An Infographic Showing What Male Privilege Really Looks Like

When one is on the unpopular side of an argument, as we here at ROK usually find ourselves, it is incredibly important to have the facts straight. Most of us have been through the red pill required reading, and we’re all guilty of internalizing what we read and re-quoting it in our own way. However when you cross the bridge from reader to writer, or from student to teacher, it is important to continually check yourself to make sure you are teaching correctly.

Getting The Facts Right

In an effort to make sure I myself had my facts straight, I started a project to verify a few statistics that were important to my understanding of the manosphere. One of the most impactful books I’ve read is “The Myth of Male Power” by Dr. Warren Ferrell. It outlines several issues with the “Women as Victim, Male as Oppressor” argument, and has very specific data to back up its claims.

If you haven’t read it, do so immediately. The problem is that the book, and the data backing it, is over 20 years old. It is often quoted, but how does that narrative hold up today? I took a shot at updating the research, and compiling my findings in to an easy to understand infograph. I made sure my sources are listed (clickable at the bottom), and are based on legitimate studies by government organizations—not simply re-quoted from someone else’s opinion. Most of my data comes from 2013, since it takes organizations at least a year or two to compile, analyze, and publish their findings.

Important to note is that this data does not aim to disprove any feminist arguments. There is data supporting their narratives that rape, domestic violence, and sexism do exist in some capacity (that capacity being the main point of argument). However their narrative is that it must be great to be male, and not have these problems associated with one’s gender.

Therein lies the issue. In reality, there are pros and cons to being either gender, and the cons of being a male are consistently downplayed. Here is what it’s really like to be a male in the US…


These statistics represent dead men. The fact is that there is no equality in suicide, workplace fatalities, combat fatalities, and murder. In each of those cases, it is men that lose. Men are losing their families, men are populating the prisons, and men are sleeping alone on the streets. Men are losing.

In a truly equal society, these percentages would be closer to the gender population split—nearly 50/50. Until these topics are being discussed in the mainstream media, men are going to have little interest or sympathy in discussing the “pay gap” or “body-shaming.” There is no time to worry about hurt feelings when men are being killed at an alarming rate.

Men are working dangerous jobs (construction, transportation, military) in order to provide for their families. They are still the backbone of America, and our greatness is built upon their shoulders. But then something happens. Maybe they lose their job. They still need to provide for their families, so they turn to crime, and end up in prison. Or perhaps their efforts go unappreciated by their wives, who file for divorce, claim half their future income, and take their children.

Many of these men end up homeless, not able to make ends meet owing the government and their ex-wives substantial portions of their income. In the end, they decide it’s best to end it—put a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger. No cry for help here, just an end to a miserable existence. That male privilege is pretty awesome, isn’t it?


I encourage you to check out the references, check my facts, and add your own links and statistics in the comments. I will continue to update my infograph and this article with any additional findings. Help me make sure that we are putting quality information in the hands of our readers.


Here is an easier link to share just the image of the chart:

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170 thoughts on “An Infographic Showing What Male Privilege Really Looks Like”

    1. Spreading through Pdf,or tattoos will help a certain number of people.But to affect a large section of men…something different is required.
      1.Greater influx of men into the red pill culture.
      2.Giving up beta attitude.
      3.Getting rid of the lies of the mainstream media through logic and arrogance(which is what feminists do…except the logic part,when it comes to misandry,in their case)
      4.Non acceptance of wimpy ideals like #heforshe and other irrational ideas.
      5.Staying away from white knights and blue pill drowned flies.
      6.Saying no to homosexuality,transsexuality,tattoed women,and fat or slut acceptance.
      7.No politically correct shit.
      8.No to pop or soy( culture.

    2. I used a free site and they charge for downloading images. I may try and piece it together by taking a bunch of screenshots and editing into one image.

    1. Prisions are just like prisons, except you get a nice continental breakfast every morning, and the quality of room service is quite improved.

  1. Men are getting killed and live on the streets ? They are properly losers anyway and deserve to die lol. Real problem, people on the internet call me fat and don’t recognize my natural beauty.

  2. When women are given a higher status than God, you know male privilege doesn’t exist. If there is male privilege /s, I haven’t seen it. The west and most of the world have ass backwards patriarchal societies.
    Sidenote, fact checking is sexist.

  3. Spam this into people’s emails, or maybe do an airdrop. If you’re a tattoo artist, tattoo this onto people’s backs without telling them

  4. Feminazis say that Feminism is for the benefit of women and men alike. How come they called it FEMINISM, then?

    1. I don’t know a single point of feminism that benefits men. There are none.

  5. It amazes me in our gynocentric culture the mainstream media and academia can still push a male privilege narrative when the facts show it’s bullshit. I hate throwing around the word privilege like SJWs but Western females really are the most privileged people on earth. When they complain they’re oppressed I feel like getting them all together and dumping them in Muslim parts of Africa or Syria, Iraq and Iran so they can see how lucky they are.

    1. While you are absolutely correct, the problem is that these statistics are based on actual, provable facts and sound observations. Feminists and SJWs don’t care about these things. It’s not about what is, but what should be according to the narrative dictated to them by mob consensus. Rest assured that the mob consensus over any aspect of their narrative only extends to the point at which maximum benefit is gained with the least amount of responsibility taken.

      1. Exactly right, some feminists and SJWs simply push an untruthful narrative to gain money and influence. Though most I think actually believe what they say but base their opinions on feelings not facts, since facts don’t match their feelings they choose to ignore the facts.

    2. I’ve actually pointed that out a couple times. That’s when it gets entertaining since they have zero concept of the rest of the world and you can point out how hypocritical they truly are regarding race, economic status and privilege.
      Normally the conversations at that point turn the feminazi’s into harpies on par with Big “Shut the Fuck up! ” Red

      1. Yep or if you use facts and logic to decimate their argument they just go back to labelling you something like a racist or mysoginist.

        1. Very typical of them. When they can’t argue, they respond with insults. When this happens with me, I personally take it as a compliment. It means that my argument is factual and logical, and they have realized they they can’t prove me wrong.

        2. Exactly. What’s even more entertaining is knowing that chances are, their parent(s) never told them no. Now that someone has they have no clue how to handle it.

        3. When they have to revert to name calling because they have no counter argument you know you’ve won.

    3. The medias are able to push a fictional narrative of black men victim of violence at the hands of white people, when the facts show that it’s a complete fabrication. So basically they can claim whatever they want. They don’t need facts or proof anymore.

      1. Yes the media just want to create headlines that stir up emotions, they don’t care if they aren’t true.

      2. Most people know the truth as they have to deal with reality on the street. It was mentioned recently that the majority of people don’t trust the media these days as the facts do not add up to what they are spewing.

        1. There’s still plenty of people who do believe The media though, I meet them every day.

        2. Question them why they believe people they never met making unsubantiated comments. What sources are they citing?
          Had this issue with relatives. I mentioned I find it strange you believe an unknown media persona over a blood relative with field knowledge. The US has become a giant Skinners Box.

        3. I do question it and they go back to saying but I read or heard on the news so it must be true. Or they bring up one particular situation where something was true and use that to justify their entire argument.

    4. Women are just like children. When I was a child, I often thought that the life of an adult is so easy. But that was because my mind was too limited to understand the hardships and responsibilities of adult life. That’s the case with women. They think that the male life is too easy, and that’s why they think why male privilege exists. Just like children have never lived the life of an adult, a woman hasn’t ever lived the life of a man, and thus she doesn’t know the responsibilities that the society expects and takes for granted, from us men, since the society hasn’t ever treated her the same way. If the society ever did that, it would scare the shit out of women, and they would rush back to the kitchen, saying, “I’m just a woman”, no matter how much of a hardcore feminist she is. Sometimes though, when the society actually treats women equally, like criticizing her just like her male counterparts at her job, she cries, tries to garner sympathy for herself, and screams discrimination and inequality when a man points out that women cry in labs. Ironically she screams inequality just when she is being really treated equally to a man. And, just as I said, at the beginning of this post, women are just like children. It’s typically childish behavior to demand that they be given all the privileges of an adult and be treated like one, and yet when someone treats them in the same manner people treat adults, which is without any coddling, they suddenly become upset and cry.

        1. Yes, it’s a good one, and it can be used to explain many other things. For example there is a segregation of male and female sports, and the feminists are silent about it. Considering the “woman are like children” analogy, it makes perfect sense. Children are physically weaker, and thus it makes no sense to make them compete against adults in sports.
          Even in the game of chess there is segregation between men and women. Again, considering this analogy, it’s evident that children do not have the mental capacity to compete with adults, and thus it is pointless to make the two of them compete.
          Then, the society places a lot of emphasis on “protecting” women. Here, women are treated just like children. If women are equal to men, then why do they need protection? Why do we keep treating them like children?
          There are a thousand examples such as these, with which I can come up. In fact, I intend to write an article on this analogy sometime. It isn’t a coincidence that the phrase “women and children” has been used since time immemorial, and is still being used now. We often tend to link two objects of interest like this when there is a lot of similarity between them.

        2. Except now in Wimbledon where the women are now demanding equal time on center court.

        3. And they already get paid the same amount of prize money for less game time (women play 3 sets while men play 5). The reason men make more is because of endorsements, they are better so they attract a bigger crowd and more people will watch them.

        4. Even in the game of chess there is segregation between men and women.
          I didn’t know this, I would love to see a championship chess tournament where women and men competed together, I can only imagine the results would be greatly in men’s favor. Of course women’s groups would bark about the cognitive differences between male and female brains that they try to deny when it’s brought up in any other situation.

        5. They can say whatever they want, but deep down even women know that they’re not as intelligent as men.

        6. a year later, but I will still answer this… there is no segregation in chess.
          There are chess tournaments where anyone can enter, and there are women only chess tournaments. Obviously the latter have lower standards.
          Judit Polgar has competed in the mixed group till her retirement, was around 10-15th place in the world rankings then, but other women didn’t come close to her.

