9 Easy Ways To Save A Ton Of Money

To take control over one’s private economy is alpha and not omega in a person’s life. There are multiple strategies to use in that regard. Some take larger risks in order to have greater savings in a later consecutive step, while some live from paycheck to paycheck. I am more careful and conservative, and mainly live on my mid-income salary, and have suggested a strategy which conforms to such a precautious mindset.

1. Think like a student

Many of us have been a student during some period of time, or at least lived under conditions that for some reason required some degree of financial austerity. Such circumstances are to be learned from. Even if you have much more disposable income in the future, internalize the same mentality although with greater flexibility. In practice this means to prioritize food, rent and bills before just about anything else.

2. Buy less important things in cheap stores or during sales periods

Some of the products and foodstuffs can be bought in local places at considerably lower costs. Just a little bit of research and extra efforts can reduce your expenses with 50%, which will make a substantial difference over time. Also look out for discounts and sales offers.

3. Buy a large share of your clothes in cheap stores or on large discounts

Like I have stressed multiple times before, style matters for me and it should for the majority of men as well. By combining cheap and more expensive items, I have managed to build a rather impressive and miscellaneous wardrobe over the years. As for the more costly garments, I often look out for sales periods during summer and Christmas. This act of patience has made me save about 50% and is definitely worth it when it comes to costumes, jackets, and shoes.

4. Make cost/benefit analyses

A crucial question that continuously should be asked is if this or that really is worth it. At ROK, we often use the term ROI (Return On Investment), as it tends to say something substantial about for instance nightclub game, women or luxurious toys.

More concretely, is it worth spending thousands of dollars in “classy” clubs to get laid with a 7? Is it wise to buy a leisure boat for 100,000 dollars, something that implies a rapid gradual decline in value, expensive fuel, and relatively few opportunities to actually use it?

Even when I spend considerable amounts on travel I often make cost/benefit analyses and almost make it into a sport of spending as little as possible, while simultanelously getting the most out of it in terms of fun.

5. Save about 1000 dollars every month

Generally it is about to find a proper balance between spending and saving, but to save about 1000 dollars every month is often reasonable for the mid-income man. Given that you don’t touch that money later on, you have more than $100,000 within ten years. Money that can be used for something truly valuable, or function as fuck you money.

6. Make a list of expensive things that you don’t need

Furthermore, to make a list of expensive things that you don’t need is a means to save serious money throughout life. It could be an expensive apartment or house in a city or high-status suburb, or a car or leisure boat that would be nice to have but completely devastate your private economy once you bought them. Often the above-mentioned cost/benefit analysis will be of great service.

7. Prioritize several beneficial things that cost you no money


Earlier, I have given suggestions on beneficial things that cost you no money. Once you find that many of those have greater value than soon-to-be-forgotten status symbols within the consumerist matrix, you have solved a large share of the financial issue.

8. Ask your family and social circle for furniture and utensils instead of buying new items

Many make the mistake to visit IKEA, or even more expensive stores, as soon as they move from one place to another, in order to spend thousands of dollars on sofas, skillets and whatnot. This typical middle-class and upper class sickness is in fact quite stupid, since there tend to be numerous high-quality furniture and utensils for free within one’s family, social circle, or even neighborhood. For example, recently a random neighbor gave away some really nice chairs when moving to another place.

Of course you should selectively buy new things every now and then, but think twice before you do it, and don’t let a woman have too much of a say on the matter since she is likely less restrained than a man with good character.

9. Use your disposable savings and don’t buy on credit

Lastly, whenever you buy things – like clothes, a trip, or a car – use your disposable income instead of taking a loan or buy on credit. I would only advice someone to take a loan when there is no other way, such as when you buy your own place after having paid 15-20% in down payment.


With the help from these approaches and strategies, I have managed to save a significant amount of money, travel the world, wear nice clothes, stay in shape, and still live in a decent rental apartment in a major European city. Although there are multiple approaches, I hope that these tips can be of some general value and applicability for fellow male readers.

