The Canadian Establishment Is Working With Feminists To Shut Down Roosh’s Speeches

For the past couple of weeks, Canadian feminists have been on the warpath against Return of Kings publisher Roosh V, who is bringing his “State of Man” lecture to Montreal this Saturday and to Toronto next Saturday. Spearheaded by Vancouver-based feminist Sara Parker-Toulson, feminists are seeking to shut down Roosh’s speeches and possibly bar him from entering the country entirely on the basis that he is encouraging “hate” against women.

The agita against Roosh began three weeks ago, when Parker-Toulson created a petition to encourage the Canada Border Services Agency to deny Roosh entry to Canada:

From advocating for the decriminalization of rape to imploring men to sexually abuse women with mental illness to straight up dehumanizing women as an entire group, ‘The Return of Kings’ is part of the ‘Manosphere’, a misogynist hate-scene that has been developing a growing presence on the web. Misogynists from all over the world are attracted to Roosh and his website not only because it, like all hate groups, provides an easy scapegoat to blame all of their problems on, but because it also promises to provide them with an easy guide to sexually abusing women. The most dangerous ideas that RooshV propagates are about what to do with women in the real world: how to treat them, why and how they owe men sex, how to best take full advantage of their fundamental inhumanity.

Not long after this, Montreal-based “model” Aurelie Nix organized a protest against Roosh’s speech in she declared that she called the police to ensure that he would be arrested on sight and another feminist encouraged protesters to try and illegally shut down Roosh’s lecture:


Since then, the push to shut down Roosh’s speech has reached critical mass, with both the CBC as well as local Montreal media whipping up a frenzied hate mob against him and Quebecois government officials speaking out. Feminists even managed to threaten the venue location into canceling Roosh’s lecture, although Roosh has found an alternate locale to hold the event.

While it is true that a nation can deny foreign nationals entry for any reason, the feminist campaign against Roosh’s Canadian tour dates has been built on lies and intimidation. Feminists have deliberately lied about and misrepresented Roosh’s views to portray him as a monster, and their violent campaign against him potentially breaks both Canadian and American laws.

How The CBC And CJAD Helped Organize A Lynch Mob


Had the Canadian media ignored Parker-Toulson’s petition and Nix’s lynch mob, no one would have heard of either one. The catalyst for Canadian feminists’ hate campaign against Roosh was an article by CBC News, Canada’s government-owned broadcasting network. The CBC’s report on Roosh amplified feminists’ erroneous claims about Roosh and gave confidence to their campaign against him:

Concordia student Fannie Gadouas is encouraging people to sign the petition to stop his entry into Canada. She said people should know that he is coming to the city and work to prevent it.

The fact that a government-owned broadcaster is deliberately spreading falsehoods in order to cater to social justice warriors should be worrying to Canadian taxpayers.

Additionally, privately-owned Montreal talk radio station CJAD 800 added fuel to the fire with an even more bogus report that erroneously referred to Roosh’s speech as a “pick-up artist workshop,” among other mistakes:

“I started a petition to the border services in order to get him denied entry,” she says. “In the same sense that we fight white supremacy and don’t allow it to flourish in Canada we also take a stance against organized misogyny because it also results in sexual assault and violence against women.”

Since then, numerous Canadian media outlets have repeated Parker-Toulson and Nix’s claims word-for-word, without bothering to investigate the story or reach out to Roosh himself. However, it was the tabloid Le Journal de Montreal that took the next step of actively collaborating with feminists to attempt to shut down Roosh’s speech.

How Le Journal De Montreal Allied With Feminists


In their report on Roosh’s lecture, Le Journal de Montreal published the location where the speech would be held. After a wave of threats from SJWs, the venue was forced to cancel Roosh’s booking. Roosh himself spoke to me on what happened:

They found out the venue location even though I didn’t share it with any of the ticket holders. I believe either the hostess I hired for the event or the hotel staff contacted the private Facebook group. Through that group they organized a protest to show up in front of the hotel (three-hundred people committed to going). The Montreal police (SPVM) found out somehow and contacted the hotel as a safety measure. The hotel freaked out and cancelled my booking. I talked with the hotel and I understand their position, but that left me with no venue to hold an event was taking place in three days. The SJWs involved have the full support of the media. I have no doubt they are working hand in hand to shut the event down.

Yesterday, Roosh was able to find an alternate venue for the speech, and he also made the ticket page private to deter infiltrators. However, the fact that the Canadian media is so willing to do the bidding of violent feminists is incredibly worrying.

What’s Next?


Despite SJWs’ attempts to shut down Roosh’s speech, “The State of Man” will be happening this weekend in Montreal. Stéphanie Vallée, Quebec government minister for women’s issues, has stated that she is not opposed to Roosh giving his speech, but given the successful hate campaign feminists have waged so far, there’s no telling what they will do next. Roosh provided me with this handy visualization of how he plans to enter Canada.

The frenzied response to Roosh’s speech not only displays the authoritarian, Pharisaical nature of feminists, but the parochiality and backwardness of Canadians in general. To date, Roosh has brought his “State of Man” lecture series to four cities in three countries, yet only Canadian feminists are up in arms over his presence.

The creepy collusion that the Canadian media has with feminists—including the CBC, a broadcaster that is funded and run by the federal government itself—shows that Canada is no nation for proud men.

As an American of Canadian descent, I have never been more ashamed of my heritage. Regardless of what happens this weekend in Montreal, it is clear that masculine men should avoid visiting or having anything to do with Canada. It is up to good Canadians to resist the feminist beast in their midst.

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162 thoughts on “The Canadian Establishment Is Working With Feminists To Shut Down Roosh’s Speeches”

  1. I have to wonder if Canadian feminists are so up in arms because they know roosh directly threatens their exclusive access to talk good looking productive Canadian
    Men, esp from Ontario, while being hags who then double dip from the welfare state. I figured Montreal would be better about this since unlike much of Canada the women are generally hot. I expected better of them.
    As well, roosh is making a direct stab at one of the two beating hearts of the misandry and entitled fat chicks that he has fought, consciously or unconsciously, since he started learning game around 2000, Ontario ( the other is Denmark). This is going to be fascinating to watch. It has the feel of the final boss confrontation of
    Every action movie and fps.

  2. If they let Roosh do the speech without opposition, he wins.
    If they ban Roosh from entering the country, or knock up a protest of any size, or cover it in in the media (either in a positive or negative light) Roosh gains a load of publicity. Roosh wins.
    See where I’m going here? Roosh is a smart guy, so I have my suspicions that this whole thing is a big PR event designed to systematically piss of media outlets around the world and generate more advertising that money could buy.
    If it is, then I commend you Roosh. Smart move.

