Gun Control Is Not The Answer To Islamic Terrorism

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” — Rahm Emanuel.

The left is renewing their calls for gun control as they try to salvage their narrative from the damage of their Islamic sacred cow massacring their LGBT one. Across their spectrum, so many people know so little about firearms, rights of American citizens, and the goals of radical Islam for the world. All they see is an opportunity to further accomplish their goals of control of the populace.

Anyone with a social media account can broadcast their thoughts to the world, and their ignorance breeds with itself and makes yet more. We at ROK have the opportunity to inject some reason into the insanity and keep the liberals from grabbing more control.

The solution to cognitive dissonance

One would expect some mental introspection from the left. It’s Gay Pride month, the attack was at the supposedly trendiest gay bar in Orlando, and the shooter reportedly was gay and had been there before.

Omar Mateen was Islamic, had ties to a fundamentalist cleric, was of Afghani descent, and even swore to ISIS. If this had been a terrorist attack against Christians, or conservatives, not one damn would have been given by Barack Obama Inc., and his vaunted Muslims would have been spared any criticism.

However, the victims were all presumably gay, which makes them matter to the left agenda. It’s hard to choose with which flag you should color your Facebook picture; the ISIS flag, or a rainbowed Lake Eola.

The solution is the same as it always is for the left; double down on some other part of your narrative, and that’s gun control. Never mind that Mateen also had bombs and a pistol on him, and was a hateful man blinded by religious fury to kill people of a legal sexual preference, let’s blame the rifle he used instead.

The difference between Paris, Brussels, and Orlando

If we compare the ISIS attacks in Paris and in Brussels to this attack in Orlando, we learn a few things. The Paris terrorists used suicide bombs and AK pattern rifles, both of which are illegal in Europe. The Brussels terrorists used bombs made of explosives presumably illegal in Europe.

However, the semi-automatic carbine used in this attack was legal to purchase by citizens who pass the NICS background check to buy. If you have no criminal record, or a history of mental illness or instability, you can buy one wherever they are sold.

Mateen was of legal status to purchase firearms, even though he had ties to radical clerics and Islamic fundamentalism. His Floridian Concealed Weapons Permit should never have been issued (or at least revoked), and he should have failed the NICS check, but, thanks to the policies of the left, radical Islam is NOT considered a mental illness or reason to deny a firearms sale, nor is it enough to flag your background check in the employment of a large security company. G4S, Mateen’s employer, claims that they saw nothing of his radicalism.

Mateen also was rejected by a gun store a month prior to the shooting for wanting large amounts of ammunition, body armor, and speaking a foreign language into a phone while he was there. The owners denied his sale and contacted the FBI, who did nothing.

It is illegal to carry into a bar in Florida. I hold a Florida CWP, and, just like most concealed carry permits, you cannot take it into schools, government buildings, or any place where alcohol is the primary product sold.

Murder always has been illegal. The only forms of killing someone that are legal are: military action, self-defense, execution by governmental authority, and abortion. The core problem with using control over a weapon to prevent a crime with that weapon is that the criminal will simply find an illegal way to get one, or use a different weapon.

If someone mows down ten Black Lives Matter thugs with his car, are you going to ban his vehicle from private ownership? What about two men arguing and one picks up a rock and kills him? Are rocks now illegal? Dead is dead, no matter the weapon.

Would have allowing guns in bars and other “gun free zones” have stopped this massacre? Probably not in this case, but usually, in any public gathering place in Florida where firearms are allowed to be carried and like-minded people are there, at least someone, hopefully multiple people, would be shooting back within ten seconds.

A decent, free people or disarmed animals?

This country was founded on decent people having autonomous rule. People self-governed, and, if they didn’t like what you were trying to pull, they shot you. This went for criminals and the Crown Regulars. Decent, armed people would’ve shot Omar Mateen shortly after he pulled out his rifle. Yes, a rifle would beat a handgun, but it wouldn’t have beaten multiple handguns, and heroes would have gone down swinging instead of being forced to hide.

The left doesn’t want decent armed people. They don’t want this because good people who have a means at their disposal to resist bullshit have the annoying habit of resisting ALL bullshit that comes their way, and they don’t discriminate between governmental oppression and criminal acts. The left wants to push their authoritarian agenda on you free men, take your income and your kids, promote their protected classes, and your having the ability to fight back is not in their playbook.


The Second Amendment was written for the purpose of keeping the population armed to resist the abuses of an over-reaching government. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

This means organized groups of local men protecting their homes and interests. Any time there’s a natural disaster, and people patrol for looters, that’s a militia in the Founders’ sense of the word.

“A free state” is why the Amendment exists. We have this right protected by the Constitution so that we can be free from people trying to kill or control us. A man being persecuted for his sexual preference by an Islamic terrorist would definitely be covered.

This amendment means have and carry guns. Arms means handheld firearms of modern design, both then and now. One of the favorite leftist tactics is to gradually restrict your rights. They like to “compromise” by agreeing since they want all your rights gone, and you want to keep them all, that you should “compromise” by giving up some of them. You need to push the OTHER way, for the abolishment of gun free zones so that we can protect ourselves always.

You can’t have it both ways

Even when the radical portions of the religion want Sharia Law implemented worldwide (including the killing of homosexuals, slavery of women, and enslavement of non-Muslims), the left adores the very people who would conquer and kill them. The idea of “moderate Muslims” being good people is not always true, and is something to be verified for each one you encounter individually.

This guy was an Islamic terrorist with clear ties to radical Islam. His background checks failed to catch this, and the FBI did NOTHING when a gun shop called. Did the owner of the gun shop where he finally got the weapons have any concerns, or had he been browbeaten into politically correct lockstep and so afraid of being branded Islamaphobic that he made the sale anyway?

I would suggest that the leftist regime wants events like this to happen to have an excuse to crack down on control of the people.

I don’t care what gun he had, I care that his victims had none

Some consternation is being raised about the fact that the left rushed to call the rifle used an AR-15 and misspoke in their zeal to start a gun ban. The rifle used is a Sig Sauer MCX carbine, which is a proprietary weapon of an style similar to an AR pattern rifle. I urge anyone arguing with a leftist not to try to score points on the technicality of which model gun it was and which ones it was not. I mean, one reporter went and shot an AR and claimed he was traumatized, even though little girls shoot it and it’s too little to be used for legal deer hunting.

Sig Sauer MCX. Not an AR-15. Any liberal suggesting they look or are the same just because they’re both black might be justifiably called a racist.

The important point is that a mass murderer carried a legal weapon into a “gun free zone” and committed murder with it. His victims were prevented from protecting themselves by unjust laws, and their blood is on the hands of any lawmaker who ever had a say in making a “gun free zone” a part of the law.

We must stand united against Islamic terror and the liberal left who would try to disarm us in the face of the enemy.

Beating the left at their game

First, you must discount any talk of gun control as in horribly poor taste. “Over 50 people are DEAD, and you want to push a political agenda?!?!”

Secondly, imply they hate gay people. “What, you don’t want gay people to be able to defend their lives and lifestyle against bigots? Being gay is NOT a mental illness, you know, they’re allowed to own firearms just like you and me, and firearms should NOT be banned in gay bars, either.”

Third, appeal to what little bit of national pride they may have left and explain the difference between how a European reacts to danger versus an American. “I don’t know if you know this, but the USA has stood up against Islamic terror since the Barbary Wars 200 years ago. We don’t run and hide from terrorists; we kill them.”

Fourth, push for enforcement of laws already on the books and fighting Islamic terror. “You know, he should have tripped the existing NICS background check system and never gotten a Florida weapons permit if it was known he had ties to radical Islam. He was denied a sale by a gun store and the FBI was called, and they did nothing. We already have these laws, let’s just enforce them better along with our borders.”

Fifth, show sympathy that they have never known guns and offer to help them learn and buy their first. “Man, I’m sorry your dad was not around to teach you shooting; why don’t we go to the range, you can learn some basic skills and find out what guns you like, and I’ll help you decide on your first one and teach you safe use and maintenance of it.”

Sixth, vote for Trump, because you know what happens when a Clinton is in the White House; mass shootings (by the government.)

Seventh: Arm up, don’t forget lots of ammo and magazines.


