Sympathy For The White Devil: The Meaning Of The Stanford Rape Case

Now that the Brock Turner media blitz—and the accompanying lecture on white privilege, rape culture, and “the campus rape epidemic”—has wound down, it has made way for real news events like Hillary’s email scandal. Though these events have prompted important “lessons” on right-wing Christian homophobia, toxic masculinity, white xenophobia, and the need for gun control—it’s perhaps a good time to go over what we learned before we continue.

Brock Turner, a blond-haired, blue-eyed Stanford undergraduate, allegedly dragged a passed-out woman behind a dumpster and violently raped her. Worse yet, because Turner is a talented white swimmer with a name that seems taken from a Bret Easton Ellis novel, he was sentenced to an outrageously lenient six-month prison sentence. Let’s use this miscarriage of justice to spark the long overdue “national conversation on sexual assault”—or in other words, why are privileged white men raping so many women?

The most dangerous men in the world.

Your average American sociopathic rape pack.

That’s the standard intended takeaway from an event that enthralled and infuriated an entire nation, briefly reviving the campus rape panic that birthed Rolling Stone’s “A Rape on Campus,” and the discredited documentary, The Hunting Ground. Despite the level of media attention lavished on Brock Turner and this case, many essential details about the assault have been underreported and are not widely known. A more nuanced rendering of the central event is badly needed.

This is what occurred on January 17th, 2015

Brock Turner and his unnamed accuser—Jane Doe—attended a party at the Kappa Alpha frat house. Jane Doe consumed four shots of whiskey before arriving; while there, she had beer and two shots of whiskey. She and Brock Turner—also drunk after drinking seven beers and an indeterminate quantity of whiskey—were observed kissing and dancing before leaving the party together holding hands.

Yards from the house, Doe and Turner slipped near a dumpster (a focal point for much of the reportage on this case) and where, according to Turner, he and Doe kissed and Doe rubbed Turner’s back as Turner “fingered” Doe, an act that Turner insists was consensual. At 12:55 AM—fewer than forty-five minutes after Doe last called her boyfriend—two cyclists heading toward the Kappa Alpha house noticed a fully clothed Turner grinding against Doe. Observing that Doe appeared to be unresponsive, the cyclists yelled to Turner, who ran from the scene.

One of the cyclists chased Turner, caught and restrained him until the police arrived. Jane Doe was largely unresponsive for the next three and a half hours. She would retain little memory of the night and virtually no memory of interacting with Turner. Turner was charged with six offenses, including rape of an intoxicated person and rape of an unconscious person. Turner was convicted of three of the six charges: assault with intent to rape an intoxicated woman, sexually penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object (his hand), and sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object (his hand), and was sentenced to a six month term in the county jail.

He is no longer enrolled at Stanford. He has been permanently banned from competition by USA Swimming. He will be on a sex offender registry for the remainder of his life.

Trigger warning: A DUMPSTER!! OMG!! A DUMPSTER!!


That was the crime that inspired a torrent of outraged think pieces and a firestorm on social media, and resulted in a petition—signed over a million times—calling for the removal of a judge. That was the rape that was promoted in a “crime of the century”-style tabloid tenor, despite so insufficiently embodying the legal definition of “rape” as to have failed to result in a conviction of rape by name.

Needless to say, Brock Turner is absolutely responsible for his bad behavior, and “dry humping” a person who is passing out doubtlessly is a bad idea—but the more significant story is an ideology-obsessed media using an absurd and less than newsworthy case as the vehicle with which to manipulate a pliable public, an ambitious project that required the obfuscation and underreporting of many essential details about the crime itself, while emphasizing the irrelevant and sensational.

The New York Daily News claimed that Brock Turner “took an unconscious woman behind a dumpster and brutally raped her.” Most outlets opted for a weasel words-ish approach, encouraging their readers to imagine the worst as they described the assault tersely, choosing to instead focus on such essential details as his interest in swimming, his father’s politically incorrect use of the word “action,” or his appearance in various photographs, with the Chicago Tribune going so far as to write simply: “Brock Turner’s smiling school photo is what a campus sexual predator looks like,” a line that gives away the true purpose of the Brock Turner publishing bombardment.

Shaun King has called Brock Turner "a human piece of sh-t" and "the worst of America" in NY Daily News

Shaun King has called Brock Turner “a human piece of sh-t” and “the worst of America”

The media is no longer interested in presenting facts with impartiality (were they ever?), so much as taking useful cases and employing them to push a social agenda. Consider the levels of doublethink the media engages in so to sell this case. In an “age of mass incarceration” and destructive mandatory minimums, leftist journalists are happy to adopt law-and-order conservative arguments when covering an affluent white criminal: many decried that the defendant’s lack of criminal history was considered relevant in sentencing, and the possibility of Turner being released on probation before serving his full term has been written about with open alarm.

The mother of Michael Brown is paid to lie about her son in a well-received book, while the friends of Brock Turner are subject to coordinated media harassment campaigns for writing letters to a judge. The comments sections of hard-left outlets like The Atlantic and The Huffington Post filled with readers cheerfully discussing the possibility of Turner being raped by a fellow inmate. And less than a month after the media excoriated Donald Trump for questioning a Hispanic judge’s impartiality—this after the media aggressively sold the notion that most if not all Hispanics loathe Trump—it is considered perfectly credible and responsible for journalists to suggest that the Brock Turner judge adjudicated this case under the influence of extreme ethnic bias.

This is both an anti-white and ideological feminist project

The anti-white influence is partly an expression of journalistic laziness, a rare opportunity to write about an offender in a polemical and nakedly vengeful way, a luxury not afforded to journalists covering the rote urban and underclass violence that represents the bulk of American crime.

Writing a vitriolic article about a black rapist is too awkward, the racial undertones too uncomfortable. There is also a more extreme impulse at work: a way of controlling reality through the dissemination of media narratives. Most journalists are far-left progressives. They believe inequality and social stratification reflect only the degree to which whites have exploited people of color. Anti-white journalism—or conversely, absurdly sympathetic depictions of minority offenders—is an effort toward a correction.

