How To Construct A 10-Year Plan For Financial Independence

You can add tremendous meaning to each workday by having a 10 year plan for financial independence. Knowing that after each day, week and month of work you are that much closer to being a truly free man will add a significant layer of peace of mind and enjoyment to your life. It will provide you with the additional motivation and direction to go full throttle as a professional and create a new resilience in your bearing as you go about your business.

Definition Of Financial Independence

As you will see, this is a goal that is achievable by every man that is gainfully employed earning a middle, to upper middle class paycheck. Financial Independence, however, is not to be confused with being rich. It is a financial state of achievement that will allow you to cover your bills indefinitely at a defined annual budget, without having to go to work for pay.

For the purposes of our discussion we will assume a debt free budget of $40,000 per year for a couple and $25,000 for a single man. With no mortgage, no car payments and no consumer debt these numbers will allow for a fine standard of living in my neck of the woods in upstate New York. Adjust as necessary for your own locale.

The 4% Rule

The first metric to understand is the 4% Rule. Four percent is the divisor you will apply to your target budget number. The resultant total is a very reliable estimate of the savings that will set you free from having to sell your time and labor for a paycheck. For example, dividing $40,000 by 4% equals $1,000.000. And dividing $25,000 by 4% equals $625,000. These are the magic numbers to strive for in your quest for financial Independence.

Thus we have the 4% Rule as a guideline for our purposes. It is certainly not a guarantee, but does provide us with an intelligent total to shoot for. Personally, I will continue with some form of earned income once my target number has been reached so that I can blow by my minimum needs and never have to worry about running out of funds; but to each his own.

Work only when it pleases you

Work only when it pleases you

The Monthly Savings Multiplier

So how much money does one need to save on a monthly basis over the span of 10 years to get to the lofty totals of $625K or $1000K? To answer this question we have our second metric called the Savings Multiplier. This number is the factor with which you will multiply a monthly investment contribution at an expected average rate of return that will add up to $625K or $1000K in 10 years.

The key assumption here is the expected rate of return. I am going to use 8%. This is a straight rate of return not adjusted for inflation. In the twentieth century the United States stock market returned an average of 10.4%. From 1975 to 2015 the market retuned 11.9%. And apparently, Warren Buffet expects an inflation adjusted return of 7% over the long term.

The Savings Multiplier for 8% is 183 and for 7% it is 173. If you want to be optimistic 10% is 205.  Doing some grade 6 arithmetic and dividing $1,000,000 by 183 equals $5465. The monthly figure for $625,000 is $3415. These are the monthly contributions necessary to attain financial Independence in 10 years at an average rate of return of 8%.

Own every Morning

Own every morning

How To Achieve The Desired Monthly Savings

Now it’s time to consider our Western mode of thinking regarding status and lifestyle. There is no doubt we live in an age unparalleled in history. We are indeed rich beyond measure in historical terms. The shelter, education, food and medical care available to the average citizen are a miracle, even compared to 100 years ago.

With this in mind and assuming your household income is at the middle to upper middle class level, it is time to consider the steps necessary to live off of 50% or less of your income. Putting off the mechanics here for a minute, let’s discuss what’s at stake.

We are talking about becoming free from the need to work for pay in the reasonable time period of 10 years. Imagine yourself back 10 years ago from today and consider whether it would have been worth it to permanently walk away from your job tomorrow. And if you think about it, the only real skill required for an eventual life of financial freedom is spending less money.

Live each day as a free man

Live each day as a free man

Core Living Expenses

The two major expenses to consider in your quest for financial independence are home and automobile. Get serious right out of the gate and if you own a home consider selling and renting instead. Put an absolute cap on your monthly costs for shelter and move into a modern construction apartment or condominium. Rent for less, eliminate all maintenance costs and pay less for utilities and insurance. And then take whatever equity you have in your home and invest it in a total market index fund. Making this change can easily add up to $1000-$2000 per month in savings. Multiplying $1500 times our 10 year factor of 183 equals $274,500.

According to AAA here in the United States, the average cost per mile to drive a car this past year was about 57 cents per mile or $8600 per year. Consider moving as close as possible to your place of employment to cut down on mileage or even eliminate the need for 1 car in a two car household. If you cut back from 30,000 household miles a year to 15,000 miles, the per mile calculation produces a monthly savings of $712.50. Our Savings Multiplier of 183 applied to the monthly figure of $712.50 equals a 10 year result of $130,387.

Other Lifestyle Expenses

The same basic math applies to many other common expenses. Consider areas such as clothing, vacation, recreational vehicles, cable, grocery, restaurants, alcohol and the petty cash burned day to day through sheer carelessness. For a professional couple living the good life this can easily add up to $1,500-$3,000 per month. The product of $2,250 times 183 is $411,750.

The bottom line is that as a household earning $120,000 per year or a bachelor earning $60,000, if you sell out to the desire for financial Independence you can certainly live off of half your pay and invest the rest. Consider your bank account and a future of freedom your new status symbols instead the standard path of material possession. With some intelligent application, living more modestly can certainly be done with class and enjoyment.

Be a man with a plan

Be a man with a plan

The Panzer Model

The example figures outlined above basically parallel the Panzer household. We have cut our breakeven point from $90,000 to $45,000 per year following the above model. We live in a luxurious 1700 square foot brand new condominium (with a 3 mile commute to work) and want for nothing. Our current yearly take home pay is about 90K and the difference in cash flow is now being invested on a monthly basis.

Our business also realizes gains of about $3K per month through debt service and additional cash flow. In combining our personal and business interests, we realize a steady gain of about 6K per month. Doing some quick math using the Savings Multiplier, added to our current investment totals, leads to an excellent financial future for the Panzers.

Was moving out of our beautiful home and downsizing our lifestyle a big hassle? To be honest, it did wound the pride a little bit. But working 60 hours per week with limited financial progress was much more of a hassle. Working that much without steady monthly gains over the long term was not smart.

Perhaps this is the question you need to ask yourself. Is having to work to survive for the next 25-35 years a bigger hassle than bearing down for a decade to become financially independent for the rest of your life? If yes, then pull the trigger and get started. A life of financial control, freedom and prosperity awaits you.

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  1. The problem with saving is the doubt factor in your mind which says will I be around when I’m 65/75? Is it not better to spend your money when you’re young, fit and strong rather than deferring it for the sweet valley nursing home?

    1. I understand what you say, but for instance if you are 30, in 10 years you would be 40 and retired.

      1. Exactly if I’d started earlier, say at 20, I’d be retired by now at 42 living off residuals..

      2. Unless you are using Kratom. With Kratom if you are 30 in 10 years you will still be 30, and have laser beams shoot from your eyes

        1. Same if you lose a limb in an accident you should double dose on kratom and your schlong will replace the missing limb in size and function.
          Not sure about shooting lasers out of the tip, anyone??

        2. True. I was in a machine accident at the Kratom factory and now instead of legs and arms I just have extra penises

        3. Pshaw!
          Kratom isnt made in a factory.
          The invisible flying spaghetti monster thought kratom into existence

      3. You’ll never have enough based on 4% to retire at 40. I don’t think working is the problem, but, rather the type of work (that most people) have to put up with to earn your crust.

    2. Exactly. People are dying at a younger and younger age. People in their 20s and 30s are getting cancer. These fools are putting money away for a future they will never see.

      1. And even if they do live a long life, what is the point of being some 80 year old man wearing fancy clothes? No woman is going to fuck you and your brain is shot to shit.

        1. Out here, if you have money, they will still fuck you.
          But I know plenty of 40 year old married men in the west that get nothing (I was one of those men).

      2. I’m not sure I agree people are dying at younger and younger ages. Plenty of young men died in WW1 and WW2, lots of child mortality around in the last 2,000 years.
        We can argue about the causes of death changing, but not the ages of death changing.

    1. Good point.Has anyone had a problem in your family with heroine addiction? (none of my business, just curiosity. It is sad to lose someone to drug addiction.) Still a good advice, especially to US RoK -readers. (Heroin abuse is apparently on therise across the US)
      I would also add:
      -Do not do any kind of drugs. (not even cannabis)
      -Do not drink alcohol
      -Do not smoke

      1. Booze is part of life…IMO best to do at home with friends and family with a feast you cook yourself…
        Eating out out and going ot bars is a drain on resources and I find not a very satisfying experience..

