Black Woman Complains That “Racist” Charlie Rose Didn’t Sexually Harass Her

An ex-producer for fired television presenter Charlie Rose has complained that she was not “sexually harassed” by him due to “racism.” Currently, there is next to no evidence that Rose actually mistreated women. The more likely outcome is that he engaged in consensual flings and affairs with women who then opportunistically turned on him after the putrid #MeToo campaign started.

And while many of us on staff were subject to Charlie’s unsolicited shoulder massages and physical intimidation, as he towered above us at a height over six feet tall, the women Charlie preferred and preyed upon—at least that I witnessed—were white. It was an environment that all but erased me, while simultaneously exploiting me as a black woman.

— Rebecca Carroll telling a truly woeful tale of how Charlie Rose didn’t “sexually harass” her, supposedly because she was black

Rebecca Carroll, who described her so-called experiences as “the only black journalist on staff” for Charlie Rose’s eponymous show, very egotistically positions herself in Esquire as someone who should have been sexually harassed but wasn’t. You be the judge as to how attractive she is:

Naturally, once she pitifully establishes her narrative as a victim of made-up racism, she feigns solidarity with the white women Rose is said to have (again, with no evidence) sexually harassed:

To be clear, I’m not suggesting it would have been preferable for Charlie to have preyed upon me, too—but rather, his sexualization of white women was a manifestation of gendered power dynamics in the same way that his not sexualizing me was an expression of racialized power dynamics.

Most interestingly of all, Rebecca Carroll says female colleagues were “preyed upon” without ever mentioning how she might have confronted Charlie Rose about this purported behavior. Consequently, she only seems to be “brave” and stand up for fellow women when publications like Esquire give her a chance to write about herself to an international audience, years after the “predatory” antics of Rose. How very sisterly of her.

Hilariously, Carroll whinges that she was “erased” as she did not receive sexual attention from Charlie Rose. Despite the extreme doubts we should all have about these sexual harassment allegations involving other women, not being sexually harassed by a famous television presenter is enough at the moment for someone to be massively triggered.

If this is what “racism” is, then we’re all inveterate racists

Using already atrocious leftist standards, Carroll’s allegations of racism against Charlie Rose are spectacularly flimsy and tenuous, including this abysmal gripe:

His language around race felt consistently coded. Charlie demanded I book the black guests he wanted but previously had been unable to get—black guests of a perceived level of respectability and intelligence (Sidney Poitier)—while dismissing the black guests I pitched, (Vivica Fox, for example).

Because Charlie Rose did not want to book Vivica A. Fox, best known to audiences as Will Smith’s stripper fiancée in Independence Day and Vernita Green in Kill Bill, he is apparently a “coded” racist. If you do not like older films, nonetheless try comparing Sidney Poitier’s performance in Lilies of the Field, his magnum opus, with Fox’s turn as a sex worker in a blockbuster about highly belligerent invading aliens. A putative refusal to want to interview the latter individual now meets the threshold for being called a racist in the America of 2017. In fact, Carroll’s cries of bigotry regarding the Vivica A. Fox rejection is comparable to calling someone anti-Semitic for not liking Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise.

The most cursory glance at PBS’ viewer demographics reveals an older audience, one more receptive to someone like Sidney Poitier. If this were not the case, Rebecca Carroll would still have us believe that her boss’ reluctance to share the same opinion as her about potential guests on his show is an indication of his racism. “You prefer this black guest and I prefer this black guest, so you’re a racist, Charlie!” is the sum total of this particular part of her argument.

Again, Rebecca Carroll was not willing to have a serious argument with Charlie Rose at the time about the way she claims he sexually treated women, but she did kick up a stink about whether Vivica A. Fox could be a guest on Charlie Rose. Go figure.

The end result of social and political insanity

“I was not sexually harassed” is now a status used for virtue signaling alongside “I was sexually harassed.”

No one should be surprised that an evidently attention-starved woman has written a bizarre rant like Rebecca Carroll’s for Esquire. After all, multimillionaire blacks are oppressed, while poor whites on minimum wage just don’t know how privileged they are. Prepubescent boys can’t vote, drive, drink alcohol, or have sex (and rightfully so), yet they can get their dicks chopped off to become “girls.” We could go on and on.

