4 Reasons Why Collapse Will Be The Best Thing To Happen For Men

Quite frankly, all this talk of society’s decline and how we should prevent its course towards self-destruction bores me. It is true that the economic situation around the world is becoming more and more unstable. It’s also true that cultural upheavals are flipping our society inside out, causing widespread degeneracy and demographic upheavals. And who knows what future diseases and environmental catastrophes lie ahead? A major global war may even break out as resources become scarce while our population continues to explode out of control. Collapse in the near future appears to be a matter of when, not if.

This sort of population growth always leads to the one and same ending.

But fear not, for there’s no need for worry and pessimism. While you may not have any power to avoid the eventuality, the destruction of the world as we know it could be the best thing that ever happens for us men. Think I’m crazy? Read the four reasons why and see how it won’t be as bad as you think it might be.

1. Collapse is only a single stage

It has already happened many times in the past.

First, know that the “progress” of society is cyclical, not linear. Collapse would only be a single and eventual stage of a cycle that will do away with the current stagnation and clear the path for a new era of human prosperity. Sure, things will likely be brutal and ugly in the beginning, but it would take a pessimist to think that chaos and destruction will reign forever. We humans have an innate proclivity towards creation and order, and new social orders will soon rise with greater strength and vitality.

Every civilization that collapsed throughout history brought about the golden age of newer ones and rotting empires collapsed to bring about fresh national independence of peoples. Civilization is not the same as human race; man will march on while civilizations rise and fall. We have already survived countless famines, plagues, and wars—and we will survive again.

2. No more Big Brother

We’re supposed to believe that this is for our own good.

When shit hits the fan, the governments will either disintegrate into oblivion or drop all pretense of freedom and democracy to declare a police-state (thanks to the terrorism hysteria the people bought into, Western governments already have the means of implementing a permanent martial law). But in spite of it all, I believe that the people will eventually prevail in their fight against the state. The oligarchs and their dreams of a globalist super-state will go the way of Pharoahs, Cesars, feudalism, imperialism, the Third Reich, and the Soviet Union. They will face their demise while we ascend to fill the vacuum.

With the Frankenstein centralized governments no longer around to dictate people’s lives and use them as lab rats for their social experiments, you will have all the freedom in the world. No more taxes, no more surveillance, no more PC policing, no more divorce courts, no more forced multiculturalism, and so on. You alone will be responsible for your life with no one to bail you out and no one to blame. That, my friends, is true freedom.

3. Freedom and self-determination for everyone


Lack of globalist states will also mean that you’ll be free to create the society you want. Still think Communist utopia is possible? Good luck. Want to start an all-white Aryan state? Be my guest. Want to create a progressive rainbow society without all the racist-sexist-homo-transphobe-Nazi-bigots? Great, get out of my sight. Want to form a Christian cult where creationism will be never challenged by evil science? May God be with you. Think all men are rapists and want to live in a lesbian tribe? Have fun trying to build anything or defending yourselves (assuming you even have something worthwhile to defend.) The basic idea is that you can create or join any society you want without interference from the overlords above.

But the caveat is this: 1) Your society must be practical and functional, 2) People must be willing to join and remain in your society, and 3) You must defend your society against external threats. If you fail in any of the three, you and your tribe will perish. It’s funny how those who worship the free-market can’t seem to apply the same principles of their religion to society as a whole. This arrangement is so perfect for everyone that the only people I can imagine opposing it are statists from both left and right who love to impose their values upon others. They are the leaches who suck other people’s money through the nanny-state or the toady “patriots” who blindly support their morally bankrupt government even as it robs them of their freedom (and that of other nations).

So, if a collapse means total freedom and responsibility for all, I’m all in.

4. The return of primal order

You want patriarchy? Then you better fight for it.

The collapse will mean the restoration of natural order: the rule of the jungle. In fact, I think it would be wrong to call the destruction of our so-called civilization as a “collapse”; it would simply be a return to the way things were. No more corporate serfdom, no more putrid consumerism, no more technological slavery, and no safe spaces for the cry-babies to hide and cry in. Wimps, complainers, and the weak will not survive. People will once again be naturally selected instead of being artificially sheltered.

One of the best aspect of the new order would be the return of masculine virtue. As I’ve said, any new society that people form must be defended against external threats. This is not an option. And only an organized group of men with strength, courage, mastery, and honor (as per Jack Donovan) will prevail in the post-apocalyptic world. Men will be men again.

Who knows what savage energy is begging to be unleashed within that man serving as an office drone? Who knows if that guy flipping burgers for a minimum wage will become the future tribal leader? How many men today are living jaded and unfulfilling lives when they could be fighters and warriors instead?

Can’t wait until men are allowed to be men again? Then you better be ready for the war for survival.

How “oppression” of women got its start before our current civilization.

And guess what? There won’t be feminist harpies demanding “equality” when strong men are needed to rebuild civilization and defend against gangs and rival tribes. They’ll be begging for some of that “toxic” masculinity to come and protect them. They’ll kneel in submission to a patriarchal order faster than they would have screamed “rape!” in the previous world. Suddenly, with their government boyfriend gone and the internet white knights nowhere to to be found, their whole feminist charade will shatter and the ridiculousness of it all will become apparent. The unstable and fat ones will likely disappear first as they offer no value to anyone.

Also in the new world, the SJWs and the rest of the progressive freaks will die faster than a gay snowman in Saudi Arabia. No more bitching and insulting each other on the internet, no more trying to censor or ruin other people, and no more crying for sympathy and victim privileges. There won’t be anymore idiotic debates about who is right or wrong: only who survives and who doesn’t. The struggle for life without civilization will be face to face and man to man. I would love to see how well the loser male-feminists fare against the very men they love to bash without a computer screen to hide behind.

The future without the gynocentric system is a future where men will dominate.


I find it amusing that many people enjoy watching movies and television shows about apocalypse and survival, and play a number of video games along the same theme. There’s clearly a masculine drive within them that wants to escape the stagnant conditions of our modern world even if they don’t want to be ushered into an anarchy in real life.

So much for everyone just wanting love and eternal peace.

Men today who fantasize about living in a different world are dreamers. They dream of a world without degeneracy, world without foreign invaders, world without feminism, and world without big government. Deep inside, even as they indulge in today’s material comfort, they long for true freedom and heroism. But none of that will happen as long as the current order is intact. Nothing will change if these men insist on eating their cake and having it too by clinging onto civilization and hoping to haggle with it.

The change you want to see is not going to appear peacefully through some online arguments, petitions, protests, or asinine ‘democratic’ processes. You cannot fix a rotting society; you must tear it all down and start from scratch. You must wake up and face the reality of our world.

Now, you don’t have to like the idea of a collapse; whether you want it or not won’t change the course of the future. But the real question you should ask yourself is this: Am I prepared for it?

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483 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Collapse Will Be The Best Thing To Happen For Men”

    1. That is a brilliant cartoon. I think the next great work of emancipatory social theory might be based on that cartoon

  1. I think #3 is being a little naive. More than likely despotism will be the order of the day in the aftermath of a collapse.

      1. Well yes, but it could just as likely be degenerate despotism too. There is a logical thought experiment that was taught to me a while back it goes something like this: there are many ways to organize a room, but there are infinitely more ways to disorganize a room. What I’m trying to say is that when chaos reigns the course of history can be altered in innumerable ways most of which are not idyllic.

  2. There are no guarantees that should a collapse come, that things will improve. The collapse of the old Russian order of Czars, which spanned centuries, ushered in a long, horrible reign of totalitarianism and communism. That’s hardly an improvement, they were in fact better off uder Czars and that’s saying something because life in those days sucked hind tit.
    In fact, now that I consider it, very few collapses and/or revolutions turn out well in the end. The U.S. revolution is almost a historical singularity, insofar as it actually went better after the violence was through, than it was before. At least for a while anyway.
    I used to subscribe to the ultimate big collapse view but am wondering now if instead of that we’re just going to bobble between near, but not quite, collapse and something resembling a large Venezuela for a few more centuries. It took the Soviet Union 70+ years to implode and they had nowhere near the infrastructure and wealth that the U.S. (still) has. We can go on for hundreds of years just coasting on our forefather’s success before it all peters out.

    1. But with societies more reliant on the economy than ever, the current potential for mass collapse is incomparable to the past.

      1. It’s not like all the cell towers are going to disappear, or that electricity will no longer be generated. That’s the stuff of fantasy I think. Barring a nuclear attack or meteor strike of huge proportions I mean.
        It appears that we’re just going to slowly fade off to sleep while staring at the ceiling in boredom.

        1. You need to take a walk through Damascus, man. Not much more than a few years ago, Syria was a healthy, functioning country. It has now been utterly destroyed by competing factions.
          It’s naive to think that can’t happen in the West. Or if war breaks out in Europe, do you really think Russia won’t support one side the same way the US supported ISIS with the goal of destruction? And why wouldn’t Russia succeed as the US did?
          Every country has enemies, and it doesn’t take much to break a country once the ball gets rolling.
          And, if enough of the world falls then the entire global economy will weaken.

        2. I think there’s something to be learned from the disintegration of the British Empire. I could see a trajectory like that in our future. Still strong, but not dominant. Rotting from within to the point where eventually our states start to vote to leave us and we acquiesce.

        3. I had a conversation with an Iraqi immigrant man yesterday and he told me about how Iraq was a perfectly beautiful and safe place to live in before post-9/11 US intervention.
          He said Saddam had his faults but was acknowledged as a good leader in his country.
          I guess the moral is things can change extremely fast.

        4. I agree I think people expect some dramatic apocalyptic chaos to reign when there is a collapse. But its just as likely that we may just become a nation like Greece or Portugal where we are just shadows of our former glory. It’s also likely that the apparatus of the state does not disappear, nor does virtue reenter society. Instead of a chaotic freedom we have a degenerate police state.

        5. I think this depends on who you ask. I was on the ground when Iraq fell. We patrolled Baghdad for a while and I spoke to many Iraqis. They had nothing but horrible things to say about him, and I can’t count the number of people who came to use asking for help finding relatives who had “disappeared.” If you were Suni under Saddam, you likely had few problems with the government because you were the protected class. If you were Shia or Kurd, it could be pretty brutal.
          And even among those latter groups, their current wishful thinking on the good old days of Saddam is colored by the clusterfuck they have let their country fall into.
          None of this means that it was necessarily wise to depose Saddam, but I’d take with a grain of salt anything you hear from an Iraqi about how awesome the country used to be. I saw it with my own eyes, and it didn’t look so hot.

        6. He was clear to describe himself as a Catholic. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right and different groups just had different ends of the stick.

        7. The fate of the British is more or less where I think we’ll end up, at least in my lifetime.

        8. That’s what happens when world powers use you as a military playground.
          Don’t think there are many powers big enough to fuck with us to that extent.

        9. And that shit happened fast too. At the end of WW2 they were essentially a super power, by the 1960’s they were a meek, sniveling little has been country. How fucking weird really, when you think about it. It may benefit us to study their rapid decline closely to see if it’s being implemented over here in a similar fashion.

        10. Yeah, he went out of his way to protect the Christians in the country. Once he was out of power, the whole thing evolved into a simple cluster fuck.

        11. One of the neighborhoods we patrolled was Christian. They had fewer complaints than the others. But all this shows is that its good to be part of the protected group. Those folks are upset now because they are on the receiving end of the barbarity they used to be spared from.

        12. He says that in hindsight but probably spat at him in private.
          People wishing for a collapse, or revolution, are generally cowards who have given up on fixing their actual society, or are too shortsighted and arrogant to understand what such a disaster would truly mean.
          I don’t mean that to insult them, but it is true.
          There are solutions. The cause is not Leviathian – she is merely a symptom.

        13. Britain’s prosperity was directly linked to India’s poverty. The US has much more going for it than the British Empire did. Even without Puerto Rico, The Phillipines, the NATO/SEATO semi-puppets/semi-allies etc, America is largely self sufficient in resources and manpower. The same is true of India, Russia, China and the large mass of Europe. Oil will become irrelevant once thorium and fusion come along.
          These powers are the natural poles of the world. The Islamic world was always the periphery that the bigger powers fought over. It was India’s weakness that allowed Islam to succeed. If India had been strong, Arabia would have been an Indian colony, as Iraq was a Persian one, and the Levant was a Byzantine one, instead of being independent enough to create its own future.
          Indian weakness meant that Islam rose and destroyed most of the old West.
          What’s sad about the Brits is that they are I think huge traitors to their own continent semi-racial group, and to their other believers of the open society ideology in general. They supported fundamentalist Islam from the start, and before that to some extent even the Ottomans, they destroyed it’s natural adversaries(Indians) and they propped up the terrorist oil sheiks when they should’ve just kept them as subjects. Lawrence of Arabia was a huge fool.
          But now that time is over. And I think your country’s fate will be drastically different. The worst the US will have to face, in my opinion, is a world where it is first among equals, if it can get its act together. If it can’t, then it’ll just be another Hispanic banana republic. At least the Spaniards know how to keep Muslims out, in their defence.

        14. Iraq was fine… if you were the right peoples. People died at higher rates before the war than during, but no one cared as long as they were gassed in places far away, or smuggled off to Saddam’s secret dungeons. Neighbor went missing? Oh well, better not say anything or chance being next. Kurds and minorities executed? Heretics.
          The war simply pulled back the mask.

        15. I assume you’re American? If so then it’s true… for now. Yet my point was how quickly things change.
          Trump is talking about down-sizing the US military’s role around the world, and this is a good plan but it only exists because the US’s capability is shrinking.
          And how do you think your country is going to reduce national debt? Immigration is becoming rightfully unpopular, but native-born Americans are slowly losing their ability to reproduce. If the population shrinks then there will be less people to repay an ever increasing debt and the economy will collapse

        16. Eventually Americans will hit a certain point, and birthrates will start to go back up again.

        17. How and why?
          Can you profess to know why birth rates have dropped to begin with? If not, how can you be sure the trend is reversible?
          Not everything that’s dying magically springs back to life at the last moment. Quite the opposite, actually…

        18. It’s because of socialism(labor party) that the British Empire shrunk quickly also keep in mind how powerful the Pound sterling was to the dollar up until recently.They were still a powerhouse at an economic sense

      2. We’re WAY more fragile than we like to think…I’ve believed that for 35 years or more.

        1. Agreed. Our economic system is unbelievably weird if you stop to think about it. Imaginary money. Agricultural and oil subsidies. Ever wonder how big box department stores are still a thing? They’re essentially operating as banks and collecting interest on store credit cards. It’s like a house of cards.

