The Ferguson Riots Show Why Good Cops Will Quit

Cops have been risking their lives for many years now with little appreciation from the communities they serve. Being underappreciated has always been acceptable and has never stopped any of us from going to work every day. But as explained in my previous article, “Why Americans Should Reconsider Their Contempt for Today’s Police,” lack of appreciation is turning into contempt and condemnation. Unreasonable contempt and condemnation from the community an officer serves will cause him to turn in his uniform.  I think Ferguson will be a test to see how cops react, and could prove to be the beginning of the end for good cops.

Mike Brown was branded an “unarmed black teenager” from the very beginning.  As the media covered the story, the naive American public had little choice but to imagine poor little Mike walking home from school, thrilled to get home and tell his mother that he got an “A” in science. And then again to tell his father when he got home from work.

When such an angel is imagined dead in the street, one cannot help but to picture the grotesque monster that gunned him down. The nameless, faceless officer was drawn up in every psychotic mind within this newly divided America. Every fringe painted their own specific and frightening image of the evil cop. The leftists and black supremacists only needed to draw the policeman as white, while the new right wing drew him as a militarized robot.  With that, a conceptual, inhuman monster emerged as a common enemy to opposing sides; all before any real information was known.

For days, nobody knew why the altercation even started between Mike Brown and the police. We still don’t even know all the facts surrounding the actual shooting other than initial reports that Mike Brown was inside the police car fighting with the officer in a struggle over the officer’s gun.

Then recently we learned that Mike Brown committed a strong-arm robbery at a local store before being stopped by police. An officer happened to stop Mike shortly after for walking in the middle of the street (A side note: You might consider a cop addressing jaywalking as harassment, but it is common for inner city youth to walk in the street to disrupt traffic and look for a fight with people who challenge them). It is apparent from the store footage that Mike Brown doesn’t mind a fight, and I’m sure he thought he was being stopped for robbing that store just minutes prior, and was already preparing for another fight in order to avoid going to jail.

Mike Brown thought he could just take things that were not his, and use violence against property owners that tried to stop him. When stopped by the police, he decided to attack the officer and to try to take his gun. As a result, Mike ended up dead, but thankfully the officer that was doing his job is ok, right?  Thank God we have guys like him to maintain law and order, correct? Instead, Ferguson burns while some people exclaim racism and cry that they are subject to a police state.


The fringes went into full gear to exploit the incident to further their agendas. Black supremacists marched behind the mask of justice, while the confused new right wing offered indirect social media support. Freedom loving, second amendment preservers with CCW permits who would have shot Mike Brown in the same situation might have even joined the rioters if they could—just for that chance to hurt a cop and symbolically get revenge against a system that has forsaken them.

If you are a critical thinker, consider if your contempt for the police is instrumented by leftists after all. You’re compelled to sit idly by while cops that represent law and order are run over in the streets, ultimately standing down in the end, leaving the amount of property damage and carnage up to the emotion and will of unjust rioters and racial supremacists. Ferguson will ripple from city to city, if only as a reminder to certain groups of what they can get away with. You feel some sort of victory as you mistake your friends as enemies and your enemies as friends.

In “The Death of a Nation,” a book written in 1968 by John A. Stormer about communist infiltration in America and how to fight it, a few suggestions are offered:

“Support your local police. Determine whether they have authority to put down trouble when it starts.  Have they been hamstrung by political restrictions as police in Detroit, Newark, and other cities have been?  Expose communist efforts to undermine confidence in local police forces.”

Is there even a single city left that isn’t “hamstrung by political restrictions?”

He goes on to quote J. Edgar Hoover:

“…for years it has been communist policy to charge ‘police brutality’ in a calculated campaign to discredit law enforcement and to accentuate racial issues.  The riots and disorders of the past three years clearly highlight the success of this communist smear campaign in popularizing the cry of ‘police brutality’ to a point where it has been accepted by many individuals having no affiliation with or sympathy for the communist movement.”

Inadvertently supporting radical leftists by condemning law enforcement, which is the immune system that is tasked with fighting their disease, is suicide. It is fantasy to imagine the criminal rioters in Ferguson as freedom-loving Americans that have been wronged, and supporting them is taking on the role of the left’s “useful idiot.” I know that officer did not execute Mike Brown like they contend. In the end, we may see some issues of poor tactics or bad decisions, but we all know that Mike Brown was not just walking home from school, and he was not the “gentle giant” that the media needed to convince the public he was in the beginning to get emotions flared up.

Militarized or modern?

The new right wing wrongly concludes that leftists want strong local police forces to enforce <insert leftist agenda here>, but they actually don’t. Not yet. The left probably will not support strong police agencies until they are centralized by disbanding local agencies into large metropolitan ones, which is slowly happening under the guise of budget deficits. Actually, the left often uses political correctness and activism to weaken local police departments that have decent control over their criminal elements.

I’ve been trying to convey in my previous articles that local cops are still very local. Even if they don’t live in the ghetto that they patrol, there’s a good chance they grew up there or nearby and still have roots within. There is room for improvement via self-evaluation necessary from cops as noted in my last article, but they still have their hearts in the right place; they can be swayed and won over with your support, or at least with a lack of your condemnation. Leftists and racial supremacists cannot be won over.

Does the fact that the mainstream media condemns the “militarized police” say anything? Rand Paul recently used Ferguson as an opportunity to take measures to “de-militarize the police.” What exactly is a militarized cop anyway? Weapons and tactics have always evolved. Were the police militarized when they transitioned from revolvers to semi-automatic pistols? Or when they began wearing bulletproof vests? I wonder if some old-timer once condemned those dastardly constables and their unnecessary automobiles that they were always zooming around in while fondly thinking of the simpler times when lawmen rode horses. Even before that, someone probably condemned the “military-style horses” of the deputies. The only difference is that they did not have social media and a bunch of mindless followers parroting their fear in a deafening echo-chamber.

Cops don’t offer a fair fight. We always want the advantage while learning and reacting to every mistake. Sometimes the lesson learned is that we need more firepower, as in the case of the Hollywood shootout in 1997 with armored and suicidal rifle-firing bank robbers. An armored vehicle would have also come in handy. We’re not going to apologize for wanting to be safe. Open your eyes and see how dissociated people are from each other and how the violence that occurs is more brutal than ever. Common fistfights of the past have become brutal beat-downs that often end in murder.

So why should the Federal Government and military be the only ones to have heavy fire power? How do the fantasies of state secessions, revolution, and civil war play out when local communities are reduced to small arms? If a revolution erupted, do you really think that your neighbor, blue collared Officer Smith, would zig zag his way down to the local police station to gear up and join a tyrannical government army? No, he’ll be fighting next to you because his interests are in his community and his family.


I’m not sure if the events in Ferguson will change anything in the long run, but it certainly exposed the ever-growing confusion in America. Cops in America have a watchful eye on Ferguson as black supremacists along with the local community unjustly rally against their brothers. As they watch city and police leaders cave to political pressure, while the rest of America condemns the camouflage uniforms officers wore while combating violent unrest, it should be no surprise when good cops quit. Wouldn’t you?

If things continue as they have, it won’t be the revolution you fantasize about. It won’t be freedom-loving patriots rising up against a tyrant. It will be giant, collective special interest groups rising up against you. Their armies will be massive and violent because the immune system designed to control them will have withered away after years of your deconstruction and condemnation. And you will have thought you were sticking it to the man.


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784 thoughts on “The Ferguson Riots Show Why Good Cops Will Quit”

  1. Wrong. As long as the checks clear, cops will obey orders.
    Cops work for MONEY. Like everyone else. Not for virtue, justice, or the American way. Being a cop is a job just like a janitor, grocery clerk, or whore.
    The name of their boss is the city, state or federal government. That’s who cops work for – not you, not me, not Jesus.

    1. At least 1/2 the appeal for someone to be a cop is power over other people and not money. It is why the average Cop’s IQ is only 104.
      It’s no wonder shit like this happens all the time. Giving retarded people guns and have them try to uphold the peace.
      I referenced this before but here it is again…a guy actually got turned down for being a cop because he wasn’t dumb enough. Fucking pathetic.

      1. Is that the only article you have ever read? It’s like your bible. It’s one story!!

        1. Just because it’s one story doesn’t mean it shouldn’t impact this discussion. It says a lot.

      2. So if cops only have an IQ of 104 they must be like Einstein compared to the African-Americans they’re policing with an average IQ of 87 eh’?

    2. Not only that, but a lot of people that join the police force nowadays just do it because they need a job, except the public’s perception of the “nobility” of the job is greater than being a janitor, grocery store clerk, or whore.

      1. Try making it in the private sector, where people actually have to voluntarily pay for your services, scum.

      2. What’s wrong about it?
        Your checks are issued by the city you work in. Your orders come down ultimately from the mayor of that city.
        When’s the last time you, or any cop you’ve ever known, either refused to follow an order on moral grounds or arrested or reported a fellow officer who was breaking a law?

    3. Remember in the last article AC wrote?Most cops live from payday to payday and I don’t know about you but that is one of the most loyal employees you can have.

    4. That may be so but do you really think they would all follow any order given them no matter how heinous and obviously unjust it end up. ANY order whatsoever? It takes a specific level of conditioning to remove any traces of humanity and remain with nothing more than a stone-cold robotic enforcer (notwithstanding a few psychopaths who may be attracted to such a station in life and who manage to slip past the “could very well turn into an uncontrollable killer on our watch” safeguards). Do you believe they truly have gone that far? this is a perfectly valid question here BTW.
      Now where have I heard this line about “just following orders” before…

      1. Have you ever “mean mugged” or shoved anyone? We don’t know why that clerk accosted him.

        1. Oh I don’t know, maybe for reaching over the counter, grabbing shit, and trying to leave without paying.

        2. There was no accusation. He had no criminal record. There is evidence he left the money on the counter.

    1. This has become so huge with the potential to turn the entire place upside down that I wouldn’t believe anything no matter how ‘hard proof’ it may appear. Like how can a jumbo jet plow into the pentagon with no hard video of it? The system is FULL OF SHIT. What’s the old CIA rules for lying? 1). Anything repeated three times or more becomes truth 2). If you’re going to lie, then LIE COMPLETELY , and so on . . . Ferguson IS THAT BIG. Even with eyewitnesses, how can anyone know anything for certainty with the government’s finest world class deceivers, liars and noisemakers staging there?

  2. No such thing as a good cop. They are all money grubbers for the federal government. At this point, you are on our side or theirs.

      1. Hardworking? Working on what? Stealing money through taxes and ticket quotas? Every police officer you know has to meet their monthly citizens robbery quota.
        Your avatar has a Swiss flag in it so I assume you are out of the US and not too familiar with what we regularly deal with.
        I’m sure there are hardworking, selfless Al-Qaeda members who would give up their life for their communities and God. They are still scum.
        If Bacon wants to be hardworking, make it in the private sector instead of strong-arming citizens for tax dollars. If you want to selflessly fight crime, then join a fucking nightwatch group instead of being a hired goon for the federal government.

  3. Ferguson is kind of an odd community: formerly a white working class neighborhood, until three section 8 communities were forced on the community by the government.
    The section 8 communities destroyed the property values, introduced crime, and caused white people to flee. In a blink, the suburb turned 68% black.
    This happened so fast that the white elected government is still in charged, and the white career government employees are still employed, including the police.
    So basically you have some government employees, with little relations to their citizens, trying their best to prevent their town from turning their nice town into a shithole. But without the experience/resources/know how to do so, and with HUD actually trying to turn the suburb into a shithole. (HUD and Big city governments have been trying to bulldoze blacks out of big cities, and invite illegals to replace them, because Mexicans cause less crime).

    1. Interesting history, I learned something, thank you. Curious, over how long a time span did this occur, a few months, a year, several years?

      1. About 15 years between the groundbreaking of the section 8 designation and today. Most residents of Ferguson are new arrivals.

    2. I have seen this circulating and think it would be relevant. Not sure where the original source is from.
      “I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal
      neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans
      into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self-improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. And we certainly must not forget their abhorrence for crime and their dedication to observing the law. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.”

    3. Even without section 8, schuyster realtors have had a practice known as ‘blockbusting’. A realtor will obtain a property in a white area and pre approve financing to a large family who doesn’t qualify. Suddenly ten poarch monkeys are seen swinging about the property and adjoining white neighbors sell quick and cheap. The broker rakes up the block at cut rate, then the monkeys default and broker takes all. Values go back up. Mind you this was 1950’s and 60’s southwest DC! In 1950 Anacostia was 90% white. Maybe a few brokers lost their licence for this back in the day, but you see what the place has become today. You find the same crooked mentality anywhere in government as well. I think it was planned. District of criminals is like a castle with a mote of alligators surrounding it. The dangerous neighborhoods where the fair ner tread are the ‘mote’ now.

    4. I’ve gone into the Mexican areas of Chicago at night and never felt threatened. However I’d never venture into the hood at night, nor in the day. If this “Mexican” future for the US that liberals look forwards too happens do you really think a Mexican dominated police department is just going to sit back and let black youth raze civilization to the ground? It’s not just “whites” who will aggressively police anti-social elements, Indians, Arabs, Vietnamese, Koreans, Mexicans, etc will all crack down hard on wild fatherless boys whose actions threaten the economy. How can we have any wealth if some thug can walk into our stores, steal a box of cigars, punch you for trying to stop him, and get away with it?

  4. Hire cops from the neighborhoods they are supposed to patrol, these cops actually give a shit about their communities.
    Cops are civilian and ought to be restricted to the same weapons and use of force laws as civilians. Cops aren’t military, this isn’t a military state.

    1. There have been several cases where communities have proposed white officers patrol white areas and black officers patrol black areas. The black officers would have none of it. They would then be stuck patrolling the worst, most dangerous areas all the time. I know both white and black cops. They all look at anyone not a cop as the other, and they all suspect blacks more than whites. No matter the color of your skin, if you have to deal with black criminals day in and day out, you start to look at blacks differently. It just is what happens.
      As to cops looking out to protect themselves, well wouldn’t you? If I went to work daily where people were likely to shoot me I would think of my own safety first and so would you.

  5. I don’t care for cops, but I respect the GUN. Police are fundamentally trained by the military, therefore when you pose a treat to them along with any civilians, they have every right to BLOW YOU AWAY. Trying to take a gun from a officer, is like asking for one right between the nose.

    1. Yeah which is exactly why the cops in Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, ect. rarely need to fire a shot to get the job done.
      Police should NOT be fundamentally trained by the military, or given any sort of military weapons because they ordered too much to fill their buddies pockets. They should be considered a half step above civilians, with 500% more liability for whatever stupid, dumb shit they do, in exchange for that additional power.
      At the end of the day, no one will be safe. Say what you will about betas, but they make great mindless soldiers. If they white knight for women, think about what they would do for the government, or a made up cause to put them against protestors.

      1. I would take it a step further and say that no one should wield a firearm (U.K.), with very stiff prison sentences for conviction. That would solve a few problems within, but it’s too late to work at this point.

        1. That’s quite sad to hear from what I assume is an Englishman. You (we) nearly invented the U.S. 2nd amendment through the strong and long standing tradition of free Englishmen having the right to bear arms.
          I am supremely grateful that my grandparents chose to emigrate to these United States from England decades ago. Couldn’t imagine having to deal with giving up so much of my proud historical legacy.

        2. Let’s take it another step further and say that no one should kill or steal. Since murder and theft still exist despite being illegal, let’s allow potential victims to protect themselves with firearms.

        3. Take my guns? No sorry not happening, if you want to have your rights taken from you no problem. Btw is that the Cornish Sepp. Flag?lol

        4. It’s a pretzel bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s/ha. Anyways, I don’t want you to give up your rights. I was just stating the extreme opposite of the US. The difference is the U.K. could “progressively” start selling guns to everyone, but the US can’t take away guns from EVERY criminal at this point.

