Why China Is Winning The Game Of Civilization

While the West is on its death throes, China is growing ever more ascendant. What factors allow China to be resistant to the leftist degeneracy and third-world immigration that the West so readily accepts?

The Biological Role

Within the human species are myriad permutations of culture and levels of cultural achievement. Not all cultures are equal, and some cultures enable those that practice it to gradually conquer and displace other cultures by either having a greater drive to expand or by converting members of other cultures due to cultural attractiveness. We have seen this happen many times in history.

The general trend we observe is that K-selective populations tend to produce cultures that are most geared towards long term survival and family unity, and these cultures achieve higher levels of human development. These cultures, in turn, conquer, assimilate, or displace cultures that are less K-selective.

As we all know, a cold climate places selective pressures in the direction of K-selection, and agriculture places selective pressures in the direction of higher IQ. In fact, it is often postulated that a minimum IQ of 70 is necessary for the invention of agriculture. This explains why some parts of Africa and the entire Australian continent never invented agriculture, and remained hunters and gatherers until colonization.

This also explains the well-known hierarchy of intelligence with certain Sub-Saharan African groups and Australian Aboriginals at the bottom, Caucasians of Asia Minor and Eastern Europe in the middle, Northern Europeans near the top, and East Asians dominating the highest position with a 5-8 IQ point gap. One can argue the validity of this info out of ego, but I assure you conclusive studies have proven this to be the rule, not the exception.

The Eternal Civilization

In a world of many industrialized nations cucking themselves out of existence, Chinese culture stands tall. No, this is not a praise of Chinese culture. This is a simple acknowledgement of the fact that Chinese culture has stood for 5000 continuous years to this day, and is still steaming along with seeming impunity. It assimilated foreign conquerors, conquered lesser peoples, formed tributary states that adopted their script, and ushered in scientific achievements that changed the world.

This culture saw its birth in roughly the same era as many of the ancient cultures we know of today, such as the Sumerians, the Greeks, the Persians, the Romans, and the Egyptians. But while the founding origins of those cultures are today politically insignificant nations that have succumbed to Islamic barbarism or have become r-selective debt traps or war-torn shit holes, China stands strong.

China is not without its problems (as any country), but it stands strong, unified, and in recognition of its ancient greatness. It does not cower in the face of multiculturalism or political correctness. It does not run from the challenge of sovereignty. More importantly, even beyond the geographical confines of China itself, Chinese culture remains vibrant across the globe.

Chinese communities rarely give up their culture in other nations, and places with large East Asian populations tend to counteract the negative impact of r-selective, third world migration. In places like Australia, affluent East Asian populations displace lower achieving populations by driving up property prices, be these populations native whites or otherwise. Those less able to perform in a competitive free market are pushed to further and further fringes of the cities, leaving the city center relatively crime free.

But what is it that sets Chinese culture apart from that of Europe, and why is it that while Europe is a mere decades away from The Islamic Republic of Eurostan, Chinese culture is experiencing a resurgence?

The Cultural Pillar Hypothesis

The reason for the resilience of Chinese culture to corruption via technology, ideology, or demographics lies in the very fact that the foundation of Chinese culture is the family, rather than a particular religion. While Christian Europe achieved immense levels of K-selective cultural traits such as family values, monogamy, and a strong patriarchy, these were never organic. In fact, prior to the adoption of Abrahamic religions in Europe en mass, indigenous European cultures, while still fairly K-selective, never developed the memetic habituations that match the high level of civilization achieved under Christianity.

However, this clever use of an external religion to stabilize indigenous societies is fundamentally unstable precisely because it is mythology. The inevitable advent of scientific thought dooms any religion to eventual irrelevance, as the divine force in the ether becomes less and less relatable to the common man.

Much more relevant to him, then, is the great renaissance of ideas that may benefit his immediate situation, whatever his station in life. This in and of itself would have been relatively harmless had it not been for the fact that almost the entirety of European civilization is based upon this one Abrahamic religion. The gradual debunking of this religion, thus, ultimately saw the dismantling of European culture itself.

It is no wonder, then, that Europeans seem indifferent towards hostile Islamic migrants. No European deep down wishes to see Islamic dominance or convert to Islam, but when the key pillar of European culture is now relegated to the realms of abstraction and comedy, what is there left to defend? Why remain monogamous, why adhere to rationality and reason, why bar women from their own terrible decisions, why maintain division of labor, why uphold a patriarchal society, and why defend your borders when the one cultural incentive for you to do so has crumpled beneath your feet?

Well meaning men may as well grant women and those without property the vote, set in employment quotas, and cower under the heels of feminists if it means getting a lick of vagina.

Chinese culture, on the other hand, took a very different approach. My hypothesis is that because East Asians are even more K-selected than Europeans, there were sufficient indigenous selective pressures to develop a culture that entirely transcends the need for divine punishment in order to encourage society to behave in the most optimal manner for the benefit of long-term survival. Thus an organic family oriented society emerged, and as an added result, eliminated the opportunity for dogmatic religions to ever become popular.

Throughout the 5000 years of Chinese civilization, no one religion ever held much sway over its people, and any religious practice is performed merely out of a sense of honor, politeness, and elaborate lip service. Many of us confuse Confucianism for some sort of religion. But the Chinese and their Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese brethren most certainly do not. No one worships Confucius, and no one calls him a god.

Confucianism, if understood from a broader and more rational perspective, is merely one wandering scholar’s idea of a society that elevated the family unit above all else. Its lasting legacy is no more than its mass acceptance by a receptive Chinese society. A slightly less K-selective society may well have rejected it.

Civilizations can’t survive without elevating the family unit

A culture based on the pillar of family unity is very difficult to corrupt. It provides nothing mystical for technological advancement to debunk, and while political ideologies may seem grand and their respective despots may seem larger than life with their cult of personalities, their relevance to the common man does not dispel the importance of a family unit.

Indeed, it is no wonder why the preposterous Western invention of Marxism ultimately lost in its war against Chinese culture, with the latter coming out on top, guns blazing and trousers down, defecating on the charred corpse of leftist bullshit. Feminism is also unpopular in East Asian societies (unless they have been forcibly Westernized, and even then it is hardly the fashion of the day) because men, and especially fathers, are far less likely to cave to the irrational whims of women just to keep them happy for an instant at the cost of civilization.

Men and fathers are much more likely to swallow the discomfort of seeing a woman not getting her way in order to save her and society from greater suffering down the track. Even in the business world we observe that most Chinese people refer to businesses by the term “家” (pronounced “jia”) which is literally translated as “family”. A common colloquial trope, for example, is “the food from this 家 tastes better than the food from that 家”, meaning “the food from this restaurant tastes better than the food from that restaurant”.


I’ve noticed that in the face of white male cuckoldry, white females often diverge on two paths in the alternative mating market. Most go for r-selective men of darker backgrounds. But a minority end up going for shitlord East Asians. The latter often display traits so starkly contrasted with their more r-selected sisters that you can tell them apart from a mile away.

Firstly, they tend to be better educated in proper areas such as hard sciences. Secondly, they are far less promiscuous and far more feminine, with higher estrogen production. Finally, they defer to the man in a relationship, never seeking to hold power, and always appreciating the man’s capacity to lead.

I believe in the larger context of biology, these females (and also the males that genuinely get into East Asian cultures) are the most k-selective of the white group, and in the past would have been handsomely rewarded both sexually and economically in European societies due to their higher productivity and civility. In the modern day and age, however, their sexual market value plummets, as they no longer represent what is in fashion.