The left is trying to turn this tragedy into their political gain by making it about gun control instead of fighting terrorism. You need to own the conversation, imply that anyone who thinks more gun control is the answer is mentally deficient, then give them the opportunity to be on the right side of the debate. Imply that you are totally opposed to any more gun control and that any attempts to enact it on you would be ill advised. There is a movement called the Three Percent, and I urge you to adopt their doctrine:

“We will not disarm. You cannot convince us. You cannot intimidate us. You can try to kill us, if you think you can. But, remember, we’ll shoot back. And, we are not going away. Your move.”

In the spirit of resisting leftist tyranny and disarmament attempts, I’ve got some AR-15 lower receivers on order, and we’re going to build one up right here on ROK in future articles. Until then, be safe.

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273 thoughts on “Gun Control Is Not The Answer To Islamic Terrorism”

  1. “G4S, Mateen’s employer, claims that they saw nothing of his radicalism. ”
    That isn’t accurate. I listen to Phil Valentine in the afternoons and he’s been covering this story. There was a co-worker that went to management multiple times stating how Mateen was talking about his hate for X,Y, and Z groups and how he wanted to kill them. Every time, nothing was done. The co-worker finally quit because it got so bad. Now, back to reading the article.

      1. There is an interview with an ex colleague of Mateens from G4S and he says he raised it with his superiors and quit in disgust when they did nothing other than call him an islamophobe or some such. Didn’t read it fully but that seemed to be the gist.

    1. I will say this. As someone that works for g4s there is not much of a interview process. My interview along with others consisted more of “what days are you available?” rather than getting to know me as a person.

  2. I own guns, mostly for hunting or bear protection or to practice hunting or bear protection, but I don’t understand why the USA is obsessed with military grade weapons. I’ve shot AR-15s and they are fun, but there are so many other things that I would rather spend my money on.
    That said, I also don’t understand people who think we can somehow put the toothpaste back in the tube and ban/buy back guns. That said, it is pretty strange that I can buy a rifle in under an hour. Renting an apartment takes longer.
    TL;DR I have no stance on guns.

      1. And who is actually going to trade them in? You think the kid who uses a pistol to defend his corner is going to give that up? There is no logic to it. Ban a commodity thus making it rare, and then asking people to voluntarily turn over that now rare and valuable commodity. Who would do that?

        1. Gun buybacks are hilarious. Also, who the hell wants an AR15? They are like a .22 almost….I would much rather have a mini 30…

        2. StG-58, the Austrian version of the FN FAL (or British L1A1). I don’t much like leaving things to chance.

        3. I have always loved that rifle. The adjustable gas system, and the ability to field strip it in less than 2 minutes in the dark, along with it’s ruggedness and reliability, makes it my go to battle rifle without hesitation.

        4. We had a gun buyback, in the early 1990’s, around Columbus. The police chief, a corrupt sonofabitch, “ordered” people to register their assault weapons (compliance rate, 2, yes 2, people, in the entire Franklin County region, my God I love Ohio) and then tried to do gun buybacks.
          I went straight to a gun shop and picked up a $50.00 Raven .25 (piece o’ pot metal crap, not even worth $50.00 really). Went straight to the turn in area and traded that fifty buck gun for the $100 Kroger gift card. Profit.
          Lots of folks did that kind of thing too, heh. Turned in rusted parts guns and derelict pieces of crap. The news was *not* happy with the residents of Columbus I’ll tell you that much for free, nor was the police chief. He eventually went away and disappeared, a noted failure.

        5. Yep, proven in over 90 countries and used in some of the toughest environments in the world. Id definitely take it over a g3, cetme, or ar308. The hk mr762 and the scar 17 are nice 308 rifles…but no spare parts are anywhere.
          Fal or m1a for battle rifles.

        6. Hehe love it other than for lack of precision. I’m more into G3 style rollling lock or what the name was again in English. Power and precision in one.
          In fact there are several sniper rifles based off the G3, but Afaik none off the FN FAL types.
          I don’t know if they all are like that but I can’t get sub inch at 100m which is pretty bad for a .308 IMO.

        7. Is it a rat gun (put together from parts at a gun show) or commercial retail? Mine shoots pretty well, all said and done. I figure it’s for 200 yard or less engagements anyway, if I want to snipe on a sortie I’d bring my Remington Model 700 with me. If I want to clear a building, my KSG. If I want to get a girl wet and super horny on a date, my Mini-14 at the range. It all comes back to context.

        8. Over the years I have amassed a pile of broken crap guns for disposal. People used to bring them to me before the “liberals” repayed Washingtons pro pot and pro gay marriage by voting for gun control (and why I left libertardianism) so now I can’t just be given guns.
          Still when they want to pay money for my scrap metal I’ll take it.

        9. The one I shot was serial number correct, at least for the marked parts. Bought from a friend who got it at a gun show I believe. It shot worse before we cut the barrel down, but my guess it’s been a service rifle somewhere at some point, so it could be a POS.
          I can hit a man size target at 200 yards fine with it, but it feels loose and hitting a beer can at 100 is not consistent. That’s using a scope, or irons, no difference.
          Tried good ammo, hunting grade but it made no difference to surplus, so I don’t know.
          You do know the little trick with FAL right? Now it’s just a sprayer for the most part, fun as fuck to dump 20 in a couple of secs from the hip.
          I only ever shot that one, but let’s say I shoot better with all other rifles than that. My cousin has it now because he shoots like shit anyway and just likes a loud bang hehe.

        10. Just trying to get the man to buy an ar15.
          6.8 is very popular in my area. I got a few thousand rounds myself, and i can get the ammo just about anywhere. I mainly use 5.56 77 grn otms, but for those that say 5.56 isnt strong enough, well thats what my 6.8 is for.

        11. i’ve never heard of a gun buyback in my area, but i think i could do a little better than $100 for my SIG P226.

        12. I don’t recall a libertarian ever voting for gun control.

        13. There’s a group that collects old, broken, trashed and inoperative guns and takes them into Chicago and other big cities when they’re having gun buys. They use the money for teaching kids shooting.

        14. There was a gun bill proposed that I am hoping will pass in the form it has been proposed. It provides a ~$2,000 tax credit spread over two years for turning in an ‘assault weapon’.
          Here’s the good part– that definition includes just the receiver for an AR. Turning in a receiver for a $2,000 credit. I happen to have one I paid $25. Unfortunately, you can only turn in one. But think about the number of receivers that would be sold once folks figured out you could turn a ~$150 receiver for the credit– really good for the gun manufacturers and the US public.

          ‘ ” Guns Save Life,” based in Champaign, Ill., recently sold 60 firearms to the Chicago Police Department — 10 of which were manufactured before 1898 — in exchange for $6,240 in gift cards,

          “The real delicious irony here is that the city of Chicago is paying for rifles that we’re giving away to young people as part of this camp,” Boch told’

        16. During the last ammo shortage some of the ‘oddball’ calibers were more available than the common ones. Or so I’ve heard– I don’t own any oddballs so I didn’t notice.

      2. No, we actually have over 110+ million GUN OWNERS, who have at least a known 300 million guns.
        We be super armed and shit.

        1. A few nights ago, I was like “an arsenal? He had no arsenal. *I* have an arsenal. Wait a second, I have an arsenal, just in this room.”

        2. If you’re a liberal like Sean Penn- his guns were referred to as a ‘collection’. If you’ll recall he had them rendered inoperable and turned into a sculpture while dating some actress who was anti-gun.

      3. “We have over 110 million guns in circulation in the USA. How do they expect to get even a significant fraction of them?”
        Large magnet?

        1. Same way they always try? Appeal to emotion, large authority presence, plenty of deception, and exploitation of the lowest common denominator?

    1. AR15s are semi automatic. They are not military grade fully automatic weapons. I tend to just call them civilian recreational/sporting rifles.

        1. That’s the point of the 2nd Amendment. That we are in parity with the government regarding armaments.
          And yes, I’m one of those guys who thinks owning a tank or Apache helicopter is A Good Thing ™.

        2. What about an ICBM? For the most part, I have no problem with the current regs to acquire NFA weapons (minus the changes to gun trusts). Like National Parks, I think guns should be accessible, but not necessarily convenient. There are a lot of dumbasses out there who shouldn’t have deadly weapons.
          My old man has an armored Vietnam era gun truck he built, so I am ready for a Red Dawn scenario.

        3. It wasn’t illegal to own a nuclear bomb until the late 1970’s. Fun fact.
          I don’t believe in restricting rights. While a non-targetting weapon might have some arguments for restrictions (nukes, nerve gas, things you basically don’t aim but “drop” and take out thousands of people), all other weapons should and, in my view, must be left unrestricted for legal adults.
          I have a huge problem with NFA crap.

