How The Manosphere Crushed Feminism

Donald Trump’s ascendance, aided by masculine men who vehemently deny political correctness, is evidence that the manosphere has had a monumental effect on Western culture. I trace the history of the manosphere from 1999 onward with special guest Samseau, a long-time Return Of Kings contributor, to lay out exactly how the manosphere came to impact the world of men through game, feminist critiques, and political activism, all while affecting other movements like men’s rights and the alt right. We discuss how manosphere teachings have become normalized in the minds of those who don’t even know what the manosphere is, and also how its power will continue to grow.

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53 thoughts on “How The Manosphere Crushed Feminism”

  1. It’s like the Hydra. We are Heracles cutting off each of the heads but need to cauterise the stumps and then ultimately deal with the immortal head. It is a Herculean labour alright.

    1. Sickening indeed! It’s like the women who seek out the most notorious criminals rotting in jail with life or capital punishment sentences, dedicating their lives to them. I don’t know if this disease afflicts women of color to the same extent, but I suspect not.

      1. Women seeks men of ‘power’ or men possessing what they ‘don’t have’.
        Possessing (and that may imploy destroying) a superior man in her life is what turn they on.

    2. That’s a weird choice of promotion, even the body language is odd. Her constituents should ask her “What exactly are you promoting here, with your photo op?”
      She’s promoting that ideology as a framework to handle some sort of guilt or failure/corruption of her own, to see an angle like this playing out maybe before she gets too old and loses power. And here it’s amplified within a public arena, PR, the Hawthorne Effect, etc.

    3. Obviously she mouthed off and they made her sit in the corner, to think about what she had done.

    4. Islam doesn’t want you dyke, they want to throw you off a roof. Also, your Hydro prices are insane, and will sink you in the in the end you dumb cunt.

  2. Progress has been made, but feminism is far from crushed.
    Feminism will be considered crushed when:
    1) The Violence Against Women Act is repealed
    2) Young men can attend college without threat of fake rape accusations
    3) Men can marry women from anywhere in the world without all the immigration hurdles
    4) Marriage is traditional again
    5) Title IX is repealed
    6) Women’s Marches are considered stupid and scorned by the media
    7) The silly push for women in STEM dies
    8) Women marry younger and expect to have 3 or more children
    9) The MSM is cleaned of it’s fake news generating SJW’s
    …. and many more items on the list.
    Still a lot of work to do!

      1. Indeed ! No. 3 doesn’t really (with all the honesty) make sense. Immigration is “Immigration”, whether the person is male/female, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, brother, sister or “whatever”.
        There are set (legal, political, security) rules & regulations that need to be followed and adhered to.

        1. Not exactly. Immigration via marriage means that a single individual has made an assessment of another individual’s value. Furthermore, if a man brings in a foreign woman, he is accepting full responsibility for her.
          The rules that you refer to are not “set” and change all the time. This is part of the problem. In any case, it is primarily the benefits system that causes the problem with immigration,
          And besides do you really want to be stuck with American (or wherever) women?

        2. For your question, my answer would be: NO, NO and NO !
          But again, just as a MAN brings in a “foreign woman” by accepting full responsibility, a MAN must accept FULL responsibility in every other case (son, daughter, father, mother, brother, …); in that the ‘immigrant” will not depend and/ or “become a burden” on Government/Tax Payers Money, in any form (including health care).
          There might be some rare cases of exceptions, but they are “exceptions”, after all !

        3. Indeed. In fact, I don’t think anyone should be a burden on tax payers. I would cancel benefits in any form. As you say, MAN should be responsible for everything, as it is his job. And WOMAN should be responsible for the things that a MAN cannot. Such as nursing children.

        4. The entire immigration problem is false. US CA AU and NZ were built by immigrants. Irish, Italians, Polish etc. came in droves. In AU in the 80s lebanese came in droves to avoid the war and many are wealthy and productive. The social welfare system prevents immigration. There was no immigration problem until welfare and entitlements were put in place. The latins crossing into the US are doing valuable jobs that no one else really wants. Only the welfare is a problem.

      2. Because if foreign women could be more conveniently imported from other countries than foreign men, Americunts would be marginalized. Also, foreign women assimilate much easier than foreign men.

  3. Complacency in seemingly victorious circumstances is a bigger Trojan Horse than any other counter-tactic employed by the great deceivers. There will never be a true victory, Roosh. Men must take up arms and shields against the natural tendency for evil and sin to grow within us. Yes it can be beaten, and yes it can be crushed. But as long as there are humans on this earth, so too will the jealous ones envy, the scheming ones plan, and the manipulative ones play God. It can only be contained and controlled until the day he comes back to free us all.

