10 Mistakes I’ve Made In My 20s

Our 20s are a crucial point in our lives. We’re physically in our peak shape. We’re able to experiment with countless options in terms of our careers. And we tend to have a maximal degree of freedom, free from both our parents and the needs of supporting a significant other or family.

I’m 25. And in my first five years of my 20s I’ve grown more than any other five years of my life. I’ve gone from an insecure college virgin to a relatively successful entrepreneur in this short timeframe. Below are 10 of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my 20s that have taught me some of my most important lessons.

1. Attaching my emotions to a relationship

bored couple small talk

When you’re with a girl you really like, the path of least resistance is to always want her to be happy.

And while the intentions behind this desire are good and understandable, it’s an unattainable goal in any long term relationship. And chasing it will undoubtedly undermine your happiness and the relationship itself.

Accept that there will be conflicts and tension that won’t always disappear right away, just because you want it that way.

2. Getting my validation from getting with girls when single


There’s more to life than women

Once you get into the world of “game” the biggest risk, from my experience, is attaching your self-worth to how many girls you’re dating or having sex with.

Yes, getting with women is good and fun, but it’s not everything. I’ve allowed my friendships and my business to suffer because I’ve been so hell-bent on seeing a girl every single weeknight.

Realize that you’re complete on your own, and that getting pussy is only a single part of life.

3. Becoming obsessed with building muscle


One of the biggest fitness mistakes I’ve made is getting obsessed with bulking. Once, you start building muscle, this is a trap that’s easy to fall for.

Sure, getting bigger and stronger can be a fun and rewarding journey, but again – it’s only one part of life. If you allow yourself to become obsessed, you’ll quickly tie your self-esteem to how “big” you are. Realize that fitness is only one part of life, and pursue other hobbies to diversify your time and balance your aspirations of getting big.

4. Getting attached to my smartphone


Smartphones can be great… or god-awful

I used to be the same as any other chump. When I was bored, nervous, or just about anything other than busy – the smartphone would come out.

Watching a movie… smartphone out. In line at store… smartphone out. See a cutie I want to approach… smartphone out.

If you let it happen, looking at your iPhone will become a nervous crutch that will limit your confidence and development. Put it away unless you’re doing something specific.

5. Not owning my own values

We all have our own preferences and values. Don’t conform just to appease other people or give into peer pressure.

Personally, I only like hitting up the nightlife once a week or so. I just value my sleep and would rather have a productive morning and intense workout. My buddies prefer to hit it up 3-4 nights a week. For a while, I’d grudgingly go out, and not really enjoy myself. Now? I go out once a week, and actually immerse myself in the nighttime experience and really enjoy it.

Do what you like – and don’t apologize for it.

6. Spending too much time with one group of friends


Don’t neglect the boys

You should have several groups of man friends and spend time with all of them.

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with, so choose your friends wisely. And don’t confine yourself to just seeing one or two of them. You’ll become one dimensional, and adopt their insecurities.

Spend time with different types of people and take on the best traits of all of them.

7. Not reading

books (1)

Reading is the most crucial habit. It keeps you learning, thinking, and enforces self-discipline.

I still fall off all the time. Taking just 30 minutes sounds easy, but sitting there and reading never seems as pressing as answering emails, writing, seeing friends, girls, or doing other things.

Set aside 30 minutes every single day – for me this is just after waking – and commit to reading during that time.

8. Giving a fuck about what other people think

We’re all socially conditioned to give a fuck about way too many things: what girls think about your style, what your friends think about your career choice, whether your parents approve of your lifestyle, what random strangers think about you.

And all these fucks wear down upon us. They cripple us and our abilities to take action and do shit that other people might question.

From approaching girls at the grocery store to quitting my 9-5 to filming YouTube videos in public, I’ve had to condition myself to give fewer and fewer fucks, or I would never have built my life and business to what they are now.

9. Not listening to my body


Your body is usually right

Whether it’s certain foods that bother your stomach, or forcing yourself to go out despite not sleeping the previous night, or spending time with a girl you’re no longer attracted to—we often force ourselves to do shit that our bodies are clearly telling us not to.

And these things often lead to physical pain, injury, sickness, or regret.

