Reddit Melts Down Due To Incompetent Feminist CEO Ellen Pao

Barely eight months into her tenure as Reddit’s interim CEO, Ellen Pao has driven the site to the brink of extinction. Last week, a number of popular subreddits such as r/movies, r/history, and r/art shut down in response to the site’s sudden firing of director of talent Victoria Taylor, who was responsible for organizing Q&A sessions with celebrities and politicians on Reddit’s r/AMA (Ask Me Anything) page. With thousands of subreddits now offline, Reddit’s traffic as a whole has been severely crippled:

A Running Joke

With Reddit facing extinction, Pao and her lackeys have gone into damage control mode, issuing a series of half-hearted apologies and pledging to improve communication with the unpaid moderators responsible for managing the site’s subreddits. Despite her attempts to save her skin, Reddit users have had it with “Chairman Pao,” with a petition demanding that she resign as CEO nearing 100,000 signatures as of this writing.

Ellen Pao’s spectacular immolation of Reddit is the capstone to her joke of a career. Pao first exploded into the public eye when she sued her previous employer, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers, for gender discrimination. Despite the fact that her suit was dismissed—and despite evidence that she sued her employer to cover up her poor job performance—Pao received accolades from the mainstream media and feminists for taking a stand against “sexism” in tech.

Taking over as CEO of Reddit was an opportunity for Pao to prove her naysayers wrong. Instead, she’s confirmed everything that Kleiner Perkins said about her and more. Ellen Pao is a prime example of “failing upwards” in the corporate world and an exemplar of how women can get ahead in life by simply crying oppression and claiming to be victims of misogyny.

Ellen Pao’s Sad, Strange Career


From day one of her hiring as Reddit’s CEO, Ellen Pao has been implementing bizarre policies based on her radical feminist beliefs. For example, several months ago, she banned prospective employees from negotiating their salaries based on spurious studies that women interviewees are disadvantaged in salary negotiations. Effectively, Pao was hurting men in order to help women, bringing everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

Pao followed up this act with a massive purge of subreddits that offended her SJW sensibilities. Last month, a new rule change banned “harassing” subreddits such as r/FatPeopleHate and other anti-SJW sections of the site. Curiously, pro-SJW subreddits such as r/ShitRedditSays (which has a long history of harassing people, including doxing GamerGate supporters) and r/TheBluePill (which basically exists to troll r/TheRedPill) were ignored. “Chairman Pao” justified her new thought control regime with this creepily Orwellian line: “We’re banning behavior, not ideas.”

Additionally, there’s an obvious undercurrent of money-grubbing to Pao’s leftist policies. Banning new hires from negotiating their salaries will obviously allow Reddit to underpay their employees under the guise of gender equality, but a contributor to the pro-GamerGate subreddit r/KotakuInAction gave a breakdown of why Pao has been so militant in cleansing non-SJWs from the site (click to expand):


Effectively, social justice warriors, who imagine themselves to be crusading against the Man, are in fact the Man’s most craven, mindless supporters. They’re brainless consumers, eagerly blowing money they don’t have on knickknacks they don’t need. Ellen Pao’s jihad against Reddit’s non-leftist userbase is a carefully calculated move to exploit the gullibility of the average SJW.

Going Too Far


Unfortunately for Chairman Pao and her supporters, her latest move was too much for Reddit’s users. With a large section of Reddit effectively shut down, the site is headed for Digg-style collapse and irrelevance. Pao’s attempts to placate her angry customers are too little too late, as the movement to oust her from her position has only grown in the days since Taylor’s dismissal.

It’s evidently clear that Ellen Pao must resign as Reddit’s CEO. Her tenure running the site has been a complete disaster: between her sexist crippling of male employees and her dictatorial anti-free speech policies, Pao has proven herself unfit to run any company.

However, given the overwhelming support she received from the mainstream media for her frivolous gender discrimination lawsuit, it will take concerted effort to force Pao from her perch of privilege.