Clinging onto pseudo-victim status has become such a sport in feminized America that women who are otherwise unable to scream “sexual harassment” or “rape” can instead declare that not being a victim makes them a victim of another kind. It’s an equally ingratiating method of virtue signaling deployed to show how “brave” and “strong” a woman is, except this time they’re meant to be brave and strong for putting up with not being sexually harassed. So you weren’t groped or raped? Well, the guy facing allegations from others must be a racist, too. Or, if you’re a man who pretends to be a woman, he must be transphobic.

Is it any wonder that Roosh’s books about men leaving the West for greener pastures in South America or Eastern Europe continue to sell?

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    1. Yeah, the flip side of hitting on a woman who doesn’t find you attractive is NOT hitting on a woman who DOES find you attractive, which makes the classic Shakespeare quote kick in: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.
      Game, fellas.

    2. If course, going to jail means unlimited poontang once you get out. Doin’ time gets you all the tinglez.
      So there’s a silver lining.

    3. Especially if one is a white man(particularly if a young, good looking white man).

      Roosh, are you familiar with what happens to white men in prison?
      I think you could do a great article on that.
      Its got everything: injustice, inhumane treatment, severe racism by blacks, and rape.

      1. Read Fish: Story of a boy in a mans prison. It was written by TJ Parsell, a white man who went to prison in Michigan at 17 years old in 1978. He went for armed robbery which was actually a prank he pulled, but the girl he pulled it on didn’t think it was a prank. He said that being young, white and good looking immediately made him a target. Also, the fact that they thought he was already gay (which he turned out to be, though he was questioning it at the time) made him even that much more of a target. A couple days after arriving, he was drugged and gang raped by men he described as at least 10 years older and looked like all they did was work out in the weight pit all day.
        The prison was majority black and so were the inmates who raped him. He said after the rape was done, a coin was flipped to see who’s “girl” he would be. He ended up belonging to a 30 year old black inmate named Slide Step who had a lot of respect among his fellow inmates at the prison. Fortunately for him, it was a best case scenario because Slide Step treated him more like a beloved wife. Many guys treated their “punks” or “girls” like prostitutes and sold and loaned them out and the “girls” were expected to obey without question what their man told them to do, sexual or otherwise. He told the story of another white inmate nicknamed Bottoms, who’s real name was Byron was gang raped by 16 black inmates in Detroit’s Wayne County Jail. Bottoms originally identified as heterosexual before his prison sentence.
        By the time he got to prison, it was known what happened so he had to “get a man”, he ended up belonging to a black inmate nicknamed “Black”. Black treated him like a slave and forced him into prostitution. On the whole, most punks were young white guys. The author of the book was homosexual anyway even prior to his incarceration, but he did say that most punks tend to be young, heterosexual whites.

    4. As a truth teller, I have to say this is a utter sickness. So Because she was not harassed now she is angry. This goes to show it is all about attention for these whores, and if they don’t get it one way they will find another way to squeeze it out. As a black man to hear her claim racism for this makes me want to smack some sense into her. I’m out

  1. Next transgenders will be saying it’s discrimination if straight males don’t hit on them.
    Maybe whites can claim cops are discriminating against us because they only ‘racially profile blacks. Who can I sue?

    1. Will? Why using the future tense? I have already read articles transgender “women” claiming straight white males are discriminating against them when not giving them a try…

      1. if some dude ever pulled such a trick on me getting me back to his and naked or like Phelps got done I think i would struggle to control myself. That said they are often the roughest hardest dudes who do this transitions.
        The scary thing is that they are getting better and better with all the surgeries and the hormones and eventually it could become a common trick especially as they are now doing it earlier and thus missing male puberty.
        Our societies have sunken to such degeneracy they cannot get in trouble for this, and soon we’ll get in trouble for discrimination for not sucking these dudes off.

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        (Not sure that would work for American trannys though)

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        2. Luckily there aren’t a lot of trannys. In some zipcodes you have to watch out for them and learn to spot them, but most give themselves away with their voice and adam’s apple.

