Feminist Sara Parker-Toulson Supports Violence To Stop Roosh V’s Speech In Montreal

What worries Parker-Toulson the most is that Valizadeh’s ideology could push some men over the edge.

“This can turn to violence really quickly,” said Parker-Toulson.

– Kalina Laframboise of the Montreal Gazette, quoting Sara Parker-Toulson, who previously publicly “liked” a threat made by “Karma RedHawk Chodzin” to “send men” after Roosh.

In the spirit of her fellow hatemonger Aurelie Nix, who has disseminated a made-up rape threat about Roosh (and is yet to explain her frivolous police complaint), anti-Roosh petition organizer Sara Parker-Toulson has told the Montreal Gazette that the Return of Kings proprietor’s presence in Canada will probably lead to violence. Yet she has forgotten something. Only days ago, Parker-Toulson “liked” (and therefore condoned) a violent threat by Karma RedHawk Chodzin against Roosh.

Chodzin, a lover of spirituality (according to her Facebook profile), wrote the following in response to a non-violent post by Roosh on his page:

I will tell you only once. Threaten Sara Parker-Toulson-and real men in this family will come and find you. Only a coward attacks women.

But don’t worry, Chodzin is a member of the website “Peace Villages” (under the name Karma Chodzin Lalo). Therefore she must be a very placid person who never makes public threats on Facebook because people disagree with her position.

You can support violent threats if you’re a feminist and someone disagrees with you

The “threat” Roosh made was asking why Sara Parker-Toulson, his virulent critic, was liking his posts but had created an angry petition about him. The response? Karma RedHawk Chodzin threatened to “send men” after Roosh.

So far, eight people, including Parker-Toulson, have liked the highly ironic threat. The others are Isabelle Perreault, Leslie Cadieux Sanche, Monique Dubreuil, Sebastien Lemay (the sole white knight), Tabitha BeaudetMarie-Frédérique Gravel and Shab Kassaie. It appears that pointing out the hypocrisy of a feminist (Parker-Toulson had been liking Roosh’s posts but organized an anti-free speech petition against him) is now enough to “provoke” serious threats against someone the feminists themselves claim promotes violence through free nonviolent speech.

It is most amusing that all nine of them, including the poster herself, would practice their beliefs by advocating for men to do the dirty work of chasing someone down. How very feminist and gender equal of them! Women standing up for themselves… by threatening to instruct men to presumably beat someone up.

The truly dystopian element of Chodzin’s threat is the conflation of verbal disagreement with some kind of physical danger. Normally, people respond with threats when they themselves are physically threatened. But Roosh’s calling out of Parker-Toulson’s illogical liking of his post leads to a violent threat. Is this what you call proportional?

Criticized a feminist? You must be (physically) “attacking women”


Karma RedHawk Chodzin/Karma Chodzin Lalo, a feminist and woman of peace who threatens to “send men” after people on Facebook.

Once more, raising the specter of domestic violence is a tactic feminists use to try and silence their opposition. Can’t respond to a verbal retort about someone’s bizarre behavior of liking an opponent’s posts but simultaneously rallying against him? Mention a buzzword associated with physically beating women! Then comes the anti-“domestic violence” brigade, at the ready to blunt the “ferocious attack” of Roosh’s verbs, nouns, prepositions and adjectives. Does Sara Parker-Toulson have any Facebook bruises, I wonder?

The tragedy is that people like Aurelie Nix and Sara Parker-Toulson, who make thoroughly disproven false rape threats and publicly support a call for violence, are being taken seriously by the biased Canadian media. Instead of verifying the claims made by each and investigating their backgrounds, their allegations are treated at face value and as gospel truth.

So far this week, CBC Montreal defamed Roosh by saying he had “posted” Aurelie Nix’s nude photos without any context, even though he and Kings Media had only provided links to her self-spread “modeling collection” (which was accessible to children as well). When combined with other one-sided news stories, the idea is to savagely paint Roosh as someone both threatening rape and criminally distributing private sexually-themed material.

Operation Medusa is thoroughly refuting the feminist hate

Aurelie Nix, Parker-Toulson’s partner in depravity, has been exposed as a pathological liar and peddler of false rape threats.

SJWs such as Aurelie Nix and Sara Parker-Toulson have become carried away with their vitriol and continue to seriously undermine their credibility, if it wasn’t already grossly in question. Forgetting that their defamatory, anti-free speech platforms are displayed publicly and thus can be torn apart, they’ve followed up their charges that Roosh “promotes violence” by committing libel (Nix) and endorsing the very violence that they falsely claim Roosh wants to stir up (Parker-Toulson and Co).

The Montreal GazetteToronto StarCBC and CJAD Radio all have an obligation to present bonafide journalism to the masses, not poorly-investigated advertising which masquerades as impartial writing. The only “crime” committed by Roosh is the age-old right of speaking one’s mind peacefully, which seems to have long fallen out of fashion in Canada.

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        1. I don’t trust politicians at all. Maybe he is maybe he’s not. He might get in office and start deporting Hispanics and winning wars and declare himself emperor.

        2. Until a hear some one talking about abolishing land tax and inheritance tax. And destroying nato, they are just a plant of the one party system acting as if they want change.

  1. Someone said ” you measure the level of freedom that a government/country has by seeing how that country/government threat its dissidents “.
    Et voilà, that’s why I don’t believe anymore in this supposed ” 1st world country full of freedom and tolerance “, bullshits. Only look how the Canadian media is evidently charged to one side…

  2. Women like this only get this kind of attention because of weak ass beta males, bowing down and defending their battles for them.

    1. It’s funny when those manginas try to threaten us physically, too. I always throw back at them “And how much formal martial arts and strength training do you have cumulatively in your lifetime, wiseguy? Exactly. Don’t wish that upon yourself!” Shuts them up quick.