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156 thoughts on “Reddit Melts Down Due To Incompetent Feminist CEO Ellen Pao”

      1. Ask yourself, is a good thing or a bad thing if less newfriends come to the chans?

    1. Is it just me, or has this guy Matt Forney, managed to become the best writer on Return Of Kings?

    2. Pao is a Princeton graduate, a Harvard Law JD, and a Harvard MBA and she’s still as dumb as a box of rocks, not to mention a completely immoral gold-digging employee. I could not recommend her for any position at any company. Her work ethic is trash.

      1. Couldn’t agree more, couldn’t agree more.
        Too bad all those fancy degrees didn’t give her any commonsense.

    3. While Ellen Pao should resign, I believe Reddit should die or experience a momentary collapse. Reddit actually deserves it, for hiring a woman who clearly filed a false gender discrimination case against her previous company. Any sane man knows that these kind of women are nothing but trouble. When companies white knight for such women, they deserve to be ruined by them. This will cure their white knight instincts.

  1. Heres hoping more sub reddits shut down until she is forced to sit down. I wonder how many people in MSM will note about how many women are upset with Pao or will just skip all that info and say its just another example of women in tech being discriminated against.

      1. Nothing. Their business model relies on an army of volunteers though. All that free labor is premised on a certain amount of ego-stroking. Lots of little generals need to be appeased. If she acted unilaterally she’d have another little rebellion. Leadership like that role requires mandates a certain amount of art – and lets be honest, for the average woman thats going to be a challenge.

      2. I guess more complaining. The mods and the members would bitch about it, making it inefective.

        1. Mods are the ones who do the actual work. They create the subs, moderate the content, create the content, nurture the community. In essence Reddit provides the servers and lets free volunteers do all the leg work to make the website attractive to visitors (169 mil of them per month) and drives all that money making traffic.

        2. interesting juggling for them to have to do. so they need smart mods, but stupid visitors. but smart mods don’t want to supervise stupid visitors. maybe they could start some revenue program secretly, like when a mod does a particularly good job selling those “male tears” mugs, he gets a cut.

        3. They’re playing a legal game. If they pay the mods in any way they risk them counting as employees – and being responsible for a fuckton of costs. Check out if you’re interested – summary is…if you treat volunteers too much like employees then the government is gonna bend you over and wreck you.
          Anyway profit sharing would offend the special snowflake status. They can’t martyr themselves over how hard they work and no-one understands them and their troubles if they’re being compensated. Fuck, it’d go directly against the whole point of that degree in Underwater Basket Weaving

        4. that last paragraph, brilliant. it’s true. think of it, what would sjws do if they actually got the world they want? they would have nothing to complain about anymore and would be bored to death. or probably find something wrong with that new world, too.

        5. They’d just come up with something new thats problematic. They do it all the fucking time. Don’t use that word! Or that word! Or that word! Don’t think that thing! Don’t buy that product! No we want to use that word again, but only for us! No, you should buy that product for us! Thinking that other thing is wrong now, because all of you have made this basic mistake!
          It’s like a serpent eating its own tail. A cycle of never ending bullshit. They’ll never achieve it because they’ll always move the goal posts. The idea is never to win, because the struggle is where the payout is

        6. i think that’s human nature. winning is always temporary. there’s always another girl, a heavier weight to lift, a better program to write, a better house to build, a more beautiful song to write.
          it’s unfortunate that the chosen profession of these idiots is to actually deprecate themselves into victims. like they wanted to play a trick on the grim reaper: once he comes, there will not be much to take anymore.

        7. Thats a great point. If that desire is channeled into productive activities then yeah, its positive. Thats how civilizations get made, but pushing the boundaries. Another city. Another discovery. Another girl. Another dollar.
          It’s when they focus on a fundamentally destructive path that we have issues. They’re not concerned with building towards something better. They exist as social parasites who sell outrage to the perpetually offended. They rip apart our language and customs, bring the braying mobs to complain about our entertainments and laws, and spread lies about the world that comfort their followers by telling them that they’re victims of the system not failures in their own right. Thats where it goes wrong. They peddle lies and feux rage to fleece their followers. A good con is fine, power to the man who can pull it off. But it requires sophistication and caution – there’s a time and a place. It’s when the con gets too big, starts to strike at fundamental pillars of society that we have a problem.

