One Man Has Found The Secret To Banging Argentine Girls

It’s becoming somewhat common wisdom that Argentine girls are tough to bang. I had a laborious time in my approximately four months in the country (first trip vs second trip) and feedback on the forum relays much of the same. One guy wrote…

I’m definitely seeing short attention span. I’ve opened sets and had girls all line up to meet me when they hear my American accent then a minute later seem to have no interest in talking to me.

In dance clubs, it’s been just a massacre for me. I can’t get any girls to dance with me and I’ve tried a few different strategies multiple times, but still no success at all. The pulls I’ve seen discussed on the forums seem to be from clubs, so I’d like to improve here.

So it was refreshing to get this email from a guy who seems to have cracked the Argentine girl code…

Roosh, as you know that social circles are very important.  I’ve been living here for a few years now so I met my Argentine girlfriend through my  contacts.  But the question is:  How does a foreigner visiting here establish the social circles he needs in a shorter time? What I would recommend to any man is to come here to BA  (plan on staying a couple or three months here) and hook up with a large church. No I’m not kidding.  There are a lot of holy rollers in this city, and some churches have memberships easily in the high hundreds. There’s an elderly woman that my girlfriend and I help out occasionally. We’ve taken her to her church a few times and always the place was packed with a lot of young poon and easy to meet. I would also like to add that the beauty factor is good. While there are examples of beauty range in 6 and 7, one can also find plenty of 8 and 9s (perfect 10s will always be a a matter of opinion) If you remember the photo I  sent to you of my girlfriend a while back then you know she’s smokin, and one can easily find that in the churches here.  Now I’m not saying become religious, but here is the angle:
Tell a chick you just moved here, hint about wanting to settle down and start a family. Really it seems that women at churches are fuckloads more friendly and open. Why is that? My speculation: because women know that men who attend church are already, shall we say, ‘presenting’. In other words, men by being church going, are already as Esther Vilar puts it, willing to put in the highest bid by bringing the female to city hall for a marriage license. This is due to the fact that the church is a strong advocate of marriage and family, and the male members of the church are already pre-sold on the idea and are willing to march off to the gallows of matrimony.
This is why an argi woman who meets a guy at church is willing to pretend to be a human being and give him the time of day. And even go out with him, and be pleasant about it. There may be an issue of premarital sex with some women there; perhaps they do not want to fuck until after you tie the knot. But you counter this by saying to her that you understand and respect this, and that maybe it’s not God’s will that we get married. Your willingness to withdraw your bid (i.e. to maybe not marry her) will almost certainly make her reconsider and change her mind.
This may sound seriously fucked up, dishonest and underhanded, as well using a  (supposed) sacred environment just get get your dick wet. It may even seem hypocritical. But now that you have read Vilar, is there nothing more hypocritical than a female in a church?  When a man becomes unplugged and clearly realizes what is going on between the sexes, not just in Argentina but the world, the expression “All is fair in love and war” really applies.

With advice to meet girls in church, it appears that game has come full circle. The next innovative technique may be to write love letters in calligraphy.

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34 thoughts on “One Man Has Found The Secret To Banging Argentine Girls”

  1. I also advocate the church strategy in america, especially if you aren’t that religious. You enter a social circle where you don’t act like everyone else and the standards of ‘having and edge’ or ‘being a badboy’ and pretty low like…you’ve practiced a different religion and go to concerts. Dress well, but with a little flair and you’ll see the girls looking for ‘adventure’ eye banging you on day 1.
    If you dont’ believe me, just watch couples going in and out of church on a sunday, its the only place where I’ve seen the ‘busted dudes’ test come out strongly in america.

    1. i’m Argentinian and i would say that typical pretty white girls (blonds or brunettes of northern Italy descendants) here are not easy, even for a good looking guy with great game and money. if you are a good looking, fashioned guy with good game and spend some good cash in champagne at bars and discos (50/60 us dollars is quite a lot of money today) and you are with equally-leveled wingmen, then chances are you will get some kisses and phone numbers. One night stands may occur from one time to another, but it’s not the rule.
      You can try day game also, and being a turist with no perfect spanish will be of great help for this kind of interactions; but I still don’t see how you can take them to bed from just a casual conversation in the street.
      If you want pretty girls but not so white (as in many others societies, there is a correlation between classy, lighter skin and beauty), you can try more popular places, but it’s more risky, not really dangerous but you should be careful. They love both blondes, american/british/german looking guys, and african looking guys, It may be difficult for a one night stand, but more due to logistics issues and safety (girls usually go in group and they go back home together) rather than unwillingness. Thus, you can bang them on the very next day or the following week.

  2. Church has been a traditional meeting place for men and women for ages, so this makes perfect sense. Girls see your commitment of going to a church and in their solipsistic way project it on themselves. Roosh, why don’t you try it in the country you’re in now and see what happens…just as an experiment.