      1. ”  Just like children have never lived the life of an adult, a woman hasn’t ever lived the life of a man”
        And let’s include the statement that women have never lived the life of an adult when one considers all the safety nets females have in today’s society.

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      2. You know, feminists will rationalize this graphic and say it is the fault of “patriarchy”:
        Society is unfair to women because of: patriarchy.
        And it is unfair to men because of: patriarchy.

        1. But this graphic shows that The Patriarchy isn’t unfair to women, if they want to use it to criticize the patriarchy then they should become MRAs.

        2. That’s true. When I was a sociology student, the text book that I was using was ingrained with leftist and feminist bullshit. It mentioned that women initiate the majority of divorces. And it said that this shows that women are more unhappy about their state of marriage than men, and thus women are more oppressed than men. Feminists can turn any fact around, and give bizarre explanations, as to why it shows that women are oppressed. If it was the other way round, and men were initiating the majority of divorces, feminists would say that men want to run away, are afraid of commitment, do not love their children, do not care for their families, etc.

      3. Studies show the majority of women, when asked, would rather not be in the workforce fighting daily for their livelihood and would prefer life at home raising children while being taken care of.
        Ask any woman.

        1. They soon forget about their “careers” when the baby pops out. And isn’t nice to have an excuse to spend a year out of work while someone else assumes the responsibility of keeping a roof over your head?

        2. I’ve seen many women with hardcore feminist views, and successful careers becoming housewives like normal women, once they pop out a kid

        3. Their career are mostly worthless. As is most people careers. Unless you have some real skills it doesnt matter. Pushing papers is not a skill, working in HR departments is not a skill.
          They just do it to prove they are equal to men. Any man, if given the choice, would rather stay at home. Women it seems, are stupid enough to actually believe that that type of career is something to be proud of.

        4. Which is why it’s so hard to find a doctor – so many female doctors quit work or go part time once the monkey pops out.

        5. Exactly! I think it is the biggest sham. Funny thing is that the HUSBAND gets stuck with her hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans. These guys get destroyed and then wonder why… It’s actually pretty humbling for these dudes because prior to meeting these leeches they pretty much got everything they wanted throughout their lives. They all fold like cheap suitcases because they have never had to face any adversity. Then they become bitter betas and blame everyone else for their problems.

        6. and if you ask her if it is just that the employer must keep her place at the company reserved, she will say: of course it is. look at the law.

        7. of course you barbaric americans would have such problems. our girls here in germany do not sit on any student loans. that is because we, the proud socially apt republic of germany, recognize that education is a freakin’ human right. i have not yet understood what that means, but at least we are better than you.

      4. Women only see the money that comes out of your wallet. They have no understanding of what you went through to put it there.

        1. I’ve grown up in a house with four woman and my father. My mother, and three sisters were the four females, and the way they treated my dad as an atm machine, I can tell you, your observation of women is spot on. It’s harsh, but hundred percent true.
          Actually growing up in four women, seeing their manipulative nature, and the way they were intent on wasting my father’s money on useless stuff, is what turned me redpill from a very young age. I’ve got a very good understanding of female nature, and I can tell you, money is all they are after.

      5. BOTH MEN AND WOMEN who switch sex roles are equally asenine.
        Actually a man would appear childlike if he were to try to ape a feminine woman. Women who try to do the manly man walk are beyond comical. Seeing a woman try to grab her crotch with no balls to grab and then swagger about like John Wayne is as rediculous as seeing a 6’2” black guy dressed like a tall leggy tranny. Ever chat one up? They’re like ”my name’s BROWN SHOOGA honey child. You lookin for some company senator?” Or the faggott hairdresser with the lisp. Ever ask one an intelligent question about politics? They respond with high pitched ”ooh’s” and exclamatory ”aah’s”, but no understanding of the question.
        It must be a high stress lifestyle to live all bent out of shape as the wrong gender. Stress kills for one thing, and the life expectancy of fags is low and probably low as well for pierced and mutilated fat butch lesbians and other women who strain to live against their nature.

      6. They think that the male life is too easy, and that’s why they think why male privilege exists.

        Men are privileged (in the general sense) with superior intelligence, natural confidence, and ambition. Evolution honed us to be superior at cooperative group activities with unrelated same-sex peers, ideal for the workplace, whereas women never evolved similar cooperation. This is why women have a harder time working for other women, as women resent unrelated females of higher status, but men can work under any sort of hierarchy.
        Women of child-bearing age are heavily influenced by the hormonal fluctuations of their menstrual cycle, whereas men are not. Thus, we generally have much better control over our emotions, which enables us to approach problems more logically. Male brains come equipped with natural leadership ability and confidence, while women have to work at both. So, yes, men are privileged, but it’s not because we’ve stacked the deck in our favor. It’s due to Evolution by Natural Selection, which throughout history has favored human gender roles and sexual dimorphism.

        1. Yes we’re privileged by nature. Although everyone knows it, they won’t accept it. Truth is harsh, my friend. The brainwashed masses will always say that men are privileged by the society at the expense of women. For them, its better to shout a comfortable lie, than to speak an uncomfortable truth.

        2. Speaking of evolution I hope none of you have produced any offspring with the women you so heavily criticize. In the case of the nature verses nurture debate I’d like to air on the side of caution. It would be a shame for another generation to be infected with such fragile egos. Are you sure you want to refer to yourselves as alpha males? Do most alphas bitch this much and hate on women? Do you guys like women? It kind of sounds like you don’t.

      7. i will never forget the female colleague who cried to our boss about me because i told her to add a picture to the last row of the image gallery. and how she stood up to go home when i confronted her about it.
        she was extreme, though. i worked with female colleagues who could handle criticism. then again, it is hard to come by honest criticism nowadays. i lacked the perspective back then, but today it seems clear to me that my old boss had been working with women for so long that he seemed to have forgotten how to criticize a person without mollycoddling. despite my insistence on just wanting straight feedback, he likewise insisted on always telling me some fucking stupid introductory story about how he respected me as a person and how he liked my spirit and or whatnot and blah blah.

        1. Criticisms sandwiched between loads of praises, so that we may not feel “offended”. Honestly, I’m the sort of guy who doesn’t display much emotion, at work, and feel that people should practice at least a degree of stoicism at work. It’s essential, because it keeps the atmosphere formal.
          However, with the influx of women, gays, and ultra sensitive heterosexual men, most modern workplaces have turned into hysterical places where people just get emotionally triggered. And although it is unprofessional, it’s quite funny sometimes. Some days ago, a guy at work, made me have a look in his wallet. There was a picture of his pet dog there, and he told me that he loved his dog so much, that he put his dog’s picture in there. And then, through the entire lunch break, he told me about how much of an emotional bonding exists between him and his dog. It was actually funny because he spoke like the hero of a romantic movie, who is talking to his friend about his sweetheart, while, soulful music fills the background. I smiled politely, trying not to laugh.

        2. hysterical places, i like the term. at my old workplace, most colleagues were women who listened to pop music all day long.
          ever since reading the fountainhead, i have more or less lived by the attitude: i go to work to work, not to make friends.
          did not make me many friends, but earned me respect.
          i do it the same way at the martial arts training. sympathy is an obstacle when you are there to fight.

        3. I actually have a lesser females in my workplace as compared to male, but a lot of these women brain fuck men and each other with their mind games. My workplace has become saturated with backstabbing, phony smiles, fake sympathies, shrill and high pitched voices. It’s become a place where everywhere the womenfolk are always discussing about who said what about x,y,z, or what a son of a bitch a girl’s husband is. Women just like to discuss every personal aspect of their lives with each other.
          Eventually, men too become integrated into these discussions, treading carefully, trying, and failing to understand the mind games the women and gays play with each other, which most of the time, they, only they are capable of understanding. And all this shit, remarkably discusses productivity.

        4. Eventually, men too become integrated into these discussions, treading carefully, trying, and failing to understand the mind games the women and gays play with each other

          story of my life. who knows how much pain i could have spared myself if i had been conscious enough to understand that i do not understand women.

        5. Be happy you can do so now. I can actually look right through the fake and phony nature of a woman and see her for what she is.

    5. “…Western females really are the most privileged people on earth.”
      They are the most pampered class of women who have ever existed in the history of the world. It won’t last.
      “When they complain they’re oppressed I feel like getting them all together and dumping them in Muslim parts of Africa or Syria, Iraq..”
      When I finished my enlistment and was sitting in branch university history class in 1994, the prof mentioned the slave trade in the US pre Civil War. I mentioned seeing a slave market in Saudi Arabia. When asked who was present, I recalled it was about 50 men bidding on several females.
      The women in the class went ape shit. Accused me of making it up. When I further told them in SA, women are not allowed to drive or even be in public without a male relative–they simply didn’t want to accept that cultural norms and differences were out there.
      Biggest blind spot in the West is that they believe others in the world want the same things they do. Far from it.

      1. Exactly, a group other than white males doing something they disapprove of doesn’t match their narrative that only white straight men opress anyone. When you look at how women in the Middle East are treated compared to Western countries it’s actually laughable for Western women to complain about repression. They truly are the most pampered group of women in history yet they still complain.

        1. There was a You Tube vid of an Afgahni woman being executed via AK in the back of the head for the crime of wearing nail polish by the Taliban about a decade ago. Any out cry from NOW or other pampered feminist group? Feminism is mostly a white middle class chick phenomona that benefits ONLY that demographic.

        2. exactly Western feminism only cares about middle class privileged white females…. they don’t give a jack shit about women overseas.

        3. Your argument is spot on dude, but unfortunately, the nature of women is such that they won’t ever accept how well of they are from their other counterparts. Nor will they have a thankful attitude towards men who allow them to have their rights. No! They will demand more and more, without ever thanking you once. And they will always play the victim card. They will always find some excuse to justify them as victim, no matter how bizarre or laughable it may be. The manspreading hysteria is a perfect example.

