Student Accused Of Rape By Emma Sulkowicz To Sue Columbia University

Paul Nungesser, the Columbia student who has been accused of rape by Emma Sulkowicz as part of her “Carry That Weight” project, is finally striking back. Nungesser is suing Columbia University over Sulkowicz’s project, stating that the university did nothing to protect him from her campaign of harassment and defamation against him, and indeed allowed her to do it as part of her coursework.

In a particularly cruel irony, Nungesser’s suit is rooted in Title IX, the federal statute that bans gender-based discrimination in universities:

This is an action for damages, injunctive relief and declaratory relief against Defendants Columbia University, the Trustees of Columbia University, Columbia University’s President Lee C. Bollinger and Columbia University’s Visual Arts Professor Jon Kessler (hereinafter sometimes collectively referred to as “Defendants”), for their acts and omissions with regard to Paul Nungesser in violation of both federal and state law which have significantly damaged, if not effectively destroyed Paul Nungesser’s college experience, his reputation, his emotional well-being and his future career prospects. This case exemplifies the types of student-on-student and teacher-on-student gender based harassment and misconduct that the Supreme Court has held is prohibited by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 86 Stat. 373, as amended, 20 U.S.C. § 1681 etseq. (“Title IX”).

For those who’ve forgotten, Emma Sulkowicz is the Columbia student who became notorious last autumn when she announced that she would be carrying her mattress around campus until either she graduated or until her rapist—Nungesser—was expelled, whichever came first. This is despite the fact that Columbia’s campus tribunal cleared Nungesser of the rape charges that Sulkowicz leveled against him, under the lowest standard of proof.

While Sulkowicz has been careful not to name Nungesser—likely because doing so would have opened her up to a lawsuit—her campaigning made it easy for other Columbia students to identify him. According to his lawsuit, since Sulkowicz began her project, Nungesser’s college experience has been “effectively destroyed,” since he can no longer participate in campus life without being jeered at or physically attacked for being a “rapist.”

Despite the transparently bogus nature of Sulkowicz’s accusations, she became a darling of the feminist media, receiving glowing coverage in major publications such as New York Magazine. Additionally, she was invited to attend President Obama’s State of the Union address by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). Nungesser’s lawsuit—and the additional details he’s revealed about his relationship with Sulkowicz—confirms that everyone who supported her was complicit in harassment and fraud.

Sulkowicz To Nungesser: “Fuck Me In The Butt”


Nungesser’s suit against Columbia (which can be read in its entirety here) includes transcripts of text conversations he had with Sulkowicz when they were hooking up. Far from the sinister rapist that Sulkowicz has painted him as, their conversations show that she was the aggressor in their relationship. They also show that she had an odd fixation with anal sex:

Emma: fuck me in the butt
Paul: eehm
maybe not?
I miss your face tho
Emma: hahahah
you don’t miss my lopsided ass?
Paul: ido.
just not that much
good I am actually too tired to choose a movie
also to tired to spell apparently

Additionally, Sulkowicz also complained to Nungesser about another of her boyfriends (referred to as “John Doe” for legal reasons”) not using condoms when he slept with other women:

Emma: John Doe and i are all cool – hahahah – i was excited.
Paul: oh thanks god good to hear – so wats da nuse
Emma: he and i went to an art opening and tacos tonight – and we
talked it out – like im not gonna force him to be exclusive
but i was like “just use condoms with other girls” – so
yeah – he’ll use condoms if he fucks other girls.
Paul: . . . its just i mean im glad you talked it out and stuff and im
not the one trying to kill the boner here but how are you gonna
have any idea whether he actually uses a condom with other girls
or not
Emma: yeah i realize that’s true – i mean there’s a lot of faith involved
i feel like he needs another boy to tell him to use condoms
can you, in like your next bro talk, just be like yo, use condoms
when you luck other girls
Paul: i have tried to talk to him – thats why i talked to you in the first
place cause i felt i wasn’t gettin anywhere
Emma: oh forrealz? – goddamnit – yeah he’s totally not gonna do it then
Paul: :S
Emma: why can’t he just only love me

Finally, Nungesser’s lawsuit also contains other conversations in which Sulkowicz revealed she had slept around with other men and was a heavy drug user:

Emma further communicated to Paul stories and allegations of sexual abuse that she had experienced from other sexual partners. She stated: “i’ve officially had sex with all of John Doe’ best friends…—did lotsa drugs —jk —just got very drunk—well anyways—now i have an std— i actually hate John Doe like if a girl is about to puke—don’t put your unprotected dick into her… I realy don’t want to be known as the girl who contracted an std because she was drunk you know? it is more his fault for fucking me unconscious—i mean i was conscious but clearly not in my right mind… i was literally blackout… like i puked all over the place.”

There are even more revelations in the brief, such as the fact that Sulkowicz grew so attached to Nungesser she repeatedly messaged him while he was overseas telling him how much she missed him. For her part, Sulkowicz attempted to defend herself in a now-deleted post on her Facebook page:

Back in freshman year, I used to say the phrase “Fuck me in the butt” to mean “OMG, that’s sooo annoying.” We all said stupid shit freshman year. Over time, I worked that kink out of my lexicon, but now and then I still say stupid things. We all say stupid things! For example, I hear people say things like, “That test raped me” or “I raped that test,” when they don’t actually mean that a rape occurred. I’m not condoning this speech; rather, I’m pointing out that it happens a lot. When I’m stressed, I might say, “OMG kill me!” or when something’s awesome, I might say, “Wow, that slayed me.” In neither of these situations would anyone think that I’m asking to be murdered or that I’d been slayed.

So, look at the full conversation between me and Paul, which I have posted here. Did Paul, in this situation, actually think I wanted him to fuck me in the butt when all I was doing was complaining about the fact that I had to wake up soon? If he did, then he is terrible at reading signs from women, and takes the things we say as sexual invitations, even when most people would understand that they aren’t. If, on the other hand, he understood that I wasn’t propositioning him, which is indicated by the fact that he said, “jk,” then it is clear that he is now intentionally cropping the phrase from its context in order to mislead people. He doesn’t want you to know that I wasn’t asking to be fucked in the butt.

Sulkowicz made this argument despite the blatantly sexual nature of her conversation with Nungesser and other segments in the lawsuit that showed her unusual interest in anal sex.

All the evidence in Nungesser’s lawsuit blows Sulkowicz’s accusations to pieces. Not only that, suing the university and not Sulkowicz herself is a genius move, because it will allow him to restore his reputation (and expose her as a deranged liar) while avoiding accusations that he is “bullying” her.

Why College Rape Tribunals Should Be Abolished


Between the implosion of Sulkowicz’s story and the recent Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax, the tide appears to be turning against false rape accusers. But despite the evidence presented in Nungesser’s lawsuit, feminists are still defending Sulkowicz’s harassment campaign as “free speech,” despite the fact that no free speech statute on Earth—including the U.S. Constitution—considers spreading defamatory lies about someone to be a protected form of speech.

Beyond the general rape hysteria gripping American society, where any man accused of rape is immediately presumed guilty and strung up by a virtual lynch mob, Sulkowicz’s campaign also exposes the problem with campus rape cases being handled by internal courts. Because college rape tribunals use a lower standard of evidence than actual courts—in part due to the Obama administration’s pressure on colleges to increase rape convictions—they are easily abused by jilted lovers like Sulkowicz.

Studies by the Department of Justice have shown that despite the rape hysteria pushed by the media, college students have a much lower chance of being raped than the general population. Knowing this, there is zero reason why tribunals such as the one that cleared Nungesser should exist.

College girls who have been legitimately raped should go to the same place that other rape victims go: the police. As ROK publisher Roosh stated some time ago, any woman who claims to have been raped but won’t go to the police is probably lying.

While rape hysterics continue to grip the media and government, the rapid-fire collapse of popular narratives such as Sulkowicz’s show that merely crying rape isn’t enough anymore. Step by step, women who falsely accuse men of rape are being exposed and their supporters are being humiliated.

Here’s hoping that Paul Nungesser takes Columbia for every dime they’re worth.

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    1. This case is different. The President of Columbia university endorsed this bitches violation of the confidentiality agreement she signed with Columbia and between himself.
      He can nail their ass to the wall on tortuous interference of a contract and he doesn’t even need to get to title IX BS where he has to prove that men are treated differently.

    2. No, her sexuality is still an asset. The value of her sexuality has been degraded considerably, both the perceptual value and it’s intrinsic value, but it still has value.
      Much like post-wall women are willing to sell for the weaker men that weren’t good enough for her pre-wall, she is available for beta’s, or for mannish lesbians, or if she gets extremely lucky, a particularly stupid white knight will take her.
      All the above are fine. Because she will make the lives of anyone who gets her (including the mannish lesbian) utter hell, and as an extra bonus, will take out of the market an extra competitor.

      1. She looks like a post op tranny. Who the fuck would value her “sexuality”?

  1. >her face when she cant just ruin peoples lives for no reason.

      1. She’s half white. She got that masculine white woman look from her white cuck father.

        1. “her white cuck father.”
          Here come the white supremacist stormfronters. fukk you idiots are ruining these comment sections now a days.

        2. Actually JohnnyMangoes is from the Asian side, he holds Asians in contempt for marrying whites, because he’s half Asian half white and dislikes the results. He hasn’t posted in a long while so you probably aren’t in on his take though.

        3. That’s b/c she’s not white; her background is (from published reports) Japanese, Chinese and (Ashkenazi) Jewish, (“Sulkowicz” should be your first clue in that regard)
          Her real problem is she grew up in Manhattan as the daughter of two psychiatrists. That’s like the Three Strikes of Fucked-Upness right there.

  2. Paul should have interpreted her love of anal sex as a red flag. That’s simply not a healthy human desire.

  3. Nungesser has a good case since no case could be made against him. Columbia University was negligent by not giving him reasonable protection from harassment on campus which had escalated to the point where students would go to his class to take pictures of him.

  4. Fuck me in the butt. Who doesn’t use that phrase to expres casual annoyance?
    Jizz all over me. I just notice a typo!