Whatever new degeneracy the West happens to invent, and it always seems to come from the West, rest assured that the Chinese elevation of the family will have some built-in resistance to it. The white race is in trouble, and until they mimic the Chinese and their worship of family, they will be replaced by Muslims or other third-world races sooner than you think.

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320 thoughts on “Why China Is Winning The Game Of Civilization”

    1. Yup, as long as degeneracy is celebrated, we will be on the down slide. The James Dean type “rebels” of the 50’s are now the mainstream. You want to be a true rebel today? Try standing up for traditional morals.

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      1. Towards this, a great line from the hit and miss tv show House MD
        Dr. Roger Spain (First Applicant): [House won’t hire him because of a tattoo] Wow! I thought you’d be the last person to have a problem with nonconformity.
        Dr. Gregory House: Nonconformity – right. I can’t remember the last time saw a twenty-something kid with a tattoo of an Asian letter on his wrist. You are one wicked free thinker! You want to be a rebel? Stop being cool. Wear a pocket protector like he does, and get a hair cut like the Asian kids that don’t leave the library for twenty hour stretches. They’re the ones who don’t care what you think.
        Dr. Gregory House: [pause] Sayonara!

    2. Hey Bob, your article on ROK about porn was linked on 8chan yesterday.
      Just to let you know…
      ROK and Daily Stormer are my favourite sites since a year. They are actually pretty similar – talking about IQ, JQ and ending women’s suffrage.
      Because 8chans love the DS, they will also love ROK.

      1. Tupac rocked. I loved his diatribe on women, and the before women and after women change. He definately had some Red Pill in him.

    3. Chinese love NBA. They look up to Kobe Bryant like a hero. My Chinese room mate had a poster of some NBA player on his wall.

        1. You really should take a stroll on your local college campus. Your smugness will abate instantly when you realize that everything I say is true.

        2. I could find wonderwoman blowing Mr. Moto and it wont stop me from busting your balls.

    4. China also has some cultural problems. No chicks. There are about 33 million more men in China than there are women. In ancient times such a ratio usually caused war. “We need chicks to bang, you have them, we’re going to come take them.”
      Although in modern times I am not entirely sure how such a problem might play out.

        1. Well, I would not hesitate to attribute a sizeable part of that to their liberal use of the death penalty. It’s not so common anymore, but even non-violent white collar crimes have been known to attract the death penalty, and everyone in China knows it could happen again without notice.

        2. That might have to do with the draconian justice system there, maybe. Another might be cultural/unwritten moral codes restrictions. Maybe there are just 16 million or so happy homosexual couples in China? 😛

      1. We dont have chicks in germany either.
        German gender ratio between 20 and 30 is utterly skewed since 2015. Worse than in India and China.

        1. Exactly. Same in Sweden. In the 15-30 age bracket. Like 125 males for 100 females.

        2. Yep, I calculated it myself a year ago and it was around 100:125.

        3. Too bad you can’t just import Syrian chicks and leave the terrorists in Turkey.

        4. Just imagine germany taking in refugee females from ukraine and venezuela – all beautiful women.
          German sluts would walk to the train stations again – this time not with teddy bears but with pitchforks instead.

        5. Blues and Jazz recently. Hip Hop is often just prepubescent poetry set to a drum beat. Some of it is done well, but too much is just crap.. and reminds me of Bruce Willis in The Last Boyscout.
          MIlo: … Well just once, I would like to hear you scream, in pain.
          Joe Hallenbeck: Play some rap music.

        6. I dont think its true, the state wants you to believe there is an abundance of males over females so you just lose your abundance mentality, think about it, you didn’t count every female that’s in your country and everymale

        7. No, it’s true. Import legions of single male migrants and immigrants from cultures that practice female infanticide and this is what you get.

      2. Interesting. I just read an article that pointed out the same thing…there are 120 men for every 100 women in China. Hope those women don’t get Westernized anytime soon. Jesus, imagine how many online orbiters they’d have…that would cuck the Chinese men really quick.

        1. There’s the same imbalance in India and sadly India is starting to get infected with feminazism and yougogrrrlism.

        2. Can’t tell if that was sarcasm but I’m attracted to Indian girls so for me it is, indeed, sad news.

      3. This male excess is from the recently rescinded “one child only” policy which then resulted in FEMALE infanticide as male children are preferred . Thus the excess of men. However China just exports its excess men and citizens to colonize other countries thru immigration.. Example is Africa… Africa is being taken over by the chinese . And within a short while the maniacally hard working Chinese will be running everything… Scary. The Chinese are like Borg, you “will be assimilated”. Plus China has so much EXTRA CASH.. They just buy what they want…

        1. Hey, China taking over Africa is probably the best news I’ve heard all day!

        2. In 2070 Europe will be named Africa and Africa will be named China.
          Speaking of which,…

        3. The country of Uganda had to pass immigration reform because Chinese men are vastly out competing Ugandan men with the local women.

        4. Probably due to their massive resources in comparison to the locals, who are probably dirt poor for the most part.

        5. OMG! I spit out my dumplings laughing while reading your coment. Seriously, I hope my kind colonizes the shit out of Africa and actually make it useful! If humanity is to ever advance into space and beyond, create a wonderful, modern world, and be free from the shackles of religion and bullshit, it’ll be led by Westerners and East Asians. They are the most important macro-groups in the world. Everyone else is pretty much secondary or tertiary in importance in economic, political, financial, technological, and artistic terms.

        6. Hey Look on the bright side at least the chinese have a high I.Q and a better culture then the normal rabble in Africa.Do not forget happy endings ohh ^^

        7. In 50 years when the west is a wasteland and the (((globalists))) are looking for a new superhost to feed on they will preach how the Chinese oppressors enslaved Africa and now need the wonders of multiculturalism and diversity. They must progress where the west has failed and of course the chosen people are to lead this new development for modern China. #Yellowguilt

        8. East Asians. There won’t be too many Europeans left, with their dismal birthrates and their surrender to Islam.

        9. I’m suspicious of those claims. With a father from hong kong and many chinese friends, I am well aware how chinese view blacks.

      4. A surplus of men leads to an imbalance in the sexual market. That’s how you get really bad female behavior.
        If you can tolerate this girl’s annoying voice, she does a good job satirizing modern Chinese girls:

        1. A surplus of women would lead to positive female behavior because the competition to get men to commit would be greater.

        2. I don’t know man, I think a surplus of men hyperinflates female SMV. When I look at countries with excess females [Carribean, Phillipines, East Europe, etc] the women have to compete for male attention and are often feminine and beautiful.
          In places with excess men, 5’s behave like 10’s and men are marginalized. Look no further than your average military base for reference.

        3. Correction: A surplus of *MEN* leads to bad female behavior. I was typing too fast.
          Fixed, thx

        4. This. I attend an engineering school that has twice as many men as women, or very close to that ratio. At the school the girls are fat entitled bitches who scream at you for having a different opinion.
          I went online and got massive attention even from girls hotter than any at the school I attended (which translate to a 7.)

        5. I’m all for it but the female vote should be repealed.

      5. I can’t take this article seriously. Taking advice from a Chinese guy about avoiding being cucked is like taking a homeless guys advice regarding wise investment.
        Asian women have the highest out marriage and dating rate of all women and Asian guys consistently rank last in attractiveness in all studies on dating and attraction. You’ll see this play out in any major metropolitan city globally. There is clearly something going wrong within the culture for this to be happening.

