What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Istanbul Airport Terrorist Attack

On this most recent Tuesday night at 10:30, I took a break from enjoying the sights and sounds of Istanbul. I sat down at an outdoor cafe, located in a quaint little alley just off of Istiklal Street, the main drag of Istanbul’s center.

I had just landed on Monday evening, roughly 30 hours before. I was taking a break from my six weeks of living in Odessa, having always wanted to see the sights of Istanbul. Yes, I’d heard of all the “dangers” of the country, but I did my due diligence and decided it was worth it.

I pulled out my phone and had some 50 notifications between Twitter, texts, and emails. I felt like a hot girl the morning after she uploads a bikini shot to Instagram. All of them saying the same thing.

“There was an attack at the Istanbul airport, are you ok?”

I was fine obviously fine, and was told I should probably head home and away from any of the main areas—but I couldn’t resist walking around. I had to see the truth about how our media would portray this attack on the other side of the world.

The fact of the matter is, it’s not pretty.

The Night Of

You would think that in the immediate aftermath of the attack, people would head indoors, but that wasn’t the case at all. It wasn’t for a lack of knowledge, either. Every TV in every bar had the news of the attack on. However, that didn’t deter people from having a good time.

There was a bit of a situation when police were investigating “fireworks” on Istiklal Street about an hour after the explosions at the airport went off:

IMG_0042 (1)

IMG_0043 (1)

Everything else was perfectly normal.

I went home and attempted to sleep, but between a bit of adrenaline and responding to all of my concerned family, friends, and blog readers—I didn’t get to bed until 4am.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, understand that the most stressful part is really other people. Everyone else freaks out: wants to know how you’re doing and is sending you different news articles and pieces of advice. It’s the worst part of the situation. For many times during the next two days I just wanted to turn my phone off.

The Lies Begin The Next Day

Here is where the North American media has their own agenda. Some media outlets seem intent on showing that there is mass hysteria and panic in Istanbul, while others want to project the image of absolute safety and security.

For example, this article depicts the streets of Istanbul being a ghost town the next day.

The greatest injury however may be what this attack has done to the psyche of the Turkish people. In a city of 20 million people, it’s rare to see an empty corner, let alone a street, and yet in the aftermath Wednesday morning, the normally brimming thoroughfares were still.

The main drag was a bit quiet until the afternoon, as evidenced of this picture I took around 11:30am on Wednesday morning:


The rest of it? A complete lie.

Public transportation was still full. The main squares were still packed with locals and tourists doing their shopping. This was taken from the market square just off of Galata Bridge:


At night, nothing was different:


When I talked to a couple of local shop owners, they were very nonchalant. To them, this is just everyday life. It’s how it is. Many of the small attacks are not covered by our media, at least on a big scale. To me, it seems, we’re being portrayed a picture of absolute terror. That we should be frightened, and allow the governments who condemn terrorism to handle it.

They’re doing everything they can to make it seem like it’s under control. But it’s not.

Returning To The Airport

This was the most shocking thing to me.

If you look at all of the various articles regarding the airport reopening, you’ll see a common trend. They are always full of pictures of increased surveillance and security at the airport: policemen scanning cars in the roads leading up to the airport, bomb dogs, security with rifles patrolling everywhere.

I was shocked because there was none of that.

My taxi driver drove straight up to the departures drop off without a single person so much as looking at us. There was no pre-airport metal scanner surveying the underside of our car. No bomb dogs being walked through a line of cars checking things out. In the taxi line, I only saw two police officers patrolling outside.

Part of this outside area has been walled off and no longer looks like a war zone (but those images would never make the front page):


Inside the airport was the same.

Sure, they have metal detectors and a brief security system before you can check in for your flight, but many airports do. There was no armed security by these. Just a simple metal detector operated by a group of workers who hardly looked more enthusiastic or vigilant than TSA employees.

After checking in and going through real security, nothing was different than any other day.

From the moment I stepped into the cab at my apartment to the time I boarded my flight, I saw no additional security measures that would make me think that just two days earlier a couple of bombs had exploded in the world’s 11th-busiest airport.

It Makes You Think

Why is the media showing the absolute terror of the situation (as well as in the city itself the next day), but then projecting an image of security and safety in the days after?

Do they do it with all terror situations, like the Orlando shooting?

I suspect their agenda is to show the terror to frighten everyone, and then project the myth that it’s all under control in the days after. Their underlying message isn’t something I fully understand at this point, but Roosh has some thoughts on it.

