How To Spot Pop Culture Indoctrination

The popular media (Hollywood movies, television, music, commercials, comics, etc.) has always been aware of its ability to influence public opinion. As early as 1960, television shows such as the Twilight Zone were conveying messages to the public.

In the Twilight Zone episode The Monsters are Due on Maple Street, aliens rely on the inherent prejudice of middle class suburbanites to induce them to paranoia. The residents of Maple Street end up killing each other out of suspicion so that the aliens can take over without firing a shot.

In case the viewers were too dense to get the message, the show explicitly clobbers them over the head at the end of the episode:

The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices — to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill — and suspicion can destroy — and a thoughtless frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own — for the children — and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is — that these things cannot be confined — to the Twilight Zone.

The media is effective because it presents its message under the guise of entertainment. People who would resent hearing a moralistic sermon at church have no problem getting browbeaten for two hours while watching a preachy film like the 2004 movie Crash.

Same Sex Marriage


But usually, the messages are presented in a less heavy-handed way. The NBC sitcom Will & Grace, which ran from 1998 until 2006, adroitly made use of comedy and charming characters to introduce the wider public to gay culture.

Vice President Biden stated that Will & Grace “probably did more to educate the American public on LGBT issues more than almost anything anybody has ever done so far.” It is not an overstatement to say that the sitcom paved the way for the success of the same-sex marriage movement.

Girl Power!

Another familiar trope in the media is that women can do anything that men can do. It is based on the idea that men have systematically oppressed women since the beginning of the human race. Because of this oppression, women no longer have the confidence to try to achieve great things.

If women could only be convinced of their inherent greatness, they would design buildings, make scientific discoveries, engineer bridges, and conquer empires at exactly the same rate as men—except that they would be better at it.

Any deviation from the idea that men and women are equal in every way is met with immediate outrage. When Harvard President Lawrence Summers suggested that the shortage of women in the sciences was partially due to innate differences in mathematical ability, there was an uproar. Summers was forced to apologize and resign. The Church of Progressivism brooks no heresy—not even from one of its own.

The Girl Power message crops up in the most unlikely places. If you are a fan of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, you may have noticed that the movie, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, introduced a new character that was not in the original book—a female warrior elf.


While director Peter Jackson had remained scrupulously faithful to Tolkien’s original vision with The Lord of the Rings movies, he must have felt pressure to include a Girl Power character in The Hobbit series. Evangeline Lily, the actress who played the female warrior elf, put it this way: “In this day and age, to put nine hours of cinema in the theaters for young girls to go and watch and not have one female character is subliminally telling them you don’t count, you’re not important and you’re not pivotal to story.”

It is not just movies of course. In 2014, Marvel Comics launched a new Thor, who just happens to now be a woman.


Doing something like this is a win-win for Marvel. It attracts lots of free publicity for the company. People who are upset with Thor becoming a woman will be labeled as troglodytes who need to stop hating and keep up with the times. Progressive outlets will praise Marvel for its courage. But if it turns out that the new female Thor does not sell very well, the old Thor will quietly return.



Laverne Cox

Even though the media was victorious in its campaigns to mainstream same-sex relationships and to push Girl Power, don’t think that the march of progress will stop there. The media is now pushing the next phase of correct thinking and behavior.

One of these new messages is the mainstream acceptance of transgender individuals. Vice President Biden has called transgender discrimination “the civil rights issue of our time,” and President Obama even mentioned transgender people in his State of the Union speech.

We are already starting to see more transgender individuals on television. Of course there was the famous appearance of Chaz Bono on Dancing With The Stars back in 2011. Bono was also the subject of a documentary film called Becoming Chaz that detailed his experiences in transitioning from female to male.

Actress Laverne Cox is a transgender woman who stars on the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black. In 2014, Cox became the first transgender person to appear on the cover of Time magazine. Lauren Levinson, an editor at Popsugar, described Cox as having “doll eyes, glowing skin, and voluminous curls.”

Reality TV is getting into the act as well. The E! Television network was developing a show to document the transition from male to female of former Olympian Bruce Jenner. Plans for the show have been temporarily shelved due to Jenner’s involvement in an auto accident that left one person dead, but I would not be surprised to see it restart once the legal issues are settled.


Bruce Jenner – Making the transition

Finally, we are probably going to see more transgender individuals in commercials. Some edgy companies, like American Apparel, have already started this with their use of transgender models and their controversial use of a 15-year-old boy named Brendan in one of their most recent ads.



What is next on the agenda? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments. My guess is that we will see campaigns for the mainstream acceptance of more alternative lifestyles such as polygamy and polyamory.

The one thing we can be sure of, though, is that our elites will continue to use the media to teach us the right path—or at least the one that lines their wallets and fortifies their power.

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  1. Great piece and high time we put more of a spotlight on the blatant indoctrination we see in the media. I’d also add the rampant consumerism culture which is constantly force fed to us daily. Ad agencies have attached feelings and emotions to products and it works very well. I recently saw an ad by a home loan company convicing people a 30 year mortgage is what they need in life, not even a mention of a 15 year. I’m a believer in little debt and not taking out a mortgage over 15 years, but we all know that means less interest for the banks.

    1. Little to no debt, that’s both sides of my family operate! You should have seen my gandma’s face when my parents applied for a mortgage!

    2. Great point. Consumerism has been entrenched in the media for decades. At least since the progressive Oliver Stone created Wall Street which completely backfired on him and made two generations of hyper-materialistic degenerate bankers.
      I do believe in taking out as long a mortgage as possible. With 3-4% rates, any money you save that would pay down in 15 can outperform in a even a modestly growing investment, plus you can walk from the loan if SHTF.

    3. There’s an old saying, I think it goes something like the following: “If you could not buy it with cash, you don’t deserve it”.

  2. It is clear that American society is degenerating into decadence. I propose, however, that the decadence now all around us is the exception to the norm of history and therefore unsustainable.
    That is not immediately a good thing for us however….after all, Rome was decadent before the fall.

    1. I’ve always thought about Rome! Someone always uses Rome as a way of defending today’s America but no one ever talks about the result of Rome’s moral decline.

  3. The next thing will be the push for homosexual pedophilia or between older women and younger guys.
    Anything related to older men and younger girls will carry a large stigma and jail time.
    I’d hazard to say that there might even be gender/sexuality specific laws on pedophilia in a decade.

    1. Let’s make sure to hang any politician who pushes that into legislation from trees in public squares!

  4. In 2014, Marvel Comics launched a new Thor, who just happens to now be a woman.
    And it’s not merely “a Thor who happens to be a woman”. That would be already ridiculous enough, since Thor is the son of Odin and not a job description.
    But they made her a feminazi. It’s Toxic Thor, a femishit:
    And they seem to be successful:
    And it’s not only Marvel, it’s DC, too:

    1. DC also decided to make Green Lantern crave human dick and man anus recently, too. “Queen” Lantern.

        1. That’s interesting. On what grounds? Are these those kind of delusional weirdos that think because they like choking on dick and having it rip apart their asshole that everybody else does too but is too afraid to admit it? I know those sick fucks happen to exist.

        2. I don’ tknow that much about it but you can google it. I can only guess that they suppose this because he was never married or seen with women, never had kids and was pretty docile overall in his mannerisms, ect..

        3. They also propagate the myth that 10% of the population like their rectum or vaginas loosened with fists….. which is a total fallacy……

        4. “Some circles have tried to claim that Jesus was a homosexual also.”
          Some (often feminists) try claiming He was married to Mary Magdalene and that the Holy Grail refers to the secret bloodline that sprang from their union. The Communists/socialists/fellow-travelers claim he was a Communist/socialist/fellow-traveler. Many Hindus, Buddhists, and New Agers think He was incarnation of one of their pagan gods, the Buddha, and/or an Ascended Master. The Muslims say He was born a talking Muslim baby.
          Sura 3:46:
          He shall preach to men in his cradle and in the prime of manhood, and shall lead a righteous life.
          Another reference to this is Sura 19:28-34:
          O sister of Aaron! [] Thy father was not a wicked man nor was thy mother a harlot.
          Then she pointed to him.
          They said: How can we talk to one who is a child in the cradle?
          He (the baby Jesus) said: I am indeed a servant of Allah. He has given me the Book and has made me a prophet. And has made me blessed wheresoever I may be, and has enjoined upon me prayer and almsgiving so long as I remain alive, And (has made me) dutiful toward her who bore me, and hath not made me arrogant, unblest. Peace on me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive!
          Such was Jesus, son of Mary: (this is) a statement of the truth concerning which they doubt.

        5. Those people might be the ones that are trying to push the deluded fantasy that the World War 1 hero Lawrence of Arabia was gay as well.

        6. How about a remake of that classic film called ‘Jennifer Lawrence of Arabia’? Just kidding – although it’s already in the planning, no doubt.

    2. Yeah that’s kinda the worst comic book writing ever. It’s pretty sad when it gets to the point where Marvel’s films are better than their comic books sources. They also have some nerve asking $4 a pop for these horrendous stories!

    3. What does that graph even mean? Not only are they pushing Feminist BS, they are dropping nebulous data that makes it difficult to easily decipher exactly whats going on.

    4. I think I kind of understand why Marvel and DC held back on making actually good super hero movies for so many years. They also wanted to be more about the comics than about crappy movies and tv. I can only imagine what some of the male higher-ups in the company actually think of these new feminist comics, which are just the ultimate in pathetic pandering, and a great way to alienate your audience. Notice they made new characters and didn’t ruin the old ones though, if they instead turned all the characters feminine they would alienate their hardcore fanbase over night.
      Unfortunately, how you build a culture is not by appealing to SJW, who will always crave more disgusting, depraved, and just downright illogical scenes in the comics. Those sales they show are more of a fad than anything, give it a year or two and those feminist-comic sales will be down 50% if not more, I guarantee it. SJW are incapable of making their own culture, these people at Marvel and DC should realize it, a SJW only exists by being a successful parasite off the host. Once sufficient leeching is done they will move on to the next thing, leaving the original to be a hollow husk of what it once was. Look at, hmmm, fucking everything that this has happened to. Idiocracy anyone?

