The Denouncer

The following fictional short story was originally published on Roosh V.

It took longer than he thought, but Brad finally was approved by the Phoenix police department to purchase a glock 9mm pistol. Excited at being a gun owner, the first thing he did when he brought the weapon home was take selfies holding it in front of his bedroom mirror. It took a few tries to get his pose just right where he appeared imposing but not a potential murderer.

He uploaded the best photo to his Facebook page and added the following caption: “I’d like to see some dirty Mexicans try and take my country.” A large American flag was strategically placed in the background. The photo got several likes from his mostly patriotic friends along with one comment that stated the following: “I think I need to buy a new piece of freedom myself.”

Brad worked in the mail room of a real estate company, in charge of the interoffice mail system. His main duty was hand delivering brown manila envelopes to one of the forty or so offices and cubicles located within two floors of an eight-story office building.  It was a simple job that took little brain power for him to do.

The company he worked for was big enough to have doughnut days every Friday but small enough where he was on a first name basis with everyone. The job didn’t exactly pay well, but it was enough for him to afford a small room in the city while maintaining an old truck that his dad gave him for his eighteenth birthday five years prior. The only annoying part was having to wear a collared shirt to cover a small neck tattoo he got done to celebrate graduating from high school.

Besides talking about the occasional sports match with his male co-workers, who he didn’t have much in common with, Brad spent his free time at work trying to chat with girls on POF and Tinder. His gun photo had led to a slight increase in replies and matches, but he wasn’t sure if it was from that or because spring arrived and girls were pining for more action. Either way, he struggled to grab the attention of attractive women and get them on dates in the face of tough competition from all the other men in the city doing the exact same thing as him.

Three weeks after posing for the selfie with his new gun, Brad pulled up into work. He swiped his card at the lobby of the office building but it didn’t make a clink sound like usual, a sign that the turnstile mechanism unlocked. He tried again only to receive the same result. He approached the desk and gave the security guard on duty his card, asking to check if there was some type of mistake. The guard made a call and told him to wait. After six minutes, his boss, a young HR representative, and another guard came into the lobby and escorted him into a meeting room.

“What’s going on?” Brad asked.

“Yesterday afternoon,” his boss said, “we began receiving many emails and phone calls complaining about your behavior outside of the office.”

“What behavior?”

“On Facebook you uploaded a photo of yourself with a gun. While the photo is not inherently offensive, your caption insinuated that you would resort to violence under a certain type of situation.”

“Murderous violence,” the HR girl added while scrolling through her phone.

“You are getting a lot of calls because of that photo? I don’t understand… I only have a few dozen friends on Facebook.”

His boss, whose wife just had his second child, squeezed his lips and thought carefully about how much information to give to Brad. “It appears that your profile was public. It was shared with a reporter for a blog called…”

“The Denouncer,” interjected the HR girl, suggesting her familiarity with the site.

“Yes, The Denouncer. They posted this image yesterday morning alongside the company name and number. So that’s why we are receiving complaints.”

“Well so what? I legally own that gun and I’ve never committed a crime or been arrested in my life. Who cares what people who don’t even live here or use the company say? Let them call.”

“Unfortunately it matters because our reputation will continue to be tarnished online for as long as we employ you. We can’t have that hurting business.”

“And also,” the HR girl said, “other female associates are concerned for their safety. You are creating a tense and potentially unsafe work environment.”

“So what does this all mean?” Brad asked, even though he already knew the answer.

“I have to let you go,” his boss replied. We’re giving you a generous one month severance, but we can’t keep you employed here. We wish you the best of luck.”

Katie Easterly wasn’t too happy with where her career was going. After graduating from Columbia University with a degree in journalism, she half expected to get an internship at a prestigious newspaper like the New York Times to start changing the world with investigative pieces that would challenge the elite power structure and expose all the injustices that were still happening daily to groups that lacked white male privilege. Instead, she worked for nearly minimum wage at low-budget blogging outfits that all had the identical business model: get page views at any cost. Even mild defamation was encouraged since an “update” could be issued mere hours after an article goes viral but well before the offending party could hire a lawyer.

