Why Are So Many Women Liberals?

Women are more liberal than men. This is so true that the only thing that a person needs to do to get more liberal political policies enacted is to get more women out to vote. But how did it get this way? And is there anyway of reversing it?

The liberalism of women voters


Woman cries upon meeting her savior

It is no secret that our current liberal welfare state is only possible because women vote—and women overwhelmingly favor liberal policies. For example, If Hillary Clinton wins the election in November, it will be mostly due to women voters. Women consistently support Hillary by a 17-point gap. This gap has proved to be impervious to facts. Even hardcore liberal men started to question Hillary’s physical stamina after her shocking collapse on September 11th, but Hillary’s female supporters remained dedicated to her. To them, Hillary’s loss of consciousness made her seem “more human.”

Women are such reliable liberal voters that our elites don’t even need to persuade voters to support liberal policies. The only thing they need to do is get more women to the polls. The documents that were published as a result of the hacking of George Soros reveals that this was exactly his strategy in Europe. To support his plan to flood Europe with Islamic “refugees” from the Middle East and Africa, Soros’ organizations only had to focus on persuading more women to vote. Apparently, they view women as robots who are unable to think for themselves.

But why are women so liberal?


There are two reasons why women are so liberal. The first is that liberalism is the ideology that our globalist elite want us to accept. If we reject traditional marriage and family, we are left with nothing but consumerism to fill our lives. Consumerism means more money in the hands of the elite, so they are always promoting it. Liberalism also steers us towards being rootless cosmopolitan atoms with only very weak bonds with other people—the opposite of a tribe. If you are an unconnected individual, you are much less likely to pose a threat to the elite hegemony.

Women are especially the targets of this indoctrination because civilization passes by mothers. If women can be filled with Marxist ideas, they will raise their children with the same Marxist ideas. Over the long term, this creates a race of materialist sheep who will try to fill their spiritual emptiness with the gadgets and baubles that the globalist elite sells.

To accomplish this indoctrination, women are subjected to non-stop programming from schools, television, movies, and magazines. From a young age, girls are trained to associate marriage and motherhood with bondage, while working as a cubicle wage-slave is linked to ultimate freedom. I have yet to meet a girl, even a generally conservative one, who has not been infected with at least a few of these liberal ideas.

The second reason flows from the nature of women. Women are naturally programmed to seek out a stable life. In the past, this served the function of women seeking out a strong man who could protect her and her offspring. However, once women got the right to vote, women were able to shape governmental policy through their votes. The government they created is one where there are safety nets to provide for a woman and her children in the event that her man leaves her. In other words, they have come to view the government as a substitute for their husband. Kellyanne Conway, who is now Donald Trump’s campaign manager, put it this way:

More married women did not vote for Dole because of a widespread sense of societal insecurity: It is not that they distrust their husband, but they have seen divorce all around them and know they could be next. Women see government as their insurance.

So at least some women are voting for governmental policies that will be a substitute for a husband. Because this tendency to seek out safety nets is in-born, allowing women to vote will always create a more liberal social order than one where only men can vote.

Not all X are like that…


Tomi Lahren

Of course, not all women are liberals. A woman’s family plays a huge role in whether she will be liberal or traditional. My wife happens to come from a conservative family. Somehow, she ended up being the most conservative member of her family. After she met me, she quickly adopted my more reactionary views.

But I’m sad to say that conservative parents are not always successful in handing on their conservatism to their daughters. I believe this is because the mainstream conservative movement is inherently weak. In the US, the only constant in the conservative movement is the desire for a smaller government. On every other point, whether that is same-sex marriage or Obamacare, mainstream conservatives are always willing to capitulate. They may moan about their losses for a long time afterward but they are never able to mount a strong resistance. Most of the time, they just quietly adopt their enemy’s position as their own and get ready to lose the next battle.

Children notice the futility of the mainstream conservative philosophy. After all, a healthcare savings account (a popular proposal among conservative policy wonks) may be a good thing but it is not the sort of thinking that will capture the hearts and minds of young women—or young men for that matter.

Despite the feeble nature of mainstream conservatism, some girls do become conservatives. Given their willingness to swim against the strong currents of our culture’s liberalism, conservative or traditional girls are rare. If you catch one, think twice before you throw her back in the water.

Can liberal women be changed into conservatives?


I just had to work a picture of tired Hillary into this article

Turning someone’s ideological orientation is almost impossible for both men and women. That doesn’t mean that most people have finally reasoned arguments in defense of their positions. Rather, most of us get our general political orientation from our parents or, as the role of parents in raising children continues to shrink, from our peers or teachers. Once we enter adulthood, we are likely to be on the same political end of the spectrum that we were on when we got our first full time job.

While that is the norm, I have witnessed a couple of cases of women who changed their political orientation for their husband or boyfriend. Unfortunately, both cases involved conservative women who turned liberal. Neither one of these men is handsome, powerful, or wealthy, but they both possess strong personalities. In their own little circles, which they are careful to control, these men are alphas. By the way, I do not advocate this approach of appearing to be an alpha by limiting your social circle.

I also know men who have failed to have any effect on their wife’s political ideology. One of these is a friend of mine who is a very knowledgeable mainstream conservative. He can make a convincing argument for his conservatism yet his wife remains just as liberal as the day he met her. Even before he was married, he was unable to influence the political views of his prior girlfriends. While he is a nice guy, he has a very passive personality.

Thus, the rule is that liberal women will change their political ideology only if they hold the man in very high esteem. This even applies to religion. Well-reasoned arguments are not necessary. If the man is a leader, his woman will follow.


From the perspective of society, if you want to have a more conservative government and still maintain democracy, the only way to do it is to limit the voting franchise. Specifically, prevent women from voting.

If you happen to be a traditional man looking for girl who has traditional political views, the best course is to find one who already holds these views thanks to her parents or religious beliefs. If you can’t find one of those, it is still possible to change the political persuasion of a liberal girl, but you will need a frame made out of titanium to be successful.

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  1. Its because women are never held responsible for their actions. Also because women are natural followers who are more inclined to follow the herd mentality.

      1. Then explain the entire fashion industry including all the clothing, shoes and baubles. If that is not a herd mentality, I do not know how to define it.

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        3. If you want to remind us of alternative thoughts, perhaps it would be helpful to provide some. We’ll challenge and mock, but at the end of the day perhaps we’ll all walk away having learned something.
          Assuming, of course, you’re anything but a troll.

        4. You cannot even answer the question, who is the “jack turd”. I an an observer of things, not a follower. If you were to climb down from your high and mighty pile of shit where you dwell, you too might be able to observe the actions of individuals, small and large groups to see that there is a lot of truth to the herd mentality due to advertising and the desire to fit in to the current social trends. But, you will remain on that pile of shit and laugh at everyone who avoids you because you smell. Troll.

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  2. How to change her political beliefs: “sweetheart, i know your a liberal but this november you’re voting for Trump”.

    1. I dont think your right hand constitutes as a significant other or separate entity at all – suffice it to say, you only get one vote my friend. No matter how hard you try and argue that your hand is your girlfriend Bahhaahahaha

        1. That is the best line I’ve heard today. Filing for later use.

  3. Political ideology, like so many things, hinges on some very small, very deeply-imbedded ideas. I have opined that the key difference between liberal and conservative on the issue of gun ownership is that liberals operate from the idea that they (and, by extension, others) cannot be trusted not to go on a killing spree, while conservatives operate from the idea that some others might go on a killing spree, so they need guns to protect themselves and others. It’s a small, deeply-imbedded idea that changes everything.
    If you want to change women from left to right, you have to find those core nuggets and tweak them.

    1. Like how women are embedded with the idea that they can have it all. Or that prince Charming will love them just the way they are. These ideas breed liberalism entitlement.

      1. I’d say that, at the core of these, is the idea that someone else will take care of them. As long as it’s someone else’s responsibility to make them happy or successful, the liberal ideology will make perfect sense.
        So, in order to make a fundamental change, they need to understand that only they are responsible for their happiness.

      2. Spoke to a broke, divorcee neighbor a few days ago. Unemployed, 50s, draining her retirement account while paying tax penalties, and carrying some extra lbs. Still holding out for a miracle to happen i.e. Prince Charming to come reverse all her mistakes and pick up the bill. LOLALLDAYLOL. Literally told me, unless a miracle happens she is moving to HI. With what $?

        1. The irony is that a young woman who is attractive and 30 years younger than her could easily find a husband to provide her with a certain lifestyle. instead she’ll just “have her fun”

  4. Women tend to be liberals since:
    1) Women are culturally educated to not to be responsible for their actions.
    2) They have the biological imperative to be mothers: they need to provide for others and become weak while mothering.
    3) They are physically weaker.
    4) They lack the masculine levels of testosterone in the subsequent aggressiveness and grit.

  5. A first wave feminist explained this (can’t remember who, she’s fairly famous) in a video I saw.
    As men age, their power increases; therefore they are likely to want to preserve that power and become more conservative / traditional with age.
    As women age, their power decreases (the wall); therefore they favor liberal policies which upset the natural order. Makes perfect sense to me.

  6. Women by nature are more risk adverse and conservative when it comes to challenging or confronting obstacles or the prevailing status quo across a whole array of areas. We’d for example had little modern science and developments like the jet propulsion engine and the discovery of electricity of it was left to women. It’s not due to any lack of intelligence or understanding as such, but, rather that women don’t have the natural drive (boldness) and determination to go against the prevailing orthodoxy in the first instance for fear of what people might say or think about them.
    I don’t find it in the least bit surprising that young women “drift carelessly” along to the liberal drum. It’s the easy and trendy thing to do and requires little real effort and challenge. It’s the comfortable and safe thing to do and it appeals to the prevailing status quo of their social group. However, it’s actually their innate conservatism in a psychological sense that always makes them play it safe, and modern liberalism is about as safe and risk free as you can get.

    1. You know jack shit about women – I can tell jsut by the way you type about woman. Lmfao you write as if they are an endangered species lol lmfao lol Bahahha

      1. They know Jack shit about most things my friend. Think if I saw the world as they do I’d throw in the towel here and now.

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          I have to remind these dickturds that there are humans out there outside their little circle jerks lmfao lol

    2. Well said. At the core of their ideologies is the notion that they cannot make themselves safe or happy, so it is up to others (the collective).
      So the options are to either change the core idea (only they are capable of or responsible for their own lives), or to become the provider of that safety and happiness. Either they need inner game, or they need a man with very strong inner game.

      1. When you think of it this way, liberal policies are a natural answer for women who reject traditional marriage. When women reject the institution of marriage (I mean the traditional definition of marriage, where a woman remains a virgin until she is given to her husband, and then remains fiercly loyal to him), then it is quite logical that the only option remaining to make herself happy and secure is to use the state.

  7. I’ve found that when a woman says she is “conservative” she rarely believes in traditional, patriarchal values. Instead, she’s usually latching on to one point that the Republican party espouses, ie she loves guns, hates gays, or wants to stop immigration. But rarely is she a submissive, traditional, housewife.

    1. How nice of you to boil down ALL Womens polotical views on being republican. Must be nice to tap into the pulse of all womankind – and you still can’t get laid bahahaha lmfaol ol pathetic worm

      1. Mo you originally came to this site in a friendly manner. Was that just a ploy, or did you initially liked it and then something set you off? If so, what was it that turned you against the site?

        1. You are correct. I initially came to this site – simply trying to educate myself on alternative views. I unfortunately was quickly reminded that said views are steeped in racial over tones and opinions more deserving of gossip columns than a well thought out thesis. Which many articles and comments pretend to be. My only goal now is to expose the idiocy which has taken hold here. The blind racism. The unhinged vulgarity toward woman. And the stench of victim-hood of oppressed white males that you so accuse black people for succumbing to.
          Yet unlike these dumb asses here, I’m not one to make such broad sweeping statements of an entire group due to the actions of a few idiots. I concede that there are some well thought out arguments and viewpoints that can be backed up. However the vast majority, sad to say are idiots only deserving my contempt and single comment to expose them for what they are.
          “Circle Jerk”

    2. I notice that as well. They rarely buy the full package. The tendency is to cherry pick the parts they’re agreeable with.

  8. Women follow incentives. When a woman’s primary source of income is her husband’s income, or their combined income, women want lower taxes (especially when their combined income drives it into a higher tax bracket).
    When a woman has no income but the government, or a very low income due to a low-paying job, she only stands to benefit from more welfare. Even if she personally doesn’t qualify for it, she pays no taxes (or very low taxes at a bracket that is unlikely to feel tax increases). So she either receives welfare or can virtue signal by being in favor of it.
    The real solution is NO MORE WELFARE. Welfare is the artificial environment that makes all of this possible, that encourages reckless r-type breeding, that suppresses K-type breeding, that is bankrupting the entire world.
    The rub is that woman vote for welfare, and welfare cannot be undone except by preventing women from voting for it.. It’s a feedback cycle. What to do? Collapse.
    And that, dear friends, is inevitable. The thing we fear most is the thing that will fix our worst problems. If we can survive it.

        1. If it’s the one with Bill Whittle I saw that one. I actually saw that one first, not knowing it wasn’t a stand alone (and being a Whittle fan). Actually not a bad one to start with, it worked out for me anyway.

        2. Anonymous Conservative is the one who pushed the theory out into the manosphere/internet. Stefan took cues from his blog and book.

        3. That is true, Anonymous Conservative absolutely gets the credit. Stefan’s videos increased accessibility to the material though, and a “cliff notes” version is still needed IMO.

        4. I really enjoyed most of part 1 explaining what r/K biological selection is, but don’t buy any of his political theory and won’t be listening to any more. At best, if I give him HUGE leeway, perhaps the theory could explain the difference between Grover Norquist and Bernie Sanders, but neither of those two has any major influence on politics in America, and some of his broad generalizations were laughable (ie “it’s generally liberals who favor policies like exempting members of Congress from insider trading, while Conservatives oppose them”) and unsupported statements about how r cultures will often turn against other r members in order to help a K society invade (???!)
          I can’t remember the exact reason I stopped listening to Molyneux, perhaps it is his binary thinking on every issue, perhaps his pseudointellectualism, but I used to really enjoy him and he eventually pissed me off.
          If you’re a mainstream Rush Limbaugh listener (no offense to you Unabashed and not implying that you are) this seems like the kind of stuff you will eat up. It explains why conservatives are superior thinkers and liberals have tiny brains and mental disorders and therefore are logically wrong on every issue. And yeah if you think in terms of absolute stereotypes some of it seems to resonate. But ideologically and philosophically it’s garbage. But I do look forward to your writings on the topic.

