6 Ways Policemen Can Regain Credibility With The American Public

My previous article, “Why Americans Should Reconsider Their Contempt for Today’s Police,” was well-received in the law enforcement community, but not so much on Return of Kings. I only wished to begin a conversation, and perhaps it worked.

Ultimately, everyone would benefit from a better understanding between the police and the public, and neither side can afford to sacrifice the cooperation that is necessary to move forward. As some cops and some members of the public move toward the fringe, fueled by social media and their cozy echo-chambers, the relationship could deteriorate beyond repair. Then what?  I think a cop who claims that all cops are heroes and that the solution is to make more arrests is as ridiculous as the anti-cop that claims that all cops are pigs and the answer is revolution.

With that being said, I would like to challenge law enforcement to look into the mirror and reflect on what we may be doing wrong. I know cops have many thoughts on this, even though it is not discussed at roll call or FOP meetings; primarily because our out-of-touch administrators are more worried about their bottom line and retirement and focus more on risk management than any sort of valuable reform. Many of you question the same things about our institution, but with no forum for it to be discussed, nothing is addressed and nothing gets changed.

Let’s face it, we all know the government, especially the Federal Government, is out of control and working against the best interests of the people. The public is waking up and challenging the system that we are unfortunately a part of—and that is a good thing. Don’t take it personally. We have to suck it up and realize that we are the tangible government, and therefore we are going to catch the initial heat from the public as their eyes continue to open.

Remember, this concept is still new to them. The public will eventually figure out that videotaping a cop that pulled them over because they were speeding is not going to bring Eric Holder up on contempt charges, or impeach Obama. Eventually they will also realize that it is their responsibility to change any law they see as unfair, and not expect the police to selectively enforce laws. And when the public truly seeks reform, they will direct their contempt at the politicians and “leaders” that actually run the show, yet have somehow remained exempt from the ridicule and harassment we often face. In the meantime, let us consider some changes and reminders to help come to an understanding with the public that we are simply local crime fighters acting on behalf of a common morality and not the government.

1.  Study the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

You swore to protect it. That oath may have seemed ceremonious, but it was certainly the most important and practical directive you agreed upon. Study the Constitution and see what should separate us from the rest of the world. Understand that the inalienable rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence are not privileges, and that the Bill of Rights does not just permit free speech, journalism, or the right to bear arms; it encourages them—and for good reason.

The Constitution was written by men who wanted to ensure that a wayward government fears the power of the people. Remember this when you are watching the news and shaking your head in disgust like everyone else, and when you get to work, be mindful of your position and how you can collaborate with the will of free people who only wish to remain free.

2.  Do not let the media exacerbate the nanny state

Most citizens don’t need you. There is a large population of people who can take care of themselves. I’m not saying that they take matters into their own hands necessarily; only that they simply take care of their own problems and are smart and skillful enough to get through a day without the protection or advice of the police.

I cringe when I see a cop on the local news giving viewers tips on driving in the snow, firework safety, or other general common sense advice. We are not parents to a childlike public. Any self-reliant person undoubtedly rolls their eyes when Officer Friendly reminds them to “reduce your speed when the roads are icy.”  To be fair to cops, it is the media that requests these interviews. The media usually wants a soundbite to fill some programming gap while appearing helpful and providing a service to their viewers. Cops hate to do these interviews, so I recommend declining them.

3.  Realize that you cannot control crime

The term “first responder” says it all; we respond to problems. We are not “crime stoppers.” We can’t be. When departments do act as “crime stoppers,” they need to station police en masse like they do at special events or areas of repeat violent crime, and they can’t merely respond; they need to already be there. Although a heavy police presence at special events like the Super Bowl is sometimes understandable and viable, it is certainly not possible or wanted everywhere all the time.

But if crime is not the burden of the police, then who carries it? The community. Public safety is contingent on the conscience and values of a community, not the power of law enforcement.  Unfortunately, when crime is high in a community, half of the community begs for a police state while the other half condemns it, and we are always viewed simultaneously as too aggressive or too passive.  How can we ever win?

So when your over-reactive police administrators demand crackdowns and heavy police presence after a rash of gang related shootings, take it with a grain of salt. Don’t blame yourself when a few drug dealers robbed the wrong guys and end up dead or shot. You don’t need to frisk every guy that walks down that street and start taking people to jail for trespassing because they are standing outside of a building that some slum lord gave up on years ago.

We need to stop making ourselves 100% accountable for weak, state funded communities. If anything, it is the Feds that are responsible for these communities. The Feds are funding the crime and irresponsible cultures that plague crime ridden communities—and with our tax dollars!  It is rather absurd that the states and cities have to tame the beast that the Federal Government feeds, strengthens, and at times, incites.

4.  Dethrone the “drug cop”

When it comes to patrol officers, the type of cop that gets the most credit for being “active” and doing “real police work” is the “drug cop.”  He or she is the cop that chases down the drug dealers, recovers their stolen firearms, seizes their money and cars, etc. Most young cops look up to the “drug cop” and mirror them. The allure is understandable; drug investigations are the fastest and easiest way to get into some action as most dealers usually run from police who then give chase.

It is easy to measure the productivity of a drug cop. How many grams of heroin? How many thousands of dollars? These are all numbers they yell to each other when finishing up their paperwork at the station so that everyone can hear how awesome they are. But if these drug cops just stopped and looked around one day, they would see that all their hard work and close calls didn‘t really change anything. The drugs keep pouring in, and the buyers keep pulling up. However, drug enforcement does have its place since the only people who have ever thanked me for saving their lives were addicts that I arrested, but leave that to your vice unit. Let them do the drug investigations and monitor the violence surrounding it.

Instead, keep your eye out for real victims. Get out there and break up a burglary ring, protect property, figure out who is breaking into all those cars, identify that guy robbing people downtown, try to get someone’s stolen car back to them, ask around about that unsolved homicide from four years ago. Whatever you do, let the public benefit from it.  Drug work is a quick game where you want to catch the mouse and the public doesn’t pay you to play games.

Drug abuse is a cultural problem. There is nothing the police can do to address the insatiable American appetite for illicit drugs. Local police agencies need to stop pretending that this is a problem they can solve. Perhaps when the police step back, communities and their churches, businesses, medical facilities, etc. will strike that critical balance between charity and capital to address the drug problems of their own sons and daughters.

5.  Take off the sunglasses

I know this is not 100% fair, but everyone hates a cop in sunglasses. It’s just the way it is. Although sunglasses are practical, when you wear them at work and in uniform, they evoke mistrust and suspicion. I brought a pair to work several years ago when I began working second shift and I felt like Agent Smith from “The Matrix” when I talked to people and I probably came across that way too. I never wore them again. Nothing is more effective than good eye contact where a citizen can see how genuine you are and a bad guy can see how serious you are. And while you’re at it, tell your buddies to leave the tactical gloves and bluetooth earpieces at home as well.

6.  Live within your means and stop burning yourself out

A police officer is still a blue-collar job. Yet for some reason, many cops want to live the life of a Google executive. They are building $300,000 homes and buying $40,000 trucks on a base pay that tops out around $55,000 annually. They make ends meet by working tons of overtime and outside employment details. The money is well-earned, as they work very hard for it, but the cost makes it way down to the public when they get burned out and the exhaustion makes for a bad attitude.

Cities are only making the problem worse. Hiring freezes have emerged throughout the country in the last few years while at the same time, tons of cops are retiring. This of course means fewer cops on the payroll. The city’s solution is not to hire more cops, but instead to provide overtime to already exhausted, burned out cops.

Cops are not immune to the failure of Americans to know their place in society. Many of the rugged crime fighters of yesterday that traded shots of liquor in the local hole in the wall are being replaced by softer babbitts sipping wine poolside at their oversized home. Loaded with debt, many cops are enslaved to the job. They will find it hard to step out of line or challenge injustice when they cannot afford to.

So live within your means. Don’t back yourselves into a corner, and by the way, look a little closer at your pension system. There is a lot more money going out than coming in. Do you see that carrot dangling before you? It is rotting.

United we stand

It’s understood by now that the system’s primary tactic to control its people is to divide and conquer. The more they can get groups to clash and fringes to spread, the more the system can step in to take control. If the public and the system’s law enforcers can both make concessions and come to some middle ground, the system’s orchestrators will begin to lose control and perhaps the organic human relationship that the nation once knew will emerge again. Everything is to be gained from mutual cooperation; be very suspicious of those on either end that work to ensure a divide is drawn.

Norman Rockwell Cop at Counter w Boy

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194 thoughts on “6 Ways Policemen Can Regain Credibility With The American Public”

  1. I’m not for or against cops, but one thing is clear: disrespect must have made the job a lot harder. If I was a cop and some little 13 y old shit talked back at me and there was nothing I could do about it, I would grow a mustache and wear sun glasses at all time.
    Looking forward to hearing more from a cop’s point of view, especially first hand information that can’t be found elsewhere.

    1. If the 13 year old is breaking the law arrest him. If he’s not breaking the law than why would you be talking to him anyway ?

      1. Because his parents call us because they don’t want to be responsible for his disrespect anymore. What you people forget is that policing is reactive. We go where YOU call US to handle problems that you just can’t deal with. The comment above about liability is a must read for everyone here.

