic sound effect* Then she quotes the Secretary of State for Women’s Rights.

Capture d’écran (407)

The author

This is the “State Secretary for Women’s Rights” (a position that was only occupied when the left was in power in France) that jumped on the band wagon and was in touch with the police to prevent the meetings from happening, not monitor them, in Paris and Nantes:

Pascale Boistard 3

“Such meetings calling for rape and violence against women were inconceivable” (She was warned by an online petition, not by a police or investigative source) Bottom tweet “For a few days, we’ were in constant communication with Place Beauvau (Ministry of the Interieur’s headquarters) and @paris / @nantesfr (mayors and local police forces) that I thank for their action and vigilance.”

Pascale Boistard 6

Knowing her type extremely well and my people’s aversion for English, I doubt that she even received or read a translation of Roosh’s article in French, let alone in English. She took the word of someone on Twitter to mobilize the State’s police forces.

Words and profiles seem to follow a similar pattern? Weak, lazy, snarky, bitter, not an ounce of doubt or analysis. Frenchmen of talent and Gallic heroes of the past writhe in pain and shame in their cold grave.

The above are the faces that analyse information for you if you read the papers they work for. I do not have to comment. Their mere appearance explains the level of trust you can give them. This is the peril that my nation finds itself in today. They do not, I repeat, they DO NOT represent the French people, but these are the kind of individuals who are in charge of the information and the decisions about what should be celebrated or vilified.

Exhorting Minitrue and the Thought Police to act against the villains, mere leftists and a handful of mediocre journalists sent the state and the police authorities to apprehend us. These articles are only the tip of the iceberg. Here are news stories that are being concealed or downplayed by the media while they featured our meetups as the top story.

1. Migrants are turning Calais and its region into a 3rd-world slum


Crime becomes rampant wherever they drop their bindle. Almost no mention in the French media of the anti-migrant demonstration of Calais inhabitants in Paris. They came in force recently, to exhort the tepid pudding that we have for President to do something, as they witness their city slowly dying because of the bad reputation the migrants bring to it. Curfew, theft, and exactions are common occurrences in this once-prosperous seaport.

The tourism activity and all the sectors linked to it (recreational, restaurants, accommodation providers) see their business dwindling. The estimated figure is a fall of 40% of all their revenues since last summer, when the Invasion of Europe sold as a refugee crisis was in full swing.

A majority of French people do not want the migrants. Hollande does not care and agreed to welcome 130.000 very soon

A majority of French people do not want the migrants. Hollande does not care and agreed to welcome 130,000 very soon

While trying to approach the migrants of the “Jungle” in Calais, a Dutch pro-migrant journalist was almost stabbed by those he wanted to interview. Jude Law’s crew was attacked by the migrants as he was about to attention-whore using their “struggle.”

2. A retired general from the Foreign Legion was arrested for showing up at an anti-migrant rally


General Christian Piquemal, 75 years-old, hero of the Legion, was arrested for participating in an anti-migrant rally that the Leftist mayor of Calais tried to forbid. He bled for France and this is how its government repays him: by putting him in immediate custody and treating him like a common horse thief.

Meanwhile, Morrocan and Turkish minors should soon be released after gang raping and torturing a French White girl because “All French girls are whores” (sic) and in the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle, English Anarchists from “No Borders” set fire to migrant shacks and accuse the police. No one has been charged so far. France (its ruling elite, at least) spits in the face of its own sons and holds against its own breast the ungrateful snake that will soon bite her.

3. The government is more preoccupied by fighting thought criminals than hardened felons


French police forces are targeting “vigilante groups,” accused without proof in Corsica or in the mainland rather that non-natives committing crimes that are documented. They advertise the capture of members of “hate groups” while they still have to catch one the main perpetrators of the Paris attacks. The recurrent criminals, drug dealers, and gang rapists of foreign origin that proliferate in the large cities’ housing estates carry on their daily activities without worry.

Pauvre France, si tu voyais tes fils…

All the elements of the cultural decline can be observed in the contemporary French society. But it was only until recently, when the whole conspiracy against our movement took place, that I realized the extent of the problem. We are at a crossroads of our history.