        4. Somewhere, a watchlist was just updated to include all folks with the first and last name of Jefferson.

        5. Negative. You would have to hire a machinist to mill out a massive amount of metal in the lower reciever to allow a full auto sear to be installed into the rifle. You then have mill out extra pin holes for the full auto trigger pack to be inserted into the lower reciever. Then you must go out and purchase the auto sear kit which is rather difficult to find. Then you must source out a full auto bolt carrier assembly to drop into the upper reciever.
          The atf does not allow the firearms industry to manufacture guns that can easily be converted to full automatic fire.
          The skill set required to covert a gun to full auto is at the level of a master machinist, who has the abilty to just build his own gun anyways.
          I dont know where you get this just change out a few springs. Obviously, engineering isnt your area of expertise or you are clearly talking out of your ass.

        6. Back in the day Popular Mechanics ran an article called “How to Make an Atom Bomb and Wake Up the Neighborhood”. If you had the fissile material making a bomb is quite simple. It would not be very efficient, be low yield given the amount of material used, and would be very dirty, but it isn’t hard to make. They pointed this out and gave an example of how many men willing to die you would need to just transport spent fuel from a nuclear reactor not to mention reprocess it into weapons grade plutonium. There I no way you would be able to enrich uranium to that level without a huge industrial base.

        7. As a mechanical engineer who worked with a serious hobbyist gunsmith looking to go professional, I agree. Much easier just to build an A bomb.

        8. I’ve been on a watchlist for a very, very long time, I’m certain of it. It lends me a certain freedom, because once you know that they’re watching, then you feel free to say whatever you wish, because what are they going to do, double top secret watch me?

    2. Agreed.. and I saw articles that AR-15 sales skyrocked after the Orlando attacks. An AR-15 is a terrible self defense weapon.

      1. I suspect that was people trying to get in, in case Congress decided to ban them, more than people arming up for self defense.

      2. ” An AR-15 is a terrible self defense weapon.”
        Depends on what you’re planning to use it for. Cops seem to think they need them.

        1. Actually had someone try to break into my house one night while watching a movie on my tablet.
          I own a few weapons, but the AR has the best night optics of the bunch, with an illuminated prism reticle. Grabed that and slapped a loaded mag into it from my closet by my bed.
          I caught the poor fucker in my hallway, he is lucky as hell I train weekly or he would have been turned inside out.
          I was able to call 911 while this turd was looking down my barrel. Bottom line the AR is very stable, and no need to line up irons with a good aftermarket optic.
          Of course this could be done with other platforms, but the AR is solid and will fuck up anything organic within 200 yards.

      3. I am going straight to the 12 guage for self-defense/the coming apocalypse. Slugs for longer, more penetrating shots and regular shot shells for close range.

        1. While shotguns have many uses and have proven very reliable…,,,
          Have fun reloading one at a time. And only having maybe 7 at a time.

        2. Shit, if you are in a situation where you have to fire more than 7 rounds, you done made bigger mistakes than choosing the right weapon.

        3. Common thing said, sure.
          But not completely true.
          You could just be mindingyour own when 10 guys come to burglarize your house. You never know.

    3. When you buy a firearm it’s yours to do with what you want( legal uses anyway).
      When you rent an apartment it’s still theirs. You have to jump through those hoops so they can be at least relatively sure you can pay the rent and won’t destroy the place and they attempt to get enough information so they can find you if you dip without paying up.

  3. Western governments have a nasty tendency to punish the innocent for the crimes of the evil. When 9/11 happened, we got the Patriot Act, the TSA, and the DHS. When an evil man shoots innocent people, the government has long sought to remove any chance the innocent have of defending themselves against the evil.
    This shooting is relatively unique in that it’s one of the very few cases where the evil man had the legal authority to own and operate the firearms he employed. Our government is hoping that we’ll forget that the Muslim swore allegiance to Islam, carried hundreds of rounds and several firearms into a gun-free zone, and held out for three hours against cops who did nothing, and instead focus on the fact that he didn’t have illegally-acquired guns.
    The Islamic faith has a standing declaration of war against us. Their soldiers have been attacking us on our own soil for about as long as I can remember. They are our enemy.
    My own government has been pushing to disarm us, increase the number of things for which we can be arrested, increase the power of the police against the citizens, seize ever greater percentages of the citizens’ wealth, and cause cultural and societal unrest. I wonder if a government that won’t say we’re at war with those who kill us, and who does so many atrocious things to its people, is our friend or our enemy.

    1. I’ve seen several transcripts of his calls, all having omitted ‘Islam’ and ‘ISIS’

    2. Are you familiar with Jeff Snyder’s article written in opposition to the 1994 AW ban:
      The essence of the “weapon of choice” argument is that, because criminals and madmen use these guns to commit crimes, the law- abiding must give them up. But to ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the innocent and law-abiding that their rights and liberties depend not on their own conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless, and that the law will permit them to have only such rights and liberties as the lawless will allow.

      A society that was, instead, outraged over crime, would boldly direct its energies against criminals, angrily resolved to surrender no ground, forfeit no liberties to the lawless. For society does not control crime, ever, by forcing the law-abiding to accommodate themselves to the expected behavior of the law- abiding.

    3. “The Islamic faith has a standing declaration of war against us.”
      The very first US war (The Tripolitian War of 1801-1805) was fought against Islamic forces. The pasha of Libya declared war on the US on May 14, 1801. This is where that famous phrase “From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli” comes from.
      Oh wait a minute…that was Islamophobic. I apologize.

    4. You won’t know you’re at war (officially)…it just creeps up on people.
      Little by little, the powers (governments) will try to strip away rights, personal property, up taxes, etc…until there is a breaking point.
      People need to be on guard all of the time and it’s the very reason why our Constitution (U.S.) gave us the 2nd Amendment. Many political leaders in government (in power) are trying to challenge (and change) the meaning of it because they don’t like the fact that it means we’re armed to keep them in check as well.

  4. Every man should be free to protect himself through any means possible BUT please, stop once and for all with this Islamic terrorism – it’s a CIA psy-op. Whoever believes otherwise is either a clueless dupe or government operative.

      1. No no no no no! Look, here’s the deal. The CIA has a time travel device that they used to go back and influence a young, innocent man via MKULTRA type programming to turn into a murderous vision seeing pedophile lunatic. They guided his hand as he wrote out a long tract on killing infidels and murdering unbelievers and praising marrying 9 year old girls, to the point that you really can’t even attribute the writing to him if you’re honest.
        THEN….they went out and air dropped (from “God in the heavens!” aka a C-130) copies of the Koran across the Middle East.
        THEN…they use soporific mind control gas and hypnotic subliminal sound waves to lull those areas into believing in the Koran with vim and vigor.
        THEN…they jump ahead a few years and surreptitiously send word that Jerusalem was invaded by Muslims in order to trick Crusaders into a lifetime of heated hatred for Islam
        THEN….they shoot forward hundreds of years later and start the Barbary pirates thing and attribute it to Muslims as a false flag operation.
        THEN…they move forward to the 1960’s and have Gilligan’s Island taken off the air at the height of its ratings for no explicable reason.
        It all makes sense when you look at the facts, bro.

        1. This makes perfect sense to me. One time, on my way to Pismo beach, with an Anatidae friend of mine, we wound up getting lost and found ourselves in a desert.
          We stumbled into a cave where we found an immense treasure but a genie told us not to take it with us.
          My anatidae friend said “consequences, schmonsequences so long as I am rich” only later he was shrunk to such a size that he thought the pearl in an oyster was a treasure in and of itself.
          That genie grew up to be Robin Williams. Robin Williams donated heavily to the democratic party.
          Yeah, it all makes sense now.

    1. man you are batting 1.000
      Do you have any opinions that aren’t asinine?

        1. That is a fine question which is worthy of some inner consideration. I feel it might be something like a mix between disgust with humanity and watching a car wreck.

    2. Or you could spend some time in the Middle East. It’s not a psy-op, just their culture.

        1. Killing me would’ve had some rather serious repercussions that would’ve extended far beyond all involved parties.

  5. All muslims should be held responsible for, and made to answer for all of islamic doctrine. Note, I didn’t say they should be held responsible for terrorist actions. I said the doctrine that they follow.

  6. All you have to do is look at the mentally unstable, impulsive, violent psychos at the bernie sanders rallies and you will know why i want as many guns as possible.
    Do you really want to be unarmed and made defenceless by these people?