      1. They are completely incapable of making their own because they are girls and what do girls do when the get together? They snip and fight.
        I grew up in the punk rock scene which was a brotherly, aggressive, male dominated space that we fucking made ourselves. We did not like the music and culture that was out there so we DIY’d a scene – forming bands, putting on shows, and doing it our way. Then in came fucking riot grrls and ruined that shit. Instead of doing their own thing, Bikini Kill cunts came in and to change what was already in existence, but it was still the dudes keeping that shit together.

        1. Man I feel for you guys – Green Day and Offspring totally commercialized and bastardized your scene. It got pretty bad with us in metal too, but not NEARLY as pathetic and comical!

        2. How do you feel about Sleater-Kinney?
          I always liked them a lot. I have no idea what they are like personally nor do I really care. I don’t give a shit about an artist’s personal life or political views when it comes to liking their work.

        3. I like Sleater-Kinney in concept, but the music has never really spoken to me. They were more a rock band doing it themselves as opposed to co-opting punk. I think Carrie Brownstein is a great artist and Portlandia is one of my favorite shows.
          I’m just not a big fan of female vocals in rock/punk. I actually dug Le Tigre after Hanna abandoned punk and started doing her own thing. But bands like X, the Slits, Slant 6, etc. I just never dug. Give me Dolly or Neko Case instead.

        4. Yeah, it just went all kinds of stupid on us. When you have something so pure and good, some shyster is going to try to make money off of it. Whatever – if kids are buying packaged rebellion, more power to the people selling it to them. The music and the look are just aesthetics, the values are what got me into it. My friends and I hung up our leather jackets a long time ago, but we still all have kept that independent, DIY attitude.

        5. More metal is awful than good these days. I’ve more or less become a label bigot – there are only about a dozen or so record labels that I will give their roster time of day to (with some exceptions here and there, and of course lots of independent, unsigned bands). If I see some bands are associated with certain labels I either dismiss them outright or give my attention to them very askance and with trepidation. That’s just the direction it took thanks to MySpace commercializing it all and making it “hip” and fashionable back when that site was at all relevant.
          Never got much into punk but I do like Reagan-era punk because it actually stood for something and had a lot of emotion behind it. Also dig anarcho-punk like Amebix, Discharge, Crass, Flux of Pink Indians and their ilk.

        6. I remember reading about Neko Case complaining male star’s groupies and how women don’t have them and then admits she just wants the attention of it and not the actual sex and would recoil in horror of the thought of actually screwing one of her fans.
          ““I realize for myself, I didn’t want to be hit on BY lots of men so much as I wanted to be hit on AS MUCH as men. Competitive inferior [scomplex.” For female artists, it’s got to be weird doing the same job as their male counterparts and not getting the same payoff in attention. But the practical reality is that just because a woman rocks your world onstage, she’s probably not going to do it backstage as well.”

        7. In rural Podunk, Nowhere where I grew up, the punk/metal line was blurred. The kids who could play guitar well played more metal, the other kids played punk. We listened to Maiden as much as Crass, but none of us could play like Janick.
          Musically, I always went for stuff that had a modicum of a melody which is why punk appealed to me. I could never get into grindcore type screaming metal. I love their cover art, but Cannibal Corpse never did it for me. Now that I’m old and boring, I like squibbidy-dibbity metal – Dragonforce, Children of Bodom, etc.

        8. Wow. That’s some brutal stuff. I love that there is still an underground scene releasing stuff like this. Closest I get is some of the more sludgy, stoner metal, but still not even close.
          Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on Kylesa? They are my favorite modern metal band. Good grooves and they use female vocals properly in my view.
          I’m odd and realize how ridiculous my musical tastes are. My aesthetic/cultural tastes can best be described as a day-glo, pop-art, space opera nightmare.

      2. At what point did they hold back? They have been making DC and Marvel movies and TV shows for more than 50 years.

    5. will these fans stay for decades, when comics become uncool again? doubtful

    6. In the long term I think the sales of new Thor will decline once the novelty wears off.

      1. Probably true. However, if Marvel wants to take a loss on Thor just to make a point they can afford it.

        1. Yes. Loss leaders are used as propaganda vehicles most of the time. The trick is to find their non-propaganda profitable vehicles and not patronize those either.

    7. how about a cartoon where the boy turns into a female superhero?

  5. Evangeline Lily, the actress who played the female warrior elf, put it
    this way: “In this day and age, to put nine hours of cinema in the
    theaters for young girls to go and watch and not have one female
    character is subliminally telling them you don’t count, you’re not important and you’re not pivotal to story.”

    God-damnit but women are f-ing solipsistic.
    IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU, YOU SELFISH FEMALE, IT’S A GODDAMN STORY. Stop making every goddamn thing on this earth about YOU and learn to just enjoy what comes your way. Christ almighty, if women are actually thinking that, they should be locked up for having severe borderline personality disorder.
    I was severely disappointed with the decision to put a female “go girl” character into that movie series, but not surprised. That story was written by a man who suffered the horrors of world war 1 among his fellow men, and it was written as an all-male adventure story. In that respect, it was very one-of-a-kind when it was written. But of course, selfish females couldn’t even respect that and felt they had to invade and spread their go-girlism all over a masculine story.

    1. It also shows that this actress didn’t bother to pay attention to the story. Galadriel “doesn’t count”? She’s the most powerful elf on middle earth, one of the few who has a ring of her own. Jackson should have told these people to take a flying leap.

      1. She’s one of the most powerful *beings* on Middle Earth, and the oldest thing on two legs on Middle Earth. The claim there are no powerful female characters in those stories is ridiculous.
        But that’s hardly the point. The point is that these women are so selfish that they cannot possibly let an all-male story pass. They can’t do it. They’re so goddamned self-centered that *EVERYTHING* masculine must be tainted by them in some fashion. fuck them.
        Of course, when they do the stories in the Silmarillion someday (they’ve made so much money, I can’t believe they wont try), they’ll be more than happy to highlight Lúthien as some kind of powerful elf.

        1. Exactly. The addition of the “fem-warrior” was nauseating in my humble opinion. I simply do not understand her addition and I never will. It actually spoiled the film. What’s wrong with the story the way it was? I mean, no-one complained about about Band of Brothers. I simply don’t get it. Whats wrong with a story of male comradery now-a-days? Or a story with about the trials/tribulations involving men fighting for what they believe in? For example, Sam. He fought for his (male) friend and home, and in the end went home to his wife and child. He did it for them. What’s wrong with this?

        2. I mean, no-one complained about about Band of Brothers.

          There’s no reason to give these selfish women ideas now.

        3. It only makes sense if you regard Feminism as a giant shittest. Anyone who doesn’t become corrupted by a life full of indoctrination must be a true alpha in every aspect. Therefore, it is essentially a process of weeding out the “unworthy” males.

      2. And he’d probably get red lighted by the Hollywood gay mafia on any future projects. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when the studios coerced him on including “an empowered female” into the story.

    2. Yeah, I mean much of the Hobbit, unlike LOTR, involves purely Hobbits and Dwarves. I never once thought anything was lacking because Humans weren’t in that particular scene.

      1. You mean, you didn’t feel like you were being discriminated against because Humans are portrayed as greedy and morally weak in LOTR/Hobbit? How absurd! You were the victim here!

    3. Where were the strong male characters in Bridesmaids? I now feel as though I don’t matter. *weep*

      1. They had to be excluded because they would have just slapped sense into the main characters.

        1. every thread on this website I swear
          Also, OP skipped the part about multiculturalism but I’m sure thats because he’s either a halfbreed, or he knows that Roosh isn’t white

      2. What about the way we were excluded from “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.” Have you fully healed yet?

      3. Actually you don’t matter because you are male. Who gives a shit? You are expendable.

    4. I bet if she wasn’t in it, I would have enjoyed the movie a lot more. Kili wouldn’t have been walking around with a boner half the time and Legolas would have been less of a mangina.

      1. “and Legolas would have been less of a mangina.”
        Nah, don’t worry. Years from there, when the ring is found, Gimli and Aragorn will force him to be a Man again.

    5. Women only know how to make everything “about them”….it’s what they do. The attention whoring is no accident….again, it’s what they do (and what they do best).
      Many are delusional and it’s the reason that so many of them are on some type of anti-depressant. They are realizing (after many years) that it really is not about them.

      1. Ouch. You’re right, they are being confronted with realities that contradict a totalitarian narrative that pleases them, and there can only be two responses. Either accept their error and work to correct/improve themselves, or gobble fake ‘antidepressants’ and pretend that their selfishness and malice is just some bio-chemical issue. . . that is, the problem is ANYTHING except themselves, their own behavior, and their corrupt and failing gynarchy.

        1. Right….we’re talking about full grown adults who do not take responsibility or accountability for their actions. Their first response is to deflect or go personal attack – versus seeing how they can improve. White knights do this shit as well….I call them out everytime.

        2. Right….we’re talking about full grown adults who do not take responsibility or accountability for their actions. Their first response is to deflect or go personal attack – versus seeing how they can improve. White knights do this shit as well….I call them out everytime.

    6. These action-adventure/fantasy films have become unwatchable. You can set your clock by it…five minutes go by and here comes the bitch face “go-girl” character, to destroy the entire film.
      Eventually, men will lose interest and take their dollars elsewhere. Then, these industries will do investigative pieces on the death of said genre, pointing to everything other than the androgyny invasion.
      It is time to boycott all these “go girl” entities.

        1. That’s true, however, only men can write video games (code) decently. And if you don’t like the slant of a particular game, there are a billion more out there that will satisfy your requirements. If there isn’t, you code one up with some graphics artist buddies and you’re golden. Can’t do that with movies, television or pop culture. We retain a measure of power in video games that the SJW’s will never be able to take away from us.
          End of the day, girls can’t code.