All I know is this: I saw what they showed regarding the Istanbul attacks, and it’s safe to say–the North American media is full of lies.

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  1. Nice!
    The terror thing is always the grab handle of the statists, funnily enough I was just across the Arno river when the Uffizi bombing in Florence happened. As far as I have been able to make it, that was pure gladio B but out to make a buck.
    Now I think they finally have their great boogeyman in daesh.

  2. only been to istanbul once not so long back. I went to the other secondary airport on the asian side and the security seemed tight so I’m surprised the terrorists managed to compromise the main airport. In the former you can’t even get into the terminal building without going through a scanner and security i.e. if you’ve left something in the car or whatever you have to go through again.
    Not sure what to think about this attack. Saudi Arabia’s been attacked, now Turkey. So both can now claim they’re victims too, given that half the world thought they were funding the terrorists. As for the rest of Istanbul it’s not that safe, but mainly because of the feral dogs that will go for you if you stray off the beaten track

    1. Apparently the bombing would be retaliation for Turkey ceasing to buy oil from ISIS. Maybe the same kind of thing happened to Saudi Arabia.

        1. Possibly. That new prince seems to be shaking things up a bit. Bit of an unknown quantity

      1. Yes, but that ‘ stepping back’ may include radically changing a geopolitical strategy that has at times seen the US virtually aligned with ISIS type organisations such as Al Nusra etc. Its got a lot of skin in the game

      2. Half of the nations around them funded and nurtured ISIS to begin with. The Sunni governments, particularly after the Arab Spring, are terrified of killing other Sunnis, and setting off a rebellion. It’s easier and cheaper to simply avoid poking the beast. Why do you think it took the heir to a major political tribe being burned alive in a cage on TV for Jordan to lift a finger publicly?

      3. As much as the West doesn’t like Muslim dictators, every time the West removes one, some worse cancer grows in its place. Iraq? Isis. Quaddafi? Isis. Mubarak? Muslim Brotherhood. Assad? Isis. And the mother of all fuckhead plays, Jimmy Carter knee-capping the Shah. Carter the Martyr betrayed the West’s staunches Muslim ally and he got replaced with the crazy-ass Mullahs. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
        And sure, the Russians own the Afghan debacle, which sprouted al-Qaida, but hey, at least they seem to be able to learn from their mistakes. Whatever you say about Putin, he’s the only Western leader out defending Western Civilization, whilst Angela Merkel and the other Western morons fucking invite the invaders in and then are all agape when they act like the savages they are.

        1. Well, Russia is technically not part of western civilization (I think western civilization encompasses only northern and western Europe and countries created by the descendants of these countries, like the US). The irony is, that Putin does seem to be the only leader in the world right now fighting for anything resembling western values, though in the end I think Putin is really only in it for Putin.

        2. Putin is white and defending Christianity and classical values, but I don’t think Putin would say his culture is western.

    2. Sounds a bit like “See, it’s not Islam, they hate everybody!” to me. So very Soviet.

  3. Being from and in Orlando, I can say “yes”, they do this here too. The media makes is sound like the whole city is frozen in fear and its people unable to function. However, everything is as it was the next day after the shooting as people just have to go on with their lives. As I’ve stated in a past post 49 deaths in a metro area of over 1.5 million residents, and many more tourists, simply cannot make a big dent how a city and it’s people function.
    The irony is that the single biggest disruption to life-as-normal here was the law enforcement presence and the FBI “investigation” shutting down the major thoroughfare through the downtown Orlando area. They had Orange avenue shut down for nearly 2 weeks! Why? I suspect the FBI was working with OPD in a major CYA operation. The FBI a lot explaining to do for twice releasing a know crazy radical in addition to ignoring a see–something-say-something from a local gun shop suspicious of the same guy. OPD also had to cover for their lack of action for hours while this crazy muzzie had reign of the Pulse night club. That’s the biggest disruption to Orlando — a major CYA operation by the people are supposed to protect us sheeple from the boogie man.
    So yeah, you are right when you say the media spin things to sell ad space by employing every device of hyperbole to amply the fear and its affects on the local people. That, I believe, makes the media the real producers and distributors of terrorism through fear mongering.

    1. Ditto. Everything was normal the days to follow. UCF was up and running, everyone just going about their business. Morgan & Morgan was doing business like usual. Same with everyone else. If I’m not mistaken, even the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts, which is at the heart of Orlando, was up and running the next day following the shooting.

