8 Reasons To Date A Former Fat Girl

Return of Kings stance on fat girls is clear. Fat women are an unattractive social drain unworthy of male attention. But what about girls who lose weight and become fit attractive women?

Unfortunately, we live in a culture where obesity is the norm. Many women grow up with unhealthy eating habits promoted by fast food culture, powerful lobbies, and the USDA food pyramid. Unhealthy body types are validated by fat acceptance, and millions of dollars of advertising by companies like Dove. The small minority of women who manage to break away from social conditioning and achieve the healthy bodies they actually want are vilified and attacked by those who don’t have the discipline to do the same.


Women who used to be fat, and now have toned, fit, healthy bodies are often better partners than women who have always had the same body-type. Here’s why:

1. They Have Less Ego

Former fat girls understand that men’s attention is a reward they have to earn by developing their feminine beauty. Women who’ve always been thin feel entitled to male attention, because they’ve always had it. Since they’ve never had to work for men’s validation, they don’t value it, and treat others with a princess mentality.

Women who’ve lost weight are willing to put in hours at the gym to make themselves worthy of male attention. They’re humble, hardworking, and don’t consider going the extra mile to please their partners beneath them. Because they had to work for what they have, they value it more.

The difference between women who just won the genetic lottery and women had to work for their body is like the difference between trust fund brats and entrepreneurs who built their business from nothing. They might have the same net worth in the sexual market, but their character is strikingly different.


2. They Love Male Attention

Fat girls typically lose weight in order to get male attention. They know that men value physical beauty, and rather than shame men’s sexual preferences, they honor those preferences by making themselves more attractive.

If you compliment a former fat girl on her looks, she’ll light up and thank you, rather than rolling her eyes or writing you off as a needy man. Women who’ve lost weight see male sexual attention as a sign that their hard work loosing weight and improving their looks is paying off.

3. They’ve Developed Their Sexual Skills


Whereas hot girls can lie in the starfish position when in bed with a man, less attractive women have to develop compensatory sexual skills to keep men around (that’s code for great blowjobs.) Since men aren’t getting off on their bodies, less attractive women can only please the men they want by being absolute freaks in bed.

When women lose weight, they don’t forget the sexual skills they developed when they were less attractive. A former fat girl will still have the mindset of a woman who has to work extremely hard to please men in bed years after she’s lost weight. Most of the time when I’ve had a woman offer anal on the first date, or grin when I suggest bringing my camera into the bedroom, I usually find out later that she only recently developed the thin feminine form that initially attracted me.

The one sexual experience women who’ve lost weight aren’t usually open to is threesomes, because they feel threatened by more attractive women. If you let the girl know sharing you with another woman won’t jeopardize her relationship to you – or instill sufficient dread such that she feels she has to have a threesome to please you – most women who used to be overweight can become open to a threesome.

4. They Have A Higher Sex Drive


Obesity is correlated with lower sex drive. Not only do overweight people have less physical energy to exert themselves in bed, but they probably aren’t getting the nutrients necessary to properly balance their hormones. A woman who switches from eating Oreos and carmel lattes to green vegetables and grassfed beef is going to experience a surge in her sex drive comparable to a fourteen year-old boy going through puberty.

When I lost weight myself, not only did I feel happier, and have more energy, but my hormones balanced, and testosterone increased. I felt like a horny teenager again, and was practically drooling on every woman I met. Women who lose weight experience similar changes, and will want more sex than they’ve ever wanted before in their life.

5. They Are Easy To Approach

Because former fat girls still see themselves as a six or lower, they judge your relative value as higher even when they have the body of a nine or ten. If the woman you’re talking to only recently became a nine, you might find it’s as easy to talk to her as it would be to talk to a six. This is another reason not to be intimidated by more attractive women.


Add to that the fact that former fat girls want it so badly they spent hours in the gym or months on a disciplined diet just to get men to hit on them and are now experiencing a surge of sex hormones, and you’ve got a woman who wants to be approached and taken by a man. These are the kind of women who will thank you after you have sex with them.

Plus, women who’ve lost weight hang out in places you already go if you’re a healthy man. Gyms, crossfit classes, health food stores, farmer’s markets, and any activity dedicated to healthy living will probably have a few women for whom developing their bodies and living healthy is a new interest.

6. They Have Healthy Habits

While women you pull from clubs and bars will want to go out for beer, pizza, and cigarettes afterward, women who’ve lost weight will want to maintain their figure by eating healthy food. These women often know how to cook for themselves and enjoy sharing what they make.

If you’ve got an interest in health as well, you can easily invite these woman over to cook dinner with you, teach her a healthy recipe, or introduce her to juicing. Rather then getting to know her in noisy bars or franchise coffee shops, you can spend the afternoon outside on a hiking trail, and then tear each others clothes off on the kitchen floor after making kale shakes.

Most women hit a wall in their late twenties, when a years of heavy drinking, partying, and unhealthy choices catch up to them. Women who don’t take their looks for granted practice healthy habits that maintain their beauty, making them better candidates for long-term relationships.


7. They Have Greater Self-Discipline

Losing weight requires self-discipline. It requires a daily commitment to stick to whatever diet or exercise program you’ve chosen, even when well-meaning friends or the culture around you repeatedly offers you unhealthy choices. Women who’ve lost weight have to develop a higher degree of self-discipline than the average American woman, commit to something they value, and stick with it even when challenges arise.

The attitudes developed in physical fitness have direct applications to other aspects of life. A woman who is willing to question what her culture tells her about food and her body, is also willing to question what her culture tells her about men and relationships. She is more likely to be an independent thinker, and have stronger character.

8. You Can’t Tell She Wasn’t Always Fit

After hundreds of squats and months of eating slow-carb, even the most chunky women can develop a toned athletic figure. Most of the women I’ve dated who used to be overweight told me so only after I began talking about my own health practices. I would never have guessed had I not seen the shocking before photos of their transformations. Men don’t care what a woman used to look like, only what she looks like when she’s with him.


While it can be amusing to mock fat girls, I respect anyone – male or female – who transforms their body for the better. Women who get in shape show character traits that are healthy and desirable. And of course, having a smoking hot body doesn’t hurt either.

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198 thoughts on “8 Reasons To Date A Former Fat Girl”

        1. Usually, but it is preventable.
          The way an older, wiser, and very successful(game-wise) man put it is that the best way to prevent a chick from gaining weight(or make her lose weight) is to have a level of game that’s so high that they’ll want to do that for you.

        2. “…is to have a level of game that’s so high that they’ll want to do that for you.”
          If your game is that good, you could be out there banging actual dimes instead wasting your energy keeping a gluttonous former fatty in check.
          Stretch marks and guntflaps are forever.

        3. Not sure I really wanna know what a “guntflap” is..
          Pretty sure I am not gonna like it…lol

        4. My ex-wife lost a good bit of weight, found a new boyfriend, and promptly divorced me. She’s since been doing the “gain 2 pounds a month” thing.
          If she gets any chubbier, I’m going to have to have a discussion with her about how I don’t nail fat broads anymore. I held on for dear life to her abdominal folds of flesh enough during married–no need to do that when there’s a waiting list of grad students with a smooth, narrow, curvy waist with one of those adorable vertically elongated navel.