        1. I know what you are saying. People say “alcohol is ok in moderation.” However,The trouble is an increasing number of people are unable to drink in moderation. There is a rising number of professionals with a drinking problem in both the US and the UK.
          Alcohol has no scientifically proven health benefits. If abused, however, can cause a series of irreversible health issues; kidney, stomach and liver problems, mental health problems and impotence.

        2. “However,The trouble is an increasing number of people are unable to drink in moderation.”
          True for many!
          Funny thing is I recently put a sweet, fully stocked bar in my basement and drink less than before. I think it’s the philosophy of “plenty” that has me controlling my intake..
          Also good to have food.

        3. A lot of this is “stress” related as well. People aren’t enjoying themselves as I do but rather trying to “self medicate” as it were…

        4. I enjoy getting drunk, I enjoy taking drugs, I enjoy using hookers.
          I’m 61 now, my kidneys still work, my liver still works, and I’m not impotent.
          OK, so we could argue about mental health problems ……..
          PS. I have two pals in their late 60s ……. One is drunk by sundown, no longer shows interest in taking girls home. One is drunk by midnight, takes hookers home, but then needs viagra to get the job done.
          The old guys you know in the UK and USA, the ones that lived good clean alcohol free lives ………. how many of them are taking 20 year old women home at night?

        5. In the US, it’s almost expected of you now to order alcohol when you sit at a bar. Or food.
          Try ordering a soda water and nothing else and see how many bartenders either look confused or ask you if you want food with that.
          Some of them seem to want an explanation as to why you’re not drinking margaritas at 3pm on a Tuesday.

      2. Well, it happens to be my humble self…
        That is why I know for sure it is solid advice.
        Financially, you will go until you have nothing left. And you will lose your job sooner or later, because when sick you can not work, when high you will not be bothered. Money is just a paper with a number drawn on it which can be exchanged into something important and valuable, that is how it will be for you. And you will spend other peoples money as well. They would only spend it on stupid shit, like food, clothes, paying bills etc… you will think, while you really need it cause you are sick and suffering…You will either rip off your family, which is the “easier” route, or ripping of strangers/steal etc… which the law frowns on. For women, they end up as prosties. Noticed how the price of hookers always mirroring the price of the prevalent drugs in the area?
        Sexual life suffers, too. First you last longer, but later you will not be able to cum. Then you will not be able to stand it up, and then you will not even care. Heroin is your lover, your girlfriend, your wife, the love of your life. May go on without even talking to a female in years.
        Aw, fuck that shit. Better off without, takes away what should have been the best years of your youth.

  2. 8% rate of return seems high for those who are risk-averse. Maybe 4%. Depends how you structure the investments though. Win big if high-risk come through, come out even if they don’t.

    1. Agree. I am incredibly risk adverse. My 401k is set at a very aggressive rate and has been seeing 8-11% over the last 12 months but all my other investments are very, very, very cautions and 4% is the wheelhouse. In another 10 years I’ll probably slow down the 401k too.

  3. Max good article. Most important thing for young men is think like this. Gaining and maintaining financial independence.
    I think the thing with your approach it’s based a lot on geography and of course personal investing philosophy as is mine.
    For example: “Core Living Expenses” where I live, within a few hundred miles of you, all living costs have been rising sharply in the last few years based on what looks like a real estate bubble and terrible government polices..
    Rent for a two bedroom APT can be easily $1,000 + bills. Buying a small crappy 2 BDM house with a down payment will be expensive as well but is still manageable and lets you manage these costs (energy efficiency, accelerating mortgage payments, consolidating other high interest debt) while rents and condo fees can and will always go up.
    At least with a house condo you are always building equity but renting you’re building the LL’s equity. You can add value to your home through renos, your condo sure but a rental nope that’s always a going to be an expense.
    Your own place you can make it more efficient. Sometimes there are even government programs to help. The landlord will most likely not reno to help you then tenants save on utilities you’re already responsible for..
    Basically only rent when you have to IMO.
    Real estate can be a good investment. Find an up and coming market live in and fix places and sell or rent them out.
    Our values were up 28% locally last year. I own rentals all of which were got for good prices. In appreciation alone last year I made almost triple my income from business and rents..
    For single young men whatever you do stack up cash and consider your investment choices be they real estate, stock market etc.very carefully..

    1. Most people now regard owning v renting to be an even tossup, depending a variety of factors.
      Owning: Yeah you get a huge tax break the first year, but over the years there are a thousand hidden costs and thousands of lost hours of maintenance and worry. In some markets you may never be able to sell it.
      Renting: Yeah you get flexibility and zero responsibility, but you don’t build any wealth. It’s not a problem if you’re making bank, but most people these days aren’t.

  4. Your biggest expense anywhere in the Western world (and pretty much anywhere else.) will be accommodation. Owning your own in a decent city (and in a decent part of a city) is your biggest, most significant step toward financial independence. Without that, you will not get there.
    Forget renting: it might have worked in some cities int he past, but it does not work like that anymore. In any decent these days, if you have to pay rent, you will be barely surviving at the end of the months, no matter how good your salary is.Not to mention you will always be just a paycheck away from homelessness and on the mercy of the some greedy landlord/estate agency. Social housing pretty much no longer exist, and if it does, you will be unlikely to get it.

    1. Most people can’t afford to buy accommodation without a mortgage.
      “Not to mention you will always be just a paycheck away from homelessness and on the mercy of the some greedy landlord/estate agency.”
      If you miss mortgage payments, you will also become homeless.
      Or do you mean that as a ‘homeowner’, the foreclosure process will let you stay in your home longer than you would as a renter facing eviction?

    2. That isn’t true at all. I rent in a very nice neighborhood and only spend about 20% of my net income for it. Accommodation should be looked at as just another service, like water, trash, or anything else you pay for.
      Why lock yourself into a depreciating asset (and the ‘asset’ part is arguable), that requires constant maintenance, taxes, HOA fees, and a mortgage in most cases? Besides, you never really own the property. Don’t pay your property tax for a couple of years, and you’ll see who really owns it, when the Sheriff comes to evict you.
      The carry costs to ‘owning’ a home usually outweigh or diminish the appreciation. Most homes are debt, at least in the United States. Real housing prices have far exceeded real income, to the point of costing 6-8x more than the average annual salary.

      1. Typical mortgages cost at least several hundred more every month vs rent, not to mention I believe $900 on average a year for maintenance and repair. I wonder why the hassle, when owning a home is an investment over time. Finding the employment prospects to fund your settlement is risky when you limit yourself to one location.

        1. Completely agree. The importance of location independence is HUGE and not appreciated enough by most folks. Renters can just pick up and move if financial, employment, or familial circumstances change on a dime which, they usually do.
          Also, if you do decide to buy and put less than 20% down on the mortgage, you have to pay PMI, which is usually baked into the mortgage so you don’t see it. Sometimes they even bake estimated property tax in there, too.
          People just look at the payment, not the actual cost of what they are buying, which is a telltale sign of financial ignorance.

        2. Exactly. Also, people need to consider return on investment when owning a house. Last statistic I checked, U.S. homeowners were advised to own their house for 5 years before attempting to sell, and this was based on the market 10 years ago! Getting out of a mortgage when you have to sell for less than you owe practically means you are still paying for a house you aren’t allowed in anymore.
          Excellent piece on why home ownership isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:

      2. Depends on the area of the country. Where I live, a mortgage (fully loaded with taxes, insurance, hoa) is going to be much cheaper than renting, plus the value of homes go up over time and part of that mortgage pays down principal. In most of the super mega cities like NYC and SF, renting is usually cheaper.

        1. True. The graph above shows the nationwide average.
          It depends on your particular situation, if buying makes sense. If you are retired, close to retirement, or employed in a make-work government job that isn’t going anywhere, you can probably take the risk and buy.
          Put as much down as possible–I’d argue 40-50% at least–to avoid PMI and the other ‘gotchas’, like depreciation and the possibility of being underwater, if the market tanks.