        5. Cant dissagree with that man. Plus hahaha why the fuck did I think about the Cornwall Flag

        6. I am sorry to say I am not a Englishman but an individual. I support the 2nd amendment and the 1st even more….You can’t imagine, I’m sure them(U.K.) can’t imagine ether. Can’t miss what you never had. I can understand your gratefulness though, although I can attest that Saudi has very little problems even with petty thievery even though they don’t have a pinch of our freedoms. With freedom comes responsibility. The US is one of those places where you can be pretty stupid and not get your hand off’d.

        7. Sigh…. Except Ireland, most of the tightly regulated with maybe 5 to ‘nil’ gun related incidents a year. I bet you don’t walk around with it visibly strapped to your waist.

        8. I would take it a step further and say that no one should wield a fist, with very stiff prison sentences for conviction. Fists should only be wielded by those entrusted by the State (hallowed be its name). Having outlawed this practice, we will all be much safer knowing that only government agents will have the power to hand out beatings.

    2. There has been no evidence presented that Mike brown tried to take the officers gun. Nor has the furgeson police department stated that he tried to take the gun. Don’t let your bias lead you to believe rumors and hearsay.
      The witnesses tell a completely different story….. what leads to your distrust of eyewitness accounts and autopsy results? hmmm i wonder

      1. I wonder nothing…I have no bias. I never mentioned Mike Brown either. I was just talking in general. But the only evidence I have seen is the video footage of the store. Based on that, he(gentle giant) deserved an ass whooping at least, no matter what color he is.

        1. Why speculate or speak “in general” when talking about a specific case? No one has called him a gentle giant or said he was without fault. He stole cigars. He did not injure or strike anyone and was not carrying a weapon. The officer didn’t even know he was tied to any previous crimes. He did not need to be gunned down, plain and simple.

        2. Yeah..When you break laws, your rights go out the window. “Generally”, someone who steals is reprimanded, but sadly he got smoked. Gun related incidents are not rare. Once the damage is done, the family usually only has nice things to say, but if you ask locals(as a local) they will usually say he had it coming. That’s just what happens when you have all cowboys and no Indians. Police don’t seem to bother you as long as you “stay in your lane.” Sad story

        3. Incorrect. The accused have rights and your rights never go out the window even if convicted.

        4. I can agree with that, but I don’t think the criminal nor the officer cares about their rights when dangerous situations occur. As a civilian you avoid conflict. As a service man you seek conflict. I can sympathize with a police man when they only have a few seconds to make a tough judgement call. I just stay out of the way.

  6. Too much disinformation around the whole case at this point, the fucking Easter Bunny could have done it.

  7. Revolting article. To put me and other Constituionalists, libertarians and conservatives on the same side as the thugs is reprehensible. To question why cops need the same equipment we give soldiers in war zones does not mean we approve of looting violent thugs. And CHL holders “probably” wanting to help the thugs? Seriously? The definitionally most law abiding segment of society, you put in that camp? Dude you have turned paranoid. How dare you.
    Tried to give you kudos on past articles, but this one is awful.

    1. This guy will always try to spin any incident involving cops to make them look innocent. Police show up in riot gear? ‘Hey, there are still good cops around! NACALT! Don’t blame us, just doing our jobs, folks. Have any idea how hard it is being a cop?’ And so on. He’s just anther example of badges standing up for badges, and he gets a weekly column here to do it. Fuck him. I say ban the guy and his good-cop spiel. Everyone here see right through it anyway.

      1. You write an article then, sir. My articles started here as a response to a commenter on an article over a month ago. He was much like you and made populist accusations so I penned an article. I’m not a writer. I’m a third shift cop. His comments got twenty something upvotes. My article got 120,000 views and 33,000 likes on Facebook. And it is still growing. So let’s see what you got. Sit down and put some thought into something – your own thoughts if possible.

        1. He won’t, I observed his kind in college. He can’t articulate his own views, because they’re inarticulate. Yet he’s happy to criticize and misrepresent, especially since the mob is on his side.
          Fortunately, true power doesn’t come from message boards.

        2. I’d bet the sweeping majority of those 33,000 facebook likes are cops and family members of cops.
          Facebook likes are not currency in this neighborhood of the internet.

        3. Haha. Don’t have to. Every one of your responses have been textbook cop defenses or cheerleading of cop defense. You don’t have anything to add except NACALT and “put yourself in my shoes.” You even bitched about the people arguing against you because we won’t accept a “middle ground” in this discussion. Heavily armed cops = tyranny. Some people here know this and will not change their minds, all protests of NACALT withstanding. You’re largely pissing up rope, sir.

        4. Its not the quality of your writing that is at issue, rather it is the content. That said, I do respect the fact that you debate this with us. It does feel like there is an invisible barrier between the police and the policed which prevents any real discussion.

        5. i admire the eloquence of your closing sentence.
          speaking of it, i empathize with anon-cop that police can’t afford eloquence with the state of affairs today. but such is irrelevant, as are all anon-cop’s assertions. what is relevant is mission and task completion, both of which police are failing at. the police have too many masters, all pulling in different directions. and down in the fray, the LEOs start viewing all as adversaries, alienating both those that would support them conditionally on their performance (the well-intent) as well as those that would never support them (the criminally inclined). the ensuing death spiral of dollar/support removal and increasing us-vs-them mentality is only worsened by legal-yet-ludicrously-unwarranted ticketing to make up police budgets. over time, the police mission has become irrevocably corrupted into forced resource extraction, cases for prosecutor career advancement, and other selfish agendas that directly interfere with achieving public peace – rightfully leading the public to withdraw support and dollars even more. this is what the every-man sees: a direct interaction which correctly concludes in escalating mistrust.
          the self-serving attitude of police is unmistakable, no matter what pretty lies anon-cop wants to tell to the contrary. the purpose of the shield has long been forgotten amongst police officers today. LEOs hide in the shadows to capture money from the public, rather than standing in the light of the public eye to achieve trust. as such, while anon-cop may have my empathy, he does not have my sympathy.
          stand in the light, place the public first, and then i will trust again. failing this, the police place their own short-sighted missions first, preventing anyone from having faith that the police answer to a higher mission, by definition.

    2. The sentiments expressed in this article is exactly the mentality most cops have of protect their own above all else and precisely why I never like pigs.

    3. Not to speak of you personally because I remember your support on the last article, but while cops were getting railroaded by racists and politicians while being rallied against in violent unrest, the conservatives only talked about the “militarization of police.” We were left out to dry and it was sickening. Your support is very necessary and powerful. Without it, the leftists will win.

      1. Until the bad cops start getting rolled up by the good cops, then there are no good cops. Period.
        Fact is, not a week goes by where we don’t hear of yet another case of a cop deciding to beat someone up and then charge their victim with assault, but the charges get dropped because the incident was caught on video. How many people rot in jail because someone didn’t have a camera?
        If there are good cops then the good cops need to prove it. Until then, you are all wearing the same uniform and the uniform represents murder and robbery without consequences.

      2. I supported your previous article as well, but now you have revealed your true colors by insinuating libertarians with CCWs would be rioting in MO if they could. You may feel abandoned but your insults won help you very much. I strongly detect that you are a conservative Democrat. Please respond: who bare you registered to vote with and who have you voted for since 2008? I voted Ron Paul as a Republican.

        1. My statement about the CCW holder was to paint a picture. It wasn’t an attack. It’s a way to get people thinking. And I don’t vote. But never a democrat.

        2. Well the libertarian fucking statement about the militarization of police is also to paint a picture to get people thinking. Thanks for answering my question.

      3. It’s not about the equipment (although I’d like to see officers return to blue, green or tan uniforms instead of MARPAT).
        It’s about the tactics, the spread of SWAT teams everywhere and their usage for routine stuff (like serving low risk warrants) once handled by patrolmen, the corruption, the elitist attitudes, the no-knock raids, the lack of real consequences for bad cops, the lack of transparency, the gung-ho special operator wannabes, the cowardice of good cops and the inability to get rid of bad cops because of crooked unions.
        Speaking for myself, I’m not angry with the cops in Ferguson because mounting evidence is showing Brown was a big damned fool who most likely brought it on himself by attacking a police officer.
        I am, however, pissed off and concerned about all the issues I mentioned above.
        And I resent you for claiming I’d join the riots. Yes, people to uphold and enforce the laws and norms of a community are necessary but that does not always mean y’all are good or blameless angels.

      4. But the majority of police activities support the leftist elite. Cops are the frontline of the gov’t bureaucracy that seeks to nullify the middle class through revenue collection and military-like oppression. No offense, but you need to check your scorecard.

    4. IMO, at nearly 1 million cops in the USA, we could probably reduce their #s by more than half and hardly notice a difference. The police state we are growing into is very scary.

      1. Ah, right, 1 million, forgot about Clinton’s “cop on every corner” thing, thanks for the correction.
        Given the huge downturn in crime since states have all adopted gun friendly civilian carry laws, the need for police everywhere has diminished. I don’t live in a city so this may be my own perception bias at work. I do know my county has no police, and a small sheriff’s department, and we are nearly violent crime free.

      2. It is my belief that if we shut the government down (all the way down, including welfare) for 4 years (i.e. elect a candidate from a newly minted GSD Government Shut Down Party) there would be zero crime in year 2.

      3. USA has highest incarceration rate of any nation, nearly eight times that of china. Look up:
        I’ve cross referenced all these stats and the best country to live and raise a family is . . . . . . VANUATU ! !
        It is a south Pacific micro nation, formerly New Hebredes (old territory of New Zealand). Check it out on satellite view! It is fairly massive with resourses. Best of all, it has LESS THAN 10 prisoners per 100k population (lowest in the world) – so basically no legal system! Vanuatu is inhabited by native islanders (aboriginal) and Western expats mostly.
        The only downside – the friggin’ wog PEACE CORPS had some plan to go in and try to EMPOWER the aboriginal women. I’d throw coconuts at the spy backed fem fags tryin’ that peace corps shit. Leave unspoiled virgin Vanuatu alone for gods sake.

    5. Is it just me or is this country actively being pushed towards civil war? I seriously hope to be wrong in that regard, as you guys (Americans) have been seriously blessed not to have a real, wide-scale armed conflict on your own turf since your first War of Independence and more recently your War of Southern Secession. Oh sure, it may seem all cool and patriotic to storm the capitol, purge the present government, and cleanse the country of its gangrenous elements, but you probably have no idea what really happens once the shooting starts on such a massive scale. Here’s a hint: imagine a series of bloodlust-fuelled endless waves of vendetta after vendetta (in the old Sicilian style) once the major initial mechanized fighting subsides and most cities are turned to ruin. You say you are 110 million strong armed citizens ready to take on any force that would come after you. Very well, and then what? Happily rebuild the country like one big joyful family? How about turning on each other instead until you almost exterminate one another to your last man. Violence and bloodlust is engrained in your culture, and your media actively glamorized and encourages it. Don’t exactly see that kind of people gladly turning the other cheek in the end.
      Remember the Balkan Wars? The ethnic cleansing, the mass graves, extermination, expropriation, assassinations, and endless vengeance that even the UN were powerless to stop in the end (notwithstanding their initial role in the conflict)? That is what actually awaits you country-wide if your sick fantasy ever becomes reality.
      Hell, even John Rambo knew when to call it quits.

      1. It may be being pushed.
        I and a large majority of gun owners are former military. Don’t think we don’t know what the face of war looks like. That said, I always urge caution in wishing for violent revolution, the only reason I brought it up was because it was brought up first in the article. Personally I would prefer peaceful secession of the red states, given my druthers.

        1. Having a significant number of respectful, conservative, law-abiding, gun owning communities generally supportive of each other and being able to collectively stand up to outside interference and possible assault is by no means a problem, mind you. It is in fact a perfectly reasonable and proven form of civil organization, and one of the more illustrious and much-admired (if at times overly romanticized) examples of the American spirit in action.
          Where problems begin is when two more or less evenly matched civil factions come to arms, and the initial violent skirmishes cross a kind of “event horizon” beyond which the overwhelming desire for revenge on both sides over the initial losses overpowers even the higher commanders’ authority and attempts to contain the conflict. What eventually ensues is a veritable bloodbath, as the subsequent waves of violence effectively act as an uncontrollable bushfire fueled by the propaganda and sustained by the armament that has been appropriated and stockpiled by the two (or more) warring factions. Once started, it becomes practically impossible to extinguish such a fire, save dropping an atom bomb on the whole lot, or simply letting it burn right on through to the end, leaving behind devastation, misery, and untold losses for the few (un)lucky ones to be left behind when it all eventually cools down.
          Make no mistake. This has happened countless times in multiple arenas around the world, and it could very well happen here as well if the conditions were to align just right and a “fortuitous” match just happened to be thrown in at the right moment.
          We are presently witnessing the consolidation, armament, polarization, and antagonization towards one another of the following main factions: police, armed civilians, military, and welfare-funded special interest groups. Someone high above is clearly playing a formidable game of chess with the lot of y’all, and the best way to combat this is to become intimately aware of what is truly going on, and of the specific socio-political military tactics that are being deployed here in order to set up the next winning move for whoever has the most hand in this game.
          Be sure to spread this message far and wide my friends…

      2. Great point. Americans are so naive about violence. They whimsically call for revolution, civil war, zombie apocalypse, etc. with the same level maturity. They’re all talk mostly, but their ignorant feet digging might spawn the violence they will actually be terrified of.

        1. I called for nothing, I was responding to your statement about revolution and noting our numbers for clarity’s sake. People often fall under the misguided idea that we are a small group of hillbillies, a fringe, when in fact we are one out of every two adults in the nation. Plus, lots of former military vets in our ranks.
          But quite right that nobody should wish for violence except as a very last resort. It won’t be tea and watercress sandwiches, that much is certain.

      3. Rape, murder, its just a shot away for our American brothers. Civil War will come in the next 25 years, the alpha/beta statists are pushing too hard on the sigma/gamma libertarians, plus the whole white/black/asian/gummy bear suppremacists want blood.

      4. The Balkan Wars ended after all the groups that had been thrown together were finally separated from each other into their own states, instead of living in Yugoslavia with a tyrannical, dysfunctional federal government. Kinda funny how that happens, huh? Yet here in the USA, segregation is supposed to be a mortal sin, and we’re hell-bent on preseving the supremely stupid borders drawn for the artificial states of Iraq and Syria.

      5. “Is it just me or is this country actively being pushed towards civil war?”
        Nope, it ain’t just you.

    6. I was greatly amused at the people lamenting “Where are the Bundy Ranch gunmen? Why are they not in Ferguson? RACISM!!!!!”.
      Uh, the same assholes saying that were calling on the government to squash the “rebellion” at Bundy Ranch. Uh, blacks typically vote for every gun grabbing politician to come down the pike. Uh, they bought into the “gotta get rid of these cheap guns” thing hook line and sinker and now they can’t afford even a bare bones AR-15.

      1. Aye, given as we’re sneered at, called racist names, and have political power wielded against us all the time by the inner city types, well, they will be hard pressed to convince me to come to their aid, even if I agree with them (not talking about this situation). Want my help? Show me basic respect as a human being and stop trying to take away my individual rights.

      1. With respect I’m not quite certain that I committed that fallacy. Perhaps I have though, please explain your charge a bit more, if you would be so kind.

        1. The meat of your rebuttal speaks of personal incredulity and moral outrage. This leads me to believe that you’re interpreting what I see as a hypothetical to be an accusation. You even say “we” as if you can speak for all constitutionalists, etc.. I’m not interested in outliers as a means to disprove the average, but Tim McVeigh comes to mind if we want examples of the kind of person AC is talking about, ie a conservative who attacks the system, so it’s entirely possible for this sort of thing to happen.
          But whether it’s possible or not, I only see AC’s example as the extreme end of an illustration, not a challenge to gun owners to prove their loyalty. When power becomes as lopsided and eccentric as it appears to be, lopsided and eccentric events will take place.

