Why Floyd Mayweather’s Victory Over Manny Pacquiao Is A Victory For The Manosphere

Most people in the civilized world were aware of this past weekend’s super fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. Much to the dismay of the crowd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Mayweather picked apart the inferior Pacquiao and cruised to an easy victory to push his perfect record to 48-0 (26 KO).

The crowd was overwhelmingly in favor of the underdog Pacquiao and vocalized as much, cheering wildly whenever he made any sort of contact with the elusive Mayweather while booing the pound for pound champ for “showboating.”

This fight was billed as “Good vs. Evil”

The pro-Pacquiao crowd reflected exactly how the public at large feels about Mayweather. They feel like he’s a “monster” and a “bad guy.” Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach (one of the best in the business) called the bout “a battle between good and evil.”

The bottom line is that most of the public, domestic and abroad, loathes Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and here are the reasons why.

He flaunts his wealth

Floyd “Money” Mayweather

 Whoever said money is the root of all evil never had any.

-Jim Young, The Boiler Room

Most people don’t like cocky men. Most people don’t like rich men. Floyd Mayweather is both. His wealth is well documented because he consistently shows the world the fruits of his half billion dollar net worth.

Take a look at your Facebook and Twitter feeds and I guarantee you’ll see person after person vilifying him for bragging about his two Bugatti’s, two Lamborghinis, and two of whatever other six-figure automobile he’s got parked in his 50 car garage.

He’s got a similar fleet of all black cars in Miami

This hate is nothing more than envy. It’s one thing when women chastise a male for boasting about his ridiculous riches (which goes against their “flaunt it if you got it” creedo when referring to their own bodies) but it’s quite another to see and hear men talk about how “wrong” it is to show the world how wealthy one is.

Personally, I doubt I would be quite that flamboyant, but I can’t speak to that because I’m not Mayweather. I didn’t come up like him, I’m not the same person as he is, and I haven’t worked my ass off for thousands of hours in a sweaty gym to reach the pinnacle of my profession.

Any man who claims they wouldn’t be “like that” is akin to the beta schlub who tells his oneitis “He’s such a cocky asshole with his expensive car and clothes. I would never do that even if I could!”

Say what you will about Mayweather, but disliking him for the egregious crime of not being shy about the money he has is a pussified cop out. Just say you hate the guy because he has more money than you do and leave it at that. At least then you’re being honest with yourself and others around you and will properly motivate you to get your own financial house in order.

The new scarlet letter in the world of sports

Mayweather booked for domestic violence

The issue of domestic violence is more prevalent on sports landscape than it has ever been in history. If an athlete so much as gets publicly accused of putting his hands on a woman, he is immediately subjected to a media inflected flogging with his name, reputation, and character dragged through the mud.

If he’s arrested or (gasp) convicted (in the court of public opinion or a court of law) of such crimes his career is subsequently put on hold until the powers that be have decided he’s had his nose in the corner long enough to satisfy the public blood lust to strip him of his financial agency.

ESPN’s Sarah Spain dropped next-level hamster rationale on The Dan LeBatard Show last week about how Mayweather shouldn’t be allowed to fight anymore:

He can do whatever he wants to make money. I just don’t think he should be fighting anymore.

The narrative amongst women, white knights, and the blue pill media is that they would be boycotting the fight to avoid putting money directly into his pocket because of his five domestic abuse convictions. It’s a free country. People can do what they want for whatever reason they want and that’s their choice. But this gesture is typical grandstanding.

When Mike Tyson got out of prison for rape back in 1995, everyone rushed to their television sets to watch his first post-incarceration fight against Peter McNeeley and every subsequent fight after that. Where were the protests then?

Tyson made quick work of McNeeley, and everybody watched despite his rape conviction

Professional fighters have been beating their female significant others for decades. That doesn’t make it right, but the fact of the matter is that Mayweather’s brushes with the law are nothing new. After he was released from prison in 2012, he hasn’t caught so much as an accusation of domestic violence.

But that didn’t stop ESPN and other media outlets from asking questions about his past transgressions. This tact was another thinly veiled ruse to try to undermine a man at the top of his profession.

Mayweather being taken into custody

I’ve stated before that these domestic violence freedom fighters don’t give a shit about the victims, and they verified as much last week. All they were concerned about was why the Nevada State Athletic commission didn’t suspend Mayweather for his convictions and why he’s still allowed to fight and make a shitload of cash, rather than asking questions regarding the mental well being of his victims.

Sure, they reached out to these battered women for interviews and comments about the incidents, but their interest had nothing to do with the victims themselves. All they wanted was more dirt on what went down to further smear Mayweather’s name and continue to paint him in a negative light, knowing full well all the details were in the police reports.

Two of his accusers

It’s plainly obvious that all the media is really concerned about is making him uncomfortable on camera which is something that hasn’t happened to date. They want to break his frame and it’s as simple as that. Try as they might, Floyd’s red pill conditioning ensures that’s not happening any time soon.

All their efforts to lessen the hype fell flat, as the fight broke numerous records as expected. All told, Mayweather and his camp stand to make over $200 million, and Pacquiao will make somewhere in the neighborhood of $120 million.

So much for their little boycott.

He is selfish and unapologetic

He doesn’t apologize for being rich

Selfishness is one of the main tenets we teach here in the ‘sphere for many reasons. The world doesn’t give a shit about us. If we fall on hard times, it’s up to us and us alone to dig ourselves out. We don’t have the government to bail us out or white knights or orbiters to lend us a helping hand when our lives spiral out of control.

If a man doesn’t take care of his needs and wants first, he makes himself extremely vulnerable to the world which will plunder him for his money, status, and sometimes even his health. For this reason it is imperative that we take care of ourselves first before anyone else.

Mayweather makes no bones about his selfishness. In a Showtime piece about his rise to glory in the boxing ranks, Floyd looks directly into the camera and says:

It’s me first, then everybody else. Ain’t no motha fucka gon’ look out for me but me. Me first…..then everybody else.

Heaven forbid a man in this country looks out for himself first rather than using his riches to rescue poor, helpless, virtuous women from the perils of first-world squalor.

Something else that seems to rub the masses the wrong way is that he is flat out unapologetic. He hasn’t apologized about his domestic abuse convictions, the flaunting of his wealth, or anything else the public has crucified him for. Mayweather just doesn’t give a shit about what people think. He gets validation from himself, and himself alone and people hate him for it.

He’s cocky for a reason

The “hate” they have for him is obvious projection. People can only wish they had the balls to be as self-centered and remorseless as he is. They would love nothing more than to give zero fucks about what people say or think about them, but their fear holds them back. And they show that fear by attempting to defame someone who fully exudes personality traits they can only imagine having themselves.


Say what you want about Mayweather, but he is the very best at what he does and showed us why on Saturday night.

Pretty much how it went the entire fight

His victory over Pacquiao pisses people off because he represents everything we teach in the manosphere. The media and the public at large would love for him to be a validation-seeking mangina. But like most men here, Mayweather knows a shit test when he sees one and uses a combination of “agree and amplify” (by embracing the villain role), and non-acknowledgement by simply ignoring the gotcha questions asked by female and betafied reporters.

Floyd Mayweather is kicking life’s ass and people hate him for it. That million dollar smile he flashes at those hostile crowds in Vegas after he dominates yet another opponent shows us that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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547 thoughts on “Why Floyd Mayweather’s Victory Over Manny Pacquiao Is A Victory For The Manosphere”

  1. His boxing style shows how he truly is, a real chicken. Plus he fought a 40% one arm manny pacquiao. He doesn’t portray a real man, he is just a insecure, brainless millionare.

      1. I love how these so called boxing fans criticize Mayweathers’ boxing style when he’s been using the same style for decades and getting concrete results, hence why he’s undefeated.
        Did people really expect Floyd to stand toe to toe against a boxer with superior punching power?

    1. SO many excuses, if Pacquiao was injured why did he fight then?
      Also his boxing style is effective. Even if its defensive it works (48-0) and he actually was pretty aggressive hitting Manny 148 times out of 435 attempts while Manny hit him just 81 times out of 429 attempts.

      1. He is boring and that’s a fact, not an excuse. I don’t care if he runs, but elbowing, holding, hugging, those are dirty tactics and that’s how he usually wins his fights. He won’t be allowed to that on a neutral scenario. Plus he is justin beibers lover.. that’s why I wouldn’t even consider him to represent a real man.

        1. Muhammad Ali was also accused often for holding and ‘hugging’ too much, btw its called a clinch( a defensive maneuver to nullify the opponents flurries)

        2. clinching, holding, embracing, same thing. That’s illegal in boxing, just look what happened to kliktshko when he began hugging jennings.

  2. The fight should of happen 5 to 7 years ago. Come on Donovan, you can do better. Floyd a win for manosphere heck no. The man can barely read much less complete a sentence.

  3. Seriously? We’re going to praise this monster and hold him up as an example?
    One can ‘kick life’s ass’ without being a bully in your private life (I’m referring to the assaults on his girlfriends) and flaunting your wealth in such a crass way. His behavior just makes him look like a classless thug with money. Photographs on instagram surrounded by ‘dollah dollah bill’s y’all’ actually reeks of insecurity.
    The fact that his past behavior does nothing to diminish his earning power, and that women will still flock to him despite the fact that he’s known to hit them, says something rather depressing about our society – it basically says that money talks; and if you have high enough money/status you can treat people however the fuck you like.
    This may be true, but being ‘red pill’ does not mean one has to go down this route. This is not a man to be admired.

    1. Yep, he’s an unapologetic thug. Yep, he’s smacked the women who knew what he would do, but were there for the money. Don’t feel for them at all. Black culture is very violent. White culture is feminised. Black women fight like men. Think of it as tribal foreplay. White values are viewed as pathetic weakness by Black women.

      1. And, btw, he is a hero to the tribal thugs. But let’s get real…….just how many white butt boys paid to watch the fight? Did you, Davola?

        1. King thug is worshiped by lower thugs. Can’t dispute that but it doesn’t make what I say any less true. Then some odd attempt at calling me gay, or are you trying to insult me because I’m white? What point is it exactly that you are making?

        2. When you get right down to it, most feminised men have a love/hate relationship with Mayweather. They’ve been castrated, and hate their lives. Way too many folks paid to see that fight to think otherwise. Here’s the bottom line. Men understand that the feminist agenda is to destroy them. However, as men go their own way, women become an understood enemy. Feral feminist hatred has spawned a slow moving backlash.
          You don’t seem to understand what Red Pill is. It exposes women’s thought processes and behaviors for what they are. MGTOW is a personal reaction to feminist hatred, especially towards young men and boys. You see, if a woman has attended college, she’s a feminist. She can never be trusted. That’s MGTOW.

        3. I agree with your ideas about waking men up to women’s thought processes; I’m with that and once that has been learned and observed in day to day life it cannot be unlearned. This knowledge ‘should’ be enough to protect you from exposing yourself to dangers like the financial rape that men suffer in divorce.
          As for people who hate their lives having a love/hate relationship with anyone (thug or otherwise) who is more successful than them, I get that too.
          There is no love/hate relationship from me. I don’t admire him, I didn’t pay to see his fight, and I don’t consider him a role model for MGTOW’s or having anything to contribute to the issues than men face today.

        4. If an UGLY, fat woman has attended college. Attractive women use their beauty as a weapon to get anything they want until about 40, unattractive/fat women don’t have this luxury. Still, MGTOW teaches us the be weary and mindful of all women and be masters of our our fate.

        5. I didn’t pay to see it. Didn’t really care to. Manny is Pinoy. That means he’s a survivor. I try to go my own way. Civil war is coming. The Spanish Civil War has some interesting parallels. BTW, Franco had the feminists shot Right along with their comrades. EQUALITY! Down to the last anarchist -marxist.

    2. Imao: It doesn’t matter about what he has done, but what he’s doing right now.
      This man is not backing down to no one, does what he wants, spends on what he wants, and willingly has taken the role of the villain.
      Yes, he is a selfish bastard and I would love to see him get a good ass kicking as well. But… I can’t help but have a certain amount of respect for a man who chooses to go his own way and be completely focused on himself.

      1. You can admire the qualities such as focus without admiring the man. And I’m sure you can find better over all role models for focused ambitious people than this thug.

      2. “This man is not backing down to no one”
        Everybody backs down to somebody. Usually it is someone with a pistol/knife in hand. Or just a serious beating.

        1. Even then I don’t think he’ll back down. The only way he’ll go down is if it’s in his grave.

    3. Okay, and we weren’t there to know what buttons they pushed over and over to make him hit them (doesn’t justify it, but we all have our breaking point and women will test you until then all damn day and you know it). Maybe they even hit him first, it’s not like women get punished for that.

      1. ” Maybe they even hit him first, it’s not like women get punished for that. ”
        Oh come on now dude, you and I both know that women are sweet little angels who can do no wrong, let alone hit a man first.

    4. He went to prison for his crimes and served his debt to society, what more do people want?

      1. Exactly, he took responsibility for his actions, unlike most of the blue pill masses that condemn him

      2. If you hit a woman, there’s not enough punishment in the world for you, according to the SJW mob.

        1. I saw a guy comment in some article that he should rot in jail. The guy actually believed he should spend LIFE IN PRISON for hitting a woman, the whiteknights SJW’s are beyond retarded.

        2. But said whiteknight SJW will tell you in the same breath that women are equal to men. Well, why aren’t they entitled to the same ass-whooping a man would get in a similar situation.

        3. These types of individuals appear to be feminists only when convenient and traditional only when convenient. On short, hypocrisy.

        4. I was originally rooting for Pacman but I switched rooting for Floyd when I found out that he is a fellow misogynist.
          Now, had Floyd hit some female stranger who did absolutely nothing to him and were minding her own business then I’m all for ganging up on him and attach him by the neck onto the nearest lamp post with a sturdy rope. In his case however, the cunts who had the luck to be reminded of their rightful places by him were no female strangers and undoubtedly had participated in enjoying the pleasures of life which his wealth can buy before deciding that they want to test his mettle with typical female mind games fucking bullshits.
          And now that Floyd is getting richer and more famous around the world after his last fight, some of his former cum dumpster can hardly wait to have her share of his fortune & fame.

    5. Your whole third paragraph is the red pill in action. You can be whatever you want to women just so long as nice, placating and totally and utterly safe aren’t it. If they don’t fear something about you (violence, departure from relationship, failure to say sorry, etc.), they don’t want anything to do with you.

      1. They’re all pathetic and looking for validation and status. Real wealthy people ie banking families who are worth REAL money aren’t on instagram flaunting it, only people who reek of new money.

    6. Perhaps since you are red pill, you shouldn’t consider with immediate judgement whatever the fuck the blue pill faggot media says regarding domestic violence when they try to smear another man.
      Maybe the women Floyd touched up deserved it?

  4. Whine all you want, he ain’t listening. Like he said, “I come first”. Manny was there for the money. Plain fact. Didn’t matter if he was hurt.

    1. Now that we know he was hiding an injury it is very clear he was there for the money. Your not going ro beat the best boxer with an arm at 50%. I see now why manny was smiling the whole fight.

  5. WNBA player Britney Griner commited domestic violence against her fiancé
    Hope Solo also commited domestic violence.
    Neither of these women faced any sort of repercussion or public banishment from their sport. Women are held to a much lower standard than men.
    ESPN (and society) doesn’t give a fuck about domestic violence or the well-being of women unless they have a man to target. Preferably a white male, but a rich black guy will do for them too.
    I was glad to see Jameis Winston get his 1st round, top pick money. That cunt and her attorney really tried to drag him down and ruin his reputation.

        1. Yeah, anyone who bangs a college skank ain’t too bright. Oh well, just more grist for the mill.

    1. Yeah, and a rich Black guy will be targeted by not just the feminists, but also the right and anti-Blacks. I’ve said it numerous times that when a Black man gets in trouble, we see an unholy alliance of left and right, feminists and white supremacists.

        1. Well there weren’t too many black people in Nazi Germany. Hitler didn’t have any particular animosity to none-whites other than Jews. He just understood that a country must retain its racial homogeneity in order to function. He certainly wouldn’t have tolerated blacks behaving how they are in the US (well, they wouldn’t be allowed to reside in Germany anyway).
          Blacks in America really are causing a problem for themselves and everyone around them. This isn’t helped by white liberals and Jews treating them like children and victims, and whipping them into a violent frenzy every couple of months.

        2. Read up on Jessie Owens the black track and fielder. By his own account, Hitler shook his hand after winning gold medals.
          Back home he had to ride in freight elevators and the president would not meet him.