    2. I dont think we will coast along for hundreds of years, but I hope we can hold it off for a few more decades. I dont get the hard on some folks get about an economic collapse- hundreds of millions will die. Living in rural areas will only help you for a bit, as the zombie hordes will leave the cities. All that effort to be self sufficient only to have it stolen. Do you look forward to the day when you will need armed guards 24/7 watching your crops?

      1. This is the thing I point out to the survivalists. They have this hard on for becoming the ultimate bad ass living out in the sticks but few of them are capable of the variations that will result, such as the hordes you mentioned. Another that I witnessed firsthand was the settling of scores after Saddam fled Baghdad, scores that had been simmering since he took power. Few think about that.

        1. thats what those guys dont get- they are playing “survivalist”, the existing system allows for this. If that overarching system ever went away….

        2. “Another that I witnessed firsthand was the settling of scores after Saddam fled Baghdad, scores that had been simmering since he took power. Few think about that”
          When you speak of ‘scores’ are you speaking of the various sub-cultures within Baghdad that started killing each other? Before the American armed forces went into Iraq I remember one journalist mentioned this – that once the leadership was dismantled anarchy would ensue. And that’s exactly what happened.
          It behooves any man who has the foresight to see coming collapse to be sure he is living in a community of his same tribe before it happens. LA will be a vivid killing ground with the have-nots living right next door to the have-all. All the posh Hollywood neighborhoods where the movie and tv stars reside will be plundered, while the recreational game of choice will be known as Severed Human Celebrity Head Soccor.
          It may be prudent to relocate to a part of the country where your ethnicity is the majority – even if you do no particularly like the people, because you will damned well need each other when it all goes down.

        3. Yes. At first it was subtle stuff, such as people disappearing in the night when they violated curfew. Than it was kidnappings and eventually shootings in broad daylight. A lot of this stuff happened within a matter of weeks.

        4. “..scores after Saddam fled Baghdad, scores that had been simmering since he took power.”
          When the nazis fled Paris as the allies approached, all the “partisan fighting” that was reported taking place in the city was later to be disclosed as exactly that. Old scores being settled between the French.

        5. After israel, SoCal was rated #2 as the worst first world places to be if it all went to hell

        6. Yep you can spend decades building up your supplies of grain and ammo only for the government to come along and take it off you thank you very much.
          More likely you’ll be living in cave eating bugs, hoping government thugs don’t find you and purge you like they did your family.

        7. “After israel, SoCal was rated #2 as the worst first world places to be if it all went to hell”
          Are you serious? Holy fuck!

        8. I had to look it up too. It’s considered that indeed, with the others being NYC and Washington, DC in the states. England’s the last on the list.

        9. List was from Business Insider, right? Its outdated at this point, should add Paris, Berlin, Hamburg to the list

        10. I guess that depends on how you define goes to hell. Mad Max anarchy in the streets…yeah, of course crowded urban areas will be the worst.
          However, better on the near impossibility of a full scale collapse where it is a war of all against all and then deciding where to live your actual life according to it is fucking insane.

        11. It would be. Over the winter when NYC got blasted with over 3 feet of snow I got an email from fresh direct that said they apologized but the organic fresh pineapple that was supposed to be in my order didn’t make it.
          The guy showed up when there was like 2 feet and still snowing with everything else. I was stuck in the house so I called to complain about the missing pineapple and got a coupon for 10% off on my next order.
          I told them…I mean, they gave me the cottage cheese but how am I supposed to eat it without pineapple. She really couldn’t believe we were having this conversation while 3 feet of snow was coming out of the sky.

        12. Priorities man. I’m surprised you made it through that snowstorm without the carbs that pineapple would have provided. If you can make it through that, you can make it through an overnight camping trip. See ya in the fall. Be sure to bring a tent and sleeping bag.

        13. that night was actually super awesome. I had a house full of groceries and made a nice dinner. All non-emergency vehicles were blocked and a bunch of bars near me opened up for business so people were just roaming the streets having a good old time.
          That said, my grocery delivery not including a pineapple was a let down.

        14. New York has zero way of sustaining its masses when it all goes to hell. It’ll be chaos and cannibalism.

        15. Any of the urban areas will be the prime centers of absolute chaos.
          Men need to squad up. Start living on the fringes and look to move to rural areas where you can establish yourselves in strength away from the prog tard multikulti death lovers.and the corporations which feed them poison.
          Even now there is alot that can be done with a few dedicated men who know about the savage nature lurking inside the heart of the “civilized”.
          You see they spent all this time hiding and running from their true natures. Lying to themselves and their children and making them weak as fuck and primed to be destroyed.
          The savage man embraces his nature and accustoms himself to it. He has no illusions about these care bears and their false protestations of righteousness.
          He knows they will be the first to eat each other and he finds it amusing.
          The weak have asked for a ruthless world to come crashing down on them. I want nothing more than to see them get EVERYTHING THEY FUCKING ASKED FOR.

        16. well…I mean, I ordered a pineapple and did not receive a pineapple.

        17. Right, same with all the other huge blue cities. We could literally cure Leftism by just hunkering down tight for a month and letting them consume themselves.

        18. Same in Iran after the Shah was deposed and Bosnia after Yugoslavia collapsed. Same old story over and over again. Always be wary of the envious and vindictive neighbor

        19. The lack of clean water will be an ironic, almost biblical judgement.
          “We’re all Terri Schiavo now!”
          Je Suis Terri.
          Water and sanitation will be greater problems (for the typical morbidly obese EBTer).

        20. The Joker (when turning Dent into Twoface):
          “That’s the thing about Chaos, It’s fair!”

        21. That is why the smart ones have “Go” bags, money to pay off cops, and escape plans to get the hell out. One of my clients was a multi-billion dollar bank, and everyone at the derivative desks had Go bags. They knew that derivatives are a sham, and that our whole financial system is a house of cards.
          The only saving grace for NYC would be the cops may the lower half of Manhattan, since that’s where all the wealth is. They will extort the wealthy for protection, creating a perimeter. The cops will become wealthier than they could image, and they outer boroughs will devour themselves like trapped rats.

        22. He is right. That movie may be made up of bad notes from the 2 weeks that Christopher Nolan spent misunderstanding his intro to philosophy teacher talking about Nietzsche, but he does get a few things right.
          I am, I feel, an agent of controlled chaos. While everyone else is pretending that life has real meaning I am off understanding the chaotic abyss and using it to my advantage.

        23. Preppers understand the concept of remaining off the radar. Subtlety is key.

        24. “England’s the last on the list.”
          So the UK will be the better place to be when it all comes down?

        25. Some do I’m sure but really, at what point in history did being a prepper actually work?

        26. yup.
          I felt half a savage.
          Thank goodness the rest of my groceries arrived, including the live lobsters that were on sale.

        27. I honestly cant tell if youre serious about the lobster.
          Thats how much of a caricature you are.

        28. I am a bit of a caricature, but I am serious about the lobster. They came in a Styrofoam box on ice.
          To be fair, I am not just a caricature on the intertubes, I am a caricature in real life too. It is by design. Life is short, have some fun with it.
          Also, I am a pretty fair cook.

        29. I need to see a better argument. Israel is now self sufficient in food, energy, and arms production. It has a nuclear weapons hoard to deal with Arab population tidal wave attacks, based on a long history of multiple asymmetric incidents.

        30. I hope you have a laser musket that gives you the edge. Don’t forget you’ll need INT of +6 to make mods.

        31. Why do you think they’re always looking for a carcass to feed upon? Their entire national model is parasitic masquerading as independence.

        32. I was thinking of modifying drones adding light weight air guns to them and have them preprogrammed to patrol the perimeter and identify any potential hostiles, if they come in peace and want to join then let them in under heavy armed guard, if they play up just shoot them all.

        33. And guns, lots of guns…arm yourselves to the teeth and show no mercy even if they are friendly just kill them just to make sure.

        34. My idea of being a successful prepper, is to just gradually slip out of the crumbling system and go about living the rest of your life in solitude on some tropical island or some shit.
          You don’t hear about them because they don’t want to be heard.

        35. But it’s not just a wall. By itself, a wall is just the sort of monument to human stupidity Patton described. Their strategy also includes regular offensive actions, spoiling attacks as it were, like weeding a garden. The best well known of these was Operation Orchard, removal of what would have grown up to be a nuclear facility in Syria.
          You’d also need to model the effect of traditional Arab internecine warfare. By any standard, Arabs have killed more Arabs than Israelis.
          Similarly, I have issues with the proposed American wall. To win, you have to attack. Hiding behind an American equivalent of the Maginot line might not be enough.

        36. “after israel, SoCal was rated #2 as the worst first world places to be if it all went to hell”
          source please

        37. Modify the drones to have more battery power, an pellet gun isn’t going to stop anyone and will alert them that you have a drone. Make them as silent as you can, have enough juice to last a while and run good cameras, make sure they also have night vision/thermal imaging as those are very nice force multipliers.

        38. History is rife with examples of prepping working for a number of people. Not only history, but current day events show that having a prepared stash of food, water, medical supplies, ect, is a smart idea. Think of the Great Depression or any of the conflicts for the past 30 years. Though preps work better when they’re hidden, and OPSEC is key. Most preppers know this and have most of their stash hidden very well.

        39. You know that the Great Depression wasn’t really all that Great. I think unemployment peaked at 10%. This is not quite the economical Armageddon people think.
          I think better than a stash of water is a source of water. Good water filtration products that give you a virtually unlimited supply of water.

        40. I can imagine gangs of dindus invading universities, find the fat fucks in their safe spaces and simply start dicing the meat, w/ chainsaws and machetes! -D

        41. “removal of what would have grown up to be a nuclear facility in Syria.”
          What bullshit!

        42. Yep, especially the stupid Leftard/Marxist professors who plan on being the local HMFIC of the New Socialist Order…

        43. No wall; we need a “DMZ” with barbed wire, minefields, etc.
          Mexico has their troops on their southern border to keep out ‘illegals’ from the countries further south; they’re such typical hypocrites to criticize us for wanting to protect our borders.

        44. They’re finding that out the hard way now (as well as all of the neighboring states where they’re getting their water from; more than a few of their neighboring states are getting p*ssed about California’s increasing demands for water, as well as the arrogance in their demands).
          I served in So-Cal in the late 90s while I was in the military, and I’m so glad that I left there to go back East! Outside the cities, it’s a pretty place, but the utility infrastructure was stressed almost to the breaking point then, and taxes/cost of living is too high. You couldn’t pay me enough to live there now.

        45. As a survivalist who also grew up hunting, fishing and farming for subsistence (and, like you, have been deployed to Iraq), I’m not looking forward to a collapse for an opportunity to be a badass. I look forward to the freedom it will give me. I have no illusions about how deadly freedom can be; sometimes it means having just enough rope to hang yourself. I already live in a rural, geographically isolated area that doesn’t even have any major highways near it. My family has already made plans for the collapse. Between all of us, we have expertise in military, law enforcement, medicine, agriculture, construction, wilderness survival, engineering and auto mechanics. I daresay we would do even better after a collapse, especially since we’d be able to grow weed without being bothered.

      2. Hordes won’t get too far out, most of them have probably never left the city even once in their life, in fact I’d say the vast majority of them have lived within a 3 block radius of where they were born and always will. Meaning, that sure, they could jack a car and hit the sticks looking for folks like me, but they will be in absolutely new territory mentally and off balance in a very real and detrimental way. Easy targets.

        1. You will be able to hold off 100 Bloods and/or Crips (they would unite) who are armed and have surrounded your suburban farm?

        2. Who say’s I’m waiting for the hordes to come to me? If the real collapse scenario plays out, I’m not letting them get out of the city. I’m going to blow up every bridge out of the city so they’re trapped there, and I’m going to torch every gas station within a 50 mile radius. They won;t make it out to where my hideout is, but I will use my hideout as a base of operations to keep them at bay.
          The best defense is a strong offense. I’m not waiting, I’m attacking.

        3. Suburban farm? Heh.
          Would I alone? No. I have neighbors. They have guns too. We all look after each other. Atomist thinking is an inner city mindset.

        4. “They would unite.”
          I doubt it. You give them too much credit.
          More likely scenario: with the collapse of order, they engage in an all out free for all orgy of violence and basically wipe each other out. Then, whatever is left is mopped up by people like me.

        5. Yes, exactly. They can’t unite enough today to not contemplate shooting their own brothers and sisters, as in real from the same mother (who knows about the father). The gangs are atomist to the core, and little more than a loose alliance. White bikers are far more loyal, organized and liable to hold each other’s back when necessary, but we won’t have to worry about them as they’d likely be on our side.
          Inner city folk are *fucked* in this kind of scenario. I see a lot of cannibalism in their future, of each other.

        6. Agree. I’m always surprised at how many people have never even left NYC. Just an easy example. There are literally tons of these people who have never been outside the city. The entire rest of the country is “flyover” and they have no idea about what is there or where they would even need to go.
          Lots of these people don’t own cars either. So lets’ see: survive the gang wars; steal one of the remaining cars that hasn’t been destroyed; figure out a way to get it over bridges that no longer exist because people like me blew them up; find gas; go….somewhere…; end up near me; ….uhhh did you bring a gun?
          My chances in this situation are much better than theirs.

        7. Can you make your own explosives? Would you still get access to the supplies? A few hundred Kg of concentrated sulfuric acid & nitric acid per bridge especially…

        8. Make? You can buy reloading powder by the pound easily today (in the U.S.).

        9. Ah OK, as a European I’m not used to such easy access but then again if SHTF you might not get it as easily anymore.

        10. It’s time well spent. You won’t necessarily save money at current ammo rates, but you’ll be able to tailor your loads to allow for a much higher precision level when shooting. Which is great.

        11. Agreed, but I always take the approach that the time to prepare is before the disaster hits, not during and not after. I’m not some paranoid prepper, but I do have plenty of reloading powder and freeze dried food in the basement, as well as water filters that can basically serve the neighborhood where I live if need be. Natural disasters can happen anywhere, only a fool isn’t ready to sustain himself for a few weeks should the power go out due to a hurricane/blizzard/flood/whatever.

        12. You don’t need to “make,” though the knowledge about how to is widely available. Remember we’re talking about a full collapse scenario. In this type of environment, I’ll just steal whatever I need.