Sure, there are times when pushing yourself through a grueling workout despite wanting to quit is beneficial, but be smart and listen to your own body and your own intuition. It’s far to easy to be led astray by friends and colleagues.

10. Worrying about things I can’t control

In life there are three types of things:

  • Things you have full control over
  • Things you have some control over
  • Things you have no control over

You must learn to distinguish between these three types of things. Otherwise you’ll spend countless time worrying about shit you can’t control… whether she’ll reply to your text (after you’ve sent it)… whether you’ll get the job (after you’ve interviewed)…

Stop bitching about things that have already happened, and instead plan to crush whatever lies in your path.

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98 thoughts on “10 Mistakes I’ve Made In My 20s”

  1. What a great list. I realized I am slipping with several of these. I especially enjoyed “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” and need to diversify. This one is also a reason to limit the amount of time you are spending with females. They should not typically be in your top five.

    1. ***I especially enjoyed “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” and need to diversify.***

    2. Does it mean I am zero? Just kidding..I don’t spend time with any dudes (not that I don’t want to, I have so much stuff going and no time left for anything else)…

      1. So I can hang out with losers so long as there is at least one astronomically incredible person.

  2. Sometimes there’s wisdom available from “what other people think.” Excluding it categorically is probably unwise. The critical consideration ought to be critical thinking: the use of observable data, knowledge amassed from experience, and any available examples of what happens when “what other people think” is put into practice.

    “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it — no matter if I have said it — except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” — Buddha

  3. I had something happen to me last night that this article spoke volumes to me just now.
    A friend of mine had put up the cnn piece about RoK’s article on Mad Max. The one claiming that RoK was a men’s right site.
    I promptly responded to his post clarify that RoK had no affiliation with mra or the mwtgow movement. While I said that I didn’t agree with that particular article I do enjoy RoK and have been an active contributor and guest writer.
    Immediately I was set upon by a bunch of bleeding heart liberals that attacked me and my opinions. I was called sexist, outdated, misogynistic, and a bully. This by a bunch of strangers who had never even met me in person!
    I wrote a few replies back but finally just blocked them all as seeing they were all pretty adamant in their pursuit of pushing their dogma on me. I didn’t feel bad about it at all. They were just wasting their breath and time slamming away on their keyboards.
    I realized that I had better things to do with my time than focus on them.

        1. There are a precious few times in my life where I’ve laughed so hard at something that I nearly cried.
          The first time I listened to Wesley Willis stoned as a teenager was one of those times. RIP WW.

        2. OhWow-HeDied???

    1. liberals calling you a bigot means you’re doing it right
      daily reminder to be bigoted

      1. Oh there you are again! I just saw you on another site blaming “lefties” for all the world’s problems in post after post. Small world.

        1. hernan, why are you always so insecure around chinks and mongrels? do we make your insecurities pop out you true whiteblack patriot!
          btw. dont forget to tell your mom to cash in that welfare for I hit er from behind son

        2. My above comments is directed at you hernan, please save our species resources and go drown yourself you worthless piece of trash.

      2. A “Bigot” is someone who is irrationally wed to a false belief. Bigots in Amerika today can’t be called a bigot in the true sense of the word, because all of the bigoted ideology has been proven to be true.

        1. This doesn’t make sense. Either you are a bigot (in the true sense of the word) or you are not. Not only that, you seem to contradict yourself backwards and forwards with this one.
          By definition, no bigoted ideology can be true.

    2. Again, read point 8. Which is a valid point in the article.
      Who cares what a “bunch of strangers” thinks of you. And then so, I don’t give a rats ass about hurting other peoples feelings as long as it doesn’t have an impact on my earning potential. I won’t call my boss an idiot, but some dork on the street, sure. And you shouldn’t care too.
      Point 2,4 and 8 are connected btw: Using your smartphone to text with girls you want.

      1. There’s a difference between not caring what other people think about you and not caring about hurting others’ feelings. One is passive, the other not.

      2. Yeah, that’s a binary way to look at shit. Very leftist, in fact. Like if I said I don’t like Hollywood putting black people into films JUST to be politically correct, some lefty will come back with a, “RACIST, HATER, BIGOT, DIE SCUM,” ignoring the grey area of, “Are they fucking up films JUST to be politically correct?” Putting an old, fat, black lady as a cyber-crime tech person (see Blackhat) breaks the 4th wall. End of.
        And, likewise, you’ve jumped on the, “Not giving a fuck” statement with equal stupidity. I could explain it, but it’s pretty much the same argument I just made in the previous paragraph.