      1. Isn’t enlightenment and all that about being independent of causes? She says that as long as things don’t piss her off she won’t be angery. That makes no sense.
        Just more New Age blabbering by women and manginas seeking justification for their worthless lives.

    1. There is something incredibly disturbing and unnerving about that woman. Just look at that fucking picture.

    2. it’s not 666. That’s the universal fuck me sign.In fact, as a man I would suggest that you never do this sign outside the US because it doesn’t mean OK like in the US but as I said fuck me. You do that OK sign to a man and he’ll think you’re a homo and kick your arse in Europe and other places.

      1. Really? European men are going to kick anyones ass?
        Guessing you know all this from past experience.

  3. “And if you want, you can ask us why,
    and pretend you’ve done nothing wrong.
    But we believe you’ve done nothing right,
    and held onto Nothing too long.”
    (BB) War 7:1-4

  4. ROOSH!!!
    Start a gofundme page to sue them all for defamation.
    This will actually hurt them and bring punishment and costs down upon them.
    Hurt your enemies (legally) for Christ’s sake!

    1. Seconded! Roosh I will drop you some cash. I just shit all over that coffee shops Facebook page. They scurried, deleted their texts and gave in. These privacy violations, threats and attempts to ban speech are shameful.
      You really should sue some of them! For defamation at least!
      Edit: Roosh you should check the coffeeshops Facebook page they are melting down now cause I said I WNB! Man you can’t pay for this kind of entertainment!

    2. People who don’t have a pot to piss in don’t get sued which is why these bottom feeding females believe they can say anything they please. Sue her for what? She has nothing but credit card and student debt lol She’s what we call judgement proof. You ever hear that term?
      She’s a poor frustrated nobody and no one even knows these sluts are alive so I wouldn’t even bother interacting with her.

        1. It doesn’t matter.. Just dragging them in court makes for the expense. Have them live their lives in fear and uncertainty and it’s all worth it.

        2. Why would she be in any fear if she has nothing to lose? OK judgement for the plaintiff for 3 million dollars. Now what? How do you collect if she has no assets or if she is living on benefits that are immune to judgements.Suppose she does have a job and is making $500 a week. There’s usually a few hundred exception so let’s say $200. Under law you can take a max of 10% so that’s $20 a week. Like forever and that’s assuming she doesn’t already have a lien on her then you get nothing. The 10% is a total of ALL judgements. It’s simply not worth the effort and if she doesn’t pay even that 20 you’d have to keep taking her back to court so it’s not worth it.Always go after the deep pockets and people who carry insurance..

      1. You get a judgment against them, work out a payment plan, and then call them into court every year to depose them on their updated financial status and why they can’t pay more. Depose them every year until they pay.

        1. If you win a judgement you can file an information subpoena to force them to divulge all of their assets and debts and income but as I said it’s not worth it.Even if they have a job under Fed and State law you can only collect a max of 10% of their income and that’s after a few hundred deduction that’s allowed.And there are likely others in line ahead of you.You want to sue people with assets or have insurance to cover the lien.Even if you are able to force her to pay what the law permits if she doesn’t you’d have to keep taking her back to court every month for an order where if she doesn’t pay she’s in contempt and that’s just too annoying and a waste of time for the small sum she’d paying.Of course if you can garnish her wages that would be OK but even here you have to first win a judgement and are limited to that 10% max. These females don’t even have jobs which is why they spend all their time on the Net making pests of themselves.
          Do you really believe that that bleached blond with the ugly chest tattoo makes any money as a model? That’s just her own description of herself-model.I would bet that she lives off some mangina who’s paying the bills while she wastes the day on the Net and even here she can’t get one person to comment on her blog. You have to just ignore these nonentities and not waste time on them.

        2. She’s your bitch for the next 20 years and you can rake her over the coals annually until she is paid up. The copyrights in all of her photographs are property that you can seize and then sell copies of or plaster the internet with or use the images any way you like. In a strictly financial sense, no it isn’t worth it but that isn’t the point. The point is to serve a lesson to her and other SJWs that there are consequences to their bullshit.

        3. Sue them, at least you have a chance that their liability insurance co. will settle.

        4. Its not about money.
          Money can come frommthe media types who promoted the libel.
          Examples must be made.
          Why so quick to roll over, man?

      2. Sue her, then request that you represent yourself in court then recommend to the judge that she do jail time to set an example.

  5. Just for the record, that heifer attmepted to lie on me. She accused me of making a threat to her then threatened to contact my place of employment. Check out the exchange between she and I. First read my comment and then her response in the screen capture below and you’ll see Sara Parker-Toulson’s bullshit on full display! I called her out on her lie and she never responded. You need to hold these SJWs accountable for their bad behavior and they will cower down and flee. Here is the link to the page that contains the full exchange.

    1. Sara “Singh”?? Now she’s pretending to be Sikh? Wow, they’ll one-toe of one foot dabble in just about whatever to try and make themselves sound “exotic” for an ounce of added-value to themselves, when really it’s just comical and pathetic at the same time!

      1. It’s appropriate; she’s “Sikh-ing” some white-knight chump to do her heavy lifting for her.

    2. Your mistake was assuming this she-thing actually had the capacity & desire to grasp logic. This she-moron gets off on assuming anyone using logic on her is a threat. She’s the proverbial little kid with the hand on the deadman’s switch. A useless thing on her own but circumstances dictate that she has the means to cause damage due to her connections.

    3. I find it ironic that you actually provided her sound advice to help her from her own destruction and she replied with disdain. SMH.