        8. They will always find something new to make themselves oppressed. There is no end game for SJWs because if they created the world they claim they want they would cease to relevant. So they always find new causes no matter how stupid they are.

        9. I think you’re right. With some people, their mentality (or should I say, dysfunction?) is not the pursuit of happiness and therefore they cannot stop after obtaining some goal.
          Dysfunctional behavior is not rational and is not about truly bettering the world but acting out one’s irrational beliefs.

      3. That would be admitting error, which is something the Left is absolutely incapable of doing. To them, ideology is dogma, and dogma is personal identity. If she admits error, she indicts the dogma, which would mean a direct full hit on the psyche of SJW’s across the globe. That’s why.

      4. The subs were not shut down specifically, they were made private, so that only the mods could decide who can view them. That’s apparently only something mods can do? I’m not sure to be honest

        1. i am a web developer, so let me clarify this for you and everybody who might be interested: if you own a website, you have full access to the whole thing. what you basically do then is to grant very specific and limited privileges to users to manipulate the database, for example the privilege to set a subreddit to private. yet while that user has this privilege, you have all privileges. you can change everything whenever you want. you can revoke his privileges. there is no magic trick with which a user of your website can trick and prevent you from making changes. it is as impossible as a chat partner on facebook suddenly coming out of the screen and beating you up.

  2. i don’t like reddit for myself, seeing all this, but if i were pao, i would simply reactivate the reddits. after all, they have access to it and can manipulate the database any way they wish.

  3. Who cares? Let it die so something better can take its place. No one is pining away for Lycos or AltaVista.

  4. Never used reddit, because I sensed it was a leftist shithole with just some normal people around. This article confirms it for me. I hope it dies in a fire.

    1. It is a ‘leftist shithole’ which I peruse for lulz.
      The screeching is glorious.

  5. Loved the article and the Maoist theme, she needs to go. Her husband sues about race discrimination instead. These people are all about taking advantage of the system and enriching themselves which is sad considering both finished from top schools which are supposed to churn out the cream of the crop.

  6. dirty hippies don’t spend as much money as middle class moms and university-educated white girls.
    Laughed out loud when I read that. It’s damn hard to argue with the harsh logic encapsulated in that analysis. How do you monetize music festivals or sites like Reddit when that is the reality? Maybe you can’t monetize them. Maybe that’s what makes them so cool.

  7. Forget the petition, that art work alone will kill her. Chairman Pau can be used by anyone anytime to rile her even if she survives in the short term. I don’t know why but I keep thinking of that great chop sockey spoof Kung Pow, you know the scene with the cow squirting her udders in combat

    1. Reddit is a site with multiple categories for posting topics and posting comments on topic threads, some have pics attached. It contains a variety of categories for discussion, including some that are not “politically correct.” Anything from current news to porn .gifs to kitty pictures to the last feminist screaming.
      They also are famous for hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) in which a famous or interesting person answers questions and tells about their experiences.
      I saw a Reddit “meet-up” photo somewhere and it was a true stereotype group of nerds, neckbeards, and socially awkward obese women (save a few ones).
      Not to paint too broad a brush [there are always exceptions, like TheRedPill subreddit] but many readers/commenters are blue-pill, SJWs, hard feminists, or beta males/socially awkward people.

  8. I’d never heard of Pao and have never used Reddit but I could tell by her scowling face and ugly glasses that she was a SJW. There really is a look.

    1. If I saw Pao, I would have never guess that she is SJW… She just looks like typical annoying ugly “smarty” Asian girl with typical thick framed glasses.
      Usually when I think of SJWs, I usually think they are obese, out of shape, skinny fat, ugly, tattoos, look like degenerates, or hippies… maybe that’s just me though…

      1. No, he’s right, she has that “look”. It’s something in the eyes, the not so hidden look of smug.

        1. Definitely does not look like a happy, psychologically healthy woman.
          Sometimes you can just tell, as I have learned over the years.

