How Female-Dominated Publishing Houses Are Censoring Male Authors

We live and die by words. The lives of men and empires are shaped and bound by stories. There is a mysterious power in this. Perhaps one of the greatest there is.

In the summer of 2000, I was so mad at the Army—for what it was, and what it wasn’t—that I committed myself to putting my experiences on paper and to shout from the rooftops telling the world all about what the military was really like.

However, over the course of serving in an infantry unit, falling for a girl, going downrange, getting wounded, and coming home, that story changed. In the end, I was left with something far more meaningful than what I’d initially envisioned, and with the military as a staple of media ranging from movies to video games, to say nothing of there being an actual war on in which real people were killing and dying, I knew my audience. The hard part would just be writing the thing.

My audience.

My audience.

I was wrong. In the world of books, there has been a battle for what stories are to be told. There is nothing new in this. As Russell Kirk said, “Culture arises from the cult,” and the older I get, the more I find that to be true. The question then becomes, “Who is the cult?”

The modern day publishing cult

One can chase theories all day long. However, something recently happened that allowed me a small glimpse into the world of the gatekeepers, and given the recent dust-ups from #GamerGate to the Hugos, I thought I’d pass it along.

After more than a decade of shopping my book around and receiving probably about 1,000 rejections along the way, I finally received a message from a literary agent I’d approached who really liked my book, agreed with almost everything I said in it, and was interested in representing it.

However, there were some things that he thought needed to be changed to help it get accepted by a publishing house. Some of it was formatting-related, but most pertained to key parts of the plot toward the end and I told him that I couldn’t alter them because that was the way that things had happened. In light of that, I had to decline.

During our conversation, the agent went on to say something that confirmed an observation I’d made early on about the business. He said, “Sam, one thing you’ll need to understand is that the publishing industry is almost entirely run by women who studied things like Creative Writing in college,” and that most would hate what I’ve written.

He then told me about how an Afghanistan and Iraq vet had written a book, made it through the slush pile, and was in the process of review by a publishing house. Made it through almost all the hoops. Then, at the very end, the senior editor was offended by something in the book and said, “Eh, fuck it, he’s an asshole. Who cares?” And with her words the project died.

The men I served with were the kind who did stuff like juggle grenades for fun. They have "problematic" ways of "triggering" that SJW's ain't ever heard of.

The men I served with did stuff like juggle grenades for fun. They have “problematic” ways of “triggering” people that SJW’s ain’t ever heard of.

We continued talking about why the industry seems to be so focused on just playing to the tastes of upper-middle class women in New York City, and I then told him some things that Sci-Fi author Larry Correia had said recently in a podcast concerning the Sad Puppies-Rabid Puppies controversy, and how it struck me that by pursuing their current strategy the publishing houses are ignoring huge markets of people willing to buy books and are cutting their own throats.

He broke in saying, “I know, I know…But look, Sam…you gotta stop thinking. Just stop thinking! Thinking about all this will drive you crazy! Don’t go to bookstores, if they even still have any where you live. Don’t look at other books. You’ll just wonder how in the world this thing even got published,” and then told me some more anecdotes about how the sausage is made. He then quoted Otto Priminger, saying “Nobody knows anything.”

It was sad. He’s a good man, and was just as frustrated about it all as anybody, but he’s stuck fighting a literati who only look for books that support the current narrative, and is left trying to sneak in what stories he can, however he can.

All of this no doubt confirms something you already know: few in any significant cultural institutions give a damn about you. Notice the scattered inquiries into why men are “dropping out” and bolting from family formation, university study, and civic responsibilities in general. They ask why men aren’t shouldering burdens, rather than what do men want.

Consider the attacks leveled at sites like this one. How dare men have preferences, desires, and concerns that deviate from the Ministry of Culture! They clearly haven’t educated themselves enough about privilege, insecurity, outdated masculinity, and Authoritarian Personality Disorder!

There is truth to this. What’s odd, though, is that my biggest sales to date came from a write-up by Ann Sterzinger and several of my best reviews have been from women. It may be that this is less an issue of the battle of the sexes, but more of a battle of ideas, and if that’s the case, we may have more allies than we know.

There is a solution

Make no mistake, the publishing industry, like the rest of the media, is captive to the decaying zombie gestalt of modernity’s isms. Most people will drink whatever flavor of Kool-Aid is poured. And this ain’t gonna change anytime soon.

However, there is reason for hope. As military theorist Dr. Martin van Creveld has argued, “the guerilla way is soon to overtake the conventional way.” Much like the majority of 21st Century conflicts featuring non-state actors, Davids are beginning to take the fight to the Goliaths on their terms and make their enemies fight the battles they want them to fight on the ground of their choosing.

Blogs, games, podcasts, books (even David Mamet is self-publishing now), cartoons, movies (I swear, there’s even a group of veterans working to make a “tactical comedy“); frontiers are opening up. We now have more avenues to network, learn, and create; more ways to explore opportunities and forge new loyalties, as well as the potential to rediscover a patrimony taken from us in the name of setting us free. The results may not be as big (not yet, anyway) but they’ll be ours.

Y’all keep your heads up.

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204 thoughts on “How Female-Dominated Publishing Houses Are Censoring Male Authors”

  1. can you give more detail about the masculine aspects of your book the women hated?

    1. That would be interesting. Also check with the guy that is self publishing and maybe you can make a deal and have him publish your book also.

    2. Probably the fact that it depicted war the way it is – with MEN doing the fighting and women doing fuck all. Had he invented a female soldier who was “just as though as the men” and put her in the book it would have been signed instantly.

      1. Or better yet – have the men doing fuck all and the women saving the day! 😉

      2. You should also note that women, in general, oppose the idea of war because they think primarily about their own interests and feelings. And that opposition goes very far, even practically.
        When the Haitians revolted against the French, a lot of French women allowed the Haitian men to murder their husbands and fathers. They willingly became sex toys, because they would rather live in humiliation and servitude than die prematurely alongside the men of their ‘tribe’.

    3. Hello, b92kakw,
      Actually, I’ve received some very generous feedback from a number of women who’ve read it (like Ms. Sterzinger and some others at GoodReads and Amazon). In fact, my old squad leader gave a copy to a woman he knows and she said it made her cry. Frankly, it surprised me. I think there’s a genuine concern for the guys downrange, which regardless of the politics, means a lot.
      The agents I’ve approached, though, all seem to want what is currently popular among women (who make up 70% of the market, according to a lady who helped me with my first query). That generally means stuff they think women want, like sparkly vampires, making it in the Big City, rich bad boys and so forth. Maybe bows and arrows.
      As for the masculine aspects, I was in the infantry, which was all male. There were times when we’d go weeks, maybe months without so much as a proper conversation with a woman. Suffice to say, it got pretty cavemanish. Between that, the brutal un-PC nature of our world, and the profanity, it can be a tough read for some. Thanks.

      1. I wonder why women make up 70% of the market?
        It certainly isn’t because publishers only try to appeal to women, is it?

        1. In a word: Porn. Chick porn is “romance” novels with shirtless body-builder pirates on the cover and a half naked middle-aged woman in his arms. When I look at my library’s e-book new releases, literally HALF of all new ebooks are chick porn. In addition, chick-lit is all sorts of divorce porn (eat, pray, slut), and self help books (lose 10lbs a day on the all donut diet!). These three categories alone are probably three quarters of the book market, and they are all overwhelmingly bought by females.

        2. Zayin, the way the lady who helped me with my query explained it to me was that men tend to only read certain genres, whereas women will read just about anything.
          Though Observasaurus has a point. I think there’s a special kind of drama itch or something. According to one romance author I heard (I forget her name), the trick to getting a romance novel over with female readers was that the attraction in the book had to feature some sort of taboo.

        3. Last year when I was going to the bookstore my mother asked me to pick her up some books. I asked her why, as she doesn’t read. She wanted books to put in her bookcase because if someone comes into the home they’ll assume she’s a book worm. That interaction sums up women for me.

        4. Last year when I was going to the bookstore my mother asked me to pick her up some books. I asked her why, as she doesn’t read. She wanted books to put in her bookcase because if someone comes into the home they’ll assume she’s a book worm. That interaction sums up women for me.

        5. Plus–Who has all the free time? Single moms and divorcees, married with children. They have all day to read while their kids are at school.

        6. Ha ha. That’s because in her mind, “Anything” means “women’s interests” which immediately are given the primary, broad and most important category of “Anything” while men’s interest are narrow and obscure to her because they are not women’s interests. That’s Hamster Time right there.

        7. She bought a bookcase and wanted me to get her books. She wanted people coming into her house to look at the bookcase and assume she reads. Sorry about the wording, I was half asleep when I wrote it lol

        8. Oh I understood what you was saying the 1st time, I was just(and still am) completely baffled by such a bizarre display of female solipsism.

        9. Yes demonize male porn but glorify chick porn hey our porn is more civilized!

      2. Just a thought here, Sam. You may want to see about linking your storyline with a game (would appeal to more men or younger men and you’re story would get out there for all). This seems to be the new generation of gaming with a storyline as the man focus.
        Sure, you have the first person shooting going on (like Call of Duty and others) but within those types of games is always a storyline focusing on a mission, a group, an individual, etc. I’m just thinking out loud as a vehicle to get your story out.
        Maybe after that, the real book could get published (with a little help from others) or a series of the game could be created to tell the story in episodes or sequels.
        It’s just a thought.