      6. It is further worsened by the on child policy. Many married women who become pregnant, with a girl, and have the integrity to refuse to abort, are divorced. This only widens the gap between the genders, as they are regarded as unsuitable. Law of unintended consequences.

    5. I’ll be honest, Uncle Bob, I had to google “miscegenation.” Then again, I don’t like Rap.

      1. In a more perfect world, that word wouldn’t exist – because miscegenation wouldn’t be happening. So I’m glad you’d never heard of it before.

    6. America is now the 2nd largest jungle in the world next to sub-saharan Africa.

    7. Compliments of the media, for having our pre-pubescent children behave like inner city trash. The start to raising a red pill family to not allowing cable TV into your house.

      1. That would be a great start, agreed. Teach kids early about the media and the bigger picture. Teach them to think critically. That way, if they wind up in public schools, at least they’ll be exposed to some truth first, and once they see the agenda unfold at school (which the smart parent will also teach them about, prior to the time their kids attend school in order to receive their indoctrination), as a parent, you’ll be elevated to lofty heights in their eyes, and they will trust you above everybody else (hopefully, anyway)…

        1. Life imitates art, and the masses will regurgitate whatever they’re told is cool. Cutting off the cable is good. Homeschooling is even better. None of the elites send their children to public schools, and for good reason.

        2. So true.. Not sure where I’d be without all my father’s de-programming that I started receiving at a young age.. I’m grateful for it now being 32. Maryland schools are a cesspool.

      2. Forgot to add this tidbit. There’s this single mom at the hotel I’m staying at. Her daughter is all of maybe eight years old. The daughter is constantly twerking and dancing to pop music, and snapping selfies of herself in swimwear and short skirts, out by the pool. I hear the mother screaming on the phone and using foul language sometimes, when she’s out there with her daughter.
        So the other day the daughter starts screaming and cursing at the pool, using the same language her mother uses. Her mother threatened her with a beating. I said to her, quite casually, “Maybe if you brought a stripper pole home to work out on, your daughter would copy you on that one, too…” She went dead silent and turned red. Didn’t say a frickin’ word after that.
        Modern Western women are incapable of raising children properly. They are breeding little mini-whores, who will grow up to be worse than they are.

        1. oh snap!
          that singer Ariana Grand admitted the lyrics to one of her songs is about ridin’ that dick- she has a lot of prepubescent fans.
          without good parenting, you get a kid like this:

          infamy has never been more lucrative

        2. But women are smart and empowered…hahahahaha. Dumb and disempowered. Just as planned.

        3. hey, if she gets enough followers on social media, I bet she could net close to$100k/yr- for now. Dead or in jail before 21

        4. Social decay due to a missing/absentee father. Why am I not surprised.

        5. Hmm…I think the social engineers might have a master plan here. The unfit are the ones who allow their daughters to act like this. So over a prolonged period of time it might lower the population of degenerates. I always look for the silver lining.

        6. I thought for sure this had to be a black mother and daughter until you said she “turned red.”
          Also, I always assumed you stayed at a pretty nice place. If so, how did this human debris get in there?
          Your comment to the mom was A++

        7. Grazie my friend. I felt good after I let her have it with both barrels. My voice was calm, light, no sarcasm at all. Single moms who stay here are rare. Every once in a while, one shows up. I’m thinkin’ they probably divorce-raped their husbands. This particular mom drives a late-model SUV. I don’t stay at the Hilton but it’s a pretty nice hotel. I wouldn’t stay at a really expensive hotel no matter what my financial position was. I can’t bring myself to buy shoes that cost much more than $100, let alone pay $200 a night and up for a hotel.

        8. how did this “human debris” get in there?
          OMG, What a elegant phrase ! they deserve it !!

        9. You only need to go to jails/prisons to see the result of this fine parenting model. Of course, this is the result of “dead beat” dads and never the fault of the single mom.

        10. Going to jail and being treated like pampered pets is what our society does. These inmates get better healthcare than regular citizens. It’s shameful.
          The population of degenerates is not lowered. These breeders suck off the social services teet and use our tax money to survive.

        11. Thank you. She is too out of control to make of a go of anything. I see jail in her future. I highly doubt she is focused towards any education and anything that requires concentration and discipline.

        12. Absolutely!! Remember though, all the blame is put on the absentee father. As if anyone would want to be around those two.

        13. That’s right. Our jails are full of victims of female parenting. Try telling people that. The shock on their faces is priceless and their argument is hilarious.

        14. Strong, independent women who need a Government handout. I’m not against social services, I’m against chronic social services parasites who squirt out babies they can not afford.

        15. It’s more so that so many mother’s legally kidnap the children from the fathers and do their best to ruin the fathers life by stealing their kids. Fatherless homes have been proven too have a much higher crime rate.

        16. OK, divorce rape which includes alienating the children is a big problem. It basically fucks up children when they are caught in the middle of bickering adults. I am especially interested in women who have no education, no ambition and cannot take care of themselves and start squirting out children from different fathers. These parasites only do this because they know that Daddy and Nanny Government will foot the bill. I’m not letting the guys off because men need to be mindful of where they stick their dicks. Fucking a woman without taking precautions is a BAD idea.
          Yes, single parent homes set children up for a plethora problems from addiction to criminal behaviour. The cycle always continues.

        17. It’s not the thoughtful, intelligent, responsible guys breeding Future Convicts of America. It’s the human equivalent of jackals.

    8. As annoying as mainstream hip-hop can be, it makes sense why it is so popular – especially among White audiences. As Jordan Peterson said, hip-hop has an aggression which acts as a necessary corrective to Western culture which has taught White men that they should endeavor to be harmless.

    9. Oh, its already there too, Bob.
      Eastern countries tend to add the first letter of their name to music genres. So, Korean Pop is KPop and Japanese rap is JRap. So, it should fittingly be called CRap:

      1. I was hoping the disease hadn’t spread this far…I think I’m gonna get hammered tonight. Shit-faced. KRAP-faced.

  1. The more I read into it, the more IQ seems to be the most important determining factor. But it’s taboo so we will never address it as a society. People with low IQs are not useful in a modern society and America has too many of them.

      1. Not all Jews. Ashkenazi Jews are one standard deviation above average. Sephardic Jews are average at best.

        1. If IQ was the single most important factor, Israel would be ahead of China in terms of military, science, tech, and mile high skyscrapers.

        2. Uhm, Israel has an average IQ of 95 because of sephardic and palestinians.
          Only ashkenazi have avgIQ of >110.
          Chinas avgIQ is between 102 and 105 (depending on the study).

        3. It doesn’t matter what the average IQ is: the only people bringing any of the magic are those in the 140+ range. Having a bunch of people with an IQ of 105 is as useless as having a bunch of people with an IQ of 75.

        4. Nah, Israel has plenty of lower IQ ethnic people in their country. Being Jewish doesn’t mean shit. Ashkenazi are the high IQ ones for obvious evolutionary reasons.

        5. Much of it will depend on how society is structured. If the low IQ people are indentured manual laborers then they don’t become problems. In a society with welfare programs and universal suffrage, they become exponentially detrimental.

        6. When you go to Japan, the people working at McDonalds are all Japanese. It seems strange to use since the only Asians we deal with are all doctors etc.

        7. OK, and on average the Japanese fast food worker is going to be more efficient than the black or brown American fast food worker because they have a higher IQ. Unless we start going into manual labor where physical attributes become more defining, which is increasingly rare, IQ still makes a difference with lower end worker efficiency.