        2. Following threads on stories I see little to any right wing types siding with the looters, nor do I know any in real life. Positing the outliers without indicating that they are not the norm is misleading. Further the whole deal about licensed concealed carry folks, without any proof whatsoever (he muses that he believes, not that he’s seen, as speculation) is silly on its face . Any one of them get arrested and convicted and poof they lose their license, so it makes zero sense to even speculate about.
          And since he clarified that the right was only noticing militarization of the police, that hardly counts as siding with the looters in any context whatsoever, it is in fact a non-sequitur and misleading conclusion.

  8. I’m sure there are some good cops out there, but as a largely self-directed enforcement gang they represent real problems towards personal freedom and privacy. Overall, I’m not a fan of police and think they need their authority and influence curtailed to a large degree.

  9. I was in London during the riots in 2011. They took place in August and started with the shooting of an young black man (Mark Duggan) by the police. There were fires and looting of shops. Police mostly did nothing but just standing aside while the looters were getting on with their business of trashing shops. The riots were mostly in black areas of the city.
    Sounds familiar?

    1. Yes, but with one caveat. Some shopkeepers in Ferguson have armed themselves and are standing guard outside their stores. As if by magic the looters are bypassing these places. Can’t do that in London.
      Eventually a lot of folks in MO are going to get fed up and show up armed to do what the cops are not, or perhaps cannot due to politics from above.

      1. In London some shopkeepers were defending their properties with cricket bats and mostly due to fact that the police were absolutely useless. I even helped a friend who had an attractive liquor shop. Kicked some negro ass. It was fun.
        But I find it hard to make sense of the behaviour of the police. They could have dispersed these kids pretty quick if they were ordered to. Instead the orders were – do nothing. Why?
        Point is someone is making money/politics with these riots. There is a hidden agenda.

        1. I agree this whole ordeal is 100% politics. It could be ended in a day (the rioting and looting) without violating anybody’s rights, yet that isn’t happening. Clearly some from above are getting something out of this.

        2. It’s the usual divide and conquer.
          They tested the formula in London. It worked. The similarities with Ferguson riots are striking. Expect the riots to stop as unexpectedly as the started. I bet there will be reports of minor riots in other cities eventually it will die out as if nothing has happened.

        3. Officer safety is the primary concern of the police. Your safety is secondary. The police acted only after the public screamed at them to something. They’re quick to give you a speeding ticket though so be thankful for that.

      2. Self-defense is a crime in England. Stand there, take your beating like a man and call us afterwards to cart away your body and file a report. Or maybe a relative.

  10. Killing niggers is about the only thing the American police are good for these days.

  11. We all know what happens when the whites give up and leave town. It falls apart and ends up resembling somewhere like Haiti. Detroit and other cities fall apart.
    Go back to Lincoln’s original plan of repatriating the ex slaves to Africa. If you did this and paid each $100,000 it would be a bargain of the century for the USA.
    Could you imagine if whites went rioting every time a black killed or raped a white person. There would be riots in every city in America on every day of the week.

    1. Go back to Lincoln’s original plan of repatriating the ex slaves to Africa. If you did this and paid each $100,000 it would be a bargain of the century for the USA.

      They did. It’s called Liberia. Look it up to see how well that little slice of heaven turned out.

      1. 100% true. The blacks hate white society, but like parasites on a dog if they go too far they will one day kill the host and end up – as you said – in a Liberia, Sierra Leone or Haiti situation.
        The USA and the west in general needs to remember the slogan…No taxation without representation and implement the inverse….no representation without taxation.
        We are allowing those who contribute nothing to decide our Presidents, Prime Ministers and leaders.

        1. Please don’t talk about parasites you intellectual midget waste of space. You are just black people that lost your melanin…the very language you type is comes from Africa dimwit.

        2. Every language started with whatever the people were using when they
          left Africa…but saying English, a Germanic language, is from Africa is
          like saying humans come from the ocean. Dimwit.

        3. You must be the BIGGEST IDIOT ON EARTH do you even read….The Largest African Language family is Afro-Asian which influenced Middle Eastern Language and other Asiatic Languages spoken by more than 3 Billion people..It makes up the languages that most Holy Books are written Arabic, Hebrew and a language the Jesus Christ himself spoke Aramaic. The second largest language family out of Africa is Indo-European which gave life to the language you using to spread SUPREME IGNORANCE.

        4. Indo European and I quote….”The Indo-European languages are a family of several hundred related languages and dialects. There are about 439 languages and dialects, according to the 2009 Ethnologue estimate, about half (221) belonging to the Indo-Aryan subbranch.[2] It includes most major current languages of Europe, the Iranian plateau, and the Indian Subcontinent, and was also predominant in ancient Anatolia. With written attestations appearing since the Bronze Age in the form of the Anatolian languages and Mycenaean Greek, the Indo-European family is significant to the field of historical linguistics as possessing the second-longest recorded history, after the Afro-Asiatic family.”

        5. I am now certain you are an Afrocentric troll. You spewed a bunch of Ethnologue facts on the number of Indo-European languages, then talked about Afro-Asiatic languages. And somehow found it relevant to talk about Jesus Christ. Since you are such a superior creature, stop taunting me with your giant words, and explain to me exactly how Afro-Asiatic being the oldest African language family proves Indo-European
          became what they are in Africa.

        6. Never “Afro-Centric” Dimwit….LOL Indo-European is just another language family in Africa Dimwit…you see Dimwit there were a few major languages in Africa Dimwit…phrase your questions better dimwit…There are no such thing as stupid questions just Dimwits who ASK questions….most of you need a lot of reading…anyway im through educating you dimwit and your cohort.

        7. Bitch we heavily influenced the media and rule the country, fuck that noise you talkin bout.

    2. I will one up you guys how about you repatriate back to Africa and do not exploit the natural resources. And corrupt the local politics. And talk about parasitic…Western Europe survived by exploiting Africa and the Americas taking natural resources and selling it back forcefully. European cities were overcrowded you spent thousands upon thousands of years living in your own filth and disease and you advanced through violence. Talk about parasites you came to my homeland NOT YOURS The Americas and killed and raped and called us the savages….and your very own filth and disease wiped almost all of us out (talk about Biological warfare) You took our inventions and used it for violence and now you have a little window of power in the overall history of mankind and you tried to destroy our own history. And you call us parasites….are you Italian judging by your name LMAO!!!!! Filth go screw a Neanderthal and walk on all fours again

      1. Neanderthals invented the thermal process, without them you could never have your precious crack pipe my negroe friend. Italians have the highest concentartion of Neanderthal DNA in Europe, far from filth. You continent will continue to be exploited by whitey, we will drain your ressources over and over again, we will continue to fuck you in the ass until you continent ceases to exist. We never should have saved you from the Muslims, you are nothing more than eunuch and sex slave material.

        1. Haha Im not that kind of native you little turd even with superior weaponry you still managed to screw up during world war 2 and Hitler had to save you monkey behinds go stab someone in the back..the Ethiopians kicked your butt even though you had superior weaponry…you got your butt kicked by the Greeks and then you switched sides when it suited you little turd…you are the bottom of Europe…shame is I actually have Italian friends but you my friend are a little turd and scum…go find a little monkey to make it dance

        2. Im not Italian loooool. I dont even like Italians particulary, just respect the hustle. Btw props for admitting Greek supremacy, makes my heart swell up.

        3. Still doesnt change the fact whitey is fucking you in the ass. How does it feel to have your women defiled, your children exploited, your men castrated? Soon the muslims will take you back. Then you will beg for whitey to take you back. We wont my negroe pet, we wont.

        4. HAHA you are pathetic boy lover very pathetic, the muslims also took over Europe as well

        5. I deleted my Italian comment that was actually meant for someone above…however I do have Italian friends so I will pull it down because some of them are good people

        6. What if i was Turkish? You would probably fellate me seeing as your so in love with Turks, ah poor slave.

        7. In person I bet other men would make You there pet and defile you! I’ll let you go back to your circle-jerk echo chamber….Lesson for the day is done.

        8. It’s gonna be hard to do with the heavily decreased white birth rate. You people are dying out. All we have to do is sit back and wait.

        9. Its a crisis period, all birthate has decreased, when the new order comes and the cycle of civilazation commences anew, births will too. Also, count on me having alot of white,educated, racist,sexist,mysoginistic babies, god permit of course. I think its gonna be a trend.

    3. Whites riot after hockey games. More important I know.
      Previously, whites would riot after a black man looked a white woman and would then “have themselves a lynching”, running around murdering black people.

      1. Except that not all “riots” are the same.
        And not more than 5,000 black men were lynched between the time of the Civil War and the end of Jim Crow. More white women get raped by black men every year. More whites are murdered by blacks every year.
        It’s funny how people like yourself have to find these exceptions to normal white behavior to somehow try to pretend as though white behavior is in any way is comparable to black behavior.
        It’s funny how you and others like you cannot apply the very same logic you use to form your views about women “in general” to race. It’s just as valid to generalize about race (and racial differences) as it is to generalize about the sexes and their respective differences.

  12. I am sure LEO get tired of dealing with scumbags. HOWEVER, your profession should call for applying extreme discretion and avoiding extreme force whenever possible. I realize many LEO get this. But some do not. And those that do not deserve to be punished severely. I’m sure this kid was a POS but he didn’t need 6 bullets to take him down.

    1. But then again, he may have. As a gun tot in’ man myself, I’m keenly aware that the Hollywood standard of one bullet one kill is basically crap on the streets. At this point in time though I’ll wait for more facts to come out before making a judgement on the number of shots. I can tell you personally though that some idiot tries to manhandle my sidearm from me will find all of my slugs in him, or at least as many as are necessary to stop the threat. Reserving my call on this incident though, it’s all chaos in the reporting.

      1. I’m a combat vet of OIF and OEF. I’m well aware that one bullet from a handgun is unlikely to incapacitate the target. And it is all speculation at this point as you said. But unless Mr. Brown was armed and posing a serious threat to life, limb, or eyesight, he should not be shot down. I am certain all too often cops do apply excessive force because they can get away with it. I witnessed plenty of US and foreign service members do the same exact thing when they knew they could get away with it. If cops are unwilling/incapable of handling suspects that pose physical harm, then they should not be cops. If I had to venture a guess it would be that the kid probably did try to reach for the gun, was prevented from getting it, surrendered, and the cop overreacted to the threat and blew him away.

        1. Time will tell, and I believe that in that case the protesters have a valid beef. That said, this is still no excuse to burn down and loot one’s own neighborhood, that’s just lunacy.
          With the cop having a smashed orbital socket though, the kid may not be as innocent as we’re led to believe. BUT it may be misreporting or false info fed to journalists or whatever. Cooler heads need to prevail.

        2. I never justified anything more than peaceful protests against the Ferguson PD for excessive use of force. I hope every single person that breaks into a store is shot dead immediately. And frankly, the world is probably a better place without Mr. Brown. The point is that police need to be forced to show greater restraint than the average person. That is part of the job.

        3. Still don’t see how reaching for an officer’s gun is in any way supposed to earn you bonus points even if you try and recant afterwards. That’s like speeding into a policeman standing in front of you and later claiming that you did not really want to run him over, you simply “got scared”.
          Lock the animals they have proven themselves to be away I say.

      2. This kid must have been the most gangster hard core 18 year old in history if he kept charging after an officer after being shot multiple times. Who does that? it doesnt even sound believeable

  13. I’m beyond tired of hearing how cops protect us.
    They don’t. You protect yourself, or you don’t. Either way, the cops show up to clean up the mess.
    Cops are fighting wars. In the war on drugs, every citizen is a potential enemy combatant, and that’s the way we’re treated.
    Any citizen who takes personal responsibility for his own safety is treated as a de facto criminal because he is armed.
    A member of my family became involved in local politics, really small-time stuff. Even so, our whole family became targets for police harassment. Bullshit tickets, cops lying in court to make them stick, despicable shit.
    Cops are the goons of whoever’s in power. They’re just hired guns, same as any criminal’s goons are.

    1. Curious, what state do you live in? Cops here in Ohio generally treat lawful gun carriers respectfully. The cops like officer Harless are being wedded out and shelved quite quickly.

        1. Ah, yeah, that makes sense then. Lots of gun owners and carriers in PA but it feels…different culturally to me than Ohio and other more openly free gun states.

    2. The fake war on drugs, illegal traffic stops, illegal searches, lying in court, etc, etc. The supreme Court stated many times a cop has no duty to protect citizens. Their only job is protecting the community (by existing) and investigating crimes after the fact.
      Arm the citizens and fire all the cops.

    3. Exactly! Their credo is “to protect and serve” but their number one goal seems to be protect themselves. How else can you justify full swat teams to serve run of the mill search warrants and the killing of so many unarmed individuals. What ever happened to a baton, pepper spray, a tazer etc. These days Officers go straight for their gun. Unless of course your an old black woman. They you get straddled MMA style and pummeled on the side of the highway. Or theres an extreme numbers advantage so they can just choke you out with 6 officers like the guy in New York.
      The credo should be “shoot first ask questions later, especially if the suspect is black, hispanic or arab. My god, soliders in actual war zones show greater restraint.

  14. The contempt for police can only stop when the general public stops committing crimes non-stop on a daily basis. So much has been criminalized that things that really should be criminal aren’t viewed as “serious” anymore. If everyone is a criminal, then nobody is.
    End the drug war. Stop the madness with police functioning as toll collectors (speeding tickets). If there’s no victim, there’s no crime. Then you’ll see respect flow back to the police. Until we remove the power of the state to press charges in absence of a victim, we simply will not/cannot respect the police.
    I know police don’t make the laws, but, 99% of the “contempt” that we see for police today comes from them enforcing 3 types of laws; drug, traffic and domestic situations. The first 2 are clear cut, we simply don’t need laws about drugs and traffic laws should be enforced by camera, not cops.

    1. Gotta love the BAC restrictions, too. Reaction time and judgement start to suffer at .10. That’s the science.
      MADD cried and whined and fundraised and pushed it down to .08. Fine, whatever, better safe than sorry, fine, fuck it.
      Not good enough. Now some places are ticketing for .06.
      The only people driving with BAC’s between .06 and .08 are the ones who thought, “I better respect the law and my own limits.”
      MADD gets placated and the government gets revenue. Point is, it’s not based on science and it’s not really about keeping people safe. It’s about making distraught mothers feel better inside.
      FYI- I have a friend drive if I’ve had even a drop. Not damn worth it.

      1. interestingly enough, the BAC test is ridiculously inaccurate and imprecise, even with the latest and most expensive gear color-changing tube gear. even if it was accurate, it’s an acetone detector device, not an intoxicated/incapacitated evaluation test that determines if you’re unfit to operate machinery. it literally is a litmus test where you test just to test; the proxy test has been around so long people forgot there was one before it that was better at evaluating functional incapacitation.

      2. The “DUI” thing is the work of women and sissified males essentially a neo-puritanical war on adult culture of enjoying the weekend nights. It used to be 1.5 Police should use their discretion, someone driving a few miles straight home on a weekend night is different from some alcoholic driving around in during working hours blitzed off his rocker. Nope, now “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving” Kristalnacht propaganda campaigns are being waged to introduce Scandinavian style Zero B.A.C. DUI laws. Hell, orange juice sitting around in your fridge for a couple weeks will put you over that limit.

    1. You’re a supposed police officer, yet you don’t realize low income is a major driver in crime? You’re the problem. Ignorant and biased.

      1. Pish posh. Lack of fathers and moral guidance causes crime. Trailer park white trash manage to get along reasonably well the occasional domestic abuse to the contrary notwithstanding. You don’t find them out rioting when Billy Bob gets arrested/kicked by a cop, more likely you will find their community standing behind the cop, and calling the fool a fool for doing something wrong in the first place.
        No, this is cultural, not economic.