        1. Thanks, Driver! I hadn’t even thought about a game. (There would have to be a drunken shenanigans level. Like Grand Theft Auto, but in the barracks.)

  2. As a writer I can confirm this article. The only places I get published are non-paying pulp-style e-zines. “Serious” literature is now the domain of upper middle class white women. And the internet has dropped the writing market pay. I think for most token through semi-pro the going rate has stayed around 1 to 3 cents per word, since the 80s.

    1. Point taken, but I assure you “serious” literature without the quotation marks will never be the domain of upper middle class white women

  3. The feminine minds places niceness and social acceptability before principles or rationality – the key should have been to not let these people into positions of power to begin with
    i.e. The punishment for equalism should be unemployment
    Far too many conservative types assume the other side is capable of being impartial – that should stop
    The only solution is bias from the other extreme in order to achieve equilibrium (or at least, less equalism in society)
    The part about opinions as guerilla warfare is important though. I’ll tell you folks a secret: The enemy cares far more about what we say then the other way around. We dismiss their views as pedestrian while they hate-read our every post – it’s part of their overly pro-social nature. There’s an equalist reading this right now and feeling butthurt enough to browse through my entire comment history
    Yours and my views reach them without even engaging them directly, because we live rent free inside their heads. Use this to your advantage

    1. Actually though, the key is taking control over what is deemed “socially acceptable”. It’s not the females who are engineering “acceptability”, it is a different group of people.

    2. Far too many conservative types assume the other side is capable of being impartial – that should stop”

      it is. you are included in the “accept everyone” as long as you accept everyone.

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    3. “There’s an equalist reading this right now and feeling butthurt enough to browse through my entire comment history”
      almost certainly true. Hope there’s something really nasty there that will shock them to the bone

    4. The feminine minds places THE APPEARANCE OF niceness and social acceptability before principles or rationality.
      Appearance matters more than reality in the feminine mind.

    5. I agree, ignore them completely. If you pay them any mind at all, make sure that it is only to ridicule them.

  4. Females don’t own the publishing houses, Jews do. They’re the ones who set the tone.
    “What’s odd, though, is that my biggest sales to date came from a write-up by Ann Sterzinger and several of my best reviews have been from women. It may be that this is less an issue of the battle of the sexes, but more of a battle of ideas, and if that’s the case, we may have more allies than we know.”
    Not really odd at all.

    1. They are useful, but they are the pawn and not the player.
      If you know how to address a woman, you can make her do almost anything. Half of humanity is as predictable as clockwork if you know what the basic principles of human behaviour are.
      And those basic principles have nothing to do with morality, practicality, truth or justice. That last bit really depressed me, because it made me realise that under current circumstances there’s no improvement possible until living conditions become so bad that men must take over the wheel again in order to survive.

  5. It ASTOUNDS me how women can have so much power and priviliege in society and still claim they are “oppressed” somehow. Feminists are so unfathomably spoiled rotten that they can’t see the forest for all the trees. They are so out of touch with reality that it borderlines on clinical insanity.

    1. Feminism is deeply rooted in spoiled, white, upper-middle-class immaturity. These are the feminists who think women never had jobs before 1972, while all the men were living it up like Don Draper.

    2. It doesn’t border line in clinical insanity. It IS. That and a heavy does of Borderline Personality Disorder.

    3. Its the princess and the pea syndrome. there is much more to say about it, but i cant be arsed.

    4. redpill will go mainstream when a few women start blogging about it… catch the attention of the 20something college girls, who all see that slutting it up is a waste of their youth… suddenly women will be lining up to find masculine men and get married and have kids… .probably be the kids that are growing up today that hit puberty in 5-10 years time…. who revert back to the norm….

      1. Nah, the vast majority of women are at best indifferent to men’s rights. It will take a critical mass of men before redpill thinking goes mainstream. The good news is that there are cracks in the armour. More and more men are realizing that they are holding the short end of the stick.

        1. Not happening. Look at Japan for the future of American/Western male-female relations. A dating and mating void–girls shop and eat at cafes, guys read comics and play video games. Any accidental conceptions are aborted. No kids anywhere. 2 options–extinction or mass immigration. Japan will go extinct, the West will succumb to mass immigration (look around you). Without growing populations, pyramid scheme government redistributions (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid) and pensions are unsustainable

      2. Highly doubt it. Feminism will change into something else but highly doubt masculinity will make a comeback

        1. The comeback will be black and Sharia law after feminism brings down the West from within (especially after Hillary is elected)
          Feminists, white knights, homosexuals and “red pillers”/MGTOW don’t reproduce. Blacks and Muslims do. The writing is on the wall, look at Baltimore and ISIS

    5. I think you misunderstand them. As long as they don’t have ABSOLUTE power, in every field, they are “oppressed”.

    6. 60+% of college kids are women. Feminists look at raw numbers and if some job or occupation does not have exactly 51% female they scream sexism.

  6. Doesn’t surprise me that females might be over-represented in the industry, because they go for soft subjects in college like literature. But point taken, in the current mangina culture Ernest Hemingway couldn’t get published.

      1. Hell yes the next made for TV chick flick. Women crave drama. They want to be emotionally manipulated in a way that men don’t. Women consume more fiction than men. Men are more likely to watch sports which is unscripted and you can’t jump to the end.

  7. Publishing is one thing, but promotion is another. Promotion is what gets it out there, and for that, you need access to the right outlets.

  8. Feminism and fem-centric viewpoints permeate the literary professions. Even if you look at so called masculine books like “Game of Thrones” – those books are chock-full with feminist propaganda. Female heroes spout empowered gender crap and wish to become assassins or soldiers in a world where a sword would weigh at least 30 pounds. Then you input female warriors who are supposedly beating male knights who exercise the killing art since being a child. Would Game of Thrones be ever published and promoted that way if it were not for the grand super-woman Mother of Dragons? Would the book be serialized if it were a young strong teenage Father of Dragons?
    The same crap is being done in all other areas. Charles Bukowski would probably collect rejections in our times.

    1. It’s probably going to become mandatory to have at least one “empowered” female character in every book published by a mayor house. Just like every major film coming out of Hollywood now has at least one redundant female character who is stronger/smarter/funnier than any of the men in the movie.

      1. Whenever they add the Tough Chick to the Crew, the Male Characters automatically get Pussified, its the Only way the story can come close to logically explaining why there is a Female Character assuming the Male Gender Role.

        1. I’m working on a story right now, showing two different facets of the aftermath of being the tough guy of the crew: Tough Chick is impossible to deal with, only the red-pill tough guy can put her in her place.
          Setting it in an interesting blend of early 20th century tech and fantastic elements. Fun times ahead.

        2. It sounds Good! Most stories these days have the Tough Chick putting the Guy in their place…I think a lot of those Pro tough chick Blue Pill leftist writers have a sexual Retardation of sorts…Heh.

        3. It will be a trojan horse of manosphere attitudes.
          It seems that quite a few writers have some sort of domination fetish. Wish fulfillment of the female target market, as they lack the resolve ans strength. Not to say my Tough Chick had the strength to choose: she was forced to become tough, and be an asshole.
          I found Big Hero 6 annoying because all the male characters were pussified-even the token big black dude! And whatever-her-name-is was sexist with her phrases such as “Woman up”.
          I’m glad I’ve given up Hollywood.

        4. Hollywood is kind of a strange place, I can understand why some call it Holly-Weird.

      2. The problem is not have a strong female characters. There are strong women sprinkled throughout history. Some of the best female characters I’ve ever seen have actually been in Japanese stories where they don7t do the SJW crap.
        The Tale of the Spear Women shows a believably strong woman. She doesn’t whine. She just does. The best scene is at the end where the guy who has been following her around finally asks if she’ll be with him (aka settle down). She gives him a sad look, picks up her spear and walks out. Without a word, he gets the message. She doesn’t harp on him, “OH how dare you want to make me a wife”. It’s a very strong scene.
        Eowyn was a decent character in the Return of the King by Tolkein. Ripley was cool until her breakdown at the end of Aliens.
        The problem is having women who are loud, rude, and idiotic people be called “strong” and everyone act like they’re strong in a story.
        What the SJW want mandatory is not strong females. What they want mandatory is “weak” females who we pretend are strong and who no one is allowed to question their stupidity.
        What I hate about Daenyrus is that she is an idiot. She has no skill as a leader. And yet everyone treats her like the Messiah. *sigh*
        Was I the only one who wanted every female in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series to die a fiery death?

        1. I think that’s the entire point of Daenyrus, she showcases how utterly useless women are in leadership roles, and constantly displays weakness and a complete inability to use judgment. Much like any of the other “strong” female characters, even the unrealistic warrior types. Arya displays the vengeful feminine aspects. She’s not after revenge for some ideological reason, she’s vindictive and the world exists to her to orbit around her. Daenyrus has everything done for her by her male orbiters, and can’t even manage to use and manipulate them right, whereas Cersei is the definition of the dark triad woman, a master of manipulation, and is by far the most dangerous woman, even without her official position. Even the warrior type women are shown as weak and causeless (even if they somehow manage to kill super human warriors like the hound) I think the strong, empowered women are incredibly cleverly portrayed.

    2. Charles Bulowski would probably be assassinated in our times. He would NOT be published if he were starting out today.