        1. So if the 13 year old is not breaking the law than tell the parents ‘No crime has been committed we have no jurisdiction here’ and walk away.
          The fact that police break society into ‘YOU’ and ‘US’ shows the severity of the disconnect between citizens who publically wear a costume (ie uniform) and those who dress normally.
          There is no problem normal people can’t deal with in reality when not prevented by artificial regulations, Kyle.

        2. If people could handle their own problems, they wouldn’t call police. The problem isn’t police and regulations, it’s a culture of blue pill that instead of cleaning their own mess, people are lazy and dependant on the government.
          Also, police use YOU and US the same way retail workers do, customers and workers. Well, I do anyway.

        3. So again Kyle, if the 13 year old is not breaking the law than why not tell the parents ‘No crime has been committed, we have no jurisdiction here’ and walk away ?
          You and your colleagues are not special. You are no different from other citizens of good character who don’t wear a costume on a daily basis.
          Stop pretending you are separate from the community by this imaginary division of ‘US’ and ‘YOU’ and if a return is made to the ‘peace officer’ mindset as opposed to ‘law enforcement’ you might find respect returned to you and your colleagues.

        4. Because if the issue with the 13 year old isn’t handled, the odds of him being in jail after18 are higher.
          I never said we were special. I don’t do the job for respect and warm fuzzy feelings. I do the job because someone has to.
          Not to pass the buck, but do you get this upset about doctors who don’t do the job correctly and get people killed? Or the malpractice insurance companies who keep them safe? I doubt it. This issue between police and the general public is a two way street. Not just police that have to get better

        5. It is up to the parents to give character guidance to their children. If no crime has been committed than police have no jurisdiction to interfere.
          Nice straw man assertion about doctors and my potential attitudes to incompetence, costume wearer.

        6. It is fascinating to me that instead of having an outside agent of the city or state try to solve a problem, you would rather have a failure in parenting. While I definitely agree that parents have the right to parent as they see fit, I think we all agree that poor parenting is a major cause of issues with the upcoming generations. If I can help, why not let me? That’s what serving the public is.
          Also, we all wear costumes to work; yours is just different than mine.

  2. Rule number 1: QUIT.
    The police work for US government. That’s who they get their orders from. That’s the name on the paycheck.
    The number one enemy of anyone desiring change in the United States today is the police. They maintain law and order – the system’s laws, and the system’s order.
    There will be NO meaningful change in this country as long as the police continue to get their orders, and money, from the USG. Any group that could enact change would be infiltrated, then the usual anonymous charges of child molestation and kiddie porn.
    The police cannot regain the public trust. This country is going to become a third world nation within 20 years. More repressive means must be taken to subdue a diverse and poorer population. The American police will become just like cops in Mexico or Nigeria.

    1. There’s a thought that if there were no police, in a years time there would be no crime due to the common “good” people wiping out the “scum.”

        1. Uh… I remember facts but not sources. I think I might have been quoting you. Well, in my defense, it’s a good quote.

    2. Except for a few three letter agencies, American police are local and state employees. Part of the current problem though is that federal dollars and federal equipment are flowing in and making cops look and act more like a federal military force.

  3. 1. Stop shooting dogs
    2. Stop shooting people
    3. During domestic disputes end the policy of “arrest one person so the couple is separated.”. This just makes things worse if there was no crime.
    4. Don’t use military style equipment and raids unless it’s necessary
    5. Lobby against laws that require cops to intrude into people’s business. The less interaction people have with cops the better they feel about cops.
    6. Ban arrest quotas/speeding ticket quotas / arrests as a performance metric
    7. Hold high standards on who becomes a cop. Idiots, thugs, bullies not wanted.
    8. Stop covering up for fuckup criminal cops

    1. 9. Hire locally, have cops patrol their own neighborhoods that they care about. People who actually give a shit are better than the best paper qualified candidates.

      1. One problem with that: Conflict of interest. It’s hard to be a cop when you might have to arrest your buddies.

      2. I think this is the one thing that prevents the ‘us vs. them’ mentality that comes hand in hand with police brutality.

    2. 1. Happens rarely.
      2. Happens rarely and almost always justified.
      3. No such policy exists. We often leave with no arrest.
      4. Military style equip has been around a long time and I’ve never seen it used unless necessary.
      5. That’s your job. The people can change the law when they aren’t making divisive lists.
      6. I agree with this.
      7. I wish; change civil service laws and Federal diversity quotas.
      8. I agree with this.

      1. We can’t change the law until we get rid of the Jewish lobby, Shawn. Lolz get a clue man.

        1. I’m a police officer. I am telling you from actual human experience and not a stupid link that even if law requires an arrest with probable cause, most cops are able to reconcile domestic violence matters without hand cuffs.

        2. That link pretty lines up with the reality where i live: A man in the papers was arguing with his wife and the kid got upset and called the police. Guess who got arrested and a record?

        3. I’m from Iowa. We have a mandatory arrest if there are visible injuries and a primary physical aggressor. And still a vast majority of domestic disputes are solved without handcuffs

        4. So as an alleged member of the law enforcement community you are totally refuting something a layman provides proof of. That type of arrogance is part of the problem.

    3. Cops should walk a beat more frequently rather than sit in cars all of the time. People will talk to an officer if he is seen as part of the community, and they may report things they wouldn’t otherwise, voluntarily.

    4. Cops, as the enforcement class of the state will always use brute force. They are the agents of a MONOPOLY OF VIOLENCE.
      The enforcement class of the state has no real incentive to provide you a good service. Nobody can change that system from within. It is by its very nature corrupt and against your personal interest. It is only invested in the corporate benefit of the state- not your well being.
      The only solution is found in the free market. Entrepreneurs need to create alternative systems of security that compete with the enforcement class of the state; ultimately abolishing the Monopoly of Violence and supplanting it with various free-market solutions. Competing security agencies will be motivated to provide better services than their competition.
      Focus your energy on providing alternatives to coercive government monopolies. (Billion $ idea: Imagine an Uber or Lyft for Security).
      Just because a given government entity in the world currently monopolizes a certain sector of the economy, does not mean that such sector’s needs are not better met within the free market.
      Highly recommend the reading of The Law by Bastiat: https://mises.org/books/thelaw.pdf

      1. “The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit.”
        – Milton Friedman

      2. I’d say we let them live tax free, they must be voted in, and we pay their rent/utilities/food bills up to a certain amount so there’s not need to worry that the mayor’s friend might get him fired or they didn’t issue enough tickets. Of course there’s a down side to this as well, but i’m sure we can all figure this out.

        1. They already have way too many they already have way too many benefits afforded to them. We need to make it less attractive financially to be a cop.

    5. And make working with the Homeless or some other disadvantage population for a minimum of 2 years a requirement for anyone wanting to do police work.

    6. Retired Police Officer here;
      1. In my entire career I never shot a dog, I never knew another cop who shot a dog. You’ve seen a few on You Tube so I guess you believe all cops shoot dogs.
      2. In my entire career I never shot a person. I drew down on people and would have shot them had they not dropped the weapon they had or stopped what they were doing to someone else. I was shot at twice but had to hold my fire because in both cases there was a chance that people in houses behind the shooter could be hit. We’re not anxious to shoot anyone. 1 in 3 cops who has to kill someone in the line of duty attempts or commits suicide; a statistic the media has a tendency to ignore.
      3. Family violence protective laws in most states (put in place by whining women) require that whenever there is an injury or even mention of any type of assault an arrest must be made. That’s the law. Cops don’t like it because it takes their discretion away. I can’t tell you how many domestics we were able to settle without an arrest….even to the point of having them crying and apologizing in each other’s arms before these laws were passed. But the laws are there and cops now don’t have a choice.
      4. I agree. Uniform standards have gone right to hell. These people on the streets with their black military utilities look as if they’re always dressed for a SWAT operation or playing Ninja.
      5. Have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. That’s typical of the idiotic remarks we dealt with on a daily basis; if you’re around you’re intruding, if you’re not around and visible you’re loafing and wasting the taxpayer’s money……bullshit.
      6. Quotas are a myth and also illegal, though certain commanders and even cities will try ways to institute them. When they do it pisses cops off to no end. Example; the department I worked in received a nasty letter from the idiot mayor stating that our parking tickets were a large percentage off from the previous year and that if we didn’t start writing more the “quality of life would seriously decline” in our good city. Our response was to spend 3 days writing parking tickets around city hall for every violation we could find, mostly overtime parking. They mayor rescinded his ridiculous letter.
      7. There used to be high standards but the problem is that the quality of applicants has gone down. I predicted it twenty years ago. Why? The way the media treats cops. Every report you see is someone or some group criticizing or protesting the police, calling them racist, calling them pigs, calling them corrupt with idiots like Al Sharpton leading the way and reporters gleefully driving the controversy. On the other hand when police get killed the press is there like the grim reaper to interview people who heap praises on the fallen officer. Our perspective? As far as the press is concerned the only good cops are dead cops. I wouldn’t apply for the job today and neither would any reasonably intelligent person with a decent education. I wouldn’t say that all you’re getting idiots, thugs, and bullies but there are a few and overall the quality has decreased over the last few decades.
      8. Rogue cops are few and far in between believe it or not. Nobody hates them more than good cops. But our reaction was to stay away from them and let them hang themselves which usually they would sooner or later. I was pretty naïve when I came on the job, thinking that all cops were honest and wanted to serve the public and take criminals off the street. I saw guys do things that disgusted me and made me feel ashamed to wear the badge at times. But you keep your mouth shut because once you’re branded a rat you’re a rat as far as all cops are concerned good and bad. Many times your life depends on the trust other cops have for you. We had a stroke of luck on our department with the appointment of one of our shift commanders (a damned good cop!) as chief of patrol. Within a year most of the idiots were either straightened out or gone; quit, fired, or retired. It’s too bad there aren’t more like him out there but much of it is politics too.
      Most of your statements are generalizations that would be, if you were to apply them to say, a certain race, considered bigoted. Most people who are the harshest critics of cops would not or could not be cops. Most of the guys I worked with were good cops. Most of the women I worked with were decent people but absolutely useless on the street. Most of the bad cops didn’t last long. Most of all; I don’t miss it one damned bit.