        2. That hasn’t worked in Detroit …… you can’t give the houses away there now.
          In Florida many house prices today, are the same or less than they were selling for in 1990.
          Not to mention, on divorce you can’t pick up a house and run, it’s not like money in the bank.

        3. Are you single?
          If married best to have the highest loan, and the lowest repayments possible. The Judge doesn’t give her the loan companies money.

        4. You do know anecdotes aren’t proof, right?
          For everyone you can comment on that has lost money in the last 5, 10 or 20 years there are at least 3 that have made money off housing (it’s the single biggest net worth item for the middle class in America). You can also do what I did and convert the houses to rental units and ride it out with positive cash flow if you end up with homes when prices go sideways.
          I’m not aware of any area in FL that has prices below 1990 levels. There are plenty that aren’t back to 2006 levels but that’s probably a good thing as many had gone up 20-30x since 1990 by 2006.

        5. 1) That’s true of any investment. Doesn’t stop me from buying stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, silver and a number of other investments. You have to remember that the long term bias of all investments is HIGHER due to inflation. That’s not a guarantee in the short or medium term, though.
          2) Most people move every 5-7 years and do cash out
          3) Rental income is real profit before you sell. Before I buy a home (even a primary), I always look at what the unlevered rental yield is – eg: Zillow estimates the home should rent for $2,000/month and cost $300,000 with $3,000 property tax and $1000 for HOA and insurance. The yield on that example is ((2000 * 12) *(1-10% [maintenance/vacancy]) – 3,000 – 1000 ) / 300,000 = 5.9% yield. Worse case scenario, are you fine with a ~6% yield if housing prices go sideways? If yes, then proceed. If no, keep looking.
          As with all things regarding investments – diversification is the name of the game. You shouldn’t go 100% in on real estate or 100% on bonds or 100% on cash or anything else.

        6. Well, I don’t know if I’d say no point but in general you need to be a lot more conservative at 61 than at 35 (my age).
          Also, it depends on how much your net worth is. If you have 4 million bucks at 61 and 1 million tied up in real estate, it’s not a big deal to have a non-liquid investment of that size since you have 3 million in liquid investments like stocks, bonds and cash/equiv. However, if you have 1.05 million in net worth and one million is in real estate, you are putting yourself in a pickle if things go sideways. A safer real estate play at 61 would be to invest in a REIT ETF.

      3. If you are living with a woman, she owns/rents the property.
        You live there at her grace and favour.

    3. You can rent a 2 bedroom house near me for under $150/month, I did that for 4 years. Now I’m buying my wife a new 3 bedroom house, and that has doubled my cost to $300/month.

        1. She knows I sleep with other women, sometimes she suggests a friend to me. How am I cheating?

        2. im a Christian…no argument you make is going to get me to accept this. there is no canon law that allows adultery as long as the other party agrees.

        3. My wife isn’t a Christian, she doesn’t care about your Jewish god, or any of his rules.

  5. “In the twentieth century the United States stock market returned an average of 10.4%”.
    This is a deceptive figure put out by the IRA/401k/Mutual Fund industry.
    Be very careful if you see the word “average”.
    Averages can be easily calculated to return any result you want.
    Bill Gates and I both Billionaires…on average.
    (Women only make 70% of what men make for the same work)
    The stock market has never produced a consistent year-upon-year return of 10%.
    “From 1975 to 2015 the market returned 11.9%”
    If you had a time machine and went back to 1975 and put your money in the market, your 1975 money would get 11.9%. Otherwise, you cannnot expect to make anywhere near 11.9% year after year.
    There are entire 10 year periods where the stock market returned zero. If you put your money in at the beginning of these periods and took it out at the end you would have a return of 0%…or less due to inflation.

  6. Anyone predicting a US market correction anytime soon? I’m wanting to get in but haven’t yet.

    1. A correction is overdue. We’ve had a bull market essentially since 2010, Dow hit 21,000 recently, and stocks are overvalued. This can’t continue. I recently went more conservative with my portfolio, cutting back on equities (stocks), and adding more bonds.
      Wait for the correction, and buy low (though you never know exactly where/when the bottom is). Once we seem to be in a bear market that drags on for a while, and the S&P 500 index drops at least 20%, buy.

    2. Second half of they year me thinks. Most expect the Market to go down on Wednesday when the FED raises. I think it’ll go up some more /ES around 2450 – 2500, then it’ll wobble around for several months and starting August / September we’ll enter in a multi year bear market. We’ll see how this plays…

    3. It usually takes over a year to hit bottom after a peak. You’ll have a long wait.

  7. Anyone who saves for retirement is a fool: in case you haven’t noticed people are dying off at younger and younger ages. Why would you save for a future that you will never see? More and more people in their 20s and 30s are getting cancer.
    It’s by design people: put money in retirement accounts, pay into the system an then croak before you collect.

    1. But what if you beat the odds?
      Best advice is to plan ahead, yet live for today.
      And don’t marry a cheap skate bitch that makes less than you, but bitches anytime you want to spend a few hundred bucks on a TV(long story).

      1. The money you make, is money for her to spend. Been there, put up with that too.

      2. Her making less is insignificant, they will match dollar for dollar on assets. My friend had to cough up 20k in his 401k and she gave up 12k from hers a 8k lost for him. The odds arnt worth making.

    2. exactly right. and have you noticed how they are trying to “mainstream” cancer and even make it cool? Check out Furious Pete YouTube channel for a prime example. Guys a g-dam rockstar, after 3rd battle with testicular cancer happening now…

  8. Financial independence is good and all. I would add, find other sources of steady income to supplement what has been said because inflation is a bitch

  9. The whole system of working non-stop until you retire one day is a scam designed to keep you plugged into the matrix. You should make enough money in a given year to work one year, take the next off, etc. Instead, any such gaps in your employment history are a red flag to employers and you are told in one year your skills aren’t up to date anymore. It’s all designed to keep you running on the hamster wheel non-stop.
    What is the point of working your life away to “enjoy” your senile golden years?

    1. but most people wont realize that, since they cant think outside the box

    2. “What is the point of working your life away to “enjoy” your senile golden years?”
      I agree with that 100%.
      But, from your past comments here, I take it that you are a muscular, tall, intelligent, Ivy League graduate. Is that correct?
      If so, I would KILL to have the gifts you have been given!!! You can and should be banging every hot young girl in NYC for FREE!!! I have to pay big time $$$ to bang 9s and 10s due to my being an omega male outcast, reject, misfit, and defect of a human life. But you, with your God given gifts, should be enjoying life to the fullest!!! How dare you put up a “doom and gloom” front??? You don’t have the slightest idea what doom and gloom is!!! Walk a mile in my shoes, then you will see what true doom and gloom is!!!

      1. I always appreciate your candor, AS. But I don’t believe for a minute that you are a reject or “defect of human life.” I think you’re being way too hard on yourself.

        1. I appreciate your kindness BED.
          But even more so, I appreciate that you acknowledge my honesty on this site. Have a great weekend.

        2. You’re on this site, you participate, and you are one of us brah.
          Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.

      2. would you be willing to post your picture on here? I’m really curious about how you look that you would say that stuff about yourself.

      3. One thing nobody can take away from you… You’re a man. Many of the people at ROK exaggerate who they are, what they accomplish, where they’ve been, notches they got, etc. Some of us are here for improvement and honesty. You are exactly who can benefit from (HONEST) people and articles at ROK the most. You’re like me; nowhere to go but up.

        1. Let’s be honest the vast majority of people on the comments section talk absolute bollix about their success materially,financially and with females.
          Some of it must be true but i find it hard to belive anyone who is a rip roaring success in life and bangs tens all day spends most of their time on ROK in the comment section. They don’t really go hand in hand.

        2. Except me.
          I really am a cowboy astronaut millionaire who bangs playboy bunnies errreyday!

        3. I agree. My best friend lies to me about his conquests. You think I’m gonna believe some random troll? But the good news is it does put is in the right frame of mind to share masculine thoughts and learn from eachother i think

        4. ah yeah its all good once you know they talk shit and don’t feel inadequate yourself by comparison. Which is actually a big problem on social media especially FB.

