What To Do When You’ve Been Rejected So Many Times That You’re Ready To Give Up

The idea that meeting and attracting girls consistently has much in common with sales is nothing new. However, having recently read Jeb Blount’s excellent business book Fanatical Prospecting, I can reveal that he drops in one particular nugget that every seducer would do well keep in mind at all times:

When it is time to go home, make one more call.

This simple eleven word mantra, if applied consistently, is guaranteed to increase your success with girls, whether you are looking for a relationship or something more short term.

Fanatical Prospecting


Currently employed by a start-up to generate new business in a tough marketplace, I have gone back to basics recently and sought to sharpen up my skills and gain inspiration from a number of business and sales books. By far the best that I have come across is Jeb Blount’s Fanatical Prospecting. Blount, a US sales profession who has built up a multi-million dollar sales and marketing business from scratch through sheer grit and the determination to make thousands of sales calls, has a very simple piece of advice.

Every business is built through sales, or to put it another way, sales are the lifeblood of every business. For this reason, it is essential to always maintain a healthy pipeline of “possible” deals. Some of these deals will come off, some won’t, but those that don’t matter less if you have another ten prospects hot and ready to go.

For this reason, the most fundamental task the salesman has, over and above administrative tasks, filling in spreadsheets, lunching existing clients and so on, is fanatical prospecting. To put it at its simplest, the more sales calls you make, the more likely you will be to enjoy eventual success through at least a few of them.

Make One More Call


Of course, the process of sales, just like the process of going out to a club or high street and chatting up girls you’ve never met before, can be both daunting and spirit-crushing. Rejection after rejection piles up, making you question the quality of your product (yourself), your skills and the market.

This is normal.

Blount correctly points out that even superstar sales people don’t particularly like this process. No one enjoys getting door after door slammed in their face after all. But what separates that men from the boys, so to speak, is having the ability to take those nos, carry on, and just make one more call anyway.

Another useful analogy to bear in mind is weight training. How often has it been said that it is doing one more rep that truly makes the difference? If, at the end of a grueling bench press set, you can bring yourself to push out one more rep—and you do this consistently—then the effect on your physique over time will be exponential.



The idea of “grit” being at the heart of success is a fashionable one right now, with books like Angela Duckworth’s “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” being very popular among the business and self-help communities. In fact, Duckworth claim’s that grit is a more accurate predictor of success than IQ.

Such a theory is of course very seductive, almost a variant on the American dream, in that it states that anyone can achieve anything they want if only they work hard enough for it. But it also happens to be true. In any endeavour, it is not necessarily the most talented, but actually those willing to go the extra mile, who end up succeeding.

What Does This Have to Do With Meeting Women?

hot girl

Grit is not only an essential component in business—you also need it when you set out to meet girls. Why? Simply because the truth of the matter is that not every girl you meet will be open to having a relationship or sex with you. In fact—unless you’re exceptional good-looking or famous—most won’t. Therefore, you need to be resilient enough to work through the rejections, roll with the punches and keep going until you find someone with whom you click.

There have been countless times where I have seen this principle play out in nightclubs and bars where I have sought to meet women with no immediate success. But remember, it only takes one “yes” to turn a terrible night into an amazing night.

I recall attending one night out where it seemed that I would enjoy no success whatsoever. My every approach was spurned, and I got no traction with any of the girls at all. This in turn began to affect my mood. I lost confidence and felt certain that tonight I would enjoy no such at all.

But I kept going—approaching even as everything appeared to be against me. And finally, standing by the downstairs bar, there she was—an angel in fairy wings, a short skirt, stockings and suspenders (yes, it was that kind of party).

Having done little more than opening her with a cheeky “hey,” within five minutes I was making out with her and a couple of hours later I was in a taxi heading back to her place.

The lesson here is clear—had I not made that one last approach then it would not have gotten laid that night. So next time you’re out, remember: it isn’t over ’til it’s over. However bad things may seem, just make one more approach. You never know what may happen.

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198 thoughts on “What To Do When You’ve Been Rejected So Many Times That You’re Ready To Give Up”

    1. Looking to have some sex doesn’t mean you’re a slave to vagina. Shit, half this article is about business.

      1. Yeah, this is targeted to young guys, the ones who haven’t been sprinkled with the magic pixie dust of manhood yet. You know you’ve reached full maturity when you lose that slave-to-vagina feeling. Happened to me around age 27.

        1. I’m thinking that is the only point ol’ Hector could have meant to be making…kneel in supplication to the almighty phallic symbol, you girl layer you.

        2. That was rather charming actually. No nudity or anything overt, yet probably fifty times sexier than most porn.

        3. Doesnt “really” do it”. Huh?
          Its ok if it kinda does it for you.
          People should not judge you.
          If in order for you to get off you need to identify as a baby and find some shifty man in a van to change your hot butt mud fillef depends then so be it.
          At least its better than fucking dogs. I think.

    2. craving sex doesn’t make you a slave to vagina. Making sex/women a priority because you think having a high number of kills is the pinnacle of manhood makes you a slave to vagina

    3. Yeah, because women should just walk up to you and jump on your cock while you’re sipping a drink and talking to your buddies. If you even so much as look at her and say “hey, cool”, buddy, you’re a slave slave slave!
      Shit doesn’t work out if you don’t do anything. Ever.

  1. It can be easy to forget that “game” is really the art of selling yourself. Some people are naturally skilled salesmen, but most of us have to learn and relearn the basics.
    This post calls to mind an example from Donald Trump’s “Think Big”, in a section about working even when you don’t want to. During his debt era (mid-80’s, I think), he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to skip out on some social event in which he’d almost certainly run into the same bankers he owed money. He went anyway, and as a result he charmed one of the most hard-assed bankers around.
    Working when he wasn’t feeling up to it, approaching a reclusive and abrasive man, and fighting himself to be friendly and open, Trump made a connection that might well have saved him.

    1. Look, just because Trump has become America’s Man on the White Horse, that doesn’t make him a font of universal wisdom.

  2. Yeah, keep moving the goal posts and hope that the sexual reject doesn’t notice the scam.
    I used to assume that people who give this kind of advice have good intentions. Now I don’t think they mean well at all. They just tell you this “keep trying” bullshit for their convenience to distract you from going Elliot Rodger on them.

