Why I Stopped Trying To Be A Hero To Women

When I was a young boy, I would spend my days daydreaming about wars and heroes, battles between good and evil. I imagined the whole world as black and white, everything as a giant whole, where bad men tried to impose themselves and good men had to stop them.

The romantic concept of the hero seemed fascinating to me. Watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, living the rise of King Aragorn, reading stories of the fabled King Arthur, and other incredible men from the fantasy stories, that rose from the depths of nothingness (Arthur was a nobody until he pulled that sword from the stone, Aragorn was just a ranger fighting as a nobody in battles and lost in the woods), into saviours of the world, resonated with my young heart. My parents are idealists, always standing against evil and corruption, and their teachings were impregnated into my soul.

I believed that life was this epic struggle of good against evil, that even though evil is triumphant right now, an epic band of heroes would stand up against the tide and send them all back to the abyss.

Oh how wrong I was.

The futility of being a hero

There was once a time where heroes were appreciated, applauded, even worshipped. I would soon learn that those days were long gone.

I lived most of my life in this romantic, bedazzled state. As a young teenager I would do no wrong, try to do good, try to help people, trying to live up to this incredible moral standard I had been so infatuated with in the stories of my youth, trying to be a beacon of light in this world that seemed to need such a light with so much darkness rampant, everywhere.

I thought somewhere out there, was my perfect princess, waiting for her hero, her shining knight, to come and rescue her. I kept to my standards in most of my younger years, waiting for this incredible love to appear magically and invade my life, waiting for this awesome girl to come and be swept off her feet by my heroism and epicness.

But the years passed, and she never appeared. She never came around. I would view the girls of this modern world, and they were nothing like the damsels in my stories. Most of them were just living out their lives, drinking themselves into oblivion every weekend, messing around with many boys at a time. None seemed even remotely interested in my notion of heroes, saving, and romance.

I was lost, confused. I was doing everything right, following my what I believed to be the correct path to the letter, but this path appeared to be leading me nowhere fast. It was here that I had a revelation.

How I thought the world would be

How I thought the world would be.

The veil is lifted

One day, I woke up, and realized that in all my seventeen years of life, and I had never been with a girl. My perfect princess was nowhere in sight, not even a faint glimpse on the horizon hinted of her arrival. So I sat in my cave and reflected on my life, my actions up until this point. Was the world really like in my stories?

I looked around and saw no perfect knights—most guys were just selfish, pathetic, weak losers, subservient to what society dictates as “cool” or “correct,” willing to sacrifice all their morals and principles just to get a piece of pussy, or something even less important. Girls were not much better, uncommiting sluts interested only in self-indulgence, a good time, and little more. These were NOT the characters from my stories, to me they were just bad jokes. And then it hit me.

The perfect knight is not needed in this world. Morals and truth are thrown out the window, conveniently displaced in favor of self-pleasure and debauchery. No girl wants to be “saved,” heroes have no place here. Nothing was they way I believed it was, and I wasn’t going to get anywhere if I didn’t radically change my course of action, very fast.

I ditched the hero’s cape, opting to replace it with cunning and courage, and ventured out into this brand new world. The veil had been lifted from my eyes, and I saw clearly now. It was a strange place indeed, everyone out on their own, no principles, no morals, just unlimited, unchecked, absolute freedom. The pleasures of the moment were far more important that the dealings of tomorrow, good and evil nonexistent between the loud music and the bottom of the next scotch.

But it wasn’t all dark. I had my friends, who had been with me throughout my life. I kept them close throughout my life, and still do, because they have a sense of brotherhood, of loyalty, that is ever so rare now a days. I learned much from them, and kept growing stronger and stronger in this now more familiar world. In the beginning it was quite rough, as I had no game, no knowledge, making me feel completely naked. Soon though, things changed, and began to unfold in a manner I would have never predicted.

How the world actually was.

How the world actually was.

The rush of victory

It turned out, even with no game, it wasn’t that difficult to attract women. There is always someone that finds you attractive, ALWAYS. Even if you can’t notice it, that girl in the coffee shop, that always smiles more than she should when she hands you your coffee, that girl in your gym that seems to constantly lock eye contact with you, but pulls away after a few short seconds, or that girl in your class that finds any excuse to sit next to you. These are your targets. I talked to a young beauty from my class and things progressed rather quickly with her. We went out, got wasted, went to a private place, and lost our virginity together.

Things had progressed so easily since I changed my perspective. I stopped trying to “save” girls and instead, just gamed them, and pushed to have sex with them. In a few short weeks, a guy with zero experience was dating one of the hottest girls of his class, banging her regularly and making no apologies for it. I was no casanova, but for me it was the best moment of my life up until that point.

Leaving behind the moral backpack weighing me down was so liberating, I discovered the true me hiding beneath the cape all these years, eager to stretch his legs and make his way out into the world. It felt like I learned to fly. I started going out, every time I could, and having as much fun as I could.

It wasn’t precisely all uphill from there, but I found the ability to get laid, make my way out on the world, claim what I wanted as mine. I discovered my power as a man, given to me by God, the creator, the universe, whatever you want to call it. All my successes and failures were mine alone, everything I had achieved was thanks to my work, and the only limit was the sky.