    1. Amen, but to me, the Clinton supporters are more worrying. Sander’s people come across as violent lunatics, but Clinton supporters seem like a quietly sinister type of true believer.
      Sanders supporters will be the ones roughing you up to get you on the trains. Clinton supporters will be greeting you at the camps, smiling while they pull the lever to release the gas.

      1. I don’t know. The good thing (in common) with Sanders supporters is they want change and they don’t want an established candidate. That’s why many of them are moving over to Trump (and not Clinton).
        We still don’t know if those “Bernie” supporters were real supporters or paid to disrupt (and be Bernie supporters). You never know with big money in play in the back ground.
        I do believe it’s pretty telling that many leaving the Sanders camp will vote for Trump. They don’t like the party and they don’t trust Clinton (a good thing). We will see what happens next.

    2. While there are a few videos of them punching and spitting at people when they surround and greatly outnumber someone, I’ve never felt the urge to have a weapon to hold them off. These are loudmouthed dirty kids, maybe a water hose or air horn would come in handy, but nothing more.

        1. This is nothing more than attention whoring. All women do it and they look for different venues where they stand out (the most) to do it.
          It’s why we see so many different types of women in different fields…all attention whores.

      1. Those kids were the peoples that overthrew China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Korea in the previous century. Never underestimate them. Students and the equivalent of our Millennial generation have been the ‘Vanguard of the Revolution’ in nearly every Commie uprising of the 20th century.

        1. Yeah but those guys could be pretty militaristic. They were also far less cucked. I agree that they shouldn’t be underestimated though, they are still angry and if someone got them really riled up and knew how to lead an organized angry mob you could have a seriously dangerous riot on your hands. Especially if they figured out that they can use guns too.

        2. I agree to a point. This generation doesn’t know how to fire a weapon at all. They weren’t raised with them (as past generations) and at the first sign of a fire fight they would running for the hills.
          I have no fear of this generation trying to “take over”. They all talk a good game (text, keyboard, etc…) but when it gets down to it (physical fighting or guns) then they’ll be sent packing.

    3. Their is a collective shriek there of, “You will support us or else!” At their core, most of the Bernie people are damaged people, using shaming tactics and violent threats to maintain their government-sponsored livelihoods.

    4. Gun control doesn’t work in the UK either, one of the strictest gun control regimes in the world.
      In the Right Wing Terror Attack last week, the terrorist used a homemade pipe-gun. The materials were distributed to him by his Neo-Nazi associates.
      The fact is, if a terrorist wants a gun, he’ll get a gun.

      1. Here with so called “strict gun” control you can buy a 9mm on street without too much hassle.
        Probably easier than registering a boat you bought used that’s never been registered..
        Mostly Liberal retards who live in Canada are the dumbest cunts in the world and think that the government needs to have it’s hand in every aspect of our lives…
        Thus you have gun laws that victimize law abiding citizens then hand out lenient sentences to criminals..
        Muslim control would be better….mass deportations for foreign born criminals would be a good start..

      2. Same thing in Australia.Plenty of criminals have weapons that are banned under current laws (which are around 20 years old). Gun control would be even more unrealistic in the USA because of the large number of guns, a gun buyback would send the USA broke and the arms industry and American citizens would make passing the kind of draconian laws seen is the UK and Australia almost impossible.

  7. When the Left pushes for more gun control… stalk up on more guns.
    Anyone else notice that the more the Left advocates gun control, the more devastating attacks happen?
    What would have happened if there was one trained police officer WITH A GUN in the bar at Orlando?

    1. Wasn’t there one, or at least right outside who engaged the guy before he even got in? I read such anyway.

  8. Considering the farce that happened in the Senate the other day Liberals are more into Control over the public than they are in keeping Guns from terrorists. Republicans offered a reasonable bill that protects the Due Process rights of individuals which Democrats voted down then they pushed their pieces of Jackboot work instead.

        1. Fantastic news. President Jughead is sniveling about “executive orders” but he has had not too many of them stand at all when he starts getting extra legal about shit.

      1. The Republican bill under Conlyn whenever somebody on the watch lists tries to bye a gun the feds get to block it three days and go to a judge to prove this person is a danger to make it permanent but the person on the list gets to have the chance to prove they are not a danger and maybe should not be on the list, libs on the other hand If You’re on the List no matter what reason no matter how wrong the reason for you have no chance to get any hearing on it well tough luck no gun for you, libs forget about due process and innocent til proven guilty and to make matters worse the Orlando shooter who is the cause of this little hen fight well he was on the list three times but taken off for what are clearly political reasons and even allowed to be a courthouse guard despite all those warnings and red flags. Conlyn’s bill was a good one but libs don’t care they don’t care about guns what they want is control.

        1. I still have this knot in the pit of my stomach that we even have a “watch list” in these united States. Investigate and charge with a crime, or get the fuck out of our lives. The term “watch list” belongs in a totalitarian dictatorship, not a supposedly free country.

        2. Same with me, I would hate to find myself on that list for 1. Somebody with a name like mine commits something despicable or defects and the Feds seeing my name assume I am that person, 2. Some mentally unbalanced person accuses me of an act of terrorism or some crime or threatening to so some crime (that actually happened once), or 3 I post a comment here or some other sight some fed deems ‘offensive’ or 4 some Fed sees me and wants me for some federal program but accidentally taps the wrong computer address and instead of the federal program he puts my name on the lists, and 5 well I always think of visiting the Holy Land and maybe that pilgrimage I accidently pass through territory occupied by some terrorist group and some Fed thinks that is ‘suspicious’. These are all things that get people on these things and they have no chance of clearing their names. I mean kids have been found on the lists for no other reason than their names or some government mistake.

        3. Hillary posted some snarky meme on Twitter along the lines of: Too dangerous to fly, too dangerous to own guns.
          My question is, if we have identified this person as dangerous enough to strip them of a fundamental human right enshrined in the constitution, why in the fuck haven’t they been arrested and charged with something?

        4. Exactly my point. If you can charge them due to probably cause, then fucking do it. Watch lists are not an artifact of a free society. Fuck Hillary.

        5. You may fuck Shrillery if you care to, but I wouldn’t even with your dick.
          I saw a good one the other day, it said,
          “Hillary sucks, but not as well as Monica.”

  9. I hold a Florida CWP, and, just like most concealed carry permits, you
    cannot take it into schools, government buildings, or any place where
    alcohol is the primary product sold.

    Great article, but one slight correction. In many, many states you can in fact go into a place where alcohol is sold as the primary product while carrying and with a valid CHL (CWP), you simply cannot drink. Ohio is one of those states. I’ve actually pulled security before, armed, in a bar.

    1. Same in TN. There’s a LOT of loopholes regarding concealed carry. For instance, you can legally carry a weapon into a store that doesn’t allow firearms if they even have one single entrance that doesn’t have a no firearms decal on in. That being said, they can still kick you out if you’re caught, but they cannot press charges.

      1. “If you’re caught”.
        Id just carry concealed anyways. As long as you’re a normal person who avoids trouble i would think that nobody would ever find out about your concealed gun.

        1. I sometimes carry and go shooting at ranges and hunting in countries where I have no permit or license of any sort. I borrow or rent the guns.
          The point you make is a rather important one IMO.

    2. Damn word cap. Many of my articles go to about 2500 words, but I worry about losing people’s attention. Our editor Winston and Roosh seem to like my stuff enough to not edit it, about the only edits I get are titles and sometimes featured picture, which I take as a compliment. Point being, I write and then edit myself a good amount, and the sentence missing for this subject described how Florida works on a 50% income rule for something being a “bar” versus a “restaurant.” If you’re in a “restaurant” you may carry and not drink and not go into the “bar area,” but you may not carry into a dedicated bar. I think my current state of residence in the midwest is the same.
      This is a good example of the hazards of state made programs, even though their benefits much outweigh federal programs (in which case we’d all be like Illinois for carry.)

      1. Since I do a lot of riding I try to keep up on state laws as best I can. I have an app that details all CHL laws for all 50 states, including where you can and cannot carry, reciprococity, police inform, travel restrictions, the whole kit and caboodle.

        1. It’s not mine, I get nothing for endorsing it, neither remuneration nor any other gift. I just like it.
          Do a search on the App Store for “CCW”. That’s what it’s called. Made by Workman Consulting LLC. It hasn’t failed me yet.

    3. Same in my state. I hung out with a guy that always carried, so he never drank while we were at the bar. Later I stopped hanging out with him because I found out why he needed to be armed at all times. Let us say that even though he was a retired corrections officer some of his businesses were not exactly legal.