        1. Even the poor Whites and Red Necks think themselves better than a well to do black person. The Upper Class in this country do not care for poor whites and Blacks but they would rather make it so the poor whites are still better than the blacks historically.

        2. Yeah so, what you gonna do about it? Im not fully western european so i can really call myself part of the culture that ushered in the modern age and brought peace and law to the less evolved parts of the world. In fact im white, and Im fucking tired of people telling me the copper, the gouvernement, the MAN is looking out for me. He’s not, he doesnt care about me and even tries to take my money and put it in some towelheads pocket.

        3. But does Billy Bob get shot in cold blood? Nope. It’s not about race. Police kill more black people because it’s easier to get away with. But the problem is there is no accountability for officers that commit crimes and/or violate rights.
          “Cultural” you need to set up your history game..

        4. Yeah the man doesn’t care about you you’re right maybe he cares for you just enough bud….

        5. Why are you stating these facts is what im after Third Eye? What is your why? Why are you saying that poor whites thinking themselves better than a well to do black person is bad? Why does nobody say anything when a poor black person thinks hes better than a well of white person?

        6. LMAO…because you have a false echo-room going and I’m here to shatter it…neanderthal

        7. You’re probably a greased up little jersey shore type AY-talian whose like five feet 4 with a Napoleon Complex…go stab someone in the back, that’s all you guys good at… even with superior weaponry you get your rear handed to you in war and probably one on one too little mo-tard

        8. Im not Italian. Not American, never been to New Jersey. You just exposed yourself as an idiot attackng a whole nation, and you gained nothing. Useful idiot#3456789034….

        9. I don’t know what you are I just know you are scum like what I described “Mate” now go unscrew yourself Idiot

        10. You come from a slave people, you talk only when I tell you. Next time, chop chop that woodpecker.

        11. LOL. So by Neanderthal, you mean (like Al Sharpton) that when you dumbasses were ruling in Egypt, you let a bunch of cave dwelling butt fuckers in Europe defeat you? And that somehow would make you proud because of……..?
          Even if you do believe that nonsense, I find it hard to believe that your claim to fame is something thousands of years old?
          The man, if he does exist, cares about no one. But keep your many crutches. You obviously need a lot to salve your broken ego.

        12. Haha my ego is not broken no man is above me….the facts are non nonsense Numbskull…its not my claim to fame its the ability to know thyself…there is no crutch just truth and living in the present and building for the future…now go back into your cave and do your circle jerk with the others. lol

        13. I know he does not care for any of us its between the haves and have nots…but the posters started a downward trend of conversation before I started posting…look up Bacon’s Rebellion you see all these basic dynamics at play from the outset of the first English settlement in America

        14. Really? Even as a black person with an IQ around 85 you have to realize that blacks are different from all the other races in the world. Blacks are a primitive sub-species of humans. Can blacks reproduce with the other races? Yes, but so could Neanderthal and Denisovans reproduce with Homo sapiens.

        15. Hey faggot,
          You do realize that stupid violent monkey had just committed a strong armed robbery just 10 minutes earlier? And then he assaulted a cop right before his death. I hope you’re a victim of a violent crime committed by one of the millions of black thugs in this country.

        16. Neanderthal? Feel free to go back to Africa at any time. Trust me, we do NOT need you here. Whites will be perfectly fine without you. YOU on the other hand, need white civilization and white technology. It takes quite an arrogant parasite to bite the hand that feeds it. Then again, I suppose that’s what parasites do.

        17. You my friend are the epitome of parasite, you starve the host to feed your paper civilization without natural resources….you buddy are the apex of a parasite…now crawl back in your CAVE where you belong….I exit now study some more and rid yourself of your faulty logic then maybe I will reply. As I have on my own to all of your posts. You can now comfort each other with your faulty logic. You are BELOW ME and you personally are scum. And with that talk amongst your idiot comrades…piss ant

        18. HAHA. Blacks are dependent on whites everywhere in the world. The white nations have to get together every so many years to decide how much free shit they’re going to send to Africa. Use all the ad homs you want, facts are facts. You’re a parasite. You wouldn’t be able to exist without whites. You are completely dependent, but whites could and would certainly exist without you. How does the cognitive dissonance feel?

        19. Sam my IQ is probably much bigger than yours…and your lady might attest to other things as well. You are scum don’t insult original man…back to your ignorant ideas…I take on all of you and still am above you…now comfort each other and wallow in ignorance

        20. You are scum…I mostly on my own have responded to all of your ignorance, I started on a high note but you devolved it to this level…not you but this whole page in general.

        21. Piss ant…have you learned how to take regular showers yet…or do you still use perfume to mask the odor..I can smell you from here…I’m outta here lmao pathetics

        22. Blah, blah, blah. Blacks haven’t developed anything. They score one standard deviation lower than whites on IQ tests. Thank old whitey for your computer, television, car, system of government, refrigerator, heating and cooling, electricity, etc. etc. What value do blacks provide? Entertainment, and that’s it. Whenever I need a good laugh I’ll wander into the “African” section of the art museum.

        23. Haha you yourself are providing all the laughter I need, not as much as Dimwit and some of the other morons cause you are show some basic type of intelligence if I can call it that. Anyway I been here educating most of these guys and I don’t want to dismantle you right now perhaps tomorrow if I have time….

        24. Cool story, bro. Think about the things I’ve told you. You and I both know blacks are completely dependent on white charity both in the West and in Africa. Here’s something else for you to think about.

        25. Ok, so your in total denial about the facts of this situation. This is not surprising considering leftist ideology is a irrational religion. Your leftist beliefs do not make you a good person. Do you think coddling black people and making them pawns of the left and teaching then hatred of whites has improved their lives? No, it hasn’t. Behind every leftist is a weak self-hating individual desperately seeking validation. You don’t give a shit about black people, if you did you wouldn’t encourage them to have zero standards. Your ideology encourages blacks to act like this Mike Brown, who is a typical representative of the ghetto. Ask yourself who benefits? You won’t even do this because your dishonest with even yourself.

        26. The white race is breeding itself right out of existence. The elites are helping things along by ramming multiculturalism on the Anglosphere and continental Europe. In the next century blacks will have to deal with a far more cruel and exacting master than we ever were. Your descendants will rue their miserable lives.

        27. I encourage them to stand up for what they believe in. Especially if their rights are being infringed upon. They live in a troubled community, there is no denying that. But what is the source of the trouble. You think its their “nature.” I think it’s something else.

      2. Yeah, because crime, violence, and muggings are sky-high in such poor places as West Virginia and Arkansas. Idiot.

        1. Yeah they are also not targeted as much….poor whites still a little better than poor whites in the way they are treated…read Bacon’s Rebellion in the first settlement of English European in America…gives you an idea of the narrative.

        2. Hey dumbass, take your Marxist snake-oil and stick it. Poor whites have always been treated worse than blacks. Ever read “They were White and They were Slaves”? No? Then shut up.

      3. Lack of an apartheid state drives up crime. If anyone white complains they can happily live on the black side if the fence. This is what malcolm X wanted and honestly let his dream live on.

      4. A perfect example of how the Left views this and every other issue. People aren’t moral agents, they’re solely the products of their environments. Improve economic conditions and they won’t commit crime. Well, that’s true, but not for the reason he thinks it is.
        Human selfishness is the driver of crime. When someone says, “I want what the other guy has and I’m gonna take it,” that’s a moral problem, not an economic one. Rich selfish people don’t
        commit crime because they stand to gain little by it, but lose a great deal. Poor selfish people can gain a lot, but have little to lose. Not every poor person commits crime. The selfishness of both the rich guy and the poor guy is the same. Whether the one acts and the other does not is predicated on whether it would be beneficial to do so.
        The conservative view on this is that people are moral agents. They choose to do right or choose to do wrong, regardless of their economic condition.
        The problem then is two part; 1) how to improve economic conditions and 2) how to restrain human selfishness (moral conditions).
        Economic conditions improve when taxes/regulations are low, people can read and laws are observed. None of that is true in the ghetto. Pouring endless amounts of money into the schools or municipal bureaucracies won’t do that.
        The moral conditions are improved when people fear God (actual God, not the commenter), are dissuaded by the larger culture, are held responsible by society and its institiutions, and where bad behavior is not subsidized by the government.
        The glue that holds most of that together is the family. Welfare, child support, sexual promiscuity, divorce and the removal of the husband/father as head of the household have destroyed the family over the past 125 years.
        But no one on the Left will want to come to that conclusion. Economic disadvantage is more palatable to their post-modern sensibilities. And once again, opponents are the problem. They oppose a better world. Why? They’re ignorant (they’re dullards) and biased (irrational).
        Different issues, always the same response.

        1. Rich people commit crimes for economic gain, not petty ones, because whats the gain? They go with insurance fraud, credit card fraud, all the baloney bankers do, etc. Education and compassion would stop most of the issues. If people saw the benefits of NOT shitting on one another it could get that way. But too much “sharing” becomes evil “communism.” Too much Greed gets where we are today.

        2. Yes, rich people can be selfish too. Sometimes that manifests itself in white collar crimes (like you point out), and sometimes in nasty behaviors that are wrong, but not explicitly criminal.
          Where we part is your belief that this is a result of a lack of education and compassion. People, rich or poor, know that stealing from other people will hurt those people. No education necessary. They know. And while all people can be compassionate, our past has shown that they can also be very very selfish and will do very wicked things in pursuit of that selfishness. You can restrain that selfishness, and foster compassion, but you must do so intentionally. You must be willing to tell people “No,” and you must be willing to maintain the chief vehicle that inculcates compassion and restraint in the child, the family. Left without, the present unrestrained selfishness is not surprising. It was all too predictable.
          Those of you on the Left are unwilling to look at thousands of years of recorded human history, and surmise that human nature is pretty consistent across the board. People, while capable of good, are inclined towards the bad, and will act accordingly unless their worst inclinations are restrained and their best inclinations are channeled in a socially beneficial direction.
          You seem unwilling to see people as they are. For you, the whole of our collective past was a fluke. If only education and compassion had be taught sufficiently, then everything could have been better.
          But you’re chasing a dream that never has and will never be. And you’re taking us down with you.
          Also, people here aren’t against sharing. But sharing is an act of the heart. Redistribution is not sharing. It’s done by force. And there is no compassion in force.

        3. Well the thing is, I am a human too and I have a past and I I am not evil. Most of the terrible things that have been in done in the past has been led by a small group controlling a big group, and the big group was controlled through propaganda and lies. People were doing atrocious things for a lie. However, as much bad as we have done, we have done more good. Obviously. So yes I believe in people, the only thing holding us back is deceit and false beliefs.

        4. Surely people have been lied to in the past. But does that simple fact remove their moral agency? Do they not retain the ability to believe or disbelieve the lie? Do they not have a moral responsibility in their actions regardless of outside pressures? Are we unthinking, unaccountable drones?
          I remember a Holocaust survivor once recounting on a documentary that as he saw it, Hitler and Himmler never killed one Jew. Rather, it was the cobbler, the baker, the postman, the doctor, his neighbors, who all made a choice to put on a uniform and murder innocent people.
          Sure they were lied to by others, but they still had a choice. They could have said “No.” Do I believe the things that I’m being told? Are they true? Do I choose the put on that uniform, because it’s easier for me to follow along, or do I go against the grain? Whether or not they got a thrill out of killing people isn’t the point. Some of them might have, but most of them followed Hitler because it was the easy thing to do. It was the broad path. They might have gained socially from it, or maybe they just were able to avoid being thrown in the camp themselves.
          But one way or another, they chose. Lie or no lie, they chose. As we all must choose. Right or wrong. We have the choice.
          Maybe doing the wrong thing will bring me great benefit, or maybe it will just help me avoid personal harm. But it’s still selfishness.
          One thing I don’t think you realize in your reasoning, is that if people loose moral agency for their actions (because we were just lied to and victims of propaganda) then we also loose our humanity. We become mere beasts without a moral compass, bound to instinct and circumstance. We are degraded, we cease to be thinking, feeling, soulful creatures.
          I don’t think it’s quite so obvious that we have done more good than bad. Such a thing may be incalculable.
          You say that you have a past and that you’re not evil.
          I say, how do you know?
          Without getting into the weeds of what you have, or haven’t done in the past, how do you know that if faced with sufficient pressure or lies, that you wouldn’t choose the selfish route and act in a despicable manner? I would wager many people over time have thought very highly of themselves and their actions when it was beneficial to act well, only to find that when circumstances changed, their good will changed with it.
          You say you believe in people. That’s very true.
          But I believe your belief is tragically misplaced and will ever fail you.
          People will always fail you. They always have, always will.
          We are fallen, it is part of our nature. We will always disappoint. If we seek redemption, we must look beyond our own efforts. We must look beyond ourselves.
          We must put our faith not in people, but in God. And I pray that you might come to see that.

        5. Some people will fail, but not all, not the ones that count. I’m saying the lies and people believing the lies, led them to think they are doing the right thing. I.E Slavery, Genocide. Hence why False Flags operations are so successful. You can blow up your own train with civilians on it, say the “enemy” did it, now you have an army of people pissed off ready to murder. And the murderers think they’re doing people a favor. So when will the power structure stop lying?

        6. Are you suggesting that, for instance, that every member of the SS didn’t know that murder was wrong, but genuinely thought that it is was a moral good? That all of them believed that? If so, why did they try so hard to cover up the evidence? To destroy the camp structures before the Red Army rolled into Poland. Why did they not openly show the true nature of the camps to the German public? If they thought it was right, wouldn’t they have been proud of it and want to show it?
          And again I ask, even if lied to in order to believe that murder was good, even if they came to genuinely believe it, did they have to believe it? Did they not have the ability to question? Were they just sponges, soaking up anything around them?
          Who are the people who don’t fail? Who are the people who count? You say that the “power structure” keeps lying. Are not the people in the power structure, the ones who count? Yet, supposedly they keep lying. Why, with years and years of human effort, have not “the right people,” “the good people,” the ones who will not fail, achieved success?

        7. They have achieved success, just not totally and completely. Some of the people committing these atrocities had to have some hatred in their hearts to make them think murdering people is okay. Just like the situation this article is covering. People think the cop was doing his job because the man was, a “thug” “violent” “robber” “terrorist” etc. When you attach these titles to someone, they become less than human. Therefore it isn’t the same as killing your brother. So that false belief, enables them.

      5. Then why did crime rates drop in the darkest days of the Depression? Your argument is tired and old.

        1. Same reason why they dropped when Colorado legalized marijuana. I said major driver, not the only.

      6. Commie faggotry. At this point I could give a rat’s ass about some 85 IQ half-monkey’s self-imposed hell. The bottom line is that most blacks are consumed with an ignorant misplaced hatred for whites because they were ginned up by Jewish propaganda. Bring on the race war already.

    2. You do know that the entire welfare state thing is a weapon, right? All “they” gotta do is shut down the EBT cards and the cities are burning in a week, and there’s cannibalism in 2 weeks. They did that on purpose. You watch. When inroads to reform are made, there will be “outages” sporadically. A trashed Walmart here, a looted supermarket there. And then the smokey backrooms make a few phone calls “You like that? There’s more where that came from”.
      And while the cities burn, you’ll be ordered to the countryside to confiscate guns from people who had nothing to do with anything, but you’ll go home to burning your patrol car in front of your house to keep your neighbors from lynching you.

      1. Firearm confiscation is a wet dream of the left. It won’t happen, we far outnumber the confiscators, and since Obama we are dug in and will not be going gently into that good night.

        1. That is funny. My .308 fired out of StG-58 is not effective, but the .223 fired from a goons m4 is deadly. Who knew?
          I also wasn’t aware that full auto weaponry was ineffective. And of course, my bolt action long range scoped rifle which shoots the same round as, say, a sniper, clearly not as effective as their bolt action same caliber weapon.
          Afghanis are kicking our buts with Enfield .303’s, as they did the Soviets. Get back to me when those become ineffective and talk to me about my much more modern weaponry.