She wants you to talk to her.

She wants you to talk to her.

The road so far and what the future holds

Getting rid of the “good guy”, the hero’s cape, was the best thing I ever did. At first I was reckless, breaking hearts and hurting people. I quite literally turned into the opposite of what I had idealized my entire life. But then I slowed down. Hurting people is no good. Saving them isn’t necessary, but bringing more pain and suffering in a world already so littered with such things, is not the way to go.

A man constructs and empowers. Women are proud to be with him, proud to allow his dick to shove its way to the bottom of her pussy. Friends learn from such strength, find their own balls, and grow as well. Loyalty is important, to friends, to family. Don’t lie to girls, if you want to date several, go ahead and do it, but make no promises. Be unapologetic, god gave you your dick, and your sexual desire, to go out and fuck chicks.

Don’t let religion or so-called “gurus” control your mind. Believe nothing unless you can prove it true from your own experiences. Rather than the hero, be the conqueror, who sees what he wants, takes it, and makes no apologies. Avoid creating pain as much as you can but always, ALWAYS, put your own needs above others.

I share this story because it is not my own. It is my life, but I can’t claim sole ownership of the events that I described here. I believe most, if not every young man, is faced with a moment similar, where he sees that things aren’t the way our parents told us they were, that girls aren’t looking for that “good guy” to come, put them on a pedestal, work 9 to 5 to maintain her and kiss her feet.

I am here to spare you the pain of these truths you are discovering and instead, show you their liberating power. You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to save anyone. Just start hitting on girls, put your balls on where they belong and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you will start seeing results. Even one success will be like a snowball that can begin an avalanche, each victory adding to your confidence and courage. Just get up off your ass, take off your cape, and go conquer the world.

Happy hunting!

She doesn't want a hero, just your dick.

She doesn’t want a hero, just your dick.

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145 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Trying To Be A Hero To Women”

  1. The concept of Hero is valid. But it’s been corrupted to mean self debasement.
    Churchill was a hero, but there’s little mention of the “Coventry question”. IE doing ugly things and making impossible decisions for the greater good. The modern day popular hero is defined by his ability to be a serviceable doormat, whilst real heroes are ostracised as reactionary nutters

      1. Please. Churchill was a giant. Yes he was in part a product of geography, time and circumstance. But he was monumental. Europe would have been speaking German if not for him. Who were his masters you speak of? You have just ripped out a catchy sounding soundbite without thought. In modern parlance, the guy ‘was gangsta’.

        1. HAHAHA Churchill made WW2 happen you twat. He could have opened second front when Poland was attacked and didnt. Germans had only 10 divisions on the western front. Brits and the French had over 100.
          Soviets asked the Brits to create an anti German alliance 2 weeks prior to WW2 began. Britain declined.

      2. Indeed. A German leader of much more humble origins and disciplined character considered the thoroughly pampered Churchill to be a “drunken poltroon”. Churchill was living the high life and on the verge of bankruptcy in the 1930s before a pressure group called The Focus bailed him out. He lived to regret his decisions and died a broken man as the Bolsheviks came to occupy the eastern parts of Blessed Europa, and as a Pole whose kin were stabbed in the back by him I never miss a chance to spit (Truth) onto his character.
        Historian Ralph Raico demolishes the Churchill myth masterfully: http://mises.org/library/rethinking-Churchill

    1. Churchill brought ruin to the British Empire. Total war against Germany in a war he could have stayed out of. The priority should have been retaining the empire not destroying Germany. Churchill is a hero to those who profited from the final outcome of WW 2 and not to the British Empire.

  2. Don’t be a hero and don’t save anyone unless it’s a male about to be fucked by the anti-male pussy system currently running human affairs.

    1. it depends what type of male. Mangina’s and white knights deserve to get fucked by the anti-male pussy systems.

      1. And will they learn from their mistakes and convert to a red pill mindset?
        Probably not, especially if they’re already in too deep.

    2. Even then, don’t save them. In the wonderful words of R.A. Heinlein’s character:
      “I used to think I was serving humanity…and I pleasured at the thought. Then I discovered that humanity does not want to be served, on the contrary it resents any attempt to serve it. So now I do what pleases Jubal Harshaw.”
      -Jubal E. Harshaw LL.B, M.D., ScD, bon vacant, gourmet, sybarite, popular author extraordinaire, and neo-pessimist philosopher.

        1. Yes he is.
          He shakes down the guy of 70% of his wealth, and then has the opportunity to screw the ex-wife.

    1. Additionally, the villain would not be shooting all his cohorts in the head when they “failed” just to prove how crazy he is. In reality there would be only one head with a bullet in it and that would be his.

    2. Well thats what happens in the bond films.
      007 gets them for what? one night
      The villains lay them over and over again while simultaneously cheating for years.
      Or to put it another way, 007 is an alpha and the villains are sigmas

  3. Want to see the most heroes in one place at the same time?
    An airplane after it’s landed.
    So many guys rushing to help women get their luggage from the overhead bins. Unless she’s old or disabled, she should be able to get her own bags down.