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78 thoughts on “9 Easy Ways To Save A Ton Of Money”

  1. If you really want to save money I find the following works for me!
    1. Budget your money. I have an Excel spreadsheet where I log everything I buy. It helps me keep an eye of my spreading for the week.
    2. Cut up your credit cards! 30% of people that have a credit card are in debt for $5000-10000 while 15% are in debt for $2000+ and never get the chance to pay it off due to interest. Get a debit credit card and only spend money you have otherwise you will be a slave to trying to pay your credit card off due to interest.
    3. With cash you know how much you are spending where I withdrawal a certain amount every week. You also open your wallet every time you need to buy something and can see how much cash you have left. With plastic, it’s hard to keep track of your spending.
    Since I stopped using plastic, I have saved x10 more!

    1. Cook your own food.
      Drink at home.
      Limit your use of hookers to 2x a week.
      Download all your entertainment FoC.
      Use last generation consoles, games only cost $2 a pop.
      Lift, hike, run, cycle (all free).

        1. How about x6 at the lower end of the scale? Sunday, the.day of rest, treat yourself to a free hand shandy.

        2. @ Soxmis
          “… lower end of the scale? ”
          I hear you but just can’t do it.
          Cheap booze and expensive hookers.
          That’s my motto. I’ll skimp on the juice, but not on the poon.

  2. Very good points !!!
    Also spend less on technology gadgets. you don’t have to buy the latest mobile brand or a fucking video game…etc
    focus on buying healthy whole food ( a bit expensive ) and your body will thank you for years. better than waste your money on your medical treatment as you become older.

    1. i pirate video games. i must have pirated games worth 3000€ already. now im sick of playing at all (im 26). invest in good expensive outdoor clothing. there is a saying “if you buy cheap stuff, you buy it twice” that means you should buy good quality right away instead of buying cheap quality first. dont follow trends. dont waste money in bars. dont waste money on unhealthy food. dont be a slave to the system. be prepared to lose everything in the next 12 hours. let the government pay for you, instead of working your ass of for them 40+hours a week. prepare to leave the EU.

  3. This is playing good defense, but if you only make $50k/year then it’ll take forever to save your way to wealth (ex. 10 years for a 120k Fuck You Pot of Money).
    The key to massive wealth, in my opinion, is starting a scalable/time independent business.
    It is also extremely difficult. Becoming rich is difficult.

    1. And if you want to make $70k+ a year, you generally have to live in an expensive metropolis where rent or mortgage payments will cost you at least 30% of your salary (if you want to live alone in a decent neighbourhood).
      Pleb life.

      1. I make more than 70k/year and I work from my laptop in a cheap cost of living country.
        I own my own business. I have no boss.
        I make the rules.

        1. Neo, what kind of business do you own? That’s such a vague statement; everytime I hear someone say “I own my own business” it just makes me cringe a bit. It’s like asking someone what do they do for a living and they reply “I have a job”. It doesn’t really tell much.

  4. #10 don’t own a credit card, it’s too easy to spend money with it, even if you pay all your principal on time you’ll still buy things you don’t need with it. I often can’t buy what I see and like at first because I don’t have cash on me then after thinking/sleeping on it I often see that the item does not interest me anymore

      1. Bingo. I have 2 credit cards which I use solely for the purpose of maintaining a high credit rating. I simply open my banking app and immediately repay the purchase without ever carrying a balance.
        The advantage:
        If I decide on a venture that requires a line of credit, I can be sure of getting the most favourable interest rate possible.
        I won’t ever buy a house in the West, and I will never finance a car, 2 big wastes of money that henpecked men spend a lifetime of enslavement paying off.

  5. The best way is to quit your mid-level salary and start working for yourself. Forget this paycheck to paycheck stuff.

  6. 7, 8 and 9 are good, but an article like this is largely worthless. The author should probably expand on an overall lifestyle that is alpha and incorporates these ideas. I’m seeing a hermit like person or monk like person whom devotes themselves to personal physical, mental and emotional development over materialistic concerns. But a regular dude whom simply goes about his life purchasing crappy cloths and cheap items. I’m not sure I’m feeling this. If you want to live cheaply, go all in, not half in with a plan that gives you a mild amount of fuck you money ten years down the road, which could easily be spent in a 1 or 2 year timeframe. That’s not true fuck you money, that’s rainy day fuck you money until I find another crappy job that will allow me to save for another ten years.
    If you are planning for ten years down the road, why not plan to have an empire built up for yourself by then? Why not shoot big. The biggest problem with this article is there is nothing inspiring in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone looked at this article, looked at their own life and said, “Well hell, this is probably the best I can do. Where’s my shotgun? I only need one shell.”