        2. It is not necessary to confiscate firearms, since all the houses are made of wood. Remember Tokyo.

        3. You are incorrrect. It is obvious you have no clue. As a gun salesman in the past few years let me fill you in….Ready?
          Obama has been the most un-prescient, and best, gun salesman ever. And he doesn’t even know it!
          Since he has been in office, and with all the speeches he has made, the gun makers have never, and I mean NEVER had the sales that they have had these past few years.
          From .22 caliber, all the way up to 50 cals, the American public is saturated with guns. Those of us with an armory, will gladly help our neighbors we know arm themselves.
          Also, the idiots on the left downsized the military too soon. I admit they would have to do it anyways, but to fast, too soon.
          So all of us vets came back, and you think that with in a few days of these morons losing their minds we won’t band together with those we call friends, and definitely for those we love and start using military tactics to start widdling down numbers if it came to that?
          Granted, the US Military could to a massive shake down. However, you honestly think service members of any race are going to willingly chase down their fellow Americans and kill, hunt, torture, maim them just to appease some jack ass liberal/conservative wanna be dictator king?
          The fact is, the military takes money, and if you are killing off and distracting your citizenry fro working to fighting for their homes…you aren’t paying your military are ya?
          Look up why the Golden Age of Piracy happened, and shiver your timbers, it will become clear if you are smart…take care of your vets, and your people.
          Or they won’t take care of you.
          All these apocalypse stories make my head spin.
          When in 2012, people thought the feds were buying billions of rounds (they were, but to restock their supply, not attack the citizenry) AR_15 flew off the shelfs far faster than they could be made.
          News flash, cause I know you are going to say it, you don’t need the full auto on a AR-15! In the service, I never had to use it to hop and pop unless in a fire fight. But even if we got into it with the American military, their are millions, upon millions, of armed and prior military citizens, that the US military would be underfunded, and quite likely out gunned.
          The reason why the right to bear arms is in place.
          Dictators may try and blow a nuke in Baltimore or New York; but they will never send a fighting force here. We will kill them here, and we will kill them there.

        4. No one on the left wants to confiscate guns. I would say that’s a fantasy of the RWNJ who want a civil war. Grow up.

        5. You just stay down in your bunker, little man, and let the grown ups take care of the real issues.

        6. Eastern Ukraine is coming here whether you like it or not. Especially if you leftoids keep running the economy into the ground, until we’re at… Eastern Ukraine levels. Idiot.

        7. Don’t know much about history, especially from the twentieth century, do you? Nor do you have a grasp on what “the economy” is and what has taken place since 2000.
          Weren’t you one of the fools who blathered on and on about FEMA camps? Stop now, before you make a complete a*s out of yourself.

        8. You’re really showed him with that cutting edge liberal snark. You forgot the tiny penis.

        9. lol “confront your issues”
          Is there an actual book average to low IQ self hating white shitlibs read from for their rebuttals?

        10. be careful yaw datz mah bitch chu be sayin bout there dawg! and she aint forgot no tiny dick cuz she cant get nuff of mah blak schlong yaw! gnomesayin?

        11. hey baby chu wanna confront mah blak mamba up there in your gigantic white ass? nomesayin?

        12. In Mexico they don’t bother trying to confiscate guns (which are almost entirely illegal) from he population because its not worth the inevitable bloodbath. They just enforce the gun law against gringos who unfortunately cross the border having forgotten about their sidearm in the glove compartment…

        13. Not only that, (and leaving aside printing guns) if mass confiscation were to occur, it wouldn’t stop illegal guns (knock off AKs particularly easy to get your hands on in the US).

        14. I used an AR-15 for the first time at a shooting range recently. The remarkably fast way you can accurately pop! pop! pop! off rounds had me thinking “whats the point of fully auto”?
          I went through the ammo so quick both my instructor and range owner had something to say (along the lines of “do come back soon”!)

        15. “Self-esteem” is purely a female thing. Guys understand from a young
          age that they actually have to achieve something tangible in order to feel pride. Women think everyone should be able to feel pride
          regardless of accomplishment. Saying a man has self-esteem issues is
          pure projection.

        16. I guess I went a bit far with that snark, heh…..?
          Pretty much anything that can be used to kill or maim someone has some military utility. Even bread knives; which hasn’t yet been confiscated either.
          What the Soviet experience in Afghanistan taught, though; aside from the fact that Afghans are tough as nails and will fight back with whatever the heck they have; is that there is a very big difference between being able to reliably defend against armored helicopters and not.
          And what various standoffs both here and abroad has taught, is that one really needs to be able to defend reliably against armored vehicles in order to be able to say no to those who possess them.
          One can fight back without anti air and anti armor weapons, but will then have to take the fight to the softer part of the enemy’s organization; such as the civilians who provide funding and support for the enemy’s armored front lines. Which is all fine and dandy, but does take substantially stronger convictions and adherence to principals, than if one could limit oneself to only shoot at those individuals who are directly shooting at you.

        17. uhhh ahhh hey Billy Bob jo Jack…can I have your sister after you finished with her …billy bob jo back…afterwards we can smoke meth and listen to bluegrass and drink that moonshine

        18. no shit dawg! i know dat yall cracka love giant black ass but muh sista shanaynay deychawntay be so outta yo leeg she’ll be dizzin yo white ass fasta den yall can say “lemaricus jamal jihad” yaw! nomesayin?

        19. Thank you for stating what should be obvious. Its amazing how people will con themselves into believing 2mil (most desk jocks) people will overrun an entire state not realizing what the numbers are and that our military isn’t some rag tag group willing to kill ANYONE just cause they have guns. Its funny how guns have become so popular these days lol.

        20. Wrong.
          Select-fire is pretty fun, but semiauto battle rifles have killed plenty of people, and those are still fairly widely available. Not to mention bolt-action hunting rifles.
          And, of course, ARs and AKs still have a high cyclic rate, they just need more pulls at the trigger.
          Frankly, pick a caliber that’s in common use in your area, cuz that’s what you’ll be raiding police depots to use for your own weapons.

        21. Not taking sides here, but when they banned guns in australia and england, allt those tough talkers about, they’ll never take our guns gave up their guns. Lets face, most middle class white people have jobs, and most middle class white people will lose those jobs with a felony conviction for illegal firearms possession charges and convictions. Will you give up your job, house, financial security, car and so on to fight a criminal case against you that you will lose if you go to trial in federal court? This is the REAL decision people are faced with. Financial ruin, economic disenfranchisement and losing the right to vote. And are you going to stand in the streets which will look like ferguson when they take the guns, well if you have a job, how are you going to get time off to protest? Most of us middle class people can barely even get the time to spend with our kids, never mind protest in the streets!

        22. Your scope will be useless. When they take your guns it will be like in new orleans suburbs. 5-6 cops show up at your door, if you don’t answer they bash it in with swat gear and take all your guns if you are not home. If you are home, are you going to shoot 6 cops in swat? How does going to jail for life sound, or death penalty sound.

        23. I don’t think you give Obama enough credit. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s a huge troll. He knows the liberal agenda is stupid, and every time he spouts it, there will be a huge pushback.

      1. Don’t let your white guilt cloud your judgement, commenter.
        Back in the days before Frankfort-influenced PC ran the show, it was common knowledge amongst the general population that there were “black people” as distinguished from “niggers”.
        There is good and bad in every crowd. Common Sense > your liberal college education.

        1. Such trivial distinctions are wholly unnecessary. Of course there are good and bad people in every crowd, that is quite obvious. However, posting the picture above exemplifies ‘anonymous cops’ negative affect towards African American’s. He’s essentially using the “dangerous ghetto thug” to push his “cops are justified” routine.

        2. I don’t think you can accuse a leftoid with the name “David Berman” of having white guilt, since he isn’t actually white.

        3. A fair point. African Americans aren’t much of a threat when compared to Organized Jewry.

        4. JIDF pls go
          Dangerous ghetto thugs are enough to justufy cops being rougher. How would you like getting assaulted by those thugs? Would you do it for 40k per year? I doubt it.

        5. Being ‘rougher’, and slaughtering an unarmed teen are two different things. Beating the shit out of the teen with a stick or using the taser if the teen charged? Ok. Whipping out a gun and shooting six times because you’re scared? Not ok.

        6. The officer may never regain sight in his left eye because the socket collapsed while being attacked from this unarmed black giant.
          Being unarmed doesn`t mean he didn`t viciously attack a cop and then get shot.
          Nice try, rabbi.

        7. False!! X rays did not show that, no broken eye socket…we will see as the facts come out.

        8. Taser, my friend. The officer had an opportunity to draw a weapon, and he choose to shoot a teenager in the head instead of stunning him into paralysis and then maybe a quick strike baton to the side for good measure. The use of deadly force is the problem.

        9. The taser would have been a bad idea. Lets assume for a moment that Wilson holsters his gun after the shot was fired from inside the vehicle and Brown had retreated and reaches for the taser instead. Doing so takes a couple of seconds I’d say and that is all the time Brown would have needed to close with Wilson and beat him to death. If by some miracle, officer Wilson managed to unholster the taser and get off a clean shot at Brown, there would still be one possible combatant who had not yet entered the fray, but could have then started attacking Wilson while Brown was being tased. Even though the cohort of Brown’s had not engaged Wilson yet, it was still effectively two on one and Wilson was wise to keep his weapon out and not holster it. Doing otherwise might have ended his life.
          Wilson was painted into a corner by the circumstances and Brown didn’t understand that apparently.

        10. Lol so many assumptions in this hypothetical that its credibility is extremely suspect.

        11. The officer was not equipped with a taser. My original point still stands however. Even if Wilson did have a taser, it would have been tactically unsound to try to use it in that situation. It would have left him more vulnerable to attack than using his sidearm. The grand jury apparently saw things my way as well.

    3. An even better way is for whites to finally band together just like all of the minorities do. Balance = Peace.

        1. He comes from the Black Man? You should clear that up and explain your little theories my friend.

        2. He thinks he’s being slick by saying that white people came out of Africa. I know what he’s trying to say, but he’s actually wrong. Europeans and Asians did not come from blacks, but we do have a common ancestor. He probably thinks we evolved from monkeys too. No, we didn’t, but we have a common ancestor with the monkey. Same exact scenario. Non-Africans contain different amounts of DNA from Neanderthal and Denisovan as well. Some whites contain up to 4% Neanderthal DNA. Now to clarify, that is the minimum confirmed. The real amount of Neanderthal DNA could be as high as 50%, but we don’t know yet. It’s of my opinion that Europeans and Africans are not even the same species, but are obviously genetically close. Sort of like how Polar bears and grizzly bears are both bears, and can produce offspring, but are not the same species.

        3. Europeans and Africans aren’t the same species?? I would say from that comment alone it is apparent there are humans whose brains lack the ability to critically think.

        4. Couldn’t agree with you more, got to say I love the way you destroyed his simplistic argument with reality. Anyone who has taken a single anthropology class knows what you say to be true.

        5. i come from da black man too dawg but i’m a self-loathing nigga yaw so datz be whatz in yaw!

        6. haha. Yes, I’ve committed a thoughtcrime. Guilty as charged. Now, I’m not saying to take away their rights or put them in a zoo, I’m just saying we’re more different than most think. Most modern black Americans already contain some amount of European DNA, on average about 25%, I think, which blurs the genetic lines a bit for Americans. Make no mistake though, there are some major genetic differences between someone from Sub-Saharan Africa and someone from a Nordic country. I think it’s pretty silly and fallacious to assume the ONLY differences are those that are superficial. We already know blacks have higher rates of the so-called “warrior gene” and higher testosterone. Be aware that this is a new area of science, and just as science hasn’t been a friend to Feminism I don’t think it will be a friend to the Racial Marxists either.

        7. Earliest Modern Homo Sapiens are out of Africa, Neanderthal is a sub species which our ancestors mated with including Homo Sapiens which left Africa into Asia…if you travel to the Middle east and Asia today you still see Black people…Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, the “negritos” in the Philippines…you see them in Japan.
          Last time I checked a species can mate and have offspring which can reproduce. A Horse and a Donkey make a Mule but the Mule is infertile…A Black an Asian can mix or any race can mix and create offspring which can reproduce. The fact still stand modern man came out of Africa and that is the Established thought of most respectable Anthropologists. Frankly everyone is entitled to their opinions…but you might have to double check yours…”Hammer”

        8. don’t mistake opinions as truth…lets wait and see for new developments before making assumptions. Anyway off I go, talk amongst yourselves lol

        9. whachu be tellin bout dawg? mah cuzzin name be shanaynay deshontay and i aint be fuckin dat ho cuz i be a moral strong blak nigga with high educashun yaw! nomesayin?

        10. Neanderthals were not a “sub-species”. Rather they were separate species of genus Homo with a common ancestor to Homo Sapien. Otherwise I agree.

        11. Ah, I see. Sorry, I thought this was the grown up room; I can see now it’s the nut house.

        12. yaw baby if chu be grown up den chu can suck muh dick yaw! and just for keepin it real i get muh hommies too so you be havin nuff dicks to suck around yaw!

        13. If different species cannot produce fertile offspring, and Neanderthal is of the species Homo neanderthalensis, then you are obviously wrong. If Neanderthals and homo sapies mated, and produced fertile offspring, as appears to be the case, then they cannot be a different species by your definition. You can’t have it both ways. Same with Denisovan. Grizzly bears and polar bears are different species, and yet they produce hybrid offspring that are fertile. It really comes down to how you want to define “species,” which is beside my point, which is that native Europeans and native Africans are NOT the same animal with different skin color.

        14. I think what he was implying is that there are substantial differences between ethnic groups. Physically, as well as perhaps cognitively. This is a fact of biology and evolution.
          Of course this does not imply that one ethnic group is of higher value than another, but still.
          We are the same species though, even if it has not been proven conclusively that all ethnic groups can interbreed and produce fertile offspring.

        15. Logic is not used by a certain section on this page…however some points brought up on this site is based on factual observation but many here just degrade this page and the message it tries to send. The guy below I agree with in terms of us having some differences but I don’t think they are large differences.

        16. “Yeeehaaawww im billy jo bob jack you cares for some meth”
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        17. Polar Bears are a Sub-Species that adapted to their climate. When modern humans left Africa Blacks also adapted to colder climates…you don’t need a lot of melanin in colder climates…but people who lack higher melanin levels do suffer at a higher occurrence with exposure to UV Radiation….Yes I agree their are difference but they are minor.

        18. Gene flow across Eurasia over the last 10,000 years probably transformed the psychological nature of Humans from “Live for the moment” Hunter Gatherers to the patient, steadfast mindset required to live amongst vast numbers of others in agricultural civilizations. “Patriarchy” is part of this process, sort of an animal Husbandry for mankind to “domesticate” Homo Sapiens and breed out the wild element by elders making the choice of who breeds with whom. Same thing that turned Wolves into Dogs. This process is perhaps furthest along in East Asia which has been overpopulated for Millenia and essentially under martial law for thousands of years with death routinely meted out to ne’er do wells. The resultant “politeness” and obedience of East Asians is probably genetic as well as cultural. All their Trayvons got taken out of the gene pool Millenia past. With the welfare state and feminism this trend in human evolution has undergone a drastic reversal in America, affecting all races but raising it’s worst havoc upon those groups with the most “wild” genes in their population. Take away a strong father from that childs’ home and they are nothing but ticking time bombs when they reach adolescence.

        19. So you admit that African and Europeans might not be the same species, but might be different sub species? In other words, you admit that just because Europeans and Africans can reproduce doesn’t mean they’re the same species?