    3. Ain’t it funny when the bullies call you a bully? How those that hate you call you a hater? On so on and so forth?

      1. That it is. If I was a younger man I would’ve spent all day arguing with them back and forth over it. Now I just tell them to fuck off and I continue on with my day. I don’t need their constant need for validation. I have better things to do.

        1. Indeed. You don’t need toxic people in your life. Cut them off and never look back.

        2. yes, once you figure out that arguing politics on facebook is pointless, it can be interesting to just sit back and observe the SJWs, white knights, and single moms and their thought processes.

        3. Well by not replying back to them is invalidating their existence and not acknowledging their worth. Make sense. But sometimes I do like to crush them with my mind it gets the blood boiling

    4. I would rather be called a sexist or bigot while being right, than take fake politically correct opinions just to fit in.

    5. So this was on the net obviously. I bet in real life they wouldn’t even dare open their mouth to a stranger in case they get knocked the fuck out or worse…

    6. Indeed. There is no shortage of idiots. You will be an old man long before you finishing responding to them all.

    7. Well done. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday how to deal with all these SJW lunatics. In the end we agreed that the best solution is to just unfriend people obsessed with that stuff, so we can live our lives in peace.

    8. A friend of mine also share the CNN link on Facebook. I immediately pre-empted everybody else and said “Those guys all have small dicks and live in Mommy’s basement! And they’re SHORT!”. It actually got Likes!

  4. Great that you got your shit together at such a young age. Most men take years to digest the red pill. It’s best never to attach your feelings to a woman when you are young. It makes you do all sorts of crazy things, like moving in, getting her pregnant and getting married. Then she takes you to the courts, gang rapes you with the lawyers and judges, and takes away your hard earned money, house and children. It happened to me. Just after five years my marriage fell apart. New, after I’ve swallowed the red pill, I can see that it was a mistake since the beginning, and by being a mindless beta man who takes all the wrong decisions in live, I had it coming to me since a long time. Wish there were sites like these when I as just a boy. It could have saved me.

    1. The flip-side, and I see this with people I know, is when a guy gets no experience with women early on in life, and then wastes his early adulthood over-compensating for it.
      Guys with more actual experience realize women are just women and aren’t necessarily worth doing damage to the rest of your life.

      1. I was totally like the way you described. Throughout my teens I had been a total loser with girls, then at around 19/20, when I went to university, it all changed rather suddenly and I just went on a fuckfest. There was a time in my life when I was literally addicted to conquering new girls and when I had to go some days or God forbid a couple of weeks without a new conquest, it drove me nuts. I did all sorts of stuff to overcompensate like burying myself in tons of books (that actually helped in getting a great degree, though) or doing ridiculous amounts of sprints on the parking lot outside the dorm. One summer I would jog up and down in front of the cafeteria during lunch hour in the soaring summer heat topless, I used to be that much of an attention whore. I was a complete asshole, too, I always had a steady girlfriend but I physically needed to cheat on them with new pussy regularly. It was a crazy couple of years. Had a lot of setbacks, too, of course. Point being, I’m turning 31 in two weeks and I’m way more relaxed than when I was in my early twenties. I’m dating a sweet 20-year-old who was a virgin, I just generally attack life at a slower pace, I still work out a lot, thankfully I made that a habit. I got tenure two years ago, I travel several times a year etc.
        I guess, just don’t make stupid mistakes in your 20s like getting some chick pregnant or marrying the first girl who likes you, don’t form stupid habits etc.

        1. Nah.. what I intended to describe was guys who screw themselves over because of insecurities or hang-ups about women.
          Having tenure by 30, banging a lot of hot girls, and nabbing a 20 year-old virgin girlfriend when you ease into life is pretty much as red-pill as it gets…

        2. The odds of getting tenure at 29 are similar to being dealt a straight flush in poker. You hit the proverbial jackpot.

        3. I have to explain at this point that I’m German. Most teaching positions over here come with a very small tenure track and it’s not as uncommon as in the US to get tenure at that age. You do need top qualifications, though.