        13. I was visiting the US recently is quite amazing how you guys just have these plastic screw-top containers of the stuff on the shelf for anyone to just pick off as if it were coffee or sugar

        14. We get a lot wrong nowadays, but on firearms and stuff like that, we got it *soooo* right.

        15. They sell Tannerite at the local hardware store.
          Of course in my rural area there would be enough fertilizer and diesel…

        16. It’s not the farm that would get them though. A dozen properly equipped and hardened guys with a couple of dozen dogs, especially with a little drone and some communications would be left standing to piss out the ashes in my opinion. Just because these guys are willing to shoot/rob/tape/assault someone for basically peer pressure doesn’t really mean shit. Sharks are really REALLY tough in the water but that’s about it.

        17. I’m with you on that one. Bikers are a tribe, not a gang. As a producer, one is always valuable alive and allowed to produce.

        18. Ha. ha ha. bwah ha aha ahaha aha hah ahahahaha ha!
          What a bunch of fantasist mentalists you are. The return of “Kings”. The dribblings of lunatics.

        19. Unless of course, it’s not a city entirely surrounded by water and no one notices someone stringing up the thousands and thousands of pounds of explosives and miles and miles of wiring required.
          And no one can swim.
          Or has a boat.
          And no one lives slightly outside the city.
          And all the other cities are also surrounded by water and those bridges are all blown up.
          And the tunnels.
          And that the bridges were never rebuilt.
          What city is this exactly.

        20. Who said these particular tactics apply to every city?
          As an aside, how much explosive do you think it takes to make a bridge impassable? Hint, it’s not thousands of pounds and miles of detonation cord. I only need to make holes in the driving surface that make it impassable to vehicular traffic. For a four lane bridge, you’d need about four 155mm artillery shells and enough electrical cord to string them together and get yourself out of the blast radius. No one is driving across the bridges after that.

        21. You must admit they make for a good laugh. My ‘kingdom’ for fantasies of anarchy. So say the band of ‘Alpha’ lunatics

        22. Well it would need to apply to every city because there’s more than one city.
          It would need to apply to all bridges because there’s more than one bridge.
          You’d need to destroy them because people have feet.
          You’d need to also demolish them simultaneously because people would go “hey, there’s one guy blowing up all the bridges”.
          I love how you think your fantasy situation is even remotely a) plausible b) practical c) would work even if a and b applied. Seriously, you should try and stop playing Fallout so much. It’s a fun game but not really practical as a guide to the real world.

        23. They’re not dangerous anymore in fact gangs outside of Chicago are just boys clubs for teens.

      3. Good points made. There will be no Orweilian police state, but it will be a very far cry from a utopia. Darkmatter explains it perfectly in this short video:

        1. “here will be no Orweilian police state, but it will be a very far cry from a utopia. Darkmatter explains it perfectly in this short video”
          An old Leftist (perhaps Darkmatter himself) leading a diverse multi-cult tribe of Leftists (“we’re always starving”), that somehow survived by becoming “stone age” nomads wandering between ruins of major cities, probably sticking to the rubble of the interstate highways, not yet reclaimed by the thriving Christian kingdom(s) in the interior.

        2. I’m not leftist by any means. But I can see that Darkmatter has a point, though not a garuntee that things will be exactly as portrayed in that video. He tends to have a real chip on his shoulders when it comes to religion, especially christianity which he seems to resent for some reason. Many of his presentations are about putting down the bible, which makes me curious about his obsession with being atheist.

        1. I wish I knew how to grew cocaine, Im still having trouble figuring out how to grow pumpkin pies

        2. My granpappy had a ham and cheese farm til the bankers took it away from him. Damn Depression

      4. The zombie hordes (golden hordes is the inside term) will only get as far as one tank of fuel will get them, and that assumes there is no traffic gridlock (see Katrina or Sandy). The exhausted emaciated hordes that manage to get across the barriers will not be a threat.
        We won’t need armed guards 24/7 watching our crops, merely a few of the local militia in shifts insuring people can’t cross the fords or blown bridges. You won’t be able to get here from there. At least without a great deal of stealth, gold, other barter items, etc.

      5. “Living in rural areas will only help you for a bit, as the zombie hordes will leave the cities. All that effort to be self sufficient only to have it stolen. Do you look forward to the day when you will need armed guards 24/7 watching your crops?”
        I have to disagree with you on this, my friend. I believe you live in NYC, just like I do. But I was born & raised in far-upstate, rural New York. In rural areas and small towns, they’re well prepared for a collapse and potential hordes. I remember my friends’ fathers istilling hunting & survival skills in us 20 years ago, because they knew a collapse would happen. We thought they were crazy then, but now we appreciate their foresight.
        When I go back home, everyone is preparing, and openly talk about a revolt and collapse. They know hordes will come from urban centers (Syracuse for my area), they know the suburbs where it will a blood bath, villages best to stop any urban hordes’ progress, the highways to but off, and even locations that offer the best shooting positions. They have food stocks ready, they have black soil, and they know how to shoot. These are the folks that get up at 4am on a weekday to go hunting before work.
        On the First 48, it takes 20+ shots before a homeboy kills somebody. With a country boy, it’s “one shot, one kill.” Yes, there will be a blood bath in the cities & suburbs. By the time the hordes make it into the country, they’ll already be worn down and ill prepared for the rednecks with rifles.

        1. It’s funny to me how many inner city types have absolutely no idea about us country men. They seem to believe the Hollywood picture of us. Which will be their loss if they step foot into our territory.

        2. I think most of them will not get far. Lack of training and proteins means most won’t be in any condition to walk 100 miles into the boonies.scrounging for food. Not to mention getting ambushed on the road by other desperate groups.

        3. And they have zero experience even pretend camping, let alone survival camping and gathering resources. They’ll come in with a full belly of human flesh from cannibalism then die a quick death from starvation and dehydration once it’s discovered that there are no water fountains out in farm country.

        4. Yeah, I agree. They discount country types as ‘dumb’, when its on, suddenly they will realize how much the city types have painfully zero clue.

        5. That crossed my mind as well hence they will be in no condition to forage. Most will assemble or bunker down and await for help that is not going to arrive.

        6. In many ways, it’s a good thing this nonsensical fantasy will never come to pass.

      6. The zombie herd as you call it will be met with communities of people that aren’t starving nor looking over their shoulder. They’ll know their AOI and will be merciless.
        Most living in the urban death zone will be gone in the first die off, within 30 days, from starvation, murder or some script running out(think insulin)

      7. Honestly the hordes wont make it far out of the cities, most will kill each other, or just wait around to die. A lot are going to get mowed down, that’s reality.

      8. You win by not being dumb and plant the year of the collapse. If you have a crop in the field when Kaboom! happens you harvest early if possible or burn the field if not. That means you need enough stored food to make it a year or two. After the first year is done there wouldn’t be too many ‘zombies’ left shambling out of the cities. So just fort up and don’t present as a target to idiots who won’t have anything you need and let them eat everything they can find and finally eat other.
        If you can manage to keep a breeding pool of livestock somewhere near (if found you don’t want it leading to your lair) then even better but frankly, only luck is going to get any animals through that first year. There are a lot of people in the country and they are going to be mighty hungry when the SHTF.

      9. Just curious..how are these zombie hordes going to get out to the country? Most cities have no more than 3 days of food and gas, so how are these guys going to get enough gas to drive 200 miles to find you?

      10. And I’m sick and tired of supporting the millions that live off my labor and income. I’m sick and tired of seeing my tax dollars go towards welfare and abortion. I’m sick and tired of seeing my tax dollars go towards some old “retiree” that collects social security that I’ll never see so they can float around all day and go to the casino and enjoy their easy lives while I go slave away in the corporate world. I’m sick and tired of seeing females that have affirmative action jobs and special protections so they can go date “mr. unemployed tattooed drug addict fun party guy”.
        I’m a person that just works and pays taxes and has enough left over to be able to support myself. I have no wife. No girlfriend. No kids. I just work and watch everyone else enjoy life. My skills and my values and work ethic are seen as of no value at all to women. A guy like me would have been seen as attractive to women decades ago before feminism and affirmative action and welfare.
        So yes, lots of people do get a “hard on” for a societal collapse because we’re so sick and tired of watching everyone else live artificial lives which is supported and redistributed by proxy through my hard labor, values, and work ethic. Whether collapse means starvation and death for me or not, I can at least have a chance to live like a man reaping 100% the fruits of my efforts in survival instead of watching some drug addict loser with an IQ of 80 have a girlfriend and kids because he’s “so fun and wild and has a tattoo and does drugs”. I’m sick and f’n tired of living in the reality where bad is good and good is bad and every degenerate around the corner has no problem finding a girlfriend and wife because both of them are able to live in subsidized apartments which are supported by my tax dollars. I’m sick and tired of being around people that worship kniggers because they can hit a ball with a stick or run around a grass field carrying a ball which is paid for through commercialization which is a function of wall street and fiat debt based currency. Some worthless non-producing knigger that would be living on the streets in the real world, is making millions and dating white women while you idiots worship him. I’m so sick and tired of it. I cannot wait for this society to collapse and I will rejoice in the millions of deaths. Sorry, but there are lots of men like myself out there. We’re tired of living in a reality where degeneracy is rewarded and someone can actually be a complete idiot with zero skills but yet live a great life with a hot wife and kids because his wife already has an affirmative action job and she’s with him because “he’s cool and has friends and is outgoing”. Tired of it.

        1. Wow. So since you can’t get a well paying job and you can’t get a woman, you’re wanting society to collapse.
          Sounds pretty petty.
          You can go and leave society any time you like, you know. Shut down your browser, pack up your clothes and head out into the wilderness.
          Good luck with the winter.

      11. That’s why you setup defenses and you gun them all down, setup pile boxes and trenches, electric fences, even have drones with guns on them patrolling the area, and be open to letting people join, if they are not hostile they can join if they are hostile then show no mercy and kill them all. Ahhh what the heck just kill them all.

      12. “as the zombie hordes will leave the cities.”
        People today wouldn´t last long without food, not long at all, just sayin´.
        “All that effort to be self sufficient only to have it stolen.”
        Simple, hide it. Hide also contaminated food supplies, less well so that they may be easily found, looters gets it and gets serious diarrea.

    3. Everyone imagines they will get Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. Most of them get Pol Pot. And as you note, the ultimate “collapse” comes with the latter, after he has fucked things up for a very long time.
      As Santayana said,”those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

      1. In much the same way as the libs that want communism the most think they’re the commissars not the body in the ditch.

    4. I believe you’re correct. The longing for collapse, to a return to some kind of fair playing field, or blank slate is emotional wishful thinking. In every case that societies have collapses in recent times the elites have exploited it to the advantage of any kind of traditional society. That wasn’t luck, it’s how they’ve set up the system: uncertainty, economic ups and downs, including political uncertainty and even warfare are all opportunities in a system dominated by corporate banks, for the simple reason that they need and flourish on volatility
      Thing of it as a constrictor strangling its prey. Each violent movement results in the coils being further tightened

    5. The thing that makes history less applicable now is the nukes. Game changer. Collapse is not an option. The powers that be will do literally anything to maintain the nukes. It will be a convenient excuse to punish rebels, too.
      “We had to kill everyone in the state of Texas because when they seceded from the Union they had our nukes.”
      “We invaded and annexed South Carolina because they didn’t have enough Transgender protection laws, and they were looking at muh nukes funny. ”
      “We had to carpet bomb Mississippi because they were supposedly reaching out to Putin for protection but they really wanted to sell him muh nukes. “

      1. I agree with you in principle but look at Ukraine and Russia – with their collapse the nukes were peacefully transferred.
        However I doubt current Western leaders are as honest, sane or logical as the Commies of old.

    6. I don’t think that any of us now mature would see the other side. The ones that do would have no memory of the treachery of the SJWs or our politicians or how utterly disordered human relationships had become…they’d probably have little to no recollection of how things were ‘before’, & what recollection they had would be distorted. I also disagree with the ‘terrorist hysteria’ bit…Islam would gleefully release a continent depopulating pathogen on us ‘infidels’ at their best opportunity.

      1. I see the future after a collapse as a positive change, but only in the long run. Life could be considerably worse for a long, long time, perhaps much longer than any of our lifetimes. But that is the price to pay when one strays too far beyond the boundaries. The correction will be equally harsh in the other direction.

        1. I wouldnt want to live in a world as envisioned by Cormac McCarthy in “The Road”, but it seems more likely than the scenario envisioned by the writer of this article

        2. Give it one full week and you’ll be longing for your shower, for your books, for a home-cooked meal.
          The collapse fantasy always seems to include that there are things out there that will make all the suffering worth it. Like there is an oasis of pussy and bounty out there waiting for YOU!

        3. It’s easy to get into the Video Game mode of Apocalypse. Having been in the military and deployed to nasty, sticky places for long periods of time, things like hygene become almost a point of obsession, as well as a longing for real food and other comforts. One can tell when somebody hasn’t really experienced deprivation for any period of time, or at least, I can.

        4. yup, I was a “let the banks fail/lets start over” guy back in 2009, but all hell woulda broken loose. I am fully on board with the “kick the can down the road” strategy now…just keep on kickin’

        5. We also have nuclear weapons now. If those are unleashed the collapse just gets that much worse.

        6. A quote I heard once about a nuclear holocaust is “What’s surprising about nuclear weapons isn’t how many people die, but how many continue to live”. They are a logistics nightmare. Sure, the core city goes poof but then you have hundreds of thousands outside the blast zone who go forward covered in fallout and who die long, agonizing deaths.

        7. Boredom, exhaustion & discomfort punctuated by intervals of horror & abject terror.

        8. “..as well as a longing for real food and other comforts.”
          I have seen guys bust each other up over a particular MRE. Hunger and sleep deprivation keeps tempers short and it can get nasty quick.

        9. The fun part is dealing with human waste. I was in Tikrit at Ironhorse before they brought in the contractors and the porta-potties. The speed with which shit piles up with a dozen or so people is ridiculous.
          To this day I swear the true Republican Guard was the swarms of flies.

        10. I hated pork patty MRE’s with a living passion. After having to be forced to take them on deployment, I figured out a good way to never have them again. I went into town and had my own set of dog tags made that had “Jewish” stamped on it as my “religion”. I’m not Jewish, never have been, never will be, but I’ll tell you what, it gets you right out of Pork Patty MRE’s from the supply sergeant every single time.