    1. He should follow up this article with “How Not To Appear Desperate While Never Giving Up”.

  3. “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”
    -Michael Jordan

    1. Really bad example. Michael Jordan could really play basketball professsionally despite his setbacks. What about the 30 year old male virgin who has approached literally hundreds of women, with literally nothing to show for it, other than chronic emotional trauma?

      1. You’re inventing a hypothetical example to support your point. Most men (read: betas) have an average of a handful of sexual partners. True incels are rare, and they have emotional issues that prevent them from getting any play whatsoever.

        1. INcel…i never even knew what the concept was until I came here. That sounds so ridiculous. The self-fulfilling prophesy of degenerate virginity. I have a hard time feeling sorry for Incels.

      2. He’s clearly doing something obviously wrong
        Like trying to shoot basketball out his ass

        1. This made me chuckle, and you are absolutely right.
          Some guys need to take an acting class or some other shit like that plus work out and possibly boxing to get anywhere in a normal bar setting.
          The saying all roads lead to Rome doesn’t apply to pussy.
          Some guys are slayers in the disco, some at day game, heck I knew a guy who met hottie after hottie on WoW. I met some of them, so not BS.
          There are a million and one ways to catch snatch, but not all apply to everyone.

      3. not necessarily. michael jordan wasn’t always the michael jordan as we know him today. he got cut from his high school basketball team because the coach said he wasn’t good enough. he got flogged by the detroit pistons before he ever even got a chance to become a champion.
        the point in all of this is, you will rarely, if ever become a legend or even really good at anything on your first try or even many tries. failure is a part of success. have enough heart to not be disheartened by setbacks and failures. take it from a guy who has a silhouette that makes him millions every year.
        the 30 year old male virgin, is obviously not improving himself and his social skills. getting pussy is easy, there is always some bitch out there that will give it to anybody.

      4. bad example indeed. putting a ball in a basket and a dick into a girl don’t imply the same things, nor the same risks (at least for the ego). Anyway, we get the point (try try try until you can.. but, be smart and reflect on what works and what doesn’t !)

      5. Then he’s doing something wrong and needs outside advice on what to change or tweak about his approaches. Elliot Rogers had people try to instruct him and he rejected them and stayed in his own little hug box, that’s why he failed.

  4. Rather than focus on your salesmanship and bullshitting skills, perhaps it would be better to focus on the actual product that you’re “selling,” i.e., yourself. Don’t make any calls to women, let alone an extra one. Work out, make more money, and then they’ll be calling you.
    Salesmen (and puas, apparently) aren’t selling anything you need, they’re just selling something they want you to buy from them. Go into (or better yet, start) a business where the need for the product or service is self-evident to a large number of people, and then you don’t have to become a salesman because your business sells itself.
    Same thing with vag.
    I get tired of all the game=sales rhetoric. Not because it’s not true. It absolutely is. But only someone with no real value or skillset goes into sales to begin with.

      1. hihi, I’m thinking of an animatronic iPad pitching itself… But that’s what they do actually in store. They are like the sexy model type who doesn’t talk.
        And you flash more money at her until she nods ;-).

    1. Lol yeah. I’m sure apple didn’t have to cold call a bunch of people to get em interested in their products.

    2. “Work out, make more money, and then they’ll be calling you”
      I hear ya, but I think that is only partially true. The women who will be calling will be past-their-prime spinsters. But to get a hottie under age 25 one’s income or physique will not be so much of an issue seeing as chicks who are of that demographic live in a constant torrent of male offers, many of guys work out and make good money.

      1. You vastly overestimate the offers a normal young women receives. Unless she’s at the clubs, putting herself out there, a quality young lady (even a good looking one) does not actually receive approaches daily. I know this from both my daughters and other women in my family. I’ve asked them this exact question and, trust me, there’re just going to work and the store without any idea that guys are admiring them because most guys do NOT approach.

        1. Absolutely correct. 90% of guys have major blue pill super anxiety around women. If they aren’t introduced formally to her via a social connection, they literally freeze up.

        2. True. Very true.
          I know, at the time of writing, a solid 8 who is truely clueless about how attractive she is. But she’s also shy, aloof, conservative and a bit geeky.
          She receives some ham handed approaches, but pitched at completely the wrong level. She’s been single for 4 years.
          If I was single …

        3. I have very little patience for the “nervous around women/fear of rejection” guy. If you can’t picture that super model with no make up picking pizza cheeze snot out of her nose and wiping it on her bathroom counter top or some other disgusting thing that you KNOW she absolutely does, then she is on a pedestal and will shit on whoever comes near. Nobody fears talking to or being rejected by a pig, and the best way to get rid of that fear to see the inner hog of the outer hottie. Any dude that doesn’t get that, will most likely watch me walk out with their girl.

        4. I’ve heard similar statements about cute girls not being approached but somehow I cant find myself accepting this. I’m not saying you’re bsing me, but I think I would need to be in your shoes as a father and literally see this with my own eyes.

        5. RIGHT! put 2 hours of makeup and styling to my old, ugly mug and I’ll fucking look like Georg Clooney too. Most whore that men adore are simple wall-papered fakes that dont exit in the light of day, without makeup and professional styling.

        6. Fuck to the motherfucking yea. Exactly. Wish I had a way of transmitting this to all men.

        7. How to you explain social media? thinking about tinder, facebook, match.com etc. Girls literarly gets bombarded on these sites. Please share your opinion

    3. I disagree. In some cases salesmen help people solve problems they didn’t have. I have tons of customers who would agree with this.

    4. I’d agree with that. However, the ignorant sheeple tend to buy the “sizzle” instead of the steak. How else do you explain the iPhone’s success, daytime television, and insipid shows like Dancing with the has-been Stars.

    5. Most definitely! A product sells itself. Be confident, show that you have self-respect and value yourself. About money: I don’t know how many times I’ve seen guys totally and rudely blown off, and when the girl finds out that he’s got disposable income, they start asking their freinds to give him her number.

    6. I’m afraid you’re deluded if you think that working out and making money makes women call you. Sure there are some occasions (like in a bar) when they will make it obvious they interested and even talk to you first. But you will need to drive the encounter forward.
      And so you should. You’re a fucking man, not a little girl.