      1. It’s a tactic I’ve recently started against the SJWs. Instead of pointing out why their goals are wrong, I point out the problems in the commentaries they use to achieve their goals. There is no point in saying “your goals suck” because they merely resist. I find it better to begin with “the way you are going about achieving your goals suck.” If they fall for the bait then one of two things happens: 1) they get thrown off their game and resort to more flawed commentaries that I dissect further or 2) they ask how to improve the commentaries they use to achieve their goals. I give advice but inevitably the advice leads to a realization that the goals they pursue are wrong. The first item is the norm and the second item never happens. I am of trying to subject them to a Socratic method of questioning that leads them to see the error of their ways and beliefs.

        1. On any rational person, it might work. On these histrionic whores? Dont count on it.

        2. I agree with you 100%. In either case however, the SJWs always lose. Employ the Socratic method by critiquing the commentaries they use in their tactics. In other words, attack the flaws in their commentaries rather than to attack their overall strategy; grade their comments in the same way an english teacher would grade an essay. I’ve found success in taking this method of attack. Attack vigorously with the intent of attempting a conversion. I think myself as one who goes fishing for converts.

        3. Yeah, but it’s fun to watch their little brains smoke when they’re called on to actually use them. It’s like asking a 10 year-old Celeron chip to run the latest version of Halo.

  6. This is just more pathetic by the day. A quick google of Karma’s FB profile reveals she’s a new-age Buddhist! Yeah, Buddha totally endorsed sending ‘men’ after your enemies. I’ve met real Buddhists, and they laugh at bitches like this.

    1. That’s a trendy new thing for pseudo-intellectual women to say to act “exotic”. Buddhism/asceticism is VERY impractical in this country with all of the temptation. You really believe Karma RedBeard Chode or whateverthefuck her name is doesn’t imbibe drink/drug/dick on the regular? Okay. The sky’s green, too.

      1. i once had a buryatian friend who was raised buddhist (the buryatians are the northernmost mongol people, part of the russian federation). her buddhism seemed night-and-day different from the fashionable buddhism you see here in colorado. she was very conservative and austere, even opposed gay marriage. i’d have mentioned that last part to taunt the hippies around here, if i didn’t generally like her and not want her to lose her job, be socially ostracized, or worse.

      2. Ever heard of Teal Swan? She’s a strange New Age type attention whore on YouTube who borrows most of what she says from Buddhism, Hinduism and the works of Sigmund Freud. Also, she’s said to be a narcissistic psychopath by those who have met her.

        1. Freud’s work is predicated upon the fact he saw his mother naked once and got a boner.

      3. Well they go buy a prayer wheel, incense and a small statue of Buddha and instantly become a suburban Buddhist.
        People shop for religions like they shop for shoes.

    2. I was going to post the same, she says she’s a Buddist but promotes violence and let’s someone having a differing point of view send her crazy. Plus if women are equal why do they need to send men to do the fighting?

      1. It’s the old ‘let you and him fight’. The female is gagging for a shagging and is not getting any cock. Anger in the female is the result of not getting dick or attention.

      2. She gives Buddists a bad name, also Buddists dont believe in feminism they believe all living things are sacride

    3. Lots of the Soka Gakkai Buddhist clan out there as well, chanting to a poster of a Japanese millionaire (Ikeda) and praying for money. I am not joking, a Buddhist chanting for money – that’s like Jesus hoping for a Rolls Royce.
      Of course, it’s all a front. The man who accepts that horseshit cannot hold her to any standards, because judging her would be “so non-Buddhist.” It’s just a manipulative woman’s ploy, using religion to avoid responsibility.
      Men need to start reacting to the Western female Buddhist like a woman with Syphillis.

        1. Perhaps not directly at him (for some) but his photo is on the wall of many SGI members. He is the president, and is often quoted by the female SGI members I knew.
          His postition of authority is superior to yours as a boyfriend, or even husband.

        2. Women who are SGI members are not wife material – anyone who has watched 80 of these dummies chanting together will instinctively know that it’s a cult.
          The link you sent was nothing more than a promotional piece. The critiques of SGI are numerous – most notably, from Japan itself.

        3. Wife material? Whaat? The author of that book is a highly regarded writer and editor. Yes, there are critiques of every religion out there. You seem fixated on this. Got shot down by an SGI chick, eh? Get back out there, buddy. There are other fish in the sea.

        4. “The author of that book is a highly regarded writer and editor.”
          The title was biased in favor of SGI.
          “Got shot down by an SGI chick, eh?”
          Nice try. You must be a woman, based on the “anyone who disagrees with me is a loser” line of thinking.

        5. No, you’re just talking out of your ass, and I’m calling you on it. I know a LOT of SGI Buddhists and, with some exceptions, they are some of the best, most-trustworthy people I know. And they don’t chant to a poster of a dude, as you initially threw out there. That’s what started our conversation.

        6. The women of SGI are feminist, using the mystical allure of Buddhism to cover up their selfish machinations. They cannot cook you dinner, because they are too busy working on world peace, etc.
          It’s a scam and it sounds like you are dating one. Kick her to the curb while you have the chance.

        7. Yeah, you don’t know what you’re talking about. At all. Yet you persist in talking shit. Clearly, I was right–some Buddhist chick shot you down. Hit on a secular Jew with bad eyesight next time. In a dark bar.

        8. No, I think MajorAllure was right the first time, you write like a woman pretending to be a man.

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          I dont care about jews.
          I will not be talked down to by a zionist leech though.
          Keep the cuckservatism to yourself, the only ones I will support are the ones who are Pro American.

        23. You don’t agree with the former Chief Rabbi of Israel?
          “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.”

        24. You need to realize, chum, that Christ renounced the Old Testament shit you embrace. Otherwise, you’re just another useful idiot.