  4. Sounds solid. So why do you suck so bad at commercialization? Two beers and two hours later you still haven’t made any money.

    1. I’d guess too politically controversial to court legit advertisers, rejected by mainstream on the tenets of the movement it promotes…that’s independent thought sometimes…that’s also, as a commercial entity, a kind-of MGTOW whether it wants to be or not…and so has a donation slot on the right side of the page.

      1. Disagree. Old media like playboy, maixm, mens fitness, are dying because they play by the corp america male feminist rules and hire 50% females, and that is reflected in their content which men are turning away from.

  5. “and also how its power will continue to grow”
    I hope inside some limits. Monopolistic situations are never a good thing.
    Best situation is feminism and men’s right having the same weight and being able to negotiate and get a deal, the one representing women, the other one representing men. Current situation is a monopoly from one group (feminism).
    But the goal should be getting a market where groups can be represented, sit down in a table and negotiate, not crushing feminism and establishing a new monopoly, this time from males.

    1. I respect your opinion. Mine is a little different. From my point of view both should not exist in the form that they exist now. Masculinity should go back to being taught from father to son and feminine values from mother to daughter. Adhering to groups only causes men and women moving further apart from one another instead of being partners like we should. That being said , feminism in it’s current form is not women’s rights , it’s cancer and should be eradicated , not being worked with.

      1. Good reply. Gets the balance right. Men don’t want to fall in the same trap as feminists and become an entitled, embittered splinter group. We’re better than that, and there are a lot of good women out there who want the same things.

  6. Well said (podcast), a careful arrangement of words…a thorough “timeline analysis” of the culture. It solidified and labeled a bunch of things that have long been activated in my mind, and brought it home without confirmation bias. It resonates as I too forge a way forward and find ways to embrace the power within a generally broken culture and “destroyed dating scene.” Make great arguments from inherent truth, axiomatic and timeless, and the meme sticks…red-pill beacon in the dark.

  7. The feminist and the left movement has only real advantage. Their ability to constitute loose network that slowly build lever and inflitrate or influence all levels of public influence.
    If we want to purge them, we can’t count only on ‘great characters’, but we have to boost our own tendencies to find allies, network and to cooperate.
    The manosphere make good points on lots of things, but is as ready to fight their fellow members as to try to crush their real ennemies.

    1. Reasonable people can disagree so anyone spoiling for interfeuding is likely a sabateur and should be isolated and marginalized.

  8. Feminism isn’t crushed by a long shot. How many times have we seen the consequences of celebrating too soon throughout history? Don’t make the same mistake.
    When there is an unconditional surrender of anti-male forces in universities, media, workplace, at home, and the public square, then AND ONLY THEN can we claim a significant victory. Until then, we’re fighting a war, a spiritual war.

    1. You’re right to say the fight isn’t over, but I took the statement “crushed” as in beaten in a game or battle, not necessarily destroyed permanently.
      But consider that our recent victories were achieved in the context of complete or near complete Leftist-feminist control of mainstream media, government, academia, and globalist intentions in Wall Street & investment banking, tech, and corporate culture.
      They had EVERY power-that-is on their side, and still lost. Now we have at least 4 years of Trump affecting culture, UK Brexiting, the Internet becoming a stronger source of information for people, and cultural examples of Right-leaning celebrities benefiting from being explicit about it, like the Grammy MAGA-dress chick.
      How will they ever even achieve the same level of power they had in 2016 again? Much less top it so as to resume their cultural conquest & program of destruction of Western Civilization?

      1. Those are very valid points and they’re indeed true. My point is that we have to keep fighting and praying, not merely rest on the laurels of a significant victory; we do not need to become complacent or be lulled to sleep, but strike the enemy while they’re on the run and that an unconditional surrender will accomplish our goals. We’re on the right track and we have to keep on, keepin’ on. Do you follow me?

    2. We should also question whether feminism was ever popular overall. It’s much more likely that a minority of women were so vocal that politicians set policy after what they shrieked. Even when women got the vote the majority of women were against it.

      1. But that’s how some women are when something comes up that’s truly dangerous: They’ll bitch and whine about it, but over time, they’ll accept it and try to identify with it (Stockholm Syndrome?).