        2. The original Max Payne game was gritty, dark, and real. The only female characters were distractions for Max and the storyline. And there were the funny commercials for porn or prostitutes.

        3. The video game industry has been one of the final bastions of digital entertainment that did not cater to the whims of feminists. Of course shit bitches like Anita Sakarseen or whatever the skanks name is trying to cash in on video game chauvinism which doesn’t exist as much and she is desperate.

        4. There are better male programmers most of the time, but there are thousands of female programmers doing fine work.

    7. Ultimately, I find these film casting choices and shoehorned-in female characters are motivated less by ideologies than by marketing– the desire to appeal to the widest possible number of ticket-buyers. As many others have noted, women are prone to spend money on frivolities. It means that Peter Jackson and his producers can sell that many more t-shirts, action figures, kids’ books, etc. Nearly all the major entertainment properties, both current and those coming down the pipeline, feature not only gender-balanced, but multiracial casts for this same reason: more money in international markets
      Television, which is absorbed more by its audience with greater regularly, is more insidious at pushing the blue-pill brainwashing but movies are getting worse every year.

      1. Sometimes, but not always. The Hobbit does not, and has never, appealed to females, generally speaking. If they are seeing the movie it’s because they’re going with their boyfriend/husband/son, not because they actually wanted to watch it. THAT then means that it IS propaganda.

    8. Women should be property. Society should be restructured, with the core of the new order being that men decide and women obey. Rights should only be for men.
      It would work. People might be happier on the whole or they might not, but it would work. Unfortunately it would take an end of the world scenario for that to happen at this point.

    9. This article misses the most important way in which pop culture is used to influence us: the way it is used to convince us the accept the police state and totalitarianism.

      1. There aren’t 300000 cop/detective/csi shows on television for nuttin!

    10. I also liked her assumption that a) girls would actually watch The Hobbit, b) if they did, that they would actually care.
      In my experience, women love to watch movies about male heroes.

    11. I was disappointed in the entire Hobbit series actually. The actual real story is one 2 hour long movie, give or take. Jackson made an obvious grab for money by making it long, meandering, boring and almost, but not quite, entirely off the original story. The few parts that hue to the original story are brilliant in the sense that LOTR was, but they are few and far between. The “grrrl pwrrrr!” was so pandering and blatant that I turned my stomach.

        1. Disney owns the Star Wars franchise now so get ready for some real brainwashing with the next installments…

    12. Someone may have made this point already but what about, in LOTR, Eoywn, who pretty much bitch-slapped the Nazgul king and Arwen, “if you want him come and claim him!”. Were those characters not enough for the feminazis? And THEY were part of the original novels. I agree that adding a character just to be diverse is annoying and unneeded.

      1. Actually Arwen was a pretty minor character in LOTH. Jackson upped her and Arragorn’s presence due to some extra stuff in the appendix. The scene with her carrying wounded frodo on her white horse to escape the nazgul was badass but was actually a male elf in the story.

    13. Yup. Couldn’t just leave one of the masterpieces of masculine literature in place. That might encourage little boys! and we can’t have that in Tranceformed Amerika.
      So Estrogen Evangeline and Team Titty had to co-opt this magnificent, touching epic into another front for their power-seeking, and drag the film down to their pathetic, coercive political level.
      Jackson didn’t have the groceries to just tell the power-hungry fembots and their Hollywood enables to f-off, and to make the films that his better (Tolkein) had made available. What a joke the whole Tauriel disaster was. But hey, it made the privileged princesses ‘feel equal’.
      A good OP. Cheers.

    14. Woman claim they want to be included but none of them will take the time to write an Epic like The Lord of The Rings, they don’t understand that if they want to see more female characters on screen, all they have to do is pick up a pencil and write a story, but no, women prefer to scavenge from the great works of Men, It’s easier to come in after the work and sweat is over and demand a piece of the pie.

      1. Don’t be daft, there have been many great and popular women writers, Sappho, Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, Flannery O’Connor, Katherine Mansfield and what’s-her-name who wrote the Shades of Gray trilogy of the highest literary merit.

      2. Ursula Le Guin. Margaret Atwood. Doris Lessing. Marion Zimmer Bradley. Robin McKinley.
        That’s just off the top of my head but you’ll find a complete list on Wikipedia.
        No doubt you’ll conjure up some way to dismiss them but I cannot let your statement slide. Also to the poster below, go read Middlemarch.

        1. If all the modern women feel they are being left out and therefore have to create a character, Like in the Hobbit to serve Social Justice, than why don’t these women all get together and Produce and Direct one of your Mentioned Authors Works and bring it to the Big Screen? No doubt Some women can Write Popular Books, (Atlas Shrugged).My Comment is aimed at People who feel it necessary to tamper with a story line so everyone’s involved, Like I said, If women or blacks, or whites, or whoever is upset that not enough of their kind is being showed in the Entertainment world then they should write their own Novel, changing a story or adding characters for the sake of PC culture is so typical and is Nauseatingly Liberal SJW. I haven’t taken the Time to Look but I wonder how Many of your listed Authors wrote a Fantasy where all the Main Characters were Female? Or are they guilty in some of their works of the Men’s Club?

  6. I would like to remind my fellow American citizens (I know this blog has an international readership) that tomorrow, April 9, will mark the 150th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War.
    Just had to point that out, being a history teacher and all.

    1. Sigh, the day the Republican Federation died and the leviathan federal government emerged.

  7. Decent article, but, not enough emphasis on how the media is a key lever in social engineering. Without it, much of feminism, as in at least all of third wave, and homosexualism would simply not exist. That is very important to understand. Indeed, as much as biden is an idiot he is right in his statement regarding that tv show and homosexualism. It amounts to propaganda, and you, the consumer, deserve much better. Its an insult to be sermonized too if you don’t want to be especially if its down on the down-low. Also the quality of content – the art – is suffering from all this because how can there be any originality if characters are already pre-scripted. The plot becomes an afterthought and bleeds into the background as well as the genre. Think about it. You got your hospital, crime, legal dramas…all the same and and the same stories and characters. Its all about the aggrieved groups breaking through some fictitious barrier etc. Same politicized story over and over. Oh and all the bad people are tea party, heterosexual men etc. The good news is this progressive infested media is the old media and its dying.
    I think the Manosphere should start making its own media content. Its all right there for you, youtube, editing special effects – all can be done on professional grade at a fraction of the cost if used to be. Plus, since actors and actresses have to be compliant to progressivism that skews the talent pool, thus, compounding the poor quality and opening opportunity for grassroots content all the more. Here, check this out…

    1. Almost like “Spike TV” was suppose to have been. Male orientated programming, but eventually became just a channel to air reruns of “cops” and other trashy programs.

      1. No, not like spike tv, this is unlike anything we’ve seen thus far in media. Hit the link and read the article. Its happening. Indeed, perhaps progressive culture sustains on the web, but, media is going to become incredibly fragmented. You’ll never know of a “hunger games” because it just won’t be what your media genius bar generates. This femo-centric media needs everyone to watch…a decentralized media will kill much of this. And, I suspect natural inclinations will resurface and a skrillex haircut etc will rapidly become irrelevant.

      2. viacom owns spike as well as comedy central and mtv. ratings are down 30% plus across the board year over year.
        Good. Let em flame out of existence.

  8. Iunno… I’d wager having debt will be what they promote next.
    Also they have already started promoting spinsterhood. Those older women need more than just cats to assuage their lonely pointless existence. They need everyone to tell them they are actually happy.

    1. The spinster thing was an amazing thing to see starting to emerge. It is 100% confirmation that WE are right in our analytical take and predictive powers.

      1. The promotion of Spinsterhood really does seem like a state committing suicide.
        I only keep my Facebook account like a kid keeps an ant-farm, and I can see so many girls locked in this situation trying to justify their inability to keep a guy around, which let’s be honest… can’t be THAT hard.
        Put a pot to boil at 6pm, give him a blowjob once a week, hold him tenderly at night and I bet you 90% of girls would have a decent man who loves them.
        These ants don’t outright call themselves Spinsters though, the terminology they are using now is “asexual.” These girls are not gay, not straight, not trans, they are “a-sexual.” Somehow her genetic heritage managed to make it to the 21st century by not having sex.
        Come to think of it they might actually be ants.

        1. Put a pot to boil at 6pm, give him a blowjob once a week, hold him tenderly at night and I bet you 90% of girls would have a decent man who loves them.
          LOL that’s literally all it would take. Hell, I’d probably be sucked into a LTR if a decent looking woman offered me that. But they can’t even manage that. How pathetic? It’s why I care less and less about women every day. I only enjoy them when I travel to foreign countries, the way I used to play with exotic toys at Toys R Us the couple times a year my parents would take me.
          Hell, I keep this one girl around now basically because she is thin and bakes me food every week. I’m not attracted to her, just bored really.

  9. 100% agreement here. The Hunger games movies, the Divergent movies, and the like are becoming more overt with their girl power messages. The fact is, girls only exhibit this strength in the land of make believe and females in this country foolishly drink the kool-aid thinking this will make them happy. Then when they’re 35, single, childless, husbandless, and unhappy they wonder why. What they should have done was curse the name of Katniss Everdeen and all that she (and the actress that plays her) falsely represents.

    1. Nahhh porn star worship will be next! “She’s doing what she loves and is getting more money than you! You mad??????”

      1. Here is a woman celebrating her sexuality in public. I’ll delete the post if it offends any “sensitivities.”

        1. Look at dem flabby tits, made that old blokes day!!! No viagra for the old timer coz that camel pissing got him harder than life in the Gaza strip!