This is likely both a conscious and an unconscious choice, motivated by the desire to fix an unjust society, but also reinforced by pure and intuitive anti-white bigotry, a kind of perfect inversion of the lynch mob mentality of an earlier era. In the way one imagines a racist white southerner filling with rage at the notion of a black rapist, while making excuses for a white offender, modern journalists obsess over mitigating factors and external pressures when writing about inner-city crime, as white spree shooters and rapists are presented as damning evidence of white male privilege and pathology.

Most journalists couch their anti-white proselytizing in subtly manipulative pieces that retain the flavor of impartial reportage. Increasingly, many do not.

Roxane Gay: "The boys who raped me were boys like Brock Turner"

Roxane Gay: “The boys who raped me were boys like Brock Turner”

Radical ideological feminists tend to share the anti-white outlook held amongst most radical progressives, but their promotion of the Brock Turner case was used to different ends. Their movement appears eager to open the definition of rape as widely as possible. That Brock Turner’s accuser had drunk herself into a stupor on her own volition, likely engaged in some level of consensual sexual interaction with Brock Turner before passing out, and ultimately retained no memory of the event is encouraging to feminists.

Rightly or wrongly, so frivolous a case would likely not have been prosecuted in an earlier age. Feminists are eager to see many more such prosecutions for rape, and some may see this case as another step toward a future when a woman can, after drinking herself into a blackout and engaging in consensual sex with a stranger, have her partner prosecuted for criminal rape, ideally anonymously and without having to answer and invasive questions about the nature of her interaction.

Sound ridiculous? If so, read this feminist think piece written in response to the Brock Turner case. Clearly to an ideological feminist—and very much in the postmodern tradition that undergirds much of third-wave feminist theory—rape is an act that has no basic characteristics, save for the degree to which a woman finds its memory painful or degrading.

Catherine MacKinnon: "I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated."

Catherine MacKinnon: “I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated.”

More significant than the crime itself in the public’s imagination was Brock Turner’s six-month jail sentence, heinously lenient according to most professional commentators. Few bothered to acknowledge that Turner wasn’t found guilty of the most serious charges brought against him, or that he acted without malice and did not employ force or violence—in fact, it would be considered offensive and insensitive for a journalist to bring the latter point up, despite the unambiguous truthfulness of such an observation.

Feminists are not merely interested in stretching the definition of rape beyond any reasonable boundary; they seek to ensure that the public views rape, all rape, as perfectly equivalent in its horror and destructiveness. This is useful, as it would certainly be a boon to grievance feminism if all women with a memory of a bad sexual experience identified as “survivors” of the most heinous kind of male predation.

Campus rape survivor Lena Dunham made a video expressing solidarity with the Stanford accuser. So brave!

Campus rape survivor Lena Dunham made a video expressing solidarity with the Stanford accuser. So brave!

Many female journalists wrote about this case with a kind of naked fury and revulsion, rather incongruous with the unexceptional nature of the crime. This is curious, until one remembers who is writing: affluent and well-educated feminist journalists and thinkers, an extraordinarily privileged category of first-world women whose personal experience with “sexual assault” is likely limited to awkward and ambiguous alcohol-fueled university hook-ups.

Given their level of narcissism, radical ideological instruction, and delusions of oppression, that their “rapes” would not be regarded as such by the legal system or the general public is a likely motivation for many in pushing “the campus rape epidemic” canard—a crusade that created Mattress Girl, A Rape on Campus, the oft-debunked 1 in 5 statistic, and the Duke Lacrosse embarrassment—as those same feminists largely neglect authentic rape epidemics, such as the sexual violence sex workers are routinely subject to, or the horrifying rape culture endemic to the American prison system.

According to the Department of Justice, an estimated 216,000 inmates were raped in prison in 2008

According to the Department of Justice, an estimated 216,000 inmates were raped in prison in 2008

The role of alcohol in these kinds of events is critical, despite the conspicuous silence on the subject when feminists discuss such assaults. Without binge drinking these events simply do not occur. As an ideological notion or rhetorical strategy, the “victim blaming” concept has been useful in the effort to reduce complex interactions to simplistic dichotomies of monster and martyr.

From a practical perspective, with the goal to prevent rape and destructive “gray-area” encounters that emotionally wound, it has been a disaster. Feminism could have used its influence to spread awareness of the degree to which binge drinking reduces female agency and is a precursor to degrading and damaging sexual experiences, but instead the movement opted to serve the narrative rather than its adherents.

Washington Post: "two-thirds of survivors said they had been drinking just prior to their assaults"

Washington Post: “two-thirds of survivors said they had been drinking just prior to their assaults”

Brock Turner’s behavior was heinous and objectionable, but so was the histrionic response from a media that seems to prefer to create public events than report on them—a much more dangerous phenomenon than the absurd notion of a “campus rape epidemic.”

If we desire something like an impartial media, then we should view their excesses and abuses with a much greater level of scrutiny, even when it is politically incorrect to do so. In a nation where only forty percent of reported forcible rapes result in a conviction, The Stanford Rape Case is neither news nor a miscarriage of justice; it is a handy progressive case study and an effective vehicle for the spread of destructive and illiberal notions about women, men, and whiteness.

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  1. There is one thing you missed in the article though. It was not a 6 month PRISON sentence but a 6 month JAIL sentence (big difference) and with good behavior he could get out in 3 months.

    1. Is there anyone who wouldnt prefer a simple flogging to a six month sentence?

    2. Wow, only 3 months of monkey-kielbasa up the keister instead of six, just grand. Maybe they’ll only finger and dry-hump him.