  9. If the guy writes a good book it would be nice for him to make some money off of it. I think he needs to be able to print a hard copy to sell. posting it up on the internet will mean it will get copied and pasted.

    1. Hello, Greyghost1,
      While I’ve been trying to get it accepted with a traditional publishing house, in the meantime, I released it via CreateSpace, which has a Print-On-Demand option that allows a person to buy a paperback via Amazon. In fumbling my way through all this, I discovered that brick-and-mortar stores like Barnes and Noble are at war on account of Amazon’s ability to run leaner distribution, overhead, etc. As a result, they won’t carry self-published books, and you have to go through independents (if they’ll let you). That being said, with a culture war on, it’s a fun time to make stuff! Thanks.

  10. I read Mamet’s The Secret Knowledge a few years ago. I’ll have to read it again soon. Supposedly he was ostracised by the Horrywood elite for pulling off the mask of libtardism and exposing the malignant tumored face of the ideology.

  11. “It may be that this is less an issue of the battle of the sexes, but more of a battle of ideas, and if that’s the case, we may have more allies than we know.”
    i never thought it was a battle of the sexes, really. those girls writing on the internet and sjwing, they are not normal girls. it’s a tiny subculture trying to make everybody believe it’s women, but in reality it’s just a few defective pussies.

    1. I disagree. The blue-haired SJW asshole types are the wedgebreakers aka trailblazers. Almost all of the rest of the women just meander down the same path later on, claiming they’re ‘not feminists’ but on they go, down the same trail the blue-hairs blazed for them. If the bluehairs are just on their own then where are the women disagreeing with them and calling their shit? Where are the women who scoff at ‘rape culture’? Maybe there are some but I can’t imagine any women I know NOT aligning herself behind any feminist ideal, no matter how quietly she does it.

        i don’t think women are big on calling shit, they just follow the stronger current. some do, though. i was recently discussing minimum wage with some nut on the street as an older woman who apparently worked in management came loudly calling him out as a mentally ill idiot. god, how i laughed.
        i also happened to know one or two girls personally who really disliked feminism and were more in touch with who they wanted to be in a relationship – at home, taking care of children.
        would be interesting to have a survey with a representative sample.

  12. There’s a growing market for media untainted by SJW bullshit. Roosh already has a few websites. How about RooshV Media, Inc?

  13. Hey everyone, keep your eyes on Castalia House. They are now publishing things by Martin van Creveld, William S Lind etc. The Publisher was locked out some markets for his books so he started his own publishing house. Please support them. This is our opportunity to start the world over.

    1. I had my sort set to Best without realizing it, so I missed you beating me to it.
      Carry on.

    2. It sounds similar to what recording artists started doing after awhile (because the big labels were playing their bullshit games). The bigger companies try to hold a monopoly on everything so that the artists has to meet their list of demands (sign on the dotted line; get fucked) so they can get recorded at all.
      That shit changed with advancements in technology. Now, plenty of artists are out on their own (without major labels)…and these fucks are having to come to them.
      The same will happen with these major publishing companies. In time, they too, will fall when other smaller, independent companies are formed.

    3. The guys just needs to remember the importance of gatekeeping, not letting equalists infiltrate the organization
      Always check their background folks

  14. Any future history of literature will simply miss out the last fifty years for the ideological pop-corn fare that it is.
    One thing I would say though, is that one reason women writers get published is that women readers err. read, and in a feminist world there will be a preference for crap that reflects their mindset. The market for masculine literature has to be re-made. Not only do male writers need to get published, they have to get read by a readership, and since women are women with in-built gravitation towards bullshit that means male readers. Too many guys, and young men in particular are just playing games. Male writers need to be imaginative to tap into that market. I know that my nephew when he was younger used to read uHalo-crossover books. There needs to be someway of tapping into the gaming market and encouraging young men to read as well as play games

  15. The media exists for, caters to, and is run for the benefit of women.
    The publisher did you a favor. Your book-no offense- would have likely tanked on the shelves. An honest story about military action and its corroded state due to feminism has as much comprehension to a female audience as a Hohmann transfer orbit.
    Want to write a bestselling book? Make a how to guide for women looking to get married to a military guy. “How to Hook a General” will be a national bestseller at every bookstore within 50 miles of a military base. Disgusting, I know-but one may as well profit off the collapse if nothing else.

    1. Hello, Octavian,
      No offense taken. When I was taking notes for it, me and the boys would joke about how if the book ever saw daylight, it’d make a lot of people “shit up their back.”
      In trying to see what other guys had done, I came across another vet named Chris Hernandez who had similar experiences in trying to find a home for his own books. Dude went downrange several times and has been a law enforcement officer since then. He’s seen some stuff and put it to work. Anyhow, after a setback, for shits and giggles, he wrote something on his blog with all the tropes. He prefaced it with the following:
      “…I chide myself for not following the basic rules of success: add a
      vampire. Write about zombies or Victorian romance. Don’t waste your time
      telling the world about amazing, dramatic struggles in exotic lands
      where ordinary Americans risked and gave their lives to defend an ideal.”

      1. Should there be all male publishing houses?? You familiar with the author Steven Pressfield?? I think he runs or is involved in a publishing house called “Black Irish” …

        1. The Gates of Fire blew me away. The rest of his stuff is outstanding too. Thanks for the tip, Gladius! I’ll check it out.

  16. Have you seen in the news, Gloria Steinem and a bunch of feminists are entering north Korea for “peace takes.” She has also been hanging out with Jane Fonda in NYC lately. What is it that keeps drawing these feminists to north Korea? I think you know the answer to that. Many people ask, why don’t feminists condemn Isis, north Korea, and the others for their atrocities? You’ve got to realize that feminists actually find these people progressive. They love the censorship that exists in n Korea, in my opinion. If you think it is tough to get a real book published now, imagine how it will be if they get their way.

    1. I don’t particularly care for Bernard Chapin, but yesterday he posted a video with the perfect title:
      SJWs Want to “Design Game Designers”

    2. Gloria Steinem and other feminists do not give a crap about North Korean women or any other third world country women. These women went there for attention and to feel ‘special’. As if they didn’t do enough damage to the western world and the United States, now they have to go to Asia to try to corrupt their minds. Steinem and her followers are truly cancers of society.

      1. They absolutely don’t. I was talking to my cousin last week. She’s a fat, radical feminist that studies acting. That should tell you all you need to know about her. Anyway, we were having a discussion about the UK leaving the European union and I said that I voted for UKIP in the General election. She observed correctly that UKIP wanted to leave the EU so they can scrap the human rights bill and that we would then be able to deport criminals. She apparently loves foreign criminals. Knowing her politics I brought up a gang rape case I read about a while back committed by Somalis. I said to her would it not be preferable to boot these animals out of the country (personally I’d chemically castrate them first) and to my surprise she said no. She then went on a diatribe about reforming criminals, second chances and compassion for people that had seen first hand the horrors of war (she just assumed that since they were Somalis they had been witness to some sort of horror in their lives.) I just gave up trying to get through to her. Some people are just too far gone.

        1. yeah exactly. That’s why women don’t belong in politics; they are always clueless and naive.

        2. I met some Brits while travelling and spent some time in London and York a while back. It’s bizzarre what’s been done to England (and Europe in general). I hope y’all get to run the table on those fuckers responsibile soon.

    3. leftism is first and foremost a resentment of power structures at home, some going so far as to side with worse actors abroad just to spite their domestic enemies
      i’ve actually seen western leftists sidle up to the chinese status apparatus even though the politburo many times more nationalistic than even the most rabid tea partier

      1. Is return of kings available in China?
        How powerful are the feminists in China?
        Is it racist of me to assume you’re from China just because of your profile photo?
        I’ll go stand in the naughty corner for the time being.

  17. Men Arn’t allowed to Have their own stories anymore, Things that would appeal to Men and inspire Men are left out and Replaced with the same re-run story where there is no Morals or Message but just a basic plot that’s boiled down to the Point they know it won’t Offend. It Seems these days a Writer must go through a Sensitivity Check list before he can even start imagining a story. When Men are Allowed to write stories as they see Fit and without politically correct Publishing Referees dictating the material, only then will there be Original Stories written, till then and as long as every author has to adhere to the boundaries of Progressivism, there won’t.

  18. As long as I have my Finca Vigia edition of Hemingway, they can’t censor shit…

      1. Loved that movie. A key sign as I was developing the redpill in my last LTR was that my ex “didn’t see anything wrong” with the horrible, snobbish, judgmental, shallow, domineering, boring, bratty career woman that Luke Wilson is engaged to at the beginning!

    1. Lost mine in The Travels decades ago. It’s a fine collection of fiction.

      1. It’s worth rereading every 2/3 years. The novels are too sentimental, while the shorts hit the nail on the head.

        1. Agree. Best work was those terse shorts. Many of the greats were likewise. The form makes us focus.
          I was v fortunate when young to have fiction/writing instructors that opened short fiction up for me. Couldn’t have grasped much otherwise. Not fast anyway.
          Ernest was basically a good guy, sort of romantic-realist. He tried hard and that matters.

  19. Fortunately they still don’t touch history and science books. The day they do that is the day something had to give- and it won’t be me. Sam, anyway to get your stuff over here in Malaysia?