      1. You will think she’s still pregnant when the brat’s two years old. Actually, we made it to 9 before she started letting herself go. Guess that’s doing pretty good. But from what I see in others, women are doing well to make it to 3 before they go to being sows.

    1. I would imagine that if they value your company, you can fat-shame them enough that they’ll stick to their new regimen, not that you don’t have a point.

        1. I’m past my mid 20s and I fucking changed my habits in so many ways. And I keep doing it whenever I see something that makes sense. Why cant anyone expect a dumbass broad to change in even the simplest of ways ?

        2. yes. I’ve been preaching this. once past 18 and the lessons they’ve learned from their Fucked up parents or normal parents, in girls case female power, you cannot re-wire them. once people are adults THEY CANNOT CHANGE. it’s like trying to re-wire your DVD player by crossing the lines…won’t work..now or ever. You learn everything by 18 personality wise and morally wise and you cannot change that…ever. Once those wires in the brains are connected you need years and years of therapy but those old connections for fucked up behavior are still there to so…cannot change after 18.

        3. not talking about stopping smoking Tom or buckling down to get more responsible. that’s just growing up he means how you think about things in the world. you most likely learned that from your father and you cannot change those basic things stuck in your brain on what you need to do. most likely, if you’re like most guys, every fuck up you make your father’s voice is inside your head going…what the fuck is wrong with you son? Of course if you don’t have a father god knows where you learned stuff from. TV? a female?

        4. But I AM talking about little things..like losing weight, change your manners, stop being a tinder addict and pick up a book once in a while.
          This is basic behavior that you would expect from anyone.

        5. but where do you learn that Tom. if you don’t have a father you learn that from school, media, friends most likely raised by single mothers. you learn all this from a father. for example my father taught me at 11 to start working out and he dressed always fantastically. also told me get educated. Also the way he treated women was good but if they got out of line he always said…enough woman…enough! you get what you’re talking about from a father figure a good one.

        6. Fuck you bitch. Aint nothin wrong with Tinder. I bang bitches, you bang what?
          Your hand? You couldn’t pick a fat bitch up out of a cat convention you worthless beta.

        7. Your mom’s third boyfriend this year…month. She dumped the last one when she noticed that she just couldn’t compete with your kid sister for his attention.

    2. that is true. when they get that ltr theyll stop. if they break up its back to the gym again.
      anyone know the names of those women?cuz thats amazing before n after.
      and how much is that woman squatting?

      1. I’m assuming that she is squatting 185. The first plates are probably 45’s and the difference in thickness makes me think that the second plates are 25’s. They’re just thick, rubber plates for olympic lifts and look heavier than they actually are.

      2. You are impressed as any casual observer would be because you don’t really know what you are looking at. It’s a static pic and may be a weight she practices with for form so who knows but for reference, this is what an a elite female with a proper squat looks like. Note the weight is nearly 300 lbs, the squat is to full depth, the bar is high and her grip is proper.

      3. Remember that a 400 tub of lard is squatting 300 lbs every time she stands up when compared to a svelte 100 lb woman.

    3. I remember reading somewhere that adipocytes (fat cells) never actually go away once packed on, they just shrink – meaning that former fat chicks have a dangerous propensity to balloon up very, very quickly.

    4. Generally speaking, girls who explode or lose any sort of youthful beauty are usually the ones who got their beauty effortlessly.
      Girls who have to work for it don’t allow it to fade so easily. Sometimes I feel sad when I see girls from high school who were so pretty and look so different now. It makes me want to be in the gym longer and use more moisturizer though! Of course, I was a late bloomer and can’t even look at something fatty.

    5. A friend of mine used to say, quite succinctly, you are what you are. Through many hard lessons, I have found this to be true. Fatties are fatties. Try as they might to lose weight, the majority return to their previous state of affairs.

      1. When they’re thin, they’re good for flings and pump and dumps, but don’t ever marry or get entangled in an LTR with one.

        1. Marriage has always been a compromise. However, in olden days, the man received something in return for his service: financial gain (such as the dowry), a quality homemaker, and a doting mother to his children.
          Now, thanks to Feminism Inc., a man receives none of these. She usually drains him financially by coercing him into buying a home out of their price range, she cannot cook or clean, and she rejects her maternal instincts with regards to the children (won’t breast feed and bemoans all aspects of being a mother).
          The American media cannot understand the growing number of Americans not choosing to marry – a sure sign that they are are largely apathetic to the suffering of men.

        2. CONSUMERISM. I know way too many males after marriage that got trapped into consumerism thanks to their bitch. They would buy the most expensive mortgage the bank would allow them to buy, new furniture, cash for their wives shoe/purse fetish, etc. I’ve seen them become debt slaves chained to their jobs, their dreams and aspirations put on hold because they are so deep in debt.
          It is truly a scary thing to behold, enough to make a man eschew marriage forever.

        3. Talking about breastfeeding…
          Many women I know postpone the diet program to get them back in shape until they fulfill the 6 months exclusive breastfeeding, coz the diet can affect the quality of breast milk, and of course we want the children to get the best we can give. What do u think about this???
          And a friend of mine, married to Australian man, was frown by her husband coz she breastfed their daughter, and the husband said that her breasts got ugly coz she let the baby suckle all the time.
          I don’t know which one got error mind set : me and the rest of women who support breastfeeding (still the best for babies) or a husband who complains about his wife’s breasts getting ugly while it’s his own child who suckles the breasts all the time.

    6. Yep, inside of every former fat girl, who is presently skinny, is the fat girl waiting to burst out. I know from experience

      1. weight doesn’t affect someones personality….. fuck you’re so shallow. i guarantee you’re ugly as fuck

    7. Once a bitch goes fat, she can only fuck black. Once she fucks black, we don’t want her back.
      i wouldn’t stick it into a coon fuckin fat bitch.

    8. So do thin women.Who also don’t know how to handle it because they were always thin.You need to check whether she treats healthy eating as a lifestyle.I have many friends who were chubby and know they treat healthy eating super seriously and eat in moderation/go to the gym.They don’t gain weight at christmas or summer,they control themselves at parties and restaurants.They are fit on autopilot.

  1. Very few women ever make this transformation. I respect any person, male or female, that goes from obese to fit. I think an article about going after these women is misguided advice. I’ve known hundreds of obese/lard ass girls and I have only known one woman to make this life transformation. The problem was she didn’t become a 9. She went from a 60 lb overweight 5 to a fit 6.

    1. If you look at the whole package though, a chick who can do that is probably a better catch than some shallow princess-complex 9.

      1. I agree 100%. I would rather have a pleasant 6 instead of a bitch 9.
        It’s just that an article about targeting former fatties turned hotties is akin to hunting unicorns.

  2. #3 and #4 are true, true, true. You want depraved, high energy sex? Fuck a former fattie. Just don’t mistake her for a good LTR candidate. Former fatties will always fear a reversion to the mean, and this causes them to ride the cock carousel with abandon.

  3. Watch all the fat acceptance feminazis and white knights start crying on YouTube over the offensiveness of the article. I love ROK..

  4. Watch all the fat acceptance feminazis and white knights start crying on YouTube over the offensiveness of the article. I love ROK..