After working for NYC Fabulous for one year, Katie applied for a position at a new blog called The Denouncer that aimed to take advantage of the growing social justice trend that helped empower women and minorities to confront all the problems in society that were impinging on their pursuit of happiness. This is exactly what Katie wanted—a job that could make a difference in the world instead of simply blogging about boring NYC socialites and hip new cupcake bakeshops. In her job interview with The Denouncer’s founder, a gay man named Ted who was from South Africa and had a fiery Filipino ladyboy lover, Katie asked what was the overall mission of the new venture.

“To make society better,” Ted replied. “We want to shame, humiliate, and embarrass all the racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, and cisgender jerks to forever stop all that is offensive. America has no place for such backwards beliefs and thinking.”

“So I would be blogging about these bad characters?”

“Yes, not only them but their employers. We will engage our readers not just with comments, but also activist action in hurting the individuals who try to hurt us.”

“This sounds like a social justice blog.”

“This is social justice on steroids.” Ted spoke with a lisp so the phrase ‘social justice’ was a tongue twister for him. “We won’t be afraid to dox people and go after their bread. My dream is that in a year or two, people will be so scared of us that it will change not only what they say publicly, but also how they think.”

Katie was impressed with Ted’s vision and signed on. She quickly became the star blogger at The Denouncer with a specialty for uncovering racists. By the time she encountered Brad’s gun photo after seven months on the job, she had successfully gotten six racist men fired from their jobs after inciting readers of The Denouncer to take action against them when an offensive photo or status update of theirs was revealed. Not only was she making a difference, but she was getting paid in the form of page view bonuses and an industry innovation called the firing bonus. Whenever Katie got someone fired, she received $500 (this only applied to the firing of men).

Her article on Brad practically wrote itself. After being sent his Facebook photo from an anonymous reader, she darkened it a bit in photoshop to make him appear more sinister. She called him a “racist asshat” and then showed photos of sad Mexican children with dirt on their faces attempting to cross into America for a better life. She also added that Brad is “not what America stands for” and “will probably commit murder if he’s not stopped.” To end her article, she pleaded with her readers to put a stop to men like Brad by contacting his employer and letting them know what they think of his racism and pre-violence.

The calls, tweets, and emails commenced almost immediately. Brad had no chance. Not only did Katie receive a $500 firing bonus, but also a $250 page view bonus since her article on Brad received the most views all week. Proud of her work, and secretly intoxicated by the power her bullhorn yielded, she upgraded her iPhone to the newest model and got an unlimited data plan so she could easily stay on top of the outrages that never seemed to end.

Brad had trouble finding a new job. A dozen other blogs picked up Katie’s story and now the first page of Google was bombed with accusations that he was a racist and a future murderer. Brad couldn’t even get a job as a waiter because local restaurants were now googling their applicants like the big corporations were. No one wanted to take a chance on hiring someone that could potentially hurt their business, especially with so many gossip blogs breathing down their neck for the latest controversy.

Brad did some odd construction jobs here and there, ironically working alongside the very Mexicans he didn’t care for, but the gigs didn’t pay the bills. Six months after being written about in The Denouncer, Brad had to move back in with his parents. His truck broke down but he couldn’t afford to fix it. He couldn’t even go target shooting with his gun because bullets were too expensive. He considered changing his name but employers would still be able to find his original name after doing a standard background check.

Many other men in Brad’s position would start their own company, but Brad was not an entrepreneur. He was a simple man who could execute simple tasks that were told to him and not much more. With one article, Katie effectively ruined his life. He wasn’t smart or skilled enough to overcome it.

“Hey Dad, can I borrow $100?” Brad asked his father, his head slightly lowered.

“Borrow or have? You’re not working right now.”

“I have a friend in New York who said he can line up a job for me, so I just need the bus fare. I’ll be able to pay it back.”

“Bus fare? It’s going to take four days to get there by bus.”