      1. puppycide.com the list goes on and on ….of dogs and men to see you must first look… there are more but not b
        for any reason people just like to tell lies about the poor abusers oops i mean abused cops

  4. I may be in a minority here, but around where I live, there aren’t many asshole cops. I haven’t run into any trouble except for a couple speeding tickets. Do cops differ by region or state?

    1. Of course not. You form your opinions from personal experience and not internet information.

      1. In a highly conditioned society, personal experience can be contradictory, confusing, and misleading. You need internet information (sites such as veterans today) to fill in the blanks and connect the dots.
        Because guess who runs the mainstream media? Hint: it’s a more definable term that just “the establishment”.

    2. I’m out in the sticks of rural-ish Ohio and we only have a sheriff and some deputies, and I have to say, they all seem decent and more or less leave us alone here. That said, if I had to deal with NYC cops I’d likely start considering some very violent…thoughts…in a hypothetical sense of course.

      1. I’m in Minnesota and they’re pretty laid back here too. They’re a bit tougher in the Twin Cities than in suburban or rural areas.

      2. I got a cool story bro: I’m on the Indian reservation fighting woodland fire in camp at night and the tribal “police” roll through. There were complaints the pervious night about his headlights in the camp where there are hundreds sleeping in tents. So we flagged him down and asked him to dim the lights in camp, and he responds: “You people are on my land.” So we just backed away slowly and said goodnight. I bet these Indians could get drunk on duty break into someones house and rape schoolchildren in their beds at night without even getting a suspension.

  5. You want to regain credibility with the public? Stop acting like an occupying military force. Cops aren’t soldiers or warriors, they’re peace officers. Don’t use SWAT raids for someone cutting hair without a license or a group of friends gambling on sports. And understand that a family dog more than likely is not going to hurt you, it’s just coming around to see the person who’s at its home, which is what all dogs do. Also, don’t manipulate what people say just to get an arrest, knowing the person you’re manipulating is innocent.
    The first step to rebuilding trust with cops is to disarm them. No guns, no clubs, maybe mace. That will stop them from being able to act out their fantasies of being in a war and violating peoples’ rights and killing their innocent dogs.

    1. The future is going to look a lot like Elite Squad a Brazilian film that dramatizes the paramilitary nature of patrolling in the slums of Rio.
      Bring in the third world and you get the 3rd World War.

      1. Is that because the First and Second World Wars were started and fought in the third world?

        1. I like Niall Ferguson’s thesis that the War of the the World began with the Russo-Japanese war and ended with the Ethnic cleansing in Bosnia.
          Japan was the peer of any European state and didn’t like the idea of Russia in the Pacific. The defeat of Russia the re in 1905 really destabilized the Czar and made Germany and Russia seek to fill a vacuum or fix the leaks. Which should be a warning to us today.

    2. I agree with everything except disarming police, and I don’t even like cops in general. That’s not really feasible, as a disarmed police force would more than likely be murdered in droves.The problem is, cops often get off with a slap on the wrist for bad or criminal behavior. If anything, a cop should be held to a higher standard than “civilians”, as they like to call ordinary citizens nowadays. If a cop fucks up, they shouldn’t be allowed to be a cop anymore, period. If they kill someone wrongfully, they should go to prison. Hold them to a higher standard. If a cop commits a crime, they should face a harsher penalty than normal.

      1. ” a disarmed police force would more than likely be murdered in droves”
        Many police are backing disarming the public even as the public are murdered in droves. Maybe the middle ground only allow the police to carry what the public are allowed to carry.

        1. Yeah, maybe so. The ones who are calling for public disarmament are fucking dumb. Most of them are also not up to carrying that out themselves. Personally, I’m not willing to give up any arms in the interest of the police state and I’m not alone by a long shot.

      2. how about some standard at all they murder with impunity lie always steal these are the kind of people they are they dont live in the real world they dont have to the da’s and judges are just as arrogant and sorry as well hubris rules these scumbags…. they think they have a right to your property…. they think they have aright to take your life because they are pussies and scared …… that bullshit does not work for everyone else

  6. You represent, and are, the enforcer of a MONOPOLY OF VIOLENCE. People are realizing that as a Monopoly of Coercion, you have no incentive to provide a good service.
    Only in a free market that allows for competing security agencies will we find security officers motivated to do a good job.
    You will not change government from within. Focus your energy on providing alternatives to coercive government monopolies. (Billion $ idea: Imagine an Uber or Lyft for Security).

    1. “The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit.”
      – Milton Friedman

  7. Having some level of physical fitness, not abiding by quotas to meet revenue requirements, and not protecting your fellow incompetent officers (especially those guilty of excessive force) would be easy and relevant improvements.

    1. Great suggestions. The thin blue line needs to be thrown in the rubbish bin of history. Until that happens it is quite difficult to claim “but not all cops are bad, only a few make it seem that way!”. Well, when the good stop covering for the bad, then come back to me.

        1. Actually the common citizen can take good care of themselves, if properly motivated. For example some Ferguson shop owners are standing outside their shops with rifles and shotguns. Amazingly, they are not getting looted.

        2. The Droogs were actually doing their job until they discovered the man they were saving from the mob of stinky street bums was their old pal Alex who had used violence and intimidation to keep them in their place as ex-head of their previous gang. So this was not exactly a case of wholly unwarranted police brutality this time around to be honest.

  8. This is a good article and good, practical advise for police officers. You have to start somewhere, right? As somebody who is active in foot on the ground, grassroots politics, I always remind those in my groups that when we’re out in public that we are ambassadors for our cause, whether we want to be or not. People judge you by your actions first and foremost. The same goes for police officers, and I’m happy to see this notion fronted in the article.
    Thanks for contributing this article.

  9. If this is about Ferguson…
    according to published accounts of Mike Brown’s friend Dorin Johnson Mike did a few things:
    1) He slammed the door to the Squad Car onto the cop as he attempted to exit the car. Did that catch the cop’s leg and pinch it?
    2) reached into to cab and assaulted the cop as the cop sat there. Fist’s flying? strangulation? reach for gun?
    3) Then the first shot rang out from inside the cab.
    This sequence is all published in Dorin’s first accounts of the incident. Three facts that are entirely undisputed and are enough for the cop to claim self defense. All corroborated by Dorin Johnson in his initial public statement.
    The grievance industry is full of clowns.

  10. You can’t be a good cop in a rotten system. Just 13% of Americans approve of the job that Congress is doing, and it’s only going to get worse. The basic liberal beliefs that this country has been run on for the last 50 years or so don’t work and can’t be made to work, but they are now an irrational secular religion and can’t be reversed. Decline is inevitable, so is the lessening of freedom, and the police, as enforcers for the system, will reap the contempt that decline and oppression fosters, and quite frankly rightly so. The police today are less corrupt and violent than they have ever been but it doesn’t get them any credit because the system they work for is a failure.

    1. I agree with that. back in the 50s most cops would have a brother in the Mafia or an inlaw. In Bronx you either joined the mob (direct or affiliated via union or protection) or you became a cop.
      That’s not how the cops are today. There’s nowhere near that level of organic corruption.

    2. Yes, citizens are in for a surprise. I grew up in the ghetto and moved my ass to lily white Oregon, where the dumb ass rich kids talk about privilege like its a bad thing. They’re so privileged that they don’t even know what they’re talking about when they try to discuss privilege! Citizens are in for a surprise because the rulers are trying to turn every farming community and suburb into south Chicago. Or Detroit. Or Tijuana. Go to Google street view and “drive” yourself around the streets of Tijuana and you will see what is in store for America. Or better yet, just watch Elysium- streets lines with ruble and squalor and all the white rich kids in their gated communities. that’s our future thanks to diversity.

      1. Funny done that. On street view, the border looks tight with concrete wall. Neighborhood looks like it was built by drunk rich kids, paint sniffers or retarded poor kids. Seriously, any demasculated place where the mantis kills the architect would end up like that. Johannesburg has towering corporate jewel in center and miles of sprawling shantytowns with gated oasises here and there protected by armed guards. Inner burbs look like a mulatto Brooklyn with wage slave ‘flats for rent’ signs abounding. The northern US border at Blaine, Washington is a must see. Basically NO BORDER. US houses back to back with Canada. You can literally hand a carton of Marlboros over backyard fence to your Canadian neighbor and he could hand you back a pack of Tamiflu which is free over there. Look up ‘Smuggler’s Inn Bed and Breakfast’ there and note the humorous border crossing road sign in rear of property. (you have to look for it)

  11. 7. Mandatory Cameras
    All police interactions should be filmmed. Cameras decrease false complaints against cops, and actual abuses by cops.
    Transparency. It’s the same reason we want you to take the sunglasses off.