  5. Matt Forney’s mentioned that the only girl he would’ve considered marrying was a former fatty. There is something to it, but I think after a good while of pansy men praising her at every turn she’d get full of herself and turn into another entitled princess unless you actively did what you could to keep her self-esteem low.

    1. You don’t even need to do that. Just stay on your game and don’t ever simp even after you’re married. Never let good behavior go unrewarded but don’t ever bow down either.

    2. I made the mistake of doing this and she got fat a few years later. Then she lost it and went on a power trip of banging other dudes.

  6. Amazing photos……
    All that separated these 1’s from 7 or 8s were 20-30 lbs.

  7. Ahh… formerly fat chicks..good times…It’s best to get them right after their transformation because they still think that they’re fat. There’s nothing they won’t do for their first taste of Alpha dick: hour long blowjobs in the front row of the movie theatre, fucking in the fitting room of a Macy’s, road head, you name it.

    1. After a year or so, they get a nasty entitled attitude, despite the folds of flesh left over from their fat days and the nasty stretch marks lining the sides of their thighs.

      1. Let me clarify: I am by no means advocating getting into a relationship with one of these formerly fat chicks. But they can be a fun distraction for a while.

    2. hum no.It’s true that the mindset is the same but those girls have probably stayed single for a long time so they might as well wait for a decent guy to date.plus when you are fat you focus on your studies/personality so when you lose weight,you are a way more mature individual.I’ve noticed my thin friends are the ones who jumb from relationship to relationship and need validation all the time from everyone.I’m okay being ignored or not getting attention.And so do other former fat girls.Plus i’m more into the ”nice” kind of guys and not the ”bad guy” like many girls.Also,all girls have a type.Meaning that it’s about the personality and not whether she was fat or not.There are girls who are into relationships and girls who aren’t.There are girls who are into spending time alone,reading comics and watching movies at home and girls that are into clubs and parties and stuff.And let me tell ya fat girls are most likely the first.And let’s not forget that for so many years I was hella akward even talking to guys cause I knew they saw me as unattractive.So in order to sleep with someone I need to be very very comfortable with him.

  8. the body issues even in a naturally lucky thin girl are huge.
    the body issues in a fat girl gone thin (and many of them do it with surgery) mean you are getting damaged goods.

  9. I’m glad that this article touched on character. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy by any means. Anyone who is able to maintain excellent health (this goes beyond the genetic lottery) has proven to the general population that they are capable of handling many tasks that the majority of people are not. People who are disciplined in regards to diet and fitness are much less likely to dip out of a job or relationship when experiencing a trough.

  10. Good list. One problem…
    Ah, #8 is actually wrong. This is one of nature’s cruelty’s on women. You see, women just by genetics have drastically thinner and weaker skin than men. This means they get stretch marks MUCH MUCH easier than men do. Stretch marks can only be removed with some top-notch cosmetic surgery, and almost all fat women get stretch marks of some kind on their body when they go fat, especially if they do it quickly.
    So yes, you can actually tell if a woman has been much fatter in her past, just pay closer attention the next time your face is moving up her bare abdomen.
    /This comment has not been verified by an actual PUA. The information included is not intended to cure, prevent, or treat any disease.

    1. So? Hypothetically I’d still take a 7 who had the discipline and drive to slim herself out over a 9 who didn’t.
      Besides this whole “I only date HAWT chicks!” is some immaturity…..usually driven by insecure nerds/betas who think that if they date someone who’s “SUPER HAWT!1!1!” then they’ll impress other men and get more social validation that way.
      It’s weak because you’re still the one seeking validation from other men rather than being the man who gives validation.
      Just get with the women you like and if you make a bad choice you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself.

      1. I wasn’t expressing a preference, just stating that you can actually tell if a woman used to be fat.

      2. “So? Hypothetically I’d still take a 7 who had the discipline and drive to slim herself out over a 9 who didn’t.”
        – Hypothetically, how can a fat girl be a “9”?

        1. Literally, not hypothetically, you don’t appear to be that bright. I thought it was obvious that I was referring to the 9’s who never had to diet or use any discipline to look “hawt”
          Second…..quit the dorky grammar thing. That’s the kind of bitchassness that virgin nerds like to do. (Sorry, “bluepill beta”!)

    2. Since I’m here….I also need to point out that nobody in the real world gives two shits about “actual PUA” people.
      You know how real PUA’s come off? Pathetic. You can always tell who the PUA’s are because you spot a group of little nerdletts huddled in the corner of the room together discussing their “game”(ie, robotic canned lines), then going around running up to every chick in the room completely oblivious to every social cue around them.
      The real masculine men will usually be either dancing with a girl, chatting a girl, or enjoying the conversation……both alert and aware but also relaxed.
      It’s sad. All the PUA’s really need to do is learn to relax and quit overthinking shit, and focus on LEARNING good conversation and dance. Do that and game becomes easy.

  11. “While it can be amusing to mock fat girls, I respect anyone – male or female – who transforms their body for the better.”
    Absolutely. At the first sign that anyone is considering a healthier lifestyle and exercise, I immediately start giving positive encouragement and telling them how it’s actually very simple, and that I respect anyone willing to take the first step.
    Unfortunately it’s a rare day indeed that they actually do it, but all one can do is give motivation & support and leave the rest to them.

    1. I was thin for most of my life. In fact I was much too skinny through most of my adult life. I was 6′ and 125 # at my high school graduation. The doctor lied about my weight when I joined the Navy because I was 10 pounds under the minimum. I lifted weights very seriously for years to bulk up. Now that I am old and have slowed down a lot (heart trouble and bad joints) I have put on the pounds. When I go to work out at the gym I feel a lot of condescension from the fit gym rats. I look around and almost all the women that are in the gym are extremely thin. When I see another fatty I go and let them know that I am glad to see they have started to work out. A little encouragement and acceptance at the start and maybe more women will make the transition from fat to fit. Being on the other side of things has made me more aware of their position.

  12. This article is for homos.
    Nature intended women to be plummier than men. Fat is source of hormones. The body hards fat to buffer the decrease in estrogen. Fat is undesirable in men it screws the testosterone levels but in women it is the opposite.
    Real men prefer women with a bit of flesh. All these transformation on the pictures is from a woman to a more boyish look. It seems what modern metrosexuals prefer skinny bitches wearing skinny trousers.

    1. Huh? You a chubby chaser? There is a wide, yawning gulf between “flesh on her bones” and “fat girl”. They’re not even the same.
      I get the idea this is some sort of pro-feminist troll because this doesn’t make any kind of sense, but calls the readers homos.

    2. “Real men prefer…”
      Anyone who says this phrase isn’t a real man.

    3. They’re called boobs, Ed.
      All the after pictures are plumper than a man of similar fitness, by about 10% body fat by weight. All of them have fat pads that obscure their abdominal muscles, so about 20% body fat (the squatter, because of her muscle mass, is a bit leaner by percentage). Good for a bikini model, smooth arms and legs, too fat for a fitness model, never mind a body builder.
      Men can go down to about 7 or 8% without screwing up their hormone levels. For women it’s 17 to 18%. Most of these women could stand to lose another kilo of fat (and add a kilo of muscle) without worry or losing any boobage to speak of. The Norn Iron chick about two; she’s still got fat legs, which are short to begin with, so the extra fat makes them look extra stumpy.
      “It seems what modern metrosexuals prefer skinny bitches wearing skinny trousers.”
      They do. I do not; but neither do I prefer fat being the new skinny.