        3. Nice generalization. You meant to say classless and poor blacks.
          Who are just as bad as classless and poor whites. The only difference is, the media pays more attetion to blacks, even though they make up only about 14% of the US population.
          And as far as tolerating them, this isnt Nazi germany, where blacks where immigrants. Blacks here are Americans, Born and bred. They got an exclusive invitation, or did you forget?

      1. “we see an unholy alliance of left and right, feminists and white supremacists.”
        guilt by association, look for what that means.

      2. As a right-winger, I don’t have any problem with the guy. Let him make his living however he makes it. If he’s convicted of anything, then he can serve his time. End of story. It’s the lefties who want to ban him from boxing, take away his right to make a living and try to ostracize him, b/c that’s what those little pussies do.

      3. Liberals tend to be anti-male, anti-rich, and pro black victimhood, whereas conservatives tend to be pro-male, don’t care about a person’s wealth, and discount notions such as white privilege.
        So depending on the context, a rich black man could be decried by liberals as a rich male, or given sympathy based on his color.
        The one thing I would question is your association of white supremacy with conservatism.

      4. and that’s exactly what we don’t need…people trying to divide us (men). Men should walk up to him and congratulate Floyd for a job well done…that’s it.
        We need more men (all men) supporting other men. It’s an example of being successful…the key focus being successful.

        1. I support him by buying his damn ppvs. He never supports me by being in a good fight 🙁

        2. A good point, Tom. I would have stopped after the first ppv (or maybe the second one). I don’t continue eating at a restaurant when the first (or second) meal was shitty…I move on.
          A good point, though.

        3. Bullshit. Arum had just as much to do as that fight not happening as Floyd did.
          Both Cotto and Marquez got out of their deals with Top Rank to fight Floyd. Manny chose to re-up and fight the Rios and Algieri fights. THAT was the time it could/should have happened.

        4. It was not Floyd fought his style of fight. It was Manny who didn’t make Floyd engage and fight a more aggressive fight.
          Stop blaming Floyd for being Floyd.

        5. So he should abandon a style that won him world titles and made him undefeated?

        6. The point wasn’t about Floyd’s style. The point was about the investment (ROI) when going out to eat, watching a fight, etc…. Floyd has every right (and he should) continue down his path. I would take mine by choosing not to watch (PPV) after I watched a fight that had little return (in entertainment). It’s about choices.

      5. Actually he is getting sued the second the paycheck cleared by his ex…. she wants 20 million. Amazing, that the man hasn’t gotten home yet and the ex is saying “It’s mine! My precious!”

    2. What happened to Winston was horrible. And the media still has to mention “alleged sexual assault” every time they say his name. With these tyoe of situations the media always portrays the man as wrong.

    3. Feminine primary society requires the maximal shame, ridicule, and punishment of male aggression, real or fancied, towards woman whilst simultaneously normalizing and celebrating female aggression and belligerence towards males.
      This is power games at play, nothing more.

    4. Kobe Bryant was exonerated by that gal who voluntarily gave up her buttocks to him. He later got screwed by his wife in divorce court though

        1. She stayed with him until she reached the 10 year lifetime alimony threshold, then she divorced his ass. Women are lying bitches in it soley for themselves. I may have sugar coated that in a moment of softness towards the “weaker” sex.

    5. I am pleased that FMJ won the fight. I like him as a fighter and I think it is great that he has realised monetary success from risking his health in the ring. I also hope he breaks the record in his next two fights.
      That said, I cannot support vulgar displays of wealth. It is indicative of a rather limited mind. It is essentially rubbing the noses of everyone else in it. Furthermore, his multiple fleets of cars and houses show us a man who is eminently foolish with his money. No man can drive 12 cars. Clearly he has no idea what to do with his money. If he was smart, that money would be invested rather that blown on useless items.
      This man puts a high value on letting people know how much money he has. The thing is, the vast majority of people don’t care how much money he has. Sure, there are those who are incensed at his wealth but those people are again as obsessed with wealth as he is.
      FMJ would be wise to consider that he is one lawsuit away from losing it all. When people know you are wealthy they will try to rob you and the most effective means is through the power of the State. He would not be the first celebrity to lose everything and then regret all the gratuitous spending.

      1. “If he was smart, that money would be invested rather that blown on useless items.”
        It depends.
        Given Mayweather’s income, spending lavishly doesn’t mean he’s not investing massively.
        Could he invest more if he didn’t blow a lot of cash in cars and other luxuries? Sure.
        But when you have so much money that you don’t know what to do with it anymore (i.e. two bugatti veyrons), delaying spending so you make more money later seems pointless.

        1. Last year the top hedge fund managers made a billion plus each. What FMJ makes is peanuts compared to them and trust me they have no problems working out how to invest their money. The reason they make so much is that they invest and reinvest. Floyd may yet come to regret his largesse…

        2. Sure he could invest more and grow his income even further. What for? So he can buy a third identical bugatti? As long as he’s investing enough to maintain his lifestyle over time, he’ll be fine.

        3. Yeah what kind of idiot would want a bigger income?
          Besides which, while we can only speculate about how much he invests versus consumes (but judging by what we know, he squanders a shit load) if he did go bankrupt like Mike Tyson (that other previously “worlds richest sportsman” who blew his money on cars, mansions and jewelry, just like FMJ) he would only be the latest in a long line of wealthy celebrities to lose it all. Taxes are a bitch my friend.
          Money is hard to earn but easy to burn!

      2. Well said, I
        Made a similar comment above but you put it in to much better words. How long did it take for Tyson to go from top to bottom? A few years, What caused it? Oh right, extravagance and girl problems. Hopefully Floyd is smart enough to learn from others mistakes.

      3. Agreed. I imagine the moment he quits he would burn through the money very quickly. (<10 years)
        Two things though. 1)Even if he didn’t invest the money, at the very least just sitting on 200 million or so of it and doing nothing would be better than spending it foolishly.
        2) depends how much 50 cent has an influence on him. He’s a much more shrewd business man and if that rubs off on Floyd that’s a good thing for him

    6. Women are never seen as “equals” (in society’s eyes) when they commit the same type of crimes. Women, typically, receive less of a sentence (jail time) versus men who commit the same type of crime.
      The Hope Solo incident versus Ray Rice’s incident was a clear example of how society, SJWs and professional sports treats each gender “unequally”.
      Hope was allowed to continue practicing, playing, etc…while Ray Rice was kicked out of the NFL (after they were only going to suspend him for a few games).
      Ray’s scuffle with his fiancee (another adult who hit him as well); Hope’s abuse involved children.
      What’s wrong with this picture? Where was the outrage by the SJWs?

      1. I’d go as far as saying men don’t matter full stop in today’s Western society unless they need them to white knight or do dangerous jobs.

        1. Right. I say just call bullshit when you see it. Women can only get away with so much (in our presence) if we let them get away with it. Anytime I’m debating someone regarding our current social climate I’ll gladly pull up this fact: woman only want equality when it comes to the benefits or gains. They don’t want to be considered “equal” to do the heavy lifting (or dirty jobs). They want equal pay (for office jobs) or other similar jobs but you’ll never find them on an oil rig or in a coal mine.

    7. I must confess I was routing for Manny. But then I got to thinking Manny Pacquio sounds too much like “manni pedi,” as in manicure pedicure. F*** that shit. That’s what chicks should be doing to look good for guys named Floyd.

  6. An IQ of less than 100, who would be dead or in prison except for his boxing talent…Manny is a man, something that Mayweather never will be.

      1. Manny hid an injury so he could still get his payday. Winning wasnt even on his mind. You notice how he was smiling that whole damn fight?

        1. Less than 0.1% of the human population will amass $120M over the course of their lifetime, much less in 36 minutes.
          He’d be a fool NOT to take the payday of a lifetime.

  7. Ya know, pussies are always gonna whine. Who gives a flyin’ crap what the castrati think? I suspect low testosterone, and way too much estrogen.

  8. Yeah, I don’t really give much of a damn about him showboating his wealth, or being cocky about his achievements. It’s his wealth, his achievements, whiners gonna’ whine. Beating his girl was pretty fucked.
    Manny I like better because he’s well rounded, a jack of all trades type of man. Member of the Philippine House of Reps., professional basketball player, actor.
    But Dancejab is a shit tier sport, straight up. Competitors are incentivized to duck, dodge, run, hug and swing as little as possible, while competitors who actually box, come out swinging, and take the initiative are penalized.

  9. Mayweather is simply playing the “heel” role to perfection and, clearly, it’s paying off well for him. I have no problem with that.
    The actual fight was boring as hell. It was probably boxing last hurrah.
    I don’t see Mayweather as either a hero or a villain; just an opportunist. It is what it is.

    1. This exactly. If Mayweather is a villain, any person that has ever had an ounce of success playing with the talents, skills, or features that they have, or playing by rules bended in their favor. So many posters here brag about how great it is to be tall, how good it is to be White in Asia, how they make residual income, etc., then bitch about Mayweather using “unfair” tactics. It’s OK as long as it benefits me, but if someone I don’t like does it, it’s time to cry foul. That’s just the way the world works.

      1. Exactely men use looks,race,ratios in their favour.Im not gonna cry about white men kiling it in latin america on virtue of being blond,because I can do the same as a brown guy in the uppermidwest or baltic area.yet they will cry foul when I do that.or call white women ”whores”.

        1. Not really. It’s highly unlikely that the white men who have a problem with you sleeping with white women are the same ones banging Latin chicks. Try stepping out of the victimhood mentality just for one day.

        2. White men feared two things throughout history. The Black Plague, and the black penis.

      2. Mayweather advanced himself through the means that were open to him and succeeded beyond all imagination. It’s his money, he earned it and can do whatever the fuck he wants to with it. Other people are free to think he’s a dick of course, b/c that’s the way free thought works.

        1. You like dick?
          (Suddenly that “later this year” jab seems a bit ill-advised, doesn’t it? *grins*)

        2. You also have to look at the fact that he freed himself from all the managers and promoters quite a while back. He has been 100% in control of his “business” since then and has done very well. He has his own promotion company and manages his own money. With all the blood suckers (read women) that have tried to slice his pie, he has done very well to keep and increase most of it in and out of the ring.
          I hate Oprah with a red hot passion, but I have to admit that she is a brillient business woman who still has the first dollar she ever made.

        1. i am tall and have experienced the opposite of what you say. but i am pretty skinny as well

    2. Hes one hell of a salesman. He never would of made 100+ million a fight in the current era of boxing by being like everyone else.

    3. Why boxings last Hurrah ? People always say that, they said it after Ali, after Ray Leonard, After Tyson after Lennox after Roy Jones Jr. But there will always be someone new.

      1. Well, as PT Barnum says, “there’s one born every minute” OTHO, given the very harsh economic realities that I expect are going to hit the USA sooner rather than later, I suspect not many people are going to plunk down $100 to watch this sh*t.

      2. Because MMA is killing it. It is like a Encyclopedia Britannica trying to sell books in a world with Google.

        1. I dont think so. Floyd made $180 mil for this. That doesnt sound like a sport on the way out.

        2. The biggest paydays for MMA fighters don’t even compare to boxing paydays….Boxing is here to say…like baseball and golf…It’s the sweet science of fighting…Cotto, Alvarez, Klitchko…these guys enjoy $10 million + paydays…MMA fighters don’t even come close to that…

        3. Correction. DANA WHITE is killing it. Nobody else in MMA (irrespective of company) is getting paid anywhere near market value. Then you have the problem of WAAAYYYY more injuries in MMA. More broken body+less money sounds like a losing proposition to me.

        4. Very true but the biggest names in MMA get about $2 million a fight. That’s not much if you’re one of the people essentially carrying the company. You’re still physically subjecting your body to more for less return. Lesnar was one of their biggest stars because of the name recognition and he was making 3 per fight. They get some little unspecified bonuses but no eight figure and certainly not nine figure purses EVER.

      3. There’s no one on the horizon. Boxing has been dying for a good while.
        Floyd just puts on shows and gives other fighters a chance to earn some serious money whilst he gets towards a few records. It’s a really disappointing last stretch to his career and I’m depressed that Boxing titles and records will be set in this manner. Will probably be a long time until they are broken as well.
        Urgh… I miss Mike Tyson.

        1. There are other names though not in the sphere of Tyson: Golovkin, Danny Garcia, Amir Khan, Carl Froch, Tyson Fury, Klitscko, Kessler, Maidana, Tito Ortiz..Alvarez..this list goes on and on. I can’t see why boxing is “dying” (typical hopeful statement from MMA nuthuggers) when a fight can generate the kind of money that Floyd-Manny did. I mean, there obvioysly must be some kind of crowd to pay for all that right ?
          If you look at MMA there is NO household name. The fighters there are known ONLY by hardcore fans. They dont have a single name known as a Mike Tyson or a FLoyd Mayweather is.

        2. Everyone knows who Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz is….and of course Rhonda Rousey.

        3. I’m not an MMA fan, never enjoyed 3 x 5 minute rounds of guys collapsing on each other or windmilling the opponent to death.
          My opinion is that none of the names you listed generate any interest – Tyson Fury is hilarious though. Amir Khan is an affront to boxing. There could be some potential rivalry between few guys but all have indicated (through behaviour) that they are not serious competitors and are just on the lookout for valuable fights against the likes of Mayweather. In this way, Mayweather’s impact on boxing has ripped the soul from the sport. It’s just line up and await your chance at getting in the ring with Mayweather.
          Other weight divisions seem really dead right now – Froch Kessler was a good one but I think last in a long while.
          Boxing as of late seems to have sustained itself by hyping up fights between two mediocre opponents with pre fight shenanigans. Very few match-up’s lately have had anything to offer the original fan who wants to genuinely see who will win. I would estimate that 70% of Boxing fans right now are either Mayweather FanBwoys or Mayweather haters who just want to see him loose (preferably to a white man).
          Now that Mayweather v Pac has happened, it’s all just gonna be Mayweather fighting amateurs like Khan until he hits some records.
          He is boastful of the fact that he holds the keys to money in boxing at the moment.

        4. If you ask 20 random people on the street about these names, you would be lucky if one knew them.
          If you continue your search outside America, that number would dwindle to one of 300-400.
          Now, the same number for Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali is 1/1. That means, EVERYONE ON THE PLANET KNOWS THEM.

    4. “The actual fight was boring as hell. It was probably boxing last hurrah.”
      They don’t enforce the rules and allow Mayweather to cheat (and bore the hell out of everyone), because they’re desperate for black boxing champions at this point:
      The rules of boxing are different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction,
      but frequent holding is considered a foul in most of them. Certainly, holding and hitting is considered a foul in all of them.
      And this is what is so difficult about the entire Mayweather situation. So much of what he does isn’t what is taught as “boxing”. The tie ups, the cross faces, the leaving the lead elbow out and allowing the opponent to run into it. This is all stuff which I describe as “the grey areas”.
      It’s a touchy subject for some, I’m sure, but frankly, there is little
      entertainment to be had in watching a boxer deny his opponent the
      opportunity to box, and then do very little in the way of combination or
      counter punching himself. Even when he turned Maidana into the corner, Mayweather would throw a jab, then back off to the middle of the ring again.
      To hit and not get hit is the art form… to not get hit and not throw much back is just tedious to watch.

      1. True and true. Mayweather is great at defense, but does the bare minimum to win and has ridiculous demands before everyfight and that is boring. I wonder if he would be able to win in Arena Mexico or the O2 arena in London?

      2. wow..are you describing this as “defense ” which they say Floyd is so good at? I keep hearing how good at defense Mayweather is. Is this what he’s doing just glorified “rope a dope”

  10. I dont know about this one. Theres a fine line between being cocky and acting out in a needy way to get approval. He reminds me of lots of men that buy shit nonstop to fill an empty void and provide happiness inside their own self built prison. He reminds me of rich guys with no game with women. He rewards them with gifts they haven’t earned, he ltr’s low quality women, he has to beat them instead of just dumping them way before it gets bad, and hes notorious for getting his girlfriends stolen away by rappers.
    Im not saying hes not an alpha man or that hes a bad guy but he definitely needs to join a community like RoK and get real advice. Hes accomplished alot in his life but its obvious he is lacking in a few areas.

    1. “he definitely needs to join a community like RoK and get real advice”
      I don’t know about the rest of your post, but this is where you jumped the shark.

      1. I strongly disagree. The man has very poor skills with women always trying to ruin his life and he has a horrible habit of surrounding himself with losers. RoK main focus is on self improvement and every man can use some regardless of the mans level of sucess. Sad thing is, the man cant read or write so he would never be able to seek out knowledge anyways. Dont be suprised if a few business contracts he cant read and a few friends he shouldn’t ever trust hurt him later on in life.