  4. It seems logical on paper that girls want to treated like princes. At church most guy believe that they will have the girl and have sex all they want after marriage. But all of that is just theory but in the real world is opposite. For me is just confusing….

    1. Hear is some clarity, push with fierce desire. Everything begins and ends with vitality. You see a girl you like? Jump in. Weddings are big because of desire. Rape is too. Spending a bunch of money also says desire. That is the meal ticket. Master passionate, furious, desire and you to shall claim the prize.

    2. You can have all the sex you want if you learn how to consistently trigger women’s sexual buttons. Think of it like a car, you can drive all day if you know how to turn it on and continue to put gas in it. Female attraction has to be continuously activated, even twenty years down the road.

    3. A girl’s wanting is a powerful emotion. A princess has nothing left to want. She hates having that emotion taken away. Leave her wanting more and she’ll always come back for more.

  5. Looking back on my own life, I’ve realized that whenever I tried to play the hero for a girl, aka. white knighted, every time – every, single, time – her respect for me would plummet. She would go from being pleased to see me and receptive to me to either just trying to extract favors out of me or going out of her way to avoid me completely.
    If that’s not empirical proof of red pill I don’t know what is.

    1. I’ve been there. You play the knight, you’re not just undesirable, you’re a freak forever in their mind

    2. That was the same for me, it was one of the reasons I started viewing life differently which led me to discovering red pill truths.

    3. It shows their true nature. They see kindness as a weakness and selfishness as strength. Manners, courtesy, and thoughtfulness are the quickest way to lose a woman’s favor. Lie, steal, and cheat and her tingles light up.
      People here bring up biology as a reason for this, but I think they are just socially primitive from centuries of being babied and pampered. They are operating on almost barbaric instincts and impulses. Civilization will surely crumble in their hands.

      1. And she will have that mentality until she’s 30+, catches a case of baby-rabies and realizes she doesn’t pull the alphas into her penis fly trap like she use to, will frantically search for that oh so nice, kind, loving, nurturing, protective beta provider to have kids with [in some cases the child/children aren’t even his] and then take his ass to the cleaners [via frivorce court] and secure a 20 year cash cow bonanza before she returns to her ways of whoredom and sluttery, destroying the lives of the poor simp and even her own progeny in the process.
        Don’t you just LOVE equality???

    4. They don’t want a hero. They want a man. He could be a hero. He could be a god killer. He could be an ex-con.
      He could be good, or very bad.
      One thing they all are though is a real man.
      He has a jagged edge, and has “experienced” real crap. Not boy scout stories. Real.friggin.histrionic.murderous.shit; and lived to tell about it.
      He could be the leader of a church, or the front of a biker gang. He could also be the assistant pastor, or one of several right hand men to the dude telling everyone where to ride to.
      Either way, the dude has spine. He.is.RADICAL. A neutral term. But the word is a “verb.” It carries action, not words.
      In a world full of spineless beta males, even a virgin will let a nasty, syphilis ridden dick poison her well, so to speak, if the dude is a spine riddled monster who can handle his business.
      You see, this author “almost” gets it.
      Just as he got tired of waiting for the “princess of virtue locked in the tower,” she got tired of waiting for the “heroic” (not hero) dude that would come in and take her breath away.
      Don’t think just because you can slay a dragon that you are heroic.
      Women don’t think like we do.
      Last hint, it is not what you say, but what and how you do it.
      Saying you have a dream, and actually having completed the dream say two very intrinsically different things about you.

      1. I need a hero, I’m holding out for a hero
        ‘Til the end of the night
        He’s gotta be strong
        And he’s gotta be fast
        And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight

        1. “Fresh from the fight”. Key words.
          “‘Til the end of the night”. More key words.
          Beat up that rude guy at the bar, fuck the shit out of me and be gone before the milk makes the cornflakes soggy.

    5. It depends. Out of my, female perspective, a guy makes himself undesirable when he goes out of his way to help me and does this every time. It makes me feel like I owe him something and also makes him look desperate.
      On the other hand, I have a male friend who occasionally helps but also lets me down at times. Therefore it is always a pleasant surprise when he decides to help me with something and I will usually return the favor. I’d never loose respect for him or even try to avoid him. So – as always – the dosage makes the poison.
      But I suppose you don’t want to help women either way : )

    6. in the short term it can sometimes work, but what is much more dangerous is when it does work, it becomes her expectation AND she will feed off it quite aggressively, to the point of never having money in her pocket, not driving the car and generally being thoroughly useless…. the real danger is not that white knighting doesn’t work and you lose the girl… it’s that it does work and you wind up with a useless dizzy blonde, who leans on your for almost everything, barking orders, letting you down and entangling you in a horrid psychotic co-dependent relationship… the more you put up with it, the angrier you become, the more you are painted into a corner as the bad guy….. as they say… no good deed goes unpunished….
      there is an old male-female dynamic that the man comes rushing to the rescue…. and it certainly appeals to both sexes, but these days you can never show it’s there or she will abuse it until you are ruined…. of course you might save your wife and kids from a burning building, but that doesn’t mean you can tolerate her running out of gas on the freeway because she forgot her credit card at home, and then calling you to drop everything and run to the rescue…..