        2. It’s the look of a soul-less husk, walking around pretending to be human. This is why these parasites bring down anything that is healthy and productive; such things are the antithesis to their very existence.

      2. They’re not always “in uniform”. But look for the tells; typically ugly and/or fat and as Ghost of Jefferson said, the underlying smugness.

  9. Sites like Reddit are havens for leftist, hipster trash. Who gives a flying fuck if Chairman Pao rams it into the ground? Nothing of value will be lost.
    She should deliver the final blow to Reddit quickly and then get a job as head of Imgur. With her leadership skills, we can be rid of two hipster shitholes in less than a year.

    1. Spoken true like an obedient slave to the Man. Your mother would be most proud of you!

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    2. I think it’s more an issue of unrestricted free talk on the net reflecting the huge amount of valueless hipsters in the world.. there are some great discussion areas on reddit. I’ve never posted there, but often find valuable discussion. Any site based in the west is going to be full of garbage because that’s what our society is.

  10. The Red Pill subreddit is next on the chopping block. I stopped posting over a year ago. I suggest everyone else do the same.

    1. I was on OKCupid and The Red Pill subreddit. The OKC types gave me constant shit for posting on TRP, and TRP has banned me for criticizing the amoral, anti-intellectual, cultish mods. I can live without it and will have a private giggle if the whole thing goes under.

  11. She’s about as competent and qualified to run reddit or any other company as the piece of shit that I flushed down the toilet 30 minutes ago after eating a half dozen boiled eggs.

  12. She should resign as the CEO and instead offer herself to a shelter so the homeless can use her holes for sexual pleasure. That’s the only use I see for this covetous cunt.

  13. Bye Bye pao,
    you are a great example of how incompetent women can be all around ; )

  14. “running” a company??
    I said it before and ill say it again, women cant even run their own goddamn vaginas!
    The cracks in the feminist nutshell are starting to show.

    1. Agree. Women don’t run companies…they take over as head of a successful company (after men build it) and then women run it into the ground (because of feelings).

      1. Just look at Yahoo! Is Yahoo any more relevant now since Mayer too over? Don’t get me wrong, she is attractive but not successful in business.

        1. Not at all. These companies are all trying to pander to the FI and women by placing these women in these high powered positions (after the company has become successful). It’s all about pandering to the money (consumers – women in this case).
          The facts don’t lie and neither does a woman’s track record (after she takes over as CEO). HP’s former CEO (a woman) ran that company into the ground as well – although she’ll blame others for it.

        2. You mean Carly Fiorina who was also CEO of Lucent.
          Meg Whitman is now CEO of HP. She was running for Governor of California.

        3. Being attractive for men, and bearing children are some of the greatest things women can accomplish.

        4. I’ve thought that as well, that most if not all companies are created by Men, then to look politically correct the beta’s in charge decide: “well, let’s hand our company over to a woman, it’ll look progressive and liberal”, from there it’s downhill, just look at AMD CPU/GPU company.

        5. “Just look at Yahoo! Is Yahoo any more relevant now since Mayer too over? Don’t get me wrong, she is attractive but not successful in business.”
          Yahoo has become YaPOON.
          It gags me more and more every time I go there.

        6. Both ran their respective companies into the dirt before being ousted. And both companies have rebounded the moment they were gone. What more evidence do you need?
          (Carly Fiorina was the head of HP and Meg Whitman was the head of Ebay)

      2. Rarely does a woman accomplish something. They take over companies built by men, live in houses built by men, walk on roads built by men, use gadgets built by men, usually inherit money and property from fathers and husbands, get alimony and child support from men, and all the time shamelessly take favors from white knights, yet still claim with hypocrisy that they are equal.

      3. I’ve never heard of a business founded and built by women, became profitable and successful under the leadership of women, only to be handed off to men after it became a stable money-maker.