    2. That I believe has already been covered with some tranny declaring how turning down a date with one makes no sense to him/her/it.
      I figure it’ll be a hate crime here in Canada in the next ten years or less.

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  3. One historical fact.
    US blacks test 20% to 25% European. It is quite astounding how much white blood the average black possesses.
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    1. Yes African Americans have at least 20% caucasian DNA. And any positice qualities or attributes either physical or mental you may find is some African Americans (same applies to latinos also) is due to those caucasian genes.

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      1. @ Bill Goode – “Yes African Americans have at least 20% caucasian DNA. And any positice qualities or attributes either physical or mental you may find is some African Americans (same applies to latinos also) is due to those caucasian genes.”
        So, Bill, what about those blacks who don’t have any white ancestry?
        “A far greater share of the Nigerian first and second generation earned undergraduate degrees than the U.S. population overall (37 percent versus 20 percent) and members of this population are more than twice as likely to have secured an advanced degree (29 percent versus 11 percent).”

    2. The average so-called Black person in the US (born and bred in the US, multiple generation) is approximately :
      50-60 % coastal West African (mainly Igbo or Ashanti, and very often the reject of their respective societies)
      10-15 % Native American
      20-25 % White English or Scottish
      It partly also explains why the average “African-American” tends to be more violent and racist and much less intelligent than first generation African immigrants to the US, many of whom are not racist at all, excel academically, aware of social etiquette and have a good work ethic.
      Just saying…

      1. KERSEY
        The average African in the US has an IQ in the top 90th percentile and was vetted through the Immigration system. Africans who can wash up in Europe are far less desirous.
        The same applies to recent European immigrants to the United States. They are much more sophisticated and intelligent than the average peasant that immigrated 100 years ago because they had nothing going on in Europe.

      2. KERSEY
        I think the same could be said for ALL recent immigrants. See the average Italian businessman like Versace vs. a dick-grabbing Guido from New Jersey.
        This does not apply to Latinos who are illegal. Obviously Mexicans that look like Charlie Sheen are happy in Mexico City.

      3. South Africa is such a low crime orderly and wonderful place nobody even locks their doors at night in many parts.
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        3. “You don’t hear about attractive, successful white men going to Eastern Europe for women.”
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        4. Dr.William Luther Pierce had a thing for East Euros. Similar pattern with Trump, tried a Westie and that didn’t work so they looked East. Thinner and more feminine is an upgrade when it comes to women.

      2. the TRUTH,
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    1. There has been a tendency among highly educated and successful White males to marry (educated) African (Not African-American or Jamaican) women. You see quiet a few of them in London, UK and some cities in the US (mainly LA).
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      2. dindunuffins,
        Post some links to these videos, it seems like you’re talking out of your ass and please don’t come up with some weak cop out not to post links to videos that don’t exist by saying you “don’t want to give them more views.”

  7. There has been a tendency among educated and successful White males to marry (educated) African (not African-American or Jamaican) women. You can see quiet a few of them in London , UK and some cities in the US (mainly LA).
    A slim, feminine and fertile African beauty vs a fat, ugly, obnoxious and infertile White European/American landwhale? The choice is obvious for any sane, red-pilled man…

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    1. its not genetically but iq does correlate slightly more with the mother who obviously raises children more on average.
      penis size however may well be mostly from the mother since its coded in X chromosome and womb T levels affect it a lot

      1. WRISTCEL
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    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.
    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.
    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?
    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?
    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?
    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

      —>>> TWO THINGS!
      1. IS CALLED: THE “TRUTH” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Beat that!!

      1. i think asia will go like america soon anyway with mass migration. when they have the money the demand to go will be higher. The feminists who secretly just want the foreign cocks will lead the fight

  10. White Hybridization
    To look at the world it is obvious that white males screwed every shade of woman.
    Latin America, Philippines (To a degree), Black Americans, Haiti, India…white men have been deadbeat Dads.