      1. Your scenario about the freeway… did this happen to a friend of yours? I can totally see this happening.
        And of course it would be “your fault”.

      2. Damn man thats so true, someone should write an article about the boyfriend zone. Its basically the friendzone but you get to fuck her and do all the couply shit she thinks boyfriends and girlfriends do. Truth is that many white knights get sex and think shes giving it to him because shes attracted to when she actually is just giving it to him to keep him around to solve all her problems. Clingy, co-dependent girls and rescuer white knights were made for each other and she will suck the life out of him.

    7. Try being in a long-term relationship and swallowing the red pill.
      You realize just how much power women have over you, with society backing her up- and therefore how little respect she has for you.
      You realize how much respect she loses for you when you grovel or beg for anything, including seeing you and/or having sex. This leads to her pussy drying up which inevitably leads to the “I don’t know why my sex drive is low” talk, hence why…
      You realize how little credence you have to give to her words, which doesn’t go over well because it’s all about “open communication”.
      But most of all you realize that everything you were told growing up in regards to relationships and women by the blue pill army is a load of twat. You realize treating women like equals, or riding in like a white knight mangina gets you absolutely nothing in the way of sex or respect.
      Needless to say, I’m not in that relationship anymore.

      1. We don’t need to do much to get respect from a woman. And that is to say NO. Always say No to a woman (and follow through) see how she changes her attitude..
        She wants to fuck you, say no.. she wants to do something, say no.. only fuck and do things on your terms..

    8. I have never met a woman worth saving. Best I might do is throw them a life ring and a quarter to call for help.

  6. There are two very simple reasons not to be a hero for women:
    1. They won’t respect you for it, on the contrary.
    2. I have yet to meet a woman worthy of heroism/white knighting.

        1. So I guess I’m not alone when I share this. I once prided myself on having a choice song for any moment discussed. Nothing like singing to a guy Enrique Inglesias’s Hero to let him know he needs to chill with his White Knighting.

        2. haha give me an example. my personal go-to in the 90s was from bellbivdevoe, singing “never trust a big butt and a smile, that girl is POY zunn..”

        3. I had a deep cache of songs so one go to, when I wanted to over accentuate that I didn’t care what a woman did, was bring out Baby Come Back. It is beta as hell the song, but if you sing it right, you let the chick know, go about your business when you choose, or preferably when I choose.
          Another favorite was Semisonic Closing Time. Best song to sing when you are kicking a chick out. “So gather up your jacket. Move it to the exit. I hope you have found a friend”

        4. Fuck you man- Player is the shit.
          I would also use lines from “Youre so Vain” by Carlie Simon- worked well for men or women.

        5. I’m not knocking Player lmao! When I use that song, it is to emphasize both, I desire the chick and two, I’m okay if she knows it and leaves. Song rocks. You’re so Vain is a solid choice.
          Another favorite for someone who loves ranting, to the point of bursting a blood vessel, is Third Eye Blind Jumper. Priceless shit.
          I think I got that good ol’ bad egg start when I saw a woman swoon to me singing to her at 13 with my boys, Isley Brothers’s Who’s That Lady. Woman must have been 24.

        6. I know man. Kidding. Love cheesy 70s love songs. Great for karaoke.
          I enjoyed using Carlie when women would post something not germane to my argument on FB. I would say “Youre so, vain, I bet you thing this post is about you”. I would totally confuse them when I said “I bet you walk into a party like you were walking onto a yacht.” Makes me a weirdo 🙂

        7. Best kind of weird. I don’t think enough people get the joys of cracking a solid joke without insulting them directly. Have a co-worker is crass and tells everyone that Wallmart is always hiring. Funny as it insults their potential at the job we work at while not being a direct insult. Thankfully the department is a safe male zone lol.
          Cheesy 70s songs have always inspired me to remember so much. Who would have thought in one Generation’s time, women wouldn’t even have the energy to wait through the duration of Who’s that Lady from the Isley Brothers before they dropped the drawers on a man. It’s like fishing when the fish are already swimming into your net.
          “Well, guess I didn’t need this here rod….”

        1. The story behind this apparantly is that some technician was upset over something with enrique and took his revenge by turning off the playback 🙂

      1. Yeah, that pic makes me want a Tony Luke hero. Too bad its in another city. Thanks for ruining my day.

  7. The worst scenario is when you were a hero-loser in the past, they ignored you. Or destroyed you. Then years later when you’re a bit of a fucker in a fast car, decent suit and good job, they say you’ve changed for the worst. Because you’ve moved on. Moved up. Moved up above them!
    Unbelievable. Hypocricy is staggering

    1. Their primal instincts clash with their social programmimg on the regular. They dont know what they want or should want.

    2. The best part is when they tell you to “get over it” when you protest about their shoddy, dishonest treatment of you.
      If you ‘get over it’ by moving on with your life and ignoring them while also avoiding getting mixed up in their little psychodramas, they get all pissed and bitchy about it.

  8. The only hero needed today is the man who helps other men see the truth about our world. Men like Roosh, Chateau Heartiste, Dalrock, etc. are the only heroes because men are the only ones capable of being saved. Women can only be saved by a massive cultural change and that could take decades.
    Men are able to see their mistakes, learn from them and become better people. The current cultural war is against men and too many are not aware of the dangers that the western woman presents.