“I know, but it’s the cheapest option. I’ll pay it back, Dad, I promise.”

His dad bought the story and gave him the money. Three days later he began his journey to the big city with only a small duffel bag.

Brad wasn’t quite a country boy but he was nonetheless amazed at the size and noise of New York. He could see how other people would be drawn to it, like mosquitos to warm skin, but it was too much stimulation for him. It didn’t seem like a city made for humans, and maybe it was this type of environment that caused a person like Katie Easterly to be so quick to judge him as non-human, worthy of financial violence. Of course he lied to his dad—there was no friend who was setting him up for a job. He was here for revenge.

Brad already knew where The Denouncer office was in SoHo because it was profiled on another site as being the hippest in the city with foosball tables, motorized scooters, and a hot yoga room. He also knew how Katie looked like because of the many photos available on her Twitter and even knew what time she usually left work because of her habit for oversharing the smallest details of her life. On the first day he camped outside of her office, he didn’t see her. He started to have doubts that his plan would work and if he could really go through with it.

He spent the night outside, barely able to sleep, and returned back to the office in the afternoon. To draw attention away from his stalking, he pretended to panhandle, making enough money to buy an underwhelming $14 sandwich. Finally, at exactly 5:35pm, Katie walked out of the office. The first thought that struck Brad’s mind was how much fatter she was in person than in her carefully managed online photos, but it was definitely her—he recognized the same strong jaw and broad nose.

He followed her into the subway all the way to the brownstone she lived in Brooklyn. He considered abandoning his plan but then he remembered the nothingness he would go back to in his dad’s Phoenix suburb, the complete lack of hope that the next day might be better. He stood across the street from her building, thinking, waiting, and not ten minutes later Katie came out with a little dog. He followed her to a nearby park. She was oblivious to his presence as she listened to music and caught up on text messages and new dating matches.

With one hand in his bag, he walked up to her in the park.

“Why did you ruin my life?” he asked.

Katie frowned and looked him up and down. “Umm, I don’t know you.”

“No, you do. You posted a picture of me holding a gun and told people to get me fired. Now I can’t get a job anywhere. Why did you do that?”

It took Katie a few seconds for her to remember the article. Her attack was abstract, a piece of content for the blog that was seemingly unconnected to real life. “It’s just a blog,” she replied, annoyed that this man was intruding on her afternoon. She started to feel creeped out, and wondered why his hand was inside a bag.

“YOU RUINED MY LIFE,” Brad yelled. People started looking.

“Okay now you’re scaring me,” Katie said. She yanked on the leash and started walking away while simultaneously making a call on her phone. Brad followed her.

Brad’s only fault in life was that he was an average man. He was destined not to greatness, but to having a mediocre job in a mediocre town with mediocre entertainments to fill his time. Getting out of the hole that Katie put him in was too great a task. Someone more capable would have thought of other options beyond what he was about to do, but Brad believed this was the only way to end his pain.

He pulled out his gun from the duffel bag. He ran up to Katie and grabbed her shoulder, spinning her around as she yelled out “Get off of me!” The last thing she saw was a shaking gun pointed at her chest. Her phone fell first onto the pavement, then the leash, and then gravity finally brought her body down to earth. The dog started barking at Brad, whose only thought was how little blood there was. He put the gun to his temple, closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, and squeezed the trigger. The dog went silent, laying next to its master, waiting for her to wake up.

The Denouncer did a series of commemoration articles on Katie, using her murder as evidence that more work must be done against heterosexual white men who hate women and minorities. During the news cycle of the murder-suicide, a policeman in Chicago put out a tweet. He wrote: “If you ruin a man’s life, don’t be shocked when he tries to ruin yours.” The tweet made it to the desk of Jessica Ryan, an up-and-coming intern on The Denouncer’s team.

In Katie’s honor, someone who she considered a friend, Jessica did an article on the policeman stating how he was blatantly encouraging murder against women. “How can he serve and protect when it’s soooo obvious he agrees with the actions of Katie’s horribly misogynistic killer?” She got him fired within 81 minutes, a new record. The next day she arrived at work to applause from her co-workers—it was her very first firing bonus.