    1. Hey, Alvin! Thanks for the interest in my book. It’s up on Amazon (in Kindle and paperback); they should be able to square you away. Stay safe over there.
      (I share your sentiment with the history and science books. Fuck with a man’s books and you’re fuckin’ with his emotions.)

      1. I’ll send this book free to the first ten people that ask. Need an e-address tho.

    2. Those are the two subjects they have destroyed more than any other. The stuff that passes for science is so unbelievable and they have been rewriting history for decades. Did you know that a woman brought about the computer age? Did you know the ancient Greeks were black or that Africans wrote the bible? At least since the human genome was sequenced there are some scientists and writers fighting back against the egalitarian, anti Darwinian horse sh!t that scientists of a certain ethnicity have been promoting.

    3. Don’t worry they will get to those soon when STEM privileged women start complain about them being too hard and being “wired for men’s type of logic.”

      1. Most of the ‘privileged’ sort are too dumb for STEM. Most of the girls here in Malaysia who do survive STEM are the elite – purple pill at worst and really hardworking cause this country won’t pander to your gender – you have to EARN your degree.

  20. Upvotted for reference to van Creveld. To be fair there’s a few publishing houses that cater specifically to military stories. Why do you think every SEAL manages to get a book published.

  21. Once I saw the huge success of 50 Shades of Gray, I knew the West was doomed.

    1. But it’s great to point it out to women and say “See, after all of the bullshit that women spout, they still love to be dominated by a man”. Nothing to really say because the books and movie have made millions (mostly from women).

      1. Here in Asia, if we get more specific particularly my country Pakistan, often women tend to stay at home but as the wind comes from the West/international activists about women rights, the trend of going for a job is getting bigger. Here women activists say that women shouldn’t end their whole life in Kitchen (home), they should compete men in every walk of life.
        Lets assume its ok…But what will be the impact of this on our children and family/social values?? Are they in trouble?? Men don’t take women as their enemy then why the hell these women consider us their competitor? Yes, in the past some men definitely abused their women but that doesn’t mean all men should be buried in the same grave….Good thing is that, over here, situation is still not alarming as in the West but still when people think about that, they seem to be worried.
        Sons don’t have to pay for father’s crimes.
        Hey women, we respect you, we fight for you and just expect the kindness and love from you.
        A humble Man..

        1. It’s like a religion with them. I once spent a summer as an intern with an NGO that focused on rural development in impoverished countries. They had some great ideas on things like terrace farming, soil conservation, post harvest management, etc. But there’s also this belief amongst them that male tribal leadership is wrong and should be corrected through female “empowerment.” They just assume that all this will result in an egalitarian utopia. There are even groups who bypass the fathers in a family and give aid straight to the women. All the while they try to work these angles (through voting) to make the villagers think it’s their idea. It’s disgusting.

        2. The damage is done by feminism (or the latest wave of what’s known as feminism). Women, today, all over are taking this hollow message of things need to be equal. The only problem is that women can’t do things equal to men. They aren’t as strong, don’t run as fast, etc….but they continue to believe that they are “just as equal”.
          The nonsense continues and in the west (the U.S., at least) it’s a disease. Women here want to be equal except when it comes to certain things: dirty jobs being one of things but there are plenty of others. They only want to be equal for all of the good stuff..none of the bad stuff that men have in society. They are hypocrites and men need to call them out on it.

        3. Thanks for telling us the truth, Samuel. It makes us reach to the conclusion that Men generally don’t have problem with women unless they degrade their own men just because of some stupid outsiders (Feminists). In my opinion, thugs who are controlling corporations, governments and media are behind it otherwise it is nearly impossible to have such world wide movement/campaign for women. Our women are being made fooled. Western women, deliberately or not, hurting the family norms and societal structure. Are you married??? if not then try to look for Pakistani women, because majority of them are traditional wives and don’t challenge men. They are white and are the real beauty in Asia, mixture of many races, if we
          go back in history where countless invasions and settlements took place
          in Pakistani land by invaders. I find Pakistani women the prettiest in
          We as Pakistani Men, say good luck and hope for the best for our Western folks that they will surely save their societies from utter destruction.

        4. Couldn’t said it better. I completely agree with you….In Pakistan the problem is whenever a religious guy or other men says the same thing that you have said, he is forced to shut his mouth because people, especially media and feminists start to say ; this guy is of Taliban type mentality, he believes in 1400 years old thinking etc. So this is how they humiliate him. Anyway….it is good to see that men all over the world, religious or not, have started to realize that this trend is going to be real ugly in our near future.
          Best of luck, I hope that American (Western) men also enjoy family life, if not with US women, then with some other nationality.
          Have a good day

    2. That’s actually a little bit different of a story. That book probably never would have made it through the regular channels of big publishing, because if showed a woman reveling in being dominated. But once it showed it could make REAL money, an exception was made–against, I am absolutely sure, the wishes of many women in publishing. For that fact alone, I appreciate 50 Shades.

  22. cut off the head of the snake. Find the root virus problem that feeds feminism. Who empowers them and where do they get their funding? I’m sure there is a big powerful organization or group that uses feminism like a string up puppet. These same powerful people who control the banks, media, and governments across the globe.

    1. Surely they have a name, perhaps they are a small group of people who share a common ancestry or customs. It’s on the tip of my tongue but I just can’t say it.

      1. Zuikurkler Yamizangthang •
        cut off the head of the snake. Find the root virus problem that feeds feminism. Who empowers them and where do they get their funding? I’m sure there is a big powerful organization or group that uses feminism like a string up puppet. These same powerful people who control the banks, media, and governments across the globe.

        Bill the Butcher •
        Surely they have a name, perhaps they are a small group of people who share a common ancestry or customs. It’s on the tip of my tongue but I just can’t say it.

      2. ^ yeah I know exactly how you feel and I know that you know. They are that powerful.

    1. Thanks, Ghost Tiger. To be honest, as cheesy as it may sound, I really wouldn’t have anything to say without my platoon (and even the girl). They were something. They made you want to tell people about them.

      1. Experiences like yours remind me of the Samizdat.
        We need entrepreneurial spirits like yours to combat the overbearing censorship of cultural Marxism. Ironically, in this regard, Russia’s culture is more advanced than ours. The Russians have already wrestled with cultural Marxism. They have had their Samizdat.

        1. I haven’t heard of Sypathy for the Devil, but I’ll definitely check it out. Just from the synopsis, it sounds like some of the experiences of the ‘Nam vets from my old battalion.
          It’s funny that you mention samizdat. I was studying Russian
          language and politics around the same time I stumbled upon this part of the ‘net. It was like getting hit with both barrels. It amazed me how much the propaganda experience of Communism shared with whatever you want to call our current civil religion. (In fact, I’ve heard blogs and the like referred to as “modern samizdat.) Then again, it seems like they share the same roots.
          The people who endured and fought that shit were badasses. When Solzhenitsyn cut a promo at that Harvard commencement, I imagine you could hear him walking by the sound of his big brass balls clanking together. I really think the decades of Communism have a lot of lessons for us. Sort of like by being exposed to the mind-fuck to the degree that they were, there are antibodies to be found (like the use of samizdat.)

        2. Per Cultural Marxism, that reminds me of a documentary I
          recently saw that discussed Soviet re-education (demoralization and atomization turned up to 11) of Christians in Romania. At 6:30, the narrator quotes Dumitri Bacu’s The Anti-Humans:
          “Everything of the past which could offer any kind of refuge
          was to be muddied and denigrated. This included the heroes of history and the folklore of Christian inspiration. Then, to be given special attention, was the destruction of love for family, in order completely to isolate the victim in his own misery, bereft of religion, love of country, and family. This would break the chain that links together a community of national thought and gives meaning to a national struggle. When the individual was thus cut off from his history, faith and family, the ultimate step in “re-educating” him was to destroy his existence as a personality — an individual. This, to the victim, was to prove the most painful step of all and was called his “unmasking. ”

        3. Solzhenitsyn is a Siberian Tiger. I assume you are also familiar with Yuri Bezmenov?

        4. Fascinating analysis of the Romanian experience under Stalin. Thanks for that. And, as we know, Orwell mainly had Stalin in mind when he imagined Big Brother. As we watch the decline of our own culture, I feel like emailing the picture below to our political class and all those publishers that turned you down.

        5. “Uncle” Yuri was a champion! (You know, once he left the Sovs.) I just sent his lecture on subversion to a buddy of mine last week.
          It makes me sad watching the audiences in his stuff. They know they’re getting pwnd, but it’s still the 80’s and they have hope they can still turn things around with stuff like elections and by appealing to reason. I can’t imagine what it must like to be a grandparent nowadays.

        6. The Romanians and many others could have been spared. Patton claimed he could have taken Berlin and then Moscow, but Eisenhower held him back and let the Red Army take Berlin. They were always trying to emasculate Patton. Patton could have brought Stalin to heel. Old blood and guts could have beaten Eisenhower in the Presidential election too. So of course that’s why they killed him. He knew where all the bodies were buried.

  23. The industry that celebrates garbage fanfiction like 50 shades of grey is a joke. The best seller list, dominated by female pornography; why does anyone listen to the rambling of such useless parasites.