  5. This article is great advice if you expect to work as hard at keeping a woman as you do growing your career.

  6. I couldn’t give a shit about rejection itself in any domain. Jobs, women, failed projects – i’ve swallowed hundreds of failures and fuck ups
    The difficulty isn’t getting up again, nor is it “working hard”
    It’s “working smart”. Figuring what the fuck you should be directing your resources and efforts at
    This is truly 90% of the War

      1. Clearly kratom takes first place.
        I figured it was so obvious that it didn’t need acknowledging

        1. Well, its important to create a thriving black market, otherwise, how will the Muslim immigrants earn a living?

    1. It took me a bit of “faking it” until I internalized this. For a year or two, I still did care about the outcomes, I would just pretend that I didn’t care what this girl says, or if I get the digits, etc. But after practicing it a year or so, you truly feel that way, and boy is it freeing! Not to mention, it only makes you more attractive to the ladies.

      1. I remember it being a great thing if a hottie in your social circle declined an advance and you just said “no problems sweetheart” and didn’t give a fuck thereafter. Their reactions were priceless. It was the beginning, not the end

        1. Aye, a “yeah, ok, so what” attitude does wonders.

        2. “It was the beginning, not the end”
          What this teaches yourself to do is be outcome independent. Meaning you will remain you no matter if you bag that 10 who adores being your sex toy or you get blown-off by a thousand girls in a row. Whether you are riding a money train where you are making so much money so effortlessly or you are broke as a joke and in debt up to your eyeballs.
          You must remain you. For the environment around you affects you not- but it is you who affects your environment.

        3. Oh man, I’ve seen that. There’s a shock of disbelief on their faces, and then after they’re constantly poking around with approval seeking and trying to see if it was just an accident or something. They’re incredible.

      2. For me, the trouble is not getting the digits. I think a lot of girls give you digits just to get rid of you. The trouble is the conversion from number to shag.

        1. I travelled abroad and the experience of being with pleasant, feminine women is completely different from how they act in the west. There, if you like a girl, you smile and talk to her, if she likes you she smiles and talks back. You ask her to do something together, she smiles and says “of course I’d love to” and you have an awesome date. I’ve never had anything like it in the west (that wasn’t from a first generation immigrant).
          After experiencing enough of that, when I’m home in the states I know the girl is comparatively low class, several levels below any third world girl I’ve ever talked to, because she lacks basic femininity, class, charm, humor, charisma, grace, and respect.
          Now, we all want attention and validation from women at some minimal level, but I realized that I really shouldn’t be that excited if this chick flirts back with me or not because she is so inferior to the real women I already had experiences with, and just by having a few short flings or romances with some latina women I’ve had more passion and excitement and love so far than many western married men ever get in their whole life. I know that, because I’ve also experienced that side of it.
          Since I know how she’s not going to compare to a real feminine woman, I’m not really that excited about her (actually that’s TOO much of a problem, and keeps me from even approaching them sometimes). Therefore, I don’t really care how it turns out. However, if I didn’t experience real feminine women, I’m not sure I could have done this as quickly, so I recommend you get thee abroad if you haven’t already.
          Also around that time the first two really hot girls I talked to that I really wasn’t that into, just completely fell for me, and were telling me how they couldn’t stop thinking of me, were obsessed with me, dreaming about me, asking all my friends, etc. (Part of that is being aloof and not having a social media profile). That was proof it was working. So if it makes me happy, AND it draws the chicks, that’s a huge win. Still, they are no substitute for the real feminine women that I crave and can’t get in the west.

      3. Less about being numb to rejection more about the knowledge that sooner or later I am going to succeed.
        The highs of success is the reason we endure the lows of rejection as being numb to one will make you numb to other. I don’t know any normal people that are not somewhat bothered by rejection because being denied something you want does affect you whether you show it or not…

        1. This is true. But honestly the highs I get from an American woman accepting me are so low, even a hot one. Maybe I’m abnormal in that regard, but it’s akin to cooking a good steak or playing a good video game. But I come alive and am energized if I see even a 4 or 5 foreign feminine woman. The American chick’s attitude is just such a turnoff for me. I don’t care about her poosy all that much.

        2. Nope, your normal and probably a bit older and experienced which makes saying no over entitled US Women easier.
          Foreign Women seem to prefer a man in their lives and spoil them accordingly.

      4. There’s definitely something to that. Girls are so used to shooting manginas and betas down that it’s in their psyche. And when a guy walks up who’s immune to their game, it throws them off and your confidence, or appearence at not being “in the crowd” is attractive to them. Guys who come off like they don’t care are the ones that many of them drool over.

    2. You must be all emotionally AGNOSTIC. You can’t respond to either “failure” or “success”. Machines keep producing whatever they are designed to manufacture without regard for market conditions. They simply produce. So must a man be — a machine without regard for emotions that come with success, or failure.
      If we fail, we must simply rel-tool our lives to produce success. A successful man can take the emotion of retooling and even starting over without self-imploding emotionally. Leave that for the women. We are men, and we can step outside of our temporary situation and see success in the future — even in the face of current failure.

    3. Most women will reject you nicely and it is only complete fucking bitches that do otherwise. When you get that you can do what I did once. Middle finger straight in her fucking face.
      Oh yes I did.
      You don’t have to take any crap when you’re out there brothers and you deserve respect. Unlike in “sales” when your reputation matters, when chatting to girls your reputation is five seconds old.

      1. Oh yeah. Girls don’t understand propriety and good manners. And if a guy merely talks to them, they jump right into 5 year-old bratty behavior. Make it damn well known that she’s expected to act like a proper adult and that you couldn’t give a shit. Unfortunately, that’s what it takes to get most females into bed these days. When they meet a guy in public the interaction, to them, becomes something to gauge their self-worth by. We don’t have to put up with it and we shouldn’t.

  7. Just look at rejection as a simple process of elimination and work on the key product, yourself.

  8. This article shows a neglect of how operant conditioning works. A behavior needs occasional reinforcement, or else the organism will stop emitting it. Behaviorists call the random reward for doing something the variable ratio of reinforcement, and we see it in people who play slot machines, for example. The occasional small jackpot provides just enough reinforcement for people to keep mindlessly dropping coins into the machine; but on average the casino takes in more money through slot machines than it pays out, thanks to the laws of probability.
    If slot machines never paid off, no matter how long you played them, then people would stop putting money into them.
    Some men face an analogous situation when it comes to approaching women. If you succeeded with about one sexual encounter on average for every ten approaches, say, then you’ll keep at it. But if you have nothing to show for hundreds of approaches, then it makes sense from a behaviorist perspective that you would just give up this unproductive behavior. You also have to consider the opportunity costs of this “keep trying” nonsense when your experience shows that it won’t pay off.