    1. I have expanded on things in several articles. One article cannot cover everything. For instance, even if you have your 55,0000 per year for now, you can still think about side gigs, parallel income, and greater plans, in conjunction with having this type of conservative approach.
      As for my middle path between frugality and excessive materialism, I like it. It’s smart and have high ROI. I walk around in nice suits with a fit body, have a cozy apartment, travelled to 50 countries (sometimes staying at 5-star hotels), and slept with many good-looking girls. Why would I want so much more? Is that the message that we should give to readers, that they should never be happy? If some guys succeed greatly, fine, but there is a golden mean concept for a reason.

  7. Was waiting for the classical “don’t get married “. It’s fine to be disappointed sometimes !

  8. Good post Mr. Adams.
    A lot of this stuff I’ve already been doing by instinct and personal experience alone in real life.
    But it’s always good to “flesh out” the concepts in written form to review, revise and edit what we’ve conceived in our minds’ thought processes.
    [P.S. Also lovin’ this move made by Mr. Roosh to have a “like” or “dislike” thumps up or down option to click. Brings “judgment” and “accountability” to people’s comments; always a good thing. ;)]

  9. One of the ideas I had got into a heated debate with some Liberal loser on FB. There was an article about how housing had become unaffordable in California with a middle class income. I suggested that one should look into buying a travel trailer (RV) for around $18K and live in it instead of renting an apartment. Easily in 5 years time, that trailer could be paid off. Plus the interest on the loan is tax deductible because it is considered as a house. It can also be traded in for a nicer unit later. Plus it can be moved to a different location if the neighbors are annoying.
    Who is to say that one must live in a brick and mortar structure? Maybe a landlord.

    1. I’m a landlord and I love people who can’t manage their money, as long as they can make rent. They help me buy more rental properties.
      The author is completely wrong on credit. Credit is leverage to make more capital.

    2. Great idea. In oceanside, CA there is an RV camping facility right on the beach and the joke is the campers have a better view of the ocean than the million dollar homes!

  10. Second hand and charity stores (salvation army, habitat for humanity, re-store).
    The big thing is rent, so if you can move, downsize, or share with a roommate that will be a huge chunk of change (and may lower insurance costs)

  11. Drop #6 and #9. Rewrite #4 to say: Stop buying things you don’t need with money you don’t have trying to impress people. If they’re alphas then they don’t give a shit about you or what you got. If they’re anything else then why are you giving a shit about them? Trying to impress others means you give a shit about them and isn’t not giving a shit about anyone but yourself one of the tenets of being alpha?

  12. Don’t drink excessively, cook your own meals, buy more food like chicken and pork instead of beef, check over any subscriptions you have and cancel the ones you don’t really need, don’t buy expensive cars you cannot afford, don’t buy a house with too high of a mortgage, and don’t GIVE BITCHES MONEY UNLESS THERE IS SEX INVOLVED, OR AT LEAST A BLOWJOB.

  13. I agree with the other points, I even do some like still thinking like a student. I bring my own lunch to work which also saves quite a lot. But DUDEEE, this one – 5. Save about 1000 dollars every month
    Where do you live and what do you work? I only know of one person that makes 3300EU per month and still lives on rent with his girlfriend. In my country most people can’t make enough to save 1k every month. At least I’m glad to be a home owner and already free of debt with no credits. Still not sure that the average person could save that much outside of well paid US jobs.

    1. You can thank the (((central banksters) for printing helicopter money for the 1%ers and cucks to borrow cheap mortgages for feminist real estate. That’s why assets like real estate are overvalued……Even in Spain where there is still 30% youth unemployment, one will be forced to pay at least 1500EU a month to rent a flat in the cities. The average wage for youth under 30 in Spain is barely 700EU a month, if they have a job or career.

    2. I live in central Stockholm, Sweden. My salary is not so far from 3300 Euros and I am hoping for a pay rise later on. The apartment costs here can be high here, although not as high as in let’s say London, Paris or Zurich, but I’ve managed to have a lower rent. It’s one of my main priorities when I move to a bigger place, to continue to rent and have only a slightly higher cost for that.

    1. “11. Cook instead of buying frozen dinners.”
      Cooking is way cheaper. On the weekend I can go to the diner and get a 3 egg omelette with potatoes, toast and a side of bacon or sausage with a glass of tomato juice and pay close to $20. At home I make the same and it probably costs less than $5. Been doing that more and more lately.

