4 Non-Verbal Tricks To Make Women Swoon

Most guys get caught up in the verbal aspects of game.

What do I say? When do I say it? How do I respond when she says this or that?

This is all BACKWARDS. The easiest way to get “good” with women is to master the non-verbals… Hell, the best way to get “good” socially in general is to focus on the non-verbals.

I mean, let’s flip the script: what makes you go crazy for a particular girl? Is it how she can masterfully construct witty sentences and always say the “right” thing?

No, it’s not. It’s how she carries herself. How she dresses. The overall “feel” you get when you’re around her… It’s her fucking ENERGY.

You must take advantage of the incredible power of non-verbal communication. You must control the key factors in your appearance and behavior that have the biggest impact on the image and “energy” you project to the world. Here are my top four ways to do this…

1. Intense Eye Contact

Good eye contact draws the other person in

Good eye contact draws the other person in

Eye contact is a fundamental part of every interaction. Good eye-contact can build rapport and attraction. Bad eye contact can come off as creepy or insecure.

The key to mastering eye contact is holding it for just a bit longer than the other person can. This signals that you’re more comfortable in the interaction than they are, and makes you the “leader.” Generally, the other person will gradually get more comfortable holding it for longer as you go, making the interaction that much more personal and intimate.

The other main portion of good eye contact is breaking it by looking to the sides as opposed to looking down. Looking down signals weakness. Looking to the sides is natural.

2. Strong Posture

Standing tall and proud makes you look confident and self-assured. Being hunched over and closed off makes you look insecure and awkward.

The key to good posture is holding the crown of your head high and your shoulders back. This is most effectively accomplished by doing exercises that strengthen your back and rear deltoid muscles, like rows and reverse shoulder flys. Stretching your chest will also help immensely.

3. Basic Grooming and Style


Taking a few minutes to clean yourself up before heading out is easy

There are a lot of factors that go into good grooming and style, but I’ll offer you three key pieces to make sure you have down:

  • Maintain proper hygiene – this means take showers, brush your teeth, and wear deodorant. There’s nothing more unattractive than body odor or yellow teeth.
  • Groom your hair – this means getting a regular haircut and trimming your beard, if you have one. While a little roughness and shagginess can be attractive, it’s better to err on the side of keeping a clean look.
  • Wear clothes that fit – this means that your shirt gently hugs your chest and isn’t super baggy around your waist, and that your pants are similarly on the “tighter side”. This DOES NOT mean skinny “punk rock” jeans. Leave a little breathing room in there for comfort and style.

If you nail these three things down, then at the very least you’re style should not hold you back from success with women, or just in general.

4. A Full Voice (and proper breathing)

While this could be considered a “verbal” technique, your tone of voice is non-verbal in nature, meaning that it doesn’t have to do with the specific words you say.

You want to aim for a deeper voice, but avoid being monotone and boring. The key to mastering your voice is to control your breathing, and to breath deeply from your stomach as opposed to your chest or throat.

This allows you to use the full spectrum of your esophagus and utilize your “full voice”, as opposed to an awkward or high pitch when you don’t do this. Breathing deeply will similarly allow you to relax and quell any anxieties that you may have in social situations.

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71 thoughts on “4 Non-Verbal Tricks To Make Women Swoon”

  1. I like how Jefe keeps his articles short and azucar.
    Quiero saber si el puede hablar en Espanol porque su familia venio de Espana?
    Jefe is the man!

      1. it is damned good stuff…….just remember to not waste time on an obviously uninterested girl………keep moving

  2. Eye contact – holding eye contact works best if you’re not being intense about it (serial killer stare). Think of something that you heard or saw that you found amusing, then when you’re staring at the chick just think about that. Works like a charm.
    Posture – the easiest way to have perfect posture is just to push the front of your chest (you know, between the nipples) forward. Everything else falls into line. *Top tip I heard from a chiropractor.
    Grooming – dress better than every single man and you’re sorted.
    Voice – you can deepen your voice in about 10 seconds. Seriously. Just say a word e.g. “Yo.” and repeat it going down the scales till you’re saying way past what’s comfortable. Now speak normally and, bam, you got a deeper voice. Don’t believe me? try it right now.