    1. We are discussing approaching different women each time, not just your neighbor again and again. 😉

    2. You don’t give up. You will need to reexamine your approach and make necessary changes so you achieve success.

    3. When you “keep trying” you do so while tweaking your approaches. If you’re doing the same exact thing over and over and get 100 rejections, the problem is on your end at that point, as you’re clearly doing something spectacularly wrong.

    4. Collecting data from failed approaches & analysing with as little bias as possible & reworking future approaches is the key to getting the result you want.
      Einstein’s quote about the definition of insanity & all that..

  9. if you are always getting rejected, you need to make some changes. dress better, smell better, carry yourself better, and definitely talk better.
    women are simple as hell when compared to the difficult shit we really have to do as men.

    1. Everything you said is true, but there’s one big issue that never gets mentioned:
      As a man, to swoop or keep a girl, you have to be willing to risk death or serious injury. I’m not saying you have to go around smashing people’s faces as a pickup method, but you HAVE TO BE WILLING TO RISK SERIOUS INJURY AND / OR DEATH.
      You’re running some game on a hottie and some tool tries to AMOG you or threaten you. If you back down, her vag is going to be as dry as the Sahara. So it’s something to keep in mind. It’s not always worth the risk of fighting but it’s a factor whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not.
      See: Louie for illustration of this
      Edit: Can’t seem to embed the vid properly

      1. I get where you’re coming from, but I can’t say that I agree. look I’m a cool cat man, I hate to brag or even come across like I’m bragging…but I have a decent body count chief. and not once have I ever had my life at risk over some pussy. but then again, I don’t like drama. in fact, I hate drama. so that’s why I’ve always avoided girlfriends/wives who invite to their homes that they share with bf/husbands. I don’t need that shit in my life man.
        I still remember when I was knee high to a grasshopper, the first two things my mother ever told me about women were, don’t give girls your money and never fight over a girl — there are too many who will like you.

        1. Body count meaning you’ve wasted fools? Ok.
          And I didn’t say you SHOULD fight over pussy. I just stated the observable FACT that should you be challenged and back down you will lose out on said pussy.

        2. This is also why you learn to disarm the dudes in the group, you can clown on them and make them lose value without them even knowing it, that’s the best way to deal with AMOGs. However if they come straight at you as a last resort type thing you always gotta be ready for that.

        3. I feel you, but as I’ve gotten a little older I’ve found that nothing takes the fight out a group like a gun will. everybody starts thinking clearly when they realize that at least one of them will be going home in a coroner’s bag. but then again I’m a pretty big guy, so I rarely have those moments happen to me. ppl fear pain and death man.

        4. I’ve carried a gun for a lot of my adult life and have never, yet, had reason to draw down on anybody, and I’ve been in some sticky situations and I also hang with bikers. Be careful with that shit, indiscriminately showing a gun as a threat object, even if you don’t intend to draw, is “introduction of force” which is legally actionable.

        5. Yep, carrying is the most effective action you can take to guarantee you will not escalate a conflict into a physical conflict.

        6. It puts a huge burden on me, exactly correct. I don’t even want to hint that I have a gun unless I absolutely have to, so my manners and such are much higher in public when I carry.

        7. agree with you in full chief…it is a responsibility prob one of the biggest even, you hold the power of life and death in your hands. but if it came down to a 4 vs 1 and me being the 1, I will not hesitate. like I was telling our friend above, I’m a pretty big guy, so most disagreements rarely even get to the physical level, but I refuse to be a victim.

        8. Amen, brotha. There are two things I won’t do for pussy, jump through hoops or stupid shit. And getting into a fight with a guy over a piece of ass is stupid. Any woman that would want that is a whore, and I refuse to fight for a whore.
          Of course, I am not talking about a situation where a person is being assaulted or anything like that. Helping someone protect themselves against assault when they can’t protect themselves, is understandable.
          But some of these bitches will run their fucking mouth that would get a guy’s ass kicked, and then pull the “my boyfriend will kick your ass” routine. I have been with a couple of women who have tried to pull that stunt, and I have ALWAYS sided with the other dude and let them try and talk their way out of the hole they dug. But I am not getting violent to protect “the honor” of some bitch that doesn’t deserve it. “You’re a strong and independent woman, handle it yourself.”

        9. I agree. I take any “flashing” as a threat and would treat it as such. Don’t show me your gun unless you intend to shoot me, and even then, the fucker better not miss.

        10. What if it’s not the “honor of some bitch” but your own honor? Do you fight then?

        11. Of course I would fight for my own. However, I try to behave in an honorable way, and so I don’t run into situations where I have to “fight for it.” Now, I have had to fight for my safety or to protect my property. But those are different scenarios from somebody just being an asshole in my direction.

      2. Actually good point. If you are scared of going all in, you won’t have much luck. I think this is probably overlooked a lot.
        And something which has landed me both in lockup and in girls pants often. I don’t respond verbally to low end tools trying high end game.

        1. Women are instinctively turned off by any display of fear. Backing down and losing face to be safe is probably among the biggest vag-driers. Disposability is attractive to women.

        2. It’s not disposability but rather they feel like you value them, or the general aggressive behavior moistness effect.
          If you don’t stand up for yourself to keep her, she is the one who is disposed of, you are saying she ain’t worth shit. Meaning you are not going to be a provider either, you will cut and run at the slightest sign of trouble.
          Weakness in men is not attractive, no matter what the women say.

        3. You have it backwards. It IS in fact male disposability that they like. That’s why fighters, skaters, pro snowboarders, Motor cross dudes, ect get lots of play. They could get killed at any time doing what they do and that is a turn on.
          To you second point: again you got it twisted. They WANT to be seen as disposable to you as it confirms your high value in their eyes

        4. Women are predisposed to risk-taking men because they can find resources in times of scarcity.

        5. One can take risks to find resources or one can simply be resourceful. The resourceful men do far better in times of scarcity because they can create what they need out of what they have or can get while risk-taking men eventually roll snake eyes attempting to get resources.
          Resourceful men are no longer valued today when the state simply steals from them to give to women. Risk taking men are still valued. Risk taking men are even more in demand because state has given women a safety net.