        4. Not all of them were totally hot.
          And even though I consider my political views and the way I look at life as red pill, I’ve had my share of insecurities. It’s a growth factor. If I didn’t have a girlfriend now, I probably would be taking a break from women altogether for a while, like a sabbatical so to speak.

        5. Live and learn.
          I just can’t believe you have tenure at 31. You live in Europe right? That is unheard of in North America.

        6. Germany. Bavaria to be exact. Again, it’s the normal way over here, you get your master’s, then there’s a two-year on the job training period that is really excruciating, it’s like boot camp for teachers and then if you’re good enough it’s two years on tenure track and tenure after that. For most people, that’s in their late twenties/early thirties. It’s the standard route that leaves you in the rank and file, not the route to a full professorship, that involves a much longer tenure track and there’s a high risk of never getting a position. Now, when I say I’m in the rank and file of the academic system, I’m the exact same pay grade as a major in our military, with a guaranteed promotion to what is Lt. Colonel down the line. But that’s where it stops, only very few make it to even higher pay grades and that’s mostly administrative positions. Or you’re idealistic enough to take the long tenure track and go after a full professorship, but I’m doing quite nicely as it is.

        7. Thanks for the summary.
          In North America it’s a little different. You get your undergrad > 2 year Masters > 4+ years of PhD > 3+ years of Post-doctoral positions > Assistant professorship > Tenure track > Tenured professor.
          If you don’ make it to the professor path you usually get into industry somehow… But I haven’t determined yet how necessary it is to get a PhD/post-doctoral to get into industry. I chose to stop after my Masters because the professor path seems like a crapshoot and I can’t dedicate myself to a half-decade PhD program without having a better idea of what I’ll get out of it.
          In Canada you are usually guaranteed to break even financially starting at the Masters level but I think in the US students are taking on a greater financial burden.

        8. I’ve got a degree in history, so there’s really nowhere in the private sector for me to go. I thought about journalism briefly, but I’m very certain that considering where my talents and interests are, I got the best deal possible.
          My girlfriend on the other hand is getting a B.S. in bio-medical engineering, I expect her to end up at some fancy tech company in a couple of years. A friend of mine designs engines for Audi, he certainly makes more than I do, but it’s not a whole lot more and I certainly work fewer hours than he does, so when it’s all said and done, I can’t really complain. Especially the hours, that’s one of the most important things for me, I got time for my hobbies, for traveling, for a daily workout, it’s what makes life seem good, not so much the money but the leisure time. And classes are only for 37 weeks a year, the rest is basically paid vacation.

      2. I’ve drunk the bitter cup, my friend, and to be frank, I’m happy that it’s over. Y’know bitter things are usually good for health! Ultimately this will be too. But now that the wound is fresh, it’s painful. Just a week ago, I had my money and kids taken away from me. Plus, I’m stuck with alimony, and child support. I don’t mind the latter but I detest the former!
        The hypocrisy of the courts today is laughable. While the society screeches about gender equality, it turns a blind eye when the law white knights for women, and force unwilling men to do so. Sometime ago, on an MRA site i read about a man who was having suicidal thoughts after his divorce. Now I know how he felt and why male suicide rate is so much higher than female suicide rate.

        1. I supplied no-fee counseling for 10 years to men involved with divorce and unwed parentage issues. After a few days of it, I automatically did suicide counseling for every man who called without even asking him if he had urges. They all did.
          First, you get them laughing, which was easy. I just told what I thought of judges and lawyers, in a rant involving obscenities and profanities..
          I also would say sick jokes, like, “Better you don’t go, but if you must go, better you don’t go alone.” You would think that would increase, not decrease suicide, but a good laugh really made them loose and eased out the stress.
          Not that I recommend saying such things. It doesn’t take much difference in tone to change the results.
          Then, you help them get a good night’s sleep. Most suicides seem to come after many sleepless night.
          Then, you help them make a plan for the future. With those three things, the odds of suicide drop dramatically. With EFT today, that task would be much easier.