  10. One would expect some mental introspection from the left.
    Nope. Never. Not a chance. A defining characteristic of leftists is to completely lack any ability for introspection.

    1. That, and any ability to reason, use common sense, or not apply farcical double standards…the list is endless.

    2. I think many on the left have introspection; what they lack is the internal strength to improve their lives. So they revert to resentment and a persecution complex.

  11. Funny enough, anti-gun advocates came up with one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard in regards to gun control:
    “How many guns are needed to make people feel safe?”

      1. I throw their “need” questions back in their faces.
        How many gays do we need to allow to exist in order to prove that we’re a tolerant nation?
        How many books do you really need to read in your lifetime?
        How many web pages does a person really need to scan on the internet?

        1. I always reply that I knew a girl who actually survived Columbine and my uncle was one of the first responders to Sandy Hook. Both are now proponents for not only open carry, but for training at schools if parents are too pussified to do it themselves.

        2. I have yet to have logic work on gun banners. I go straight for the emotional gut punch. Get them all uppity and defending “their rights” then say “and that applies to mine too”, drop the microphone and walk away.

        3. That is the best thing to do and why I mention I know/knew people who witnessed those incidents firsthand. They’ll never understand that the genie is out of the bottle and that recreational shooting weapons make up a small percentage of murders in the U.S. even with the mass shootings, 2% according to the Department of Justice.

        4. Statistically bolt action rifles and shotguns are used in more killings than “assault rifles”. So are hammers. More hammers are used to murder people, and murder more people, than “assault rifles”. Look it up.

        5. The proliferation of hammers is out of control in this country. How many hammers does any one man need?

        6. The answer to your first question is “0”. Their flamboyance offers nothing to society. If anything they drag society down to their degenerate level.

        7. I’m just trying to piss them off and put them on the defensive. Nothing gets their dander up more than even hinting that you don’t like their politics of sexuality.

        8. Hammers are everywhere! it’s out of control, it’s getting into the hands and minds of our children through violent video games and in our music. Hammers must go!

        9. And M.C. Hammer, well, he sends chills down my spine.
          Hammer time, indeed.

        10. In the end, they may take my guns away, then all they’ll have when they do will be more guns (which they had more than I did anyway), but they’ll still know fear, for what frightens them are my ideas, my ability, my convictions and the understanding that I am one of many.
          The gun is just a tool, the mind is the real weapon. Until they take that one step too far though (and try to take away mine and everyone else’s right) I will bear in mind the wise words of Gandhi:

        11. You can try, but the only way you’ll get my hammers is by prying them from my cold dead hands!

        12. Columbine is such a fascinating showcase of political misinformation.
          The biggest 2 lies? That the boys were bullied. They weren’t, one was even incredibly popular. The second, that it was a school shooting. Columbine was a bombing, the boys were going to ride off into the sunset, on the lamb. When the bombs failed, only then did it evolve into a shooter/suicide-scenario.

        13. My wife used to voice opposition. She grew up in a country where they were banned. I told her I wore a gun on my hip every day for years, and myself and no one else I’ve worked with have gone rampant and started gunning for fun. She’s turned a corner.

        14. Yep. After further study of their home videos many mind psychiatrists have concluded that one of them was a pure psychopath. It was another case of someone with mental disorders.

        15. My wife was an Ohio farm girl. Cooks, traditional, the whole nine yards. I knew she was destined for marriage when I had a firearm out and she came over and said “Ooooh, that’s pretty, what caliber does it shoot?”
          So many potential women failed that test miserably.

        16. Can’t hold it against mine. When you grow up in a dictatorship who demonizes weapons in fear of rebellion, what can you expect?

        17. Not to pry, but what did your acquaintance have to say about Sandy Hook? I haven’t seen much material.

        18. Well, he’s all for arming teachers, concealed carry and police to have AR-15’s instead of shotguns. Clearing the scene made the man burst into tears at the carnage, which says something when he just retired from being a conservation officer and had seen some crazy stuff over the years in terms of accidents. Won’t talk too much about it though, and I can honestly not blame him for that.

    1. Quora is a great place to showcase the idiocy of the Left, as well as the poison it spreads to foreigners regarding guns.
      I’ve known Wymyns who think that if you have a gun, you’ll instantly go rabid and try to cowboy it out with anyone and everyone you see.

    2. Beware of master manipulators. We haven’t even begun to identify them yet. More over to even concoct a remedy strategy against them.

  12. Remember gentlemen:
    “Those who will beat their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not.” – Thomas Jefferson.

    1. Sheriff: “You just shot an unarmed man!”
      Clint: “Well, he should have armed himself.”

        1. I preferred his Leone films more personally; High Plains Drifter was badass too.

      1. Sheriff: ” you just shot an unarmed man!”
        Floyd Mayweather: ” Its, defend yo self at all times”

      2. Any of you sons a bitches take a shot at me I will kill you and all your friends and burn your damn house down!

      3. Loved that line, I reckon if you’re going to do something inflammatory you should take steps to defend yourself. Like hiring security and confusing the Hivemind so they can’t lynch you at a press conference. Great comment though, really appropriate.

  13. Answer to Islamic terrorism? I’m all for cultural imperialism. It worked with the Soviet Union, did it not? Could take decades, but Islamism and its abhorrent ideology is not here to stay.

    1. Tactical nuke to Mecca-vaporise it and the whole ‘religion’ caves in on its own asshole.

      1. Pre-emptive nuke or only after radical Mohammedans have nuked a major large Western city? This Islamism shit ends in the 21st century, guaranteed. The Internet is their worst enemy, and the 1.6 billion people practicing this wretched faith can’t stay in the dark forever.

        1. Pre-emptive; they cast the first bolt across the bow so we have to finish the business decisively.

        2. Spineless lefty politicians will never admit or realize this, but the more violent western military superpowers are towards the Islamic world–and less appeasement–the more respect they will give and show towards the West.

        3. Precisely. I liken it to dogs-you cannot reason with a dog when it shits all over your lawn, it is it’s nature-but if you blast it with the garden hose and rub its nose in the shit it learns not to do that again-same principle. Muslims are cowardly when you stand up to them-how many times have we seen Russians beat the shit out of them when they mouth off? It’s hilarious.

        4. I applaud Russia and China on that front; they don’t give a shit what world opinion would be if they killed scores of Muslims. If a western country kills even a few, the screams of “genocide” and “child killers” emerge, and said countries have to do damage control. Moynihan’s law–the freer a country is, the more criticism it will receive–in full effect.

        5. My sentiments exactly-the Russians and the Chinese have got it right. You can’t even say ‘boo’ there because you will rightly get your head caved in. The rest of Europe needs to regain its balls-I can tell you though that the Orthodox nations of Europe have a special hatred for Muslims and if and when the time comes they are going to truly revel in beating them all to a pulp.

        6. I’m part Slovak, part Russian, and all countries east of Germany simply will not stand for that Islamic shit, as you rightfully said. Western Europe may hope to be the last fed to the gators, but if that continent is going to survive, the Slavic nations are going to have to prove their mettle if and when the Islamic threat does reach those countries.

        7. Right on. Full Greek here-when the time is right the nations of the former Warsaw Pact and the Balkans will do what must be done. The Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese may also assuming they rediscover their Catholicism-moreso the last two given the Reconquisita and all.

        8. Yeah, we all saw what happened with the migrants in Greece last summer; they weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms and given that country’s history with Muslim Ottoman Turkey, no surprises there. As long as Greece and Hungary don’t slip into that neo-Nazi shit with Golden Dawn and Jobbik, there is hope (center-right here).

        9. Jobbik, if you don’t know, has actually gone the way of supporting said horrible Mohammedan nations. I don’t fucking get Hungary; understandably, they want nothing to do with Muslim migrants, yet that country’s third most popular political party is enthusiastic about and seeks greater cooperation with those countries. A real Catch-22.

        10. They’re a strange bunch but then they’re descended from Huns hence their propensity to veer towards barbarism at times.

        11. I’m sure you knew, but Slovaks aren’t gaga about the ol’ Magyars. But Fidesz is easily the most popular party, and they’re all right in my book.

        12. Yes-I have done a little reading on such also and I like Viktor Orban’s style.

  14. I forgot about Waco but that wasn’t a mass killing as the Gov carried it out. Also “legal sexual preference”? WTF? Oh ok sodomy between consenting males and fisting between consenting females is now legal. I forgot that too…….