      3. No to the serious injury slash death for a bish i just met.
        No. Lol
        Homey dont play that.
        I do agree a man must not let himself be disrespected by some fool.

        1. again I wasn’t saying its necessary or even likely, but a guy who backs down is a guy not getting laid that night, period, end of, you can hamster it away all you want but thats the truth

        2. Not that night.
          Maybe if shit goes really bad then def not with that bish. But tons of bishes out there

      4. That video is unrealistic and it never happens this way in real life.
        No woman is worth getting hurt over. All you need to do is look good, be confident, and show them you are smarter and better then them.

        1. Of course it’s unrealistic; women are never that up front about their attraction triggers.

  10. Work out, dress better, good hygiene. Watch some funny movies with funny men and emulate some of their personality (absolutely do not and never imitate), just take some queues here and there.
    For me, I’d get rejected and just kept going. Its a numbers game.

  11. Life is a lot tougher than being rejected by a woman. If you have nothing else going for you in life outside of being accepted by the opposite sex, you already gave up.

  12. Good advice although, and I know it sounds like bragging, and it is somewhat I suppose (deal with it), I always laugh at the 5%-10% conversion numbers of some of the “pro” PUA types. When I approach a girl, I almost always get a number if I ask for one. The ones that don’t, and they exist, usually have some huge freaking character flaw that’s apparent the moment they open their mouth e.g. – super bitchy man hater who would scream at Jesus Christ if he approached her, lesbian or so stupid that you can see her trying to remember her own name…with difficulty.
    The sad reality is however that most men get rejected, a lot. It’s part of the game. Do the numbers game enough and eventually pull successes. The more hookups you pull off, the more you’ll succeed on future approaches. It’s a cumulative feedback loop.

      1. If they don’t answer, you’re correct (or text back). I don’t count that as a success.
        I’ve pulled numbers from women that would make most men freeze up in their tracks, almost effortlessly. I’ve also had HB6’s act like a cunt. It’s all a matter of the numbers game. I just find the 5-10% conversion rate of the “pros” kind of funny. Has to be a city thing.

        1. As was stated above it’s about working “smart” and not necessarily hard. If you’re smart you’ll snag the digits of the broad most likely to put out, collecting #’s is a fools errand

        2. I actually prefer a bit of the hunt and chase, so going for the tatted up whore really isn’t my cup of tea. They’re all easy, at the end of the day, if you’re doing it right, and the few that aren’t, well, lesson learned I reckon. I understand picking low hanging fruit, but really, do you want to when it comes to that kind of thing? Some guys may, and if he’s off the saddle and needs to build confidence, then sure, why not? For men not in that situation, eh, it just doesn’t give me any visceral thrill to mack on the blue haired tatted chick with “cum on my tits” inked across her bosom, heh.

        3. It’s a modern thing. A pal of mine compared now to 15 years ago and said flaking is through the roof today.
          In the early 00s, if you got a girl’s number, she’d 75% likely follow up on dates etc
          Now they’ll 70% likely drop off the radar with no explaination

        4. I can’t really comment further without self incriminating. Heh.

        5. Last summer I banged a woman so good her eyes spun around in her skull. She said she usually has lubrication problems but not with me. I chatted with her the next day and we made plans to meet up again when I got back from vacation.
          I never heard from her again.
          These women, they flake.

        6. It depends on your goals. Sure I’d pass on the tatted whore over a better chick but at the end of the day if you’re after pussy, you’re best served investing time into the one you’re most likely to fuck, tatted broad or otherwise.

    1. Lol, this is similar for me actually. But I think it’s because I am not some completely random guy most of the time. And reading clues well.
      I think I’m around 50%. Fails are often mistimed attempts, that might have been score in the correct setting.
      I do go random too just for the hell of it, sometimes full asshole and it works sometimes in ways that make my mates choke on their beer.

      1. The failures can actually be fun, because once you can see that you’re bombing out, the sky is the limit on how silly or outrageous you can be. If you’re going over the cliff anyway, pull the flask of Scotch out and have a party on the way down, I say.

        1. We seem to think alike about this, it should be fun after all.
          I have been with quite a few complete randoms direct bang from asshole game, and I never even got their name/age/country – perks of working in tourism, they all rotate out after a few days to a week, and new pussy arriving every day.

    2. Yeah, back in my earlier pulling days I reckon i’d get 40% of numbers requested. And that’s when numbers led to results. Pre Facefook and Twatter

      1. I’m a student of the Constitution. In my years of reading the document and analyzing it, I’ve found this to be my favorite part of the document.
        For the sake of your sanity, assume I’m speaking in the hypothetical.

  13. “What To Do When You’ve Been Rejected So Many Times That You’re Ready To Give Up”

  14. In other words, go the extra mile. But should I give up on this girl to whom I asked her number, but she instead replied with adding her on Facebook?

    1. Yep. She wants you in her huge pool of beta orbiters so you can “Like” every time she posts a selfie.
      I’d ask one more time just to be sure, but if she stalls, bail.

      1. I mean I met her at this event (wedding), and we were at the same table and she actually started conversation with me and asking me questions. But she was also with another girl and a guy. Then people danced, but I did not invite her dancing because I did not want to impress her by inviting her to dance (since I’m a bad dancer and the music genre wasn’t her thing, but she told me she teaches dancing). Then she talked to my bro and some friends of mine told me that she was looking at me as I went away to get a drink or to talk to somebody else.
        Contextual details like those weight in the decision whether to add her on Facebook, ask her again for her number or bail. It was last Saturday I met her and I haven’t yet added her on FB. I’m taking my time to not appear desperate.

        1. Ah. PM her on FB and ask for the number or for a meetup. If she’s interested you’ll get some good feedback. If she just wants orbiters she’ll basically tell you that too (“Oh, you were so nice, but I’m just out of a relationship and a bit tender, can we just be friends until I figure things out….blagh”)

        2. Asking for her # over FB is weak game.
          When she asks to add you on FB instead of sounding like a butt-hurt try hard “I don’t waste time on FB” you say “I don’t use FB”. It adds mystery, makes you stand out and the onus is then on her to make a counter offer. If she doesn’t you were DOA anyway

        3. Don’t use FB, period. It is a time waster. If you want to talk to someone, talk to them.

        4. It’s his only option. I don’t count telepathy as game.

    2. You should have told her that you don’t waste your time on Facebook and to give you her number. If not, on to the next one.

