10 Attractive Teachers Who Had Sex With Their Teenage Students

Compared to just 30 years ago, so much of what we expected from men and women has reversed. Men used to be the ones spending extra hours at work trying to climb the corporate ladder. Now women do that. Women used to dedicate their time to pursuing a good mate. Now men do that. Male high school teachers used to be the ones arrested for having sex with their female students. Now there is a new headline every few weeks about a female teacher arrested for having sex with her male students.

I remember when I was in high school and one of the male English teachers was about to go on trial for having an affair with a 15-year-old girl. Just two days after the story spread through the school, that teacher killed himself before facing a trial. I still remember my own English teacher discussing the situation with us.

But those days are gone. It’s women who are having affairs with their students, and some of these women are surprisingly attractive.

Stephanie Peterson

This 26-year-old middle school science teacher was arrested for sending nude pics to a 14-year-old student, having sex with him in her car and in a barn, and bringing him marijuana. She was arrested just two weeks after she filed for divorce from her husband, a firefighter. Her bond was $12,500.

This hot 26-year-old science teacher from Florida was arrested for sleeping with a 14-year-old boy

Fatima Grupico

This 24-year-old middle school teacher of a Catholic high school in New Jersey was arrested for having sex with a 17-year-old student from that school. The affair took place in May of 2015. In June of 2015, that high school closed its doors due to financial reasons.

She almost looks like wife material

Sarah Fowlkes

This 27-year-old Texan was arrested for having an affair with a 17-year-old student at the high school where she taught. After a warrant was issued for her arrest, she turned herself in.

27-year-old Sarah Fowlkes had sex with her 17-year-old student

Michelle Preston

This 28-year-old taught geography and cheerleading. And in a case of the inmates running the asylum, she also taught psychology. She was arrested for, and plead guilty to, having sex with three teenagers aged 16-17. She could have gotten eight years in prison. Instead, she got 36 months of probation.

The psychology of these women baffles the sane

Lindsey Banta Jarvis

This 27-year-old teacher from Kentucky had an affair with a 15-year-old student. The affair lasted for more than a year before it was discovered. She faced one charge of third-degree rape, one count of sodomy, and one count of unlawful transaction with a minor. Her husband stuck by her throughout her arrest.

This 27-year-old teacher from Kentucky had sex with a student but her husband still loves her

Erin Elizabeth McAuliffe

This 25-year-old math teacher was arrested for having sex with three students aged 16-17. Her bond was $20,000.

News articles didn’t say if she had the affair with all three students simultaneously

Jessie Lorene Goline

This 26-year-old art teacher plead guilty to sexual indecency with a child, though she had affairs with four teenage high school students. In another example of the pussy pass, Goline was only sentenced to 42 months probation.

Jessie and her husband

Kayla Sprinkles

This 26-year-old teacher from North Carolina was arrested for having sex with a 16-year-old student. She tried to flee the county after being indicted on five counts of sexually assaulting a minor, but eventually turned herself in.

Taylor Ivy Boncal

This 22-year-old social science teacher and track coach from Connecticut was arrested for sleeping with an 18-year-old student.

Brittany Zamora

This 27-year-old sixth-grade teacher from Arizona was arrested for performing oral sex on a 13-year-old student. Investigators found correspondence between the two in which she told the 13-year old that she wanted him every day with no time limit. She told him that if she could quit her job to have sex with him all day she would. She also sent him a nude pic of her self and another of herself in lingerie.

Brittany with her husband. Did his soyboy behavior drive her into the arms of a 13-year-old?

Beware of Teachers

Here is a great article recommending you avoid dating teachers. Teenagers are almost universally horrible, annoying people. When women choose to be high school teachers, there is some deeper psychology behind their decision. They are to be avoided, both for our own sakes and for our sons’.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women in literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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167 thoughts on “10 Attractive Teachers Who Had Sex With Their Teenage Students”

  1. I have noticed that *a lot* of the female teachers who do this are better-than-average looking, if not hot. They would have so many other options, yet go for these kids. Strange.
    Looks like for many high school age guys now they might have a better chance of some action with their teacher than with the chicks their own age.

    1. I’m also betting in many cases these white women are doing this stuff with students of, shall we say, a darker complexion. Just a guess, and hard to know when the kids are minors so their pics are never shown.
      To me that would make it all slightly more disgusting

      1. I agree, miscegenation is thoroughly appalling & your suspicions are correct, they usually are students that aren’t white. Again, you all need to control your whores

      2. >Stormfront
        You have to go back, Eugene. The owner of the site is literally Iranian and there are articles for helping white men date non-white women and vice versa. This isn’t a White Trashionalist trailer park circlejerk.

        1. Whatever you say, rabbi.
          The comments on ROK that show a white nationalist slant, and get many more upvotes than downvotes, are just killing you, aren’t they? Good.
          You’re not the arbiter of what red-pilled men want to talk about.

        2. @Broken Fingers – Okay okay you can fuck whatever you wanna fuck dude. But just don’t try to ‘UNFUCK’ me from what I see fit in my mind as the suitable tribeswomen of mine that I see fit to fuck. See what I’m saying? Don’t ‘unfuck’ the next man or try to ‘unfuck’ on me. That’s so SJWey to breathe that hot air on my tribe yo. You want cake okay make it yourself. You come to my party wanting my tribeswomen’s cake?? It’s my party. Sheesh. Some people. Go fuck your own or dig for the leftovers.

      3. Actually, it’s generally with white boyzzz.
        And the pictures of minors are never shown, because, they’re minors. Anyone home, Sparky?