I can say with certainty that we are 4th in the race for total cultural decline behind the podium composed of Sweden (1st), Germany (2nd) and The United (for how long?) Kingdom (3rd). If, we, young men of France do not act and start a wave of awakening to change our sleeping nation, the end is near.

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114 thoughts on “3 Stories The French Media Concealed While They Invented Fictions About ROK”

  1. People are waking up my friend.
    And when we start to act, this will turn ugly.
    But we may have to endure the government destruction for some more time. I am uncertain as to how close we are to the wall.
    But one thing is for sure; the closer we come to a disaster before we act, the more certain I believe the leftist and their programmers will be shot for their treason.

    1. Let’s hope so. I am so feed up with mainstream media with their promotion of homosexual behavior I can’t stand Twitter, Microsoft or any big media newspaper. it makes me want to vomite. Women behaviour these days is crazy, we are at war.

  2. Facebook has pretty much become the modern day public sphere as far as I can tell. I’d even wager that the majority of average millennials get their daily news primarily from their Facebook feed.
    When you consider that not only does this force you to be trackable for your opinions (via text) at any given time, but that opinions are filtered for unpopular speech, you can see that we’re headed towards authoritarianism. An ROK poster recently stated correctly that Facebook is a product and not a public institution, but most people don’t necessarily see it that way.
    The upside of this is that there is opportunity for gaining popularity through alternative streams of media (e.g., ROK, the manosphere). If you think you can communicate non-MSM content in a creative way there is not only a market for it, but an opportunity to carry out a duty of ethic.

    1. They do get their news from Facebook. I see it every day. Nobody watches the evening news among my age range.

      1. I am 60 and was at one time an avid evening news watcher. I quit years ago when I lived in an area where you could watch all three major network’s evening news shows one after the other. They all covered the same news items, but each was so biased that you could barely recognize the stories from one show as the same. The bias and distortion of even the simplest stories made it clear that they were not in the business of presenting the news but of pushing an agenda.
        I stopped watching them and have never gone back.

        1. I remember going to colombia when there had been a complete turnaround in the country-90% reductions in murder and kidnappings. And the news about it was still the same..murder kidnappings in colombia. The Economist is the only magazine that ever reported it accurately.

    2. Last week I obliterated some pussy self hating jew leftist on Facebook. I don’t get on their but I saw his post while checking for a message. I called black lives matter into question and he responded by calling me a racist and a bigot and then blocking me. Cowards. Facebook is a leftist echo chamber.

      1. They block so much. They live in a bubble, man. Any opposing thought are basically erased. That is why they cannot argue properly. They spent so much time blocking all triggers.

  3. I hate that picture… Louis the XVIth was a weak King but a good man. Hollande is a weak president and a piece of ratshit.

    1. I’ve always suspected Hollande was behind Dominic Strauss-Kahn getting fitted up. The French socialists did a gender coup d-etat

      1. Strauss Kahn is an evil and smart globalist, besides being a degenerate. God bless Nassifatou Dialo.

        1. well you don’t get to head the IMF without being a bit of an evil globalist, but he’s got to be better than Hollande. I’m presuming Nassifatou Dialo is the traumatised hotel worker – you’d think he would have been more discriminating

        2. I was going to agree, but wikipedia gives the following:
          “After completing a lengthy investigation, prosecutors filed a motion to drop all charges against Strauss-Kahn, stating that they were not convinced of his culpability beyond a reasonable doubt due to serious issues in the complainant’s credibility and inconclusive physical evidence, and therefore could not ask a jury to believe in it.[74][75] The motion was granted by Judge Obus in a hearing on August 23, 2011.[76][77]
          In a TV interview in September, Strauss-Kahn admitted that his liaison with Diallo was a moral fault and described it as “inappropriate” but that it did not involve violence, constraint or aggression. He said that Diallo had lied about the encounter and that he had no intention of negotiating with her over a civil suit she had filed against him.[78] Strauss-Kahn later reached a settlement with Diallo for an undisclosed amount over the civil suit.[79]
          It sounds like he’s admitting something happened, but that there was no coercion involved. Could still have been a honeytrap, but she doesn’t look like the kind of person who would be used in honeytrap, so maybe not

        3. My instinct instinct is that he was set up. I think she wanted money but that his political enemies were involved as well

  4. Good to document all this. It can get lost in the shuffle when we are so focused to English-language media. From its inception, the media has been a viperous den of slime, and it’s amazing that the internet is allowing us to defuse the power they once held. As of today, the infowar is turning in our direction.