  24. Good stuff. Thanks for your service, tho it was to a nation that keeps its high-heels on our throats. For me it’s always Memorial Day when it comes to brave brothers. And there are many.
    This hatefest has been ongoing for thirty years. The punks were forcing the ‘wrong kind of men’ out of publishing, editing, writing departments, English departments, etc. since my college days in the Eighties. The Gyno-gestapo and related SJWs have been silencing anything that offends them (i.e., anything like the truth) for a very long time. Built profitable careers around their resentment and malevolence, too.
    Freeze their cowardly asses out and throw them down from their comfy and high places.

    1. Thanks, Ray. It’s definitely a bittersweet thing. Last year I attended a function put on by the ‘Nam vets from my old battalion. I was struck by how even after all the stuff those guys went through (like being a 19 year old draftee in-country for Tet), and all the years of being looked down on by those who drove the culture and ideas, most still kept their faith and hope in God and country and the brotherhood. Then you think about the people behind all these policies and the lies and what a shit-show it all is…I don’t know. There has to be a way out of the box.
      One the upside, though, at least now we have tools like this. The men on this part of the ‘net have already laid some important groundwork in just a few short years. We’re gonna make it.

      1. Yeah I’ll bet it was ‘bittersweet’. That is so encouraging, tho, hearing the report about your battalion keeping the faith. These are times of trial for all good men and women.
        Our duty is to God first. If we put country first, well, we end up with what we’re getting now — a nation and citizenry that acts like God, but can’t even wipe its own ass.
        I’ve seen vet E.R.s on the east coast that were just M.A.S.H. units. Moaning, vacant-eyed guys strewn everywhere, wheelchairs and gurneys jammed in amidst scattered beds . . . chaos actually. A little bit ‘o hell.
        Like the rest of the Failed V.A., all of it is easily fixable. This ain’t Ghana, after all. (Well maybe I’m wrong about that lol.) There’s plenty of money and resources to shape the whole broken V.A. up, but the nation intentionally ignores — make that punishes — male veterans. Our new Overkings and Overqueens deeply resent the (mostly white male) service members because… well you know why. Almost everyone I talk to in admin positions at the V.A. is either a female, or a guy with such a thick foreign accent that I can barely understand him. The point is being made on us, and has been for many decades.
        So much of what I’ve witnessed and experienced through the V.A. isn’t even incompetence, laziness, and graft — tho these are ubiquitous. In reality, our New Transformed Government of the past four decades intentionally has been undermining, frustrating, freezing-out, and degrading vets. The kind of ‘men’ now in charge of the country can’t rise to the level of the men in your battalion, so their only option is to destroy their betters indirectly and subtly — while giving ‘thank-you’ speeches on Memorial Day. Liars and thugs, teeming with resentment and greed and selfishness.
        Shit I could write more than one book just on this foul topic — for example the new Choice Card system, which was supposed to allow vets waiting for months for med treatment to see private docs. The program was turned into a poltical/ideological graft machine from day one. Any attempt to actually utilize this new ‘resource’ is just another exercise in the Big Runaround. A fresh betrayal by smug backstabbers!
        Your book sounds very promising, and much needed. Pls. let us know where it’s published and how to help with our support. My regards to the battalion, and may it please the Lord, you assuredly will ‘make it’.

        1. That sounds like a man who’s logged some hours at the VA! Are you or any of your family prior-service by any chance, Ray?
          I was in and out of Walter Reed for about a year and a half getting put back together, and had to check in with the local VA a few times afterward to make sure everything was okay. I was lucky in that those particular places seemed pretty squared away (Walter Reed in particular – at least when I was there in ’04-’05), but I’ve heard horror stories about it being a goat rope elsewhere like the one you describe. That business with the Choice Card system sounds like a clusterfuck. You just know that somewhere out there is a Choice Card flow path with action items and management of change protocol and all that happy horseshit that some egghead sold the VA as a silver bullet. These shit-knuckles don’t seem to savy that you can only scale stuff up so high before it chokes to death in complexity, protocols, and procedures (but then again, that’s the military, I guess.)
          As for the rest…I dunno. We’re through the looking glass, that’s for sure. I think a lot about Ibn Khaldun’s theory of Assabiya, in that tribes or whatever start out with a lot of solidarity and loyalty, but if they get powerful enough and wealthy enough, then they get decadent and shit the bed. John Glubb’s got a good treatment on the lifecycle of empire, and Roosh did a good article as well on cultural collapse. Point being, at this point, I think about the best we can do is start trying to figure out ways of taking care of each other on our own. Since we’re all so institutionalized now and everything is so technical, that’ll be a mean ol’ honkey tonk trying to figure out. We’ll see.
          I was lucky with my battalion. I’ve met some guys who went elsewhere and said they never found a unit quite like it again. One of my buddies died downrange and his mother sort of adopted it as a kind of de facto den mother to make sure the boys were squared away at Christmas and when they redeployed and that sort of thing. She wound up getting in good with the ‘Nam vets who have their own sort of grizzled ex-infantry mafia, and they wound up becoming like honorary uncles to some of us. They’re a trip, and they got a lot to teach.
          Even though I’ve been trying to get my book in with a traditional publishing house, I self-published a while back just to get it out there. (There’s a link to it up in my profile at the upper left.) I really appreciate the kind words. I don’t see the VA getting sorted out anytime soon, but if you wind up back there, I hope you wind up with some squared away people, and they start dealing you aces.

        2. Good to see another Okie 11B. If you are ever near Broken Arrow i will buy you a drink.
          I do not think the VA is as messed up as people claim it is. The Problem is its backlogs and bs claims. Right now the baby boomers are retiring and trying to get the bennies from the VA with out a understanding or care for how it works. Guys will come in and claim that heart problems arthritus deserves a 100 percent T&P when its because they spent 40 years eating fatty foods. WalterReed on the other hand at least when i was there was a nightmare.

        3. Are you or any of your family prior-service by any chance, Ray?
          My dad did OCS at King’s Point, wartime Merchant Marine, junior grades.
          My grandma was a WAC officer in the second world war. I don’t think she ever resigned her commission, either! ;O)
          My grandpa didn’t need the army, he was one.
          I was AF enlisted, stateside during the first half of the seventies. Medic with a couple side-jobs. Thank you for inquiring.
          Military background in your family also?
          Like to get back to the balance of your comments later. Cheers.

        4. The V.A. is spotty, and increasingly arrogant, like all big bureaucracies. There are hellholes, and there are reasonably run facilities. Facility-wise, the west is generally better than the east.
          Unfortunately, because they’re ruled by the Fed, the money often doesn’t end up where it’s supposed to.
          People gaming the v.a. definitely is a problem — liars who will claim anything if it adds to their take. I’ve sat in clinic waiting rooms, and listened to men talk about working another angle for more benefits.
          What pissed me off even more was, I’m sitting right next to them! and they assume this bullshit is ok. Everybody steals as much as possible. Just like them. Fat-asses with multiple houses. It’s the American Way.

        5. Ha! You buy me a round and I’ll drink it! I don’t know what put you in Walter Reed, Qillower, but I’m glad you lived through it and found your way here.

        6. Ha! You buy me a round and I’ll drink it! I don’t know what put you in Walter Reed, but I’m glad you lived through it and found your way here.

        7. And a long-deceased one too! lol
          They’ll be ready for the next assignment.

        8. “I think about the best we can do is start trying to figure out ways of taking care of each other on our own. Since we’re all so institutionalized now and everything is so technical, that’ll be a mean ol’ honkey tonk trying to figure out.”
          This. It’s easy to figger tho.
          Can’t be done institutionally, because in an empire, indeed the most powerful and wealthy empire the world has ever known, too many hands in the till, too many people living fat and used to it. Way too much inertia and material privilege.
          It’s gotta be done one-on-one, and in small, loose units like the battalion you describe. This is the ONLY way to change things, and the rewards for even small efforts are very, very big right now. The environment is target-saturated these days, heck we hardly even have to aim!
          Just one example — many of the homeless guys are vets. Some won’t even let the V.A. near them anymore and I can understand why. But they’ll usually let OTHER VETS near them, and that’s the entry-point. Don’t wait for the V.A. or our commie government or anybody else to do it. Each vet is responsible for their brother, no different than patrol. Nobody is getting through this any other way.
          It’s ridiculous how easy it is to improve the lives of these busted-up guys, particularly homeless vets. Stop your damned cars for a minute and get your asses out and get busy. Few minutes of casual conversation, couple encouraging words, a twenty here and there… and you’re on your way. Makes a BIG ka-boom.
          These guys, their buckets are so empty, just rain a couple drops, they’ll go swimming on your NRG for a week. Try it and see.
          I did order your book, and elsewhere offered to buy a kindle copy for the first 10 folks that call out.
          Carry on and cheers.

  25. SO TRUE.
    I don’t agree with most of the articles on this site. But this is 100 % accurate. As an aspiring writer, I have seen what he talks about personally. Literally, the main publishing agencies will not publish stories that they find “offensive”.
    My dad has noticed for a while you can’t read most of the crap if you’re a guy that comes out now. It’s all over fantasy and sci fi.
    Which is why I recommend self-publishing. Writers are finally getting past the big publishers by going that root. There was one writer, an ex-vet as well, who couldn’t get anyone to publish his story. Agents and editors told him no one would want to read a war story like that.
    So he self-published and now his book has sold tens of thousands of copies and is still taking off. Now suddenly they’re all like I guess “some people like that crap”.
    They can’t fanthom a world where people like reading about interesting characters and fun plots more than how well-written it is and whether you wrote a complex character.
    Heinlein’s Starship Troopers would not be published by today’s editors.
    All these editors do is buy their friends books so their friends will buy their books and then they delude themselves into thinking they are “successful”.
    Self-publish and learn to market. That’s how my dad’s started to find books worth reading again. Traditional publishers are a bunch of SJW ***holes.