        2. That is during broad daylight, which is pretty shocking, but it’s completely ordinary to see when one goes out in the evenings these days. I was out in downtown Nashville, TN a few months back and at around 10 PM on a weekend, when one should barely be buzzing, saw girls falling down drunk, unable to cross the street, and yes, one made eye contact with me, and then pissed on the ground just like that. This was a well lit, clean place with lots of people around.

        3. Fucking feral animals. Haven’t seen that around here yet, but when I do I’ll ensure that I express my opinion forcefully and loudly for all bystanders.

    2. Fantasyland – where women are happiest. Problem is, they get confused between fantasy and reality.

    3. Now OK. Glad you brought up The Hunger game. The first one at least…. Was I seeing things or that movie was about children killing children? I was really disturbed by that movie btw…

  10. The hagiographic media celebration and promotion of contemporary LGBTQ “transitioning” individuals and activists is symptomatic with a culture that is increasingly detached from reality.

  11. Almost everything we are witnessing in society is indoctrination. From the programmes on televisions, to the books and magazines that are on sale, to the public education system and the message that the political and economic establishment preaches to society, they are all components of the corrupt and flawed indoctrination machine, which rages on to push out any form of common sense, wisdom and logical reasoning.
    Which is why, as men, we must learn to deflect against anything which goes against our principles, values and beliefs. For when we challenge the status quo and question authority and any form of power which is used to abuse the masses, can we stay vigilant and uphold our moral and righteous integrity.
    For example, we were able to expose the false rape epidemic, debunk the lies perpetuated by the feminist movement such as the wage gap and even raise awareness on important issues such as marriage, which have intentionally, been swept under the rug for too long by the mainstream media and other powers in society, which have all, been responsible for creating the abysmal zeitgeist that we as men have been experiencing for too long in society.
    This is why men must learn to value their gender more than ever before, because as time goes on, the female population will continue to grow bigger (already outnumbering men in the Western hemisphere) which in turn, will continue to encourage this indoctrnation that we are seeing in society. Therefore, we must continue to spread the good values and ideals which were once considered essential to maintain the integrity and self respect of our individuality.
    Always maintain your masculinity and self respect.

    1. Great comment, however, I think males and females will maintain their natural ratio in population. And, increasingly many women aren’t breeding and the ones that aren’t are likely feminist, so, they won’t pass along their bullshit.

  12. Every girl gotta be tougher than the man….what about old fashioned romance? What about the damsel in distress?
    Evo Shandor was right.

    1. Romance is dead. Good riddance, too. The only women I ever want to buy flowers, chocolates or jewelry for is my mother!

        1. Nah man, his mom is cool. I buy her flowers too. heh

    2. Im actually fond of the old knight errant (damsel in distress) stories. Nothing wrong with saving the girl for riches and glory.

  13. What’s next? Probably a show about a guy married to his dog, goat or sheep.

  14. For this subject matter, I’d suggest watching the movie “They live” by John Carpenter.

    1. The future’s so blight, I gotta wear shades.
      And I have sudden urge to listen to ZZ Top.
      Now where the hell did I put my bubblegum?
      If I can’t find it, I’ll have to think of something else to do.

    2. just thinking that earlier today in respect to this and good old red pill awareness as it’s called. You start seeing the world through new eyes. And any movie starring Rowdy Roddy Piper is worth a look.

    3. Nice comment. I wrote a short, page-long ramble a few weeks ago about how I felt like a character in They Live after watching a block of commercials for, WWF and some other products and services not worth mentioning. Once you put the red pill shades on, you never look at anything in the same way again.

    1. I don’t think it will happen in our lifetime except for some cataclysmic event-economic or otherwise.

    2. My money is on the 2030s for when the collapse becomes too great to ignore.

  15. This kind of crap is exactly why any self-respecting man should boycott the Entertainment/Indoctrination industry. Sell your TV and be done with the bullshit. An easy way the average man can fight back is to deny them ad revenue by refusing to consume their degenerate products.
    There is also this: It almost makes you think that the next step is to legitimize pederasty. I wouldn’t be surprised if within 5 years NAMBLA is awarded tax-free status as a charitable organization and is given taxpayer funding.

    1. What ever happened to the Walter Sobchak character who would comment here?
      What’s a pederast?
      Shut up, Donny!

        1. LEbowski Fest was a good time when it first started. Now, it has corporate sponsors(Kahlua) and bouncers at the door.
          The first one I went to was a dive bar/bowling alley out in the hinterlands of NYC- totally cool and totally surreal…

        2. I hear South By Southwest has turned similarly shitty. Everyone just sells out. I guess I can’t blame them. In this “enjoy the decline” world if you can’t beat em, join em. I’ll have no part in it.

    2. That HuffPo link is disturbing. I agree that this might be one of the opening salvos in a battle to legitimize pederasty. I think the American Apparel ad with the little boy carries the same message.

      1. What’s even more disturbing are the comments:
        “That was really cute.”
        “that’s GREAT…..we need MORE storylines like this on TV”
        “I think this is fucking beautiful. I think we need more things like this on TV.”
        And so on. If you look for other articles on this, you’ll probably find more of the same.

    3. I would add, in those rare cases where you do find a work you can endorse, support it however you can.
      Advertisements will always be bought and paid for by someone. The
      demographics that buy the most tickets and merchandise are the ones that
      will be shown what they want to see.

    4. I’ve stopped watching 90% of all media and I’ve never felt better mentally in my life. It’s amazing how much time you have for exercise, self-improvement, and everything else that interests you when you turn off the slow-drip IV of TV, movies, and other mindless entertainments. The impulse to buy crap and eat to excess also goes away. It’s also an inoculation against the brainwashing the rest of the sheeple suckle from the NWO tit.

      1. I’ve said the same thing almost word for word on other threads in the past. It’s a fantastic feeling once you’re not only unplugged, but you forget what it was like to be plugged in. The time on your hands, as you say, is remarkable.

      2. Having taken a similar course I can’t agree more.
        I notice that when I get exposed to TV (haven’t watched commercial TV in many years) I recoil in horror at how much its changed since then, when I thought it was a bad influence.
        At the in-laws last week, MIL is watching it. I’m seething at every fucking word. I go outside and take a long walk, but not before I saw the show she was watching (Chew) had a lineup that looked like the SJW All Stars.
        The shit that comes out of a television now is degrees worse than even 10 years ago.
        What’s even more disturbing to me is the way most people just eat it up, and never question any of it. And even think I’m weird for not watching any of it.

        1. “when I get exposed to TV.. I recoil in horror at how much its changed since then”
          Absolutely! I grew up without cable, and it used to be a treat to have a hotel room with all the channels. I even had a full satellite package for a year or two after college. Now, I wouldn’t watch this garbage if it was free. It’s shocking.
          The disturbing thing to me is how talking about the latest tv show invariably enters into conversations in my social group. I simply say I don’t have a tv and change the subject, but it comes up all the time.

  16. Short version: does it deal with fags, transvestites, women’s empowerment, male emasculation or degradation, or and subject that is a plank in the political platform of either party? If yes, you are being fed leftist indoctrination.

  17. After the trannies, expect poly-“marriages” to be next, as well as bestiality.
    Also, I personally believe that we will soon see a change in the age of consent laws. Expect to see it lower for males (because the fags like them young) and rise for women (to remove competition, and to advance the “rape culture” narrative.) All in the name of protecting the children, of course.

    1. I was thinking this too. Serves two purposes to feminists an their allies, makes all consensual sex to women under a certain age rape so they can get the rape stats higher which gives them their victim status an it helps put the sexual marketplace more in females favour. Feminists constantly shift the parameters or what rape Is too keep their rape culture nararayive alive.

    2. If you want to know what’s next, think simple. It will be something that will be for women and against men. Whatever that will be this is underlying theme… hmmm.. let’s say polygamy for women but not for men kind of thing.

      1. Weimar Republic 2.0
        Protocols of the Elders of Zion
        tell me I’m crazy, it’s just a Cohencidence

  18. I felt like I was on an alien planet after the movie Crash ended. Everyone was in tears, talking about how deeply impactful it was, and I was sitting there thinking “that was the dumbest piece of shit I’ve ever seen in theaters.” I still feel that way to be honest, and we DO live in the Twilight Zone.
    “Imagine a world where black criminals blame their arrests on racism…where lazy females blame a wage gap on sexism…where the Founding Fathers’ beliefs are fucked into the ground by the micropeens of transgendered activists with nothing going on in their lives except jamming their agenda down everyone’s throats…where those who do something so simple as tell the truth are fined and fired for doing so.”
    For all my ra-ra- patriotism, I’m on the verge of letting this place burn to the ground because giving a shit is the losing team these days.
    We’re only one or two elections away from voting dogs and cats into office because all animals are equal and to suggest otherwise makes you a human-normative bigot.

    1. Crash was just lame, straight out lame. People who get emotionally affected by that movie are simpletons, plain and simple.

      1. Director Paul Haggis was still an operating Scientologist when he wrote that crap.

    2. Though to be fair Crash (the 2004 film) isn’t exactly acclaimed or respected to this day. In fact, it has gone down in history as one of the most undeserving films to win the Oscar for Best Picture

    1. Send them to an island where they can a be victims together. Eventually they will each other. Someone has to be the oppressed and oppressor.

  19. Bruce Jenner used to look like a serial killer… still looks like a serial killer. Anyways, I am pretty sure Kris Jenner just milked him too much, and he was; “fuck it, I want to milk people too for their money, attention.”

  20. They want everyone wacked out of there freaking minds. And people don’t even see it happening to them at all, pretty soon weed will be legal nation wide well get our butts kicked in a couple wars and voila the police state will be in effect

  21. The US needs a revolution ASAP! Everything that’s promoted by western popular media is either batshit insane or incredibly stupid. I know a lot of the writers and commenters here are American but man, how haven’t Americans been collectively disturbed by this? T.V. Series’/commercials that condone and promotes homosexual agenda’s, and now, mentally ill transgenders?!
    What next? an ad that says pedophiles aren’t so bad/or a movie showing a scene of a pedophile molesting a kid in a normal manner? I used to envy, and even wish that I was born American, but now I feel blessed to have been born elsewhere but considering the whole world tends to follow the West to the societal degeneracy , I won’t be surprised if I see the Namibian establishment push this garbage down our throats in the next 15-20 years.
    What is the purpose of this indoctrination though? depopulation?.. Emasculation? or are the corporate elite just fucking with us?