  3. This is all true. Like Roosh mentioned in an earlier blog, there is a trend in Argentina that being easy lowers your worth. In a way it makes sense, but not for travelling love tourists trying to get laid. From my experience knowing Spanish is a huge leg up. Being able to communicate in their language makes the women really appreciate you as a future prospect. Also, the nice guy is truly appreciated here. Strong but gentle. The woman would tell me “You don’t kiss like your from here” (I’m from Canada). Surely the men here are so frustrated in these clubs that once they get a hold of someone they go H.A.M. They like gringos but one who has latino’d himself. This is my opinion. Roosh big fan here, and I suggest to now write off Argentina just yet. Improve your spanish and your golden. Also, make sure not to miss the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, I think it’ll be the trip of a lifetime.

    1. “Also, the nice guy is truly appreciated here”
      In Argentina that’s bullshit. Much like the rest of the westernizing world, females are becoming sexless zombies.

  4. Roosh, I’m still waiting for you to write Church Bang. I guess it works like Day Bang, but the main prop is the bible, and you get extra cool points for banging a chick while at church, and even more cool points if it’s the preacher’s daughter.

  5. Hell might as well be an equal offender, you could go into synagogues and write Kosher Bang and mosques and write Halal Bang.

  6. You can’t just “show up” to catholic churches. You will get in trouble if they find out you’re taking comunion are not confirmed, and they will figure that out pretty quickly in conversation.

    1. Ah….. yes you can. Understand something: Churches are simply corporations, enjoying off course their tax free status. And anyone who walks through that door to attend a service is a potential monetary donator. They are not going to grill you over your credentials to be there, especially if you are not spending to much time there.

  7. “Tell a chick you just moved here, hint about wanting to settle down and start a family. ”
    The fuck guys, what happened to not screwing people over? I’m all for getting religious girls, but don’t do it by lying to them.

    1. To each their own, but be careful with believing girls, even religious girls, will not lie to you to get what they want. So it’s just a suggestion that levels the playing field. If you don’t want to lie, or don’t need to in order to get the bang, do it your way.

      1. Yeah well thats just it aint it? I have seen over the years ‘churchie’ girls and their games, I have seen them cheat on their boyfriends and husbands whom they met at church. They aint angels and use religion as a tool to enslave guys. “Nothing more hypecritical than a woman in church” nails it. Sounds like your boy has got some good insight to whats going on in Argentina.

    2. And we all know thay women never lie [/SARCASM] Are you a virgin or something? Or possibly a female troll?
      The man down in Argentina who Roosh quoted said it best: “When you become unplugged and clearly realize what is going on between the sexes, not just in Argentina but the world, the expression “All is fair in love and war” really applies.”

  8. Churches indeed! I remember back in the 60s when I went to (RC) mass. Sexes were still separated: women to the left, men to the right. This was not innocent. It allowed boys and girls to take stock of each other. Going to mass was a game of exhibitionism/voyeurism. You spotted a married or engaged hottie. You then looked around you to see whether her man/fiance was present. Even if he was it was still possible to make eye contact with the hottie. The service was divided into phases with worshippers alternatively kneeling or sitting, so when the hottie turned to change posture you could make eye contact. Good old days. P.S. Another strategy if you can’t do Argentinian girls is to move to Peru and do Peruvian girls.

  9. Any man who can effectively tap and game an argentine woman has my admiration and respectI. I gotta meet this dude!!!!!
    I consider myself to be pretty good at game, and been to numerous countries including Venezuela, Colombia, as well as the USA and Europe. My results are with high success rate, but always, and I mean always have crashed and burned during my times in Argentina. Yeah I agree too that they are the prettiest of the SA lot of women.

  10. Roosh I can’t speak for the dynamics in Argentina, but here in the states the church route is always potential. But a church bang is different than a bang from a nightclub. Don’t expect to go church and chat up with a chick about God then immediately expect to have a romp in the hay. It doesn’t work like that. But like your field guy down in BA said, that barriers are lowered. But the church environment has an effect on you as well. In a nightclub you go into a default asshole game, and regardless of the meeting and interacting, you will always maintain a level of asshole-ism because of the hardcore scene that it is. At the very least you can leave asshole game out when interacting with a girl in a place of worship, and that in itself is refreshing. So with this you tend to think of someone as also a human being and not just a ‘quickie’ because of a non agressive situation. And in a way it puts both you and her getting to know each other the way that is much healthier and you when you do get physical you will find the involvement more fulfilling as well. I can see that someone responded to this thread with disgust about ‘lying’ to get laid in church. Well for 1: As been previously stated that churches have always been places where men and women meet and 2: the same moral code that about being open and honest should technically apply in both nightclubs or churches. I don’t think that lying or being underhanded is good, but it’s still IMHO equally bad lie and be underhanded in a nightclub just as it would be in church.