    1. Universal conscription at 18-20 would probably work more effectively.
      How about this: universal CCTV in all crime spots and more besides? Ferguson could be rigged for CCTV in all streets, how about that? The Panopticon?

      1. The solution to a decrease in both quantity and quality of liberty is not to strip even more of it away wholesale.
        Unless you were being sarcastic for effect?

  12. The one connection that I would like to see severed is the relationship between federal government and local police departments. While created to further the “war on terror”, it appears to do far more harm than good. The police should be accountable to their local community, not a federal bureaucracy, which as we all know is growing very hostile to liberty-loving people.
    The expansion of the federal government, at the expense of state and local government, means that people have less and less direct control over their circumstances (i.e. can’t just pick up and move states anymore to escape oppressive policy). This is a very troubling trend, and i think police departments are at the front lines of this fight today. If we let the federal government achieve more and more control over local department budgets, their accountability will no longer be to local citizens, but DC interests.
    It seems to me that the Federal Government is on an unsustainable course (i.e. budgets, entitlements, Federal Reserve policy, loss of control to special interests, loss of legitimacy in the eyes of the people, etc.). A time will come, within my lifetime, where there will be a crisis point where we can’t just kick the can down the road any further. It seems our establishment has foreseen this, and is establishing influence in local law enforcement as a proactive measure to pressure local police departments to enforce federal government policy instead of being accountable to local peacekeeping.
    To the author of this article, i would say that his points are well-taken, especially about changing bad laws (i.e. drug laws) instead of blaming cops for enforcing them (i.e. selective enforcement is a slippery slope). Ultimately, i have faith in the individual people that make up our police forces. I think that when push comes to shove, if anything like i’ve described happens (i.e. crisis), that our police will stick by the people they swore to serve and protect.

    1. “The one connection that I would like to see severed is the relationship between the *Jew-controlled Federal Government* and local police departments.”
      Fixed it for ya.

  13. I’ve been assaulted 3 times in my life.
    I say “assaulted” because those 3 times I did not fight back. Once by a dangerous thug. Twice by police.

  14. The tone of this article is much better than your last. Which basically said “stop picking on us, we are here for your good”.

  15. Until cops start to bust the corrupt cops in their own ranks, things will not improve.
    And unless cops turn this police state around, a day will come when a lot of cops will be burning their patrol cars in front of their homes to keep their neighbors from killing them.

    1. Agree on the first paragraph. The second one is incorrect, cops have no way to turn the police state around except as we have, at the voting booth. Given as women love authority and vote, along with the throngs of pussified leftist mangina so well, that may well be impossible.

      1. Wall to wall CCTV is the only thing that prevented the Metropolitan Police from becoming an armed force. The London cops are ludicrously standoffish these days too. The Army should have been brought in day 2 of the rioting in London though. Similar here. Nixon should have deployed his national guard forces.

      2. Oh get real, all it takes it people to stop participating. The Soviet Union collapsed when the Border Guards just stopped participating and let whoever wanted to leave, leave.

    2. That or they finally transform into veritable brown shirts. Is your citizenry armed by any chance?

    3. busting corrupt cops is ridiculous, since the system of law enforcement is designed to encourage corruption.
      It’s like putting out a buffet table of cakes and candy and then slapping any child foolish enough to show any interest.
      The system of law enforcement is the problem.

  16. I have no doubt there are some good cops out there but police and politicians have one thing in common…if you want to be one, you probably shouldn’t be.
    Police have a ton of what they call “street-level” authority even though they on average aren’t very bright and in any normal career that would require high intelligence to successful they wouldn’t cut it.
    In NY State they even ruled it was ok to discriminate against people who were too intelligent. Only in America. http://abcnews.go.com/US/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-cops/story?id=95836
    Police get paid a fairly low salary with a high risk of bad shit happening…anyone that is willing to sign up for that (I am generalizing because there are of course exceptions) is doing so for a reason.
    As a white guy, I have seen first hand abuse of this authority from nearly every police officer I have encountered. From my black friends, it is like 10x worse.
    If police want respect they have to act respectful and not act like the arrogant assholes they come across as.

    1. Pay isn’t nearly as bad as you think it is. Many are making 60-100k/year (with OT) plus great benefits and a full pension after 20-25 years. Far, far better than 80-90% of the private sector.

      1. The average IQ of a police officer is a pathetic 104. I mean Jesus, 70 is considered mentally challenged.
        Let’s not kid ourselves. People that become police officers (in general) do so because they could never have that much power in any other place with an IQ that low.
        Arrogance + low IQ + power = trouble

        1. Dawson, I cannot speak to other departments but in my academy class and also the ones that preceded me, many had bachelors degrees, a select few had master’s degrees, were teachers, ex-pro athletes, bankers, army guys who’ve served overseas, worked for the U.N, etc. A highly qualified and smart group. Times have changed and modern policing has gotten real complex. They don’t hire them tall dumb thugs (much) anymore.

        2. I am talking about your average beat cop or cop driving a cruiser. 104 IQ is just barely above average and we all know how smart the average American is.
          Are you really talking the position that you don’t think the average cop (beat cop or cop driving a cruiser) isn’t arrogant as hell and power hungry.
          Here is a stat for you:
          “Within the average 25 year career span of a US law enforcement officer, based on the 2009 NPMSRP Semi-Annual PMR, roughly 1 out of every 4.7 police officers will be involved in an alleged act of police misconduct egregious enough to wind up reported in the news. So let’s break that down:
          Estimated Police Misconduct Rate (PMR) in 2009 = 834.69 per 100k
          Average career PMR = 20,867.25 per 100k
          In other words, 1 in 4.7 police officers may be implicated in an act of misconduct over the course of their career.
          So, if you were a police officer, you are more likely, about 55 times more likelyin fact, to be implicated in an act of police misconduct over the course of your 25 year career than the likelihood that any given average US citizen will die of murder.”

        3. I’m not sure where you are getting those stats, but in Canada the occurrences of police misconduct are on a per officer basis, quite rare and low. I can’t speak to American stats as I’ve never studied them which I’m sure are higher.
          For example, there are approx. 3000 members of municipal police forces in the the province of BC. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_board]
          For the period of 2012-2013, there were approx. 1200 police complaints to the OPCC, which is a independent, civilian investigative body into police misconduct. Keep in mind these are allegations only and the vast majority are frivolous and trivial. Of those, 106 cases were substantiated after an independent investigation. [https://www.opcc.bc.ca/publications/annual_reports/2012_2013_Annual_Report.pdf]
          Do the math, thats 106 substantiated cases of police misconduct for 3000 members in a year, or a misconduct rate of 3.5%. The vast majority of cops out there are doing their jobs within the confines of their powers. There are bad apples in any occupation, whether they be teachers, priests, doctors. etc. Can those occupations claim less than 5% misconduct?
          My point is, police misconduct certain occurs, but not as frequently as the sensationalist media makes them out to be or the public seem to think – at least in Canada where is where I work.

        4. OK, first of all I was talking about America and not Canada. You cannot compare the two for about a million reasons. OK, all not a million reasons but plenty of reasons.
          The problem with the way you looked that the statistics (an honest mistake I am sure) is that you looked at a single year. You have to look over the lifetime of a police officers 25 year career.
          Here is where I got my stats.

      2. I found a link to this article today from another ROK article, so I know I’m late to the party. The annual town payroll was printed this month. This is a small town in the north east. Top 3 earners: #1 $212,702 #2 $205,873 #3 $198,574. All cops.

  17. #1 – Learn about society and realize the role of the Zionist Organized Government in the degradation of society and the increasing militarization/aggressiveness of police.
    Corollary – unfortunately, if the rumors of IQ caps are true, no one in the police dept. will be intelligent enough to realize this (unless it becomes common knowledge amongst the citizenry first).

  18. Anon Cop – You keep missing missing the mark when it comes to ROK readers.
    The #1 thing cops can do to regain credibility with us is to REFUSE to play any part in the “enforcement” of the most egregious laws of the feminist state. Chief among those are “domestic violence” related laws. They are bogus and they are used as a tactic in divorce.
    In the rare case where you find a man assaulting a woman with intent to do harm, you have other laws that you can use. Such as “assault.”
    In particular, stay the fuck away from any woman that is in the middle of a divorce. She is looking for all the leverage she can get for financial gain, usually on the advice of her attorney. If she is calling a cop, it is a divorce tactic and rarely has anything to do with safety.
    Take a stance here on this most egregious of the feminist state oppression and we might start giving you some respect. Until then, all this other crap is just window dressing.

    1. How does one refuse to enforce laws, as law enforcement?
      The way to stop women’s special snowflake legal privileges is through the courts and legislation I’m afraid.
      This is a neutral comment, not defending nor condemning cops.