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        27. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet KilltheBank, the village idiot. He is manically enraged by the mere mention of Buddhism, and displays his ignorance by spouting cartoonish cliches. He seems to see himself, in some vague way, as a defender of Christianity, while behaving in ways that would make Christ turn over in his crypt. He obviously DOES NOT GET LAID, EVER and was once shot down by a girl who identified as Buddhist.

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        49. Everything. You. Say. Is. Ridiculous. Nonsense. And. You. Should. Seek. Attention. Elsewhere.
          I. Feel. Sorry. For. Any. Girl. That. Would. Fight. Your. Fights. For. You.

        50. You’re projecting, child. You’re a low I.Q. troll with no life. That’s why you scour old articles and butt into old discussions with your vapid non-arguments.

        51. Yeah, still not convinced.
          Im sure you could have gotten those pics from the internet or paid a cam girl, which isnt beyond something youd do.
          Im not convinced from just a pic of her butt.
          Anyone could do that.
          However, a tit shot just might change my mind.

        52. Haha, yeah…. I already posted a partial tit shot while she was riding my cock. I understand why you want to see more nude pics of her, though.

        53. Was checking to see how gullible you were.
          Im not impressed but was hoping for tits and a face so I could give you a link to where I was going to post it.
          Btw, she is middle of the road so dont break your arm patting yourself on the back.
          She is fucking you soshe cant be much of a prize any way.

        54. Keep investing time and energy in attacking me. I enjoy making you dance like a trained monkey.

  7. “Real men will come after you” and do what?
    “Hey, I heard you made a very passive remark against a woman and she warped it into a threat! I’m now going to attack you to hope I get some pussy out of the deal!”
    Bring forth these “real men”, you prattling twats. Watch what happens next. Who wants to find out if there really is a God or not?

    1. Bring “real men” after a crew of soothsayers, most of whom take physical, mental, and spiritual care of themselves, ranking in the top 10% of society. Brilliant strategy.

    2. Females are like negroes, they’re all mouth and bullshit. I sometimes listen to Tommy Sotomayer and at the moment he’s doing sort of like what Roosh has planned but he’s talking about a fatherless America.He must have people donating things like hotel rooms because his last broadcast was from an expensive hotel in NYC. Anyway, he’s always getting threats by ‘tough’ guys telling him they’re going to beat his arse and to not come to Philly or Chicago etc etc
      Not one of these tough guys has ever met him in person or will say anything to his face lol
      As Tommy would say, niggers ain’t shit.Femtards ain’t shit either.

      1. Woah, what’s up with all the derogatory terms lol. Stop being such a prick. Feminists and females are two different things. Niggers and negroes are two different things. Also, the definition of nigger is what it is for a reason not because our skin is black but because most black people are ignorant of the truth. What truth? You’ll have to figure that out yourself.

  8. “So far this week, CBC Montreal defamed Roosh by saying he had “posted” Aurelie Nix’s nude photos without any context…”
    And so what? You post naked pics (or for that matter, anything and everything!) into the ether and it’s fair game for anyone to do what they please with them. You don’t get to compartmentalize preferential methods of how they’re dispersed and why from that point on, you’ve thoroughly relinquished that luxury. That’s just how The Universe works!

    1. Legally speaking, that’s not true. Pictures (naked or not) are subject to copyright, and remain so even if you put them on the Internet for everyone to see. Even if you don’t include a disclaimer prohibiting reproduction of the pictures.
      Of course, in practice, that’s not how the Internet works, but you don’t relinquish legal rights simply by putting yourself in a situation where it becomes trivially easy to violate them.

  9. Ok so how about this? One of you is going to have to take one for the team and dye your hair some fucked up color, wear faggot clothes, and infiltrate the hate mob. Be as loud as possible since these dipshits only listen to who evers the loudest (you’ll probably need a megaphone) About 20 minutes before the speech start screaming that you found out the event is being held on the complete opposite side of the city (of course you will know where its actually being held) and get everyone riled up to go fuck it up. Then as they start waddling their fat asses all the way across the city quietly slip away, change clothes, and join the rest of the sane normal adults for the lecture.
    Oh and to everyone whose going please video tape the fuck out of this too I really want to see a fat feminist get rekt and then have her mangina orbiters get rekt after they step in. Make sure they throw the first punch though!
    Ya’ll have fun storming the castle now!

    1. Definitely storm the castle! Definitely mislead and misdirect. Drop the “rekt” stuff though because the manginas and ignorant fat feminists will make that kind of comment appear as if you called for the annihilation of minorities, not that the SJWs care about minorities (they don’t, they can be quite racist). Please don’t mistake my comment to mean that self defense is to be abandoned. Of course not.

      1. lesbehonest here, I could have said that I like chocolate milkshakes on a sunday nights and these SJW fucks would find a way to twist it around to make it sound like I said that i want to murder children and that slavery should be re-established.

        1. Yeah, you’re right about that. The SJWs are some lyin’ ass muthafuckas. ROFL!!!!!

        2. god i wish i could go to this lol id be that dude who shows up with a bandana around my face, sunglasses, and a snap back with a white shirt that had “#shitlord” written on it and id go around causing chaos and butthurt wherever i went.

  10. The sad thing is, the silence from American media is DEAFENING. I guess I’m not really surprised, but I thought that some sort of conservative outlet would point out the hypocrisy, maybe give Roosh a counterbalance to all the negative Canuck press.

    1. Comparing the US to Canada is like comparing Russia to neighboring Sweden (it’s actually separated by a buffer called Finland). Smaller countries seem to ram through hate speech laws and draconian shit that would never fly in the US. Bandied groups around and groups from the hills in the US never rest and have been stirred enough times and are always itching to shoot the draconian shit down. You can’t control all the US like that. It’s too damn big. The Canadian government and media are overkill as well and are too damn big for a small Canadian populace. THUS the overbearing Canadian state media apparatus vexes a smaller crowd full blast like a bunch of helpless kindergardeners. Smaller states in the US also have an excess of government scrough and code enforcement howdy doody’s with badges in ratio to their small size and population.

