Face Is Everything

Inevitably you will one day be asked if you are an ass or tits man.  My response has always been “neither.”

Every man has his own tastes when it comes to women.  Ask 100 men what is their favorite physical feature about a girl and you will get some varied answers.  Some like them tall, some like them short, some like big asses while others love fake tits.  And despite how much of a physical reaction a great pair of milky white breasts or the tautest of butts may cause a virile man, I’ve personally found one feature that — if encountered on a high level — time and time again will stop me in my tracks and even at times leave me speechless:  the face.

Assuming everything else checks out (e.g. skinny, feminine, no flapjack tits or ginormous Colombian-style ass) then it’s really hard to not say face trumps the rest.  I’d take a perfect face over perfect tits/ass any day of the week.

Why Face?

It”s the only thing that will get me to stare in awe, almost as if I don’t believe something like that can exist.  Let’s be honest, I definitely do appreciate the body – a lot.  But while I will likely do a double-take of a nice set of cans, it will be a fleeting moment.  The flawless face however will keep me thinking for a while.  Maybe it’s the rarity — how often do you really see a girl with a beautiful face?  Now compare that with how often you see a great ass or a nice pair of tits.

Or maybe it’s because absent drastic measures like plastic surgery or botox, there is really nothing a girl can do to “fix” a bad face.  Therein lies its uniqueness and value.  Of course there is makeup, but eventually you will see her without makeup and in reality, no amount of foundation or blush will hide massive pimples or change how crooked that sniffer is.  Compare that with other “problems.”  Fat?  Diet.  Short?  Wear heels.  Flat ass?  Squats.  Small tits? Push up bra (though here you can argue for a boob job).

It’s Our Nature

Numerous studies have shown that infants and small children who are arguably born with blank slates and minds without previous influence are drawn to more beautiful faces.  So maybe, it is our nature to value face so highly.  Granted, they probably didn’t place an infant on the ground and see if it crawls to a fat or skinny chick first, but these studies still do tell us something:

The visual preferences of human infants for faces that varied in their attractiveness and is their symmetry about the midline were explored. The aim was to establish whether infants’ visual preference for attractive faces may be mediated by the vertical symmetry of the face. Chimeric faces, made from photographs of attractive and unattractive female faces, were produced by computer graphics. Babies looked longer at normal and at chimenic attractive faces than at normal and at chimeric unattractive faces. There were no developmental differences between the younger and older infants: all preferred to took at the attractive faces. Infants as young as 4 months showed similarity with adults in the ‘aesthetic perception’ of attractiveness and this preference was not based on the vertical symmetry of the face.

Another study:

Psychologist Alan Slater of Exeter University showed pictures rated by adults as being more or less attractive to babies which were, on average, 2 and a half days old and found that babies invariably stared longer at faces which adults had rated as more attractive.

Babies are born with an eye for beauty. Infants only hours old will choose to stare at an attractive face rather than an unattractive one…According to Alan Slater, a developmental psychologist at the University of Exeter, humans may have a biologically ingrained preference for beauty.


Most people know a beautiful face when they see one.  But some characteristics tend to surface more often than not when one describes or sees a flawless face.

  • Eyes.  Usually light eyes take the cake here, but frequently enough a girl with those massive brown or black eyes will make you stop and stare.
  • Skin.  My personal favorite.  If you have ever been to Iceland, you will know what I’m talking about.  The girls there all have this glowing silky skin sans any zits, creases or other deficiencies.  The smoothness of perfect skin is really a thing of beauty.
  • Symmetry.  If she has a snargletooth on one side, or she has a lazy eye, chances are she is not pushing the 9+ level on the face scale.  Studies have also shown that symmetry indicates beauty as discussed above.
  • Teeth.  The pearly whites, coupled with small teeth can lead to some serious good looks.  Oh, and none of that gummy smile shit…


Breasts, butt, stomach, legs, hair, youth, and maybe even the propensity for bisexuality — all very important and attractive features of any woman.  All I’m saying is if/when the time comes for a longer term situation with a girl, I can make some sacrifices, but face will not be one of them.

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41 thoughts on “Face Is Everything”

  1. Personally, I can tolerate the ugliest of faces so long as it’s on the sexiest of bodies…it’s ALL about the body for me…the face is easily overlooked….to each his own…

    1. I totally agree. I don’t want a face I’ll fall in love with, but a body I’ll fall in lust with… That’s why I love black chicks.