    1. I dont think labeling RV a misogynist and homophobe is a big deal but the journos like Berry that deliberately distorted the facts (ie lie) for the sake of an eyeball grabbing headline are muck raking hacks. I could forgive those that maybe were under deadline pressure and saw the story in the anglo media and just copied another English journo’s news piece, Still its easy for lies/propaganda to get spread across the globe when there are more lazy journos as opposed to investigative journalism.
      Yes the beauty of the www is that it allows for alternative view points that would not appear in the msm. There is a lot of competition for eyeballs though and millions of websites & blogs. Unless you have big number of subscribers your site is just a small voice in the media jungle. Also today lots of people get their news from Apple, Google and FaceBook and those companies have power over what shows up as high priority in people’s news feeds.

      1. Forgive, maybe. But not hold them accountable. I don’t think so. Ethics in journalism used to be so stringent, at least in theory, that printing a news story which is wrong because you didn’t fact check or validate your sources, was just as bad as just printing up lies that you know to be lies. The reason is, that either way, you are lying to the public, millions of people and utterly failing at the most basic description of your job.
        Journalists whom don’t verify the factuality of everything they report are just as bad as journalists whom outright lie. Neither of them can be trusted as news sources in any way, shape or form. Deadlines or no deadlines, people have to make the decision of whether or not they want to view themselves as an honorable person.

    1. I really think the HAPPENING will come from France.
      Already happened in the past, could happen again.
      I’d say the level of the “politically incorrect” intellectuals is quite high. There aren’t too many countries where this kind of high level discussions happen, France is one of them. That’s why I have trust in this country.
      I wish all those articles/videos could be translated into english because many people here would LOVE to read them, and that would contribute a lot to our reflections.

        1. It’s more of a 4chan reference, in my mind the HAPPENING is the point of rupture that society will meet eventually.

    2. Time for the Germans to take the Executioner swords from the walls and put them into physical use instead of metaphorical.

  5. Did you guys notice a pattern among the authors? The men looked feminine and seemed to crave attention, especially from women readers with gossip headlines. The women seemed obsessed with what I call Selfie Poses. They craft a fake image of themselves for an online persona.

        1. if i was starving – would i steal their sandwich?
          edit: i feel like i should reword that – think of ‘steal” more as “punch them in the face, and fucking take” their sandwich

    1. Yes indeed! I could say the same propaganda from media in Portugal and other countries repeats the same lies in an organized fashion. My friends our enenies are the Left parties with their homosexual propaganda, laws and narrative.
      They seem to be well coordinated worldwide, it’s time we organize ourselfs political.

  6. I can’t find the Calais Jungle in google maps. I mean, there’s nothing where it should be. Was it dismantled completely?

    1. you need to check the date of the maps. Sometimes they don’t update them for years and years

  7. Quelle bande de cons. Sérieux toute cette profession est à jeter, ils sont corrompus (consciemment ou non) jusqu’à la moelle. Il n’y a RIEN à en tirer.
    Les médias ont complètement perdu leurs couilles, faut être honnête. Il n’y a qu’à voir leurs gueules on a tout compris.

    1. Tu l’as dit, mec. Tu vois leur tête de rat et ils n’ont encore rien dit que déjà, tu sais qu’ils vont gémir comme des truies. Si tous les bonhommes de France foutaient une pancarte à ces parasites au moins une fois, beaucoup de nos problèmes seraient réglés.

  8. How far has America fallen? The two young French women sjw journalists look bangable. Not 8s or 9s by any means, but they pass the boner test and don’t appear to be using MySpace shots.

    1. eh, i’ve had worse than all three of those chicks. the french accent would add a .5 on the 1-10 scale in my book, too.

      1. When french chicks do it right with overall presentation and personality, they’re hard to beat.
        Dress, mannerisms, and charm won’t turn you into a 10 ladies, but it will buy you an extra point to point and 1/2 if you keep your weight under control.

