3 Game Innovations You’ve Never Heard About

The RooshV Forum is an incredible resource for men. It contains a plethora of topics that will appeal to all types, but in particular the game sub-forum is an awesome way to improve your game. Whether you need advice, or want to share a new technique for scoring some snatch, the game sub-forum can help you.

One thing I am always on the lookout for are new ways to get more women into my life, and the game forum always provides me with ideas. To that end, here are 3 ways to game most guys wouldn’t believe existed even if you banged the girl you picked up in their room…

make me yelp

1. Yelp Game

Yelp is good for more than finding the best venues in town.

Yelp is a great way of meeting fun, cute girls. I’ve been on the site writing reviews since 2008, but I only started to get back into it in 2012 after getting out of a LTR.

I noticed a lot more cute chicks were on it than before, so started to write reviews while simultaneously hitting girls up. First it was “add as friend”, then it was leaving innocuous compliments e.g. “great review on the orecchiette” and then asking for recommendations which segued easily into meet ups and eventual bangs.

“Yelp Elite” events are also a great place to meet girls, especially cute Asians. Basically, Yelp partners with a bar/restaurant, you RSVP for a spot and they give you free food and alcohol. Unfortunately, they’re usually during the week, but you’d be surprised how many drunken hookups I’ve seen happening in real time (a few experienced by yours truly too).

You’re definitely not going to have the numbers you have on OK Cupid or other dating sites, but I’ve found the quality of the talent to be +1.5 higher on average than OKC. Granted, most of the girls (and 99% of the cute ones) write the most asinine shit in their reviews, but in person, they’re usually pretty laid back and like to go out to eat. Plus all of them drink moderately/a lot which greatly aids the process along.

All told, for the first half of 2012, I was averaging about one yelp bang per month where it was more like 3 for 2 months with OKC, but the quality on Yelp was way better. One yelper in particular (Mexican girl) was the best looking Latina I have ever been with, a rock solid 8, whereas I’d usually settle for 6’s on OKC.

I’ve put in enough legwork in my reviews where girls will still hit me up about dining advice and meetups even though I specifically reference my girlfriend in my current posts. Strangely enough, I found her on OKC, but she’s definitely an outlier.

Writing reviews on Yelp sounds pretty boring, but if you’re a big city with lots of places to check out this will be an easy way to score free food, drinks, and girls. It will also allow men who hate dating site “profiles” to show themselves through their reviews – if you know how to write well and have a good yelp photo, that is – so there is less bullshit involved.

Plus, city girls who like to go out a lot are sluttier than average (which is already pretty damn high), and probably hotter than average since the reason they go out so much is because guys buy them stuff, or they have a “cool” circle of sex-in-the-city style girlfriends to split the bill with.

However, there is the downside of having to actually go to lots of places to have a strong Yelp review profile, so there is a bit of effort involved. Still seems like a lot more fun than Okstupid or Plenty of Shrimp.

Game innovation rating: A-

2. Reverse Gold-Digger MILF Game

We all know about how women use men to get money. But how would you like to be on the receiving end? Famed RVF member Pusscrook came to the forum with this bomb:

I study these whores time and time again and for one reason only, to get them to pay! Yes , that’s right, pay! Whenever I’m state-side , I don’t fuck around with spring chickens. This is a lot of drama for me, I receive no wages, and I really don’t have that kind of time. If I’m touring I seek out a little fawn to receive punishment.,but other than that, forget it.

For me the secret to pummeling milfs into paying has been the dual face attack. Cynical in nature… this is the classic carrot and stick approach.
Remember these whores are usually a little bit smarter than average, and have heard a thing or two.


This idea is to hijack the entire frontal lobe and make her a servant. Yea, even to the point of crippling her ability to apply any logic to your plot. Now, once I see she’s more worried about me than herself (sweet) , it’s time to knock the entire lining out of this pussy. Now you really have to fuck this woman with reckless abandon. Spare not one fibrous tissue my comrades. If you hit it right, this will lead to more confusion when you are hinting for pay. Now, more confusion means she’s not sure why she pays but she knows it seems better WHEN she pays. I have three in rotation right now and averaging about 1500 or so a month. This does not include my gifts ( I deserve them) and I get to experiment with these wounded creatures. Really , some of them I liken unto a wounded deer with a hoof caught in a fence awaiting some hungry lion to devour whatever precious little meat they have left on ’em. I am now placing my check-list of milf pussy secrets below. PLease add some things to the list, or tell a story so that we can all have this wonderful part-time “job”. (disclaimer.. I am not a gigolo, just turning the “game” upside down