  11. Massively obtuse. These kinds of solipsistic, controversy-stirring cunts just make life miserable for everybody. In some ways, Esquire did mankind a favor by just letting this race-baiting fool take the mic and prove to everyone what a self-centered weirdo and complete dolt she is. She has no sense of limits or perspective, and she played herself.
    In the twisted mentality of women like this, you’re just as horrible for not making a pass, or for basically saying “Have you ever been raped or sexually harassed? No? OK, well then, don’t worry, you’re safe…nobody’s coming after you, you’re safe….” Counter intuitively, this angers them. There is no way to appease or reassure these women.
    Because the last thing they want to hear is that they are ugly, old or otherwise undesirable. They want to be included in today’s anti-harassment phenomenon and play victim, but they don’t have a ticket to the show since no one ever hit on them or cared. They’re as shallow and petty as their desire to glom onto a movement they don’t even belong to, hamster-wheeling it and thinking “how can I get money and attention out of this? How can I implicate myself in the #MeToo campaign?” These are despicable, lost human beings who should be ostracized so as not to reproduce.

  12. Black women complain when they are not desired but date an average looking Indian/Chinese eewwwwww
    Yeah you complain as always but equally you cannot de-racialize your own sexual attraction any more than can any others. They use the “everything is culture” narrative when they aren’t found attractive BUT when they aren’t attracted to Tamils or Chinese men they are straight up honest about it and know its just their own genetic wiring.

    1. The easiest places to get poon is Africa as a white guy but do white guys go by the millions to Ghana to get laid?
      If I had a dollar for every black man who said he was not sexually attracted to black women I’d be a millionaire. Are they racist against black women or are black women just ugly?

      1. Maybe if Hollywood had swapped the movie roles of black and chinese characters Asian dudes would all be getting laid like f–k in clubs and most black guys would never have touched a lady by 25 and would gross them all out.
        Its all the movies “sexualizing” white women rather than them just being far hotter than some back woman if only it was the other way around
        lol these leftists are too funny.

    2. Sounds like white men with a sense of entitlement when it comes to white women who bitch they cant find a quality white woman in their country thanks to jew$, media and feminism. You focus your attention to asian women because they’ll worship any white loser and when you see a white guy with an asian girl he’s telling the world “I am a loser who cant find a quality white woman, I deserve to be worshipped, dammit!”

      1. you are long out of date these ddays asians are educated and wealthy and fought over. Actually many want asian dudes who are in excess so its not like they lack options and they only chose white dudes with a lot going for them. You are trying to stereotype white men with asian women but white asian couples are the wealthiest IR pairings in the USA.

        1. The Truth,
          My god you are full of shit, the asian middle class is growing but there are still a lot of poor people all throughout Asia. Loser white guys who go to Asia for women are not getting Asian aristocracy, the vast majority are getting women from low class to middle class. You’re trying to sell some fantasy to go along with that fact the middle class is getting bigger to make yourself and other losers who cant get white women seem like you’re not losers for being with asian women from a poor country so you try to make it seem like you’re getting Asia’s best women.
          What would a rich asian woman see in an ESL teacher from America other than white skin? The man has no skills, won’t be able to provide for a family back home. If the man had skills and something to offer he wouldn’t run to Asia looking for women.
          White men are the highest earners in the United States so of course whatever group they marry they will be the wealthiest by default, don’t try to act like most white men and asian women in relationships together are “power couples” who each bring something to the table. We’ve seen this movie before, overweight, bald businessman buys a Geisha from Asia, he gets arm candy, maid and sex slave all in one and she gets a ticket out of her poor country.

        2. well they are the wealthiest of all ir couplings white can get eg vs latino, black women or arab so it does mean its not the bottom ones as they earn far more than the guys marrying white women.
          And the rich girls get grabbed not by esl teachers but at universities and elite highschools in the west. 90% of the migration is asians moving to the west and thus majority of meetings, whites moving to asia is minor so esl teachers are a small thing, but are usually grads. Canada all the chinese are rich, same in london where more than 50% of chinese women have non-chinese spouses and probably similar in many other places. yeah how many whites live as esl teachers in asia ? 200,000? yeah there are more chinese than that in many western cities. My friends wife is from the super-rich and she thinks its mostly the super-rich asians marrying whites they meet in the west often at universities or internships ect. ESL is a minor ting by numbers and the few that marry out there marry the poorer ones most likely