    1. Came here to say the same thing. Do people still not understand the simple principle of “there is no such thing as bad publicity”?
      How many blue pill men do you think will look him up now, and find this site? These feminazis just raped themselves by but putting Rooshie on the cover of a newspaper lolz.

      1. If he merely wanted publicity he would not have tried to do the whole cloak and dagger thing with keeping the venue location a secret. He could have announced it far more publically and generated a lot more publicity by engaging in open warfare with SJWs leading up to the event.

    2. For real. It’ll bring otherwise uninterested parties to MRM sites, and they’ll realize “Oh, this is what those guys are talking about” Fake accusations and slandering of people who’re just pointing out basic truths.

    3. You commend someone using the cause of free speech and the otherwise ennobled work of others for personal gain? You’re applauding what you imagine to be a huckster? Swell.

    1. These people have 0 sense of humor. It’s why even comedians are under attack and many of them now refuse to perform on their breeding grounds — the college campus.

      1. They don’t care about the fact that the article is humorous. They just do everything in their power to advance their agenda. You can’t give a piece of meat to a tiger and then just say “I was kidding” and take the meat back.

      2. They want to treat it as humorless because its to their advantage. Misrepresent your enemies words is the oldest political trick. It makes it easier when women tend to be more emotional, not logical.

  3. Aren’t there any groups that are concerned about expression rights in Canada?

      1. it’s a funny country… if you talk to most of the wasp population (european-centred), there is no problem and everything is peachy…
        but as soon as you probe deeper you will find a deep distaste with the multicultural/feminist bent of the way things are going in this country
        often you’ll see this kind of talk online, where most people believe they are more anonymous than on the street

  4. Feminists have always tried to intimidate people from expressing points of view that counter their agenda. They don’t want or even know how to participate in any understanding of other people. What they want is revenge. Not equality or mutual respect but revenge.
    Feminists have long since been unsatisfied with merely achieving equality. Their mindset is one of demonizing men and oppressing those who do not share their extreme ideology, that men are identical to women and must conform to a woman’s view of the world.

    1. They can’t allow free debate for the simple reason that modern ‘gender’ feminism doesn’t add up, and never has done. It depends on demagoguery and stoking feeling / resentment

    2. Yet they’re the ones usually sporting the (stupid) “coexist” and “tolerance” bumper stickers.
      Political Equality was achieved a long time ago between the genders. Now everything is a push for special rights and non-responsibility for the female gender based on how things were over 100 years ago. (Feminists will also never acknowledge that society was the way it was hundreds of years ago for the sheer survival of humanity. They base it off today’s standards.)
      Feminists can not allow an opposing dialogue to be heard because their whole ideology will come crashing down. As those of us in society recognize boys are failing in the education system at alarm rates, Feminists silence any conversation addressing men’s issues as they’re determined to maintain that women and women only are oppresed. With being perceived as an “oppresed” class comes lots of benefits.

    3. “Bring him to the chopping block
      Once it is done
      I’ll swallow his cock
      And doing so shall feed me plenty
      Though I swear
      I needn’t any
      This man has spoken once too often
      Impel his silence
      Or grant him his coffin
      Then surely I shall reign supreme
      O’er slatternly Tramps
      Liars and ‘Queens’
      We’ll venerate our hypocrisies
      Thought control; depravity
      All because we sit to pee”
      – From “The Feminist’s Tale”
      Been following this all morning over at the forums, it is laughable how quickly all the rabbits are shutting down or making their accounts private.
      Over there, Roosh said: “THIS is the fight. This is my Alamo. Either I win in Canada or I get sacrificed for the cause I believe in.”
      Inspiring words (proven by actions) and more power to him.

      1. You are shooting from the hip with these posts?
        All I got is “There once was a man named Sig Meanus, who had a really, really big..”

        1. Yes. I read the story/posting (let it inspire me), then type it up in Word (to try and catch typos), paste it here, and wind up having to make minor edits afterward until satisfied.
          Sounds to me you have the beginnings for a fine limerick or pub song, there…

        2. With such a thing in mind, I’ve added my contribution to the main thread …
          It’s more of a dirty limerick than a pub song, although if I can throw some Singhing in there, I suppose it would do. 🙂

    4. We might see more proof of my assertion that free speech is dead (and total bullshit).
      When a man can be silenced because the complaints of a few (mentally ill) people are broadcast or “signal boosted”, then free speech is under the control of the boosters, and they can pick and choose which truth is silenced and which lie is amplified.
      And that makes free speech total bullshit. That’s why Roosh ends up having to talk to lawyers.
      That’s what the fight is really about. And real freedom is a fight that never ends.

      1. The insane part is he’s just a man with ideas and ideas are nothing to be afraid of. All they have to do is strengthen their own with better arguments.

        1. How endearingly naive. Feminists don’t even know what an argument is, my friend.

      2. Youre too aware for your own good.
        Well, Im off to my synchronized swimming practice, my partner is an albino mongoloid with no legs(guess who does the heavy lifting).

      3. Fighters for free speech will often come across to the public as cranks and crackpots, but they’re fighting one of the few fights worth fighting.
        The only reason feminism got started at all was because of their freedom of speech. Now that they see that men have valid points in representing themselves they want to shut it down.

    5. Modern day feminists are hypocrites. They have the nerve to call others out for being dangerous or “hate speech” at the same time using those same tactics.
      The government and the police will wish (one day) that they didn’t cave to these types. These people won’t be the type who will have their backs once men take back their government.
      And it will be men who take it back (not women, SJWs or manginas).

      1. Feminists were never interested in women or true equality. Mainstream feminist theory has always been about the demonization of men, the infantilization of women and the imposition of a neo-marxist collectivist society on every society it touches. If men ever take back control of society, we can’t ever let psychopaths like this hijack control, ever again.

        1. True. Whenever there is a discussion regarding this issue (and a woman is preset) you’ll never (or very rarely) hear them say “You know you’re right”. There is usually some excuse as to why women should get away with one thing or another (the usual excuse is because men have had it so good for so long). Why don’t women automatically have to sign up for Selective Service? (crickets…no answer from them).
          They want all of the good and none of the bad. You’ll never hear of a march by these feminists to allow them to automatically sign up for the responsibilities (selective service)…only for the good stuff (pay, benefits, jobs, etc…).