      4. The race of the students is only consequential and dependent on the localle and demographics of the teritory in which the woman is employed teaching in. These husbands of the teacher women likely had the most influence over where they live. Teacher pay is shit like walmart so the husbands lug these whore wives around like a potted plant and she finds work teaching at the nearest local school.
        SO IF the husband moves said wife who posesses a teaching certificate into some n¡ggertown somewhere, then said whore teacher wife screws the first dumb ape or Tyrone who needs after school tutoring. If husband moves her non self-mobile pay grade (if she was an ‘indipendent’ woman) lug ass to white football flyover country, then said whore teacher wife will fuck some white jock.
        It depends where you move her to because she’d age into a truck stop whore on the side to suppliment her teacher’s wages if she were unmarried to a good breadwinner.
        Mary Kay Letorneau’s husband moved her stupid ass to some cosmo rainbow metro area full of ‘diversity’ and love cuck suburban fag big box christian churches where the usual nips, wogs and Indian dot heads combined outnumbered the whites. So she went for Vili Falaau instead of Opie. (because of availability) Heh . . . yeah back in school they always said I looked like Opie too. If I was 13 again, I would have dogged Mary Letorneau when she was 23 but she looks like a crab now. At 13 I could have handled it goddammitt. I did all sorts of BAD SH¡T when I was 13. I wouldn’t fuck an old crab though and gay fags made me mad and want to go terminator. Yeah I would have fucked her gladly before you’d ever catch me doing any fag sh¡t though. Now she’s a crab. Throw her back Vili. You fu<king Indonesian buckwheat teecheater. You were the right midget in the right place at the right time. You poon boy. Heh I bet Vili ate her big fresh clam in school back when she was in her fertile prime and still young and sweet. “Yummm”. I’d love to hear the raunchy version of his whole detailed story.

      5. I live in a college town. When I was younger and going out to the bars popular with the students the stupidest, drunkest, most slutty acting girls were inevitably studying in the education department…I found it ominous and chilling even then, this was in the 80’s and 90’s

    2. They’re fucking the boys with the most social proof. These kids in HS have more social proof in that environment than the above average man outside.

      1. You wanna know the worst part? The HS alphas are banging both the teachers AND the girls their age. Meanwhile, the nerds are striking out with EVERYBODY. Seriously, has anyone seen a case where ANY of the dudes the teachers hooked up with was a geek? You’d think that, at least once, a teacher would throw a poor nerd a pity-bone as a reward for all those apples, A-pluses, and all-nighters.

    3. OK everybody, listen up. It’s called the “Sexual Diamond,” and it’s part of basic human psychology and physiology, and it goes like this:
      Human Males reach their sexual peak around 16 or 17. It’s the reason that High School males have a perpetual hard on. In contrast, Human Females in contrast reach their sexual peak usually in their late 20s to early 30s. (It charts out as a sort of diamond shape graph, hence the name.) And as you’ll notice, those are, with one exception, the ages of these (very attractive) female teachers.
      Now, take the latter and put them into the hormone soaked sexual candy store of any High School of your choice, and the result is both common and predictable. Hell, it’s *very* common, and has *always* been going on. The song Hot For Teacher has a basis in fact. These were only the unfortunates who got caught of late. And it only raises the question of exactly how many *don’t* get caught in any given school year?
      (And what about the Librarian? The Nurse? How about the Divorcee down the street? Or My Friends Hot Step-Mom?)
      Further, the only difference now and, say, 50 years ago is that we have this one-size-fits-all definition of “Childhood” that says you’re magically only an adult when you’re 18. That, combined with the push, mostly by feminists, to raise the age of consent across the board to 18 from something younger, and you get the prosecutions by these teachers for statutory rape. (We’ll leave the whole “Unprofessional Conduct” issue aside for the moment.) Despite the eye-rolling of hysterical parents and the pious pronouncements of ambitious prosecutors, their supposed “Victims” doubtless and without exception thought of themselves as the luckiest of lads.
      Think back to when you were in high school. Would you have minded at all getting your cane varnished pretty much on demand by an experienced hottie and without all the social and dating B.S.? We all know the answer to that one.
      The troubles for these teachers started when somebody couldn’t keep their mouth shut. Or, as is too common, a nosy parent started going through their offspring’s text messages. (The two-edged sword of technology rears it’s head once again.) And so, then its News-At-11 time with a lip-smacking story about sex and scandal.
      Anyway, hope this clears things up.
      Just a thought.

      1. Did a Google search for this so called “Diamond Theory”. Surprise, nothing of the sort came up. Looks like we have a charlatan in our midst.
        “Further, the only difference now and, say, 50 years ago is that we have this one-size-fits-all definition of “Childhood” that says you’re magically only an adult when you’re 18.”
        No, legally this definition has been around for over 100 years.
        “That, combined with the push, mostly by feminists, to raise the age of consent across the board to 18 from something younger, and you get the prosecutions by these teachers for statutory rape.”
        Actually, it was pushed by the leading men of society. You really are historically challenged.