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64 thoughts on “The Denouncer”

  1. Feminists and Social Justice Warriors are The Denouncers.
    But there is a growing number of men, their true identities hidden in the
    shadows, who have had enough of their leftist, fascist, toxic sludge being
    hurled everywhere. Together, they are…

    1. ‘Social justice warriors’. Man, how do they come up with that stuff. A bunch of anti-social rejects who have absolutely no sense of justice and not even the slightest idea what a warrior code is. It is amazing times we live in, I cannot think of another time in history when sludge like that would be allowed to live.

    2. SJW work is an avenue pursued by fairly bright and conscientious folks who have had their hard wiring for survival short circuited. They pursue it out of lack of choices and are driven and steered into the sjw field by public school advisors, peers and the beta group think body politik on campuses that offers warm companionship to those who cannot fully think for themselves and who cannot visualise the people surrounding them behind their third eye mask.
      The typical sjw’s natural programme to breed has been stymied and the females who should be busy tit feeding, juggling meals and servicing their master are instead diverted into narrow and restricted venues of power and authority. Their powers are limited to tearing down men and eviscerating any domestic forms of household or economic patriarchal rule. If they step outside their bounds and uncover larger sinister controlling or manipulating forces, they end up trunked or shoved into a trunk and driven into a lake like many firebrand liberty seeking journalists these days. Their only allowed course for these pathetic weaklings is to BREAK THE MAN but never to take the REAL DEVIL by the horns and give the sumbooger a whirl and a stomping like only a real man could do.
      The devil IS GAY. . . ever thought about this:
      Funny how the devil has POINTED EARS and A TIAL. He wears this little princess crown like a sea monkey and he runs around NAKED with a pitchfork trying to poke you IN THE HINEY with it. . he sounds like a queer to me. Or as they say, LIGHT ON THE LOAFERS. The pointed ears is a dead giveaway. SATAN IS A FAG absolutely.

  2. Sometimes when a “minority”, by any kind of delineation (read: not always color, nationality, or religion) gets persecuted, I wonder if they had it coming, even if it was still wrong to persecute them.
    The SJWs have, IMO, broken that old libertarian contract set forth by a Voltaire quote.
    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
    I used to believe that. But not any more. When you use your free speech to remove my rights and destroy people’s lives, then I won’t be lifting a finger when the day comes that the tables turn and it’s your ass on the block.

    1. I’ll be lifting a finger, but it will be to help put their asses on the block.

    2. there are very few innocent minorities. But the persecution is very rarely not an overreaction.

  3. I think any SJW woman reading this story has learned a lesson from Katie. Get a bigger dog.

  4. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened yet. Plenty of people have been fired because of stupid things they did online.

      1. The main difference is that Mr. Cumia is more of an entrepreneur than the Brad character in this story. Mr. Cumia’s profession also feeds off of bad press more than others.
        I’m not sure how well his fortunes are doing after he began his Internet-based show, but Wikipedia claims he is looking for a bigger studio in NYC so maybe here is a bit of a happy ending here.
        Most guys these days identify more with the “Brad” character. We’re everymen who would have a hard time adapting to something described above. While most of us would not resort to murdering the person who blew the story out of proportion, there are definitely some who would not feel this way.

        1. Why would he ever move out of the compound to do his show? That sounds ridiculous. He has the perfect setup, do a show from home while drinking beer…. and profit.

        2. I agree. I think he was/is charging $1 a month to listen. He can easily get 500,000 subs.
          Watch this clip about his divorce- its hilarious. and sad. and hilarious…

  5. Oh Phoenix, how boring, bland, and scorching-hot you are!
    There’s just something inherently wrong with a city who’s pride and joy is sports teams and a B-grade poser Beverly Hills (Scottsdale) with the most pretentious Betatards and cokewhores you can fathom.
    A city that damn big not near water and more or less completely bereft of public transportation with a bunch of new buildings lacking any history is just… weird, to be polite!

