Why Euthanasia Will Eventually Be The Leading Cause Of Death

There are many fronts in the war against death, and for the past two hundred years humanity has been winning.

The stats are easy enough to find. Before the industrial revolution life expectancy was often below 30 years (though if you survived infancy, you had a decent chance of seeing your fifties). Since 1900 the global figure has soared from 31 years to nearly 70, with Japan currently topping the chart at 87. The decline of infectious diseases sees the biggest single drop. In 1900 the leading causes of death in the US were influenza and tuberculosis. Today it is heart disease and cancer.

Across the board, life is getting safer. Despite a smaller world population, ten times more people died from natural disasters a century ago then today. Murders were 50-100 times more common in Europe in the Middle Ages. Even the US murder rate is at its lowest rate in 100 years while workplace fatalities have declined by 90% over the same period.


Self driving cars will put a huge dent in the roughly 1.2 million people who die in car accidents every year, while we can at least take solace that the ever growing surveillance state will make getting away with murder more difficult. There is no reason why even the nastiest diseases like Ebola or HIV won’t be cured someday soon.

So in the 21st century we are much less likely to die from disease, natural disasters, murder or car crashes, and lets assume medical science eventually pushes back all other causes. What remains standing?


Suicides are one of the few exceptions to the above trend. Forty thousand people now kill themselves every year in the US. The UK shows a similar rise. Most western countries are seeing the same and the World Health Organization predicts 1.5 million people will die by their own hand by 2020.

Now there are many possible reasons for this. The breakdown of the family unit has to be a leading culprit. Others blame the GFC or the spread of the internet, but these are all secondary factors.

Savagery below the surface

I’ve written before about the fundamentally savage nature of human beings. By all accounts, we just aren’t the sort of people who can live in perpetual happiness. If anything, we need to be waging some sort of struggle to keep us content. Without an immediate sense of purpose, we begin to question the very meaning of our existence.

For most of history, people were distracted by the concerns of everyday survival. With the possible exception of some hunter-gatherers, there simply wasn’t much time to ponder the mysteries of the universe. Today we’ve just replaced this with digital entertainment and the constant struggle that is fitting in to our politically correct society.

If anything, maintaining a healthy psychology becomes more difficult the more of a material paradise we create around us. The cry of a nearby infant is probably the best bulwark against the urge to put a gun to your head, but we know today’s career-driven youth are far too busy for that.

We’ve done our best to replace an aching belly with an aching need for attention via social media, but eventually, us or our descendants will be left staring into the abyss that is our unimaginably vast universe.


This is why I fully expect euthanasia will soon be legalized. Plenty of works of dystopian fiction have explored the horrors of immortality. I can very well imagine the next generation of social justice warriors demanding the government provide free longevity treatments to all citizens. We can only hope that for once they don’t overreach and make these demands compulsory. Who wants to label themselves in favour of “death culture”?

Of course, a world absent unforeseen death can be seen as a fantastic thing, but our psychology will face some jarring changes. Human beings will be more or less forced to choose a time for their own demise.

Perhaps people will even hold “deathday parties” where they gather up all their families and friends for a final goodbye before their appointment with the euthanasist? Old couples may decide to die together after a few centuries of happy but increasingly stale marriage.

Others might choose to freeze themselves with instructions only to be woken every thousand years, or until something interesting happens. Virtual reality is sure to take off. Personally I wouldn’t mind spending a few decades in Westeros banging fair maidens and riding dragons. It would certainly kill some time.

In fact lately I’ve been asking people the blunt question – what would you do if you could live forever? The answers have varied from “I don’t know…I’m pretty bored right now” to “well…how many women are there on Earth? Three billion? How long would that take?”

Doesn't Matter

The problem of trying to find meaning in a world without sickness or material want will be an enormous challenge for our society to grapple with. Even if we banish all disease, cure the aging process, and surround ourselves in a giant rubber room, death is not banished unless we find a way to fundamentally change our psychology. As we exist now, it seems a human being is never completely satisfied with their lot.

This is why I predict that, unless the planet blows up, euthanasia and suicide will eventually be the leading causes of death, possibly by the year 2100. With physical well-being as a given, life expectancy statistics will be driven not by how long you can maintain people’s physical health, but their mental health, and as far as I can tell, our understanding of the latter has hardly advanced since the middle ages.

There’s no way of predicting how long the average person will wish to live once we’re freed from our basic biology. A hundred years? A thousand?

Only time will tell.

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128 thoughts on “Why Euthanasia Will Eventually Be The Leading Cause Of Death”

  1. Won’t ever be a problem. Read the Bible.
    Genesis 6:3
    “Then the LORD said, ‘My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.’”

    1. That’s an interesting verse from the Bible, for although God declared that after Noah and his sons got off the Ark, Noah himself lived for another 300 years, and his sons lived for around 500 more. (Noah was 600 and Shem was 100 at the time of the flood). The next generations lived to their 400’s (Like Gilgamesh’s generation – the Sumerians had a king-list that counted down shortening generations similar to the Bible). In fact, by the time Noah died, his descendant Abram was 50 years old, and Abraham himself lived to 175… lol, it’s not until we get to Moses that he died at 120 years old, and it’s not until King David that death starts happening at around the 70’s.
      There is an interesting theory about this that ties into evolution and the geology of the earth. 13,000 years ago the Pleistoscene Ice Age ended and the oceans rose around 400′ from the melting ice. This is also a time that many species disappeared, or experienced rapid evolution. The Sabre Tooth Tiger and the Woolly Mammoth disappeared, for example. Well, as the theory goes, before the ice melted, the earth’s atmosphere might have been fundamentally different, because of less liquid H2O on the planet to affect it. This could have had quite an affect on the animal and plant life on earth, including our lifespans and perhaps even the size to which we grew. (Cromagnons also disappeared towards the end of the Pleistoscene).
      Interestingly, I watched a documentary on the Discovery Channel perhaps a decade or so ago, about some guy at the University of British Columbia who was researching this very theory by raising some sort of fish that reproduces and develops rapidly, Anyway, what he’s doing is raising these fish in a big tank that holds the atmospheric pressure to what it was thought to be during the Pleistoscene Era, and after raising several successive generations of these fish this way, he is finding that the fish are growing larger, and living longer.
      Perhaps the Biblical and Sumerian accounting of humans’ lifespans shortening is an allegory to what happened to the people living through this time. The Sumerians had a “Noah” in their myths and religions too – he was a half-god, like his descendant Gilgamesh (he came through Noah’s son Ham, who was banished after mocking Noah’s drunkeness). Some theorists speculate that what Noah might really mean is “the people who lived through the flood,” which is literally what happened 13,000 years ago. And, think about it, if lifespans began shortening… Noah 900, Ham 600, Gilgamesh 400, Abraham 175. Well, think about how people like Abraham would have felt looking at someone like Ham, who was a couple generations earlier, but still alive – for what seems like eternity, and possibly even much bigger than the subsequent generations. Certainly, it would be easy to see they could be viewed somewhat as gods.