      1. Yup. Of course. Life must go on.
        But we should all realize how pathetically empty the lives of mainstream media talking heads are. There just ain’t that much to talk about when headlines around the globe should be…
        Look, these people make a living filling up 24 hours a day with anything they can to sell soap, drugs and adult diapers. I honestly think they not only thrive on, but love these isolated attacks as it makes their job easy, with much fodder for filling airtime and new sites with minute-by-minute updates from a throng of nincompoop officials, leaders and politicians, who themselves are whoring for the cameras and need to be seen on TV.
        I still say the greatest threat to me and my family health safety and security is driving down I-4 any day of the week. Statistically speaking, all Americans should stop driving immediately, and politicians should have a sit-in in the house chambers to pass automobile-control legislation asap.

      2. Let’s get the O-town meetup going. you can email at lit1900 (at) popbop (dot) com. I’ll shoot back my number. I know some great happy hours.

  4. Great Article! Part of the Red Pill is to never believe or listen to mainstream media. And that’s extremely important to know.
    Only 6 hours after the attacks, everything was normal just like nothing happened. Only 6 hours later you could check in and fly. Media is bullshitting like always.
    Flying to Istanbul this Thursday. 😉

    1. A good point on the mainstream media. The mainstream “news” offers no real value today. It is nothing but entertainment and then propaganda to mind fuck the citizens. There was a time when journalists had integrity. They would actually quit their high paying gigs if they were forced to report on something that they could not verify.
      That is no longer the case. Today, these people will openly lie to the public in exchange for a nice salary. The corporations own the news and it works hand in hand with the government for special favors.
      Find your news online through several resources and skip any large national “news” organizations because they are only pushing an agenda or narrative.

      1. “There was a time when journalists had integrity.”
        I disagree.
        Journalists have always been liars, and have always pushed an agenda. A newspaper back in the days of the Founding Fathers was pretty much no better than a common supermarket tabloid of today. General Sherman said that if a reporter died, he would have news from Hell before breakfast. And the less said about Hearst and Pulitzer, the better.
        The present-day is actually better for alternative sources of information because you are not limited to what is presented on TV or your local newspaper (thanks to the Internet).

        1. For now. Eventually, regulation will get to the internet, and it will become just like radio, TV, and cable.

        2. At some point, there plenty (sources) for news (just like today with the internet). It was only when corporations bought out new organizations (or they merged) is when you have a propaganda machine (lack of choice).
          Your argument makes sense at the beginning (Founding Fathers with lack of choices) but at some point there was reliable news (sources) because we had numerous.

        3. The very nature of the internet prevents that.It would take a truly global regime to make the internet shut up. With servers in every nation of the globe it’s pretty much impossible to shut up every voice.
          China, with all it’s resources and crack down on dissenters, honestly CAN’T silence the internet. It can just try to keep its people away from it with misinformation and propaganda which works better than censoring. Most people will believe a comfortable lie than a difficult truth, so there is no reason to silence it, because people just don’t want to hear it anyway.
          As long as people have food, shelter and entertainment, the masses will never rise against the enstablishment.
          The scarce few who holds onto personal values, unwilling to compromise, are of no consequence due to their low numbers.

        4. Sure, there are small niche pockets of free thought on the internet but the majority will be herded just like other media.
          The outliers will be deceived with misdirection, astroturfing and disinformation whilst the genuine sites will be infiltrated by organised groups seeking to corrupt or destroy.

        5. To much effort for no gain. If we still lived in a world where the people were hungry the sure, a powerful message could rouse them. However, we live in a world where our needs are met and our most pressing (perceived) problem is boredom. Do you really think that anyone would go trhough the effort of fighting the enstablishment for the sake of an abstract principle?

        6. Im not so sure anymore. There are already plan’s being drafted to block anonymous internet access in several countries. Give it a few years and you will probably have to login with your smartphone just to use a Internet connection. And then you will be personally liable for everything you say or do online. Call the Turkish president a fag on any site and travel to Turkey and you will probably be arrested on arrival for defamatory speech. Make a claim that the holocaust never happened and you might get extradited to Germany for a 6 year sentence. There is no limit how far this can go.

        7. I think you’re actually on to something with the login. However I think people will submit to this type of system voluntarily. The government will start it as a ‘free internet initiative’ set to help impoverished people get access to the internet. This initiative will slowly be implemented as free internet for everyone, but obviously severely restricted, and people will love it because ‘it’s free bro!’