        2. Exactly. Feminism in a nutshell, is equality without the expectation of responsibility; There’s never any reciprocation on the part of a woman to male sacrifice. Concepts like altruism, devotion and accountability are foreign concepts to feminists and the women they proselytize.

        3. Right. It’s what used to keep them in check “back when”. No man would ever think about marrying a woman who already had children. It was seen as a black mark on her record. Today, it’s seen as the “strong, single mother” being brave, the hardest job, a hero (and all that bullshit). It doesn’t take much at all to fuck some random man and then raise your kid(s) in a fucked up environment (but that’s what society is telling these women is fine by today’s standards).
          I have a firm rule: if she has kids, she’s out (next) – no exceptions. Men could easily be on the hook for years for child support if you split up (for a child that’s not even your own child). Too much risk and too little reward. More men need to say ‘no’ to women with children…that’s just a good start (more is needed).

        4. I wrote off single mothers as potential relationship material. As a plate? Sure, if other things are in order (including getting rid of my own personal aversion to plate spinning) but anything long term is off the table.

        5. Yep, agree. We just need to warn younger men of the dangers of becoming too involved with a woman with kids (there is no upside to it). A one night stand (or a couple) and move on. A man can’t afford these women with kid(s) long term. She will surely turn (at some point) leaving the man with nothing.

        6. You sure that’s not “neo-Marxist zoom dweebie”?
          Marxism and feminism are antithetical. That’s why feminism has drifted away from Marxism to the point that no feminists today of note use Marxian rhetoric. No feminist of note is pushing for a socialist society. Feminism desperately needs to be able to continue to rake off capitalism’s surpluses. Besides, US feminists in particular know they would be pilloried if they even uttered the word “socialism” in any sort of advocacy capacity.
          “Collectivist”? That would involve men benefiting. Feminism in fact is a gender supremacy movement that has nothing to do with collectivism. Instead it is focused on establishing authoritarian rule with a strong carceral (punitive) element.

        7. Feminism desperately needs to be able to continue to rake off capitalism’s surpluses. Besides, US feminists in particular know they would be pilloried if they even uttered the word “socialism” in any sort of advocacy capacity.

          It is worth noting that America gave the Soviet Union billions in aid and it still collapsed. I guess it is easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them.

    6. It is important to remember that Feminism is a subset of Socialism. Socialism, as discussed by F.A. Hayek, must needs view free-speech as an activity to be crushed. This is because you can only have a Socialist state when everyone agrees about the specific form of Socialism. This is why you see the purges occurring in various Socialist states and the indoctrination of uniformity.

      1. This. What many don’t know is that feminism is strongly influenced by Marxist theory. In fact some of its core principles are taken directly from the writings of Marx and Engels. Patriarchy™ is a myth invented by the Marxist feminist movement supported and financed by the Rockefellers for the express purpose of breaking up the family unit. Feminism doesn’t do either gender any good because it’s a hoax.

        “The chief thing is to get women to take part in socially productive labor, to liberate them from ‘domestic slavery,’ to free them from their stupefying and humiliating subjugation to the eternal drudgery of the kitchen and the nursery. This struggle will be a long one, and it demands a radical reconstruction, both of social technique and of morale. But it will end in the complete triumph of Communism.”
        —V.I. Lenin, International Working Women’s Day Speech , 1920.

    7. Revenge is one side of what the modern feminist wants, they want domination of men too. Just see the latest “craze” going around the world now “board room quotas” yep it doesn’t matter if men were sole reason the company exists, it doesn’t matter if men are the sole reason why the company is a success these women want to jump on board take a chunk for themselves without doing anything.

    8. Revenge and control. A woman’s only notable ability is manipulating men that serve as her skillset. Through evolution and recent development of cosmetics/fashion women have used attraction to take hold of men. But now that this task also proves to be difficult to the women they are seeking for a way to control men without lifting a finger.
      Self victimization is now their new weapon.

  5. Idk about you guys, but I find all this extremely fun and entertaining! Watching SJW’s prove everything roosh says, it’s outstanding!

  6. The journalist writing for Le Journal de Montreal who did the event venue doxxing has a VERY shady past I’m sure she doesn’t want coming to light.

    1. Leave the doxxing to the SJW’s. In fact, I encourage guys to never (ever) even engage (directly or indirectly) any form of information publishing on equality opponents. I also encourage rigorous documentation of online (and in person, Always Be Recording, ABC) harassment for turnover to the authorities. Turn their own tactics on them when it comes to using the state. Generate a shitload of publicity following ANY attempted intimidation or harassment. They dox someone? Publish it as a threat. They make harassing calls? Publish it as a threat. Turn the police state they love so much (if enough people start doing it, and publishing it online / pushing it to the media) either they will have to disavow (this ruining the credibility of that subset of SJW’s) the tactics or open themselves up to attack in the press / public opinion court.
      Double standards only last as long as the dichotomy isn’t too pronounced for most people. You basically turn the doxxing SJW’s into the new equivalent of women who lie about being raped. The fallout will be slow to build, but just like feminism is losing its appeal (less women want to admit they’re feminists) SJW’s will start being ostracized.
      Is it a quick method? No. Should it be the only defense? No. Is it one tool to push back against the double standard? Yes.

  7. In advance of the Canadian bashing will inevitably ensue, it should be stated that Canadians are generally decent people. The problems affecting it are those that are affecting every other nation in the western world and are the focus of this website and many others.
    The CBC, on the other hand, has been propagating this nonsense ever since it’s inception. It, and the universities, are at the core of cultural decline in Canada.

    1. I’ve rarely come across a Canadian outside of this corner of the internet that wasn’t a leftist loon. Ironically one of my best friends is from Montreal but he and his family aren’t (they live here now).
      Canada was the first country to declare itself officially multicultural (when it was 90%+ white), seems to have less respect for free speech with their absurd “Human Rights Commission,” and generally seems to be second in the race to self-destruction behind Sweden. It is very telling that Canada, and CANADIANS, were the only ones giving Roosh any shit when even the LONDON event basically occurred without incident.
      Canadians need to get their act together. Problems within a nation ultimately come from its people, and Canadians seem to be well ahead of most others in the degeneracy category.

    2. I have no beef with Canadians but I’ve heard horror stories about Canadian Border / Passport Control and about lack of free speech protections there. I think several well known speakers are banned from even visiting there. That’s the kind of move a weak, unstable third world dictatorship like North Korea takes, not the position of a strong, powerful, confident nation.