      1. Interesting read, do you have more information or a link on that University experiment conducted on those fish?

        1. It’s insanity and it’s utterly false. It’s not ‘interesting’ except in an amusing ‘look what crazy stuff some people say!’ sense.

        2. Alright, you want an argument? Then say something that can actually be backed up with evidence and we’ll talk about it. So far you’ve admitted you can’t do that.
          Until then I’m going to respond to bullshit in the way that is most appropriate.

        3. You haven’t responded even with decency. In fact, you sound very much like a SJW.
          Go fuck yourself and bring your own evidence, asshole.
          I’m just putting forth a theory and not claiming anything as fact.
          Take the red pill.

        4. I guess you would have smoke come out of your ears if you had to consider that the universe (or at least our solar system) is Earth-centric.

        5. Actually, he’s not.
          I’ve argued with him and seen many of his arguments.
          He puts his info out, and will debate it well, as long as the other party provides his counter-argument.
          “Bullshit” and similar exclamations of debate prowess – is not a counter argument, it makes one look like a girl or a mangina (or some other kind of feeble minded douchebag).

        6. Answer me one question: Do you agree with the theory he’s proposing or not? 🙂

        7. Honestly, I have to admit it’s very intriguing and worth further study.

        8. Why is it ‘worth further study’?
          I also like what you said before: “I guess you would have smoke come out of your ears if you had to consider that the universe (or at least our solar system) is Earth-centric.”
          Do you really believe that?

        9. I don’t know why you’re being such an asshole. Is it because I made a reference to the Bible and now you think I’m a Creationist or something?
          Look, buddy. That the earth went through a major cataclysmic event 13,000 years ago is not theory – it’s a fact. That the ice caps melted and the oceans rose 400 feet is not a theory, it’s a fact. That this volumous amount of liquid H20 adding to the ecosystem of the earth, possibly changing its atmosphere, is not a ridiculous assumption – it’s perfectly logical. We know from fossil records that at different times on earth, plant life grew more lush and larger, and at other times plants grew smaller. Also, there is fossil record of plant life in Antarctica, as well, the Sahara was once lush jungle. The earth once supported freakin’ huge dinosaurs but no longer has land animals of such size. Oviously, the earth’s ecosystem has not remained constant throughout time. As for the length of life that a particular fossilized animal lived, is pretty darn hard to ascertain… unless you try to assume that the modern lifespan is “the model” to base your comparison on. (ie. to say a fossil is fully developed merely means “adult” but does not indicate if it took 20 or 60 years to get that way).
          Furthermore, how does the old saying go? It’s not the strongest or the biggest… it’s the ability to adapt.
          That’s really what evolution is, you know. It’s the ability for a species to adapt to a changing environment in order to survive. These adaptions by no means have to always mean “better,” they simply have to serve the purpose of survival of the species. In nature, it would not matter if our lifespans lengthened or shortened, so long as we survived long enough to reproduce the next generation. In fact, the very reason that complex organisms reproduce sexually rather than asexually is because the ability to rapidly adapt to a changing environment is greatly enhanced by doubling the amount of genomes to a two sex species, rather than relying on mere mutation in a single sex to evolve the species. In other words, the concept of “rapid evolution” is not ridiculous, but rather far more likely than slow and constant evolution. In fact, rapid adaption is the purpose of sexual reproduction itself.
          Humans obviously lived through and survived the cataclysm that happened in the past… in fact, there are something like 300 religious and mythical references to a flood in the ancient past… plus the actual physical evidence of one happening. What makes you think that EVERYTHING they are saying is mere gibberish, rather than a twinkling rememberance of what actually happened at that time?
          Not only that, but what I am suggesting very much accounts for why “the missing link” can’t be found… think about it, if the population was maybe not just decimated, but reduced down to only one percent. It would have been very difficult to survive – with the ice melting and the waters rising a couple of feet every decade or so, there would never be the ability to erect any permanent settlement near the oceans, where even today, something like 80% of the population lives. Further, even if you did find a good place to live, it would constantly be subject to massive earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions as the pressure on the earth’s crust increased or decreased because of the forces of the water shifting around. There would have been 10 times the geological violence as today, if not more. It would have been freakin’ hard to stay alive! You would have always had to be on the move. I mean, what if the 1,000 square miles you lived in suddenly became covered in volcanic ash? You’d have to pack up and get the hell out of there again, or die. And, if, out of this vastly smaller and environmentally stressed population, there occurred RAPID evolution – over perhaps a couple of centuries only, or less – then it certainly would explain why we can’t find the missing link.
          Lol! Sorry, but sometimes you “evolutionists” get so tripped in your own theory that you don’t realize that you are arguing in support OF a theory of randomness and happenstance, by demanding it must follow a rigid set of rules and timelines. It’s utterly ridiculous because it cannot be both at the same time. Either the randomness has a set purpose and schedule, as you are claiming – therefore, the concept of God, or at least a Cosmic Order, should not be ridiculous to you – or you believe in complete blind randomness, in which case, my above theory holds some merrit.

      2. To quibble: as far as we know, Cro-Magnons are us and so didn’t disappear. Scientists have mostly stopped using the term and call them Early Modern Humans (European). Did you mean Neanderthals?