      1. How about using some finesse and discernment as you are faced with various real-life scenarios instead of blindly and rigidly following the rulebook every time. In other words, act like a human being, not a robot(cop).

      2. It’s called ‘Using your judgement’. Sheriffs and Cops used to do this regularly. There’s a reason they are not referrred to as ‘peace officers’ and instead as ‘law enforcement’ now.

      3. Law enforcement cannot refuse to enforce laws, but they can use discretion. Consider the following scenario: a pregnant woman driving suspended at 1am says she just has to get some milk for the kids real quick, and the cop has to decide to arrest her or not. He probably won’t. Now, replace pregnant lady with faceless male, and see how far his likely story gets him. He gets hooked up, that’s what he gets. And a towing company bill.

      4. Similar to jury nullification, IMO. For example, if I was a cop, I would NEVER arrest anyone for non-violent marijuana possession.

        1. Maybe, maybe not. But I’d have a clean conscious. Might be why I’m not a cop in the first place, though.

    2. Marriage is a divorce consent agreement. If a man is dumb enough to go that route there is nothing any of us can do to help him.

  19. Wanna see a cop get real angry real quick? Talk about the Constitution.
    They hate that shit. Dollars to donuts, any cop who reads this will roll his eyes, snort or otherwise react negatively when he reads that bit about the Constitution.
    These guys aren’t the kids who did well in history class.

    1. Indeed they have a term of endearment for those irritating obnoxious bastards: “constitutionalists”. They say it like a cuss word; “niggers”

  20. I do think we have a militarized police in the US and increasingly in the UK.
    However we do have a Policized military. The Army is expected to patrol Iraq or Afghans just like a copper.
    Most white men join the military to get extra points for hiring into the Fire or Police departments. Good luck getting a job in either without prior military service. This is a product of squeezing together civilian and military culture and the pressure on white guys in this regard dual role is quite well understood. in the UK you join the cops at a very early moment and go to Hendon to train. In the US you join after slotting Iraqis.

  21. Basically, in small town America the police are reflecting the attitude of their community. When I’m a stranger in their town they expect me to take the strong hint that I’m not welcome.

    1. Sound lovely. Do they happen to have a tourism bureau by any chance and who staffs it if I may ask?

  22. You forgot the most important one that would likely fix a lot of relations issues with cops: police yourselves internally and call out bad cops who make the rest of you look bad. Be willing to step out from behind the thin blue line and stop protecting bad cops. A criminal with a badge is still a criminal.

  23. Rock solid article AC. Liked your last one as well and I dig your objectivity. Keep these comin’ brotha…

  24. Unfortunately it’s going to take Israel and dual-citizen Israeli-Americans being officially charged in conspiring to create the 9/11 event for cops nationwide to open their eyes.

  25. Honestly firefighters and cops could easily be almost totally volunteer. Lay down education and fitness requirements and you would get fit/smart men that truly care about serving their communities. People would also have a lot more respect for them because they wouldn’t be professional thugs shaking people down for minor traffic violations – hard to pressure volunteers to meet ticket “quotas”. So many young men are dying to “serve” their communities and gain respect, it would be a perfect outlet.

  26. The biggest thing for me is those cops that are absolutely disrespectful in the way they talk to people. The superiority complex just has to go, and I am a special constable myself. I see more and more especially young officers that are demeaning to people, and act like they are teetering on the edge of roid rage. Older Officers not so much. A little humility would go a long way towards gaining the trust of the community.

  27. Like scratche said.
    The fact of the matter is, cops exist for one purpose and one purpose alone. To put people in jail.
    A cop that ‘prevents’ a crime, or does something other than putrting people in jail, is ‘bucking the system’. Your promotions, your bonuses, even holding onto your job is based upon the number of arrests you make and the number of convictions.
    That is called a ‘bounty’ system. and as long as that is the system, it is going to encourage, and even create, cops that do not care about justice and exist only to enforce the rules. Even the ‘good’ cops are little more than thugs and enforcers operating within or outside of parameters of ‘department policy’ that allow them to completely defy ethics, justice, and the constitution.
    And police officers Lie. Constantly. They refuse to appraise people of their rights except those they are required to quote. How can you expect justice from someone who lies as easily as breathing? That’s like a sheep expecting to be protected by the wolves.
    In this country, juries are intended to change the law, and decide whether a law should be removed or even applied. This fact is hidden from them at great pains by the police and prosecution. Judicial precedent and mandatory sentencing are two more tools by which police and the justice system create more criminals to keep everyone progressing and getting promoted. You feed like lampreys off of public fear and ignorant moral outrage.
    So no, no one benefits from better ‘understanding’ between the police and the public. The public is more likely to benefit from more easily accessible firearms for criminals who are known to shoot cops. Having bears around that eat wolves will at least keep down the population of wolves.

  28. you want to fix law enforcement? you MUST do two things:
    1. Hold a cop responsible to every law the same as any citizen. If they shoot or taze a suspect, that’s the same as any other citizen… they will be tried for murder, assault, or torture. They break down someone’s door? breaking and entering.
    2. Refuse to allow police testimony in court in their own case. Police testimony is the very definition of ‘conflict of interest’, and ultimately encourages corruption more than anything other than lack of accountability.

  29. Don’t just study the Constitution … follow it. Let it limit your action. This means refusing to enforce unconstitutional actions against citizens. Ordered to kick in a door in the middle of the night … refuse. Ordered to cease someone’s cash on the pretense that it may have been intended to purchase drugs … refuse. Your fellow police officer lobs a flash grenade into the crib of a sleeping baby … arrest his ass. You are sworn to protect the people, not the master’s whose hands you lick for the very money they are debasing.
    It was said in the comment section of the last article you wrote. It is the responsibility of “good” cops to police the “bad” cops, but since whenever police do something blatantly illegal, unconstitutional, unethical, or just downright nasty … cops fall in line defending them.

    1. Exactly… it is people who “just follow orders” that have caused so many horrible things in the past.

  30. You’ve lost before you started.
    This is the answer to the obsolete Norman Rockwell pic.
    Now there is that incident in Missouri. They won’t name the cop. Even if there is a tissue thin suspicion, the police and prosecutors will ruin the reputation of a citizen giving his name and “he is a person of interest”. Remember the Anthrax and Stephen Hatfill? Wen Ho Lee? You feed people into the mouth of leviathan.
    How many cops are whistleblowers when their fellow cops speed, drive not merely 0.08, but totally smashed (often literally) and get away, yet there are “dui roadblocks” where the cops relish drawing blood. Or the drug dog that you have drugs if it wags it tail or you have drugs if it doesn’t wag its tale and you will totally vandalize a car looking for these nonexistent drugs, have it towed so there will be an impound fee.
    You aren’t even speaking out against these abuses. You are shrugging your shoulder and saying “but cops can’t do anything”. Yes you can. And it involves a risk – be true to your oath, but when the criminals are wearing badges, you should go after them. I’m not sure “internal affairs” even exists anymore. You should join and be feared. Get a car and park down the street from a cop bar and arrest a few for DUIs. Look for FOP stickers on cars and give them appropriate traffic tickets. Either there is one law for citizens and another for cops, or there is one law for both.
    Right now the police are an army of occupation with their jackboots on the throats of citizens. You will even find police who say citizens are the enemy.
    Those with little power and no authority can’t change it except by exposing and shaming – showing police they have become no different from a criminal gang, except they get away with extortion, violence, assault, battery, and even murder. When that stops, we can return to the Norman Rockwell image. Today it should show the boy lying in a bloody heap with the cop hitting him with his nightstick while chanting “Quit Resisting! Quit Resisting!”.

  31. To the bad cops out there,
    1. Think of what is going to happen to your overly-abusive sweaty ass when society crumbles and angry cheated people with guns and other assorted weapons will be taking a ride out for justice.
    2. Realize that there are more of us than you, and the only thing protecting you is the fact that food and water are still available to people in abundance.
    3. Realize the future consequences of your own actions when you disparage someone who will not forget it as you do, and that they may take incentive to find a way to get back at you, law officer or not.
    4. “If you’re not cop, you’re little people,” get this shit out of your head asap.
    5. Shoot yourself in the arm or leg, nowhere near a vital arterial region or connective muscle tissue, but just so you can feel the pain and understanding that you inflict on those who ‘accidentally’ get shot.
    6. Understand the limits of your own power. We are all carbon-based life forms. Everyone shits, everyone farts, everyone dies, and so do you.

  32. Police maintain a superior position to regular people in society. They can drive however they like, shoot whomever they want too, initiate violence whenever it pleases them, carry and display weapons and attitude to whomever they want, and steal from whomever they wish without official sanction.
    Given such power it is unquestionable that it will be abused and resented and rightly so. Laws for me but not for thee. Think about fire and rescue workers – are these men resented? No of course not but they do similar jobs in dangerous situations. The big difference is they are not actively encouraged to develop a GOD complex and they are punished if they themselves break the law.
    The way things are going now no reform is possible. It will take extreme acts of violence against the police for them to give up their power as historically tyrants never willingly give up the reins unless and until it becomes life or death for THEM.
    The best that could happen is police are simply let go when the states, cities, and counties can no longer afford them but if that were to happen you’d see the police violently taking over the places they were to serve and protect. Historically that isn’t a new concept.
    The worst that happens is people start killing the police and their families and when/if that gets started the anger and extreme violence shown to them will make medieval torture chambers look mild by comparison. The people *hate* the police, it isn’t simple anger and it isn’t limited to black communities. For many if there was a magic button would could push which would *kill* all existing officers we’d press it – it is that bad. How do you repair relations with that kind of resentment? This is not a simple case of a few bad officers this is perceived as being the bulk majority of them and the hatreds in many parts of the country are equivalent to the hatreds in the Gaza strip to Israel.