  2. Through the 1800s, the only women who drank booze in public were prostitutes.
    Today, female students at America’s elite universities get tanked on the regular, and are shocked — shocked! — that they’re seen as easy prey.
    Girls: There are bad men in this world. It’s sad but true. Now, to be safe, do as your great-great-grandmothers did. ***Don’t drink booze in public.***

    1. I used to work security at a high rise building in a major metropolitan area. One night, while doing a patrol, I came across this girl who was sprawled out on the building’s steps, totally passed out. I shouted at her, flashed a light in her face, nudged her shoulder, all to no avail. I ended up calling an ambulance to come pick her up. Needless to say, she was lucky she passed out at my building and not some random alley.

      1. In college, walking home from a party at 3 am, I came across a drunk girl passed out in a dark snowdrift in a remote part of campus. She would’ve died if I hadn’t found her.

        1. Similar. Gave water to a drunk woman once who was seconds away from being pulled into a taxi with two guys she didn’t know at 3 am. Only one thing can happen at that time of night. Of course my intentions weren’t purely altruistic for helping her but even in her drunken state and the following days after getting to know her better, she knew this asshole had her best intention and safety at heart.

        2. She was hot. Her friend was even hotter. And I finger popped the friend. I needed a way back in.

        3. “Finger popped” the friend? Isn’t that what got this Brock Turner into trouble with the law?

        4. Reminds me of the Patton movie where an incident is recalled where Patton pulls his gun on some dudes putting a woman into a truck late at night and it turns out that she was pregnant and she had consented to them helping her into the truck.

        5. Haha!! Funny enough but true. The main difference is the friend put my hand there in front of the guys crowding for her attention. I had involuntary dibs to her that night. I have a bigger thing for the girl next door type though which was her friend.

    2. and if you point out the obvious youre:
      a rapist
      a rape apologist
      a mansplainer
      a patriarch
      ..who needs to man up

    3. Not just drinking, getting blitzed out of your gourd, especially around strangers is a recipe for all kinds of badness. I think alcohol is one of the pillars of civilization, but when did word get around that getting drunk is safe?

    4. Brock Turner is not a bad man though. Two drunk kids got together at college. He got up to puke, the party slut passed out and Swedes are gonna Swede. He shouldn’t be in jail.

    5. Don’t be 22 years old and getting wasted at a college frat party and cozy up to an underage college boy…

  3. Did he know she was unconscious? I got no love for the guy but it’s really convenient how men are judged as if they had full faculties while drunk but women are helpless little angels being stalked by the invading army of Bundyist rapebots.

    1. if she was literally unconscious and he was merely (very) drunk then its not unreasonable to suppose he has a greater level of responsibility for what occurs than she does (allowing for the fact that they both allowed themselves to get into that situation n the first place). The real problem here is that when men and women appear to be equally drunk and some kind of sexual activity occurs they do not appear to be considered equally responsible for what happens. This is a major flaw that the law seems to be incapable of addressing. One of the reasons this case has been seized upon (beyond the fact that he represents the ideal feminist villain: a rich, privileged white frat boy) is that the fact that she was unconscious (and this is verified by the passers by) means that the inequity of responsibility when drunk does not have to be considered

      1. Good one. We see the same narrative played out all of the time….and I still don’t see (or hear) feminist crying for equality in these situations. They want equal pay, they are “strong and independent” like men…until we hit something like this situation (then they are the victims).
        I would recommend that once a judge hears that both parties were drinking, drunk, etc…then the case should be thrown out. Moral of the story (by the judge): learn to control your booze.

        1. I think this particular case is difficult because she appears to have become unconscious and he was presumably aware of that, to the degree he was himself conscious ie this isn’t the easiest case to argue for equal responsibility and highlight double standards. I actually think it would be better to focus on why feminists are focusing upon it so much which is because this guy fits their idea of who a perpetrator a perpetrator should be

  4. I’ve heard about this case by Studio Brulé

    If you have any chance take a loot at all the other video on this channel.. Very good content

    1. Her analysis is always good. She defended by the way this site before based on the first amendment. Needless to say, today’s radical and mindless feminists hate her.

  5. Captain finger bang – sex offender with no sex, worse rapist ever
    Also ROK could you post pictures of someone vomiting over dog shit rather than Lena Dunham – looks like a little downs boy with crap tits

    1. That made me LOL. “If you’re gonna rape someone — do it right, for god’s sake!”

      1. Yeah – this poor ginger bastard’s probably getting his arsehole stretched on account of fucking his own trousers
        Could have at least gave her a milk ‘tache – that would have given the jury something to laugh at whilst looking at his dead eyes

    2. You have perfectly captured the experience of encountering a photo of Lena Dunham

  6. This case was the perfect example of media distortion. Even Joe Biden said that the victim’s obviously fabricated letter should be required reading for every student across America. When I first saw posts about this story on social media, I thought that Brock had fucked an unconscious girl behind a dumpster. Once the real details got leaked on alternative media, the agenda became clear.
    Ironically, toxic femininity gave rise to the college binge-drinking culture as men have become pussified zombies who, without game or striking good looks, require alcohol to get laid. Brock Turner was just another thirsty, horny college kid who chose to be lazy and hook up with a drunk chick rather than, you know, learn how to charm women while they’re sober. He fucked up by choosing a particularly schlammered broad who ended up passing out. Then he drew a particularly brutal stroke of luck when two guys drove by on their bikes.
    The fact is, this type of shit happens all the time. Drunken hookups are the norm on college campuses, and lots of times, the girl and the guy go their separate ways, or, sometimes, they bang a few more times.
    As a personal aside, I’ve passed out while a girl gave me a blowjob. I laughed about it instead of crying rape. And did she apologize? Fuck no, she was pissed that I went all mushy and started snoring while she slobbered away. It doesn’t take long for someone who’s been drinking all night to go from coherent to unconscious. There have been times where I was talking to a drunk friends of mine, walked into another room, and returned 10 seconds later to find them leaning back, passed, out, and unresponsive when I tried to wake them up. Whether or not this girl was passed out while his fingers were inside her vagina remains unclear. What is clear, though, is that the media jumped on this story like a gold-digger jumps on a billionaire’s dick.