    1. Haha. Yeah, Orlando is the “worst mass killing in US history.” Uhhh….lots of people seem to have forgotten about when the Army rolled into NYC with fixed bayonets and artillery during the Draft Riots in the Civil War.

  15. Gun rights advocates would do themselves a service if they paid more attention to the first part of the 2nd amendment: “A well-regulated militia being necessary…”
    I think there are a few rogue militias in Idaho and Montana, but otherwise they are basically nonexistant. If you had gun owners get together a few times a year to train, march, shoot, and had them organized as a regular militia, it would be a huge argument against disarming them.
    Otherwise, gun rights like every other freedom, will be slowly encroached, until using firearms is similar to exercising your right to travel (go to government agent, show your papers, submit to a body search, then you may purchase ammo in a limited quantity from the approved merchant).

    1. Not really. The law is codified at 10 USC 311.
      “The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32,
      under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of
      intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female
      citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.”
      So the militia is actually defined by statute as every male between 17-45 and all females in the National Guard. This would actually work against gun controllers because you certainly cannot maintain the militia if a significant portion of them are not armed.
      But I would love to see some pro gun states just go ahead and establish a militia that includes every citizen of that state, and then tell the feds to fuck off with their gun laws.

      1. Well, there is a militia, and then there is a militia. There is a patriarchy, and there is a patriarchy (think Saudi Arabia vs USA). There is a citizenry and there is a citizenry (we are all “citizens” but I have lived places where people are very active in their community and government, and others where people don’t give a shit and might as well be living in a dictatorship. The point is, if you are part of a militia, act like it. Practice using your weapon. Get together with others who do it. Maybe get a uniform so you all look cool and get extra attention from the ladies. Or just wear camo. Make it a regular event so that your “militia” is actually a known quantity, not just some arbitrary definition in a codebook that may or may not coalesce should the need arise.

        1. Practice using your weapon. Done.
          Get together with others who do it. Done.
          get a uniform so you all look cool and get extra attention from the
          ladies. Or just wear camo. Have my old dress uniform and cammies, but don’t wear them anymore. May if shooting ever starts.
          But the broader point here is that your rights don’t turn on the manner you exercise them. You aren’t prohibited from speaking just because you don;t use the king’s english. You aren’t prohibited from printing because you don;t wear a business suit to do so. You aren’t prohibited from practicing your religion just because you don’t want to go to a church and would rather pray at home.
          Similarly, you aren’t prohibited from bearing arms just because you don;t want to hang out with whack jobs in the woods.

        2. Then how did we lose our rights to privacy? How did we lose the freedom to travel unmolested by government agents? How did we lose the rights to freely assemble without being cordoned to “free speech zones”? How did we lose the right to determine our own health care?
          I’d argue that unless gun users loudly and openly and regularly exercise their rights, they will lose them.

        3. I think a simple brown shirt maybe with a leather shoulder strap across the chest would be fine.
          Just kidding.

        4. We will probably lose them no matter what. We have already lost so many rights that our forefathers would be shocked.

        5. Oh look, no argument from me. A right that is unused is easy to strip.
          But, I don’t think there’s any particular way that you have to exercise a right for it to be valid. You don’t have to join a crazy militia to have, and exercise, a second amendment right. That’s all I’m saying.

  16. I’d like to see Islam stomped out of existence, honestly.
    Only we’ve let too many Muslims into Western countries. A Muslim named Khan runs London, now, even though Star Trek decades ago warned us about guys with that name.

  17. Public sentiment is still way to the Right on Gun Control, contrary to what leftists will attempt to tell you. I’ve seen publications attempt to say that this tragedy has shifted it. What a laugher. These things cause purchases to spike.
    An aside, it seems the leftists beat me. Until I read this, I was still under the impression that he had used an AR platform. Guarantee you none of them will try to correct themselves. Banning ‘AR’s would be much more significant than banning Sigs. Plus you’ve got the AR(Armalite Rifle)= Assault Rifle thing, which the Left would never pass up.

  18. Public sentiment is still way to the Right on Gun Control, contrary to what leftists will attempt to tell you. I’ve seen publications attempt to say that this tragedy has shifted it. What a laugher. These things cause purchases to spike.
    An aside, it seems the leftists beat me. Until I read this, I was still under the impression that he had used an AR platform. Guarantee you none of them will try to correct themselves. Banning ‘AR’s would be much more significant than banning Sigs.

  19. If a government responds to acts of terrorism by attacking the fundamental rights of its citizens- then the terrorists have won.
    Served 23 years in the Navy and it saddens me that my descendants and future generations of Americans will have less rights and freedoms than I did. That’s not why I served.
    Terrorists got a win in California when the legislature there passed gun laws on their own citizens and cited the terrorist attack as a reason. I detest that.

  20. The “man” that fired an AR-15 and was terrified is (((Gersh Kuntzman)))…
    What a coincidence

  21. I’ve seen a lot of gun rights advocates who push for more stringent checks on terrorist affiliations and mental illness. Now, I understand their intentions, but people must understand the danger in this line of thinking. I’ll just say this: remember who defines extremism and mental illness.
    Right wing views in particular are frowned upon by federal agencies. Christian and conservative views are being added to Homeland Security checklists for extremism.
    With regard to mental illness, California has been confiscating guns for a while now from those deemed mentally ill by doctors. What’s to keep your doctor from taking a statement such as, “Work’s been stressing me out lately” and twisting it to sound like you’re a danger to your colleagues? A large chunk of children are (wrongly) diagnosed with ADD. Ten to twenty years from now, they’ll likely be flagged if they try to purchase a gun. Have you ever experienced anxiety or depression? Then you might be considered mentally unfit to own a weapon. With so many people being medicated for mental conditions, the “keep guns away from mentally unstable” narrative will soon apply to half the nation. And, once again, I’ll remind you who defines mental illness. The DSM has changed numerous times. Transsexualism went from being a mental illness to a celebrated life choice in very little time, as did eating disorders (because, you know, you can’t shame fatties), homosexuality, and numerous other harmful mental disorders.
    The point is, people must regulate themselves and not look to the government to solve any problems. If you own a gun, be responsible with it and learn how to use it. The left is so ignorant with regard to guns that their opinions should be given zero respect. I won’t bother to argue with them about the issue because their opinions are meaningless.
    Gun store owners should have free reign to discriminate against any patron for any reason. If someone seems a little off balance, or seems like a threat, they should be able to kick them out the door with no questions asked and no chance of legal repercussions.

    1. The NRA themselves proposed a bill to block those on the FBI watchlists from purchasing. The difference between their bill and the (((Feinstein))) bill was that the NRA included protections to keep the watchlist from being abused by liberals and turned into a permanent unchallengeable de facto gun ban.
      Liberals voted against the NRA proposal in force, despite it having met every demand they claim to have made. Why? Simple. The libs had no interest in actually blocking sales to terrorists; they wanted the power to block sales to anyone they wanted. Without the ability to abuse the list, it was useless to them.
      Coincidentally, then the Jewish comedians started attacking the NRA and Republicans, as scripted, for “voting against” the (((Feinstein))) proposal, while coincidentally ignoring the fact that the Dems voted against two bills themselves.

  22. What’s the difference between a radical muslim and a moderate muslim?
    Radical muslims want to pursue jihad
    Moderate muslims want radical muslims want to pursue jihad

    1. I’ve never seen a Muslim that was more upset at a terrorist than upset at the American people for being upset.

    2. Actually it turns out their own self identification is what’s different.
      They both pay their dues to the organizations supporting all this, the maybe only other thing different is one picks up a gun, the other makes 15 babies.

    3. The radical muslim is the one holding the severed head.
      The “moderate muslims” are the crowd of hundreds gathered to watch the radical muslim hold the severed head.

    4. The one thing that all people need to come to grips with is that it’s an ideology that they all share (radical or moderate). They all read the same book and they all believe the same thing (many won’t say or act on it but the belief system is in place).
      In places where they are the minority, then it will only happen in their small communities but once they have the numbers they will change the law of the land to their own law.
      That’s the reality of it that many do not want to believe. It’s in direct conflict with many western nations (beliefs, laws, etc…) and that’s the true threat.

  23. At lunch today a liberal with a man-bun was babbling with some chick about how there should be increased gun control. I’m usually silent (half-asleep, really) at the office, I finally got fed up with him and poked a few holes in his argument balloon. He was speechless. Chick looked at me with goo-goo eyes, but she was a flower that plucked its petals to spite the bees. Only a desperate bee goes after a flower without petals, and man-bun boy was a desperate bee indeed.
    Its all I can do not to laugh at ’em.