    1. Lifting weights can do wonders for your posture and physical frame. Abs, back and shoulders are key to posture so I make sure to deadlift, row, military press, shrug as much as possible. Your spine will begin to extend and straighten as the muscles in your back strengthen. Also, shirts fit better when your shoulders and back are fit.
      Seeing a chiropractor can benefit your posture as well.

    2. you can also close your mouth and give a loud hum, going as high as you can then as low as you can in pitch. learned from a vocal coach.

  3. Yawn… Obviously for neophytes. Fire the chief and cage the (roll eyes) Beast!

    1. Women are attracted to men with class.
      Class is hard to define but easy to see.

      1. Very true. There is a noble quality that can only be witnessed/experienced. ~ Virtus Sola Nobilitas ~

  4. The four items as perceived by feminists:
    1. Stare rape
    2. Potential rapist
    3. Clothing privilege
    4. Mansplaining

    1. I don’t agree… as a female (I’m hesitant to identify as feminist because as a movement it’s incoherent and contradictory/ also I’m opposed to ideologies by principle) I think these are relatively valid tactics women find attractive, feminist or not.
      To be completely honest, it depends on who you are. If she doesn’t like you for whatever reason (i.e. thinks you’re creepy or ugly… shallow but true, unfortunately) it won’t work. That said, all of these traits would probably generate some interest for the average man.

      1. Exactly. These tips are pretty universal (for both sexes, after a bit of tweaking).
        E.g. Guys, do you like it when a girl is making eyes at you, has a nice arch in her lower back accentuating her ass and female frame, has nice hair, not too much makeup and a nice dress on, and, lastly, doesn’t sound like a 60-cigarette-a-day smoker? Sure you do.
        Conversely, if you’re too shy to even look at a girl, are slouched, greasy hair and shit clothes and have a squeaky voice, what chance do you think you have of making her pussy wet?

        1. She said if she doesn’t like you for whatever reason. It could be the color of your skin, style of shoes, etc. and you would be considered as a creep. You could be clean cut and all, but if she does not find you attractive in her eyes, you’re a creep.

        2. Yup. She gave it away. ‘If she thinks you’re creepy’ This statement used while discussing a situation in which a man and a woman have simply been in the same room for a few moments. Reveals so much. If the woman is not attracted she’s perfectly entitled to ‘think he’s creepy’ instead of leaving it a simple ‘not attracted’. That’s Beta-Hatred in a nutshell.
          How many fat women do you see in one day in an American city? 4000? (I guess if you saw 4,200 total it would be about that) A guy just passes them off as unattractive non-starters. He doesn’t think they’re ‘creepy’ or some sort of adjective implying that the unattractive person is some sort of evil.

        3. Haven’t been to America.
          I think you’re ignoring the fact that some men, literally, are creepy.
          Just last week I saw a 60 year old, chainsmoker with long, shaggy grey hair and shit tourist clothes trying to chat up this 25-30 year old chick (who looked like she belonged in the Suicide Girls group). I happened to be sitting near him and could hear what he was saying; shit like, “So where’s your mommy and daddy?”
          Sure, the number of “creepy” guys I see is roughly 1 in 1000, but they do exist, don’t pretend they don’t.

        4. I’m not ignoring the fact that some men are ‘creepy’ at all. I don’t know how you can pull that from my comment. Or how you can say that I’m ‘pretending’ they don’t exist. Some men are serial killers too. That doesn’t mean that a woman is entitled to accuse a guy of being a serial killer just because she doesn’t like his haircut and clothes. (As if she wouldn’t be all lathered up if there really were a serial killer in her presence)
          I wasn’t advocating for the 100% goodness of American males. I was commenting on how acceptable it is for women to slam a man’s character on sight in the USA. Basically it’s rapidly approaching a “(clap, clap) Guards, take him away! I don’t like how he looks” scenario. ( I think that’s a Doktor Jeep bons mot.) The disposability of non-Alpha’s is on full display here. Conflating simple lack of attraction into a full-fledged character assault. I can’t wait for the next time I’m home and I see a typical 200 pound 48 year old woman. Instead of just having decency (and no element of attraction or tension), I will just exercise my full entitlement to label her as a ‘worthless cunt who should be dead’ (simply because I’m not attracted to her).