        11. You’ll learn pretty quickly how Cool Hand Look felt when he kept digging and filling a hole in the ground.

        12. Actually I liked most of the MRE’s, but I loathed Pork Patty MRE’s. Even Texas Pete couldn’t cover the nasty up enough for me to eat them.

        13. As long as it wasn’t the beef franks or the one GoJ mentioned. I watched fights break out over those.

        14. We were constantly moving, so they just chucked us a box and the squad had to fight it out (litterally). I liked the BBQ pork– used to lay it on the engine block to warm it up and spread over crackers. That was the usually the highlight of my day.

        15. I think it was a joke. MRE’s plugged you up, I think by design (could be wrong).

        16. Being MI of the SIGINT variety, we weren’t constantly tasked to move day in and day out in the field. Radio signals did the moving for us, we just intercepted them.

        17. “Give it one full week and you’ll be longing for your shower, for your books, for a home-cooked meal.”
          Exsctly – darkmatter explains this perfectly:

        18. That actually sounds alot like my last marriage, so I’m probably ready for it.

        19. This………….
          I know it sounds ridiculous but I recall how much I missed sushi, I dreamed of it when I was having a snooze in my off watch I even got excited thinking for some miracle reason the chefo’s would have a tray of sushi……

    7. I find the experience of Russia to be comforting. Marxist scum ran the show for seven decades and Orthodox Christianity and Nationalism immediately reasserted themselves. It gives me hope that the Scandinavians et al will find their balls.

      1. That took nearly a century to happen. And they started with almost nothing, from an economic standpoint.

    8. We’re different than other historical collapses already, from a certain perspective it could be argued that we collapsed at the beginning of the 1900s, yet our ability to stimulate the pleasure centers of people’s minds was much more advanced with radio than it had been with theater. Our ability to provide distraction greater, our means of directing the collective stronger.
      What accompanied the rampant dissatisfaction of the late 50s-70s? The ability for the common person to own a television broadcasting idyllic existence and bravery and courage triumphing over evil.
      Video games in the 80s while the world was on the verge of a cold war going hot and nuclear eradication had school children saving the day and princesses from the safety of their air-conditioned room. PCs and internet in the 90s-2000s let everyone validate their opinions and delusions of grandeur. Now we have virtual reality on the horizon with the potential for constant instant gratification in a reality of nothing but 50 Shades and Days for women and porn for guys (why fight it when you can be living as a trapper in the 1870s and getting blown by the girl of your dreams?).
      Then we’ll fall back into the classes of the past serfs-nobility, do what we are told so that the fix keeps coming.
      There will be those that will buck the system, but they’ll be even more marginalized, seen as ranting, negative fringe mental deviants in their “little corner of the net”. Even those who come long after, who look back on us won’t really get who we were or what we were about, they will just be looking back in history and projecting, seeing the turmoil in their own souls and believing we had it better.
      Meanwhile, our picturesque existence will have never come to fruition and we’ll have died and be beyond caring one way or the other.
      That’s how I figure it ultimately, because we already aren’t the US of our great grandfathers or even of our fathers, and our children’s children will live in something completely foreign to us and so long as people have some measure of pleasure and guaranteed protection from the chaos and uncertainty of liberty with minimum effort to maintain it, they won’t only allow it to happen to them, they’ll beg for it.
      The thing about pendulums is they never stop swinging until they break.

    9. Indeed, we can look at the collapse of the Third Reich in Germany. You wouldn’t want to be around for that one.

      1. What do you mean? Look up the “German economic miracle”
        It was the best thing to happen to Germany

        1. The collapse of the Third Reich and the German economic miracle are two different things mate.

        2. That’s debatable but even if it did, that doesn’t change my initial point.

    10. This all day and every day.
      The funny thing about the bobbling midpoint is that so long as people are well entertained and comfortable and simply don’t believe in anything larger than themselves it may be sustainable for a very, very long time if not indefinitely.
      One thing that people who had revolutions, regardless of the make and model of the specific revolution, have in common is that they aren’t fat.
      The idea that a well fed, well entertained person who is making min payments on their debt, living in a house, has a pretty easy job, has a couple of brats in college and a 72 inch television would ever sign up to be in the revolution is just madness.
      As for the “US revolution being a historical singularity insofar as it actual went netter after the violence was through” yeah, absolutely, short term, but look at the long term eventual consequences. It would appear to me that in the eyes of history, 1000 years from now, the American experiment will be deemed as a colossal failure.

      1. Failure? Look at what it did in 50 years 1870’s to 1920’s. How is that a failure?

        1. 2016: brought to you by the American experiment. Wellcome to sloth, stupidity and a world in ruin.
          Maybe some ups and downs along the way, but considering its entire trajectory the two worst things to happen to the world are the USA and Christianity

        2. Jess Christ was a bad person? Lmao
          But what other civilization accomplished that much in 50 years, not disputing the fact that were declining

        3. Agreed but that accomplishment set the foundation for the sloth of today. Truth be told, while you can’t squeeze the toothpaste back into the tube, the world would have been better without that accomplishment.
          As for Christ…good bad or indifferent. But Christianity, over the last couple thousand years, essentially castrated masculinity.

        4. Oh, your referring to the Catholic church(which actually oppressed and for kiled Christians)
          Wait so you prefer people having lower living standards over a cultural phenomenon…that has nothing to do with it?

        5. No, I mean the immaaculating effect that a religion with a slave morality built into it has had.
          I prefer the world as it is now. I also prefer fried chicken to plain grilled. Doesn’t mean it is better for me.
          I like our modern, sociopathic, detached, materialistic world of convienence a whole hell of a lot—I can fuck different women all the time, carry around a super computer in my pocket and generally enjoy the collapse of the western world.
          Can’t go back. However, I think that the standard of living was bought with our humanity and maybe, in the eyes of history, that will be seen as a bad thing.

        6. Slave morality? Careful during the Roman era anyone who had debt was a slave.
          Fried chicken is actually good for you(if made right)
          Your giving cultural problems which originally started from the Government.
          Super computers? Lmao Non-comparable, I think you mean mobile PC.
          Bad thing? They’ll thank us for the technology but shun our choices (kinda like what we did for the romans)

        7. Anyone with debt is a Slave now. Just because the chains are invisible doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
          I’m kind of computer backwards so a smart phone seems petty miarculois to me.
          Roman’s made a lot of good choices for a very, very long time. The US is a young country and has done more than make bad choices — it has created a culture that has alienated the world from its own humanity.
          Under no circumstances is fried chicken good for you. It might be less bad if cooked at right temps, but it isn’t good for you.
          Christianity deifies effeminate weakness as an impotent reaction to the outward masculinity that the Roman’s displayed.

        8. The Romans after Octavian were just a cluster duck of revolts,civil wars and welfare state expansion(bread and games).
          Not to mention mass migrations.
          You can say the same about China and it’s confusionism.
          I second guess that http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2014/03/19/Eat-All-Fried-Chicken-You-Want.
          Problem is your referring to Romance catholicism which the Romans created not Eastern orthodox or protestantism which defy what it stood for.
          He’ll Socrates is the example of a perfect Christian

        9. Eastern Orthodox is a different animal, I will say. But I’m speaking also about the example of Christ. I will grant you that the Orthodox Church is very different.
          How do you find Socrates a perfect Christian. Not trolling or being an ass, honesty curious.

        10. Socrates despite not being Christian died a Christian death.
          He challanged the establishment
          Critical of everything
          Refuse to renounce his belief.
          And even had a chance to escape but refused claiming he must take responsibility for his actions

        11. I’m a big fan of how Socrates died. I disagree and would like to debate this in a friendly way. Find my email address and send me an email if you like

    11. Or we could just throw the leftists out of helicopters and end this collapse cycle and herald a new age of prosperity.

    12. Whether a collapse causes immediate change which can be seen as “good” or millions of useless eaters die horrible deaths, either way I smile..
      All that matters to me is my family, my tribe……those who have proven themselves and their word. Anyone else that isn’t on the same page do not look to me or anyone with me for aid when the government tit gets pulled out of your fuckin bitch ass dick suckers.
      The social contract is BROKEN.
      Anyone who has used their political or economic power to harm me and mine better have eyes in the back of your god damn heads.

    13. Thank you for posting this. It seems like every week, somethimg about the Jews, the Race War, the glorious apocalypse or Kratoum rears it’s intellectually deficient head on RoK.
      I was going to point out myself that very few revolutions bring about positive changes. Has genocide, hyper-inflation and poverty been a thing in post colonial Africa…?
      That’s was a collapse of the established order looks like. It looks like Charles Taylor and blood diamonds. It looks like Robert Mugabe and hyper-inflation. It looks like Joseph Kony and genocide.
      You think it’s bad now? It is, no doubt, with too many left-wing weenies running around. But I’d rather hear about pushy reporters who get PTSD from firing an AR-15 over having an AIDS epidemic and hyper-inflation.

      1. the key is that all revolutions are centralized, i.e. they take over the government. What we are looking at is a gradual political degradation, where central power becomes weaker. It may still have negative effects, but at least it won’t be as barbaric as the French Revolution.

    14. It depends where you are. I moved somewhere they still have a “leave it to beaver” kind of life, along with most people prepping with sufficient food, water, and weapons if post-collapse, or even without a collapse if someone wants to disturb the tranquility. If a collapse comes, at least then there won’t be so many deer within the city limits.
      survivalblog.com is probably the central hub for such things for those who aren’t going to participate with the collapse.

    15. To add to your point, as it stands now, there is no organized resistance against the ballooning federal government/centralized power. Americans are split into so many factions that a total economic collapse would result in absolute chaos that can only be quelled by a brutal military force. This would lead to a totalitarian regime and make all the survivors welfare recipients. A collapse in this current political climate would be disastrous and have centuries-long consequences.

    16. Yup. As Adam Smith said: “There’s a lot of ruin in a nation.” It took a long time for Rome to fall, and when it did, the Eastern Roman Empire lasted another thousand years. It usually takes external invasion to finish the job that internal rot has started, though.
      In our case, however, we are subsidizing our own invasion. No previous civilization has ever made a concerted effort to deliberately import such large numbers of racially and culturally foreign people, though. You can’t have a country without a nation– without a people. What will we have left to build upon? The Tribe won’t care; they’ll just move on to China.

    17. I don’t think so. At this point, financial collapse is almost assured. Current debt ratio to GDP is well over 100%. This is small compared to the promise-benefit structure of Medicare and Social Security, with numbers that are well over $100 TRILLION. This is within the next 30 years, so, without structural improvement, we’re going to be financially ruined. How’s your pile of gold doing? How about your weapons cache? G-T-H plan? Escape and Hide location? Medical back-up? Oh, you don’t have any of that? I know I don’t! So, I’m screwed, but my kids, they’re another story.

      1. Eh, I still think it’s a long shot.
        I actually have a pile of silver. Pounds and pounds of silver (and some gold). My weapon cache is excellent, I’m well stockpiled. SHTF plan secured, heirloom seeds procured, escape and hide location (40 acres out in the country), wife is a nurse….so…looks like I’m covered!

    18. If we remain a mixed race country, or if whites become the minority, the collapse will be indefinite

    19. It’s all in who you ask what’s collapsing. The Oligarchs/Plutocrats running things right now are doing fine, and if they’re smart they’ll stage society that there’s not much anger from everyone else. That’s where the collapse will come from. The world didn’t bail out the banking industry in 2008 out of the kindness of it’s heart. It was done to preserve world governments. They bailed out the Plutocracy in order to save everyone.
      But they can’t do it forever, as long as the Plutocrats are controlling them. Because the richest 1% of the world has ALWAYS pushed things over the edge.
      Regardless, unless you’re in the upper socio-economic tier, you’re either in a society that’s building, or trying to catch-up with marks set by the Plutocrats. You’ll never be just stable; able to sit still with what you’ve built in your life time frame. That’s the way I see it.
      I mean, are you surviving, or are you living? You can do well no matter what’s going on, as long you practice situational awareness and keep in mind that the rules set on everyone else don’t have to apply to you.

    20. The Bolshevik Revolution that overthrew the monarchy and the Red Terror that followed only came about the Powers That Be recruited, organized and funded them just like they did Hitler and the Nazis as part of their Hegelian dialectical process of achieving their goal of world domination.
      Pitting two enemies against each other in a fight to the death, forcing everyone else to choose sides or else…
      To be sure, any civilizational collapse will get real ugly, real fast. An intellectual Dark Age will probably ensue which will give way to the light of civilization when the dust finally settles…which took Europe close to 800 years.

  3. One thing that will speed up the collapse is how much money countries owe. I still can’t believe the fact governments keep borrowing more and never reduce debt. Do they seriously think future generations will cope with it?!
    I do hope the world collapses like this, though. I’d love to just pick up a baseball bat and start being human again.

  4. The sad thing is collapse of civilization is want the forces of the left want that goal. When the Old World dies, a new world can be forge under the principles of socialism with the current leaders of the movement as the new leaders of society. As everything decay, the State will protect, feed, and take care of you from the horror of the outside world. Creating a utopia that is actual dystopia. As the saying goes, 1984 was warning, not how to manual.
    The one cavet of this article is the following, the collapse is already here. Civilization is at the end point as truth already posted in his comment. We are all scavengers in desolated wasteland of culture, trying to find some remnant of the old world as safe haven to madness around us. While not we are not forging for food, we are forging for sanity and empathic human interaction among the drones of society. Its time to find good of the old civilization and forge a new civilization resistant to the manipulation of decay in the present. So grab a rifle and join Roosh at the planning table, it going to be a long night.

  5. A collapse would look like Venezuela. But Arms in America would make all the difference.

  6. It’s a nice sentiment, but it sounds like this:
    1) complete societal collapse
    2) ????
    3) masculine paradise
    When or if the time comes in my lifetime, I’m joining up with the butt-raping cannibals. Because that’s going to be your choice if you’re not one of the lucky ones to die in the initial disaster: Join the eaters or be eaten.

    1. I have to agree to an extent on this sentiment. If we were to have a complete collapse you can expect starvation, looting, murdering, roving gangs, warlords, etc. It will not be pretty for anyone, even those higher up on the totem pole. I only hope my kids can live a full life without seeing it all happen.

  7. Something has to give. When the parasites outnumber the producers a civilization’s days are numbered.

    1. Two words: forcible sterilization. If you want government handouts, that’s what you have to agree to.

    2. The funny/ironic thing is that this same female was on the tube with this same story at least a few years ago. (“Someone else needs to pay for my fu*kups and bad decisions!”)