      1. He gave a few details below. It’s sketchy. If he’s on FB anyway, basically I said message her and get the number/date and if she doesn’t, bail.

  15. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein
    First, you need to change your mind set and approach.
    Second, realize that women dislike weak wimps who are trying too hard to appease women. You need to live for yourself, kinda sounds selfish but that is exactly what you need to do. Women are hard wired to be followers. You need to be the man, be the leader, be the alpha.

  16. If you’ve been rejected so many times that you’re ready to give up, it’s time to swallow your pride, whip out the American Express, pick up the phone and ask for a couple of hours with “Candy”.

    1. Or learn what you’re doing wrong, and adjust your tactics.
      Thank God you were never a field commander during a battle.

  17. I’m not a fan of this piece. I’ve read too many like this before during my most loneliest times and it doesn’t help. Insanity is doing…. we all know 1) look up david wygant. Best advice I’ve come across to meet girls and also to make friends in general. It’s something you can work at everyday. 2) Be mobile. Yes sometimes your town sucks and your interest and likes are better suited for different parts of america or even the world. 3)get your financial situation in order. the economy is going to be changing real soon. We can’t ride this debt train much longer and with globalization , AI, 3d printing, robotic manufacturing there is going to be a lot of girls in their 20’s willing to date men who were once considered “icky” because of looks or age. The has and has nots will be more apparent and living at home with mommy and daddy who are broke themselves won’t be attractive.
    A lot of your jobs will be obsolete. Consider going back to night school at a community college to pick up a an extra skill. Skill not a paper degree. what can’t be shipped over seas or done online?

    1. David Wygant is the closest thing to a PUA without actually being a PUA. His advice is also interchangeable with that of a motivational speaker.

  18. First off I want to say, you were missed Troy! Hope everything is going well with your legal bouts.
    Second, I I’ll throw my hat in with this argument as Both a plus and a minus. The try again argument at minimum requires a baseline knowledge of game and courage. These are both apt if you are in bars/clubs or approaching on the street. Keep approaching to remove your fear. Keep approaching to remove your hesitancy. Keep approaching to get an honest assessment of where you are as a person.
    But when you reach a sticking point like this, you want to work a tandem angle. At the end of the day game is great to move along women are very different from you or who you don’t want to get to know to deeply at first. Get them excited and enjoying your presence with game is the right angle. But if you are looking for deeper, while working on game, work on yourself. Get friends you like. Get a life you like. Get more massages if you need a humans touch, especially if you haven’t got laid in a while and don’t know how you are stopping you. The more you focus on the individual problem the less of the results you will see. And the problem isn’t you. It is always what you are expressing while you do what you do.
    Keep pushing gents as there are many women there for the taking for all of us. Don’t beat yourself with what isn’t working. Remember, it is all being judged by your intent and nothing chases prospects away like desperation. Reassess, regroup, change venues, invest in yourself. No one cares about your lay count but you. You can always work on adding more joy and joy always can get you more pussy.

  19. A friend of mine in music once told me:
    “Success in this business is a whole lot of people telling you ‘no’ until one person finally says yes.”
    This can be applied to many things.

  20. Woman aren’t interesting outside of a sport fukkkk, and with occulus rift, endless porn and robots on the horizon women may become obsolete, but for now treat them with indifference and maybe you get some. Thats it.

  21. I found this worked during my single years.
    Get a conversation going, make her start the giggles, wait for her to loosen up, then ask “Need your clit sucked?”
    Just about every time that’s exactly what would happen within hours or days, irrelevant of the initial response and it always got her to suck out seed without asking.
    Everyone’s got needs. Don’t bullshit around. You bullshit around, it’s blue ball city.
    As another poster wrote, the item sells itself. Fact.

    1. Oh my what a lovely bridge! Oh and there’s a spot under it for you and everything. How quaint.

    2. Do you always talk gay, or was that an accident of your wording?

  22. Or you can accept that a man with time to waste trying to impress sluts has time to invest in becoming the sort of man who makes a good impression on his fellow men.
    In a sane world, you would not have to impress a woman to have your way with her. You would pay her father an appropriate bride price, and she would become your property, which you would be at liberty to do whatever you damn well pleased with henceforth, her opinion be damned. That would include flinging her well-used ass out with the garbage when she became a bigger pain in the ass than she was worth.

  23. The sales analogy is rather odd. It means continually selling yourself day in, day out, and should you make the sale keeping the customer, the woman, happy.
    Of course we will soon again hear about how men who spend their efforts making women happy are blue pill betas and the like.That’s exactly what the sales analogy says to do though. Keep the customer happy and the woman is the customer, the product is the man. Why wouldn’t men end up with that blue pill beta outlook when even websites like this one make dating a sales analogy with the man selling the product to the woman? Why wouldn’t this analogy result in entitled feeling women? Customers are fickle and pleasing them is difficult and continual. Anyone who makes any sort of product knows that.
    The man takes the financial risk the way this society is structured and managed therefore he’s the customer and the woman is the product he’s taking the financial risk on.

  24. Put 100% of your efforts into acquiring a shitload of money. And if it takes five years or 10, fine. After you make it, flaunt it. Suddenly you will be more attractive than a male runway model, to virtually all cunts, everywhere…

    1. This is good advice but keep in mind we can’t all be filthy rich, and as a guy with money you’ll need solid game and experience to make sure you aren’t simply used as an ATM.
      Remember, when it comes to hot girls, they all banged the runway model regardless how much money you have, they weren’t waiting around for you to get rich, they were banging good looking guys and guys with game, and possibly still are while you take care of them financially.
      So remember, money can get you what you want from them, but it doesn’t really make you special to these hoes, you are utility to them more than anything else, which is FINE as long you understand that and deal with them with an iron pimp fist

  25. Remember Women LOOOOOVE attention so don’t take it personally if you get rejected, some will reject you just as a boost to their ego….i do ok with women but even iv’e been blown out by girls who you later see with a guy/bf who just isn’t any better….The final word is what YOU think.
    Remember that men and women are different and it’s your job to move on and GET WHAT YOU NEED/WANT.
    If i as a man was uploading selfies everyday on social media for likes and was getting loads of attention, i’d get bored of it in a week and start thinking “How do i turn these likes and this attention into MONEY and PUSSY”……where as a chick will just keep uploading very similar selfies indefinately….because they like ATTENTION. Men and Women are DIFFERENT. Be a man, cut your losses when you need to, and focus on finding a way to get what you want!!