    1. Well, penetrate my colon with a schlong, I do believe you’re onto something!

  5. From this day forth, unless you can show me the scars, I refuse to believe your sob story. Such is the result of one too many feminist lies.

    1. From this day forth, unless you can show me the scars, I refuse to believe your sob story. Such is the result of one too many feminist lies.

      From the classic tale of the little western cunt who cried “rape”!

  6. Even if he did have anal sex with her and she wasn’t that hot for it (and I do believe she was), is that REALLY the worst thing that could happen to someone? She sounds like a sexually liberal person, what with all the puking, fucking, and STI-gathering, so why was having anal sex with a longtime good friend and fuck-buddy The Worst Thing That Could Ever Have Happened In The History Of The World Ever? Did it really warrant this Broadway show she’s been performing since? Would it really have been so traumatic?
    She’s a liar, ladies and gentleman.

    1. Yeah I don’t get it, she had no problem sucking his dick, and his dick in her pussy. Was a dick in the hole 3 inches away really all that bad. She does seem quiet liberal, what is the big deal here. If you go get naked in a bed and let a person stick it in half your holes with all kinds of straps and dildos. Its kind of silly to turn around and get mad when they maybe cross the line a little bit. Sure, if he did do it, he shouldn’t have but you can’t have it both ways. You can’t want spontaneous men who take risk then turn around and punish men who act that way.

  7. She is wasting her money and will be in massive debt after the university hires top lawyers who clown her and she spends her money on a lawyer and the judge dismisses her case with cost. Then she will owe the university 30-50k on top of her massive student debt. It is pretty silly. She won’t get the money, the university will hire the top spin doctor. Even if she REALLY WAS RAPED, which she wasn’t, they’d find a way to blame her. And her rape story is bullshit. She wanted it in one hole but not in the other hole. Come back when a guy you don’t know koncks you in the head and rapes you in the bushes.

  8. The fucked up part (for both parties) is that any Google search on them For The Rest Of Forever is going to pull up this Witch Hunt. She’s especially screwed (unless she learns to suck dick real good and latches on to a Beta Bux) b/c she’s the Crazy Nutbag Whore Who Lied. Even libtard HR depts are going to back away.
    Worse for him as he didn’t do anything wrong (much like the Duke lacrosse players) and it’s going to happen to him also. He may be in luck in that as an EU citizen he has the “right to be forgotten” but I wonder if that applies outside of the EU.

    1. I think he will be fine 2-3 years removed from this. Well as long as he is alpha about it and doesn’t play wounded animal.

    2. She’s not screwed. She’s going to become a national icon. I guarantee Hillary will use this broad in her campaign to push the bogus 1 in 5 stat in endeavor to pass Yes means Yes at National Level.
      This girl will have multiple job offers from various feminist orgs. She’s become a celebrity — put on cover of New Yorker and honored guest at State of Union.

        1. Actually, Dems want to fuck *you* in the butt, if you’re “rich”. The problem being, when they say “rich” they mean “anyone with a job”.
          The GOP has problems, too, namely All Of Their Stupid Ideas, but at least they don’t want to ass-rape people who show initiative and make money on their own, nor do they hate men for being men.

        2. It would be nice to have a right wing party that was basically like the Libertarian party, except without their suicidal disregard for immigration laws. The Constitution Party strikes me as *way* too much into implementing an actual theocracy (thanks, but no thanks), everytime I speak to one of their members I walk away feeling like they’d change the nation into a church revival tent. Outside of those two parties, there’s really not a lot for us on the right outside of the GOP which is, frankly, nothing more than a protest vote against the Dems, given as they don’t actually openly oppose the left any longer when it comes to their votes.
          What to do…what to do…

        3. Two parties…same feeding trough.
          I agree that we need something new because both of these parties have sold out. The primaries are, now, used to self promote (i.e. new book coming out). It’s a joke and has been for awhile.
          Back when, there used to be a line at least…today those politicians could (and do) switch parties at the drop of a hat.

        4. Exactly. If only there was a “Keep my taxes low and leave me the fuck alone” party that wasn’t secretly weird……

        5. You’re correct. These people, if given the opportunity, would create a Constitutional Amendment declaring America as Christian Nation. They have this absurd notion that everyday “Jesus” somehow intervenes in their life while they’re convinced the apocalypse is coming where they’ll be saved and the rest of us will forever burn.

        6. I generally lean right as like you, I see the D’s as openly hating men. And their naive “feel good” policies which usually end up benefiting large corporations while killing innovation/ small business. An example is the $15 hour min. wage. As small companies are forced to raise prices to offset increased labor costs, people end up going to the large corporate retailers who can absorb the labor increase without drastically raising prices.
          However … I’m royally sick of the GOP forever wanting to be the worlds police force. I’m fed up with their chronic appetite for foreign involvement while always seeking an open check book for the military.
          The GOP also doesn’t get freedom of speech. I was in favor of Indianas Religious Feedom law because I think a PRIVATE business should have right to refuse service. After all … look at some private colleges who only admit women. The left doesn’t have issue with that. Yet when it comes to GOP … I use the example of that lady who stole flag on college campus. She was POed that kids were walking on it. Yet she’s failing to see that’s freedom of speech and just because you don’t like it, you can’t steal someone’s property.
          Then there’s their take on pot. Personally I don’t like it. Yet I’m tired of the tax $ going to enforce it while throwing people in jail/ slapping them with felony for minor possession. In Colorado, you’ve got job creation and people becoming millionaires due to the new law. The state is also taking in an S Ton of new tax revenue. These people on the right who think pot is generating societal problem, where is their outrage on Big Pharm drugging children and Coke n Pepsi selling a product which is creating high amount of diabetes n obesity ?

        7. What indeed?
          The alternative right needs to come together. The trad cons gave away the store a long time ago and the dems will basically win the presidency from here on out, unless the alt right manages to grow, which it is…however it’s probably too late.

        8. +1 on all points. The problem is that we have a choice b/w the Welfare Party and the Warfare Party, and our system isn’t set up for more than two parties. If we had a parliament, the “Normals” might stand a chance….

        9. That’s because women outvote men via millions of votes every election. Tell men to get out and vote!

        10. “The GOP also doesn’t get freedom of speech.”
          You need to understand that America has fallen, is falling, will keep falling, because of too much freedom, including speech. There’s going to be a lot less freedom in the future, one way or another. The American experiment failed. Putin’s Russia is the future model for success of Western civilization going forward, not the USA.
          “I use the example of that lady who stole flag on college campus. She was POed that kids were walking on it. Yet she’s failing to see that’s freedom of speech and just because you don’t like it, you can’t steal someone’s property.”
          Do you think the American revolutionaries cared about that (stolen property) during the Boston Tea Party? America is heading into Revolutionary times again.
          During the Civil War, the Union executed Confederates for burning the Union flag. America is heading into Civil War again.
          The law will increasingly not matter, it clearly doesn’t matter right now (for favored groups), only whether you are the enemy.
          Mad Max on the way to Road Warrior.

          “They’d built a house of straw. The thundering machines sputtered and stopped. Their leaders talked and talked and talked, but nothing could stem the avalanche. Their world crumbled. Cities exploded — a whirlwind of looting, a firestorm of fear. Men began to feed on men.”
          CNN: Baltimore Rioters Threatening ‘Anybody… Who Was Not African-American’ [VIDEO]

      1. Hmm. Not so sure abt that. H-Rod is a *massive* opportunist and given the shift in the narrative, I don’t think she needs to be saddled with carrying Emma and her baggage, er, mattress around in the general. I think she will get some job offers from feminist orgs, but that’s a pretty (um, well not pretty; should have used “very”) limited field. I’m perfectly happy if her life sux going forward, which it will, b/c, from her photos, The Wall will be visiting her sooner rather than later.

      2. With any luck, she might hit the big time as some business end in a Dubai porta potty. ‘Dream bigger, darling…’

    3. Personally, I look forward to her future. Being an art major won’t save her. What jobs does this project open for her? If I own a graphic design firm, and she shows me this in her portfolio, not only do I know I’m dealing with a whack job, but a no-talent whack job to boot. She’ll either learn to function as a low grade prostitute, or wirk at Starbucks and cart around her mattress to Occupy rallies. Either way, I’m happy.

  9. I seriously wish I was in Nungesser’s position, because I would engage in a campaign of such evil against anyone who mouthed off to me that I would become the most legendary prick on campus.
    If I literally couldn’t go anywhere without being “jeered or physically attacked”.. then I would carry a super soaker in my bag filled with a mixture of my urine and feces. The moment some feminist or fem-man jeered at me, they would get an instant mouthful of urine sprayed right in their face.
    “But that’s assault and you could go to jail.”
    So what? Men need to quit being afraid of jail and just accept that the only way to actually fight back, is to physically fight back, even if it means a prison term. That means if you are physically attacked, you crush them so mercilessly beneath your boot that they think twice about screwing with you again. I just don’t understand all this civility and crap. Where I come from there is no civility, if someone insults you, you swing, without a word, without talking smack and ritualizing it. You don’t call the cops and you don’t go to court. You just attack and don’t stop until either you or the adversary are incapacitated or dead. It doesn’t matter, man or woman, if you are insulted, you fight. Plain and simple.
    Maybe if Nungesser had beaten an ass or two at school, this entire thing would’ve ended. I’d rather be kicked out of school for a violent assault than a sexual misconduct charge.

      1. Maybe, maybe not. But the point is that spending a night in jail and a couple hundred dollar fine for kicking the crap out of those persecuting you is worth it. Whenever I advocate for physical violence. I am always met by the same arguments “you’ll go to jail!” as if that is some kind of life ending event. Some of us are perfectly willing to go to jail in exchange for a little physical payback against the persecutors.

    1. Much easier said than done. Do I wish society worked like this? Of course. I highly doubt adding a few assaults to his name would be beneficial. He’ll probably walk away with a 7 figure settlement. His treatment was criminal.