        5. Long before Anonymous Conservative helped popularize r/k theory there was J. Philip Rushton’s “Race, Evolution, and Behavior”. That was my first encounter with r/k theory.

        6. Funny enough, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a single Rush Limbaugh show. I don’t believe that you can gauge a person’s political affiliation 100% of the time based on the r/K selection theory but there are some definite parallels there. That being said, there’s also overlap and exceptions to the rules too. I look more for trends that support the theory but I’m flexible enough to remain open minded about it.

        7. I guess I have trouble applying this separate r and K theory to different groups of humans when, if you talk to any biologist, he would explain that humans are clearly K-model species. I mean if I wrote a big long piece about how some mice are really K-selected and others are r-selected it would seem batty, but that’s what they’re doing with humans. It just doesn’t pass the smell test with me.
          I think the more interesting takeaway from this theory is the implications for things like population levels or what does it mean when you remove random danger and threats from life (ie there is no survival of the fittest with humans because we don’t allow any to die early, and often those reproducing the most are the least “fit”).
          I’ve seen talk especially on ROK about how it’s bad that we’re not breeding 9 kids to a family and really K-selection shows you how the more advanced a species is, the more it focuses on high quality low quantity reproductive strategies, and therefore it is natural that more advanced cultures have fewer children (and indeed this plays out in every human civilization throughout the world).
          With welfare states and modern medicine preventing any sort of natural selection in humans, are we stopping human evolution? Those are far more interesting questions to me. I think Molyneuax is really misusing the words liberal and conservative, and makes broad sweeping statements which sound good to a politico but are meaningless to a sociologist or philosopher.

        8. I would agree on many of those points and that humans are naturally a K type species. That being said, it’s also, IMHO, why r-type behaviors are even more devastating when widely adopted by our society; behaviors such as lax control of territories (open borders), weak family units, lack of group loyalty, etc. It’s really an interesting topic to discuss that I believe has repercussions to our societies today.

        1. Think rabbits vs wolves.
          Rabbits have near unlimited food/resources so they are free to breed endlessly. Because of unlimited resources, there is no need to be territorial, loyal to your spouse, or protective of your children.
          Wolves must hunt for food that isn’t unlimited. Due to this, they are more territorial, invest more in their children to ensure they can survive on their own, pair bond with their mate, and are hierarchical in nature with the strongest, smartest wolves being at the top of command.
          TL;DR – It’s quantity vs quality in regards to reproduction.

        2. Add to this that young rabbits are common prey for the predators in their areas. Because there’s such a high risk of losing entire litters, there’s no value to raising them as carefully as wolves raise their young. Once nursing is done, momma rabbit runs off to have another litter and the kits are left to their own devices.

        3. Yep. Good point. r-Strategists have no in-group loyalty and will not protect their own. It might seem cowardly but it only makes sense. What would happen if Rabbit A tried to save Rabbit B’s life from the wolf? Well, the wolf would be eating two rabbits instead of just one.

        4. What interests me is how a k-selected species like humans operates when it attempts to employ r-selected strategies and compensate.
          Take for instance the inner-city black culture. The women produce several offspring for which they provide insufficient care, and the fathers don’t stay around to provide instruction or resources (r-strategy). In order to provide for this, welfare provides the material resources required to maintain these “litters”, but not the other aspects of k-strategy. This produces young adults with reasonable physical health but none of the other traits required to become properly functional members of a k-selected society. And, yet, when one is shot by a cop, the entire “pack” goes on a rampage (k-strategy).
          It strikes me as unstable and dangerous to operate in this way. If our nature is fundamentally k-selected, then employing r-selected strategies is untenable and prone to all manner of evils.

        5. Yeah, you pretty much nailed it. When a child is raised in a fatherless home, certain genes are expressed putting that child in a sort of “panic mode.” This panic mode leads to the child sexually maturing earlier and being more promiscuous. It might sound odd, but it makes sense.
          In nature, what would it mean if you had no father? It probably means heavy predation so you need to sexually mature ASAP and start popping out babies. The problem is, due in part to the welfare society along with the fatherless homes, the cycle is doomed to repeat itself. Fatherless children are more prone to be single mothers/deadbeat dads and with them all being under the safety net of big daddy government, they have no incentive to stay together.

        6. A healthy dose of shame once helped, but no longer. My dad and his brothers had a more-or-less revolving door of fathers, but they inherited an idea that it was shameful to take help. They’re pretty much all married with kids (except the one who picked a very bad mate – she left him for her dealer after he hooked her on hard drugs).
          It’s a temporary say on the negative consequences, because it only works if few people need to be shamed. When the culture hits a critical mass, the power of that shame dissipates.

        7. Literal (Hitler) rabbits are merely passive. They eat, they shit, and they fuck. .
          Figurative (Anne Frank) rabbits tend to be more collectivists because humans are naturally more social creatures than rabbits are.

        8. Well if Anne Frank rabbit was so collective and social why didn’t she come down from her attic to fraternise more?
          Oh, because of the SStoats

        9. Actually… yeah pretty much. They key part that often gets overlooked though is the epigenetics of it. Short version: We’re all both r *and* K, and our environment makes us act more like one than the other. So if welfare gets cut off, people don’t just sit around and die, they see the light and get to work. Starvation is a powerful, powerful motivator.

        10. Looting a Walmart for free stuff is as r as it gets. They only pretend to have K values (in group loyalty, outrage that “one of their own” got shot) to virtue signal. They kill their own for shits and giggles all the time. Look at the stats for black on black deaths vs. blacks killed by cops.

        11. I would say humans are naturally more K-strategists, which would explain why things get so ugly when large groups start switching to the r-strategy. It goes against our nature and is unsustainable.

        12. Humans are the most K organism ever. It takes 20-25 years just for our brains to mature. We’re born more helpless than anything else by far, “undercooked” as it were because if our heads got any bigger they wouldn’t fit through the birth canal.
          Also “r” and “K” are very relative terms. A mouse seems pretty r until you compare it to a bacterium.

        13. I’m inclined to think the k-strategy is in there at the root, but they’ve never known a k-selected lifestyle. So the natural desire to punish the interloper (in order to preserve the tribe) is warped into a resource-stealing, property destroying r-strategy.
          Rabbits, left to their own devices, will breed beyond the point where they starve themselves. It’s the deadly consequence of r-selection without controls. The same is apparent in places where the rioters have had their way, but again I believe they are operating primarily from a perversion of k-strategy.
          I could very well be wrong. I am operating from a bias that suggests people have an inherent k-nature, even when living as though r-selected.

        14. Yes, if welfare ceased and people had to resort to family bonds for assistance, the family would be vaued much more.

        15. Once Soros has got them nibbling at the grass roots (and kratom lettuce) it will be more like this:

        16. Badass.

          Notice how none of the other rabbits helped.

          They could have easily rushed the stoat. But thats not what rabbits do.

        17. You could kind of see them doing the mental calculations, followed by a ‘nah, fuck it, that cunt still owes me a carrot’ or something like that

        18. Looting a walmart is as short sided as tribble reproduction. When the walmart is gone, it’s gone. The corporations, the small businesses, they leave after riots. Nobody else moves in. What results is an economic desert. What good is an EBT card with no walmart or apu’s convenience store to use it at?
          Maybe it’s because of my age I think this way but the neighborhoods that had riots and looting in the 1960s were still burned out when I was kid. Actually I was over 20 years old when they started to be rebuilt. Usually through evil gentrification, that is neighborhood change over rather than anything those who had been there long term were doing.

        19. Then you get Eienstein and other assorted genius out of such a freak show lol
          I have to admit that being a psychic and pre-cognitive myself the brain is incredible but no matter how smart you are aggressive forces natural and man made always defeat you.

        20. “Notice how none of the other rabbits helped.”
          It’s the same thing when one commuter will tackle and restrain a criminal delinquint forcing himself on a woman or child in the subway and everyone whips out their phones to record instead of assist.

        21. I think this is what the Liberals wanted. “CHAOS” in the black population.
          Divided, broken and thus not a political threat not to mention easy to manipulate for votes with welfare etc..
          For the size of the black population in the US they should be more of a political force in the established parties and probabaly form their own.
          With the 60’s civil rights they seememd to be getting over their own problems then then the government came in with welfare and other programs to make them dependant and now look at them..

        22. (((Einstein))) was a common thief who stole a German’s invention while working in a patent office.

    1. One of the things the stupid liberals have been able to do is pass laws that completely take the incentive out of marriage for men. Also gov’t makes a couple choose that has a kid or two do I get married and lose gov’t benefits or just live together with the children and continue to receive the benefits. Basically you are penalized for getting married. The gov’t encourages unwed mothers knowing that will break down society much faster than people that are married. We have to get rid of welfare for everyone except the very poorest. The first thing Odumbo did when he got into office was do away with the welfare reform that was working that was passed in 1996.

      1. We don’t need gobernmant marriage. We just need religious and social marriage. Commit to one worthy person and have a family with them, but don’t sign the marriage certificate. If you live in a state with common law, I’m sorry. Luckily, my state has non of that.
        This strategy actually gives you a lot of leverage over your woman. She can take less money with her and no property if she ever decides to leave you.

        1. I always wondered why you needed to sign a marriage certificate. It seemed to me that a religious service should do.

    2. In theory, I have no problem with a safety net. But that is not what we have.
      When you go to the circus, if the trapeze artist falls into the net, he is saved from death, bounces for a few seconds, crawls out of the net, climbs back up the ladder and onto the trapeze.
      That’s how it should work for our social safety nets too – temporary help to avert absolute disaster/death.
      Instead, people just lay around in the net napping their whole lives, and people don’t even have to climb up the trapeze in the first place. It’s like they can stand on a couch beside the net and just kind of roll into it.

      1. There’s never not a social net. Millions of people donate to charities despite government taxing them out the ass to give it to charities/welfare handouts. A church us to be more than just a place of worship, it was a center of community where people help their neighbor. Of course, even private charity can choose not to give to the dead beat drug user that is currently collecting his monthly welfare check.

      2. Nets were used as traps long before they were used for safety…
        Churches, charities and family are the only solutions.
        If you screw up government does not care, you will get you free monies…
        If you screw up and beg the old family or a church or a charity… well it better be something for real. By absolving the family, men and women alike, you are necessarily handing off responsibility to a different group.
        With out big daddy “G” making a big old net you are less likely to mess up.

      3. I’m not so sure. It has been found that many people don’t bother to find work until their unemployment is exhausted. While having welfare come to an end at some point that end will be met with all these woe-is-me cases of people who haven’t done jack shit to fix their situation. Then it will be cruel to cut them off so there will be extensions after extensions.
        People should be providing for their own safety net, but instead we have an entire system that encourages people to rely on government safety nets and other programs of redistribution, theft, and ponzi so they spend everything and save nothing.
        Charity should be returned to the private sector where there is accountability. One way of providing for your own safety net before the government took over was to belong to a club, lodge, or other group to which you voluntarily joined and contributed to. In times of hardship you were covered and accountable to get back up your feet. Other members may even help in that respect.
        Speaking of the lodges they also provided medical care. For trivial amounts of money members and their family would be covered. One of the reasons behind the early medical reforms, government interventions, was to destroy the lodge system because the AMA didn’t like that it paid so little.
        It went as far as doctors who took lodge contracts lost their licenses because of it.

        1. Your third point is what I would prefer. I was operating more from the view that there is really no turning back from the beast we have, and what should be done there is to implement measures so that you can’t sit around fucking off like you describe, which is what happens. I’m all for having to work to earn your welfare – and I mean work. Give these people the back breaking shit jobs that no one else wants, and if they don’t want to do them, cool, no money for you.
          And your last point is dead on too. I once read an article that discussed the history of medical care provided by the lodges, and it was very interesting and basically as you outline it. What was really shocking was how affordable it was. Wish I could remember where I saw that.

        2. I believe Minnesota tried copying something Switzerland has which is welfare recipients report to a city hall and have to complete x amount of community service in order to receive benefits but they got sued by a single mom even tho they offered day care I believe. I read about years ago and I’ll cause try to find the article. I think it’s a great idea because it gets people up and off the couch and even if they’re just cleaning up trash and sweeping sidewalks it makes the city that much cleaner for everybody.

        3. Workhouses got themselves a bad name, but the idea behind them was solid; if you’re destitute because you can’t find a job then instead of leaving you to starve to death in a ditch the government will provide you with barebones food and shelter but in return you have to do some menial work. The only convincing argument against them was that the workhouse would put people out of the jobs its residents did eg if the men broke rocks and the women washed clothes then the local rock-breakers and laundresses would go out of business so any ‘jobs’ given to welfare recipients would need to be jobs that no one else would do because it’s otherwise uneconomical – picking up litter and sorting trash are good ideas.

        4. >People should be providing for their own safety net,
          I loled heartily. Half of all American workers make under $30,000 a year, and the majority don’t have enough savings to last six months. If your ‘solution’ to the problem of escalating systemic poverty is to just not care then that’s fine, but just don’t try to pretend like this is a choice between a government remedy and a private sector remedy. For the overwhelming majority of poor Americans, it’s a choice between a government remedy and no remedy.

        5. I barely remember a thread from 7 months ago.
          There are people who make $150,000/yr and don’t have enough savings to last six months. So what? I learned when I was first making my own income and paying rent at $10K/yr income how to manage my lifestyle to create my own safety net. There is a large degree of choices that go into it and the idea of a government safety net is to force the prudent people to pay for the imprudent and risk takers.
          It’s done at every level, from your poor people all the way up to the billionaire to big to fail bank owners. The government steps in and covers their asses at the expense of the prudent.
          Here’s the trouble with that. The prudent people get sick of it and people learn that being prudent means being taken from. Suddenly you find there aren’t so many prudent people any more. Then taxes have to keep increasing to cover all the woe-is-me cases. Then it becomes less and less worth it to work for a living for more and more people.
          Furthermore it would be a lot easier to build a safety net without being taxed for a safety net.
          People need to provide for themselves. It’s the only answer that is sustainable. Everything else just results in what we are looking at today. Mountains of wealth transfer and debt.