  26. The culture and philosophical aspect of why rejection is so traumatizing to many men in modern Western societies, is what matters do discuss. Why does it happen?
    1- Men in the Western World, mainly in the Anglo-sphere, are indoctrinated since birth to treat women as innocent princesses, as angels, that simply can do no wrong or evil. I always remember “40 year old virgin” when Steve Carell says: “i respect women so much, that i dont get near them”. When this cultural indoctrination smashes with the biological reality of how women behave, the pain and frustration is colossal.
    2- Women know this, but pretend that this bs is true. As many said, feminism is nothing more than a gigantic shit test. We all know that if/when a men has balls and goes for it, sooner or later, he will succeed. Am i the one that sees that in a masculine society, women are more feminine??? I do not think so…
    3- This will continue to happen until the current “mating” culture in the West, is against biology and not in line with it. The sooner men with some experience and age (im 33) teach this to younger men, the better. I strongly believe we have that ethic duty.
    So, more than having a sales mentality of not giving up, that is of course rational, the mindset of a men has to be aligned with what reality is, to what women really are and want. If this is achieved, i do not believe that in the future there will be so many “Big Bang Theory” types in the West.

    1. @Lusitano your comment supports a sentiment that I had posted on other similar ROK threads in the pas. However, I feel that many here do not agree with such an outlook. Here is my re-post for those that had not seen it previously:
      Modern Humans have been on earth for approximately 200,000-300,000 years, civilization has existed for 6,000 years and the “society” that we live in today, which has rules that we are FORCED to follow, is a little over 200 years old. What this means, is that MANY of the people whom are THOUGHT OF as Alphas today, may in fact, NOT be Alphas at all. Simply put, the last 200+ years has given LEGAL advantages to crafty, backstabbing, two-faced, Betas & Gammas, whom gain undeserved Alpha status, due to LEGAL protection from PHYSICAL retaliation, whereas in the previous 199,800 years of “mans existence”, these guys would have been the “dutiful follower” or quickly dispatched due to unethical behavior through physical retaliation.
      I’ll clarify further, “Appointed Pseudo Alphas”, are winning in America because the “unspoken rules” and “legal system” have been designed to prevent “aggressive retaliation” by disgruntled underlings. Think back to the early Teamsters tactics that were used against stubborn business owners and how you don’t see similar tactics being applied any longer. Once you recognize the overt influence of “undue physical & legal protection” by government, it becomes easy to understand why “Appointed Pseudo Alphas” rule today. Note, its not because of superior leadership, nor because of any amount of endowed masculinity. It is because these “Appointed Pseudo Alphas” are receiving undue legal protection, that keeps the hordes of frustrated Betas from ripping these so-called “leaders”, limb from limb. The current batch of successful business leaders, that we see today, based on their behavior would have been beaten within an inch of their lives during the times of the Teamsters or straight-up Tarred & Feathered, right in front of their factories, in earlier times.
      In Tribal and Chieftain level societies, the males that accumulated the most wealth and children were neither the “most fierce” nor the “most “timid”. “Successful leaders” in those times tended to fall somewhere in the middle, the main reason being that the “most fierce” warriors typically died in the hunt or battle because they could not temper when to be “bold” versus “when to hold back”. Also, on the flip side, it should be obvious why the “most timid” didn’t accumulate any wealth or children in a world based on hand-to-hand battles and hunts.
      If you need a modern example, look no further than the post-war years, after WWII. Who do you think returned back to the USA, alive, after the war? Was it the foolhardy? Was it the yellow bellies? OR the ones whom could properly weigh the situation and took PROPER action? The answer should be obvious because not coincidentally, that was a period of stable employment and high wages for EVERYONE. With that said, it should safe to assume that it was the most “balanced people” returning alive from the war, whom became “captains of industry” in the post-war years. The “foolhardy” and “yellow bellies” likley died on the battlefield or returned home too physically and/or mentally damaged to function in civilian leadership roles.
      What exactly do I mean and how did we get here?
      Well, it starts in K-12 education, where certain kids are publicly punished for being natural leaders and Beta Types are rewarded with leadership positions for being “yes men” and “yes women”. Other kids see this and then begin to develop an indoctrinated aversion to kids that have natural leadership, for fear of getting in trouble, by simply being around or associated with them. This mindset then gets extended into the workplace where “appointed authority” is the rule, with no exceptions being made for “natural authority” to usurp the direction of poorly run projects, useless conversations or bad policies. Once people get past a certain age, their “profiles” and “resume” begin to carry much more weight than their actual “endowed masculinity”. Sure, women don’t pine over Manginas when they meet them in the flesh, but they will pine over a “hidden mangina” with a perfectly crafted OkCupid or Tinder profile.
      So, do real Alpha types still clean up with the ladies? Of course they do, but a LOT of “hidden betas” are getting FAR more than their share, of both “first looks” and “last looks”, than they would have received in the previous 50 years (heck, even the last 6,000 years of civilizations existence for than matter). These days, this situation applies to both the career track and the surface preferences of females.
      Note, its not specifically that women standards have risen (we all know they have not), its that women keep on adding to the list of “non essential” traits that their potential partners and hook-ups must have, at minimum. So while going over that “non essential” list of traits, women unknowing eliminate what they ACTUALLY want and end up with something that they are ultimately dissatisfied with, an “Appointed Pseudo Alphas”. This exact same scenario goes for employers as well.
      I frequently use the old comedy film “Revenge of the Nerds”, from 1984, as an ANOLOGY, that illustrates where we were and the transition to where we are currently, as a society, today.
      When the “metaphorical JOCKS” were in charge of the “Greek Council”, parties raged, un-PC behavior was tolerated and everyone was having a really good time, with few harsh consequences for bad behavior (hence the antiquated term, “boys will be boys”). As we all know now, in hindsight, when the “metaphorical JOCKS” were in charge, people earned good wages, nobody was micromanaged (“use your best judgment” was a commonly applied principle), people didn’t get fired on a whim and life in general was good FOR NEARLY EVERBODY.
      Then one day the “metaphorical NERDS” gained control of the “Greek Council” and parties started sucking, people had to kowtow to PC behavior (so as not to offend anyone), EVERYONE became micromanaged (i.e. Lean) and people started having less fun in EVERY aspect of life, while consequences for uncouth behaviors were jacked up to the highest degree (i.e. zero tolerance).
      So I ask, was “life” better for EVERYONE, under the rule of the “metaphorical JOCKS” or better today under the rule of the “metaphorical NERDS”, whom are nothing more than “Pseudo Alphas” with “appointed authority”?
      Long live the “Betas of Nature” wielding “Appointed Authority”, I guess.
      I will also add, that this change in will also be to our civilizations demise.
      Despite what many say, Steve Jobs was a Nerd, perhaps not a hands-on techie, but a “Metaphorical Nerd” none the less. “Nerds” only matter today and are given positions of power because the “Owners of Capital” need them to produce, ever evolving, surveillance tech, so they can further control every aspect of labor and increase productivity.
      It could even be suggested that “Nerds” are a new type of Schutzstaffel (SS), whom are developing and maintaining the means of oppression, within the modern the technocracy, which is owned by a small minority of wealthy elites looking to consolidate power amongst themselves, through technological advantage. If the population was reduced, the need for such tech will decrease right along with it, as would the current higher class status of “Nerds”.
      Its tech that streamlined stuff like accounting and created things like High-Frequency Trading and the overall trend of Algorithmic Trading hasn’t done a single good thing for the average investor. Also Quantitative Easing has been proven to drive up food and gas prices. So, considering these FACTS, we’re just supposed to buy into the general beliefs and assume that these are good changes influenced by advancing technology, funded by the dreams of crafty, wealthy Betas and Gammas?
      With all than said, keep in mind, I’m mostly complaining about the last 10 years. Right around 2005-2006 many things in USA started to change in very unpleasant ways. Three standout examples are “Anti-Male Shaming”, “Anti-Bullying Campaigns” and “Rape Culture”, which BTW, could not exist without Smartphones and Social Media. None of these things would have been possible without advanced consumer Smartphones and optimized social networking technology.