  9. Treat all women like you would men. I have, routinely, not opened doors for women or pulled out chairs, etc, etc… If a woman gives me that look or says anything then I simply tell them that I believe in equality for all.
    That includes saving women from shit. I’ve seen women broken down on the side of the road and if it isn’t someone that I personally know I drive right on by her. She should have her best friend with her (her iPhone) so she can call a tow truck or a beta orbiter (I laugh as I drive by, too…I know…it’s fucked up).
    Women can’t have shit both ways….and no, there hasn’t been a “lady” around here for a long ass time so – hero or knight not needed.

    1. Women today make up for their unattractiveness by giving us men schadenboners that can sharpen diamond.

    2. That’s pretty much what I do now, too. When I was younger, like most men, I was more than willing to help women if one needed a little assistance. It’s how my generation was raised, the one before mine, the one before that, and the thousands before that one were all raised.
      You saw a woman needed a little help, you helped her. She appreciated it, you wasted a little time but nothing else, everyone was happy and went on their way. You hoped that in return if your mother, sister, or gf/wife needed help at some point, someone would help her.
      It’s not like that anymore, and it’s not worth it anymore. It still feels weird sometimes to just drive by a chick on the road or something like that, but that’s life now. The goodwill between the sexes is gone.

      1. I don’t feel bad at all. I simply figure it’s what they wanted all along…so I give it to them. No hero here….that’s right, sweetie can figure it all out on her own “equal” self. It’s pretty funny to watch what happens afterwards, though….especially if they’re trying to fix something.

      2. Exactly. This is what happens when women take advantage of their status then use it against us with shit like “Yes means Yes”, “Manspreading”, “Micro Aggressions” and Eye-Rape.
        Women want more than protected status. They now want to be untouchable while still having the benefits of chivalry. Something has to give.

      3. You got that right. You don’t know if the bitch has a couple of ‘bad boy’ friends waiting to beat up and rob you, or she is looking to make a false accusation of some kind.
        They burned their bridges…and I’m not building any.

    3. I still stop for anyone broken down or in trouble, men or women. I’ll wind down my window and say ‘Dya need a hand?’ Takes me 2 minutes, if they don’t want help I drive off. I don’t have a hero complex I just figure one day that might be me.

      1. I used to do it…not any longer. I figure let people work it out (some of them really need it). They’ll become stronger from the experience. Many of these fuckers (yes, men) can’t even change a fucking tire. Sad.

        1. They can’t change a fucking tire indeed.. Pathetic.. Their little womanly hands can’t handle a wrench.. Too funny..

      2. Down south, that can get you robbed,carjacked or killed depending on the owner of the car.
        I discriminate carefully. I use my powers of discernment when evaluating whether I should help someone.
        If anything seems amiss or if the person doesn’t seem worthy in my eyes, then I just pass on by.

    4. I would like to point out that feminism has ALWAYS rejected the concept that men should be “gallant” and open doors and do shit like that for women. Feminists always claim that you should treat a woman exactly like you treat a man. Always. Since day one. So we agree bro!

      1. Yeah, I would agree with early feminism but this new wave is ridiculous. You can call in 3.0 or some type of new morphed feminism but the shit, today, is some type of entitlement attitude. I can only think that it’s the attitude that’s come with the new generation (of women). Older women need to set this new bunch straight because (I believe) they’re fucking it up for the rest (and society as a whole).

        1. Camille Paglia has tried countless times, but her words have fallen on deaf (and most likely gratuitously pierced) ears. And she’s the only one that I know of from that camp trying to talk any kind of sense.
          I find the inaction from the other older ones (women who were early feminists or women who don’t identify as MRA’s) actually kind of dubious. It’s as if this mess in which we find ourselves was their objective all along. It took 50+ years, but the emperor has no clothes…and they’re just sitting back and watching the show. So, at this point, it’s up to us to do what [some of] our fathers and other men who came before us refused to do out of fear, and shut them down altogether.

      2. So if you’re being annoying I can drop you and not suffer any consequences for hitting a woman? What about the women who have insisted I drink or have groped me without consent? Do I call the police and file rape or sexual assault charges?

        1. I don’t understand what “dropping” a woman has anything to do with “hitting” a woman. You don’t hit other people, men or women, without consequences.
          If you have been sexually assaulted by a woman then yes, you file a police report.

        2. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here. Hitting people, of any gender, is a crime, and, if you do it, you’ll get in trouble. What else is there to say?

    5. If they want equality, they can’t have it both ways. They can’t expect special treatment just because they have a pussy.

    6. what if you go on a date with a bitch, you still wouldn’t open doors & pull chairs for them?

      1. No. I’ve honestly let the women walk up to the door a half step before me just to see if she’ll stand there or open the door. If she doesn’t open the door, then I’ll ask “are they closed?”. If she says no, then I’ll tell her to open the door. I believe this problem falls on our side (men). We’ve let women have the equality that they’ve wanted and we’ve let them keep all of the “goodies” from days past. It doesn’t work that way. If women want equality, then they are capable of opening their own doors, pulling out their own chairs, etc…. Men have to set the tone. The tone here is: women want equality – so give it to them (the full dose).