  8. I see an increasing trend from neo-masculines to detest technology. Perhaps you just mean FB & Twitter and the likes but in any tribe I join post-apocalypse I want to have Apache attack helicopters, drones, F-22 Raptors, F-15/16 or F-35s, humvees, tanks and all the computing power on my side. Survivalists and other let’s-return-to-nature types are no match.

  9. Careful what you wish for. I’ve been reading on Russian civil war lately. “Edwin Dwinger : Between White and Red”.
    The gynocracy is annoying, but dying of hunger, or from medieval diseases, in a collapsed society is no fun either.
    As a side note, in the Russian like in all civil war, a recurrent image is the one of cohorts of women whoring themselves for a bit of bread. That would be amusing to watch.

    1. Not many consider what happens when you take away little things like electricity and running water.

      1. I would suggest to anyone reading this site to get a copy of US Army FM 21-76 (Survival Manual).

        1. Going to have to go through my books and see if I have a copy (they’re all boxed up at the moment).

      2. cant pump gas, cant flush toilets…holy shit I wish I could escape from NY lol

    2. “As a side, note in the Russian like in all civil war, a recurrent image is the one of cohorts of women whoring themselves for a bit of bread.”
      Moscow in 1991 had prostitutes on every street corner when the USSR collapsed. Some very awful stories from those days. Forced prostitution, mega-corruption, etc…

  10. Predictions of disaster engendered by population growth have been made for centuries, and they all have the same thing in common: they’re wrong. Julian Simon’s excellent book The Ultimate Resource explains why.
    Alongside that, to wish for collapse is to wish for the suffering of others, including many complete innocents. Don’t.

  11. The collapse isn’t coming any time soon. Western Civilization for all its flaws has the infrastructure, technology, and wealth to sustain itself in almost any event outside of global nuclear war or pandemic. Even the current Islamic invasion will not topple the West, as I believe once the Muslim population hits a certain threshold where they start to cause disruptions on a daily basis; mass deportations and imprisonment will be called for by even some of the most ardent libtards. Civil war might even break out within certain countries, but even these events will not cause the full on collapse of Western Civilization. The violent third world hordes are going to continue to flood in, and our native populations will continue to dwindle as they become more effeminate and weak. The silver lining to this is that the more diversity we get, the sooner the West will recognize it for the invasion that it is.

    1. Nah ounce the petrodollar monopoly breaks 3rd world countries will develop into 1st world countries

  12. The collapse is biological. One population is outbreeding another.
    The total world population is up, but only among regressive groups. Advanced society is not breeding at replacement levels.
    The collapse is more a biological process, rather than a structural failing.
    Only one group has created an advanced society. That group regulated its numbers. It did not regulate its social integrity. Invaders entered, parasitized, and bred like rats.
    We were well on the way to bucking the boom collapse paradigm, but let our altruism blind us to demographic realities. Most humans are congenitally incapable of forming working, stable, states. Including mass numbers of these people can only result in illness and disaster.

    1. It’s absurd the direction things are going.
      Why should the West take on such burdens, potentially to the point of cultural suicide, because their neighbours are too irresponsible to manage their own shit?
      If this were on the level of individuals instead of states, it would be very clear that this is wrong.

      1. I’ve pointed that out to a few people I know. It’s not our fault they haven’t taken the East Asian route and sent people to countries to learn what they’re doing right.

    2. I wish even 5% of the mainstream could wake up to this truth. You just have to look at a plot of GDB and birth rate and it becomes obvious.

    3. Most 3rd world countries were fine until western backed rebels coup the country or dictators were installed

  13. 5. Provider game works again like it always used to in the past.
    6. You can date up up up. Ugs will never feel entitled to 6’2″ guys with huge dicks. Girls will take what they can and be pleasing if they want to see another day.
    7. You won’t ever hear about feminism again.

  14. Great article and exactly my thoughts. Western society is like a terminal body, where every part is infected by cancer, making a treatment pointless. The body might still fight the cancer, but it is too late to recover; the cancer has reached its final stage and is therefore too powerful. The only way the body can regain its old strength is to die first and resurrect.
    Same with the West. Degeneracy, political correctness and everything else related to it has infected every part of society. Fighting this is a waste of time, because the cancer is too powerful. Only if society collapses under its own ‘tolerance’, hypocrisy and hollow righteousness, things can only improve. I read some valuable criticisms regarding the latter that pervious revolutions have deteriorated society rather than improving it, such as with communism in the Soviet Union. I agree, but that means we are smarter than ever before and less likely to make the same mistakes again.

    1. We’re smarter than ever before as long as we can access a server…other than that many have the attention span of a gnat & are mental dwarves.

      1. I love smug Millenials who are quick to whip out an iZombie to “Fact check” you on every sentence you utter. Challenge them to put the phone down and if they accept that challenge it quickly becomes clear that they know nothing and retain nothing that they looked up for longer than the 30 seconds it takes for them to sneer at you. A clueless lot, to be certain.

        1. Watching them without a phone is like watching a junkie searching for a fix. If there’s a generation that needs a month out in the woods, it’s them.

        2. I wouldn’t be able to get to the point of even asking a woman like that out on a date. It’s utterly ridiculous behavior.

        3. Week one: Detox from “smart” phone
          Week two: Show them there’s a world out there.
          Week three: See the forest for the trees
          Week four: tempt them with “smart” phone for the laughs

        4. I might say something, then I would see her in the corner of my eye looking up shit on her phone. She would never challenge me on it, only chuckle. “What are you chuckling about?” “Oh nothing.” ant believe I made it thru four dates

      2. Agree, but when writing ‘we are smarter than ever before’ I didn’t think about the millenial whimps who will crumble with fear when the collapse is inevitable. I was rather referring to like-minded people who questions things, have long-term vision and use their brains rather than there emotions – you know, the ones who will survive the collapse.

        1. To be honest, I don’t care if I ever get confronted. I would wear it as a badge of honour. ROK has improved my life in many aspects and helped me to see through all the bullshit society, friends and family served me during my life. I still have a long way to go, but I’m sure self-improvement will get me where I want to be. So I will not back down or apologise for it.

        2. Indeed. I prefer to feign ignorance simply because it allows me to stay in certain social circles to monitor their day-to-day activities. To each their own; we need warriors and we also need spies (I am a well-known ninja around these parts).

        3. Haha, fair enough. The thing is, one area of my life that needs improvement is developing the ‘fuck it’ mentality. And confronting leftists with their bullshit is a great exercise.

  15. This is all wishful thinking.
    A collapse will mean untold millions die, vital infrastructure destroyed and productivity driven to a halt. Sure, things may improve but you have no idea when nor how.
    Likewise, the chances of your surviving such an ordeal will exponentially decrease. It is raw naivety to proclaim such a thing as the ‘best thing to happen to men’. Even more so when our comfortable generation has never experienced trauma of this kind before.
    It is better to be realistic. We may all loath the Progressives but we are a product of their system. When everyone else suffers, so will we.

  16. Love this article! The worst part would be the loss of general comforts. Having gone through that, there is nothing worse than the loss of the ability to create warmth and shelter for yourself. That said, no more divorce court, no more PC patrollers, and a consistent need to display strength will all be great for society. I would love for the dissolution as it would reveal all would be allies and enemies as they have no other choice but to do what they naturally would as survival is the most imminent concern. Guess it is a great time to start adding to your repetoire of skills and talents, just in case.

      1. Highly likely he would be conflicted. Between the tons of ‘poon access and comfortable transport NY affords you, most people there have no reason to learn how to fight, how to survive in the woods, how to generate passive income, as you are probably already a decent survivalist by living there. It would be wild seeing Lolknee in the woods though, heh.

      2. I think there will still be cobblers in a collapse scenario. he will be fine

    1. The ‘loss of general comforts’ wouldn’t be the worst part. The worst would be fearing for your and your families life every moment due to the imminent lack of order. Civilisations don’t spring back up instantly after they collapse.
      Why are people assuming the best? This is the same kind of idealism that brought up about Progressive thought. Incidentally that’s what got us into this mess.

      1. Loner by nature and a natural Treasoner, I decided to make my own family ages ago. They’ll be fine with some hardships. I wouldn’t say the same if I had kids and a wife but I don’t. You reap what you sow.
        I only have a few years of survival anyway so likely I wouldn’t see the results of current day society on the world of 2150. No guarantees on 2050 either to be honest.
        Edit: To be truthful, the drastic drop in lives would be horrific, but all in accord with reaping and sowing.

        1. I can relate with you with ‘loner by nature’ but the thought of constantly facing bandits and marauders doesn’t appeal to me. The combat could be exciting but it will eventually end with one’s needless death. I would much prefer to use my life productively.

        2. Sure, same year as you I imagine, somewhere abouts of 1983. Except where you got settled and got the family and kids, I was unsettled and had to rough it a bit longer. Family life was an odd belt of comfortable illusion and horrific conditioning.

        3. So when I was strapping on my army boots for the first time, you were like, what, 2 years old? Heh.

        4. I can agree with you there. The loss of measurable productivity and the space to be so that comfort allows would be the most soul crushing aspect. And consistent fighting is only ideal for those with the physical youth to always be ready. For everyone else ending lives quickly will be the major concern. I would have an access point or three for refuge if things really hit the fan.

        5. It was pretty neato keen. You’d traipse out into the field, the British would form large blocks of men for reasons none of us could figure out, we’d hide in the trees and snipe them while telling jokes about Indians, then we’d call it a day, head back home and gaze with lust at our wives and their exposed ankles.
          Ah….times were good….times were good…

        6. No worries. My mindset has changed a bit in the last few years of expected longevity to a tempered if things end now will I be alright with that? An odd state to be in mentality for someone who wants to add to the gene pool but that’s the way of things currently.

        7. Can’t. I’m too aroused thinking about my wife’s ankle.

        8. I actually was talking to some of my tribe last night and we were discussing the idea of us all living close to each other; all hypotheticals and playing with ideas, but everyone seemed open to the idea. Would provide additional protection and support for each other.

        9. Of course and this aspect derives from the loss of order. Even if you can hold up against others, eventually you will meet a group far more depraved and dangerous than you. Your chances of meeting a brutal end just increases drastically with a collapse.

        10. That isn’t too bad of an idea. Just got word of a guy in Chicago, assisting a person with game by directing them to ROK. They didn’t divulge who they were, on the social food table, but the guy may have been in law enforcement. Either way, Chicago has a few people, just most seem keen on trying to leave the state at some point as opposed to building a survival base but getting more used to each other as tribesmen might be a great way to create an anti-fragility base.

        11. Getting across the USA is looking more appealing daily. A friend of mine just moved to Alaska. Have yet to get the full particulars on that but imagine their economy is fairly anti fragile. Tennessee I imagine to be a very rural with lower access to people without public transportation. Probably makes the friendships stronger since you have to do some work to meet.

        12. Depends on which area of TN you’re living in. I live about 20 miles outside Nashville, so it’s pretty suburban area (getting more urban by the minute unfortunately). I know very rural areas though with populations under 1500 people. Would love to get out there, but as you can imagine, not many job opportunities.

        13. Beware of meth opiate heads that have been pushed out of the cities by the social services machine. No job, no services, no transport makes them easier to control.

        14. They formed huge blocks because guns didn’t have the accurate to direct hit…

        15. I have some engravings of a lewd couple holding hands, if you’re interested.

  17. I need 5 years and im ready, both physically, mentally, technologiclly, and financially, best thing is buy a big farm far away from civilzation ideally surounded by mountains to protect from nuclear detonation be as off the grid as possible even use solar power to generate your own power, avoid gas powered vehicles go for electric powered bikes and maybe a new tesla model 3 all powered by your own solar panels, setup security perimeter around your land have a massive armory and dont forget the cannabis and tomatos for periods of relaxation plus brew your own beer and hunt your own meat a few chickens for eggs and a well for water supply also be sure to have anti radiation medications and a radiation detector incase of nuclear fallout itll be good to know what areas/foods are safe also have gym equipmemnt close by, there is no need to not take advantage of current technologies as long as you use it in a self sufficent and long term sustainable way so even if the main power grid goes offline your tech still works also have a few drones which you can use to help scan the areas for hostiles.

    1. That is one hell of an expensive bug out plan you have there (or rather, bug in). Priced solar panels? Shit is steep. You’d also have to re-fit all of your electrical appliances with extremely efficient appliances or even direct DC type appliances (inverters use a bit of your load for conversion). And a Tesla T3? Damn hoss. The electric scooter ain’t a bad call though, that’s fairly practical and since you won’t be using it day in and day out you could conceivably charge up the battery over a couple of days with a single 90W panel.
      Anti-radiation medication is cheap, so that’s good. Geiger counters are pretty cheap too.

        1. Yeah. Potassium iodide to be precise.

        2. One of the major components of nuclear fallout (but far from the only) is radioactive Iodine. The critical or most likely organ to absorb this isotope is the thyroid. By taking large doses of iodine you are blocking the thyroid from taking up more iodine which may be radioactive. It is not going to provide a broad spectrum protection from fallout.
          This is not an anti radiation protection. The major types of radiation are Gamma, Beta, and alpha. Gamma is energy, like light or X-rays. You need large amounts of hydrogenated shielding to protect you from that; concrete or water are very good shielding. Beta is loose electrons with quite a bit of energy. Typical structures will provide all the shielding you need. Alpha is basically a helium atom which has an extra neutron which is emitted as the unstable isotope decays. These come from decaying fragments of fission fragments. A dead layer of skin is sufficient shielding, but anything you breath in will do you a huge amount of harm. So you will need air filtration as well as protected water and food storage. internal contamination with Alpha is not pretty.
          Radiation poisoning is usually exposure to the gamma rays emitted from the blast of the nuclear weapon. Secondary gamma comes from the decay of the initial fission fragments. Then comes the fallout which is not radiation but contamination with radioactive particles.
          I was once a nuclear engineer and also worked with nuclear weapons while I was in the military.

        3. Nuclear fallout isn’t going be that big of a problem. The radiation nuclear bombs release is 99% short term, and unless you are living really close to a blast, you shouldn’t have problems with long term radiation…

        4. Radioactive Iodine is only really a problem with INES 5-7 reactor disasters. Nuclear bombs don’t create very much radioactive isotopes, rather they produce more pure gamma and x ray radiation.
          :Alpha is basically a helium atom which has an extra neutron which is emitted as the unstable isotope decays.” But don’t forget that alpha particles lack electrons unlike helium.
          “A dead layer of skin is sufficient shielding, but anything you breath in will do you a huge amount of harm. So you will need air filtration as well as protected water and food storage. internal contamination with Alpha is not pretty.” But then again, the chances of getting high doses of alpha radiation is quite low, being that helium is way lighter than air.