        1. (Not a Charlatan. Or “Historically Challenged.” Not by a long shot. Sorry to disappoint you. And name calling is always so unbecoming. Why do you do it? It just cheapens your argument.)
          I had the same problem. Did a search before I posted to make sure I wasn’t speaking out of my ass. All I got was a lot of articles on “Sexual Fluidity” along with some jewelry ads.
          Instead, use the term “Sex Drive Peak” in your Google search and you’ll get the correct information. See, there it is, right at the top of the page:
          “Scientists measured peak sex hormones in men and women and found that testosterone in men generally peaks at 18, when they are also most responsive to arousal. Estrogen peaks in women in their mid-to-late 20s.”
          I use the term “Sexual Diamond” because that was how it was described/taught to me a few decades ago. (If there’s a newer term then somebody please let me know what it is.) And per usual, there’s a lot of debate within professional circles on the order of “Yes it peaks,” “No it doesn’t,” “It’s the same for men and women,” and so on and so forth. Endless dreary debate, if you ask me, leavened with political correctness and wishful thinking. Reality is that it’s a lot easier to get laid if she’s ~25 years old and it’s been 2 weeks since her last period, i.e. the part of the monthly cycles more prone to sexual risk taking.
          I also think that it’s validated by these truisms about people in their late teens:
          Boys love SEX.
          Girls LOVE sex.
          In other words, teenage girls generally have a need for idealized relationships regardless. (It’s the reason the Twilight young adult vampire romances sold so well.) And reality is still that it’s a lot easier for a male to get laid when he’s 17 and he hooks up with the 28 year old hottie of his choice. That’s what these HotForTeachers – a neologism right here, Folks! – discovered to their eternal delight.
          As for the definition of “Adult” it depends on where you live globally. It’s the World Improvers who push the one size fits all of childhood. For example, note that every time you read about “Child Soldiers,” that usually means that they’re about 17 or so, and considered adults in their societies. (Any number of American, British or Russian Soldiers in WWII would be defined as Children by that blanket description, news to them at the time.) Hardly a five year old with a .45. And it corresponds to an apparent ever greater push to infantilise and retard young adults globally.
          As for the push for increasing the age of consent, you’re correct in that it’s been going on for a long time. It’s part and parcel to the growth and influence of 19th Millenarianism. Read about some of it here:
          https://mises org/library/origins-welfare-state-america-1.
          And while you did indeed have numerous, pathological male* religious nutters like Comstock pounding the drum for it – amongst other things – it was – and they were – primarily proto-feminist driven. (And for the usual reasons that they wouldn’t admit.) And that feminist drive continues to this day, most recently in France. Go ahead and search this term:
          “Feminist Raise Age Of Consent”
          Hope this helps.
          Just a thought. (And have to get back to work.)

        2. Offered up a detailed point by point reply with sources but it’s not showing even though the commenting system says it’s there.
          Oh well. At any rate you can search Google using the term “Sex Drive Peak” and that should get you going.
          I know it a Sexual Diamond, but that was a few years ago so perhaps the term has changed.
          As for the rest, let’s see if it shows up later.

        3. Vicb
          I’ve found younger women far hornier as opposed to older.
          How many 30-40 year old men are being ravaged by their wives non-stop instead of complaining that the sex tap has been turned off if this were the case.
          Older single women are more desperate and looking to lock down a man, hence they’ll use sex as a tool.

        4. Sasquatch that 30 something woman who has hubby on a sexual starvation diet is the same woman wearing out her Chad Thundercock that she has on the side, unbeknownst to hubby. I imagine most men here are of the younger variety and there are a lot of falsehoods accepted as the alleged truth on this site. Lock down a thirty something, especially as side action and you will be in for the ride of your life. Also Vic took some unnecessary hits here. He was posting a lot of valuable verifiable information.

      2. “The two-edged sword of technology rears it’s head once again.”
        Ease up on the mixed metaphors there, Kemosabi.

        1. I stand corrected. How’s this instead:
          The two edged sword of Technology cuts in both directions once again.
          (Sure as hell wish that there was an edit function for the comments.)
          Thanks for your (polite and civil) input.
          Just a thought.

      3. This whole “sexual diamond” thing sounds like feel-good Bridget Jones-style feminist propaganda fed to white women to keep them holding out for “Chad” or whoever the fuck it is they’re waiting for these days.
        Considering that paleolithic humans had an average life expectancy of 30 years, nature would have to be pretty goddamn retarded to design human females with a late 20s/early 30s sexual peak.
        Furthermore pre modern medicine and tech, females had to have at least 5-10 children each to keep the species going due to naturally high infant mortality rates. Nature never intended to afford females the biological luxury to “wait” until they’re “ready” — that would be suicidal as evidenced by modern society. That’s why by design they’re significantly weaker than men so that we don’t have to treat them as equals. (The sad fact that we currently treat them as our masters is just a sign of our extreme degeneracy.)
        Females were created by nature for the sole purpose of draining men of their genetic material, breeding and nurturing infants/cubs. If a female is old enough to do all three of these things, she’s in her so-called “sexual peak” (which is actually a fertility flatline) and will remain there until disqualified by nature.
        If, however, by “sexual peak” you mean a line twist on your reserve canopy and 7 seconds to get it undone or you’re fertilizer, then sure — we can say a woman’s sexual peak is her early 30s (and a very drastic situation).

        1. Woman’s sexual peak is 14-16 years old.
          Half the girls in my Teens high school class were mothers at 15.
          The western world is completely out of touch with reality.

      4. This has to be one of the most backwards understanding of human sexuality. The reason young teenage boys are so sexual (nowadays especially) is because they have nothing better to do and lack self control. A real man buries his sexual urges until better times so to speak, because real men are busy doing important things. And btw, some teenage boys barely make it to puberty at age 17. To say that men sexually peak at age 16/17 has got to be the joke of the century. Go back to the drawing board.