    4. Note the complete avoidance of the issue at hand: Fat chicks. Not “plummier” chicks. No one here has an issue with genuinely curvy women (that means they still have an identifiable waist and neck).
      Note the claim that fat is undesirable in men, but that “the opposite is true” in women.
      10/10 hamstering. Nicely done.

      1. It’s gotta be a bitch. The phrase “real men” rarely pops up unless it’s a woman.

      2. Probably a fat Bulgarian babushka who serves the roles of a sex orifice, a blanket as well as a heated mattress for her poor man.

    5. LMAO! For about ten seconds I thought you were serious!
      In truth, all men like skinny women whether they know it or not. People who say they like “meat on the bones” are flat-out lying. I used to say the same thing, because there were so many chubby girls around with pretty faces. Then I just realized that skinny girls, the most petite- seemed to make my dick happy, even if their faces were so-so, whereas the “cute” chubby girls often did not arouse me, despite my thinking they were fine. If you are self-aware you will realize that petite girls are WAY more attractive 90 percent of the time. Only 5 percent of girls have the genetics necessary to get curvy when they put on weight.
      You will also realize that girls who seem kind of chubby are actually quite horrifying under the optical illusion that their loose fitting clothes create. I saw the spring break bikini pictures of some “meaty” girls I know in sororities and it was a nightmare.

    6. There’s a different between enough fat on her hips to hold onto, and the typical giantess I see every day with a waist-to-hip ratio hovering around 1.2.

  13. Only possible issue might be stretch marks if she was a land whale. The analogy made comparing chicks who were born beautiful and other chicks who had to work to lose weight with trust fund babies and successful entrepenuers is excellent and so true.

  14. Won’t formerly fat chicks still have skin flapping loose even after they lose the weight?

  15. Number 5 isn’t always true. Often a former fat girl will still have the mentality of a fat girl – this means her defenses are always up. She doesn’t take compliments. She views any attraction towards her as being disingenuous. She is always waiting for the other shoe to drop in relationships and even quick sexual situations, and so she ends up sabotaging prospects.
    This is a girl who won’t respond to messages not because she’s a stuck up bitch, but because she doesn’t think you’re serious. But the end result is her coming across as a stuck up bitch.
    This article brings up some fair points, but if you’re going to date a former fat girl, make sure the inside matches the outside.

  16. i have to admit this article is quite true. especially the self-discipline.
    on the flip side, if i have self-discipline and can maintain a desirable physique i expect you to too!
    no fatties for me either 😉

      1. My one time long ago experience with this was as above. she had lost a lot of weight. I came along at the right time, right as she got very fit. She had rock hard abs, great ass, and legs to die for, but the tits sagged like water filled baggies. She would give head till you were dead. Hard core into sex in all positions and at alltimes and places.
        I didn’t stick around to see how long it lasted.

        1. Yep. When I’m nailing a broad who lost about 100 lbs, doggy style is the only way to go.
          Seeing too many college students naked has completely erased my appetite for dealing with floppy tits.

      WRONG! AND EMPTY SAGGY TITS AND ASS….god it’s just fucking wrong! Sure once but
      turn the fucking lights off and kick her out before sunrise!
      And no plastic surgery won’t help her at all….the loose skin
      is no longer elastic…so no matter what the doctor does…it ends up looking like
      [email protected]

  17. I know you’ve got a rule about not responding to women, and I don’t always agree with everything you write, but I just wanted to tell you as a former fat girl, your article is spot on. And to all those commenters who claim all Former Fatties (FF) gain all the weight back, this can be true of people who lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, but is so not true if said FF has indeed adopted healthy habits and maintains self-discipline as the article describes.

  18. Former fat girls have more ego as I can see.
    The years of enduring prettier, skinnier girls around them – picking on them – creates a motivation to become like them. And once they achieve that goal, they behave worse than the girls whom they wanted to be like. You better compliment them more often, or she feels offended – because she needs more validation for her efforts.
    Secondly, they tend to look haggard much faster as they age. I’ve seen more stretch marks on the bodies (primarily asses) of former fat girls, than on the bellies of post partum females. The faces tend to look a bit strange as they smile – very much like the Joker from the Batman comics. There is often a strange gape on the anuses of these girls – even if she never had anal.
    Their vaginas also tend to be an awkward fit. Vaginas in general feel like inverted cones – the mouths of vaginas tend to be looser once aroused and as you penetrate deeper, the vaginal walls gradually expand to accommodate the thrusting penis. This is why vaginal sex with a less tapped girl feels wonderful, as compared to anal.
    Female asses feel different – the grip is tighter at the entrance, at the anal sphincter, while once you get past it, it’s all warmer air but not much grip on the penis, unlike the vagina’s walls which grip the penis once you thrust deeper. The pleasure from anal is at the entrance of the anus.
    Former fat girl’s vaginas are like a combination of an asshole and a vagina – it’s loose at the entrance, then tight (like normal vaginas), then loose again (like an ass), and then tight again, then loose again – very much like girls who have just delivered or just had a “vaginal drain” done on them (more than 3 guys fucking her non stop).
    The parts where their vaginas are loose are probably air pockets in the vaginal
    tube, that’s why former fat girl’s pussies produce more vaginal farts as
    compared to normal girl’s pussies.
    And never have a meal with a former fat girl. She’ll often make you lose your appetite – either with her comments on your diet, her staring at you while you eat, or you looking at her eat.

    1. (a) My experience with fat girls is ones over age 25 or so start to get the weird vagina like you described.
      (b) I’m frightened how you found out about the “vaginal drain”.
      I believe both of these effects are due to loss of muscle tone in the muscle bands at the rear of the vagina. It gets worn out after all that abuse and just can’t grip tightly anymore. I’m guessing it’s part of the overall pelvic-floor dysfunction fat girls get.

  19. I have to call bullshit on the healthy habits.
    Ideally, a girl lost the weight exercising her ass off and eating the right food. In the real world, she incorporated moderate exercise with a fucked up diet. Like eating an apple and a couple crackers for a day’s intake.
    Great deal if you have to buy her dinner. Not so much if you stick around long enough to deal with their psychological trauma.
    On a side note, I once fucked a fat girl to kill a dry spell. I felt tremendous guilt about it, but she lost the weight and became hot. It’s like God looked right at me and winked.

    1. There’s no shame in a slumpbuster… but they don’t help you get out of a slump when you realise you can’t get an erection in the presence of gut-flab anymore.