    1. AFAIK, Brock DID fuck an unconscious girl behind a dumpster. Which is atrocious. There were witnesses, dude.

      1. He never penetrated her with his penis, which is the definition of fucking, and if she were unconscious, rape. That’s why the charges of rape were dropped. There is still some debate on whether or not she was unconscious while he fingered her. The two witnesses saw him dry humping, which is still bad enough in and of itself, but he never lifted her skirt, pulled down his pants and raped her like the media would have you believe.

        1. Didn’t know that. Still, it’s just semantics. In the eyes of the law, it’s all assault.

        2. True, and like I implied, I’m not justifying his actions. I do have a problem with the media likening this case to brutal rapes where people are violently assaulted. This was a regular college hookup gone awry. Another thing too, his mental faculties were also impaired as he was not an experienced drinker. He may not have known she was passed out, and based on his testimony, he didn’t know. I’m not a fan of the binge-drinking culture as it breeds debauchery and encourages male thirst, but I’m also not a fan of saying that women are strong and independent, but only when sober. When drunk, they’re not responsible for their actions.

        3. You mean “battery”. “Assault” is an expression of a credible threat to harm.
          Anyway, its not rape.

        4. Convicted of sexual assault, not rape. Keep in mind if you slap a girls ass in a club, that’s also sexual assault.
          Not rape.

        5. He got up to puke, she passed out and the brain-washed fembot Swedes sweded.

      2. Yeah that witnesses were Swedes. WGAF about Swedes when gender relations are on the table?

        1. In general most Swedish men are cucked and pozed. It gives me no pleasure to say that as somone that has sat down for a beer with Swedish nationalist men lamenting the maths of the situation. They’ve destroyed their nations demographics and betrayed their fathers posterity. That in itself is proof of their wrongness and moral corruption. That’s the very definition of decadence. They have no moral credibility to make judgements or hold themselves as high for they have destroyed themselves and betrayed their fathers. I don’t look up to men disappearing up their own mangina asses.
          You protect your women firstly by showing them leadership and setting standards not by protecting them from their own stupidity and irresponsibility. This is enabling yet more fringe female stupidity, there seems no limit as to their inane irrational irresponsible demands.
          Brocks behaviour was irresponsible and unmanly and of a low standard, given his age he deserves a severe warning but not a custodial sentence or a sexual offenders listing.

        2. I don’t agree that Brock was irresponsible. He made out with a college girl. So what? But I agree with your take on Swedes, from what I’ve seen and read.

      3. They left the party together, voluntarily. Both were extremely inebriated. He was possibly finger frigging her but not inside her garments to get her aroused and but she passed out. She had an alcholic blackout, which means she won’t remember the 2.5 hours of the party before passing out.
        Her alcholic rating was in excess of three times the driving limit IE 3 x 0.08 = 0.24. She was close to killing herself (0.4). Borock was almost as drunk but carries all the responsibility.
        The woman is a disgrace, not for having drunk sex but for not taking responsibility and scapegoating and ruining a young man. A disgusting human being.

  7. Maybe I am just a grumpy old sober man, but shouldn’t a caveat emptor warning come with whiskey? Six shots of whiskey will obliterate most people, especially a girl. Fuck, after less than a year of not drinking, I can feel the alcohol in a strong kombucha.

    1. Since the beginning of history, no woman, anywhere, under any circumstances imaginable, has been willing to take responsibility for her shitty behavior.

    1. Why the hell is Shaun King still calling himself black? Now, that’s funny.

  8. Roxane Gay: “The boys who raped me were boys like Brock Turner”

    I don’t get it. What exactly IS “a boy like Brock Turner”? A boy who raped a girl? Well, congratulations on the tautology.

    1. I think the meta comment being made is “all white boys are evil rapists no exceptions some of them just haven’t gotten around to it yet.”
      Kinda like people told me when I got my first motorcycle. There are two kinds of motorcycle riders, those who have wiped out and those who haven’t wiped out yet”

    2. She didn’t want to say white boys because it would have defeated the purpose. You have to walk a certain line (with words) when playing the victim.

  9. Seriously ROK….in the future please put Lena Dunham spoilers if you are going to put pictures of that sow in an article.
    My dick crawled up into my body. I am going to need to look at young pics of Olivia Wilde to get it back out so I can pee.

      1. In physical attraction for women? I have always had very high standards with the exception of one of freaks like midgets and stuff….

        1. you don’t have to fancy tub of lard Lena Dunham. Just suggest a threesome and she’ll bring her lesbian sister along for some finger fun.

        1. Hey, I’m sorry for triggering you.
 would suit your tastes better

        2. Oh dear, you need to educate yourself on the habits of internetz citizens!

      1. That name sounds a little bit too pr0n for me. I avoid the naked videos like the plague.

        1. naked videos are like the winter light ..too harsh and leaves nada to the imagination…but to be serious I do dislike privileged upper class white boys who behave like self entitled dicks. It’s their pure contempt for decent folks that annoys me greatly.If this is the future of the white race, well I’ll hang up hat.

        2. Agreed about winter light. I like that annalogy. I’m a privileged upper class duck but I created my own privilege so I am happy with that.
          I stopped looking at all forms of porn years ago and I must say I feel like it was a good thing.

        3. I agree about the porn, it rots whatever spirit a man has left in his rag and bone soul. I used to watch a lot when I was younger, but, I realized it makes you stale and “safe” eventually, which is a preclude to the terminal hell of perpetual ennui. The real deal, even when I used to pick up sleazy whores, was always in the early morning dawn light (around when I appreciated, despite letting myself down, the great beauty in the rest of world. It might sound strange, but, bad sex was kind of a cleansing when I was younger?
          Well, I was brought up kind of middle class, my father was of old established merchant class going back generations and still even now (he died many years ago) I appreciate perhaps even more his modest expectations about the world. Yes, I suppose I too created my own privilege, more in my mind than anywhere else.