        1. let the women walk up to the door a half step before me just to see if she’ll stand there or open the door. If she doesn’t open the door, then I’ll ask “are they closed?”. If she says no, then I’ll tell her to open the door.
          STEALING THAT!

        2. Ever since i’ve joined this site after last year i’ve gradually been treating women with equality, hehe. During my last date about 2 weeks ago, i made a point to be conscious about there being no chair pulling & door opening specifically for her. Wanted me to hold her purse while she wanted to look at something later on. Just shook my head & told her jokingly, ‘I’m not your carrier dog. Just a horndog’.
          It’s true what many here say about some women respecting that.
          Ah..treating women with equality can be quite liberating 😀

        3. Though chair pulling and politeness had made an impression, its never given me the results I, and ultimately she too, want: fuckin.

  10. i am a hero because i once stopped a rape. i didn’t fuck her until the train had crossed the border from germany to denmark, where the age of consent is lower.

  11. This article should be qualified. It is true… but only with women who have daddy issues. Women who were raised in a healthy two parent household with a strong male archetype (and even better, with brothers) and taught good values and work ethics generally do not respond well to this attitude (exception is rebound but they never stay). To the trained eye, the women in the last two photos (the prize?) have narcissistic personality disorder written all over them. Banging these bitches is like an Appalachian spitting contest: every man should try it once. Beyond that, they are assiduously avoided as they are nothing more than a waste of time to any man who wants a great woman.
    There may not be “perfect princesses,” but there ARE great women and one is not likely to find one while fucking around in the trash bin. My current live in girlfriend is prettier than all my past entertainment biz betties combined and brings out cat claws from club skanks, strippers, and porn stars every time we go out. Why? She’s instantly likeable and all these bitches know she’s a great catch. She’s also my web and graphics designer. It’s been my first drama free relationship: 2 years with zero problems. i attracted and kept her not by abandoning my principles… but by OWNING them. And then turning down amoral sour sexpots with imaginary problems and a grandiose sense of entitlement (the mirror image of narcissism is shame and LSE) that most guys would kill for. Become trash and you will attract it. The take home here is know your target. If you want a great woman, be a great man. Heroes are needed and wanted in the world; the key is to not park your Ferrari in the miniskirt trailer park where it will be poorly understood, under appreciated and quickly wind up on cinder blocks —

    1. Needle in haystack argument and also this: your perfect woman can turn on you at the drop of a hat.

  12. If I had one wish now, I would wish for a time machine so that I can send this article back to my younger self to read. Great advice written here for guys out there desperately struggling to attract girls and more importantly, it highlights the social conditioning of being a white knight and the dangers that it brings.

    1. If I had a time machine id just bond and raise my younger counterpart since my parents were failures.

  13. The brunette in the third picture is Malena Morgan. She’s a confirmed lesbian so I don’t think talking to her would do any good lol. Miranda Kerr is the super model in the bottom image. She made her ex husband wait 6 months to even kiss her then fucked Justin Beaver at a party. She even got 2 billionaires to fist fight over her! Great article though!

  14. A TROPHY is a useless item that sits on a shelf and is much like a ‘princess’, incapable of performing normal motherly and wifely duties. Like an athletic trophy A TROPHY WIFE will also collect dust and rust out from lack of use. Likewise the ‘princess’/’knight in shining armor’ myth is also unworkable in any real life scenario. We can close the book on this myth like we can pull the plug on the practice of jerking off to a ‘virtual’ girlfriend. Living in a fairy tale dream state avoids real life itself. It is death. It produces nothing.
    I know for fact where the familiar ‘Santa Claus’ that we are all so familiar with and which we identify with Christmas time with his red and white suit, black boots and bloodshot eyes originated. He was the character St.Nicholas as portrayed in the 1930’s Coca Cola advertizement. Coke actually invented the red suit.
    But the princess/knight in shining armor fairy tale? I can’t say where in bejeezus that one originated or got foisted upon common folk. Commoners have inherently LOATHED royalty through the ages. The inbred infidels from hell with their goblin children eventually inbreed themselves away within three to eleven generations. How many royal heirs terminate their dynasty with a sickly only child who drools and requires a neck brace?
    I’ve also noticed as well that not all military brass is bestowed with live rounds of quality ammo to create their progeny. Bunch of blank shooting FUCKING INFIDELS. Their autistic only children look like the ‘end of the rope’ last generation creations that the REPTOID blue bloods crap out. Hybrid lizard fuckers. It’s KARMA for the gay fucking sell out in a suit. Pity.
    The solution: WORK YOUR WOMAN. No matter how beautiful she is and how tempting it is to pedestalize and spoil her, there is no more a beautiful sight than seeing a beautiful and loyal woman and mother WORK THAT THANG.
    There is no higher endeavor for a woman than to sit around thinking up new and better ways to SERVE HER MASTER. The better she serves her man THE BETTER SHE FEELS about herself in her life and THE BETTER HUMAN BEING she becomes.
    You cannot put a price on TOTAL FULFILLMENT and the completed full circle peace radiating from the woman as she completes all points, nipples relieved and empty from feeding, fingers relaxing from delivering her masters meal fit for a king and labia still high from her proudly submitted new twist on juxtasport, her head still swimming with adulation for her pleased master.