      4. Agreed, with one caveat… If the government can pin the responsibility of providing the ‘safety net’, so they don’t have to, they will… And the safety net is a guarantee, even if she’s made bad choices… Women are wholly infantilized as a entire gender, added to the status of children, and we cannot hold children accountable.
        Divorce industry loves this nature of women. When a woman is ‘unsatisfied’ in her emotional state (right now) and she has lost respect for her man, she will invariably seek it from another (man or woman), who proclaims to be an ‘expert’. Yeah right, an expert salesman… Selling her a dream, of sugarplums and lollipops that being single again…. Not reminding her of the double duty of playing both mother and father, but just wanting the security of that safety net, provided by the man that she has decided to no longer have to reciprocate in any fashion…
        Effectively the ex husband is now still hooked to her applecart, and never given any food, drink, grooming or care, yet the master with the whip stands next to you, threatening you with it, to keep pulling her apple cart, meanwhile, she hops on to another ‘stallion’ for short jaunts, and eventually manages to hook him to the same applecart, but behind you, that you cannot even see the going’s on that’s happening in the new apple cart.
        Women are so easily duped, with things that are not in their best interest, and many never even realize it, till years later… Then they still lack the introspection to admit that their decisions were the reason for their unhappiness.

      5. I’m not sure what country you’re from, but in the US at least the ‘welfare state’ barely exists. It was completely gutted by Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton in 1996, leaving only the threadbare ‘TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program, which will give a working parent something like $100 a month so long as they remain employed or in job training, for a maximum of between 2 and 5 years depending on several factors. Maybe in Finland or Denmark the government will pay you a living wage indefinitely for being too lazy to work, but that’s definitely not how it works in ‘Murica.

        1. Sorry dude. I’m from the US, and there are people here who quit working once they realize they will lose benefits. The Washington Post loves to run sob stories about it. For example:
          If you’d rather accept benefits than work, that tells me benefits are too generous. When over two thirds of our budget (and growing) goes to entitlement programs – in other words, welfare – you’ve got to be kidding me that you think this isn’t enough.
          I’d be interested in hearing a definition of “living wage,” because whatever it is, that sure as hell isn’t what welfare should be.

    3. Women are liberal because they produce nothing of value, and they live in the world of ideas, talk and silly notions (symbols, ideas, dialogues).

      …liberalism is the ideology…

      Of course it is. That’s why females can seemingly have value in the arena of ideas, and their particular ideas can be assigned a greater market value than those of the conservatism that is based more on the laws of matter and human behavior. The mainstream media plays the role of market-maker, inflating the value of liberal ideology and devaluing tried-and true patriarchal conservative morality-based ideas.
      That’s why, if you have the luxury of sampling the plethora of liberal news and talk shows, you’ll notice how quickly and how often commentators, especially females, want to take the discussion of an issue into the realm of politics or social acceptance where they can then have their liberal opinions valued and validated.
      To get liberals grounded in reality, you have to take them back to reality. Naked and Afraid with the progressive liberal female and a single male to survive for 21 days consistently demonstrates who worthless liberal ideologies are. They don’t get you food, water, shelter and fire. Only hard work and determination work for those who survive on that show.
      I notice the observe the same liberal thinking by females in their vain attempts to take matters of survival out the the realm of reality to the realm of their personal feelings about the male’s behavior in a survival situation. Most females on that show would rather talk themselves and their male partners to death about how they feel ‘disrespected’ or “not a part” of the decision making then get off their fat asses and do something to survive.
      Women are naturally liberal the way a horse is naturally wild. Both can be tamed with the right training by a man equipped to break them.

    4. The best safety net people can have is having more kids within a solid marriage, and raising them to work, and eventually take care of their parents in old age. This solves a whole host of problems that the welfare state basically props up badly.
      i think max tax on wealth should be a uniform flat rate of 4-5% which goes towards the people with specific conditions and needs that mean they need a small lift up. but thats it. make it a tiny amount and that its expected the family take over most care duties if needed.
      instead people are killing their own people effectively by electing not to have any children. you’re self selecting your family out of the genepool.

    5. What is your fair share of what someone else has earned??? It has to be EARNED before it can be taxed and stolen.
      No service is free– liberals just want someone else to pay. And the government to use force to take the money from others.

      1. Well wanting someone else’s wealth is the core of a liberal. The Democrat Party was started to preserve slavery, which is the very essence of taking someone else’s wealth. Why should they change now?

    6. Very true but I think it’s simpler and more emotional.
      Women simply seek a guiding and protecting hand.
      When the men can’t provide that the government has to.

    7. A social collapse would demand cutting expenses, welfare and the like, which would throw women back on depending more on men. They will also have to contribute and help rather than ride men.

  9. Liberals, Conservatives, indeed anyone who holds to a particular political orthodoxy like a baby blanket, is a weak-willed individual unable to think for themselves. There are good and bad ideas from each side, and only the mentally deficient is incapable of separating the wheat from the chaff. While more liberals than conservatives are mental deficients, don’t pretend a goodly portion the right isn’t just as intellectually bankrupt as the average SJW.
    That’s the real problem, we allow the elites on either side to use wedge issues to blot out actual discussion of ideas in a critical manner. The leftists do it by orthodoxy, calling disagreement all sorts of ridiculous adjectives meant to imply the person being critical is guilty of something hate based. The rightists do the exact same thing, they just change to by labeling any idea they might disagree with (or that was generated by the opposition) as some sort of Marxist (et al.) plot to destroy America and thus the world.
    What a load of horse shit.
    The problem is the stupid among us will gladly bob their heads in agreement rather than educate themselves. The only, repeat ONLY, way to understand an idea so that you can support or oppose it in an intellectually honest manner is to take the time to dissect it. Not from your favorite source alone, but from multiple sources and with a solid understanding of causal processes. One of my very good friends used to size up the news thusly, and he wasn’t entirely incorrect:
    If you want to know the facts, tune into 4 or 5 different national broadcasters and note the exact same factual (not opinion) information presented by all of them. Odds are you’ll see a story reduced to:
    X incident happened in Y location at Z time by person(s) unknown.
    The rest is almost always ideologically driven fluff that, if the reporter is wrong, will be corrected by the broadcaster in a way that minimizes their shit standards for reporting.
    The problem, of course, is time. If women really took the time to look at most feminist bullshit they’d jettison a good 90%. They wouldn’t seek to deny their nature, but would instead embrace it and tell those fat (and ugly) cows to go scissor each other if they hate men so much, but she’s going to go home to her man and do what she wants without feeling like she has to please them instead of her husband.
    The same time crunch exists on the right, because 90% of men would tell people in charge to fuck off if they thought about it. A man would tell those right wing elite assholes (Trump, Priebus, whoever) they’re a husband and father and they’re done playing this bullshit game. No more unlimited work hours basically for free you greedy bastards. A man who works 60 hours a week deserved to be compensated enough to provide for his family. You blather about family incessantly, yet make it almost impossible for Joe Average to provide for his wife and kids.
    Rot in hell, both sides that play this game.

    1. The trouble is that many come along saying, “I am with the Right Wing,” but they are anything but. Look to Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz – two people who got into office on the Tea Party, but in office have done all they can to destroy the same values and institutions that the Tea Party sought to promote.
      People who work 60 hour weeks don’t have time to waste running for office, but they’ve got a better chance of understanding why the government fails than any lawyer. It’s a Catch-22.

    2. Left Vs. Right is the old paradigm. Left won, it’s over.
      Current battlefield is Globalism vs. Nationalism. My evidence is this: Trump is not right-wing, but the “right wing” is behind him. Because he’s Nationalism.
      The more we are on the nationalism end of the spectrum, the less of a blood bath the collapse will be. The more mixed together we are, the worse the collapse will be. By orders of magnitude.

      1. Nationalist is a component of an ideology, not an ideology unto itself. The left did not “win”, they’ve found staunch resistance and even pushback in a lot of areas, especially the last two decades.

        1. You are right that Nationalism is an ingredient, not a dish unto itself, but I mean to say it is the key issue of the day, the one most other things hinge on at this time.
          Also I would like some examples of where the left has suffered any setbacks whatsoever. Sometimes they don’t get to advance, usually they do, and I can’t think of one area where they have lost ground on any issue since the USSR fell apart.

        2. Concealed carry – 1990 – Illegal everywhere except 3 states, no such thing as a CC license
          Concealed carry 2016 – legal almost everywhere, all states issue a CC license in one form or another, and only a small handful are not compelled to do so by law.
          Constitutional Carry states 1990 – 3 (Alaska, Vermont, Wyoming)
          Constitutional Carry states 2016 – 10 (Alaska, Vermont, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Vermont, Maine)
          Taxes – Estate tax 1990 – most states all was open to taxation
          Taxes – Estate tax 2016 – Most have a 1-6 million dollar exemption on taxation, some exceptions of course.
          Accountability – Recording law enforcement without their explicit permission – 1990 – Go to jail
          Accountability – recording law enforcement – 2016 – vast majority of states have one party consent, which pre-empts officers stopping you from recording their activities if you’re one of the parties being recorded.
          Semi-auto ownership – 1990 – Assault Weapons Ban In effect
          Semi-auto ownership – 2016 – AWB repealed and you can own anything without AWB restrictions
          Political correctness – installed around 1990
          Political correctness – being dismantled 2016

  10. Tomi Lahren is just a blonde shill monkey babbling off what she is told to say. A rootless cosmopolitan is really a shekel rat, but nice use of it. Women think they can have their cake and eat it too, simple as that but why it is lolz to read age old wisdoms from all religions that still reek red pill troofs.

    1. Yep. It all boils down to the concept of opportunity costs. If you are spending 6 years trying to get some bullshit master’s degree, then that is 6 years of your youth that you can’t get back. Don’t come back when you’re 36 complaining how it’s so hard to find a good man and how you’ll never have kids because you’re too old now. That ship sailed. You can’t have it all so you better prioritize what you want most and work towards those things first.

      1. That’s why I’m so tickled that my cousin’s getting married next Summer. She’s in nursing school, but she knows that her happiness will largely come from having a loving husband and kids. I met the guy, and I’ve been around to hear much of the drama, but at the end of the day it’s a good pick.
        Now, she is among the very few in her program to be so self-aware. I can only hope she’ll rub off on them.

        1. Every nurse I have met was a massive whore. Some other guy will most likely be “rubbing one off” on her on her wedding day

        2. Pretty sure she’s not a virgin anymore, but she was a different person in Middle School.
          Not that I know all about her. I just have to hope you’re wrong.

      2. That’s why women of yesteryear used to find husband’s ASAP. I read that in 1960, most women were married by the age of 21, like over 90 percent. So the average 36 year old woman in 1960 likely had been married 15 or so years and had jr high/high school age children and if she was still having kids, she probably was on her last child by then. My grandma is 22 years older than her youngest brother. Her mother married at 16 and had my grandmother, her oldest, when she was 20. She had her last child, my grandma youngest brother, when she was 42. There was a total of 9 children. My grandma had my dad only a few months after her mom gave birth to her youngest brother.

      3. But then, too, it’s not completely their fault. Western women are given a script that they are supposed to follow. And since women are going to do what they are told, they are just following marching orders. Even the women of yesteryear did so. Society expected women to marry young and start having kids young so they did. Today it’s the opposite. That’s why today, the average girl about to graduate high school isn’t concerned about trying to find a husband. For her, that’s 10 to 15 years in the future as she’s been told it’s supposed to be. How many times have you heard a girl that age be told “You don’t need to be thinking about a man, you need to be having fun and focusing on you”.
        And odds are, this message is coming from the older women in her life like her single mother, her aunt’s and cousins.

  11. Well, why does the text at the zoo describe the Gorilla alpha as ‘protecting the others’ (against what?) and a female as ‘getting what she wants through her sense of humour’?

  12. That’s pretty easy to answer. They are sheltered their entire lives. They don’t know what it is like to sacrifice in order to work for and earn what you want in life; rarely is anything handed to a man. They also just LOVE their minorities….from afar, of course. Not in their backyard.

  13. A woman is neither a liberal nor conservative she just follows the trend of the day. The state has replaced the man as the provider and it happens that the state is liberal, and so are women.

  14. “The documents that were published as a result of the hacking of George Soros reveals that this was exactly his strategy in Europe. To support his plan to flood Europe with Islamic “refugees” from the Middle East and Africa, Soros’ organizations only had to focus on persuading more women to vote. Apparently, they view women as robots who are unable to think for themselves”
    Some links / references would be helpful here. I had a quick browse at the leaked Soros files. As I remember there are a lot of them. He has a dedicated section, chock-full of evil deeds.

  15. Tomi Lahren is better suited using that mouth to service a cock rather than spouting off her supposed viewpoints. Conservative media understands that men desire beautiful women, so they use beautiful women to get their point across. But don’t fall under the false assumption that these women are conservatives themselves. They simply love the attention they receive from going against the mainstream and gaining hordes of thirsty Twitter followers.

  16. I make it a point to boycott leftist chicks. If they boycott traditional forces in society, we can do the same to them.

  17. Why are women liberal? That’s easy, and these are not my words, I forgot who the poster was, but kudos to him for the simplest yet complete asnwer:
    “Whether it’s expecting free drinks at the club at 23, or free cat delivery at 43, women will always pick the “gimme dat!” life path. Hence, they vote Democrat / Socialist”
    Women are glorified babies and will always vote for free shit from the government.

  18. The ancient Greeks, who invented the concept and the term ‘tragedy’, attributed it to an excess of a virtue. e. g. pride, which they held to be a virtue, but not in excess.
    Women are compassionate, tender hearted, unless something has come along to change their natural state. So-called liberals play on this virtue, to excess, naturally. They pretend that their governmentally dispensed largess is an expression of compassion. It is not, of course.It is bribery, in this case bribing us with our own money, or justifying the theft of someone else’s money, to bribe the rest of us.
    Since the Left plays this con all the time, everywhere, the true antidote is to point it out, constantly, gently but in specific detail. I realize that simple logic is often ineffective, but repeating endlessly that the nineteen dollars spent to administer one dollar of food assistance is money that, invested, would have stimulated business activity and job creation thereby producing jobs, for both men and women.A job provides more dignity, for a man or a woman, than a handout can ever do. Governmental largess is not charity, which is, in the first place, voluntary, and judiciously applied.charity can be of real benefit. A hand up is not a handout.
    We need to emphasize the cruelty of governmental largess, the suffering engendered.It is a steeply uphill battle, but it is the one that will, eventually, win the war.