  24. The aim of the totalitarian marxist, infesting our culture and society, is to censorship all kind of behavior and action they do not agree with. From the muslim mayor of London, that as the nerve of removing the pictures of hot and healthy women from the streets, to the anti gun paranoia in the States.
    I am not even American, but i understand it is a constitutional right of the american people, one that is easily understood by reading american history and culture.
    True to their hate of their own culture and history, the marxist american party, aka the democratic party, sponsors around the World the notion that american gun owners are these barbarian rednecks that shoot first and ask letter at the same time, pushing away the blood from their muslim friends hands. Its a culture war brothers, and its going to be a long one.

  25. Totally, dude. An armed populace can easily resist a tyrannical government, that’s the lesson of Waco, duh!

    1. I’ve heard your spiel before. It is fear mongering and cowardly. One word defeats it.
      You are dismissed.

      1. I’ve never heard that particular spiel before, maybe b/c it makes zero sense. 1) The Mujehadeen not a self-armed militia (they were created, trained and armed by an outside force, the US; 2) They’re not using small arms, their success came from Stinger missiles and IED’s, both prohibited under 2nd Amendment, 3) They’re not civilians, they’re the most battle-hardened fighting force on earth, who long ago sacrificed their wives, families and civilization to flee into the most remote areas on Earth, to hide in caves and lay down their lives as martyrs for their ideology. 4) Their guns did not prevent their country from being taken over by the Taliban, any more than the Viet Cong’s guns prevented their country being taken over by the Communists. You’d be better off using the French Revolution as a test case but I’m not doing your work for you. Answer the perfectly good American example (Waco), or retire into the shadows.

        1. Do you honestly think even an AR-51 is going to protect your from a Predator drone? Sonic weapons? That it will be effective against body armor or tanks? That your cell and internet service wouldn’t be geofenced instantly? That the government wouldn’t know exactly who you are and what you’re planning to do before you do it? Jefferson never could have imagined the sort of advantage that a 1st-world military has over a population, armed or not (particularly the US military, which has basically unlimited $ and god-knows-what in the DARPA vault). On some level you may be altruistically motivated but you can’t make a logical rebuttal to my original argument, or else you would have already. If The People were really stronger than the military, there wouldn’t have been a long history of military takeovers/coups/juntas since the time of the Roman emperor Marius and well before (and, of course the Romans were permitted to arm themselves).

      2. Total bad-faith argument. Afghanistan is a country full of rugged mountains and few urban population centers which make guerilla warfare ideal, unlike the US where such tactics would put your own families at risk. When their government turned tyrannical, they made no effort to resist them because the mujehadeen were already holed up in the mountains. They were also armed by outside governments (including ours) with Stinger missiles and other weapons that US civilians cannot get. They also were forced to leave their wives and children in order to carry out their jihad. Using them as an example of the 2nd Amendment is a completely bad-faith analogy, particularly when I already highlighted a perfect Amercian example from the last 20 years. You’re dismissed.

      3. Here’s another two words: false comparison. Taliban was not self armed (armed by US in 70’s) did not use 2nd-Amendment small arms (had main success with Stinger missiles against Soviets/ IED’s against US), did not lead to citizen freedom (actually most repressive Islamic regime ever), were not able to defend land (had to flee to remote mountain caves, renounce wives/children). If I were you I’d distract from Waco too, because your point crumbles; even if every armed American rose up against the government simultaneously, it would take the government only about as long as it would to unlock the DARPA closet of horrors to repel them. Even the body-armored and, now, tank-owning local PD’s could probably suppress the citizenry.

  26. The lax gun laws permitting him to buy an assault rifle are definitely the work of the Left (who otherwise want to take your guns tho, all the time). Logic, People!!!!

    1. We could legally acquire nuclear weapons as individuals up through the late 1970’s actually. Nobody went around nuking anybody. You can buy full auto squad machine guns today but you don’t see people going out and using them.
      Nice try though.

      1. Oh really? It would be fantastic if you could provide some support for your claim about nuclear weapons, otherwise I’m going to assume that it’s totally fabricated.

      2. “firstly, you need to live in a class III firearms friendly state, county and/or city.
        if you do, you basically have to get the paperwork necessary to apply for the purchase of the firearm, pay a $200 tax stamp and send the paperwork to the BATFE, in a few months, you should get paperwork allowing you to buy a class III firearm(you need to do all this every time you want to buy a class III), now the tougher part, finding a M249 SAW that was manufactured and was on the civilian registery before 1986, that’s the tough part, also, if you do luckily find one, your likely looking at around a $25,000-$40,000 price tag on it, and it’s usually non-negotiable. “

      3. Weapons grade plutonium would be hard to come by, but wasn’t there a kid who made an atom bomb as science fair project back in the 60s?
        I saw an M60 once running at $10k at the Hara arena, but did not have the pocket change to pick it up. My current employer at the time issued me one though. Heh.

      4. You’re wrong/lying about both. Obviously nobody has ever been allowed to purchase a private nuke, you could provide a solitary example if so. Thanks to the Hughes amendment all fully automatic weapons are illegal, except for certain exceptions (weapons manufactured before 1986 AND, in most states, special certification as security/film industry). There’s no NEED to use a squad gun in a mass shooting, it takes too long to set up and is too conspicuous. AR-51 is perfect for the job, thanks!

  27. The answer to Islamic terrorism is strict “BORDER” & “IMMIGRATION” control.
    Deport foreign born criminals quickly and ensure they don’t return..
    Dito for illegals which shall receive “no” services.
    Don’t allow people from cultures and religions not compatible with yours in..uuuhmm wonder who that would be???
    Secure the border with technology, drones, and shoot to kill orders where your country borders unstable or hostile nations.
    Work with other developed countries collectively to implement these polices.
    Basically the opposite of what is happening in the West.

    1. How about just Islamic control?
      Implement mandatory BLT’s at the checkpoints?
      Isn’t that much cheaper than drones? And it will be a boon for local business around border areas and create jobs and all that.
      I’m much preferring a BLT to a naked body scanner or a cavity search, just sayin.

  28. I just said it in a comment but I’ll say it here again.
    How about just Islamic control?
    Just mandatory BLTs at every border and security checkpoint. An officer has to watch you eat it.
    Problem solved.
    And I for one would prefer a free BLT over a naked body scanner or a pat down or cavity search or X-ray for that matter.
    And I bet it would be cheaper.
    You have to eat a BLT before you get into the airport. You have to eat a BLT before you go into a government building etc.

    1. Or if you’re not that hungry, just eat the bacon. And then we have cave follow up scanning machines that can detect bacon on your breath and all that.
      Heck it would be a boon for sandwich makers and people who like BLTs and yeah, just massive win I’m starting to think.

      1. Does it include bacon control?
        I’m not saying don’t be a muzzie, I’m just saying have a sandwich.
        I’d do the same to vegans hehehe.

      2. Liberals have never once cared about the Constitution. They’re not allowed to fall back on it in their defense.
        Mandatory Bacon Rations for all immigrants will be repealed once they lay off the 2nd. That’s called “compromise.”

    2. This is such a win. I keep kosher btw, but I find this hilarious. What amuses even more is that, initially, upon seeing “BLT”, I immediately tried to associate the acronym with a technical word; govt agency, activist movement, etc, but it slipped right beneath my eyes – BACON, lettuce tomato! Hahah a sandwiche. Simple solutions to complex problems are God’s way of saying, take your head out your ass!

  29. I just read that apparently the FBI was withholding the full clip of the 911 call made by the Orlando shooter himself.
    Our own government covered up the murderous-Islamic-scumbag from saying “praise Allah” so that in the tape he didn’t sound like he was a Muslim.
    This is like the book “1984”. The government has power over the past, present, and future.
    When will the madness end?
    Very, very soon.
    It’s shit like this that pushes us to a breaking point.

    1. They tried, but the redaction was already reversed due to the backlash. No audio yet, but the full uncensored transcript was released. The only minor quibble anyone has right now is the translation of “Allah” to “God.” (Even though that’s what Allah translates into some Christians don’t like anyone or anything being associated with their G-man like that.)