        8. Why aren’t the Ashkenazi Jews dominating physics or science in general anymore? They’ve retreated or faded away it seems…

        9. They definitely have an evolutionary advantage for a modern society. It it were a society based on physical prowess, they would struggle and blacks would have the advantage.

        10. Jews have by far the highest IQs when it comes to linguistics.
          That’s why they are so great in manipulating everyone.

        11. And that right there is the reason blacks have the advantage in the modern dating market. Income doesnt matter when there is a welfare state.

        12. more free time to hit on the white womynz in the town square or mall too

        13. that’s what im trying to point out. IQ isn’t everything. Having a good culture and an environment that could nurture your talent should also be put into the equation.

        14. Fred Reed argues that Jews have lost that culture that made so successful in the sciences in the 20th century.

        15. The artificial government support allows low IQ people to reproduce at rates that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

    1. Made a post about this a week ago. In my thesis that I’m currently finishing I found out that national noise annoyance correlates with national iq – but my professor called me racist and forced me to replace all evidence.
      I used Human Developement Index instead. Same results.
      HDI says blacks are underdeveloped.
      IQ says blacks are retarded.
      Somehow the first is politically correct.

    2. Hmm. The last time I checked, my IQ was 135. Maybe I should find a hot, sexy, high IQ Japanese girl and have lots of kids with her.

      1. As long as the kids are female, I’m fine.
        Otherwise your kids will be Elliot Rodger all over again.

        1. Hm, I like that idea..
          Are we reaching new peaks of weaponized autism?
          Can we reproduce with east asian hookers and send our sons to Israel, so that they can shut it all down with suicide vests?

  2. Why China is winning the game of civilizations: they don’t have jews.

      1. Without jews, you don’t have cultural-marxism. People do not not normally hate their own race, their own culture, their own religions and traditions. They have to be continually – and expertly – indoctrinated on a daily basis. Without jews, you don’t have that.

        1. One of the richest men on Earth, and a 5 out of 10 is the best he could do.

  3. Great article, you could write volumes about this subject. I would only add that Western obsession with unsustainable materialism is extremely destructive.

    1. Modern China is extraordinarily materialistic. The amount of conspicuous consumption there would make any American blush. Divorce rates are right in line with those in the west. Both seems to be a consequence of their economic growth/prosperity over the last thirty years.
      The current state of things, while largely holding on to the values of the past, is showing some major warning signs.

    1. If only real Gandhi were the same as nuclear Gandhi, India would be a very different place.

      1. Do you think Gandhi would have gotten anywhere had India been occupied by anyone but the polite British? They were already on the white guilt phase of their existence, being “colonialists” and all. Imagine if the Germans were in control at the time.

        1. I’m not sure. But I have a better opinion of the rest of European nations than the British. There was in fact a large fascist/nationalist support base in India led Subhas Chandra Bose (among many others). Bose himself met Hitler who provided him with money to involve the Japanese in the Indian Independence effort.
          The RSS organization that operates to this day (of which the current ruling party BJP is part of) originally held strong fascist views modeled after Hitler’s and Mussolini’s ideologies. The organization was created by men who were disillusioned by ass-kissing the INC party were doing to the British.

        2. This is all speculation, but Britain was on the way out anyway. They were tired of being the colonists who build and protect other nations. At the time, British colonies were disappearing worldwide. Let the United States be the world’s policeman.

        3. Of course. There is no way to tell how the world would have been had the Axis won WW2. But all I can say is that there were a lot of lies told about the war, largely by the victors.
          “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”
          -Adolf Hitler
          Check this link out if you get the time. 18 pages of pictures and letters of all the nations and races that sided with Hitler.

    1. that guy is just plain weird, i still cant believe there are not mass suicides in Canada for voting this oddball in to power to rule the country.

  4. Here’s the thing about IQ:
    China doesn’t test IQ nationwide, including in rural bumfuck villages. They restrict their testing to major urban areas like Shanghai so of course the results will skew favorably.
    Also, what does it even mean to say the average American or average Euro IQ? America and Europe don’t have pure populations anymore. And I’m sure the 5 point difference can be attributable to immigration of Africans, Central Americans, and Arabs, etc.

    1. On the other hand, when America polls IQ, it includes everyone, including retards, Mexicans kids who don’t speak English, poor Whites etc. It doesn’t cherry pick like China does. And Singapore and Hong Kong aren’t “countries” – they’re autonomous financial zones like Luxembourg or Lichtenstein.

    2. Godd point, which I likewise have emphasized. There are still studies that show that non-mixed European nations, such as Slovenia, do not have that high IQ. Maybe the genotypic IQ is about 104 in Germanic nations and about 105 in northeast Asian populations such as South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

  5. If anyone had talked about Chinese supremacy 100 years ago, they would have been laughed out of the room.
    100 years ago, China was having its legs forced open by all the foreign powers. Britain made them import opium. Chinese coolies lay on their sides in opium dens in a haze. Foreign powers violently put down the Boxer Rebellion. The Imperial Japanese Army skull fucked them throughout the 30s and 40s.
    Things can change.

    1. Shit like that happens when a tribe brainwashes the people through their media monopoly to focus on transgenderism, self-hatred and getting girls into CEO positions.

    2. ” Britain made them import opium”
      ‘Britain’. Google ‘Sassoon India Opium’.

  6. You want to know why China is winning? Look at their TV shows and commercials:

    Notice how all the performers are Chinese? Notice also how a lot of the Chinese actors and male performers look nerdy (glasses, skinny, short) but still are popular? Contrast this in the West where any man with glasses is portrayed as socially inept and undesirable. Or how the hero or cool guy is always black while the villain or dumb dad is always white.

    1. Oh, I swear to god, this ‘stupid white cuck’ ‘black genius’ and ‘strong, independent woman’ theme is running rampant in german talmudvision and advertisement.

    2. lol just saw the 3 minutes of the first video. The only thing china is going to win, is a “bright beta degenerate designed future” like the occidental west got nowadays. Now, i contemplate the usefull purpose of all that tv shit !!

  7. Meanwhile, this is what the West has come to. Notice the thousand cock stare and the lack of shame on both women, knowing that they can hit on male reporters to the brink of sexual harassment and they will be called “brave” and “empowered.”

    1. These are the same women that shame men for marrying foreign wives.

  8. “I’ve noticed that in the face of white male cuckoldry, white females
    often diverge on two paths in the alternative mating market. Most go for
    r-selective men of darker backgrounds. But a minority end up going for
    shitlord East Asians.”
    Why would you date white women if you can get an Asian girl? What the fuck’s wrong with you? You were dealt a winning hand (being born Chinese) and you throw it away for a pair of deuces???

    1. This is what the average german couple looks like these days.
      I also noticed a pattern: German girls with german boyfriends never post pictures with their bf’s on facebook. German girls with arab or black boyfriends post pictures with their partner pretty much everyday.
      “Hey white boy, look, I’m fucking a arab/black guy!!! You see? But you are not allowed to criticize me because I will call you a racist and you will lose your job :-)”

      1. And I’m going to wager a guess: these girls’ parents are completely alright with who their daughters are dating. In fact, they are probably happy that they’re not dating a German male, right?