    1. I really worry about the whole pedophile thing. I’m worried they will start to ‘normalise’ it.
      I’m with you – what is the real purpose?

      1. Never men doing the fiddling but females (especially teachers) will start getting a pass. It fits the “No Good Men” narrative so well. Women are forced into molesting kids because grown men are so disappointing. Perfect fit.

        1. We’ll see if he’s right about the future, or you.
          I wouldn’t put my money on you.

        2. Moron. I’ll bet you’re Millenial. Right?
          What were “paranoid fantasies” in the 1980’s are now not only normalized, but we’re demanded to kowtow to them “or else”.
          You are so blind that it’s painful to see, combine that with your snarky arrogance and you demonstrate precisely why your kind are so dangerous.

    2. Drew Carey had the transgendered brother, which I always thought was weird and purposeless. Next up will be a goofy but likeable 60 year old effeminate man who likes cuddling with little boys in his tent out back. The masses will watch the show and get used to it and think all pedophiles are happy harmless characters like that. Just watch.

    3. Emasculation, depopulation, dilution and destruction of all white, Christian nations – total control by the N(J)ew World Order.
      I’m not even white or Christian, btw, and I think this anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-male agenda is totally evil.
      Only Russia and China are resisting. Hence they are being targeted for destruction.

    4. It will never happen because Pedophiles will be portrayed as white men. What’s more likely is a sympathetic portrayal of love between a female teacher and a 14 year old student. That’s RAMPANT anyway, in reality. I know a female teacher who told me that adult females are sexually targeting their students in epidemic numbers. The media quashes most of it. Every once in awhile, a hot teacher will make the news for statutory but that also doubles as wanking material. The real situation at plague levels and very unreported. So a movie forgiving women for that will come along soon, I bet.

      1. When I was a teen more than a few 20-30 year old women threw themselves at me. I thought it awesome. until one JAP, married to a cool Italian guy I respected tried it. I didn’t partake of that, I knew at 17 that was fubar. I saw into the future. I couldn’t imagine me being married and my wife doing that. She was exceptionally hot and it was quite a task to turn that down. I realized it was more about them being predators than giving a fuck about me as a person. Women like that are fully aware of male teenagers raging hormones. If they are screwing you, they are screwing someone else. They are exceptionally needy and you being young, don’t know what the hell they’re doing. They were batshiat crazy.

    5. Considering that most people picture an old, white male wearing a trench coat fondling little boys when they hear “pedophile”, I’m sure that trope will never be given the mainstream a-okay. After all, it’s more ammunition against “creepy” white males.
      However, I can definitely see woman sleeping with teenage boys being seen as normal in a couple years. Oh wait, it already happened — see film “The Boy Next Door” starring Jennifer Lopez as the middle-aged woman who “is seduced” by an underage high school student.

    6. Ever notice how young female actresses always placed in a sexualized role early in their career? I personally don’t agree with the early sexualization of boys or girls. Those fucking “beauty pageants” for young girls are ridiculous. I think the entertainment industry covertly slides this type of shit under the radar. Not healthy. A sane society wouldn’t do this.

  22. “The one thing we can be sure of, though, is that our elites will continue to use the media to teach us the right path—or at least the one that lines their wallets and fortifies their power.”
    they can have all the power they want, huh. they don’t have any over me, trashed my receiver months ago. that entertainment is too dangerous for my brain.

  23. the moment i read the title “transgender”, i didn’t find the girl (?) beneath attractive anymore. this has to have some use in game. tell everybody in the bar that a girl is a man and you’ll lose your competition, hehe.
    and the only ones who won’t believe it will be transgender girls. sharpened eyez.

  24. Most pop culture is utter dumbness….but the crapcake is that Bruce Jenner story.
    Reality TV is a big part of our need to be an instant star of whatever sort.
    “OOH NOTICE ME! Ain’t I beautiful? EVERYONE IS AWESOME!”

  25. Young people have always been activists to some degree as they find their purpose in life and mold into adults and hormones rage.
    Young people now have no purpose and no mentors, they do not see a happy future (just debt and servitude) and while the hippies gave up smoking pot, young people now turn to anti-depressants for life.
    They have latched onto extreme views such as the lbgtq cult to try and find meaning which is unhealthy.
    Females need to be led, and we as men in society have not led them and they are unconstrained.
    Media (basically psyops) is very very powerful, change the women and the men change also.
    the world is a very high estrogen environment and requires re-balancing.

    1. it’s unfortunate that meaning is given through years of school by propagating victim mentality. you grow up, thinking you have to fight some imagined injustice. instead of aspiring for greatness.

  26. The girl power fantasy (especially girl Thor) cracks me up.
    I do Krav maga and lift weights, and the weakest man is stronger,faster and puts in more effort than the strongest girl.
    I have never seen a girl sweat in the gym in 5 years.
    Also when I was in the Navy 90% of the girls could not pass the (girl standard) fitness test, so they changed the rules to treat it as a goal to work towards over the next 6 months not a pass/fail.
    The ‘beep test’ pass (7.1) was equivalent to a quick paced jog (but not a run, that was removed as too difficult)

  27. An older example: The Starfleet engineer character Geordi LaForge on Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can find high IQ outliers in the black population, of course; but American blacks for the most part have become the vanguard of the Idiocracy. If Gene Roddenberry had intended LaForge as propaganda to turn black boys towards more constructive lives, he clearly failed at it; science-fictional role models and “education” can’t make dumb people smart.

    1. Geordi started out as the helmsman of the ship. He was promoted to chief engineer after the two previous officers were replaced. The first was an latino woman the a bearded white guy. The character himself was african, more specifically somalian.

  28. That elderly pedophile Herbert, from Family Guy? Yeah, someone like that will get a sitcom within the next ten years.

  29. They don’t even try to be slick about brainwashing us with media anymore.

    1. Good point. Progressive bullying is so overt. Hypergamy is becoming institutionalized. The entrenchment of males as second class is presented as outright fact. I say, “Thanks for showing your cards.” It took me long enough to figure this stuff out anyway. Actually I never figured it out. Red Pill reading did that for me. The point is that with all the obvious, in-your-face stuff these days, it makes it easy to go ghost. No regrets, no ambiguity. There is simply no other option. Had the Progressive/Feminists been more subtle then it would have been a lot harder to go all “RedPill Ghost Conan Wanderer” As it is, there is simply no option. A guy is simply stupid if he gets himself tangled up with such an insane, progressive state.

  30. Disney is in on this bullshit, too. Who gives the princess “true love’s kiss” in “Maleficent”? Get ready for some witch-on-princess tongue action. Whose “act of true love” saves the day in “Frozen”? Not the prince, and not the hero-ish reindeer sledge guy. In action shows like “Banshee” one of the female characters beats the shit out of some random white guy once each show because….”GRRL POWER!”
    It’s completely divorced from reality….

  31. It’s funny how gay marriage went from political poison 15 years ago to politically incorrect *not* to support it today. Did millions of Americans have a spontaneous spiritual awakening for gay anal sex in such a short time? No. That shit was force fed through revulsion reversal – little bits of gay pozzed culture inserted in the media until it became comfortable for people to accept. That’s the propaganda process.
    The scary thing is if it can be done with gay marriage in such a short time, it can be done with other things. You can now see little bits of cuckoldery, orgies, black men/white women pairings, and pre-teen sexualization in the media.
    For leftists force fed on mainstream media, their response to all of this will be, “Why judge and shame? They’re not hurting anyone. Why do you care?”
    Your responsibility as a sane man is to have a response to these kinds of questions. This should be a future ROK article – how to put cultural marxists in their fucking place when they question boundaries and decency.
    A good start for your response is here:

    1. I have a slight disagreement-I don’t think the politically incorrect environment on traditional marriage was caused by small bits of gayness in sitcoms or reality TV. President Obama and his party have massive amounts of power outside of the political sphere and into the major news outlets. Gay culture has been in the media for all of the 21st century but since Obama has changed his stance and taken the wheel of busloads of prominent media personalities, it is now corporate and social suicide to be openly pro traditional marriage.

      1. It’s a bit of both. Media greased the wheels pre-Obama. Obama put it in overdrive and took advantaged of pozzed leftist media.

    2. There are plenty of non-moral arguments that can be used against homosexual conduct in humans.
      Although “No, because fuck you” is short and to the point.

      1. More and more I’m going directly to “No, because fuck you” in real life. I’m tired of running rings around these retards in a debate only to have them go straight ad hominem and shaming when they’re cornered. It’s the same script, every single damned time. It’s just easier to say “No, because fuck you”.
        Though I do find that if there are bystanders nearby it does a good service to at least throw their “arguments” into a heap pile of flames before flipping them off and walking away.

  32. Cut this crap out of your house. Stop paying for it. Even if it doesn’t hurt the purveyors of this crap, at least it won’t be in your house influencing your kids.

    1. You’re right. But the other side of that coin is that all of their friends, and I do mean all, have cellphones, TVs in the their bedrooms, and bascially unlimited access to that sewer without any parental oversight or guidance.
      Mine (F-14/12) feel like I’m a tyrannical dictator because they have no iPhones, no unlimited access, and we don’t get TV service other than Netflix.
      Other parents think I’m deprving my children of something as essential as oxygen or food.
      But I will say that my kids do know how to engage adults, to create, and use their imaginations without being totally dependent on a fucking screen.
      Fuck the mainstream thought because it’s just wrong. And kids are being damaged by a non stop diet of this shit.