  15. I still remember the first time I realised this. At a party held by a work colleague I was rude and oblivious to most of the women and mocked one in particular. She ended up joining me for tequila shots. I ended up going back to her place where she blew me maybe 6-7 times in the space of 15 hours. She would blow me then I would roll over and fall asleep, rinse repeat every 2 hours. Over the next three months, we would hookup maybe every 2 weeks . Once she woke me up by jerking me off and wouldn’t let me go until i told her to blow me.
    One weekend I was frustrated by what was going on at my job and had a weak moment. The contempt from her then on was obvious. She continually shit tested me until it was all but over. Never forget the lesson.

  16. I am still new to red pill, I have learned a lot and have made some changes and my eyes have opened a lot.
    My main problem is getting over my fear of going for it, lets say Im talking to a girl I like well I freeze up and have nothing to talk about, I never go for it and ask the number or to go out or something, I feel like such a puss and it drives me crazy. Yet with women im not too interested in I can talk up a storm, flirt, make em laugh, its just the ones that I really want I get stuck.
    I think the lack of push is my insecurity from lack of experience with women, its like if I get to bed them they are gonna know and I think that is what scares me, I feel like im gonna get exposed or something.
    Then we have the nice guy thing, I naturally am a nice person, I am not a pussy and I dont think im a push over but with women I guess im subconciously afraid of being rejected and looking like a loser.
    I’ll tell myself, today im gonna ask for her number! Today Im gonna escalate, always end up not doing shit.
    I have a lot to learn but these first steps are frustrating, I do feel like I act like too much of a pussy at times and end up beating myself up over it later but if I can just find a way to get over that initial fear, that hump.

      1. True this, what do I have to lose? I rather live with some short discomfort and dissapointment rather than regret.
        We all are gonna die so live now!
        Thanks man.

    1. Don’t allow your personal validation to be decided by anybody else other than..yourself. Be it some female or other guys.
      Keep improving yourself in a lot of ways. You’ll attract greater quality by being higher quality yourself.
      Physically, work out or lift or master a fighting art. Do it for YOURSELF.
      Intellectually, keep yourself educated & knowledgeable. You’ll find your interest & niche.
      Be socially adept. Don’t hurt people but be prepared to bring the pain of reality to those who deserve it & to accept the consequences & fallout from that.
      Spiritually, gain wisdom from mentors & reflect upon your experiences. Write things down in a journal if you must.
      And…be honest with yourself. If you crashed & burned after giving something your best effort at the time, don’t beat yourself up.
      You’re probably already doing a lot of things well in your life as it is.
      I hope that doesn’t come across as an instruction kit. It isn’t. Just my economic stimulus package $0.02.

  17. So, when is the wedding?
    My first Red Pill knowledge came from The Misandry Bubble. It had plenty of links to The Spearhead and Roissy (now known as Heartiste).
    Those were useful sites. The Spearhead brought legal and cultural awareness, Roissy scientifical and psychological insight. But ultimately, what remains is either procreation or death. Either the white man will breed (and, at the time of writing, we do not, nearly enough) or we will die out.
    Our women are what they are because we allowed, even encouraged, them to be so. Your attitude, while useful for yourself in the moment and the short term, is hurting the white races women on the whole, and therefore, the white race. Shame fatties and sluts, don’t interact with anyone who is not a virgin or very close to it, or be the cause of our own demise. That is the choice before us.

  18. Women can be schizophrenic. They want a bad boy but they also want him to satisfy her every whims. I hate how Hollywood movies make the beta guy get the girl in the end, a goofball, a mangina, have a bossy wife that wears the pants, and/or make him some white knight. I used to think that by being a hero for a girl I can get her but unfortunately it didn’t work. There are only a few movies I would watch over such as ‘Fight Club’ and I just recently watched ‘Wedding Ringer.’ I like the ending of that movie even though the guy never truly became an Alpha because he made the right decision in the end.

  19. I think we’ve over-fished this pond a long time ago. This same story has been played out too many times on ROK. Seriously. So many.
    I’m glad I’ve taken in this whole 17 years of wisdom here. Holy shit. I’m not even a sarcastic person usually, I swear. I should play that Tina Turner song while I read this. ~We don’t need another heee-rrooo~

    1. Good for the newbies (i’m fairly new to this myself to be honest) to get the 101 lessons every now & then.
      Even the master composers have to practice the basic major scale patterns from time to time.

      1. Fair call. I agree. The topic has still been overplayed though. If there was a ‘Basic Red Pill Wisdom’ tab at the top of the site or something it might remove the need to simply rehash the same narrative over and over.

        1. I have asked for anew i.e. Primer and been told to have them read Bang or the 25 most read articles, etc. Neither is an optimal solution. I might just put the damn thing together myself and ask Roosh to add a tab to link it.