  15. wtf lol. We have cartoonish picture of Ellen Pao, an Americanized Chinese woman on an Imperial Japanese flag and on the second one, she is on the typical North Korean slogan propaganda image…
    if you are going to be racist at least get it right…
    Have cartoonish picture of Ellen Pao sucking a Mao Zedong’s 1 inch egg roll dick…

        1. “it was a clear attempt to mock Communist China theme but displayed the wrong flag.”
          Sometimes the mistake isn’t a mistake, and sometimes the mistake is more accurate than the creator could possibly even know.
          Look carefully at the right side of the picture:
          They may be carrying a flag with her face on it, but they’re directing their worship and marching (under her leadership) towards the subtle “light beams” of Lucifer. Several Communist fists and one fascist salute directed towards the “light beams” (power) coming the unseen (spiritual) source.

      1. plus why would the article start off as “Chairman Pao”? Look carefully at Pao’s first cartoonish drawing on that flag…. the clothing she is wearing resembles what the high ranking asian women wore in communist country. It seems like Matt Forney is indeed master of presenting things in shock value.

      2. either way, it’s just funny and comical… never liked Ellen Pao anyways…
        The thought of an Asian women being feminist and being the CEO is an insult to many deserving white American men. That seat of CEO does NOT belong to women and it certainly does NOT belong to a non-white minority.

    1. How can anyone follow one thing one day and then something completely different another day because her mood changed. There is no consistency. That is a recipe for failure.

  16. “Additionally, there’s an obvious undercurrent of money-grubbing to Pao’s leftist policies.”
    I’m beginning to wonder if framing leftists, SJW, etc. as capitalist, pro-big business, anti-little guy, Republican-like (in other words as historically unprecedented hypocrites) is now a feasible move?
    The left has probably always been that way but before the rise of alternate media it was probably an easier thing to conceal.
    But not so anymore.
    That modern socialists all drive Limousines ought to be something that can be made a lot more obvious nowadays.
    Anyone else get my drift?

  17. Ellen Pao must immediately start paying men more than women, and bring back fat shaming. This is what made reddit successful.

  18. In Chinese, Pao has about 16 definitions including projecting teeth (龅), bubbles(泡), bladder (脬), and pimple (皰).

    1. I now find myself intensely worried about eating Kung Pao Chicken when I’m at a Chinese restaurant. Thanks a million. heh.

      1. 🙂 For what it’s worth, “kung pao” is just silly white people pronouncing it wrong (“gong bao ji ding”: palace guard diced chicked). My other favourite mangling is “moo goo guy pan” (“mo gu ji pian”: literally, mushroom chicken slices), although kowtow (“koutou”:knock head) and chow mein (“chao mian”:fried noodles) are up there too.

        1. Interesting, I did not know that!
          It’s ok though, they more than make up for the slight when they try to sing Jingle Bells in English.
          Fa rah rah rah rah, my ass.
          EDIT: Deck the halls. My bad.

        2. A Chinese guy goes to his ophthalmologist for a check up.
          The eye doctor tells him: “I think you have a cataract.”
          The Chinese guy responds: “Oh no, I drive a Rincoln”

        3. Actually, come to think of it:
          1) That is Deck the Halls, not Jingle Bells
          2) That would be more Korean than Chinese
          3) Chinese has a language structure where “L” can only come at the beginning of a syllable, so they can say la la la la la la, but al al al al completely fucks them up. The “r” sound can be an initial or final so both “re” and “er” are proper and pronounceable Chinese words
          4) In English, my name is Clark, in Chinese is is KeLaKe; in Korean it is Krik.

        4. “I did not know that!”
          Oh ya. . .misogynist and racist, but we try to keep it educational here.

        5. 1) That is Deck the Halls, not Jingle Bells
          Yes, you’re right! I hate you! heh
          Sounds vaguely Kryptonian. Or at least Hawaiian.

        6. According to Bing Translator it would be 클락. I was just going by what my TKD instructor called me.

        7. The standard way to write it is 克拉克 which literally means something like “restrain-pull-subdue”. However, it can be written 氪落客 which is “krypton-leave behind-visitor”.