    2. That means if you are physically attacked, you crush them so mercilessly
      beneath your boot that they think twice about screwing with you again. I
      just don’t understand all this civility and crap.

      Here I agree. Don’t start the fight, but once the first punch is thrown at you, you do in fact have a legal right to self defense, so use it.

    3. “Men need to quit being afraid of jail and just accept that the only way to actually fight back, is to physically fight back, even if it means a prison term.”
      I agree, and the only thing that’s ever stopped me is the potential future career fallout via background checks. If I were a millionaire and independently wealthy I would give a fuck about collecting misdemeanors or even a lower-level felony, it would be worth it an liberating to mete out the laws of the jungle simply to mock the laws of man. Heck I’d even mock the judge and the prosecutor, saying assholish things like “Go ahead, throw to book at me. I have money so it won’t phase me after, and I’m apt to repeat it again just because I can!” to jar them as much as possible and heckle their warped, biased, and emotion-based legal system all damn day. The things I often fantasize about…

  10. Why does academia give this horrible person a platform when it is clear she is a liar?
    We have to be reaching ‘peak feminism’, or a point of critical mass. I want to see this crap crumble.

    1. She was at the SOTUS sitting next to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
      Now it is all a lie.
      Politicians are tools.

    2. They always give a free pass to the insane. Why do you think that Leftistm thrives on college campuses?

  11. This needs to happen every time with one of these false rape allegations..
    Has that UVA frat sued Rolling Stone yet???

    1. Best thing about that is that the UVA frat isn’t one guy. It’s a large number of guys who were wrecked. At least one of them should own their balls and follow Nungesser’s move. If that happens, grab your popcorn. This is going to be good.

      1. There’s at least enough brothers for class-action-status. That would really up the ante.

    2. Yup, that should be next. When these two lawsuits pass the universities will be walking much more carefully in the china shop of rape allegations.

      1. But that government funding is just too good to pass up. Watch Universities would start fabricating evidence.

  12. It’s just hard to believe that everything I just read is actually real. I do not envy any of you younger gentlemen charged with the task of dating these women.

  13. There is an increasingly clear need for an alternative educational path for men. Academia, once a haven for brilliant guys, is now a feminazi fortress. The takeover can be compared to the Sith’s overthrow of the Jedi order.

  14. Well fuck, being in Nungessers’s shoes actually sounds kind of fun now. He got to fuck a bitch in the butt and make her cry, sue his school for a shit ton of money, piss of feminists and white knights on the way to class by just being in their presence AND if they actually try assaulting him like the article says he gets the privilege of kicking the fucking shit out of them with no legal ramifications whatsoever.
    God damn, sign me up!

    1. Not only that, but he’s from the other side of the Atlantic. He’s just making a pit stop in the US for school. He’ll walk with a nice amount of cash for 6 months of work.

    2. Yeah, but at the time he did not know what would be the outcome of his interrogation so it must have been a living hell.

      1. How tough could the interrogation have been given all the evidence?
        Authorities: “did you rape her?”
        Paul: “no”
        Authorities: “did you rape her?”
        Paul: “no!”
        Authorities: “why did she say you raped her?”
        Paul: “because she’s a crazy whore looking for attention, who the fuck dyes their hair purple? Especially with a face like that.”
        Authorities: “If she’s ugly and crazy why would you even talk to her? Fucks wrong with you?”
        Paul: “…fuck” *holds hands out to be cuffed*

    3. Sounds like the makin’s of a great Hank Williams Jr. song actually, heh.

  15. Duke lacrosse part II. Hopefully this kid becomes a multi-millionaire (Duke players got some hush money), moves back to Germany, and tells the US to fuck off.

  16. I don’t understand why feminists defend women who make false claims, all that does it make it harder for women who have genuinely been raped to be believed an taken seriously. Well I do actually understand because in a femists mind men are always wrong regardless of facts. The other thing is they defend her defamation of him under free speech but they want to restrict free speech by stopping opinions that they themselves don’t like, so it’s free speech when they have a point of view but they want anyone with an opposing view to be censored an their opinion outlawed under hate speech. Feminists are nothing but a bunch of emotional hypocrites who competely ignores facts an common sense when forming their views.

    1. “defend her defamation of him under free speech”
      Defamation of private parties is not “free speech”. Tort law is clear.
      Politicians are free game. And, politicians in chambers are free from slander or libel.

      1. I understand that but I was pok yin out the hypocrisy of them claiming free speech should only be for their views not people opposing their views.

    2. They don’t truly care about rape victims. They care about funding. Being that sexual assaults have been dropping, they risked loss of funding. Thus they defend bogus rape allegations as they’re trying to make the public believe there’s an epidemic. Whenever one of these stories turns out to be another hoax, their response is always, “we don’t care if it’s false … it’s shedding light on an ‘epidemic.’” Bare in mind the “epiemic” is something they’ve manufactured.

      1. Yes they also want to keep their victim status because it’s who they define themselves as people. They want to keep the rape narrative alive which is why they constantly shift the parameters of what rape is. Feminists really are sick people.

    3. Liberals always tries to make something untrue believed to be true. Check on false accusations on gay hate crimes made by homosexuals that inflict wounds on themselvea to make false charges on non-existing offender and LGBT supports even after it came out aa fake.

      1. Wish ROK and other sites would address this issue, and even compare/contrast with the feminist false rape accusation cases.

    1. I’d have fucked her in the ass. But I wouldn’t have texted her like that… lame.

        1. and a cross-eyed dog though. it’ll be on the end of the mattress, staring…

        2. ahh, I have different standards, probably due to age. At middle age, healthy and reasonably attractive, without being overweight, are generally good enough for me. Helen is not worth the trouble.
          of course, I’d shave off the dyed parts of her hair while she slept. funky colors are unattractive.

  17. This case also proves the nice guy always gets the shaft. All throughout he acts like a human tampon listening to her tales of getting the alpha cock from John Doe and expressing concern for her well being . Whats his thanks: a false rape charge. Meanwhile John Doe – rides off into the sunset. With women like this – being the “asshole” always works out better in the long run

    1. He was the easy target. The assholes would have put her, and her mattress, in the ground.

      1. I think there’s a lot of truth to this. I have zero doubt too that a large part of this was crazy chick felt scorned in some way or another… and that such feelings can be attributed to the guy being too “friendly”. If it’s obvious I don’t care about your feelings… there’s no let down when you realize I just wanted to put it in your pooper.

      1. The guy was a male feminist too lol karma.

        I hope this terrible experience shows him the error of his ways.

    2. I don’t actually think he was acting like tampon.
      If a woman is hot on your case and she starts talking of how important dick size is, how great a lay she is, any of her sexual activity – especially graphic and humiliating details like banging ALL of her boyfriends friends whilst attempting to negotiate exclusivity whilst he bare backs other girls and passes their std’s to her, you know she is A, crazy, B, desperate and C, feels she has no chance with you.
      By playing the role of her tampon he clearly communicates to her, her place in the friend zone – like one of the guys…
      It really frustrates women, most will back down, crazy ones will accuse you of rape or attack your girlfriend or something equally logical.
      It’s charm throttling – attempting to use Beta tactics to put a girl off.
      Imagine your a girl who feels she has an asymmetric arse and some guy you fancy starts turning into a girlfriend all the while smiling in your face…
      Thats serious game.

        1. Maybe your mind does not understand all the deeper things going on as well as mine does?

    1. Many names that end with “‘-icz” are Polish. Since she looks Asian, I’m guessing Daddy was in the military and picked up a nice, non-English speaking subservient woman in Japan or Korea like many of them do.

  18. good for this guy. the lesson is save all your texts! make sure you have incriminating evidence on any American ho that you are banging. then sue her like her name is Mary Sue.

  19. Q:What’s the only difference between Emma’s dorm mattress and Emma’s rape mattress?
    A: One’s for lying when she is asleep while the other is for lying when she’s awake.

    1. Rollingstoned: When a man is falsely accused of rape in order to stir up public hysteria, usually for the purpose of defamation, revenge, attention, and/or magazine sales.
      Example: Paul was rollingstoned by Emma after he lost interest in her.

      1. Feminists actually wanted women to get raped so that they can continue gaining attention,power and control and tyrannize men even more.

        1. I’m still having issues imagining that she is a woman. I mean, that jaw, that uber flat chest, her obsession with anal, would it really be a surprise if she was hiding a little four inch love package in “her” pants?

        2. You do have to wonder, eh? First thing I thought about “her” when I saw her pictures actually. She has a look, and attitude, that screams “transgender”. Flat chest, square face, big hands, into anal and also clearly mentally ill.

        3. Okay maybe I was. I should have said 12 inches. Now will you sleep with “her”?

        4. Is this your way of “coming out of the closet?”
          Your name would really make sense in that context :p

        1. Carrying that mattress around kind of implies “curb service.” Is she like the triple AAA of butt fucking? It implies if you are stranded in the desert and need to pound ass she is as near as a phone call.

    1. Are those her tits or her shoulder blades??? Looks like her head spun around backwards, better call Father Karras!

    2. With that face and body her only hope in the mating game was to be a practice girl. When all the guys find out what a nut she is, and the actual screwing you’ll get isn’t worth the figurative screwing you’ll get when she wants to be a gf but can’t be, she’ll lose her value as a practice girl too.
      I see a house full of cats and drawers full of dildos in her future.

  20. Not getting laid is depressing.
    Unfortunately, many times so is getting laid.
    It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been laid. But every time I get down about this, I just need to approach. Inevitably she’ll be as dumb as gofer, and about as likable as a mysterious rash.
    Thank God for porn, beer, video games, and friends. Fucking ain’t worth the effort. Oh, the stories I could tell…

  21. I bet they display her in pictures where she looks modest clutching textbooks with an innocent smile on her face instead of her hooker outfit at the club with a shit eating inebriated grin

  22. There are things you don’t go around telling certain people. Guys in their adolescent years would say shit like you can suck my dick but that just means you can take it and shove it up your ass. You tell a woman either expression than you’re accused of being rapist.