      5. first world shit hole, isn’t it! full of sexual perverts, mass shootings, drug addiction, political correctness, pussy pedestal, meaningless parades, fuckin media, etc., etc. !!
        But still try to blame others, be jealous & grudgy of others, find some damn reason to use weapons etc., etc. !!
        Way to go …!

      6. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I lost my virginity at 16 and knew what I was doing 100%. As did my peers. So I disagree with setting our AoC at 18 years old. But if we’re going to lock up men in government run rape prisons for the crime of not knowing that the woman they took home was a 17 year old who snuck into a club with a fake id; then I don’t feel the least bit sorry for teachers who KNOWINGLY cuck their husband by sleeping with underage students.

    4. These teachers are simply acting upon their inner desires. A 20-something year old female may appear “mature” but deep down they are still the same insecure girls they were when they were teenagers, seeking validation from the “hawt guyz” in school.

      1. In the late ‘90’s when I was looking to date older females ( i was 17 and they were 19 and up) most would put me off and say “sorry, I have a bf at Indiana State.” Most the time.

    5. It’s about control.
      With regular men they are not in control.
      With children they are.

      1. Everyone seems to believe this is about control, but I disagree. If a woman wants control she only needs to pick the first half-decent looking male and say, “you, let’s fuck”. Men are so desperate nowadays they’ll go along with anything. This is about sexual taboo. It makes for a heightened sexual experience. Women have few limits and when they get bored of one thing, they move on to the next. Look into beastiality, a mostly female dominated fetish.

        1. A highschool kid would probably worship them and be completely obsessed and devoted. To get sex from a man is easy yes, but that kind of complete control and power not so simple.

    6. Yep. The attraction is down to mommy issues. Girls have been complaining that boys are going for older women. That’s just fucking insane. If I could go back in time, the amount of young pussy I’d be smashing. Man, these fucking soy boys just want to suck on a nipple and have someone wipe their ass for them.

    7. There’s one from my hometown that flew under the radar – as she is from a very predominantly wealthy family here with lots of clout. I think they paid to have it squashed in the news. She was a smoke-show too. What gets me is the ass-clown husbands who stay with these wack-hoes after they do this…. I mean, that’s like the King of Cuckdome.
      – If this isn’t a blatant display of just how fucked up women are in the West, I really don’t know what is. The fact its reoccurred so many times should really be teaching readers something here.

      1. I played in bands in my youth. We had the most popular rock band in my town when I was in high school. One of the teachers who was kinda hot was rumored to have banged a famous hair-band drummer. Around the time this information was floating around, my buddy, 17 at the time, banged her in his car when this fucking teacher showed up to one of our after parties. We were all in awe. nothing happened and we all mostly kept it hush hush.

    8. If you watched some drama movies from 1984, you would be surprised at what regular and normal guys truly looked like. And it was nowhere near the type of guys these women are with today! Mickey Rourke, Richard Gere, Kevin Costner, Eric Roberts looking guys. If all three, if they were 25-30 today, would probably have a tough time if they didn’t gain weight or adopt ghetto type attitudes. Mickey Rourke eventually adopted thug behavior in the mid ‘90’s, but his status in Hollywood dropped significantly. Most these 10% of alpha white males today are Annunaki and Kneegrows anyways, to take women away from the real deals. So, that’s my take.

    9. The women teachers that do this are really just doing it to make the other girls in the school jealous. She’s trying to compete and show the young student girls in the school that even though she’s older and approaching the wall, she can still get the attention of the guys over them. These teachers that have sex with their students really don’t love them.

    10. One might consider the possibility they go into this profession for access. Typically, women go into teaching for the purpose of taking the easiest possible vocation whilst awaiting a sugar daddy — on “on-dick circle” if you will.

  2. The characteristic of all these women is their cuck husbands, folks. The feeling of being in being married to a cuck must be so despairing that they are willing to get good sex from a teenager.
    What’s funny is that when a woman is married to an alpha, there is a double effect on being warned off from her. Firstly, she’s satisfied emotionally and physically. Secondly, you wouldn’t go there because you don’t want trouble with Chad.
    It’s the natural order of things, the way things should be.

    1. Some are single.
      It goes back to Hollyweird.
      Life imitating art. That’s why jews must be stripped of allmedua control. Women are followers. Sheep. Most people are for that matter. Media is very powerful

    2. MrNatural,
      Nah, she’ll still cheat, they do it because they can.
      “Mine won’t do that because blah, blah, blah” is just denial.

      1. Dodds, just because you lived the life of a loser during & before your 1st marriage doesn’t mean your reality is everyone else’s. Shockingly enough there are relationships in which the woman doesn’t cheat. Just because your wife lacked respect for you doesn’t mean every female disrespects their man.

        1. Kang,
          They may not disrespect you today ……. but it’s coming.
          Enjoy your denial.

      2. The man must cheat on the woman to checkmate her hypergamy. It’s not cheating when the man does it. It is more akin to house maintenance like vacuuming the rug. Then he must tune and cunnicalibrate both women in synch, in trio like harmonically pitched tuning forks. There is good music when there be three. It is good for the balls and soul. I know someone out there feels my buzzzzzz.

    3. Ironically, a lot of these high school teacher fuckers will be betas when they’re in the real world, dealing with real problems, have real worries and lose a little testosterone year after year. High school and universities coddle students and it’s antithetical to the maturing process.

    4. @natur,
      fuckin dumb ass! If a pussy cheats on her MAN, then its fault of the later, but not the same when genders are reversed!