        20. Homo Sapiens or Homo Sapien Sapiens were in Africa 200,000 years ago…when they left. My previous statement left it open for your interpretation…but no I do not believe there Europeans and Africans are Sub Species…we are all 99.9 percent the same…
          However I also understand there are differences, it would be silly of me not to recognize that, you can SEE it…but if you want to go that route no Human in the planet is exactly alike not even twins…in fact you are not the same person after 8 or 10 years as every cell in your body has replaced itself. It is like me saying the Sexes are the same they are not…there are differences physically between a Man and a Woman…that doesn’t mean we should treat women differently or think of them inferior overall, (that doesn’t mean we should let ourselves be taken advantage of neither). In fact women do certain things better than we can physically and have advantages that we don’t have on average…But with hard work and persistence certain gaps can be closed or shortened. For examply women can work on their upper body strength and achieve strength stronger than average males but not elite males.

        21. In terms of races certain races can fall victim to certain diseases or are less likely to acquire certain diseases or disorders..(ON AVERAGE)…however these differences are small and can be mitigated by lifestyle choices….African Americans are very good at certain sports but it is because they train hard and dedicate themselves to that sport or have role models they can look up too, that does not mean that a white person can’t excel at those same sports if he dedicates himself to that sport. Same goes for reaching success academically…in my personal experience I witnessed many so called minorities excel in science and math because of the culture as well as the culture in the household. Strong work ethic and also have role models they can look up to helps. I myself was able to take intermediate level Calculus at a younger age…and I was never a big fan of math…I excelled in science and if I would’ve been very motivated and more disciplined I would’ve gone much farther as I got older. My IQ level is well above the Average White IQ level as well, even though I DONT believe IQ test are an actual portrayal of Intelligence level. And I have seen people in the street who were extremely smart but didn’t have the proper guidance and motivation. And I have seen many people in my life like that so you can’t lump a whole group of people in a stereotypical and inferior light.
          I also have friends who are Caucasian Black Asian Indian all types of friends and I am a polyglot…and my cultural awareness is beyond the average person. That doesn’t mean I am superior just means I was motivated to learn certain things.
          You see me here posting some negative things but it is because in this echo chamber people get nasty and you don’t earn respect it is given. I will engage in a classy discussion but I will take it to a certain level if need be as well.

        22. I did’t ask what you “believe.” Based on your own definition and logic, you HAVE to admit that Europeans and Africans could be “sub species.” You can’t have it both ways. You’re the one who opened the door to this conclusion, and now you’re trying to use the Special Pleading fallacy. You can set an arbitrary line between the “species” and “sub species” all you want, but what you’re arguing is just your opinion.
          Yes, we are 99.9% the same on average. I think it’s pretty silly to assume the only differences are external. The superficial differences are pretty stark, so why would the internal differences be any different? We’re also 99% the same as a chimp, and it’s completely different. Not only externally, but also the way it thinks. What’s your point? There are ~3 billion base pairs in the human genome. What’s 3,000,000,000 x 0.001? Three million. That means there are more than three million differences between your genome and anyone else’s. That’s nothing to sneeze at. It’s like changing 3 million instructions in a 3 billion line recipe. Obviously, the results are going to be very different, and won’t just be something as superficial as skin color. Argue semantics and play word games with “species” and “sub species” all you want, but I’m not convinced an African is just a European with darker skin, nor do I see strong evidence to support that claim. Such a claim is, in my opinion, taken on faith; presumably for the stability of society.

        23. Nazi Eugenics and Racism tried to justify Anthropological findings to try to demean other races that were not “Aryan” which in itself is a misnomer because Aryans are definitely not Blond Haired Blue eyed as Hitler very wrongly stated…and many Persians would get angry with that statement hahaha.
          However most modern Anthropologist have proven that the races are not a “Sub-Species”
          Read up on Ashley Montagu which disproves the sub-species theory using genetics and E.O Wilson.
          The different species/sub species was used for many centuries by Europeans to discredit or minimize Africans and justify the slave trade to their very own un-approving white populations. I myself am not an authority in Anthropology but there are many people whose life-long work is Anthropology and they have broken that false theory.
          So although many people ACT like they are a different sub species including many who I have ran across we are not different sub species.

        24. I actually come from the school that believes diversity is good from a biological standpoint…you don’t a large population that are the same racial background because they are more susceptible to mass extinction.
          Diversity allows for us as a SPECIES to adapt more effectively.

        25. OK, it looks like we’ve reached Godwin’s law. You lose. Rather than admit that your own definition of “sub species” includes Europeans and Africans you completely changed the subject with a red herring about Nazis. Let me remind you that YOU brought up “sub species,” not me, and now you’re backpedaling. Are you sure you have a really high IQ, as you’ve claimed in the comments of this article?

        26. Now that was interesting very interesting because in actuality I rarely bring up Hitler. When it comes to Anthropology however, I think it important for me to actually bring him up because he is actually not in the periphery of discussion but a central focus since his bias forced anthropologists to manipulate their finding to suit his racial agenda…so it is actually not in fact playing “The Hitler Card”
          I did bring up Sub Species when talking about Neanderthals,
          and I stand by my statements that there are minor differences but not to the extent to claim sub-species status.
          It was not a red herring because a certain cohort’s thinking was influenced by these biased findings.
          Very interesting though I have to admit.

        27. Then you admit that, based on your own definition, that native Europeans and native African could be “sub species.” Yes or no?

        28. Modern Humans that left Africa into Europe are the same species, with minor differences not a sub-species.

        29. Your debating technique is good, but read some of the material I sent earlier proving the fallacy of the sub-species theory…all an all very good.

        30. Isn’t it time for you to remove the hitler youth dick from your mouth and get on your knees for Hamas?
          Stand for a constitutional republic, and a bullet tween the eyes for commies , jihadis, & nazis.

        31. And you were saying… You muthafuckas come from use whether you want to admit it or not. Two black parents can make a white baby, but not the other way around. Whites are nothing more than albinos. End of story.

        32. And you were saying… You muthafuckas come from use whether you want to admit it or not. Two black parents can make a white baby, but not the other way around. Whites are nothing more than albinos.

        33. Actually, it’s a myth that hybrids are always infertile. The documentary below is about the possibility of breeding chimps and humans, and the topic of infertility (viability) comes up. Basically, the mule is just one example of a hybrid. There are many other hybrids that produce fertile offspring.

        34. Yes you are correct, there are cases where Hybrids produce fertile offspring…It is very likely between sub-species and always within different populations. It isn’t clear cut when I refer to hybrids as Hybrids is in fact a very general term. I usually refer to “intergeneric” or Inter-Specific hybrids when discussing Hybrids…I am NOT referring to INTRA-Specific Hybrids. In terms of hominids it still does not dispute the fact that they arose out of Africa as well as modern Humans Homo Sapien Sapiens did…with some mixing along the way especially in Europe with Neanderthals.
          “Racial-Realists” have been disproven before…they try to say that Blacks are better in Athletics for example to then afterward say that Blacks are less “intelligent”. They try to say things like Whites invaded other countries is called Colonialism but that the opposite is called “Diversity” however this is flawed logic.
          I’m all for “Red-Pill” truth as you in all aspects of life, but you have to look at the entire picture.
          As for the “Chuman” or “Humanzee” experiments the successful outcome of these experiments have never been confirmed let alone a successful fertile hybrid.

        35. I would add that the judicial system is basically an artificial selection system that breeds the most aggressive men out of society by removing them from society, thus putting their genes at a disadvantage. You may find the Domesticated Silver Fox Experiment extremely interesting. Basically, it proved a few very important points.
          1. Aggressiveness and a tendency toward violence has a genetic basis. Not only did they breed aggressiveness and violent behavior out of the silver fox, but they were also able to create more aggressive foxes. If humans are mammals just like foxes, why would we be any different?
          2. When they bred aggressiveness out of the foxes their appearance completely changed.
          Fascinating experiment. Check it out.

        36. Beyond Basic College Genetics, none…I’m just referring to the work of those who do practice the profession

        37. Then you should provide references. Anyone can write an opinion and then claim they’re citing experts.

        38. On a related thought … notice how German and Japan became incredibly non aggressive societies Post WW2? The US Military did a hurting on their aggressive genetics.

        39. I think they still probably have the same level of aggressiveness, but they were demoralized, their weapons were taken away, and a culture of shaming their old ways was forced upon them. The dynamic between biology and culture can be confusing. All culture can do is suppress actions by associating things with shame, but it can not suppress feelings and thoughts, which are driven by biology.

        40. that’s a cool pic. i like it. i’m one of those that does believe we came from the african.

        41. East Asians are polite and obedient now? That is hilarious considering just Japan’s history alone. China itself has only recently in the past 50 years had peace.

        42. Since we come from the same place, stop calling us racist to get your way.

        43. Not to “get my way” but simply stating the truth. Not everyone is racist I try to avoid making sweeping commentary.

      1. LMAO!!!! What the hell do you call the past 5 centuries bro? You mean overt white supremacy wasnt good enough?

    4. Most Whites will be pissed off as they are the bulk of welfare recipients… and yes I believe in Welfare only as a temporary solution and no I do not excuse blacks or any other race for abusing the social safety nets. Also before you bring up percentages, understand that Blacks and Latinos are more likely to be born into poverty… historically and presently in this country and disenfranchised. Income levels are very low so they have to seek out other means to help their families. So repost your picture with majority poor whites in your picture if you want a more accurate portrayal.

      1. Lol the majority poor whites in Ferguson?
        So, for every story about poor whites committing crimes do we need to show photos of poor blacks completely unrelated to the crime in question?

        1. No because we don’t put a microscope on white on white crime or ask you to explain it now do we…mr. Rucks?

      2. Hell yeah mister statistic is on the road to economical enlightement! Are more whites on welfare than blacks? Maybe. Is a higher percentage of blacks on welfare, than whites? Most assuredly!

        1. You covered that blacks and latinos have a higher chance of being born into poverty I know mate. But middle class people who lose their jobs dont go on welfare?

        2. Yes but people who fall of their middle class status and fall into poverty exist in measurable numbers…dawg!

        3. Yes and I have seen them of many races also fall into criminality not all but some… fact the upper class has a percentage which is even more criminal…..Bloody Wanka!

        4. Many races you say? You must mean black,arab or latino am i right…my NIGGA! Cmon dont fight, dont fight it!

        5. I covered what his possible response would be, and the reasoning behind said statistic, without stating he was wrong with that specific statistic…read it again lol

        6. You didn’t overtly say he was wrong, but the hamster wheel was turning. You rationalized special privileges for blacks and latinos. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal.

        7. “Moral law is an invention of mankind for the disenfranchisement of the
          powerful in favor of the weak. Historical law subverts it at every
          turn.” Third Eye is just defending HIS PEOPLE, you know the WEAK.

        8. Now what made you think I was from Australia?! And you brotha, where do you hail from? Project 7?

        9. In an argument personal insults make you lose, just so you know. I love how hopeless you are, realizng you cant stop whitey from raping and pillaging your continent, Music to my years, lad.

        10. hahaha compassion is not a symbol of weakness but of strength…and it ELEVATES Humanity into a more advanced state of being..but you wouldn’t understand that Savage Neanderthal now can you…the only thing you would listen to is strength and your submission….you dirty waste of space scum

        11. I have fun with people like you, you are below me and rank just above the peanut in a turd and below the dry saliva at the edge of the mouth.

        12. When I earn my first million Il come buy you and ya mom from the arab slave market. Hang on tight sweetie, if they decide to put it up your ass just aggree, they dont know better. Africa is my cum dumpster, I rain all over you mate, drink up.

        13. What in the hell do you know about poverty, Mr. I have access to and the leisure time to post on the internet?

        14. But middle class that loses their job is almost there. They just find another job and rely on their savings and work ethic. The minorities may be born into poverty in a lot of cases; but the culture they live in favors the welfare lifestyle because living poor, and off whitey, is some how sticking it to the man?
          The fact is, most of our overlords in DC, Obama included, are descended from slave owners. They made the Great Society, I feel, merely to keep you in check, and break apart your families. It worked.
          Now, in their minds I suspect, you are still on the plantation; but now you vote for them to keep you on.

        15. Hello Mr. Pig howdie, yes I work and I can scrape together a couple of nickels…whats it to ya?! huh lol

        16. Funny. Irish, orphans, and Eastern Slavs were shipped to North Africa, Central Africa, and the colonies (Americas, Australia, and such) like slaves. They were slaves. Indentured servitude was for the elites kids.
          The term mulato comes from irish women being bred with african slaves to save money from purchasing new slaves. In the 1600s, it got so common, the governor of the region ordered a stop to it. It was killing the economy.
          Many of these slaves, earned their freedom in the revolutionary war.
          You will have to dig some, if you care, but it is there for all to see.

        17. Yes I agree Jesse James Irish even fought alongside the Mexicans, and they suffered abuse from the English up to the present day. However elements of the Irish still thought themselves better than blacks even during the extreme valley of their discrimination here in America causing the slaves to mock their audacity. However the Irish do have a history of servitude as does most of mankind.

        18. If I say im Pontus Turkish, then what would you say then? The mongols kicked my ass? If I say im mongol what would you say the chinese kicked my ass? If I say im chinese would you say the japanese kicked my ass? Your foly has no end slave.
          P.S IM not greek either tehehe keep guessing monkey

        19. hahahahaha if we saw each other in person I bet you would look more like a monkey than I do….as I would tower over you…pipsqueak You come from ORIGINAL MAN ETHIOPIA AFRICA if its one thing from tonight that you remember is that…scum

        20. yaw dawg, i totally like look like monkey yaw but dem honkeys tell me i look like a nigga yaw so i confuzed, gnomesayin?

        21. That the Ethiopians have been used. The Arabians have used Ethiopians as slaves since the beginning of time. Mohammad had sn Ethiopian slave. They are starting remove the Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia because its become burdensome to have too many low skilled Ethiopians

        22. They were always made slaves because they were too weak and stupid to fight back and save themselves. But they are not even very good as slaves.

        23. The insults in this thread are just hilariously creative.
          Nothing better than two inventive dudes ad homineming the shit out of each other on an Internet comment board.

        24. So, have the Africans managed to form civilization anywhere without their Whitey training wheels yet? Us “Savage Neanderthals” run the world, which you feed off like a parasite. Us Neanderthals have walked on other worlds, and developed nearly everything around you, including the computer you’re using right now. What have you blacks been up to lately, other than spreading HIV and STDs around at 7 to 8 times the rate of everyone else? Are you praying those “Savage Neanderthals” cure your people of ebola?

        25. I doubt any of you would do half the work…for all the talk about lazy…White indentures could never do the amount of labor as a Black slave their bodies would give out! continue your circle jerk…do some reading study a little bit then maybe I might respond again to ignorant comments.

        26. Like I stated before if you actually read I don’t believe in the two party system…the Wealth Gap is increasing and Big Money rules….there are many other factors. I’m not ignorant to the “plantation”

        27. Lol. Your not West African. Ethiopian are the midgets of all the Africans. Malnurished 5 foot 6 but i will give it to you that the Ethiopian women are the best looking of all africans. especially dibaba. But all your food copies indian . Like I swear the Ethiopian restaurants walk across the road and pick up indian and claim it to be Ethiopian. maybe with so many successive famines you guys forgot how to cook lol.

        28. Are u retarded their was civilization long before it reached Europe, where the hell you get your history from…skinhead University wtf lol

        29. Yes later other groups entered Egypt…Pre dynastic Egypt existed before 5,000 B.C. When the Macedonian Alexander The Great finally enntered it was 322 B.C. the follwlowing Ptolemaic Greek Dynasty lasted from 322 to 32 B.C. later the Romans entered this period is called ”Classical Antiquity and came THOUSANDS of years after Early Dynastic Periods 1st interdemediate Period Middle Kingdom 2nd Interdemediate Period New Kingdom.
          They had long before.created and.independent language and writing.made advances in science, and.Mathematics. In fact a renaissance man thousands of thousands of yeats before the.actual renaissance Old Kngdom Egypt under Pharoah Djoser he was a Polymath and made contributions in mathematics engineering , rchetecture , and created the first Step Pyramid…thousands of years before the Greeks arrived…you are distorting history by your comments and fueling the.ignorance of the.less intelligent on this page.