    1. Thanks, MSM, and good luck on your writing! Publishing seems to be in a kind of Wild West phase right now, but when we can get some alternate gatekeepers or networks or whatever to help filter and promote titles, then I think we’ll really be able to take the fight to ’em. People are getting sick of this shit.
      I’m still trying to make sense of this weird purge. It’s like inverted Puritanism or something. I swear, it’s gotten worse just in the past 10-15 years, and it already sucked back when I was a kid in the 80’s. Not only is it killing books, but by suppressing and corrupting the Heroic, it castrates the imagination. My brother teaches English, and he was lamenting at the sort of books aimed at boys. It’s pathetic.

      1. Let me guess books aimed at boys now are “My Two Dads,”
        “My Son is a Princess” and I should stop there otherwise the feminizons are gonna pick up on these

    2. See you don’t need to burn books if you control what gets published in the first place.

  26. Interesting and well written article. Looking forward to finding the book.

  27. “After more than a decade of shopping my book around and receiving probably about 1,000 rejections along the way, I finally received a message from a literary agent I’d approached who really liked my book, agreed with almost everything I said in it, and was interested in representing it.”
    No offense here, but that may very well be your problem; writing just one book and shopping it around forever. Most authors write multiple books or sometimes even more than that before they become picked up by a publisher via an agent or not. As a writer myself who aspires to be published in the traditional manner, even I have to come to grips with the fact that there are just too may variables out there on why something or something other that you wrote hasn’t found its way into the hardcover/paperback world.
    And another thing, this is a personal anecdote mind you, but it does bear much in reality. As I was was about to hop on the SF Bay Area’s commute line back to the East Bay Area, I was accosted by a rather strange gentlemen who insisted that I read his screenplay. He of course, assured me that it was awesome as all his friends and family read it in its entirety. He was so convinced that his screenplay was going to sell that he even had it bound and submitted for copyright protection just in case(wink wink). So, feeling generous at the time I scanned through it and lo and behold, it was the worst thing I have ever let my poor eyeballs be exposed to. Pages upon pages of the same thing, flat characters, no story, grammatical errors, it was just awful. So yes, STEM/business majors, despite what you may have heard, writing is as difficult, if not more so than developing the next kewl iphone app. Some of us, just don’t have what it takes.
    And yes, just like Hollywood, publishers are slave to what they feel is in right now, or what they feel will sell at the moment. As tragic as it sounds to this literary whore, the true “Great American Novel” probably will never be published due to the marketing factor. After all, is it really the publisher’s fault if most men are addicted to stupid video games like Call of Duty: The Search for Bin Laden or some other stupid tripe? Is it really their fault that the patriotards are busy hunkering over the newest Playstation over in Afghanistan or some other military base instead of I don’t know……actually purchasing a kindle or a paperback? Don’t fault the business if they have no interest in trying to market to those who would never give any of their capital to the written word anyhow.

    1. I’m not sure what your anecdote has to do with anything. And I’m afraid I strongly disagree with your assertion here that publishing abandoned good writing that men could relate to because the type of men who used to read contemporary fiction are now all playing video games. Men abandoned contemporary literary fiction because the crap being published was mostly dressed up chick lit and multicultural victimhood porn. Literary fiction isn’t primarily market driven today. It’s a writeoff boutique for privileged New York bitches, somewhat analogous to the gourmet olive oil shops or the eccentric candy stores you see that you know don’t make a profit, but only exist because some super rich guy’s wife was bored.

      1. To summarize my points:
        1) Dude wrote one book, shopped it around forever, and then got all butt hurt when no publisher seemed interested except one. And that publisher may have just been trying to be saying in a rather obtuse way that his book wasn’t that great.
        2)Not everyone has what it takes to be a writer. Just like not everyone has what it takes to be a Navy Seal, or mma fighter.
        3)It’s a business. And like any business, you aren’t going to sink a whole lot of cash into a story that won’t sell to certain demographics. Know why you don’t really see the late Gen x’s and Millennial versions of Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis that sprang from the baby boomers? Because instead of dudes drawing their inspiration from literature and film like in the past, dudes drop their collective money on things like video games, fantasy football, mma ppv’s and so forth. Thus, instead of well rounded men who still enjoy reading every once in a while, we get this person: tatted up bro; fist bump me bro; you don’t lift…huh…huh….why don’t you lift; gotta lift bro; you haven’t checked out the new Drake? Why haven’t you checked out the new Drake?
        See what I mean? What publisher in their right mind would ever try to target a demographic who’s reading level isn’t even up to Junior High School level??????
        So to summarize, not everything can be blamed on the SJW crew. Most problems can, but not this one. This is purely the ones who mock English/Creative Writing, yet fail themselves to offer anything different or exciting in the lit world.

        1. Sorry, but literary fiction isn’t a business and it hasn’t been for a long time. It’s a writeoff boutique that the publishers gave to their wives and mistresses and daughters and nieces, while they make their money on celeb tell alls and diet books. Lit fiction keeps relatives with mfa degrees occupied and keeps the limo liberals smugly feeling like they are fighting the good fight. Subject matter is ABSOLUTELY censored on feminist grounds in that world. Have people gotten shallower over the years? Yes. But blaming the demise of fiction on bro culture is missing the real story.

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    I’ll pass on that joint, to be blunt.

  29. I remember a quote from Napoleon warning about the day that China awakes. I feel the same about Western Men.

    1. They have one shot and will blow it. The Chinese don’t fight well far from the borders. Neither do the russians.

        1. Yes. When the people are united. If not, you get the democrats obstructing victory and selling the peace (Vietnam, Iraq, Afgahnistan) for cheap, short term politcal theater. The commitment is not there. Hence war, as the Americans currently wage it, is a scam.

  30. We have the internet and the ability to self-publish ebooks (and even paperbacks on demand). Let’s use it. The publishing industry, like the record industry, is obsolete. I’m shocked we still have paper books at all. Why, when I can store thousands of books on my iPad?

    1. Sometimes people prefer the tactile feel of paper or the joy of owning a paperback. I’ve tried reading comics via my tablet /phone but it’s not the same as holding an actual printed book in my hand.

      1. Some people still like listening to records but this is not the way forward. Anyway it’s pretty easy to self-publish on paper as well. That’s all there is to it. Fuck the publishing houses, circumvent them, they are totally unnecessary. We have our own blogs, our own news sources, our own communities. Self-publish and promote their. Those that want paper can order it, although I really don’t understand the point. With comics it’s different as this is almost like a piece of art but really for books I just don’t understand paper.

      2. I have had several people in the past say to me “Books smell better” or “Books feel better”. I pointed out to them that I buy a book to read a good story, not to feel it, nor smell it, nor to pretend I am better than someone else because I read “real” books.
        5 years with the Kindle and I have 741 books on my Amazon kindle account. I read, a lot.

      1. Yes you can. Somewhere some guy a couple thousand years ago was
        probably saying “I just can’t read off this papyrus stuff… it doesn’t
        feel right… I need the weight of stone!”

      2. Get a kindle ‘paperwhite’ It’s hardly a screen at all and has no light. It’s cheap and the classics are free on it.

  31. You link to Castalia House, have you tried publishing with them? Sounds like it might be a good fit.

  32. Name a better way to wreck an industry than to put it into the hands of East Coast millenial female progs….You can’t.
    That is the most completely full of shit demographic in world history.

  33. Very timely post for me, Sam. I’m finishing up Breakfast now (95% on my Kindle) and found it an insightful read especially over a Memorial Day weekend. Glad that at least we live an era where self publishing becomes a widely available option, and voices can’t be silenced just for not fitting an approved narrative.

    1. Thanks for the support, TS. I’m glad we have these tools as well. I was born in the late 70’s, and over the years of growing up and getting out into the world, it seems like the ugliness and bullshit has just grown in intensity. It’s encouraging to see men fighting back.

  34. I hate books that follow the feminist narrative. So many great SF and Fantasy books are ruined by this. I am looking at you Peter Hamilton and James S. A. Corey. I want books written by men for men. I do not want female warriors who are as hard as men. I want sexist men in my books.
    If your books are hardcore, real and entertaining, you have a customer in me. Now is the time to bypass the novel industry and make our own stuff. Make your stuff available online here and sell it. I already bought Roosh’s books here.

    1. I’m writing a book as well is about a former military intelligence officer who is chooses by the government to crack down a terrorist group called the scorpions.

      1. Sounds like the kinds of espionage books that were widely available when I was a boy. I used to read them in comic book form but I absolutely loved them.

      2. Don’t take this the wrong way, but from the above it appears you will probably need to employ a proof-reader or editor of some sort.
        And that’s 2 grammar corrections today. Zeig Heil!

    2. I love when you read or watch something that was clearly untouched by any level of femininity. Currently I am going through the PBS/BBC “Battlefield” series, and the methodical logic with which every battle is analyzed (step by step in every episode they analyze the same things, the men, the equipment, the geography, the offence tactics, the defense tactics, the leaders, the order of battle). It is clear that this series was written, directed, and produced by logical analytical men.
      It’s just pure fact and narrative, unbiased towards either side, without any silly romance stories or other nonsense thrown in.