        5. Agree. If your out there killing it you don’t have time for writing comments on blogs.
          As someone who is self employed there are ups and downs. Sometimes the downs will affect your mood enough that you become lazy and depressed. Its at that time you loaf around, surfing the net and commenting on articles. Im in a low spot right now – hence here I am.

        6. hahahaha 100% he’s full of shit. Great imagination though in fairness to him

      4. Don’t be so pathetic man, his fortunes have nothing to do with yours.
        Improve yourself and become the Man you see in Waldemar.

        1. “outcast, reject, misfit, and defect of a human life”
          Did you read past that part?
          I accept my lot in life. Cheap booze and expensive hookers is the best its going to get for me. If I lose the ability to make $$$, then its the rope and the oak for me.

        2. >outcast
          gee with that attitude I wonder why.
          because you aren’t 10/10?
          find somewhere to fit?
          >defect of a human life
          oh wait, you’re just bagging on yourself for no reason.
          Come on, it can’t be that bad.

        3. I’m not so sure I’m even 1/1.
          I’m an honest guy. With others as well as myself.
          Read some of my past comments here an you’ll see.
          I assessed my life at an early age and did what I had to do to get by.

    3. Too true … I retired at 45 when I worked out I had enough assets and pension entitlement for the rest of my life. My company were nice and gave me an extra years wages as a going away present. Then a few years later my wife spoiled it all by divorcing me and grabbing 2/3 of everything. But I still have enough to live in a 3rd world country, so not all bad. Not working and drifting around the world from age 50-60 have been the best years of my life!

      1. Hey PJC, I have to ask.
        How much net worth does it take in Thailand or PI live live well as a western ex-pat? I have a $1M+ war chest. Is that enough??? I am ready to call it quits over here in the US…

        1. It depends on your addictions ……….
          My friend (aged 50) lived a simple life in a small apartment, smoked and drank a lot, but only used cheaper women and ate Thai food. He was living on $600/month. Sadly he died of cancer two years back, even though he had enough money in the bank to support him until he was 70.
          I’m living in a 3 bed house (paying the home loan for my wife), supporting my son and two university students, eat western food, and holiday in the Philippines 3-4 times a year. And that costs $1500 a month.
          Divide your $1M by the number of months you expect to live, and see what that gives you (forget interest, inflation and investment). Let’s say you’re 50 …… $1M divide by 240 months of life expectancy = $4000/month. You have enough for 20 years of excessive eating, drinking and whoring! (In Thailand or the Philippines).
          Philippines would be better if you are younger, Thailand has VISA problems , especially for the under 50s (60 days vs 3 years). Philippines, all are welcome, the food is better (plate of meat vs mainly vegetable), the booze is cheaper (bottle of gin $2 vs $10), the hookers are younger (18 vs 30) and everyone speaks English.
          Downside of Philippines (or maybe not),
          Filipino hookers are looking to get paid then back to their bf/husband Vs Thai hookers looking to move in, have babies and play house.

        2. But how can you know exactly how many months you still have to live? I’d kinda hate to spend the last $4000 and notice that my health still allows me to live another 10+ years…

        3. I based my life expectancy on the fact I don’t know anyone over age 70 that has a life I consider worth living.
          I only know a couple of guys over 65 that are still having fun.

        4. The older you get the more you realize you can be happy at any age. My father is 90. He is shriveled up and his hands shake but he is pretty happy. I am 61 and I am healthy as a horse and I can bang two women a day, thanks to modern medicine. I see me continuing this way for at least 10-15 more years unless something bad happens to me (fingers crossed). I know several guys in their early 70’s who are still having a ball. They are in shape and are banging young ladies (in an unnamed Latin country).

        5. I agree but short of committing suicide at 70 I don’t know how to avoid the reality that you don’t necessarily automatically die at 69 and 11 months.

        6. Are you serious? Where are YOU meeting women? Us 30 somethings have so much to learn from you guys. What brings you happiness? My dad seems miserable and lonely. I do the best I can, but I had to move 3k miles away. I don’t want to be broke and lonely like he is.
          Do sugar babies and hookers really bring happines? Or is it better to have a family first to get that out of your system?

        7. Yes, they do bring adventure and happiness to an older man. What a man finds is that the age difference is not an issue and I am being serious. We are brainwashed in the west on this topic. I have several 20 somethings that would love to be my esposa and they are seriously good looking women.
          Yes, Its better to get the family out of the way first.

        8. Any particular reason for the test ….. and if so has it helped?
          So far i seem OK, but always good to plan ahead a bit.

        9. Most men lose about 10% per decade after age 30. Cant hurt to get tested. I started about 10 years ago. I now have about 20 lbs more muscle mass than I did when I was 40. I can lift a lot of weight. I have thicker hair. Your libido will be like that of a 20 year old.

      2. I think I am headed this way and I am sure other ROK readers too. Perhaps you can write something up for ROK to enlighten us?

        1. In the UK, if you have children under 16 they give her the house. Then split the rest 50/50.

      3. Amazing story! Where are you living? Do you have kids? Can you write some articles for ROK or something? Im very interested in what happens after the man is divorce-raped. Happend to my dad twice! My sister did it to her husband. Freaking sick culture we live in. I’m gonna bookmark this page because it’s super motivating. A third world country is my plan!

      4. >Then a few years later my wife spoiled it all by divorcing me and grabbing 2/3 of everything
        Ouch, woman sees the dough stop rolling in and goes for the final hit and run. How dare you stop slaving away for her royal highness right?

    4. no. not working is a fantasy. if it werent for people working nonstop,we would still be searching for the wheel. look at the bible…
      Proverbs 12:11 He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.
      Proverbs 13:4 The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.

      1. I think the difference is how you work, I’m almost 32 and in the oilfield and if I’m smart I can be debt free in a few years then buy land with cash, build my own home to save on money then work for myself. I don’t think people should retire and sit on the couch cause that just makes them older quicker and unhealthier. I would love to retire but work on my own land with a garden and mini farm making knives and welding up stuff on the side for cash. I wanna stay busy for life but on my own terms. People who retire and just sit there don’t make any sense to me.

        1. Staying busy on your own terms no matter what you do, is the way to go because that’s not work.
          Having to be somewhere at a certain time is soul destroying regardless how much you make.
          I am at the top of my career and I’ve never been so miserable in my entire life.

        2. I actually enjoy my job for the most part but I’d enjoy waking up on my own time and doing what I want more. I could’ve already achieved it had I been better in the past but now I’m more focused on getting it accomplished because land prices are only rising. I wanna get that bought soon and I can sit on it for years while I develop and get everything else situated. Plus I’m over working hard for extra money to buy senseless stuff.

        3. “Having to be somewhere at a certain time is soul destroying regardless how much you make.
          I am at the top of my career and I’ve never been so miserable in my entire life.”
          Working for others is soul destroying for many including me. Working for your self isn’t a walk in the park but it sure beats working for others…

        4. right… and even if you continue in the normal profession world thats not a problem. its not the job or the work or even the wage that makes you a wage slave. its the debt and consumerist culture that makes you a wage slave. if you cant take a pay cut to get a job you like better because youve got so many bills, then youre a wage slave.

        5. hang in there. Try not to let the misery influence excess spending on alcohol, drugs, material shit. I had a chance and blew a lot of money a few years ago. Now i might be getting a second chance and I am gonna do it right this time. Such a great timed blog to read

        6. Build up your cash reserves and credit capacity. Wait for the next recession- we’re almost there. Then grab the land you want when things are weak again.

    5. i used to work in commercial real estate. most people would say even 3-6 month resume gaps is a non-starter if you want to continue your career in the field. so I said fuck it and ditched it altogether (blew the whistle on a corrupt as fook company as well, SEC turned it down of course in all their corruption). Anyway, best decision I ever made. Finance industry is as soul-sucking as it gets.