        4. They are never satisfied, Western Society puts them on a pedestal and treats them better than probably any other culture on earth yet they still complain about the evil white men. When women complain about manspreading or people disagreeing with them online and saying it gave them PTSD you know they don’t know oppression and are privileged compared to the rest if the world.

        5. All throughout human history men provided and women took. Material things, protection etc etc. And that’s the way it should be. However, feminism completely annihilated the men-women relation. Women today are simply bypassing men and going to the Government for such goodies (in every which way: quotas, pay, job types, child support, alimony you name it). It is a grand scale robbery perpetuated on men by the Government actually.
          Women are not the problem, they will quickly find their rightful place if shit hits the fan. The problem is the Government. Everything it touches turns to shit.

        6. Well, to be fair, nail polish and any kind of makeup is a tool of the patriarchy for the purpose of shaming women into thinking they aren’t beautiful enough without it. Feminists see no problem in her being brained.

        7. Women have always been hysterical, and have wanted more. They’re like a little kid sister who wants to go to bars, drive a car, and drink like her elder brother. Problem is that she’s a kid, and there are somethings she is not allowed.
          We can expect women to act this way. She will always do so, just as kids rebel to test the waters. Just as you said, the real problem is the government, or more precisely the white knight men, wealthy or poor, who enable women to do such things. Without their support, feminism wouldn’t exist.

        8. And it’s not western women only. I’m an eastern man, and I’ve met and worked with women from a hell lot of countries. I say, every woman is like that. They’re never satisfied, and will demand more and more. They are so unthankful that even if men lay down their lives in a war protecting their women, some cheeky cunt will still have the audacity to say that women are the primary victims of war, and a multitude of cheeky cunts will be there to cheer her on.

        9. That women are the real victims of war is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard and that’s no exaggeration. From my own experience women from Asia and The Middle East generally have far more respect for men than Western women. Not saying they’re perfect as no one is but they appreciate masculinity more and don’t see it as evil like The West.

        10. That’s because there, feminism has not become a part of the culture. And most of these countries are poor, so a provider man is respected. However I believe, that if raised in the toxic feminist environment, most women, whether eastern or western, have the potential to grow into degenerates.

        11. No doubt many do who come to The West but I see quite a few who don’t. While they do respect a provider I think it’s more than that, they don’t see men as useful idiots and don’t think masculinity is bad, they see it as a natural part of a man.

        12. I wish I could kill you six times, because I give a shit and a lot of people I know also give a shit.

        13. Any statement with all, every, always,etc. is false. You shut your prejudiced, misogynistic mouth, you cheeky cunt.

        14. so you want to initiate violence and death just because you don’t agree with what I said?
          WOW hey guys, take note here…
          here is the true color of a feminists who want death on me just because I didn’t pander and said the truth.
          By the way, why would you want to kill me six times? Why six?
          do you realize how sick you are when you wish death on someone just because someone doesn’t agree with you. Are you sick in the head or something?

        15. My solution involves bringing God back into the picture. Judeo Christian beliefs used to form the backbone of our society, but they’ve been replaced with feminism and the liberal doctrine of “equal rights”.

        16. Your solution is spot on. That’s what I’ve been thinking for a lot of years. One thing common with feminists, liberals, homosexuals, leftists, transgenders, and other degenerates is that they actively ridicule and oppose God. Many of them pretend that God doesn’t exist. That’s because if they accept God and his word, they will find that it is in direct contradiction with most of their beliefs. So they just pretend as if God doesn’t exist, or as if religion is old fashioned. To them that’s easier than on focusing what’s wrong with their beliefs.
          Yes, I do feel we need to bring God into the picture. The Bible contains a lot a teachings that contradict the degenerate practices the west has adopted. Only when a society throws religion out of the window, these practices become the norm. However, being a Christian, I don’t always say this to other people. I don’t like to force my beliefs on others. As red pill men we need to realize that Christianity has, for a long time restricted the spread and acceptance of degenerate practices across the west. Even if one is an atheist, he cannot prove this truth wrong. Even if you don’t believe in God, you can still except that Christianity has always worked as a control system to restrict degeneracy.

        17. That was a hyperbole. Yes, I am sick in the head. I have depression and bulimia nervosa. I said six because it was some random number I thought of.

        18. so you admit you have mental problems?
          Okay well that is a good start.
          This manosphere website isn’t a place for you though because I”m sure it will only worsen your state of thought. If you are not prepared to go back to the kitchen and you are suffering from depression and bullimia nervosa or whatever then you should really take a trip to the mental hospital. They are waiting for people like you.

        19. I used to be a filthy liberal, but God revealed himself to me. I know exactly what you mean when you say that degenerates hate God.

        20. I’ve been reading Conscience of a Conservative.
          Of course you know by now that I am not a Conservative, but I would like to recommend the book to you. I read about 40 pages this evening and many of the ideas, particularly about the components of men’s souls, line up very neatly with things you’ve said in the past.
          It is a little book, and an easy read. If we were neighbors I would loan it to you.

        21. I know what it is. You need to get help right away. I’m serious. I hope you can recover from that.

        22. Well there’s the ‘all general statements are false’ paradox. Haven’t seen that one in a while.

    6. It shows you how out of touch women really are with the facts and reality. Corporations pander to them for money and politicians do it for votes. Women won’t realize just how good that had it until it’s all gone and they are all scraping by looking for protection (from a man).
      Daddy government won’t be there for them forever. Plenty of people are tired of supporting single mothers with a bunch of kids because mistakes were made (by both parties…not just the man).

      1. When the economy collapses women are in for a big shock, governments won’t be able to spend millions protecting them, funding their courses and granting them jobs simply for being a female with affirmative action.

        1. It reminds me of Sparta. Spartan women had privileges similar to the modern woman, but once shit hit the fan, they were used, basically as child bearing machines.

        2. Spartan women were granted privileges but they weren’t promoting a narrative of female superiority like modern Western society. Spartan men were still in charge.

    7. I thought we all knew by now that public debate is no longer about truth, but rather about discourse, and that whoever gets the media behind them will be able to take the truth and reshape it.

      1. There’s no debate anymore. It’s all about who can get more goodies from other people. That’s all that is to it.

    8. You know, feminists will rationalize this graphic and say that this is the fault of the patriarchy:
      Society is unfair towards women because of: patriarchy.
      And it is unfair towards men because of: patriarchy.

    9. The sad part, potentially, is that you would be proven wrong. AVFM, and the National Parenting Organization have done some great work highlighting just how actually gynocentric much of their laws in the Middle East are.
      At the end of the day, it is the women, again, pushing this strange thing called patriarchy that women over here are wailing about. Yet it is men doing their best to die fighting this seemingly non-existent ghost.

    10. The worst part is that they equate their ‘suffering’ with the plight of truly oppressed people.

  6. 1) Feminism is an industry of bottled indignation for women.
    2) If women are as strong and intelligent as men then then they do not need any help, assistance or quotas.
    3) Victim-hood is quintessentially feminine. Feminism caters to the protective instincts of men through that.
    4) Paradoxically, Feminism through its actions implies the idea of women = good & weak / men = evil & strong, which is absurdly patriarchal

    1. They promote a very contradictory narrative that women are both strong and independent, capable of out preforming men but also say women are helpless victims of evil males and the government needs to stop it. Which is it?

      1. It’s neither of the two.
        Firstly, women are not stronger than men, physically, or mentally. Most of them never truly lead independent lives. They are parasites of the state, which in turn is a parasite of men. All money, most of the women get is from us evil men.
        Secondly, women are not even helpless. They’re evolutionarily wired to manipulate men, and extract resources from them. Their manipulative nature gets them what they want. And they’re not victims of evil men. The vast majority of men are not evil. They’re hopeless white knights and have been so through out history. They die in wars for women, provide for women, build house for women, and basically devote their entire lives into making the world a better place for women and children.
        In fact both of these scenarios, namely the strong, independent women, and the helpless, victimized women, have been created by insane feminists. And the fact that both their scenarios so blatantly contradict each other, proves again, that feminists are really insane and retarded.

        1. That’s my goal. In the past I’d often waste my time with those who were not converted, but not anymore. In today’s world, a sane man would come to his senses, seeing the way world has turned upside down. I don’t expect women to come to their senses, but I expect that of sane men. Today, a sane man can’t avoid the elephant in the room.

        2. Yes even before I discovered red pill I knew something was wrong with how men and women got treated. Unfortunately so many men are still oblivious, they can’t see what’s right in front of them.

        3. Exactly. I don’t know what’s wrong with them. Although I was born in an eastern country, with a traditional culture, my family focused too much on gender equality. My mother always used to say that women are just a physically strong as men. Even when I was a little boy, this somehow seemed incorrect. As children, I, my sisters, and many times my older female cousins would playfully wrestle. Although my female cousins were much older than me, I could easily defeat and overpower them. Even as a little child, I knew that men are generally physically stronger than women. This observation was probably my red pill awakening. I began to get an idea, that many of the things the world often teaches aren’t correct.
          As I grew up, the world was rife with red pill examples. Even in America, a lot of things blatantly shout red pill truth. Yet, I cannot fathom, what is wrong with the men today. They just can’t accept the red pill truths, that to me, even as a child seemed so obvious.

        4. I never really got too much women are just as strong as men teachings it was more being taught women are innocent snowflakes and us men are evil represssors, so much of that shit gets taught in Australia. I started noticing men getting shamed for things and women getting a free pass for the same thing. Later I started hearing endless rhetoric about women being stronger than men. I Also noticed that men were constantly made fun off in our society with things like commercials all showing men as clueless bufoons and people making jokes about men that would get them heavily criticized if they made the same type of joke about women, this didn’t sit right with men considering men basically built society. Things like that are what made me discover red pill along with not being successful with women as I was a typical nice guy who put women on a pedestal. Luckily I learnt but too many guys I know refuse to see the truth.