  19. No need for self-delusion to avoid responsibility. Being ‘liberal’ encourages zero accountability for your personal decisions.
    A huge step would be for ‘welfare’ to not end, but made voluntary.

  20. Don’t forget this study on female suffrage.
    Giving women the right to vote significantly changed American poli- tics from the very beginning. Despite claims to the contrary, the gen- der gap is not something that has arisen since the 1970s. Suffrage coincided with immediate increases in state government expendi- tures and revenue, and these effects continued growing as more women took advantage of the franchise. Similar changes occurred at the federal level as female suffrage led to more liberal voting rec- ords for the state’s U.S. House and Senate delegations. In the Sen- ate, suffrage changed voting behavior by an amount equal to almost 20 percent of the difference between Republican and Democratic senators. Suffrage also coincided with changes in the probability that prohibition would be enacted and changes in divorce laws. We were also able to deal with questions of causality by taking advantage of the fact that while some states voluntarily adopted suffrage, others where compelled to do so by the Nineteenth Amendment. The conclusion was that suffrage dramatically changed government in both cases. Accordingly, the effects of suffrage we estimate are not re- flecting some other factor present in only states that adopted suffrage.
    Not all women immediately took advantage of the right to vote. About half of the ultimate percentage of women who eventually voted in elections appeared to have started voting immediately after suffrage was granted, and most of those women were in the 45–64- year-old age group.
    More work remains to be done on why women vote so differently, but our initial work provides scant evidence that it is due to self- interest arising from their employment by government. The only evidence that we found indicated that the gender gap in part arises from women’s fear that they are being left to raise children on their own (Lott and Kenny 1997). If this result is true, the continued breakdown of the family and higher divorce rates imply growing po- litical conflicts between the sexes.19
    Claims that the gender gap has arisen as men have left the Demo- cratic party and that the ‘‘modern’’ gender gap has arisen only since the 1970s can now be put in a different perspective (Stark 1996, p. 78). Combining these claims with our work implies that the gender gap disappeared during the 1960s and 1970s as men moved toward women and became more liberal, but that it reappeared again when men moved back to their original position relative to women.

  21. Liberalism also steers us towards being rootless cosmopolitan atoms with only very weak bonds with other people—the opposite of a tribe. If you are an unconnected individual, you are much less likely to pose a threat to the elite hegemony.

    This also shows why our elites keep pushing gay degeneracy on us. The rootless, cosmopolitan, atomistic gay man, alienated from his family and society, who buggers strangers, often from other races, and often without even bothering to learn these men’s names, takes the liberal social model to its logical extreme.

  22. Leftists have become very good at exploiting female nurturing instincts. “Look at this sad picture of a drowned toddler on a beach, goy!” You can’t have a reasonable discussion with a woman when it comes to these matters. She won’t give a shit if her donation helps cripple Subsaharan African farmers and textile manufacturers – it makes her feel good about herself.
    At the same time, there’s a naturally Conservative aspect to women. Most women wouldn’t accept a man of a lower social class. The majority of slut-shaming is done by women. Most women insist on observing holidays in very traditional ways.
    The Leftists, of course, don’t actually give a shit about women. Hence, the importation of hordes of men from countries where rape isn’t considered a big deal. Also note the lives of women in Eastern Bloc countries. Communist propaganda made them feel important but in reality most were relegated to factory work and pink collar jobs like teaching.

  23. I was a hardcore liberal at one point, absorbing all the lies from the left, always believing I was a victim, that the government was my ally and I always had to rely on them. I believed the BS about the wage gap, racial discrimination, misogyny. The turning point was when I just wanted to get laid more.
    By learning game, I unraveled the lie that women are sugar, spice, everything nice. I still remember how angry I was to see just how cruel women are to men. Here is the thing, when you uncover that lie, the rest of them start to show as well. Pretty soon it wasn’t just game, but everything the alt right now stands for, and I’m including the manosphere in that.
    Doing an about face on your idealogical orientation is possible, and it took a lack of sex for me to accomplish this.

    1. Yeah, this happens to everyone of us.
      I was a full blown liberal 2 years ago.
      I even gave a speech about polyamory 23 month ago.
      At that time I was already a member of the pickup community which pretty much proofs that PU is NOT redpilled, it’s redpill behaviour combined with blue pill school of thought. Maybe the PU community was better years ago but it’s a fucked up place in the present. Over 30% of users on pickupforum.de are women and if your posts are that of a shitlord you get banned like me. Because PUAs are doing everything to please women. They will even ban other PUAs instead of banning the liberal women that should get the fuck out of a community that is made for men. Well, just look what happened to Mystery and you’ll see that these guys never really swallowed the redpill.
      Both Rollo Tomassi and Esther Vilar deserve credit for starting my transformation 15 month ago.

      1. Some of us older guys started right wing and became more right wing. I started college in the era of Ron Motherfucking Reagan, and proud of it. It’s only gotten better with time.

        1. Good for you. My father was raised by a single mother right after this city got destroyed in second world war so I don’t blame him for being bluepilled af. He never had any type of guidance.
          Sometimes I ask myself what he could have been under different circumstances because I know that in terms of IQ he is way smarter than me.
          But that’s a question for the member berries.
          I would have liked to be raised by you. Especially for the gun part 😉
          Never had a gun in my hand

      2. I’ve been hunting around myself for some communities in Germany to join and find some wings and politically like-minded souls. Have attended lairs in a few cities here in the past.. Sound out if you have any suggestions..

  24. Vote in the federal election of Berlin last sunday:
    Men voted AfD: 17%
    Women voted AfD: 11%
    I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that women vote for the leftists or the fact that only 17% of Berlins male population has a brain (well, around 30% of Berlins population has a migrant background; but AfD should still get at least 50% of votes in a normal world)

  25. “Unbekümmert, spöttisch, gewaltthätig – so will uns die Weisheit: sie ist ein Weib, sie liebt immer nur einen Kriegsmann.” – Nietzsche, Also sprach Zarathustra
    English: “Reckless, mocking, violent – that’s how the wisdom want’s us to be: she is a woman, she exclusively loves warriors.”

    1. I will give you 1000 dollars if you can explain that statement without sounding like a 14 year old moron

      1. She wants you to wreck her, and be risky, violent and other traits that are associated with stereotypical masculinity.

        1. option was for the dimwit above. Unfortunately, while that is both generally accurate in life and understandable as a claim, it doesn’t work in the larger context of understanding the quote he is using.

      1. Good question. I’ve had a pumpkin spice latte, it tasted okay. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t some holy grail of flavor. It confirmed to me, that women are doing it because other women do it. Like uggs.

        1. In theory, it’s all the cinnamon and cloves and sugar you’d put in a pumpkin pie.
          Check the ingredients list for most pumpkin spice drinks, though, and you’ll find dozens of unpronounceable chemicals with no clear connection to pumpkins or spices.

      2. I think it’s tasty on occasion, but it certainly isn’t deserving of the hype. Definitely didn’t warrant the 30000 spinoff items. Pumpkin-flavored vodka? Wut

      3. I think its an outward sign of women’s inherent nature toward doing anything that is perverted. For example, what is a feminist’s favorite holiday? Halloween, because she gets to “pump kin”.

        1. The joke is actually what is a hillbilly’s favorite holiday – Halloween, because he gets to pump kin. (Pump…kin). Feminists do that kind of thing if they think nobody will find out. It’s natural for them to do anything twisted; feminism’s explosion is rooted in the encouragement of deviant behavior.

        2. Well I have this theory that if you examined their gene pools, their DNA would trace back through places like Virginia and Arkansas. But I’m not a geneticist. It’s just a hunch. Feminists have convinced me to keep my opinions to myself, unless I express them on the darkest corners of the Internet…

      4. I know right? You’d think that she’d be happy as the replacement for Posh, but no, she whines and moans like a champ.

        1. I’ll be honest, I had to duckduckgo to find out what their names are.

        2. you duckduckgo’d the spice girls. Somewhere in the intertubes there is a database of homos and you are now on it.

        3. Don’t even bring that faggot up, it might attract him like a bear to honey.

        4. …so did you get with her friends?
          (Disclaimer: Spice Girl crap blared everywhere when I worked in Eire.)

      5. Seasonality creates the illusion of scarcity. It’s special because it’s not going to be available for much longer until next year. Basic marketing slight-of-hand. If that stuff was available year-around, it wouldn’t be nearly as popular because it’s just not that good. If it was “that good,” then they’d make it year-around because there would be demand for it and they’d make more money.
        Also there is this obsession with Halloween and all of its trappings. Since the culture largely denigrates Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, they fill that void with the pagan symbolism of Halloween. Pumpkin-anything naturally invokes Halloween.
        I’m not anti-Halloween, it’s harmless fun if one is grounded. But for those whose feet are planted firmly in the clouds, it can be dangerously enticing.

        1. Seasonality creating illusion of scarcity makes sense. It is similar, though not the same, as Kona coffee. When the Kona coffee comes out everyone goes crazy. It cost like 4 times more than regular coffee and everyone just goes on about how great it is and people line up for it. No one mentions that Kona, Hawaii is part of the United States and falls under the auspices of the Department of Labor and thus has to pay coffee pickers minimum wage rather than the 8 cents a week they pay them in costa rica which is what accounts for the costs BUT STARBUCKS HAS THE KONA FOR 8 DOLLARS!!!!!!!
          Not sure where you are, but I have never seen any denigration of Christmas or Halloween and always saw easter as a much less public and more family oriented holiday. For my part, when the city is bedecked in Christmas lights it is my favorite time of the year.
          Whoreaween is the superbowl of being a slut. Being a bachelor myself, I find it good fun. If I was married I would sit home depressed. If I had kids I would be at home depot buying rope.

      1. No way. They are all dead inside. It’s normal…most guys are so mad at feminism that they want to hate-fuck some of ’em…

  26. Women are herd animals. If their man is strong (or just passionate) they’ll follow whatever he says, no matter how intelligent or stupid it is.
    If their man is weak, they’ll follow what their friends say, and their friends will go almost entirely with whatever ‘society’ is pimping.

    1. Quite true. And if you inherit her from her father in a direct changing of the guard, she’ll remain true (for right wing/conservative/libertarian I mean) or even become more hard core.
      My wife is:
      Pro-death penalty
      Pro-traditional sex roles
      Anti-welfare (as in, eliminate it entirely)
      Anti-ADP (aid to dependent children)
      anti-family court bias against men
      anti-“faggot flare ups in society” (keep it to yourself, she says)
      pro-“manly” men (she loathes weak men)
      warm to the idea of royalty and nobility
      hates the anti-male push in media
      educated my daughter how to be a feminine woman, including how to cook, clean, do laundry and organize family finances
      anti-fat acceptance
      anti-illegal immigration
      She came from a very strong patriarchal family, and her father was far, far right wing. I was her first real LTR, and of course my opinions here are known. She’s only gotten more right wing as time has passed. She is nearly to the level of Vlad the Impaler, lol.

      1. Sounds like a great woman. Good on you for being wise enough to go after her. I too am blessed to have such a wife.

        1. I actually was of the mind, back in the mid 1980’s when I was wife hunting, that I didn’t want to just accept whatever was thrown my way. Went through quite a few misfires before I found her. I knew she was the one to ring up when, after a month or so of dating, I brought home a new firearm and she came over to visit. She saw it sitting in the corner of my bedroom and said “Oooooh, that’s pretty! Are you going to take me out shooting sometime?!”
          A thin little HB 9 blond chick with grandparents from Germany, raised on a farm, patriarchal old Lutheran family, could cook, sew, bake, clean and expected me to be the man in the relationship. The “omg, that’s such a pretty gun” just pushed me right over the edge.
          25 years later, we’re still together and have raised two great kids. I think it worked out pretty well.

      2. So she will support your excution as punishment for your internet posts if Hellary is pronounced Queen

      3. I noticed this among my parents. My mom seems to hold whatever opinion my dad has as her own. Very rarely, if ever, is it vice versa

        1. That’s the way it works. A man who holds his wife’s political beliefs is a man who has adopted a hyphenated last name on her command.

    1. I’d go further and say your vote should be proportional to your personal investment in the future of the country. Per household, one vote per tax-filing individual (so no one on welfare, and one vote per couple), plus perhaps a bonus for multiple dependents (to support reproduction rates among the tax-paying citizenry).
      In this way, a woman can only vote if she’s a) filing her own taxes, b) paying taxes above some given threshold, and c) having kids. As an added bonus, illegal inhabitants and leeches have no say in who will be setting the tax rates.

      1. Ditto. Giving a woman the right to vote is like giving people with Down syndrome the right to drive a school bus while high on Ambien and cognac…

      2. That’s more realistic and would have a similar effect and restore voting to what it was when only land-owning gentry could vote. It’s extremely unlikely womens right to vote would be reversed, but if you package it like this, especially given an economic collapse that comes about because of the weight of all the welfare payments, people just might have to accept this

      3. Yes, in imperial Germany (pre WW1) they had a three tiered voting system based on nobility, tax payments, and then everyone else. A man could get more votes based on the rank of his title and how much tax he paid. There was even an instance where a Chancellor found himself in one of the lowest voting tiers because he paid so little in taxes despite being the head of government.

    2. It took me years to get to this point, but I agree. For every woman who should vote (and I know plenty) there are 100 who are just emotional children. If you know a woman who is on the fence on this point, I recommend looking up some of the famous quotes of the Anti-Suffragette Movement. There were many articulate, intelligent women who were against women voting for reasons both moral and practical. Let them do the talking for you.
      It is not compassionate to let them vote. When society collapses women will suffer far more than men will (particularly unmarried women who don’t have a man around to protect them), and their voting patterns lead only to collapse.
      Remember women did not give themselves the right to vote; it is men who failed in this regard.

      1. “When society collapses women will suffer far more than men will (particularly unmarried women who don’t have a man around to protect them)”
        A seperate issue, but related to your above point. I watched a German documentary (completed with Russian evidence and interviews) about the 3 year seige of Leningrad. The starvation in the city led to cannibalism and the biggest victims were single women who did not have any male blood relations in the city.