      1. Oh yes. And you can add a custom note. Imagine getting one with a note that said “LEAVE TOWN. NOW!” You wouldn’t sleep for days!

  6. Well in good news for once ever out of Phoenix, at least that Thundercunt Jodi Arias got sentenced to life with the possibility of parole today. Why they even entertained the idea of the death penalty for a woman just sounded like a bizarre PR stunt (we all know this wasn’t ever going to come to fruition) but at least she couldn’t pull some manufactured mental illness that only manifests in females out of her ass to walk free!

    1. she desperately tried to get the death penalty, even cried about not getting it. She wanted the easy way out, like a true whore/slut/career woman.

  7. The moral of the story is don’t scam a living ruining other people’s lives, just because they’re not to your tastes

      1. Yeah .. dig into the archives, they look to get people fired for all kinds of things.

    1. I wonder if it has the same people as the Facebook group “Getting racists fired – Canada” behind it due to the similar name, or if they’re separate SJW nuts…

  8. This identity thing is what keeps most men from discussing red pill views openly, or starting up blogs, because doing so would make them outcasts in the society. But spreading the word is the key. Over time, as our views saturate the society, we’ll be able to speak about them openly. Look at the feminists. The can bark their shit anywhere, in any public place they want, and no one bats an eyelid. That’s because the society is already exposed their views, and has heard the shit over and over, and now even people who don’t agree with them have become tolerant. That’s what we must do. Spread the red pill wisdom, among all men.

  9. Wow Roosh. I can fully relate to this story, but five years later I still dream of revenge. I don’t want to kill those witch hunting cunts, I just want to knee cap them so every morning they have to crawl to their crutches and think of me as they painfully start their day. Just makes me smile.

  10. Not to pick a nit, but you must live in Blue State ville, Roosh. No permit is required to purchase a gun in Arizona, nor in most states.

    1. I will be amazed to see how imaginative the Brads will be in those disarmament states.

      1. Disarmed or nearly so states can fall into the ocean for all I care.
        That being said I do not want to detract from the point of the article, it was a nit, as I mentioned.

        1. “Disarmed or nearly so states can fall into the ocean for all I care.”
          I wouldn’t mind seeing california take your advice and follow in the footsteps of atlantis 🙂

  11. If you seek to ruin a man’s life merely because you disagree with him on something political you deserve whatever comes your way. We live in a free society and citizens are permitted to have differing views. We don’t seek to shut down political discourse merely because you don’t like a contrary opinion. SJW should remember that just because their opinions are the “correct” or “popular” ones today does not mean that will also remain so. One day the tables WILL turn on you and your cries for leniency are going to fall on deaf ears.

      1. There is no such thing as freedom, only liberty. Who grants you your liberties, sir? Men? Or God?

    1. so it’s ok to kill whoever tries to ruin your life? seems very caveman. They make the guy in this story sound like a complete idiot whose life has amounted to a whole lot of nothing, even before his racist post online and that makes it ok for him to kill someone?

      1. Yes if you actively seek to ruin someone’s life merely because their opinions do not match a set which you endorse then whatever is coming your way you completely deserve. View it as an incentive to mind your own business. You are not the morally smug and superior speech police.

  12. knew this one already. it’s well written, but reads like a men’s justice porn. wouldn’t we all like to be brad and shoot that bitch?
    of course not.
    brad is the idiot who lives out for us the fantasies of an-eye-for-an-eye while we can sit back and say: see, this fictional story proves what’s wrong with society.
    which is fine.

  13. I live by the adage “revenge is a dish best served cold.” Take your time, it might take years but don’t get mad get even……… oh and well written Roosh….maith an buachaill…..

  14. Best short story I have read in ages. Most fiction cannot hold my attention any more. Very cool.

  15. This is exactly the sort of crap that prevents me from being able, or willing, to have a “normal” job. My options at this point are either to work for myself, or jail.