      1. Part of me is hesitating to see Roosh simply because I don’t want to be caught on camera.
        If I’m gonna sneak out of Canada I need the autonomy.

        1. I’d be worried about the same thing if I weren’t on the opposite side of the country.

        2. You have a point. I can’t say what I’d do in your shoes. But picture yourself in 5 years in whatever foreign paradise you have chosen, and look back and do you think you will regret missing the event? Will it be a solidifying event that helps you firmly decide, once and for all, that you are done with this society, and from this moment on, dedicated to building a better life elsewhere?
          At the same time, secret police have been known to infiltrate far less disrupting events and keep dossiers on the attendees. Sounds nutty, but it happens. If you want to keep a low profile, understood. I think Roosh is releasing the content on video later. But you are lucky to be close enough to attend in person. And perhaps the new venue will be kept secret and not mobbed. I would enjoy the comeraderie of seeing other attendees with similar points of view. What if you see your boss, next door neighbor, local cop? haha…
          My advice.. go as clark the reporter. Nerdy, but just doing your job.

        3. I’d say go as Peter “Scoop” Brady from the Brady Bunch(couldnt find a pic, search engines are useless).

        4. ” Will it be a solidifying event that helps you firmly decide, once and for all, that you are done with this society”
          Good points.

        5. “….simply because I don’t want to be caught on camera.” Wear your glasses and a hoodie! 😛

        6. You could go in disguise. I’m not worried about being “caught” on camera but the lesson of Shawn Simoes tells us not to bother engaging with the mainstream media. Assuming Roosh isn’t in jail or deported as of next week, I intend to go to the Toronto event.

    3. The CBC has been a leftist stronghold for years, since Trudeau days. It has only gotten worse in years gone recent. They openly promote Liberal and NDP ideologies, and defame Conservatives or any of their like. Gay is in, “multiculturalism” is in, Promote Muslims (We aren’t all terrorists!), and do to the right wing the exact opposite of Fox in the States. Its horrible.

      1. There are other values beyond those used to pick up women: honesty, integrity, honor, generosity, etc. That’s what I mean by decent.

  8. Another great article Matt.
    Montreal is a second home to me and one of my favorite cities to visit along with Quebec in general. The march of feminism there has continued unabated over the last 10 years or so even though the women remained surprisingly feminine and attractive.
    I think this is the first time there has been an outspoken event that is geared towards men in Montreal that didn’t involve hockey. As such the feminists have to shut down any speech that might infringe on their ever growing monopoly in the public sphere.
    Ultimately I applaud Roosh for these efforts. The Montreal I love wouldn’t care at all that someone was coming to voice their opinion on a subject, regardless of agreeing or disagreeing and this is why feminism is an ideology of hate. Feminism is a cancer, a virus on its host nation. It seeks only to take and to destroy. Look at the uproar and demands these feminists are making on the City of Montreal and the Provincial government. They are flat out making demands of the government to censure free speech, ban entry based on their individualistic and cloistered belief system, while simultaneously threatening venues that might host the event and individuals that might attend. If only we knew what they have done for Montreal to demand and expect such preferential treatment.

    1. So many former blue collar, working class cities have fallen to feminism. Portland, Oregon and Seattle. The latest is Denver. Who would have thought Denver, Colorado would become a feminist/ SJW epicenter?
      Portland, Oregon became a feminist haven because the dykes took their Volvos from San Fransisco up to Portland. There’s a movie online titled, “A Day Called X” It was filmed in Portland during 1950’s. Truly mind boggling to see how normal the city used to be before degenerates suffocated the place.

  9. Wow….Roosh you’ve come a long way. In a few years you went from some guy writing about having sex with sluts in s.America to being an international pariah. Honestly, I admire your courage but I don’t envy your life. I think there’s better ways to earn money than putting up with leftist lunatics.

      1. And what a way to be remembered.. the man who started the overthrowing of feminism. He’ll be a quasi-religious figure…

  10. Once again feminists prove they have absolutely no intention of actually debating, listening or even allowing anyone to have a point of view different from their own. They do this by simply labeling anyone who disagrees with them a rapist or women hater so therefore gain the sympathy of people who don’t understand the situation and this is helped by the mainstream media. I’m not actually sure how far the manosphere or neo masculinity will go but I’ve got to commend Roosh for having giant balls to stand up for what he believes when he’s basically up against the mainstream establishment.

    1. The extreme feminists have created a new category similar to race baiting, what I like to call “Gender baiting”….as a woman, I am deeply embarrassed to be of the same gender as these phony, alliterate women who are afraid & most often too ignorant to actually speak any facts that back up their parroted, repetitive & scripted propagandist arguments…

      1. I understand there’s a lunatic fringe in every movement but with feminists it seems to be a larger one than normal. Plus the ridiculous claims that extreme feminists make actually get taken seriously by acadameia and mainstream media.

  11. The CBC is a joke and if it wasn’t for government funding they would have gone out of business long ago. I haven’t watched the CBC in over 30 years and no one that I know watches it either.

    1. Same with CNN, ESPN and PMSNBC. Cable packages specifically subsidize these channels. If people had real choice at least 2 of these stations would be off air.
      I take issue with RUSH saying Millenials not purchasing cable is sign we want everything for free. NO! I don’t want to subsidize leftist garbage and would prefer to extend my dollars to agencies which provide programs I choose to watch. Like Hulu. And as more people go this route, Commiecast and these leftist channels will be forced to change to market demands or … DIE.

      1. I disagree with Rush on this issue too…thankfully more & more people (millenials & other generations-I’m from the one they call the baby boomers but many of us have nothing in common with what they are categorized as in the media as well) are slowly forcing the issue of a-la-cart cable. Even many in the generation from my parents are on limited budgets & are shutting down their cable until this change occurs. My guess & hope is that very soon, as the cable companies will have lost so much of their paying audience & as market shares shrink, their only option will be to go in that direction…

        1. I’m a big fan of RUSH but I hate when he gets into the “Millenials want everything for free” talks. It’s amazing how Millenials have been tarnished as “the entitlement generation” courtesy of a poor economy which forced grads to move home in order to survive as entry level jobs were non-existent and student loan debt was piled high.
          Every generation has sought to get things for less money or free. Seniors go to early dining hours for an early bird discount. They hold up grocery check out lines with 0 regards for others as they dig through paper coupons to save a total of $.29. They’ll seek out the manager at Wal-Mart and argue for a couple more nickels off. The idea that Millenials are the first generation to seek cheaper avenues — which makes them “entitled” — is ridiculous.
          Regarding the decline of cable. Millenials have acknowledged its a complete waste. A large monthly bill to subsidize certain stations while the bulk of shows are total rubbish and you have to be in front of TV at a certain hour to watch it. It makes more sense to pay for what you want to watch through a program which allows you to also watch it when it’s at your convenience.
          Certain companies have risen to that demand and thus why Commiecast is beginning to feel the heat.