  30. Gentleman:
    I live in Colombia, a country where is almost impossible for a law abiding citizen to buy a gun legally. I know because I tried. I am a respectable member of society, no rap sheet, no mental illness, I did my military service, and my trade is one of the most respectables.
    When I tried to buy a gun legally they told me, literally: “you are a law abiding citizen, you don’t need a gun”. Look at the problem we have here with the marxist guerrillas, look at the homicide rates, the robbery rates, the rape (real rape) rates, the kidnapping rates, etc. (Besides, they only sell shitty weapons, the most decent one you can buy legally its a Jericho PSL/PL/FL).
    What happens here is what happens when the law abiding citizens can’t buy guns legally. The outlaws dont buy their guns legally, so they will always have a gun in their hands.
    In USA the gun control is only aimed to law abiding citizens, not to the delinquents or the outlaws.
    Now, guess (((who))) is behind the gun control in the USA.

    1. “you are a law abiding citizen, you don’t need a gun”.
      “Oh, we see you deal in cocaine. Which handgun package would you be after?”

    2. Just a tip. Get one anyway. You are between two groups who despise you and one of them will eventually come for you.

      1. I didn’t say “I dont have any guns”, I said “I tried to buy a gun legally”….. 😉

  31. England banned guns, so British patriot and hero Tommy Mair just BUILT HIS OWN GUN to get rid of treasonous, femi-commie, mannish, SJWhore, gargoyle looking, multi-cult MP Joe Cocks.
    Tommy boy PROVED GUN BANNING IS IMPOSSIBLE and prevented more pakistani pedo-pimp rape gangs thereby killing two “birds” with one stone (pun intended,lol).
    A “mother” of two, Cock$ obviously didn’t care if her own offspring would be raped and pimped as a result of her “work” to bring in more rapefugees. She and her cuck “partner” were already even actively indoctrinating the kids with their poisonous, suicidal propaganda!
    A pity Tommy only got one of four, or even more in that family. Unfortunately Tommy will now have to go to prison,
    After hearing the mostly good news I thought ROK would immediately have an article about it, just like the great Orlando purge, and I am disappointed that it doesn’t because of all the LuLz enjoyed in the comments section of that one.
    Orlando decreased the amount of GRIDS normal people were at risk of being exposed to, there is also now one less sandnigger in the west. The only way that story could put you in a better mood is if the camel jockey took some of the US version of the same globalist traitor cops (ooops, I meant pigs who arrested good ol Tommy) with him.
    Since Tommy accomplished more good deeds (3-2) than the flip flop terrorist, it’s only fair that Mair should get at least equal coverage on ROK. There should be a tribute to Tommy actually since he is a real Englishman who sacrificed his freedom to defend the children of his nation whereas Osama Bin Board Shorts was NOT a real American and had no business being in the states in the first place, even though he redeemed himself admirably by decreasing the future number of HIV positive test results as a result of child molestations there.
    He was also considerate enough not to further burden tax payers (oops, I meant victims of ZOG extortion) with the cost of incarcerating another parasitic invader committing white genocide, or to contribute to the evil privatized pri$on indu$trial complex abomination by allowing himself to be arrested.
    A shame that none of the retarded, melodramatic, SJW memorials for the casualties in Orlando/ England got hit.

    1. You don’t know the half of it.
      Jo Cox was a whore with a fetish for Syrian “children,” who for the most part are actually young men. It’s a fair bet her two pups weren’t her husband’s.
      Under any other circumstances Tommy Mair would have done Britain a favour getting rid of her.

  32. I will let you fellows try to argue with leftists, I have already attempted to get them to see the light but, evidently being stupid also causes blindness.
    I have seen so called men on television and the Internet get all emotional about banning guns and I just don’t understand it , I mean, I expect it from women but,men? Anyone else heard that silly PSA on the radio lately about”gun safety”? I turn the radio off when it comes on.
    I’m not interested in having a dog for protection, the only time I have to feed my firearm is when I use it and it doesn’t shit on the floor.

  33. I’m in the minority here, I admit. I’m all for keeping guns out of the hands of groups who have demonstrated that they can’t use guns responsibly.
    Under no circumstances should Muslims, blacks or women of any race or creed be permitted to carry guns.
    Muslims and blacks caught with guns on their person should be subject to summary execution with the same gun.
    The defence of a woman and her honour is the responsibility of her father or husband, not her own. Giving her her own gun is essentially an invitation for her to murder her husband “in self-defense” and help herself to his money. See to it that Third World trash are kept well behaved (or, better yet, removed from society) and the chance a woman would ever need to use a gun against an actual rapist would drop to just about zero.
    If her husband finds out she’s acted like a slut, this will also make it easier for him to put the bitch down with minimal risk of personal injury.

    1. So, my friend who is black, an M.D. and holds a masters in computer science, should not be allowed to carry a firearm? Explain.

      1. So he doesn’t have kids? Brothers? They never come to his house? Know where it’s stored for when they go stick up the local liquor store?
        Looking at the behavior, and criminal tendency in aggregate, I’d say there is pretty much a case for at minimum extra controls and checks.
        Fact is most black people it seems treat all white people they don’t know personally as bad racists. What’s stopping us from returning the favor?

  34. I have a better idea. Just force all commercial enterprises and government agencies running public buildings to allow concealed carry of weapons unless they provide adequate armed security. That’s really beating the libs at their own game. Want some legislation to fix this problem? Here you go.

  35. like it or not but guns were invented centuries ago leftists, you can’t uninvent something. They are here to stay. No one would own a gun for self protection (only for hunting, and recreation) if psychos learnt some respect for other human beings. Treat others how you want to be treated leftists.

  36. …speaking a foreign language into a phone while he was there

    Wow… speaking a foreign language can get you denied a gun? I guess I won’t be getting one then.

    1. That was the call of the shop owner, it’s not something that’s in any gun law that I’m aware of.

  37. Automatic weapons technology is well over a century old. Simple, but effective models like the Sten gun or ‘grease’ gun can be produced by a tool & die man with a decent machine shop & rather modest funds. They’re here to stay.

    1. And it gets cheaper to purchase 3d mold printers, the tech is not far off where people will simply down load the software and make their own guns. Not to metnion, as GoJ often points out, there are so many privately owned firearms in the US, there is simply no “un-doing” all that. Most will not comply and considering the complete lack of trust in “big Govt.” — this isn’t going to change for a couple of generations.

  38. Gun control is literally impossible (like so much of the leftist agenda). It’s like trying to stop speeding. Sure you may catch a tiny fraction of the more obvious violators, but the vast majority of drivers speed every day and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives.
    Give it up, libtards.

  39. It’s annoying that the left won’t admit that a gay Muslim Democrat is new face of the Democratic Party.
    The article above presents some nice arguments, but leftist are impervious to facts, logic, reason. Women in particular are very stupid about the gun issue.
    So when will the MSM publish this angle? Why do I have to go a British online rag to get another point of view?

  40. Absolutely agree on a) Not buying into their frame, but undercutting it, and b) not ‘sperging about “it’s not an AR-15.
    Shit, in poor lighting, even knowing about the MCX, I wouldn’t have been able to tell, and frankly, would not have wasted time trying to figure it out.
    Hammer home the moral.
    Why are you a sheep?
    Why do you distrust yourself and others so much?
    Why do you want us to be sheep for tyrants?
    Why do you hate (defenseless victim group)?
    Incidentally, Scott Adams had a recent blog post that, while not perfect, makes some good points, one in a way that really has to grate on some anti-gunners.

  41. Libs love to trot out the militia part of the 2A… when they dismiss that it clearly says “the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. If the founders only meant for an army to have weapons… they would have said so. They said people on purpose.

    1. Liberals don’t actually possess the ability to think. They simply repeat whatever propaganda a Jewish comedian has programmed them to say.

  42. Propose that being on the Stasi nogunz list also removes one’s “right” to vote.* Watch a liberal’s head explode while they try to justify why terrorists should have the right to directly influence our Government, but why we should still deny them the 2nd Amendment.
    (Which is *not* actually protected in any way by the Constitution, unlike some things…)

  43. Bush 43 encouraged the American people to spend money after the attacks on 9/11. Obama encourages the American people to not buy into messages of hate and prejudice. Something very different is called for as a future strategy.
    Spending money or loving your enemy will not bring an end to this conflict…….
    Perhaps mirroring the actions and strategy of our enemies would be more productive.

  44. “We will not disarm. You cannot convince us. You cannot intimidate us. You can try to kill us, if you think you can. But, remember, we’ll shoot back. And, we are not going away. Your move.”
    In other words: “Come and get them.”

  45. there was this dude named Dracula and he knew how to be creative when dealing with hostile Islam.

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