  9. So france has become just as distorted by feminism as the anglosphere? Has anybody done a media content analysis in asia and latin america about this? I’m guessing its almost non-existent story in those cultures, maybe the stray copy/paste article taken from the anglosphere media, but they really don’t give a fuck with no sense of outrage from the menstrual brigade.

      1. We’re still far behind with the sexual harrasment scare and yes means yes stuff.

        1. My understanding was french women rolled their eyes at how prudish the anglosphere is. They used to be nonchalant about many things that english speaking cultures considered scandal.

        2. yes, you are doing much better here. However, in sheer force of pseudo intellectual gender deconstruction etc your gals are swinging for the fences.
          I feel the french broads are more dangerous. They are, on the whole, far more attractive and as such you have a way of letting your guard down while they assert their feminist bullshit.
          Many is the time when a french girl has said things to me that I smiled and said was cute which, if said by an American woman, would have been immediate cause for dismissal.
          Maybe it’s just that I can’t resist the lure of the Bever…simone D Bever.

        3. If you’re coming out of america, french women appear less fat and loud. They don’t eat and talk like men.

        4. This is true. However, I’ve always had a soft spot for French women–specifically Parisians. I am not sure what it is. The bone structure maybe, maybe the eyes…..who knows what makes a person all loopy.

        5. Simone D Bever… I love you.
          Also I thought about “clay sounder” or “coal digger” to refer to the salami smugglers. It sounds nice in French but I don’t know if it works in your language.

        6. They have very bad table manners though. I often almost got stabbed by the fork in their moving hand while they were talking and chewing with their opened mouth about their boring lives.

        7. The bo is just one of those things american women tell american men to feel better about them selves in my experience. rank it up there with sexual prime being 40, plain jane hotness and real men want meat on their bones.
          The girls I’ve met in paris has been, well, just spectacular.

        8. No, only works in french, but I appreciate it. I have a good ear for french. Glad you liked Simone D Bever. Wasn’t sure the bever thing was going to go over. Despite what american women tell their men (@michaelmobius1) I have found the level of grooming in Paris to be excellent.

        9. The french in general do have deplorable table manners. Also, Alsace is filled with people who, aside from table manners, and absolutely disgusting in hygiene. That said, the fashion girls in Paris aren’t nearly as bad as the academics.

        10. he means body odor. it is a common american trope that the french do not bathe and that the women have hair arm pits and stink like cheese and week old cunt.

        11. That is correct. It comes from the same department of feminist misinformation that suggests that beautiful and fashion conscious french girls will have unsightly body hair and smell badly. American women have been putting down french women since American men returned from France after the war.

        12. I will automatically treat women with proper manners and etiquette better. Same goes with posture. If a woman has great posture, good table manners and a sense of etiquette I will overlook other flaws and immediately treat them better than I would treat most. This doesn’t mean they get pedestal access…but they are treated much more civilly

        13. Wonder where that comes from. Louis the XIVth maybe ? He bathed once a year, but that was the norm in most of Europe since the Renaissance.

        14. I honestly think it comes from american women grabbing at straws when GIs returned home from France and could only think about the french women they left behind.

        15. I fear your observation is true. I don’t know why it gets overlooked in our education… We invented table manners ! I learned mines reading a book on savoir-vivre.

        16. Hah ! Well that’s a possibility. These French Women… one German cock then one American, always betting on the winning horse.

        17. body odour. It’s an British stereotype, relating to the association of french women with armpit hair

        18. It is worth thinking about. One would think that the french would have delicate and polite table manners and the germans would eat like slobs when, in reality, the exact opposite is true.
          Where the train got off the tracks may be worth investigating.

        19. That is a universal mon frer. Can’t blame them for being women. I would cringe to think what American women would do if there was a war on our soil. Christ, as it is I think these girls are trying to figure out a way to get a cock in their belly buttons. If we had 3 seperate nations armies in a college town or city in the US the STDs might be the thing that won us the war.

        20. they know how to dress on the continent. ‘Chic’ might be french, but for the most part just taking the trouble to look nice distinguishes continental women from the anglosphere. Both US and UK women seem to go out of their way to eat lard and dress in charity clothes

        21. Most women around the world that I have known have been genuinely appalled at the state of dress that American women go out in. I remember a girl who visted me from Brazil kept questioning why so many girls were wearing running shoes everywhere. The moment she witnessed the cultural phenomenon of Uggs she immediately stopped…literally stopped in her tracks and said “what the fuck is this?” And this girl was 26. The age that most American girls would be living in uggs. It was so funny when she said it. She wasn’t just confused. She was genuinely disgusted.