    6. Yep. They condition people to work your whole blood clot life to ‘save for retirement’
      Its all a scam.

      Id rather live in a van down by the river.

  10. What would happen to the US economy if people found satisfaction sitting in the public library reading all day? It would fail.
    The economy is based on people being voracious consumers: therefore, introspection and learning for the sake of learning will be discouraged.

  11. Live with your parents. I do, and have saved $550,000 in stocks at age 46.
    Had I rented property over the past 20 years I would have saved far less.

    1. 46 and with your parents?
      Jeez-Louise, how can you stand that?
      Do they still tell you what to do and ask you where you are going? I can’t even imagine living like that.

      1. What’s there to stand? The fact that you say “how can you stand that” indicates that you have an aversion to the idea of staying with parents, probably as a result of society’s conditioning that this means you are weak and a loser.
        The solution is to recognise that it is only society’s conditioning, and that you are bigger and better than that.
        Yes staying at your parents might mean you are indeed a loser. But the fact that you are doing so (or not doing so) is not the cause (or anti-cause) of this.
        To answer your questions, no they don’t tell me what to do, nor do they ask where I am going. But I am always careful to tell them in any case. Show respect to your parents.

        1. My aversion is due to having crappy parents.
          I always assume most parents are somewhat crappy, though maybe not as bad as mine. I couldn’t wait to get away from them, and once I did, the freedom felt fantastic. My life is far from “good”, but I do know that I could NEVER have stayed with my folks. Back in the early 90s I lived in Ca. for a couple of years and when I came back to NY, I stayed with them for 6 weeks until I got my Apt. 6 weeks of pure hell!
          If this is working out for you, then that is great. Not calling you a “loser” at all, especially since I don’t know you. But you might want to try living on your own to see what its like. It’s not so bad being able to call up an escort or bring an SB back to your place and bang her without having to think about what your mother might say about it.

  12. “You work your life away and what do they give?
    You’re only killing yourself to live”

  13. Here’s how NOT to achieve financial independence:
    Study STEM, move to major urban area like San Fran for job, too many peeners, too few vj’s, eventually manage to marry some post-wall cunt and squeeze out one child, uh-oh urban area so have to send your kiddo to private school lest the noggers womp him daily like the Skipper womping Gilligan, 1 million $ for a shitty tiny house, and you waited too long to have said kid so he’s kinda messed up and has learning problems so more $$$ for doctors and special treatment.

    1. On a side note, I wonder why Google doesn’t just provide housing on site. They do provide virtually every other amenity on-site, for the purpose of keeping employees at work for as long as possible.
      Until he attracted too much public attention, Google didn’t seem to care about one of their employees living out of a box truck in their parking lot, so why not just build an apartment complex?
      It’d have the side benefit of stopping the locals & local gov’t, however many are left, from complaining about the “entitled” google corporate shuttle buses.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens: Google has already stuck its bulbous snout into every other field why not construction?
        Everyone sleeps in a giant mylar freezer bag attached to the wall like a googler vampire bat

      2. I think they provide (or there is) housing but people wants to live in SF anyways. Apparently, Mountain View is shit. who wants to live in a suburb with Indians and Chinese?

        1. got to live where the steamy hot gay bath house night life is – SF is the place to be!

        2. you mean it isn’t like the 60s anymore? Haight Ashbury? Flowers in Your Hair? Summer of Love? California Dreamin’?
          Now it’s aggressive homeless panhandling googlers for heroin money

        3. Exactly, they even pee and shit in front of you while waiting outside of a restaurant.

        4. Didn’t see a whole lot of Indians and Chinese in MTV when I lived there. now Milpitas, that’s your area if you like those things. (I don’t, which is why I fled Toronto when it started turning into a cross between Karachi, Delhi and Beijing).

        5. I once wrote to the Canadian Embassy to ask about emigration (circa 1980). They actually wrote back saying they were only accepting Sikhs at that time …….. I was gob smacked.

      3. I never understood how unlimited diet cokes in the mini fridge was deemed such a deal sweetner to prospective googlers: I mean you can’t buy your own damn soda? Are you in kindergarten?

      4. “why not just build an apartment complex?” Probably pushback from the local city councils. They aren’t too keen to provide a ton of high density residential zones.

    2. San Francisco is the biggest shit hole ever.
      I’m starting to think all the STEM hype is bullshit. I work in it and it’s shit. Just another dangling carrot pushed on the retards. It’s still slavery under a different name.
      The geeks, oh fuck how I hate them. Oh, look at me I’m so smart I can write computer code (which is pretty easy to do I might add). Maybe if I write better code that cutie over there is going to fuck me. Meanwhile I’ll go jerk off so I don’t look that desperate. Fucking losers. I can’t stand them.

      1. Haha just been recently working in a tech office and honestly the single worst thing about it is being surrounded by uptight omega males.

        1. All they can talk about is some obscure stuff nobody gives a shit about. There’s this guy I work with, I have no idea what the fuck is he talking about 90% of the time.
          I absolutely despise them, and it shows damnit.

        2. Geez…you sound like me.
          But, you forgot to mention all the damn foreigner on H1Bs! The curry eating stinkers.
          80% of the office is invested with them. And they speak their own gibberish language in the office. Lots to despise in IT.

        3. And they talk about what they’ve done in their video games. Sure, I play the occasional game too, but for the most part they are usually engineering type simulations.
          Dont get me startd on when they try to talk about read world stuff…Had I a pin to puncture pretension…

      2. I actually like San Francisco. I used to go on holiday there with a pal (he was gay, I wasn’t). We used to drive up to lake Tahoe for a bit of ski-ing. walk in Muir Woods. Clam Chowder on Pier 37 (or was that 39?), fantastic Chinese meals in Chinatown …. great days and great memories.

    3. STEM students usually end up in fairly low paid jobs. I wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $500 a day …….. and that was in 1990 (I retired in 2001 aged 45). Now I would want a lot more.

      1. Sounds about right. I wouldn’t for less than $1K these days.
        And I can’t wait to be done with this shit soon.

        1. 1k a day? what the hell do you do for a living?
          thats 500k a year… im calling BS.

        2. No it’s not 500K. Your math is wrong. And it’s not salary. It’s 1099. Take that and give half to the gubimint then you’ll get the right picture. Personal taxes, payroll taxes, corporate taxes, fees, accountants, lawyers, insurance on and on I can go.
          Just got the bill from my accountant for 2016 btw (book keeping only): $3,000

        3. I’m one of those expensive guys that when things go tits up they have no choice but to call me. Either way, I want to give it all up even if I get to make half. I don’t care anymore.

        4. Again. It is not salary. It’s contract work, hence the premium. The numbers look awesome but it’s not like that. Ask anyone who’s running a one man show corp to corp and they’ll confirm.

        5. Here’s how this works so you understand what’s going on. As a subcontractor (one man show) I can not walk into Citi Group and say: Hey you’ve got a problem. Hire me and I’ll fix it. No. They’ll just chase me out of town. You can only walk in this kind of places through a General Contractor (some other consulting firm) that have an established relationship with the client. These people will never risk their positions and deal directly with you, besides that’s company wide policy even if they wanted to. Approved vendors list yada yada.
          Because of their service, the General Contractor adds 100% on top of what they pay you. I know that for a fact because I eventually get to be friends with the managers on the client side, and people talk. So my going rate on the market is indeed around half a mil / year. That’s what somebody is actually paying for me. In the end, after it’s all set and done, I am doing OK but it’s still shit in the grand scheme of things. Anyway…
          Other people here that do this can confirm this is how it pretty much works.

        6. My $500 a day was straight salary …. pension and benefits on top.
          (I had to work 7 days in 2 weeks, but I could work my off days for another $500 each)
          After 10 years I was entitled to a pension of $25,000/year from age 60.
          So I left after 10 years, and they gave me another 1 years salary as a tax free going away gift.
          Lots of my friends in the city would get a Christmas BONUS of $250-500k or more ….. that’s nearly every year.

        7. Yes, that’s how it works. But the 100% markup, that is horrible. I usually negotiate my own rate with the client, and then the 3rd party (client assigned preferred vendor) whom I invoice gets an 8 or 9% markup. I’ve been to one bank for 5 different assignments over the last 25 years.