        1. I looked this up once, and Neanderthals stopped existing long before the end of the Pleistoscene, however, they did co-exist with Cro-Magnons for around 6000 years during the Pleistoscene. But, by the end of the Pleistoscene, Neanderthals were long gone.
          The thought that a Neanderthal at one time might have humped a Cro-Magnon and created a “hybrid” is quite relevant therefore.
          I agree with you, however – if there was rapid evolution, the WE are Cromagnons evolved, the same as the Woolly Mammoth became the modern Elephant.

        2. 1) There are two hypotheses regarding human and Neanderthal interaction, currently it seems more likely that European ancestors did interbreed
          2) It’s pretty much a closed case: Cro-magnon people were anatomically modern humans, with no significant differences or evolutionary changes. A stocky, broad shouldered person today with a strong eyebrow ridge has the same skeletal features as a Cro-magnon.
          3) Woolly Mammoths aren’t the ancestors of anything and I’m saddened by the state of your educators that you could even think such a thing. Humans wiped the last of them about 4,000 years ago. Woolly mammoths shared a common ancestor with other elephants about 6 million years ago.

        3. Didn’t know that about the Woolly Mammoth – I thought the last of them disappeared about 12,000 years ago… but I’ve never particularly bothered to research them, just threw it out there to try and illustrate a concept.
          No matter, there were many species of plants and animals that disappeared or rapidly evolved around the Age of Leo 13,000 years ago.
          Quite frankly, everything on this subject is up for skepticism, as well as any “facts” our science departments are putting out – we are for example, finding that more and more that we’re having to push back the dates of civilizations and mankind’s development, because the science was wrong.
          There are many holes in ANY theory regarding this subject, including the scientifically approved models. Anyone who frequents this site ought to know how dangerous it is to rely on academic theories simply for the sake of academic superiority.
          Interestlingly, regarding the strong eyebrow ridge, I watched the video linked above by Orthodox Christian, and in the video the guy says that eyebrow ridges keep developing throughout human life – thus why old men seem to have prominent bushy brows. Therefore, IF mankind did used to live for several centuries, as claimed by the Bible and the Sumerians, after living such a long life, they would have developed significant brows. (Although, in the video, I believe he was using Neanderthals as his example instead of Cro-Magnons).

        4. The mammoths were a dead end. They arose from the same line that produced the Asian elephant.

      3. That’s complete insanity and utter pseudo-scientific gibberish. There’s plenty of fossil remains from the pleistocene era and before. There’s plenty of evidence from fossils of humans and hominids going back at least several million years. The only trend that’s apparent here is that humans have been getting bigger, not smaller, over time. Early hominids were tiny. Homo habilis (lived in the pleistocene) was four feet tall.

        1. “That’s complete insanity and utter pseudo-scientific gibberish. There’s plenty of fossil remains from the pleistocene era and before. There’s plenty of evidence from fossils of humans and hominids going back at least several million years. The only trend that’s apparent here is that humans have been getting bigger, not smaller, over time. Early hominids were tiny. Homo habilis (lived in the pleistocene) was four feet tall.”
          Homo habilis:
          Here is how evolutionist Richard Leakey described the problem:
          “Of the several dozen specimens that have been said at one time or another to belong to this species, at least half of them don’t. But there is no consensus as to which 50 percent should be excluded. No one anthropologist’s 50 percent is quite the same as another’s.”

          Universe A Matrix Computer Game Designed By Aliens [or more probable, God, but to an atheist “anything but God”], Say NASA:

        2. Great, you’re replying to me with even more pseudo-scientific bullcrap than Jeb. The points made in that pdf range from misrepresentations to just outright lies. Indeed you should be immediately skeptical of the author’s literacy when he/she uses the made-up word ‘evolutionist’.
          Read this actual peer-reviewed article from actual scientists backed up with actual facts, which talks about homo habilis as well as the OH62 specimen: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18711733

        3. Evolution requires at least as many leaps of logic as Creationism. Science has always been politicized. Science told me that there would be massive starvation in the 1970’s culling the human population. Science told me we were on the verge of a cataclysmic Ice Age in the early 80’s. In fact as late as 1994 Time Magazine was touring an Ice Age. Now of course it’s Global Warming, no I meant Climate Change. Try and get a research grant if you don’t play ball with the PC enforcers that run things. The scientific establishment is as blue pill as you can get.

        4. Well, maybe this is anecdotal, but I myself never played ball with the ‘PC enforcers’ yet I have a bunch of grants and I’m working on a post-doc. One of my good internet friends is Phil Mason (thunderf00t of youtube fame) who everyone knows as ‘that red-piller youtube guy who keeps being mean to Anita Sarkeesian’. Yet his work on interaction of sodium and water was recently published in the top academic journal in the world and they never asked why he hated feminism (his videos against feminism are the first thing that crop up if you google him). My own project supervisor (in the engineering department) was critical of the fact that the university kept interviewing female engineers instead of male ones.
          So I suggest that you learn more about what you’re criticizing; half of scientists are religious, many of them are social conservatives (like me) and no, there are no PC police patrolling around my office right now telling me what I can or can’t research (if there were, I’d just laugh in their faces). It’s true that some things, like being openly anti-gay, will get you in trouble, but that’s mostly a reflection of the public and the public mood, not something that originates from the scientific establishment.
          Anyway, about your point. No, evolution doesn’t require leaps of logic, because it’s not a ‘belief’. It’s a theory that works well and explains a lot of what we see in the natural world. And I do mean A LOT of what we see. It’s an overarching idea into which you fit things and they make sense. Creationism can’t do that. The answer to everything is ‘God made it that way.’ Ok…. I don’t doubt that God is the ultimate originator of Everything That There Is, but that’s not satisfying answer to me. God’s creation is not so small that there’s only room for a bunch of species and no variation or evolution. I think that evolution is wholly compatible with creation, just not creationism.
          About the ice age, well no, there weren’t many papers. In the 1970’s and later the dominant view in the literature was that global warming was likely to be the major effect in the future.
          I strongly suggest you turn off Fox News, take scientific ‘skepticism’ that comes from a non-scientific pastor with a grain of salt, and realize that scientists aren’t ‘out to get you’.