        3. Over 50 Million Chinese overseas + other asians and how many esl teachers? Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai combined have 1000 language schools with 15000 esl teachers. Are there even 100,000 such individuals teaching ESL In china? There are more chinese living in some Italian cities than that. The meetings are in the west, and the richest are the ones they marry as they speak the best english and arent looking for an asian betabux

        4. The ESL teachers do marry poor or middle class chicks like serpentza and lawhy86 but they have enough choice to at least as ESL teachers get MBAs and DRs not village girls but the ESL teachers cannot get the millionaires in Asia especially with a bad rep they have as players. In NYC, Toronto, and London oh boy they clear them up . This is not shit most of the white guys are marrying up with these rich Singapore families and many wont touch an asian from a not famous city even a minor korean city aint shit.

        5. yo seem to be under the assumption that most white men are esl teachers when obviously thats a few guys out in asia not a common thing.
          Any dude with a degree and a half decent job can get white women easily they are the easiest chicks to get as they expect to be pumped and dumped based on reputation and if any man will offer them a ring its a shock since they now know their reputation for divorce-rape makes it harder to execute as a plan.

  13. I love when liberals and race baiters embarrass themselves publicly. I love when a man wins woman of the year. I love knowing liberal women have to share a bathroom with a dude who chopped his dick off.
    You know, I would have voted for Colin Powell, or Dr. Ben Carson and the first black president would have been great for the country. Instead, we got the most communist, race-baiting, finger pointing, pussy for 8 years. Women like the ones in this article are the product of that bullshit.

  14. What I would like to see address is: Why is an article like this being published by Esquire, which is a men’s magazine? Who edits the mag? Who owns it?
    Writers are usually poorly-paid pawns in a bigger game. The manosphere need to start exposing the real players. Some of this was done when Rolling Stone ran its fictional “rape on campus” article, but we need more.

    1. “What I would like to see address is: Why is an article like this being published by Esquire, which is a men’s magazine? Who edits the mag? Who owns it?”
      (((Who))) indeed

    1. “Warriors” Interesting Social Point
      The Warriors had two white tough guys. One was a brawling cocky hick (Ajax) and one was a cold distrustful Anglo (Swan).
      In the movie, they both had sex with Hispanic chicks. Ajax tried to rape one, a cop. Swan got together with one.
      This is probably fairly realistic.

  15. Oh yes, look at yourself in the mirror, and pretend you don’t look ugly-as-shit.
    Maybe that’s why Charlie never pursued you.

  16. So the liberals and SJW feminists are back at it yet again. Playing the self-appointed egalitarian den mothers by trying to dictate to white heterosexual men who they can/cannot date or marry up (or sexually harass if you are a liberal creeper like Rose, Franken, or Weinstein). Morbidly obese women, black women, old sea hag cougars, psychopathic women, tatted up/overtly pierced women, multi-colored hair women, mud-sharks, multiple divorcees, pan-sexual women, bigamist, polyamourous women transgendered women (or men??), unwed single mommies, promiscuous slut women, dumpy and foul personality Lena Dunham style women who’ve been beaten with the ugly stick, and any and every aberrant lifestyle and problematic persuasion of women out there that is being forced upon white men. What’s shocking is such shaming and impositions have even crossed over into some of the more traditionalist and/or conservative realms. I recently came upon an article by a Southern Baptist clergyman who admonished young single men in his church, his denomination (largest Protestant denomination in the world), and evangelical Protestantism in general, to date and marry up unwed single mommies. He argued that they should disqualify divorcees with children, but it was their duty as Christian men to date and marry up unwed single mommies. He also argued that the reason so many young single Christian men were disillusioned with the current crop of depraved western women was that they weren’t giving the unwed single mommies a fair shot!!! What feminized hogwash!!!

  17. I know there is much ado about IQ and other differences in the races but this just proves black women are the same as white and Hispanic women. Hypergamous and mentally ill. White women complain about guys not hitting on them even though they would say he “assaulted” them if he did. They want powerful men, they want to be desired by powerful men and they want to take down powerful men. AWALT in full effect.

  18. But Carroll’s a dude, right? I mean, unless some guy likes giving it up the pooper and a little pegging in return, what male is capable of fucking “her” anyway.

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