    2. He is playing a character and putting on a show to get people to watch his fights. He plays the villain because it gets people watching, he said it himself. Even if they want to watch him lose they tune in, buy the PPV in the hope that this time he’ll get an L on his record.

      1. Floyd played the role of the villain to absolute perfection, he understood societies fascination with bad boys and controversy.

    3. Im not saying hes not an alpha man or that hes a bad guy but he definitely needs to join a community like RoK and get real advice.

      Get real advice? If Mr. Mayweather came here and offered a few pointers we’d all be blessed for it.

      1. Absolutely agree with the fact id like to pick his brain and learn. I can guarantee you too that he could learn alot from here as well. If he has 300+mil in the bank and beating women he LTR’d hes doing shit all wrong. Why the fuck would he long term any woman? And his associates are very poor quality people. The man is dumb as rocks, comes from poverty, and is on the path to getting fucked out of his earnings just like tyson.

        1. He will never get fucked like Tyson. Man handles his money well, Tyson literally threw them out out window.

        2. Why the fuck would he long term any woman?

          Considering he hasn’t been in trouble with the law in this regard since August of 2012, my guess is that a wise man told him hookers are a better investment if he needs pussy.

        3. Hookers are way cheaper than a divorce. Funny thing is id be willing to bet that high end escorts are cleaner than the average cum dumpster club slut these days.

        4. @Lee …you sound like another Floyd Mayweather hater. I’m not a casual boxing fan, and I’ve been a fan of Mayweather since 2007. If you want to know why he is so successful, its because he actually made the “right” business decisions. In 2007, after his fight with Oscar De La Hoya, he bought himself out of his contract with Bob Arum, and hired Al Haymon as his financial adviser/manager. Al Haymon is a Harvard educated man who studied economics…, and this man actually “runs” boxing. He’s like…the power the behind the throne. Al Haymon also single handedly dismanteled Golden Boy Promotions because every fighter wants to be advised by Haymon. Mayweather will never go broke…he has good people in his corner…people that want to see him do well. Tyson went broke because he spent the money faster than it come in. Don’t hate the brother…applaud him.

        5. @disqus_uHW05S13aN:disqus let me also note that Floyd doesn’t drink or smoke, takes care of himself…so he is always sober and in his right mind…Yes…i know…he likes to smack his women up..but that’s no reason to be like every other hater on the planet and pray that he goes broke…once again, applaud him.

  11. “The world doesn’t give a shit about us. If we fall on hard times, it’s up to us and us alone to dig ourselves out.”
    Truer words were never spoken; only when you’ve been through Hell and back financially and legally over the most bullshit and trivial circumstances does the switch go off in your head and then you realize this.

  12. I never understood when people chastize mayweather for spending his money uncontrollably.The guy makes $100+ million a year, what is he supposed to do with his money, just let it collect dust in a mutual fund? Or “donate it to charity” aka hand it out to people that don’t want to work for money?
    If I was in Mayweather’s position, I would be exactly like him 🙂

    1. They call it “fuck you” money for a reason. Id be more concerned about him getting into shady business deals and going broke later on in life

      1. A lot of people think (or hope or look forward to) Mayweather will go broke based on his spending habits. They don’t see the man’s drive to make huge amounts of money in order to be able to spend that way. He might not be an intelligent man, but he has plenty of sense when it comes to making money.

        1. He can’t read and hangs around scum. The business world will fuck him over harder than any woman.

        2. He can’t read yet is worth almost half a billion.
          Not being able to read doesn’t make someone retarded. At one point in history the entire world couldn’t read, yet there were still very powerful men.

        3. this is 2015 dude, his habits will cost him badly. I must admit he is smart enough to fight in las vegas where he can hug, hold, elbow without getting penalized.

        4. I’m both ignorant in the world of boxing and also too lazy to google. The mother fucker really can’t even read?

        5. Not being able to read makes him lazy not stupid. I know people who suck at math because they never had to sit down and do it. If he was put in a position where he had to do it he would learn. I read very well and I am not a millionaire. Give him my ability to read and give me his money anyday.

        6. Being “suck at math” and unable to read are 2 different things. They are not on the same level. Reading is much more basic.
          “Give him my ability to read and give me his money anyday.”
          This is false choice, and by the way, he remains a retard, no mater how many people he beats up or how many dollars he flaunts in one hand.

        7. He also has to pay for a large group of friends and support people. With the way the economy is about to go, $1000,000,0000 per year won’t keep the fire burning long.

        8. Yeah he never fights with a ref who will let him actually get into a brawl. On occasion, Floyds lack of physical toughness becomes apparent so Floyd hires 1 and only 1 referee.
          People fight floyd to get paid thats all.

        9. It says something about our society that he has that much money. whether he is “worth” that is another thing.

        10. Wow you really studied hard to produce that one.
          How many braincells you got left over?
          One for each of your six fingers?
          Take your faggot speech back to Marie Clare magazine you Beta.

        11. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident.
          All my condolences and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.
          God Bless.

        12. He makes his money from boxing. Sense?
          Mike Tyson had a peak net worth of $300m (which would be far greater in today’s dollars). Now he’s net worth is about $1m. He squandered his fortune.
          I don’t get the impression that he is sensible with his money. And money might be hard to make but it is easy to blow.

        13. Not being to read at 38 is not indicative of a sound mind. He has had plenty of time to correct that.
          When was this point in history that the entire world couldn’t read?

        14. ahhh poor thing.
          Reduced to a vegetable at such a tender age…
          …how must his poor mother feel.

        15. Christ, I’m embarrassed for him. I guess it doesn’t matter if he can read, as long as he can beat the shit out of people he’ll get a paycheck. No different than a college football player that is passed through school as an illiterate yet still gets a degree. The fact that he has what, half a billion, and he still chooses not to learn to read speaks volumes. Who the fuck wants the title of “richest dumbest man” ha

  13. What makes Mayweather so Alpha? Is it because he beats up his women and gets away with it? Or buys them bently and boob jobs? #teammanny

    1. Its because he can put up with the hatred people time and time again and still win. Look at the past fights he’s had after his first retirement, not one has come even close to beating him. Keep in mind he’s in his late 30’s(a time when most boxers become a shadow of themselves).
      He’s Alpha because he doesn’t need external validation

      1. “He’s Alpha because he doesn’t need external validation”
        then why is he in the championship? why does he try to win fights? this is the externalest validation what can think of.
        What you say is pure shit.

        1. That is external validation, and he allegedly doesnt give a shit about external validation, as one ‘genius’ here noted…

        2. You assume he wants the money for “external validation”. Maybe he wants it because he earned it and b/c he can and maybe b/c he’s greedy. Your conclusion on this matter is pure crap.

  14. Another pile of shite from ROK.
    People aren’t necessarily jealous of him because he has more money than they, it’s just that White men find this TNB dis-honourable and crass.
    The purple-pill idiot writers of RoK strike again..

    1. further, like many negroes who live Mayweather’s opulent lifestyle, he will probably be broke within 20 years.

      1. No he won’t lol
        It’s such a shame that people are so jealous of rich “negroes”. What is he supposed to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars he makes? The amount he spends is such a small percentage of what he makes

        1. lol at the weakness and cowardice that you can’t even call a negro a negro you pathetic POS

        2. I was just mocking you 🙂 Congrats on being a big strong guy that calls blacks negroes.

        3. Don’t worry camel jockey. The manosphere is on the way to going full Nazi, and there’s nothing you or any other non-white untermensch can do about it..
          Nothing strong about it, I just call a spade a spade.

        4. So you think because of his opulent lifestyle he’ll go broke in 20 years because that’s how negroes are? You must highly underestimate how much “hundreds of millions of dollars” is. He can easily afford his opulent lifestyle without putting a dent in his account.
          How would you want a man like him to live? In a humble $200K house driving a Ford Escape? Any man making money like him would live an opulent lifestyle, white or black.

        5. No it’s not.
          Working with facts and truth does not lead to national socialism. It causes you to question a lot of things, and it causes inconvenient facts to come to the surface, but this is not the road to NS.

        6. Truth tends to lead to truth, and the manosphere is based on the seeking of truth.
          There is a trend in the manosphere at the moment that is revealing certain truths in this world that are congruent with National Socialism. Like it or not, it is there.
          But, we will see. Time will tell..

        7. And there are trends in the manosphere at the moment that reveal certain truths that are congruent with libertarianism. And European Conservatism (Monarchists) and all sorts of other ideologies. Beware of Confirmation Bias.

        8. Ooooh, us negroes are sooo scared of the Nazis. LOL Get out of your mom’s basement playing dress up with Hitler outfits on, wacking off to interracial BBC porn and dreaming of leading some Nazi revolution here or anywhere else. Last I checked, this entire country was getting browner and browner and there is nothing you can do about it. You are feeling it now b/c you’re losing ground. I understand. So strike out against the big, bad black guy. He’s the villian. LOL. So be it. But, wait, you are going to stop this all b/c there’s going to be a race war right? In which the blacks and others are gonna be wiped out and you will live in a whites only paradise forever and ever. Right? Right. GTFOH and stop dreaming. Mom’s calling you, loser, go take the trash out and get a fucking job. This being a tough guy online shit ain’t working for you.

        9. uurrrhhh muh dik,.., uuhhhh muh dik..
          uuh ya gonna looose cos of muh dik
          uhhh mufffAGUh

      2. It’s his money, how he disposes of it is none of our concern. If he pisses it away on luxury items the economy still benefits and people get employed and paid that make the things he throws it away on. If he instead invests it then new capital enters the market via stocks, bonds etc. and new businesses can profit from his investments. It’s all a win no matter what he does.

        1. No one said it is of our concern. I couldn’t give a shit as to how he leads his life, nor spends his money. His money, his problem.

        2. it’s just that White men find this TNB dis-honourable and crass.
          Pretty sure this is how he “leads his life”. If it doesn’t concern you, why did you make it a point to throw that out there?

        3. It appears that the subtle nuance eludes me.
          In any event, hope your day is going well.

        4. I can’t get on board. All in all, his success represents far more sickness than health. Money is a measure of technical prowess. A technical prowess increasingly divorced from anything important (read ‘good’). I found this clip interesting: http://www.brobible.com/sports/article/mike-tyson-floyd-mayweather-scared-man/
          I think the distaste we do not share stems from the fact, as you mentioned elsewhere, that you are unplugged and hadn’t really heard of him. A 9 digit boxing match payday is a product of a cultural event more than a sporting event. It respresents, for me, a culture completely out of whack.

  15. Floyd is Alpha, Manny is beta. I love Floyd for being 100% political incorrect. A man got guts if he dont care what billions aroud the world think and still puts up a boring performance.

    1. A world champion fighter that is also a national hero and statesman that has millions of dollars is far from beta my friend.

  16. Honestly, in March I thought boxing was already dead. First heard of these people in the week leading up to the fight, never expect to hear about them again.
    The era of Foreman and Ali, this ain’t.

      1. he is pretty ignorant if he dont know them.. But..he has a point. Back in the day, Ali was the most famous person on the planet. Tyson was at the same fame level, but after that, there hasnt really been one like that.

      2. Actually I hadn’t heard of him until about a week or so ago myself, on the radio. Some of us actually are very far unplugged from the entertainment complex now.

        1. You have got to be seriously unplugged to never have heard of the dude. But hey, good job though. You are not missing anything but you knew that already.

    1. Lol. Bro….Ali and Foreman? You’re living in the past man. You’re naming guys who were in their prime half a century ago. Geez.

        1. Studying history is fine obviously. Ali and Foreman were from a whole generation ago. I don’t understand bringing them up as if you can compare their world to today. Besides, most of “mainstream” America hated Ali the same way they hate Floyd. Now, 50 years later people pretend Ali was nationally adored. Ali was attacked viciously, worse than Floyd in his time.

  17. I 100% knew Mayweather would walk the fight
    And I knew this would upset the SJW narrative

    1. His poor vocabulary and getting stumped by junior high level words in interviews. He cant do radio promos. Apparently its well known in his social circle.
      Also 50cent made a harry potter challenge to floyd…read one page of harry potter on tv and I’ll donate 750k to a charity. Floyd couldn’t do it.

      1. Well, God bless America where even a man of poor means and little education can make a name for himself then.
        Unrelated to your post, but I’ve never understood why people get so jealous of the success of others. If he’s rolling in dough and made it honestly, good for him. It beats the hell out of the alternative most illiterate people face.

        1. Exactly my sentiments, Mayweather is hated because he’s a solid representation of the dying and soon to be dead-American Dream, He might be illiterate and uneducated but his sheer hard work took him to the top

        2. I know little to nothing about the man, in fact, I really can’t comment on him directly except to congratulate him on his fortune, hard work and sticking to a lifelong plan. WIth that being said, I do wonder why many here take the You Go Grrl Family Court system as the ultimate arbitrator when it comes to domestic violence? Maybe he did, I haven’t researched enough to know, and frankly don’t care because outside of a few posts this topic really doesn’t interest me, but I have to ask, were there photos and witnesses that attested to the violence?
          Lots of guys get nailed for DV who haven’t laid a finger on a woman in their lives, in a bad way I mean. Women will bruise themselves to all get go in order to “get back” at the man in their lives. Maybe he is an abuser, but these days I normally cop the benefit of the doubt to the man.
          If he did get a full hard conviction on full hard facts, then of course what I just said does not apply.

        3. Im really curious, how many hours he dedicated to get where hes at?
          I doubt most men would be willing to do what he did to achieve his level of sucess.

        4. No idea man, no idea.
          Most men, even literate highly educated men, have very little real drive or ambition. So at least he has that going for him.

        5. Alot of the commenters here have been influenced by the court of public opinion. I don’t know too much about his accusations either. Whatever happens between a man and a woman, there are three sides to the story, His side, Her side and the Truth

        6. No photos just testimony. Even then there was no context to indicate what brought the incident on. Ultimately, the dude pissed off too many people and they wanted his ass badly. He took a plea so he could do his time, get out, and keep earning.

      2. Believe me, I’m one of the person I know who has the most vocabulary, and I’m not even close to have a fortune… When you’re rich, you can pay anyone who has skills to do what you want to do.
        This mean that even if you suck at something, it doesnt mean that you can’t succeed in life!

  18. Meh not really. Many boxing fans’ issues with Mayweather’s performance is that he has reduced boxing to a mere sport without the violence and thrilling elements that had made it popular for the last century. Of course, his skills are respected by all and his accomplishment is unmatched. But 50 years from now, will people admire his “touch and clinch” style to secure a safe bout, or will they remember Hagler and Hearns fucking dishing it out in a war?

    1. The objective is not to cave the other man’s skull in. It seems like you people wanted a fight to the death? You’re talking 2 guys pushing 40, with kids and lives beyond the ring. Mayweather fought a great fight. He punished and minimized the punishment he received. That’s boxing!

      1. I appreciate technical boxing, but Mayweather hardly “punished” Pacquaio. I love to watch fights that go back all the way to Jersey Joe Walcott, whose defensive style was a thing of beauty, the distinction is that he fought whilst Mayweather employed tactics like clinching which is crafty, but still falls on the shitty side of boxing.
        Anyhow, the point of my post was to argue there are other reasons people root against Mayweather, not necessarily because he’s redpill and everyone else is a beta fagit. I swear, Return of Kings is increasingly churning out shit articles more and more…

        1. Folks who appreciate Mayweather’s boxing also appreciate the Brazilian version of football, which seems to involve falling over and screaming for a ref every time an opposing player takes the ball away from you.

        2. Yes these “folks” appreciate the best…Brazil 5 world cups Mayweather 48-0. Whats wrong with that?

        3. that manipulating rules in order to triumph at a physical sport is pathetic and unmanly, akin to tricking your opponent to get him drunk before a sporting event or having a partner signalling you what’s in your opponent’s hand while playing poker.
          In any sane sport, that would be called ‘cheating’.

  19. This is the shittiest article ROK has published by far. I respect mayweather for fighting to win, and mind you all of us are chasing paper but there is a difference between owning your money and letting your money own you. Money is important but shameless money worship is pathetic. Maybe if I’m lucky the “rothschilds will buttfuck me!” get real dude.

    1. “People can only wish they had the balls to be as self-centered and remorseless as he is.”
      This summarizes the whole deal. No we do not. A simpe argumentum ad hominem.
      shitty jews and libertardians employ this method: “You are just jealous!!!!! he is so sucesful!!! the problem is with you!!!”
      Like some fucking woman. disgusting.

        1. I do whatever I want, however I please.
          Wasn’t questioning your right to do so. Was just trying to help you calm down and not bust a vein from blood pressure elevation.
          Your statement is interesting, given your disdain for libertarians btw. In fact it reads a lot like the Anarcho-capitalist mission statement. heh.
          Hope your day goes well.