        1. Yes, that is correct. Oh, did I mention my parents gave my old tablet to a refugee from afghanistan while I was traveling? I mean..I would not have used it anyway but why the fuck do they give my shit away for free to shitskins without my approval?
          Fuck man, I hate nothing more than european babyboomers.
          Okay, I hate skypes a bit more but the boomers come in second place close to the skypes.

        2. If it’s any consolation, none of this is new. People think of the Cologne rape / assault / harassment as something new. Remember, the mass rapes by the Red Army, things like Nemmersdorf Massacre, etc. Or how the French deliberately used their black colonial troops to occupy the Rheinland in the 1920s.

      2. This proves that women are mentally inferior to men. It was men who socially engineered them to embrace dating outside their own race. It was men who socially engineered them to think this is empowering. I may not like it, but I admire it. Men beating women at every turn, while making them think they are superior…now that’s some powerful stuff right there.

        1. I think I missed something. How did men socially engineer women to date outside their own race?

        2. via the media silly-movies, tv show, books, advertising…

        1. German men need to introduce WHITE SHARIA.
          Just like all other white men.
          Either we introduce it, or our whores are getting introduced to ISLAMIC SHARIA.
          There is no other solution.

        2. or german men could become men again and control their women. German fathers also need to step up on who they allow their daughters to date.

        3. “german men could become men again”
          Dude, are you deaf? WHITE SHARIA is all about becoming men again.

      3. Very tragic. She’s actually one of the prettier German women I’ve seen. Such a waste.

      4. Brother, I say this in loving respect that allowing a beta like that to defeat you in the sexual marketplace is unacceptable. If this is what is getting German women, I would clean up in a place like that. Stop being the nice guy and take what is rightfully yours.

      5. Pfff that roadman look is about 14 years out of date, I used to dress like that back in 03-04!

  9. This article doesn’t fully explain things. I know Asians. I should write a follow-up.

  10. Maybe Communism wasn’t so bad for the Chinese as it was for Europeans. Since they are pretty homogeneous, prone to following strong cult leaders and are pretty much used to living communally, it may have benefited them as it kept them together and free from Western influences. And ironically, as another commenter below mentioned, full fledged capitalism seems to have corrupted the Chinese to the point of even the Politburo not being able to control them.

    1. Dear leader Mao killed off 35 million of them with his ideas and adherence to communism.
      There are a number of reasons China will not be a world power, and some of the posters mentioned a couple already, but they will go broke before they ever ascend anything.

      1. Oh come on. Chinese die all the time. If you look through their history, every war they fight, thousands, or even millions die. Mao just accelerated the process. And yet Chinese don’t seem to mind. Maybe because they are 1 billion plus of them.
        And I’ll agree with you on Mao’s adherence to communism. However, I will say this. At least Mao could be credited to removing a surplus of the population. On the other hand, modern Chinese with their adherence of materialism are turning into useless beings with no one to put them to heel. At least thought, because they are so many, they don’t face extinction like the Japanese. Now they could use a stern hand

        1. I think you are being disingenuous and you simply dismissing the liquidation of a large swathe of a nations population a bit lightly. Other estimates would even place the toll between 50-70 million, but long as it isn’t your family you seem ok with it and “down with the struggle.” When a leader wants to get rid of “surplus population”, it is usually people he deems as threats to his power or those who may defy him– not for the common good of the country.
          I would suggest reading “Mao: the unknow story” by Chang. I do believe if Chiang Kai-shek would have won the civil war, it would have been better for China though it is all speculation these days.
          Also China has a demographic problem due to their One Child policy from 1980. As chinese culture traditionally favors boys, there have been a lot of aborted females leaving a 125:100 – men to women ratio (read alot of men are not going to get laid or have a family). I hear Chinse women definetly take advantage of that LOL. They are an becoming an aging population that cannot sustain current economic growth and have admitted they would have to Import millions of foreigners in order to maintain said growth,
          I would devel into the economic and financial side (their debt was just downgraded), but it would take awhile to lay out, but they are going to go broke before they get rich.

  11. It’s not like China is self-reliant and made itself into the power that is today.
    American military might crushed the Japanese, paving the way for a Communist Revolution.
    America chose not to intervene against Mao in 1949. Truman sacked McArthur who wanted to nuke China during the Korean War:
    America was responsible for the Chinese rocket program when it repatriated MIT/Caltech educated Qian Xuesen in the 1950s:
    He went on to design all of China’s Long March rockets.
    America also chooses to educate 500,000 Chinese students here (usually in STEM) every year.
    America is responsible for China’s rise.

    1. Shared an apartment with a chinese last year. Of course he was studying at the best technical university in germany (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie).
      I asked him if he wanted to stay in germany after he graduated – because he said he likes germany and his language skills were astonishing.
      But of course he said that he wants to go back to China…he actually never wanted to go to germany but he couldnt get into a chinese university so he used a bypass..money well spent for the german taxpayer.
      Shit like that (and all the rapefugees of course) is the reason I will never pay 1€ in taxes in germany. I would rather end up homeless.

      1. And of course Germany (like America) thinks that by educating Chinese students, our “values” will rub off on them and they will bring the “seeds of liberty and democracy” back home with them LOLZ

        1. Judging by all the coup d etats they had while being aided by the Americans, it didn’t work too well for the South Vietnamese, now did it?

        1. I don’t know, man…I really don’t know…Uruguay? Iceland? Japan? USA (some northern state)? Lithuania?

        2. Just find out what type of girls you are into and then match the country / area. You could perhaps also spend some time in East Germany before moving further

  12. it’s pathetic that micro dick pussies are even in this equation. slay every muslum in america and get our fat cunts back in the kitchen

      1. True. America should stop having Miss America competitions where it parades scantily clad white women on the TV for men the world over to salivate over.

  13. Although East Asians have a higher average IQ, they have a bifurcated IQ. They are spatially smarter but verbally less smart than Europeans. However, the magnitude of their spatial superiority to Europeans is greater than the magnitude of their verbal inferiority compared to Europeans, giving an overall higher IQ. But verbal and spatial IQs are not necessarily equally important. This is how I have come to understand it.

    1. So basically we shouldn’t expect “The Great Chinese Novel” anytime soon?

      1. Another interesting statistic is that East Asians are somewhat less successful at passing the bar exam than whites. I can’t remember if whether or not they are native speakers was considered, but there are other studies that suggest it doesn’t matter. The verbal IQ difference is organic.

        1. I’ve heard the Chinese alphabet is itself to blame. see: “The Writing on the Wall: How Asian Orthography Curbs Creativity”

        2. It’s not an alphabet. There are at at least 65,000 character/ideograms. There is no “spelling”, just memorization.

  14. On every American college campus, you will have many, many student organizations and clubs exclusively for Chinese students. The largest of these is the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), which actually takes directives from the Chinese government. They put on cultural events throughout the year and help Chinese males and females court and date.
    Unlike in America, where basically everything is designed to promote miscegenation.

  15. I ain’t racist but I tend to be suspicious of yellow people with tiny eyes.

    1. Again, a misnomer. Northeast Asians are white. Look at their skin! They are white. They’re whiter than white people who go tanning and try to look brown!

  16. I’ve always thought one of the greatest what ifs of history being the Chinese sailed as fast west as east Africa but never attempted to colonize the places they discovered.

    1. probably because they didn’t want to export / share their culture with barbarians?

    2. Knowing the Asian mentality, the entirety of east Africa today would be of pure Asiatic stock after 100% displacing the natives. Conquered peoples should thank their primitive gods they were colonized by Christians and not the Asians.