        2. I had a period where I felt like that a couple years back, and it wasn’t anything as serious as having children involved.
          What fucked with my head the most in my situation was the total lack of consideration my ex had towards me during/after we broke up. She completely took a shit on my life in a way that I simply took for granted to be unthinkable.
          For a good while I had horrifically messed up things bouncing around in my head… the only thing that helped me was to form some good habits and try to build/maintain a positive attitude. Gradually the sting wore off, and gradually I got over the deeper feeling of gnawing in my guts. Don’t let the feelings consume you. There wont be any quick fix, but as the cliche goes time really does heal all wounds. The only way out is through.
          I wish I could relate more to offer support but I am not a father so I don’t feel like I’m the guy to share advice or ideas. Stay on course and don’t lose hope… the system is rigged in this post-feminazi shit-camp and it sounds like you had a front-row seat to the bread-and-circus. But we’re still here and that’s what counts. If you need an outlet maybe write an ROK article detailing your experience. In any case, all the best and take care.

        3. I had one-itis for an equally awful girl, and what keeps me out of LTR now is the fear that I could develop it again. I mean we are only human, and we have hearts and emotions and the idea that I could ever fall again for a heartless woman who would sap the soul out of me right before she drained my bank account, meanwhile refusing to drain my balls, is reason to keep them at bay.
          All that said, never been married, which I’m sure compounds the pain and damages, not to mention having kids which I literally can’t fathom. But hang in there, like all things, it too shall pass. Talk to other men in your situation, there is hope.

        4. This msg reads like it was intended for the other guy.
          I feel you on the oneitis thing… Getting over attachment is like a hangover that seems to never end.

        5. Thanks for you reply brother. That means a lot, really. Yes, I was badly fucked, but now that’s over. I’m prepared to put the shit behind me, and deal with life as it is. That’s all the red pill mindset is all about anyways. And besides, crying and whining over split milk doesn’t solve problems. Not to mention that the society just hates men who try to discus their problems! It’s refreshing, however to be here at ROK, in the company of like minded men. This is a great outlet for men to share their views and have a man to man talk. Rooshv did a great favour to men everywhere to create ROK.

        6. Good to hear.
          I agree with you. I found ROK at the right time as well. If I was completely alone in my thoughts figuring this stuff out I could have become the local crazy guy.
          I bet there are homeless men out there that could have had another shot at life if only they met one person that gave a shit.
          All the best man, hope everything comes together smoothly.

  5. I followed the link on mistake number 7 and it referred to a book where one of the key messages is To Take Action. Not taking action, dreaming, dreaming some more, thinking more, planning a little more and still no action is a big problem.
    Sometimes the problem is we dream too big and end up happier in our dreams then taking the effort and strain to take action.
    If need be set smaller and easier goals that can be achieved and move you forward more quickly taking smaller steps….but whatever you do take action.
    I like the author Jeffrey Archer and some of the advice he gives. One of my favourite quotes of his is as follows:
    “If you have talent and energy, you’re king. If you have only energy and no talent, you’re still a prince. But if you have talent and no energy, you’re a pauper.”
    Energy is the ability to take action.

  6. #8 is important – caring too much what ppl think is for insecure teens and girls
    once you stop you become much more intimidating to the enemy

  7. I agree with part of it. I made the mistake of spending 5 years in my 20’s with an emasculating abusive bitch. But I learned.
    I always continued to act in good faith. I decided to continue to try to make girls happy but kept in the back of my mind to remember when bitching got out of control and “Enough is enough”
    Not all women are bad and evil, but a lot are. To be a full human being, you have to trust and leave yourself vulnerable…….
    to a point.
    But when your good faith is being abused, then leave.
    If you become too hardened, you will never find love.

    1. Finding love is easy. Finding love reciprocated is not going to happen. That is the hardest lesson, but it is, nonetheless, simply the truth.
      Men and women are different. What you feel for her is not what she feels for you. Start expecting her to and she is already gone, even while still sleeping in your bed.

  8. Good list. A man would do well to keep in mind the spirit and specifics of this post.
    One thought about point #6, which reads: “You should have several groups of man friends and spend time with all of them.”
    I much prefer the phrasing of the final line: “Spend time with different types of people and take on the best traits of all of them.”
    The word “friends” is over-used, devalued, and under-appreciated. Myself, I reserve it for people I can count on through thick & thin. Everyone else is an acquaintance, colleague, team-member, buddy, etc.
    It is impossible to cultivate durable friendships with a large number of other men. There isn’t enough time, emotional energy, or meaningful experiences to share.
    Being at college, especially during the first year or two, can give the illusion we can have lots of “friends” because we spend all day long together with so many other men in our own age group, all going through the same experience we are. But we get older, we mature and the world changes.
    So, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over not having a lot of friends, nor spread ourselves thin running around trying to be social with lots of men because we think having worthwhile relationships with a large number of other men is doable and worth doing. It isn’t. The effort would be as big a waste of time as trying to keep a constant stream of women passing through our lives to make us whole or prove we’re “successful” as men.