    1. Well if you were a product of colonialism who can’t decide whether you want to ape America, France, or Britain at the end of the day you’d be pretty skullfucked as well!

  11. Everything Roosh and others on here as well as on the Rooshv site have said is correct. Only ugly chicks with low SMV and low SMV beta/omegas identify as “feminists”. I live in Kansas City and in my experience, the normal, attractive, feminine women and the men they are in relationships with around here wouldn’t be caught dead with the total losers who are trying to derail the Roosh event in Montreal. Fact is, normal women want to be in a relationship with a relatively dominant man, have babies with him and raise a family and will truly only associate with other high SMV females as associates/friends; it is a social embarassment/SMV death knell to associate with bottom feeder SJWs and their ilk. Canada needs to annexed by the American empire as its best option, because even though the US has become a feminazi police state in many respects, Canada looks like the North American Sweden by comparison. I am only being mildly facetious with the last point.

      1. Nice to see you, too, then sir! Did you say you’re from Hutch or Wichita? Was thinkin of taking my son on a short roadtrip next week before he starts kindergarden and was actually considering Hutchinson! Don’t they have a space museum or something up there? I know Wichita has an aircraft museum and thought maybe that might appeal to a 5 year old boy as something kind of cool to do as well, you know?

        1. Wichita has exploration place too. the cosmosphere in hutch is alright.
          I thought the air museum in Omaha was better than both, however.

  12. When Roosh announced his tour, I figured the feminists would go nuts in Toronto, but I never thought they would protest so much in Montreal. Keep up the good work Roosh.

  13. Nix has some nice titties, too bad she ruined her beautiful skin with those tattoos, Also too bad that she’s mentally ill, but hey. Listen Roosh, I think their threats are idle, but if you think shit’s gonna go down when you’re in Toronto, I’d be glad to KO a hipster faggot or two in self-defence.

    1. First positive word on Nix. Yeah she would look good on the bow of a viking boat you have to admit. She seriously looks like she was born a thousand years too late. She’s got this other worldly alien look to her. The culture chewed up her young mind and spit up what you see. Why if George Washington was born today and educated in the socialist educational farm and raised by two mommies, he too would likely be a zombie like Nix. The zombies have been programmed to reject tradition and given sjw avenues to pursue, so they think it is their own choice and conclusion. IT’S NOT their own original thought. It’s inductive brainwashing. The zombies all need to be encouraged to turn against and HATE their brainwashers.

  14. I predict these instagram lunatics are laying the ground work for being the total victims. Enter Sarkessian and more donation$.

  15. Oh, my God…. just LOOK at the faces of these narcissistic, delusional scum. Look at the poses! If this was parody, I would find it too-over-the-top to be funny.

    1. What is truly frightening is the fact that these individuals are hijacking the media and free speech. Do you really think at the end of the day they are really going to care about anything other then their own agenda. The thought of these lunatics influencing future social policy, Government and media really makes me tremble with rage.
      The CBC presents PC pablum that the whiny masses eagerly lap up.

      1. The mainstream media is made up of absolute airheads. That’s why it is doomed and will be entirely taken over by truth outlets, such as this one.

      2. Hurr durr muh freeze peach.
        As the article recognizes but is apparently lost on much of the comments section, nobody’s freedom of speech is being violated. The Canadian government is within its internationally recognized sovereign rights to deny entry or expel any non-citizen for any reason it pleases, including for actions that would constitute an exercise of fundamental civil rights for the actual citizenry.

        1. Please explain, “actions that would constitute an exercise of fundamental civil right for the actual citizenry.”

        2. Canadian citizens have a legal right to free speech in Canada, which means the Canadian government is not allowed to censor, punish or sanction them in any way for the content of their speech.
          Roosh is not a Canadian citizen though. Visiting Canada is not a human right, thus the government is within its sovereign rights to kick him out or deny him entry on whatever grounds it wants, regardless of whether he has done anything criminal or whether his actions are legally protected ones that it would be unconstitutional to criminalize.

        3. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (“The Charter”) apply to anyone who is in Canada including visitors?
          So basically because of some tatted, screeching feminists twats, an individual can be arbitrarily denied entry to Canada?

        4. Don’t know what the Charter says, it’s irrelevant. At most, it might mean Roosh can’t be criminally prosecuted for what he says. The crux of the matter is that he doesn’t have any right to be in Canada in the first place, it’s a privilege the Canadian state can freely choose to grant or not grant.
          Every individual who is not a Canadian citizen can be arbitrarily denied entry to Canada, as a matter of sovereign prerogative. The Canadian state can deny him entry because it doesn’t like his face, or because the shape of his nose annoys it. Or just for the lulz.

        5. So let the Government deny entry to dune coon refugee fakers, deny entry to people who use this country to get free healthcare and the plethora of foreign criminals who keep coming back.

        6. Yes, the Canadian government is also within its sovereign rights to deny those entry, just like Roosh.

  16. These fukn Kuntz are going to get bitch slapped so bad all around the planet sooner rather than later. The whole thing is getting so delicious…mmmmmm…..so much poon so little time….

  17. That Sara one, she has multiple kids out of wedlock so she is a bad example for both women and manginas.
    The Chodzin one looks like a witch who hasn’t seen a dick in decades.
    And that false rape accuser of Nix is the wanna be artist type who probably has a negative bank balance and lives off food stamps but spends all her money on ink and piercings to overcome her daddy issues.