      1. That is true you can’t block everything, nor should you. But at the very least you can keep that crap out of your house.
        I hope I can keep up standards like yours with my kids.
        Rock on, sir.

      2. I applaud you for making difficult choices and raising your children the best way you can. But the #1 reason I won’t have kids in the west, is, as you stated, their friends.
        One of my buddies who has had more sex than anyone I know, jokes about what kind of depraved guy he would be if he grew up with smartphones as a kid. I mean, game requires a little effort, but these days when you have 14 year old girls sexting freely, it’s like every kid is acclimated to the sluttiness of our society at an early age. I’m far from a prude, and think the silly fear of a naked breast in America is ridiculous. But at the same time, our culture is a society of asses, fornication, drunkenness, and sluttiness. And then what? Your kid is going to grow up to support our bankrupt generation, as well as the worthless feminists of his, and if he is in the productive class, the burden will be so unbearable, it surely must collapse.
        The basic morals of our society (and I am NOT a conservative) are literally nonexistent, and I simply would not want to raise someone in this society, with these people’s kids as his friend, and under this system of government.
        Everything from our food, to our economy, to our system of government, to our marriage laws, to our institutions, to our health care, to our education system, to our transportation system, to our lack of freedoms, to our endless perpetual warmongering is simply fucked. There are worse places in the world, yes. But honestly I would *prefer* to raise a kid in somewhere like Catholic Nicaragua with traditional female dress, normative sex roles, good, fresh food, and a friendly populace, than the good ole USA.

        1. Actually, my friends say I would absolutely be a British Conservative member, but the Republican party with its hypocricy (TSA and free prescription drugs but they are anti-big gov’t?), warmongering, fake outrage, anti-environmentalism and extreme religiosity disgusts me. I guess I’m conservative, after all. I’d fit right in with the Eisenhower or Goldwater conservatives. Hell, I’m actually a monarchist, and it doesn’t get more traditional and conservative than that!
          I liked the quote by Tony Soprano when his daughter Meadow started slutting around and partying. She whined and moaned when daddy wouldn’t let her do something she wanted to, and said, Dad! It’s 2010! Tony replied, “Out there, it may be, but in here it’s 1953!”

  33. Illegal Immigration is on the mass media agenda. I got dragged to “McFarland,” a movie about a high school track team in a border town packed with Mexican field workers. It had all the white guilt stereotypes such as sneering wealthy white people from Palo Alto and a white track coach wrongly assuming gang involvement from a menacing group of Hispanics. The film displayed the immigrants as oh-so-nice and caring, hardworking, and humble. The film made hardly any reference to the problematic gang violence which surrounds these communities, the unwillingness to assimilate in language, or the massive welfare state & deficits related to border-jumpers. The film was clearly trotting a horse and carriage of positivity towards illegal immigrants without showing the gigantic load of manure in it’s wake. A realistic film would show high violent crime and drug cartels with reference to California’s near bankruptcy.
    I saw the movie alongside voters of average intelligence and they did not pick up on the blatantly obvious attempt to make an amnesty push. It was a feel-good movie which leaves a subconscious element of: “Hey, I saw illegal Mexican immigrants in a movie, they were great people!”

      1. I live in texas…its been a problem over here for some time. Ive seen several popular middle class towns turn into 3rd world shitholes in as little as 10 years. Its the same script everytime.
        Malls turn into eye sores when the parking lots are turned into circus carnivals with rides and shit. Everyone parks in their front yard…the driveway is for the 24hr 7 day a week garage sale. Every business becomes a tire shop. Child trafficking and prostitution of 14 year old girls starts up. Auto theft and robbery takes off.
        Im not being racist…this is reality. Everything goes to pure shit with massive immigration.

        1. I live in Mexico, this is reality. Beaners create the third world. Want to see the future of the USA? Take a look at Beanerworld.
          You know the Hellslum in the movie Elysium, that is supposed to be LA and you think it’s a movie set? THAT IS MEXICO CITY. TODAY. NO JOKE.

    1. One of the reasons I enjoyed gran Torino so much. the bad guys are the Korean gang members.
      In real life how much oppression of the races is done by the same race? You think those young blacks go cheering around when one of their own graduates from high school? Hell no. They jump him and beat him down for trying to be better than him.

    2. This just appeared in the LA Times. Basically the Mexican owner interviewed said he’s OK with a changing neighborhood as long as they are Mexican because it’s ‘more authentic.’ Keep in mind, this is Boyle Heights, originally a Jewish and Russian neighborhood. So he is celebrated but if a white business owner said he invited gentrification as long as it was only whites ‘to make it authentic’ I’m sure Al Sharpton would teleport in immediately.

  34. The best thing that you can do is turn off the TV….limit yourself to only watching shows or movies that you want to watch. Even the commercials, today, beat up on men (and their rights) and cater to everyone else.
    I say, take your money and spend your money (and your time) somewhere else. If you watch TV at all, limit it to what you have control over to watch.
    This toxic bullshit is everywhere….you just have to try and avoid it.

  35. Like drug dealers, I doubt the shysters who produce this schlock consume it themselves.

  36. Everyone should just stop watching TV in general. Especially any TV paid for by advertisers(via commercials).

    1. This is the best advice in the comments section. Removing yourself from the madness brings on an amazing amount of serenity in real life.

    2. So true. I only watch an occasional PBS and an hour of HBO at a friends house on the weekend, neither of which has commercials.
      I came across the first ever Price Is Right episode with bob barker, including commercials the other day. The commercials were calm, rational appeals to a man’s sensibilities without any of the PC garbage or manipulation or slick production of today’s commercials. There was not of the fearmongering or conflict of today, just happy, peaceful interactions (actually they did use fear in a seat belt commercial, but it is warranted as auto accidents are actually something dangerous to most people, unlike terism). I know life wasn’t really like that for everyone, but the portrayals of life in art and culture have huge influences. Life today isn’t all trannies and SJWs running things, but it sure is portrayed that way.
      I also noticed how happy people were to win household items like a gas range or washing machine. Today’s woman has manipulated all that shit out of the variety of guys in her carousel and doesn’t need anything for homemaking anyway, because she’s not interested in that.

  37. This is NOTHING NEW. It’s merely a high tech version of the Weimar Republic.
    Weimar Republic 2.0
    Berlin was far more depraved than this. Believe it or not, there is quite a ways to go in the latest race to the bottom.
    The satanic cult pushing this is hoping that this time it will work for them.

  38. Transgender is a form of extreme mental illness and that boy should not be on any american apparel ads like that. He is clearly not working with a full deck and american apparel is way out of line. If thats what is “american” I want no part in it.

  39. I dont have a problem with gays as much of a lot of guys do on R.O.K. Its a fact of life most were born that way. I do understand that they’ve hijacked the media and that sucks.
    Its all about making money. Women and girls are easy prey to advertisers.Their feeble non critical thinking brains are like shooting fish in a barrel as far as being easily sold.Advertisers pander to gays because their incomes tend to higher since they tend to be educated, well employed with lots of disposable income. Hollywood panders to girls also because they’ll believe anything.
    The fashion/ celebrity gossip industrys’ bread and butter and M.O is of making women feel like shit about themselves every season so they’ll fill that soulless empty hole with endless mindless consumerism. Apple brilliantly found a way to entice women into tech gadgets by making the Iphone sexy and sleek . These N.I.A.Ds (Narcissist Introspection Avoidance Devices) have created a massive industry of apps that satisfy the female brain and their addiction to social media and constant validation.
    Movies and T.v have been all been retooled to sell to gullible women and girls on how they can do anything. Its a fucking joke and only women and girls are the only ones that don’t see they’re easy suckers and being fleeced under the guise of empowerment.

    1. Yeah, I’m with you here. If half the guys in my town were gay, that would just mean twice as many girls not getting laid. Seems like only a benefit to me. I couldn’t care less whether someone is gay or not.
      Just as I don’t care whether you like to bang black chicks or redheads.
      You are spot on with the apps and social media. What’s really sick is how it has taken over our economy. Facebook is supposedly one of the top companies in the USA, when they produce absolutely nothing of value and have no paying customers. Then you have “purchases” with fake wall street dollars, not real cash they earned from sales, mind you, of companies like Instagram and Skype, which are also free and charge nothing. Yet somehow this fairytale industry is hyped up and traded, hires people to “work” and attracts more fake wall street money to buy up other “companies”. Meanwhile, China is churning out actual products like the phones that run these silly here today gone tomorrow apps, and Germany and Japan make tons of money on the technology that goes inside these devices through engineering, patents, and technical knowhow.
      It takes some skill to code, and some bright men are no doubt attracted to work for these firms building apps, instead of into productive industry. Unlike Boeing Airplanes or GE Washing Machines or Ford cars, you can’t trade an Instagram account to a Chinaman for anything of value, so the trade deficit soars, the technical gap between east and west further declines, and the US will wake up one day without the capital, infrastructure, or ability to be competitive in the world.
      Of course, this is all in addition to the fact that tax revenues in the US are barely enough to pay even interest on the government debt, plus nondiscretionary spending (SS, Medicare, Military) and interest rates are at record lows. Soon there won’t even be enough money coming in to pay for these items, much less vital things such as transportation, education, etc. But you can bet we will still fully fund the NSA until the day this sucker collapses.

  40. Liberal/Jewish Hollywood has been implanting this shit in entertainment and culture in the west for a long time now. Theres very few things you can watch now that doesnt support their agenda.

  41. “Reality TV is getting into the act as well. The E! Television network was developing a show to document the transition from male to female of former Olympian Bruce Jenner. Plans for the show have been temporarily shelved due to Jenner’s involvement in an auto accident that left one person dead”
    Yep. The first day post-op of becoming a woman, a massive car crash. The humour writes itself.