  23. The ‘fuck me in the butt’/’I miss your face’ exchange is very much indicative of the kind of deranged dynamic that exists between men and women today. Most men have sentimental feelings towards women they like that are well beyond sex, but women think we are absolute pussies/losers if we admit it. That Emma bitch would have rolled her eyes at that comment, preferring to be complimented about her butt when her face probably resembles her butt.
    That’s what I appreciated about my last gf who was Vietnamese. She appreciated those kind of ‘PG’ sentiments and would have not appreciated me texting her about how much I want to fuck her in the ass.

  24. She obviously sought to cash in on the manufactured rape hysteria being promoted by radical feminists. They have been expanding the definition of rape so much, so that every man is a rapist and every woman is a victim by their definition. Women now realize that claiming to be a rape victim a good way to get some fame and sympathy, at the expense of running an innocent man’s life. Being a rape victim is trendy and popular, and Mattress Girl sure wasn’t going to miss out on this latest trend.

  25. A horror story like this only drives me away from Columbia University.
    It’s a shame too, especially when a case like this only lowers the standing of an Ivy League school like Columbia.

    1. I don’t give much standing to any Ivy League school, especially not Columbia, especially knowing that they took in the Frankfort School, and all of the harm that action has visited upon my beloved country.

      1. …and let’s not forget the terrorists that they invite to speak at least once a year! I will never forget how they invited Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, himself, to speak in September of 2007.

        1. I have two kids who are Ivy League material.
          I won’t pay a dime to any one of those Communist infested, anti-American herpes plantations under any circumstances.
          My kids know that if they choose that path, they’ll be going it alone.

        2. I understand your sentiments, precisely.
          It is easier for Orthodox Jewish children to stay Reaganite Conservatives, as the Torah teaches Conservatism.

        3. Thats incredibly stupid. If your kid gets into an Ivy they are pretty much set for life and will be top choice for any job offer.
          What are you going to do send them to state school? lol those places just have drunks frat bros and sorority sluts whoring themselves out to every dude on campus. Not much learning goes on and ASU or some random state school won’t get a second glance at upper end job positions.

        4. I think it was very pertinent to American foreign policy to have a lunatic such as Ahmadinejad have his podium in the land of free speech. Just as Netanyahu was foisted on Americans by a cabal of Republican stirrers so he could tell them what they should be doing for Israel and embarrass the Iranian/American negotiations that were being held at the time, it is good to see the cards on the table. Not that they would have the same courtesy returned with freedom of speech terminated in Iran.

        5. How you described state schools was just like Columbia with the sluts like Emma whoring herself to every dude on campus.

        6. Thats incredibly stupid. If your kid gets into an Ivy they are pretty much set for life and will be top choice for any job offer.

          Unless they are falsely accused of rape, which immediately and probably permanently negates any of those benefits.
          Ivy League schools should be rightfully avoided because this outcome is a real possibility. If the best and brightest minds take their talents elsewhere, those schools’ standings fall.
          Maybe that outcome will give the schools incentive to change things.

        7. Which Ivy League school does not have drunks, “frat bros”, and “sorority sluts”?
          I’ve been of the board of a national Broker Dealer. I really don’t think you have the faintest grasp of how top job hiring actually works.
          Before you back up your statement that “Not much learning goes and (sic) ASU or some random state school won’t get a second glance at upper end job postions.”, please tell me exactly what in the hell you were trying to say.

        8. If someone has Harvard on their resume and another has Arizona State University on their resume who will you choose for the position?

        9. Well you could go bang girls at the private community college or just day game at the mall or something while you go to your Ivy League school.
          Your right though, those private Ivy League colleges are really small and word would get around.

        10. Its not as much of a party atmosphere though. Columbia is a completely different vibe than some party state school, of course crazy feminist sluts will exist EVERYWHERE you go but just avoid them and don’t be a beta male feminist like the male victim was.

        11. No brainer.
          I would hire the one that also has Eagle Scout listed as an award.
          I have hired about 200 people during my time in the securities business. People from Ivy League schools expect to be made an instant Executive VP, even though they can’t pass the requisite exams on the first try. Sometimes they can’t pass them on the second or third.
          The people I’ve hired to be my assistants from state schools generally understand that they are sitting on my pocketbook the entire time they are not licensed. They take the exams seriously and they pass them on the first attempt.

  26. It is about damned time.
    Years ago I had a false accusation of sexual harassment made against me. Of course I was cleared, but it was a miserable and expensive experience.
    After some reflection on that incident, especially after considering that my lying accuser suffered no consequences for all of the pain she brought to me, my family, my coworkers, and my employer I decided to take a different approach to womYn in the workplace (not the nice ladies that I actually hire myself).
    First, I resolved that I would make it abundantly clear to all who move in my professional circles that if this ever happened again, I would go after the accuser in a no holds barred, expensive and painful as I could make it, legal offensive. I would keep the witch in a seven hour per week deposition, every week, with an attorney so nasty that even I didn’t want to talk to him, until she broke.
    I took a defensive posture the first time. It made me sick to my very soul to be on the defensive. I will be on offense for the rest of my life. The mealy mouthed ones will hate me no matter what I do, so I have no reason not to fight to win.
    Second, and this was the harder part, I resolved that I would feel no doubts ever again in the face of a false accusation. I would have no guilt, no remorse, no mercy and no hesitation about completely and publicly destroying any lying hag who sought to push me out of the way through a bogus accusation.
    Sure enough, over the years, a couple of womYn have let their co-workers know they were considering applying this tactic against me. After wisely listening to their friend’s counsel, both womYn chose a different path. One quit, and the other one decided it would be better if she just came to work every day and did her damned job rather than scheming.
    The one who quit went to work for a competitor where she sat on men’s laps at the office, and wore short skirts and low blouses as she told the filthiest jokes imaginable while on the clock. Sure enough, she ensnared the married Division Manager, raised a stink, showed up in court in an 1880’s preacher’s wife’s costume, and won a nice fat settlement. A search of the OSCN after the fact revealed that this type of behavior and lawsuit were a pattern with this womYn. That manager is out of the business now, and I am still here.

    1. I didn’t quite understand what you mean by ” womYn” as opposed to “nice ladies, that you hire” ? What is a womYn? Sorry to be so out of touch, I’m a bit older than you and don’t get colloquialisms readily. Then again, what’s your definition of a nice lady?

      1. How old do you have to be to not know the 1960’s created word “womyn”?

        1. victim of epiphenomenalism, so sorry. I haven’t closely followed the WomYn’s emancipation struggle with much interest when some stupid idealist lesbian finding “herself ” (her words) tried to tell me that all men were rapists. I did ask her if she knew this from experience and she shrieked at me in an alarming fashion asking me how many woman had I “mentally” raped? That was how many rape fantasies that as a man I must have imagined and cultivated in my head if I hadn’t actually physically raped some helpless fem fatale. That was some time ago and now I have a jaundice eye for the women with short hair and clothes of men persuading me they represent femininity. They actually wish to re invent it but there are to many inconvenient truths to convince mainstream society that they are not a radical departure from what is regarded as the nuclear family.

        2. In that case, I’ll “mentally rape” any woman not blood-related all damn day if I feel so inclined! Sounds like carte blanche to me!

        3. Lol, they say we all do! so I say you may change your mind when you see those who are accusing!

      2. “WomYn” is a term used by nasty, hate-filled, usually hard core lesbian, feminists who dislike all things masculine so much that they cannot even have the word “men” embedded in their name.
        I deliberately use the term too broadly because I know it stings those man-hating witches who don’t quite rise to that level of sociopathy.
        In this instance a lady would be someone I hired who would not see my office and our company as her personal drama stage set and sexual playground. I wanted to hire ladies who would come in to work every day, take good nurturing care of our reps and customers, and who would go home to their families in the evenings. I did not want a bunch of marginally stable sexual predators who would get together after work to become sloppy drunk, bitch, whine, cry, plot office intrigue and screw every wholesaler, rep, and salesman who came in, all the while creating a high-tension low-efficiency work environment.

        1. Hola Shep! Can’t read all your posts but give em up votes as much as possible…I saw some of this posts and wanted to post a pic of the nasty, hate filled woman….hehehehe
          Maybe a few tattoos would help???? YIKES…

        2. Whatever tats would help that blond would be sure to improve this brunette as well.

        3. LOLOL..I follow Shep, but not always look at the blogs to upvote…He is cool to up vote me as well….I was thinking this might be the tattoo site, but clearly not…ooops..Either way, trying to be funny and still feel like tattoos might improve this “thing” jus sayin….

        4. Cool..thanks…say a prayer for me..about to head off to Baltimore. I’m done with the BS, from this POS we call a PREZ. It’s apparent we need to show what accountability is about. We will no longer tolerate another Ferguson. If thugs need to die, so be it. that being said, I’m out. God bless God speed…Police officers have limitations, we don’t…They will protect us from further mess…

      3. “I’m a bit older than you and don’t get colloquialisms readily.”
        Who care about that, I’m just hoping your Disqus avatar is a Pazuzu statue that you actually own!

        1. I have two, both are reasonably modern early nineteenth century copies of the jobbie I use as avatar. He is from a photo of a very old one and I think that his replica was used in the opening credits of the exorcist, a cultural hijack of a wind demon as personification of evil. One of my statues is cast iron and not really dateable except in an early Greek style script on his pedestal is the words “I am Pazuzu, son of Hampa, I haven’t seen a figurine made who represents Hampa but would love to see one if any actually exist.
          I originally bought one as I am interested in pre industrial revolution metal work and The lost wax cast iron fellow is an artisan’s masterpiece.

        2. Awesome! I have a purposefully weathered-looking replica I bought last year, after going through Hell trying to find one!

        3. Ha ha ha! Hell may be the place to look for one but they are only a thing of evil to those who are bound by the dogma of their Johnny come lately religion. I am told they were a device like gargoyles to scare away the demons of the night, evil spirits and other supernatural beings that had it in for humans before Catholicism made them a bad thing, as it clashed a bit with what was obvious to them, competition. It symbolises much to different folk, as an atheist it is inappropriate to use as my avatar according to a God fearing born again Christian who pointed out my unwitting devil worship, proof of how diabolically clever Satan is.