        5. I haven’t been to the US – it may be as bad as you say.
          I just think a lot of men are making generalised excuses. For me, I’m in Asia right now and being white, not fat, not bad looking, I have zero trouble attracting female attention. And, truthfully, most of the females here are fucking awful. Some are even, dare I say it, “creepy.” Recently had this fat, demented looking Indian chick come up to me and say, “I’ve been stalking you.” Creeped the shit out of me (I’ve seen fatal attraction).
          And when I look at the chumps around me, most of them should be kicked under a bus. I’d go out on a limb and say, 95% of the guys I see are just fucking shit and I don’t blame women for finding them unattractive/creepy/repulsive/whatever.

        6. Yup, in otherwords, if she is inclined to like you (ie thinks your hawt) then all the points won’t stop her from liking you she’ll just try to “improve” those things in the relationship about you through nagging you. If she doesn’t think your hawt, then fixing all that will not help you, just make you seem like a well dressed creep

        7. Well remember that women are defenseless and terrified of men. So they are inclined to think the worst: its just a self-preservation instinct.
          Obviously you are not worried about some fat chick coming after you.

      2. You hit the nail on the head. These tips (as with all) only work if she is interested in you in the first place. All these do is keep you from jacking things up and turning her off.
        If she never eyed you in the first place, only a 30 pound wallet would get her to change her mind.

        1. Where did I speak of approach? Anyways, You totally don’t get it. Keep trucking bro. This is beyond your level.

        2. Stop crying man. You know full well we’re talking about approaching so don’t pretend you’re dense. Fact is, if you want to get over your problems with approaching women you’re going to have to stop making excuses and just do it.

  5. ”This DOES NOT mean skinny “punk rock” jeans. Leave a little breathing room in there for comfort and style.”
    Since I started olympic weightlifting, all jeans have turned into skinny ”punk rock” jeans due to the main lifts and accessory lifts involving the legs. Apart from that, I agree with and implement everything else mentioned.

    1. Tight pants were a hallmark of officer Poncharello’s game on the action sit-com ‘Chip’s’. He was quite a casanova. Super heroes never wear baggy either. Skaters are the exception to the air sports going full baggy so as to allow for free swinging balls and to allow the quick snippit glimpses to the punk chicks watching from below the half pipe.

    2. When i was a kid i was mostly riding my bike, climbing trees and swimming at the beach 10min from my home. This gave me huge legs, the regular jeans don’t cut it so i started wearing baggy jeans, it’s perfect and i don’t look like i’m wearing baggys at all.
      I read somewhere that there is a new jeans cut that accommodate athletic body-types you might want to check it out.

  6. Dance monkeys, dance! Women have been getting bored. They make men pay for offering a hello. But you fuckers need to make them swoon for free. The tattooed darlings deserve better men.

    1. Agreed, game rewards increasingly bad behaviour from females. Now I understand why betas use to kill alphas historically and it wasn’t just because they were fucking their wives and stealing all the female attention.
      I notice as female dress worse, tattoo themselves up, act more mannish and less feminine,t hey are being increasingly rewarded with HIGHER quality men.
      Alphas raise the price of pussy. What happens when even just 25% of guy starts dressing well, acting charismatic, with a deep voice, and deep eye contact (basically good game)? You have a bunch of clown men and then a bunch of girls being fucked by them. Completely ruining any chance to find a decent girl.
      At the end of the day, game is coping mechanism for shitty female behaviour. You are not fixing the problem. You are giving a bad kid candy for acting badly, and the worse they act the more candy they get. Then you are going to run out of money one day for candy and see the fat kid melt down.