        8. That would be “kullahk” much less complicated than my attempted spelling, but i was just winging it phonetically.
          Your TKD instructor was probably just being lazy, lol.

        9. Also, to be clear, im not korean, just taught myself to read/write it while i lived there, and i’m reasonably good at phonetically translating things back and forth. There are a lot of intricacies when it comes to names that they apply, where two sounds just wouldnt go together in a korean name, even though they technically COULD so they drop those characters and modify the name as appropriate so its more korean.
          Thats likely what lead to your name being pronounced as it is by the TKD instructor.

  19. The smug over at Kleiner Perkins must be breathtaking. I wish I could hear their water cooler chats this week.

  20. This bullshit reminds me of the same shit that Oprah pulled off during the last decade of her show (thank god that shit is off the air).
    She, too, pandered to special snowflakes (upper to mid class women and “educated” women) – giving them free shit to try (like a drug dealer) to get them hooked on a product.
    I tell you what was priceless is when she went overseas and a woman (sales clerk) showed Oprah the door (you can’t afford it). It smacked her right in the face with reality.
    You have to shake your head at the herd mentality of women.

    1. Including her years of weight loss bullshit which finally culminated in her admission that she could not lose her fat black ass because she ate too much. Her Oprah magazine covers are so air brushed and photo shopped to make that ugly beast look attractive.

  21. She even bears a striking resemblance to Madame Mao (Jiang Jing) who terrorized China alongside her husband lol…

  22. Salary negotiation, at least in most sectors (which, granted, Reddit is not- weird highly visible tech media companies are there own atypical domain), are a net benefit to employers- not employees. The most obvious evidence of this is that one of the fundamental roles of labor unions is to eleminate salary negotiation.
    Eliminating it decreases the salary of a few, definitely, but increases the salary of most because it forces employers into revealing their “cards”.
    Eliminating salary negotiation is good for most workers.

    1. What’s allegedly “good” for most is not good for all. And eliminating salary negotiation, especially for the absurd reasons Pao cited when she killed negotiations at Reddit, is not good for any worker in the tech industry.
      She’s also effectively undermined her own feminist driven philosophies on female equality in STEM by saying, essentially, “Women suck at salary negotiation so I want it gone.” I guess women can’t do everything men can, according to Pao.

      1. Eh, I think part of whats annihilated the middle class is that the college educated have bought the lie that they dont need collective bargaining.

  23. Isaac Asimov once wrote of Salvor Hardin (a fictional character in his Foundation series) as saying “Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.”
    Affirmative action, then, would seem to be the first resort.

  24. Important clarification, the subreddits were not “shut down”, they were taken private by the moderators. This is simply an administrative setting that can be undone easily, and as noted was done as a protest

    1. The moderators are a force unto themselves and answerable to no one generally. Reddit can simply toss a subreddit with a million eyeballs but that will fuck with their business model. As a member, nobody cares what you think unless you agree with the mods or are click bate.

  25. Didn’t a group of celebrities (including Snoop Dogg) recently invest a lot in reddit?
    Put some non-libtard white males in charge to get the ship back on course.

    1. You are correct. Snoop Dogg and 11 or 12 other people/groups invested a total of $50 million into Reddit last fall.

      1. Why do people think that free services that were never set up to generate money, like twitter or instagram or reddit, can have their owners sell out and leave, and then somehow the new owners can start charging money and have it work?

  26. Hilarious that Matt calls he “Chairman”. After all, everybody should be one epicene gender and the exact same shade of brownish-gray to placate the SJWs “race and gender are social construct” warped ideals!

    After reading this image.. i thought of Roosh’s performance on Dr. Oz and reflected on the fact i said almost the exact same thing about Dr. Oz that this guy makes about reddit. The pandering to their audience.
    It’s sickening. Dr. Oz cannot dole out proper medical advice because his audience doesn’t want to hear it. So he panders. Roosh was more of a doctor than Oz was that day.

  28. Hahaha… i hope it crashes and burns. Maybe they should just make a new rule that all websites have to close since “women aren’t as good as running websites as men”… because using her logic, that means they shouldn’t let men run websites either. Screw her.