    2. “That manager is out of the business now, and I am still here.”
      It’s rare to see a good end come from a bad means (the bogus SH charge against you) I tap my shield to you good sir *TAP TAP*
      A lesser Man (male) might have taken his own life or the lives of those around him, including his accusers.
      A lesser Man would have deprived his children of his lasting influence and profound wisdom.
      I am glad to see you are not a “lesser” type of Man.
      Despite the fact i’ve never been formally hit with a SH charge myself, i have come dangerously close to it because of my former tendency to be friendly and chipper at the office back during my white knight days.
      Experience has taught me that females in general and especially those in the corporate world are not to be trusted under any means. I learned never to drop my guard around them by doing or saying anything that they could potentially use against me. I hold to this principle with 99% adherence.
      Being courteous and borderline friendly is fine, so long as one understands where to draw the line.
      As a result of this, my BSXX detector tends to be hair trigger sensitive. I’ve actually gone to HR on some females who blatanly displayed a double standard in what they said. A while ago one of them made the mistake of saying “all males are assholes” in the company of her gossip buddy while i was standing just a couple of feet away. When i politely addressed it to give her the chance to say she was joking or apologize, she doubled down and made it be known i was in the wrong for overhearing. Not only did she disrespect my gender, she did it in the corporate environment and doubled down on it. At this point i wouldn’t deserve the reproductive organ between my legs if i did not take steps to properly correct this deliberate insult.
      In the corporate world, sexual harassment laws have bred an atmosphere of victimization that females have been known to exploit for their own despicable ends. As far as accountability on their end is concerned, it’s practically nonexistent especially depending on the State. See “Disclosure” for just a cinematic representation of it.
      Nowadays Men like myself are fighting back. If we have to walk on eggshells at the office (or lab) then so will you, dear lady.

      1. Imagine how much trouble you would have been in, had you been overheard saying, “All women are cunts (sorry for the word, I had to choose a body part to keep the parallel alive).”
        Imagine how much worse it would have been if you had doubled down on it when confronted.
        You would most certainly have been fired.
        As sickening and distasteful as it is to go to HR with a complaint about a woman behaving this way, it must be done. Women have the idea that they can write their own rules for men, and that women will never be held to any standard. I’m sure it never occurred to your co-worker how horrible it would have been if you had behaved the way she did. I am also certain that she did NOT lose her job over this incident.

        1. I would definitely have been fired, probably for doing just a little and definitely for doing all of what she did to me.
          I agree that in a perfect world we wouldn’t need to take these childish approaches but we are far from a ideal world. Back during my lesser informed days i would simply come to females who had an issue with me (over the friendliness i spoke of earlier) and address it to them directly as per the mature approach. The end result? They would include almost every word in my polite and civilized approach in their documentation to HR, for the purpose of trying to get me fired or at least harshly punished. The common denominator was the word “uncomfortable.”
          As God is my witness I as an adult white collar worker never sexually harassed ANY Woman in the most strict and legitimate interpretation of the words, never said a deliberately sexist comment, never said anything to sully the reputation of a female i worked with…and yet there were multiple instances where HR called me into the office for what i considered to be a genuinely innocuous statement.
          Throughout all the white collar positions i’ve had, this is what i’ve come across:
          I once asked a coworker through email if she’d like to have lunch. (HR said it was borderline SH)
          I once hugged my manager (she looked like a grandma so there was ZERO sexual motivation) in a moment of team solidarity (HR said it was borderline SH)
          I once advised a girl on how to improve her work performance (HR said it was borderline SH because it made her feel “uncomfortable”)
          Those are just 3 i can think of…what was the end result? I stopped being outwardly friendly. I was simply courteous.
          Just to give you a brief background of me before my fully realized red pill state:
          I had shown elements of red pill understanding ever since i was a child, but it always took a backseat to the blue pill approach my Mother reinforced in me.
          One day i just threw my arms up in the air and asked God aloud if the problem was with me, since i seemed to often come into unintentional conflict but ONLY with females in the workplace…His answer? My presence here is part of it.
          That is the day when i cast off blue pill ignorance in totality, at least in regard to our anorchous reality.
          I looked online and discovered that there were other fellows going through a similiar issue. Men who had disconnected themselves from the feminatrix and now viewed the world for what it is: a veritable matriarchy that Men were chain choked to by their phallus, wallet and brain.
          This is why i’m glad to God that sites like ROK exist…without it, Men like myself would have to live feeling isolated and angry at all the feminist bs that we happen to encounter in our no compromise masculine approach to life.
          And yes…she wasn’t fired. She was simply reprimanded.
          There’s feminism for ya…a slap on the wrist if you’ve got tits, a choke of the neck if you’ve got a dick. (if you’ll pardon the crass wording there)

        2. I was once called on the carpet for hugging my personal assistant after she learned of the loss of her father.
          Just so you know, I stood beside her, put my arm around her shoulders, and I let my cheek touch the top of her head. I told her it would be alright, and we would finish the day without her and we would get her a ride home if she needed it. She was sobbing and rolled toward me, reaching up and putting one hand on my shoulder.
          By the way, my assistant didn’t complain. Another woman whom I had passed over (because she was a damned psycho) when I hired my assistant went to HR and claimed, you guessed it, my kindness toward the un-offended lady who worked directly for me, made the complainer feel “uncomfortable”.

        3. “Another woman whom I had passed over (because she was a damned psycho) when I hired my assistant went to HR and claimed, you guessed it, my kindness toward the un-offended lady who worked directly for me, made the complainer feel “uncomfortable”.”
          It’s CUNTS like that who ruin it for the females that aren’t cunts. Smh…FACEPALM.

        4. The only thing the complainer should feel “uncomfortable” about is being a shitty human being…..

        5. As I said, I hired ladies. The other management often made the mistake of hiring womYn.

        6. I bet the creep who lied and snitched was an unhappy, self righteous, sanctimonious, and holier than thou Lib (and I repeat myself)! No man worth his salt would give such a person a second glance.

        7. I was an executive (a real one, not a sales rep with a title) at that firm. This meant a lot of long days and weekends.
          I was at the office on a Sunday afternoon when my mother-in-law called. We gossiped for a while and she let me know that some dirty old man had been asking her out. I tease my mother-in-law quite a bit. I told her to be careful, that she was the best kind of little old lady, near-sighted and rich! We had a laugh, I got off the phone and went back to work.
          The following Monday I was called into the President’s office. The same creep who was uncomfortable with me hugging my assistant after she lost her father had SNEAKED IN to the office when it was closed. She admitted that she had quietly entered the bull-pen and stood by my office door. As she was sneaking and creeping up on me during my time in the office on my day off, she had managed to hear my conversation with my mother-in-law and found it demeaning to women. Of course she declared that it also made her “uncomfortable”.
          Did I mention that this psycho was the Company President’s assistant?
          A little more background on this psycho womYn. She left home when she was 18 to go to college. She rented an apartment and spent a single night there. After that she paid the rent until the lease was up and spent every night for the intervening 20 years living at home with her parents.
          I listened as our President related her story about discomfort to me. Of course my mind had already shifted to an offensive posture. When I spoke, rather than blathering on about what was actually said, I bluntly denied the bitches allegations. I told him that if this continued I would pursue vigorous legal action against my accuser and her parents. My argument would be that they knew she was mentally ill, and that she had never achieved adulthood as evidenced by her refusal to leave their home. I told him that I would depose both of her parents for at least seven consecutive hours each, and that I would do the same thing to her. I would find the exact level of support that they had given to this retard’s bad behavior and hold them financially accountable.
          Then I stopped talking. After about a 20 second pause with locked eyes and nothing further said, I told him I would be in my office if he needed me.
          And then I got up, deliberately and slowly I walked from his office, closing the door behind me. The bitch was seated in the office next to his. I smiled as I passed.
          The bitch caught my assistant in the bull-pen and asked her, “What is Shep going to do?” My assistant, who was fiercely loyal and knew me well, didn’t ask for any back-story. She simply said “Sue your ass off.”
          That was the end of that, and nothing more was ever said.
          From that day on I refused to supervise any work done by the bitch, and would not let her work on any projects in my charge.
          It became clear to management that she was a problem with respect to normal workflows and her position was gradually whittled away to almost nothing.

        8. Brother Shep, I spent years dodging those bullets fired by soulless women who go from job to job attempting to destroy other people’s lives. I even had a similar “hugging” experience and when HR told me it made one of the bitter trouble makers “uncomfortable” I asked HR why she was making her problem my problem and why not advise her to get counseling instead of wasting company time and money. I have seen so much over the years that I am convinced that HR and middle management encourage sexual harassment complaints even when they know they are bogus to ensure their own job security. What would they do without it? That’s why I stopped wondering why they keep those women on payroll even after they learn that those women are themselves creating a hostile work environment. My experience is how I stumbled upon this site a year ago as my purpose in life shifted to advising young men to gather proof they will need to take to the EEOC when all else fails. The article that brought me to ROK was “Never Work For A Female Supervisor,” (but then, I already knew that!) I salute you and Daniel Ramos for sharing the truth about who the REAL harassers on the job are!

        9. Ditto all of this, especially gathering evidence. Anytime any woman with whom I have a work-related relationship, friendly or not, tells anyone a dirty joke, sends me a dirty Email, makes a double entendre, a freudian slip, has a wardrobe malfunction ( I once had one come to work with no panties, she had several “Paris Hilton” moments) I document. At the first hint of trouble, out comes that notebook.

        10. Exactly. We referred to them as Mad Logs, after the Humphrey Bogart movie. When I talked to a female employee, I always had another (trusted) in the room as a witness. .Just completely stopped the B.S.