        30. African influential.he was worshipped by the smartes Greeks THOUSANDS OF YEARS later and even worshipped as a God by later Greeks as Asclepius who is depicted holding a SNAKE ENTWINEDSAFF….does that symbol look familiar in modern medical society…
          Anyway saying that America was always mostly Caucasian when they were inhabited long Native tribes which influenced our constitution today that gives people in this page to spew ignorance. Or that Southern Africa has always been white or that Australia has always been whitr.when the.Aborigines were the original people of that land before the DREGS of English Society plundered Australia….use your factoids and include the larger narrative please and dont use it to distort history. Difference is I am willing to say yes black community has things they need to work on, but i also know.history and current society…comments on this page dont acknowledge certain facts because it makes them unhappy or they want to blind themselves…many people are blind with both eyes open use your Brain the third optic.

        31. HAHA you are simple Simon kind of stupid aren’t ya..
          Slavery also existed within many European societies as well…hell even western society has a form of financial slavery maybe we can all agree on that….
          you have to be above me to do that and you are not you’re just a little insecure pipsqueak that I’ll probably piss on…and an unwashed cave-dweller…you and your same-thinking cohort are pathetic…I know white people who would make you eat your own teeth because you would be an embarrassment to them. Now go back into the darkness low double digit IQ nimwit

        32. Cleopatra is closer to our modern daysciety than to establishment.of Ancient.Egyptian.Civilization her Ancerstor Ptolemy a Greek General under Alexander started the Ptolemaic dynasty Buuuut, The beginning of Ancient Egyptian Civilixation existed over FIVE THOUSAND YEARS PRIOR…so Cleopatra, the Ptolemaic Dynasty, even before The Roman Republic or Kingdom or start when the Greeks were getting kicked around by the perisans Egypt was established. Even Jesus THE CHRIST is closer to modern society in the overall.timeline. Anyway im outta here

        33. It’s a genetic fact that the Egyptians were not (and are not) black. We have the DNA of the ancient Egyptians because they practiced mummification, and it is essentially the same as the modern Egyptians, with the exception of a very slight boost of Arab DNA following the Islamic conquests. The DNA of the Egyptians is Mediterranean. It’s the same DNA shared by the Greeks, Italians, and everyone around the fucking Mediterranean. I’m not surprised you blacks would try to take credit for something that you did not do. Once you get down below the desert, into Sub-Saharan Africa where the blacks actually originate, you only find the most primitive forms of art, architecture, and settlement.

        34. And Jesus was Blond-Haired Blue-Eyed as well right?! (Sarcasm)
          Ironically “Sub-Saharan” Africa also accounts for Northern Sudan…Nubia…it was in this region with modern day Southern Egypt where Egyptian Civilization started. Nobody is “taking” the credit for anything, credit is given where credit is due. I have agreed with some of people’s post here but I notice the trend here is when people feel “angered” or “beaten” they do not wish to acknowledge establish facts…its like saying the sky is red when everyone agrees we see it as the color blue! Here are some notable civilizations of course as time progresses you see more Arab influence and later Arab Established civilizations right before the colonization periods of Europe. But many of these are Black African Civilizations. And of course Ancient was originally Black African.
          “Some notable pre-colonial states and societies in Africa include the Nok culture, Mali Empire, Ashanti Empire, Kingdom of Mapungubwe, Kingdom of Sine, Kingdom of Saloum, Kingdom of Baol, Kingdom of Zimbabwe, Kingdom of Kongo, Ancient Carthage, Numidia, Mauretania, the Aksumite Empire, the Ajuran Sultanate and the Adal Sultanate.”

        35. Now lets take a trip below Sub Saharan African shall we?
          Human Settlement in Cental Africa is date back over 100,000 years…Iron-Smelting was being performed here over 3,000 B.C. there. Now I can write books on each civilization but just to be brief I will list them….. Sao, Kanem, Bornu, Shilluk, Baguirmi, and Wadai…Also in the Ethiopian and Eritrea existed was the Axumite Empire…also city states: Opone, Mosyllon and Malao…
          We also have the Kingdom of Kongo, Kuba Kingdom….

        36. Also Horn of Africa Zagwe Dynasty…I missing many by the way cant remember…
          Southern Africa: Kingdom of Maputu, the Khosian speakers a language group unrelated to the two that left Africa Afro-Asiatic and Indo European that’s responsible for the bulk of modern European languages going back Before Christ of which the language of the Ancient Greeks which wrote a lot of the knowledge that carried Europe after Egypt of course….but lets move forward shall we….Monomopata, Also the Great Zulu Nation!

        37. holy Im forgetting some other ones silly me huh….The Kanem Empire, The Kindom of Nri, Kingdom of Benin, and the Great Songhai Empire….
          Also the Great Ashanti Empire….and Kingdom of Nok who built huge structure 5000 years before Christ.
          AXUMITE EMPIRE already had iron smelting thousands of years before Christ…correct me on my spelling Greeks here but they were called Aethopia or “BURT FACE” by the Ancient Greeks for their BLACK skin……there are many many others I can’t recall at the moment….
          Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean you have to knowingly ignore facts…but you can talk with other people here and feel better.

        38. Oh brother. Egypt civilization began when Upper and Lower Egypt united. Lower Egypt (near the Mediterranean) was much larger. The capital of Upper Egypt (technically in the South) was Thebes. It is NOT in Sudan, it’s in Egypt. And it’s in the northern part of the Saharan desert near the Red Sea, and is therefore NOT Sub-Saharan. (My lord, talk about someone who thinks a blue sky is red!)
          So if the blacks of Sub-Saharan Africa were responsible for the foundation of Ancient Egyptian civilization (LOL), then where’s the rest of it? Can you find it for me on this map? Where are the huge monolithic stone sculptures of kings and hieroglyphs? Surely, if they could do it in Egypt they would do it all over Sub-Saharan Africa. We’re talking about ancient civilization, so they had thousands of years to do this.

        39. No one “Falls” into criminality. That’s a rhetorical device used by people who want to pretend otherwise.

        40. Not all but some “fall” into criminality due to necessity. Others do not “fall” to do so both from the lower classes and Upper Class White Collar criminals who already have more than enough but continue to steal from others.

        41. “White indentures could never do the amount of labor as a Black slave their bodies would give out!”
          I know this is an old post but did you seriously argue for using black slaves over white slaves?.. Yes you did. Way to relieve some others guilt for that choice.
          You also said above, “the Irish still thought themselves better than blacks even during the extreme valley of their discrimination here in America causing the slaves to mock their audacity.”
          How do you know what Irish slaves thought? Most people only know their ordeal through journals. The Irish were actually treated more poorly than the African slaves, because the Africans were an investment, while the Irish were nearly free. The Irish died doing more dangerous work. Irish children were forced to work more hours malnourished, even mangled than grown African slaves. They weren’t even given burials and had no sense of community. They worked in the fields beside the Africans often getting 3rd degree burns from the sun. Their indentured servitude for x-amount of years didn’t just end then, as they were lied about as committing crimes and forced into more years.
          The difference today between the two: at least your history isn’t removed from the books as mine is. Yours is taught in school every year like clock work while mine is considered a disturbance to speak about. I know because I wrote about it in 10th grade and was written up and given an incomplete for the work. I appealed this and received my A, but was told it is a disturbance to mention.
          You don’t want me telling you how Africans felt back then do you? So how about you hush now and leave it to the Irish and their descendants (that is of course, unless you have a time machine to ask in person).

        42. Cute how sneakily you sneak in your own racism… Poor blacks are victims so they must/need/have to commit crime. Wealthy whites choose to. Right? No. Plenty of black poor don’t fall victim to the streets just as many choose to be on the streets. Notice how so many rapers continue on with their criminal antics after buying their mansions? The same is true with wealthy educated blacks. Crime is crime – and it is almost always a lucid choice for selfish reasons, like: selling drugs buying Jordan’s not food or diapers and stealing those material bullshit not good for their kids. Don’t be so naive. Don’t be so racist behind your whole “I have white friends” bullshit, you’re the same as all the others using excuses and justifications for your race, while blaming the evil white devil.

        43. Crime is Crime I agree but certain crimes like theft are sometime encouraged by the social condition a person faces, this is not only limited to race as some poor whites in those same situations will be pressed to commit those same petty crimes. The difference was that the Judicial System corrupted to certain degrees by race, and class/money would deliver unfair justice. This is what it has become in today’s time the person calling out racism is labelled “racist.” Its not bullshit as the people who converse with me no matter the race usually come to a consensus on what we discuss.

        44. Although I was not there to see how people thought about others, A segment of the Irish population back then thought themselves better than Blacks as they still do today which is a FACT. Although I don’t have a “Time Machine” one can easily infer what segments of the Irish population or any other populations generally thought about their own condition standing and the standing of others based on journal writings, Real Newspaper Clips that you can easily look up in the library, or private or public notes and historical events easily found on the Internet as we are in the Information Age. I trust you can easily find the same information for yourself with little work.

        45. I’ve done my homework. After all, it is my heritage too. I see you as sneaky. You don’t want to be blatantly dishonest, that’s obvious. You are coniving in your wording though. You are one of the few black people in these type comment sections that acknowledge white slaves. Yet, you let your impression of what they thought seem as fact. It is not a well known fact. Irish/Scottish slaves weren’t worth their weight in a monetary way, so their safety was no concern of the man with the wallet. Black slaves were more expensive as they involved long trips, higher payment, and many middlemen, so they were worth more to the slave buyer. Being worth more, whites weren’t as important. Why would they (whites slaves) consider themselves above the rest, considering they weren’t treated better?
          The thing is – who are you, who are black folks in general, to tell me and others, our ancestors struggles were less because of what you “think” you know? Now ask yourself, how would it feel if I said, my ancestors were slaves too, so your ancestors struggle is unimportant? (That’s exactly how black folks and liberals make us feel).

        46. I acknowledge History, and I’m a few things and sneaky is not one of them the word is not in my vocabulary.

        1. I guess I fall under “other” look at raw #’s
          Welfare is a good temporary tool to get back to your feet…I don’t agree with its abuse by anyone no matter the race.

    5. What a wonderful thought to know that our good ole boys in blue are admitting to practicing racism.

    6. Get the fuck outta here with this bullshit, whites are the largest benefactors of welfare bitch! If your people were constantly getting executed in the streets you’d feel some type of way also.

    7. I thought this was an anti-woman site. Not a white supremacist site. Props for the deceptive tone

  15. I find this article very interesting. Though I won’t fully accept that statement “inadvertently supporting radical leftists by condemning law enforcement,
    which is the immune system that is tasked with fighting their disease,
    is suicide.”
    The use of the word ‘immune’ here is very tricky, and could mean many things. Not only could it imply that the police force fighting lawlessness is something to a nation symbolic of what the immune system of a body is to fight disease – but also it mean the police force is the only system fighting leftists ‘immune’ to corruption.
    I could accept the first possibility, because that’s what the police force is supposed to do – to fight lawlessness like a body’s immune system- , but I would never accept the second possibility that the police force is immune to corruption.
    According to this article:
    “The enhanced weaponry has contributed to the increasing lethality of
    U.S. law enforcement: The FBI estimates that 410 people were killed by U.S. law enforcement officers in the line of duty in 2012. The same statistic for the U.K. is one person.”
    Though I wouldn’t believe the article’s premise that police brutality is rising, the statistics ask the question: why so much rise in police lethality in the States?
    It raises more counter questions:
    – Are these figures an indication that crime and lawlessness is rising in general in a cultural decline in the States?
    – Are the law enforcers guilty of trigger happy corruption and megalomania?
    – Who pays the law enforcers?
    – Would the law enforcers revolt against the corrupt elite who’d possibly be controlling them?
    – Whom to trust? The law enforcers? Are they immune to corruption?
    The reality is that power corrupts even the virtuous in some cases. No one can be trusted, even the cops. At the end, the most vicious animal is Man.
    Trust is a very strong word which has been abused, mocked, violated and raped in society throughout human history. I wouldn’t trust either cops or the left unless they proved themselves. Trust should be earned through deed, and never given to someone because of words alone.
    There are good and bad folks everywhere. Even in the police force. But if the good guys quit from the force, then it is a sign that trust can never be invested in law enforcement. At the end, rarely do people uphold the law, they only uphold it not out of love for law and morals, but because that they’re being paid for it. Cops, if you look at it at the end of the day, are just like mercenaries bought by cash to uphold the ‘law’.

    1. Weak willed? This is just a job. With no support and much risk, it is common sense to quit. And when we quit, it won’t matter to us any longer if you trust law enforcement – we won’t either.

  16. Dunno why other commentators are pissed… I didn’t read the article in full, so maybe there’s a twist conclusion, but from what I read it pretty much stated the cop was good and the nigglet was bad. From the facts I’ve read, I agree, Nigglet deserved to die; for stupidity alone. Dunno what there is to get pissed about, it’s just facts.

  17. Cops aren’t going to quit. What other job gives you a gun, full pension at 55 (401K is for suckers), few convictions even if you do kill a suspect, and a mortality rate lower than coal miners and taxi drivers? Besides, when we say “cops” lets include all local, state, and federal agencies. Even Fish & Wildlife are allowed to carry guns. Nice little make-work for a preferred demographic, that turns around and talks about “takers”

  18. >little appreciation from the communities
    High salaries, retirement at age 50 with juicy inflation-adjusted pension, great healthcare, no layoffs, very low risk of on-the-job injury compared to blue-collar jobs like underground mining, forestry, working with farm equipment, deep-sea fishing, oil-and-gas, etc, etc. Underappreciated my ass.

  19. I find it equally as disturbing that the author lumps constitutionalist in with the rioters. I have seen nothing but bad behavior from cops, from overreactions to otherwise non violent situations to outright brutalization of citizens all in the name of their faceless masters. It was funny how when I had to deal with some illegal activities done by the city my business was in the cops were all so very sorry about how they had to follow orders and be assholes, even though every one acknowledged that what they were told to do was BS. Its all about the money, the benefits and the power. Most of them are too brainwashed to even consider the crap they pull on citizens every day as wrong. And as usual cops will support another cop regardless of the bad cops actions. Sicking.
    You could fire 75% of all cops and not see a change in crime over the long term. Train citizens to use firearms and the proper application of force and you probably wont even see a short term increase in crime.

    1. Yup. The whole notion of “the state needs a monopoly on violence” is useless. A state monopoly on violence tells every criminal that every citizen is a mark. A very dangerous idea that makes many idiots feel safe.

    1. Cops have their own “no snitching” rule, as you can see by the behavior of Ferguson PD. Feel free to look up Mollen Commission (NYC) & Rampart (LA) while you’re at it.

    2. You’re comparing an officer of the state killing a man to the common mantra of gang members killing each other? Intellectually lazy analogy.

    3. So what your saying is two wrongs make a right? And please don’t associate the nonsene in this picture with how the majority of African Americans think. Why do we all have to be lumped in as having the same views and opinions on everything. Black are not some kind of hive mind that lives by a specific set of beliefs that we all follow.
      But you know what…. Seeing as how we a disproportionately jailed for the same crimes whites commit might have been the imputus for a stop snitching campaign. Whites statitically sell drugs at a comporable rate to blacks but we are targeted and arrested at a much higher rate. We know that we are targeted and always looked at with suspicion.