1. Select proper locations ..ie; barnes and nobles, parks, jazz lounge, gym. ( I really like the lounge)
2. Get to know the victim really well. Don’t half-step on this one, learn to listen. (my ears have bled doing this shit, but I got paid)!
3. Make sure your sob story matches what you present to her in real life. IE; I have several cars, but I drive a honda with no air condition when seeking out “wounded personnel”. I have a house , but an apartment also, nothing fancy, small t.v. etc. <<<<This is what they see(you get the drift).
4. Try your best to stay away from her kids. (Fuck them, these are the worst cockblockers, and eats up way too much profit).. Ask about them but don’t start doing shit with the “family”.
5. Make references to what you “wish” you had but don’t put too much mustard on it. Think of it in terms of a curve ball instead of a hard slider. They are very receptive to “saving” you from your despair.
6. When you finally get to dislodging her “inners” ,go back into sob story mode. Don’t get cocky and ruin a pay-day. Oh , and make sure you do dislodge them. This is paramount, and could permanently seal the confusion in her tiny pea brain.
7. Lastly, remain unpredictable, yet close enough to monitor any subtle changes. These things have worked miracles ! The strangest thing is that I learned this all from a thugged out remedial dude who never worked and played on his xbox all day!


Example: She calls and she hears some papers being shuffled around in the background…. (setting this bitch up just right). check the convo.

Her : “What’s all that noise”?
Me: ” Oh, nothing, just looking over something”.
Her: “Are you busy’?
Me” No, just a bit stressed , but how are you”?
Her: “I’m fine , but what’s wrong” (this is the ” I got you bitch “phrase I was waiting to hear)
Me: “Every time I think I’m moving forward, something always comes up. I just don’t know anymore. It’s o.k. I’ll figure it out”…. Pause..(rattle papers …. talking to myself like I’m adding up numbers) heh heh.
Her: “Is there anything I can do to help”? (bingo, i got action)
Me: “I just don’t know, things are just piling up.. but I”m trying ya’ know”
Her” Talk to me., what do you need sweety”? (Yes i am your sweety)
Me: “I’m ashamed ,let’s not talk about this”.
Her” I won’t do anything to hurt you, I want to be there for you . You mean a lot to me . I think about you all the time (I’m creaming in my pants already)
Me” I know,life sucks”
Her: “I’ve been there too, this is what friends are for, do you need some help paying something”? (bless you my love).
Me: I don’t know , I’m trying to see what I can do.
Her: “Just tell me how much you need and don’t ever hide anything from me again ok”?
Me” I’m sorry , it’s just been hard and I don’t want to stress you out or make you think I’m like that.
Her: “Never that.. what we have is special , treat it that way…
Me” Ok, sorry again.

In terms of “liking” them…. This can be interpreted many ways.. I don’t usually fuck women I don’t like in some way or another. So ,there is some chemistry there. This is neither here or there when I am seeking out “wounded personnel”. Now do I like them enough to settle down, breed, this, that, and the other? Ummmm ,no.. This would be blasphemy. Imagine inheriting those bastards and for what? The trick is to appear to have such attributes that they envision in a man they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Pure genius. You may be offended at Pusscrook’s vulgar language, but at the RVF people speak with a careless attitude because it is the only place in the world where free speech exists for men (provided you don’t insult other members).

I’ve personally never thought about running this kind of game myself, but when I think about how I got my first real job, I can clearly see the advantages to finding older women with empty hearts and fat wallets. Pusscrook seems to advocate going for women with children, but obviously it doesn’t matter and it is preferable if she has no kids.

The biggest snag in this game is that sometimes women get really angry if you dump them too harshly after receiving a lot of cash from them, they’ll come at you with police charges. Even still, I can’t see why a game qualified man couldn’t get some supplemental income with this strategy.

Game innovation rating: A

3. Missed Encounters Game

You know those sad, pathetic, and cringe inducing personals of craigslist where people can post anonymous pleas about that attractive stranger they didn’t have the guts to approach?

Well, now YOU can be the savior of some woman who needs a man to pick her up.

Been trolling a while. Gotten three bangs off it in two months, not glorious but nothing to shake a stick at.

Behold my strat:

1. I check sunday night.

2. I only respond to those that have descriptive comments. I.E. you were working at krogers and a guy in front of me was giving you a hard time, respond with what I was wearing

3. I send a quick vague email “Yeah im pretty sure i remember you, but I get a lot of people giving me a hard time at the register, pic for pic?”