      1. Solar panels are cheap 250w solar panel A grade solar cell monocrystalline 12 panels for 3k enough to power all appliences plus charge the car and run a command center to monitor the whole property with infrared sensors just stick em on the roof and if need more power just stick a few on the ground on specially made racks. Also can add additional wind power if required basiclly unlimited power can be made available and unused power stored in battery bank hot water has its own solar heating, enough power to charge the fleet of electric bikes in 8 hours fully charged plus the car I might even throw in an electric quad buggy to get around the ruff terrain if theres a few of us.

        1. 200W of board, a couple of deep cycle batteries and an inverter (plus charge controller and containment for the batteries) is going to run around 2500-3000 bucks, give or take. 200W is really not as much as you’d think, although if you’re just going to power lights and maybe a small amount of appliances on demand it might work. A real system you want specced out is going to run around 2kw and cost substantially more, not just for panels, but also a much larger inverter (pure sign wave if you have appliances that need clean power), many more batteries and of course more charge controllers. That’s just the basics, not including mounting hardware (no idea what that costs actually, haven’t looked it up in years). You’re talking some real money here man.
          Water I agree, that’s easy, you can even build that at home without needing to go pro, in a pinch.
          Wind power you’ll need a tower for any substantial sustained generation, unless you live in a place with near constant wind (Wyoming, South Dakota, etc).

        2. http://m.aliexpress.com/item/1022835653.html
          2.4kw inverter for 250usd but I would go with the 3kw probably just to be sure solar technology is changing fast and its getting cheaper all the time as for the battery bank probably would shop around to find the best deal the battery bank would only be like a power cache more than anything once the bank is full its time to use power.Panels are cheap from china http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32282544959.html solar tech is the fastest changing tech these days.

        3. Can’t get what kind of inverter that is, is it modified sine wave or pure sine wave? You’ll also want to not go by peak power as a determining factor, keep the load centered, so for a 3kw expected draw, get a 5kw inverter (well, I would anyway) because some things will spike it and if you’re running a full load already, you’ll be out of luck. Just a suggestion anyway.
          An interesting idea with deep cycle batteries is to get a bunch of forklift batteries and wire them up for the proper voltage. Readily available and they last forever, plus massive amp storage. Not sure if they’d be good too keep in a house though, even with venting, as they can be pretty gassy. Gel batteries are the best bet for indoor use.
          Good luck no matter what you do.

        4. Not bad ideas could probably vent them with extractor fans, eitherway getting off grid within the next 5-7 years is probably a good idea especially with the wars around the globe escalating also theres something nice about not relying on society but still having the same luxuries knowing that even if nuclear war breaks out you have a safe place for your family to live far away out in the country side being totally self suficent but still comfortable and utilizing current tech to max benefits just knowing that no matter what happens you will survive while the rest all goto hell lol

      2. Electric bicycles are stupid… Just use your legs at that point. Honestly, I don’t see why anyone would need anything beyond living in a small town…

      1. Right.. I might have managed to roast some weenies and pitch a tent in that same time period.

        1. No, I mean a human cannot sustain himself all on his own. You need at least 30 people…

        1. I know they could buy all of it. But they could not do everything for themselves. They will need other people to supply parts, medicine, metal, etc.

        2. Yea that’s why you set it all up before ww3 starts so your all ready for when it happens, if you have money it makes sense to have a bug in house/property that has everything totally off the grid, and can’t stress enough to avoid gas powered vehicles, gasoline will be rare but electricity can be easily generated at home.

        3. That has nothing to do with what I am saying. I am saying that one human cannot be fully self sufficient. You need a small group of people at minimum. Humans don’t have the ability to do all that work they need for themselves done in a day.
          P.S. Please, add a period or two to your replies…

        4. But one person can prepare a place to start building a tribe, a fortress or bug in house, then people will want to join you and help you, if you have nothing who wants to join you?..if you have electricity, fresh water, food, medical supplies, rechargable transportation and a secure property it gives you a much better chance of survival over others because people will want to join and help you, also if you have lots of guns that also helps and be prepared to use them, any disobedience should be punished with either death or legs and arms cut off then feed them to the wild dogs, force them to watch while you slice them up from feet upto the head. In a situation like this you have to be brutal and blood thirsty to maintain order in your tribe and the slicing from bottom to top is my faverout one because they actually have to watch as they are slowly sliced up from toe to head in reverse. I love brutality it turns me on nothing brings me more joy than watching people suffer.

  18. It’s funny how those who worship the free-market can’t seem to apply the
    same principles of their religion to society as a whole.

    Eh? The free market is exactly what you are promoting.

  19. Right, cept heres whats actually going to happen. Once big brother realizes things are going to shit they’ll simply beef up security and take what they want from you and me in order to save their worthless lives. Didn’t they just buy like a billion rounds of ammo or something like that? What do you think thats going to be used for when SHTF? They could give a fuck less if we starve as long as they and the people that protect them get theirs. The only way we MIGHT have a chance of getting through this without losing everything is if we get to keep our guns which, if were being honest, is going to be one of the first things taken from us once martial law is declared and then maybe if were lucky they wont out right kill us once things really start to get bad. This shit aint guna be no video game or movie, wake the fuck up.

    1. Start going through small azz towns. The meth opiate apocolypse is here. Combined with morbid fatties who would sell their souls for junk food. The Gooberment already has control.

    2. Entire combined military forces of these united States 1.47 million.
      Entire civilian population that owns a gun: 110+ million.
      Tell me about their beefed up security again, I wish to snicker. Talk to me about “allowed to keep our guns” again. Heh.

        1. I suspect we’ll have most of the Marine Corps on our side, and special operations from across the spectrum. The rest I’m not so confident about. But having 1 Marine on your side beats a platoon of Airmen any day of the week.

        2. Hey, didn’t you notice the big fucking cable on the back? How do you think that works out?

        3. This is what I also suspect would happen. The question is,
          how many, and which ones? The majority of our military personnel sent to fight in the Middle East have been from the rural and small-town population, which is the proverbial “salt of the earth” of any country. Where would their loyalty lie? Let’s ask the recent military vets among us this question. I value their opinion on this matter.

        4. Didn’t you notice the video was from 2013 and DARPA and similar agencies normally show the public through their propaganda channels only the 5 years or more old models. Whatever they had by then was by leaps and bounds superior than whatever they would show on that video.

        5. Maybe… But in all honesty, they still can’t power those things. Batteries just have not developed enough.

      1. There is a reason they are speeding up the development of autonomous drones and other robots. I can certainly see an automated infantry and navy in 20 years with minimal human involvement. However supply chains and technicians will still be there…

        1. That actually works to our advantage. On the one hand it makes killing easier so that sucks, but on the other, crack the frequency and encryption of the carrier wave and suddenly you own a fighter jet.

        2. Indeed. The government thrives on incompetence. The only reason wars are won is because one government is even more monumentally incompetent than the other. People credit the government and militaries in general with almost mythical levels of power and competence, when in fact, it’s hard most of the time to get a vehicle out of motor pool that works even reasonably well.

        3. As far as I can tell, a large swath of US bureaucracies seem to be jobs programs for inbreds from the Ivy League puppy mills & Affirmitive Action cases. Incompetence Rules!

        4. fully automated infantry are at least 50 years away. For starters, robots require power. Calories stored in a human can last for weeks, batteries in robots doing complex tasks? Not so much. As such, these robots will need a very large amount of maintenance and support, which will be human. Being cut off from supply lines for humans means having to forage and survive, for these robots it means surly being captured by the enemy. These robots also need remote control. Unfortunately for the users of these robots, that can be disrupted by something as simple as bad weather. These robots are also going to need to be bipedal like humans to do travel though all the terrain (and stairs) that human soldiers do. Well, it will be interesting when a bunch of locals, even without guns, tie their legs, and then start throwing rocks as the robot is being doused in Gasoline and set ablaze.

        5. Exactly I mean look at Darpa’s shit they bother to show us.
          When they said if you can imagine it they have already done it I am sure of that cause I have seen the meta stealth ships with advanced directed energy weapons, electronic warfare, and meta stealth in person at speeds from stealth hover to easily 50-60,000 mph directed by AI and beastly anti-collision systems.

        6. Conventional forces certainly are laggy compared to what is behind the curtain. There are those among the typical forces in control of some pretty amazing technology from the realms the wildest sci-fi you ever read or saw.
          Hell I bet you have seen a unconventional craft out there in your days as the most Jeffersonian man in the world.

        7. A hint: Corporations are entities that resemble psychopaths and their behavior.

        8. I wish you were right, but efforts and funding are focused on two things: entertainment/brainwashing devices for the masses and AI. AI is advancing by leaps and bounds. 50 years? more like 15 years or less. Even now autonomous drones are being tested while we speak and solar and hydrogen powered drones able to fly for days without landing http://www.boeing.com/defense/phantom-eye/.
          Energy is indeed a problem, but they are working on that. If they are successful, even you can become their source of energy http://www.foxnews.com/story/2009/07/16/biomass-eating-military-robot-is-vegetarian-company-says.html
          This is not to scare but one must be aware about what’s coming down the pike. I really hope the US goes bankrupt before they can develop and full-fledged cannibal drone army 🙂

        9. Something I’ve learned from meeting other military forces:
          The US Military isn’t even really that good, everyone else just really sucks that much worse.

        10. “AI is advancing leap and bounds.” So? All of the advancements have been in everything except actual intelligence. And anyways, that is the least of problems for robotic infantry.
          “Even now autonomous drones are being tested while we speak and solar and hydrogen powered drones able to fly for days without landing http://www.boeing.com/defense/….” 1) Solar wouldn’t work because it requires to either be in good weather or above the clouds and can only fly during the day 2) Aeroplanes are not infantry. 3) Lets just assume this infantry can do 10 day missions, that still isn’t NEARLY enough time to be on par with real infantry. Real infantry can survive on the front line for months…
          “cannibal drone army” Drone? Do you mean a UAV? Why would those UAV’s be eating other robots?

        11. “AI is advancing leap and bounds.” So? All of the advancements have been in everything except actual intelligence. And anyways, that is the least of problems for robotic infantry.

          Thanks for the correction. I just brought to the fore the little fact that those breakthroughs and tricks being deployed in the unmanned aircraft will be applicable to whatever they develop for unmanned infantry units (drone tanks? insectoid soldiers? mechanic direwolves?). By the way you should document yourself better when it comes to solar energy and cloudy weather https://solarpowerrocks.com/solar-basics/how-do-solar-panels-work-in-cloudy-weather/
          Please keep in mind the things they show normally are just outdated models by at least 5 years.
          P.S. Cannibal drone Army: More like insectoid units able to consume biomass when it runs out of fuel, aka vegetables and flesh…

        12. ” I just brought to the fore the little fact that those breakthroughs and tricks being deployed in the unmanned aircraft will be applicable to whatever they develop for unmanned infantry units” Those “breakthroughs” are not being used in unmanned aerocraft.
          “By the way you should document yourself better when it comes to solar energy and cloudy weather” 10-25% capacity is not NEARLY enough to keep a plane up in the air.
          “Please keep in mind the things they show normally are just outdated models by at least 5 years.” Not really. It takes 15-20 years to deploy get something on the ground anyways. The F-22 is early 90’s tech, so while what they are showing may be old, it’s still way way off from ever being deployed. Also, where is your evidence that it’s “five year old tech”?

        13. Those “breakthroughs” are not being used in unmanned aerocraft.

          You should check the links, they are prototypes to be used in the near future and are being paraded in specialized expos around the world. What was your point again?

          Also, where is your evidence that it’s “five year old tech”?

          Simple common sense. I don’t have great love for you Americans but is unlikely that your security agencies and their RD offices have become staffed by people so dumb as to show whatever latest and most effective model they have in stock.

        14. “You should check the links, they are prototypes to be used in the near future and are being paraded in specialized expos around the world. What was your point again?” I don’t understand what you are talking about? Are you talking about mechanical breakthroughs or are you talking about AI breakthroughs? Do you even know the difference?
          “Simple common sense.” Okay, so you pulled it out of your arse…
          ” don’t have great love for you Americans but is unlikely that your security agencies and their RD offices have become staffed by people so dumb as to show whatever latest and most effective model they have in stock.” They do though. It’s not like the Russians, French, Chinese, etc. haven’t already stolen the tech anyways…

        15. don’t understand what you are talking about? Are you talking about mechanical breakthroughs or are you talking about AI breakthroughs? Do you even know the difference?

          Originally I made no difference, since I thought the difference should be obvious. I was wrong. However the links I pasted in the previous posts were about engineering breakthroughs (energy, mobility). AI breakthroughs abound in the field, however AI related issues are the smallest hindrances in the path to an automated force, as the rise of automated vehicles in the next decade confirms.

          Okay, so you pulled it out of your arse

          Unless you think showing your finest prototypes to the enemy is a sane policy…be my guest. However Americans normally show functional prototypes in wars. That has been the policy so far and I don’t expect it to change.

      2. Us: confined to legally purchasing small arms, semi automatic rifles, SMGs, pistols and the occasional .50 cal, illegally making primitive explosive devices, and access to basic tactical gear and vehicles as well as whatever provisions we can scrounge up.
        Them: the entire arsenal and supply of the US military including fully automatic rifles, machine guns, military grade explosives and ordinance, grenade launchers, surface to air missiles, advanced tactical gear, extensive training in combat and counterinsurgency ops, unmanned drones, access to tanks, LAVs, fighter jets, bombers, submarines, battleships, satellite positioning and communications technology, a vast information network, impregnable and well guarded underground bunkers, a shit load of money (stolen from us btw), fuck knows what kind of biological and chemical weapons with infinite range and, oh yeah, nuclear devices.
        With the push of a button they could kill half of us in a week if they really wanted to. What good is a rifle going to do you when they show up at your front door with an Abrams?

        1. We have machine guns too. I can drive 30 minutes north and pick up an M2. Also, we don’t wear uniforms AND we live next to their families.
          Afghanis are beating us with IED’s and small arms. Don’t over estimate the competency or power of the military.
          Come any kind of armed rebellion, why in the hell would I be holed up in my home waiting for them to show up?