  17. China actually isn’t winning the game of civilization. It has massive demographic problems and a real estate bubble that dwarfs the 2008 one here. China doesn’t look so good in the long term.

    1. I’ve heard about that. Apparently there are entire cities with almost no one living there.

      1. Correct. Add on top of that the massive sex ratio problem and that its work force peaked in 2012 (last I checked).
        If anything, China is a country we can use to learn to not skew sex ratios so badly. But that’s exactly what’s happening in Europe in particular now.

        1. And europe is skewing it with violent lowIQ inbred bastards.
          If they dont get da puss they will rape da puss.

  18. I do see more white women dating Asian (Korean / Chinese) men. Usually those in STEM.

  19. Seems like you romanticize China and could not see their inherent problems. As a Communist country, they adopted a foreign concept to replace their already discredited Chinese form of government that brought a weakened country that’s easily exploited by countries like the USA or UK. Their one child policy decimated the Chinese large family structure that may not be easily be repaired. Their economic policy created materialism that not good for the Chinese and Chinese families. Still, they retained the practice of dropping off their kids for others to raise or husbands keeping around a concubine who is a poor pretty woman and often birth bastard children. Just dysfunction all around. Their xenophobia keeps out the Muslims so at least they have that to rely on.

    1. keeps out the Muslims
      Oh, they have plenty of domestic ones.
      Visited a couple mosques in China. In one, a poster hung on the wall, placed there by the government. It said something along the lines of ‘Use this space by practicing faith responsibly (keeping appropriate social duties in mind)’. It was essentially a veiled threat that if they step out of line, the mosque would be demolished.

      1. I also heard that they are not allowed to grow their beard anymore.

        1. In all fairness, Chinese Muslims couldn’t grow beards to begin with

        1. Not fully certain about the scope the of expected answer. In all cases, they are Chinese citizens. In the eastern and southern cities the people in the mosques (and running the muslim restaurants) generally appear to be internal migrants, probably coming from Xinjiang in the northwest. When you start getting closer to the northwest, say from Xi’an onwards, they could be considered more local/native to those cities. So the answer is Chinese-muslim-muslim, maybe?

  20. This is what I never understood. If the Chinese are REALLY so intelligent and so superior to us Whites, then China should be LIGHT YEARS ahead of us. Not neck in neck. Not a little ahead. Not edging us out. Look at what the West has to deal with compared to China: dysgenics, mass importation of stupid violent prone people from Africa and the Middle East, rampant miscegenation, breakdown of the family, homosexuality and all the other shit … and yet, we’re still on top? If that’s not proof of Whites being innately superior, I don’t know what is. It’s like the West is in a boxing match with both hands tied behind its back and is still winning!

    1. Comment of the day.
      Still everyone needs to learn about WHITE SHARIA.

    2. Maybe all the adversity makes us stronger?
      Maybe we are getting antifragile like Nassim Taleb would say?
      Maybe diversity is our greatest strength?
      I mean…I made a transition from total Amnesty International donating retarded liberal to skype-hating redpilled white sharia endorser through the migrant crisis…when you put on the weights, your muscle is getting bigger…when the jewing intesifies, your understanding of the cultural marxist society is growing.

      1. I think that could be. During the Cold War, the Soviets ran a bioweapons program. I believe they deliberately engineered infectious agents to be extra lethal by exposing them to antibiotics etc so the pathogens would develop resistance.

        1. Also take a look at the Japs…they are in a similar position like westeurope (concerning gynocentrism, birthrates, HDI and so on) but without the migrants…and their men are even more feminine than europeans. And unlike europeans they don’t show signs of awakening and developing masculine strength – because they don’t need to. Because their society is not as fucked as ours. They are performing the bench press without any weights so to speak..and that won’t make them stronger.
          The question that remains: Are we putting too many weights on the dumbbells? Will we collapse or get out of it as better men?

    3. China got shackled with communist ideology and politics. That’s pretty debilitating. When it happened to whites (USSR) they ended up as drunken economically broken states that people associate with whores, gangsters, and chekists.

    4. Exactly, Chinese guys still get dominated in the dating/marriage market by White guys and consistently rated last by all races of women in terms of attractiveness. The out marriage/dating rate of Asian women is so high there are multiple forums online full of beta Asian dudes dedicated to complaining about it. If avoiding being cucked is the goal China is one of the last cultures I’d want advice from. One can only imagine if the Chinese were dealing with (((certain elements))) within their society how they would be going.

      1. They did. They kicked those elements out centuries ago when they tried to gain too much power. These days? Who knows.

      1. And women are much easier to control. They are inherently liberal. They are the natural allies of the chosen few.

      2. They’ve already worked on the men (see: cucks, fags, trannies, white knights, et al). But they want the men on medication, too…

    1. Saul and Schlomo… as always with the best interests of their host white country in mind.

  21. China is a population ticking time bomb with little technological advancement coming from natives over the past century. The only real wealth they have accumulated has either come from Hong Kong (which is more western in mindset) or from western businesses setting up manufacturing there, teaching the Chinese useful skills and paying a living wage (by Chinese standards). Three quarters of the shit they sell are actually designed by western minds.
    Having lived and worked in HK, Shanghai, London, and NYC, I can honestly say the Chinese are not even close to winning the game of civilization. Most of their men are corporate wage whores willing to suck their boss’s dick for the smallest increase in pay or a pointless title.

  22. “The gradual debunking of this religion, thus, ultimately saw the dismantling of European culture itself.”
    – Once again, the reason Europe is failing is because they’ve been indoctrinated to attach morals and values to religion, so when that religion fails, so too do those values.
    It doesn’t have to be this way.

  23. This was a fun article to read (particularly the opening), but I have to disagree with the main point. China hasn’t been relevant as a military superpower in years (no, just because they’re 2nd (3rd?) best today doesn’t make them a superpower- we’re the only superpower), they have an aging and relatively unambitious population, they embrace communism, they don’t innovate (instead, the main ingrained gameplan is to copy and steal), and they made practically none of humanity’s defining advancements over the last 500 years or so.
    They procreate well though.

  24. Chinese believe in their inherent superiority over all cultures and lovingly refered to their country as the Zhonggou “Middle Kingdom” between Heaven and Earth. They ruthlessly assimilated the few successful invaders and never hesitated to close their borders when needed. Ethnocentrism is why they’re the world’s longest continuous ethnicity. All of this is a good thing.

    1. an emperor would come forward, then his successor would fuck shit up. They built wooden ships the length of football fields and were trading with places as far away as India and east Africa almost 100 years before Portugal.
      What happened? dude after that dude destroyed the fleet. They woulda colonized Australia centuries before the Brits got there

      1. It’s so true. Chinese colonization would’ve been light years more brutal than Christian colonization. Africans and Aboriginees would exist today only museums had those ships not been burned.

    2. 中国 “Zhongguo” does not mean “Middle Kingdom”, but rather “the central states/lands” (in contrast with the peripheral areas in the east and south of today’s China).
      China has certainly not been particularly ethnocentric in historic times, and always ethnically and culturally diverse compared to most of Europe. Today, while the Chinese certainly are quite nationalistic, they are generally much more humble and willing to learn from other cultures than most of the west. And this is a good thing.

      1. It means Middle Kingdom. Tsinos have always been ethnocentrist towards outsiders, closing their borders multiple times throughout their history.
        Putting their culture first and closing borders is why they are the world’s longest continuous civilization.