        1. During the Haitian earthquakes, single women and their children were the most likely victims of rape and exploitation. The men would take the food away from the women and “sell” it back to them in return for sexual favors. And that’s if he was be nice. Sometimes, the man would just rape and still make off with the food, leaving y woman to go hungry indefinitely.

  27. Semi-unrelated, but last week there was talk about how the big video streaming services were biased against alternative viewpoints (read: YouTube Heroes). I’ve found a video service called “Minds” that might well fit our free speech criteria.
    @disqus_aHyDBkvUW5:disqus, in particular, I’d be interested in your thoughts. I cannot recall who else was involved in that conversation, but if it’s worthwhile we might want to give it some attention.

    1. Interesting. It doesn’t seem to be a direct YouTube competitor, like gab.ai is to Twitter. I’m having a little trouble navigating Minds.com, possibly because there isn’t much uploaded yet so I’m unsure if I’m utilizing it properly. If it’s going to work the way I think it is though, it looks promising. Seems like it’s a hybrid of YouTube, WordPress, and Twitter or Instagram.
      YouTube is going to doom itself with this YouTube Heroes nonsense and Twitter is losing people as they switch over to gab.ai. The giants are weak and smaller competitors are moving in for the kill. If you’re a programmer out there wanting to compete against the big boys, now’s your chance.

      1. Yeah, it strikes me as a social media catch-all in a similar vein to Facebook, but with a focus on content over selfies. Computing Forever (Dave Cullen – a YouTuber) brought it to my attention with his recent video on how YT will likely kill itself with its recent changes, and it looks promising to me. Of course, it’s sufficiently new to be a bit wonky, but considering how young the platform is it looks pretty nice.
        I signed for gab.ai yesterday, and they informed me I was in line behind something like 60k others. This is a very good sign for them, and a disaster for Twitter.

        1. I’ve had a gab.ai account for probably a month now. I hopped onto it as soon as I found out about it. They need to clean up the look of it a bit, but it operates essentially the same as twitter. Just looks very barebones right now.

  28. Single woman are mostly liberal. Married woman are about as conservative as their husbands. In other words woman follow the herd whichever herd they are in. If you let the government take care of them. They are socialists

      1. Exceptions to rules.u t married women very much vote the same as married men. Single men are also conservative but single women are not

      2. Oh and girlfriends are not wives they’re not even close to wives it’s a different world when you’re married

  29. Kinda on, kinda off topic:
    Bitch is reeking anger and desperation.
    “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?!?!” *bobble head bobble head bobble head*.
    You can feel the fear oozing out of this leathery old witch.

    1. Imagine the horror of living a life of crime, doing all manner of despicable things, then having it all tumble down on you as you’re dying a slow and unpleasant death by inches.

      1. It’s hard to feel any compassion or remorse for what I’m more and more seeing as her clearly visible medical suffering. She’s earned every bit of it.

        1. Her body is finally matching her mind. It is now a revolting husk. She was a shell to begin with, but now it is obvious.

        2. I have the bottle of champaigne ready for the day that sleestack (70s reference) dies. From the looks of that evil hag, I shold put it in the fridge. She is about done.

      2. The Alt Right has Pepe the Frog.
        Not to be outdone, the Left is now launching a “Don’t croak on me” campaign in support of Hillary.

  30. Most Liberals I have met, without fail, hate mankind. “Humans are like trash cans.” “We are the worst creatures on the planet.” They hate themselves and want all the others to die with them. They are crabs in a bucket, always clawing in futility and if any other crab tries to reach the top they will pull them back down.

    1. Met a few older Liberals on a plane last night, and this is pretty much exactly what I saw. All I know is that my talk of “I want to be the best I can” and “there are better and worse cultures” made them try to box me in as Literally Himmler (after I didn’t even blink at Literally Hitler).
      More or less exact quote: “You know who else believed in superior and inferior people? Hitler.”

      1. My university is swarming with this mindset. Mostly women, but I feel it from the professors as well. Even my Biology professor is this nihilistic Liberal that believes that we are disposable. “This chemical is pretty disposable, much like boyfriends, right ladies?” He says shit like that all the time. He is pretty empty.

        1. I cannot fathom the darkness that must live in their hearts. As the Scriptures say, “Out of the overflow of a man’s heart, his mouth speaks.”
          I.E. If he’s saying that, he must feel even worse. What a sad man.

        2. When I was in college I used to call out profs all the time when they went retarded liberal in lieu of teaching us the actual subject of the class. It startles them to get push back.

        3. I have received some serious death stares from students and professors alike. you are right, though. Professors are catering to a certain mindest and are not prepared for any opposing views. College is a groupthink exercise. Free thinking prohibited.

        4. Oh I don’t know. My son challenges all the time on campus. It’s not only made him the talk of the town, but he has like a bajillion hot little college girls who are all following him around.
          Alt-right/manosphere is the new punk rock scene. It’s becoming “cool” to not be a leftist.

        5. Same happened to me. For example a professor was having a discussion with a few of my fellow students (all liberal of course) and they talked about how the internet should be censored (well, that’s literally ‘liberal’, isn’t it) and then I interrupted them and told them that the internet is the last stance of objective information due to the fact that only six companies publish all the news (Comcast, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS und 21st Century Fox).
          His reply was that it is better to have manufactured consent than having a place where everyone can be a bully.
          Damn…these lunatics are so brainwashed.

        6. His reply was that it is better to have manufactured consent than having a place where everyone can be a bully.
          “Yeah, that’s what your mom said when I was making your dad a cuck”
          Heh. I so loathe leftists.

        7. Professors are running scared now with Wiki and other sites posting so much information. They constantly rag on it here, saying that it is not credible. As if some 13 year-old is really trolling the Chemistry Wikis. The Internet can teach any subject, much like a library. Databases can replace professors. No cost for all the knowledge.

        8. Yeah, I love that. Or when you go to the doctor and you can already tell him which disease you have because you googled it…and then he tells you “nah, you cant trust informations on the internet.” and then he makes the exact same diagnosis.
          Or once a doctor told me I need to take in more vitamin c (without making blood tests!) and told me to buy some gold kiwi fruits because they have ten times more vitamin c compared to the green ones and I was like ‘Eeeh, actually the green ones got more vitamin c’
          These dumbfucks know nothing..and therefore I have to deal with poor dim light vision. I should call myself ‘loleye’

        9. “His reply was that it is better to have manufactured consent than having a place where everyone can be a bully.”
          He sounds like a Noam Chomsky (Chump-ski) follower. The Pol Pot apologist re-emerged a dozen years ago during OIF and all the Bush bashing. He seems to have slithered back into obscurity, but he is still quoted often.

    2. I hear, with some regularity, humans being likened to ‘viruses of the earth’ by liberals. Not much makes me want to talk about points of view with a liberal, but this always seems to get me.

      1. Hippies would be shocked to actually know we were here first, and then plants and their cells came along.

    3. But specially western culture, because we all know that the white European men is the Devil himself!

    4. Ask them if they are a leader.

      Ask them how passionately they believe humans suck.
      Convince them to be a leader and go jump off a bridge.

  31. I overheard a black man and a hispanic man talking to a liberal white chick at a bar last night. (Was sitting two stools down from them at the bar.) They were all bashing Trump, and all three declared that they would be voting for Hillary. The white chick was the loudest of the three. I went to the juke box, selected “Crazy Bitch” by Buck Cherry, stared at the liberal white chick, picked up my drink, and went to the outdoor patio…

    1. She went on to have a threesome and then end the night with some doggy style from her pitbull. Typical night for the American gal.

        1. Wait until she goes out in public with dog slobber on her back. 😛 Whoops! No wonder they have so many mops. Jesus.

        2. Yeah…it’s a fucking Kafkaesque nightmare of no-limits deviant behavior. Thanks, social engineers!

        3. 100 years from now doggy marriage will be the norm and people will walk around with their mate on leashes. 100 years ago nobody would have thought gay marriage would be normalized, so this might not be too far from the truth.

        4. Yup. Within 10 years it will be considered “kinkily normal” for women to fuck dogs…same with kiddy-diddling. The social engineers want to fan the flames on those two. They already made being gay “normal”. Same for transgenderism. Sink, sink, sink…take it down as low as it can go.

        5. They didn’t even know there would be such a thing. 10years ago older generations would have thought it crazy in the extreme. I remember my old man saying when he was growing up they didn’t even know there was such a thing as a homosexual.

        6. Ha. Kids will be able to openly proclaim their desire to go out with adults on dates. You know, just like they can now proclaim that they are a male trapped in a female’s body, or they can ask the school nurse to be supplied with birth control at school, against their parents’ wishes. Welcome to Batshit Crazy World, what will you be ordering tonight, sir…

        7. Reminds me of the part in Aldous Huxleys ‘Brave new world’ where the two kids are playing fickificki games and the head of this incubation center tells the students that in the past it was prohibited for kids to play fickificki and the students are shocked.

        8. I am terrified of all these stories about 5 year-olds being trapped with the wrong gender. As if. they have no concept or clue. The parents are pushing them to the conclusion. “Damn, I had a boy! He is not gay, either! Hmnm, maybe he is female!” Madness all around. I feel like Ren in Space Madness.

        9. Yeah, people’s reactions to stimuli are based on conditioning. That’s why the Puppet Masters control the population. The new norm is eventually accepted; the old norm is frowned upon. They can literally (Hitler) get most people to accept whatever they want them to accept.

        10. When I was a kid, homosexuality was about as rampant as having leprosy. And it was as equally reviled.

        11. And usually mommy is having the final say – due to the pedestalization of feminism. The blind leading the blind; the nuts taking control of the nuthouse…

        12. Homosexuality was one of two things back then. Either kept very, very private or was something that was hilarious….Charles Nelson Riley, Elton John in a duck suit, Liberace. Back then the fags knew that they were leading a deviant lifestyle and either hid it from the world or were hilarious but no one, not a single one of them, would have considered it normal.
          You would say “oh, that Charles nelson Riley….still a bachelor” and everyone would snicker and he would do his schtick. To be honest, in the 80’s I didn’t really mind the faggots. They did their thing on Christopher street and the west village and I avoided it and we all had a laugh about Dr Zacary Smith and the real danger to will robinson on reruns of lost in space.

        13. Funny how it slowly and steadily expanded. Well, not really. It means it was by design. The funny thing is, most people don’t know it’s all orchestrated. The people who don’t realize it are the ones who are really dangerous. Much more so than Elton or Dr. Smith, or benign gays in the 70’s, or earlier. The Walking Dead – for real.

        14. I also didn’t mind the faggots in the 80s remember Freddy Mercury and his moustache? Now it’s not so pleasant with various groups on the left trying so hard to exploit them for their political goals..

        15. Little kids always claimed they would marry a grown up they had a crush on one day.
          Now instead of just laughing and thinking it’s cute adults will tell them they don’t have to wait.

        16. They already had fag hags in the 80’s. They were the first females to contract GRIDS and the same sluts you bribed with blow then banged in the stall of the men’s room in the trendiest new night club when you were rocking a mullet

        17. You called that stach the taint tickler din’tcha. He died of AIDS btw
          People like you were part of the problem and let it get this bad.
          Give them an inch and they want 8… I mean a mile

        18. Any kind of contact between any man over 30 with any unrelated woman 29 or younger will be strictly prohibited by law. If you notice, with all kinds of alternative relationships being accepted, the most demonized are young woman older man relationships.

        19. I m in my late 20s and I participate in amateur boxing. If I say that I am a 5 year old boy trapped in a man’s body, will they let me compete against the little boys? If not, who should I sue? And if the parents refuse to let their 5, 6, 7 year old sons fight me, can I get the ACLU involved? It’s all so confusing!!!

        20. I’m just a fan of rock music and Queen is also on the list of stuff I like although it’s the only one I like where they are gay, and prefer many rock bands of normal hetero musicians. It wasn’t this bad back in the 80s it happened after..

      1. Ah Pit bulls, the misunderstood breed; savages with a heart of gold. The pit I mean. The American gals are just savages.

      1. My go-to song when faced with rabid feminist cunt stunts…they stop talking and get introspective – but only for a minute.

  32. Those are what the expensive bunny ranch whores look like? They’d have to pay me to fuck them.

    1. Carson City is freak show. If you are best man and charged with duties of the bachelor party avoid that place. Head to Vegas.

        1. Carson City is like that bar scene in Star Wars with the aliens. Its where ugly hookers go before they become homeless.

      1. They need their protein or they will keel over like their candidate. Bill wasted it all on Monica now Hellary is going to lose because of it!

      1. Some of the free agent prostitutes in Vegas are 9/10, truly top-drawer. Sit down at the bar at pretty much any upscale hotel/casino. Be well-dressed, lay a stack of 100’s on the bartop. Magically, they will appear…

        1. I have done that. I know a guy who has some very high up connections at the Wynn and we went for a weekend high roller status…like really fucking high roller status. It was fucking amazing but super hard to figure out which were the ultra hot for hire chicks and which were the ultra hot girls who would fuck you as long as you got them drunk in the vip section of the clubs. I know the difference is negligible, but I don’t mind a 22 year old 9 who is dressed to kill with all her friends who just want to be in the vip section drinking champagne and will let you and your buddies run a train on her as long as the good times go nearly as much as I mind the direct transaction.
          I tried to convince my cousin to let me throw his bachelor party at the AVN awards in vegas. I could have scored us a free suite in a room so it would have wound up being something like 7500 bucks for a 10 top vip table with backstage access and bottle service. Vegas porn awards in vip area with backstage access would have been in serious contention for the best bachelor party I had ever thrown. Unfortunately the fiancé, soon to be ex wife, had already strapped the cuffs on his balls.

        2. The best-looking whores and wannabe whores (like the VIP chicks you described) flock to Vegas. I am seeing the brilliant potential for an ROK Readers Weekend in Vegas here. Win/win all the way around. (Or is that Wynn/Wynn?)

        3. That would be a disaster. Sometimes I think I will just pack up a suitcase and fly out there and spend a weekend doing nothing but having fun. Then I think about what it will wind up costing. I really need a job with Goldman….in the mid 90’s. That amex platinum with the no questions asked expense policy would come in handy

        4. I hear you. But I just happen to have this Rain Man aptitude (minus the social ineptness) when it comes to sports betting. So it wouldn’t just be a bangfest/drunkfest. Maybe we can toss this idea around to a couple of like-minded readers here, and see where it goes…eh.