        2. Libertarian (incl. anarcho capitalist)= right-wing liberal.
          You are right about right-wing, wrong about liberal. And I actually despise materialism, it seems it eluded you.
          My name is not “Francis” and i dont like telling me what to do. Other than that, I hope yours goes well too.

        3. Sensitive little thing aren’t you?
          Looks like you simply want to fight. You feed me the Anacap Motto then sneer about anacaps. It is to wonder, heh.
          Now begone child. Shoo pup, shoo.
          Good luck with the rest of your day.

      1. Exactly as if we can’t pursue what we want without becoming self obsessed fucking maniacs

        1. Right. This is just beta white knightery… for a man.
          Pathetic and ridiculous at the same time.

      2. only jews and libertarians? lol, other people use the same arguments. And really, there’s nobody out there who is jealous of jews? And you’re implying most successful jews don’t deserve their position? lol ok dude

        1. As a political tool, these people use it the most frequently, among others.
          Are you a kike yourself? Yes you are. Now you can bugger off.

  20. It is disgusting how this article is trying to make a hero out of a fucking nobody.
    Personally, I dont hate the guy for his success. I hate him for being a fucking sum-of-the-earth nigger.
    All he is doing is elevating this materialistic, spiritually empty “culture” that Amerikwah is famous for. I dont envy his 20 or 200 or 2000 or whatever many cars he has.
    BTW, it is a statistical fact, that after world-stage boxing matches, an average 7-8 people die of the race the vanquished belongs. If its black, black people die. if its white, then white ones.
    How fucked up is a country, where subhuman niggers are elevated to the pedestal? this thing has to be adressed.
    “Selfishness is one of the main tenets we teach here in the ‘sphere for
    many reasons. The world doesn’t give a shit about us. If we fall on hard
    times, it’s up to us and us alone to dig ourselves out.”
    Self-reliance and selfishness are two different things. One doesnt equate with the other. Drawing the conclusion that you have to be a selfish bastard just because you are succesful is a non sequitur.
    “Mayweather just doesn’t give a shit about what people think. He gets
    validation from himself, and himself alone and people hate him for it.”
    So what is the point? was Mao and Stalin succesful examples of self-assertion?
    Just because someone is hated by some feminists, will it make him a moral compass? Of course not.
    Based on this anti-social scale, only Nietzsche or somebody similar would suffice as an alpha. and why? because he gets girls pusies wet?
    This is just catering to women needs in reverse. It is female-oriented at its heart.
    This guy doesnt worth shit from a human point of view, doesnt have intelligence, anything, the only thing he has is good boxing.
    So the writer of this article sucks him off in broad daylight.
    Good job.

    1. Sub-human…..lol. how long you gonna keep using that? What makes a group sub-human? Please let me know….

      1. Niggers are subhumans. If you dont agree, feel free to suck their cocks all day.
        “how long you gonna keep using that?”
        As long as I want.

        1. I love when racists spout their bullshit while hiding behind their computer screens lol

        2. All I asked was makes a people sub-human? You attack me. I’m guessing you’re the superior human by which everyone else is judged. All I want is for you to point out sub-human traits. Surely, you can do that?

        3. they are innately less intelligent (-15 IQ points) more agressive, more prone to criminal behavior, emotionally immature and aesthetically unsightly in general. And they are a previous step of evolution. Also, i think that their spirit is more animalistic.
          Some of these contentions I dont have definite proof of, but that is what I hold.

        4. So if I understand it is your _opinion_ and not anything you can back up with facts? So what makes a group of people superior then, is high iq, less prone to criminal activity and are more “aesthetically” pleasing? So by this definition, who are the superior humans?

  21. Meh…
    Personally, I don’t care for folks that choose to flaunt their wealth. Being able to accomplish a lot in life is definitely a good thing, but there’s something to be said about quiet confidence over cockiness. Making it a point to show off everything that you have just screams, “hey everyone, look at me!” It’s possible to have an ‘Alpha’ mentality without being overly cocky.

  22. Roger Mayweather a great defensive style boxer that did boxing no great favors in his “epic” fight with Manny Pacquiao. Boxing is on the ropes yet again. As for Mayweather the man he’s an asshole plain and simple. So is Jameis Winston, although I don’t believe for a second that he raped that woman. I know my extensive jazz and blues collection will not save me so go ahead with the name calling. Blue beta boy, racist, whatever. Guys like Mayweather, Winston, Drake and others that get the star treatment here make me want to retch.

  23. Bullshit.
    Frankly, any boxing match outside of heavyweight is itself a scam, as lighter boxers are by definition unable to beat any other boxer who weighs over 20% more.
    Why not have 100m dash races categorized by height, so that sprinters under 6’0″ don’t have to compete with Usain Bolt?
    Why not have an NFL ‘lightweight’ division of only sub-200 pound players, so that they don’t have to compete against any above-200-pound players?
    Why not have an NBA ‘short-man’ division of sub-6’0″ players only?
    The very notion of boxing between anyone not competing against the most formidable person in their sport is itself a form of Affirmative Action that has duped idiots out of their money.
    Mayweather would lose to Wladimir Klitchko after two punches, so why is the little guy famous at all? You might as well say women’s boxing is legit.

    1. Do you think weight classes in wrestling are a scam also? Should a 230 lb guy wrestle against someone that weighs 160?

      1. Yes, it is a scam.
        The best wrestler is the best wrestler, period. That means that a 160 lbs person should not even be a wrestler.
        All of the arguments against women’s sports also apply against ‘easier’ divisons in men’s sports, where the best guy among lightweights still is no match for other men in the same sport, who just happen to be bigger.
        It is affirmative action, plain and simple.

        1. No, you don’t understand how gullible you are to marketing, and how happily you accept any garbage you are fed.
          Blue-pill thought, just in a different form.

        2. What does marketing have to do with common sense logic? Obviously Mike Tyson as a heavyweight in his prime would demolish Mayweather easily. Any heavy weight would destroy a lighter weight. Letting light weights box against other light weights is not even close to affirmative action. Should lighter weight guys not be allowed to box at all because they can’t fight someone that weighs 75 more pounds than them?

        3. at the pro level? yes. Lightweights are unimportant
          In the Olympics, no. It’s a different competitive philosophy, where one judges by skill against similar physical types.

        4. You guys are essentially arguing that the market is wrong. Generally as sure a sign as any that it’s time to reassess your line of thinking.
          Lighter weight competitors are worth what they’re worth because that’s what people are willing to pay to watch them. All this nonsense about their ability to compete in absolute terms with heavier competitors is totally irrelevant.

        5. Not at all, we are arguing that consumer culture and bread and circuses is here now.
          It’s not that Mayweather is wrong in absolute terms, or even that the market demand is ‘wrong’, it’s that our culture has decayed to the point where watching people manipulate totally arbitrary rules simulating a combat sport is far more important than any real ability at combat.
          Much like the gladiatorial games that had to grow more and more bizarre in order to hold public interest, featherweight boxing is like midget mud wrestling as far as genuine sports are concerned.

        6. That’s a pretty slippery slope. A similar line of reasoning could be used to argue that all modern combat sports are bullshit, regardless of the weight class. In the UFC for example, a fighter is not allowed to throw a kick or knee to the head of a downed opponent (and all that is required for a fighter to fulfill that criteria is one knee on the ground). That’s pretty damn arbitrary. Are you therefore suggesting that heavyweight fights are bullshit too?

        7. the UFC rules are designed to minimize actual death and permanent injury. However, the concept of ’rounds’ is the first of many rules that are arbitrary and designed for consumerism rather than proving martial prowess. And yes, I think that heavyweight fights are bullshit too. It’s not a ‘slippery slope’, it’s a very well defined pit with sheer walls. No excess effort coming to a logical conclusion is necessary.

        8. You’re shifting the goal posts. This argument was about the legitimacy of lighter weight fighters, not the legitimacy of the sport as a whole (ie, there’s no point for you to single out for criticism the lighter weight fighters, if your eventual take on it is that the whole thing is a farce anyway, including the heavyweights). At least you’re consistent, but you’ve taken us off topic.

        9. How can one both be consistent and shift the goalposts?
          If anything, I am setting them closer to you.

        10. You’re consistent in your dismissal of fighters regardless of their weight class, but you’re shifting the argument away from the initial point of contention.
          No offense pal, but you’re not very bright. Take it easy.

        11. I am not going to call attention to your using logical fallacies to attempt to label me with logical fallacies, but the fact remains that ‘technical fighting’ is as artificial a competition as riding a mechanical bull.
          The fact that people actually pay good money to see it is more of a declarative of the poor state of human interaction in this country rather than some commercial statement of value.
          I find your name an amusing contradiction, if it makes you feel better to turn a form disagreement into an insult contest.

        12. Nonsense. That’s like reasoning that no man should fight at all unless he is able to beat the biggest, baddest guy around. Unless he can do that, he has no business fighting. Ridiculous.

    2. You sound like a female. Boxing is a combat sport. That’s why there are weight classes. Obviously a 225lb Mike Tyson would dominate the fly weights.

      1. No, YOU are a female-mindset fool, for simply accepting what the television/sports-media complex tells you to accept.
        There is no greater female trait than groupthink and preserving the status quo. You are an example of that.
        Flyweights should not exist at all in boxing. Only the best boxers, irrespective of weight, should be famous. All of them will necessarily be 220lbs+

    3. The Marquess of Queensberry rules which are basically the modern rules of boxing in which we now follow are used to insure a fair fight with sportsmanship. Klitchko v Mayweather is not fair nor does it promote sportsmanship. That’s why we have weight classes to insure fair fights.

      1. Bullshit. It is just marketing that works on a gullible public.
        By your logic, the 100m dash should have height divisions (and race divisions, for that matter).
        The NBA should have height divisions.
        The NFL should have weight divisions.
        You may think that is strange, but it is no stranger than weight divisions in boxing.
        When someone is considered a ‘great boxer’ despite explicitly not being expected to face an entire category of people who can beat you in the same sport, simply because they are heavier, is just phony.

        1. does track have height divisions? How about swimming? figure skating? gymnastics? tennis?
          Weight divisions in boxing and wrestling are interesting, but heavyweight is the only real competition. The rest are just marketing.

        2. Its not my logic its just the rules and its also for SAFETY of the fighter. Before the rules were invented there were no such things as weight categories and fights would literally last hours or even days before a winner prevailed. No judges, no referee,no timed rounds, and no gloves! The term “not up to scratch” is actually a boxing term. 100’s of years ago when the ring wasn’t even invented and after the fighters agreed to take a break they would sit down. A line was drawn in from of the chair and if the fighter did not pass the line “scratched” into the dirt that boxer was said to be “not up to scratch” and lost the fight.
          I don’t think what you are saying is strange its just that having weight categories is not as necessary in sports as it is in combat sports.
          That’s also why you hear the saying best “pound for pound” fighter. We all agree that Tyson would destroy De La Hoya and also it would not be fun to watch and Tyson could literally kill him. But Tyson v Hollyfield or De La Hoya v Felix Trinidad were epic battles of men in a fair fight trying to knock the other guy out.
          Last point, all the greatest boxers of all time have always been heavy weights because yes they are simply the toughest. But to say a smaller guy is not a “great boxer” because he is unable to beat a heavier guy is ignorant.

    4. Lighter weight competitors are worth what they’re worth not because anybody has been “duped” into believing they’d make worthy opponents for heavier competitors. They’re worth what they’re worth because they’re able to put on a spectacle that people are willing to pay to watch. That’s all that matters.
      No, I would not be interested in a lightweight NFL division, but if a substantial amount of people were willing to watch it, who are any of us to tell the market that it’s wrong?
      And even then, your examples are poor. College football/basketball (analogous to your lesser man versions of the NFL/NBA) are of a substantially lower standard than the professional leagues, yet they’re still wildly popular.

  24. Pacquiao had 5 years to prepare. Pac is a great fighter, but Mayweather is better. Pac land 18% of his punches. All 3 judges gave the fight easily to Mayweather. I don’t get all the ‘Floyd ran’ stuff.

  25. It can be a great thing if they fly or drive for hours and pay hundreds of dollars just to hate you in person.

  26. I wouldn’t say Pacquiao is inferior to Mayweather. I mean yeah he lost but it was by decision. I mean if Mayweather knocked out Pacquiao it would be one thing but he didn’t. Plus I wouldn’t say Pacquiao is beta. He helped with charity and he has the desire to help his own people which is good. There are a lot of poor folks in Philippines. Nothing wrong with that. I will be honest though; I was bit disappointed with the fight. I want to see Mayweather fight Klitschko next but that won’t happen because of different weight class.

    1. He let his wife stop him from drinking and “turn to god”. If a man does find god all the power to him, but when your wife grabs you by the balls from the bar and drags you into the church to bash you into a cunt-worshiping beta male who will do what your wife says when you the man, is making all the money, then yes that man is a beta. Manny should have bitch slapped his wife just like floyd did. A real man gives a woman a slap every now and then, to give her, a dose of drama, to keep her cunt wet, and to remind her who the real boss is.

    2. Boxing isn’t just about kicking some guys ass and knocking him out. Boxing is a sport. There are rules and points and Mayweather outboxxed Pacquiao. He didn’t just out box him…..he out boxed him so hard that Pacquiao looked worse than a sparring partner. Mayweather will get heat no matter what. The truth is, he went in there with a plan to win based on the rules of his sport, executed that plan to near perfection and beat his opponent definitively.
      What’s worse is that Pacquiao showed that not only is he an inferior boxer (so much so that he shouldn’t even be fighting in the same class as Floyd) but that he is a crybaby and bad sportsman. After Mayweather landed nearly twice as many punches and won nearly 80% of the rounds very clearly and decisively Mayweather gave an in ring interview about what a good competitor Pacquiao was despite the truth of the matter being available for all to see….that Manny was totally bush league and the lack of steroids and lame opponents totally showed how bad a boxer he really is.
      Meanwhile, Manny was saying that he thought he won the fight (maybe he was punch drunk) and then has the gall to complain that Mayweather was dodging his punches and kept moving so he couldn’t hit him (and all his fans parroted the sentiment with the whole “mayweather kept running away” bullshit). Sorry Manny, Floyd isn’t one of the chumps they they pay to stand there while your roided up ass punches him in the face so a bunch of flips can cheer for you…he is a real and very good boxer. If he was too fast or too clever for you to hit him it isn’t his fault.
      I really have to say that Manny Pacquiao makes me absolutely sick as a professional athlete. He has the same bravado as Mayweather only without the skill to back it up and at the same time is a terrible sportsman. Maybe he should stick to being the prime minister of that insignificant rock he comes from and leave boxing to men.

    3. Klitschko vs Wilder is what you want to keep an eye out for. Somebody is getting carried out!

  27. On the money points though Mayweather is an idiot and is probably going to end up flat broke. All those cars are depreciating assets, and costing him a fortune to maintain, as are his mansions. Which wouldn’t be a problem normally for someone with his means except that Mayweather keeps his money in cash. His entourage is likely robbing him blind, inflation is eating away at that stack and he can’t plan effectively for the future. Think he won’t go broke? Ask a bunch of ex NBA-ers what they think. Maybe ask Scottie Pippin who blew $150mm on private jets.
    As a boxer he is the best to ever fight at his weight, no question. I’ll respect him for that, but I don’t respect people who are stupid with their money.

    1. Most of those nba players that went broke didn’t make anywhere near what mayweather makes. His total car collection is only worth $6 million, which is a tiny fraction of how much he makes yearly. He also owns his own promotion company, with other boxers signed under him. Don’t be foolish to think he’ll ever go broke.

      1. I admit, I haven’t seen the guy’s balance sheet, but still it’s foolish for a man of his Wealth to be keeping a large mount of assets in actual cash. It’s a lot of missed opportunities. With no more prize money coming in after this year, he could be one divorce away from disaster. Just my take, like I said I haven’t seen his balance sheet

  28. I think the problem that many of us have with Mayweather is his boxing fighting style. I could care less about his wealth, personal life and etc. The guy is a genius fighter but why would I pay $100 for a match where he just runs around and hugs the other boxer? We want to see both boxers beat the shit out of each other, plain and simple.

    1. Yeh that is my perspective as well.
      The fight was a bit of a disappointment.seems pointless.

    2. ” The guy is a genius fighter but why would I pay $100 for a match where he just runs around and hugs the other boxer? ”
      Would you pay $5,000 for a no-holds-barred-fight-to-the-death between these 2 magnificent specimens?