      2. Have you ever been stalked by a fag in the gym? I started going again recently and it’s working out well, but, today, some fag kept smiling and smiling at me with big fucking teeth and eyes. Have to say it pissed me off, is there no safe place anymore?
        Why do I say this to you?? I don’t know, but, maybe your rather odd smile in your avatar reminds me of this “person”….I’m not criticizing you BTW…it’s just that cheesy grin reminds me of that dude.

        1. Well, if you keep smiling in that funny kind of way, you might just attract a lot of “new buddies” the next time you push some weights!

        2. The old fat lesbos give me the up and down with their eyes. I just want to vomit.

    1. Was going to say the same thing, it’s like aversion therapy for the male sex drive.

        1. How do you get certified? Is there a quiz question or something?
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          Disqus: Dude, I’m just doing my job. I’m only getting paid 20 rupees an hour.
          Lolknee: I’m sorry.
          Disqus: Ha! Got you – I’m just a bot.

        2. Yes, How to get certified please? I’m a certified bending unit. The world needs to know.

        3. Pretty close. Only I also argued we are all essentially bots

        4. I’m a Bender. I bend girders. That’s all I’m programmed to do. I can bend a girder to any angle – thirty degrees, thirty-two degrees… thirty-one… but I couldn’t go on living once I found out what they were for.
          Making suicide booths!

    2. Put your thumb in your mouth and blow real hard, your pecker will pop back out. I do agree there needs to be a trigger warning.
      Have you tried kitten videos?

      1. Am I seeing correctly or did the eye bleach ruin my vision? Are those your kittyknickers???

        1. It’s supposed to be open-crotch, so there’s no g-string garroting the gash, avoiding that discomfort.

        2. Many a gal has wandered in to the ER with a UTI (urinary tract infection). The discharge instructions were, as one old MD put it, “wear cotton drawers, no thong”.

        3. “Discharge” instructions, see what you did there. Heh.
          Back in the day, for some reason, a janitor I knew spent most of his time with very seedy characters.
          Naturally, the female units in that platoon, due to their prostitivities frequently suffered painful conditions of the gender which interfered with their ability to purchase dragons to chase, and sometimes when they felt like it, buying food.
          He suggested application of probiotic goat yoghurt to the afflicted realm, which would clear the problem fully and rapidly so the patients could get back to being cockaddled ASAP.
          My old janitor friend, PBUH, was offered many a favour (even money) from the wenches which he always declined, saying: “Never for money, always for love”…

    3. It is a little known fact that Doctors use an image of Lena Dunham to deflate an erection that lasts for more than 4 hours. Even so, most patients choose the needle, because they find it less painful.

    4. And is that her parents in the background? Who would take half naked pictures of themselves with family present?

      1. Well this is the same family that things sister on sister finger banging, putting gravel in children’s cunts and some underage incestual lesbianism is stuff to write a book about

        1. Well, Lena only finger-raped her toddler sister, she didn’t dry-hump her out by the dumpster so she skates on the 6 months.

  10. Great article and outstanding analysis of the media and political distortion. I’m up here in Canada and, given all the media attention and political hoopla, I was vaguely aware of the Stanford rape case but I didn’t pay it much attention. The facts certainly create a very different impression to the image I had of a predator breaking into the dorm of a young co-ed, beating her senseless and violently raping her. Honestly, that’s what I thought this was about.
    No excusing the guy but, like someone else said, this sounds like a drunken hookup gone very bad. The way I’d frame this is how I’d react to the situation if the girl had been my daughter (I have two). Angry of course but, honestly, as much with her carelessness and stupidity as with him.
    Every day I become more and more cynical and less trusting of mainstream media to the point where I now question almost everything I hear.

    1. Of course if she’d been your daughter, you would have failed as a parent by her being there is one way of looking at (of course some people are going to be stupid no matter what you do).
      Not in any way justifying Brock, but please people don’t put yourself in a dangerous position if you can avoid it.

      1. Yes I’d look at it that way too. Is anybody giving these girls guidance on the dangers of mixing the impaired judgment arising from drugs and alcohol with sexually charged settings? A complete lack of situational awareness.
        It’s like Chrissie Hynde acknowledging in her biography that she was stupid when in her early twenties she was drinking and hanging out alone with two bikers into the wee hours. They fucked her and she acknowldeged her stupidity for being in the situation. Damn right she was stupid but there was an outcry that she said it.

        1. And the thing she hated about it the most? She never came harder before or since.

        2. Is there really a point where one can become even more cynical of the Main stream media? I don’t think I can become more cynical.
          I sometimes watch CBC purely to see how they’re gonna fabricate stories.
          Heres Big Hugo’s rule of thumb : anything the Media or government tell you don’t believe.

    2. The point of these types of stories are always the same: to keep the rape culture alive and to always put the blame on the man, no matter what.
      Here we had two college kids drinking too much and carrying on. She can’t handle her booze (because, no we’re not all equal) and she passes out. Now, she’s the pure and innocent victim, she can only give consent and the man is the evil one. It was a drunk hookup gone wrong but the way they report the story you would think that rape culture is alive and well. They make it sound like every other man on the campus is out to rape women at the schools.
      Let’s talk about slut culture if we’re going to continue on with rape culture. That’s the one thing that the news isn’t reporting on: young women taking on the role of sluts, more and more, everyday.

      1. “Keep the rape culture alive and to always put the blame on the man”.
        Always put the blame on the White man. Always needs to be a White man.

  11. When Patrick Kane won a top NHL award this year, the jocksniffer news outlets published articles bitterly condemning the choice. Why? Because Kane had been accused of a crime in a case where no charges were ever going to be filed–thus, he was innocent-until-proven-guilty in perpetuity. Or, simply: legally innocent.