      1. It strikes me as odd. All of these guys trying to learn how to be better men, for women who spend all of their time telling each other how perfect they already are. Im surprised more dont see it.

        1. Roosh clearly sees it, he clearly recognizes gaming women for what it is, clowning, they are just looking for entertainment. This is why I respect him and still visit this site despite some writers are clearly virgins pretending.
          Women have literally asked me randomly to entertain them. And it is always a boner killer instantly for me. Becuase it demonstrates to me that the women is basically just using me to increase her feelings. I am not being treated like a person here, just an object for her gratification.
          Clowning will get you a girl, but once even a substantial portion of men start to clown then the antics will just go up and up until you will have to be like a movie character just to get a woman of moderate value. There is no point. The women are going down in quality daily and yet we men are trying harder and harder to get them. Mean while the few bastions of good pussy like russia, ukraine, vietnam etc the men hardly care about women, go get drunk and go home and beat their wives.

  7. I think the two most important aspects of “energy” are confidence and mystery. Confidence is self-explanatory and involves practising everything stated in the article above (and more), but mystery on the other hand isn’t. I’ve personally found the easiest way to do this, is have your mind elsewhere when not in direct conversation. And by elsewhere I mean on a goal, or several goals. Actively focus on achieving something in life and making something of yourself. Be passionate about something and pursue success. Ambition is attractive.
    This kills two birds in one stone. The first being that you are making something of your life. And the second is that others will feel this “mysterious energy” they often speak of. Because all it is, is the fact you have something better to be doing. It naturally emits an air of higher value without you having to consciously try to . Sadly, it is rare to see males in todays world with genuine ambition. The strangers you see around you may look busy or interesting, but just watch and listen to these people when they are actively socialising, you will notice otherwise. And note how mediocre they are in everything they say and do. This predictable, banal behaviour dries pussies up quick, and is the the opposite of “mysterious”.
    Women aren’t conditioned to seeing men disengaged in the tedious and humdrum conversations they and the other beta males obligatorily perpetuate. Most men are always listening, chipping in, and trying to fit jokes into conversations, trying to win over females. Why even be there for such fruitless events? You will almost definitely not miss anything, women themselves are aware of how dull they can be. Gaming does not involve taking part in mindless socialising and conversation, make sure that you will benefit from being there (potential women to game).
    Make that 3 birds in one stone, you also don’t have to listen to a lot of what women have to say.

    1. Good point about the banality of conversation which is the majority of chatter. In a noisy club, if you were to turn the music down, the talk would be droll and pointless. ”I gotta pee” from the ladies and ”wussup bro” and loud ”heey’s” coming from every corner. The real communication is all physical posturing, peacocking and female hair twirling, sticking their tounges out, inviting stares, swag and ass shaking in an inaudible club environment.

  8. Animals don’t talk. ‘Ethology’ is the study of the non-verbal mating habits and rituals of animals. The ethologist studies the rituals like where a female baboon shows her bright pink ass and the male does his dance. The field also covers the mechanisms by which the members establish supremacy. This would be a good field of study to gloss over and make a mini study for human behaviour.
    With verbal communication comprising most of what is now ‘cyber’ this would be an opportune time to resurrect the non-verbal skills for the real world. For an opener, it would be a good exercise to attempt street pick up using NO WORDS. If words are necessary, maybe try pretending that you have no tounge. See how many words you can make while forcing your tounge to the bottom of your mouth. Pretending that you have a handicap can aid in building your other resources, like doing push ups with one arm and alternating. With a handicap of NO TOUNGE, you’re pretty much limited to words and phrases like ”heey” or ”hey baabe” or ”yeaaah” or ”yumma-humma-hubba”. Which is roughly the lexicon of Johnny Bravo who actually does quite well with the ladies. You’d be forced to use your body and facial expressions to the max to communicate. It would be a great exercise to warm up with.