  35. Literary fiction wasn’t exactly a big money maker for the publishers, so the head honchos gave editor jobs to the broads they were fucking, and their buddies’ daughters, etc., and eventually the vast majority of shit getting published was lifestyle porn for New York bitches, and the stable of authors became a personal petting zoo of multicultural, Progressive Social Justice Warriors cranking out tripe that makes Lifetime Channel movies seem nuanced and complex by comparison. Some surveys show that 80 or 90 percent of lit fiction is purchased by women now, and one can assume that many (most?) of the men who do buy those books are gay.

  36. I recalled reading “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexander Dumas and enjoyed it immensely. I was elated when they made the movie in early 2000, only to have been disappointed by how the movie ended. That was NOT how the story ended. Quite the opposite.
    Incredible how Hollywood took a literary masterpiece and fucked it up.

    1. Just read through wiki on the book, and then read through imdb on the movie. I completely see your point.

  37. Id say we don’t have to worry about this anymore. We have amazon KDP, the Internet. We can self publish our own stories. Same goes for aspiring singers thy can upload thier song to iTunes….

    1. Congrats on the book! Come to think of it, there’s all these food porn books and shows (with chefs and whatnot), but nothing about waiters. That’s fucked up.

  38. If you haven’t read Finlay’s book, you need to.
    Probably the best quote in it:
    “The world repeatedly told her ‘do what thou wilt’, and she was none the better for it.”
    I could completely see why it would have been hard to get that book published.

  39. Part one of multiple – Summary, traditional book publishing model is in decline
    Traditional print book publishing has been in decline since the introduction of eReaders and Amazon’s Kindle. The old thinking was that the book publishers were a vital part of having success with any book. Instead, writers are finding that traditional book publishers add (added) nothing to their sales or earnings, and are better off completely bypassing traditional publisher in favor of going direct to the readers through eBooks, such as Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) program or other such comparable programs.
    In summary, any writer is better off ignoring traditional book publishers and just releasing their work as an eBook. Sales are typically higher than to be expected, and the royalties are much better, along with the writer retaining complete control over their work.

  40. Part two of multiple – eBooks have better royalties than traditional publishing
    The royalty percentage in traditional publishing is usually 17.5% of retail for print copies. Traditional publishing pays 25% royalties on eBooks. Most traditional publishing contract are boiler plate ‘take it or leave it’ (when one can get such contract).
    Amazon’s royalty in the KDP program is 70% for books priced $2.99 or higher, 30% is under $2.99. This applies to both print and eBook copies. eBooks are usually priced less than print book but make up for this by typically selling a lot more copies.
    In traditional publishing print copies are usually as much as an eBooks copy, with the result that not as many eBooks sell.
    Amazon KDP select allows the writer to set the price of their books, with the result that the writer can set the price to maximize sales and thereby maximize the royalties to the writer. Amazon has found that a eBook priced at $9.99, will sell 74% more copies than a eBook priced at $14.99, resulting in a gain of 38% in royalties to the writer.
    As a percentage, writers that self publish by eBooks get a higher percentage of royalties, but also get a better overall dollar amount of royalties.
    There have been several instances where an unknown author published an eBook, that had been turned down by a number of traditional publishers, which turned out to be a success.
    Example of one writer that was able to publish through eBooks when rejected by traditional publishers.
    Report that claims more authors are able to make a living from eBooks than Traditional publishing
    While not all eBooks do well, and many sell almost nothing, it appears that if a writer would make money with a traditional publisher, they would be better off with eBooks.
    Another advantage eBooks have over traditional publishing is that companies like Amazon pay eBook royalties within 30 days after the end of the month that the royalties are earned. Traditional publishers usually only pay royalties every 6 months, and sometimes have ‘reserves’ or ‘hold backs’ that they retain against returns or damages of books. with traditional publishers, it is possible that as many as 18 months will go by before a writer gets paid on a book that was sold. There are also reports of distributors of print copies not accounting for all of the copies that were shipped to them, but refusing to pay for months on what they must have sold. (If the distributor does not have the book in the warehouse, then they must have sold or shipped it to a bookstore or it is lost in the warehouse. In any case, the distributor should be looking to figure out what happened instead of having a policy of waiting months to pay for the books.) I have personally spoken to people that were allowed to return unsold books from their store years after they had gotten the book from a warehouse, and the distributor had no problem with them doing this.

  41. Part Three of multiple – Services offered by Traditional publishers seem to add nothing to book sales
    One of the big arguments for ‘have to’ having the services of a traditional book publisher is that you ‘need them’ to format, promote, market, place and support a book. The thinking was that all of these services that a traditional book publisher provides was critical for a book to be a success. With the rise of eBooks, a number of writers found that most of these services added nothing to book sales or were things that they could do just as well on their own or contract them out for a small fee.
    An in between step (between traditional publishers and eBooks) were services provided by ‘Vanity Publishers’. There were publishers that would print up 1,000 copies of what ever you gave them, but you had to pay for the print copies yourself. Usually this amount of money was in the range of a few thousand to several thousand dollars and would result in the writer have a garage full of boxes of unsold books because no one wanted to read it. Usually such work that went the Vanity publishing route was probably so bad that the writer could not give the books away, hence the stacks of boxes sitting in a garage space for years.
    One of the most scathing indictments of how useless traditional publishers are is from J.A. Konrath.
    Konrath has detailed for years the long list of useless things that traidtional publishers did for his own books, compared with how much better eBooks have done for him, and also offered his personal experiences about how many things that traditional publishers did, did not add to his book sales.
    Among those items:
    1: Konrath reports that appearance at book stores typically did nothing for book sales. He recounted how in one year he spent all kinds of time and money traveling to book stores, which had no noticeable effect on his print sales.
    Konrath also recounts how soon after going to eBooks, he was making much more money than from traditional publishers.
    2: Konrath details that a traditional publisher is not needed for book design:
    There is also an earlier post where he recounts a fight with a traditional publisher over the cover of a book. He wanted a cover that would appeal to the reader, and even relate more to the content of the book but the traditional publisher didn’t ‘like’ the cover he wanted and did their own. As a result, print sales suffered.
    3: Traditional book publishers have, at times, messed things up very badly for a book. One story I remember was a trilogy. The royalty agreement was that none of the books would pay out above the initial advance, until all three books earned out to a certain level of books sales. That normally would not be so bad, except in this case, the publisher only printed a few thousand of book two, thereby virtually ensuring that book three would not sell either since no one would want to buy book three without being able to buy book two first.
    4: Poor editing and/or refusal to correct a book for a reprinting. There are a number of in print examples of poor editing from traditional publishers. One instance that I was somewhat shocked at, as related to me by a friend, is that a writer he knew had a book that was being reprinted, which is good, but was reprinted with kinds of known errors. The writer had collected a number of corrections that needed to be made, and could have easily been done with the upcoming reprinting that was being done by the publisher, but the publisher refused to issue the corrections because they didn’t want to ‘spend the time or money’ to fix THEIR mistakes in printing his book. There was nothing the writer could do about it. As you can imaging, the writer was not too happy with the situation.
    5: Media appearances seemed to add little to book sales.
    Konrath has recounted that times were he appeared in media (TV or radio) it did nothing.
    His view seems to be that if you write a good book, promotion is as easy as just using the Amazon KDP select program to have special promotions, and maybe ever a few free days where you give away the work. My take on this is that what happens is that if the book is good, its audience will grow like a virus, in that, over time, more and more people will buy the book, all without spending any money on ad campaigns or have the ‘help’ of a traditional publishing house.
    6: Amazon’s ‘hit man’:
    Details how an insider from the big traditional publisher executive went ‘over to the dark side’ and now works for Amazon. Includes details of the hostility from traditional publishers towards Amazon.
    7: Traditional publishers only really care about ‘moving paper’
    The big problem traditional publishers have is that most of their business models are all based around ‘transporting paper’. No one that is an employee at those companies has any incentive to help eBook, since most of them would be out of a job, all the way from the warehouse employees, truck drivers, and so on up to the top to the CEO. With eBooks, a writer not only does not need a traditional publisher, they are better off without them.
    The whole traditional publisher business model is all about ‘moving paper’. A small publisher selling 10 books per month on an in print library of 5000 titles, is doing just fine because they only thing they care about is the volume of paper moving in the system. The individual writer is doing terrible because on only 10 copier per month (at $16.95 retail) with 17.5% royalty, they are not even making $30 per month, while the publisher doesn’t care because it allows them to stay in business.
    The experience of the first Ebook writers showed that there was demand for those books, and it was the traditional publishers that were holding sales back.
    With eBooks, the write sells more, earns more, and there is no place for the traditional publisher in the new world of eBooks. This is why the traditional publishing industry is so hostile to eBooks. eBooks not only threaten control over content by the publishers, it could end with the company going under, and them losing their jobs. When you look at the problem that way, you can see why these people are fighting for control over content. Where else can they work, and get paid the kind of money that they do now, with the skill set/work experience that they currently have? The answer is that the ‘skills’ they have are not that important anymore, and there is no were for them to go and still make the same amounts of money as they do within traditional publishing. That is why you see traditional publishing trying to control everything (content, distribution, even prices which effect number of units sold) in their attempt to fight off the threat from eBooks and Amazon in particular. The funny part of all of this is that eBooks are winning by a wide margin and show how useless traditional publishers were in promoting books or adding to book sales.