    1. Sadly, lots of women can get deep discounts or even hook-ups for tattoos and piercings. Lots of beta manginas work in that industry. “I’ll do your tattoo for free if you promise to tell everybody who did it for you!” isn’t uncommon with women.

      1. Yes, pussy discount is very common for fags and hags. Real men don’t bargain.

  18. So if men are equal to women why cant she try and kill roosh? Why is a man needed? Fuck they are dense cunts

    1. She would use white knights to surreptitiously do it. And they most likely would, all for a sliver of hope of some mediocre pussy pie!

        1. I know one who is trying SO goddamn hard to get some pussy from this one girl, he’s willing to “help her out” with bills once she gives birth soon to ANOTHER MAN’S CHILD.
          Even better – his brother has fucked her in the distant past. The only woman I would even half-assed entertain the idea of sticking my dick in if my brother also did at some juncture before me would be Scarlett Johansson or a young Brigitte Bardot.

        2. Lol thats a joke right?…Im actually finding the more I reject woman the more satisfying my life is becoming also it seems to help change there attitude towards men when we stop treating them like special beings or gods.

        3. Approaching and interacting a woman. Why can’t they do something as simple as that? They need to pay tribute to their goddesses who is too sacred to even touch to them

    2. Because if there are legal consequences, the white-knight mangina will be the one in the jug, fighting off the salacious advances of a 300-pound meth head named Lollipop and she can be out in the land of the free, lining up the next chump to do her dirty work.

  19. Shall we hedge bets that Sara Jessica Parker-Tool does the whole predictable above-the-neck only selfies bit (well, maybe a few have cleavage. Can’t ever leave those ones out, now can they?) because she looks like a golf ball on top of a basketball from being such a fatass?

  20. I hope she asked the men she threatened to send about their preferred pronouns and the genders they “identify” with first! The dudes who are willing to defend her are probably not even men really! And isn’t at least that something we all can agree on?

    1. She could care less what these white knights think. Just like every female, she uses men like a pawn/drone through manipulation or deceit or a combination of both. Once the deed is executed, she would have no further use for him, unless something else new she needs done either she has no capability to do it herself or too lazy to do it.
      Edit: In addition, she would feel no shame or pity to those she duped for her own needs/wants.

      1. Most women are boring and disappointing, they NEED to be guided by strong masculine men like us. Changing subjects rapidly, theres a ray of light now shining in the comments sections of the montreal journal articles, some men are starting to speak up in favor or roosh, citing cold hard facts about his article on rape and exactly how the medias have desperately truncated what he said to suit their own propagandist agenda. I will keep up the fight in there, we need to launch a public investigation on these far left asswipes (CBC, etc) and all perpetrators must be accused under the canadian criminal code. Keep up the fight everyone, were turning the tide day by day.

    1. Roosh, what’s your email dadash? If you need anything in Canada, I’m there to help.

    2. Roosh, she’s just another loser attention-whoring off your success and hard work. Everyone around here knows Toronto women are the worst people on planet Earth at this point, Washington DC notwithstanding, but I thought Montreal was still somewhat of an oasis from the feminista cultural rot in Canada? Recent events seem to suggest apparently not! Best of luck to you in the next few days, it is important to get our message out for sure. For what it is worth, your writing and work has certainly changed my life for the better and you are a force for truth in a world increasingly devoid of it.

      1. She collects welfare checks and is on anti-depressants like all feminists. Let her have her 5 mins of fame, this is what her life has come down to. The only thing left for her to look forward to is a pair of saggy tits.

        1. The only thing left for her to look forward to is a pair of saggy tits.
          You mean look downward to.
          Looking forward will have nothing in the field of vision.

      2. “I thought Montreal was still somewhat of an oasis from the feminista cultural rot in Canada.”
        One of the biggest myths I’ve seen in the manosphere.
        An oasis of leftism is more like it.

        1. I’ve been hearing that. I’ve thought about emigrating to Canada the past few years. But since I’ve been on the manosphere all this weird shit coming out about Toronto. There’s even a Canadian man with his own Feminist Organization. He’s touted as being married, but when you see his YT videos he’s completely homosexual. If he’s really married, it’s probably to a gay woman or woman who’s with him for the money he’s trying to generate. (I’ve seen that happen here in Indiana: Gay guy starts money-maker, get’s fake wife to take to all the social events. And they’re partners in the business.)

        2. So you’re saying that even gay dudes get more pussy than Return of Kingsers?
          Damn. No wonder men kill ourselves at such high rates.

        3. Clever retort, but “feminist” men can’t even fuck their own wives. Guys like me fuck their wives.

        4. Idiot.
          Keeping the high road with a middle school taunt?
          Im sure you are doing great with that whole life thing, right?
          Enjoy your pills.

      3. You misunderstand. These aren’t people, they are rabbits. They have no courage at all. To attack their reputation is to leave them naked and defenseless. There is nothing he could do to her that is worse than that.

      1. That’s what it looks like. She strikes me as the sort of person who should be monitored by the police, at the very least.

    3. Roosh you’re such an attention seeker. Get a job and get out of the clubs you’re 36 it’s pathetic. Btw you’re incredibly ugly.

      1. Said by a woman taking the name of the ORIGINAL emasculating and conniving harpy

      2. “You’re incredibly ugly” : I’m positive this is self projection on your part Delilah.

      3. You’ve complimented him.
        1. according to you he is 36 but still successfully clubbing, that in itself is impressive as most men do not have the courage to do that
        2. You say he has no job yet he is regularly clubbing, therefore he must be independently wealthy.
        3. you say he is ugly. Assume that is true. Then it means that he managed to bed hundreds of women through sheer personality alone.
        4. you call him an attention seeker, yet he has clearly gotten your attention. Therefore he succeeds even here.