      1. No one wants to fight GGG. I hope that changes and he gets in there with a Cotto, Alvarez or the king of 168 pounds. He hasn’t fought a top champ yet so he still has a question mark as to what he will be able to do against high level opponents. But yeah, he is exciting and has crazy power too. A featherweight named Lomenchenko is very skilled too, great fighter, fought on the undercard for the Mayweather/Pacman fight. He has amazing skills. Ukrainian fighter. Also, there’s a Russian fighter at Light heavyweight who beat Bernard Hopkins who has great skill too. I know he is not popular but I love Rigondeux from Cuba too. Great tactician at 122 pounds. Made Pacman junior (Nonito Donaire) look like an amateur in their bout.

      2. Oh yeah another great fighter I would love to see in there with GGG would be Keith Thurman or Keith Thurman against Cotto or Alvarez.

    1. Every single player in every single major sport, if you put them through an MRI will show tears. Just more of Manny being a chump and a whining bitch. I do two 3 day splits weight lifting every week. If you gave me a full body MRI you would find all sorts of shit and I still give the gym 100% That’s more than I can say for that little prick.
      More excuses than a pregnant nun this guy.

    2. Who gives a shit??? Floyd has hands made of goldfish crackers and it’s been known for years. He still managed to control the fight the whole way through. Manny probably tore his shoulder up swinging wildly in the air.

  29. I find it hilarious that people keep saying Mayweather will go broke. You guys understand that he OWNS the promotion company right? That means he owns the licensing rights to his fights and image. OTHER boxers are signed to him as well. That means even after he retires boxing will still be paying him.

    1. The other fighters in his promotional company are garbage. The company doesn’t really do much. He’s beholden to a manager/promoter (Al Haymon) who controls everything about his career. He’s also illiterate. Don’t count on him doing much as a businessman when he’s retired.

      1. If you’re looking for another cash cow then yeah, everybody is garbage. Hell before this past weekend the most Manny ever made for a fight was $26 million TOTAL. That wasn’t even all his though. Freddy and Bob got their cuts first. As a businessman this dude just greased an obscene amount out of the world. He might not fit your definition of a “savvy business professional” but the zeros on the check he just cashed would disagree.

    2. Simply put, it’s wishful thinking on the part of many who think this. It reeks of envy, which is feminine. Outside of that, it’s illogical when you look at other high-earning athletes and juxtapose them to this guy who OWNS his company and also happens to box. Huge difference. It’s like the average athlete, who earns high, owns nothing as far as future income on royalties, share in merchandising, etc and has a huge drop off of income when they retire and a guy who actually played on the team that he actually OWNS. After he retires as a player, he still owns a huge asset that still generates income and has future earning potential. People also don’t know that he has invested in high end real estate in NYC that pays him like a million a month right now. I don’t see him being broke at all at any time based on those types of moves. He is not the average athlete that why he earns so much now-not athletic prowess but business acumen.

  30. Most people who have something negative to say about Mayweather do it out of insecurity and jealousy. Stop bitching and take what you want. Then tell me money doesn’t buy happiness (or freedom).

  31. What I hated about the fight, and Mayweather’s style overall is that it exemplifies the practice of winning on technicalities and subverting the spirit of the sport.
    People watch boxing to see two warriors giving their 100% to attack eachother and preferably knock eachother out. Mayweather’s practice of continuous defence, slips, tying up & harmless jabs scores points with the judges but not the spectators.
    It’s like someone who has found a loophole to win. You acknowledge their victory, but feel on some level that it was not “real”.

        1. You would be right about it not having “rules”. Thus “all is fair in love and war”. But dating is a sport, thus the need for “game”.

    1. Mayweather’s fighting style is like Epee fencing ‘on the line’ v. free saber or rapier fighting.

  32. Not sure how manly or red pill it is to write an in depth study on any man…
    Mayweather’s victory, whilst predicted, has ensured that Boxing will remain a dead and dying sport for the next 10 years at least. Had Pac man won the sport would be interesting again.
    Floyd is a great boxer, maybe the ultimate student of the sport. But man is he boring. He never fights without a ref that pulls opponents off him and doesn’t allow him to get caught up in a brawl.
    He courts as much hype and controversy around his fights which whilst an obvious move for business reasons, I think he does this to make up for how mind numbingly boring he is – he makes the Clitchko brothers seem charismatic.
    Mayweather is also notoriously lonely – he has an enormous gang of followers whom are all paid to be around him. He literally has to chuck money at them to keep these people around him. They are all bum kissers to the extreme and put up with Floyd’s petulant outbursts.
    To study with a dash of pedestalism bought and paid for Alpha amongst yes men Mayweather is totally Beta. Whats happening to ROK?
    His fight against Khan will be a disappointing home straight to Floyds career but thats the boxing scene at the moment.

    1. Hmm, funny that you mention the Klitschko brothers, they are “boring” fighters, but many in the Manosphere praise them. Personally, I respect and admire them, along with Mayweather. I don’t find their fights boring, although they’re nothing like Hearns vs. Haglar. I like a brawl, but I can certainly admire the science.

      1. I like the Klitschko’s too, they are class acts (apart from one of them getting involved with the Ukranian thing – I think he had sinister intentions or signed up to something he didn’t understand but I digress…). Their great fighters as well though and have their moments.
        But I mean more that they are not fight hypers and don’t do the trash talk. Trash talk done well is great but even if it’s rubbish it still adds some interest to a fight – putting some ego’s on the line is good entertainment.
        I like fighter who have mad shit going on out the ring which makes every fight mean all that much more.
        I miss Tyson basically.

  33. It’s not a Rocky movie, it’s not a bar fight, it’s not a brawl in an alley somewhere. Love it or hate it the dude is fucking great at what he does. Bonus: he won’t be twitching like Ali in his old age.

    1. Like a lightweight gets any appreciable damage in his career.
      Carebears with boxing gloves.

    2. Anyone who looks at this clip and sees running and holding or anything less than defensive wizardry in action is smoking some really powerful shit. This is against a world champion boxer and top boxers too. This is why he’s the best boxer in the world. Have I seen him run before? Yes. Hold? Yes. But I think this part of his repetoire is largely overstated by those who only enjoy or appreciate two neanderthals beating each others’ brains out and a bunch of gore and no skills. Ask Ricky Hatton, who many said would cut off the ring and be physical, if Floyd just ran when he caught him with a check hook. No. Mostly, he engages in the sweet science and makes champs look like amateurs out there. Point blank. It takes far more than just running and holding to do that otherwise every other opponent would just do that and win belts.

  34. “His victory over Pacquiao pisses people off because he represents everything we teach in the manosphere”
    Hahahaha! Does manosphere teaches you to be an asshole and burn your money? We may not talk about the same manosphere then.
    Sure the man is a great athlete and most likely the best in his field. But he’s also a shitty individual and can hardly be considered a role model (except if you are a boxer and are talking about technique).

  35. There is no way a man can be the champion of the world and blue pill. In a sport like boxing you need ego to give you a psychological edge.

  36. I found the fight to be quite bland. Both fighters respected the shit out of each other, didn’t risk much and were quite content to keep things without much spice. Not one cut, or one bruise on either one of them. None of them went for the K.O. I think this is the main reason that boxing is losing so many fans to other, more violent modalities, such as UFC.
    I didn’t like Mayweather because he was dirty as fuck, hugging Manny every time he got in close, and even going for a blow below the belt at one point. Sure, he was the superior fighter, dancing around him like a freaking salsa class, but I’m not a fan of dirty manoeuvres.
    Even so, money deserved the win, and he’s the fucking champ. I just wished there was a little more blood and a little less hugging. Many of Iron Mikes’ fights, Ali’s, were far more exciting than this “fight of the century.”
    But that’s just my opinion.

    1. These dudes weigh 150 lbs. That’s not exactly a 225 lb Ali or a 235 lb monster Tyson. People conned themselves into believing a fight between two grown men the size of middle schoolers would look like Gladiator pt2.

      1. Dude some of the best fights in boxing happen at the lower/mid weights. Look up Pacquiao Marquez 1, 2, or 4… Marquez-Vazquez 1-3, Bradley Provodnikov, Ortiz Berto, Barrera-Morales 1, Gatti-Ward 1, any Gatti fight really
        Generally lower weight classes have more energy and throw more punches. Just wasn’t the case in this fight

        1. Neither one of these fighters has scored a knockout in over five years. People expected a Kimbo Slice looking event. That’s their bad. Yeah you get some knockouts in lower weight classes but most of what you’re talking about with high volume punching is 120 lbs and less.

  37. “This hate is nothing more than envy.”
    This. Hating people for having more than you is just a defense mechanism for people who are too lazy to actually make something of themselves. They therefore have to overcompensate and tell people their lives are perfect and they can’t see why anyone would need anything more. You also see this with guys who have ugly girlfriends who claim that she’s pretty on the inside while bashing guys who can get prettier girls for being shallow.
    I also get a lot of shit for not supporting the minimum wage being raised to $15 but supporting the CEOs who make thousands of dollars an hour. Minimum wage jobs are meant to be for unskilled people, meaning they have little to no value and can be replaced in an instant. But I applaud any CEO or other rich tycoon who made their riches through hard work. Flipping a burger might suck, but it’s nowhere near as difficult or demanding as having the business acumen to run a corporation. Likewise, Mayweather has to train like a motherfucker for every fight to turn himself into a superhuman, and this is why he gets the big bucks.

    1. Effort alone does not justify his value. There are plenty of people who work just as hard, or harder, who live paycheck to paycheck. And who does far more useful stuff.

      1. He has a talent that people are willing to spend shitloads of money on. It’s not his fault.

        1. I’m not complaining about the athletes as such, but the system that makes it all possible. Why do we, as a society, exalt sports people and what does history tell us about that?

        2. Because, like the Romans, we are willing to pay exorbitant funds to keep people entertained and away from issues like “Is our government ethical?”.

        3. Exactly. Bread and circuses. If people suddenly changed their focus from sport to politics and finance, politicians would be swinging from lamp posts.

        4. You are not talking about the problem, you are talking about talking about the problem. Those are 2 different things.

        5. You say: “you dont like him? dont give him your money. Or: you dont like him? switch to another channel on TV”
          That is talking about what happens (or what should happen), when we encounter this phenomenon, and NOT adressing the phenomenon itself.
          It is a sophisticated form of derailment.
          You are not talking about the problem, you are talking about talking about the problem. Those are two different things!

        6. I don’t get where the confusion lies. Money talks, and as long as people are willing to spend money on the institution of boxing or other sports then it’ll stick around. Talking about how wrong it is won’t solve anything when there are millions of people willing to spend $100 to watch an hour or 2 of TV.

        7. Bandwagon fallacy -something is popular, so it must be right.
          Wrong. Something is not judged by its popularity or unpopularity. Millions can be wrong, and one man can be right.

        8. I never said supporting boxing is the “right” thing. I said that money talks and that millions of fans giving tons of money to something will make sure it’s squarely in the public eye. That’s capitalism for you. And I say this as someone who could care less about boxing.

        9. Libertard pro-capitalist pep talk, I exposed the logical inconsistency before.
          “Eat shit- one trillion flies cannot be wrong!”

        10. My solution is would be raising the cultural level by education and public media, and setting up the right kinds of examples for children to emulate, and of course, ship all the blacks to africa.

        11. Oh you won’t have to worry about sending blacks like me to Africa. I’ll happily go. Of course this will be contingent upon all the whites being back only in Europe and out of the USA and the Americas, where you are not native. Also, all white owned corporate interests in Africa will have to be dissolved as well as well as no whites living there. Deal? Of course you may disagree with this plan (I don’t know why) but hey, by 2050 the US will have a white minority by then anyway. You are already the minority in the world and ever slipping. Black genes are dominant. Black woman/white man=black baby. White woman/black man=black baby. See Obama or Bob Marley for proof. No wonder you are against race mixing. I see why. I would be too if I were you. With all the mixing going on now, it won’t be long before you all are wiped out. Public Enemy said it best, “Fear of a Black Planet” Welcome to the Terror Dome.

      2. You don’t get paid according to how much or how hard you work, but according to what value you can offer, how much demand there is for it, and your standing in that field. That’s the way it is. Thing is, those who get really good at something that pays really well, still will have worked very hard and obsessively to get at the level they are.

  38. I don’t give two shits what he does with his personal life. It’s his time and his money and good for him that he is aware of as much.
    What I question is if athletes should make the kind of money they do. They are after all just entertainers.

    1. It is simply not normal for people to make money like this. It is just aint right.
      120 mil for one occasion… how many working hours’ wage is that?

      1. If Mayweather got paid less, wouldn’t the difference go into someone else’s pocket? If athletes got paid less, that just means the owners would get paid more.

        1. “If Mayweather got paid less, wouldn’t the difference go into someone else’s pocket?”
          That is a technicality, unrelated to the issue. Tha issue is: is it right, is it normal, is it ethical that some people are just getting paid this much?
          What does it say about the age we live in? That it is decadent, rotten to the core?
          Yes it is.

        2. When millions of people pay to watch an entertainer, where is all that money supposed to go? What do you mean “is it ethical people get paid that much?” If so many people are buying the product or service (in this case entertainment in some way) then of course they will get paid that much.
          That’s like asking if it’s ethical if you got rich selling your invention….you built it, people buy it, you got rich off it. It’s simple as that. Is there a certain point where enough money is enough, and your profits should start going to someone else?

        3. It is useless to throw technicalities at me, I told you, it is about the whole phenomenon.

        4. is it unethical to sell drugs to children? You made or transported it, they are choosing to buy it, you are getting rich off of them.

        5. Yeah, that is the libertard ‘rationale’. The kids get satisfied, you get your money, everybody is happy.
          It is so fucking stupid it makes me laugh:)

        6. Libertarians have a small piece of the puzzle, as do tea partiers and other conservatives.
          The problem is that the very first thing they did was compromise, thinking that it means the same thing as ‘moderation’.
          Yes, Free market is a good thing. but it must be moderated by justice instead of profit.

        7. I think that American “conservatives” are just liberals in disguise. Muh’ civil rights, muh’ gun rights, etc. I am from Europa, and here we know instantly, that when somebody starts to appeal to rights, he is a liberal, lock, stock and barrel.
          interestingly, where I live, almost all liberals are jews.
          I understand that in America, “liberal” means leftist, and now we can see that “conservative” means liberal, classical liberal. The constitution for example is the most liberal document as a constitution ever written.
          There are no true conservatives in America.
          About the “free market”: It enables antisocial impulses to take over as we see with the drug example. So it has its own problems. What if you can get away with cheating other people for example? From a market-beased view, nothing is wrong with it, as long as its lucrative.
          in America, the magical solution to all the problems of the world is free market. That is very damaging, in fact that is the reason lesser countries never get out of misery, because of free market regulations never allow their manufacturing industry to prosper. It damages everyone, maybe with the exception of third-world sweatshops that make Adidas shoes for a one-dollar-wage per day. From a libertard perspective, nothing is worng with this. From a higher perspective, everything is wrong with this.

        8. You could make the same argument about cigarettes, alcohol, and gambling. Companies profit from these things they sell. People’s lives are destroyed by them. Is it ethical? Should we prohibit companies to sell these things? Once you do, there will be a black market and the thugs will profit even more.

        9. For example, alcohol consumption was a big problem is Scandinavia, but they made it highly taxable, so the number of alcoholists was reduced tremendously. Also, he “hardest” drink you can get there (biggest alcohol content) is basically beer. It worked.
          Fo the things you mentioned, ther are methods to mitigate their harmful effects as much as possible, without banning them outright.

        10. I don’t think you are understanding I’m talking about. Laws of a state are created by man. Selling illicit drugs is wrong BECAUSE the law says it’s illegal. The physiological effects of an illegal drug may be less harmful than a legal substance. High levels of refined sugar is toxic, yet we market products loaded with this stuff to children and don’t think twice about it. You sell a brownie with Marijuana to a kid and you are the devil because the law forbids it.
          Back to the discussion, if a corporation markets the fight and people are willing to pay for it out of their own free will, what’s wrong with that? If you disagree with what they are doing, don’t buy what they are selling. You can try to persuade people to think like you do and do the same, but don’t hate the corporation for supplying a demand that people want and profiting from it.

        11. It is just plain wrong that one man can make this amount of money, on top of all that, a fucking piece of filth.
          The value of a thing isnt judged by market demand or popularity. one thing can be entirely wrong and a financial success at the same time. See junk food or the refined sugar that you mentioned for example.
          “If you disagree with what they are doing, don’t buy what they are selling. ”
          I am not looking for an advice what should I do with my money. Your advice would only make sense if I were.
          I am fucking not.

        12. If you had the opportunity to make the kind of money he makes legally, would you decline because no one should? Be honest.