      1. Problem is, in our GMO-enhanced, fast food nation, the body goes fast. And, black chicks don’t do exercise; the hair comes first.

    2. You lucky bastard… If we all could adopt your standards the amount of 10’s on the planet would double or triple.

  2. The importance of an attractive face is most relevant in a LTR, as you alluded to in the conclusion. For a one night stand or even just an occasional lay, the body takes prominence. If her face isn’t her selling point, just bend her over and fuck her from behind.

    1. Nobody wants a one night stand with a bar skank. Everyone wants a meaningful longterm relationship with sex as an add-on. If you just want to fuck a bitch just hire a hooker, it’s much cheaper than telling bar sluts what they want to hear and with no guarantee of sex at the end of the day.

  3. Huge agreement from me. Of course to each his own, but IMO a woman with a sub-par face can never be beautiful, she might very well be hot or sexy, but not beautiful.

  4. Agree with face being important but am not attracted to bisexual chicks (masculinized women who wish they had dicks).

  5. yes, very interesting, an interesting face is what makes a great beauty.
    leave out the bisexual crap though, as hot as it might be to watch two chicks getting it on in some porno, or fantasize about your future SO being able to bring hot girls home for threesomes, (or even do it with a nighclub floozie) in the long run, it’s a total BS pipedream foisted on you by media and feminizing betas.
    the absolute last thing you want in any stable LTR is your SO bringing home girls that are into her. one bad fight and she’ll be around there getting her tits licked, and having her head and pussy pumped with feminist BS.
    you can’t abhor feminism and then ask for the juicy bits.
    Be warned there is only one thing an alpha can’t compete for his lady against….and that’s another woman, especially a feminist that’s heard horror stories about you and is now licking your girls pussy nightly….
    forget about it……
    it’s a funny thing, because men get so hot about too chicks getting it on, because in theory it means, they are so horny that the guy can have them both at once…. but reality check…. chances are if two girls are getting it on, they ain’t interested in you and pretty soon might not be interested in cock at all….
    i talked about it with my wife and luckily she threw the idea out of the window and shit i’m glad she did, because i can see now that once i let her rub the genii’s lamp it was going to jump out and eat me alive….
    it’s hard enough keeping her cheesy straight friends at bay, never mind controlling ones that are tuning her up.
    in a sexual relationship an alpha want’s the woman to be damned sure, that he is the ONLY place she’s getting satisfied. you don’t even want her touching herself. When she’s horny and needs her fix, you want her coming to you.

    1. You say that it “might” be hot, or to “fantasize”, or that it’s a “pipedream”, or that “chances are.” So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that your speculative arguments indicate that you have never had a threesome. Have one first then come back and decide whether wanting your girl to be bisexual is all that bad.
      I’m not a fan of this alpha/beta shit but I will use the nomenclature to retort to your points. An “alpha” should not need to “be damned sure” that he is satisfying his woman, it is presumed. Don’t let her masturbate? Fuck that. Walk out on a girl when she’s begging you for sex and let her masturbate, see the power that imparts on you and the frame you impart on her.
      As to the implication that an alpha does not desire threesomes, I fail
      to see that argument. This presumes, incorrectly, that an alpha is
      incapable of pleasing more than one woman at the same time. Not to
      mention the ridiculous irony of more than one woman simultaneously
      desiring a man lessening his value. Yet somehow through your statements requesting your wife to have threesomes and her “luckily” throwing it out the window is way more “alpha” than actually having one.

      1. I don’t think Richard W1 stated that he’s against threesomes with two women, just not his wife and another woman. He’s right in that assessment. He might be for having threesomes with two women who aren’t his wife if he thought he could get away with it. A wife has too much power granted by our culture and the state to crush her husband for any frivolous reason through VAWA and divorce with the accompanying alimony, child support, asset division and debt imprisonment if he doesn’t pay child support even if he could reasonably prove that through no fault of his own that he couldn’t pay. In our Western more particularly American culture women trust women more than men. Most men aren’t alpha enough, aren’t socially skilled enough nor manipulative to compete with this including most alphas. If you’re going to have threesomes or moresomes with women then be sure that they are women you can easily throw away with little to no inconvenience to yourself. Remember that in marriage these days men have to play a harder GAME than men who are single so these men must be wiser more manipulative etc. I will agree it wasn’t an Alpha move to ask for threesomes then be convinced by her it was a bad idea because he should have never asked in the first place.