        11. That is so terrific!
          It reminds me of a short story that I read years ago that I encourage everyone to read. It is called “They Grind Exceeding Small” by Ben Ames Williams. You can access it if you copy this link, or maybe even click on it:
          The title of Ames’ story, is based on a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The poem is one of the best I have ever read in my entire life.
          Retribution by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
          THOUGH the mills of God grind slowly,
          Yet they grind exceeding small;
          Though with patience he stands waiting,
          With exactness grinds he all.
          “They Grind Exceeding Small”, ends with “I knew now that G-d dwelt among those hills.” In other words, NO ONE gets away with their evil deeds. They either get punished in this World or the Next World, but justice is served up by G-d!
          Never fear!
          I would bet big money that the defining moment was the stare and the fact that you did not back down. I know from experience, that it really works. These harpies are bullies at heart and have no true character, integrity or courage. Nothing makes me happier than a happy ending. You were damn smart to never show any weakness. That is what they look for, even one little opening!
          Here’s to many happy, healthful and meaningful years with your family and friends (including those of us on-line)! 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        12. …and when they do, it will always come back to bite someone in the a$$! Let’s hope it is never someone like you, next time!

        13. I wish I could tell this “woman” where she could go and be comfortable!!!

        14. Friend, decades ago, I was away on deployment, and a woman asked for my job and was denied ( BuPers had something to say about it) After I returned she then hit me with a SH complaint. Luckily cooler heads prevailed, preventing a court martial. Shortly thereafter, her career ended at her own hand.

        15. It is a shame that a womYn willing to do that much damage to an active serviceman was only willing to end her career with her own hand.

        16. She really reached the point of craziness, such that she was ” allowed to resign.”

        17. It is a wonder that this crazy broad didn’t get someone nailed for “retribution”.

        18. I had a woman I used to work next to tell me I made her uncomfortable once. Luckily she told me privately away from the others. Of course she couldn’t have claimed I was coming on to her cos she knew I had switched from girls to guys. Life is much simpler.
          I also recall a head teacher at a school I worked complaining that I ‘intimidated’ her. So I got fired. She later claimed other head teachers were very intimidating. Also, she used to run into her office at lunchtimes in tears, wailing that everybody hated her. This from a 50-something year old woman. Well I suppose it hadn’t helped that when she fired me I told her everybody hated her and was pretending to smile. Haha.. it was true too.
          Last one.. I was about 8 years old and a teacher pulled me aside and grilled me for half an hour until I cried. Women in schools do this a lot to little boys I have since found out and it’s a form of abuse I want to shed light on and stamp out. Her reason? Apparently the parents of 2 girls accused me falsely of trying to kiss them. She didn’t ring my mother about it, she enjoyed tearing strips off me instead. When my mother found out she flew into a rage and marched straight down to the school and tore a strip off the grumpy bitch. She picked on me and my sister a few times after that until I scared her with some psychological warfare. Oh the things an 8 year old has to do to defend himself from a grown woman these days.

        19. I agree with everything you said except you calling me “David” Ramos lmao.

        20. Interesting, thanks for sharing. I am curious about one thing however…
          Regarding your “switch” from guys to girls; would you say that this was the result of the feminist bs that you encountered (even as a child) or did the “gay gene” suddenly activate at some point within your physiology which compelled your psyche to engage in romantic interactions with males from that time forward?

        21. My bad Daniel, I just corrected it. My brother’s name is David, so you’re in good company!

      2. You wanna learn how to use force with women so there is nothing they can realistically do about it. Allegations mean nothing without proof and women scare easy.
        I don’t think Spartans ever had any confusion as to how to handle women… they were %100 Alpha apart from all the order following.

        1. “Allegations mean nothing without proof”
          Men have been fired and thrown in jail over false rape chages due to allegations that held little to no actual evidence.
          In the corporate world, there is very little a Man can do to protect himself, short of becoming a taciturn.

        2. I’ll teach you one of the dark truths of the female psyche,
          You ever notice all those fine women who stay with guys who beat the shit out of them even when the woman has kids and the kid is exposed to it all maybe even a victim of direct abuse?
          You ever noticed that ‘phenomena’?
          Even when family and friends are with them after the police have been called and the police are asking if she wants to press charges and she says no or I’ll think about it?
          Use that psychology on women – most powerful if they are distant from the Lord and attracted to you and impressed by you.
          Your welcome.

        3. Lol i’m well aware of this phenomena so you’re not actually teaching me anything there 🙂
          It doesn’t work in the corporate world. Different environment, different rules. If you think it does have at it…try it there and see what happens then report back to me so i can give you the necessary “i told you so” 😉

    3. HERE, HERE! BRAVO!!! (standing ovation).
      I love a happy ending! You got to marry your queen, and keep your business intact. The harpy lost her job and I hope she never ensnares a man again.
      Your Modus Operandi for dealing with these scheming freeloaders is positively very spot on!!
      Hope no more harpies cross your path again ever!!!

      1. Awwww… Mom
        Maybe I kinda like it when a harpy crosses my path.
        It reminds me of stepping on cockroaches when I was a little boy.

        1. My boys would LOVE you. Nothing makes the two younger ones happier than seeing what different creepy crawlies they can find in the backyard. It took some time, but a couple of years back, I finally convinced them that they did not have to share that activity with me. Although, I am quite fine with ladybugs, salamanders, and butterflies.
          When they were very little, they loved to trample as many creepy crawlies as possible. Makes it seem similar to Troll hunting, metaphorically speaking of course. For any Libs reading this, you can “,Google” the definition of a metaphor.

        2. Me too!
          It would be so much fun! 😉
          Come to think of it, my boys would probably get a kick out of that too.
          My friend has a brother who gave his Mom many grey hairs growing up. He loved to take almost everything apart to see how it all worked. The trouble was, it took a good few years until he figured out how to put everything that he took apart, back together again. Imagine, never knowing if you would have your vacuum cleaner or washing machine in pieces?! Their local handyman was on speed dial literally! Several years later, he became self employed as a handyman. Needless to say, he is a superb one indeed!

    4. It happens, doesn’t it? Happened to me ,too. I wound up leaving that job, even though my lawyer said to me in a meeting with management, ” how much of this place do you want to own?”

      1. One of the in-house attorneys at that firm called me this morning to let me know that the CEO was going to approach me soon about coming back to take the Chief Compliance Officer position.

        1. HOORAY!
          You can add that to your list of things to celebrate when you go on your trip.

        2. We’ll see. I’m not cheap, and their CFO is.
          My old pawnbroking skills will get a work out.

      1. Thanks for the positive note!
        Once again, it is about damned time.

    5. Women who do what that one did destroy this nations productivity; she is lucky I was not the judge, she would be doing 60 years for one count of treason.

      1. I’m sure they learn it from the same treasonous teachers who sell the Soviet version of American History to our high schoolers and college kids.

        1. You mean the ones who demonize McCarthy but do the exact same thing he did every day of their lives? Without a doubt.

  27. When I am next told that a man having sex with an intoxicated woman is rape, I shall simply respond:
    You’re right.
    You are absolutely correct.
    As you correctly pointed out, that woman was incapable of making decisions about her own intoxication, her own body, and her own sexuality. She couldn’t handle having to consider the consequences of using substances, because she tried to make a decision about her own sexuality while impaired.
    In that situation, only the man was capable of making a reasonable decision. The woman was incapable of processing the consequences of drinking. Her man should have prevented her from doing so. He also should have controlled her sexually in order to prevent her from allowing herself to be soiled.
    You correctly assert that a man, even when intoxicated, is the only one capable of understanding consequences. As such, he should have controlled her body. He should not have allowed her to become intoxicated, or to engage in sexual activity, with himself or with anyone else.
    Thank you for correctly pointing this out. You are completely correct. It sounds like we really agree here.
    At what point do you think a man should be making decisions for the woman? About her sexuality at the point of genital engagement, as you assert, or also about her access to intoxicants?

    1. I’d love to see a man try to bring rape charges against a woman for drunken sex. If we had true equality she’d be found guilty.
      “Your honor, she definitely raped me! I’d have never have slept with that ho-bag if I was sober!”

  28. What is the end game for this increasingly absurd campaign to sanctify and canonize American women? Particularly college girls…why? My guess is it fits a Marxist agenda, but then again, Corporations and large entities like the NFL are particularly eager to embrace this anti-male pandering also….so who knows…

    1. I think she needs to have earned her “Abortion Merit Badge” for that. Not saying she hasn’t, though…

  29. I hope he wins enough to start a law firm or something that will assist those men ruined by false rape claims. Or enough to start his own college LOL.

  30. All these false rape allegations are scary as fuck as a college student. I need to get a hidden voice recording device or something, lol its getting that bad.

  31. Sounds like a whore. Hardly the image of a good girl taken advantage of. I’d like to know it’s notch count.

    1. If a prostitute has non consenting sexual act of forced intercourse forced upon her, is it rape in your interpretation of the word?

      1. It’s only rape if the woman is a virgin or in a monogamous relationship.
        ie. her pooty is worth something.
        Other than that, it’s simply sexual assault. who cares if you park your truck on the side of a busy freeway?
        Rape is a form of theft, taking away something sexually irreplaceable. Her innocence or her faithfulness. Illegally snacking at the buffet may be a criminal act, but it’s not the same as armed robbery.

        1. I dunno, I just thought of it as really true.
          Most girls are buffets, without tongs or spoons or a sneeze guard, so everyone just digs in with dirty fingers. I just figure someone digging in without permission is more in the nature of a misdemeanor… It’s not like he’s going to make the damned thing any sloppier.

        2. Interesting take on rape, though I’m going to guess that your country’s legal system doesn’t view it that way. So who gets to dictate a woman’s worth?

        3. Then do I want to know who dictates a man’s worth?
          I’m new to red pill, is there like a manifesto or a policy manual I haven’t stumbled across yet that explains this stuff clearly?