  33. 1. Stop confiscating and refusing to return private property.
    2. Learn the law. If you are in a carry state, people have some form of legal right to carry. Learning that a citizen is armed is not your signal to initiate a takedown.
    3. Stop using pretexts and the Blue Wall as a license to gun down unarmed people.
    4. Drop the movie moxie. (i.e. approaching a woman coming out of a store does not require that you rush her vehicle with guns drawn.)
    5. Stop the SWAT mentality. That includes training for civil control related to fear of a general social breakdown. You are not the personal bodyguards of the political class.
    6. Stop declaring that conservatives and returning military vets constitute some sort of threat. http://www.infowars.com/police-now-armed-for-war-against-returning-veterans/
    7. Stop using militarized police activities as a recruiting tool. You are not an army, and your job is not to control the rest of us. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=292_1398449803
    8. Stop working in tandem with Homeland Security. They are totalitarians, and law unto themselves. For example, you do not need technology to do blanket hacks and tracks of our cellphone calls. You do not need to blanket-scan our license plates and then give the data to Washington.
    9. Stop giving your people paid vacations (i.e. leave with pay) when they commit crimes.
    10. Stop charging people with speech-related crimes. You are not the enforcement arm of progressivism or feminism.
    11. Stop diversity-based hiring and promotions. You would get a better quality of recruit if white males thought they would likely get a fair shake during their policing careers.
    12. Stop arresting people who don’t show you sufficient deference. You don’t have a right to interfere with our daily lives, or to expect us to put up with your presumption.

    1. “You are not the personal bodyguards of the political class.”
      Interestingly, this is exactly the reason the police were created by Robert Peel in the 19th Century. This fact should tell you everything you need to know about the police.

  34. I had actually been feeling worse about cops since a Vice News story about an undercover drug cop in a high school who targeted a student with autism, but this article did actually bring me back toward the center. Also remember that people in the middle do not post comments as often as those on the fringes.

    1. I know. I was hoping some reasonable people would chime in so the fringe doesn’t think they have the popular thought. But that is what happens with echo-chambers.

  35. In no particular order:1. cops need a bit more Sheriff Taylor/Mayberry than Denzel Washington on “Training Day”…
    2. Lose the shades and tac gear/SEAL team 6 get up…
    3. re consider about “obeying a lawful order” or assholes that don’t comply. Film them being aholes . Use technology to document their idiocy. Take the film to the judge and rule on the ahole in abstentia. Then using technology make his driver’s id invalid. Turn off the guy’s cable. Go visit the guy the next day at his apt. Have the cop or DA call him on the phone and tell the guy he needs come in. This is better than having the cop force compliance with his club or taser…
    4. Hire NO cop who doesn’t have a college degree. All cops need to have a BA/BS in something before acceptance to police academies…
    5. Pair rookies with SEASONED Vets of greater than 15 yrs experience..
    6. Reform welfare. MAKE people fucking work. To many shiftless , idle people..
    7. Tell people to quit being assholes. Don’t like cops ? Behave…Be better parents. Turn off the TV . Control your kids….

  36. This is how to re establish credibility:

    With a volley and some bayonets. Job done.

  37. 7. Get rid of no-knock warrants, and double-check the address before you bust in like a bunch of roided-up adrenaline junkies with military hardware. One of these times, it may come back and bite you in the ass, as some crazy survivalist is going to have his house wired with explosives and take a bunch of people out. Not a threat-just an observation.

  38. A.C, thank you for well written article. You bring up a lot of good points on why the American public distrusts their police. I definitely relate to the difficulties of being a red pill man wearing the blue uniform. I wonder if I would struggle with these conflicts if I were not exposed to so many red pill beliefs as policing is ultimately a blue pill occupation. Allow me to share some random thoughts as a red pill cop with two years of service in a large Canadian city.
    – Policing is a completely different animal in Canada vs the USA. The differences in crime rates, the justice system (ours is a broken revolving door), laws, gun culture, demographics, etc make the jobs very different on both sides of the border. It is more dangerous but easier and fun in some respects in the US. It is safer but also more complex and frustrating in Canada. Although there are cop-haters and radical civil liberty types everywhere, the general Canadian public (silent majority) appreciate what we do and it is the loud minority / critics who get all the media attention.
    – Over the last two years, I have investigated my fair share of cases involving domestic violence and sex assault allegations. These are issues are the forefront of feminism and red pill discussions in the Manosphere.
    – Domestic Violence: If we attend a domestic dispute and it is unclear or there
    is insufficient evidence as to who did what, why do we automatically side with
    the woman and take a man to jail? Because in the one in a thousand chance that
    he kills her when we leave, we are held responsible. We think about, yet still
    ignore the impact that charging a normal, working man will have on his life. I’ve had road bosses tell me to just
    write it up, forward it to the prosecutor and let them decide. The liability is off our
    hands. Pass the buck. I’ve stood my ground on this on multiple occasions and gotten into disagreements with my NCOs.
    – Sex Assaults: A woman decides to get go out one night, get
    drunk and goes home with a man for a one-night stand. She regrets it the
    morning after and accuses him of rape which is later found to be a false
    allegation. Why are there no repercussions for her? Should we not be charging her with public mischief? Whatever happened to doing
    the right thing? I’ve had these thoughts in multiple cases where the truth comes out, but of course management and feminists would be up in arms if I ever suggested such a thing.
    – I always knew that “CYA” or “Cover Your Ass” would be part of the job, but I didn’t know to such an extent. This is a great source of constant frustration for me. We live in a nanny state and a society filled with regulations, policies, restrictions and everyone is so afraid of liability that decisions are often made with that as the first and only consideration.
    – Sometimes I feel like a highly trained mental health / social worker / baby sitter who just happen to carry a badge and a gun. For example, why do we continue to take
    seriously those who chronically call and threaten to “kill themselves,” whether
    it’s for attention or for free meds? Again, it goes back to liability. Nobody wants to be held liable on the one time they actually carry through with their threat. It is a waste of police resources for us to run around, track them down, apprehend them, deliver them to the hospital, wait for hours to see a doctor and repeat on another day. We know it, the hospital staff knows it, the mentally ill person knows it but apparently our policy makers do not.
    – I like most of my brothers and sisters in blue, but I have to say most of them are secure and settle for a comfortable lifestyle that a 80-120k salary provide them; the mortgage, the cars, the vacation, the wife and kids. There’s nothing wrong with that, but as a red pill man who is constantly seeking to grow and improve, I cannot relate to them beyond a superficial small talk level as I live a player lifestyle and hope to one day build a business with enough passive income to travel the world and experience it all.
    – Most cops I work with are highly educated, well meaning people who want to do a good job and make a difference. The days of hiring the tallest goons with a beating stick are over and modern policing job is more complex than ever. However, as the years roll by they (like myself) slowly come to the realization that the system is very broken, and that certain policies and laws limit their ability to make any sort of impact. As such, they become cynical and jaded, as manifested by poor attitudes and constant negativity.
    – There are little things I personally like to do to build public trust and also make my day a little brighter: give stickers to little kids, let them sit in my police car, attend community youth basketball programs on days off, attend community events, etc
    – I also don’t have the heart to give “normal people” traffic tickets. The only people I ever ticket are drug dealers, gangsters, perverts, wife beaters, etc. Unfortunately there are those on the job who’s only function is to cut tickets (traffic section) and they piss off the general public, which in turn make it harder for the rest to do our jobs

  39. A SNITCH society in a GITMO nation on a PRISON planet. Open discussion of the cops is an antsy topic with participants self-censoring their criticism out of conscious mindfulness of being watched. All cops are hired guns, mercenaries, rent a cops and good samaritans to greater or lesser degrees. They serve their mayors, their state houses, their judiciaries or their local electorates. Go to Mexico and see if the schoolchildren are visited in class by a local policia who gives them a coloring book with a Mexican police chief on the cover, replete with the big black moustache and bandoleers of bullets to color. To paint them broadly by saying they are necessary because we are a ‘society of law’ is oversimplifying the question. Is any society really just a ‘society of laaah’, or does anyone notice that we are a people menaced by aggressive bureaucrats and selectively enforced laws? If cops are a necessary GOOD then they help little old ladies. They are a necessary EVIL to any corrupt interests served. What if people instinctively knew right from wrong and simply did the right thing, then we wouldn’t need cops or courts or criminal attorneys or their clientele criminals who all scratch each others backs for their sustenance while riding on OUR BACKS. The local deputy can help me into my locked out car, but guess who comes to evict me from my house when the bank note lapses or a mortgage reseller makes another bogus claim? Who acts as fiduciary to the local feminazi mob network delivering bogus protective orders even when they know the bitch is crazy having done compulsory bitch-puppet duty a hundred times? Real power is in the pill, not in losing your autonomy in uniform with ‘powers with parameters’ so strict that it chokes the soul. A career cop’s life expectancy is down there with rock stars, Saturday Night Live comedians and male trauma surgeons. Why? The stress? You cannot grow freely in any uniform. If I were any type of uniformed servant ‘man’, I wouldn’t be a policeman, a fireman or even a postman. No, I’d drive a van with bells to Malibu Beach and bring the beach babes chills and good wills. I’d be the Ice cream man, and ON MY OWN TERMS.