  29. If men were smart, they would immediately copy the business of any successful company that hired a woman CEO. Once that company collapsed they’d be in a great position to pick up its old customers.

    1. Voat is picking up Reddit users at a rapid rate the last week or so.

  30. Pao first exploded into the public eye when she sued her previous employer, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers, for gender discrimination. Despite the fact that her suit was dismissed—and despite evidence that she sued her employer to cover up her poor job performance—Pao received accolades from the mainstream media and feminists fortaking a stand against “sexism” in tech.
    In the age of liberalism where feminism and political correctness rule the court systems, an asian female lost a discrimination case in an industry dominated by men. That should tell you just how patheticly bad she is at her job.
    What the media failed to really follow up on was her attempting to extort Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers by offering to not file an appeal if they paid her $2.7 million.
    This woman is everything wrong with the US, liberalism, feminism, and political correctness all wrapped up in one package.

    1. Time for all sane men to flee the US, leaving all white knights and feminists behind. Form a new country while watching the US get driven to the grounds by feminism

  31. Just a free tip for the good boys of ROK. If you place a multitude of links in an article, please make it a target=”_blank” link in it because it’s not 1998 any more and people have tabs on their browser enabled.
    Anyhow, luckily Imgur (yes, that place) is not run by a woman but by her brother who created it. I can see a lot of people heading to Voat and Imgur (if that’s not already happened yet, because I think that it will) but eventually both sites will become so big that also they will buckle under their own SJW powered weight.

    1. You can always just middle click links instead of left clicking them. I always do this because most sites are not set up to open in new tabs unfortunately.

  32. That’s why sites like, and others have popped up, to take the place of reddit. Or to at least off-set the users that feel like their place on the internet is being threatened by corporate interests.

  33. A women running anything other than a kitchen is a bad very horrible idea.

  34. I’m just a little bit confused and I am sure the males of RoK could give me a little insight. Why would ANYONE hire someone who attempted to sue their previous employer for million$? I was wrongfully terminated several years ago and I make certain that I bury this fact. Why would you hire a professional victim moonbat? What would inspire those in charge to hire a liability? I await your answer(s) intelligent gentlemen.

    1. In the case of Pao, Reddit probably wanted to pander to their primary member base of leftist hipsters and neckbeards. Hiring a “minority double whammy” like Pao fits the bill and allows them to push more ad traffic and makes the SJWs and feminists that comprise the bulk of Reddit’s user base have feel good tingles.
      Another potentially sinister reason is that Reddit may not have had an actual choice. If Pao was willing and able to sue her previous employer on little more than heresay, she’d probably quite happily sue any prospective employer who didn’t extend an offer on whatver grounds she could use. If Reddit didn’t hire her, she would have probably filed a lawsuit saying she was denied employment because some loosely defined “discrimination”.
      I’m going with the former, although I expect that if she is forced to resign as Reddit’s CEO or is fired, she’ll end up suing Reddit. People like Pao believe firmly in advancement through litigation, not through professional achievement. If you can’t get what you want handed to you on a silver platter, sue until you get it handed to you on a platinum platter.

      1. Both responses to my question are intelligent and interesting. I guess time will tell.

    2. Project Mayhem
      Members of the patriarchy, engaged in a conspiracy and working to further the objectives of ‘Project Mayhem’, influenced others, with their superior negotiating skills, within Reddit to hire Pao. This was done, full well knowing by such individuals, that Pao’s arrival on at Reddit would lead to the complete and totally destruction of Reddit within a matter of months, if not weeks. These people setup Pao up like a ‘set of dominos’ to take blame for the destruction of Reddit when they completely undermined Reddit.
      These people even used the public knowledge of the prior employment and lawsuits to build Pao’s credentials as proof that she was worthy of such employment because she fought against the patriarchy, and used this knowledge to put her
      at the top of the list for candidates for the job. The story spun by these people was that the lawsuit was proof of Pao’s competence, that Pao was a person who was needed at
      Reddit and that to not hire Pao would be a continuation of the carefully orchestrated campaign to Pao and her abilities.
      If you think it is bad so far, what until Reddit has to pay her to ‘go away’, before they fire her or let her resign with a severance package of what is left of the money.