    1. often times when a girl is talking I will simply react with different facial and body expressions such as raising the eyebrows or puckering. giving no verbal feedback. drives their hamsters crazy. extra dynamite when you touch them during this.

    2. But won’t the broad call the cops on you, when, after the successful Johnny Bravo routine, she finds out you DO have a tongue?

      1. Exactly. These whores ain’t loyal! It’s the honest statement of women who want to move up no matter the cost of any relationship. Women have shown their lack of respect for men at the start of the second world war. “White feather campaign”

    1. Yes, I am pretty pissed off by it. I see all the men worshiping a masculine looking dyke. She tries so hard to be like a man. Women like that should never get any kind of respect.

      1. I just googled her. I’ll keep her in mind whenever I want to lose a boner.

    2. eh, I think its a positive thing, she is the only good fighter- and she has one move. All the other ladies know this, and yet they cannot defend against it. Exposes how lame female fighters are

      1. I’m referring to the beta “dude she scares me but she’s so hot” or “she could tap me out anytime” and the very stupid “she should just fight men”. no. just no

        1. she should fight men! she has claimed she could beat male MMA fighters. Not an out of shape, 35 yr old accountants, OTHER UFC guys. I say she should do it. BJ Penn isnt much bigger than her, I wanna see him drop that leg down on her trap. see if she can handle it

      1. Definitely south Americans. Asians look cute but they’re the biggest gold-diggers I know, and unashamedly so (which is why white guys have no problem scoring with them – I’m white btw). Basically, they’re no challenge for me to fuck, south americans require a bit more effort. I like challenges.
        [edit] oh yeah, just saw that video. Pretty biased. There was only 1 picture of a hot south american in that list. Fucking stupid.

  9. Number 4 was my struggle. Hell if I am being honest the whole post was my struggle. Ha
    Basically, before the Red Pill came into my life it already was in my life. I just didn’t know it. I was tired of being rejected by women and seeming ti be stuck in the FZ because I was more so the “Funny kid” instead of the kid that could be taken serious. I did that to myself looking back on it but, had I not done what I did comedy wise everyday, I don’t think I would of had any friends let alone not have people think I was weird. Being funny helped and hurted me at the same time.
    But still, I wanted more yet I was not willing the change. Be problem. I did not want to change. I wanted to remain men 100% and still be able to snatch a pretty bitch up. I thought that would work since it did for other guys. Why could he do it being himself but not me? What did he do that I wasn’t? I was more funny and charismatic than the popular dude. Why did he win but not me? Well, it wasn’t just looks, it wasn’t just clothes, and it wasn’t just attitude, it was restriction.
    I would allow myself to be a punching bag JUST to get some attention and laughs instead of valuing myself. The guys that were popular, and even the ones that weren’t would not stoop so low to do that. When even a teacher would talk back to them they would defend themselves and risk detention just because they refused to be talked to in anyway. Girls would obviously love this and, even in a weird way, the teachers deep down would too as I always noticed the suppose “bad kids” developed a meta like relationship with the teacher. Its hard to explain but, basically it was a respect on both ends that not even the teachers pet could gain due to always doing their work and never standing out. I had my moments like that but, most of the time, I seen the teachers as authority and kept to myself. Not those kids.
    They would not take shit fro anyone and it showed because they had restriction Immature of course but, looking back I can see a lesson in that, that I couldn’t see when I was younger. Fast forward and I see the same qualities (Somewhat) in men that had found the red pill and developed not so much confidence but, more so value for themselves They had a system at play for not just women but life as whole. I wanted that. I needed that in life. I needed to value myself and show restriction instead of being the butt of all jokes and a quick pick me up o boost someone else’s low self esteem.
    By swallowing the red pill, I started to gain a backbone and be able to still remain myself in the process. Just a more better version by being aware, and not allowing to be just seen as a joke and more so a man that can be a leader and guide even grown men that needed some once I landed a position as floor supervisor at my job. I seen literally lost adult men acting like kids at my job while I remain the more level headed and mature one. Its weird and even a bit scary sometimes when I think of how pussy older men act, while I could be their damn Fathers at this point in teaching them something about control and standing the fuck up for themselves when it comes to thinking.
    Point is, always have some restriction and do better than just what was given to you. Posts like these would of made me feel ashamed and angry at myself and the author because to me, it was like he was taunting me and saying me being me was not enough. I would of been the hater in the comment section back then had this been around during my school days. Now, I see this as more so a tool to help me and not something to make me feel bad. This is a great, easy, and short list in helping guys like me and others see that just being you wont work when it comes to bagging chicks. A little increase in knowledge, style, actions, wisdom, etc can go a long way and helping achieve what you alone can’t by yourself.
    Restriction can create authority in you that shows value in a man that won’t submit to the test and absurd BS that is thrown our way so we can become trained monkeys better.To become greater one must not follow the trend, but follow what is unpopular yet stood the test of time. No one is posting philosophy quotes on Twitter and TRULY living that concept beyond just getting likes and retweets. The ones that are though, are creating sites, ideas, and philosophies such as these because they understand the value in limitations and not excess of the moment created for people that live in the pleasure, and would die in the boredom they created by not being more aware of what they can achieve unless its being told to them.
    Great list man. Nice post