  40. Maybe if cops didn’t treat a teenager going ten miles over the speed limit in nearly the same fashion they would a violent drug dealer, I could have a bit more respect for them.

  41. “When the good cops stop covering up for the bad…”
    I look at that and I’d ask everyone to re-evaluate with two words…one name… Chris Dorner. End Discussion

  42. Oh, and stop shooting people’s pets. It makes you look like a coward (Bawww! I felt threatened!). So does unloading a whole fucking magazine into some dude on the ground with cuffs on him.

  43. Good article.
    I suggest two changes that would help repair the relationship between cops and the public.
    First, repeal drug prohibition. Nothing has done more to usher in a police state than the Drug War.
    Second, no more traffic law enforcement. Nothing irritates someone more than being stopped because you traveled slightly faster than an arbitrary and often inappropriate speed limit. And then got robbed at gunpoint by the State.
    Get rid of these two things and suddenly the only time most of us will talk to a cop is simply to say “hi” and shoot the shit.

    1. No traffic enforcement? So when someone is speeding and no one in the car has seatbelt on, we just ignore it? What about when they crash and people are ejected? I understand a lot of traffic laws are ridiculous, but several are safety oriented.

      1. Why do you give a shit if someone is wearing a seatbelt or not? If you want to wear one (and personally I do) I think it is your choice, not for a bunch of bureaucrats to decide. To me, making it a law is contradictory – you don’t have to wear a seatbelt on a bus or on a motorcycle for example.
        As for speeding – you only speeding if the government says so. Generally, most people drive according to conditions, the limits of their vehicle and their own ability. This rarely matches up with what speed the government says you should travel at. Yes you can get nutters who drive like maniacs but they will do that regardless of the law. Also, I think actual “reckless” driving can still be punished (in the event of actual harm to someone) but thats different to me driving 20 mph above the limit on an empty moonlit four lane highway in perfect conditions.

        1. I give a shit because speeding and seatbelts are the two biggest contributing causes to fatality accidents; significantly more than texting and driving.
          Do you know how many speed limits are created? Roads and traffic are studied by engineers. They recommend speed limits to be speeds that 85% of drivers use. They aren’t some arbitrary number from the big bad government. You can google it if you like

        2. Again what does it matter to you whether I wear my seatbelt or not? If I get hurt surely that’s my problem not yours.
          I happy for engineers to recommend what they like. I will take it under advisement. What I am not happy for, is for the nanny state to create a victimless crime out of it and harass me endlessly about it, stealing my money and threatening to lock me up.

  44. Everything the cops are doing in Ferguson, Missouri – do the opposite. Don’t shoot unarmed kids. Don’t show up like an occupying army of thugs in full military gear, don’t arrest and abuse people for disrespecting you. Don’t arrest the local politicians or the reporters covering it. Cops there have lost the respect of an entire generation with thuggish tactics and seem too stupid to realize it.
    Don’t carry on like we are in a civil war – because eventually that will get one started and you won’t like what happens next.

    1. LAPD learned it the hard way multiple times; it’s even sad the N.W.A. released their protest song 4 years before Rodney King. Talk about a foregone conclusion in a foresight, huh?
      Specifically about myself, my parents were in law enforcement during Martial Law/Marcos era in the Philippines. Go figure.

      1. Yeah the LAPD simply looked the other way as Mexicans massacred feral blacks. Now the largest concetrations of blacks in LA are out in the high desert.
        Thank you for that Mexicans!

    2. Ferguson is a racial turf war. The city was 90% white around 1985 and is now 70% black. What you got to witness this week is how racial demographics transform relatively crime free Towns built by whites into thug infested unruly and dangerous Ghetto areas. Ferguson is a dead city. The fiscal tax basis of property owners has haemoraged and I don’t see how the city can avoid becoming 100% black after that dust up. So long Ferguson I hope you enjoy the Zimbabweization of the area.

  45. The disrespect of cops is a direct result of one thing; the ability of the state to press charges without a victim. Think about it, what interaction do most “law abiding” citizens have with the police? Speeding/traffic stops and drug offenses. Both of which, the “state” is the harmed party, not an actual person who says “Overtaxed was driving like an asshole, please give him a ticket”.
    Without a complaintant, IMHO, there’s no crime. The state, with the exception of murder (where, obviously, the victim cannot press charges) should NEVER press charges without a victim to point to. No victim, no crime.
    And yes, this immediately legalizes all drugs and prostitution. And that would be a good thing, most of the abuses from police officers are around these 2 “crimes” because they, as well as anyone knows that these crimes are bullshit. So they are happy to “let people go” and “make a deal to go up the chain” on these crimes because, frankly, nobody gives a shit.
    When a law abiding citizen no longer gets a tinge a fear when they see a cop car behind them but instead thinks “Oh good, a cop, I feel much safer” then the respect will be restored. As it is today, most of us would rather have a drunken, iPhone using, half blind 80 year old woman who can’t see over the steering wheel behind us than a cop.
    I read somewhere that most people commit something like 20 crimes a day, of which, a few of them are felonies. That’s the problem, there’s too many laws and too much bullshit is illegal. We all “live in fear” of the police because we know, at any given moment, there’s probably some law somewhere that we’re violating.

    1. Bang on point my friend. Most “crimes” are an excuse for the State to get “its cut” of your honestly earned income. I feel dread every time I see a cop. Its wrong to feel that way about someone who is supposed to keep the peace.
      And ditto for turning “unpopular” behaviour into a crime.

  46. One way: suicide. Or change careers.
    Pandora’s box is open, pig. There is no closing it now. Enjoy being the tool of power.

      1. The rioters in Ferguson are black supremacists. This isn’t even about cops. It’s well beyond that. The Thursday Night “peace demo” was a Zulu victory parade.

      2. Mu.
        I once lost my franchise rights to vote due to my own actions. I regained those rights through legal means, and nearly overturned prop 21 in CA in doing so. Ive spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money, every penny earned by my hand, to regain my voting rights. That was 10 years ago.
        Today, i choose not to vote. I am not of the polity, i am not of We The People. I no longer see the government of the US as legitimate. I am, in the words of another, a barbarian inside the gates.
        This is not the US that my fathers bled for, nor the US i grew up in. I am not a conservative, for i see very little worth conserving.
        My America is long dead.

      3. So in short, i couldnt give less of a shit either way. Ive created hundreds of jobs through the companies ive founded here, created real wealth. I am a man that many here would strive to emulate.
        All my success has been met with has been leaching and self righteous sniveling. Cowardace and the castradi alike, cunt or tiny cock, you pathetic keyboard jockeys do nothing but whine.
        I long for the day with the consequences of ones actions become immediate once again. You will know my measure that day, kid.

  47. here’s one:
    Every time I have dealt with law enforcement, EVERY SINGLE TIME, they have demonstrated a severe lack of knowledge of the law. They shouldn’t have to be lawyers, but they should know what the fucking law is on issues they deal with every single day.

  48. Police Officer Scott Patrick of the Mendota Heights Police Department in Minnesota. He was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop on July 30. Patrick leaves behind a wife and two teenage daughters.
    Police Officer Jeffrey Westerfield of the Gary Police Department in Indiana. Westerfield was shot in the head and killed in a July 6 ambush while sitting in his police vehicle after responding to a 911 call. The suspect had been previously arrested for domestic violence and for kicking another officer. Westerfield, a 19-year police department veteran as well as an Army veteran, leaves behind a wife and four daughters.
    Officer Perry Renn of the Indianapolis Police Department. He was shot and killed while responding to reports of gunfire on July 5. After 20 years on the job, Renn chose to serve in one of the city’s most dangerous areas, even though his seniority would have allowed him to take a less dangerous role. “He chose to work in patrol to make a difference in the field,” Police Chief Rick Hite said at Renn’s funeral. “Every day, Perry got out of his police car.” Renn is survived by his wife.
    Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares, Jr. of the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. The 15-year law enforcement veteran was shot and killed on June 23 while investigating two suspicious suspects. Bares had been mowing his lawn while off-duty when he witnessed a suspicious car crash. When he went to investigate, he was gunned down. The assailants stole his truck as he lay dying. “He’s the type of person that would give his shirt off his back to anybody,” a cousin said in tribute. “Anyone that knows Allen will tell you that he was that kind of person.” Bares leaves behind a wife and two children.
    Police Officer Melvin Santiago of the Jersey City Police Department in New Jersey. Santiago, a proud rookie cop who loved his job, was ambushed on July 13 by a homicidal armed robber. Santiago was 23 years old. After Santiago’s killer was shot dead by police, the violent Bloods street gang vowed to “kill a Jersey City cop and not stop until the National Guard is called out.”
    You lot are cuntsz

    1. You will not find much sympathy for police in the U.S. Most people would celebrate a person guilty of theft, murder, and kidnapping being killed. Since this is the official job description for the police and they themselves embrace doing these things the lesser the better.