      1. So Pao’s hiring was carefully orcestrated to destroy her and Reddit? Kind of like a two fer.
        Yes, never thought of the severance package factor. Wonder where this turd will float up next.

  35. You forgot to mention that the jury was half female, and they still sided with her former company.
    Anyway, every website has popularity at the beginning because it has a underground culture, Facebook was a Harvard only social network, then it went to be for other college, the demographic was pretty young, party fun people, then it went open for everyone, as the side grows corporation wanted to do business with it, so they (Facebook) had to “clean” and make it “safe” for everyone (the trigger warning demographic) so they change policy, add tons of “harassment” and “bullying” guidance, because doing business with a site can harm PR very bad. They even wanted to add a “Panic Button” that “victims” would press.
    Now criticizing fat people can get you banned, Maria Kan AKA Fit Mom, got banned because she said something a hamplanet did not like.
    There is a rumor that Moot sided with Anita and Anti-GG because he wanted to use it as a PR move to to attract companies wanting to make business with 4Chan. “Look, we banned GG and stopped harassment of women and minority, I m good, I don’t support them, women right all the way……….. now what company wants to buy some space on /b/?”
    The thing is, what make the sites grows at the beginning is that ruthless unapologetic underground culture, when the people managing the site want to make money, they have to get rid of that same culture.

    1. The irony is that by making the site safe for the Booboisie, people that are actually creative and interesting will flee to other sites. Those sites will become popular, then the Booboisie will want to infest that, too.

  36. Just like for communism, the best argument against feminism is when feminists actually get to run shit. They are useless, mindless parasites.

  37. The outcome of hiring on the basis of race, “gender”, and the like instead of hiring for proven ability and experience. Leftists practicing the very things they claimed to be getting rid of — because they really believe non-whites and non-males are inferior and always need help.

  38. Not only should she be ousted but whoever thought it was a good idea to hire her in the first place needs to be ousted. Normal people must start to force the kind of purges of SJW’s that they do to us.

  39. There is a whole lot of money to be made in being a Marxist leader. A whole lot. Just as with megachurches.

  40. Ellen Pao is the SJW version of Jamie Daimon – wreck companies, but are “too big to fail”. Feminists like her are only competent at Gender Studies. The smart ones don’t touch the cash cow, stand there and look pretty and say forgettable platitudes while letting the viziers run things. Those who forget they are PC Bimbos and try to create a corporate utopia quickly ruin things.
    Now there are smart and competent women running corporations, but they are competent in their fields – finance, STEM, etc. and generally don’t talk much about diversity. But they are at the topmof the merit pyramid and create a meritocracy.

  41. It is not only is it hideous, but it is a hideous feminist. Such an entity should not be considered as a human being.
    I would rather turn gay or consider bestiality than to touch that hideous feminist with a 50 ft pole.

  42. Pretty typical for a woman. Put her feelings above all. Anybody question it and she files suit because she is being oppressed. Now she ruined a huge web sight and it is not “her” fault. .

  43. She will get ignored completely if she were in Japan, China, Taiwan or South Korea due to her ugly looks. But, hey, she is US and I bet a lot of white males in her work place worship her due to their Asian fetish. I guess that’s why she became big head.

  44. I don’t care one way or the other about reddit. But it is interesting how mainstream media will never label a frivoulos lawsuit as frivolous if it fits into their minority victim narrative.

  45. Jesus fucking christ where do they hatch these abominable jewasians? I swear she’s from the same clutch as Filthy Sex Mattress Girl.

  46. Oh shit! She has resigned.
    I’m sure multi million dollar companies are now fighting over who is going to make her their new CEO. Cmon people, she is an Ivy league, Harvard, Princeton graduate…what else do you need to know?

  47. Redwhat? Who cares anyway? Reddit and sites that cater to useless blather are not worth the energy it takes to power them imo.

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