  3. I think what’s underlying it all is that these harlots want TOTAL control and to be worshiped at the same time. Compared to their teenage victims, they have the greater power (job as teacher), authority, money, status, education and sexual experience. Plus, there’s the danger element of getting caught which gives them additional tingles. Finally, there’s probably an element of “payback” due to how they were treated in high school. In return for this domination they get a hormone-filled junior stud who can be groomed and taught how to please the MASTER. It’s the current culture that cause these chicks to crave these dynamics. That’s why you don’t see many 30-something or 40-something teachers doing the same thing — their culture when they were teenagers was not quite as degenerate.

    1. And they hardly get punished…and do you really think people will care if a women like those move into their neighborhood even though they are sex offenders, probably not. If anything I guarantee you cucks would fall all over them.

      1. So much this. Whenever I hear a man say, “Where were these teachers when I was in school?”, I just want to kick him.

  4. I want to know where this type of woman was when I was at high school. You were a real legend if you banged a female teacher. These days its considered child abuse.
    Whilst the young me would have thought it was fun, in reality these are sad women, looking for young men because they get to be the one with the control.

    1. You can think of it as cool as you want to, but the bitches either need to be punished just like a man, or men should get lesser sentences too. Older women fucking teenage dude is in-normal and kind of pathetic on the woman’s part.

      1. YES YES YES!!! that’s what I always say!! Equality IN punishment (NO MORE PUSSY PASS) or treat men that bang teens on the same level instead of the crap system they do now.

  5. Very often, if you really dig into the local coverage of these stories, you find out the kids are special education students. Granted, these days schools are placing a lot of kids into special ed that wouldn’t have been put into special ed 30 years ago because there’s more money for it. But still, if they are in special ed you can still bet they are on the left side of the Bell Curve and/or have some mental disorders.

    1. There would be a significant overlap with this mental category and POCs.
      Which brings us back to blue-eyed devil’s comment.

        1. Think about it a little more. If you have trouble with any big words, I’ll hep a brutha out.

  6. I always joke that Millennials never got the memo that adolescence wasn’t extended indefinitely. They just seem to lack the ability to distinguish themselves as real adults.

    1. Yet, keep demanding to be treated like adults….want it both ways.

      1. For women it’s about having all the power and none of the actual responsibility. That is the basis of feminism. Complete dictatorial power and not have to do anything at work or responsibility wise, just point the finger and every demand and desire will be fulfilled. Now you see why men Must pull their heads out of their asses and strip women of all that feminism and gynocentric has given them. At least when men were fully in charge of our kind they actually worked and were never just a pointing finger of direction. Built it all, had logic and reasoning. Women got control of it all and destroyed it all with feelz and self serving desires.

  7. Such imaginary and artificial problems don’t exist where I live simply because all teachers are above 40-50yrs old since no young person wishes to become a teacher. Problem solved.

  8. “She could have gotten eight years in prison. Instead, she got 36 months of probation.”
    ” 42 months probation”

    imagine a 28 years old teacher having sex with a 16 years old female student.
    – “he forced you isn’t it ?”
    – “well I donno. I liked it..”
    – “he’s an old creep. he must have forced you ?!”.
    – “yeah probably, I mean I was ok. I donno. I’m nut sure anymore of mi feelings”.
    20 to life right there.

  9. Also u have confused my favorite one (I have a sick fetish for her), Jennifer Fichter… not Michelle Preston.

  10. They’ve realized (one hopes) that as women the only thing they can teach these kids properly is the art of love.

  11. A friend of mine from HS could actually be on this list too. She was a substitute gym teacher in PA. Google “whitney roberts arrested”.

  12. These are the same women that turn down/reject regular men approaching them because they are not good enough or some other BS.

    1. Regular men are not exciting, fukin with kids is not socially acceptable so ur breakin the rules and that is veeeeeeeeeeeeeery exciting. Remember, wahmyn do EVERYTHING for the feelz not cuz of some rational plan for gainz.

    2. If you watched some drama movies from 1984, you would be surprised at what regular and normal guys truly looked like. Mickey Rourke, Richard Gere, Kevin Costner, Eric Roberts looking guys. If all three, if they were 25-30 today, would probably have a tough time if they didn’t gain weight or adopt ghetto type attitudes. Mickey Rourke eventually adopted thug behavior in the mid ‘90’s, but his status in Hollywood dropped significantly. Most these 10% of alpha white males today are Annunaki anyways, to take women away from the real deals. So, that’s my take.

  13. I guarantee that most, if not all, of these teachers were either “ugly ducklings” or nerds in high school who after high school and/or college became more attractive. They were definitely trying to relive their teenage years when they did what they did. It really is that simple.

    1. I agree fully. That’s what I meant with my comment above regarding how they were treated in HS. They were mutts or chubby when younger, then blossomed in their early-to-mid 20s into something decent and wanted some sort of revenge, “do-over” or validation.
      On the flip side of the coin, despite being popular and athletic in HS, I currently enjoy banging cute young professional whores for the nostalgia of my teen years, as well as for the pure lust for their tight, fresh bodies. I passed on many young cuties back then, but I’ve sure made up for it during the last 5 years…

      1. “I currently enjoy banging cute young professional whores for the nostalgia of my teen years”
        Your bragging about alleged exploits tells everyone you are a gamma.

        1. Far from it pal, since virtually ANYONE can bang cute, young professional whores. All it takes is a little cash. And I’ve seen some real strange characters (far less appealing than I) take down and bed young 8s and 9s. And frankly, more power to them!

        2. And by “professional whores”, I’m referring to P4P (escorts, prepagos, etc) and not regular whores who work in professions (lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc). Get my meaning, Mr. Gamma?