      4. Hey, let his old-man humiliation be. He serves a good purpose in clubs, to make younger guys look good. And fyi, he is WAY older than late thirties. Look at that grizzled face!

  21. I still say Roosh needs to play up the Muslim card.
    All these cowardly sluts will back down really fast, else they appear ‘Islamophobic’..

    1. We cannot silence these people by playing their victim/oppressed card they use. We will beat them because our ideas are logical and better. Catering to sensitivities is not the game we are playing.

  22. Theres a ray of light now shining in the comments sections of the
    montreal journal articles, some men are starting to speak up in favor of Roosh, citing cold hard facts about his article on rape and explaining exactly how
    the medias have desperately truncated what he said to suit their own
    propagandist agenda. I will keep up the fight in there, we need to
    launch a public investigation on these far left asswipes (CBC, etc) and
    all perpetrators must be accused under the canadian criminal code. Keep
    up the fight everyone, were turning the tide day by day.

  23. Feminists are also undercover racists,the following image is taken from the Roosh’s facebook page. Which again proves again the feminist double standard for “Equality”

      1. That my friend is how a white knight teaches logic to someone who is incapable of logic. As in, when you need to use your brain, just don’t and pull the rapist card.

      2. “Just call him a rapist”, even though there’s no evidence he’s actually raped someone. Feminists now see someone disagreeing with them as assault and rape.

    1. hahaha wtf? So racist woman is asked not to be racist but instead make false rape claims?
      Christ, the KKK would be proud of this thread 🙂

    2. I verified both these accounts, they are fake. Another pathetic propaganda mastered by scared feminists

      1. They can’t even organize propaganda straight. Another demonstration of their inability to grasp logic and reason.

    3. Feminism is a form of bigotry. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone when they show their true colors and make racist statements along with their sexist ones.
      It shows just how well feminists have cloaked themselves as being part of some civil rights movement.

    4. Of course they wouldn’t say that to a black guy becausw they believe he will in their house in an hour and rape her

  24. A new day will soon dawn. The feminazis and SJWs now know that they are being opposed and that we will not back down. And they are afraid. I hope Roosh and other manosphere members will drive these creatures back to whatever shit hole they crawled out from.

    1. You’re right, a new day is coming. In the year 2028 the manosphere will see a surge of masculine dominance reach an all time high. It is written in the stars.
      The pesky feminists and sjw’s are no match against the forces of the universe. We are not now nor will we ever be a matriarchal species. The forces of feminism are a phase and will pass with masculinity returning stronger than ever.

    Like this comment if you want Roosh to run for the office of president of the United States.
    That will REALLY piss off the progs and throw the RINOs in the R party for a loop

  26. To way to beat hysterical illogical hypocrisy is through glacial, cool, good humored reason, this absolutely destroys them every time…just stand back and let them prove the point you’re making, it’s that easy!

  27. If instead of Roosh it was some fire breathing mullah who was aligned with ISIS, none of these SJWs would say a word.
    But a guy who is talking about masculinity? Full lunatic mental break down, including threats of violence.

    1. The left only threatens those who want to peaceably exercise free speech, but against Violent groups like ISIS the left is the first to surrender themselves into servitude, the left has a Big Bark but deep down they’re afraid, they’re also afraid that an open exchange of Free speech and Ideas could collapse everything they worked to build.

      1. ‘Leftism’ is just unrestrained female psychology.
        Some men are leftists, but they are manginas/fags/weaklings.
        Most beliefs of leftism are just female psychology.

        1. That actually goes a long way to explaining leftism. It’s certainly an ideology based on feelings and not logic..

        2. Many young people have leftist ideals. Me too.
          However, as we grow up, people realise that these ideals would not lead to utopia, but to a totalitarian society. Some never grow up, it seems.

      2. True but according to Leftists all Muslims are oppressed by the straight white male christian patriarchy so therefore get a free pass.

    2. We wouldn’t lose all that much under muslim ideology, they would. It would be somewhat annoying to follow all the “Allah” rituals, but apart from that I’d side with that french author who says it might be enjoyable for us.

  28. Send the white Knight Beta Enablers, that’s pretty independent, whenever the chips are down or something is against their favor, women will always resort to Damsel in Distress.

  29. “Real men will come after you”
    LOL!!! real men? I doubt it.
    Real men…ginas most likely!!
    I love how a person who claims to want gender equality threatens to send “men” to do her dirty work. Deep down, she knows for a fact that women are inferior, weak as kitten, and should always defer to men.
    This bitch just never had a hard cock from a real man rammed hard into her pussy- if she had, she’d know her place.
    I can arrange that if you want, sweetie. You just name the time and place.

  30. This.
    Roosh, when the collapse hits, if you were my warlord, I would sleep peaceful at night.

  31. I’ve just started noticing girls post on my Facebook about the Roosh petition to keep him out of Canada. The buzz in Toronto might be starting.
    The article was posted with tagline “Disgusting Pig. Government of Canada: Deny Roosh V entry to Canada for the purposes of disseminating hate – Sign the petition!”.
    What I found upsetting is the girl that posted it is a perfectly nice girl that I’ve known for a long time. It’s been fucking weird for me to see girls that I’ve known all my life all become feminist zombies. They aren’t interested in what Roosh’s message is, they just know they need to keep it away.
    It shouldn’t be surprising that this chick is basically married to an uber-beta and in most likelihood simply resents anything that reminds her of men.
    This whole debacle only confirms to us Canadian manospherians that there really is something wrong with Canada’s culture in the 21st century.
    If Roosh doesn’t get entry to Canada, then I’m calling it… Canada is in DEFCOCK 1.

