British Author Hates American Women

I spent five years living in Manhattan and, frankly, I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than go out on date with another American woman.

Is this sour grapes or he is accurately describing reality?

They invariably had a check list of questions that they shamelessly ran through over the course of the evening. What did I do for a living? What part of town was my apartment in? What kind of car did I drive? It was less like a romantic encounter than an extremely tough job interview.


Even when I managed to jump this fence, I was still a long way from the finish line. North American women have a reputation for promiscuousness that is thoroughly undeserved.

Sour grapes!

When American women complain that there’s a shortage of eligible men what they mean is there’s a shortage of tall, unattached, rich men who still have their own hair.


American women judge potential partners according to how many attributes they possess rather than what they’re like as people. These are, in descending order: social status, net worth, physical appearance, apartment, summer house and, a long way down the list, personality. No man is held to possess any intrinsic value – we’re all just the sum of our assets.


The author is your typical beta who doesn’t understand why he can’t meet a  nice American girl by just being himself. I understand his grievances, but New York City is not a place where you can be an average guy and pull desirable women. He was actually so embittered by his experience that he wrote an America hater book called How To Lose Friends And Alienate People. What a loser for not having a good time in a country and then writing a mean book about it!


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20 thoughts on “British Author Hates American Women”

  1. What a loser for not having a good time in a country and then writing a mean book about it!
    Yeah, who would ever do such a thing?

  2. His ‘job interview’ criticism shows he’s weak. Besides for maybe some overbearing jappy girls, girls only rifle through their checklist of questions when your game is weak, when you aren’t leading the conversation. If your game is strong, you take the conversation wherever you damn well please, specifically to a topic that you’ll enjoy.

  3. “Even when I managed to jump this fence, I was still a long way from the finish line.”
    If you are jumping fences, you’ll never make it to the finish line.
    Sounds like he was sucked into their frame and got spit out.

  4. This dude moved to NYC and had a job at Vanity Fair! The kind of access to women this would give you is incredible. Yet he got fired and fucked it all up somehow, which I’m sure is detailed in his book that I won’t read. Bottom line, dude sucks.

  5. His mistake was agreeing to “jump that fence” by participating in an interview in the first place.
    Even if a man is miraculously able to do what a woman expects of him, he’s still just a man who does what women expect of him.
    This is the essence of the Girl-Matrix — they sincerely believe the false reality in which they have the power to frame how men ought to behave.

  6. “Yeah, who would ever do such a thing?”
    Oh, man. I love the internetzzz.

  7. I want to second what all the commenters wrote. An average guy with game can easily pull in NYC and in my experience it is the easiest city to build a harem of up to 6 girls.

  8. Have just been watching a few moments of the show CSI. All I’ve seen so far is suspect is being questioned. (obviously guilty right?) He mentions that he was looking for a wife in Odessa Russia and he liked that the women treated him well and made him feel needed and he said American women are cold and would never do that. They derided him as looking for a sex slave.
    So the message seems to be that if men don’t settle for pursuing American women, then they are pathetic rapist that are looking for a sex slave.
    Season 5, Episode 13

    1. And they expect provision in exchange for nothing. They need to understand that guys aren’t just gonna provide for them just for a chance to MAYBE have sex with them. In other words, if they expect a man to play the role of husband (whether married or not) then they need to be wives. If they’re just having a good time and getting to know each other, they should split the check. I have good times hanging out with friends, getting to know them over beer at a cheap dive bars. I don’t go to fancy restaurants with them and pay for their shit. If she wants the social status and provision that comes from having a man committed to her, she needs to bless him with more than just her company.

  9. Toby Young is a tosser….in the film he pulled a tranny and ended up with Kirsten Dunst…wonder what happened really(I won’t be reading the book)

  10. He should have asked the following question to the girls:
    ” Are you a virgin ? ”
    If they didn`t answer “YES” he should got up, left money on the table for the dinner and then left the restaurant.
    Or better yet, gather the men of the town, take her to her fathers house and cleanse the evil from Israel by stoning her out front.

  11. Sounds like a bitter Brit asshat. It’s just not that hard. Grow a pair.

  12. Sauron666 sure sounds like a troll. I’d say grow a pair, but that would be hard for a girl pretending to be a guy.

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