  20. This used to be the case but unfortunately no longer holds water
    Think about how many times you’ve gone out only to encounter a whale who has a HUGE attitude? In older times fat women at least had a great personality and cool to hang out with and they would do anything to get you. Now it’s “I’m BBW, if you can’t handle a REAL WOMAN then beat it!” Attitude.
    I’ve also met a few former fat chicks and they are even worse and expect even more. Their attitude is “I lost all of this weight and I’ll be damned if I settle, I expect someone who is my knight in shining armor and has loads of cash”.
    This is similar to ex-smokers. You’d think on paper that they would be fine being around other smokers but the opposite is true. They are worse about smoking. Ditto with born again Christians.
    Who are then the best chicks to bang/hang out with? The ones who had mothers who constantly told them to not get fat when they were children. Now it’s “Never tell your daughter that she should stay thin and healthy that could give her horrible body issues, if she’s fat tell her fat is beautiful!” Mother’s used to do right to their daughters and made sure that beauty is the number one thing to land a man.
    The chicks I’ve banged who had the best bodies and always worked out all had the same thing in common: Their mom’s made sure that getting fat when they were young is not acceptable.

    1. What TruthSyrup said. The last few years I’ve met far more than my share of utterly huge, grotesquely fat “womyn” who are the most shrill, angry, demanding, rude and belligerent I’ve ever encountered. I wonder if the fact that they desire attention so much is the reason? I mean they can’t attention proper from just being fat, so why not get attention by pissing people off? Dunno.

  21. *also to add that working out doesn’t mean anything if your diet isn’t right
    To lose weight and look great it’s 90% at minimum on diet and 10% on exercise. Exercise is good for health reasons and to tone but they won’t burn all that lard unless they eat correctly.
    That’s why you see whales at the gym month after month looking the same cause women think “I worked out today so I can eat shit and I will lose that weight”
    The chicks you want to bang are ones whose mother’s shamed them young into never getting fat and they eat healthy.

    1. Self discipline = power/self esteem / confidence! These a reason why feminists can’t loose weight cause they haven’t learnt the basic skills of self control! People that do the have self control of their lives are happy people!

  22. “Wow, just wow! If y’all small dicked basement dwellers were REAL MEN you would stop fat shaming women so that you can RAPE THEM!!”

    1. Yep.
      I would have added also the classic, “PROBABLY HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN WITH A WOMAN!!” and so on.

    2. Yeah.
      You’ve got a small dick.
      You can’t get laid.
      Lives in mom’s basement.
      You’re gay.
      They sound like they came straight out of the factory. No intelligence and no creativity there. Just pull the cord in their back and they start to mouth the same pre-programmed insults. They’re all the same in this way.
      It’s amazing that they don’t realize how brain dead they all sound. But then again maybe it isn’t so surprising after all. It’s actually quite funny when you think about it.

      1. Yeah…kinda like men with women issues. It’s the same rinse & repeat shit. This site is like the dudebro bible that they all swear by.

  23. It’s all nice, nothing wrong with this in theory. Although they have become thin, they usually want men who work out and it doesn’t fit everyone’s program. Women who go to the gym to stay fit usually want men who go to the gym and this is against my philosophy to stay fit.
    So she would probably stop seeing me because there’s some other guy who is working out, whether it’s an alfa or a beta.
    Also to date someone is a no no no for me. Otherwise a good text!

  24. I cannot believe the cruel, condescending, asshole attitude this guys got! Your views are distorted. “worthy of mans attention” are you effing kidding me!!! Id rather live alone fat and unworthy than be with a self righteous prick that believes hes some kind of GOD!! Chupa mi verga putos.

        1. Paul and guest have been banned. The about page clearly spells out our rules about replying to women.

    1. most of these dudes on here claim they’re “alpha dudes”. Please. Only in their dreams. Most are hideous, balding,fat, impotent, and/or have weak social skills. It’s the reason why they live on sites like this. They have trouble attracting women. You don’t need to be a shrink to see that.

  25. What I’ve noticed is that children of formerly fat women often quickly blow up as well. Those children will then be at risk for a multitude of diseases. My guess is that there is probably some epigenetic mechanism at work, putting a stamp on the genetic code of the mother from all those years of being fat and living unhealthy. The kids then inherit this genetic ‘stamp’. So be ware, guys. Don’t get lured into thinking a fatty-turned-fit has supreme genes.

    1. Yeah. There’s a reason our little head and big head both tell us NOT to dump a load inside a fat chick. (But blowjobs are fine.)

  26. In our current environment, the default, easy path lead to obesity for somewhere between 25% and 75% of the population. For very many, avoiding that fate, takes self discipline and goal driven motivation. As those are both traits that correlate positively with male hormones, it is also likely true (borne out by my anecdotal observations) that ON AVERAGE, genetically more feminine girls tend to become fat in greater numbers than genetically less feminine ones. Highly masculine, careerist Go! GiIrrrrls!, simply have greater motivation to stomp on a Stairmaster for hours on end, then their more feminine sisters. Which translates into one more reason why a former fattie, who sank so low she shaped up more out of outright desperation than of any kind of latent ambition, may be a bit of a diamond in the rough.
    None of the above is absolute; and I wouldn’t be surprised if genuinely masculine fuglies realize they are so far beyond repair that they may as well let themselves go and turn bulldyke full time; I’d be surprised if statistics doesn’t back it up.
    If you combine the above, with my contention that; in addition to driving them to stay slim, higher testosterone girls are also much more likely to jump through the hoops required, to get the kind of job that allows them to congregate in major cities; you have a pretty good explanation for the manjaw epidemic seemingly invading urban America as well: While the manjaws are out prowling the cities for a swordfighter; the girls with small, feminine chins are all covered in blubber somewhere back at the farm.

  27. I’ve once dated a former fat girl… did not turn out well… she had horrible self esteem issues and was jealous of every girl I looked at the wrong way… couldn’t even go out with my friends without her losing her shit.

  28. 8 reason to date a foreign girl makes more sense. There’s no sense in dating a western girl and no reason at all to date a foreign fat western girl.
    Just admit it bros..western women is just something you’ll ever consider when there is nothing else. Former fat or not.

  29. From the first entry of this article I’ve been screaming to myself that this has to be a steaming pile of bullshit. Women who used to be fat are absolutely without a doubt no better than women who were naturally thin and this article chalks them up as if they’re better than sliced bread. These things may be true of women who used to be fat in some instances, but by no means have I encountered any of the sort.
    The formerly fat broads develop very quickly, the same entitled slut behavior that average American women have. Unless of course, you’ve been referring to a woman who was formerly fat that lived in another country. In which case this wouldn’t even be a point to be made, as most women in other countries start off slim.
    My point, there is absolutely no difference between a fat bitch, a bitch that used to be fat, and a thin bitch. They absolutely drown in attention from males in any situation so they know once they become skinny they’ll have even more of an arbitrary reason to be superficial.

  30. No. If she has some sort of emotional breakdown, she’ll be back onto the Oreos and fried chicken before you know it. If you’ve married her, you’ll have big problems unloading her.