      2. “Far from it pal, since virtually ANYONE can bang cute, young professional whores. All it takes is a little cash…And by “professional whores”, I’m referring to P4P (escorts, prepagos, etc)”
        Exactly what gammas do.

        1. Actually, nothing feels more alpha than picking out a hot 19-year old chica, negotiating her down to about $30 for 30 minutes of banging, then giving her the ride of her life before walking out Scot free to join your buddies for some carne asada tacos and quality tequila. Fun times, zero stress or repercussions.

  14. Well, men wants young girls and women want young boys. In both cases, it’s a matter of vampirism. The only way out of this for both sexes is to develop ones’ spirits and not be slaves to their bodies.

  15. It’s hard to have sympathy for females who do this on the fact that they can get sex on demand from any adult stud in his prime. The average man will have to battle every instinct of his body to prevent himself from rolling in the hay with an attractive minor if he ever gets the chance in his life. I’m not saying that her being a minor makes him attracted (that should not be the case for a healthy person) but someone post-pubescent being attracted to him is a novelty in itself and the need to rationalize the age difference is there because it could be the only chance of getting easy female attention in his life.
    Another thing is the females’ natural inclination towards power play and shaming; whatever they say is supposed to be the arbiter of truth. No matter what stupid shit they get agitated over or try to get the male to feel bad over, to a kid in his teens it’s like the word of God. Her feelings seem intense and genuine so it just must be true. That little thing he said just has to be that offensive to all women, the way he touched her in the sack is just so lame and his equipment is just totally lackluster. The minute they fall out she can destroy the clueless boys’ self-esteem with this kind of show of dominance because he does not know any better. The customer (woman) is always right.

    1. Wohmen witches don’t care if u are adult or stud or in ur prime or whateva. All they care about is social standing and social rules. Breakin the rules (havin sex with kids) is excitin, getting sex from standard adult guys is not since they are already desperate and will give u whateva u want.

  16. One word describes these female actions: CONTROL. They may have some of it with their b*%#h made husbands. But full, total and complete control/power of who they are with sexually is the motive here.. Man the f**k up and CONTROL your wife/girlfriend in ALL areas of the relationship.

  17. Mmmh, 26, 27, 28, years old? I see a pattern here. Look like a post wall crisis.

  18. These are not “teachers” judging by the standards of the school systems today. They are more like full time babysitters. One look at their vacant faces and you realize they have nothing to teach you. Other than a birds and the bees practicum.

    1. Fully agree with this observation…teaching is just “make work” for a lot of young women who couldn’t really figure out what else to do, and are waiting to marry or breed (or in this case, relive their high school years as 20-something boy-bait sluts). I banged a lot of “aspiring elementary/HS teachers” during my college days; they’re usually among the biggest airheads on campus.

  19. You left out Hunter Day, the 22 yr old teacher from Oklahoma who got busted with a 17 yr old back in the fall. She was married to a football coach at the same school and I believe the student was a football player as well. The husband looked like a Chad, my guess is he didn’t act like one. Don’t know if the student was the alpha stud receiver or qb or a fat O-lineman. Point is, doesn’t matter who you are as a man, sloots gonna sloot. Yes you reduce your chances if you are the alpha, red pilled stud all women want and need with the looks too boot, but if a sloot wants to cheat, she can and will. Even if its in the form of a 17 yr old student. Why? Because they CAN.

    1. That is because adopting a pseudo-sociopathic persona gets wearing year after year, 24/7. In the past men had the bar or social club they could air things out at without the hausfrau’s scrutiny.
      As much as game theorists want to talk about alpha-ness, it is a facade and it is situational. The preppy white boy jock, the ghetto thug, the army hero, the corporate tycoon all of them can fall on their asses once outside their element.
      Game is just that, a game in which you pretend you are always in your element for show in front of women.

    2. And if you complain, you get divorce raped. The only “alpha” who can truly control a woman is one who is prepared to use illegal punishment methods if she misbehaves. Guerrilla pimps beating their whores unconscious because they aren’t bringing in the cash, that sort of thing. Ordinary men should simply avoid marriage in countries where the legal system favors women during divorce.

  20. One of the tutors at a place I went to after school when I was 16 had a crush on me and she was a pretty good looking 20 something. I thought multiple times of just taking her into the bathroom but I was still a virgin so, no balls I guess.
    Point I’m driving at is the allure of young men like this, I believe, is their raw masculinity. Meaning they are not used to the effects of testosterone so they can’t handle it and are flaunting it all over the place aka “swag”. And as we all know the refined version of this is the fully formed Masculine Man who is the master of this power, not merely driven by it.
    I surmise women prefer the latter but find them in extremely short supply due to many factors including the feminizing of men in general. This feminizing makes it so that when women do get a rare, real taste of masculinity it is actually coming from an adolescent which then causes a conflict of culturally enforced thoughts and physical urges that she will undoubtedly think about for a long time. Occupy her mind and you will eventually occupy her legs.
    Slight side note: I think only men should teach teenage boys in high school and vice versa. I went to an all guy high school and almost every female teacher had always lost control of the class by the end of the 45 minute period where as the males rarely ever did. Women can’t banter and liberally handing out humorous verbal shellackings is the best and easiest way to control 15-30 boys at once.

    1. “One of the tutors at a place I went to after school when I was 16 had a crush on me and she was a pretty good looking 20 something.”
      Highly doubtful. Alphas don’t talk about “almosts” or “could haves”.