        13. 120 mil is definitely waay too much, and it is a public spectacle.
          So if it was my case (lets say I was a boxer), I would probably accept 10 mil tops. That is not outrageous yet.
          But I am a fallible human too, and even if I did accept it, it still would be wrong. It is not normal that a man makes this much money for one occasion.

        14. Exactly. So who protects the people from each other, the free market, and those who would control them?
          So far, in all of recorded history, no one has come up with a decent answer. and ‘none of the above’ combines the absolute worst of all possible answers.

        15. I wonder if I am the last generation that remembers our parents ‘working for the company store’. We have experienced, first hand, the poverty that comes to even the most skilled workman when they are confronted with the monstrous spectre of the ‘Free market’.
          Don’t get me wrong, I am no socialist, but after a while you begin to realize that everything is, and must be, a balancing act… we must have some government, we must have some control of the free market, you must have some faith, some military, some freedoms… but if you run hog wild with any of them, you destroy the very civilization that made them possible. Each will try to dominate the others if it can, but while we must allow them all to flourish, we must ruthlessly stamp out any hint of one gaining strength over the others,

        16. Agreed. A decent framework has to be established. For example, the Germans after 1933 reined in the free market and big capital, and made them serve the Folk.
          in your other comment, you wrote:
          “So who protects the people from each other, the free market, and those who would control them?”
          I think, culture can do it. A nice traditional Christian upbringing, with clear boundaries in society, what you can and cannot do, and a functioning Nation-State. In that sense, I am socialist. National socialist. The struggle for the practical interests of the nation (and not abstract concepts like “free market” and “civil rights” ) shall unite the people. In any case, the “balancing act” perspective is there, as you established, but when everyone hails from the same culture, it is much much easier.
          Anyways, it is good to meet someone with good old common sense. Furthermore, you actually made an effort to understand how things work. I like that.

        17. Meh, I am a violent reactionary to the core. However, I am not a ‘revolutionary’. Revolutionaries almost always wind up replacing a government with hardcore socialism, and while a little bit of socialism goes a long way (I like having a military and a road network, for example), the moment it moves past providing infrastructure and protection from getting conquered, it starts becoming oppressive.
          Basically, I think that consumerism and intellectualism destroys courtesy, which is why we have such a vicious cycle of the rise and fall of empires. I link to this book constantly:
          One of the best documents on the way empires rise and fall I have ever read. Kind of links to my core philosophy.

        18. Well, I dont think that NS Germany was “revolutionary”, if anything, they promoted traditional values about hard work, family etc.
          “the moment it moves past providing infrastructure and protection from getting conquered, it starts becoming oppressive.”
          That is debatable. it kinda suggests some slippery-slope mechanism, which would may or may not be there, it is basically the same rehashed liberal-libertarian arguments about “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” and “we have to fight against tyranny”.
          When a nation stands behind one objective, when the state and the nation serve each other, everything is different.
          I read your book, it has a salient points. I myself advocate the Nation State, not the Empire. BTW, America was never a nation. Never ever. America doesnt have a national identity either. America is a multiethnic empire, Whites only comprise 63% of the population now.
          This gives way to mongrelization and degeneration, just as Sir Glubb remarked.
          America’s fate is sealed. The sooner it goes down, the better.

        19. I don’t neccessarily disagree, and yet there are parts… customs, attitudes, beliefs, that are part of the core American values that I want to see preserved.
          Unfortunately, one has to go far off the beaten track to find them since those very core values are what the libs have been systematically tearing apart for decades, but they still exist… I am not willing to write America off entirely until some way is found to preserve those values and culture for the next empire that occupies this place.
          One of the reasons I am interested in a return to monarchy is the fact that Monarchy, by it’s very nature, true monarchy is very limited in scope. His interest is in what makes him more powerful, and except in the case of an extremely stupid monarch, that means a wealthy, productive, and comfortable country. A True monarch (rather than a bureaucratic monarch) has to remain limited in scope, or else he is overwhelmed by trivia.
          However, Power does not corrupt… Power expands. a truly powerful individual cannot be corrupted, because he has all the power he needs… the pursuit of power by those incapable of wielding it effectively is what truly corrupts, because they always desire more, thinking that it will somehow ‘fix’ what is wrong with them in the first place.
          Bureaucracies are corrupt, and have to be corrupt, because they are founded on the principle of spreading power around, never letting one individual have too much. This means that bureaucracy, by it’s very nature, is forced to grow to accommodate the power needs of it’s members, who each try to ensure that they have more of those beneath them, leading to an ever-expanding base of members and powers…. and that corrupts, absolutely.
          It’s a bit like trying to bribe someone… a truly wealthy man has no need of accepting the money that would literally buy the life of a street dealer or cop, and would not risk his wealth and reputation by getting into bed with a drug lord that offers what, to him, is entirely unneeded. Thus someone like Bill Gates is virtually incorruptible by the standards of your Columbian drug lords.
          The thing is, any form of representative government is, by it’s very nature, a bureaucracy. when you have people elected from a small area, they are thrust into contact with others, also from small areas… the power is distributed, and thus jockeying for position, ensuring your future, and competing with others in a similar position begins, corrupting the organization almost immediately.
          Yes, you run a risk of having a ‘bad’ (stupid) king, but countries have weathered stupid monarchs before. A bad representational government, however, tends to have repercussions that last far beyond the lifespan of it’s most corrupt members… because a bureaucracy grows, a stupid decision at point a will, in fifty years, grow to be an enormous, self-sustaining organism that fights to protect itself from anyone that threatens it, regardless of how stupid it’s original charter may have been.

        20. I have a few porblems with Monarchism. Im not saying Im against it, but in practice it tends to mean pomp and ceremony. To me, that is outwardly appearance. I understand that there are people more receptive towards these kinds of things, but im just not cut from this cloth. Other than that, I respect it, the symbolism, the tradition, all of that. I think it is worthy of mentioning, that todays monarchies are not even shadows of what they historically were. what if you have a king, but eventually, that same thing will happen with time, power slips out of his hands? ther wre a lot of cases in MEstern Europe, where the kings became a plaything of the barons, magnates, etc.
          “Bureaucracies are corrupt, and have to be corrupt, because they are
          founded on the principle of spreading power around, never letting one
          individual have too much.”
          I think bureaucracies were founded to solve existing problems. Maybe they overreached or become corrupt and overpropagated, but the offered solution at their time. I think you can always cut back excess growth, even if it is not easy. Cutting back bureaucracy is anything but easy, however, if you have an able Leader, who are willing to go all the way to straighten things out, it can be done.
          You seem to be a libertarian(-leaning) monarchist, which is a curious position to hold. It is fairly in accord with traditional American individualistic values, esp. if we look at the South. However, is see as too nostalgic, contemplting on the past.
          Food for thought:
          “Toynbee argues that as civilizations decay, there is a “schism” within
          the society. In this environment of discord, people resort to archaism (idealization of the past), futurism (idealization of the future), detachment (removal of oneself from the realities of a decaying world), and transcendence (meeting the challenges of the decaying civilization with new insight, e.g., by following a new religion). From among members of an “internal proletariat” who transcend the social decay a “church” may arise. Such an association would contain new and stronger spiritual insights, around which a subsequent civilization may begin to form. Toynbee here uses the word “church” in a general sense, e.g., to refer to a collective spiritual bond found in common worship, or the unity found in an agreed social order.”
          I think I fall mostly on the futurist, and you on the archaist side. Good stuff, huh? 🙂

        21. Most problems with Monarchism stem from imperial sources rather than a strict monarchy. Basically, any government trying to control TOO many people at one time.
          Also, the fact is that no government lasts forever. Controlled power transfer (dynastic?) seems to offer similar similar appeal to austrian economics, in which controlled and regular recession prevents the broad ranging negative effects of trying to stave off recession leads to depression… controlled and regular power transfers could potentially stave off a brutal and bloody revolution. Democracy tends to try to do this, but without dynastic continuity, leads to a ‘fuck the next guy in office, to hell with the american people, I am only here to get re-elected’ that discourages the long view of stability and prosperity.
          As far as Monarchism goes, however, my views are not set in stone. I see it as a tried and true solution, one with a large amount of stability (at least as stable as any human construct) but it is certainly not ideal, and it definitely is NOT a ‘one solution to every problem’
          I feel most people have tunnel vision, and look at a complex problem as stemming from a single source with a single solution. “Liberalism will fix everything’, or ‘the problem is allowing women to vote’ or “A truly free market will make our problems irrelevant’. The thing is, it is NOT a simple problem… it stems from multiple sources, and a simple solution is not going to fix it… the solutions are every bit as complicated as the problem, if not more so.
          I think that western culture’s most pressing problem, and the FIRST (not only) solution is to devise a system where ethical considerations can be handled logically.., a ‘scientific theory’ of morality, where decisions on public and private scale can be dissected into their ethical components and weighed WITHOUT BIAS as to the morality of the various solutions, rather than leaving social legislation to emotional bias.
          I am neither qualified nor intelligent enough to make suggestions on the form of such an ethical engine, however, even if I can perceive of the need for such to exist, and recognize that more primitive forms of such an engine (religion) have been discarded without an adequate replacement, much to our cultural detriment.

        22. I havent paid too much attention to a “scientific morality”, bc I consider it a mere detail. Almost all traditional societies, no matter the religious system, lived pretty much the same life. Respect your elders, work hard, repay good with good etc. these were pretty different religions, and the rationale to live a good life was different , but the end result was about the same.
          You are right that the art of social life/politics is in balancing. However, if you balance among too many things, you loose your footing. It is a technical/technochratic approach. It is similar to asking the question: why arent historians, economists, sociologists and psychologists control the state? Sure they are equipped with all the knowledge about history, human nature, economics social life, right?
          But scientists always seek , disagree, squabble, and so on. They are not fitting for establishing policies. by the way, if you put morality on scientific basis, then in the institution of “moral scientists” you will establish the same bureaucracy you abhor so much.
          I dont think that perfection in judgement (“without bias”) can be achieved in this universe. Maybe it can be approximated to some degree, but that is not the same. My point is: there will always be mistakes. From a slightly different point of view, the same thing:
          a perfect system is a dead system.
          We have to embrace uncertainty and chaos at some level. We just cannot escape it. In order to evolve, we have to be imperfect.
          I hope this sheds some light to my thinking.
          Finally: I think bringing back good old Christianity would be sufficient enough. Or at least invent something that is similar to Christianity.
          About austrian economics: No country in the world has ever tried it, so i have grave doubts on whether it would work in practice or not. I also have a strong aversion towards libertarianism, which I see as selfish, antisocial, psychopathic and frankly, satanist (randian objectivism) in nature.

        23. I don’t despise libertarians as much as liberals, but when you consider the fact that they do consider abortion a civil right, I would line ’em up against a wall just the same.

        24. But my true disgust lies with those who speak worshipfully of ‘democracy’ as though it were some kind of dream government.

      2. Well, he set the price and people paid it. He didn’t force anyone to pay that $99.99 PPV fee to watch the fight. If you think he shouldn’t be paid that much, then don’t pay it. It’s that simple.

        1. He thinks we are talking about prices, not the corporate oligarchy that is responsible for elevating mediocrity into celebrity.

      3. How long can u be a wage slave vs the likelihood he has reduced life expectancy from brain damage. They literally trade years of their life expectancy to get that money quit being a jealous pussy

        1. Not in lightweight. The punches are barely hard enough to register when backed by a 125 lb ‘technical fighter’
          No, he started out that stupid. It’s not brain damage.

        2. It was his choice, why should I respect him for it? If they amputate your leg for example, but give you 50 mil bucks for it, does it make you a hero?
          He is a fucking circus monkey, tha is all he is.

      4. “It just ain’t right” LOL Well welcome to the real world. Right being a totally subjective term obviously. Women in the west being entitled and bitchy “just ain’t right” and I as a man having to have game to bed them “just ain’t right” and my not being born into money “just ain’t right”. Hurts your sensibilities that a buy, a black guy at that, can make 250 million in one night huh? That one might exploit a marketplace for his own enrichment? I know, I know, “it just ain’t right” lol keep telling yourself that.

    2. Omg, do I hate when people question whether athletes should be paid as mitch as they do. Do you not realize how much money these athletes bring in for the owners? Of course they should be paid as much as they do.

      1. They are still just entertainers. If they make so much that it starts looking silly then their handlers probably do too.

    3. Get outta here u commie the market dictates who gets paid what. Quit whining and do something of worth. jealousy is unbecoming a man

    4. If Kim Kardashian can make the money she does from being a professional slut with a big ass, then I can’t begrudge men with actual talent getting paid millions to play sport…

    5. I know right? I mean, we should picket against this type of insane money that other men are, legally, able to make. We should call our representatives and congressmen in order to enact laws that put a cap on others’ ability to earn money. Rich people should be made to stop making more money once they reach a certain level. LOL Really? Really? Come on SON!! This is a free market and capitalism. That how it works. If you can command 1 billion then you should earn it. The market determines what you can make. Why should he or any other entertainer be capped as to how much they can make? Should CEO’s be stopped from making crazy money too? How bout other rich people? If not them, then why Floyd or any other entertainer? It’s ridiculous on its face what you are asserting here.

  39. But Pacquiao is not blue pill. I don’t see it as a victory or defeat. If you have it show it off.

  40. No.
    It’s because he spends the entire fight running away – if the ring were a third of it’s size he would have been crushed. If they took the gloves off and went into an alleyway – he would have been crushed. He’s an incredible technical boxer and athlete but people hate what they perceive to be cowardice – he avoided the fight for 3 years. He cares about nothing but himself – Pac donated 40 million to charity after the fight. He was born with a silver fucking spoon in his mouth – Pac struggled to survive and fought brutal fights in a third world country to feed his family.
    There is nothing masculine about beating the piss out of stupid chicks. He did climb to the very top of his profession but wanting him to get in a car accident on the way to the after party and be paralyzed has nothing to do with “envy” and everything to do with cosmic justice.

  41. I don’t care how much Mayweather flaunts his wealth or anything like that. I am somebody who detests the way he boxes and runs around hugging the opponent every time he gets boxed in. But to say that “he picked Pacquiao apart” is not concurred with the reality of things. I watched the fight and thought that Manny gave him hell and probably the toughest fight of his career. He basically beat Pacquiao with a respectable difference in Jabs thrown (mostly due to his height and arm reach), the power punches landed were almost even for anyone who actually viewed the stats.
    Mayweather had NO BALLS to fight him when Pacquiao was at his finest 5+ years ago simply because he was the champ and could reject him. Look at some of the opponents that they both fought back then… Cotto, De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton. Mayweather beat two of them by points and a late KO for the latter. Pacquiao destroyed all of them well before the last round. Last weekends victory might have been a very lucrative victory for him but it was a defeat for the dying sport that is boxing.

    1. What fight did you watch?! I can name 8 fighters off the top of my head who gave Floyd tougher fights: JL Castillo, Zab Judah, Mosley, Cotto, Maidana, Demarcus Corley, Emanuel Augustus, De La Hoya. Even Hatton at least made him uncomfortable early in the fight which is more than I could say for Pacquiao.
      I hate Mayweather and love Pacquiao but that was not a close fight

      1. Again personal opinions aside it’s hard for a boxing fan to appreciate a boxer who only runs around the ring and almost never takes on the aggressors role. I wasn’t excited about this whatever the case may be simply because it is a fight that should have happened long time ago.

      1. I did not but it’s not about age. When Pacquiao was beating everybody bad it was only logical that he would fight with Mayweather next. Everybody wanted it, Pacquiao wanted it. There was no reason for him not to fight him and he was the one making demands and excuses on Pacquiao such as demanding drug tests right before the fight, not giving Pacquiao his fair share of the money etc. It’s peculiar that he would NOW give Pacquiao 40% of the pie when in reality he could have even settled for less since he already had 5 defeats before the bout.

        1. Pacquiao walked away from the fight, new on YouTube admitting he walked, Freddie roach admitted Pacquiao walked and Pac never wanted the fight. The demands weren’t crazy, it wasn’t a long list of demands it was only one….agree to take a PED test and he said no

  42. “he represents everything we teach in the manosphere.”
    What a joke. I remember watching a video where that dude spent thousands of dollars on some ratchet’s high heels. That guy isn’t red pill – he’s a simp with wealth and a publicist.

    1. He’s basically a domestic abuser and a materialist show-off: aren’t those negative qualities that we in these parts shit on women for?

  43. Pacquiao and his phony humility. He does all the flaunting and people-buying he needs in his home country Philippines, Third World style.

  44. Though I wanted Pacquiao to win, Floyd came off as incredibly sincere and respectful when talking about his apponent in the post fight interview. He hates everybody but his opponent.