    1. There was also the suspension of the University of Ottawa hockey program last year after a couple of the players screwed the same girl over the course of a weeknd road trip. Don’t know all the facts but it sounded awfully fishy and an unnecessary overreaction to suspend the program and tarnish all the players. Apparently the uninvolved players are suing the school. Hope they win.

    2. The police held a large loud press conference when PK was accused. Barely a whimper was heard when the charges were dropped. The broad and her mother were both candidates for the lifetime assylum program.

      1. The police held a press conference to announce they wouldn’t be pressing charges in the Rolling Stone rape hoax, and referred to the cunt who made it up as a survivor. A survivor of what? Well, she did cause a lot of trouble for a lot of people with her lies, and she survived without ANY consequences.

  12. Yap.They dont care about the real rape by muslim invaders.They want to break white males with psychological warfare,open the gates and foster the invasion of white countries.I hate these marxists.

  13. If he had been the first one to pass out would she be the rapist? I see the entire event as two kids lacking in class and drunk as hell, willingly fondling each other until one of them grew too drunk to continue. If she had two less drinks she would have made it to a room and fucked him. If she wanted to be a good girl she needed to stray sober and not take off with a guy she did not know. Ideally the guy would be called a pig, the girl a slut and life would move on without any ruined lives

  14. She was drunk, and he was drunk….I don’t see a case here….she could easily have passed out in the heat of the moment and HE wasn’t fully aware because he was drunk…like she was drunk and unaware…
    Sounds like he had shitty lawyers….the judge obviously understands shit happens when two people are drunk and stupid….she drank too much, dumb cunt. ZFG!

    1. The irony is if that stupid bitch was driving, passed out on the road, and hit another car with a baby inside it (killing the baby), no one would be defending this whore….

    1. Im actually looking forward to WWIII. I figure 50/50 chance of getting wiped out buy nukes, then we rebuild society they way it used to be.

  15. lets just be honest 1) you shouldn’t rape period and 2) if he was any other color but white they would have thrown the book at him and every one would be screaming how all [name a race] should go back to whatever shit hole they came out of

  16. I’m so mad at this guy. Such a disapontment to the rape community.
    You engage in consensual making out and drinking and then try to get away with a legit rape.
    When the girl passes out drunk (finally) you’ve gotta commit to going all in.
    If a finger is all you can do while blackout, you are deff not one of us.
    He’s need to take a few hints from the euro immigrants. You get the rape in by a few friends, and then add a throat cut or golden shower for style points.
    Such a disapontment to the rape community. I blame his white genetics. If he didn’t have analytical reasoning skills or empathy, he might have had a better performance.
    We usually have to rely on the whites with sevear mental disorders to get the quality rapes like their darker cousins, but this guy is just an emberrisment.

  17. I didn’t really follow this case so I’m just curious, how did they determine she was unconscious at the time of the fingering and was the only evidence that he was humping her the eye witness account of the two men?
    Even though I would never be making out with a girl near a dumpster, I just think what if it was me. I’m not saying he is innocent, I personally have no idea. But what if I was super wasted just like her and what we were doing was consensual but she passed out right when someone passed by and assumed I was raping her. I would have no defense whatsoever.

    1. It’s so easy nowadays to get accused of rape …. and once you’re accused you might as well be convicted ….

    2. Was it really behind a dumpster? To me that just sounds so cliché. If rape is rape why does it matter on the location. Does rape near some garbage warrent a harsher punishment then rape on a duck down 10K thread count silk duvet?
      Why is the location so important? He either did it or he didn’t.
      Honestly the only time I ever see shady stuff going on behind a “dumpster” is in a B grade murder flick.

      1. Someone read one of my comments here (many of which involve restrooms at clubs, dumpsters, alleys, janitors, etc.) and worked it into the ‘journalism’. For all I know, one of those Swede fags did it.

    3. The two ‘men’ were Swedish so case closed there. And in this era, a school’s Title IX funding is contingent upon a quota of sexual assault convictions. Their claim that he dry humped her while she was passed out was all the University needed. They need to keep those sexual assault numbers up or lose funding. This is Obama instituting communist era quotas to appease feminists.

      1. Swedish dudes dont get laid in the US. They were obviously jealous of Brocks alpha swimming status.

  18. In the last year, two girls have died after going to clubs that i’ve been to not long before , one fell over and smashed her head on some wooden decking and the other fell into a canal….. the evil patriarchy wasn’t the cause of this, it was feminism preaching to women that they are invincible people that should take as many risks as possible because if anything goes wrong it wont be their fault.
    In this certain case , passing out was obviously in this woman’s control … feminists like to equate this with saying that she “deserved it” or “brought it on herself” which obviously isn’t true

    1. A man would have built that wooden decking so the patriarchy was in fact responsible.

  19. 99% of the ‘victims’ need to be told what a victim they really are. The victim has no memory of being victimized by Turner. Only memories of how horrible the rape exam was.
    If you read her letter, it seems like the rape examiners were the ones that did all the horrific probing of her vagina without her consent. How is it she was too out of it to not give consent to this guy, but able to give consent for the rape exam?

  20. Here in Australia our favorite deranged feminist, Clementine Ford, wrote another piece of garbage titled ‘This is what a real rapist looks like’ with an image of Brock Turner. I didn’t read it because I don’t want to give her any revenue from clicking on the article.
    Feminists only care about rape when a white male does it to a woman. When it comes to rape and other forms of sexual assault against women such as groping by third world slime that has exploded across Western nations in recent years her and her feminist cohorts remain silent. They choose instead to make it an issue about race.

    1. These feminists don’t “see” the rape or sexual assaults happening to women in Sweden or Germany by thee illegal immigrants (and if they do then they have an “understanding” because they come from a different culture). It only shows up on their radar once a white man is involved.
      The back lash over this kind of shit is going to be huge against feminists (and SJWs).

  21. The fact that she chooses to remain anonymous makes it more believable.However,the outrage baffles me.”Worst of America” ,yeah right.Another rich white boy fingering another rich white girl that’s a tad too drunk.The horror.Still waiting for the outrage over mass rape of Yazidi children.Anyone?No?K den.