4. If she responds and sends pic, I respond and send pic

5. about a 50% blowout (no your not the guy type deal), thats why I check sunday night and only go for thursday-friday night gals, hoping they were drunk or have the fog of war

6. If they pass the boner test, and they “remember me,” i get a phone number and commence text game.

7. Meet up and proceed with Tuths bang strat 

I only go for the missed encounters where the women is withing my age range, It will show up, IE. W4M 26 (city). 10 mins of work every sunday.

Normally only 3-4 good candidates a week


I have had six meets. Two of those were stupid enough to believe I was the guy they had originally seen. Four of those were “damage control,” which is where I think this has the most potential.

I wont go into the girls that thought I was the original guy, as those will be rare encounters.

The ones that knew I wasn’t the original guy are where I did the most work.

Heres the breakdown of the punk chick, who calls me out, for an example:

1. her post – “I saw you at the Shell in “Town Name” getting some gas in the morning. You were wearing a suit and I commented on your cologne. You didn’t seem to willing to talk, but I think that was because you were in a hurry, I have never done this before So i just hope we can get a chance to talk again”

2. She meets age and location requirements. I gather intel by googling the town name and shell locations. There is only one (small town) so I look at coffee shops and bars nearby to have material for a first meet. I find a coffee shop right across the street.

3. Message back “Hey stalker, Im pretty sure I remember you and it was me you were talking too. I was actually about to go meet with an attorney about a new business proposal so I was a bit preoccupied. If it is you I am thinking off, you seemed cool and there is a “coffee shop name” right across the street we can meet up at and have a quick chat at. Send a quick pic to make sure your not the creepy gas station attendant that was giving me the eye”

4. Sends pic and makes a joke about the gas attendant, says the coffee shop is a great spot to meet.

5. Pic passed boner test. She was cute as hell but has a mohawk and the rest of her head shaved, probably brought her down a good point. So I send pic back and ask for digits. My pic is me in a full suit, to calibrate as much as possible with “her guy”

6. She replies – “The guy I met was blonde…I dont think you are him, but small world haha!” she sends no digits

7. I reply – “Yeah I don’t think your the cutie I met either. She had on a pink simpsons MuMu and was pushing about 250lbs im guessing, Oh well. Anyways you do seem like a cool person and already have pictures of me saved on your computer, we may as well meet for a cup of joe and figure how we are going to find our long lost crushes”

8. She replies – “Haha ok deal” and sends digits.

9. We meet and game as usual.

Creative? Check. Hitting a niche full of desperate women? Check. A little bit evil? Double check. Everything seems good, but then you remember it’s just craigslist so the quality can’t be that good. But given how low the competition is, who knows?

Game innovation rating: B+

There are a lot more threads like these on the RVF, so if you want more you’ll have to lurk and find some. I’ll be continuing these game innovations as a regular series as well. And if you want to talk to forum members directly and put your own game up for review, remember you can make an account on the first of every month.

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  1. Good stuff. A lot of game is going with your strengths and developing a niche. I am older and have a high profile job so for me, its LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn. I’ve had countless recruiters (lots of young hotties work for recruiting companies) try to connect with me about placing a job. I don’t accept their invite but email them back with a terse “Do I know you??”, and they immediately get on the defensive with a “sorry, but just wanted to see if we could place some accounting jobs with your company”. I usually come back with a “doubt it but maybe we can meet” line and then we meet up for coffee, I keep business talk to a minimum, and ask them out right after. Bang ratio is currently 33%, not so bad.

  2. The women Pusscrook pursues- if they got their money through divorce theft, then they are getting what they deserve. I hope it is excruciating for them.

    1. Since Pusscrook mentioned avoiding her kids, it means that the women he pursues at the very least were collecting child support (which is already overpriced).

  3. This is why I read these blogs — to gain defense and knowledge against the men who actually use these “strategies.” Pretty amusing.

    1. Have your cat-children had children of their own yet? If so, you should consider opening an account to save money for their kitty-college expenses. It’s never to early to start preparing!

    2. Not sure how you’d defend yourself against a guy on Yelp asking you if you wanna hang out and review a restaurant…
      But for the other two, I can see how this would help.

  4. Props for pinging my yelp game thread, Samseau. I’m still surprised that more people don’t do it, but like you said, the barriers to entry (writing good reviews) is a bit high.

  5. Number 3 is charming, definitely something I’ll try out some time. Some girls will really dig that you’re ballsy enough to bullshit them like that.

  6. can’t imagine craigslist missed connections girls being hot, as evidenced by the fact that he met one who had a fucking mohawk.

  7. I can vouch for missed encounters game but its hit or miss. I banged a fine Dominican chick

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