  31. The author of this article is an oxygen thief along with the website’s other ‘contributors’ and the sad little commentators below. How you can speak so callously about the very individuals on whom your entry into this world depended is amazing! Just to point out, in 100 years your existence will be absolutely pointless whereas wombs will ALWAYS be a necessity: only one man is required to impregnate an inordinate amount of women so really it should be YOU who is manipulated, imprisoned, raped and degraded and used primarily as a reproductive tool by the ‘harems’ your mate Edward Thatch there attempted to denigrate in his pathetic piece ‘The Harem, The Tribe, And The Pride.’ The evil that epitomises your sex is evidenced here ‘runsonmagic’: a person’s appearance e.g their weight does not indicate their worth you sad, foolish, inept little man-child. ” …less attractive women have to develop compensatory sexual skills to keep men around (that’s code for great blowjobs)” – do you suffer from erectile dysfunction by any chance, its just all this macho bullshit would make one think that p’raps you are over compensating, just a tad!? Come a little too soon pet? Never mind, objectifying ‘FAT’ women will certainly make you feel that little bit better when you jizz in your pants after 10 seconds of watching transexual porn. It’s just, well, such a zealous emphasis on men having the sexual upper-hand, being masters in bed in lieu of women et cetera, brings to mind a GIANT closet with your name on it you homophobic, misogynistic chauvinistic, tiny-pricked imbeciles. Much love to all the virgins below who can’t get it up (o)(o) xxxxxxxxxxx (P.S apologies if you can’t understand what I have written here – the joys of your stupidity).

    1. I think I read an article where they have started to develop artificial wombs…So yea. I don’t think having a womb necessarily gives you the ability to always be necessary. As for you the rest of your statement. Didn’t know it was normal for a human to want someone else to be rapped, degraded, imprisoned. There are quite a bit of logical fallacies in your argument, and really don’t feel like sitting here picking it apart.

  32. The other thing great thing about ex-fat chicks is that they are more likely to laugh at rape jokes. As we all know rape jokes are often hilarious, especially if you are telling the joke to a feminist or someone who cuts herself. Ex-fat chicks are far more likely to laugh because they have achieved something and are therefore not as trivial as the silly cunts who think that telling a joke is the same thing as endorsing the behaviour in the joke. I tried to tell a rape joke to a feminist once- she said she didn’t want to hear it so we all held her down and took turns telling it to her.

  33. For a site thats ‘for and by “Alphas”‘ you guys sure do fixate on chicks a lot.

    1. It doesn’t look so bad if she’s bent over, which is frankly the only position we should be letting a formerly-fattie occupy in our lives.

  34. I am not opposed to this idea at all, I even say go for it. However one should take careful note that females are going to quite often fatten back up, so a decent bang or str may be advisable, but anything LTR is just signing yourself up for a disappointing bitch.

  35. The Indian chick in point No.5 is quite hot.
    See more hot Indian chicks here, the one shaking her butt at 10:00 in the blue swimwear is quite hot

    1. Good looking Indian women are so rare they’re harder to find than Mr. Goodbar. And that’s not easy.

  36. Bang on every point but the ego. 7/7 of the fat to fine chicks i know got even more ego than the already fine friends of theirs, they did keep the insecure thing which I for one played on 😉 BUT guys who didnt know they used to be fat were made by the girls to work for that pussy, they got a borderline players abundance mentality when they lost weight haha

  37. Ex-fat girls do usually switch from love of food to love of sex(dopamine swap), but unfortunately, they get fat again,or they feel more entitled because they have to work hard to maintain their figure and every time they see a donut they seethe with rage which they take out on their male cuckold orbiter,

  38. 1. They have less ego, but practically no self esteem.
    2. they do love male attention
    3. some of them have madddd sexual skills. others have never fucked a guy.

  39. Why is that big, fat girls – usually have the hots for tall, thin, skinny guys?
    Just like how muscular, big guys like slim, skinny girls?
    It’s disgusting to see how these women chase the thin guys.

    1. White, fat women also prey on black men. It disgusts me to see my black brothers resigning themselves to a lifetime of this, and slaving away to support the mongrels that pop out of these land whales’ vaginas.

  40. There is a notable exception to this: the woman who becomes thin again due to weight-loss surgery. (Women who are size 16s and in the 5’6″ / 220 lb range are talking surgeons into giving them LAP-Bands because they get problems like high blood pressure.)
    An easy tell for a LAP-Band is weird dietary restrictions: a girl who otherwise shovels filth into her mouth, but can’t eat bread or drink soda. A girl who always needs to vomit 5 minutes after she eats a normal-sized meal. And if her skin is sagging in the wrong places, that’s a sure sign she lost it too fast without having to work for it.

  41. Darker women are sexier, us cawkasian pale motherfuckers crave that big brown ass.

    1. I tried to tell a young male acquaintance to have his vacation in Colombia, but he got talked into New Zealand instead. /smh

  42. One caveat guys, beware of dating a woman who hasn’t reached her weight loss goal. I know plenty of men that got dumped by a woman who would be 160lbs when they first dated, used to be over 200lbs and left him at 120lbs.
    She does this because because she thirsty for power. Having always been the dumpee, she never experienced the validation of shooing down betas. She will over do it like she does with the sex. Another reason is because you validated her at 160 and not at 120.

    Unless you are very lucky and i mean like Jesus walked on water lucky when she takes off her clothes you will throw the fuck up!
    All that loose skin and stretch marks will make you want to take a dull rusty knife to your own eyes…..DON’T FUCKING DO IT BOYS…DON’T DO IT!

    1. I have worked in a gym for years and you don’t appear to know what you’re talking about. A young woman (under 30) will only have loose skin if:
      1. She was super morbidly obese. Like 300lbs overweight
      2. She lost the weight through a fad diet in an insanely short amount of time
      3. She has really shitty genetics
      If she lost the weight gradually over a sensible short of time, ate correctly and exercised, there’ll be no or very minimal loose skin, which will tighten in time and if not she’ll save up and get an abdominoplasty.
      Stretch-marks are just scars, they’ll fade in time, but that’s your call if it’s a deal-breaker or not.

  44. for maintenance of weight Lean-Bodymass x 10.
    so get your bodyfat percentage, leave it around 10% which is healthy, and than take the total weight x 10, So, female 130 lbs 5’5 = 1300 calories a day. for maintenance. this is of course too much discipline for a modern woman who loves to watch the kitchen shows and binge eat.
    if you want to get fat or build muscle than x 15 so 130 lbs female x 15 = 1950 calories a day. Now add that excess 1950-1300 = 650 calories a day. 650 calories a day = 237,250 divide by 3500 calories per lb of fat = 67.78 LBS OF LARD A YEAR. There is your problem, you CANNOT eat a lot. We’re designed to run off of fat, sorry but its the truth.
    Caloric restriction increases life span in ALL animals and even humans have growth hormone release and slower cell degeneration when eating less, the science is how to do it properly to manipulate insulin and other hormones, you can binge on some sugar after a workout because glycogen will go to muscles, not liver and fat, but otherwise watch out, moment on your lips forever on your hips not worth it fellas

  45. 8 reasons not to date a fat girl:
    1. she has a propensity to getting fat again
    2. emotional problems cause over eating meaning she’s coocoo for cocoa puffs
    3. did I mention she’ll get fat again?
    4. she has an addictive personality if it’s not food it will be alcohol but most likely if you’re with her it will morph into shopping…spending which means her finances are a mess.
    5. she has no self respect for herself by letting herself get that out of hand
    6. she’s used her no more fatness to whore herself out because of what she missed younger when fat. she’ll become MEGA SLUT. got antibiotics?
    7. she’s prone to cheat because she has no self respect for herself (see5) and she knows she’ll get fat again so she screws anyone she can if the opportunity presents itself
    8. you cannot enjoy yourself by eating normally with her. you can’t go get a pizza because she’ll always be on a diet .when you’re not with her she secretly gorges on potato chips and junk food and eats salads when you go out to eat to make up for her secret addiction

    1. Not necessarily. It depends on how/why she lost the weight in the first place.
      If she went on one of those mad fad calorie restrictive diets where they replace food with shakes and all that kind of bullshit to lose weight quickly… then yes, there’s a a high chance she’ll regain every pound + more.
      But if she lost the weight gradually through hard work and changing her lifestyle, she will not slip back into her old habits. I’ve known many women and men who used to fat who have kept their weight off for 10+ years.
      2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are random assumptions.