  22. liberals enjoy this militant leftist media hate propaganda. If you a male – and especially a white male; your the target. Make no mistake- these leftist fanatics are coming after you via media and social govt funded propaganda.

    1. Being a white heterosexual male means that you are now public enemy #1.

  23. “…the cyclists yelled to Turner, who ran from the scene”
    this, i believe, is the KEY point in this story. that’s what makes it hard to defend this guy – or be associated with him in any way.
    by running away, he declared to the entire world: “i’m a fucking criminal and i know that”. he behaved like a lowlife retarded duchebag – who, with all fairness, he most likely is anyway regardless of his race.
    running away when being caught grinding against an unconscious girl – and then tackled by a cyclist? oh man… lol. the guy is an idiot.
    someone needs to post an article here: How To Behave When Being Caught (Whether You Did Anything Wrong or Not).
    it doesn’t btw invalidate the points of the article. just shows that this guy is pathetic – and an easy prey for the feminists.

    1. No. Wrong. He ran because he thought the two Swedes were randomly attacking him. Which they basically were. They attacked him when he had gotten up to go puke away from the girl.

      1. well if that’s the case then it does change the story indeed. however, i didn’t see it mentioned in numerous sources i read – including this article, which claims to represent the most truthful account of the encounter.
        it’s a critical part. if it’s true, then Pozwald Spengler should update his article. can you post any sources for that?

          Interesting that I had to find a link from Australia. The bogus rape industry stateside has turned into a juggernaut of click-traffic, gov’t funding and jobs for Women’s Studies majors. No one dare print anything that even hints against the narrative. This was a consensual drunken fingering involving a pantyless warhorse of a party slut.

        2. thanks for the link. well it’s still just his own statement, written carefully with his lawyer, not some kind of unquestionable truth. at least one of his statements has been proven… umm… exaggerated: “Coming from a small town in Ohio, I had never really experienced celebrating or partying that involved alcohol”.
          regardless, i did find an interview with one of the Swedes that partially corroborates Turner’s version:
          “Arndt and Jonsson spoke with Turner briefly before he got scared and attempted to run off.”
          btw also from an Aussie source:
          so i think the truth is somewhere in between. but in any case it’s a big difference from the way it’s described in this ROK article: “…the cyclists yelled to Turner, who ran from the scene”.
          funnily, Pozwald Spengler complains that “many essential details about the assault have been underreported and are not widely known” – and then himself omits one of the most crucial details and just lazily copies biased reports from mainstream sources.
          so yeah after learning those additional details i concur that Turner had a legitimate reason to be scared and run away from two strangers with unknown intentions.
          fuck. ROK should stop pander to feminists and repost their lies.

        3. I think he was scared the Swedes were Nordick rape terrorists, targeting him for violent anal outrages, maybe even a spit-roasting ATM session, right there by the dumpster and the passed-out pantiless warhorse of a party slut.
          All he could think of in his terror was to GTFO and also getting that terrible stink off his fingers.
          Meanwhile, no one wonders what the Swede duo did to the tranquilised booze-n-cock banshee…

      2. IKR? I read somewhere that they grabbed his neck before he ran. If i was in that guys shoes I would’ve thought I was getting jumped. IMO I wouldve ran too.

        1. Yeah. And there are parts of Palo Alto that are dangerous. Most people think of Stanford and assume it’s all lily-white. Maybe the hoods are not close to campus but enough to make a guy run when he’s inebriated and feeling jumped by two guys speaking Russian as far as he knew.

    2. Exactly, he should have kept grinding and asked the guys if they wanted to pull a train on her….. oh but they were good fembot Swedes no?

  24. My thoughts;
    If rape is so constant and prevalent, then why was this a national story for two weeks? If the rape hysterics were 1/10th accurate then there would have been thousands of similar cases in the meantime.
    Jane Doe showed up pantyless and got wasted. I think I read she is from a nearby school like UC Santa Cruz (inferior school, obv) She is 22. Her hypergamy has her heading to Stanford parties with no panties and getting wasted and leaving with guys frequently. I think she remained anonymous to avoid being outed as ‘Oh, that’s the girl who gets wasted at Stanford ALL THE TIME and ALWAYS leaves with a guy” because I think that’s who she is.
    The great white knight saviors of the night were from Sweden. No further comment necessary. They likely ride around at night just for moments like this.
    A very drunk guy can’t be expected to notice the very second a girl passes out. It doesn’t work like that. He said he got up to vomit and the Swedes manginas assaulted him. The party slut passed out shortly thereafter.
    This is identity politics in action.
    Seek hobbies and interests outside of the culture
    Reduce your work and tax burden.

    1. The Swedes actually only involved themselves because Brock and Doe were in their spot.

        1. You did, brother.
          One mind at a time, six degrees of seperation and maybe this shitepile gets cleaned up someday.

  25. So the Stanford guy didn’t achieve “PIV”? Given the talk about the incident, even on ostensibly right-thinking places like Breitbart, I thought copulation had occurred.
    All this over a kid getting illegally drunk and fingering an equally-wasted aspiring cougar? o_0

  26. This story is scary. Before Turner went to prison, I heard similar stories like this happen before, but usually it happened to unattractive men or men that were considered losers. Turner had status. He had the potential to be on the US swimming team. And now that was taken away from him. To add insult to injury he will be a registered sex offender (for fingering?? a girl) for life.
    I am glad I dropped out of college…

    1. Couldn’t make it through college huh!!. To tough for you huh!!
      Turner is a scumbag like you. You think it is OK to finger a girl against her wishes and while she is unconscious. They should have doubled his sentence.
      Quote “Turner had status. He had the potential to be on the US swimming team. And now that was taken away from him. To add insult to injury he will be a registered sex offender (for fingering?? a girl) for life.”
      They did not take anything away from him. He did it to himself. But then you don’t believe in white men taking responsibility do you? You are not as superior as you think little boy.
      You are a dropout loser.
      Have a nice day.