  25. Interesting article with a lot of good points. Still they have demographic problems in China, as well as South Korea and Japan. Therefore Chinese and Korean men with less favorable social status and/or looks import Southeast Asian wives.
    As for genetic overlaps between East Asian populations there is a north-south dividend in China. South Chinese people are shorter than their northern counterparts and rather close to the overall Vietnamese population, whereas South Korea and Japan are close and likewise have some Southeast Asian components.
    Culturally Shamanism, Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism are to be found in all East Asian nations from a historical point of view (Shintoism is a syncretic religion with Buddhism as its “hidden” point of departure). However the Confucian system as such belongs to the past and very few take Confucian scripts seriously; they are more interested in Western progressivism such as democracy (although not in China for obvious reasons), technology, popular culture and general prosperity. With that said, the post-Confucian situation implies that family values and at least some traditional virtues live on in current times.

  26. They don’t have “Democracy”(Corporate Oligarchy), Multiculturalism, Feminism, you know the things that cause the ship of civilization to eventually sink.
    China is going to be the Superpower, people laughed at them, but they are the ascendant power.

  27. In Ancient China, under Confucianism there were 5 main relationships. It was widely known and accepted that these sole 5 relationships were the 5 pillars that upheld a society.
    #1 Ruler and Subject.
    #2 Father and Son
    #3 Older Brother to Younger
    #4 Husband and Wife
    #5 Friend to Friend
    Take a minute to absorb that.
    Each one except the last is a dominant-submissive role.
    The list is prioritized based on importance.
    They knew that as long as Fathers were raising their Sons, Civilization would continue and be strong. And they prioritized that relationship over Husband/Wife.
    I just find that very prescient and fascinating.
    The Chinese know their sh*t. Not to say they don’t have problems too, but they got a lot right.

    1. I was watching a documentary on chinese kids the other day and the dad tells his son something like “Do not mistake your material items for wealth.”
      Good advice.

  28. There is one thing to be wary of when it comes to China: scientific research.
    Not that they are shunning it… in fact they aren’t afraid to do genetic experiments. What’s really distressing, however, is the amount of scientific fraud that comes out of Chinese research papers. Many of them outright fake data. Furthermore, all the “positive” studies on things that are questionable, e.g. acupuncture, come from China. In their rush to globalize quickly, they are cutting corners.
    They are also waaaaay behind in military technology.
    Another interesting thing is that if China is so superior, why are Chinese kids encouraged to play the piano and violin? Why aren’t they encouraged to play traditional Chinese instruments?
    TL;DR China isn’t quite as powerful as people believe.

    1. why are Chinese kids encouraged to play the piano and violin?

      Yeah, how can the Chinese get away with culturally appropriating our musical instruments and traditions?

      1. I think it shows that they feel that they are inferior deep down and must prove their “whiteness” by excelling in European instruments.

      1. ewwwwwwwwww
        I am not disgusted…that’s the name of the director

  29. What a load of CRAP.
    There is no Chinese culture. What was left of it was destroyed by Mao Tse Tung and his domesticated monkeys.
    Chinese are born to follow, with little capacity for creativity, innovation or individuality. What other country could invent something so barbaric as the Cultural Revolution?
    No ethics, no compassion, people behave like animals without a soul. I never eat anything made in China.
    Everything that China has today was given away by the West. American technology, German machines. You can discuss why, if it was a globalists or Illuminati plan, but China didn’t create anything.
    The only hope China has is the growth of Christianity in the country. Let’s see if this will make them slightly human.

  30. Chinese ancestor worship actually makes more sense than Western theism. One, your ancestors really existed. Two, they had something to do with your coming into existence. And three, you can often point to something tangible your ancestors did, like starting the family business.

  31. Excellent article and great points. A few things. IQ tests are not a completely valid indicator of intellectual capacity. Chinese people aren’t necessarily “smarter” than Euro Caucasians, they simply do better on standardized tests because of their inherent cultural discipline. Caucasians are still the most over-represented ethnicity with regards to major breakthroughs in STEM and other types of innovation.
    Furthermore, our culture was not necessarily dependent on Abrahamic Religion for it’s success in the days of old. The Roman Empire was Pagan and paved the way for Caucasian cultural success. You definitely have a point about positive effects of the strength of the family unit. But the West’s decline as opposed to Southeast Asia’s growth has more to do with different tactics used by both nation’s political and economic elite.
    The elites that control the West are globalist and disseminate propaganda that undermines the nation state for their own profit. The elites that control China are nationalist and disseminate propaganda that achieves the same end but through different means that props up the nation state. Both the Chinese and Caucasian masses have been affected by the elites that run the media. It’s simply a different road to the same destination. The roles can be easily reversed with a simple change in tactics.

  32. More rubbish from guys who know nothing about the Orient, China today is a commie Jew run country. Talk Taiwan and HK and the you’ll have something close to traditional society.

  33. Ummmm…China’s policies have not been supportive to families, and the reason their culture appears less corrupted by technology and other cultures and religions, is because they don’t have access to the information, The Great Firewall of China, and the Chinese Powerful control their thoughts and behavior, as much as possible.
    If this is satire, and I missed it…”whew”…

    1. I’m skeptical that the great firewall of China is the culprit behind China’s reactionism but if it can be reasonably demonstrated to be so then that is simply what we need here.

      1. Perhaps you endorse a high level of governmental over-sight and control in your life, and that’s cool, a lot of people are more comfortable with that sort of thing.
        As long as I continue to enjoy freedom of mind, body and spirit; with access to information I want and need, when I want and need it; and freedom to work and play and love the way I want, you do your thing.

        1. Unfortunately that’s not how government policy works. It’s a one size fits all proposition. Law is not something that anyone has the privilege to pick and choose from. Laws are enforced over all inhabitants of a subject population within a certain territory. That’s the way all government works; whether they be democracies or dictatorships.
          Furthermore, I don’t consider freedom an inviolable principle. Sometimes freedom must be overlooked in favor of pragmatism and there are other considerations that take precedence in my opinion. I don’t think you’re right about internet restriction being the root cause behind the maintenance of some semblance of traditionalism in Chinese culture. It’s not a plausible proposition to me. Most likely its either one small piece in a larger puzzle or irrelevant.

        2. Root cause?! I’m just shooting the shit on Discus, Anon, not writing an abstract,
          I don’t believe China has even a ‘semblance of traditionalism’; 30-years of forced abortions and breaking-up family’s by confiscating their children; has left the Chinese people with what they call Guang Guan, or ‘broken-branches’ instead of Family-Trees; 30-million more men than women of child-bearing age…still trying to manage the population with laws, loosening the One-Child Policy in October 2015 doesn’t seem to be yielding the desired results.
          Your puzzle analogy was a perfect visual for me when attempting to understand your description of the complex, often nuanced, relationship citizens have with different styles of government.
          Thanks for sharing your perspective with me; it’s quite different from my point of view, so I’m going to ponder over it a little more tonight; and I’ll probably drop your idea down on the table tomorrow night with a group of friends, mostly couples…should be interesting.

  34. Indonesia (I know……Muslims), they took two queers, who had been caught bumming, out in front of a large crowd and publicly flogged them (from what I could see they got hit across a clothed back with a bamboo stick and not very hard either). Then they were sent home in shame to their families to teach them never to bum again. Western democracies have fag parades in front of young children. Guess which society is the more vibrant and on the ascendance?