        5. Hey, I got also got into the whole men are evil, and women are innocent snowflakes thing. I was born in Pakistan, and in my country a lot of people watch Indian films, and I had been watching Indian films since childhood, as the Pakistani and Indian language and culture, are almost identical. In those films, It always used to be the men who were evil. They were rapists, they were wife beaters, they were dads who abandoned their families, they were the ones with bad morals. Sometimes in these films there was a lot of violence against men, which, to me, even as a kid, didn’t seem right. Then there were sometimes scenes where wives were beating their husbands, and these scenes were portrayed as typical comedy scenes. Disgusting. If the genders were reversed would people find it funny then?
          I am a Christian, and one time when I was a kid, and I was reading Bible, in the book of Genesis, I came across the passage where Joseph is falsely accused of rape. I was shocked. I never, ever had though, that such a thing could happen. Women are so moralistic, and they never lie about these things, do they? When I began reading the stories of false rape accusations, and false domestic violence accusations, on the net, truth began to dawn on me. I began to read about men who were beaten by their wives. Then I realized that everything is not black and white. Women are not always innocent snowflakes, and men are not evil monsters. A lot of times it can be the other way around.

        6. Yes I remember when I was younger thinking that women were far more moralistic than men and if a women commits violence against a man it was probably justified, a women falsely accusing a man of rape was something I couldn’t understand. But as I got older and saw different things I gradually started understanding things aren’t black and white and women aren’t snowflakes.

        7. Exactly. I also thought the same. If a woman commits violence on a man then it is justified. Whenever I heard about a woman committing a violent act, I would ask, what did he do to make her do so. And whenever a man committed a violent act, I would rationalize that whatever the woman did, the man shouldn’t have done so.
          That’s however, the way the society had programmed me to see things. I’m glad, I broke free of the shackles of the society. Everything isn’t black and white. There are grey areas in between, and blissful ignorance of them won’t do us good. Accepting the reality is the first step towards solving a problem.

    2. No man. They’re just gaming the system. Women are cunning and this all falls on their strengths. I don’t think they believe (most of them anyway), they’re being oppressed and all. They’re just playing everybody in order to get more goodies. I don’t really blame them. Anybody would do the same. If the system is weak (propped up by weak men), then go for the kill… No racket science here.

  7. Women outnumber men in the workforce. No onger does meritocracy and hard work mean anything. The most laziest and dumbass women will be given a position in a company, simply because she is female and has a vagina and good looks.
    She then goes onto brag about it on social media, like she earned it. This is why hr departments need to be abolished for pure corruption and intentional discrimination against men. I am unemployed and struggle everyday to sevure employment because no matter what I try to do, I must go through hr. Women are given special privelages and entitlements all the time, and never have to work for anything. There are hardly anymore men left in the workplace, especially in government departments. All filled with women. Isn’t that discrimination?
    It is getting more mentally tough on my mind, which is why I no longer give a fuck. I hope the economic collapse occurs and see millions lose their jobs. The people who do have jobs, are in general from my experience, narcissistic and arrogant fucks who love to show off. Well, fuck you, I can’t wait to see you cunts lose your jobs, and struggle to make ends meet. Then you’ll know how it feels.
    Like the saying goes, karma is a bitch.

    1. On the original article. If you go to the YouTube page it’s pure comedic gold. Every white knight and feminazi on that page is fighting with the men that are using common sense.

  8. The problem is that there is too much denial about reality even in the redpill “community” no one will say it.
    But this is the truth:
    As a man , at least 75% of the population , wants to screw you over..
    The game of screwing you over literally doesn’t stop until 80 summers have past and on average, your organs have failed…and you are 6 feet under..
    than, they even want your organs if you happen not to make it to your actuarial schedule… How “polite” and “loving” the society is full of wonderful charming people,
    No wonder the rich find a private island, far far away from the orcish brutes that make up the public
    Women want you to fail, they want your job, and they prefer the company of other women at the workplace so they network together for more pull
    if they cant have your job directly, than they will pretend to get along with you and do a vicious courtship dance with sex as part of the bargaining chip and also the” i love you long time” until they can secure some kind of entitlement contract, stay just long enough to make it “solid catch” than they go for the $ and make a big celebration out of your destruction when the timing is right, they call this “marriage”
    …Men want you to fail so they can get with the women that want you to fail since the laws of scarcity and competition apply to you, At least half the men you know will try to fuck you over or try to get something out of you one way or the other, they can’t stand you being happy and getting laid, most men are jealous envious emotionally stunted manginas
    Since women spend the most money, and men tend to horde wealth long-term since men understand delayed gratification and have better long-term planning and impulse control than women, the idea is to give all the money and jobs to women who are impulsive so the corporations can extract more of it away
    it makes sense to want to give the money to the individuals more likely to give most of it back out to the system

  9. “They are still the backbone of America, and our greatness is built upon their shoulders.”
    Nailed it.

  10. That’s excellent data, and I’ve saved a link of this article on my email, so that I can use this, whenever arguing with people who really want to get their facts right, and seek the truth of the matter. Having said that I don’t want to argue with the kind of people who even after having the truth pushed into their faces, invent make believe stories, and choose to ignore the elephant in the room. These people are delusional, and even after proving to them with statistics from reliable sources that male privilege simply don’t exist, they choose to exist in blissful ignorance, because facing the harsh reality is too much for them. These people, basically are women, white knights and feminists. They remind me of Gandhi’s quote,
    “But you can wake a man only if he is really asleep. No effort that you make will produce any effect upon him if he is merely pretending to be asleep.”

    1. They will never admit the reality. And it’s not because they’re stupid or blissful, etc. It’s because admitting it is counter their self interest. They will never do it. It is up to men (yet again) to dig themselves out of this mess. Do not expect any help or sympathy from anybody.

      1. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair.
        In our case, ‘man’ can be replaced with feminist, SJW, etc.

      1. That stupid Indian feminist is fomenting opinions with no dissenting opinions. People are listening to her. We need to scream as loud as the big baby feminists else we’re doomed. I can’t comment because I refuse to use farcebook otherwise I’d rip her a new one.

    1. Thanks, typo fixed. For the fatalities stat, that link you have is 2011, and mine was based on 2013. I’ll see if that site has any newer stats to compare.

  11. Unfortunately, almost nobody gives a shit about us in society. Especially if you’re a straight white man, don’t ever expect anyone to listen to your thoughts or feelings on these or any other topics. You will be met with shaming and cries of “man up” and mocking “what about the menz” comments that make me want to slap a bitch.

    1. A white man without resources is basically expected to just go fuck off and die.
      But if he manages to pick himself back up it was because of privilege.

      1. No one has it worse than a poor white man. He receives zero sympathy from everyone.

        1. A short man has it worst at least a poor tall man can manipulate a gullible bitch to having him live in her house eating her food

        2. That’s because in hunter-gatherer societies being tall was a positive indicator of resource access. In order to be taller than other men, a man has to have access to more food. A man with access to more food can provide for more children, hence why women see them as more attractive. Taller men also tend to have more muscle mass and can better defend and intimidate, although this has largely become obsolete after the invention of weaponry, the human brain hasn’t had time to evolve and catch up. Tall men are still seen as more competent, even though in our modern world height means next to nothing. Long ago, when humans still lived in small hunter-gatherer societies, a hardwired psychological bias evolved. It’s still in us and influencing human behavior.

      2. It amuses me how leftists blame white men for everything, but not white women.

        1. Leftists worship white women. They’re heroes for putting up with their impossibly oppressed situation.

        2. I think white women are the most privileged group in the modern world. However, if leftists think that the state of white women today, is that of oppression, then I would love to be oppressed my entire life.

        3. White women are pretty much untouchable right now.
          They’ll eventually become a minority class though if they continue to marginalize their own men.

        4. Karma is a terrible bitch. White women shouldn’t marginalize their men, because without their men, white women are nothing. They don’t realize that, but they’ll go down with the ship. Whites are just not reproducing. Women are busy building their careers and riding the carousal, while men are discovering how dangerous marriage has become. Their population is declining.
          Personally, as an Asian man, I wouldn’t want the whites to become a minority in their own lands, the lands, that their forefathers built with their Christian values. The lands, that their forefathers worked to make great.

        5. I appreciate that.
          It’s been said around these parts that when white couples move to other countries, the women go down 2 points and the men go up 2 points.
          Around the world white men are celebrated while no one gives a shit about white women and their fat entitled feminist bullshit.

        6. To be frank that’s because, white men, in western countries, are trained from day one, to be nice guys, respect women, not to hit women, to care about women’s feelings and all. Western women may not respect these men, and go after the bad boys who give them tingles, but women in a lot of other countries respect these type of men.
          One the other hand, western women are trained from day one to be entitled little brats, insult men, “empower” themselves, show their independence to men, and generally act like men. They may be adored in the west, but in other countries, where a lot of women are feminine and actually dress like women, they come across as degenerate female specimens. For men everywhere, women acting like men are a big turnoff. Usually men don’t want to do anything with these women. Their mere presence is toxic.

        7. Come over to some parts of Asia and the Middle East where men still get to be men. And no, its not half as bad and PATRIARCHAL as you think. Though with the exception of Singapore and Malaysia, infrastructre aint as good as the West:

    2. ultimately this is normal and understandable, as all groups trend towards their own kinship interests
      the real problem here is that too many white men are compassionate towards equalists instead of pursuing their own ethnic interests, thereby causing a power imbalance in favor of minorities

  12. This is the cold hard reality of nature. Males are expendable and nature doesn’t owe you any such thing as fairness.
    This is the cost of being a man and all it entails. Yeah, I’m going to die before women generally do, and yeah society doesn’t care about me, only what I provide for it. But I would still rather be a man. Don’t like it? Become a woman.
    They have operations for that now, you know?

    1. A man who has done his time and has the scars to prove it but yet is still comfortable in his skin seems to unnerve a lot of people.