  10. I’ve always wondered… With or without (clean shaved) a small amount of facial hair will attracts women more than the other??

  11. also, using a deep voice and direct eye contact when communicating with others is commonly used by Alpha Males in our primate cousins (chimps, silverback guerrillas, etc), which unconscinsbouly commands respect and obedience. Numerous tests have shown a simple lowering of your voice with direct eye contact will fundamentally change the way others interact with you, ultimately submitting to you as the “leader” in the interaction (or in primate terms, alpha vs beta). And yes, babes eat this up to, submitting to you as an alpha leader

  12. 2 non-verbal tricks to make women swoon.
    1. Have a lot of money
    2. Have a lot of confidence
    Passive game > Active game

    1. Yep but it’s the confidence that will win them overall the time. I recently walked into a club and did not acknowledge any one there apart from my mate. We sat down, talked and laughed and I got up and walked to the bar. I was dripping in confidence and was walking tall and holding eye contact. I got back with the drinks and there were two sluts sitting with my friend waiting for me to get back. I got the number of one of them, got it on that night with her friend (fingered her on the dance floor) then walked out and picked up a 19 year old slut waiting in the cab line.
      All without giving a shit or putting pussy on a pedestal. All without game or pick up lines. It was all confidence. Internal game is where it’s at.

      1. Yes. I inadvertently picked up a mid-20s waitress doing this, at a clique-y downtown wine bar. I walked in and handed her my coat. She asked if I was with a party, I pointed to my friend and smiled, with intense eye contact (he was waving at me, like the goofy engineer that he is).
        Went in, had a great time with the friend, laughing loudly, eating far too much, and drinking for three. Even though it wasn’t her table, she made it a point to come over, touch me on the shoulder, and ask how I was doing. “Fine, thanks.” Smile. Eye contact.
        When time to leave, she had my coat in-hand, with her number slipped into the pen pocket. All I had to do was walk in and out, and make eye contact; I didn’t say more than two words to her.