        5. I will need to bring you if I go. I am literally (hitler) the unluckiest gambler in the world. If I put 20 dollars on black 12 most likely the outcome would be a terrorist blowing up the casino.

        6. If you get a wild hair to go, just let me know. I go up there a lot. We’ll bet on sports; step away from the gaming tables, they are literally Hitler. There are two types of sports bettors – suckers, and the other kind. You’ll see what I mean, if we eventually meet up. Stack the winnings up next to our drinks. Like flies to honey, the sluts will come. Fish. Barrel. Shoot. March Madness is the ultimate cash grab. The entire NFL Season is great, including the playoffs. The college football National Championship Playoffs and the Power Conference bowl games are pure gold. College basketball is a rape-fest during the entire conference season. The NBA playoffs are like manna from heaven. So from now until the end of May, it’s prime time…for eight straight months. (Summer is not as good, because it’s so fucking hot and the action is slower in the pussy department, although you can make money on Major League Baseball.)

        7. That is very tempting.
          Very. Very. Tempting. After my trip to Jacksonville I promised that Las Vegas and French Civilized Caribbean islands would be the only places outside of Manhattan if ever go again

        8. Women and greed go hand in hand. This is what I hear from most of the women who approach me in Vegas when it comes to betting on sports – “I want to learn how to do that!” They see me cashing out and they go batshit nuts because they are naturally money-hungry. This is aside from the professional whores, who just approach based on seeing a guy with a big stack of cash. Talk is cheap but I don’t rattle. Lemme know.

        9. If anything it wouldn’t be until after the new year but I will let you know

        10. Gotcha. January is the first month of the college basketball conference season. NFL Playoffs, too. College basketball gives me the most consistent ROI. It’s all good, brother.

        11. If the 9 has her friends, why run a train? Eh.

          And why didnt you just say you and dude were goung golfing. Keep avn awards secret.

        12. That was my plan actually. Say golf putting. Faggot asked his fiancé. Didn’t think I’d have to keep it from him too!

        13. You could have a gang bang with your bros back east for free… I guess it was easier to convince them if there were some porn sluts in the mix though because it’s somehow a bit less gay than a sausage fest

        14. The only thing you would be tossing with readers interested in that here is each other’s salad. You must be confusing this with grindr.com

        15. LMAO, “Uhhh, I’ll have to think about taking you up on that generous offer of all that free money and pussy”

        16. You really haven’t figured out why he would have prefered a train yet?
          And because the story is complete bullshit.
          Of the “Uhhhh, I could have played in the NFL but muh mom was sick so I had to stay in town to take care of her” variety

  33. I’m getting a really shitty pop up when I try to navigate away from ROK asking for my email. I started inputting fake email addresses. Enjoy the fake click traffic fools.

    1. When I try to scroll down it keeps opening either iTunes or Safari over ROK along with that pop up.

  34. We know that women are inherently liberal and that we need to take the right to vote and divorce away from them.
    How can we achieve that in an atheistic society?
    How can we put women in their place without going back to religious cults we already had overcome? We all know that believing in an almighty creator is a foolish thing to do. On the other hand it’s better than dealing with a liberal society and all it’s degeneracy from homosexual behaviour to fucking dogs and kids.
    So what shall we do?

    1. But that’s just it, we haven’t “overcome religious cults”, we’ve simply discarded old religion and invested “government/society” with magical powers and it is now the new God.
      The human mind is, by and large, cut out to desire hierarchy and a sense of purpose higher than self. Get rid of religion, and in steps Karl Marx smacking his big fat flaccid lips. Get rid of Marx and some other bullshit will manifest itself. At least religion had some self control insofar as even most of the upper priest caste felt they were serving a higher God.

      1. I don’t care if one believes in God or not, but to discard the wisdom of the ages – that’s fucking suicide.

      2. “his big fat flaccid lips” That gave me a laugh! I saw a mental image of Nigel Lawson flash into my head….although from the same tribe, the polar opposite of KM.

        1. The rate of child molestation is much higher in the general population than in the clergy.
          So basically, if you’re in the general population, or an atheist, then you are more of a danger to children than a priest.

    2. We all know that believing in an almighty creator is a foolish thing to do

      To be fair, we don’t all know that.

        1. Only you can be on your side… and most people can’t even manage that. Trusting anyone to be on your side is the surest way to get fucked over, never forget that.

        2. Trusting a woman, you mean. If you can’t trust your fellow man, ever, well, you are doomed.

    3. Atheistic society is going to be left wing commie society.
      Religion despite its faults caused people to want to do right because of the fear of judgement in the end. If there is no fear of inescapable judgement the only thing one has to worry about is being caught by the omnipotent government. Christianity set out rules to live by, we have thrown that away and replaced it with, if it feels good do it.
      That’s turning out well.

      1. I agree but the slave morality of SJWs and guilt syndrome of whites stems from christianity.
        Like Nietzsche points out in ‘Die Genealogie der Moral’, 2. Abhandlung:
        “Die Heraufkunft des christlichen Gottes hat das Maximum des Schuldgefühls auf Erden zur Erscheinung gebracht.”
        “The advent of the christian god has brought with it the maximum of guilt feelings ever witnessed on earth.”
        Christianity is a shitty religion just as judaism.
        I like Islam much better.
        If it wasn’t for the pray-5-times-a-day-rule and the reluctance to science it would be ideal.

        1. I think instead of maximum guilt it was intended to produce compassion and mercy.

        2. Yeah just like the ending of slavery.
          Didn’t work out so well, heh?
          The way to hell is paved with good intentions.

        3. This is 2016 they no longer have a road, they have an elevator complete with Muzak-probably pop-country.
          As for ending slavery despite what has happened since, was the right thing to do.
          Instead of importing all those pesky slaves they should have just had Duggar size families to pick the damn cotton.

        4. They should have just sterilized the blacks like the muslims did it. That is the reason why there is white slave guilt but no muslim slave guilt: The muslims treated their slaves worse.

        5. Kind of ironic the Nation of Islam advocates for blacks to return to their “original religion” after the Muslims did what they did to them.

        6. The whites enslaved 11.5 Million blacks, the islamic empires from 650 to 1920 enslaved 17 Million blacks. (Source: Quelle: Ralph Austen, From the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean: European Abolition, the African Slave Trade, and Asian Economics Structures, in: David Eltis/James Walvin (Hgg.), The Abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Origins and Effects in Europa, Afrika and the Americans, Madison/London 1981, p. 136)
          Yeah, that shit makes me grin broadly over the Muhammad Ali story. ‘Muh, whites are bad to blacks, let’s convert to the religion of black enslavement’

        7. When livestock can’t pull a plow anymore you make steak out of it, you don’t give it a table at the restaurant

        8. No different than the establishment turning all bints feminist when they are most negatively impacted by it

      2. This is right. Some atheistic individuals can be borne in a religious society in the way that some pollution can be cleansed by the ocean. Those atheists, often times, wind up being great and become atheists because the confines of the society needed to be broken for their greatness.
        The thing about this is that you have to have the confines in order to have the rare individual who breaks them to become great and so the religious society is just as important to greatness as the leaving it behind. Think Galileo.
        A religious society is flexible enough that should a certain small percentage of the population be atheists it can handle it and if a small population of that small population winds up being great then it is worth it. The problem is that with everyone thinking they actually fucking know something (see straightalpha below) and living in a society where “special” is something you can just identify as rather than earn, it overwhelms the structure that religion put in place.

        1. Confinement or the sense of external reference to what lays beyond what is being confined by the rules, if they’re religious or perhaps secular rules like Marxism is what propels certain minds to greatness.
          It’s when these “certain minds” abandon belief and faith in favor for a belief in the certainty of their own power to answer more acutely the questions which those whom confine them can no longer provide. Think Newton abandoning Aristotle or Beethoven abandoning the wise rules of composition as thought by papa Haydn.

        2. I am sorry SJ but having a little bit of an issue parsing your second paragraph. The fault is 99% likely mine but can you rephrase in a way morons can understand. The references are fine, just not understanding how you see the newton move away from Aristotle or the Luddy B move from Haydn.

        3. Sorry, I was kind of rambling off into abstractions there. I was thinking of the analogy between silence and music and likewise between the actual frame around a picture and the the picture that’s created against the defining or rather confining frame around it.
          It’s similar with philosophy and science when a thinker has to work against the defining frame. It’s this form of resistance- against the frame (or grain) of inherited conventional wisdom- that often produces first rate minds that I was rather clumsily thinking about, but, not explaining very succinctly above.

        4. Not at all. I majored in abstractions and minored in rambling. This is what I thought you meant but my brain wasn’t working. It’s funny, in the third critique, Kant says that one way we notice genius is that they, essentially, begin a new pattern. What he doesn’t say, though is implied, that the old pattern must be broken. So for progress you need the old pattern, the genius and the new pattern all together.
          Your music analogy was right on and taken to the next step you have Schonberg and the 12 tone row nutiness. James Joyce is only a genius because he was where he was and wrapped in the tradition he was. If I wrote finnegans wake today it would be absurd (in the bad way). The problem occurs when everyone wants to be the genius so the structure that the genius must transcend stops existing and the whole house of cards comes down

        5. You’re very true about Joyce. He was more of an inventor rather than an original creator, but, who since the time of perhaps Euler or Bach has been an original creator from first principles?
          I dislike the term genius anyway. It’s too labored and loaded with caricature Papier Mâché features like the mad scientist and the tormented artist beating their sweaty brows in the midnight light against all the odds all by themselves.
          Once a person aspires to be a genius it’s time to laugh and throw a few pebbles against the retreating waves on the beach.

        6. Agreed 100%. I use genius now only as Kantian jargon because like a good Prussian he defines exactly what he means when he says it

        7. That venerable gent of such regular habits who walked the pavements in Koenigsberg with exactitude each and every day knew how to butter his parsnips to a fine T. (Although he apparently enjoyed eating and drinking a good hearty meal with his regular male mates each afternoon, where apparently bawdy jokes and tall tales were indulged in by all concerned)

        8. His dinner rules were pretty funny if you read his diaries. Also one student asked him why he doesn’t travel and his response was that people come to see him. But the best line ever was in his coorospondence. A little esoteric and kind of disgusting. But Kant was obsessive with his own fecal matter. Measuring it. Weighing it. Observing it and worst of all writing letters to people about it. One of these people was a former student of his that he kept in touch with who responded to a long letter by Kant describing his own turd with “dearest professor Kant, it is always a wonderful thing to hear from you no matter what the subject. But I would much prefer to hear of your rumination a priori than a posteriori.

        9. Mozart’s family also had a notoriously in-house scatological sense of humor about such matters too. Maybe it’s one of those odd German quirks that’s tied into their outward public behavior of obsessive cleanliness.
          I’m glad that the venerable Professor didn’t ask like a typical English empiricist for verifiable evidence to support his student’s claim upon the finer points relating to the particular categorical imperative on this occasion. Maybe, some facts are purely self-evident regardless of the evidence!

        10. What scientists were burned at the state for doing scientific research?

    1. she conservatively estimates it will take her at least 2 drinks before she deep throats her.

        1. “graduated University of Nevada, Las Vegas” in 2014. I would stake my life on a notch count north of 50 and would not be in the least bit shocked if it was over 100.

        2. her anti BLM stance more likely than not has to do with UNLV offensive line running train in her on the regular.

    2. Booze and Sex, what’s new under the sun? Even conservative needs sex, well, cuckservatives just wanna watch their women got run over by her ‘Bulls’

  35. Sadly I’ve seen several instances over the past few months of pro-Trump wives turning their husbands pro-Trump.

    1. I missed something, why is that sad? Aside from the fact of them being men they should have been pro Trump all along.

      1. Because Trump is controlled opposition and men should be smart enough to recognize that even if their wives aren’t

  36. Fun fact: any leftover “equal” societies in which women have a shit ton of power are all primitive spear chuckers. Patriarchy IS progress. Matriarchy and equalism are primitive. Give women enough power and they’ll run society right into the ground.

    1. Reminds me of the old joke. A woman with no arms and no legs is laying on the beach crying. A man walks by and says “oh my, how can I help you. how can I make your life better” The woman says “I could really use a hug and a kiss” The man bends over, embraces the woman and gives her a sweet kiss” She immediately stops crying and smiles and thanks him. The man says, “well, if there is nothing else I will be on my way” The woman looks at him and says “i could really use to be fucked” so the man reaches down, picks her up and tosses her in the ocean.

      1. Reminds me of the three guys on the beach that saw a mermaid. First guy walks up and asks ” you ever been kissed before? “No” says mermaid so the guy lays one on her. How did you like that? He says. I liked it says she. Second guy says”you ever been French kissed?” No says she, so he lays one on her and asks “how did you like that?” I REALLY liked it.
        Third guy says “you ever been fucked before”? No says the mermaid. “Well you are now because the tide went out”.

  37. I just saw on the news where Madame Hillary is proposing 65% top rate estate tax. She might as well be saying lets kill as many small family businesses as possible then the government can “fix it”.

  38. men have let women down soo many times. i wouldn t trust one to support me or my offspring. i d love to stay home run arrends , have a spotless house, cook interesting dishes everyday and stay with the kids and make sure they get affection and education but i can t because men by nature are not gratefull nor faithful, so i have to work and vote liberals because they could be a last resort . i can t even afford children on my own and i wouldn t trust a man for any kind of help but as a last resort a nanny state could help childless women like me who one day would want children, women can t depend on men. i m not sure the state isa better option but so far it s done more than absent dads who feel overwhelmed and run off with younger lovers. i m sure there are great men out there but just like womn they re unicorns. i m single i go to the gym i go to clubs and i see things and i m modtly approached by taken men who have the nerve to complain about their wives, the mother of their children. i m a teacher and i see dads who are always late absent careless with their children and modt of them with younger lovers who they cheat on….so i m waiting for my unicorn and voting liberals in case one day i decide to have a child. i wouldn t do politics at home though. i m not pleased withthe situation, i m just between a rock and a hard place.

        1. Beauty is fleeting which is why alphas marry on the installment upgrade plan. What she seems to want is a forever “soulmate” who will Calgon bath take her away in return for what?

        2. Feminist politics are driven by women blaming beta because they can’t hold alpha. Which is why its so pointless for beta males to become male feminists in an attempt to get more access to sex.