        8. “I don’t care anymore.”
          Neither do I.
          I am working only for $$$ for cheap booze & expensive hookers.

        9. The only upside is that I haven’t looked for a job in 20 years. They always call me.

        10. ive got family who are loggers…i know they roll in big dough. my uncle was handling over 10k a week at a time. he wasnt making even 1/4 of that though.

    4. Right. Study STEM, get the hell out of the US, work online, live like a king in a country with a lower cost of living.
      Why exasperate matters with needless complexity?

  14. Remember people: the whole culture is designed to make you spend money and be a good little consumer. Because we’re all equal, the only way to differentiate yourself is through conspicuous consumption. Since we’re all equal, that hipster with the Warby Parker glasses and designer jeans is now better than or superior to the White redneck with Costco or Walmart Optical Center specs. Since now there is no such thing as innate genetic differences, your child is no more intelligent than anyone else’s child and the only way to give your kid a head start is with fancy clothes and spending $$$ on “top-rated” daycare.
    Getting people to believe the myth of equality is good for the Capitalist / Corporatist system

    1. And yet we can see that “equality” isn’t real. Otherwise progressive utopians wouldn’t have had to construct the system of propaganda, indoctrination, shaming, bullying and coercion by the state to enforce compliance to the idea.
      By contrast, in Equality World, the accomplishments of female black nuclear rocket surgeons would speak for themselves.

  15. The modern world is a Hegelian Dialectic: create the problem and offer the solution
    Force women into the workforce, postpone motherhood, now females can’t conceive? Solution: IVF
    Force people to work in front of a computer all day leads to back problems. Solution: expensive back surgery and chiropractors
    The same entities making $$$ from the problem are also making $$$ from offering the solution

  16. Great article! I needed this now. You should also think about Roth IRA.
    Plus, Finally someone points out the enormous hassle of home ownership. Since you cant trust your job to keep you for thirty years, can you really trust yourself with a thirty year loan? Plus factoring repairs, maintenance, landscaping… the temptation to horde, or inability to pick up and move.
    Not for me.

  17. Can’t believe that neither in the article or in the comments, no one has mentioned health care and health insurance. Most people in America get it through their employer, otherwise it is a costly thing to buy privately. If you have a family, it would be insane to go without health insurance. And even if you are single, with no insurance if you have a prolonged or serious health issue, you could be wiped out financially.
    I know quite a few people that in theory (money-wise) could retire early, but keep working just to get the employer-sponsored health insurance.

    1. I’m on my own and I pay $500 / mo premium for a 7K deductible policy. It is pretty much useless short of a catastrophic event.
      If I hear one more time Obama “provided” health insurance to millions of people I am going to go John Wick on their asses. He didn’t provide shit. I-am-paying for all those subhumans. Call it what it is: Theft. Having health insurance is NOT a human right. Fuck this!

      1. Those catastrophic events are the danger.
        And Obama sucks dick, quite literally.

        1. Obama sucks dick, quite literally — No kidding.
          I should still be able to choose to have insurance or not, don’t you think?

      2. I’ve never lived in the USA, in the UK health care is free (at source). In Thailand and the Philippines I just didn’t have health insurance, medical fees are affordable.
        But the problem with the article is they are using historical interest rates to project future income from savings/investments. You would be lucky to make 4% from current rates ….. and even then you are risking a total loss of investment.

        1. A lot of people will lose a lot of money soon. And I’ll have my truck backed in collecting all the muppets’ retirement money.

      3. hahaha hell yeah. Tell it like it is. “20 million americans now have health insurance” he says… that’s the bottom 8 percent of the population who are not disabled, just not working! And the price went UP for the other 92%! Asshole! I’ll help you

    2. This issue has led to some ridiculous behaviors: one couple I read accumulated a sizable retirement account, yet could not enjoy it since most of their withdrawals went to health insurance. So quite literally, a $3000 monthly retirement withdrawal had $1500 go to health insurance.
      But why pay to protect wealth that you will never use or enjoy?

    3. You are correct. Many top poker professionals work a 40-hour job only to have employer provided health insurance.

    4. “Can’t believe that neither in the article or in the comments, no one has mentioned health care and health insurance”
      Was thinking the exact same thing; a major oversight.
      Unfortunately the key to financial independence in America is to not get sick or a catastrophic accident, ever.

    5. Agreed, if American this is should be a top consideration in any plan. Good thing if you retire in some cheaper locations overseas quality healthcare is available if you have the money.

  18. “How To Construct A 10-Year Plan For Financial Independence”
    I did not read the article.
    But I can lend my life experience.
    1) Get a STEM degree
    2) Work at least 5 years as an employee in an intense tech environment. In my case, this was Stock Exchanges and Investment Banks.
    3) Use your intellect to become very good at your job.
    4) Be Flexible!!! Get the job done regardless of your “convictions”.
    5) Become an independent contractor and ensure your rate is considerably over $100/hr.
    That is all.

  19. Live with your parents. Don’t have kids. Put 95% back. Invest in many Rental properties for a nice, passive income. Work for someone else only when you feel like it and want extra disposable dough.
    No regrets, though would have had more if I wasn’t hemorrhaging money on stupid women back in my blue pill days. Glad I didn’t have kids.

    1. “Live with your parents.”
      Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!
      I did that until I was 23.
      Worst mistake in the world!!!
      I should have joined the military at 17 to get away from them.
      They sought only to wear me down to a nub. Especially my evil witch of a mother. Getting away from parents as early as possible is the best course of action, IMO.

      1. Sorry to hear that. Mine were incredibly supportive, respected my privacy, and I could do no wrong.

        1. You are lucky, then.
          Parents were an extreme detriment to me.
          I often think I would have been better off in an orphanage.

        2. I found the lies about love and happiness with a woman to be the worst misinformation my mother ever gave me. Don’t let them get entitlement to your house and pension would have been better advice. She clearly sided with other women against me.

        3. Oh yes, Mr. Clark, I know that well.
          As we have spoke in previous comments, I was prepared to bring a Korean girl that “I loved” here to the US and basically sign my life over to her. Thankfully, she tipped her hand and let me know there were conditions. And even more thankfully, I was not so insane to let her get her way with that. Bottom line, I have not spoken to her in 3 months, and I have been spending my money on hot young escorts here in NY instead of taking care of her. Having fun here in NYC and hope you are doing the same in SEA… Maybe one day we will meet up in Phuket and party with hot young girls…who knows, right? Take care!

    2. My kids try to pull that stunt and they’ll be bounced on their asses promptly.
      Get a fucking life and independence, and stop whining about how “hard it is out there”. Yeah, life sucks, get strong and deal with it.
      Live with your parents. Screw that noise.

      1. How quaint and obscenely blue collar. I wasn’t whining.
        My parents still demanded hard work from me.
        But rather than kicking me out at 18 to live like a peasant sleeping on the floor with roommates as some character building exercise, and to the delight of mortgage lenders and landlords. They thought of the big picture. I eventually helped them pay off a new mortgage they acquired 18 years early with the passive income I earned. Now they take exotic vacations.
        I built a place for myself nearby complete with a bar/ game room/home theater setup, weight room, garage complete with tools, and a couple of motorcycles.
        All I had to do was live with them awhile and we all got something.

        1. Whereas I raised competent, independent minded kids who wouldn’t even think to ask to stick around the house. Yeah, we used to call that “obscenely blue collar” attitude “American values”, back in the day.

  20. I was in debt and spending like crazy in my twenties. I was looking for the high life without the backing. I was in debt.
    Then I went back to school and amassed more debt.
    I finally wised up. By my late 30’s I was living within my means and paying off debt.
    I did without a lot. Still do without some nicer things but I can live without the material crap that weighs us down.
    I divested myself of the excess possessions.
    I paid off my debt.
    Going into my 50’s debt free, building a savings, watching my investments and making sure I have what is important.
    I can quite happily live off a minimum of income.
    Quality clothing that lasts, no tv, basic internet, grow my own veg, travel occasionally, work from home, have one car(vintage truck), and don’t need all the latest toys.
    Life is much more relaxed this way.