  13. All valid points. All things that men should implement into their very being.. In my early years of bedding women (16-19), I look back now and wonder HOW the fuck did I catch these smoking hot co-ed’s in the state I was in..? I had long long unkept, unwashed hair, that little patch of a goatee that should have been shaved until given a chance to be the “Tony Stark” that it is now, scrawny as all hell, hunched over with horrible posture, a total weight of 135 lbs, and a huge opiate habit. Scumbag.
    Although I did play guitar rather well for my age.
    Going to prison (19 and tried as an adult) was the best thing that could ever have happened to me, although I don’t recommend it. Maybe in dire circumstances such as mine. I liked to refer to prison as “Man Camp” sometimes, because that’s what it felt like a lot. Huge populations of men, trying to prove manlier than the next man. Great fun if you enjoy fighting, tattooing, working out, gambling, and fighting. Which it turned out, I do.
    I became a man in the few years I spent in the penitentiary. Eating right, staying away from drugs, working out, covering myself in ink, and finding My God. (Mine) By the time I walked out of there, I weighed 180 lbs of pure grade A iron muscle, comfortable with my hair being buzzed short (after all, I have been told I have a handsome face), a confidence and knowledge about myself- that I can endure the darkest times, and grin my way through what has broke many a grown man. Three years gone, but life lessons learned.
    I had sex with Every female ages 17-38 that worked at the restaurant I cooked at, within two week after my release. Something had changed. Something in me. Granted, I hadn’t had sex in a long long time, so anything was a potential target, but I would never have been able to pull these numbers before. It’s like they could smell the prison stink coming off of me as the hormone (whore-moan) that splits them in half. I had to take a step back and examine myself before and after.
    Everything had changed.. My voice, my posture, that way I dressed (no more punk rocker), and the confidence I exuded in my stride and gaze. These are the things that tell her what you are, what you’re about, and what you’re going to do to her. If you’re a slob- fucking clean up. If you’re a wuss- fucking man up. And if you’re a faggot- well… go kill yourself. There is nothing more fulfilling that being a man, and having everyone know it.
    Follow Jefe’s guide. And start being a man that women want.

    1. Yeah! Asshole Game! It works! Nothing like a motorcycle in the garage and three lines of booger-sugar and your semi-auto on the nightstand.

  14. “4. A Full Voice (and proper breathing)” Well that sucks, I sound like David Spade

  15. Just this weekend I was practicing eye contact (I’ve always been a shy person). It’s paying off, I will make eye contact and hold it until they look away. Most of the time I give the a small smile in the process. the seem receptive because they will stare back at me every so often.

  16. Eye contact is a fundamental part of every interaction. Good eye-contact can build rapport and attraction.

    I tried this with my cat but I lose every time.

  17. its all about the eye contact.
    the best way I have found to make it intense is not to open my eyes wide or anything weird like not blinking or not looking away.
    Rather, the best way is to use silence masterfully. I listen well, and to make girls realize this I just pause and look at them when they finish their monologue and are waiting for a response.
    I reply with my eyes only. then I pause and reply with a few short words that make it ambiguous as to whether I am done speaking or not.
    it is silence that really highlights eye contact and makes it intense in my opinion.

  18. Why bother. They are all crazy, greedy, lazy and just looking for a meal ticket.
    Go MGTOW

    1. Yer nuts! Clean up and get some pussy. I suggest foreign-born-and-educated women. They aren’t tainted by the American Feminist “ethic”. Kill/Grill, dood, it’s so easy. All broads want is a guy to be kind. Firm, lead em, but be kind. Hold their coat, let em into the car first, exude a little confidence. Direct the action in the bedroom.
      Look, I’m an ugly bastard, I look like a cross between Warner Wolf the sportscaster, Paul McCartney, Reverend Jim from Taxi and Marty Feldman with the fat eyeballs. But I work out, I don’t take shit from women but I’m kind to them. They know I’ll defend them because they know I carry a handgun concealed. That makes a woman slick to the knees just knowing their man will kill the bastard that fucks with you on the street. Get a motorcycle, learn to ride, take em out on it. Maybe I’m a psycho, I dunno. Don’t give up on women. You can be anti-feminist, reject those cunts as soon as they expose themselves.
      But when you find a good one that loves a man for being a MAN, there is nothing in life that compares. I get it. MGTOW as an opposing force against feminism is an option. And, American women by-and-large, are shit. Cunts. Bitches. But when you find some fine woman that isn’t ruined, life couldn’t be better if you get her to loving you. Mine is 40, is of German descent, speaks Portuguese, hails from Brazil. If I can get it, you can get one too. Oh yeah, I’m 59 in May. Working out has it’s advantages, no?

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