        8. I think I read somewhere that Google already offers free Wi-Fi in some poor parts of Africa. Im not sure how the login function works though, but apparently they are using blimps to deliver the service to remote places and the stated goal is to get everyone there connected whether rich or poor. So yeah it’s already happening.
          People today are way to ignorant of modern threats. They don’t realise that when something is free* they themselves are the product. Maybe humanity is not really ready for this technological society were creating for ourselves. Perhaps most of us are just evolving to slowly to cope with it.

    2. I was in London during the 7/7 bombings. Right down the street in fact.
      Our offices were evacuated and then everyone when down to the pub… in the same building!
      We all had a beer and a laugh about what a “crap terrorist attack” it was and then went home. It was a bit quiet on the trains for a week or so and then people pretty much forgot it happened.

  5. People are too busy living their lives to really care about terrorist attacks.

    1. To me, it’s not a terror attack if I’m not terrified. That hasn’t come close to happening yet. The only one that would have affected me at all was that DC Sniper, had I lived remotely close to D.C. The rest are just mere acts of sabotage and lunacy, not terror.

  6. I grew up in a small colonial city (yeap, there’s still a few isolated ones). One year, there were protests about which country should own the city. They lasted about a month. According to the national media, we were almost killing each other.
    Every morning, I was quickly checking the newspaper in the tavern under my home to see what was happened (supposedly) in MY city. We used to have some fun with it, “did you know what happened here yesterday?”. It was better than going to the movies.

  7. It is the ‘authorities’ with their cacophonic sirens and doom and gloom bullshit noisemaking that is quite distracting and annoying to men and debilitating to a typical female hamster. Males process differently and are more resilient to the ”WHOOP-WHOOP” of a police siren whereas neurotic women will ruffle their feathers and bury their nose under the first smelly man’s armpit for protection. So if your little head says yes to a feeble neurotic bitch when a ‘crisis’ hits and the magician’s smoke plumes around, make sure your BIG HEAD can game your way out of it later.
    I find the authorities/media hype and noisemaking to be distracting mostly. When MSM horns blast the henhouse wakeup sirens at midnight, jezzus god almighty you just want them to shut the fuck up. It’s like when you’re trying to read a good book and someone comes up behind you and starts spinning one of those mexican party noisemakers, you know the hollow percussion things that sound like a roulette wheel ratchet? ”’RREERRRR-clickety-click”’ Damn they sound like a high speed rear tire blowout when they spin them right next to your fucking ear.
    You just want to pick up a heavy object and throw it at the MSM when they do that shit, when they stir up the stupid hens in a community and then the betas come running to calm them. But game them fine. They’re stupid enough to get ass fucked in the calamity of a toilet paper outage crisis.

    1. Women are weak and vulnerable after all. So fear is normal for them. Women are easy to scare.

  8. I wonder what’s really going on in Syria for instance. From the MSM it looks like 1/3 of Syrians are one week from starvation, the other 2/3 on their way to Europe.

  9. I thought of this scene from the movie Brazil:
    The governments of the world have demonstrated that they don’t care about stopping terrorism (with what would be relatively simple means that would curtail very few freedoms). Why should the rest of us care?

  10. I believe the implication the author was trying to make here, is that the whole thing was faked. There was no Istanbul airport terror incident – no bombs, no deaths, just firecrackers and a bunch of media chicanery. (Just like the Orlando Gay Boy Shooting.) The cartoon below shows the overall goal of the chicanery…

  11. Found this cartoon at one site or another the other day…thought it was a good fit for the comments section of this article…

  12. I noticed something similar during the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Foreign media were panicking my family and friends with images of fear in Tokyo and people running along platforms to catch the first train out of the city. Actually, people were quietly going about their business. Very few people even considered escaping the rising but still save levels of radiation. Nobody rushed at train stations except those late for work. There were plenty of vacant seats on the bullet trains headed south and to the airport.
    The media will beat everything up and the most common motivation is that they need a dramatic story. Don’t believe anything you see. The footage shown will contain only the most interesting ten seconds they recorded that day. The interviews shown will be the most spirited grabs with the most melodramatic people.
    Also, the reporters will mostly stay in the nearest international city. How many journalists do you think are currenly in Donesk or Fallujah? They’re mostly in Kiev and Istanbul.