  21. “Rent for less”
    Yeah so… my fixed rate mortgage is cheaper than the rent I was paying before I bought, and they’ve only gone up since then.

    1. Your live in gf calls the police and says you hit her, exclusion order, you still have to make repayments.
      Biker gang crack house next door, you still have to make the repayments.
      House price crash, or loss of employment, you still have to make the repayments.
      They build a superhighway overhead, you still have to make the repayments.
      I paid cash for my house $750,000, wife got it in the divorce rape ….. wish I’d rented!

      1. Men have to know the divorce laws in their state and country. Few do. Some tell me I’m lying when I describe divorce settlement laws, especially Texas, which isn’t so horrible.

        1. Hard to know as they keep changing them. For the first 20 years of my marriage, pensions weren’t split. Then for the next 10 years they were split. I’m glad you can predict your future divorce laws, it was beyond my psychic powers.

        2. Why fucking bother? Don’t ever put yourself in a marriage period gaming the legal system is like trying to clean out a casino your still gonna lose your just mitigating how much.

      2. “Your live in gf”
        There’s your first mistake.
        “house next door”
        There’s your second mistake.
        “They build a superhighway”
        There’s your third mistake.
        There’s your fourth mistake.
        I live in Iowa.

        1. Yeah that’s fine. You’ll be singing a different tune when there’s blood in the streets and all the shops have been looted and you’re begging for something to eat.
          I’ve got mine.

  22. ALL the photos in this story ……. I do that shit every day.
    From the beaches, mountains, forests and lakes …. right up to the hot girl.

  23. Isn’t it better to invest in trustworthy REITs than in mutual funds? The former seem more solid and with a higher ROI than funds that follow the market.

    1. REIT are like financial sorcery. REIT’s get ultra-cheap Wall Street money (1-2% year interest), but leveraged assets with 5-8% annual return, then declare they’re worth 2-5X times the underlying assets they just bought because they can show a high return on a minimal down payment.
      It works, until it doesn’t. So everyone feels smart for 2,5, 7 years collecting 8% a year, then a recession drops the value 50-70% and you’re below your starting point.

    1. Growing your own food makes you too independent.
      Same with meds, they don’t want you buying your meds direct, only through the doctors they control.
      We are lucky where we live, farming is unsupervised, and you can buy any medical supplies straight from the supermarket. Makro pharmacy dept (inside Makro Superhighway), antibiotics are less than $1 per course.

      1. basically living in any tropical country thats not 1st world is the way to go. costs way too much to live in a cold climate. but no one would ever tell the average idiot living in Chicago or UK, etc… also growing your own food (organic) = less medical costs.

  24. I have doubts about the 8 percent. Not realistic these days. But I do agree with living beneath your means. My hardnose attitude caused much stress on my marriage for aabout 5 years when I insisted on not taking on debt and funding my son’s savings. (Fortunately, I knew to be a little flexible, as my wife still did not run off and enrich divorce lawyers, even if she was in a state of mild insurrection).
    But I held firm mostly. And as a result, have 4 cars paid for (2 old but running fine and can give one to my son), a home paid for, son’s college paid for, no debt. Even though in the past year, I have had to replace a 10000 dollar AC unit, got 12ooo dollar Window World Windows, 7000 dollar new roof, and as a bug out investment, 25ooo dollar piece of land and bought some guns to shoot on it.
    My philosophy was that the peace of mind of not having to worry about money was greater than the enjoyment of consumer items paid for with debt.
    Even when I splurged on my infantile fantasies of rural bug out properties, I made sure my stupid eccentric expenditures and expenses were also accumulating wealth, or at least holding their own. Ditto for the precious metals I bury there.
    The key is restraining yourself. Try to make your wife happy new windows or siding instead of a new car. Or a new granite counter for the kitchen instead of an Emelda Marcos shoe collection.
    With proper male guidance, women can be steered toward making good choices. But in a head to head battle of the tantrums, the woman will always win. And any male who thinks otherwise will choke on his red pill.

  25. Leverage, leverage, leverage. Nearly all people well prepared for retirement (without living like a minimalist) leveraged debt or employees to build wealth. Leveraging debt is simply borrowing to acquire rental properties. Leveraging employees is simply selling the time and talent of your employees for more than you pay them, like a general contractor does in construction or a software development or IT firm does in high-tech.

    1. Best explanation I’ve seen on the topic yet! And I didn’t have to read a book, attend class, or go to seminar to get it.
      Now I know how to leverage things. All knowledge in a nutshell.
      William, thank you very much.

    2. Most of the retired people I know, living well, worked as an employee all their life for one company and collected a company pension at the end of their working life. State pension on top of that. If they were lucky, their wife died and they collected an insurance on her life as well as owning the house outright.
      I don’t know any Jews, but suppose they make their money with leverage, it isn’t normal.

      1. Sadly, pensions are on their way out, but you’re right. Those retired well have them.

    1. Life gets a bit lonely without a wife and kids.
      I’ve had both for the last 40 years, and it was better than the 4 years I was alone (before and between the wives).

      1. Depends on the wife!
        I would argue that a lot of married men feel lonelier these days in their marriages than if they were single!

        1. Any red piller knows marriage and friendship do not mix. If you want friends – get a group of guys to do things with. You want sex – get a woman and game it. Just don’t mix them

      2. My x was a troll that signed up for cash and prizes. Never carried her own weight except to the frig. I may have been naive but I got out of it- albeit not financially whole for many years. Even Jesus was only crucified once.

      3. I notice you can’t make up your mind on one article you talk about how awesome it is being a nomad and other times wish you still had the American family pick one please.

        1. I have a new family and I travel around without them.
          Why can’t I have both?
          Didn’t explorers have families back at home?
          Didn’t Army and Navy men go to war for years, and have their family back in the home country?
          Part of the pussy whipped modern world is believing you have to live your life around your family. That isn’t the traditional way white men lived their lives.

  26. A completely unrelated question to the topic; but its eating me up. So I met this borderline chick 2 yrs back. Started as fuck buddy, sex with her crazy great and I some how developed weakness for her. She dumped me for another guy did not work and bounced back to me. I accepted her back [very beta I know, wish I had read this site before] in the last October. In December I got laid twice with two side chicks. But did not confess to her as i feared of losing her and I foolishly assumed she will stick to me this time. Come this January and Feb , i was away as parents were hospitalized and when I returned she confessed of drunk cheating with another guy while I was away. I immediately walked out, now she’s messaging me asking if I will not talk with her ever again. I am ghosting on her.
    I am confused with two things – should I keep her as fuck buddy pretending I have forgiven her until I get some one worthy my heart and emotional investment because sex with this ho is explosive, dirty and raw like she is.
    OR should I keep ghosting on her , telling her that I cheated on her as well in December which will hopefully increase her agony.

        1. Wait till she ends up pregnant. Crazy chicks will do crazy shit if they think your are the ticket.
          If that’s your plan make sure you have your own certified condoms at all times or get the snip.

        2. I understand that what you are saying makes lots of sense, but….condoms suck! They really do!

        3. Yeah they do, But you have to figure child support is worse, or you could just end up with an STD.
          If the lay is a superstar on day one, typical of crazy chicks, you have to know she has had a lot of practice. IF she is letting you go raw, you just might not be the first to have done the same.

        4. I think most guys worry too much about STDs.
          I’ve been banging Asian hookers the last 10 years without condoms, and never caught anything that I noticed. Antibiotics are cheap ($1 a course for Cipro and Moxy). Really, what’s there to worry about? I’m out in the tropics and generally take 4 courses of ABs a year for injuries and infections unrelated to STDs …… If I caught a STD, I’d probably be rid of it before any symptoms showed.
          No child support outside the western world. Although if DNA tested as mine, I’d be happy to make donations in return for continued sexual services from her, and visiting rights to the kid.

        5. On the SDT note, I have a friend who was stationed in Germany and ended up having to have q-tip inserted into is dick to treat the clap. I can’t say that sounds enjoyable. But seriously some strains are now drug resistant especially in the Pacific rim. I sound like a PSA, but the threat is real.