        2. I agree with you on both subjects. Like I said in my comments, the market will eventually force cable to offer a-la-cart if we keep on them like the younger generation has (and some of us older groups have done more recently as well)…

      2. They’ll just buy up HULU, or file a DMCA claim on a lot of the content on free sites.

        1. Hate to burst your bubble but Hulu is owned by News corp, NBC, and Disney. With Hulu your money goes to the same people it would go to through cable subscriptions. They don’t run much of a risk of total content loss as they already own a large amount of the content.

    2. Sounds like the ABC in Australia. Gets a truckload of taxpayer funding to be nothing more than propaganda for the hard left. A JOKE!!

      1. Although they do have on occasion good shows I watch on iView I’m seeing more feminist and SJW garbage articles popping up.

      2. Yes, all public broadcasters in the Anglo sphere have been overrun by the green marxist feminist hard left.
        The BBC in Britain is patient zero, but the ABC in Australia and the CBC are also infected. New Zealand wisely doesn’t have a public broadcaster. All decent men must campaign in their own country for their government to follow suit.

  12. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

      1. I just did the search and selected the link on duckduckgo.
        Anyone else reading this should do the search and click the link. Get it to rank higher than her own site.

      2. I googled her name now, and now the ROK article is the first link, and model mayhem is the second one. I definitely think they are going to lose.

      3. My only problem is that old saying..what happens in a court room has nothing to do with what is right or what is fair. And they’ve already shown their willingness to lie without shame.

  13. I highly doubt The Montreal Police are looking at the forum, you ugly attention-starved Elsa wanna-be slattern!
    Because they have nothing better to do with their time and resources, right?
    Plus, assuming they really were, why would you reveal your trump card? Do you not know a single thing about using strategy and cunning to win a battle? Who tells somebody “I’m going to kick your ass!” so you can grab your gun and blast them? Nobody, they just start wailing on you and handle it like a champ. Now we’re going to heckle you even more so, fool!

  14. How low do you have to be to ban other people’s perspective. I may think a lot of ideas are insane but I still listen. I suppose when there’s an agenda involved you silence the opposition like cowards.

    1. These types have a long history of cowardice. The suffragettes used bomb attacks in their campaign in the UK. I don’t think anyone was killed in these attacks but they did blow up several buildings and threatened to murder several politicians [source].
      They also campaigned for conscription for men but not women at a time when huge numbers of men were being slaughtered in the trenches. They were heavily involved in the “white-feather” campaign used to shame men and even young boys into enlisting.
      They even attacked men who had already been seriously injured or mentally damaged by the war and called them cowards too. Which was the primary reason why so many working class women turned against them. Working class women had sons and husbands too, and they knew what the men were going through.

  15. Hey if they won’t let Roosh into Canada because they’re so afraid well maybe Roosh should teach these snots a lesson, just have his symposium in some nice American place just right across the Border for Canadian men to come over to hear him.

  16. Aye. There were four countries on this tour, yeah? The UK is claimed to be the worst of these. I live there now. I moved from Canada. There should be no doubt just how dire things are back in my home country. The UK is tame compared to what I know from back home – but I realise that’s splitting hairs.
    I saw it my entire life. Women like my mother just didn’t exist. The women I grew up with spewed virulent hatred towards most men. It just never made sense to me. I understood it once I grew up, but these women just keep upping the ante on stupidity and values that have no place in a free society – or what was intended as a free society.
    I don’t know how far the pendulum must swing. Today I read an article on how air-conditioning in workplace offices is sexist. It used to be the extreme right was always telling us how to live. Since 2000 that space has been taken over by loonies on the left.
    Do not give in to these people. As you state – you have no corporate job, no family, little to lose and a lot to gain.

  17. Shit, you’d think Roosh was an escaped convict with several sentences of murder the way these crazies are going after him. But hey, can’t say it’s not amusing. I can’t wait to see how this goes.

    1. Actually, if you look up Canadian justice, we do go easier on pedos, pervs and crazies. Cop killers go free and child killers get a few years.

        1. No. We give credit for time served. Kill a child, plead down to manslaughter, get 6 years, two years credit for time served = 4 years. Also, only do 2/3 of sentence then released.

  18. There seems to be a pattern here. Western men living in very cold climate areas (like Canada and Sweden) have to be SUPER vigilant against the SJW onslaught. Time to disassemble the base and move to Colombia, Brazil, Philippines, or just someplace warmer. To hell with this.

  19. Canadian leftists tried similar tactics against columnist Ann Coulter and managed to impede or completely prevent at least two of her speaking appearances. This is also the country that prosecuted the best writer it has any claim to — Mark Steyn — for “hate speech.” So perhaps we shouldn’t expect openness to contrary ideas from the Canadian PC Brigades.

    1. Ironic that the nation of tolerance that we are “supposed” to be, denies right wing speakers isn’t it?

  20. These people/low-lives are losers, through and through. Fuck ’em if they want to be crybabies.
    This is a major turning point for us. These idiots aren’t thinking about the long term effects their actions are going to bring. Anyone with a brain will be able to see how mentally ill these wimps are. No one worth their salt will want to be associated with the likes of these freaks.
    And the best part is they’re doing it all to themselves. It may be bad and possibly get worse in the future (hopefully not), but this lunacy won’t last forever. Even though we may be under their idiotic influence for now, we still live in reality and reality always sorts things out one way or another.
    Good on you Roosh, keep up the fight

  21. The inevitability of men fighting this SJW scourge is going to happen one day. These fembot cunts are not going to like the world they think they want.

    1. I think its started. Now’s a good a time as any. I so sick of these fucking freaks. And the danger is real, they are freaks and no matter how much they ultimately get, er, extort from society, as we see, they’ll always want more. Because as freaks they’ll never be happy. Matter of fact this is true for non-freaks, but, doubly so for freaks since they have extra incentives. So, we must stand now against these fucks otherwise we risk literally being taken over by the losers of society.