  45. Folks who appreciate Mayweather’s boxing would also appreciate the Brazilian
    version of football, which seems to involve falling over and screaming
    for a ref every time an opposing team makes a decent play.

    1. Good point on the flopping aspect of Soccer and esp many on the Brazilian team. I dislike it intensely. But the Brazilian team is the best in World History. What’s not to appreciate about that? I love it. Pele is the Greatest of All Time!!!

      1. But, when the only reason they are the best is due to poor sportsmanship, does that mean they are really the best?

        1. Well, that’s where we would totally disagree then, if you literally believe that the “only reason” they are the best is b/c of flopping which is, to my knowledge, something that is a more recent phenomenon. There is just no way you literally have the most World Cup victories spanning decades based solely on this. No way. Just not possible.

  46. I like everything about Mayweather except his fighting style.
    Cockiness, arrogance, and excellence all get you hated on by the “equality” and “everyone’s a winner” promoting faggots and feminists. Fuck em. If I had Mayweather’s money I’d be lighting cigars with rolls of hundred dollar bills.

  47. When your trying to reach “God mode” people become fearful and want to bring you back down to “human” level.
    “If you can reach that level then what does that say about me?”
    This is their mindset. Money simply allows us to express ourselves even more at greater levels. Of course, you don’t need money to be able to express yourself, but, with money as much as he got he can express himself at different levels. People hate this because it shows their limitations and slavery to the system.
    One life to live and he has already done it before he has reached 50. “God mode” is offensive to those not striving for Mastery or living life for their purpose.
    How mad can someone really make you if you are on your own path and understand that life is about Mastery? You don’t buy a car that looks like he might break down. You don’t buy a iPod that looks like it will crack within two days. You don’t eat food off the floor. Everything ends with Mastery
    Once the main character got to the end of the train in the movie “Snowpiercer” all that was left was a train and someone controlling the path. All things end towards Mastery. People want to be loved simply for them being them. No. Look at our solar system and tell me if it has anything to do with their “feelings”. Its about Mastery lined up perfect as we spin around the sun. Your job can care less about YOU. Its about your production. She can care less about YOU. Its about what you Represent.
    “God Mode” fears blue pill people with limitations in thinking

  48. In a healthy society, looking out for ones self is respected and looking out for others is appreciated and admired. In era of millennial entitlement and self esteem, looking out for yourself is selfish and looking out for others is expected. These kids needed to be punished more when they were children; they have no respect for anything, not even excellence above all others.
    If women were spanked for misbehaving and punished for blatant attention whoring when they were younger, they wouldn’t be idiotic enough to “expect” to get away provoking a fighter scot free.

  49. Funny, I remember when flaunting money, battering women and being selfish used to be called “being an asshole.”
    Now in the magical wonderland that is the Manosphere, greed is good, beating women up is even better and being a self-centered prick is best of all. I suppose it makes sense that if you follow this line of thinking to its natural conclusion, eventually you will end up with a swaggering negro punk as your ultimate role model.
    What a job the Jews have done on our race.

  50. A lot of what you’re celebrating here is malignant narcissism. Mayweather’s personality type stems from an extremely fragile ego developed from a traumatic childhood. You’re misinterpreting his personality as one who doesn’t give a fuck, when in fact he is much more deeply insecure than the average person reading this site. The pathological flashing of cash and the pathetic comments about his place in boxing history show how externally referenced he is.
    He has mediocre black women around him who he spends massive amounts of money on and as another commenter mentioned, he beats them because he can’t either keep them in line, or is too needy to end it before it gets to that point. Zero game.
    His insecurity has driven him to have an insane work ethic and perfectionism about boxing, but overall he is more of a cautionary tale than something to be emulated by us.
    He is also 100% going to be broke 5 years after retirement.

    1. Him fighting like a fucking care bear also didn’t help. This is a boxing match, not a hugging one. I’d ban hugging if it were me calling the shots. Then we might’ve actually had a decent fight worthy of the $100 price tag.

  51. Even though I did root for Manny Pacquiao, you overlooked at the fact Floyd Sr. was in Jr.’s side during the match.
    Since the Red Pill is more of a survival guide in misandrist Celtic society, the fact the father and son tandem are together in this match demonstrates the necessity of fatherhood.

  52. Isn’t Mayweather’s supervillain image just an act? It’s all part of his boxing persona

    1. unlike wrestling, ‘persona’ is an option for a decent boxer, not a necessity.
      Essentially, if you act like a dick for a ‘boxing persona’ it’s because you are acting like a dick.

    2. Basically. He said he knew he wasn’t a knockout artist or a heavyweight so he had to do something to get people to pony up the cash. Looks like it worked to perfection.

  53. I don’t like him cause he is a dick. But I respect him as a fighter. He won. He is talented. He can flaunt his cash and beat as many women and talk trash to anyone who he wishes. He is still great at what he does.
    After seeing him at the end actually show respect to Manny I was pleasantly surprised. All the stuff I heard about Floyed said he was not such a guy.
    At the end of the day, my hat’s off to the guy. People need to stop hating.

    1. Why? If I want to hate a cowardly Negro, I see nothing wrong with it.
      Not that I do, I could care less about him, I don’t even follow boxing anymore since it pales in comparison to MMA, but if people want to hate him because he fights like a bitch, more power to them.

      1. Okay. Keep hating. You would probably be more productive focusing that attention on something else.
        Funny you point out he is a “negro”. I am sure anyone talking about him knows he is black already.
        Anyway, happy trails friend.

        1. Why is that funny? I am an unrepentant racist. My only real objection is that they don’t lock him and his opponent back into their cages to be shipped back to the training grounds until the next fight. And that the fights aren’t to the death.

    2. “After seeing him at the end actually show respect to Manny I was pleasantly surprised. All the stuff I heard about Floyed said he was not such a guy.”
      Because he is a good businessman. He has sold a specific image which helped (over)hype the fight.

  54. Fuck ’em all.
    I’d flaunt my cars, my house, my money, fuck bitches & tell my accusers to go to hell too.
    Haters gonna hate. Make that money bro.

  55. I have much respect for Pacquiao’s modesty, humility and discipline and believe he lives a life worth emulation.
    However, I respect Mayweather as well as he lives his life on his terms. Plus, anyone that gets under the skin of blue pill society is my friend.

  56. There is no question that Mayweather fights to win. By this I mean he will use every technicality. If you are a casual boxing fan it is difficult to appreciate Mayweather’s style. I’ve seen at least three videos floating around the internet depicting Mayweather as a hugging fraidy cat. To quote my brother, whom never watches boxing, “All I saw was some dude running away.” Mayweather deserved his victory but, man, only time will tell if the ‘Fight of the Century’ will profit boxing.
    Now Money vs. Rowdy Rousey, that would be a fight worth $100.

    1. A lot of other commenters Don’t Know Shit About Boxing, but I’m glad I saw you speak up.

  57. No, his victory over Pacquiao pisses me off because it was a cheap win. He didn’t go in there boxing. He knew he was outclassed so he danced around until it went to a decision. There’s was no sportsmanship.
    This isnt a “Red Pill” anything. This was a shitty fight that robbed viewers of $95.00

    1. Isn’t manipulating the rules a blue-pill tactic? That makes Mayweather a blue-piller, not a red.

  58. Sorry ROK, but you lost me on this one.
    Yes, having money is significant of the fact that you have your life in order, and both Mayweather and Pacquiao are to be commended. But how you handle money is significant of how much you really deserve it. Mark my words. Once his career is over, Mayweather will be in a yahoo article about former pro athletes who have had to declare bankruptcy.

  59. Is this what red pill is now? Whatever the common ruck of humanity has its love-hate pump beating fast over?
    That is elevating the gladiatorial games over Cicero.

  60. “and cruised to an easy victory to push his perfect record to 48-0”
    I don’t care about Mayweathers attitude, or flaunting his cash or any of that shit. He’s a boxer, I watch his boxing….He hugged his way to an easy DECISION victory because the judges were going to call him the victor unless Pac knocked him out period.
    Mayweather is a disgrace because he didn’t come to fight, he came to hug and run his way to a W and his performance definitely was not worth 100 milli.

    1. I think you are really doing the guy an injustice. His control, movement, strategy and countering are impeccable. If Pacquiao had thrown the volume of punches he usually does, that he needed to do to have a chance at winning the fight, I honestly think Mayweather would have countered and KO’d him in 6 rounds. Instead, Pacquiao felt Floyd’s power in the first two rounds and decided he didn’t want any of it, and stopped engaging.
      The problem is that Pacquiao has been hyped and protected since day one. Anyone who saw the problems Pacquiao had with Marquez could have easily predicted Floyd dominating Pacquiao the way he did.

      1. Nope. Mayweather was the bigger disappointment. Yes, he landed more punches, but it’s because he dodged and hugged more and he just manipulated the clock. If it was a knockout fight, Pacman would’ve won, like any real man should.

        1. What’s with this “real man” stuff? It sounds curiously like what feminists say about “manning up” and “why don’t you be a real man”. A “real man” handles his business, owns himself, doesn’t care about what others think and does what it takes(within the rules) to win. I think he did that.

        2. So running away like a coward, manipulating the rules, and using technicalities to win is manly? Hugging the other man like a care bear during a boxing match is manly? Sounds more like beta male tactics to me. It’s what someone like Yamcha would do if he was in the ring with Vegeta.

        3. Look. I totally agree that this fight was a dud. I was disappointed sorely in BOTH fighters. Floyd did just enough and didn’t show the kind of grit and willingness to get down and dirty like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard have done in their careers while still being great tacticians. But let’s be real Manny was real lacking too. No punch output, couldn’t cut off the ring, one track mind, etc. This is professional boxing, not a bar brawl. As to “manipulating the rules” you can’t be serious. Playing withing the rules is not “manipulating” them. Did you think that what Muhammad Ali did in the Rumble in the Jungle when he did the rope a dope was manipulating the rules too? Anything not illiegal or breaking the rules is fair game. You may not like it, but it’s fair game. And, yes, playing within the rules that you signed up for is manly. I’m not saying it was pleasing as a fan of the sport but going on about manipulating the rules is tantamount to screaming , “not fair” because women don’t have to do the approaching and can instead rely on their looks moreso than guys can. It is what it is.

        4. Yes, this is professional boxing. It isn’t a care bear hugging contest. If hugging was banned, Mayweather would have lost. And no, sticking by the rules to win by technicality isn’t manly. That’s how beta males win. It’s perfectly legal for a woman to string a man over and then divorce him after she’s gorged herself on all his money. Is that virtuous behavior? No. Fighting like a fucking care bear then running away isn’t how a man fights. That’s how a coward fights. Rules notwithstanding. Calling that manly is a disgrace to actual men.

        5. Nope. It isn’t. Even the people who paid to see the fight got cheated. It was a sparring match, not a real fight. And again, Mayweather used tricks and technicalities to win. If hugging the other boxer was penalized and knockouts were the victory conditions, Manny would’ve come out on top.

        6. No, the rules aren’t made to honor manly fighting. They’re made for cheap statistics for people to fall back to. And again, your definition of a man is so vague it can apply to damn near anyone. Even the people who paid to see the fight got cheated by Mayweather’s bullshit tactics.

    2. You can’t run while throwing AND landing more punches than the other guy. I know it’s a popular narrative, the math just doesn’t add up.

      1. Yes, but he also dodged more and hugged more. If it were a straight-up knockout fight, Pacquiao would’ve won.

        1. That’s where you keep messing up. That’s the whole point. It is NOT a “straight-up knockout fight”. It is boxing which goes on a point system. So your hypothetical statement is rendered moot. He won based on the point system that is in place in pro boxing. Yes, it was boring and no I didn’t like it but yes he did win. Period.

        2. Which means this isn’t a sport for real men. It’s one for tricksters and technicalities.

        3. Well, if one signs up for the fight knowing the point system is in place and you lose you can’t then go and whine about it not being for “real men” after you get your butt whipped. You as a fight fan knew this system was in place prior to watching it so if you are so against it, you shouldn’t be watching it or be surprised if you do watch it. I mean, let’s be real Floyd fought how he always does pretty much. I mean, this wasn’t some big surprise was it? But prior to the fight everyone was saying the fight would never happen b/c Floyd was scared or that if he did that Manny wouldn’t let him run-he would cut the ring off. Now, one thing I agree with you on is this- the excessive clinching should be against the rules and should be docked points. We paid to see a rumble so there should be a limit to how many times you can hold until points are deducted. But again, that would have to be put into the rules in very specific, measureable terms.

        4. Again, you’re white-knighting for a man who clearly put more effort in hugging his opponent and running away. I can accept a bit of dodging. But this kind of fighting? Yeah, no. If this were a real fight, he’d be bleeding in an alley.

        5. The point system is bullshit. People paid to see knockouts, it should be geared towards knockouts.

        6. And a point system is complete bullshit. The viewers knew it, and we know it. Pro boxing relying on points is like war relying on point systems.

  61. Society in general and his haters in particular were against “Money” and He defeated them both in under an hour.He knows the business of boxing more than He is given credit for and don’t be surprised should He dominate it as a promoter in the future.There is currently no active athlete who is so in control of his career than “Money”.He is self made with no team or corporate sponsor that could be bullied to drop him like they do sponsored athletes.Now that is frustrating to his haters.

  62. The only thing Mayweather ever did that pissed me off was shit talking his own dad in public; that was unnecessary. Agreed on the other points, though.

  63. To be fair, I didn’t consider the fight and Mayweather this way.
    I too wanted Pacquiao to win, and watching the fight I didn’t understood why everyone said that it was a clear win for Mayweather.
    I know little about boxing, but from what I saw Mayweather did little to win. He stayed away, ran the whole night, punched Pacquiao like three times and that was it.
    I know he “controlled” the fight, but is this all that we have to aspire?

        1. you know manny shoulder is destroyed. he had surgery and is out for 9-12 months.
          But judging the fight without considering paquiao´s injury. mayweather was better. he is taller and has the better technique when fighting pac. he fought pac like you are supposed to fight a lunatic who only knows to go forward.
          i wouldn´t have fought if i was manny and my shoulder hangs on just a few strings.

  64. You know, I don’t condone domestic violence in any way, but I always take a step back and wonder what the female did to incur the wrath of the male in these situations. I had a friend whose wife slapped him during a heated disagreement and when he responded in kind (meaning an open-palm slap just like the one he received), he damn near caved in the whole side of her face since men are generally stronger than women. Now, she had turned her engagement ring around and left a cut on the side of his face, but since she obviously took the harder blow, he was carted off to jail and eventually convicted despite her admission in court that she fired the first shot. About 10 years ago, I had a girl punch me in the mouth because I called her out on being mean, nasty, and generally unattractive. I’ve never really subscribed to this whole free pass women seem to get in the physical violence department, so I responded with a knuckle sandwich of my own and laid her out flat on her back. Again, not that hard of a punch – I wasn’t trying to knock a tooth out or break her nose – but a male is generally stronger than a woman, so she didn’t know what hit her. This took place at a bar and my friends and I quickly made our exit after all this, so there were no repercussions for me. Am I sorry? Nope. Not in the least. Some men are just women beating jerks, true, but some women cross lines they shouldn’t with men and when they pay the price for it, I don’t pity them.

    1. Agreed. Bitches need a bitch slap every now and then. That’s the point it’s gotten to with these narcissistic, out of control women. The only reason more men don’t do it is because of potential jail time.

    2. “Am I sorry? Nope. Not in the least.”
      You shouldn’t be. Any woman who is entitled enough to attack and physically endanger someone should get laid out.
      There seems to be a pattern here with Mayweather, however. I’d lean more towards the woman-beating jerk with him.

  65. Whoever said money is the root of all evil never had any.
    -Jim Young, The Boiler Room
    Jim Young whoever that is, failed. the verse goes “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” that´s for believers/slaves of Christ.
    can´t just take half a verse, put it out of context, just to use it for ridicule. Then stupid people like the publisher of this article is gonna use it without knowing that it´s garbage and brings it onto ROK.
    And Mayweather wants to be loved by the people, thats the definition of a mangina.
    what a fail this article is.

  66. Mayweather is too advanced for a casual fan to appreciate his skill. You see a “running” meme and start parroting that like a feminist about consent.
    Also, he restrained that chick cuz she was coked outta her mind.
    Kudos for the “Boiler Room” reference, over the heads of some lol.
    (The white fleet is in Miami, and the Black in LV)

  67. “It’s me first, then everybody else. Ain’t no motha fucka gon’ look out for me but me. Me first…..then everybody else.”
    After coming out of the lowest point of my life and with no help but my own, I agree with this all the way. The rest of the world is selfish so why be a people-pleaser? Hell, even the people-pleasers I know are selfish.