  13. From what I understand, they cleaned everything up within the night, and reopened within 3 hours or so.

  14. The rest of the world typically doesn’t retreat deeper into their bubble when something happens, they carry on. In America, people are conditioned to be afraid of their own neighbours. Also, Americans possess very poor knowledge of other countries, culture, and history, so it’s easy to dupe them into believing the MSM straightaway. You might be familiar with the term “Manufactured Consent.” It’s easy for the media to promote an agenda, such as the invasion of Iraq, when the public just doesn’t know any better. With this herd of idiotic Western millennials, expect things to get worse.

  15. “I felt like a hot girl the morning after she uploads a bikini shot to Instagram. All of them saying the same thing.”
    lmao, I know right?

  16. People seem to forget that one of the goals of an organized terrorist group is to make their collective victims live in fear. I always hated the Patriot Act, and I hated the way the authorities in Boston urged people to stay off the streets as much as possible in the hours after the Marathon bombing.

  17. The Turkish leader and Government support ISIS -Indeed it is an Islamist Government. But they are apparently our allies / in NATO and the west says Russia is the bad guy? FUCK OFF!!

      1. No I’m British / English / Christian – in “diverse” London

        1. I am just curious since you have arabic in your name. So ethnically speaking are you Anglo?

        2. Half English Half Irish by blood – so i’d say half anglo half celtic. Yea it’s an Arabic name but also Christian – Adam and Eve and all that

    1. I had a brief conversation with a high iq turk about this (turk avg iq is 80). He firstly believes Turkish shouldn’t be in the EU, because of cultural differences, and knows they’re not getting in anyway, as there’s a 30point check list to fulfil, and they’ve only hit about 5.
      Secondly he reasons that Turkey support IS because of the ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ principle (Turkey and IS are enemies with the kurds and whey). He also knows there are 300k IS supporters in the country that could cause serious damage if they felt slighted by the Turkish, so there’s an element of playing ball.
      From talking to him, you really get a sense that it’s just a powder keg in that region – the Turkish are even trying to team up with your people (the ~city of London~ established nomads).

  18. When I heard the atack first time, i immediately thought it was staged. Cuz Turkish goverment wanted to make relationships good with Russia again. So they made this attack in order to give a ” look, they’re atacking us too, how you dare to think we were helping them! ” message. And it succed, in next couple days, Russia forgived Turkey.

  19. Did you know Twitter and Facebook being extremely slowed down right after regular terrorist attacks? Turksh government censoring shamelessly for a long time. They just restrict ports, so people cannot access neither facebook and twitter until everyone gets back to their own life.

  20. They scare you with a manufactured problem, then Daddy Government (mass surveillance and police state) presents itself as the solution to give you the illusion of safety.

    1. These politicians have no answers. They want to put gun control laws in place and it only hampers law abiding citizens because criminals and terrorists will always get guns.
      The government is the problem…not the solution.

      1. I guess if they get gun control I’ll just have to become a criminal.

  21. The media likes it’s ratings High, the more drama they can manufacture, the higher the ratings.

  22. Tragedies like these are rare. When you leave your house, its not likely you’ll die. But if you do, it’ll most likely not be death by terrorist attack, a mentally unstable mass killer,

  23. Tragedies like these are rare. When you leave your house, your chances of dying are low. Your chances of dying by terrorist attack or a mentally unstable mass murderer are even lower. In fact, the very cops who gain more power as a result of opportunistic politicians are more likely to take your life than the latest boogeyman being pimped out in the MSM. But even that’s rare.
    People glue themselves to their televisions and watch the supposed chaos non stop and think, “I don’t want that to happen to me, the government should do something!” So they sign away their rights because they fear something that likely wont kill them. Yet these same people will drive all around town, develop alcoholic and smoking habits, and maintain high fat diets, increasing their chances of not only leading miserable lives, but of dying at a young age.
    The MSM survives off drama, just like television shows and movies. Be as wary of the MSM as you would be of a Hollywood flick that claims to be based on a true story. There may be some elements of truth, but the rest is merely fiction.

  24. Western media is just pathetic. You must understand that those people earn their money by making news and publish it through newspapers, bulletins, talkshows and online platforms. The reality is that most people just live their lives and 95% of the time nothing significant happens, because that’s what most people want: stability, no bullshit and just do what you have to do.
    This is not good for mediacompanies, because they need news to fill their newspapers, bulletins, talkshows and online platforms. Especially ‘shocking’ news is what they want. That’s probably the reason small things will be treated as the end of the world, so they have ‘interesting’ material for their shows.