  42. I remember when I saw the first Lord of The Ring movie at the theater… Was it in 99 or something? I was a huge fan of the books, that I already read three times by that point. Then I saw the scene with heroic Arwen saving Frodo from the bad guys. I remember my blood boiling when I saw that. I literally gained like 3 degrees of temperature because I was so angry. I was mad that they added this scene just to make up a female warrior character in the movie. They had to add a “strong” female warrior in the story. It wasn’t in the book.
    Here is the scene in question :

    1. Agreed. It wasn’t fucking Arwen but the badass high elf Glorfindel who saved Frodo. And the river was raised against the Nazgul by Gandalf. ( nerd alert)

  43. Hey, the history books show a woman won the MENS ’76 decathlon…at least they will as soon as Jenner completes his transformation 🙂

  44. Every goddamn movie out there has to have diversity quotas nowadays. Some roles just don’t make sense to have a woman, tranny, black man, muslim, etc. in them and it’s retarded to force the issue for the sake of avoiding hurting some poor mental infant’s feelings

  45. Good article but you missed my favorite one; It started long ago in Hollywood—The magical, advice-giving, wise black man with all the answers and the final word. Think of all the Will Smith, Morgan Freeman and Samuel Jackson characters etc. You want the final word in wisdom? You want someone to lay it all down for you? Find the black man…..Now look what we elected, based on nothing, no accomplishment, no skill. Just pure “Black Man Magic”..Thanks Hollywood!

    1. Even worse, in most movies now, there’s always a black, female, gay, or black gay female in charge and provided much needed guidance to white men who couldn’t get out of their own way without it.
      The demographics of the combat arms of the USMIL debunks this completely, but since when did the MSM/GOV/SJW complex ever acknowledge reality?

        1. I dont think most men can think critically in a life or death situation, but its a good idea to put women in these situations?

  46. But women really “don’t count, [are] not important and… not pivotal” to anything but procreation. Men are even better cooks.

  47. What I find bizarrely strange, is despite this bullshit shift to increasing acceptance of liberalism and tranny faggots and all other kinds of sexual freaks. Women more than ever want a strong (mentally) man to come slap them around and fuck them in the ass more than ever ie. 50 shades of grey. Despite all this whinning about rape culture, the top selling book is still about a man who “Doesn’t ask permission” and who doesn’t ask for consent from women *note consent only laws which claim anything short of explicit female consent = rape; which grossly misunderstands that most women do not want to openly say I want to fuck you to a man*. The irony of all this, is it is not men who have a problem with consent here. It is WOMEN
    Women are the ones who claim they don’t want a man to ask them permission, he should just go for it and then she;ll decide. But if he is not Hawt enough and does , rape. Well that is sure to foster an environment where you will land the dominant man of your dreams ladies. Not. if Christian Grey were a real man, he’d have about a dozen sex assault charges on his records, and choking (still illegal even with consent ask gian gomeshia and even if it isn’t the fact you get charged for it is just as bad because even if you are found not guilty you’ll be assumed a criminal who got away). And he’d no longer be rich because the courts would rape him financially for being a “Serial” sex offender.

  48. This is not a bad article, it mentions, feminism, gay and transgender promotion and endorsement by jewish led Hollywood. However it has omitted a central issue pertaining to race. Hollywood has shamelessly promoted miscegenation for the last couple of decades. Especially White women with Black men is one of their favorites. All set in motion with the aim of betafying and destroying the morale of the White man.
    ROK needs to go full red pill, and abandon the last remnants of PC thinking. There is an ongoing cultural war which is especially targeted at White people. Feminism, homosexuality and transgenderism are just tools utilized with the aim of destroying white European culture and race.

    1. Point to another news outlet with greater than 1 million reach per month that is more honest about race than us. I’ll wait.

      1. It most likely does not exist. I am not denying that ROK has published some very honest articles on race. But when discussing subversion through pop culture, the miscegination angle needs to be mentioned along side feminism and sexuality.
        There are still some articles where the punches are pulled when dealing with this rather controversial topic.

  49. The Bruce Jenner story is depressing. He was one of the best athletes during his day, and as a kid I looked up to him and wanted to be him. But now he’s a fuckin’ freak.

    1. I think he was before my time but I understand he is like.. stepfather to the Kardashians or something? Maybe his failure as a father by allowing those absolute pieces of garbage to develop has something to do with his becoming a tranny.

  50. Hollywood like TV, super-hero comics and pretty much anything to do with Mass Media in America is JEWISH OWNED.
    The Neo-Liberal/Neo-Con paradigm of American Politics isn’t a acident, is what the Jewish Elite wants.

  51. START TEACHING US HOW TO FIND GOOD MARRIAGE WORTHY WESTERN WOMEN IN THE 21ST CENTURY. I’m making a stand on this website. We all know that the modern western woman is a pile of shit. Teach us how to find good women. Give us hope.

  52. Bruce Jenner is successfully making the transition into a female driver.

  53. Unfortunately, Return of Kings does not discuss who is behind cultural marxism, and why they are perpetrating their agenda. Committed conservatives will need to dig deeper than this website is prepared to if they wish to understand the issue in full.

    1. Yes, here is the quote: “It wasn’t anything we legislatively did. It was ‘Will and Grace,’ it was the social media. Literally. That’s what changed peoples’ attitudes. That’s why I was so certain that the vast majority of people would embrace and rapidly embrace” gay marriage, Biden said.
      “Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good.”
      Biden is the gift that keeps on giving.

  54. The instant debunker to all this male – female equality bullshit:
    Sexual Dimorphism. It’s a fact that cannot be disputed. It’s present in all primate species, of which we are one.
    With regard to its application amongst primates, it means that the males of the species are typically larger and physically stronger than the females.
    That we even have to point this out demonstrates the ideological insanity and ignorance of the feminists.

  55. Polygamy has already been mainstreamed in reality TV, and it may be the future, as more and more men go there own way. Given the choice, a woman would rather be the plural wife of an attractive man, than be a spinster.

  56. “Vice President Biden stated that Will & Grace “probably did more to educate the American public on LGBT issues more than almost anything anybody has ever done so far.” It is not an overstatement to say that the sitcom paved the way for the success of the same-sex marriage movement”
    I would prefer to substitute the word “indoctrinate” for educate in order to inject a greater degree of accuracy in vice idiot biden’s words.
    Michael, i completely agree with you how these programs are designed to numb minds and wither sensibilities through progressive mass media indoctrination outlets aka tv networks in order to keep the lotophagic masses ignorant and convert them to useful idiots later on.
    With regard to “Will and Grace”, i dated a girl who used to watch that show religiously. Mind you, she was one of those “more spiritually educated than thou” Christians and we would bicker often on account of me exposing the hypocrisy in her calling herself a “Christian” while watching (and giving support) to lifestyles that God detests and scripture condemns.
    Looking back i’m glad God showed me she wasn’t the right one for me…the nail in the coffin was her idol worship of obama which was again, another metric ton of hypocrisy on top of her “Fresh kills” level of established hypocrisy.
    Excellent article Mr Sebastian (taps shield)

    1. Another example of this was Ross from friends. His ex wife turned out to be a leabian and became a crucial part of his story. They even featured a gay wedding for her later on as I recall.

      1. Ross was the omega type of mangina. Even back when i was a beta, his pathetic antics disgusted even me.
        I stopped watching that show after getting fed up with Ross especially when he allowed his ex to let his son play with dolls…that was the nail in the coffin for me. I’m glad i tuned out before that whole homo wedding bs.

        1. Been reviewing your comments. I’ve decided to follow you after reading this one.
          Anyone with your finely tuned sense of smell for Cultural Marxism is a friend of mine.
          I notice you are Catholic. Do the Jesuits wear on you as they do me?

        2. Thank you good sir but i must say that i am not Catholic. Far from it in fact. No offense intended, but i consider that to be the fusion of government and faith, with creative license given to the former.
          I understand if you wish to unfollow me as a result of my statements. No hard feelings. I’m sure you are well aware that the red pill does not create uniformity of thought, only uniformity of purpose.

        3. Unfollow? Not at all!
          I am an agnostic. Perhaps I made an inappropriate assumption based on your name and a misreading of an earlier comment.
          You have a fine mind. We like the same books. I’ll be following you for a while.

        4. You probably read my comment to a catholic i’m planning to debate on here.
          Debating a person of faith in an intellectually informed (as opposed to emotionally impassioned) manner can be complex due to the likelihood of conflicting dogma which the logical mind must refrain from proselytizing needlessly. It can only be successful if there is common religious ground that the two faiths share.
          It involves much painstaking research in order to properly execute. Civility is a must.
          Thanks for clarifying that 🙂
          As i’ve said elsewhere, i respect the agnostic far more than the atheist antitheist, the latter of which included me once upon a time. Your views with regard to the supernatural can best be summed up as “maybe God exists, maybe he doesn’t” in my opinion and i respect that in droves.
          People who deal in absolutes with no undeniable proof to justify them are operating on religious belief…whether they realize it or not.

        5. Incidentally, I find it amusing you as an agnostic assumed I as a Christian was catholic, and I as Christian assumed you as an agnostic was catholic 😀
          That just seems funny to me lol.

        6. I am an agnostic because being an atheist requires disproving God’s existence.
          One cannot prove a negative.
          Most atheist I know are really wannabees anyway. They seem to be people angry at God and the world shaking their chubby little fists at the heavens while shouting in unconvincing voices “I don’t believe in you.”
          I do enjoy the company of Christians and Jews. I have nothing to gain by arguing with them.

        7. Likewise. I get along great with true agnostics. I believe in a supernatural absolute but i make it clear that it’s an absolute based in faith, not logic, and one that i refrain from proselytizing to those who are not otherwise proselytizing to me.
          I’d rather you (speaking in general) come to God of your own intellectual ends, rather than me trying to convert you. I can be a guide but i refuse to be a leash.
          The true Christian is a verb, not a noun.
          Apropos, if faith could be proven it wouldn’t be faith anymore, it would be logic.
          My motto is “there is logic in my faith and faith in my logic.”