      1. Just before the login box, their is a counter of peoples following the article and it’s 208 peoples at this moment

    1. funny, as I was reading the comment section, the comments critisizing the feminist bias of journalists coincidently disappeared… A piece of North Korea in North America. Well done socialism

      1. I was personally replying to a mentally enslaved moron in there and as i was typing, suddenly the page scrolls down and all my comments disappeared lol, hurrah for freedom of speech in canada! lol

  22. I’m not sure even having Rush can make up for this debacle, and that’s saying a lot…

  23. How did I know that somebody in the thread of Feminists would reply with the de facto comment: “You go girl”. It’s so predictable, it’s pathetic. Roosh has got them on their heels, excellent work!

  24. As I understood it, the focus of Roosh’s talk is more on men and masculinity, and less on game or women. Perhaps they are jealous because they won’t be the focus of attention?
    And I can’t even follow the crazy ramblings of this Aurelie person.. first she says she has pressed charges against him (haha.. wow, a thought crime can be committed apparently from thousands of miles away) and then she says “unless you want Roosh turned down” (does she mean turned away at the border?) then be careful what you say, implying that if we challenge her in her attacks on Roosh, it might prevent him from entering the country (huh?! WTF Isn’t this what she wants anyway?) How incredibly loony. Can anyone else follow the thought process here???

    1. this is a grand day, a day where the absolute nutcases that are the “quebecoises” are exposed to the entire planet to see. I think roosh is on to something big here, a beginning of something new and wonderful.

      1. That is slogan worthy bumper sticker material. ”WAKE UP CUCKS of CANADA!!” Short and to the point. Many still don’t know the definition of the word ‘cuckold’ and the word seems to be unoficially censored or omitted from primary curriculums and spelling bees. Bumper stickers and plackards would spur curiosity and have many people looking the word up. I saw pink ribbons once saying ”save the ta-ta’s” and I thought it referred to fathers victimised by the mangina courts since toddlers often call their father ‘ta-ta’. Turns out ‘ta-ta’s’ refers to BOOBIES and the ribbons are for some breast cancer awareness group. I had to ask the chick getting into her car what the ribbons on her trunk were about and told her what I mistakingly thought they represented. Once our chat got comfortable, I couldn’t help but lay my ‘use ’em or lose ’em’ naturepathic health sermon on her. (goes both ways – prostate health – needs ‘used’ and emptied too)

    1. girl thats what you get from trying to open the jam container and you know that task is above your IQ

        1. I did, but it didn’t show up, then it did. So, would you like to be a dirty beggar or naughty boy? Your choice 😉

    2. Email this to the “leaders” in Canada. Such a role model for the youth.

        1. You too? I thought it was just our Femocracy down south. Scott Walker 2016! Vote for MEN this time around.

    3. Post hysterectomy art fresh out of surgery gone bad? Or sheik shitting impressionism era piece? Take your pick.

    4. Please, please, please! Tell me those are Not tattoos. I am about to go insane!!!!!!

    5. I sense an impending nervous breakdown from this broad. The only question is how many male lives will she destroy on her spiral down the toilet bowl.

  25. “Stand aside if you like, and let us in,
    Or try to resist our attack.
    It doesn’t matter which you choose,
    You will NEVER turn us back.”
    (BB) War 9:1-4

  26. That’s right laaydeez – shut down a free thinking entrepreneur that works for a living. When they won’t marry you, attack!

  27. Wow. They’re seriously scared.
    Also in le journal de Montreal, it says “He supports rape” next to Roosh’s picture. How silly.

  28. Roosh is still not doing the most obvious thing, which is to play the Muslim card.
    Say that his views have Islamic truths within them, and that he is Muslim.
    Fem-shits won’t mess with him after that.

    1. What like beat them at their own game? Maybe he has more respect for himself than that.

  29. Ms. Nix has pretty much clammed up (pun intended). I think this is the single most important thing the Manoswarm is achieving. SJWs have to THINK before they spew vile lies and nonsense. I am totally in favor of saying what you feel – but try to shut down someone’s livelihood – you are done!

    1. If they’re such feminists and believe in their cause, why aren’t they crying to the armed white policewoman instead? Because they know that the standards were lowered so the woman could qualify to be one and she knows that a man would be more effective. The policewoman would hide behind HER when the shit hits the fan.

    2. “We’re Strong , We’re Empowered , We’re Independent, We don’t need Men”…..Then calls Male Policemen, and assumes Damsel in Distress.

  30. White men need to take a lesson from the 3rd world theists, whom the left loves so much, and start smacking bitches when they get out of line.

    1. I call my woman by her name ”BITCH” at least 30 times a day. I mean no harm by it and she’s used to it. Stuck up bitches and ones raised in beta WN/princess culture act like you just punched them in the face when you say ”yo bitch” to them. The best time to begin calling your woman by her new name ‘bitch’ is when you first make her squirt, then you say ”squirt bitch”. She associates the name then with her proper role and with pleasure.
      Owning a bitch means calling her ‘bitch’. She’s finally matured and grown up when she earns the title as my bitch. By that I mean I’ve given her my honorary ‘BITCH-mitzvah’ and I’m not even jewish. Lol

      1. ” I’ve given her my honorary ‘BITCH-mitzvah’ and I’m not even jewish.”
        LOL. Never heard that one before. Nice one.

  31. Feminism is hate against men, families and children, but nobody has tried to stop them having an opportunity to speak their insane world view…

  32. I just listened to this Fannie bitch on the CBC. Holy Christ! I couldn’t understand a word she said. What the hell is “binary gender”? “Triggering for non-cisgender”? Am I missing something here? I thought being butt hurt was just part of life and something that you had to deal with.

  33. When you cut a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you are just proving you are afraid of what he may say.

  34. Roosh may be able to sue for defemation and MAKE those papers publish a his view if he could prove that it’s false and costing him money in ticket sales. Although I don’t know jack about Canadian law. May be a payer too and justice.

    1. You can’t sue for “defecation,” everyone does this. 😛 Poop is natural, even babies do it. 😛

  35. The fact that Roosh is going through this much trouble makes it pretty obvious, if there were any doubts, that Free speech even in a 1st world country like Canada doesn’t exist anymore.

  36. Roosh is like a recently sober man at an opium den – his presence is a direct affront to the fact that Canada has been living in a cloud of delusion. He is the child telling everyone that the Emporer wears no clothes, and the Canadians are the applauding masses at the parade.
    You know you are on to something when your very presence sparks such fear…and all for saying things that would not even raise an eyebrow just a few generations ago.

  37. Go get’em Roosh. I’m with you, a humble argentinian low middle class man. We are growing in number, and they are afraid. As someone said before, either speaking or not, you will win, and so will we. My best.