    1. Btw, ever noticed how 90% of the hot topics in Western countries are related to foreign and non-Western issues? How pathetic is that? There are even white people around who call themselves a ‘criticus’ on issues like Islam and immigration and those retards show up everywhere in the media to give their useless opinion. They basically earn their money by talking, bitching and whining about stuff that happens on the other side of the world. Who the fuck are they? And why should I care about their opinion?
      This just shows that Western media is largely controlled by people who have their own agenda, are attention whores or only care about the money they can make in the news industry. It’s definitely not objective nor do the people have a passion for their trade.

      1. If you watch long enough, you also notice over the years the quote the same “sources” and each other. It is nothing be a never ending circle jerk.

  25. Holy fuck, this is actually groundbreaking journalism. Can we get some collaboration from another source? This shit needs to be thrown far and wide across the globe if it’s true.

  26. When I talked to a couple of local shop owners, they were very nonchalant. To them, this is just everyday life.

    All the more reason to grant Turkey EU membership I would have thought. That way it would be easier for the jihadists to flood the rest of the EU member countries. And then the liberals can get even better at practicing tolerance and understanding of Islam.

    1. How about we just round up all the liberals and SJW’s and deport them to Turkey. Oh i forgot they can have our LGBTQ community to as an added bonus.

  27. I transited through IST late last week; it was packed. You’d never have known anything was amiss just a few days prior.

  28. Waves of media anxiety interspersed with soothing create volatile brain patterns in susceptible individuals, particularly women, children, and the elderly, such as to cause escapism and acceptance of rhetoric. Going outside, connecting with friends and neighbors, and praying is healthier. The former pattern however increases a sense of learned helplessness and isolationism on the one hand and decadence on the other.
    I think the SJW’s use words like “phobia” as a matter of projection because they’re riddled by fear, all nervous laughter and platitudes notwithstanding. This is not to say that their need for authority ought to be salved by Islamic spiritual practices, however, it becomes apparent how it happens that many are drawn to it.

  29. I saw the same thing with Colombia. One president completely turned around the country with murder and kidnapping dropping 90-95%. Its like all the articles about Colombia had been written 10 years prior, and they just pulled one up from the archives and printed it. The Economist was the only news source to ever say “Wow Colombia is completely different now!” To give an idea of the change, Bogota went from having one hostel to sixty. It went from not being able to travel between cities safely at night, car bomb inspections in parking lots to no visible guerilla presence. I felt safer in Colombia, than Ecuador, Brazil or Peru. You would never realize that reading the news.

  30. Great article Kyle. Good to hear the facts from someone on the ground there. I’m going to editorialize here a bit………
    it seems to me that the US mass media and government want us in a constant state of shitting ourselves. A scared populace is rather easy to control and manipulate. The MM wants the same because scared people will consume and consume and consume, which is exactly what their advertisers want.
    In the 2002 Michael Moore film Bowling for Columbine, Congressman Jim McDermott hit hard upon this same point. Until I had seen and heard him say it the way he said it, the thought had never really clicked in my mind before. But, once said, the light came on and I realized (as the same with many more inconvenient truths), that we are living in a constant state of fear and panic……once this is realized, the next question is qui bono? Yes, qui bono indeed.
    Ever notice, as Kyle has reported here, that when great tragedies happen in other places how quickly the people seem to go on about their business? The populace refuses to be held hostage to fear and panic. But, the ever-vigilant US MM is on the scene stoking the fear and panic. Just my $.02….stepping of my soap box now.
    Again, great article Kyle. Glad you were there and unhurt. Keep up the great blogging dude.

    1. Absolutely. The politics of fear. Adam Curtis did an excellent program about it for the BBC. Power of Nightmares. It’s not for consumption though, it’s for control. Fear leads people to give up their individual authority and cede power.

  31. “Just a simple metal detector operated by a group of workers who hardly looked more enthusiastic or vigilant than TSA employees.”
    I understood what the author meant here, but TSA employees are probably the least vigilant and responsible group of workers anywhere on the planet.

  32. Differences in culture maybe as in Inshallah and all that jazz they just have a god will take care of stuff kind of attitude which is good and bad depending on the situation.

  33. During Operation Desert Fox and the stuff that happened in Somalia and the Second Gulf War in 2003 I learned the media is really not there to report the news but more of a way to control what people think and how to get them to react to a phony script. Really scary when you see how Wikipedia and CNN have scrubbed their websites to reflect the 1984ish version of real think..

  34. They want you to fear everyone and only trust them. It’s a common mind control tactic.

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