        3. why would i want to marry a potential cheater? why?most alpgas are cheaters, they get married with nice pretty girls and then they cheat….i repeat there are unicorns, but i d go with a decent beta, most men i was lookimg for were actually betas so they could be more faithfull but they were boys little boys….such a shame. i think i have many things to offer as a woman of course. i look good and i ve got good genes, i m a teacher and have the skills and resouces to educate my children. i like to do sports, i m a very good cook, i understant the importance of a lean organized beautiful home and i work for it, i m supportive kind fun i m good with money so i don t bankrupt the family, i m resilient and strong, i m patient, affectionate. i m not an unicorn i m not a saint nor a slut, and looking for a similar level but in men values which is amtious, resielience,support, strengh, excellent career choices humor because i m funny and when things are in arut a good laugh can save the day.

        4. i m not holding anything because i haven t found anything decent to hold on to. the unicorns i ve met are married people, and they re unicorns for a reason, alphas or decent betas who don t cheat and are successfull

        5. Might be time to take a break from the piranha dating/mating pool and focus on what you can do for you instead of expecting to bend a man to your will.

        6. You have only one thing to offer and without a picture we can’t even be sure of that.
          Being a teacher is not a selling point. You are a social marxist indoctrination agent crushing young souls under the Prussian system

        7. i gave up dating, i m just focusing on getting better in every aspect of my life because i realize it s useless to look for a man….love will come or not but i ll avoid frustration, i m still coming on terms with reality,

        8. omg have you been to europe? we don t do politics in school at least in spain, as a teacher i tteach my subject and i don t allow insults sexism and racism in class, that s it. if somepne is a bully i take care of them and if another student burns them i let them, here kids actually play, and are very nice,

      1. i m not gonna post my pic on a random site. with no make up and pj i m a saven eight depending on taste and after a shower and some grooming between eight and nine depending on men s taste i don t have tatoos piercings or weirh hair so i m ok and i ve got good genes , i go to the gym almost everyday and i havea good diet. i m experinced in yoga as well , i m a very good cook, i throw dinner parties whenever i can. i have good taste in clothing, i m femenine but not an overspender. i don t mean to offend anyone. i m just giving my point of view as a woman. i was cheated on if i dated alfas although the relationship was going well and the betas i ve met , i ve tried but most are intellectually inferior, they aren t abitious so they couldn t take care of a family so why bother with either. the situation is quite tragic women feel dissaponted. womn file for divorce because men want it all, a family to go to, a lover clubs money and divorce is practically obliging them to make a choice. it s sad for both genders. they re chasing tail and are never satisfied, kids are neglected, and women act as men as if that would fix anything.sex has no value, after seeing the panorama of lonelyness one can only hope nothing bad happens amd that the stre will b there just in case.

        1. yes because men don t step up. single dad, divorced or single men just refuse to be serious. they get in relationships only to obtain a comfortable home and kids and then they realise or in most cases before the marriege….well they realise they want to go to brothels and have various lovers. most men can t afford to mantain a family properly so women have to work and do all the house chores and educate the children and if something fail well it s the mother s fault. and slowly but surely after infidelities and slacking around women divorce….i know witches who ruined perfectly good men by divorcing them for no reason, and who even forced those men into marrying them. i can t tell the statistic though. i not only admit to what you said , it was my point all along. men need to step up. i one dated a guy who kept negging me about kids. and i was happy with the idea so i decided to talk finance because i wasn t going to work with a baby hanging by my side and he realised he can t afford children. i asked him if he d be avqilable to stay with the baby amd it was unconievable , his job equally paid as mine was more important. maybe it a latin thing but here men are boys. please be ambitios, and stop gaming around it s not fooling anynody, i can spot a player in a second, and any woman can, women sleep with men because they want to, most know who they re dealing with, and it s sad so so sad.

        2. Men need to step up? No. You need to step up and stop viewing men as the despoilers/destroyers of your future plans. No man is stopping you from having children.

        3. For a teacher your wall of text looks like it was written by a retarded 14 year old. You don ‘t even capitalize “I” when you start a sentence with it.
          If the “betas”are “intellectually inferior” to yourself you should stop “dating” the male high school students in your class or accept that the ones on the football team are going to want some strange

        4. what a lovely troll, english is my third language and im quite articulate but i m on my phone on the comment section so i can t be bothered. i never ever ever dated anyone younger than me , thank you, and 28 is not old at all, butyou know that,you re just mean and sad.

        5. yes, this is what i m trying to do. getbetter at my job and be able to support myself, be a better person and one day a better mom, but i ll need liberal measures because i ll need help as a single mom.

        6. but with the reckless irresponsable and immature men out there women will vote liberal because they can t depend on most men in worst case scenarios. i try to do things on my own but god forbid i need healthcare or financial support i can t depend on a man, because most men are busy chasing tail or acting like boys.

        7. Stop sleeping with and having children with the kind of men likely to leave you a single mother. You know, this wasn’t really a problem when women married early and didn’t lose their virginity until after the wedding. This only became a problem when women insisted on complete and total sexual freedom.

    1. So, it’s because men allegedly suck that you chose an honorable, but usually modestly paid career, then vote lib in the hope taxpayers will pay for any children you might have, amirite? Why not lose the whine and go admin where you’d earn a 20%+ pay increase (though lots of that will be lost to increased taxes) for the same or lesser hours? The hard facts are chica that most mothers, married and unmarried, are in the paid workforce because someone has to pay for the nanny state.

      1. wow! i look quite good. 1,73metres and 65 kg . athletic good skin teeth and so on. i live in europe spain to be more precise. here the right is a joke the left as well. but as an inmigrant and woman at least it will let me be and even help in terms of health care , child support and so on. i go to clibs because i want to have fun, meeting guys is secondary, i d rather make friends. i don t have a cat nor other pets and i won t get any ever. i am not talented enough to get another job, and to be frank i like it, i experimented with other high paid jobs and the stress was not worth it. as i said i get hit on a looot which means i look quite good. i m 28 so i m not very old. the kinds whose fathers are careless usually resemble them phisically, and those men ev en cheat on their new yonger more atractive lovers. one of my friend is on tinder and we see profile of guys who are steady with uni colleagues neighbours etc. i desperately wanted a relationship. i tried looking for calm, older men but useless. i know unicorn men who are happily married, i admire them and their wives for building such lovely families, but i pity most couples as i know it s all alie. so given i can t find a mn to care of me i reside on liberal measures, not only for child support given that we re talking hypotheticl in here but for unemployment just in case, health care etc.

        1. 28 is too old to have kids, they will come out retarded, you are over the hill. Those “unicorn guys” are also banging other girls besides their wives. If they are good wives they are the ones finding the other girls then initiating the threesome with a nice lesbo/dildo show.

    2. Now you see the wisdom of old-school Christianity and the community shaming divorced people. Men and women had heavy social incentive to stay married.

      1. it s difficult to say, people should fight more fpr their marriage, bothnmen and women that s true, but diborce can be good in case of abuse infidelity or just marring the wrong person when you re very young, i ve seen that a lot….i understand your point of view but strong christian values mean couples don t live together in sin to put it this way so….chances of making wrong decisions are higher.

      2. Back then, women could only divorce their husbands if he was abusive and it was shown to be the case or if he had a drug or alcohol problem or if he refused to work to supp his family. Even if he had a mistress, as long as she was out of sight, out of mind it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Remember, because of paternity certainty, male infidelity wasn’t as big of a deal as female infidelity. So a man may have had a mistress on the side, but he would be a social pariah if he left his family for the mistress. And that’s really where alimony came from.
        Women got married young, usually in their late teens to early 20s. I remember reading about this lady born in 1921 and she married her first husband when she was 18 (he was killed in WW2). She said at 18, she was beginning to be considered a old maid because most girls in her town were married at 16.
        But since women got married young and invested the best years of her life with a man, most likely gave her virginity to him, alimony was to ensure that when she got older and began to lose her youthful beauty, her husband wouldn’t just leave her for a younger woman and leave her destitute. And without her youthful beauty, it would be hard for her to find another provider.
        That’s what alimony was originally for.

    3. And yet you still go to clubs trying to get picked up. The fact is, 80% of divorces are initiated by the wife. Furthermore, anywhere between 15 and 25% of all children are not related to the man called their “father”, and they don’t even know it. (i.e. the wife screwed around, got pregnant to another man, and lied to her husband). Sounds to me like women are the ungrateful, unfaithful ones.

        1. most of my students resemble they re dads a loooot, and many kids i see, i don t know if this statisc applies where i live. women divorce because they re tired of working and doind allll i mean alll the house chores and dealing with education and get the blame the entire blame if something fails. while men slack around not earning enough not helping around the house mispending and going to brothels clubs and such. divorce is women s way of saying well you can t have a loving family amd be a player.

      1. i highly sociable, i go to night clubs, yoga, cycling, trekking, wine tasting whatever i m there. i have friends who someyimes go out just to find some decent lay and it s frustranting because they don t enjoy themselves, they re screening and screening and the creepy guys….it really sad from both ends.

        1. my friends dont chase eveeeeery guy they see like creeps and they re not soially awkward and they don t go after taken men, and they realize quickly when a man isn t interested, maybe is out just to have agood time

    4. You blame men through your whole screed, have trust issues and vote liberal to ensure men, who pay way more taxes than women, are continually persecuted (divorce rape, hiring practices, EO, etc..) by your ersatz husband. The state. Who you mention you will continue to dedicate yourself too.
      Stock up on cheap chardonnay and cat food.

    5. Oh look, the single mother chimes in. The epitome of everything wrong with Western society, deigns to grace us with her sneers.
      Go stick your head in a pig, you ugly broad.

      1. hahaha what a lovely troll, i m not a mom nor will be soon with this panorama but i might end up dissabled or unemployed at some point in my life so i might need help, oh and health issues libels cover that too

    6. It’s imposssible for a man to cheat on a woman. A man can’t lie to a woman about the kid being hers when it’s not so she will raise it. Now tits or gtfo bitch

      1. yes bit they can get other women pregnant and bring stds home , kiss other women in public thus humiliating their spouse, and otheer endeeerimg things most men do.

  39. Even women with legitimate careers and large paychecks vote liberal. In the back of their minds they feel vulnerable and want daddy government to take care of them in case they get pregnant.
    Women never really intend to be ‘independent’, it’s a big façade, and democrats know this very well.

  40. Females will go along with what they perceive as being popular opinion initiated by the “cool kids”. The “cool kids” in today’s society is hollywood, music industry, mainstream media. Since the globalist marxist elites literally OWN and CONTROL all of mainstream outlets (except for talk radio), females will go along with whatever they see and hear on TV and in the movies. Females will actually decide to hate somebody just simply because someone on TV told them to. Year ago, no female ever said anything bad about Trump. Now all the sudden, every female I ever run into just absolutely hates Trump but has nothing to say about Hellary. I didn’t realize the degree to which women can be brainwashed until I listened to some liberal female just go on and on and on about how she hated Trump. I asked her why, and she just could not answer as to why. Basically it’s because mainstream media formed her opinion for her.
    Next is because of redistribution of wealth. The only thing democratic liberals do is lecture people and redistribute wealth, which is theft. Affirmative action laws is a redistribution of wealth. Future earning potential is taken from a man and given to a female through an affirmative action job. It is none other than theft and the female that accepts any promotion or job that should go to a man is committing theft. I don’t care what anyone says. Having kids through welfare, collecting child support, and affirmative action jobs are THEFT. Literally.
    Women see the democratic left as the group of ruling elites that steal things from men and give it to them. They also see the democratic left as the “trendy” group to be aligned with. It’s unbelievable. The mainstream media slanders Jesus Christ, women develop the same attitudes. That’s why women are primarily always the ones that are into wicca or yoga. It’s also a fact that when it comes to demonic possession, women are typically the usual candidates for demonic possession.
    There is a reason why women just should not be allowed to vote. It sounds all nice and great about “equal rights”, but the reality is that women put future souls at risk. Women always seem to vote for what is essentially evil. Evil always presents itself as something other in order to deceive people away from true intentions. Women just do not have the abstract thought capability to think through things and will vote for things that will enslave a future generation or corrupt a future society. What does that do? From a spiritual perspective, when a soul is born into this world and into a socialist society of backwards morals, that soul has a greater risk of going to hell. Period. You can thank women for that.

  41. >Turning someone’s ideological orientation is almost impossible for both men and women.
    should be
    >Turning someone’s ideological orientation is almost impossible for women.
    Look many of us guys in the manosphere started off as libs and woke up because of game, red pill, and the war on masculinity in that order.
    I was a big gov libertard, which then changed to right leaning traditionalist libertarian. [libertarian at micro level, not macro, we still need good leadership, even if i am more concerned about myself, my family, community and faith.]
    My theory is that generally people can change about 15-20% so if they are borderline one way, they can swing another way, but if they are too set in current lamestream orthodoxy they may not have the capacity to swing out of that.

    1. This is true & the reason is because people, (mostly women), won’t admit when they’re wrong, even when hit with facts & logic. That’s what it takes to make the change.

  42. ” If you are an unconnected individual, you are much less likely to pose a threat to the elite hegemony.”
    Dis-satisfied single men are the most dangerous thing to any ruling class.
    Isolation the so-called elite aim for is one of intellectual isolation. Where you don’t dare say anything for fear of being socially cast out. They want you to go with the group. To have group ties. To care about what the group thinks about you. They took the schools first for a reason. With the schools they get most people and most others go along to get along.

    1. Cops can go undercover to infiltrate a membership organization. They can’t do shit to a lone wolf

    2. Part of the success of Islam. The older men who had accumulated enough status to have a monopoly on the young women knew it was a matter of time before the young men rebelled. So what better thing to do but sell them a religion which tells them that if they successfully conquer the tribe over yonder, they can have their pick of the young women over there. And if they die in battle, no matter, they’ll get 70 virgins in heaven.

  43. Why are women liberal? Because it’s all about the feelz.
    They see a pic of a drowned boy on the beach and respond by throwing the borders open to hordes of illiterate peasants from a culture incompatible with Western values.
    Women basically are emotional creatures. Men are logical. That’s a gross generalization but does apply accurately to the population in general.
    Read the Bible. The ancients (and our grandparents) understood that unrestrained women lead to societal destruction. Muslims, for all their faults, understand this too.

    1. And remember that somebody took a photo of that dead child with the intention of plastering it all over the world to trigger a response. Liberals will even exploit dead children to achieve their goals.