  35. The chinese are quite nationalistic, but they all hate one another, are corrupt as hell and will do anything to screw one another over for some RMB. Given my time there, I don’t think they have many true friends, just people they can use for favours.
    I can’t figure out how the heck communism ever took hold there given how much they love money.

  36. All we can do, is do out part. Take the red pill. Engage in red pill parenting, raise your boys differently than you do your girls – none of this equal BS. Be proud of your culture, pride yourself in its achievements, and steer clear of useful leftist idiots.
    I believe we can do it. Already a generation of men is being educated in what needs to be done. I have faith, because once you take the red pill, there’s no going back. The blue pill never wins in the face of reality.

  37. Does anyone know where the hell the traditional gentlemen’s business clubs/societies of influence (eg the Melbourne Club here in Australia, and it’s overseas equivalents) have been during this wholesale feminisation of society and in particular as it applies here in Australia, to exclude men from the public sector roles and the professions?

    1. What happened to Australia? The same thing that happened to the rest of the west. Australians were wasting time strapped to their idiot boxes watching circus while insufficiently breeding. Shows like this one:

      You couldn’t switch channels and find a more culturally enriching option, similar to voting for the lesser evil. And the propagandized mothers watching the idiot box were brainwashed into feeding their 1.5 kids this non-meat hydrogenated vegetable oil based crap on bleached gluten white bread. It’s no substitute for real animal based meats and fats.

      Meanwhile MIRACLE WHIP was made specifically for killing off the Americans who became fatsos eating pink slime spam with miracle whip on white wonder bread. Each western country was issued it’s own poison. ‘KRAFT’ is the boogeyman. “Boo!”

      And the globalist population replacement sceme is rolling right along as scheduled

  38. The elites hàve had their hands all over china. Here is a relevant quote. “Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded, not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering a high morale and community propose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”
    – David Rockefeller, New York Times, 1973

  39. While the author seems to think Chinese culture is superior to the west in almost every way, he forgets that the Chinese have killed off so many baby girls that it’s basically ruined itself. Their economy is dependent entirely on selling their cheap and inferior products to the west. Smog, poor living wages, overpopulation, etc. This is not a society worth emulating.
    Furthermore, the majority of technology and science the east has was given by western white men. They wouldn’t be anywhere near as advanced as they are now otherwise.

  40. Yeah the major cities of China are so overpopulated that their is a limit on how many children are allowed in the household, leading to higher rates of abortion and child abandonment (the term “toilet babies” originated from China. Research at your own risk), and foreign companies hire hundreds to thousands of Chinese workers to over long hours, no benefits, and low pay. Which causes these companies to deal with a regular attempts of office suicide from their employees but it’s all good. They keep the women and Tibet in check, go go China.

  41. Every 500 years or so, power and wealth shifts from East to West, and back again. It’s shifting East, again.

  42. A race is a family unit.
    I’d say the West uses an r selective strategy that adopts other peoples’ children in with their own. That’s why whites have a high work ethic with little reward, unless they hit the career jackpot.

  43. Thank you for this. Looking forward to anything else you have to write on this matter. Indeed, Western/European civilization being framed by a religion, let alone a foreign religion, has left it susceptible to decline. China has corruption, bad manners (of peasants), and lack of free speech. But ultimately, Chinese people value family, stability, intelligence, technology, and order. They do not encourage their daughters to attend Ariana Grande concerts or to probe the outer reaches of disorder to attain some phony empowerment. China accumulates hard power and revitalizes itself; the West chugs along on soft power and dies in a bath of acid. The West is dead. If it is to survive, it will need to be reborn in a drastic way. It cannot just salvage the ruins.

    1. The west aint dead we are just being used as a petry dish for the off world colonies being fired up as we speak.
      The ones our childrens children will never be allowed to see.

  44. This article brought up a very interesting role religion has played in the development of the European civilization.
    Yesterday I got in to a talk with a woman, she was adamant that religion is useless, and she said it’s like a drug. That’s when it hit me.
    If religion is like a drug that has been used as a corner stone of European civilization, now people are being weaned off of religion, much like drugs, people need an alternative to take up the mental/physical/emotional/fanatical devotion religion requires.
    Thus people have been given feminism/liberalism/ to take up the void left by the removal of religion in their lives.
    That’s why feminist, liberals etc. are as fanatical as jihadist.
    The global manipulators have developed this destructive mechanism with the best psychologist and mind manipulators in the last 100years. This machine is composed of every aspect of daily life, schools, TV, work… seems the communist have won.

  45. China is the so-called western elites’ model for the world. A giant company town style collective.

    1. They will still lose the war if they don’t play nice. I doubt they have the same toys zipping about in space that we do.
      They will need to prove they are worthy of the future before being allowed to proceed…violence will just end them in the end.

      1. economics beats violence when neither sides are zealots.
        when one side is zealots, violence beats economics

  46. they also are not flooding their country with poor illiterate diseased third worlders and looking to a welfare system and taxpayers to turn them into pets to assuage the white guilt disease of liberals. Does china have liberals? There are a lot of countries that do not and sure make tempting destinations as potential new homes.

    1. If they did have liberals running their necks they would make them go bye bye with one of those murder vans.

  47. The Chinese (to be exact The Han) and their culture have been around since the times of classical Greece so they have ample experience with preserving and maintaining their culture, Confucius and his teachings have certainly served them well but it is in the hearts of the people that their culture thrives Notice the return to Hanfu Clothing many are adopting shenyi, ruquns, aoquns once outlawed on pain of death by the Qin are now to be seen worn by young men and women not just in China but all over the world.

  48. All of you guys who hate on Jews are brainwashed. Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ of all racial groups. Combine this with their European heritage, and they are in fact the alpha males of the earth. Why do you think they all control the media and government? Because they are the smartest. I think alpha Jews such as Jared Kushner should be encouraged to reproduce. Seeing the case of Ari Nagel gives me some hope. He is a Jewish math professor who donates sperm and has 22 kids and counting. The good thing about this is that most of his kids are with black women, so he is elevating the African gene pool (giving us less thugs and welfare queens to contend with), and cucking black men like black men cuck white men.

    1. Sharia law is the end of everything. Luckily practitioners of Islam tend to have a fairly short life-span.

  49. Indeed. And the Chinese are not afraid to tell death cults like Islam exactly where to go.

  50. They haven’t been infiltrated by J_ws, I guess. That would help – a lot.

    1. No but you have….check your anus for bleeding…I left some money by your bedside. I didnt know if you would want shekels or dollars so I just left you some ass pennies instead.

      1. Wow, an honest J_w aye? Good for you! Your perverted comment fits the stereotype nicely, but you must be a rookie to allow yourself to be triggered enough to expose yourself like that. Most know to hide away and deny deny deny….. You have a lot to learn.

  51. Some people seem to have put this much more simply – the elitists, globalists, etc haven’t deemed it necessary for non white nations to be diluted and genocided yet.

  52. Wrong , Daoism was the major religion of China for thousands of years until communism took over.

  53. It’s a false presumption that science obsoleted religion. Indeed, there is NO science disproving God. None. In fact, there is far more evidence for Christianity, than atheism. Atheism’s explanations for creation, life, conscience, etc, are far more fantastic than any Christian belief.
    Unfortunately, no one thinks anymore, and people swallow whatever they are told
    Thanks to atheists, our culture has rejected God, and morality. Stolen all value from being human, and replaced it with an accident, making existence meaningless.
    To say science makes religion obsolete, is like saying learning to read makes speech obsolete. It’s an unsupportable premise

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