    1. The fireteam is the tightest unit in the modern military. Just three or four men.
      The next tightest is the squad, just three or four fireteams.
      By the time you get to three or four squads, the platoon, there is still a strong group loyalty factor, but no real, interpersonal, bond between the men.
      Beyond that any sense of group is on the purely intellectual level.
      It’s not just a good organizational model, it’s a model that was built on long experience of how men actually relate to each other. Three real friends, about 250 who will care just enough to show up at your funeral.

      1. Jack Donovan in the way of men says something like this.
        It’s interesting that, in the battle of thermopylae, the first days the greeks formed among their own men, because it would be much harder to flee the field of battle if you are leaving your own friends behind.

  9. Numbers 5 and 8 are especially important in these times when SJWs are trying to use mass media to impose a set of stupid and socially destructive ideas on the populace. I believe most men are smart enough to realize the SJW narrative is BS, but it’s all too easy to acquiesce when the weak-minded strive to force it down your throat day in and day out.

    1. There are some very good articles here. Maybe not Rollo’s class(it’s very difficult to pass that, his articles are pure gold), but good.
      Among men we talk differently than what you’re used to, so if you’re reading articles and comments in an only-men blog, you should keep that in mind(it helps when you consider what it says).
      But I’ll say it again, most of the articles are good and sometimes, the comments are just as good as the article itself.

  10. I’ve made: number 2, number 3, number 7, number 8, number 9 and number 10. It’s amazing how human behavior can be extremely similar living on the other side of the world. Great article.

  11. Great list. All are great but 2 speaks to me.
    “Yes getting with women is good and fun, but it’s not everything. I’ve allowed my friendships and my business to suffer because I’ve been so hell-bent on seeing a girl every single weeknight.”
    I let this idea define who I was. If I didn’t get girls, I felt that I was a failure to not just myself, but to others as well. Once I found game, I made sure to run through as many women as I can. In this, I felt like this would make me happy and prove my worth to the world.
    Wrong wrong wrong.
    My worth is based of me and what I can help provide for the world beyond just what makes me happy. Yes, making myself happy is good, but achieving greatness and helping the future as blogs and posts like these are doing reaches a deeper filling of my soul in my opinion.
    Once I realized that women were not going to fill my void I stopped “dodging bullets” and was able to just stop them on my own. I seen women as something that could benifit me instead of it defining who I was as a person. I controlled my reality and if they wanted to join they can, if not whatever. I will keep it moving and seek to achieve Mastery level in life with or without them.
    They only have the power that I, and men as a whole give them. “There is spoon”
    This fears women because now they have to become more than just their pussy if men wake up from the dream they have been living in. Psssh. Oh well. You want something in life you have to work for it. If you show me you have respect and a deeper philosophy beyond just your pussy then we can work something out. I am not here to hurt you.
    I am here to enjoy life and seek Mastery of it before I am dead in the dirt. If you can meet me half way no problem. If not, still no problem I will continue to do me. You can join or not. Either way, I will be just fine.
    Great list again.

  12. #11 stop drinking alcohol, or if you do, do it alone so you won´t say/do stupid things you WILL regret later.
    #12 stop doing drugs.
    #13 don´t shit where you eat
    #14 MGTOW

  13. Great article.
    One thing I’ve got to say though is that sex and intimacy are by far the most fulfilling things I have experienced in my life. Even more so than rocking out on the bass in front of a crowd with my fellow musicians. I have done a lot of studying myself and I can honestly, objectively tell you nothing has ever come close to bringing me the joy, happiness and that “fuck yeah, I love life” participation (dbt concept) feeling than making love and being intimate with an attractive woman.
    As a result of this self knowledge, my life now is all about being healthy, safe, productive achievement and sex/intimacy.
    Don’t mean to be contrarian, just a personal observation about myself.