        22. I have to disagree. Categorically…there is never a proper time to wear uggs.

        23. Haha ! It works with me !
          I would translate it as “Mache-merde” to make it understable for the common folk.

        24. Uggs are absolutely mysterious to me attraction wise. I thought they were like catnip to women everywhere, but to be honest I can’t recall seeing them anywhere outside of UK. I’m in europe at the moment and unfortunately its very easy to spot UK/US women, mainly by the fact they carry more weight, but by dress habits too. In the UK there is an awful habit of young girls and sometimes their mothers going to supermarkets in what are literally pyjamas bottoms. You just wouldn’t get that in places where women actually care about what they look like

        25. We have the pajama brigade here too…not just supermarkets, but to school as well.
          Didn’t realize our over the pond cousins were plagued with this as well. Whenever I picture brit chicks I always picture them dressed up in mod style.

        26. French women are not that hot. They are the ugliest women in Southern Europe. I know they have a reputation for being attractive, but it’s just not true on the whole. Compared to Greek, Italian and Spanish women they are nothing.
          Are they better than American women? Probably, but that isn’t saying much. They certainly dress better than American women, but there is a uniformity to their urban fashion that gets boring quickly.

        27. yup. For every girl that you want to find religion for when she walks by in yoga pants you are forced to endure 4 of them that really ought not be allowed to wear them.
          I love the lululemon CEO who came out and just said that his clothes aren’t for fat people.
          Not sure if this is the same everywhere, but when you walk into a lululemon store in NYC you are immediately greeted by a young hot girl with a perky personality and like no body fat wearing revealing yoga clothes.
          It is as if to say “HI! My name is WHATEVER!!!! So Nice To Have You Here! If You Feel like you want to cut yourself now then this store isn’t for yoU!!!!

        28. Brazilian women, mini-skirts and thongs, that gets them social forgiveness from men on other things. lol

        29. middle class fillies in the UK know how to wear a summer dress. And winter gear maybe too. That’s pretty much it. Unfortunately the days of Liz Hurley are long gone. Kim Kardashian might be irritating but in the UK women seem more likely to emulate Vickie Pollard

        30. Well Southern France is part of S.Europe I believe. Culturally the French have more in common with S.E than N.E as well.

        31. I guess it’s a matter of taste. I’ll take a pass on Greek and Italian women. Spaniards are bit an miss for me.

  10. I’ve been under the impression France has not undergone quite the same type of feminization, particularly the ‘anti-sex’ variety. I recall reading articles about the normality of French and Italian presidents, as well as other powerful men, having affairs on the side. The articles included quotes from women that made me believe France had not fully undergone “the Change.”
    Is this a mistaken impression? Or perhaps it’s better in France in some ways, but worse in others? Or is my info outdated, and everywhere in the West has become pretty much the same?

    1. No it’s true. We’re still behind in the areas you’ve mentionned.

    2. France has been feminized for sure, not the same way as America though.
      America has a tendency to push things to the extreme. We don’t have (yet) the extreme feminism that you guys have, which also means we don’t have the equivalent of ROK, or MGTOW movements. It’s fascinating to read ROK because it’s a glimpse into the future.
      We’re getting there though, the signs are everywhere for the one who can spot them. It starts with the vocabulary, I’m now seeing words like “consent”/”offensive”/ “micro agressions” etc. being introduced in articles. I can’t wait until “triggers” and “safe spaces” make it to the mainstream here.
      So far we’re lucky there is not so much “body positive” bullshit and girls are still quite attractive. I’d go as far as to say many french girls still aren’t lost causes, you can make them traditional if you hold your frame correctly. I tested it and it works on some.

      1. I have also noticed the media (that I do not read anymore) using recently more anglicism and non sense related to the Kardashians or “rape culture” or “gender pay gap” which was not present a few years back.