      1. Just being a confident man unnerves a lot of people; women especially

  13. women’s purpose on earth is only very few things….
    bare children, raise children and pleasure men.
    cook, clean, and obey men.
    That’s all they have to do…
    On the other hand, men have A LOT of things to do to run this world…. Women should respect that.
    NOW go back to the kitchen and make me a ham sandwich.

  14. Men are biased in favor of women, it has been like this historically. The result of this, and the product of neoteny and sex, is an extremely privileged female.
    A recent study revealed that there is a significant sexism to men, but you know how they reinterpret this ?, They say sexism has been “fixed somehow”, so if it happens against men it is good, and women were indeed oppressed, without proves, this means that even when researches prove that it all was a lie, it is still true and women are victims.
    Today women say they are oppressed as women in the past said the same, and the evidence tells us that women are privileged now as they were in the past:

    National hiring experiments reveal 2:1 faculty preference for women on STEM tenure trackEfforts to combat formerly widespread sexism in hiring appear to have succeeded. After decades of overt and covert discrimination against women in academic hiring, our results indicate a surprisingly welcoming atmosphere today for female job candidates in STEM disciplines, by faculty of both genders, across natural and social sciences in both math-intensive and non–math-intensive fields, and across fields already well-represented by women (psychology, biology) and those still poorly represented (economics, engineering).
    Instead of considering that sexism and oppression did not exist systematically against women, only specific cases, that maybe it existed against men, that feminism and women have been making of themselves the victims, something that is in fact characteristic in women, instead, they speculate that it did exist, and that it was terrible, and somehow it was corrected in front of our eyes, while women still scream “oppression”, sexism, male privilege.
    – Science and studies have revealed very disturbing truths about women. People in denial rather than taking that evidence as a definitive evidence and exposing the lie, they rationalize it in favor women, to keep them as victims, just because these people can’t accept the results: Oh no, I’ve found women are not oppressed, but privileged, What do I do now… I’ll be called sexist and misogynist
    – Do you think women were oppressed ? Do you thing it is not a lie?
    – Do you think true discrimination existed against women, the “protected sex” of our species ? Really?, Contradicting our biology, men being protective with women, and competitive with other men ?
    – Every piece of evidence tells us about oppression against men, a systematic, historical and brutal oppression against men.
    – But the weak men of our society demand women to be victims so they can be a heroes.
    The curious thing is how reversed are these facts:
    – Men are oppressed, society says women are oppressed.
    – Women hate men, society says men are misogynists.
    – Genital mutilation in men to prevent him from masturbating(real sexual oppression) society says women are victims of sexual oppression.
    – Women objectify themselves, men and children, for money, fame, status, etc. society says men objectify and harass women.
    – Women are sexist and biased against boys and men, women say men are sexist.
    – Women do something wrong, women and the state blame men.
    – etc, etc, etc.

    1. add pressure and competition from legal and illegal aliens and you are fucked if you’re a male in the USA…

    2. – But the weak men of our society demand women to be victims so they can be a heroes.
      this is so true. most mentally crippled men (betas, whiteknights and so on) do indeed like to think that they have some power in society, which in reality they do not have. they are being fooled their lifetime and partly dont even want to see, let alone acknowledge that they are driven by forces (females) they do not understand. hence they imagine it. take the example when a woman hits a man, those guys will say “im physically stronger, therefore im superior and must walk away, else i would abuse my power and would be morally condemnable. so im the good guy everyone else can look up to, my mature behaviour will earn me the respect of my fellow people.”
      what those guys cannot see is that walking away and not standing up for your rights is abuse enabling. they are pushed around by females nearly nonstop on almost every matter and are manipulated and used by them constantly. this ranges from little daily tasks such as “heeelp, im not so good with computer thingies and just cant get windows on my compi :(” (after you fixed her system, you dont her anything from her in the next weeks) to major damage like workplace promotion or divorce.
      but why dont they want to see reality? you know, when you declare natural masculine behaviour as evil, unwanted and to be spit upon, you have crippled males. the males are hurt and damaged in a way they cannot comprehend, its like telling and conditioning a wild bear that he cant hunt, cant hurt, and cant kill other animals and therefore must eat vegetables to be a “good bear” that woman want and is acceptable. that he isnt a real bear anymore and have malfunctions in his psyche that would, if he could see it consciously, and see the amount of betrayal about how his true nature is rejected by the ones he loves dearly, he would suffer in a way that is nearly unbearable. proof of this is that at times, betas and whiteknights suffer alot from the damage that seeps through their subconscious, one example of this contradiction is the famous question why “woman date the assholes and not me, the nice guy that`d never hurt her”.
      its not surprising anti depressants are used in amounts today like never before. in short: its too hard to bear for the mangina to truly admit that he is powerless towards females and expandable. however, there are people who can take the pain, see where it comes from and are able reject the role of the useful, controllable piece they are supposed to take, and some even brush off the chains that western society put upon them and can find their true self. a redpiller is born.
      this definitely happens, but not on a big scale. as it is now, i`d say it will still take a good while until more men wake up and find back to common sense. however, the increased female abuse of power can fasten this process dramatically, but its important to inform and show fellow men how female power operates, as its often invisible nature is overseen easily. one example here is the nurse in an all female team, ask one and listen to the stories how woman operate when they want to demolish someone. false rape accusations is the female bazooka towards males, daily abuse however finds its place all too often and can be as devastating.
      personally, i grew up in an environment where emotional abuse was common and “female privilege” got my female friends and relatives out of trouble effortlessly countless times. whenever i see a friend being victim to female abusive behaviour, i explain to him what happened (hard to comprehend sometimes), how it could happen, and how he can fuck her up if he wants to. thanks to my broken parents (or rather: mother) i quite have an eye for emotional abuse and can tell when i see it, and let me tell you: it happens almost everywhere. i see it when im at a b-day party, when i was at school, then work, when i eat some icecream and listen to the couple sitting right next to me.. its ridiculous. however, most men, even friends, DONT want to see it and belittle it, as they like to believe that they are the strong ones, even if they can feel that they lie to themselves. however, the first step to change something is that you see and acknowledge that something is wrong. if you are incapable of that, youre qualified for a life of unfulfilled desires and therefore, misery.

      1. Your post has important points, some thoughts:
        Power: women are given the power of men, by men(the state, and others).Its the natural right/choice of any men to share what he owns, his status, wealth, etc. But now it is made an obligation to the point that you do not own anything, but the state (hence the illusion of money, justice, rights, civilization).
        We have a false interpretation of women and the state. Both quite similar in many ways: Both benefit from men.
        Emotional abuse the influence of women in our lives.
        This is a critical thing that affects all men, including most men in this website, women makes us biased, and dependent. Mothers abuse children all the time, but in the eyes of the observer this is invisible. Children love their mothers unconditionally, ignoring how much damage they are causing in them. For example making them infantile, feminine, weak, etc.
        Emotions are key to the privilege of women as they give her the status of untouchable. It makes people around empathetic with her, and dependent on, giving her attention, like a father to a child. Women take advantage of this, ultimately they have taken the place of children, stealing from them their natural privilege. No wonder when societies degenerate children are not the most important thing anymore, thus is how women get more “equality”(privilege) and “fairness”(impunity).
        There is a false sense of morality that society indoctrinates in boys. We grow thinking that women are innocent, sincere, fragile, and a real representation of our fantasies(pleasure), something to protect. We grow defending these lies. That is what white knights are doing.
        Guilt on men This is another way how women obtain privilege, but does not work as good with women, shame works better, or it did, because women are nothing when the illusion is gone(disposable).
        Men don’t notice but being emotional to women is what makes them weak and vulnerable to them. They were told to be nice to girls, to desire them, to try to impress them, to make them happy, to satisfy them, to chase them and to be clowns to them, etc. Men ignore that this behavior is in reality, “feminine behavior to attract males”.
        Omegas seek validation of their own masculinity through women. Ignoring how much they have been psychologically violated by a society that has introduced in them ideas of guilt and “femininity” disguised as masculinity. So many boys have grown passively traumatized to the extreme that they feel they have to prove they are good men, effectively emasculating themselves even more.
        InvisibilityMen ignore their enormous capacity for pleasure, yes enormous, physiological and psychological. It makes us blind. We are not really attracted to women, but to the illusion, result of our capacity to understand new concepts, experiences that women ignore, studies confirm that women do not experience the same we do, nor the same intensity.
        But something positive though is that if you are not weak, your nature precedes, giving you options…

        1. a man without masculine powers or virtues is no real man with a positive identity towards himself, and therefore easily pushed to to things that benefits others and not him. a woman without feminine power is no real woman as well: today she has no idea how to attract and keep a man other then the abuse the state (divorce, getting pregnant), and thinks that the only thing she must do to keep him is sleeping with him and he will be happy just because of this.
          both man and woman are alienated from themself. in terms of happiness and fulfillment, there are no winners here.
          as for emotional abuse, i could write books. just look at all the single mom households. who do you think abuses the children there? the absent man? yesterday i did some research about social projects featuring “gendereducation” in german schools. i only found a few (thank god), but what happened there turned my stomach. what you found in those classes: boys had to wear girls dresses – boys were made up with maquillage – boys had to learn how “to talk about feelings” – boys needed TO TOUCH EACH OTHER AND MASSAGE – and, most despicable of them all: boy need to learn how to cry, AND WERE MADE TO CRY BY THE GENDER TEACHERS WITH PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICKS.
          luckily, those projects ran out of money fast and did not return, at least not to my knowledge. god knows how many boys are traumatized by this forceful penetration of their feelings und mind and develop a real hate towards woman. by the way, some of the boys who wore dresses and makeup entered the schoolyard. guess what? they were ridiculed (by both boys and girls btw) and beaten up. but just imagine this: grown up woman teachers, go to boys and start to destroy their identity by making them wear girls clothes, violate their minds by making them cry and “teach them how to show emotions”. however, those were solitary cases. but that doesnt count for feminist influenced parents, especially mothers. thats a whole other story and would be a bit much in one post.
          regarding your last paragraph about pleasure: do you have any links you can share?