    2. “emotional problems cause over eating meaning she’s coocoo for cocoa puffs”
      Well you would have to have emotional problems to post what you posted, so by that logic so are you. Although as any EDUCATED, INTELLIGENT person knows, emotional problems do not equal crazy.

  46. I had a girlfriend that had a nice body, but she was one hell of a bitch! My god, she was a difficult woman. Still, she was quite dedicated to me for reasons unknown to me. (I mean, it sure seemed she hated me most of the time). She wanted to get married and have kids! What a horrible like that would have been.
    I really started to develop a deep hatred of her.
    This will seem really, really cruel. But this is what I did: I started telling her that I thought she was too skinny. I told her that secretly I really preferred my women to be a just a little big more curvy than she was. What did she do? She added a little weight. Then I would tell he that she had not added enough curves for me to even notice.
    I kept this going for a while. I was telling her that if were just a little more curvy, she’d be impossible for me to resist and I’d marry her. I also told her that I did not think that thin women usually had successful pregnancies and I wanted healthy babies. I told her to look around – there is a good reason mothers are a little fat, I told her! I used to order deserts for her over dinner. I’d bring ice cream over. Really horrible stuff I did!
    She kept gaining weight with my encouragement. She did not get grossly obese, but she did put on a belly, a pretty big ass, and some cellulite. I king of got off on the control that I had over her, actually getting her to do something that was not in her self-interest.
    Then I dumped her. Leaving her fat like that was my revenge for all the shit I had to put up with.
    From what I have heard, she actually got more fat. I think that once a woman let’s go like that and allows herself to get fat, there is no turning back. Or it is very, very hard to turn back.

    1. With your shitty personality, you can probably only attract women who also have shitty personalities.

  47. The USDA food pyramid has a lot to answer for.
    Not only is following it a sure-fire way to gain weight. But it also points you in the right direction for getting diabetes, digestion problems and bad skin.

  48. I think overcoming any kind of adversity to have something makes you a better person as you appreciate what you have more. This applies not just to losing weight, but also to graduating from school despite personal / financial challenges, going from being naturally skinny to more muscular, etc… I would even venture to guess that the truly rehabilitated criminals appreciate freedom more than those who have never been incarcerated.

  49. I know that redhead Criss Fowler up at the top and “less ego” does NOT apply to that Louisiana swamp trash

  50. So fucking true! The dark side of an ex-fatchick, however, is that a bad break-up or a life crisis puts them in a vulnerable position. The male attention that they crave is almost a necessary element for the maintenance of their new healthy identity.

  51. As a former “fat girl” I really enjoyed this article. I don’t always agree with everything on ROK but do find it interesting and worth a read. This felt like a nod of acknowledgement and understanding to all the hard work that goes into such a difficult lifestyle transition. I’d have to agree with just about every point. I wasn’t fat for my entire life, but I struggled with about 20lbs of excess weight in college. I was starting to have more difficulty with my Asthma, and heart disease runs in my family. I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I was tired all the time and irritable. It was when I committed to an entire upheaval of my dietary and fitness habits that I saw real change; it’s been a few years now and the thought of eating fast food or skipping my daily routine repulses me. I want to be youthful and full of energy for as long as possible. What’s the point of using face creams, getting lots of sleep, and not smoking or baking in the sun if I am putting garbage in my body? It was counterproductive.
    Now, I only date guys who have similar fitness/dietary values because I would not want to be reintroduced to an unhealthy lifestyle and I want to learn from a guy who’s been doing this longer than me and can teach me a thing or two. The guy I’ve been seeing for the past few months is an Alpha INTJ with a rock hard body who used to struggle with weight >10y ago. I am in grad school and don’t have time/desire for a LTR but he gives me the affection and sex I crave and doesn’t whine about my restrictive schedule or try and coerce me into DTR or adding unnecessary obligation. The arrangement is perfect, and I can admit that I could not have attracted such a man in the first place without having first made a commitment to better myself physically.
    As for the theory that a woman who takes the healthful plunge will eventually revert, I would like to think that if she is doing it for reasons in addition to attracting a man, those reasons won’t go away if she gets hitched. For me personally, I never want to feel like crap again. I plan on being active when my hair is grey. That’s my lifelong motivation. Others may vary.

  52. Although I actually agree with some of this article, some of it is just ignorant bullshit. The parts about fat girls wanting to be worthy of male attention and losing weight for male attention are ridiculous. Any fat girl who loses weight for that purpose is stupid and will gain it back and more once she gets a guy. The right reason to lose weight is for her own health and happiness, not to impress some stupid guy.
    And though it is a biological fact that a fat woman who loses weight will have a huge surge in her sex drive (mostly because the hormones will be more concentrated in a smaller body), she’s not necessarily going to be a slut just because of it. If she lost weight for the RIGHT reasons, and not solely to get male attention, she is a woman of self-worth and self-respect and will not allow herself to be used by random horny guys. She’ll save that boosted sex drive for one guy who is worthy.

  53. because all you guys commenting are the epitome of a modern man, fucking idiots

  54. this article is ridiculous, it highlights how pieces of shit (like this author) can brandish stereotypical bullshit views as the truth in the media and then neanderthals with nothing better to do such as the idiots who have commented below manage to create the image that this is shared opinion

  55. stereotyping all larger girls as lacking discipline or simply being unattractive is a wholly inaccurate representation of western society, reinforced by gym freaks such as those who have commented below, this leads to unsustainable means to attaining this so-called perfect image which is so exxaggerated – this article is for superficial wannabe lads

  56. number two depicts how the media is fuelling eating disorders, girls take losing weight too far and use extreme methods because they think they have to be skinny to be valued, truth is that this pathetic image of perfection is created by egocentric, controlling, needy, wannabe-lads.

  57. this article is literally vile…. so unbelievably old fashioned, misogynistic and sexist. the guy who wrote this is probably ugly as fuck with extremely low self esteem.

  58. This is the biggest load of sexist bullshit I have ever seen in my life. The writer clearly knows nothing about women nor how to get laid. I’m embarrassed to have even read this. And no, I’m not ‘formerly fat’, not that it should matter.

  59. Oh sweet fucking jesus! Please tell me there are some other feminists reading this shit who are feeling as sick as I am right now.