    1. When it comes to things like this it confirms in my mind that most women are incapable of logical thought and just react to their emotions. If I get asked to sign a petition or to protest against something I at least like to know what it I’m supposed to oppose.

    2. As Rafael said they think with their emotions and that’s it. Everything else is moot.

    3. About half my friends on Facebook have Rainbow flag memes for their profile pic in celebration of the gay marriage ruling by the Supreme Court. I see all kinds of feminist postings that are ramblings about independent women who need the government to provide for them. I bite my tongue and never comment one way or another. Posting your values on Facebook is asking for problems. When these women post a petition to deny someone the right to speak in Canada, it makes you wonder do they even see the irony in denying one person the right to speak they are creating a precedent to deny all people the right to speak.

      1. I bite my tongue as well, I don’t want to leave a paper trail. I hardly use FB at all other than to observe social trends.
        I don’t know if they realize what they’re doing. I doubt it.
        What they’re doing is pushing guys like you and me away from them. They think they’re being agreeable to the mainstream or something but not everyone is part of the mainstream. The backlash to all this “progress” is growing and guys like me don’t want anything to do with these people because they’re becoming so polarizing.
        They aren’t seeing the big picture… Which is that men are beginning to say fuck it to society…

        1. Fuck them all. I slam the white knights on fuckbook every time I get a chance. I despise white knights to the core.

  32. Fox News is trying to Smear Trump, Trump is an Alpha and he needs to be the Next President, watch how he handles Megan Kelly and puts her in her place.

      1. I vote for him regardless… No other candidate had the balls to take on women’s bull shit like him.

  33. As a police officer strategized with me about a string of domestic confrontations with my ex I had kid with, and her current SJW boyfriend. “People act the same as they always have, just more intense, but the silver lining is MOST of these idiots leave a massive trail of text, email, and internet evidence we as police get to sift through to determine criminality from.”

  34. Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane has been accused of rape, apparently. CBS sports radio webpage has an article with gems like this:
    “While locals don’t want to believe the allegations are true, Graham suggested many people won’t be surprised if they are.”
    WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has it really come to this? MSM starts assassinating a man’s character as soon as an allegation is made, while totally protecting the anonymous accuser.

  35. When I hear there are nine of these wack jobs, I feel sorry for nine unsuspecting men, wandering the cold streets of Canada.

  36. Oh this bitch. I remember her telling Ricky Vaughn that Canada is not a white country.

  37. why has roosh been turning down media interviews? the exposure would only raise his profile.

    1. He was recently a guest on Dr. Oz show and they attacked him, not giving a chance to speak. There may be YouTube videos you can see. Same thing could happen with other interviews and they would only present the Leftist views.

      1. yea but it causes more people to come to his websites, and increases his celebrity

        1. You’re assuming that these people are unbiased and have an open mind and can logically reason.
          When the media brainwashes the masses (ie vilify Roosh from an interview), people that didn’t know him before will then have a bad first impression of him. Their mind has already been made up so they most likely won’t go to his site. Those that do will most likely be trolls and argue with us commentators here.

  38. feminazis are disgusting… but i just can’t make myself hate that Leslie Cadieux Sanche… hmm. I’m sure she clicked that ‘like’ by mistake.

  39. lol Roosh did you pay those girls? you couldn’t dream about better PR. i need to create a scandal to promote my business too.

  40. The police should be investigating these ‘women’ for making threats. In Canada, uttering threats carries a penalty of up to five years.

  41. Well, Roosh. . . The men supporting women’s causes are just blind idiots doing it thinking it’ll get them some tail. And then complain because the women go after bad boys. There’re not going to be any guys risking themselves as far as these broads are claiming. It’s delusional people working with weak-minded, cowardly delusional people. Nothing to worry about.
    But it’s worth noting the press that the whole MRM is getting out of this.
    Great site and kudos.

  42. These pussy white knights aren’t going to do shit
    i just can’t wait when there own built up extreme leftist values will come crashing down on themselves

  43. Dont these people realise the damage they are doing to their future prospects by behaving like this? Now every potential future employer that googles here will get this article as the first hit and will most likely not emply her at all.

  44. Roosh, post an article on the racist comments these people have made as well. That’s the worst of all. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.
    Georginette Polo – “Why dont you go back in
    your third world country you foreign fuck.”
    Cédrik Laprade – “Go back to Syria u fucking freak muslim”
    Wendy Lam – “Go back to Islam Goddamned
    picked up artist! Go back to hell where you
    Connor Logan – “Why the fuck else would a
    brown person side with the political right
    who calls you a camel jockey behind closed

  45. How many crimes have these feminists/SJW’s of Canada committed here?
    1. Hate speech and violence. Check
    2. Slander and libel. Check
    3. False Rape Accusation for publicity. Check
    4. Simple Assault and Battery. Check
    Just incredible. And the Mayor backs this behavior.

  46. Fly me out with you, man. She can send all the men she wants.
    You never threatened, but she did. Well, I volunteer to be another bodyguard. Good luck.

  47. ”and continue to seriously undermine their credibility”
    No joke. What a load of stupid, dumb bitches. Anybody but them can see what dumbasses they are. I can’t wait some of them to get more and more stupid and get arrested.

  48. Friends, when you’re looking to wife up some chick, rule out ANY ONE with an hyphenated name, Period.

  49. Isnt there a red pill attorney here that could give advice on suing these canadian ass rags like the guy from the rolling stone article is doing?

  50. Ive yet to see a male ‘feminist’ who could punch their way out of a hippy commune.
    Roosh should just invite them to try and move it along.

  51. Isnt there a legal strategy to bait these suckers into breaking the law and victimizing you so you can sue them and all the media goons that participate?
    Settlements alone might be worth a lot of dough.
    Call it an Asshole Tax.

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