  11. “Viol” means rape in French?
    This entire time I thought viol meant violin

    1. Viol means rape.
      Violon means Violin.
      And Viole is a Renaissance type of violoncello.

    2. This explains why my ad for music lessons had such a poor response.

    1. Québec pire pays ever. Oups well avec Trudeau le Canada s’en va dans cette direction.

    2. Et puis en Ontario. Liberez les Ontariens des Libéraux de Kathleen Wynne la Gouine, et les Canadiens de Trudeau la Tapette!

    1. French feminism, defined in a bit more than a minute.
      Slag’s heels are still wet with Saturday’s tapioca sauce leftovers.

  12. I work with some French guys, and you’re right, we in the Anglosphere are told nothing about what’s happening in France. Eg, that Marseille, a proud and beautiful city, it now a “no go” zone for white people. Similarly many areas in Paris are no-go zones, even for police. Of course we hear about the terrible terrorist actions (how can they be concealed).. but we never hear of the Paris riots where thousands of migrant youths go on a rampage, about the looting, raping and violence, about the targeting of white people and Jews.
    As for Calais.. once again, I’d never even heard of the migrant crisis or the Jungle. I was only alerted after a video appeared in my Youtube feed.. it was a French woman pleading for the government to do something about the migrants before Calais is destroyed entirely. After that, some new items began trickling thru into the MSM.. but only how the evil government has come in to bulldoze the shanty town, and move the poor innocent migrants along to better accommodations.
    Liberté, égalité, fraternité.
    Vive la France.

    1. Merci mec. The worse is that I witnessed with my own eyes, living in a rural area, peasants that worked all their life in France, that are given around 400 euros monthly for their retirement, after working 50+ years, when the migrants are given food and accomodation, plus around 700 euros to shit on our flag and people.

    1. Le Canada en a déjà plein, croyez-moi. C’est elles qui ont élu Trudeau la Tapette.

  13. My heart goes out to the OP especially after the recent events in the Republicand the dire state of a once great nation that has ocntributed so much to western civilization.
    France is in deep trouble.
    After the Paris Attacks I was shocked at the lack of response from the French government in regards to securing the Republic from terrorist threats.
    They seemed only to chase just these terrorists and do nothing to stop the flow of muslim refugees, some which are terrorists, into France or discuss passing strong legislation such as deporting foreign born convited terrorists.
    We have this legislation here in Canada but it’s being repealed by our recently ellected Liberal govemrnet which is also bringing Syrian “refugees” into our country.
    I always thought attacks like those at the Bataclan theatre would galvanize the govemrent into action whic after France leaves me fearing what would happen in Canada if our Montreal private school boy prime minister faces a real crisis.
    I also found it shocking the Marie Le Pen didn’t fare well in polls less than month after the attacks.
    Looking at France and Canada I see strong paralells, especially with stupid populations that vote for socialists and let muslim terrorsts into their country.
    When this type attack happens in Canada I only hyope Canadians will wake up a vote these Liberals out..I’m not optimistic though..

    1. I could not believe how everyone in France just reacted in saying “oh let’s put flowers everywhere” and “you don’t deserve my hate”. This is worst than cowardice

  14. The authors end exhortation for men to band together and stop the decay,has been playing on my mind for some time. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand it’s obvious our societies are crumbling. We should try and save whatever goodness is left. On the other hand, is it too late? Is it better to do nothing and let it die and be re-born? Both courses of action are extremely difficult. The first option, you will be targeted, lose everything and possibly killed or thrown in prison. The other option is to live a life of a lie, and remain in the shadows until the final collapse. This option souns more promising, however not for my generation. It means a lot of hard work in disguising who you really are, secretly educating your family in hopes that they will re-build what once was. Right now I am for the phoenix from he flames idea

    1. It could be a solution but I always remember the sentence “You know what you lose, but you don’t know what you’ll find.”. I stand with my family, friends and the men who’ll join me. We’ll act in some way but for those who want to stay aside, it is their problem.

  15. You want to see a French intellectuals’ ass pucker up at the speed of light? Ask them about The Vendée…

  16. How is it possible that Europe has no go zones now? Keeping your head down and not smiling in Eastern Europe after the Soviet Union fell was understandable but this? I can walk down the street in the south 100s of Chicago without a problem and you panzies are not holding the line? I know there are weird laws in Europe but for crying out loud. Dowel rod plus fishing sinkers is a great starting point.