  68. In all honesty Paquio should’ve won. He even thought he did. In his own words “I thought I won the fight. He didn’t do nothing,” “I got him many times with solid punches … I can handle his power.”
    Imo Mayweather barely did anything compared to Paquiao.

    1. To which Max Kellerman replied “we didn’t think so at ringside, neither did the judges”.
      What Mayweather DID do was hit a lot more, and not get hit.

      1. While dodging and running around like a court jester. And hugging Manny like a fucking care bear.

  69. To me that was the most disappointing fight I’ve ever seen, all Mayweather did was bob and weave, and hugged the entire time. If I wanted a watch a hugbox from idiots I would’ve went to Dashcon.
    Yeah Mayweather gets more money, and gets another win, however at the cost of boxing being entertaining to millions. I’m going to keep watching MMA from here on out.

    1. Agreed. People paid to see that fight so that someone would knock out somebody. Not to watch people hug or dodge.

  70. You’re looking too much into it. I don’t really like him because he is a boring fighter.

  71. I have to disagree with this article.
    “His victory over Pacquiao pisses people off because he represents everything we teach in the manosphere.”
    The primary reason for the media outrage was his five domestic assault convictions with three different women. The manosphere does not teach that. I’m not here to judge him. I don’t know for certain if the DV claims are true nor do I know the amount of virtue that he has. I do believe the dislike towards a repeated domestic abuser is warranted.
    His whole “Money” persona is mostly an act. He is an entertainer first, and an athlete second. Boxing can’t get any ratings unless the boxers have compelling personalities, and he’s mastered the art of marketing himself.
    That being said, it’s a red-pill lesson to the world that when you’re on Floyd’s level, you can get away with pretty much anything in life.

    1. I don’t think so either. The manosphere is about common men, betas, elevating their lot in life by emulating alpha behaviors.
      Mayweather is an alpha who had the best start life: a father that groomed him in his career, good genes, and the confidence that has brought mountains of pussy his way. His anti-social behaviour and lack of intellectual pursuits make him more unrelatable to the average manopshere devotee.
      The reason he is being lionized in this article is because red-pill teachings has taught us that acting like him will get you the glory, money, or pussy that most of us feel we are lacking. We allunderstand this on an intellectual level but he wouldn’t. He’s the captain of the football team you resented in highschool. If you would try to break down the red pill to him, he wouldn’t understand one bit of it.

      1. So winning battles through technicalities and cowardice, and engaging in materialist showoff behavior and domestic abuse is manly and alpha? Boy, times sure have changed.

  72. If only that were so. Having owned (purchased new) Ferarris, Porches, etc, and being a multi-multi myself I can say categorically that the desire to drive those things, have big houses, etc is not “because I don’t give a fuck” but in truth “I desperately care what other people think about me and I have low self esteem which needs to be propped up by external things”.
    I agree wholeheartedly about all the domestic violence arguments. He is a fighter (I also fight) and a damn good one. Let him fight. Just don’t pretend that he is an authentically happy human being, because he is categorically not. People who “don’t give a fuck” don’t need to pay people millions of dollars to be their entourage, they have friends who do that for free

  73. I didn’t watch the fight because I didn’t want to see Manny lose but I read the commentary, and it went like this (from both his supporters and detractors): “Mayweather run around and jabbed from afar.” Well, good for him, it’s a legitimate tactic when you’re fighting someone who is shorter than you and doesn’t have the reach, you’ll definitely win boxing matches that way, scoring easy points… good luck in a real street fight, though, when they got you pinned in the back of an alleyway.
    But this article is fucked since I really wouldn’t call Manny blue pill. He’s just a guy who didn’t have much except being able to fight and went with it. Good for him. Seriously. I watched the Manny documentary recently and it’s clear that he’s pretty simple (not smart), but he’s loyal to his family and country and is trying his best. Mayweather, on the other hand, plays the asshole game to a tee (even his supporters can admit that), and it’s pretty rational to assume a lot of people (myself included) want to see assholes fall on their faces and break their teeth. Nothing sinister here.
    And, finally, having a cunt like Mayweather succeed isn’t a victory for whichever side he’s playing for. If it was George Clooney, or Sean Connery, or Steve McQueen in the ring then, yes, that would be a victory worth celebrating, but Mayweather? Fuck that. That baboon doesn’t represent me.

      1. That boat thing sure hits a nerve, don’t it? They were going to send them back after they were done with the slaves but that fell through. Well, never say never.

        1. Haha… Says the guy who relies on black people to win the NFL, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Olympics…… Oh, and Presidency amongst a list of other things as long as your arm. I just can’t be bothered to type them all.
          I like to sit back and watch, calm… You go burn yourself out buddy. I’m all good son.
          By the way folks, I’m mixed race… I got love for all sides, just not the backwards degenerate jealous side this moron resides on. Oh, you’ll never win btw… I think your intelligent enough to know this… So why waste your time? Rhetorical question

        2. Africans in Africa sure have shown the world how to run shit… oh wait. Interesting you list tennis (you only have williams sisters, and who wants to own up to them), golf you have a half chinese guy who’s ranked around 60 or so in the world, olymics you have running and jumping and that’s about it, oooh taking over all the sports. Can’t wait for the all-black swim team. Lol. Presidency, half white guy gets gifted the presidency twice even though he’s a coke snorting homosexual with a transvestite wife. Yeah, you can keep that one. Further lols. As for basketball and baseball, I’m not american so don’t watch those sports, so has no effect on my daily life.
          So go on, type some more “achievements,” I’m happy to knock them down. But for your next list why don’t you name some Nobel prize winners, or people who have helped advance society in STEM fields. Go on.

        3. Sure thing. Black Nobel prize winners as follows:
          Ralph Bunche
          Albert John Luthuli
          Martin Luther King Jr.
          Anwar El Sadat
          Sir William Arthur Lewis
          Desmond Tutu
          Wole Soyinka
          Derek Walcott
          Toni Morrison
          Nelson Mandela
          Kofi Anan
          Wangari Maathai
          Barack Obama
          Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
          Leyma Gbowee
          Regarding coke sniffing, I think you’ll find that’s George “dumbest president in the world” Bush… Yeah, he got caught with possession of cocaine.
          You haven’t shot anything down yet buddy, maybe your racism stems from you loosing a wife/partner/girlfriend to a black guy… Easily done, and as they say, once she goes black, she ain’t going back… If you know what I mean yeah.
          I just want to say, we are all the same underneath our skin, except for that little voice in some racist cunts that goes, “I wish I was black”

        4. Nice list. Bit surprised it’s that long. Naturally the white list is longer, but that goes without saying.
          Never lost any chick to any black guy. Black guys have zero game. Plus, for some reason I can’t explain (besides quoting Freud) they go for the fat, ugly bitches. Go figure. Oh, and I got an 8 inch, so zero penis inferiority from me. Black guys hate white guys who have a bigger dick than them, it robs them of, literally, the only thing they have going for them.
          And I just want to say, we are not the fucking same underneath. Not even close. Why is it that the vast, vast majority of inventions were invented by whites? Why is it that the least civilised (as in, built up, roads, rules, law, etc) continent is Africa. It’s not as if China was all that 100 years ago. Why is it that even when you give the Africans established industries, infrastructure (e.g. South Africa) they run that shit to the ground. In South Africa they couldn’t even maintain the power grid and now there’s power sharing going on, right now. Buses don’t work anymore either. Were working under white control. Now not. Why is that? Is it because maybe, just maybe they’re dumb as shit “underneath?”
          Keep sprouting your “everybody’s equal shit,” just don’t go round opening your eyes and seeing reality slapping you in the face 24-7.

      1. Yes, but if he’s not blue pill then how, exactly is it a victory for red pill when the cunt red pill dude beats up the non-cunt red pill dude? Huh? It’s not that hard to read between the lines.

  74. he is a role model, someone that does what you would do if you had what he have, just wish him well and always be a role model for all of men.

  75. Mayweather may have won but his win is a loss for boxing and for the manosphere. He spent the whole fight running and didn’t connect on a single combination during the whole fight. The only punches he landed were isolated jabs while he ran. So manny was right in his post fight interview.
    The purpose of.boxing is to hurt the other guy, but Floyds plan was simply to touch other guy without getting touched as much. It has essentially become like Olympic boxing or karate, in which the object is just to make contact. All masculinity has been removed from the most masculine sport.

    1. Hence why if the match required a knockout and had no limit to rounds or time, Manny would’ve won.

      1. Are you kidding? Manny was totally gassed out by the end of the fight, Floyd could have gone on for 10 more rounds.

        1. Manny lost because his opponent fought like a girl. Not even a real girl, but the stereotype of a girl: hugging and running away. That’s how a feminist would fight. If Floyd was born a woman he’d have all the negative characteristics you people hate women for. Materialistic, abusive, and running away/hugging the enemy to make them lose.

        2. Manny lost with dignity. Mayweather won with tricks. The latter is less honorable than the former. If the rules didn’t exist and the only victory condition was knockouts, Manny would’ve won.

        3. Nope. Floyd was throne running and hugging. He didn’t have the energy to face the enemy head-on.

    2. No, the purpose of boxing is not to “hurt the other guy”. The purpose is to win Within the rules provided in the sport.

      1. The purpose is to hurt the other guy, preferably knock him out. That is why you punch them. It is called a fight for a reason. It isn’t just a competition in which nonviolent taps are traded. It is a particularly violent sport in which you punch the other guy with the intention of knocking him out.

        1. If the purpose was to knock the other guy out, you wouldn’t have the point system. The purpose of boxing is to win the fight within the given rules. There is no arguing this. End of debate.

        2. Again, a Beta Male point. Relying on “points” instead of knockouts is a beta system in this beta world. You relying on that shows you’re a beta.

        3. Beta males and feminists win in legal and political battles. Doesn’t make them better people.

  76. OT, but regarding the fight: What a disappointment. Most definitely gone are the days of Rumble in the Jungle, when two guys would belt the shit out of each other for 15 rounds. Now, they might as well make Boxing like Olympic Tae-kwon-do.. the fighters wear padded body armor with a sensor inside, which goes “ding” when the opponent scores a “touch”.
    Anyhow.. I don’t reckon it’s a case of everyone hating Mayweather, so much, more that the crowd loves an underdog. And that’s what Pacquioa was, or more accurately, how the media portrayed him.

  77. Boxing: the only way people can watch two minorities pummel the shit out of each other and the police won’t intervene.

    1. Golf: the only way we get to watch the world’s real minority (whites) play with white balls together and no one gets cited for indecency.

  78. A victory for the manosphere…….don’t make me laugh.
    So you say that Mayweather is a real man because he commits domestic abuse and shows off his wealth-two things that you people consider to be bad traits for anyone with a vagina. So just because he isn’t a woman materialism and domestic abuse is suddenly a positive trait? Don’t make me laugh. You praise him for being selfish, and yet you people turn around and hate selfish women. So only one gender is allowed to be selfish in your eyes, yes? Isn’t this the same inequality we hate feminists for? Either being a selfish, domestic abuser who shows off his or her wealth is a good thing or a bad thing. You praise men for doing it yet hate women for doing it, showing how hollow your mentality is.
    And as for the fight, all he did was dodge, avoid, and hug Manny like a fucking care bear. That wasn’t a fight-that was a complete piss of a match. Manny was the man, standing his ground, trying to get a one-on-one matchup, while Floyd was the jester hugging his opponent and dodging left and right. Oh, sure, he got in hits on Manny, but Manny got in hits as well. That’s not how a man fights. Granted, Manny fought like a shy schoolgirl on her first date, but that was better than Floyd Mayweather acting like a court jester and a fucking care bear.
    You people are pathetic. This really shows why the manosphere needs some fucking quality control. You’re praising a guy who won by manipulating the rules……not a warrior who stood his ground and fought like a man. I bet that if the match required a knockout to win, Manny would be the winner. All Mayweather did was dodge, avoid, hug, and get in more light jabs. That isn’t boxing, that’s a fucking feather-tapping fight. I wouldn’t question Floyd as a man and a warrior if he stood his ground and fought with honor-I could really care less about his background. But the way he fought-don’t call it a victory for manhood. It’s a victory for those who manipulate the rules to win, not for real men. That’s how feminists and beta males fight, not how alphas fight. Alphas don’t dodge and run and hug like Care Bears.
    I have had enough of this whole anti-hero worshipping going on in the manosphere where people are great because they’re hated. People hated Floyd in this fight because he didn’t stand his ground and fight like a man-he used the rules and the time limits, as well as cheap tricks like hugging Pac-Man like a fucking care bear, to win the fight. That’s not how real manhood fights. Seriously, this anti-hero worship is the kind of thing I’d expect from basement-dwelling weeaboos who stay in all day eating Cheetos and facing the computer screen. Roosh needs to input some fucking quality control here. The manosphere is turning into the exact same thing it’s supposed to hate. Even Floyd had to acknowledge in the end that Manny was the true warrior and champion at heart, because if it wasn’t for arbitrary rules and time limits, Manny would’ve knocked Floyd down.

    1. Domestic abuse… Pfftttt…
      Given the state of our out of control women, those bitches most likely deserved it anyway…..

        1. I don’t have to be there. The majority of women’s claims regarding abuse are bullshit.
          They either instated there beat down in the first place by acting up and doing wrong somehow.

  79. FMW is a boring fighter. He hugs, runs, ducks, sticks his elbow in the opponent’s face and does everything except make a fight fun to watch. Assholes are a dime a dozen in fight sports, people don’t hate him because he’s a bad guy. They hate him because he’s a chicken in the ring, and people want to see real fights, not some pussy throwing punches with no sting and doing everything to avoid fighting. His only KO victory since 2007 was when Victor Ortiz tried to give him a hug. Pretty much says it all.

    1. He may be illiterate but he is set to make 200 million by boxing some dude in a ring for 1 hour due to postponing the fight and building it up for the last 5 years. I don’t know many mentally retarded people with that much business intelligence.

      1. You don’t need to be smart to make those kinds of decisions, you just need to listen to good advisors. I agree Mjr has made a lot of good business decisons, but he’s won a lot of unexciting decision fights too. And that’s mostly what I care about as a fan, whether he has expert accountants, lawyers and business advisors or is inherently a good business man or not isn’t too important for me.
        As a fan I’d love to see Mayweather vs. Golovkin at jr mw as Mjr’s 49th or 50th fight. If Mayweather takes that fight, it would be hard to say he ducked the best opponents of his era.

  80. Maywheater is just a dumbass IMO… He constantly brags about his money because he is extremely insecure about what other men think of him. He is the kind of guy that will go broke within 5 years after his retirement. He exaggerated lavish lifestyle is just wasting money. Sorry, I don’t respect that kind of behavior.

  81. This is why MMA is way more of a real fight. If someone hugs you the fight is still on and you can throw him off.
    And Floyd’s performance in the ring and unwillingness to engage only reminded me of a generation that has gone soft…. didn’t make me think there was any red pill going on there.

  82. I dont agree with this article at all. Lot of talk on this site about alpha vs beta behavior. IMO, Floyd Mayweather fights like a Beta. He’s a soft punching point fighter that has manipulated his record thru picking and choosing his opponents. He never hurts anyone in the ring. 48 wins and only 26 by knockout. He’s not an alpha boxer at all. He’s a marketing creation. He’s the Lil Wayne of Boxing. The only people that I know who think he’s great are really young guys that have no other comparable. As someone that grew up in the era of Sugar Ray Leonard, Hagler, Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Holyfield, Roy Jones JR – Mayweather sucks compared to them. Even guys like Mickey Ward and Ricky Hatton have shown more heart than Floyd. He’s boring and he’s stupid. What alpha wants to be known as a boring stupid individual? Those are beta characteristics.
    Plus he hangs out with Justin Bieber and he beats his wife. Its so bizarre that somehow beating your wife on here gets you street cred. There’s nothing credible at all about that and all real men know that. He’s a ghetto jackass that is a pussy in the ring. No man should ever aspire to be that.

    1. Well, he’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars, and has gained more PPV-Revenue than any other boxer in history. Beta characteristics?
      You, sir, are a Hater. And that is as beta as it gets.

  83. The guy earns his money honestly, if people are willing to hand over their cash for what he has to offer then he deserves what he makes. The thing that makes me laugh though, is how these types of people think they are on top of the world when they really aren’t that big. Lots of Wall Street big wigs and CEO’s make more money in a year than mayweather has in his whole life. You don’t see them on cribs with a 20 oz gold chain, a pet tiger and 20 lamborghinis in 20 different obnoxious colors. a little subtlety goes a long way. this kind of mindset is the reason why so many rappers athletes etc go from filthy rich to bankrupt in the span of a couple years.