  9. “The industrial revolution initially began atomizing family structure” >>
    True. War also causes rapid fire atomizing. Industrial growth needs to be carefully guided to concurrently preserve, advance and not undermine the powers of the patriarch. To discount ‘the man’ and enable or pedestalize the female while unrestrained growth or development ocurrs will only fast track the dead end of the colony/seedline/species. With the engines of the civilization revving up to carry the species to the next level such as during the industrial revolution, the woman should have been subdued and hogtied more than ever. When the male hyper performs and hyper produces such as in the ind rev, he needs supplimental support to control his women so they don’t suffocate the busy man and squander the resources. It is akin to killing the goose to fail to aid aid abet the man in quarartining the females. During periods of growth with the species, THE FEMALES MUST BE placed on lockdown. Tit feed and breed. That’s it. Smart growth should include the patriarch figure bolstered every step of the way. The greed of a few goes unchecked and western advancement becomes terminal, a cash and fold proposition where the west is liquidated in the end.
    Pre industrial revolution, the people and the engine of the west dominated the planet with its bloodlines, its might and its sheer will. The industrial revolution reversed all the stats for the west and resulted in a century of bankrolled and technologically enabled cumulative reduction via a slaughterhouse processing of the peoples of the technologically ’empowered’ nations. So was ‘tech’ the devil? Why did the Romans seemingly place a ‘cap’ on their tech development with lead laiden public water and a dumbed down, mathematically obtuse official Roman numeral system? Why was the renegade tech conglomerate of golden age Islam taken down and barbarized right when they began to ponder the workings of space flight? Why is the new enhanced imagery and communication tech so quickly turned away from stellar observation? Why is it all turned inward to surveil and spy on every citizen instead?
    The call must be heard for western men to GRAB THEIR DICKS and corral their women. Mormon polygamists were persecuted for practicing an extreme form of patriarchy that was ahead of its time, in an era when the west was on top of the world economically, militarily and demographically. BUT IT IS NOW when western men need GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!

  10. Off-topic but I’ve tried this twice (on the same weekend) and it worked like a charm both times and both woman said it really turned them on:
    As I guided her (my hand on her lower back, nothing new) toward a seat or to my car I stopped, quickly said, “hey, come here” lightly pulled her elbow, turning her to me and pulled her into a kiss.
    In both cases they said that they had been hoping I would kiss them for a quite a while already but they hadn’t shown more than moderate attraction. How much earlier could I have don this? I don’t know.
    Both encounters ended up in sex.
    Hope it helps

    1. From experience it;s at the end of the night just as you drop her off! Other instances where you’re on a promenade and then make a move.

  11. the manosphere hasn’t crushed feminism. The manosphere has pissed on feminism, and it will continue to do so

    1. Robots will crush feminism – there will be so few jobs so being biological fulltime mothers will be a top job for women in 20yrs time.

      1. will it be like terminator?
        I think we could hurry that up by constituting every child as a limited company and telling every new mother that she’s now the CEO. Obviously the father would be chair of the board of governers

  12. The only men that get married today are either extremely naive or just plain ignorant. Marriage is simply a means to force wealth and power from men to women, as are Title IX, Affirmative Action and Affirmative Consent. Tis also why men do now and have always paid the majority of taxes while women receive the greatest benefit from those taxes. Tis also why we have the male-only draft, a primarily all male front line combat force and why men have traditionally worked all of the dirty, dangerous, life shortening jobs. Tis also why the vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support flows from men to women. In other words, social constructs are set up to traffic, exploit, use, manipulate and then dispose of men for women’s advancement.
    Feminism is the epitome of conspiracy theories, used to hide the real conspiracy, which is male disposability and deeply entrenched cultural misandry – better known as gynocentrism. All objective evidence proves it, which is why feminists rely on subjective evidence. They don’t want the truth to be exposed and will gladly destroy anyone that speaks to such glaring, inconvenient facts.
    The jig is up. The news is out. Feminism is finished.

  13. Like the CT said, not by a long shoot.Just try to divorce your wife, you will get some sirious butt hurt in court.

  14. Phenomenal podcast, a perfect summation of the mano-sphere/alt right/MGTOW/anti feminism/PUA and the rest of it in the last 20 years. I myself have lived and almost died for information Return of Kings has provided. These men are pioneers of the future, they have given us truth in the darkness, a sword of light that has let us see. The future is bright, we will prevail.

  15. I’ve been watching you for some time. Your site seemingly started out as very anti-authority, no tolerance for bullshit.
    I have seen more and more pro-establishment views these days on your website. Top that off with your support of Miley Fagopolous, it makes me wonder if you’re capable of drawing a line in the sand at all.

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