      1. I think your post is quite a good systemic analysis of the overall situation. Betas disguised as alphas and vice versa due to economic and political rules…I believe however that alpha status or any other, can be changed for good during our life or even lost. I should not be wronged to say, that the majority of the forum of ROK were at some point, very frustrated men, victims of the culture we live on. I was one of them.

      2. So simply put… Its becuase laws say we cannot beat someones ass when they are outta line?

  27. I always like the gals in the photos.. makes you want to get up in the morning. .but you know how many of them are out there like that? 1 out of 50; and 47 guys are going for her. Most American gals are fat fucks that you have debate your male sanity to think about fucking. Ever see movies from the 1960;s or even photo’s.. Todays women look like they ate the cow and didn’t shit it out.

  28. 1. Beat off. Most chicks just lay there anyway. Some have been great, but a good portion felt worse than just beating off at home.
    2. Get a hooker. Find one that performs to your liking. Hell , find 3. Switch em out whenever you feel a craving for skin on skin.
    3. Remember how much a waste of time most women are and look at your bank account. Use that money to do something you enjoy. Thank me later.

  29. At a last resort you can put on your mother’s sun dress and call yourself a beautiful lady. The leftists will worship you as a hero, shower you in praise for being so brave, and the college liberal types (both men and women) will be lining up to show all their friends how “progressive and tolerant” they are by sucking your feminine penis.
    Bonus, the women’s restroom has comfy chairs and they’ll never make fun of you if you sit down to pee.

  30. Hello- woman here. So, I’ve been reading some of the comments of men feeling desperate and unable to find a quality woman. So, I wanted to tell you guys a little story about me and my boyfriend. A little about me- now this will probably sound like a brag, but bear with me, it’s important to the story- First of all, I’m a model. I have been told that I wherever I go, I will be the prettiest girl in the room. I score in the 99th percentile on the Wechsler intelligence scale. I work with children, and everyone says I will be an amazing mother one day. I am creative- I have illustration contracts with national institutions, and shoot lookbooks for fashion labels. And I’m fucking great at sex. Oh, and I live in Toronto, supposedly land of the hardest to please women. So, by Roosh’s rules, who would you assume my boyfriend is? He would probably say that the only guy who could land me would be rich, incredibly ripped, and a great PUA. Well…no..not at all. My boyfriend is not rich. He is actually pretty skinny. I suppose your word for him would be “beta male”. He’s not the owner of a nightclub or something like that, he’s a physicist. So is he insanely good at the art approaching and picking up girls? No. Actually, it was me who pursued him! I’m sure you are curious- what is this guys secret to getting models to ask HIM out. His secret is that he’s a kind person. Unlike the teachings of Roosh, he sees me as a person, not an object to fuck. He completely denounces pick up culture. SO- my advice is- forget pick up culture. Forget making 100 approaches a day. Focus on becoming the best person you can be, and the women will come to you.

    1. What agency are you with? Which markets and territory are signed in besides Toronto? Can I see your tear sheets?

      1. I would share this to prove my point, except this is personal information, and I would like to remain anonymous since you folks have a rather nasty history of doxxing. Likely you will choose not to believe me over this, and I suppose there is nothing I can do about that, which is too bad since I would like you folks to really understand what I’m trying to say. But I’m also not willing to sacrifice my personal safety and privacy over it.

        1. It is not personal information. If you are signed and represented by a reputable agency, then your face/measurements/social media handles will be linked on the board your on. That would be how comp cards work. But then again, you should know this. I’m not here to doxx, I want to see who you are and pick your brain for professional reasons.

        2. Sorry, but I don’t want you “seeing who I am”, getting a hold of my social medias etc. Even if you are not here to doxx, other might, and honestly I’ve seen people advocate abuse, rape, all kinds of horrible things on these forums, so while I would like to help you people, I would like to keep my identity FAR away from you. That being said you are free to ask me questions here.

        3. How old are you? Which agency are you with and what board are you on? Have you been on any editorials?

  31. The reason you keep getting rejected is because you believe this misogynistic nonsense. The trick isn’t trying one more time; it’s treating women like people.

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