      1. I would not be surprised if that picture were staged. I’m reflexively skeptical of anything put out by the MSM these days.

  44. Wow, they’re are some heavy whores in that first picture.
    To quote the great Adam Carolla, “You know, I can fuck a fat chick.”

  45. Is there no bar low enough for liberals (both male and female) to sink to?
    Calais Jungle volunteers accused of ‘sexually exploiting’ camp’s refugees
    From the article:
    Volunteers in the Calais Jungle have been accused of sexually exploiting refugees and even child migrants.
    The Independent has discovered a serious row has broken out
    among some unpaid charity workers at the camp in northern France, with
    some believing forging sexual relationships with adult refugees is
    natural in such circumstances, while others say it breaches all usual
    codes of conduct.
    One man who raised the alarm was later subjected to a barrage of online abuse.

  46. “Thus, the rule is that liberal women will change their political ideology only if they hold the man in very high esteem. This even applies to religion. Well-reasoned arguments are not necessary. If the man is a leader, his woman will follow.”
    This is golden. In fact, I’m betting the cases where the man could not alter the political views of his wife eventually ended up in divorce and/or her cheating on him since after all, she has no respect for him as a leader. It would be fascinating to see any metrics about this.

  47. The most perverse part is, women’s welfare has gone from being insurance to a viable lifestyle. This is why 80% of divorces are initiated by the wife.. KA-CHING.
    But concerning liberal voters, the elephant in the room are young males. These are guys who simply don’t want or can’t handle the challenge of looking after a family. He’s quite happy for Daddy Government to take over his role as provider and disciplinarian, while he steals away in his mancave batting off to Brazilian fart porn.
    When you say, “you’ve been usurped by the government”, they reply, “so fucking what?”
    And I’m not talking about just homos, MGTOW and hikikomori here.. I mean Gen-Y and Millennial progressives who have been raised since day-1 in a state of cuckitude, and really believe the man’s traditional role is “outdated patriarchal shitlordery”.

    1. These guys have been intentionally educationally, professionally and economically sabotaged into that mental state by that same governement.

    1. She almost looks like she’s enjoying that. “Come to our feminist rally, where strong men in uniforms will be obliged to put their hands all over us!”

      1. Maybe the somewhere else can be such exotic destinations as Jerusalem or Mecca. A slut walk through those places promises lots and lots of lulz and pwnage.

  48. You forgot to mention why they support uncontrolled immigration and the blessed refugees.
    In case it doesn’t go without saying, the reason is that women are sluts. Freed of the economic necessity to remain faithful to a man from their own tribe, they will happily gobble all the strange cock they can get their hands on.
    The stupidity and uncontrolled violence of the immigrants attached to those cocks is not a liability but a positive asset to a slut left utterly frigid by the gelded men of her own tribe.

  49. Get your facts straight, please (although it is almost impossible in redpiller-ish community). Stop with “liberals has been indocrinated by media” nonsense. It could as well be said that conservatives are indoctrinated by church. (Did you know that church opposed even chocolate and bicycles back in the days, condemning them as sin?)
    Studies have shown that conservatives tend to have stronger emotional response, while liberals have higher capacity to tolerate uncertainity and conflicting information.
    Also you are probably SJs in Mbti system 🙂 I guess being a conservative is probably not a “scientist” kind of mindset (which quick google search confirmed). I wonder if “curious, open mind” is as attractive for conservatives as it is for me (a liberal woman), or rather, if it is attractive at all?
    I am usually curious about different world views. Cheers.

    1. Your “facts” do not add up nor does your (single) source.
      How much did you pay for your worthless degree?

      1. Lol, the “source” is not wikipedia, but studies linked in the bibliography there. O.o So, why don’t the facts add up? And what makes it less viable than theories in article here, exactly?

        1. And that linkproves what again? From your link, Source #27. “”Strongmen more likely to vote Conservative”
          It explains why you are posting at this site, baby.
          I am aware that many of this “liberals are superior…” studies tend to be drawn up and conducted by liberals for vanity projects backed by progressive institutions. Confirmation bias seeps in to the point that
          it can be simply dismissed as fabrications or propaganda.
          Liberals do have smug and conceit down to an art form, but it has been proven they are less chartable, ethical, honest and hold unrealistic worldviews that they cling to despite the facts at hand. In short, they are dogmatic morons who cannot accept that facts on the ground do not support their constructs, hence the need to lie (eg. Obama- “you can keep your doctor; your premiums will go down; etc.. ad nauseam). I also noticed they tend to be employed in worthless make-shift roles (HR, public sector, education, etc..) that doesn’t require them to produce any tangible results and have a
          very unrealistic grasp of economics, foreign policy or most day-to-day interactions that make the world what it is. Most cannot grasp anything outside of their own horizon or find it difficult to interact with people who actually have differing opinions who they
          tend to demonize as “being evil” (eg. Nazis, racists, homophobes, misogynists.haters…all without providing any proof, natch. It is just to shut down debate). Liberals also tend to be emotional dimwits
          who virtue signal, but will take no real action that would ever put them at any discomfort. They also shun responsibility or admit fault for the consequences of what they advocate, hence which makes them intellectually and morally bankrupt.
          So what do you do for a living?

    2. Hmm.. a single article tagged with disputed neutrality AND lacking in significant viewpoints. Pretty lame, even by Wikipedia’s standards.
      “SJ’s in Mbti?” Your pseudoscience has no power here. Next you’ll be telling us most Libras are conservatives or something.

      1. Lacking? Disputed neutrality? Where? I find it more viable than some theories taken out of nothing in an article here.

        1. Where? Ah, according the little message at the top of the article. Anyway, so you’re a regular reader of this site then?

    3. You don’t know shit about the church if you think the church controls a damn thing. It is the government the government rules all

      1. You don’t know shit about church if you think it doesn’t control a damn thing, including the government. Especially in the past.
        Hell, even now in my country (Poland) they want to ban all abortion, bc the government is very Christian oriented.

        1. This aint the past and the church was just going along with the government as the liberals took over the church followed. As you said the government is christian oriented. When the government loses that to be pleasing to your cunts it will look like western Europe. With the muslim raping the shit out of those same women and beating your ass.

    4. Translation for guys who don’t speak slutanese
      “open minded”: bi-curious
      “curious about different world views”: curious about different flavors of cock
      Traits not attractive at all unless it is to blow a load in a strictly pump and dump scenario for some guys here.

  50. Liberalism is the “politics” (cult) of emotion. Women are emotional. Therefore, it is only natural that women are liberals — most think with emotion, not logic. I may sound like a misogynist (or by now there is probably a new, up-to-date word for it from the liberal handbook that I just haven’t heard yet). That’s because, at times, I am.
    I turned to this girl today and told her: “I would take Trump over Hilary,” to which her immediate response was: “You’re a fucking idiot. You literally are the stupidest person ever.” I’m not sure she knows why, exactly, she is saying these things, and I don’t blame her. She just does what she’s told, much like a sheep.
    Another one said yesterday that she felt “safe” during the short period of her life in which she was living in Kuwait, and she admired a government that had society completely monitored. She was the kind that didn’t argue but screamed at you instead; I love those. They’re like big alarms that go off and tell me when I’m winning. She’ll die off with the rest of them, having no real-world accomplishments. These cannot be saved. Then again… do we even want to keep this type of woman around for breeding stock?

    1. Well, women are biologically bound to be emotional and over empathic, as that’s what raising small children requires in the first period after birth.
      When women see someone who is presented to them as helpless it triggers their maternal nurturing instinct which has no logic or reason, and just as a woman will ignore logic and reason in defense of her children, they likewise do for the “weak” of society and the world at large.
      That’s why in Europe when the fighting age young male rapefugees are bussed in, women are there with candy and teddybears as if these men were toddlers in need of comfort. To me atleast, this is blatantly obvious.
      That’s also why they shouldn’t be allowed to vote, just as unemployed destitute men shouldn’t be allowed to.

    2. The reason she was rude was because she has never been back handed for it. You missed a golden opportunity to change that

  51. You could trace the reason why so many women are liberals to the very beginning of time. Its in a woman’s nature to break traditional standards. I don’t even trust conservative women. The book of Genesis depicted a woman who breaked the original tradition and order from God. The act became the very first sin, commited by human. That’s what liberalism is all about, breaking tradition standards. So this is why women are always liberals.

  52. Women become liberal because they lack phase 2 of critical thinking: cross examination. Example:
    “Should we give free money to poor people?”
    Woman: Yes!
    Man: Where will that money come from? Will it take away from our children’s school system? Will it only reinforce dependency on the govt, more poverty and crime I. The long run?
    “Should we open the borders and save all of these poor people from their bad countries?”
    Woman: Yes!
    Man: What impact will this have on our culture, our economy, our morals?
    “Should we let these 20 drowning men climb into our 4 person boat with us and our family?”
    Woman: Yes!
    Man: You shoot them with flares to slow them down and I’ll paddle!

    1. They wouldn’t be getting on my boat. The most they can expect from me is to pray for them from a far.

  53. Women are like blank slates. They are waiting to be led by someone. The one who grabs hold of her girl brain with their narrative and makes it stick wins.
    The Prince of Darkness (Satan) figured this out way back in the days of the Garden of Eden and the same schtick still works today.

  54. Leftism is the political expression of the female worldview. It is collectivist in essence, it is delusional in it’s framework, and it is hysterical in it’s application. Leftists love to re-brand their movement every generation or so, but it always maintains at its core the rejection of the cold hard male view and the embracing of the emotional female one.

  55. If people’s worldview could not be changed after they enter their first job, almost no one would be Alt-Right, nrxxx or red-pilled. We have witnessed many youths turning Pepe fans, but what about the older guys who got red-pilled by reality and turned into more than feeble conservatives? It would be interesting to know when people actually turn red-pilled. Perhaps a young Leftist who isn’t too much of the Leftist type can be red-pilled, but an older, entrenched Leftist seems impossible to turn around.

    1. I think there’s an element of the sunk cost fallacy at play. If you’re wrong for a week, you can easily change your mind, but if you’re wrong for forty years you’ve invested a lot in a bad idea.

  56. Women vote liberal because Big Government is the daddy they never knew and the husband they’ll never have.

  57. “I believe this is because the mainstream conservative movement is inherently weak.”
    Yes, and this is because they are afraid of being called “racist”.
    Take Sean Hannity for example, who goes out of his way to praise the vile rapist, woman beater, bisexual hypocrite Michael King. A real conservative would never praise that hideous, lying piece of crap.
    He blathered on about being judged on the “content of his character”, yet he whined and cried for federal laws so that he would receive preferences based upon the color of his skin.

  58. Women generally are politically clueless and naive. It’s why our forefathers had the good sense to not allow them to vote. They should not be allowed near a voting booth or public office. They make terrible ‘leaders’ for the most part (Marine le Pen and a few others excepted, but they are the exceptions).

    1. And as we know, nothing in Society or Nature functions according to its exceptions.

  59. The problem for this century is how to move toward no votes for women, the chronically unemployed, maybe those who’ve never been in the military.

  60. you hit the nail on the head about weak passive conservatives. every last big talk radio, fox news conservative or other big name conservative….gives up every single freaking time on literally everything.
    it is always the conservatives that bow down and submit.
    I’ll liken it to the christian sect of the conservatives. they all talk a big great game about Jesus. they preach about Jesus till the cows come home….then one day Satan walks into their church and these preachers shut the fuck up for fear of offending Satan.
    conservatives do this with liberals….they preach a good game, a big game. but run into a liberal? and they shut the fuck up.
    imagine if a rush limbaugh one of the biggest conservative names on the media ran for office? why doesnt he? he has the money, the clout, the advertising, etc. instead he bitches and moans about the republican party effectively doing nothing. this would be like if the founding fathers complained about the taxes, but then got to the first battle in the revolutionary war and then bent the knee and kissed the royal ring. the funny thing here is the americans got their asses kicked for most of that war….they just had the spirit and will to keep on fighting.
    todays conservatives don’t even fight. we give up.

    1. How have the last two decades worked out for you, personally? If you’re a member or fellow-traveler of the Davos class, chances are: pretty well. If you’re among the subspecies conservative intellectual or politician, you’ve accepted—perhaps not consciously, but unmistakably—your status on the roster of the Washington Generals of American politics. Your job is to show up and lose, but you are a necessary part of the show and you do get paid. To the extent that you are ever on the winning side of anything, it’s as sophists who help the Davoisie oligarchy rationalize open borders, lower wages, outsourcing, de-industrialization, trade giveaways, and endless, pointless, winless war. – The Flight 93 Election

      1. so I read that….and I have to say it was strangely on point and more or less echos what I was saying.
        I completely agree with his statements about Trump and really the overall conservative problem. gearing up to lose time and time again. while crying the sky is falling. I also love his cognitive dissonance that he says your mainstream conservatives all have.
        really a great read. thanks

  61. Tomi Lahren? Ugh, you can keep her. Just because I don’t want a liberal feminist in my home doesn’t mean I’m looking for the second coming of Ann Coulter either.
    Really pretty though.

  62. Rewind the clock a few years ago and I was once a liberal. Like the article says, changing someone’s political ideology is nearly impossible. My change to conservatism was the result of the slow yet progressive steps I took in self improvement i.e. becoming a better cook, more organized, etc. and by reading you guys as well as other men’s sites.
    Women are not hardwired for self-reliance so they are quite unwilling to support a conservative government. The way to aide conservatism when you’re dealing with an off-the-wall liberal is to divide and conquer. Fracture the vote on the left by encouraging them to go even further left. For example, “Hillary hates women, she encourages us to be doormats to cheating husbands, vote Jill Stein.” Half for Hillary, half for 3 other liberals equals conservative victory. Rinse and repeat.

  63. It’s the size of their brain & the part of the brain which is active ?? The stupid moronic parts of course ??

  64. Women vote liberal because that is how they ensure that ancient female privileges are upheld and enforced on men. They are natural narcissists, it’s just that simple.

  65. This site + a non-liberal, vaguely nationalistic youtube channel changed my political ideology. Thank you, sirs.

  66. Thus, it’s no surprise that there are no feminine women in Denmark. A feminine woman wouldn’t stay feminine for long if she’s getting a fat government subsidy every two weeks. She’s feminine because that’s what attracts a successful man, but that’s no longer necessary if she’s getting free money from
    the government.

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