Women Are Like T-Shirts

When a t-shirt comes out of the factory (puberty), it’s crisp and bright. People compliment you on your new shirt (18-24 years old).

After you wear the t-shirt a couple of times, the fabric loses elasticity. You no longer get excited when wearing it because people have already seen you in it. Your eye starts to wander on new t-shirts (25-29 years old).

After a couple dozen wearings, yellow pit stains develop in the underarm area, especially if you’re of Middle Eastern descent. You stop wearing it in public, and only put it on when you’re doing work around the house (30-34 years old).

Eventually, holes develop in the fabric. It has been used too many times. Now it is only good to clean the toilet bowl before finally being placed in the trash. (35 and up).

The lesson in this? Live next to the t-shirt factory.

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23 thoughts on “Women Are Like T-Shirts”

  1. this is as low as it gets.
    stop writing articles if you can’t come up with anything meaningful.
    bread, now t-shirts.
    “Now it is only good to clean the toilet bowl before finally being placed in the trash.” Comparing this to a human being for her age is so ridiculously stupid I don’t even know what to say.

    1. You had a point (really bad one haha) until you said “Comparing this to a human being for her age is so ridiculously stupid I don’t even know what to say”
      Why don’t you just return to jizzabel with your feminists comrades, yes comrades.

  2. Unlike t-shirts and bread, human beings have more than one use, and don’t need to “go in the trash” after a certain age. You may not find an older woman sexually attractive, but that does not mean she can’t be a useful member of society, nor does it mean that no one values her. Her children/grandchildren, if she has any? – oh, no, she’s not attractive enough for you, put her in the trash and leave them without their mom/grandma. All the women who were my teachers, doctors/nurses, and did countless other things for me and other people, well they shouldn’t have been there doing that, if they were over 35, right?

    1. Those aren’t women any more. Timeline runs reverse than that males, a 15-year-old boy is worthless except to his family, then he gets older and becomes valuable as a man; a 15-year-old girl is valuable as a woman “for free”, but then she gets older and is only worth something to her family. Of course there is the professional timeline too, but “teacher” isn’t a person, it’s function. And in fact 90% of people over 35 wouldn’t really be worth employing if the replacement cost could be managed.

  3. The readers don’t seem to have a sense of humor. These metaphors are funny every time.
    And yes, obviously older women can be useful members of society. Older woman are often charming, funny, and giving, but they are not good for sexual or romantic partners for some men, and Roosh is writing about women as sexual and romantic partners.
    Shameful that I had to spell it out.

  4. Nah, the bread analogy is way better. Some of my favorite t-shirts are those with a bit of wear to them. In fact, if you’re talking about t-shirts with any kind of graphics or writing on them, the last thing you want is for the t-shirt to be all crisp and shiny.
    I think you could successfully substitute jeans for t-shirts in this analogy, though.

  5. Rather than complain, if you take issue with the content or nature of the posts here, why not just read something else… Entitled whiners.
    … Roosh, you better stop hurting people’s little feelings hahaha

  6. 14 books. Now two blogs. And still have the touch. Like your post today on the other blog intimated, I think now you like writing more than getting laid. Keep up the good work.

  7. The revulsion towards older women exists for one reason only – to prevent you from mating with the one woman who could ever possibly love your sorry ass – YOUR MOM.

  8. Roosh, I do like your site and most of what I read here makes sense. I am not a feminist and generally side with men on a lot of things. But, I don’t like this post because it implies that age is the only thing that determines ones value as a human being. It’s your right to find attractive what you find attractive and I am not faulting that. However, please don’t say that a woman needs to be thrown away after 35. I assume you have a mother and other female relatives over the age of 35 and you probably find some value in them. In this case their age doesn’t matter. Go for women under 35 if that’s what you like. I am not taking issue with that and would never argue the fact that they are beautiful. But, please don’t place a woman’s value solely on her age.
    Here is a question if you would care to answer it. Let’s say when you are 45, you marry a 20 year old because you want to have a family. What happens 15 years later when she becomes 35? I am quite serious about this question because no one escapes the hands of time, not even you.
    For those of you who want to tell me to go back to Jezebel, don’t bother. I dislike their militant feninism as much as you do.

  9. PS
    I would also like to say that I am one of the few women who is in sympathy with the men’s rights movement. I am happily married to a physician and have been for 12 years. Of the two of us, he is the feminist and I am the one who is not. I also believe it is my duty to stay thin, in shape, keep my hair long, and dress in skirts and heels. My husband would never ask me to do that, but I do because I believe femininity and staying in shape make a woman attractive. After we had our 2 children, I asked for and got a mommy makeover. He tried to talk me out of it because he felt guilty. He feels it is wrong to be attracted to a hyper feminine ideal. But, I went ahead with it and got a body as good or better than when we first married. (And before getting married I did fitness modeling on weekends. During the week I worked as a corporate manager). I believe that kids or not, a man gets a real bum deal if a woman lets herself go. I will never do that and intend to have tasteful surgery to keep a youthful appearance when it comes to that. I am realistic about beauty and youth and will always do everything in my power to look good.

  10. You can always spray starch all over your shirts to make them crisp. Make of that what you will.

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