  17. Le pire, c’est que Marine Le Pen prétend que c’est elle qui est le seul espoir de la vieille France, et non son père le vrai patriote qu’elle a trahi.
    Jean-Marie Le Pen aime la France. Sa pute de fille n’aime que le pouvoir. C’est à pleurer.

    1. I wish I still understood conversational French. There was a time when I could pick up the subjectives but it has long passed.

    2. Pour le pouvoir, ils vendraient leur mère. Il ne faut jamais oublier, qu’à la fin de la journée, ce ne sont que des politicards.

  18. In truth, the massive influx of foreign men will probably end up doing a lot of good. I mean, the increase in terrorism and crime at the hands of Muslims is about to skyrocket across Europe. The conservatives will grow in resolve, size, and strength as a result, and the left will be thrown out of office at all elections in favor of the heavy hand of a white patriarch, then the immigrants will be deported. It might turn out being just what Europe needed…

    Oh, and by the way, I first heard about Roosh via the anti meet up hype on Facebook. There was a pic of a cop at his door, and sweat stains on his t-shirt, and an allegation he lives in his mama’s basement, I do believe…
    Anyhow, the meet ups generate good publicity. They have to happen someday, but somebody with half a brain needs to organize them.
    Luckily, I have a complete brain. I’d host a meet up in New Zealand late next year for sure, and I wouldn’t cancel it. I’d need at least 30 men to attend (75+ would be ideal, with a total of 200 guests or so with their families/dates), and bring their families/dates, and host it as a BBQ.
    What would happen is leftists would show up and attack us. we need only members there who are mature enough not to fight back and thus give them ammo. Especially with our families there, we’d just be men discussing patriarchal concepts – let them attack us unprovoked and unreciprocated and you’ll see how easy it’ll be to slam them afterwards. It’d increase our fame and influence 1,000 fold, and prove the left is a destructive force worthy of abolishment.
    Anybody who believes they could attend such a meet up in NZ should reply to this comment or elsehow let me know. I’ll be on RoK building up support for it until it happens next year. Other guys in other countries should consider organizing meet ups with similar goals – make it a family occasion, and make sure the men you invite won’t respond violently when leftists show up to fuck it over, otherwise it won’t work. We stand to gain a lot of influence if we succeed in hosting such an event

  20. All those ugly women… if they don’t look like dudes wearing wigs already they sure do try to make themselves as ugly as possible.

  21. Just read that gawker media just lost a 100 million dollar case to hulk hogan. Happy days if the award sticks on appeal.

  22. I lived east of Paris (in L’Aisne) for a couple of years with my wife. I saw first hand what is happening to this once proud people–they are in fear of talking politics anymore; something they were famous for. Just a dark, suffocating brooding exists there now. One summer we were on our way to the Cote du Rhone for a little trip, and decided to go into Lyon for a nice dinner–bad decision: the streets were filled with Arab and Algerian filth throwing Molotovs everywhere for some reason we couldn’t figure out. The Police told us to leave the city if we didn’t have a vital reason to be there. And I thought to myself at that time: “This will happen to all of Europe, and there is nothing other than guns and bullets to stop it…”

    1. That is truly scary. I am in mourning for the France of 30 years ago. I lived there in the 80’s.

    2. This is what I do not understand, that French people live in fear. The danger is there but more often than not, a good slapping of those parasites would do the trick

    3. I visited a friend outside of Lyon this summer. It was few days after some stinking arab cut off the head of his boss a few miles down the road. As a friend told me, the problem started in the 60’s when France allowed North African arabs to migrate and settle in France. The real French would gladly throw them out, but they are 2nd and 3rd generation French now. It’s too late.
      France, as well as most of Europe, is f*cked. Wait to the money runs out– then there is nothing left but blood in the streets.

  23. Merci Jean pour amener tout cela à la lumière . Quand je viens à Bourgogne pour ma tournée de victoire dans le commerce du vin ici aux Etats-Unis , nous devons rencontrer et profiter de Vosne Romanée

  24. Well, less and less French person believes their press, anyway.
    We have a long, long habit of defiance about it.
    If you are interested by the local growing Alt Media, you should search about Alain Soral

    He is an ex pick up artist, too…

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