        5. I don’t know if you think I am but I’m not a Creationist and am not afraid to be called a knuckle dragger and say neither am I an evolutionist. I stand by my comments and will give you further ammunition to blast me. I have three degrees, two undergraduate and one graduate. All in liberal arts subjects. So let the Bill Nye’s of the world sneer at me. I don’t care. As for the Fox News comment isn’t that what PC libs use to shame conservatives on message boards? What makes you think I like Fox News or any other part of the MSM? That really ticked me off. All credibility gone even if you have a PHD in a discipline you invented.

      4. About the earth’s atmosphere being fundamentally different – there is a passage in Genesis 1, about creation, that says that God created a “firmament to separate the waters”, one above and one below, and he called it the sky.
        Well, it seems to be saying that at one point there was a layer of water above the earth’s atmosphere. It sounds weird at first, but it might explain people in the Bible having such long lifespans (maybe filtering out radiation?) and would definitely explain where all the flood waters came from.

        1. No idea. Also no idea why it would stay up for a time, but then collapse.

        2. *shrug* seems like a pretty straightforward thing to reject, in my opinion. In fact it seems like a double whammy: both religious heresy and scientific heresy.

    2. Is there an interpretation with people living hundreds of years in the bible?

  2. Could you imagine the extreme sports that would be popular? How about the game shows….Running Man anyone?

    1. Spear an Orca. Whatever these lardos weight multiply by 100 and that’s what your prize is.

      1. With possibly centuries worth of weight gain, that would be one hell of a payday!

  3. We will fuck up society too much before that happens and everything resets. Or the elites will banish the rest of us to the wastelands.

    1. Immortality benefits
      To society
      -Willingness to invest in the long
      term future, and less apathy towards environmental destruction, due to justifying your limited life span (“the I wont be here in so many years from now so who cares, syndrome ”this apathy damages the individual and society, the individual has less incentive to be sentient, since he sees himself as being at odds with a hostile universe, instead of developing a holistic naturalist relationship, he remains trapped in a confusing survival of the fittest, in which he exists to be usedby the hive and then barbarically discarded by a funeral home, which dishonors
      his life, lessens meaning with the temporary nihilism it incites , and inspires
      defeatism, you’re more likely to respect people if your vibes actually last and
      echo into eternity, IF we reap what we sow in society, and we must endure the fruits of our actions no matter how bitter or sweet for hundreds of years not decades, than a long term future
      produces an incentive to be better, our good actions vibrate for thousands of
      The only reason people “fuck up society” is because they have no long-term investment in it

  4. “There’s no way of predicting how long the average person will wish to live once we’re freed from our basic biology”
    There is a very easy way to predict this, Ask anyone who is healthy, If they’d like to cease existing anytime soon? What will their answer be?
    Than imagine that in the future when life is 100 times better, what their likely answer would probably be?
    10.4 suicide deaths per 100,000 people in the U.S, so 1 in 10,000 people commit suicide, given that life will be 100 times better without aging, having to workout to feel good, being free from the bullshit of a meatbag body
    the suicide rate would shift to 1 in 10,000,000
    then… 1 in 100,000,000

  5. And the 40,000 suicides per year in the U.S. is almost certainly a significant understatement. Many people die from a drug or alcohol overdose which are often ruled accidental. That also poses the question: why are they taking so much drugs or alcohol if they aren’t seriously unhappy and don’t care if they do die?
    Adding all deaths from drugs, alcohol, and firearms, and subtracting out homicides, the figure is more like 93,000/yr.
    And by race, it’s whites and American Indians who appear to be suffering. Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians rarely kill themselves. In fact, it may explain why whites have lower life expectancy than Hispanics and Asians.

    1. http://www.businessinsider.com/huge-racial-gap-in-life-expectancy-2014-1
      “The researchers found that white men with 16 or more years of schooling can expect to live an average of 14 years longer than black men with fewer than 12 years of education.(For white and black women with the same educational differences, that gap was 10 years.)
      The stark differences the researchers uncovered are troubling, but the findings also suggest that — while access to healthcare and other factors are at play — improving educational opportunities may be a key part of making health disparities a thing of the past.
      “Before age 50, African-Americans’ heart failure rate is 20 times higher than that of whites, according to the study”

      1. White suicide rates are about twice as high as Asians in the United States.

        1. Maybe in America, but whites in America do not come close to the average amount of suicides in Japan and South Korea. Not even the suicide loving Scandinavians can compete with the Japan and South Korea…

    2. You are also missing something: imagine the downtrodden henpecked overworked man. Imagine he tolerates this year after year.
      Imagine he starts having a chest pain or something else starts going wrong. Does he run to the doctor? No.
      The idea of dropping dead is a salvation to these men. They could care less. They have nothing to look forward to and no reason to stick around. I knew a lot of fellows like this.

        1. Marriage IS slavery, for men.
          For women it’s a lottery ticket, but they like to pretend otherwise. They don’t want men to see just how raw a deal it is.

      1. You’ve just described me, but without the henpecked part. I am numb from the way work and meaningless rules dominate my life. “Good” jobs are turning into slave mills, and I’ve witnessed this first hand from the front lines.
        It’s do or die for me at this point. I’ve already given half my life away to serve this matriarchal enslavement machine we call a society.
        I’ll be damned if they get the rest of it, even if that means less time alive. At least I will have lived a few years, rather than existed a lot of years.