        4. Only a man can dictate his own worth.
          We are the active principal. We are valued for what we do, not what we are.
          Red pill means, quite simply, “seeing the truth”. no one can show you the truth, you can only look at evidence and discern the truth yourself… many of us constantly struggle with figuring out what is reality.
          Evolutionary psychology helps, as does perusing sites like this one… but one of the points of red pill is that WE CAN BE WRONG. If we are wrong, we welcome correction, and prefer not to have our sense of self tied up with our belief systems. (We are also human, so we sometimes fight over it)
          Red pill is about understanding the ‘why’ behind the way we are, not buying into common propaganda. not assuming that ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are what we have been taught, but what conforms to reality.
          Red pill means asking yourself the hard questions. The ones other people won’t even ask. “Is Racism or Slavery really a bad thing? Is god real, and if not, is there a reason to act as though he is?” and a thousand other questions.
          We do not always even agree on what ‘red pill’ means except that it generally includes understanding what women want and need, rather than what they SAY what they want and need… understanding that egalitarianism is a destructive and utterly false ideology, and the basic understanding that people are different. REALLY different. different abilities, different potentials. Differences that go far deeper than just the skin.
          But as for a policy or manifesto? Absolutely not.
          There’s a slogan though. “The truth will set you free. But first it will really piss you off.”

      2. Depends. Did the prostitute spend time before and after cooing appreciatively and sending “fuck me in the ass” texts to her “rapist”?

        1. I suppose that this could be construed as being led on and is a style of entrapment. The text asking for a bout of sodomy was explained as an expletive taken out of context, such as when a teenager says “shut up” they are actually making an exclamation like “you don’t say”. I’m not too happy to go along with that either so I am glad I won’t be sitting on a jury trying to sort out who is telling the bigger string of lies and exaggerations. The ease in which some people can make very damaging remarks they attribute to others that are completely false has taken me aback in the past. A young woman that I met while working at a restaurant was quite candid stating that she denied knowing who the father of her child was so she could collect the domestic purposes benefit, which to my absolute surprise paid her rent which was a mortgage, her food and electricity, clothing and a television set she was buying on hire purchase! My forty hours a week as a lab technician earned less than her and she was buying a house with what was essentially my taxed wage. Her boyfriend will never have to pay a red cent toward his relationship with his child and girlfriend and is happy to pretend he is not the child’s biological parent so as to escape maintenance payments. It is incredible to hear her tell others what is wrong with the world, our Government and the requirement that she endeavour to find herself some work to prepare her for when she has raised the child to the age where it may be left at a crèche while she earns some of her keep. She is actively seeking ways to thwart that idea, I pity the training the child will get from a mother who doesn’t even realize that she is going to teach the child to be a loser like her with the morals and ethics of a serial thief and fraudster with a father who is equally culpable in what is essentially criminal behaviour and who are both so conceited they aired the opinion that a family of Asians who were caught with undersize shell fish should be deported as they were depriving us all of our nations resources! Sigh.

        1. thank you. I was beginning to wonder where the line is as far as the rights of a human being are concerned in this age of enlightenment and whether there was a cut off for services and justice depending on how ugly or obviously of a counter culture who is pierced, tattooed, or looks like they sell their bodies nightly for a small fee or live on drugs and a park bench or all of the above. There are plenty who think that being guilty of a criminal act is enough to allow the denial of human rights, loss of liberty is not enough punishment as they have an easier time in jail than they do when they are free and abroad. Instead of being outraged by that fact it induces a more severe punishment requirement from those who have never been incarcerated and rely on good old common sense to make the hard decision that would see hard labour, bread and water diet and maybe even a flogging for recalcitrant prisoners who appear too much at ease during their confinement. A strange prison in Norway is quite the opposite where there are no bars to the windows, outside the buildings are parklands with seating in scenic spots. There is a twenty foot concrete wall as the physical barrier to stop inmates walking to freedom and it would be difficult to scale even with climbing equipment, it is however, a symbolic barrier more than an attempt to prevent serious escape attempts. There have been no escapes from the prison in it’s functioning lifetime.
          The prisoners who agreed to be interviewed had experienced prison life previously in other institutions that resembled the accepted model with bars and lots of key jingling, they were all unanimous in saying they would rather be in a conventional facility as the normal existence made being deprived of freedom much harder to bear. They felt guilty about the staff being so nice and courteous, it is hoped that the rate of recidivism among these inmates will be low or nil because they cannot feel they are a victim of an unfair system to be fought and resisted in some two sided struggle for the duration of their stay. The warders are all trained in counselling and have an active role in the inmates rehabilitation more like a hospital than a prison. Not suitable for most violent offenders and career criminals it is thought these people could benefit from a stay at this prison pre parole for the last six months of their proscribed incarceration. The Norse approach is that people are not all potential criminals who not only do not commit crime because they fear being caught and sent to prison but of those who did commit an offence that warranted a prison sentence, they were better rehabilitated where they would not be further educated by other prisoners in further criminal behaviour. Unlikely to see any changes in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the land of no rape of women, whose last victims of the head removal execution squad was someone convicted of sorcery. No more silly than their prophet being seen on a winged horse flying to heaven. One should also be aware that one could be rendered headless for such heinous crimes such as badmouthing the ruling family or aiding an enemy of the regime. This can mean that protesting in public about anything the Regime does that you don’t like can be interpreted as aiding the enemy and you will no longer be entitled to retain your head on your shoulders. As a trading partner those with a vested interest in the place spew out the standard clap trap about respecting other’s culture, as though the death penalty at the whim of a despotic monarchical family is somehow a reflection of unchangeable tradition and an important aspect of their culture, rather than a convenient way of staying in control of huge wealth while stifling all dissent from within and adopting the status as indispensable ally to American interests in the M.E.

  32. Matt’s articles always get attention… usually from the herd of Social Justice Warriors that spend their lives following him around, like anti-disciples.
    It’s very amusing.

  33. “it is more his fault for fucking me unconscious—i mean i was conscious but clearly not in my right mind… i was literally blackout… like i puked all over the place.”
    The guy who fucked her while she was “blackout” drunk (which sounds more like rape to me then an anal sex encounter she ostensibly wasn’t that into) gets a pass. I think the reason Paul got shafted was because either a) she loved him and was pissed off he didn’t return her affections, or b) she was becoming increasingly annoyed by a long line of dudes who were only using her as a sperm receptacle, and she thought Paul (who sounds like a nice guy) was the easiest target for this kind of malicious allegation.

  34. She’s lying about al of it. There were no gang bangs with boyfriends friends, no heavy drug use, no high school rape. She’s lying to get this Paul guy’s sympathy just like the Rolling Stone case with the made up Haven dude. In both of these cases love was unrequited so here comes the woe is me sob story, don’t you love me now? bit

  35. What the fuck is with their lingo in their text exchange? “Nuse”? “Forrealz”? Wow, even I have a joke of a B.A. degree in some nonsense major from a McUniversity (unlike these privileged fucktards at Columbia) and I still ALWAYS use real, proper English in all forms of communication! The whole “I’m just texting, not writing a book!” cop out is a pathetic way to try and cover up one’s grammatical and vocabulary shortcomings. Yeah, I judge you by your spelling and grammar in your texts, deal with it!

    1. It is enough to make one weep. It’s something I’ve thought about too. If I tried to get into Columbia I’d be pointed and laughed at, but these fucking kids whu rite lik thizzzzzz get scholarships to study at Ivy League universities.

      1. And they’ll be the ones to hand us over to the triumvirate of Russia, China and Iran to rip apart wholesale. Good thing I speak one of those languages with extreme proficiency! 😉

      2. The hardest part is getting in. Once you’re in you can seek out softer courses, and lots of parties, and scholarships if you can check the right boxes. Average female can spend 4 years riding the cock carousel, with minimal responsibilities if she wants. Sulkowizc admits in her own texts she was fucking everybody and their friends. That might not be conclusive, but if other males come forward with sexting records about butt sex what would that look like?

  36. Note to self: Next time someone is doing something annoying, I need to ask them to fuck me in the butt because that’s what that means. smh

  37. Those that print money from nothing and lend it at interest to governments support both the university and the girl – they have nothing to fear….

  38. I’d gladly donate to any legal funding that this guy needs – I hope he’s able to take Columbia for a fortune!

    1. Nah, he must have a legal team. This one is slam dunk if Title 9 is invoked. If the Title 9 invocation is rejected then Title 9 is exposed as the fraud it already is once and for all as a tool for the destruction of men’s interest in favor of women in education. There is really no other way to frame it.

  39. Things are turning. The thing is, to kill off feminism as a force for harm. Get women to absolve themselves of it. Shame the women that claim feminism. In your profiles, in your Facebook, in your interactions, if we as men took a concerted stance against feminism as a strategy used against men, that feminism and feminists are dead to us. Hell, Betas especially would benefit, players already give a shit about feminism. In the end, rejection and out and out shame for feminism and feminist behavior, projected by men as a gender, can stamp out the feminist stain.

    1. Though interestingly enough, the number of cat adoptions would triple in the years to come.

      1. I hope not. I celebrate the dead cats I see on the road as it is. We don’t need our women populating their apartments with MORE of them. I’d never hurt a critter, but if I was ever to start…

        1. pfft. Cats are awesome. It’s essentially a domesticated cross between a tiger and a monkey. Once you get over the fact that they don’t really care about you except as the opener-of-food-containers, it’s a decent co-habitation.

        2. Nat Geo references a Science journal claiming they’re Middle Eastern wildcats that domesticated themselves, and aligned themselves with local tribes.

  40. I was a grad student at Columbia on 2007-8 and actually was explicitly asked to take a leave of absence after a russian girl I used to fuck (who also was a student there) went to the psychology center behind my back to complain that the reason her grades were so low was because of the abuse I was giving her in our private relationship. Unbeknownst to me, the internal security team of Columbia, made up of some ex FBI and CIA guys, went to my roommates and did a full on stealth investigation on me, found out every detail about me and then used this information to condemn me in a disciplinary hearing.
    I had to cut my master’s short and escape the U.S. as fast as I could; I was starting to feel the vicious hatred of the female business school professors on every class even though the matter was supposed to be kept fully confidential… Luckily I found a top notch job in London and this move actually helped my career since Wall Street was falling apart at the time because of the financial crisis. But I feel I have a score to settle with the duplicitous shit house called Columbia which takes sadistic pride in persecuting foreign male students; I would be very interested to hear from someone here with expertise in US law to find out whether we can build a retroactive case and tag it along with Nungesser’s lawsuit. I’m sure there are many many more foreign male students like this who come to U.S. clueless about how that country gets off on enslaving and castrating men, only to find out too late after they have already sunk 50k USD + into what they were tricked into believing would be a world class education en route to a pink clouds American dream that no longer exists and actually has turned into a tragic Huxleyan dystopia…

    1. That’s unbelievable. So any chick can blame her bad grades on some guy she doesn’t want to fuck any more, and get him put on double secret probation? Couldn’t you just reverse the charges, make the same claims about her?