        2. And all this gender ideology is not just feminism. Many men are helping them intellectually, for example I also read a little of a German book about how to prevent boys from being dominant, written by a man to support gender equality.

          I have many links lost in many notes, not that easy to find. But I’ll post some I have that describe women’s pleasure.The evidence is in in front of our eyes, but we want a different truth.
          Pleasure through attraction and love :

          “women, but not men, were less committed to their current long-term mating partner after being exposed to a high dominance member of the opposite sex. Merely being experimentally exposed to a man with very high dominance lowered women’s commitment to their current mate, and did so without consciously asking women about their preferences for dominance.”

          – This is the so called hypergamy. Women “love” is self centered, infantile, she seeks a father and they compete each other for that, confusing love for a different kind of pleasure, a self centered and false sense of love.

          Magazine asks Japanese women if they’d rather date an ugly millionaire or unemployed hottie
          For the very first question, AneCan asked its readers whether they’d rather have an ugly man with an annual income of 300 million yen (US $2.54 million) or a handsome man who’s unemployed as their boyfriend. Specifically, the unattractive man was referred to as busaiku, a term that usually denotes an unattractive face more so than an unappealing physique…
          As shown in the pink section of the graph, 75.5 percent of respondents picked the financially successful yet visually unimpressive man as the more eligible bachelor.

          – Women do not genuinely love the man, she is attracted to what he represents to her benefits and emotions.

          Determinants of Male Attractiveness:“Hotness” Ratings as a Function of Perceived Resources
          …women place a greater emphasis on the immediate access to resources in order to assess a potential mate’s willingness and ability to invest in her (Buss & Schmitt, 1993; Townsend & Levy, 1990b); and if a man does show immediate investment in a relationship, the woman is typically more likely to engage in sex with him (Spreecher, Sullivan, & Hatfield, 1994). The two sexes often engage in this exchange of reproductive currencies with men looking to exchange investment for sex and women preferring to exchange sex for investment (Kruger, 2008). This inclination also permeates emotions. Women in relationships with men who are unwilling or unable to provide are less likely to love or feel loved (Townsend, 1987), and are also likely to site such circumstances as grounds for infidelity as well (Greiling & Buss, 2000).

          – Men experiences pleasure explicitly, just by looking at a sexually attractive average woman. Women do not see eroticism for the average man even if he is good looking, but she is attracted to men, rich or famous. In other words, she confuses her own emotions with love. She desires, not much of a physical pleasure but psychological.
          – Different experiences and different intensities. When a woman finds a man who is more dominant, higher status, she loses interests for her current long-term partner, there are also other studies that show that women forget men easier after a breakup, but I can’t find these links.
          – Men “loves” a woman more easily, and wants sex readily this desire is derived from pleasure too, his masculinity(libido). Through history we have seen men having an, almost instantly attraction to X woman, femininity and sex, and this can’t happen without pleasure:
          – A woman thinks she loves but then she ceases to love easier than men, proving that she does not experience a real intensity. If she wants children, a husband or if she wants to get married, she can find the “love of her life” conveniently because she desires that. And she will believe the experience as real and sincere and of course the man too.
          Marriage :
          – Divorce = unhappier than men, ignoring her children.
          – Faking orgasms with their future husband. Very common.
          – How common it is to women to exaggerate things, and men believing everything. Male desires the lie.
          – And those horny women, who suddenly become frigid after marriage. (pleasure for the man or for getting married)
          – See parent alienation, hate on men, lack of love.
          Pleasure through Sex :
          – See catcalling, harassment accusations. See how women react, how men react when women do it.
          – See how women vs men react when asked for sex.
          – See 17x-20x more testosterone/libido(masculine hormone)
          – Desire and pleasure are linked. Pleasure is the lure to attract men to women, and this lure needs to be intense. He knows it very well, his entire life. Women instead experience a different kind of pleasure, like being desired, narcissism, vanity, dominance in men, intimacy, etc.
          – Bigger male brain, means more complexity, billions more.
          – See that men also have 2.5x bigger sexual areas in the brain relatively( if absolute, then even bigger)
          – Fmri brain scans of aroused men and women: The activity in women’s brain is very small, men’s activity is full, very active.(Can’t find the link with the fmri images)

          Emotion centers were deactivated, though apparently less intensely than in women, and men also appear to concentrate more on the sensations transmitted from the genitals to the brain.
          This suggests that for men, the physical aspects of sex play a much more significant part in arousal than they do for women, for whom ambiance, mood and relaxation are at least as important.

          “Men find it more important to be stimulated on the penis than women find it to be stimulated on the clitoris,” Gert Holstege of the University of Groningen said. “We know from these images that each sex experiences stimulation differently.”

          In men, greater activity was seen in the insula, which deals with emotion, and particularly in the secondary somatosensory cortex, which rates the significance of physical sensations. This suggests that the sensory input coming from the genitals is being judged highly important and pleasurable by the brain.
          Women, however, show very little increased brain activity, and only in the primary somatosensory cortex – which registers purely that a sensation in the genitals is there.”In women the primary feeling is there, but not the marker that this is seen as a big deal,” Dr Holstege said.”For males, touch itself is all-important. For females, it is not so important.”
          The scans showed that in the female orgasm, activity is reduced across all the brain regions – conscious and subconscious – that handle emotion, including the amygdale, medial prefrontal cortex and orbitofrontal cortex.

          – Old men too:

          Sexual expression among 60–80‐year‐old men and women: A sample from stockholm, sweden men are significantly more sexual than women, in all ages and in all respects.

          – Women don’t have g-spot, but men have prostate.
          – The clitoris is the vestige of the male penis. Masculine.
          – 20,000–70,000 erogenous nerve endings in the foreskin + the head(4,000-8,000) + the rest of the penis + prostate. Clitoris have 4,000-8,000.

          – Myths, many of them to exaggerate the sexuality of women, gpost, female ejaculation, orgasms, brain mysterious things, nerve endings, etc, etc. Then personal articles in Internet replicate these over and over.
          – marriage sex:
          – Homosexuals vs Lesbians:

          Research indicates that the average male homosexual has hundreds of sex partners in his lifetime:
          The Dutch study of partnered homosexuals, which was published in the journal AIDS, found that men with a steady partner had an average of eight sexual partners per year.[12]
          Bell and Weinberg, in their classic study of male and female homosexuality, found that 43 percent of white male homosexuals had sex with 500 or more partners, with 28 percent having one thousand or more sex partners.[13]

          – Dopamine:

          According to the brain science of love, there are two different chemicals produced by the brain in response to sex-dopamine and oxytocin. Dopamine is released in response to the anticipation of some kind of pleasurable experience (and nothing produces more dopamine than the anticipation of sex—(especially in the male brain….) Dopamine gives us a huge high and is very addictive! In studies, if an animal is given the choice between a hit of dopamine or a hit of methamphetamines or crack cocaine—the animal will chose the dopamine.

          – Amygdala( bigger in men):

 Sex Differences in the Responses of the Human Amygdala (STEPHAN HAMANN)
          Studies with rats with amygdala lesions have highlighted a key distinction between the role of the male amygdala in so-called appetitive and consummatory sexual behaviors. Appetitive sexual behaviors involve motivation to obtain a sexual reward (i.e., desire or wanting), whereas consummatory sexual behaviors involve obtaining a reward (i.e., copulation). Everitt (1990) reported that lesions to the medial amygdala impaired the ability of male rats to respond to olfactory and other sexual cues from a receptive female, implicating this structure in appetitive sexual motivation. Male rats were trained to gain access to receptive female rats that were placed above them in a plastic enclosure by repeatedly pushing a lever that would open a trapdoor. Amygdala lesions markedly reduced bar-pressing behavior to obtain females but did not interfere with sexual behavior when the females were placed next to the males. Because lesions to the medial amygdala do not affect female sexual receptivity, this demonstrated that in rats the amygdala is critical for male but not female appetitive sexual responses.

          Numerous studies have demonstrated that men are more psychologically and physiologically responsive to visual sexually arousing stimuli and display a greater motivation to seek out and interact with such stimuli (Symons 1979). This specific sex difference is predicted by evolutionary and sociobiological theories that postulate that it is adaptive for males to react rapidly to visual information that signals an opportunity to mate with a fertile female because this tends to increase their probability of passing on their genes.

          – Men think much more about sex.
          – Men masturbate more
          – Men orgasm much more
          – etc, etc, etc.
          Pleasure through Femininity:
          – Abortion, no real pride in being a mother anymore etc.
          – See porn and other ways of prostitution, how cheap is sex for women. See exhibitionism, the anxious need for attention.
          – See the masculinization of women: contraception, sluts, feminism,pills with androgens, depression, etc. Basically femininity sucks nowadays, so much that women are obsessed trying to be men.
          Pleasure through happiness:
          – Statistics show that women are less happy, men are happier now despite all the attack against men.

          (Haven’t read these pdf files entirely, but if I remember they try to find excuses to women’s issues and it is always about women needing special treatment for them to be equal)
          We think women love, have guilt, have moral, or desire things like we do: sex, eroticism, pleasure, attraction, love, genitalia, etc, That women understand happiness like we do, not just diversion or emulations, that they empathize like we do,etc. And they think it too, but this is relativity. We believe it blindly because that is what we desire in women. A man is attracted to the illusion he creates about women.

        3. “grown up woman teachers, go to boys and start to destroy their identity
          by making them wear girls clothes, violate their minds by making them
          cry and “teach them how to show emotions”
          After imagining that horrid scenario, the following words came to my mind:
          Get a rope!
          As in a hangman’s rope.
          A culling of humanity is long overdue.
          Just like nature culls the weak and the sick, and the gardener culls the weak seedlings so the strong can flourish.
          Doing otherwise is self defeating.

        4. 《Women “love” is self centered, infantile, she seeks a father and they compete each other for that, confusing love for a different kind of pleasure, a self centered and false sense of love.》
          This is the electra complex, an exact analogy of the oedepus complex.
          《A man is attracted to the illusion he creates about women.》
          So true. I found someone that works for me. She is not a typical idiot human.