  14. Slightly offtopic but just to illustrate how once you take the redpill your perception is ever changed.. On my way home I took the regular exit off the freeway, and in the same exact spot where an uninsured black female college student ran into me going the wrong way up the on-ramp a few months ago, another female driver had ran right into the guardrail at this exit. She was there sobbing with the cops and dufus boyfriend. I was yelling “Stupid bitch!” as I drove by… it literally amazes me how they get by in this world some times. I mean we all make mistakes but holy shit.
    Before I would think.. oh poor person, someone had an accident. Now I’m like Why the Fuck do we let women drive in this country!!!!

  15. Well, since I didn’t see, “Getting Married” as one of the 10 points, I’ll add that in from personal experience. There’s no reason a man, even if he wants a family, need to marry a girl before he’s 30, established, and has a good sense of himself and his future direction. Even at 30 it’s easy to attract 20-25 year old’s. Hell, I did it at 45.
    So don’t rush into what could be a premature commitment because some girl wants to lock you down and suck the live out of you for 10, 20 or more years.

    1. I do agree. Then again, for some of my friends who were never destined for greatness (low IQ), it seems like having a child has made them happy. Sure, I know and you know that they’re bound to get royally screwed when it comes to divorce, but that’s just a symptom of the times we live in. Sucks to be them, born 50 years too late.

      1. Yes. It is possible.
        But the real test is are you still happy, satisfied, fulfilled, etc. when your kids reach adulthood, and you can look back on all your sacrifice and commitment and say I’m happy with that choice and proud of what I produced.
        Having kids is easy, and arguably fulfilling. Getting them to be responsible, productive adults is a whole galaxy away. Even though I raised two kids to that point, knowing what I know now I wouldn’t recommend it to my young 20 year-old self.

        1. Yep. I’m not getting married any time soon, not going bald yet (mid 30’s).
          I have a theory on the mid-life crisis and why it hits men more than women: when you’re 35-45 you’re fucking attractive to the women you’ve always wanted to fuck. When a woman is 35-45 she’s fucking unnattractive to the men she used to fuck. So marriage is fucking unnattractive to you at your mid-life point, and it’s fucking necessary to her at her mid-life point.

    2. A critical point indeed. Do not get married or have kids before you have your professional and financial life in order. Luckily, I understood that and did not get suckered into a marriage situation too early. Self-development and professional development is important.

  16. truth is if you are really killing it at life, you won’t actually have time for more than one group of friends, or maybe one or two real friends period. Everyone else will be a brief acquaintance, someone you chat to briefly at the gym or work, or “connections” from work and business. “friends” are a waste of time, with a modicum of social skill, one could have an infinite amount of “friends”, but ultimately one would just be wasting their time better spent on career and self improvement. It is important to retain the ability to make friends, rather than the friends themselves, for cases where one finds themselves needing to network, or in unfamiliar situations, otherwise relationships of all kinds, excluding familial but probably including romantic, are supposed to be brief and fleeting.

    1. I said the same exact thing to the man I just killed. Our relationship was brief and fleeting.

  17. If you are thinking about “traveling the world” the do it before or after college . World travel in the middle of your bachelors will just fuck with your brain and make it that much harder to finish your degree.

      1. But don’t have a “mid life crisis”. Get that shit out of the way when you are 25 not 45.

        1. lol… yeah I think I did. That said, I think a “mid-life crisis” is when you realise your wife is now fat and so are you.

        2. Tell me about it. I made the move to wife up and now she gives me this shit about how her mother is fat so she will be fat. Velvet glove, iron fist: it is fat shaming from the word go.

  18. I want to say while the articles on here are great, the commentors are horrible. Not all, maybe 1/3 – by horrible I mean ignorant, racist, rednecks about two minutes more evolved than an animal. Why do all these great male promoting articles that are so beneficial to our decisions and worldview need to be degraded with racism and other trash. It just provides more reasons for the Feminists to call us out on. I have known a lot of alphas and none of them would ever verbalize this garbage even if they thought it.

  19. One day, while aimlessly browsing the internet I came across a pair of quotes that even I, a professional slacker, could pledge my life to upholding: Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. -Elbert Hubbard/ I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character. -Theodore Roosevelt

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