  57. In case anyone is too busy to read, here is the jist of How to Spot Pop Culture Indoctrination: If the media shows something the writer of this article doesn’t like, it’s trying to indoctrinate you.

  58. Another good example is on the tv series called Halt and Catch Fire. This is based on actual events that occurred in Texas in the early 80’s that resulted in the “new silicon valley” propping up in the Austin area.
    In reality, we all know it was a bunch of dudes with brass balls who were the ones to challenge IBM and the other computing giants to advance the field but there is a conspicuously out of place gurllllll programmer who’s supposed to be a “wiz kid”. This girl is super abrasive , dikeish, and bitchy (great role model for women lol) but gets away with it cuz she’s super smart. I’m an engineer by trade and the extreme bending of reality around the singularity of this gurlll power message they try to cram down your throat is laughable. To be fair, the show in general has a lot of strong characters. The lead engineer’s wife in the series happens to also be an engineer and her character is more believable because she seems to have more of a managerial/engineering job with a more docile demeanor. The series is very entertaining but I cringe every time this fictitious dike comes on screen.

  59. The biggest reason why we should unplug from The Electric Jew is because of it’s monolithic message of “MEN BAD WOMEN GOOD.”

  60. The first time I noticed SJW preaching in music was when Spice Girls was a thing. The music industry has focused on that same formula, and look how low music has fallen as a result. Turn on any pop station and you get bubble-gum music that no self-respecting adult would have been listening to twenty years ago. Why does music focus on stupid teen girls? Because that is the group most easily manipulated and studied. All those social media apps that girls live on data mine their interests, and because only girls freely give up all their personal information on social media, their interests rise to the top. Same reason why feminist-nonsense films rise to the top at Netflix. Many women have nothing to do but watch movies all day about women victimized by oppressive men. They are the perfect consumer.
    The solution is to just turn it off. Get rid of it, all of it. Carefully pick selective media that lift you up, and take an active role in rejecting the swirling cesspool of garbage that fills our society. Return Of Kings should be near to top of your Favorites, and Yahoo should be as good as nonexistent.

  61. Didn’t Biden literally say it was Jewish influence in the media that made the media so effective or something.
    He did something like that and it would be fucking hilarious if he did

  62. Great article. The idiot box has been trying to forcefeed the LGBTXYZ agenda for some time now. It seems any show has to have gay or tranny type character or some strong heroine while most of the hero men are portrayed as dolts.

  63. The Next Agendas will be Cross species dating (Bestiality) this will make all the Animal nut jobs happy, and Minors Dating Adults (Pedophilia) this will make NAMBLA happy along with the Pedophiles in HollyWood.

    1. I say in less than 10 years they’ll be fighting for rights for people having relationships with animals.

  64. Orange is the New Black is the most vile television program this side of HBO’s “Girls.” Do not date or associate with any woman who watches this garbage, and if you’re a man and watched it without feeling disgust or rage, well, time to turn in your man card.
    Although there’s that Transparent show Amazon put out where the dad from Arrested Development decides to get a sex change, that’s probably a runner-up for most degenerate show yet.

    1. I never saw “Orange is the New Black,” but I did watch the first episode of “Girls.” The amazing thing is that women will watch this vile garbage even though it is completely demeaning. I should have also added “Sex in the City” which has done a lot to ruin women.

      1. Wouldn’t be surprised if RoK already has a handful of articles about Sex in the City poisoning the minds of impressionable young women…that’s like the go-to show for being an “empowered” heartless skank…and Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t even kawaii she just became a model cuz she’s like 7 ft tall whatever…WNB.

  65. I don’t watch a lot of TV but did get into The Walking Dead series. As with any good zombie story, the theme is less about monsters and more about how humans treat each other. Since it is set in an apocalypse and explores human nature, it naturally veers toward survival of the fittest absolutism, tribal mentality, and gender roles. If you’re familiar the most popular character is Daryl who before the turn was a redneck with no plans. In the new world though, his hunting, tracking, and survival skills make him a superstar, as he should be. He’s a stoic man of few words, grounded in reality and keeps himself sharp. Women love this guy. Men would go to war with him. So the group bonds over time through staying alive and naturally he is protective of the people he grows to love. One of them is a farmers daughter teenage girl (prob 19). There is chemistry there and she’s basically the only attractive woman not taken that is in her fertile years. Daryl also is friends with Carol, whom is a widower closer to 60 than 50. A rift developed over female fans of the show because there is no way they could stand watching Daryl and the younger woman Beth have a relationship (yes, it’s fiction and they still lose their collective shit). All the usual barbs about an older man and a younger woman were there except they were threatening to ban the show. The writers/producers handled this very carefully: they killed off Beth in a tragic way and leave Daryl to grieve. He and Carol continue to be friends. In a real shit-hits-the-fan scenario I doubt anyone would have a problem with their relationship, but the PC indoctrinates couldn’t even let a show (which lets about everything else go on including actual rape and cannibalism) tell a story against their wishes without threatening to ban it. That’s just one of many examples that plague our media.

    1. I concur.
      To you I suggest Banshee.
      It is very much an ode to the action films from the 80s and so the basic love plot is a red pill awakening for the protagonist.
      Though there is a crossdresser or tranny… and a lot of it is just ridiculous, it’s hard to not like the show if you liked the original action movies.
      Interested to see your take on it.

  66. That’s why some call the Media names like Talmudvision, Hollywitz, or Jewsmedia.

  67. Don’t consume PBS, it’s infected with PC. I generally watch youtube video lectures/discussions by Hasidic Jews or Sufi Muslims as a counterbalance..

  68. I like to play this game called “Where’s the Jew?” where anything in the realm of media entertainment has a Jew involved in it. Over 90% of them you’ll find that some Jew is either linked to producing, writing, acting, or owning part of the product.

  69. You forgot the next ghostbusters will now be replaced by an all female cast. An ugly fat cast at that.
    What bugs me is that the original ghostbusters were scientists and educated professional men. Women can never do that act properly they will just read off the script like a robot who doesn’t care about the sciency stuff.

  70. Chick flicks.
    Prostitute down on her luck, finds and marries a rich “John.”
    Stories about women terrorizing each other. Generally black comedies.
    Husband gets killed trying to protect her. Constant drama about her loss. Man dies and becomes a white knight. Always on guard to protect her, never gets laid again.
    Woman is victim of domestic violence. Lather rinse repeat. Any Lifetime original series.
    Most TV shows always involve some drama sexual tensions and previous relationships with co-workers. Half of the show is the conflict between them rather than doing the fucking job.
    English dramas about “stifling” class issues, females usually victims. Loss of title or wealth. “Oh wadda we do now, where will we goooo!”

  71. ****BALANCE*****
    We need balance. A string of shame smear op pieces on heretics and sjw’s is great. Now let’s see a balance of tribute paid to those who follow the divine law. Mama Duggar – done that. Any more good women out there? There an echo in here? Hell just do pieces of exemplary tit feeding mamas who serve THEIR MAN. Go door to door and find them. They’re out there but they don’t stick their necks out in the limelight in the hostile feminist ghetto. Shower them with praise and the slinking gutter rats that menace their turf get repelled and cleared out somewhat. One neighborhood at a time let’s blow the horns of the coming age of the divine patriarchy.We’re on the advance. Also men who game and control (with masculine grace) top notch women whose purpose is fulfilled and lived. Ass up and PUMPING OUT fine fresh progeny for OUR GREAT GREEN REPUBLIC..

  72. Transgenderers mentioned by Obama… fitting since his “wife” is a tranny. We know who’s got the balls in that relationship. LOL.

  73. “Actress Laverne Cox is a transgender woman who stars on the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black. ”
    You thought I wasn’t watching that show before. I damn sure ain’t watching it now! Although, what a convenient name to warn you off. “You said her name is Laverne Cox? Run away you fool, that bitch got a dick!”

  74. I’d suggest “Boycott Cop Culture”

    All these “Police” shows, there are three characters, the cop, the criminal and the victim, the last is everyone else.
    They show them as un-corruptable except when they change from Cop to Criminal and its part of the show. This is while in RL they are going berzerk with power. Saw a show “Blue Bloods” the other night, the officer literally tortured a guy into confessing by riding with him (a black man) in a trunk of a car and then threatened to ‘take him to the roof’ to kill him and make it look like a suicide/escape – yet they were un-corruptable in that they struggled over nepotism promotions and letting vigilantes go even if justified.

  75. Pretty soon we will see mainstream pop culture indoctrination of pedophilia. In the UK despite the volumes of evidence showing that there is a cover-up of institutional pedophilia for decades, there will be nothing done about it because we as Westerners have little or no regard for truth and as a result prefer to sweep it under the carpet. Meanwhile, go to Youtube and do a search on ‘sexualization of children’. All of this is hidden in plain sight.
    In the attempts to decriminalize it, Intellectuals are rationalizing pedophilia with so-called research and stating they “do not choose to be pedophiles”.. Hmm where have we heard this before(hint: homosexuality).

  76. Conclusion??
    Take the Idiot box to the dumpster !
    BTW I did it three years ago ! Sleep soundly at night since then !

  77. the LoTR…A woman defeating a witch king… with the statement “I’m no man” I almost puke a little bit when I now. Not because she was a woman, but because it was a decision to make women like the movie. Yuk.

  78. I’m still wondering how people fall for the NBC vs. CBS vs. ABC bread and circus when they are all financed by the same banks in order to create the illusion of “competition for unbiased reporting”
    It really should be the Rothschild Broadcasting Network vs the Rothschild Broadcasting Network vs the Rothschild Broadcasting Network.

  79. Next on the agenda is removing incest. Anyone else notice the sudden influx of incest porn in last 3 years anywhere you look? It’s not a coincidence.

  80. Only take a look to the cartoons “Steven Universe”. It introduces lesbian characters and transgender suggestions as well. Search for that in google, and the creator says ” is a good way to teach children not fear this people”. What a shit !

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