        2. Right? It’s like people don’t actually follow military doings, strategies, tactics and current events.

        3. “semi automatic rifles” Which in the case of an actual war would immediately be converted into automatic…
          “surface to air missiles” Wut? What are they gonna need to hit down with that? Guerrilla forces typically aren’t the biggest users of air support.
          “military grade explosives and ordinance” All a guerrilla force would need is one Scientiæ magister in chemistry and they have access to all that stuff two!
          “advanced tactical gear” What is this supposed to mean? Like… Radios and GPS? Everyone has that…
          “extensive training in combat and counterinsurgency ops” Yeah, worked great in Afghanistan and Iraq didn’t it?
          “unmanned drones” As the Iranians proved, they can be hacked very easily…
          “submarines” What are they use that for?
          “battleships” NOPE! Haven’t had that for 30 years now…
          “fuck knows what kind of biological” 1) Biological weapons are not very effective. 2) Even if they did, what kind of dumbarses who use that in their own country? 3) That would piss off the whole world to the point of the US being expelled from the UN security council, the OECD, the G8, the G20, and just about every other international organization, sanctions (which would destroy the government ability to buy goods and take on debt which it would desperately need to fight a internal military conflict) and very likely military action by other countries such as France, Russia, China, etc.
          “chemical weapons with infinite range and, oh yeah, nuclear devices.” Check number three on my last paragraph.
          “With the push of a button they could kill half of us in a week if they really wanted to.” They could, but in the same sense that I could go out and do a shooting at my local mall. Would I really have any benefit to?
          “What good is a rifle going to do you when they show up at your front door with an Abrams?” Abrams are shit. They have a very limited range, they need special fuel, they need the full 4 crew to operate, they are extremely easy to take out from above (they were designed to fight other tanks, not people), the Abrams would be useless, just as they have been in Afghanistan. Speaking of which, what is your reasoning for the ass kickery against the US in Afghanistan?
          In conclusion, this is a very good read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennium_Challenge_2002

        4. “We have machine guns too. I can drive 30 minutes north and pick up an M2.” And as the north Hollywood shooters proved, semi automatic guns can just be converted over to full automatic.

        5. Failure to effectively seal the borders and entry re-entry points as well as a failure to develop the mining industry.
          Then again we are talking about corruption through and through that is the default state of these peoples society at any given time so meh.

        6. Who’s maintaining all this equipment? Who’s piloting it? Who’s making more of it?
          Most of those folks will fly the coop, and protect their families. Many will use that equipment to jump-start their own militias.
          Very few military-age men are going to kill their comrades for some suit.

        7. Who’s maintaining all this equipment? Who’s piloting it? Who’s making more of it?
          Most of those folks will flee the coop, and protect their families. Many will use that equipment to jump-start their own militias.
          Very few military-age men are going to kill their comrades for some suit.

      3. If they keep inviting so many fucking people to the party here in USA legal and illegal there won’t be anything left worth fighting for and when resources run out is what the bullets are for.
        Learn how to can,dry, and pickle stuff I guess and don’t forget the moonshine should it come to the worst.

    3. Then we die on our feet free men.
      Having a strong belief in something larger than yourself, such as liberty and freedom, you should be prepared to die in service for it.
      I agree that collapse will be ugly and dangerous. However, getting prepared now by dropping the video games and picking up weight lifting and target shooting is a step towards confidence in your belief of freedom and liberty.

  20. Natural selection that is potentially ushered in by a collapse is preferred over technological enslavement.

    1. Behold the modern day breeders and their product/victims. What a system! You work, pay taxes and this is what it goes to…..

      1. I saw some ankle all pierced up today rollin in the wagon with a baby in back just puffing away on cigarette. I would be pissed if that was my kid.

        1. It would not be your kid because you would never bang that (right?). In fact though, it is our kid. Our taxes go to support these kids whose egg and sperm donors couldn’t figure out birth control.

  21. It’s easy to say you’d enjoy the collapse, and I often think about the degeneracy our civilization harbors that would disappear if we returned to a more primal state. However…If you were to ask all the people who ever had to endure a societal collapse throughout history, I have a feeling virtually no one at all would tell you they liked things better. Starvation, violence, and disease are ever present, and with social structure gone, it becomes every man for himself, and life becomes nasty, brutish and short. Feminism, political correctness, and unnatural vice will disappear, it’s true, but in the grand scheme of things, these are just annoyances. In there place will rise more immediate evils: rampant violence and murder, looting, and rape (I sincerely pity any women and children in this scenario). If collapse comes, then so be it, and Some good often comes out of bad things, but I think it would be shortsighted to seriously hope for a collapse, or, Heaven forbid, help to engineer it, better to try to do whatever small things we can to push society in a better path Liberals have done it for the worse, why can’t we do it for the better?

    1. I’m of the same sentiment. I understand why some enjoy the decline, but they secretly hope they never actually experience the actual collapse. These same people also typically don’t have children. I do, so my priorities are different. I personally do not have enough influence to shift things towards the better. Hell, 1000 of me still couldn’t. The system is simply too large. I CAN, however, prepare my family as much as I can:
      – Get financially stable (out of debt and build up a savings)
      – Grow your own food
      – Develop self-sufficiency skills (carpentry, sewing, first aid, etc)
      – Show my offspring what’s coming should our nation continue on its plotted course.

        1. Rape in the case of rape and pillage actually just means to basically do collateral damage and steal shit…

  22. While I feel every man dreams of collapse in order to “die as they were born: bloody and screaming” and do something meaningful, I think every man should realize that it’ll be a grim and miserable time that will only after a long period of time create the better society we want.

  23. Its a beautiful daydream for sure.
    But do you really think a full collapse will happen in this modern era of technological achievement? With its pervasive control of information, unprecedented levels of surveilance and the ability to conduct precision airstrikes via unmanned craft, a collapse of control as we know it now would necessitate some sort of cohesive rebellion (and probably a couple of Megadeaths) in order to prevent a globally spanning regime from swooping in and confederating all of the territories it can.
    The uber-wealthy will be invested in food, supplies, arms and precious metals and the common man will have a non-functioning iphone with an e-bank account he can’t access.
    What happens then? It’s an incredibly sociopathic stance to take to welcome the fall and shrug off the rest of the plebs with an aim of living off the land solo in some pristine haven in the middle of nowhere.

    1. “But do you really think a full collapse will happen in this modern era of technological achievement?” No. Especially when you consider there has never been a full collapse before. Rome didn’t have a full collapse, Persia didn’t have a full collapse, nor Egypt, China, The British Empire, German Empire, etc. It just doesn’t ever happen.
      “conduct precision airstrikes via unmanned craft” Just hackem’…
      “in order to prevent a globally spanning regime from swooping in and confederating all of the territories it can.” Confederation implies local/regional sovereignty…
      “with an aim of living off the land solo in some pristine haven in the middle of nowhere.” Which really just does not happen. Humans are commune creatures, they don’t live in isolation, they always live in groups…

      1. “Just hackem”
        Good luck with no power.
        “Confederation implies local/regional sovereignty…”
        As would be assumed by those of collossal and unassailable means in the event of said collapse.
        “Humans are commune creatures”
        Further demonstrating the lunacy of fantasizing about a post-cataclysm utopia-of-anarchy.

        1. “Good luck with no power.” And the power grid will be gone because of why? The only this would happen would be a full blown war, in which case the elite in America would probably start being nicer to the American public to get support and soldiers. Anyways, any true guerrilla/revolutionary force that is going to do shit will need the ability to create backup power for their cyber army. Some sort of a combination of solar panels, Wind, and (bio)diesel+diesel would be the best option.

        2. I am about to say fark it and go to renewable energy school for turbines and the like.
          Although my many bone injuries and torn muscles are gonna make it ruff I like the idea of alternative energy solutions too.

        3. Aha. And labor is going to show up out of pure benevolence, just as the overlords will choose to burn enough feul to power everyone’s homes.

        4. “just as the overlords will choose to burn enough feul to power everyone’s homes.” They do now. Why would they suddenly decide to stop providing power?

        5. Because we’re talking in context of a collapse where current organizational structures would disappear and rich people in small pockets would serve their own interests first.

        6. Why would they do this though? Has any monarch of a large country gone “You know what, imma just leave all of my territory alone and just govern my palace” No, that has never happened. When power structures do collapse do you know what happens? Someone new IMMEDIATELY comes in creates their own government. As I said though, governments never just decide to stop governing…

        7. Stop responding to my posts dude.
          Im arguing as to why a collapse wouldn’t be some manosphere utopia. You generally agreed then decided to nitpick over some bullshit. I really don’t care man. I really dont fucking care about whatever clarifications you want to make because you dont have a point.
          Disqus notified about their new block feature the other day and I laughed to myself about it, but I think you’re the perfect candidate.
          I dont know how you can agree with someone but then find the time to challenge every little facet of their overall statement. Am I actually writing public policy legislation or something here? Is this in any way actually important?
          No. Dude its really not.

        8. Go ahead. All I pointed out is that total collapses don’t actually happen. But if you really feel that I am attacking anything you are saying, and if you really think four replies is “too many”, then you probably shouldn’t be using this internet thingy that you are apparently very new too.

        9. Then I point you back to my initial post where I called this article a daydream, questioned the likelihood of a full collapse and then stated several reasons why I believed it would not occur.
          You agreed and then embarked on a new argument centering around frivolous and , frankly, unimportant minor details.
          This isn’t the first thread you’ve done this in. I’ll wager it wont be the last.
          Since you’ve such a fondness for the quotation mark, which you seem rather inadept with, I’ll point out to you that “too many” was never written. I could, however, have been paraphrased as to have said ‘too fucking stupid to matter too many times.’
          You’ve definitely a certain degree of intelligence about you, so I implore you to voice your viewpoints in a more useful manner.

  24. This article is the stuff keyboard warriors are made of. It’s fucking delusional and this idea that collapse would bring anything but mass death is retarded.

  25. Yet another reason why meetups are essential.
    The Fall won’t be this grandiose occurrence where everyone knows it’s here. When it happens, a small percentage of us will understand it as what it truly is, and work within the confines of our environment, while the others will suffer greatly.
    – When feminists realize that ten cats don’t amount to a child, that’s the Fall. When they start teaching their daughters why a man is IMPORTANT, that’s the REBUILD.
    – When Muslim invaders push the people to the limit and they begin to fight back (and I mean harder than ever before), that is the Fall. When Muslims are forced to go back to their shitbag homes because of the mess that they have made, that is the REBUILD.
    – When the government says “You will do this…” and the people say “No, we will not…” that is the Fall. When officials begin to die, when the government loses control of it’s own military, that is the Fall. When blood is shed and finally liberals become too scared of the public people (or at least the majority) to run for office, that is the Fall. When we replace every mindless zombie in office, or when they are laughed out of office by their peers, that is the REBUILD.
    The Fall is also the Wakeup Call.
    And it’s coming very, very soon.

    1. Bingo! Very well said. I agree. Heck, Trump is “the fall”, in that respect.

    2. With events of the last few days is not unimaginable that liberals will soon be scared to run for office..

  26. Good article. I’ve actually come to the opinion that a total collapse is NOT necessary for a return to normalcy, and therefore, masculinity. Some things are certainly going to need to be collapsed that will require a broader system-wide collapse such as the welfare state. Mathematically that seems inevitable. Will it lead to Mad Max? Time will tell, but I think its very important for all men to know that we don’t need Mad Max. I’ve said it before and will say it again, we could have 1950s values and all of our technology. There is a meme here that as we become more comfy the less masculine we need to be – and there is truth to that. But, try working in a hyper competitive industry and you’ll see, very quickly, that masculine values are still very much a necessity. Better put, live without things like affirmative action, handouts etc, and life still crawls up your ass and looks through your eyes.
    Gentlemen, our problem is cultural. Consider this, if we still had movies like Commando, Predator, Rambo, Cobra…etc, etc, etc then the lemmings among us, specifically the male ones, would all be trying to out-bench each other and pounding weight gainers and protein 4000 shakes etc. Its the culture that we have to re-take and before all of you say its impossible – NO IT IS NOT! In fact, its never been easier to re-take the culture. This homo-lovin, post “gender”, matriarchal, freak-show ALL stems from the leftist control over cultural institutions, namely, music, tv, movies, books etc. The good fucking news is there as collapse ongoing right now and it will accelerate…Mad Max is coming to cbs, nbc, abc…hbo, showtime…even fucking netflix and amazon. Yes you heard that. Eventually, the technology will be such that producing content will be a relative non-issue. We have all this shit because a central cabal sits around and says its a sin worse than murder that we don’t portray the girl next door with spaghetti arms as a kick-ass James Bond killer. Look at the box office #’s, look at tv viewing…its sucks and these asshats keep shooting themselves by doubling down on more and more politicized feminized bullshit. Yes, Gents, a collapse is coming, and its is here, its the fucking culture.

      1. It can happen, in fact, we are all doing it right now and right here on ROK. This is the new culture. For now, whether its Roosh or Alex Jones et al, the media disruption has been almost entirely around news. But, once we start producing our own tv shows and movies…then its over for established media and we take the culture back.

        1. What do you call this? This is a meet-up.
          That said, I understand what you really mean and I do think that we will eventually be able to meet up. The next time we organize we have to have Infowars, Rebel Media…etc, basically the whole alternative media and alternative right behind us.

    1. I noticed in the mid 2000’s, the general lack of masculine movie stars. I guess its picked up a bit with some recent additions.

      1. Turn on your tv and go to any random channel…look how men are portrayed. Even on the fucking commercials! And if they have a strong male archetype its also either combined our out-shined by a “diversity” character, almost always a female. The Alien vs. Predator movies are the worst…I think it was the first one, where the alpha hunter Predator takes on a female as his “bro” and she earns the Predator’s respect etc. It makes you want to barf. Another thing I noticed was a lot of movies making it cool for a male to be a fucking idiot. Think about “jackass”. The whole american pie serious comes to mind…stiefler was a good looking alpha but he was a total idiot and had homosexual tendencies…the message is its “cool” to be a clown and make everyone laugh (but stay that way into adulthood and, oh, be gay too). IMO, you saw this because if males could be encouraged to be beer drinking ass-clowns then they wouldn’t be focused on their careers, which makes it easier for females and other diversity people to compete and get ahead.

        1. The original character in the AVP comics and novels was a female. (Machiko Noguchi) Along with the main character for the source material (Ripley)
          But regarding your other points, especially regarding white fathers, they’re all presented as bumbling, worthless fools. The cool dad will almost always be a jacked, rich black male.