        1. You need to activate your warrior instincts or need something to piss you off, it will turn your deep instinctual ancestral energy back on, Stop suppressing anger, it is what gives you meaning and depth, a man needs something to HATE, to stir the inner dominant energy, All this trendy trendy happy one season mentality is not good for a man’s psychology and results in that numbness for life you describe, we need something to be in conflict with,a purpose to overcome
          You need something, anything, an obstacle that challenges to break your will, and you must refuse to relinquish this power, the description of the obstacle is not the important part, the adversarial energy trying to break your will takes on many different shapes, it will cause you to doubt yourself than once it has inspired that confusion-the moment of doubt it attempts to leverage your weakness for destruction
          As nietzsche said, Live dangerously, Build your house on the edge of mount Vesuvius , We need that fear, its energy, it’s power (psychologically speaking)
          (a good reading and explanation below)

        2. Excellent. My hate of society in the west is like an invigorating fuel for me. It gives me purpose to go out in the world mocking and goading people into losing their cool with me.
          I love the conflict and enjoy getting a rise out of easily offended puddles of goo.
          I think more men like me are coming out of the “matriarchal slave machine” as Rel said it and they are fucking pissed. You can either let those chains crush you or use them to make you become fucking Conan. All day pushing that goddamn wheel until there isn’t a man anymore….just a fucking savage.
          The very moment you take all that inner rage and realize you have nothing to fucking lose because any hopes for your little fairy tale cinderella queer boy story have slid down the drain like cum down a road worn slutbag’s asshole.
          You’ve got jack shit and you’ve always had jack shit. You are going to die alone and few if anyone is going to give much of a fuck. The ones that do care probably were getting some material benefit out of it anyway.
          We are the toxic waste of God’s creation. Now become a fucking beast.
          Train yourself up in some violent shit. Guns, unarmed combat, knife fighting, etc. I recommend you train fighting for sport….mma or the arts that are primarily used in this arena, boxing, muay thai, wrestling, BJJ. This will give you a great workout and outlet for your hatred. At the same time you will be like a sculptor chipping away at a rough block to reveal the hardened warrior underneath. Test yourself to the absolute limits and when you reach your limit keep going. Let those coals smolder down deep so that when someone dares ever fucking poke those embers you make sure they get baptized in your fire.
          Become a dangerous man.
          Fuck this gay earth. Have some laughs as it all burns down.

        3. I’ve always wondered why guys in predicaments such as yours don’t just flee the country and start over somewhere new. I used to think this a lot when I was younger, and I know that time and age makes such radical steps seem almost impossible. But honestly, if one travels to an Asian or Latin American country with just a few thousand dollars, one could easily begin life anew.
          It would be difficult, especially if one doesn’t know the language, and making friends and a career from scratch would be a challenge, but it is doable in many of these nations and would always be a last resort for me. I do plan on moving anyway in the future, but if I was in the rat race, was anchored down by an Americunt wife, or had other problems here, I would always consider the freedom to start over.

        4. FleeToWhere?

        5. I was talking to a new friend the other day.. he has been through one horrible marriage and a second he is starting to man up and has walked out after a year of no sex, and is ready to just leave it all behind. He told me how his friends in the military don’t want to hear him criticize this society and government and system of laws that supports such a corrupt way of life, from divorce laws to drug laws to just the societal immorality. His buddies flip out at any criticism and strongly repeat the “America love it or leave it” mantra.
          The ironic thing, as I posed to him, is that don’t most of these guys, if you asked them, think Washington DC is utterly corrupt and they strongly criticize our current leader? Yes, he agreed. Well, who the hell do they think they are fighting for! If not DC and the commander in chief! I can’t understand that level of cognitive dissonance…

        6. No, I’m talking about just starting over a new life centered on yourself. Of course, you can flee to play around and have sex with numerous women as Roosh has done, but in this case, I am talking about fleeing the west and just starting over building everything from scratch. Get an apartment for a couple hundred a month. Start a business or find good work, build a network of friends, start a family if you want, or remain alone. But more Old Man and The Sea than Girls Gone Wild.

        7. DoesntMatterIfYouGoEast-TheWestisThere.

        8. Awesome imagery in the fourth paragraph. I shall try to remember that phrase, like cum down a road worn slutbag’s asshole, for the next time it would be appropriate.

    3. Don’t forget all those single car accidents with high speeds and no skid marks.

  6. Interesting article.
    As Howard Roark said, “We are approaching a world in which I cannot permit myself to live.”
    Let’s do what we can to resist this change for the worse our society is currently accepting!

  7. Man…If I practiced Parkour and martial arts for a thousand years, I’d kick ass.

  8. There are still energy constraints to consider. When all diseases are vanquished and all ageing processes stopped or reversed, people still need to eat.
    Not to mention the political decrepitude of a world ruled by a few thousand immortal Strom Thurmonds. Jonathan Swift nailed this one in 1726:

  9. So imortality for everyone? Imagine getting a life sentence in prison. LOL
    Cancer cells are already imortal due to being packed with telomerase, if they ever figure out how to extend our telomeres we will have the potential to be imortal.
    If this ever occurs we will have to initiate a population control policy. Population groups with an average IQ below 100 will need to be controlled.

  10. You forget to mention the impending fatpocalypse. These curvy gurrls and boyz are going to be such a drain on the system that their bloated bodies will have to be culled like excess wildlife. It is a titanic size catastrophe looming everywhere.

    1. Pharma will be able to turn off the fat storage gene by 2020…
      I reckon, once they turn off the fat and aging gene, and advances in aesthetics happen, most people will be beautiful
      After the biotech revolution matures, we’ll be re-writing our genes as easily as software, and augment our organs so that we have the capabilities of a super-athlete in 2015, around 2050
      I doubt this would change the dating market, it will still be more convenient to have sex with VR characters, that we designed, or buy from professionals, and than augment them with personalities
      either way, i can see a large portion of beta males getting trapped in their own penthouse creation for decades and locking themselves in

    2. 90% of people in the West are overeating themselves to death. I saw somewhere that life expectancy in the US has already started decreasing slowly because of that.

      1. They can eat all they like. Just don’t try to pass this “curvy, BBB” bullshit past me. After 30 yrs. in healthcare, you can sell that horse shit to people who just don’t know.
        However, the obese children and teenagers I see makes me want to cry. Young women with tree stump legs and ham hock feet that can only fit into cheap flats and flip flops. Their bodies are deformed from the weight of fat.

        1. 300lbs 5 ft 4 , She’ll tell you on her Dating profile she is Curvy 😉 . Yeah I see so many American Kids now that are Fat, or Chubby-going-on-Fat, it’s Pretty Pathetic.