  14. 10. Rent instead of buying.
    11. Don’t have kids. I admit I don’t like them. And even if I wanted them, I would still not have a choice in the matter. But either way, not having them is a great way to save money.

    1. AS
      You always have a choice, plenty of Asian and Latino hookers prepared to ‘settle down’ for a long term contract including kids, but you would need them to know you always DNA test the offspring.

  15. And don’t jet set around Northern Europe like the author, and live a vagabond’s or whoremonger’s lifestyle like these ROK boys advocate. Frankly, I don’t get the expatriate thing these writers espouse on ROK, especially for grown adult men. Put down roots in the USA far from urban areas, learn and work in a trade, be an entrepreneur, or work in anything nasty, dirty, or dangerous that’s mostly free from women, hipsters, and manginas. Invest in good quality firearms, live healthy and modestly. Chasing euro-trash THOTS is a total waste too. Be a man of good character, not some genital swing punk.

    1. Your advice is good for many men, indeed, but I ‘m not “jet setting” around Europe. I travel selectively around the world, beteeen a few days up to as much as 7 weeks depending on circumstances. Often I have stayed at budget places, taken Ryan Air flights or uncomfortable long routes in order to save money, and often but not always had a rather frugal lifestyle abroad.
      But selectively I have went to 5-star-hotels (often in cheaper countries and/or on large discounts, pre-booked several months before departure) and more expensive night clubs, did most of the tourist stuff in Dubai (I leave shitting on Instawhores for the sheikhs) and so on.
      Travel is fucking great, buddy. If you don’t want to do it, fine. But my goodness all of these experiences: Climbing hills and mountains, exploring rainforests off the route, snorkeling, parachuting and scuba diving, meeting like-minded alpha dudes in East Asia and going and chasing girls together. Chasing girls alone. Seeing cultural monuments in Europe and elsewhere, talking to monks in South Korea. Walking on the best beaches in Bahamas, Sri Lanka, Spain etc.
      Do I want to have these things undone, let me think? Nooooooo.

    2. I jet set around Asia, in the last year Thailand (wild), Philippines (really wild), Indonesia (dull), Laos (really dull) and China (weird). Flights cost around $60 a time, rooms under $10 a night, food, booze and women are cheap. I probably spend less on my lifestyle than you do in rural USA.

  16. FAIL! Live like a SJW student because the (((bankers))) raped the country of its wealth under Omonkey? No fucking thanks. As many have said above start your own business. Use cash primarily. Don’t waste money on broads. Keep an international flow but don’t surrender your US status (yet). Don’t spend a single dime on any charity, political or social cause. Ever. Avoid anything to do with medicine. Don’t own anything you cannot self-insure. Never let your savings fall below 5 figures. Keep F.U. “walk away’ money & accounts on the ready. Don’t sign up for any “temporary” job. Don’t get married, divorced or have kids (yes, I know that is (((overlords)))’s plan anyway) . Basically give NOTHING of yourself to the shite system we live under… don’t let yourself be destroyed and depressed by all this.. let it collapse slowly…

  17. Don’t buy on impulse; delay a purchase for 10 minutes and walk around and look at other stuff. Come back to the item you were considering and see if you still want it. You won’t believe how much you will find you can live without.
    Pay your savings first.
    Start investing when you are young, keep your hands off it and let time work for you.
    These are corny and trite…….and they work.

  18. The only advice you need is to live within your means, use your money wisely 1. living bills, 2. save a little, 3. spend a little to enhance your life. Never, ever borrow money, I’ve never had a credit card and coming to the end of my life I think it was the best choice I made as a young man.

  19. Seems a few chaps here have their fingers in a few pies, how do you feel about the coming negative interest with the shyster banks?

  20. “More concretely, is it worth spending thousands of dollars in “classy” clubs to get laid with a 7? Is it wise to buy a leisure boat for 100,000 dollars, something that implies a rapid gradual decline in value, expensive fuel, and relatively few opportunities to actually use it?”
    This question should be required for those student visa & trust fund babies in Toronto who drive Lambos, ferraris and Porsche cars while attending classes at UofT, Ryerson or York University.
    I’ve heard that the most butt ugly “Dravidian” looking Canadian woman from India gets hit on at least 50 times a day in Toronto by those rich cucks! Quality pussy is a scarcity in that city that if you don’t order $400 table drinks at the bar, no woman will approach you, or want you approach them….It’s the norm in downtown Toronto to order $250 lobsters, $100 steak dinners and $400 full course exotic meals for dinner after work for your female acquaintance.