    2. Oh please please spare me the list of names. What are you, some risen from the dead elitist praetorian guard? Let me read YOU a list of names:
      Serenety Jones – age 4
      Chica Jones – age 2
      Mayannah Schneider – age 2
      Cyrus Koresh – age 8
      Star Koresh – age 6
      Isaiah Martinez – age 4
      Abigail Martinez – age 11
      Page Gent – age 1
      AND I COULD GO ON. So who are these children? The CHILDREN OF WACO incinerated by yours truly. Dragging your names over the same mourners pit as their collective victims. Are you sincere with your appeal to sympathy? You can’t be that dumb to see all of society as helpless women needing uniformed protection. Are you a slick propagandist or are you humorously testing the commenters just to shot the shit? Are you the same ilk that writes the propaganda leaflets in the welfare office? You know, the brochures that show a woman curled up in a ball titled ‘Is he an abuser?’, followed by a checklist. Questions like ‘Do y’all argue?’, ‘Does he want booty when you renig?’, ‘Does he dislike your feminist friends?’ ‘Is he protective of traditional family?’. Well it is the duty of good men to protect their women and children from vile white knights and manginas. Read the list of children’s names again. Rub your goddamn nose in it and go crawl in a hole you uniformed mangina shit. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you’re just shooting the shit. I don’t know.

      1. It’s worth pointing out.
        I predicted that this municipality was going to be federalized/state supervised as soon as this kicked off.
        The city is simply going to be flushed down the toilet. Captain Johnson is just a turd circling the bowl.

    3. See the real tragedy here is that the people who removed this vermin from the gene pool did not get a paid vacation like today’s police do. The rewards for killing people should go both ways if we want a fair and just society.

      1. None of the rioters are starving waifs or street urchins. None were hanged for stealing a loaf of bread. They were looters destroying shops. The cops shot none of them. Except the first moron.

  49. Interestingly enough the police are making enemies of ALL SIDES now. It used to be that white suburbanites supported them and the black community hated them. Then the government decided to start targeting whites too with the Bundy ranch the latest example. Meanwhile local police everywhere have actively begun brutalizing whites, shaking them down for fines and arresting them and charging them with outrageous crimes for essentially nothing. The more the local police act like the federal government the more they are all lumped into the same perceptive brain space. They act like an enemy occupying army and people, whites, blacks, Latinos, and everyone else now absolutely DESPISE the police and want them dead.
    It is obvious to all but the police themselves that they present a far more dangerous enemy than any criminal class and yet we have someone asking seriously about regaining credibility? How about this… it’s 1942 and Germany decides it was all a mistake. How could they regain “credibility” with Europe? How could Israel regain “credibility” with Hamas? This is not going to happen now without major bloodshed. The police would need to completely disband with many going to prison for major felonies. They will never agree to this and at the same time will want to continue to actively aggress against the public. So there can be no peace while the existing structure remains intact.

    1. In this case the Police in Ferguson have clearly been vilified. Mike Brown was a robber and he was clearly resisting arrest at the time. I’m not unhappy he’s been awarded the Darwin Award and been removed from the gene pool.

      1. And the people will celebrate your death as well and others like you. Death should be a solemn occasion but the police have long treated it like finding buried treasure, rewarding themselves with paid vacations, a treat, and a pat on the head by their fellow cops. As celebratory as you feel gunning down other people who’ve you no right to kill simply because you don’t like them (that is a job for a jury to consider) that is how happy the people in that town will be to see your corpse displayed on a pike.
        See the public relations problem here?

        1. The young man should not have robbed that store. He should have allowed a magistrate to fine him for robbery or jail him. The cop was simply attempting to bring him in to face the music. Officer Wilson was simply doing his job here. Darion Johnson is a lying little shit who incited a riot.
          My guess is that Dorian Johnson was egging on Mike Brown too. He probably mouthed off a lot then ducked out on his “friend” at the first hint of danger.

        2. I think that you fail to see the delusional world that many blacks live in. I’ve heard many deny that Brown was in those video clips ripping off the Hindu/Leb/Paki shop keeper. Given that footage and the impending medical report of the cop’s physical state combined with the Autopsy on Brown the entire civil rights industrial-complex has been thoroughly discredited AGAIN.
          When will the knuckdraggers get the hint?

        3. I am tempted to agree with you and I understand that this man is not a good peaceful citizen. However this article is not about one person but the overall relationship between police and the public. And right now you have enemies on all sides. The police are heavily militarized and are seen as causing these riots. You are seen as attacking the public rather than protecting it. The police will be targeted for murder and violence while this perception continues and to change it you cannot continue to use the same military tactics against the populace that you have been using.
          I say this to warn you not mock you. If you are a police officer the tide is turning and your list of friends grows shorter by the day. If it continues like this either you will be killed or at the very least defunded/fired and both would not benefit anyone.

        4. I’m not a cop. If blacks insist on living in la la land as the press goad them on to hold mistaken ideas about incident after incident, then whites must react to that and use the reliable methodology of fact and logic supplemented by automatic firepower.

        5. You are a dimwit. Nobody died from a GOP bullet during the riots. The cops huddled around streets liable to looting and took a volley of bricks, flares, bullets and petrol bombs. They were not militarized. You stupid propagandist prick.

  50. I’m just curious, do all the people here that dislike the police and what they have become support the rioters in Ferguson?

  51. I support police state actions in black neighborhoods. The media doesn’t call them “war zones” for no reason.
    Solid 1950s picture of the cop and child at the diner. That America died a long, long time ago. This is America Brazil style.

    1. I sympathize but time has shown that the police state doesn’t stay there (black neighborhoods). We’ve created one monster to deal with another and now we have 2 wolves fighting over who gets to eat us first – isn’t a shame they both can’t lose. The airports and suburbs are now miserable to try to be an ordinary working person in.

      1. Segregation had a rationale. There were even separate police forces.
        Ferguson is only black today because they shoved whites out a decade ago. The Hindu and Muslim shopkeepers are only able to operate if protected by white cops.

  52. Now that the ook has been CCTVed as a robber can we at least point out the cop did good. Dorian Johnson should be arrested for inciting a riot.

  53. Cat’s out of the bag. Cops exist to harass and collect. A citizen’s best defense against the police is anonymity. Next best defense is shutting the fuck up and getting a lawyer.

  54. Here’s another one. Stop playing army. This “tactical” ans “SWAT” shit is getting way out of hand and serves only to further incite incidents.

  55. i’m surprised and happy to see this article here. everyone hates them until they need them.

  56. There’s no “rebuilding” the relationship between John Q. Public and today’s out-of-control law enforcement community. Sorry, it’s too far gone on it’s current basis of revenue generation practiced by most police forces.
    As is the case with any off-the-rails bureaucracy, the answer is to starve the beast.
    -A few less cruisers and a few more mountain bikes
    -No military hardware handouts or purchases, ever.
    -Ratchet the pay/pension/benefits scale back to the “not as ridiculous” levels. Not every cop should have a boat, lake house, primary residence and 2 SUVs.
    -Make the forces operate with more reasonable manpower levels. Way too may cops out there now.
    -Tear down the “blue wall” that has the good cops never ratting out the bad ones. Police forces should have labor turnover rates that mirror societies.
    -If a police officer starts clipping a yearly salary of the six-figure range, let him go. The private sector jettisons expensive help regularly. No reason the men in blue can’t be exposed to that same process.

  57. Why doesn’t this article mention the (at least perceived) militarization of police forces and the (at least perceived) growth of the “cop as a warrior” mindset? That’s a PR problem that is totally in the hands of the cops to solve. Law-abiding people like, respect, and need good police. We don’t want or need jack-booted commandos running around our neighborhoods.

    1. Because there is an IQ limitation for entry into the force. That way they can’t see the Hidden Hand from the Levant.

  58. Not surprising that due to the OP preferences that drug enforcement stick around. I’m glad you possess the hubris to decide what is good for another man. Did your god give you that power?
    I have a 1 step method that will solve many, but not all, of the issues between the public and police forces:
    All LEOs should assume personal liability insurance for their actions and citizens should not be able to sue the state, for an individual’s actions. LEOs should pay for it themselves. Remove state money from protections the choices of LEOs. Much like the state requires insurance to drive, so to should they require that an officer is personally liable for his actions and must hold an insurance policy that will cover claims against him. If an LEO can’t afford insurance due to an excess of claims against him, he wont work until he can find affordable insurance. If not, he’s gone.

  59. Here’s another one. Enforce the law against women to the same extent you do against men.

  60. HENRY!! READ:
    “6 Ways Policemen Can Regain Credibility With The American Public”
    1. Stop the training of U.S. police by Israelis.
    2. Stop the training of U.S. police by Israelis.
    3. Stop the training of U.S. police by Israelis.
    4. Stop the training of U.S. police by Israelis.
    5. Stop the training of U.S. police by Israelis.
    6. Stop the training of U.S. police by Israelis.
    We are not fucking Palestinians.

  61. Don’t say things like: “[I]f you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you.” You know, sounding like a fascist fuckwit.

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