        2. Let’s put the blame squarely where it belongs – on the caregivers. Never have I ever seen children shopping and preparing their own meals.

        3. Why must schools sell sodas and high carb garbage food?
          My kids’ school even gives them a line of credit, so that when I refuse to give them money to buy that garbage, they just do it anyway.
          Enabling via credit creation? Is this a microcosm of everything that’s wrong with this country?
          Could be.

        4. Corporate greed and child abuse. Also feeds big pharma selling medications for fat side effects – diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease…

        5. I have seen a lot of mothers of teenage daughters recently where the 35 – 45 year old mother has stayed in shape while the teen daughter is already going to fat. The difference is the mother grew up when competition for male attention was fierce and most women were thin. Now the daughter knows full well that she can be obese and still get male attention. It really has gotten that bad that fast.

    3. My prediction is that the weight of the clinically obese from overuse of carbohydrates and sugar in the western culture will eventually tilt the Earth off its axis…

      1. You may Have a point about the Earth possibly tilting with enough Fatso’s on it, The Democrat Hank Johnson seems to think that it’s possible For the Island of Guam to tip into the Ocean when the weight on the Island isn’t evenly distributed, but here ill let you hear it from the horses mouth….May-be a New Geographical Phenomenon.

        1. KarlIsAGenius.

        2. Yeah, he’s a legend. I see your keyboard’s space bar is still fucked. Go get a new one, they’re cheap as chips.

      1. Sorry. No. Lean green patties only, but an interesting idea. A new source of suet?

        1. No, I hear they’re an awesome fuel source, just got to work out a way to produce odourless combustion.

  11. The idea here, is that if you’re under 50 or a lucky 60 year old
    and you have no short straws in your health span which means you get to 85 with no intervention, you have about 35 years for the anti-aging revolution to occur
    anyone under 30 has 60-70 years for the anti-aging revolution to occur, IF you can live long-enough to be around when the technology exists to put a good dent in aging, that would give you a remaining life span of 60 years, and then in that 60 year period, another aging breakthrough will occur which brings another 100 years of life extension
    therefore you would live indefinitely. Aging happens at a rate of 1 in 29,000th of your life span each day, any small breakthrough which puts a dent that halves the rate of aging would put that actuarial date at 60,000 days meaning an average lifespan of 160 years
    Within that bonus 120 years, more breakthroughs would occur,
    We may be in the last days, and in the time in which death itself dies

  12. Longevity escape velocity (sometimes referred to as “Actuarial escape velocity” [1]) is a term used in the life extension movement. It is a hypothetical situation in which life expectancy is being extended longer than the time that is passing. For example, in a given year in which longevity escape velocity would be maintained, technological advances would increase life expectancy more than the year that just went by.
    Life expectancy increases slightly every year as treatment strategies and technologies improve. At present, more than one year of research is required for each additional year of expected life. Longevity escape velocity occurs when this ratio reverses, so that life expectancy increases faster than one year per one year of research, as long as that rate of advance is sustainable.[1][2][3]
    The concept was first publicly proposed by David Gobel, co-founder of the Methuselah Foundation (MF). The idea has been championed by biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey[4] (the other co-founder of the MF), and futurist Ray Kurzweil.[5] These two claim that by putting further pressure on science and medicine to focus research on increasing limits of aging, rather than continuing along at its current pace, more lives will be saved in the future, even if the benefit is not immediately apparent.[1]
    Death itself will be dead by year 2045
    Some say, within that within only 15 years, due to advances in AI and the ability to simulate our biology, we’ll be adding more than a year every year to our remaining lifespans, So those of us young enough right now, may consider yourselves already immortal
    at present we are adding about 6 hours a day to our lifespans, or 3 months a year
    radical changes in medicine within the next 10-20 years will basically change that to where we are adding 12 hours, then eventually 24 hours which is technical immortality

    1. Life Span on Steep Up-trend(representing 3 months a year) This trend represents an age where no advanced biotechnology existed, the framework for turning DNA into software is fast approaching

  13. Good article. This is something no one in the media ever talks about. And I believe the same.

  14. I would like to live forever. Failing that, I would be willing to settle for a few thousand years. Even five hundred years would be pretty nice.

  15. I want to know when Roosh will grow the spine to stand up and admit that RoK – the website and associated community he founded with the noble and commendable aim of spreading knowledge of game, manliness, travel, and so on – now has a community that has gone completely fruitcake. The comments sections are stuffed with paranoid far-right lunacies that have nothing to do with manliness, and these are the comments that are typically most highly up-voted. Anti-semitism, white supremacy, and anti-science propaganda are now mainstream here. I want to know when Roosh will finally admit that the experiment failed and that the RoK community became something different from what he originally envisioned. The articles on RoK are still mostly not bad, but the feedback effect of the community is starting to seep into them.

    1. Its been pulling stormwatch trolls who think return of kings is some kind of code for return of the third reich. lol

    2. There does seem to be a weird overlap between game and enthusiastic Christianity.

      1. It’s definitely weird. I wouldn’t say there’s much of an overlap between red-pill thinking and christianity, except superficially in that both of them want men to be men and women to be women (at least in theory — modern christianity seems pretty pro-feminist). But once you actually dig deeper the two worlds couldn’t be more different. My guess is just that these far-right nuts think they’ve found a ‘safe haven’ on the net where they can peddle their conspiracy theories and anti-science lunacies and white supremacist hate without being banned. And so far, it seems they’re right, it is a safe haven.

        1. And your name is ‘poopdick’. Oh the irony. You spend a lot of time thinking about dicks and buttholes and carrots, don’t you?

        2. so if this isn’t a gay dating site and we’re all covert stormfront members why are you here exactly?