    1. Dude, seems a bit exaggerated but probably some underlying truth in it. I met two Toronto dudes in Cebu (Philippines) who looked a bit like me, but were younger and with less muscles, and those guys were thirsty as hell. They went completely crazy when they had the opportunity to go one a two-day excursion with two Spanish chicks, a 6 and a 7.
      I said that I planned to come with them and they were swetting like hell, like I was the devil who could ruin their plans after a long and painful drought in the desert. Then I said, don’t worry, I’m going to Cebu City and will have some local pussy and they were relieved but also afraid of the content in my message: “Oh, I have heard that place is dangerous…”
      Fucking weak pussies. I went out by myself and scored.

        1. So, Wee Willy, they couldn’t get laid because you failed in advising them? You did direct them to pussy, right? Not those butch looking ladyboys in Cebu, right?

  21. In regards to finances but also living a red pill life, I encourage men to look into the Minimalism. Basic principles are get rid of all the things/people/experiences in your life that don’t add value to you and align with your own core values and beliefs. This will greatly reduce the amount of junk you buy and accumulate and will in turn will aid in finding true happiness. Red Pill is about truth and minimalism is a recipe to help seek true pleasure.

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty much selective minimalism that I’m suggest. Or rather more specifically a golden mean between excessive materialism and minimalism.

  22. Doesn’t austerity mean poverty? How can a website called “Return of Kings” blag it’s readership by telling them how to be kings by being bums?

      1. So, you get paid to write on this website, but you write too fast and fuck up? Doesn’t this make you a cowboy?

      2. I know what austrity means mate, knew it before the EU floated it to the community knowing they were ignorant to the word. Perhaps you should change your handle to W Smith, or even better O’Brian. Nah, stick to Wee Willy.

        1. Of course it’s just comments, debate is after all the cornerstone of intellectualism, isnt it?

  23. I guess it’s how we define “cowboy” ? Would you rather a Village People cowboy, or a Cebu ladyboy, who might pass after ten pints and a dryspell?

  24. You never explained what a “straightforward intellectual” is, didn’t you used to be a ” pseudo-intellectual”?

    1. Many intellectuals are not straightforward so I think that formulation caught the essence of the message I tried to convey. ROK occasionally has a touch of intellectuality but not too much and writers try to get to the point early, although their points often are based on sound sources and reasoning.
      You’re just trolling and trying to waste other people’s time, with lame and predictable insults and ditto rhetoric, but still I found your question a bit relevant.

      1. Haha! Soxmis is awesomely ON FIRE 🙂 Granted… I also do NOT understand William Adams at all. Some of his writings (Comments AND Actual ROK Articles!) are okay but its always done with this ‘Dad knows better than you’ clueless pseudo-intellectualism. No matter how calm you are it sortof makes you wanna punch Mr. WAdams in the face!
        It’s also very weird how ROK started out talking about gaming college skanks and now ANY topic that spills over from the Obamonkey Marxist oppression makes WAdams (and RSSSH for that matter) piss their pants in fear.
        “Hey! Don’t write about corrupt bankers! Don’t feel hatred towards the people literally ENDANGERING YOUR LIFE. Don’t question ANYTHING as “False”. Don’t point out the TRNZ in the media”… and on and on.
        ROK used to make me laugh… now it just makes me sad for the DEATH of REAL men!

  25. 11. Get a second job.
    in 2018 I will have $10k in a line of credit and about 1k in a cred card which I keep falling back into. And I just bought a new car as I moved to a new province. My outgoings are way more than my incoming. In 5 years I should be good as I partially own a house in the UK which when I sell it with family will be very lucrative but until then I am going to have to take a PT job.
    This list is helpful most of it I already do. But I am pay check to pay check right now and it’s brutal. Plus I am in the worst profession, Architecture for salary.

    1. Getting one job is the party line, getting a second job makes you a good and obedient little citizen. You can’t win by playing you government’s game. Better to not have any job at all, than to support the corrupt western states IMHO.

  26. A woman who is a financial fool (as too many of them are) can ruin all of the above plans in an instant. Take care to avoid hooking up with one of those, if at all possible, and the rest will fall into place with discipline.

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