    1. Evan, I wish I’d known all that years ago! From what I’ve gathered so far in stumbling my way through the slush piles and talking to writers, you’re hitting center-mass in your observations. Thank you for taking the time to post that. It’s Big Medicine.
      What blows me away is that traditional publshers seem completely oblivious to all this. I genuinely think they’ve got a busted ODAA loop. For instance, from what the agent said, publishing houses don’t actually see self-published books as books!
      When I told him I couldn’t alter the ending because that was how things had happened, and that people had already paid money for copies and reviewed it, he replied that he understood, but as far as the industry was concerned, “‘That’s the ‘Self-Publishing Psychology’…It’s not a book [yet], it’s a manuscript.”
      Also, that “it’s a story, not real life.”
      He elaborated, telling me
      that for traditional publishers, the way they see self-published books
      “is that if it didn’t sell a million copies or whatever, the only people who would
      read it, already read it.” That threw me for a loop. They
      genuinely assume they are the ultimate arbiters of a book being a book,
      rather than an ISBN number tied to a words and a narrative people can
      buy; and that even if based on a true story, don’t have to portray
      things as they actually happened. I really don’t see how they can keep that up long term.

      1. Traditional publishing is fighting a losing battle in a long war. They can’t keep it up for the long term because once enough writers go the eBook route, they will have nothing to sell.
        One way traditional publishers were trying to fight eBooks was buy controlling the price of eBooks through a cartel that fell apart when the Department of Justice brought an antitrust action against them in 2012.
        DOJ files lawsuit against Apple and five big book publishers.
        Basically, they conspired to fix the price of eBooks high so that it would have less effect on print book sales. The only problem was that Amazon was not going along with this plan (Amazon wants to price eBooks at $9.99 because they sell more and make more money, the price fixers wanted to price eBooks at $14.99 and higher) plus DOJ filed the lawsuit to stop the collusion. In some of the documents from that case, it came out that high level representatives were meeting together in a private dining room at a New York restaurant and worked out the details of the collusion. (Note to self: When meeting other executives of other companies to illegally fix prices in your industry, do NOT arrange to have everyone meet in a well known restaurant where anyone could see you meeting.)

  42. Women of a certain political and social bent do indeed dominate Pub World (the above-ground world of publishing). They wield more power than any man, because they’re willing to raise a stink about anything they find “offensive” — where the meaning of “offensive” is an entirely subjective, gynocentric matter. The men who remain in significant positions in Pub World are largely unwilling to oppose them.
    The way to go is “indie.” Independently published e-books are now outselling conventionally published books. If you dislike parts of the challenge — for example, creating cover art is something most writers would rather not undertake for themselves — there are a great many contractors and small firms that will help you along for a rather modest amount. I went that way six years ago, and I have no complaints.

  43. Great piece. As I’ve said, technological innovations that drive disruptions of old orders, in this case the feminized publishing industry, are like the printing press …in short this can’t be stopped. You can say the same thing for all the other forms of media, that is, they’re pandering to their politics and alienating, pardon, insulting large swaths of would-be consumers. Meanwhile a still nascent, albeit superior medium, is in place and working. So, you have technology and the legacy industry effectively helping the technology by being political ideologues. Its only a matter of time.

  44. Dear Sam,
    It would be great to read your book!
    Do not let them geld it!
    Have you considered just putting it out on the internet so we could read it?
    I admit that would mean that you will not receive money for it, but I am sure you do have a job and that money would be just extra anyways. But your book would reach its audience, and if enough people will like it then maybe publishers will recognize your talent as a business oportunity and you would find your money somewhere along the line… Just an idea.

    1. Hello, Hunn,
      Ha! There’ll be no book gelding on my watch!
      I always wanted to go through a traditional house on account of their distribution to brick-and-mortar stores, and it just seemed like having your book on the shelves is a cool thing in and of itself. As Evan, Francis, Towgunner, Manuel, and others have noted, the die is cast and the industry has changed.
      It’s out though on Amazon (I self-published for shits and giggles like you suggested; the kindle version is just 3 bucks). If you’re interested in taking a look at it, there’s a link in my profle at the top left of the article. Thanks!

  45. EBOOKS, Kindle and PDFS are your proving ground. Bypass the risk of paper printing and bypassing publishing houses, PLUS receive close to 100 PERCENT of profits! Would rather go EBOOK.

  46. What’s the author doing with big publishing companies? These days, you can publish your own books much cheaper, faster and make much more money doing so.
    Let Dan Poynter point you in the right direction.

  47. There have been several Iraq and Afghanistan veteran memoirs, novels and short story collections published by the big houses.
    Colby Buzzell, Chris Lyle, Marcus Luttrell, Matt Gallagher, Kevin Powers, David Abrams, Phil Kray, Brian Turner, Eric Greitens, Nathaniel Fick are just the start of the list.

    1. Hello, CMDR Chico,
      I haven’t read those books, so I can’t speak to them (though I’m happy to see grunts get their stories out there). And I have no doubt there are books involving the recent wars. However, just in what I’ve seen over the years, most current war-related books tend to get marketed as “‘Merika against the world!” Neo-Con shoot-em-ups that will do well at the PX or they’re billed as “edgy,” MASH-esque, and play to that whole “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” school of thought.
      Outside of those angles, and just based on my own experience and what I’ve heard from people in the business, I really don’t think agents and conventional publishers know what to do with books dealing with men at war, or even care. For instance, the following is fairly typical of the sort of responses I’ve seen from agents:
      “Thank you for your query. I appreciate the opportunity to consider your work for possible representation, but having been sent countless memoirs/”novels” based on war experiences from WWI to Iraq without experiencing any success with them, I’m not the right agent for it…”
      [It should be noted that other authors, like Chris Hernandez, who I mention in the article, has had similar experiences and recounted conversations he’s had with agents as well: ]
      There are no doubt a lot of reasons for this, but personally I think that for the gatekeepers, the military (particularly male-centric MOS’s like the infantry) is representative of a world they can’t relate to, populated by the wrong sort of Americans. And I think this is largely because conventional publishing is ran by a literati playing to a certain crowd. As Ms. Sterzinger writes in her article with Hernandez:
      “The real problem, as a literary agent once confessed to him while drunk, was that his unromantic approach was unfit for the “educated, upper-middle-class liberal women” that the majors consider their audience. This stereotypical New Yorker-reading lady has come to be the publishers’ only friend through their own self-fulfilling prophecy: they believe she’s the only person reading, they release books that cater slavishly to her tastes, and, indeed, she’s the only one who reads them.
      “Hernandez wasted years trying to find an agent. (The agent system is a
      lovely feature of the publishing structure that Amazon is so cruelly dismantling: big publishers won’t even consider a writer who’s not been vetted by one of these commission-based literary barnacles.) He gamely asked the agents who rejected him for advice, but he got the feeling their idea of “improvement” was to make his stuff hew as close to a cash-cow formula as possible.”

      1. I am surprised that you haven’t read some of those guys.
        You should read in particular Buzzell and Gallagher, who were infantry or scouts. They are not neocon shoot-em-ups. The novels by Abrams and Powers are also nuanced and balanced.
        I agree with you that publishing caters to an urban/suburban upper-middle class worldview. That is who buys the books. But the fact these war memoirs/novels were published by major houses seems to refute your premise.

  48. On Amazon, it states that the eventual publisher (grats!) of your book was the Red Dirt Syndicate, but I can’t find anything else about it. What is the Red Dirt Syndicate? Can other guerilla authors (I) publish in it?

    1. Thanks, Flaracos! The Red Dirt Syndicate is my own creation. CreateSpace had a blank field where you can enter the name of the publisher, so since it was just me, I thought, “What the hell?” and just made one up. I thought it sounded cool.
      If you’re interested in going the self-pub route, Evan Wilson and a few others in the comments have discussed how it can be viable. I can only speak for CreateSpace, but It’s fairly easy to set up. Getting the format just right is a job in itself, though, to say nothng of having to really go after your typos or finding someone who’ll do it for you. (Promoting it is a whole other headache; there aren’t many gatekeepers outside the current structures.) That being said, it’s doable, and if a guy like me, who has only middling intelligence and head trauma, can pull it off, I’d say just about anybody can.
      If you’re looking for a guerilla house to run with that will work with you in developing your book, Vox started Castalia House and Ann Sterzinger runs Nine-Banded books, and they’re looking to develop their stable if I’m not mistaken. There may be others, but that’s the only ones I can think of right off the top of my head. Good luck!

  49. A great read… Do a google on the names of a writer in your local paper and at least half will come up with ‘Feminism’ under their details.

  50. “….the guerilla way is soon to overtake the conventional way.”
    It has been underway for some time. MGTOW can be seen as a component of “…the guerilla way”. Eventually the FemiNazi will realize there are no men around to fight their battles. That is the objective of the MGTOW assault. And MGTOW is incremental, which is the sweetest, most ironic, and most poetic justice of all. The Fabian Socialists get their tactic right back.
    This FemiNazi will be the first one sentenced to hard labor: Sheryl Sandberg, the czarina of cultural Marxism.

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