  16. Longevity escape velocity (sometimes referred to as “Actuarial escape velocity” [1]) is a term used in the life extension movement. It is a hypothetical situation in which life expectancy is being extended longer than the time that is passing. For example, in a given year in which longevity escape velocity would be maintained, technological advances would increase life expectancy more than the year that just went by.
    Life expectancy increases slightly every year as treatment strategies and technologies improve. At present, more than one year of research is required for each additional year of expected life. Longevity escape velocity occurs when this ratio reverses, so that life expectancy increases faster than one year per one year of research, as long as that rate of advance is sustainable.[1][2][3]
    The concept was first publicly proposed by David Gobel, co-founder of the Methuselah Foundation (MF). The idea has been championed by biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey[4] (the other co-founder of the MF), and futurist Ray Kurzweil.[5] These two claim that by putting further pressure on science and medicine to focus research on increasing limits of aging, rather than continuing along at its current pace, more lives will be saved in the future, even if the benefit is not immediately apparent.[1]
    Currently we are adding 3 months a year or 6 hours a day to our life expectancy,
    Now, the younger you are, the more aggressive you should be with your anti-aging program of exercise, diet, supplementation(and other speculative practises)
    as the anti-aging response to these lifestyle changes are more profound the healthier you are, someone with limited exercise capacity, is likely to have a lesser adaptation to that exercise, and the downhill process starts at 25
    For example, if started young, your efforts pay off a lot more than if you started exercising when you were 70, although the changes are still very profound even in 80 or 90 year olds.
    lalanne was a genius who started young,
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_LaLanne he lasted till 96 just based on common sense, his anti-aging program involved taking 40-50 supplements, Doing 90 minutes of weights everyday taking no rest in between sets, AND doing 30 minutes of running, than 30 minutes of swimming 7 days a week
    “He continued with his two-hour workouts into his 90s”

  17. People should end their lives with dignity.
    I have no respect for these geriatric clowns who are shitting themselves and being spoon feed by an illegal mexican.

    1. Agreed. If I’m feeble and can’t move around, dick doesn’t work, can’t write or think or discuss, and 105 years old, what difference does it make whether I continue or end things? And the idea of whether euthanasia is legal or not is silly. When people are pushed to that point, they will end their life, and the law will not be able to do a single thing to stop them (except in cases like Terry Shiavo, which could be torturous if you were forced to be kept alive on a feeding machine).
      Focus on living a good life now. When life is too shitty (literally haha) to go on, ending it can be the best choice, but at that point your life is over anyway. So focus on living your life now.

  18. “Despite a smaller world population, ten times more people died from natural disasters a century ago then today.”
    You know, you guys have a lot of really interesting articles on this site. But if you want to be taken seriously (I don’t know if you do or not) the least you could do is hire an editor to edit each article before it’s published. I’ve noticed mistakes like these in most of the articles I’ve read. It’s unprofessional and sloppy. Not the sort of impression you want to give off especially when you get an influx of new readers as you have in the last few days. Just a suggestion. Otherwise; carry on.

        1. You should write for this site (let me guess: you wrote this article?).

    1. Seriously. I swear to Christ no one writing on this site appears to know that the word “than” even exists.
      I don’t share these articles because they’re grammatically embarrassing.

      1. Who cares? Are you some unemployed blogger bitch for xojane looking for new ideas for your next $100 whine story?

        1. Who cares? Everyone who wants to be taken more seriously than a teenager who acts all smart, but doesn’t even know the basic English grammar.

    2. Now, my English is improving slowly, especially my use of correct grammar. But I noticed this too. And I started to question myself when I saw it because I thought the same: then should be “than”. There should be a native English person checking every article before it’s posted.

  19. There are far too many things to do for me to even do it within a thousand year. Learn to become a doctor, explore Mars and terraform it into a blue and green planet, building an O’Neil orbital colony, digging a big hole into Mercury down to its dead core to test the geological theory, mining Jupiter’s clouds for gases to sell, surveying the asteroid belt and turning them into real estate for many would-be kings and lords, building the first starship, exploring rouge planets wandering between the stars, even building a ringworld that have the space 30x the land area of earth. Or mining a carbon planet near the Milky Way core that is an oil company’s wet dream with natural gas for air and seas of oil. Go to law school. Paint endless landscapes. Learn to sculpt. Write plays. Write novels. Fuck more girls. Start a farm on extrovert-planet. And so much more. My model would be Lazarus Long , a creation of Robert Heinlein.

      1. It was a topic covered on Coast to Coast AM a few weeks ago. It was regarding expanding the human life span and reversing the aging process through gene therapy and other procedures. They’ve been able to increase the life span in some mice and other lab animals. It’s only a few decades away from human application.

        1. IwasToldThatRadioShowAverages35millionPeopleAWeek-WouldntThatTopLimbaugh’sShow?

        2. Er, is something wrong with your spacebar, buddy, or are you in Colorado?

  20. WANNA DIE? Well don’t go stinking up the place with your self loathing defeatist vibe. That shit’s contagious like the SLUTTINESS vibe is contagious. We also like to keep our pure women OUT of the company of ho’s so they don’t get stupid ideas. Suicidal people throw disorder and pity into their entire circle. They spread their sickness to others, just like sluts who will corrupt and throw their ‘wild’ nature and disorder into the women who surround them. Even our pure women are wild and wylie enough for us. We’ve got our hands full with our women as it is and the enemies of the patriarchy lurk around every corner.
    If you’re feeling ‘dangerous’ as they say then go and do something insanely risky but heroic or constructive at the same time. Don’t waste your gift of life in front of others please. Suicidal people are pathetic. Don’t make a pathetic mess of yourself. You will grow out of the cunt box thinking that you’re stuck in. FIGHT THE ENEMY.
    The way to leave this planet is TO WORK FOR IT, to progress and leave in a space ship and NOT leave as a poof of crematorium dust FOOL. A great and glorious future awaits our species as we wrest command over our females. Our FIRST foundation is laid for our independence from Earthly bondage when we respect the natural order. Our Earthly civilizations all crumble in sucession. No Earthly corrupted adult females can hold authority over men in civilization OR leave this orb. Look at the female crewed shuttle missions that bit the dust. There was a metaphysical law being broken there. Only pure young pre pubescant females can leave here, before the bitch force has entered them. Any spaceship leaving here can contain NO corrupted adult females. The corrupting bitch force is an EARTHBOUND force and our young virgins are spared. They are sacred.
    All hail the patriarchy!!