      1. This is the sort of crap that makes your whining when someone berates you so laughable. You’re a hypocrite.
        Have a nice evening, hypocrite.

        1. Well your lack of education is showing through again for you do not appear to understand the meaning of the word hypocrite.
          Also, I am not whining. You just say that because of your own personal experiences. However, my behavior is is based on my experiences and that is something you have no knowledge of.
          Have a wonderful day.

        2. Its cool bro. The Gutterthugs insults don’t get to me. I actually like the Simpsons and am a huge Homer Simpson fan so I appreciate the pic he left me.

  27. So now “tops and fingers” is rape? Ok the bird was out cold with drink. A guy gets the shit beaten out of him when he’s drunk its half his fault. Woman gets shitfaced, guy checks her lamps and puts two in the slot he gets charged with rape, thrown out of college, banned from swim team, character blighted for rest of his life.
    Also the bird was cheating on her boyfriend. But nothing is her responsibility because she’s a strong independent woman……

  28. It worth looking at their alcohol consumption:
    1 Jane Doe was tested sometime latter as being at over three times the California driving limit of 0.08. That means she was in excess of 0.24 and certainly much higher prior to testing.
    2 Brock Turner was at over twice the limit of 0.08 in other words 0.16.
    An inexperienced drinker will certainly have an alcoholic blackout at 0.15.
    A person has a very good chance of dying from alcoholic poisoning at 0.40. So “Jane Doe” almost killed herself.
    Jane Doe had an ‘alcoholic blackout’. In an alcoholic blackout one forgets completely ones memories over 2.5 hours prior to the Blackout.
    This is of course when “Jane Doe” had her ‘regret rape’. She almost certainly gave her ascent. Of course its argued that a drunk woman can not form consent nor asses consent but then neither could Brock Turner. Turner was so drunk he tried to have digital sex, some kind of foreplay, “Jane Doe” in an open area next to a footpath and a dumpster yet only Turner is being punished.
    He didn’t even penetrate her with his penis or force himself in, he was trying to give her pleasure to get her aroused.
    The Muslims would lash both of them incidentally, not for the alcohol, but for the irresponsible sex.
    In her logically tedious ghost written ‘victim impact statement’ Miss “0.4% blood alcohol” makes her extreme drunkenness sound like she would have been merely slightly tipsy had she still be used to her college drinking days. She must have been a damned heavy drinker and no one, even an experienced drinker, would be anything but totally smashed.
    This is outrageous. She is a disgrace. She would be an unreliable wife (which is why she is pretending to have been raped, so that she can pretend to be an honourable woman)
    Turner must be pardoned and the law changed so that when both parties are inebriated they carry equal responsibility.

  29. This case is another “burn the white man at the cross”. The media, authorities and others never hold the woman accountable at all. Women are all “strong and independent” and “equals” until we get to these types of situations….then they turn into helpless victims. Both of these young people were drunk yet they never point out that fact (or they quickly brush it off to the side).
    It’s always the woman who must give consent in this time of “equality”. Men have no rights and no say…but we’re all equal (queue the laughter).
    If the man continued and she was passed out then it’s low class, it’s not right and he should be punished for it. But we’re seeing a double standard or a certain set of rules only for white men.
    I’m wondering his intent here or was he just really careless (see Hillary Clinton email case for definition). I say let the FBI work the case, maybe they’ll let him off.

  30. Decisions like this don’t empower women, they infantalise them. No wonder they all prance around like precious little princesses.

  31. So the other day I happened upon the Facebook page of this woman I banged years ago. While the Brock Turner fiasco was unraveling, she made several posts about how horrific the incident was, and how she, too, was a rape survivor. I laughed out loud! Back when I was banging her (over a period of a couple weeks), I went to her apartment one day near the campus of UCF (University of Central Florida). She looked distraught when she opened the door. We sat on the couch and I asked her what was wrong. She put her hand on my upper thigh and said, “My ex-boyfriend just left.” I said, “So?” And she started sniffling and she moved her hand up to my crotch and said, “He raped me.” At which point she started squeezing my nuts. So I went for it, of course, and while I was ripping her clothes off, she screamed, “Rape me!” (Yeah, they’re ALL rape survivors, wink-wink.)

  32. Here’s a practical solution that will never be implemented: women who willingly drink alcohol cannot complain about being raped or sexually assaulted in any capacity for the next 12 hours after the consomption of the first drink. That will force women to take responsibility for their actions. Seriously, as a man, if I get drunk as fuck and have sex with a feminist landwhale, can I complain to the police that I have been raped? No. Same thing if I punch a man twice my size and then get beaten the fuck up in self defence, does that nullify HIS right to self defence? No. Then why should a woman who gets passed-out drunk with people she doesn’t have a reason to trust should be able to complain about rape?

  33. Very important and exceptionally well written piece. I hope this is not lost on some of the wise-cracking commenters going off on tangents about ugly lesbian celebrity attention whores.
    “There is also a more extreme impulse at work: a way of controlling reality through the dissemination of media narratives. Most journalists are far-left progressives. They believe inequality and social stratification reflect only the degree to which whites have exploited people of color. Anti-white journalism—or conversely, absurdly sympathetic depictions of minority offenders—is an effort toward a correction”.
    This story is indicative of what RoK represents at its finest – a fight against the dishonest media and the danger that their lying, deceitful narrative poses to society in general, and specifically to men in these insane times.

  34. Quote: Roxane Gay: “The boys who raped me were boys like Brock Turner” Any white boy, Raping that fat pig, should be jailed for 100 years !

  35. So the alleged victim was drunk when she came, drank more free alcohol and was kissing and dancing with him and once got caught in the act, was ashamed and spun the story as though she is an innocent little girl!? BS. The old whore needs to be thrown in jail for about 50 yrs like terrorists. Poor Brock.

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