    2. Just because you’re past any chance of trying to learn how to meet girls and a whim, doesn’t mean you need to be taking a shit on us for wanting to do so.

      1. Huh? He was only talking about being in long term relationships especially marriage. He never said a thing about short term relationships.

      1. +1 . I stopped obsessing about face after leaving my teenage years. Now give me a hot ass and nice in the sack. Of course I will prefer a more beautiful woman, but ass for me is priority #1

  6. It’s true. People spend all their time talking tits vs ass, but face is most important. If the face is hideous it overrides all else.
    Face quality is similar to alpha traits for a man. When a woman talks about what she wants in a man, she doesn’t mention alpha traits, because it goes without saying those have to be there for attraction to occur. And when men talk about preferring ass or tits or legs or whatever, they don’t usually talk about face because it goes without saying they need to have a pretty face to be interested.

  7. Must disagree with the conclusion here. Even for long term, would prefer a great body and homely face to the reverse.

    1. I agree about the face being most important.
      I’m fan of the oriental face. Japanese women for me thanks.
      Average body with the right face does it.
      (Lucy Lui – Average body- stunning face)
      I rest my case.

  8. I’m a face guy too. I hate when a chick with the nice booty and nice racks is busted in the face. I’ve seen too many black women that apply to

  9. I have plenty of marks on my face, like hyper-pigmentation marks…and have no idea how to get rid of them. Am I considered an unattractive guy to females ? I have brown Indian skin.

  10. Listing your own personal preferences is hardly article worthy material. Come on ‘light eyes’ – i shit light eyes. WTF is up with wish lists up on here.

  11. “I can make some sacrifices, but face will not be one of them”
    I would not make a sac. when it comes to nice, long legs.
    For me legs girst, then the face, then the tits. Tits can be fixed, ask a PS. Face can be improved with make-up and hairstyle. But you can NOT fix short legs with heels for the simple reason long leged girls can wear them too!

  12. I have a perfect example of what this article is describing. Her name is Megan Nicole and she’s Youtube famous. Here’s how I rate a girl face:
    1) baby face? youthful?
    2) minimal blemishes?
    3) clear skin?
    4) big round eyes?
    5) symmetrical face?
    6) small balanced lips?
    7) beautiful smile?
    Megan Nicole is pretty much the gold standard of a flawless face. You are also correct about tits/ ass/ figure being much less important to a healthy man than a feminine face. That doesn’t mean men like fatties, every woman needs to maintain a slim figure.

  13. Biologically, a woman’s most important feature is her hips. That’s where the baby-making happens.
    Everything else is just cause for rejection or a decrement to her charms.
    When I first moved to San Francisco, one social skill every heterosexual male like me needed to know was how to tell the real women from the men poising as women.
    Hips are the clue that is so difficult to fake.

  14. The sentiments you express about faces could apply to other body parts; just shows there is no universal standard.
    I see incredible faces on fat chicks all the time. It’s tragic. I also see ugly faces on incredible bodies.
    But that “awe” that you speak of, where you simply stop and stare…I’ve only felt that with asses.
    Give me a girl with an average to above average face, but with that Keyra Augustina, plump, perky bubblebutt, and I will stare for hours. Fucking a girl like that doggy style is the greatest carnal pleasure I’ve known with a girl. Nothing on this earth makes me feel like more of a man than seeing a perfect ass propped up in front of me, in the air, like a sacrificial bounty, waiting for me to conquer and defile.
    In my mind, I’m blown away how asses like that even exist. Whereas a perfect face might defy aesthetics, a perfect ass defies physics.
    It’s science.

  15. I can’t agree with this. There is nothing sexually attractive to me about a pretty face with the body of a 10 year old. ZERO.

  16. THing is, when you interract with women, you look in their face, because it’s impolite to look at their tits and ass.

  17. It’s sad really, most of you are not equal to your standards for an acceptable female. Your money/success are not interesting enough for you to compete with better looking men, so that leaves personality.. which, reading the comments and articles are sadly lacking as well.. what’s left? Oh right.. ratio of women to men in men’s favor and putting down women you deem inferior to your own perceived ‘quality.’ You limit yourself as a man and a human being with shitty beliefs.

  18. Fuck choosing.
    Ass, tits, hip-waist ratio, ideal BMI, symmetry, feminine grace and face, etc. I want it all in a girl, nothing less.
    They are all equally stimulating. They all indicate good health and reproductive fitness. They’re all sought after equally.

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