    1. I did it on PiktoChart, and they charge you to download it as an image. I’m sure someone with some skills could do a bunch of screenshots and piece it together. I may give it a shot if I find some time.

  15. Regardless of the veracity of feminist claims, I contend that male privilege is a good thing and if it doesn’t not exist in a society, it should be made a reality

    1. “Male privilege” is a necessary artificial correction to the inherent privileges women as a sex enjoy as outlined in the article above. There have always been pros and cons to both being a male and female. This is why feminism as an analytical tool is fraudulent and too simplistic. Feminism only focuses on the very few top percentage of men who are highly privileged and who have power. It is a movement for an already privileged group of middle to upper-middle class women who want to enjoy the same amount of power and privileges as their top-tier, highly privileged male counterparts. It ignores the majority of vastly under-privileged men; it ignores the way in which men suffer in society, and the extra burdens men have to bear that women don’t.. and it ignores all the ways in which women have always been privileged, and in which women enjoy sexual power.
      Secondly, there needs to be a “gap” between men and women to satisfy female hypergamy. Women aren’t attracted to men below or at their level, however you want to define that. Female sexual behaviour and what kind of men women find attractive is malleable and not set in stone. In the 60s and 70s, for example, lots of slim, attractive women were attracted to most men because women were taught to be submissive and the most men were situationally alpha forward to today’s day and age of “female empowerment” and “equality” and you find most of these very same women are rejecting most of the same men and finding them unattractive because this “gap” between the sexes no longer exists, and in fact, women are taught to look down on most men, and the culture emasculates most men.
      Thirdly, male privilege is necessary to give men an incentive to be a husband and father. It makes no sense for men to sacrifice and tie themselves to one woman and ignore the possibility of enjoying sex with variety of women, which is what the male sex drive and male sexual imperative demands without men getting a good “deal” out of marriage. It used to be that men did have a good deal before: they were offered exclusive sexual access to a young, chaste woman during her most sexually desirable years, and were granted power over their prodigy. This makes marriage and fatherhood a good enough deal for men to buy into. Today, this is no longer the case. Women are slutting it up with the “hawt” alphas and ride the cock carousel through their most sexually desirable years in their early 20s with other men, and only after hitting 30 or even later do they want to settle down and find some beta schmuck to put a ring around it. So now men are expected to marry whores and sluts who have multiple dicks inside her, who gave her most sexiest and desirable years to a bunch of other men, and to put up with her during her worst and least sexually desirable years. This is a shitty deal for men.
      Fatherhood is a social construct; motherhood is a biological reality. It makes sense for a society to grant fathers more power and privilege over mothers to artificially strengthen the more weaker paternal bond of fatherhood. Otherwise, children tend to bond more strongly with their mothers, and be more dependent on them, and courts will thus grant custody of the children to the mother in the case of divorce. In most cases, this leads to fathers becoming distant from their children, not being able to sustain that bond with them, and in all practical terms, losing the relationships with their children. The court systems also force men to pay alimony and child-support to the mothers with no checks to see if all that money is indeed being spent on the children. In the event of divorce, women tend to keep the home and the children while men have to go live in some shitty apartment alone. The man also has to suffer the indignity and humility of watching another man moving into his house if the wife finds herself a boyfriend, and in effect having to pay for his wife to fuck other men in his own house and bed.

    2. For feminists, “male privilege” is code-word for “a man who enjoys the fruits of his own labor.”

  16. These days, the only proper response when someone says or writes “check your privilege” to me is to write back or say “go fuck yourself”…
    I’m reminded once again of this story I heard of in early modern Japan when a former Samurai was walking about from his home to the dojo for practise in swordsmanship when he got confronted by some marxists assholes who tried to bully him into joining socialism and probably gave him their version of “check your privilege”. His only response was to break the nose of the leader with the scabbard of his sword which sent the rest running like rats. Amazing restraint on his part but yeah, our equivalent to the media, SJWs, feminists and socialists assholes should be to just break their noses with a collective “go fuck yourselves” response.

    1. Actually, ask them to prove you have a privilege. They are making a claim, and thus the burden of proof is on them. If you have “privilege” they should be able to easily demonstrate it. If they say you have one because “it’s obvious!” Point out their argument is a Begging the Question fallacy. If they say, “prove you don’t have it,” call them out for a Burden of Proof fallacy.

  17. As I’ve said before:
    Crash the welfare state.
    I’m doing my part. I have 70% VA “Disability” and get $1440 per month in untaxed money. I’m also a part time fire fighter who only makes about 25K per year but I only work >20 per week.
    I was an Army Captain. I have a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in International Relations– all paid for by the Army– I was offered a $125k job at Boeing and a Associate Professor of Military Science ob at Western Washington U. Fuck that. Why work hard? To but shit that I don’t need or particularly want? To provide for shitty kids? I have enough money to pay my bills and go on vacation every year.
    I’m going to go smoke a bowl and play with my dog.

    1. The saddest part is 125k a year comes out to about half that after you pay all your taxes. Welfare can easily pay close to that after tax amount.
      I can’t blame you for saying “why bother?”

  18. Hi D.M West
    This great. As rational thinkers we should counter feminist arguments with facts. It’s clear to me that we live in a society that puts female interests above that of males. However many men live in ignorance.
    I hope the infographic and article are expanded. It could be an invaluable and timeless resource for all men. Suggested topics would be:
    1. Break down of sentencing disparities for the same offence.
    2. Comparative rates of domestic violence between men and women. Some studies have suggested the balance is 50/50, others that women commit more than 50% of domestic violence.
    3. Lack of shelters and suppport for men who are victims of domestic violence.
    4. Homicide of infants. I believe that women kill more children than men.
    5. Hours a week worked. Men work more hours than women which explains the stupid ‘wage gap’ myth.
    6. Funding for womens conditions like breast cancer vs funding for men’s conditions like prostrate cancer. There is much more funding for the former.
    7. You should also debunk the ‘rape epidemic’. DOJ statistics say 0.61% of students are raped as opposed to one in 5 []
    8. A big privilege women have compared to men is the ability to destroy a man’s reputation with a false claim of domestic violence, sexual harrassment or rape. And to do so with little fear of legal consequences. [Sources quoted in this article put false rape allegations as high as 60% – I’m not affliated with the MRA in any way but this article seems legit]
    9. Affirmative action and funding for women in education resuting in the more women than men attending university.
    I’m sorry I haven’t got time to dig out the sources for all these points but I’m sure you can dig them up via Google. Whether or not you approve of MGTOW, some of their channels like Turd Flinging Monkey discuss many of the above points in great detail and could be a good source of information.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for the ideas. I’ll try to add in a few of these, especially #7 – that’s a great study.

  19. An infographic made of verifiable facts, logic, and sources – good luck trying to use it in debates with women!

  20. Man, I am very much looking forward to you guys doing an article on the kid from FSU that got kicked off the team yesterday for punching a chick in a bar. I’m not defending him, but as someone who’s been in a bar with drunk, aggressive white girls, I can totally understand why that situation played out the way it did.

  21. You forgot to mention that more men are raped than women.
    That there are no domestic violence shelters for men.
    That while woman start domestic violence more often than men do, only men go to jail for it.
    Also, women live longer, and more money is spent on their diseases than on men’s diseases, (say breast cancer vs prostate), even though more men die.
    (Heck, I think more men die from breast cancer than women do, but can’t recall where that info was).

    1. I’ll try to add a section on diseases and money spent. That is a great idea. I tried to do a section on rape, but the data isn’t out there to back it up.

  22. I don’t think most women even know what it’s like to live in the real world because of all the special treatment they get from betas and white knights. If any semi-attractive girl has a problem, there’s no shortage of simps lining up to help her solve it. This isn’t the case for men

    1. This is true until they hit the wall and their looks fade. Then reality sets in and they realize that they need to lock down a husband to do things women are incapable of doing because of their lack of physical strength or intellectual capacity. They NEED men in their lives. Men, on the other hand, don’t need women to live.

  23. Rockefeller financed various feminist movements in 60es, need we say more?
    The dangle with racial/class/gender segregation and we take the bait. Hook, line and sinker.

  24. You forgot to mention that more men are raped in the US than women. (thanks to that prison-slave system)

    1. I was trying to write a section about rape, but unfortunately the stats aren’t really out there to support the argument. I don’t imagine any government organization is going around male prison’s to conduct rape surveys, so that argument will continue to have to be speculative. If I find the data to back up our arguments, I’ll add it in.

    2. The arguments on this discussion are beyond lame. ‘We men are victims too (of other men)’ WTF?

  25. Shame on you. You comments are disgusting….show this to your mothers, sisters, cousins, grandmothers. Shame.

  26. The cold hard zero kelvin reality is that feminism is scientifically redundant. It has absolutely no support in nature and is the delusion of mentally ill minds no different to that of a drug users who thinks that there are bugs crawling under his skin. Feminists have the mistaken belief that gender is a construct but deny the existent of the XY Chromosome. They have a back up delusion, that it is a social construct, but ask any parent who has a boy under five and they will unequivocally tell you how much their son likes Batman, Spiderman, and his Caterpillar excavator toy he got for his birthday. Gender differences and genetic inheritance are not constructs they are as real as any other phenomen found in nature. They have existed all throughout history, just like the gender differences (evolution and genetic inheritance) in the animal kingdom, and for anyone who still thinks that these things are imaginary. Just ask “Sigfried and Roy” how their experiment of taming wild man eating Tigers went…oh that’s right one of them was nearly eaten in front of a live audience, because genetic inheritance is a contruct. Right now there idiot women who insist that they have right to have a child without a father and want Male Semen & government funded IVF to do it. There is also another idiot female scientist in the UK who believes that men are only needed for their seed and that in the not to distant future she will be able to create synthetic semen and sperm with only the XX Chromosome. (I’m not making this up, it’s a divorced single mother Indian scientist, I think the BBC TV Show is called “The Big Questions”) We need to come to terms with the facts that Nature treats everyone (sic Male & Female) poorly, and if you don’t like the hand that you’ve been dealt. Then take it up with Mother Nature, the biggest bitch of all.