        2. American pie gets an exception in my mind for being comedy (and thus it’s not even trying to reflect reality), but jackass is just plain stupid…

  27. Larry Niven wrote (approximately) in Lucifer’s Hammer:
    “Women’s lib died ten seconds after the hammer fell.”
    Isaac Asimov (approximately) wrote in Foundation:
    “We can’t prevent the collapse of Empire, and don’t want to, Imperial Society has lost whatever virility it once had, but we can shorten the intervening interregnum.”
    Societies rise and fall, and in a global society it will be a global fall. When will it happen? Who knows. What will rise up? Nobody can say. All anyone can say is that there will be death and chaos surrounding the fall.

  28. Dont forget the auto lockdown roller doors for all windows and doors of the house to make it totally impenitrable.

    1. I am not sure how your house is constructed, but if your home is of the average wood-frame variety, an economy sedan can plow right through its walls. This has happened a few times in my area over the years; and these incidents were unintentional. In addition, the occupants of the vehicles were usually only slightly injured, if at all.
      Even a wall composed of cement blocks can be compromised. For example, see what the police did to rescue people from the Pulse nightclub in Orlando – http://image.masslive.com/home/mass-media/width960/img/republican/photo/2016/06/13/-2f27a5ee78ee6c16.jpg

      1. Reinforced steal concrete is the only way to go IMO, this brick wall stuff just shatters like glass.

  29. Institutions that I think are in the early stages of collapse and destine to collapse…1) mainstream media 2) establishment academia. If both or either of those institutions give up just a little bit of ground you’ll all see a big difference.

    1. Agreed. Technology is their undoing. With so much high-end technology being pretty mainstream nowadays -coupled with the information highway known as the internet- colleges and MSM are becoming increasingly obsolete. MSM is taking the brunt of it so far, but colleges are walking a fine line and the chances of them falling are only getting higher.

      1. Right, and one piece that I think is missing, which could be a huge accelerating factor is the awareness of the conservative movement. And with that leadership. Trump is reassuring because he is a new conservative establishment taking shape with a dynamic man willing to use all things to get the job done. You see, Academia, is in fact, very very very fragile right now. In fact, many colleges and universities actually make no money…once you take out sports. Unbelievable considering how much money is funneled into them via student loans. All it will take is online education with a competitive professorship (meaning teachers compete for “views” or “likes”) i.e. no tenure that will disrupt the old model. Customized, efficient, high quality education at a fraction of the cost…academia stands no chance.

        1. I plan on talking to the new conservative PACs. It could very well collapse sooner by its own weight, but, with the pressure from the right it will only help. And it should collapse, academia is an evil institution…look at what it does to these kids. They go in paying 100’s never to be paid off and come out none the better foaming at the mouth sputtering gibberish about post colonial, non-binary, hetero-normalative…heplic-colideiscopic deconstructional theory. And they can’t get a job, which is the only fucking reason they went to college. Meanwhile they are fighting another person’s “fight” and that other person happens to be fighting for some “right” to sodomize animals, insert basketballs into their rectums, be called something they can never be or rape kids. Its disgusting.

      2. The only thing Universities can do to save themselves to go in two paths 1) Go back to being research institutions or 2) Becoming vocational schools.

  30. Blessed Balkans, Somalia and Japan…the lands that will change the least…

  31. Good article. I’ve always enjoyed shit like Mad Max (the originals, not the new girl power version) and The Walking Dead without giving much thought to it. But now I know why.

  32. what can be better than dying heroically for a dear tribe leader who used to flip burgers before the collapse? beats office slavery every day.

    1. Having sex with young girls like a boss is much better lol I would send out my people to hunt for woman to make more babys to expand the clan

  33. And which society is better? Afghanstan? Somalia? You are so drawn to be “archaic” that you wish for a society collaps? And probably you think that this would be good for you because…why? Do you have any surviving or fighting skills? Do you see yourself as a leader of a troup of strong warriors? do you really think you as a then to be 45 or 50 year old with a checken chest will own a harem of 16 year olds or something? 😀 And wouln’t it be smart if you would have already produced children, no matter how the system is, because now, when society collapses you will be totally alone and won’t have a tribe. If you would have had children maybe your sons would be ten years old now so they would be sixteen or something and in fighting age, when the shit hits the fan. You can’t be sure if you survive that, so what if you die and even though you are totally alpha your DNA dies out?
    Actually that you use the evil society for not procreating shows that you are a weakling. Because while the Thirty Years War in Europe people still deid procreate and it was waaaay more worse than now.
    Feminism and child custody is not an excuse if you are sure that these things won’t contintue for the next decades or at least not forever.
    If you really think like that you are totally dumb if you advice men not to procreate. While you waited for the decline you refused to procreate and adviced your readers not to procreate too. If you wouldn’t have done that, maybe the decline wouln’t come because there would be plenty of children with other mind sets than the average social justice warrior.
    i rather think you have read too much jack donovan and played to often modern warfare or something so you think, a society collaps and civil war will be a cool thing somehow. The article picture shows it. While your picture looks like you wouln’t even survive a bar brawl. Maybe you are just narcisstic? Maybe you’re just dumb?
    Maybe you should watch the movie ‘the road’?

      1. i thought it was a Roosh article. Haven’t looked closeley. But, be honest, it could have been a Roosh article.

    1. yep it’s funny he mentioned Jack Donovan. it looks like some people don’t understand that – with all due respect to Donovan – all he writes is influenced by his physical attraction to men. that’s why he likes “gangs”, “bonding” with other men in military barracks, and other gay porn stuff.

  34. Trust nature and evolution to destroy and recycle that which is not healthy and strong.
    It always happens, one way or the other.

  35. I stopped watching the Walking Dead after they started adding strong female warriors, mandatory gay characters and after I realized every villain was an evil white man…..sad, cause it started out with some good masculine overtones and themes…..leftism ruins everything.

    1. That’s what I say too. First two seasons were great. After that…eh….not so much.
      I think it was lolknee (maybe?) who mentioned to me about white male villains, that it’s actually a good thing. The “good guys” have to assemble Team Diversity ™ made up of one of every minority and a Strong Independent Grrrl, in order to have the power to off one white dude.
      I’m thinking yeah, I am pretty much that fucking awesome, so it’s kind of a compliment, heh.

      1. Agreed, plus the repetitive nature of the show got boring too.
        Breaking Bad is far superior in terms of writing, originality and politically incorrect racial depictions. The main villains of the show are Mexican and black, that is if you don’t consider Walter White the main villain, and his bitchy, career-chasing wife is proven to have all the worst traits of a woman that red pillers recognize and betas deny.
        At any rate, yeah Team Diversity will always triumph in these shows against the Big Bad White villain but it’s interesting to note that the Big Bad White in shows and movies is almost always extremely alpha and has some hot girls of his own (The Governor beds Andrea in The Walking Dead, for example.)
        Of course, the Big Bad White villain will also often “callously” disregard the hot women around them (ever notice how bad guys get the hotter women in movies?) and treat them like garbage. In so doing, the screenwriters indirectly glorify traits what they are trying to vilify.
        However, where Hollywood wishful thinking takes over is when the villain’s mistreated and objectified girlfriend throws down her oppression and overthrows him, whereas in reality women show more loyalty to those who treat them this way than “good guys.”

        1. This explains why the villains in movies and TV shows have appealed to me more than the “good guys ” have, as far back as I can remember.

    2. I stopped watching after a couple of seasons too. The fact that they were too stupid and lazy to grow their own food or exterminate the zombies, or simply move somewhere the zombies couldn’t follow (north or out to sea) made me indifferent to their fate.

      1. Yeah, what is it with zombie movies in general, they never think “Hey, there’s an aircraft carrier, you know, that thing is the size of a city, let’s nick it”. Or even “Hey, nobody is using that 120 ft mega yacht any longer”.
        I think they went to a prison in WD, which should have been the beginning and end of the story. Even after the Governor takes it down, and they kill him, I’d say just go to the next prison and re-set up shop.
        And for the life of me, why does it always take so long to acquire automatic weapons and silencers? Shit is laying around *everywhere* and you will NEVER run out of ammo if you live in these united States. Yet you always hear “we’re low on ammo”. Bullshit. You can walk into almost any store here and get tons of ammo.
        Shit, by the looks of it, you could take a WalMart and be fed on canned food for the rest of your life too.

        1. I’d think in some sort of mad max/walking dead/government-less anarchy people would just modify their semi-automatic guns to fully automatic. The North Hollywood robbers even did this.

        2. Read John Ringo’s “Under a Graveyard Sky”.
          Basically zombie novels written by a former paratrooper / survivalist. In one book, they clear the Jacksonville deport of zombies to get at all the military stores.

        3. Why? Ammo is limited. Military and civilian alike would just learn to shoot straight the first time.

        4. Well first, in an actual combat situation, accuracy is around 5-15%. Shooting straight the first time isn’t much of an option. You also have to consider rifles aren’t the only thing people will be fighting with. Machine guns and Light Machine guns also fill a purpose.

    3. Two things: Body armor and melee weapons. A retinue of knights of yore would laugh off a horde of walkers, while 21st-century civilization with its dwindling supply of ammunition and canned food collapses in about 3 weeks.
      That’s also why Daryl is my favorite character.

      1. Select fire infantry rifle and 2,000 rounds of ammo in a pack (beside the food) with a high quality sword and k-bar as backup for when you run out of ammo or just feel like a little fun zombie style.
        Or, if you’re me, an Abrams tank. How does a society with tanks fall to zombies?

        1. Big fan of the K-bar. Have a Damascus blade Bowie as well, quite nice sized, but I’ve no practical field experience with Damascus blades so I’ll stick with the tried and true K-bar in my safe.

        2. Well you see, the Abrams is a piece of shit. It needs special fuel, it’s basically can’t go off paved roads, it’s slow, it has a very limited range, it requires 4 people to operate (this being a good or bad thing is debatable), etc. It’s not that the Abrams would get destroyed by zombies, it’s that the crew will have to abandon the tank and get killed.

        3. I still want to see graphene shell casings so as to lighten the load enough to carry vast amounts at once.

        4. Also here if we used graphene/carbyne folded plate armor the tank surviveability would be much betteree

      2. It wouldn’t happen though. We still have more guns than people in the US, and that is just civilian guns. Being the condition zombies are in, it would 100% reasonable to fight off a horde of them with literally ANYTHING! A sword, pikes, bows, crossbows, vehicles, etc. The idea that a herd of diseased humans (A HERD ANIMAL) without the ability to communicate, run, or reproduce could take over a country 10 million square kilometres in a just 3 weeks is ridiculous.

        1. Hollywood axiom: “Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story”

  36. 90% of mankind is as weak as they can afford to be. It takes effort to be self reliant, to do more than the bare minimum to get by. Feminism came about not a generation after the development of the washing machine and electric toaster which rendered women useless in the household once the kids are farmed off to our public schools (daycare). If we were to lose power and the modern conveniences, you would quickly see a return to a patriarchal society.
    Where does that leave us? Obviously, a Mad Max world is not the best solution, although it may come to that. I like the comforts of modern living, the trick is then, to exercise self-dicipline and not be as weak as you can afford to be. Physically, throw away the TV, get exercise, take up active hobbies. Mentally, study (not just surfing for things you are interested in, but real learning). Spiritually, go to church, read the Bible. If you have kids, have your wife homeschool them. If that means downsizing, then let the chips fall where they may. In short, do what you can to make your home the traditional model of a nuclear family.
    Improvement starts with yourself, then your family, your neighborhood, community, local, national, then international.

    1. “Obviously, a Mad Max world is not the best solution, although it may come to that.” No it will not. Never ever ever ever at any point in the entirety of recorded human history has it an area ever turned into mad max.
      “If you have kids, have your wife homeschool them.” 1) That isn’t an option for most people. 2) There are a lot of things you can’t get from homeschooling you can get in public school.

      1. Afghanistan, in 2000 was pretty much Mad Max. Much of Africa is that way. No established government, except local thugs. I was friends with this guy from Nigeria, he had several stories about lawlessness. He talked of land pirates in the Sahara, people that camped out on a lonely road and waited for a passerby to surround them, kill them, and take their stuff. It is not as unrealistic as one would suppose. Any area that has been ravaged by war, and is lacking a civilized government is that way.
        Public school is a big part of our problem. Kids are turned out in a cookie cutter fashion, indoctrinated with all the liberal talking points. Granted, I am an engineer, but my wife homeschools our six kids. Every one of them (besides the toddler) is far ahead of their counterparts in public school. My sixth grader has a solid understanding of Algebra, and an decent understanding of Trigonometry. One of the bigger complaints is that they don’t get to interact socially. I call BS on that. There is church, extracurricular activities, neighbors and family. The big reason I say we need to homeschool our kids is that there is very little diversity of thought in school. WIth your no child left behind, core curriculum…etc. Every kid is required to be taught the exact same thing. That is fascism.

        1. “Afghanistan, in 2000 was pretty much Mad Max. Much of Africa is that way. No established government, except local thugs.” But these areas really never had any government. Once you get civilization though, it does not revert.
          “The big reason I say we need to homeschool our kids is that there is very little diversity of thought in school. WIth your no child left behind, core curriculum…etc. Every kid is required to be taught the exact same thing. That is fascism.” Interesting. What do you think of the Education system in Finland?

        2. Not so, 100 years ago under British, French or German rule, most African countries had quite stable governments. It wasn’t until the collapse of colonialism that left power vacuums to be filled by warring tribes.
          I think nothing of Finland. Do please, enlighten me.

        3. “No Child Left Behind” = nobody can be smarter than the most stupid idiot in the room. That way, we’re all ‘equal’.

        4. Oh no most of them where we’ll off after independence it was the Western back rebels and dictator’s that took over that destroyed the country.
          Phillipines actually used to be a rich country ‘s few decades ago until one president destroyed it for personal gain

    2. Been trying to use that free rocket design program forget the name and also free cad which I have not had time to tear into but designing things is good before the AI systems completely spoil that one in most cases down the road.
      I have had bigfoot encounters here in Washington in different parts of the state and that can be one heck of a rush.

      1. You know, I think you can drop to a point where even organized dysgenics becomes impossible, though to be fair I suppose nature can once again weed out the less intelligent, which presumably happened to whites in cold regions, though once again, that’s a process that took thousands of years.

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