  11. Hi guys, look there’s no mystery to bang a girl here. As I see the problem here is for non-spanish speakers since the most significant factors are the smooth talk, “chamullo” or whatever u call it, and the social circle (specially for the high class). So forget about eye-contact, it doesn’t work here.
    Now the first one is really important, the girl won’t look at you unless you speak some decent spanish otherwise she’ll think u are just a “2weeks tourist” who just wants to get in her pants (like most argentinians do but they just lie to the girl before)
    Now if you know some spanish it will be a lot easier, but remember being confident is extremely important here.. so look at her in the eyes while u talk and ask many questions so she can talk a lot and tell you her life: dreams, problems, and other things we don’t really care (just pretend listening to her in here), now always offer her a drink ( alcohol-fruit drink is the right option) if she says no always insist..she’ll take it eventually.
    Then after while you’ll have to at least kiss her before the night ends, just try it u’ll most likely succed (if she move/slide her head don’t worry this is common and good sign specially if she smiles.. then wait a few minutes and kiss her again..then u’ll thank me :D)
    After this she’ll be loving and nicer, here u can ask for her number (if u really like the girl) and walk away, or see if the situation demands something else before the night ends.. that’s what *telos are for.
    This is how you get laid in a bar,nightclub without any social circles just with some spanish. No, don’t make something stupid like going to those top/fashionable/posh nightclubs which are those stunning girls imposible to bang unless u are some “rodrigo guirao diaz” or a “fine guy with a pretty expensive car” (believe me, u’ll find nothing but superficial people here) .
    Go to those middle-class u’ll find much more diversity and pick up some 6,7,8 girls easily and then when u get some exp u can try in the superficial nightclubs if you want.
    What I told u so far is the basic, now some of my apreciattions and strategies in nigthlcubs:
    Some of these nightclubs usually open at 1 or 2 o’clock and normally nothing interesting will happen till 5 a.m believe me, women will be focus on dancing or talking with her friends. So never get in these places before 3 AM, then u’ll have time for gettingt to know the place, climate, the chicks, etc till 5am. Something you can do in this free time is to stand up near the bar having some drink, some women may notice you re alone without any friends around and aproach u surreptitiously.
    Then after 5 am women will be different and into boys just because they are more drunk, now it’s time to make your move.
    Sometimes in the weekends I stay home and get some sleep till 4 am then I wake up and go to those places 5 or even 6 AM…many times I waited outside the doors (this strategy always worked since at least some drunk girl will approach you eventually).
    It may sound wierd, but seriously: waiting outside the doors at 6am has become my favourite night pick-up strategy since I don’t even have to pay the ticket or stay awake so late and usually the “talk” with the girl wont last more than 5 minutes so u kiss her (the explanation for this is that she will be at least a bit drunk and in some cases desperate cuz her friends make out and she didn’t find anything inside the bar).
    Well this is all for now, happy to help sorry my english isn’t so great. Hope you find this helpful i’ve to go now. Just ask me if u want the address of some nice non-expensive telos
    telo: basically is a hotel for banging, really popular here it may cost between UsD50 and 120 the most expensive ones… these just have some stupid luxury things like jacuzzi,etc I never go to those places unless she is my gf. Taking her to a UsD60 telo u’ll be fine.

    1. It´s always good to hear from native Argentinos on this topic. I think there is some good info proposed by Alessandro such as speaking Spanish, which I think by now should be a given if one goes to Argentina. Another good piece of advice he stated is to ask questions about her. This comes back to some fundamental game skills 101: When speaking with a female, what is her most favorite subject? Answer: herself. This is universally true throughout the planet and Argentine women are among the most narcissistic in the world.
      The only criticism (respectfully) I have is that he advocates going to the nigh clubs at 4 am to troll for the drunkest loosest chick in the house, which I guarantee you will not be the hottest chick neither. It will be the fatty with the cookie crumbs in her mustache. I doubt if any guy wants to go to the trouble of going to Argentina to plug snouts and entrails. The church environment you will get higher quality chicks, both beauty wise and even better educated. Some may even speak English and would enjoy chatting with you to enhance their speaking skills. Whats nice too is that you are not meeting someone for the first time so outrageously late. I am at my best in my social skills when I am interacting with a chick during the non-vampire hours.
      From the church jumping point you can also build social connections depending how much time you spend there. Another good indicator to pay attention to: Any Argentine chick with implants is going to have a princess attitude and want your money and / or material things. This is true even if she has a butt-ugly face, but if she has implants she´s full of herself and is going forth into the world at the superficial level. This is not to say argentinas with natural tits are not potentially problematic. But implant women most definitely. I see these attitudes even in the aging, has been hottie group; the 40 something women with breast implants and worse: collagen, botox, etc that make them look like aged transvestites. These washed up, prima-donna skags still think they´re the center of the universe.
      Final note: Supposedly there exists “Machismo” attitude of Argentina men which women complain about, which I do not see at all. I am sure it does exist, but I think it is much over hyped by the media which I find to be slightly (not nearly as bad as the USA) women centric. Part of why the women are the way they are is because the men give chivalry by default and are willing to put up with the crap their females dish out. Even the wealthy badass porteños seem to be cheesedicks when they are in the presences of an argi female beauty range level 9+.