  16. hmmm. Wonder how crazy anything I’ve posted on my facebook is.
    I don’t think I’ve said anything out there but I am a notoriously bad judge on such subjects.

  17. Leftists SJW hypocrisy pisses me off to no end. They actively champion free speech but will use all sorts of tactics like doxxing and witch hunts to shut down anything that they deem to be not in line with their world view.
    And that’s why I said in a previous post that the time for talk is over. If the SJWs want to use free speech to destroy a man’s livelihood, then they have crossed the line. Its time we fight back and drive them off the internet and other public spheres with a combination of shaming, boycotting and litigation.
    Free speech? Its open war now. Only one side is going to survive this battle.

  18. Incredible piece Roosh. I was engaged the whole time and found the tale very compelling. Living in the UK I can relate to every message touched upon here.

  19. One of the best written articles on here IMO. Not only are there blogs like this, but there’s facebook groups dedicated to this type of character assassination like “Don’t Tolerate Intolerance” (US-based, latest post celebrating a man’s job loss “Tango down! Confirmed, a racist high school camp supervisor lost his job.”)
    and “Getting racists fired – Canada” (a Dec 11 2014 post states “the point is to get them to watch what they say like they do in real life, if they cant say it outloud in their workplace, whats the difference when they say it on facebook?…nothing private about a public post, lets be better human beings than them if not were not no better than people with ignorant views…if you wanna say it online and think theres no consequences thats you’re problem”. Despicable how they think it’s okay to ruin someone’s finances and life like that.

  20. When creating a social profile for more than just picking up Women, some steps must be taken to ensure your protection.
    NEVER use your real name
    Never post your age, location, and especially your employment
    Never give specifics about what you do, where you go, and so forth
    You can go farther and create dummy information to purposely mislead people
    If you are going to post photos of yourself, don’t tag people that you’re friends with in them if the picture is controversial in nature (guns, for example) and don’t make comments that are unnecessarily controversial (i’m going to shoot trespassing mexicans) doing so is like a lightning rod to SJcunts or manginas who are looking for any excuse to destroy a red pill Man’s life. Pick one or the other: make a controversial comment about guns without the actual gun, or post a pic about a gun without a controversial comment. The guy in this fictional story could have said “i’m a proud defender of border rights” which would have been far less controversial than mentioning mexicans and implying that you would shoot them for trespassing. Bear in mind that the latter is still risky but if you are really determined to exercise your first amendment rights, be prepared to face the consequences for doing so.
    The reason for all this anonymity is because a red pill Man is especially targeted in today’s hyper fascist atmosphere. I am a highly opinionated speaker on political and social issues and there have been countless times where online enemies have asked me for details about myself “just out of curiosity.” The truth is they were trying to get real information out of me in order to search the internet to find where i live, work, etc in order to get me fired or otherwise harassed in real life. It’s why i have more than one account on common social sites: one for personal reasons and one especially designed to speak my mind on controversial issues. I have different info and pics on both.
    Be smart about how you exercise your free speech…don’t let them destroy your life. For the moment they hold the power in society but once society formally collapses they will be in for a rude awakening as they finally reap what they sew.

  21. I’ve often wondered why no company has ever filed a defamation lawsuit over one of these shaming tactics, under the concept that as a business it is a separate entity and therefore cannot be deemed guilt by association by the views of employees on their off time, that didn’t use company resources to post such an opinion. It would be easy to prove intent to harm, so that can’t be the hurdle.

  22. Good sad read, someone from the wrong side of our social spectrum will read this and probably say that ROK encourages violence against feminists and SJW but this is a very realistic scenario. I imagine many men of the upcoming anti-Y generation, saddled with debt and decreased opportunities, without a honorable purpose in society and without a gf/wife will act it out exactly as described here.

  23. People should not be allowed to take away someone’s livelihood just because they said something that doesn’t fit with a particular ideology. That should be made illegal. Exercising your 1st Amendment rights should NOT come at the risk of losing your job.

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