  20. The “Way I thought it would be ” and the “The way it is” pictures 🙂 lmfao ! Priceless !

  21. One day, I woke up, and realized that in all my
    seventeen years of life, and I had never been with a

    You, and most other children.

  22. A man constructs and empowers. Women are proud to be with him, proud to allow his dick to shove its way to the bottom of her pussy. Friends learn from such strength, find their own balls, and grow as well. Loyalty is important, to friends, to family. Don’t lie to girls, if you want to date several, go ahead and do it, but make no promises. Be unapologetic, god gave you your dick, and your sexual desire, to go out and fuck chicks.
    Don’t let religion or so-called “gurus” control your mind. Believe nothing unless you can prove it true from your own experiences. Rather than the hero, be the conqueror, who sees what he wants, takes it, and makes no apologies. Avoid creating pain as much as you can but always, ALWAYS, put your own needs above others.

  23. Pathetic, we men allowed such bullshit. And you think the solution is too join the world? Fuck as many girls as we want? Always put our needs first? What the fuck would our ancestors say about this? You think our forefathers would want this? This website is solid gold, I believe in everything you guys talk about here except the solution. The red pill means to transcend reality, not to fall into it and take what we can get from it. You want to really conquer something? ” for a man to conquer himself is the first and most noble of all victories” – Plato… You take the red pill when you realize your mind is enslaved by the desires of your body.

    1. Thank you Pierre. I am in independent woman and just had a guy I just
      met be my hero. And I thought chivalry was dead and thought how
      wonderful this feeling is that a man would do such a nice thing. Because
      if it was the other way around, I would have helped out as well.
      this article and everyone’s frustrations about women just made me sad. I
      agree feminism has created this entitlement many girls have been using
      to their advantage. But I am not like that and I know many women who
      I treat people how I want to be treated and I can go
      on about my frustrations about men because there are a lot of jerks out
      But in the end, we are all human and you have to live
      with yourself. One day, all those people, men and women alike, who use others for their own advantages… It will catch up to them and they
      will see their wrongs. One can only hope that they will change.
      As for me, I’ll continue to be me. Have fun with him and treat him like a man is to be treated. Like how any person would want to be treated and appreciated. And I would hope that he would do the same.

      1. You are a woman. Your opinions and presence here is irrelevant and unwelcome.

  24. Good guys finish dead fucking last, be a good guy or a knight and your going to look up one day and have a shit ton of regrets.

  25. bravo, very nice article and very in tune with my view of things. things started out at 17 for you. good for you. coming to get ya.

  26. I’m a hero to women every time I unzip my pants, so I’ve done enough. You’re welcome, ladies.

  27. This post makes me sad. I searched up why guys don’t act like heroes nowadays, and I guess now I know why. It’s quite unfortunate, but I’m one of the rare women who romanticize such men. Then again I grew up rather quiet and shy.
    Girls that are shy and quiet are probably the ones you would want to chase after in the past. Who needs saving when the girl advertise herself as a slut in the first place? Then again, if sex is your main goal, then yes you can hit on many girls. But it’s very hard to find a lasting relationship as well for the rest of your life.
    I’m lucky enough to find someone with the heroic virtues still. He may not be rich, but I’m totally in love with him. We take long walks in parks, go on several romantic dates, and yes we sometimes end up in bed. ive several guys that wanted me just in bed, it’s really off putting. I like to treat my man like royalty and respect, and he treats me the same. Just saying there are women out there that still fits this idea, but the most important thing is that your happy with who you are and I’m glad that you found it after lifting up the veil. 🙂

  28. Hey little bitch, you know why I’m your worst fucking nightmare?
    Because I conquer for ME. I don’t conquer for your daddy ✌️
    Put down your smartphones girls, I’m trying to teach you something…

  29. Not all women are feminists; women like me despise them to our core. Some of us still believe that men are innately superior and are disgusted by this trend of “Man Hating”. To me, theses types of women hate themselves most of all. Men protect us from the outside world, we protect them from the inside, giving them a warm, safe place to come home to and relax from all they dealt with during their day.
    Just please don’t think all women are like the ones described in the comments below. Some of us deeply desire a hero.

  30. This article is exactly why women are now the Hero and men are just losers. If you were looking for a good girl your attitude has driven them all away and only cunts and skanks want the losers out there. Women have learned over the past two decades that men are such narcissistic assholes that they will never help or protect a women in fact I was briefly with a guy who was at my house one evening watching a movie and I heard a noise and asked if he wouldn’t mind checking it out. He not only said “no”, but followed it with ” you go check it out”. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….” There’s only room for ONE PUSSY in any relationship, and it better be the one attached to your woman. If your the pussy…Then don’t expect to get pussy and this sounds great coming g from a guy who is clearly under the age of 50. But all you stupid, lazy, loser guys are gonna get old and no chick wants old dick!! No woman want stupid, lazy, loser dick. And unless you and your make pals are planning to have a fudge packing party your soon going to realize your the idiots who pissed away you hero possibilities and women stepped up…As women always do in this world of pitiful little boys and we not only became the hero’s but we realized that we didn’t need guys for anything. So if you find that it’s just you and your hand…Tonight and most nights. Remember you wanted that way!

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