      1. do you have a book of alpha rules? alpha does not mean perfect even the strongest lion rulling the jungle at one time it was as soft as a puppy and even pushed around by the older lions

        1. “do you have a book of alpha rules?”
          You’re on this site, right? Again, alphas on blogs do not tell tales of supposed exploits. That is the female version of Instagram. Can you say attention whoring? Good job. Now run along.

      2. Dude, why are 95% of your posts so prickly, arrogant and passive / aggressive? Your fat wife piss in your cornflakes recently??

        1. My posts actually speak the truth. You’re just projecting. Why are you mad, bro?

  21. In 11th grade there was a history teacher that me and several of my friends thought was very hot. As class was letting out I would sometimes make direct passes at her just to entertain the guys for laughs, knowing I’d probably get nowhere. Things is, she would become red-faced and had a huge grin she could not seem to control, and would shoo me away without any real discipline in the matter. Just on the verge, I tell you…by the time June arrived and school was about to let out for summer, she suddenly had an engagement ring (someone had locked her down in the adult world) but her enjoyment of our flirting never really ended. This emboldened me and gave me great confidence when it came to dating and banging girls my own age. I’d like to thank her for the ego boost!

  22. We should have no issue at all with females consorting with young male minors. All teen age males are desirous to penetrate a vagina. There is no coercion here. Not harm, no tort. Yes, we must can those twats who lack the willingness to conceal their tutoring of young men, but that is an administrative issue, and should not be treated as any crime. Young girls, however, need protection, as they are the ones being penetrated. Homosexual relationships are a middle case. Girl on girl is probably harmless; sodomy is not.

    1. Oh, I see… Rape is only rape, when it applies to male-on-female intercourse. Do you not think minor girls are as interested in sex as minor boys? We joke about being hot for teacher, as young boys, but it was meant to be just that — a joke. Sex between teacher and student destroys that relationship (to put it extremely lightly).

    2. Interesting comment and insights. Although I would say sodomy of a boy is most destructive by far, followed by intercourse with an unwilling girl, followed by lesbian seduction of a young girl (happened in my family and turned the girl into a total head case and practicing lesbian), followed by intercourse with a willing girl, and lastly (with the least amount of psychological damage to the teen) female seduction of a willing boy.

      1. “followed by intercourse with an unwilling girl”
        This has only been made ‘damaging’ in the last 100 years in the western world.
        Prior to that time almost every woman was unwilling, either sold by her father, or taken in conquest. Women were designed to be taken by force.

        1. Currently in Muslim countries, women have no right of consent, they are either married and have sex whenever their husband (chosen by their father) says, or are single and abstain (or risk death by stoning).

    3. Allowing open season on young boys would completely destroy the educational environment. There’s a reason why there are certain boundaries in society.

  23. You have to remember that females have 2 mating strategies. The first one, and the most ideal, is to secure both alpha sperm and resources. The second one is to secure the resources of a less physically and socially deserable male and seek sperm from a male who is alpha and cuck their unsuspecting victim. These young men must have been very well developed and must have had alpha sperm, because at that age it’s very unlikely that they would have obtained resources. Women don’t have sex with men unless they have something to offer. If a person is sexually developed and attractive, then generally the brain cannot register how old they are, so it doesn’t matter if a masculine, sexually developed male is 15 or 35. Women will give in to their primal instincts and will want to sleep with him.

    1. Not everything is sexual strategy for pete’s sake. What about beastiality (as I noted in another post), alpha seed, really? This is about sexual taboo. Women will trying anything when it comes to heightened sexual experiences.

    2. “You have to remember that females have 2 mating strategies.”
      No, they have one–marry a guy they believe is an alpha and have offspring.
      “Women don’t have sex with men unless they have something to offer.”
      Wow, tell us more.

  24. You can try putting laws in place to stop this but in the end biology always win. I dont know why people are so shocked when attractive boys and girls that are put in the sam room are fucking eachother.

    1. Those boys are not attractive, you homo, but they are able to generate feels you can never do

  25. The reason there’s not male teachers in the news sleeping with girls is that if you’re a male teacher you’re being watched by a hawk by all the other teachers and administration. FFS, I even lost my job substitute teaching from just posting an innocuous selfie mirror pic of my weight loss on twitter which some of the students were following. My fault for letting them follow me but it wasn’t against policy at the time.
    There’s also the fact that most male hs teachers are anything but alpha. The coaches may have used to be but almost always have families and other responsibilities that they wouldn’t jeopardize for teens.
    And also as a young male teacher, girls flirt with you all the time and it’s so frustrating. You realize that girls between 15-20 are in their prime and it drives you nuts that they’re mostly off limits especially as a teacher. Girls these days are losing their youthful innocent looks earlier and earlier. By 25 it’s gone in nearly all of them. Some by 22.

  26. You can try putting laws in place to stop this but in the end biology always win. I dont know why people are so shocked when attractive boys and girls that are put in the same room are fucking eachother.

  27. No comparison of the differences in punishment according to gender of the teacher-elders involved ?

  28. I don’t know what to make of all this.
    Though, I suspect the female brain is much more perverse than the male.
    The women are predators and they probably like it.

  29. No mystery why this happens.
    Sexy women who are approaching the wall are seen as 10’s in the eyes of teenagers, so its an easy way for them to feel young again while getting older. Sort of like the female equivalent to a 45 year old guy who buys a motorcycle.
    It also helps that our gynocentric society treats female pedophiles better than men who are falsely accused of sexual harassment.

  30. “I’m a strong and empowered independent woman who knows how to make the right decisions that define me!”
    *sleeps with teenagers in order to seek validation*

  31. I like the look of Lindsey Banta Jarvis, but I sure as hell never fantasised about my High School teacher sodomising me ! I hope she was jailed.