  21. men will not be granted any special privileges. no mercies will be extended to them, not even death, nor even the acknowledgment of alive. what will be granted onto others for free, for men, will not be.
    you will not be permitted to die. suicide, -taking- your life, sure, but euthanasia, -given- your life to kill? no.

      1. reality, particularly the harsh reality of trade, dictates that is what must be done: grant women nothing. it is the only way out; get back to what is, and stop playing ludicrous make-believe pandering to what isn’t. unfortunately, this is the opposite of what society is caught-up doing. which is the very frame driving this discussion.
        euthanasia, as its permissiveness comes and goes, is always principally given to women and old hags firstly. while men are the first to take their lives, when it comes to granting, of anything, women are first. the nature of euthanasia ensures that its rising and its granting to women always occur together. the same fanatical reality-inversion that drives euthanasia’s impetus is the same reality-inversion ensuring that women will be granted it.

  22. First of all your article is based on a HUGE ‘If’, That if is ‘if the borders of geriatrics are pushed back”.
    There is absolutely NO guarantee that true geriatrics will be achieved. every method we have tried, from replacing organs (Organs quickly grow to match the age of the host) to artificial, have not pushed the average age of ‘death from old age’ back more than a year in all of recorded history.
    I suspect we will see legalized bloodsports and murder long before we see ‘suicide booths’ Not to mention White America is already well below replacement level in births. That makes your scenario highly unlikely, to say the least.

  23. Euthanasia Will Eventually Be The Leading Cause Of Death? Not as long as I’m around with my body count.

  24. Unlikely. The leading causes of disease are cancer and cardiovascular disease, followed by neurodegeneration.
    I can tell you first hand that we are decades away of curing cancer (as thousands of cancers exist), and cardiovascular diseases are VERY difficult to diagnose, imagine the treatment. Finally, neurodegeneration is unavoidable.

    1. Doctors won’t ever admit how little they know. It exposes them to legal liability. So doctors just go silent when asked the difficult questions. They are trained that way. Best case scenario life expectancy to 100 years.

  25. Some possible futures? Read “Brave New World” and Transmetropolitan. I think we’ll live a mix of these two.

    1. Self driving cars have been around since the 1900’s, their called “taxis”

  26. Euthanasia will be such a mess if it’s allowed. It is guaranteed that people will be murdered against their will.

    1. Living wills and DNR (do not resuscitate). Doctors are quick to pull the plug on life support when its not their family.

  27. Extrapolating too far ahead, even with a large current data set, usually reveals the outcome to be incorrect and alarmist. It makes for good sci-fi and we should always be mindful of the future but there are too many variables and almost always something formerly not accounted for that sways the target. For example, years ago as the average life spans of US citizens increased, sensationalist journalists projected we would be living past 100 easily in the next millennium. Of course, with success, and a culture that enjoys indulgence, it didn’t take long for an unhealthy diet to affect the next generations and actually decrease our average life spans from what they formerly were. Anyway, I do think euthanasia will eventually be accepted as the chosen dignified way to die, but it will also be required if 2 other conditions are met. First, you mention science significantly increasing life spans, which I think will happen, but also the uncontrolled population growth that has occurred over the last century shows no signs of stopping. With current life spans this is happening, so if they were doubled or tripled it would only exacerbate the overpopulation problem. On a planet with finite resources (and even the renewable ones to peak capacity), the only alternative for living, taking up space, consuming, et cetera, would be attrition. With humanities track record of handling problems I can’t imagine this would be done in a clean way.
    Good article though.

  28. We already have EuthanEurope. Asia might follow – if there are no mass casualty wars, they will have to address the excess men somehow.
    Libertarianism does not handle madness well.
    When someone wants something irrational, it becomes difficult to determine if they should have it. The current thing in vogue is transgenderism. See http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=5015 and http://yiannopoulos.net/2014/08/15/transgenderism-is-a-psychiatric-disorder-its-sufferers-need-therapy-not-surgery/ (Note – a key problem is that one can only change the facade, not swap ovaries for testicles – I’m not sure it would be possible even with organ donors).
    The same thing with suicide. Rationality is supposed to be above feelings, but pleasure and pain are the most basic feelings, and sufficient pain can drive someone to suicide. But there are methods for controlling physical pain, and even depression. Assisted suicide laws – if it is a right to die – cannot be limited to late stage cancer or something similar, a nasty breakup with a boyfriend might be painful, and who is government to judge who should or should not be able to kill themselves?

  29. Meh. I’m all for Euthanasia for a person who is in pain and suffering from a terminal illness.
    Go check out a person who has cancer growths all over their body, writhing in pain and only has even more pain to look forward to before the end. Those growths are literally pushing the body apart, tearing flesh slowly.
    I’ve seen that and frankly a quick death is a mercy. I would give it. I would ask for it.
    … and I would curse any law that’s in the way of that mercy.
    The last memory of a loved one being them struggling to lie still, talk clearly or even breathe due to the agony? ./sarcasm Yea, I’m sure they wanted that too.

  30. people will one day evolve into formless blobs with a giant finger for pushing buttons.

  31. incomprehensible to me. in moments when i forget it’s pointless to worry about things i can’t change, i long to live for centuries. there is so much to learn, and so little time. i’m conversational in four modern languages, and can read two ancient languages, but there are at least six more i would like to learn. if i could live for centuries i would do that, plus get an engineering degree, learn to play several instruments, try my hand at writing, become a better surfer and skier, and so on.
    obviously, there’s sex too.

  32. It won’t be bro, the corporations and governments want the population to increase cause it means more money in their pockets!
    They can’t tax you if you’re dead!

  33. If I was suddenly immortal?
    Space colonisation. I’d have the time to do it solo!

  34. ever growing surveillance state will
    make getting away with murder more difficult. There is no reason why
    even the nastiest diseases like Ebola or HIV won’t be cured someday

    I think the ever growing surveillance state will make getting away with murder much easier.
    Not sure why you think ebola (which only kills people with weakened immune systems) or HIV (which primarily effects gay people and drug abusers) are the nastiest diseases when you have already listed heart disease and cancer as the top killers in society.

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