  38. This is a very positive signal. It shows that feminists take Roosh seriously and are afraid of his message being spread to Canadian men.

  39. “Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.” – Dean Steacy, Canadian Human Rights Commission
    ” We believe that in our society there should be limits on freedom of expression and freedom of speech, that there is a line, not one that we draw, but one that must be drawn nevertheless. We are comfortable with what we do.” – Ian Fine, Canadian Human Rights Commission

  40. The problem here is that this girl has such a small IQ, that she cannot understand or be bothered to fight the real threats against mankind. How about spending her time helping to eradicate polio? (Oh, her nail might get broken). How about doing as Mother Teresa did and wash and feed the poor? (oh, those people are too dirty). How about taking in foster kids, who need parents? Working to make clean water in Africa? Helping new immigrants to read English? She is too stupid to attempt these things and so she, instead, stomps on a Ken doll, calls him a misogynist, then call it a day, job well done. You see, the powerless will try to take power from someone else, rather than create power for themselves. Roosh, I don’t know how I can help here, but I am willing to try.

  41. Canada sucks, i know because I live here. Roosh should say fuck Canada, and hold his lectures in tropical countries with nicer weather and women. This would be a good first step in forcing Canadian guys who want to up their game, to get out of thier cold, boring, expensive homeland, and see what the rest of the world is like. This country is packed with blindly patriotic people who think they have no reason to leave. After all, it’s consistently rated in the top 5 best countries, right alongside other feminist, socialist Utopias like Sweden. I hate to say it but they will probably succeed in banning him from the country. The government here would piss test men for red pills if they could.

    1. It’s exactly places like Canada and Australia that need these lectures and the public attention (which demonstrates exactly what is going on). Doing it elsewhere would just be preaching to the choir anyway.

  42. I am curious who broke confidence to mess up the Montreal venue. And of course the cops are not willing to do their job so they pressure the venue about the safety of their other clients as well as the looming cost of additional security. The police, by proxy, are threatening the venue and its guests.

  43. I’m currently in Palestine on vacation… Imagine living somewhere where feminism doesn’t exist and girls don’t even know what tinder, instagram, or Twitter is. It feels pretty damn good right now.

    1. were in montreal, in the middle of a heated culture war with a bunch of chimpanzees sporting colored wigs, wanna trade places man? lol

  44. I went to Canadian years ago and I have to say the women there are just as mess up as Sweden. They act like dykes and I remember nearly being kicked out of a place that I was living cause i refused to put the toilet seat down.

  45. From the World Tour web page, his speaking topics are:
    The paradox of modern women
    11 problems that Western culture is facing today
    How to mentally approach living in a degenerate world
    An examination of three different time periods men faced in the past
    What today’s man has gained and lost compared to his ancestors
    The unique sacrifice that modern men have to make that historical men didn’t
    How women are creating a generation of men who are eager to drop out
    How to construct a win-win lifestyle where you come out on top no matter what
    7 tips on how to meet women and experience intimacy in 2015
    Examination of the sustainability of game for men who aim to use it for the long term
    The overall benefits we can expect from women in the pursuit of relationships with them
    The two things that will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest
    One important need that all men require in life
    Three mental processes to use when you’re feeling beaten and hopeless
    Women are only mentioned 3 times (out of 14 points) directly and one indirect reference regarding the use of game, so let’s look at these.
    Is calling women a paradox hate speech?
    Given that the vast majority of children have women as their primary care giver, is it unfair to examine the effect women are having on the raising of boys?
    With the last two points on meeting women and deploying game, as far as I know Roosh has not advocated for anything remotely hateful.
    He does have disdain for certain qualities that far too many women possess. Criticizing the behavior and attitudes of some women is a far cry from hating all women.

  46. What a bunch of self deceiving hypocrites these nasty bitches and their white knight manginas are. However, I remain optimistic in that I think the publicity will ultimately be good for our movement and draw many blue pill men to this site. You only have to read a few articles on here to figure out whats really going on, although you’ll always get the weak ones whom will retreat back into their false ideological shells.

  47. Sue them for defamation.
    Including the CBC.
    It is what the law is for.
    If it costs organisations like the CBC more money than they get propagating it then they won’t propagate it.

  48. Better yet. Start your own gofundme page collecting donations to sue them all for defamation.

  49. There was a tatted femme in Montréal
    Whose senses were easy to appall
    When one day a man would come to town
    With a reputation of manly renown
    And she would stop him, thought Aurelie
    With no thought about pleasuring him orally
    Oh no, her endeavours were much too pure
    For swilling such mayonnaise of ordure
    After all, she was much too mature
    Our man would not be so easy to lure
    So she made traps out of vitriol and lies
    Not thinking of how this man teased her thighs
    The press should be suitably engaged
    Allowing her allies to be equally enraged
    It was clear that this man touched a nerve
    Yes, that one, you incorrigible perv
    Not enough for them to be baying for blood
    It was time to drag the man through the mud
    Hence powers official were called to bear
    On the man that was all too self-aware
    Threats of searches and interventions dire
    Made against that man who’d slip under the wire
    There would be revelations sordid and surreal
    In order to give the affair a grisly appeal
    Maybe even the possibility of prison or jail
    Such things drive her fantasies of this male
    If this femme could view what she derides
    She’d admit that it makes her gooey inside
    Inevitably she shall surrender to her fate
    And admit this man turns on her Two Minutes Hate

  50. What’s really funny is what a stark light this whole incident shines upon feminists and SJWs; they have so little faith in the bullshit they’ve promulgated, they think that allowing Roosh to speak will cause their intellectual house of cards to collapse. In a way, I guess Roosh should be flattered that they find him and his speech so imposing.

    1. It’s because their “victories” have only happened due to them having little to no opposition. They don’t want even a small # of people waking up, because a gust of wind could blow their house of cards over.

  51. I’m going to apologize for those women as a Canadian.
    You would think that such a socialist country would support freedom of speech, but the right to say what you want is only allowed if the majority agrees. That is why I am so secretive in my daily life about not supporting feminists. I have learned the hard way what happens when a woman doesn’t support the poisonous feminist agenda.
    Instead of starting a witch hunt against Roosh, why don’t these idiotic feminists simply REFUSE TO ATTEND his speaking engagements? If I don’t like what a speaker has to say, I don’t go to their presentations. I don’t see what the reason for all of this uproar is.