    1. In the context of archaic sex statutes, that probably means a BJ.
      …Or so I’m told…

  32. Though not in the same league as these dames on the attractiveness scale, let’s not forget Mary Kay LeTourneau — the pioneer, the icebreaker — who really got the ball rolling in the Hot4Teacher sweepstakes!
    Oh yeah, and Frenchy Macron’s Grand-wife, too.

  33. Tehy all look exactly like the waif-like, non-voluptuous chicks that manospherians of all blogs post constantly as that which should be pursued (while pretending not to care of course). This is what 85% of y’all pretend to be into. Interesting really.

  34. My comment about Frenchy Macron’s Grand-wife (who used to be his educateur) got modded.
    Wat means?

  35. In the late ‘90’s when I was looking to date older females ( i was 17 and they were 19 and up) most would put me off and say “sorry, I have a bf at Indiana State.” Most the time.

  36. …and troy Francis tries to teach us game ? What kind of game dies a 14 year old make have ?

  37. Looking and reading at the article the situation is clear:
    weak husbands + hs alpha kids + women nature = im going to fuck around
    Women are sexual creatures ad nauseam, and the situation is out of control because the former mechanisms of control (Church, family, etc…) are nowhere to be seen…Its time for men to realise that.

  38. I dont get this, when I was in 7th to 9th grade in elementary school and then all 4 years of high school I wanted to fuck all those hot female teachers and wished each day I saw them that they would notice my advancements and make a move too.
    Why is this even considered problem if the boy has no troubles with what happened and actually welcomes it by boasting to his friends?

  39. The larger problem is that we cannot honestly expect to have young very hot women teaching and supervising teenagers and honestly expect anyone to be able to pay attention in class
    That’s like leaving a steak on counter, the dog inside, and then leaving for 8 hours and getting mad at the dog for eating the steak
    If women are going to teach, they need to have had menopause first. It is simply unfair to those teenagers
    If i had a teacher that looked like that in high school, I don’t think I could have stopped staring at her boobs. I would have failed the class for sure

  40. Where were these women when I was 15. Probably not even born but I have to say I would have been overjoyed to have them around. Of course a grown woman wanting to be with a teen boy has to have psychological problems but at 15 I wouldn’t have cared.

    1. It would have been considered rape and she would have gone to jail.
      So you endorse rape and sexual abuse?

      1. Back when I was 15 these women could have “raped me all they want”. I wouldn’t have considered myself abused just lucky.

  41. probably because the world lacks proper grown up men who didnt fall for the gender binary those women realize their wishes for more sensitive and uncorrupted males
    a 35 year old male with a noticably balding head, mommy issues and a funny sense of how this whole man and women stuff works is probably out of the question – due to bad sexual experiences
    just ask yourselves how you would treat your mom in bed and realize this with someone else (your sister) you will see that women appreaciate it when women are appreciated
    maybe younger males are able to do that because they lack the sense of frustration with the modern world a lot of older men experience these days

  42. Lucky students
    Some of those teachers are really hot…not as much as women in Europe are.

  43. If it was my son, I’d be a little apprehensive, unless he was the 18 year old, in which case, more power to him. Daughter though, I’d be very unhappy. These guys lucked out on these teachers.

  44. As a guy living in Europe, all this just seems like a reflection of prude USA. Instead of dealing with gangsters, drug dealers, corrupt politicians and other actually harmful members of society. I switched schools twice, and there was always a guy who has been known to sleep with one of the teachers or teaching assistants. That is just the way it goes.

  45. Your job is teaching and teaching it is. Don’t give these women a slap on the wrist. Give them the same punishment as a man would get. Years and years in prison that is.

  46. My friend just started teaching. The principal said to him, pleadingly, “Please don’t sleep with the students.” He went on to say that it happens much more than anyone knows because most cases are settled / brushed under the rug before the media finds out.

  47. You mean, “Teachers who raped their teenage students.”
    This is rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse.
    Have a good day guys.

  48. They all look pretty good to me, but wouldn’t most of the manosphere generally consider Stephanie, Erin, and possibly Kayla manjaws?

  49. notice most of these teachers are in rural states? I think 2 on here were from the east coast.
    it’s the same story. man is in excellent shape and has massive social proof from sports/frat, he dates woman in college or HS, they marry in their early 20s, husband gets fat and lazy over time. she resents him for being fat and lazy in his appearance, she sees hot athlete, they have sex.

  50. Anyone “proud” of the young boys banging their teachers needs a reality check. These harlots don’t spread their legs because they’re swept off their feet by the superior alpha-ness of some dorky teenager. The kids barely figured out how their own hard on works and they get take in by a mid-twenties (or older) woman with ten plus years of experience manipulating men, in many cases including a husband – it’s no contest. The young guy unwittingly sets himself up for 18 years of paternity if she “forgets” to take her pill. The high school is no place for cock-addicted women to shop at the candy store and they need to get slammed just as hard as a guy would.
    News stories saying male teachers do this more are straight up bullshit – every damn time it’s always another slut with hoop earrings and a cuck husband.

  51. Hey guys, did anyone notice that none of the accused were Catholic Priests? I guess there are other sexual predators out there as well. The chick from the Jersey parochial school does not count as a Priest. The moral is that you have to be wary of anyone and everyone concerning the sexual safety of your children.

  52. AVOID dating / relationships with
    Airline crews
    Ship crews
    Strippers / Dancers

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