    1. Straw woman fallacy. I know of no women who deny the existence of a Y chromosome.
      Taking examples of idiots as representative of a whole group is making yourself an example of what feminists seem to hate the most. You need to make your point with reasoned arguments not insane rantings, you let the side down with this wasteful talk.

  27. There are interesting articles on this site, but this will never change pop culture. Feminism has won in pop culture. Even if its false and man-hating it doesn’t matter.
    The only way for you guys to win against feminism is violence. Man’s biggest advantage over women and children is his strategic planning abilities and propensity for violence. There needs to be a revolution for feminism to be stopped.

    1. No, violence is how you lose. Rome tried to use violence against Christianity. Didn’t work, and actually created sympathy for and interest in them. Muslim extremists use violence against the West, and what has it gotten them? Nothing. Violence backfires.
      Just hold to the truth. Feminism is a cult, and they cannot suppress the truth forever. The key is to criticize, criticize, criticize. Be ruthless with your words.

    2. That revolution is coming, the gradual imposition of Islamic values in this country. Area-by-area around the country, their populations are growing. No feminism there. Men are king and these folks don’t relinquish shit to women. I used to think we should wipe Islam out and liberal feminists would argue against that and call me Islamo-phobe, shit like that.
      Now though? Fuck em, let the Muslims in, let them bring their culture and 8-to-a-woman birthrates here. At least the folks that hate me for being a White Male of the type that built the world into a comfortable place for unappreciative, miserable American liberal feminist women and the gays will be first to go under Islam. The gays, the transgenders, the lesbians and liberal feminists will become distinctly uncomfortable, unarmed cowards and will go right back underground or ELSE. And then? They’ll ask where the men are that used to protect them and maintain all this luxury they enjoy but that takes hard and dangerous work.
      Islam and Hispanics will inherit the United States, they’ll either divide it up or fight over all of it, but Liberal feminists, transgenders and women that hate men are finished. And sure as Hell, I ain’t fighting for the culture of the West that’s in place at this time. No man remaining would. It’s a cesspool and needs an overturn.

    3. So violence against women will stop women thinking that men are violent?
      There are non gender specific laws regarding violence, are you not subject to these laws?
      Is violence is the only skill you have?
      Whether you are a feminist out to incite bad behaviour in men and prove yourself right, or not, you are not a man, you are a fool.

  28. I just found this site and I’m so happy. This article is great, and I’m slowly combing my way through the backlog. Thank you for giving me ammunition to take the fight to the feminists that clog up my facebook feed with their innane retarded feminist shit.

    1. Welcome. You’ve found one of the best sites on the internet. Here we actually have the necessary conversations that few other sites permit.

  29. But there is no defense. When you list these facts, feminists will just say “It’s because of the patriarchy !”..sigh..

  30. Game Over Gentlemen!
    I hate to say it but we have lost.
    I write this post as two homosexuals banter in the next cubicle next to me. The USA is corrupted by women and homosexuals. Two gays are now commenting “Donald Trump will win the Latino vote” and the other snickers “no way that is gonna happen now”. We better band together and start voting for our interests soon or were gonna be put out to pasture.
    I really can’t make this stuff up! lol And they are still commenting about it!

  31. And so what ? Are women to blame if menbabies feel threatened by their idiotic beliefs ? Because let’s say it out loud: women do not threaten men, it is their toxic education which make them believe women empowerment is a threat to their success and well-being. But, hey guys, if you were really that superior, you wouldn’t feel threatened at all, you would be completely relaxed because you would know you’ve got nothing fear. If you were that superior, dudes, you wouldn’t need to imprison women as home-slaves, you wouldn’t need to edict laws which forbid female education, etc. etc. Isn’t it a bit too easy to proclaim one self “superior” when you actually prevent half of the competitors to compete ? Isn’t it a bit too easy to say “yeah dudes, I won the race ! I am the first to cross the line !” when you actually locked your components in the changing room ? Well, THIS is the reason for male alledged “superiority”, this is the reason why lots of men were inventors while it’s hard to find any female name : it is because weak men, menbabies, felt threatened by women and locked them in their houses, forbad their education, so that they could be winners… Hey guys, isn’t it shameful to have to resort to that kind of behaviour ? Is it there where your man-pride stands ? Hey guys, do you really need to cheat so as to win against a woman ? This kind of male-chauvinist pigs, of misogynist, of MRA, of bastards are really a shame to masculinity, and a shame to humanity as well.
    And they will claim: “But men have problem too!”. Yes ok. But when you read further : men are less likely to obtain a university degree than women ! >> Yes, because of whom ? Because men do not work enough, because men prefer to spend their time drinking beers, watching porn and being stupid rather than studying. Intelligent men do manage to get that degree. Nobody forbids men to access education. Nobody at all. You just need to work harder and stop whining around.
    Second problem:”men are more likely to die on workplace”. Yes ok. But are women, once again, responsible for this ? Who forced these men to do dangerous works ? If it is anybody at all, it is certainly not women. Those men chose those dangerous works because they wanted to be “manly”, to work with the dudes rather than the hens. Never ever did a woman force anyman to go and kill himself at work. Even more so, I’m sure that a wife wouldn’t appreciate seeing her husband working in a dangerous place doing dangerous things, she would prefer the man of her life to work in a nice and secure office. Yes, it IS unfortunate that these men die, but it is NOT the fault of women, but the fault of Unions. Menbabies should focus their attention on Unions and try to make them find solutions to solve, or at least limitate, the problem. And I will also add: sometimes women do want to do those dangerous jobs and there is three possible configuations : she is bullied, sexually harrassed and decides to quit (quite understandable), or she is bullied, sexually harrassed, but decides to be strong and to not surrender to those primates. She is neither bullied nor sexually harrassed, and everything is fine for everyone : Coool ! But too rare…
    Third problem (don’t worry, I won’t work on all of them, too long, nobody would read): “men are more likely to die on the battleground, during wars”. Yes, OK. But who did forbid women to engage in the US force for a certain number of centuries ? Who ?! Who is to blame for that ? Once again, not women, but men shitty laws. Lots of women would be proud to defend their countries. Lots of them enter the army, lots of them are very successful. But also lots of them suffer from sexual harrassment, in my country at least but I’m sure it is the same in yours. So, like before: some staybecause they want to be strong, some leave and they are right to.
    Same again “men are more likely to go in jail” and “more men are criminals” (< Yes, I did read that last one on one of their website ! Absurd !). You have your answers Dude : Yes, men do tend to go in jail more often and longer than women. But whose fault ? Your fault. If you were able to watchyour behaviour, you wouldn’t have end up there. You are the ones to blame, not women. If you kill, you go to prison. If you beat, rape, steal you go to prison. That’s only justice Dudes. Be responsible for your acts, you superior daddy whining menbabies.
    And last one I will deal with : “men are more likely to undergo no-fault divorce”. You know what ? A wife or a husband can divorce her husband/his wife if s/he doesn’t feel in love or if they do not have anything to share or if they keep arguing all day long. That’s a reason. Not really a fault, that’s only life. But that’s a reason. But I think it wise to add: if you beat, rape, limitate your wife’s ability to work and have her own income, if your behaving as a drunkard asshole at home : that a fault, and that’s YOUR fault. Sorry your too much of a whining manbaby to acknowledge that. You life must be shitty….
    Fortunately, some men decide to not follow those toxic rules of traditional masculinity. Those men do not need to imprison one half of the population in order to be successful. Those men, whom you call “White Knights”, “SJWs”, “Blue Pills”, “Beta”, “Manginas”, etc., are actually the alpha males : the ones who are confident enough to not follow a trend that keeps them backwards, they have been clever enough to see the lies and toxicity of traditional masculinity and they work all day long to create a better society, better fairer, more Human than bestial. I do admire these men. My man is one of these, and we live a very happy couple.
    PS.: Dudes, he is a nice guy, but still : he is married and beloved ! Stop saying “nice men” never get the women, that’s a lie made up so as to defend your own little vision of what masculinity should be. But it appears that YOU, as a great Alpha Male who’s had his Red Pill moment long ago, is still unable to attract and keep women by your side. The real fact is that Alpha Males only get th girls in Holywood movies, but not in real life dudes. And it’s not the women’s fault, it is because you’re a bastard. I wish you would be clever enough to understand that Holywood movies are not reality… But you’re too much of a manbaby for that. Sorry for your life Dude.
    PS.: You: misogynists, MRA, ROK, Reddit, etc.etc. That bunch of bastard. Not necessarily YOU, good and well-balanced Human male.

    1. Another woman that woke up, a man hit it over the fence for her, let her run the bases and she thinks SHE’S the star. Some stupid bitches pop up around here. Women don’t do shit, period. Their success is zero sum. Taken away, one-for-one and handed over to them. Proof of their stupidity is, they think they EARNED it.

    2. This is what I read here, I find there are complementary flaws of immaturity and idiocy in all camps.
      This site is about being a man. The comments section is full of people who do not know how to be one. Most are acting like victims, but they need time to learn for themselves. This article serves to give smart men perspective that we all have shit to deal with.
      Red-pill is about speaking the truth and going your own way. Sadly the followers of this philosophy are exactly that, followers. Eventually they will go their own way. Then life will be more interesting.

  32. Can someone write an article on what male rights activists need to do to reduce male suicide, male homicide, and burden in general? Seems like everyone focuses on how women are children but there are no solutions offered to stop these problems effecting us?

  33. Shocking. These men needed sweet, subdued, traditional mommies to wipe the corners of their mouths and ensure they didn’t go to prison, get dumped after their affairs or knock themselves/someone else off. It’s a shame their moms are ‘good for nothing’ sluts eh? Blame the women.

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