      1. You probably fall in love with her like he did too, that doesn’t work when you were in a relationship too much drama.

        1. Perhaps.
          But the difference I notice between my friends and myself, I don’t get hung-up! In other words, I cut women loose in a flash. And like I said, I’d keep fucking her.
          Hell, the man said he cheated on her twice, during the same time frame, and she doesn’t know about it.
          Yeah! I’d tell her about that. And I’d keep fucking her. And when it’s over, I’d find someone new.
          Meanwhile, I’d keep fucking her.

    1. If you want to keep her- tell her that you cheated on her twice. If you want to be dumped – tell her she is the only one for you. She is telling you she cheated — this is a shit test. How you respond is what will end up. Do you want to be strong and make her win you or not. If you just take her back without nothing said – she will dump you twice as hard.
      The sex is great- but usually gals give you a year or so max to win them or move on. I have more than my share of this situations . Trying to take your pecker out of the decisions- I would make a list of all the pros and cons of this gal and lifes’ circumstances. There is always another and another and another and another.

      1. I really dont want to win her. Once a cheater always a cheater. I will go for another one which is hopefully not this bat shit crazy. But probably keep her as fuck buddy.

        1. woman don’t cheat. they use sex as a weapon. All woman. She cheated because you were seen as a weak male. If she has no fear of losing you..why not?

        2. My brain is not working right as of now. Do you think I should let her know next time she messages me again instead of I messaging her, right?

        3. Tell her to fuck off and to never talk to you again. You already have history with her so being a fuck buddy won’t work since you can’t stop thinking about her like a little school girl. Fuck buddies are girls you don’t have feeling for come on snap out of it.

        4. I assume you want to keep her but I would only message her back to ask her to go out for a drink but that’s it. If she accepts than you can have some talk with her about your cheating as well to level the playing field so she knows you have options and you will walk away. Otherwise your going down a rabbit hole of no return.

    2. Do you enjoy having a lot of drama in your life?
      Yes? Then keep her! Life is going to be very exciting!
      If the answer is no, then you know what you have to do!
      Seriously, you have already identified her as a borderline chick who has cheated on you! Dump her and never look back!

    3. Keep changing yourself toward the red pill. And keep fucking her. Use it as an opportunity to burn the beta chump out of yourself against the friction of her borderline craziness and neediness. As you resist the madness, it will make you a better person. And accept that you *will walk*, on your terms, and when you decide it is time. It is a great opportunity to help you find your identity as a man with eyes opened to the real.
      Fyi, if you tell her you cheated, she will want you more. Do it. Other then getting called a few names for a few harsh minutes (hours in her case, since she is borderline), there is no downside.

      1. Actually, sticking your dick in crazy is great, as long as she thinks that your real name is Herkel P. Mortimer and has no lines of communication with you when you dump her. Crazy chicks = great sex. Just don’t fall asleep afterward with her in your arms, unless you don’t mind your dick being cut off and used as a salad garnish.

        1. Amazing, but true. I just know someone who was properly screwed by a crazy chick. He is now on the hook for child support and is afraid she will hurt the kid if he leaves.

    4. Just walk away, no communication, no “revenge”, no nothing, just you fading to invisibility.

  27. Thing is, all in good (though health insurance is not mentioned) but also have already a backup survival plan should the monetary system collapses – when that happens, go to plan “B” on bartering and prepping.

    1. The monetary system is always collapsing. This marketing line has been used for as long as I have been alive. Even my grandpa who lived until 1997 -who 101 at the time was saying this crap and he lived through the depression sleeping on the ground after his house burned down with all his savings. Its okay to be diversified but for example- going out and buying a underground cavern in the woods is insane.

  28. If you are a in your 20’s and the situation is OK there is absolutely no shame in living with your parents and saving money. Ten years ago before wages started getting artificially suppressed and student loan debt was manageable I would say you were a loser if you moved back in with your parents after college. Now it is just a smart and for most a necessary financial move.

    1. It’s a precursor to living with your parents indefinitely. I know clowns having kids still living with their parents.

      1. Well obviously there limits to every rule, but it is also worth noting that multi-generational households were the norm up until post WWII. It makes financial sense too. Why maintain two or three separate households when one will suffice? That is tens of thousands in savings every year which can go to generating continued wealth. I have a friend who moved out of his parents house in his late 20’s to rent an apartment in a nearby city. He pays around $20K a year in rent. Now his parents live alone in a giant 4 bedroom house. Other then say learning independence is an unrealized cost that can be translated into actual dollars and assuming living with your parents hasn’t made you a “mommy’s boy” is the the cost of maintaining a separate household and paying rent to a (((landlord))) worth it? My thought is when you balance the competing interests the answer is no.

        1. If you want proof otherwise read Roosh’s article about being a “loser” living with his parents.

  29. I was self employed before, and psychologically I felt the need to experience working in a “real” company (in that case, one of those “cool” startups, with high growth, cool perks, young team etc.).
    I felt the need to see if I could still function in such an environment. I was afraid of getting too isolated by continuing working independently for too long. Anyone else shared that feeling?
    So now I’m working for this company, and i take it as a social experiment in a way. It’s interesting but I can’t imagine myself being an employee for the rest of my life.

    1. Similar experience here. Spare you the details. But your feelings and thoughts on the matter are positive. Every job is just an experiment.

    2. I was in the corporate world, then started a company that I am running now more than 15 years. My basic fear is becoming too much of a generalist.
      It changes how you think and operate. You might have the skills to work for someone, but you won’t want to for long. You get used to uncertainty, the rewards given for risk and develop a total lack or respect for politics.
      Overall if the goal is max take home cash over time, then probably being a corporate employee is a better bet. Not always, but typically, being realistic.
      If the goal is enjoying what you do, free time, flexibility and long term reward, do your own thing.

  30. What is everybody’s (informed) opinion on deflation?
    The political system most of us are supportive of requires a strong and strengthening dollar, and higher interest rates to encourage and reward savings. But getting there will cause damage in the form of increased interest on debt.
    What do we all think?

    1. I think that system has gone for good.
      Low interest rates, low RoI, no company pensions and state pension age raised mean you need to work forever. That’s what the elite want, and unless you kill them all, that’s the way it will stay.
      Work until you die!

    2. You are asking key questions. I, for one, don’t have the answer. Like you, I am puzzled by the problem of deflation.
      I think that if they raise interest rates, it will crash the economy, and if they don’t it will damage savings patterns and lead to bubbles.
      Possibly, the answer is debt forgiveness. It is the only way to get the economy running again. But it is politically unpalatable. It looks quite unjust. The acceptable way to organise debt forgiveness is through inflation. But we are stuck in the opposite, deflation.

      1. Let’s try this as a thought experiment: what if I, President consolation of philosophy, enact policy where every American citizen is given $1 million tax-free by the federal treasury (about $330 million, out of the federal budget), for the purpose of paying off existing debts. Simultaneously, the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates to somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.5%. Debt forgiveness, plus deflation.
        What could the positive and negative outcomes be? Would the impact be mostly positive or mostly negative, overall?

        1. Impact largely positive, in my view. It would circulate money in the economy – give things a lift and a boost. The actual figure for the hand out is quite small, in comparison with the US Federal budget.
          And anyway, the US already is engaging in a free for all hand out of this type, but they do it in the Middle East, in the guise of wars, and only foreigners get the free money. The US gave much more than 330 million to the forces who overthrew Gaddafi.

        2. Dude, unless I’m missing something, 330 million dollars is 1 million dollars for 330 people.

    3. Depends where you are. There are bubbles baked into the housing market (and rent for that matter) in parts of the west, so those prices are going to come down eventually. The biggest example of deflation that comes to mind is Japan– shrinking population with falling consumer demand.

  31. This is a great article.
    I might add that in order to really move forward a man needs to figure out a way to leverage his time and skills for a higher than average return of income. This can be something that is done ( initially) outside of normal working hours. A great blueprint for doing is the book “Millionaire Fastlane” by AJ Demarco.

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