  60. 9. They are more likely to have bigger natural boobs, then “naturally skinny” girls

  61. So what would you consider to be ‘fat’…? My measurements are (in inches) 36-29-37. I’m worried my boyfriend is going off me because of it. Can any of you guys give me some ideal measurements? (I’m 17 and 5 ft 3)

  62. hm… once in a million years ill run into a girl who has potential, you can tell if she lost like 20 lbs she’d be a looker, shes got the right face, etc…but its hard to tell if the girl was a former fattie, its not like i can go back in time to see can i?

  63. From a Girls point of view this is sexist, girls don’t just workout/eat healthy for men. sometimes its health problems. Girls do it mostly for themselves, sorry boys your not gods to women. ” They know that men value physical beauty, and rather than shame men’s sexual preferences, they honor those preferences by making themselves more attractive.” do you seriously believe this shit? get a life.

  64. Do you idiots believe this shit? women transform for themselves, not for men. the attention is just a bonus. Sorry boys.

  65. 9. They will have boobs.
    Naturally skinny girl in most cases have A Cup which is less than cool

  66. I’m a 26 year old female, former fatty. Lost weight initially through gastric bypass, but I do eat healthy now. I would gain weight back if I ate bad all the time and did not exercise.
    Some of the comments on here are the exact reason why I am afraid to even try and date a guy I would like. I feel like a lot of them would disregard all of my positive attributes, simply because my body is not perfect. I have stretch marks. I have had to have cosmetic surgery. But I am not a throw away. I won’t let some person use me for a pump and dump, as some of you call it. In fact, I have never had a boyfriend and have very little sexual expirience. I was never even fully broken in and it would hurt to have sex. I decided I won’t even do it unless I am sure someone really cares about me and wants to be with me long term. But that is hard to see …..
    But you know … I would rather be single for the rest of my life than be taken for granted. I am good for a long term relationship. But, I can’t help it if some guys don’t think so. It is what it is. I am glad you guys were honest here, so that I can reconfirm that unfortunately, I am right to be as careful as I am.
    Also, I realize that you can’t help what you are, and are not attracted to. I am the same way. It’s just sad. At least I have so many other things to appreciate about life.

    1. Don’t despair. What men want and what they actually end up with are very often two different things! Unless, of course, they are exceptional in appearance and or finances… which is statistically highly unlikely. Like everyone else, most of the men boldly commenting on this post are physically/financially average, at best, sitting somewhere in the middle of the Bell Curve… and that’s the type of woman they will attract and end up settling down with for the long term. Remember that you are treading in a space amongst men, so you can expect some puffery from behind the computer screen.
      Don’t be fat (again), don’t be a feminist, embrace being feminine, keep your sexual mileage low and you’ll EASILY be head and shoulders above most women in the dating jungle! Scars, sags, stretch marks and all. This is doubly true when dating divorced men in the 35+ bracket. The smart ones (regardless of age) will gladly overlook imperfections for genuine gold. And wise men have always known that a good woman is worth a price above rubies!
      Maybe, you won’t land a Mr. perfect who pulls down $150K a year or looks like Gerard Butler. BUT you can still get a cute, decent guy, with a good-paying career, who has morals and loves you… and then build a good life with him. 🙂
      Don’t believe me? Look all around you and take note of the men who fit that description. Are they all with flawless, perfectly shaped beauty queens and college co-eds? Nope!
      So yes, continue being careful and “guard your heart” as the Bible instructs. Embrace getting to know men as FRIENDS and eventually, choose the right one for you.
      I wish for you, my sister, the best and many blessings!

  67. If women started judging men by their weight and length/width of their penis you guys would be in big trouble!! Not to mention your muffin tops and ED issues. Luckily there are some guys out there with long enough dicks can handle, and enjoy might I add, a larger woman.

    1. If women starting judging men by their weight and penis length/width it would be a breath of fresh air compared with women’s current approach of judging them by their height, hair, eyes, clothes, job, income, house, voice, choice of drink, glasses, beard, and whether there’s a text update with a cat video at that second.

  68. Hi, I’m a female poster who is currently on a diet and excersize plan and am trying to lose wieght-again- I just wanted to ask, don’t you think you’re making it sound as though you prefer women who used to be fat, because they happen to still be in the same mindset as they were when they were fat? I’ve lost and gained a lot and I can say that the thinner women around me always seemed like perfectly reasonable people with realistic expectations and a healthy appreciation for their significant others. Here, it almost sounds as though you’re mistaking the possibility that some of these former heavy gals aren’t actually secure in themselves and their relationships, maybe that the majority of thin women aren’t so demanding as you make it sound, and it kind of sounds wrong because it comes off like you’re suggesting former fat women are “easy” because they’re still afraid of losing men, after being treated like crap for a majority of their lives. Just to be clear, I have nothing against preferance for people who improve themselves, but it sounds very odd to pigeon hole thin and formerly fat women this way without what sounds like any regards to what they must be feeling and thinking. I mean, do you really want to encourage your readership to just go on “easy mode” after she’s done all that hard work and is afraid to death and still thinks you’ve just “settled” for her? I know from experiance because after I had to let the one person I first dated go, (I was thinner at the time), I was desperate for the first person to show me attention, because even though I lost the wieght, I didn’t (and still) don’t think I have any self-worth at all, and have even attempted suicide. I’m now with a new man I cherish and love very much, and I try a lot of things for both of us, but I still have suicidal tendencies where I think he’s much better off without me.
    Anyway, I just wanted to share and let you have some insight. Thanks if you’ve read this far.

  69. Wow an article in here that doesn’t disgust me. This is borderline romantic compared to the other articles on here

  70. the author was a bit douchey but he made some good points, former fat girls are pretty awesome, for men or women 🙂 my ex girlfriend was formerly fat now military skinny and my current boyfriend is enjoying the spoils of former fat girl mentality with me 🙂 so both sides of the fence I’d choose a FF girl over a pillow princess anyday.. FF girls are the baddest bitches 🙂

  71. This is so shallow. A former “fat girl” would never want to date any of you because majority of you sound like awful people with personalities that can fit inside half of a teaspoon. Have fun losing your looks to old age and dying alone 😊

    1. No, we tend to leave that fate to narcissistic women who upvote their own comments, with the added bonus of giving you cats as pretend children and who will eat your corpse once you get the dying alone part done.

      1. Im sorry to tell you but arnt you braking the rules of this site……. yeah thought so

  72. I have struggled with obesity for much of my life. I finally came up with a diet that actually WORKS, though. It works SO well that I think I’m going to syndicate it nationwide. It’s called the “Stop Eating So F***ing Much Diet”. It’s very simple to apply, there’s only one rule. You can eat anything you want, as much as you want, anytime you want — as long as you eat it in front of the mirror, naked..

  73. The one thing i dont get in the comments are if the women worked that hard to get fit why would she throw it away so easily isnt it the other around were if the women were always thin she would wouldnt even notice her self exploding
    Its simply illogical

  74. White women, please come to Asia or Latin America. They are no longer 3rd world countries, their economies are picking up. Most of the guys there are gentlemen and will do their best to please and keep you: a white girl. They wont even dream of making you pay a cent while dating. They will treat you like princesses. Just be feminine. Don’t date these asshole white north American men. I’m so sorry you have to deal these guys. No wonder you had to be a feminazi warrior.

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