      1. that is the punchline… my grades were stellar, I was the star intern, getting direct referrals to Goldman Sachs and Lehman Energy (now bankrupt 🙂 ) by multiple professors, and yet the school board and the psycho female dean of course sided with the eternal victim that is the female… as is always the case in that disgusting land called america…
        to make matters even worse, she invited me back to her apartment one night, begging for some attention crying for hours on the phone (I have to admit she was great in bed though, which was the one reason I kept seeing her… unfortunately most psycho chicks are wild in bed that’s the one thing going for them), and then flat out told me after I was getting it on with her that she actually called the cops to get me arrested… At that time I was incredulous as I had no idea what a fucked up hell hole US legal system had become and thought the whole thing was a joke… Needless to say I had to spend a whopping 36 hours in custody for no particular reason other than a psycho bitch calling the cops and telling them to pick me up from her apartment, I was completely civil with the cops that showed up of course to no avail I was picked up no questions asked… And then I had to finally call a lawyer to clear the whole thing but the school board still used this incident as an evidence that she was the victim and I was the perpetrator, even though the charges were immediately dropped…
        I thought about it for a while to sue the school and her as well, but was too busy at the time building a career overseas it just felt like a hassle… Only many years later did I realize this was an epidemic and total collapse of the American system that is designed to exploit men to the maximum, and I would love to do something to bring justice to that fucked up country, at least personally.

  41. One thing I have realized over these last few years…never date or even try to bang a feminist or these twisted broken girls who openly talk about how many guys they are banging, even if its a one night stand (which may be even more detrimental in the long run). If they have purple (like this girl Emma) or green hair or some stupid colour, run! If the dress in all black and have tattoo’s run! If half their head is shaved…run! If they are an! etc….they are bad news and not worth it. If Paul realized some of these simple rules he would have never gotten into this mess in the first place.

    1. I hear you. Be alert for indicators that they’re emotionally damaged. But in many american cities over 1 million population, that alternative fashion garbage is widespread.

      1. I also live in an N.American major metropolis and most women have this “alternative” fashion making them un-date-able in addition to the lesbian population and the unattractive, its a small pool when you actually think about it.

        1. You’re in some interior city like dallas? Go to LA or NY, its a freak show of ‘diversity’.

        2. No even worse….The peoples republic of Canada. Lefties, commies, SJW, and where every man is a bata.

        3. And don’t forget burly lumberjacks. Not quite beta, but the plaid shirts with a bit of chest hair poking out the top can be seen as overtly masculine. Or as a way to attract gay men. It’s a tough call to make, and since they’re carrying a chainsaw, you want to be damn sure you’re making the right one.

    2. You could say the same about their similarly attired and decorated male counterparts, your sister would be unwise to get involved with the pierced, scarred and tattooed chap who is not interested in working as he is so stupid that he thinks getting food stamps is a good standard of living. Sisters can love a rebel.

      1. agree, and lucky for me I don’t date men so therefore i’m not worried about which men to date. But if I did have a sister or a daughter I’d hopefully be able to teach her how to be a good woman and that will result in her choosing a good man.

        1. She would I expect, learn respect by being given respect when earned. The difficulty with being a solo parent must also factor in what a child accepts as a normal upbringing being somewhat different than the two parent version of normal. Some parent sabotage their children’s potential by not allowing them to be children, protecting them from the children of the drunken grouch who lives some doors down whose worse sin is the use of “bloody” as an expletive too often. I do know a man who would never offend his parents by getting a tattoo as he knows they would spin out at the thought of him doing such a rash act. He would not dream of hurting them, such is the bond they share with their children and the way they were brought up.

  42. Being exposed isn’t enough anymore. These criminals need to be prosecuted and held accountable for their crimes. As someone who’s had his business ripped apart by false accusation slike this… I can say firsthand the damage is very real and very profound. Why someone can destroy someone else’s life like that and not be held to account is beyond me.

  43. When I was in management, I had an open door policy…it was ALWAYS open, NEVER closed…in fact, when one of the young harlots came in for an interview for an outside sales position, she closed the door before the interview…I stood up, and opened it…it pays to be disciplined, even when they’re throwing themselves at you, and the temptation is real.

    1. Many offices now have glass walls, and the occupant is instructed to leave the door open at all time unless talking on the phone in private. I’ve seen women get angry and blame the oldest white male in the office for their lack of career advancement even though he had nothing to do with the decision. The conspiracy of patriarchy is so powerful. HR will be compelled to maintain an internal file on the accused. Even when he’s cleared, there’s still the stigma that he “doesn’t get along well with others”.

  44. Just the stigma of accusation is enough to destroy a person as there are those who think there is no smoke without fire and it could be true.
    I lived in a small town where all knew each other by name, one young boy of fourteen was accused of molesting a young girl, no proof was offered though it was obvious by what the girl said that she had been molested. The accused was just presumed to have got away with it. One particularly nasty parent wanted to form a sort of lynch party to confront the boys family and demand to know why they would protect him.
    A year went by and the boy was barred from associating with many children on orders from their parents. He had been doing a little investigating of his own and reconnoitred his neighbourhood, noticed that many windows at the back of peoples homes had a curtain parted or folded slightly so as to enable looking through to the inside through the apparently closed curtain. He set up a watch and eventually tracked a serial peeping Tom as he made his rounds looking at people showering or undressing in their bedrooms. When this young man followed this predator to the house of the young girl he was accused of molesting he couldn’t believe the cheek of this person, as he sneaked into the house, he ran home three houses away and demanded his father get up out of bed and come with him now. Father did and was most loath to enter the neighbours house on the instructions of his boy who had been accused of some pretty nasty stuff with these peoples daughter. He was convinced by his son pleading with him just to go into the house and catch the culprit he knew was in the girls bedroom if he had any faith in his son at all. Dad did as he asked, the houses are all the same four in a row, everyone had visited everyone at some time or another, he knew the girls bedroom, (damning evidence for the first accused, by the way) and marched straight in, turned on the light and caught the man in the act of masturbating at the girls bedside, she was not even of school age. The furore this all caused was a sensation the offender was no less than the son of the mother who tried organizing the mob justice a year before. He had the cheek to deny doing what he was caught doing red handed to the extent that his mother believed him! Only one apology came to the falsely accused, most of the town pretended they had never believed that he could of done that, I recalled the father saying to one such craven liar “exactly what did you think he didn’t do?” a bit of stammering and “you know” were offered but dad was merciless. There were many who could not meet his eye and even those who said they weren’t sure of the guilt of the caught. Eventually a sort of restorative justice was set up where the guilty had to admit guilt and attend some sort of counselling or it would be taken to the courts to decide, the former option was adopted and it became the towns dirty little secret.

  45. Finally good to see this guy standing up to himself. If he wins I hope that cunt does some years in prison.

  46. Someone wrote and I will always remember women are like water and assume the shape of the container they are in. Women are women but it was the university that was the container in this case.

  47. Just to turn a phrase: I hope Nungesser fucks the living daylights out of the University, to the tune of several million dollars.
    I also hope the university in turn boots Sulkowicz’s (prefect name BTW 😉 lop-sided ass out in the street where it belongs. Seriously, if there were any justice at all, she’d be sleeping on that mattress in an abandoned warehouse while shooting up. The vile, lying piece of shit.

  48. What an repulsive woman. Seriously, this is 20-something women today? Fuck anything with a pulse and treat the interaction with less importance than a hand shake. This generation disgusts me.
    The vile slut is going whore her way around until her mid 30s and then cry ‘where have all the good men gone? Waah!’ and you just know some white knight is going charge in and wife her up; her and that capacious cavern she calls a vagina. My skin crawls at the thought of physical intimacy with her, and not because I find her unattractive.

  49. Is her name actually ‘sulk’owicz?
    If a man’s life wasn’t destroyed this would be comedy gold right here

  50. Some women are born psychopaths, like the woman above. More than that, she rapped him since she had sex with him very drunk, she knew he is very drunk, yet she dragged him into her bed.

  51. It is no surprise this dude stop showing affection towards this party slut. It’s funny that this girl probably entered college as a basic party bitch and turned into some super feminist after a women’s study class or two.

  52. Hope she gets absolutely destroyed in that lawsuit, she should be forced to suffer the same jeering and assaults the Nungesser was subjected to, the bloody cretin, leftist media across the pond seemed to have conveniently stopped talking about the story now that it’s come out to be false.

  53. why has this story not spread like wildfire throughout the fucking globe?

  54. Fuck her, the university, every media outlet that actually ran with this attention whoring womans story, and fuck every man that helped this slut carry around a mattress.
    I hope this man takes the university for several million.

  55. It’s obvious after her butthurt over being rejected by “John Doe” as suitable girlfriend material she took it out on Nungesser as a male who was easier to target (and didn’t feel guilty since he was beta as fuck. Come on man, talking to your guy friend about using condoms wih some skank to “protect” her?). If you cant get the man you want, and like him too much to charge him with “rape”, take out your bitterness on the weak men around you. Projecting her patheticness and unlovability onto Nungesser as opposed to dealing with her own issues.
    I’m sure the jew card has been pointed out a thousand times already, but would you really expect any less?

  56. Who talks like that? A blue-headed liberal feminist with nothing but a barren dorm room to keep her safe.

  57. Even if he sued for a Doctor Evil-esque 100 Billion Dollars; it will still have zero effect on the hockey stick acceleration rate of ever increasing misandry. Not even a speed bump.

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