    1. Yes, I agree it is all rather silly…but self attention and being “in your face” is all these ladies et al seem to be about…why don’t they go to Nigeria or Muslim countries where there’s real social injustice if they are so worked up?….cowards and hypocrites perhaps? Catcher in the Rye phonies- chocolate soldiers like hollow spoiled middle class rebels melting in the heat of their own stupidity, truly this is a form of life without any substance, I think.

  52. I’m on board with this! Fight the feminists and the cuckservatives! Next on the docket is the “Civil Rights Industrial Complex”. #MarcusGarveyIsRedPill ; #DuBoisIsAMangina ; #ElijahMuhammadIsNeoMasculine

  53. Funny how fundamentalist muslims can make speeches about destroying america and implementing Sharia all over Europe and the USA, and the only thing that actually bothers feminists are pick up artists.

  54. Wasn’t it said that “feminism is a union for ugly women”?
    Well. I can see why that horse-faced Nix cunt is a feminist: she NEEDS to be one.

  55. LOL, they let in American criminals like Snoop Dog and REAL convicted rapist like Mike Tyson and put him on cp24 (toronto’s version of Cnn) yet roosh should be banned from entering for having an unpopular or controversial or even “hateful” view. Its funny, because they have no issues with Drake having his concerts where he sings about shooting people and 2 people did get shot dead in his concert and 5 other wounded in the after party. No ban roosh because he is an evil boogey man who calls for change.
    Just another part of the decline. You can argue for killing and shooting other men, other men get shot dead, no one cares, the story is about his girlfriend who was killed not him. Roosh comes to Toronto to point out this unfair treatment, then what? Ban him, ban roosh, ban roosh from Canada. Roosh has never glorified murder like rappers do, he has never raped, but that logic flies over the head of feminist.

  56. Canada is not really a free country. ITs a PC stalinist state dressed up with ‘tolerance’.
    The government love taxes and state power over everything!!! YOU are their property and they consider your labour, resources and freedom as owned by the state. They could care less about such a thing as White people, free speech, or men. Just money.
    We have 100,000 + third world immigrants every year, with terrorists and communities destroyed —- but yeah. a guy saying non-PC speeches is our big issue.
    Just laughable. And contemptible.

    1. and that should be the real fear (and focus)…not the other bullshit that SJWs preach. Pretty soon a wall is going to go up (similar to the Berlin Wall) to keep people out (and in).

  57. Not just Feminists . Lets be honest here . Women in general are feeling very threatened by smart men . Lets be honest .

  58. If they actually believe there’s some world-wide movement and it’s against them, then they ought to be asking why that movement started in the first place. Just because a group stands up and says it’s had enough, isn’t that group just demanding the same fair treatment that the feminists demanded? And then why should they have the first say in who has rights and who doesn’t.
    And this whole thing started about “Game” and exposing the social tactics women use. The response by the MRM has been about making men aware of the tactics and how to get what they want from women, just as women have used their own strategy to stack the deck in their favor.
    Let them rant and rave. At this point, all over the world and especially in North America, people are seeing society as the artificial and one-sided construct that it is. And people are rebelling against it. It’s not just the MRM, we’re just one voice. But by blathering on in the news and protesting, they’re highlighting everything that’s wrong. The only people supporting them are the brain-washed manginas and SJW’s in their camp.

    1. ” Just because a group stands up and says it’s had enough, isn’t that
      group just demanding the same fair treatment that the feminists
      Yep…and that’s how you know they are not after equality but power and control. They want to control the conversation (speech) and they don’t want any other opinions messing up their plans. Like the old Soviet Union, they will shut you up or shut you down if you don’t agree with them (no debate).
      Canada as well as the U.S. need to start looking closely at these SJWs (and feminists). They are the ones promoting hate and violence.

      1. And in the end most of it is about money. There are so many groups, organizations, politicians, etc. on the SJW boat because it’s turned into a money making machine. That’s one reason it’s hard to fight. Vested interests. If newspapers and the people running SJW institutions didn’t see a profit in starting all this trouble, you’d see it disappear pretty fast.
        Keeping in mind the electric car talk back in the late 1970’s to mid 1980’s, it was the Oil Companies hold on the media and in politics that kept discussion going nowhere. Notice that Electric Car talk only started up again in a serious manner when the economy crashed and the were more entrepreneurs with money pushing it. Big oil took a back seat because other moneyed interests started advertising their ideas.
        Same thing in the SJ field. SJW’s are brain dead in that they’re manipulated by media and social status, which are controlled by people trying to make a buck.

        1. Of course. For large corporations it’s about money and for politicians it’s about votes. People don’t understand how all of this is bad for a society as a whole. And right on the electric car…it only came about because of the crash, oil going up and others starting to create their own electric cars (or alternatives). Corporations were worried that they would miss out so you saw the push for it.
          The same goes for solar or any other alternative energy source in this country. They are being held back because these corporations don’t want to share the wealth. We’ve needed off of oil a long time ago (or at least an alternative to it) just for political reasons. Politicians (and big money) didn’t want that and they’ve held off as long as possible.

  59. Being a canadian of decreasingly proud heritage i wonder how it is that we can help roosh. That is, without automatically appearing the far right of this political spectrum and being disregarded. Unfortunately there is a very likely majority of this site’s men who are now imbued with an infliction of undue self worth. The very same as the media has treated women to the last thirty years.
    Self worth that has found itself fingers on keyboard without the necessary mind on self that roosh is really trying to promote.
    He doesn’t want you to get pussy easily, but to become a better man that will just get pussy easier. Not to trick women into giving it up, but avoid the the trickery that horny, brainwashed men are vulnerable to.
    Reading this comment section made me realize any ‘help roosh’ facebook page will be filled with comments of men that will just prove any intelligent sjw correct. With this extra fuel on the fire the single voice for 12,000 idiots will be all the more credible and likely double the signatures.
    I wonder how many of those jornalists have actually read the writing of roosh or quintis. Not that they could do anything about it but read.

  60. Not a single SJW stands for equality. It all comes down to being in charge. They are terrified that some people may become awakened. A close mind is a subdued mind.

  61. Keep at it Roosh. No matter what get the conference off. You cannot be driven off by them. Even if its in a persons wine cellar. Make sure you post lots and lots of videos of it on youtube when you are done 🙂

  62. Canada is certainly becoming dominated by the Feminist dictatorship… but we will fight till the last drop.

  63. Seriously? All these posts about Canada?
    JUST LEAVE. Let them move the goalposts all they want. Take your balls and move the game. It’s better to expat in poosy paradise then live in failed state. Fuck the system.
    Sticking feathers up ur butt does not make u a chicken.

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