      1. hi man look, pubs/nightclubs open at 2am but see going to one at 2:30 and notice is empty. Now try going to the same place at 4am and see many times people aren’t allowed to enter cuz is so full. It cuz till 3 am people are making the “previa” which means meeting some friends in a house with some alcohol (reason why u wont see girls having more than 2 drinks at nightclub) . So 4am is pretty normal since these places closes 7 or 8 am.
        In these nightclubs u’ll se the best girls even for a serious relationship. why? because u’ll see common people , every college girl come here. So u’ll also see wealthy people but without posh atittude (unlike the superficial places where u’ll found cocky people who likes to appear and buy some Usd300 champagne, so I’m pretty sure u wouldn’t like these girls to love u for your money,car,etc)
        Now Argentine girls unlike Brazilians wont be that obvious if they like u. For example: a college argentine girl will tell u something like “are u going out this weekend? I’m going to be in this X pub” (girl will probably expect u there without asking u).
        Sometimes seems like every relationship with girls u meet somewhere else like in colleges or in some social circle has to materialize in these pubs/nightclubs. Otherwise it would take u weeks and probably months to make this happen, no matters if u see this girl at your college every day. It’s just argentine women are more relaxed in these places when it comes to date.. the same if they are in a different city than theirs.
        Now U see how these places are really important here (speacially for short-term dating), and those “imposible-to-bang women u see during the day I assure you that they’re totally diferent here.
        So u wont be dating any moustache girls lol, don’t worry about that xD .
        Now about the church: I’m pretty sure this is a very nice strategy but not for “short-term dating” I think u’ll have to stay here a few months here so these kind of strategies succed. I disagree u’ll find cuter girls just cuz they are religious though. I really doubt that, speacially in Bs As. Also this strategy might work here if u combine with others. Cuz Buenos Aires is a pretty agnostic city so u’d be missing a significant percent of population doing just this.
        Pd: what you said about the implants and plastic girls is totally true, usually found in the superficial pubs.

      1. sure eduardo (Idk your age though): you have some pretty nice nightclubs in la costanera like pacha y mandarine then I really like club araoz (Araoz 2424-over 21 yo) , inK (Niceto Vega 5635)and Pound (Av. Sarmiento y Av. Casares)
        Lately I’ve been going to groove(palermo) but you’d rather be young cuz the avarege is like 19 yo there, amazing college girls.

  12. I wouldn’t mind doing some field testing as well. If you want to name a few places Alessandro. Of course if I see any American gringos there I will ask if he found out about the club from Roosh’s website LOL!

  13. I find it interesting what “Alessandro” claims how easy it is to get with the women in his city, offering up details on how to proceed. But then when he is asked by a couple of replies here on what places to go to we get radio silence from him.
    It has always been my experience that BA nightlife is from 10 pm to 3 am. By the time 4 am arrives the majority of people are home. The places that stay open and are still lively after 4 am are probably few and far inbetween.

    1. I’m visiting BA right now and a young english speaking taxi (guy) driver was cluing me in on the scene here. He told me that the 4 am nightlife culture is not something done anymore, that normal night time hours are what applies today.

    2. haha, this comment is really funny. You amuse me, really. radio silence? man I don’t live for this website. Also I don’t care if u believe me or not. I wrote something that might be helpful for some people…so take it or not I don’t care. Nightclubs in capital(palermo) close at 8am. Maybe you mean bars (like million) that close at 3 or 4 am.
      I went to rumi last weekend and I left at 7am then I went to subway to have some breakfast.
      Finally: I’ve never said it was easy. Difficulty is relative and it depends on the guy, but im pretty sure that if instead of doing you write supid comments on a computer it wont be easy at all.

      1. Don’t take in personally Alesandro – but at least I was able to irritate you enough that you posted some club names, which I appreciate. So please accept my apologies and sincere thanks!

  14. No es mas fácil darse cuenta que las mujeres en Argentina no tienen interés en alguien que solo quiere tener sexo y que esta de paso por el país?? Es muy simple; la gran mayoría de las mujeres en Argentina valoran mas una relación a largo plazo; algo verdadero y profundo; que un polvo de una noche. Pero se armo este debate porque mucho pseudo machos yankees creen que pueden venir a latino América y satisfacer sus deseos a mansalva y se encontraron con otra cosa.

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