  20. “What exactly is a militarized cop anyway?”
    Wearing military gear like full body armor and Marine Corps camo while brandishing fully automatic rifles and storming houses, riding in armored vehicles and MRAPS even though no one in U.S. cities is firing rockets at police or planting mines.
    None of this is necessary. I was born in St. Louis County and I can tell you, it’s not Fallujah. You don’t need to have a military-style raid on a barber shop because they were cutting hair without a license (yes, that happened, just not in St. Louis) or raiding someone’s house because he might have a little bit of marijuana, and then burning an infant to death with a flash-bang grenade because a cop felt like showing off his machismo.
    All the while, cops act aggressively towards the people who pay their salary, acting like they’re an occupying military force. Barging into houses, usually the wrong house, and killing the occupant’s beloved pet and then not even issuing an apology. Or trespassing on someone’s property and shooting that person’s dog in its own fenced yard because it was barking? You don’t think this might cause some animosity?
    If you want to be a soldier, join the army. A militarized cop is a cop who dresses and acts like a soldier and carries and utilizes military equipment even though he’s supposed to be a peace officer. It’s really not that hard to comprehend.
    Cops don’t need to be arresting and firing tear gas at journalists and arresting them because they aren’t packing their things together fast enough or for being in a fast food restaurant or for carrying cameras that cost less than $50,000. Stop acting like authoritarians and thinking we have to obey every command that a cop says, and stop unnecessarily killing family pets.

      1. I respectfully disagree. Carrying a 10mm semi-auto is great, makes sense to upgrade to keep up with what civilians own. But his point about APC’s is correct, there is no justification for outfitting you the same as we do our soldiers on the battlefront. There is a strong provision against standing armies and using the military as police in our history, outfitting cops the same as the military and granting them qualified immunity is an end run around those provisions.

        1. Imagine you are a cop. Just try. You got a call from a man who says his wife went to go pick up their daughter at her boyfriend’s house because they were arguing after a break up and nobody is answering the door. As you know on the door to see what’s going on, a shot rings out behind the door at you. You scramble for cover and hide behind a tree. Another shot rings out at you. You call for assistance and other cops show up and start trying to surround the house while being fired on occasionally. Would you mind if that APC comes in give you some cover and take over communicating with the bad guy inside that just killed his girlfriend and her mother or would you just be saying, “It’s not right. This is America. We can’t have armored vehicles. I’ll just hope he does not shoot me.”

        2. I do not base my theory of right and wrong on how it will affect me personally. Despite the fact that I would benefit immensely if I were allowed to hit others in public without fear of retribution, that doesn’t mean I advocate for such a status, since it would violate the rights of my fellow man. Using your logic we could easily justify outfitting cops with depleted uranium artillery.

        3. No, it does not. An APC is hunk of metal, not a weaponized radioactive element. What is your answer, sir? Or do you just go home?

        4. His answer is: if a little bit of thrill is too much for you, drink a tall glass of milk and choose another job.
          Nobody forced you to become a cop you unbelievably stupid excuse of a human being, you and million others like you sign up for it of your own free will… There has never been a shortage of cops in any country known to man thanks to the abundance of little men with inferiority complexes who orgasm on having a teeny tiny illusion of the most minuscule form of power as dictated to them by whomever is presently controlling the state apparatus…

        5. Your acting as if there are no other options between being killed or having a Tank protect you. There are plenty of other methods that could be used other than rolling a tank down the street.
          I could almost see using an APC if the police used it judiciously. The Police today are like kids with toys on Christmas morning; they have all these fun new gadgets so they look for any excuse to use them. You don’t need a hammer to kill a fly when sticky tape works quite well.
          Also, as an officer you sign up for a certain amount of risk. Statistically, being an officer isn’t even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in our country. Yes the APC makes you feel safe but it makes the citizens feel threatened and oppressed.

      2. Cops need to modernize by using modern methods of investigating crimes, not modern methods of mass destruction.

      3. Do you consider your job protecting and serving the citizenry, or engaging in combat with an enemy nation’s standing army? We are your neighbors, not your enemy. The more distance and layers you put between your selves and the public the more we will distrust you.

      4. Ahh, just another unwitting ZOG shill. And you complain about lack of respect? Lolz.
        Do you even know what the ZOG is?

      5. When your getting Used military equipment directly from our armed forces thats being Militarized. When you used swat teams and armored vehicles to serve search warrants that’s Militarized. When you have tanks….. grenade launchers, automatic rifles, camo gear in a city! Militarized. 4.3 billion in military equipment has been transfered to local police forces.

  21. As long as cops enforce unjust laws, they’ll always be reviled. Just like the tax collectors in the bible. And we do live in an age where at least 98% of all laws on the books are in no way just.
    I realize by far most cops aren’t scumbags by nature (In fact, the subgroup of Motorcycle Cops are probably the single nicest and most upstanding group of people I know. I guess it’s hard to be grumpy when your “job” is to get paid six figures for cruising around on a bike in sunny California all day long without having to worry about traffic laws…. ). And that the cops involved are almost invariably less scummy than most of the so called “victims” in these high profile police brutality circuses. But at the end of the day, cops are still hired to do the bidding of an unrestricted, unrestrained government. If “the law” again was changed to reflect Jews being the “bane of society”, most cops would go along with rounding them up. Most would likely balk at gassing them, but would certainly go along with bringing them in for “questioning”, “investigation”, blah, blah. And hence deliver them unarmed, bound and gagged to whomever had less scruples about the gassing part.
    Things would just work much better if cops were simply deputized civilians. Who brought their own gun to hep defend their own community. That’s how things worked back in the civilized era. Makes for a much better, less oppressible and more resilient society anyway.

    1. It’s your job to change the law. We don’t selectively enforce laws. We are not a political party.

      1. I bet you were told to selectively enforce municipal camping bans during Occupy, like my small town was told o ignore them too. Cops selectively enforce laws all the time.

      2. “It’s your job to change the law.”
        I’ll bite. Are you not a citizen too? Have the same power to “change the law” as we do? You’re no different than we are and can choose to only enforce just laws. But you don’t, because badge.

      3. That’s a lie and you know it. Police pick and choose when to arrest or ticket people for crimes. Why do you think everyone knows to watch out for tickets at they end of the month? They know cops are trying to fill their quota and will be more likely to pull you over.
        Cops will also let other cops or government employees go without a ticket if they happen to pull them over. So yes you clearly are selective when enforcing laws.

      4. The same way it was the Jews’ job to “change the law” in Germany in the 30s, I presume? After all, the SS was not a political party either. Just god cops doing their job impartially.
        People dislike Cops not because cops are necessarily the root of evil. Instead, all it takes to be (justifiably) reviled, is to do a good, honest job; as long as your employer is evil incarnate.

  22. Black people ruin every neighborhood they step foot in. Air drop a bunch of hood rats into a pristine neighborhood and watch what happens. Only a fucking idiot would destroy his own home in protest.

    1. Also during the victory of a local Football Team/College Team…hell this nation was founded on setting fire to things and breaking things.

      1. True, however it is usually minor and lasts a day tops. This now is being hyped and fueled by outsiders.

        1. Yes I disagree with the looting and yes it is partly to do with outsiders, however the protests addresses certain conditions of society.

        2. At no point have I come out against the right to assemble and protest. It is the barbaric looting and burning that I think needs stopped immediately.

        3. Yes I agree especially against Black-Owned businesses that are part of their community I actually agree with you. Also remember this nation was founded by violent protests. But my opinion is that the nation in general is in a steep downward slide, economically.

        4. So you agree with the use of violence as long as it’s “just”, so who gets to determine if it’s just? I’m thinking you imagine it’s you.

        5. Well what is “just” is relative depends on the individual and the social circumstances. However I also believe in Universal morals and mutual respect, in every-day life

        6. We deal with what is “just” and what is “fair” everyday…whether its getting passed over for a raise that you felt you deserved over the recipient, or feeling underhanded in a contract. What’s fair and just can be held by the collective and be seen differently by the individual or within various cohorts.

        7. Well violence is acceptable when defending yourself don’t you think…if someone is going to hit me with his fist I would use violence to defend myself…however I wouldn’t kill the person because that level of violence would be unacceptable in that situation..

    2. Completely flawed argument. The success of one half-white man means that all black people in the US are not oppressed anymore? Public school these days…

      1. Lol, so you’re telling me all black people don’t identify with him and celebrate him being in office as a form of black people becoming equal? Ignorance these days…

        1. No black people don’t view obama as blacks becoming equal. Do you think there would be protests in furgeson if blacks felt they were treated equally? Do you think republicans would be passing legislation making it harder for blacks to vote if we were suddenly “equal?” Was there some type of cosmic event that eradicated Racism the moment Obama was elected? I must have missed it.
          Many blacks feel Obama hasn’t done much in terms of addressing racism in this country. He has made every effort to be president but, not a president whom is in office to represent African American interests. If i’m wrong, name one thing he has done that specifically benefits Blacks.
          Please don’t speak on the belief’s or experiences of those whose shoes you have never come close to walking in.

        2. Why do you think he should do something specifically to benefit blacks? Isn’t it enough that he supports legislation and enforces laws that benefit everyone regardless of skin color?

    3. Seen many comments around and throughout this blog and I feel confident in saying ever similar blog about the manosphere and it’s topics and quite often see that white men are now the ones under attack. Supported and accompanied with things like the up votes that you have with your comment.
      Yet the success of numerous white males, just as you have used Barack Obama’s election success, doesn’t seen to negate those arguments for white males.

  23. I love ROK for providing a platform to those that never get one from the MSM. I can hear the screams of “oy vey! shut it down” from here.

  24. ” (A side note: You might consider a cop addressing jaywalking as harassment, but it is common for inner city youth to walk in the street to disrupt traffic and look for a fight with people who challenge them)”
    where do yall come up with this shit?

  25. only an idiot would actually agree that somebody who is unarmed should be shot 6 times from more than 21 feet away. people who posed more of a threat from a closer range have been hit with stun guns.

    1. Assume you are correct for the sake of discussion. Would you then say that the correct solution is to loot your neighbor’s stores and throw flaming cocktails in the streets your family walks?

      1. don’t you think that people will resort to anarchy if over multiple occasions they have been shown that people who commit these crimes get off clean with no consequences? if diplomacy fails, people will always seek order out of chaos.
        I hate it for the business that have nothing to do with him being killed, or that the police followed his emotions and personal feelings rather than protocol. this is not their fight. they are pawns being sacrificed unfortunately. the police are throwing tear gas and firing rubber bullets at unarmed people who were peacefully protesting. they are arresting lawyers and journalists for merely being witnesses. so fuck yes they should throw molotov’s at them. I am not one of those peaceful protest and assembly types. it accomplishes jack shit. in a fair world the people would have brought the fight directly to the officer’s home. but they protected him from that. so order is sought out of chaos.
        im not some liberal apologist and im not a closet racist conservative either. I look at things realistically. mike brown was guilty of stealing from a store. and assault if you want to be technical. there were probably heated words exchanged, but if he was already more than 21 feet away, he’s not dumb enough to think he’s super man and go charging like a bull at an officer who has already drawn his gun at him. no one is that damn dumb. but, he was still unarmed and shot from over 21 feet away. if people have dealt with the justice system and it has not worked to the benefit of them, they are going to react emotionally. this is what desperation, fear, and anger looks like.

        1. Then it would make more sense to go brokers after that occurred, not before. Looting your own neighbors is stupid. Bombing your own streets is STUPID. It hurts the powers that be nothing at all, and demonstrates to the world that these morons can’t process the thought that you should not cut off your nose to spite your face.

        2. if this was happening in your neighborhood, then what would you do? no one is looting anyone’s homes. the businesses there are not putting any money into those people’s homes. it’s just like when koreans and arabs open corner stores and beauty supply shops in black neighborhoods, do you think they are doing it to bring money to the neighborhood or to take money from the neighborhood in a capitalistic endeavor? so how are they spiting their face, when those businesses are not even part of said face?
          again, if someone is attacking me in my neighborhood, what am I going to do, not fight back? the police are gassing and shooting you in YOUR OWN my friend, are being too idealistic. what’s REALLY STUPID is to just allow a police state to run unchecked in your own backyard and not fight back, because you want to look good for the rest of the world’s approval instead of fighting where you have to fight when you have to fight. even if it’s in your backyard.

  26. Being British I really haven’t taken all that much of an interest in this Mike Brown affair. Still, you won’t convince me that the increasing resemblance of modern police forces to paramilitary organizations is a positive step for liberty. It wasn’t even that long ago police in Britain didn’t even carry pistols, now you see them walking about with submachine guns, and not just at airports.

    1. There is a town in Alaska where the police are forbidden by law from being armed on duty. The citizenry however are armed to the gills. The police have thus had to come up with novel and effective negotiating techniques. Funny how that works.

  27. Officer, You are stating opinions and hearsay about this case and
    passing them of as facts. At what point did the police report that
    Brown was trying to take the officers gun? That would be never! In fact they have yet to reveal anything about the details of the shooting because they don’t want to contaminate the jury pool.
    choosing to believe rumors over the testimony from actual eyes
    witnesses because it best fits the narrative your praying is true. The witnesses are black so of course you choose not to believe them. Hmmm I
    wonder why?? And of course the usual flood of racist comments are to
    It’s funny how whites claim they aren’t racist yet every internet comment section is a cespool of racism against blacks. I used to think this site was something more…. something
    better… Its just not. So we ban women, but racists and biased cops are
    welcome? Pathetic.

    1. Here’s a story from 6 days ago which is about when I wrote this.
      “One side says the teenager was surrendering, his hands in the air to show he was unarmed, when the officer opened fire. Authorities counter that Brown attacked the officer in his car and tried to take his gun.”

      1. Sorry but there has been no incident report released related to the shooting nor have the police discussed the incident with browns parents or in any press conference. The only incident report released was from the “robbery” Everything else has been hearsay and anonymous sources.
        It’s one of the main reasons these riots have continued because of the extreme lack of information.

      2. Nothing in this article you refereced to me has any information about cops describing what happened. I have watched every ounce of coverage on this event and no details about the shooting have been revealed by police. So I again stick to my first statement that you have decided what you want to believe about the incident that then proceeded to write. Ignoring eye witness accounts and autopsy reports that paint a different picture because you have an agenda.
        Also, do believe mike brown had some type of super powers or was the bravest man alive? Even if he came after the officers gun, there was no reason to shoot him 6 times once he began to flee. Even if he moved aggressively back towards the officer(which is very hard to believe), I dont see how he could withstand so many shots and keep charging forward.

  28. Everyone should read Bacon’s Rebellion the first rebellion of English Settlers in Virginia in the 1600s in this country…You will see the dynamics between White Black Upper and lower class and the true people of this land the natives and how they were pit against each other. Even the lowest white person was made to feel that much better than a black. Blacks were soon after enslaved for life including their children. Read this history and the elements behind this rebellion and you will see the backbone of the narrative of the United States….

      1. The US didn’t invent slavery. Every single civilization before the invention of mechanized farming machines had slaves in history.

        1. You mean the U.S. did not conceive of the concept of slavery??? It was practiced in ancient civilizations by brown people??? The deuce you say! What happened to it? Why isn’t it more common today? Did Western Civilization put a stop to this ancient practice?

        2. Yup, the greatest slave traders in known history were Arabs, followed by Africans enslaving other Africans, and the greatest number of trafficked persons were in fact Caucasian (primarily maidens), channeled of to join the harems of Sheiks, Pachas, Caliphs, and other such nobles throughout the Ancient lands of what is today known as the Near East. Whites enslaving blacks is actually a rather recent historical phenomenon, and the real volume of people placed in bondage during that time is much lower than had previously occurred throughout ancient history.
          Guess everybody loved themselves a good little slave to do their bidding and various chores back in the days, eh?

        3. Still doesn’t change that we still have to deal with it to this day. I used to work in call centers and I had to face racism every day when I talked to people across the nation just for my name alone and I speak very good English. John Stewart said it best ” I guarantee you that every person of color in this country has faced an
          indignity, from the ridiculous, to the grotesque, to the sometimes
          fatal, at some point in their, I’m gonna say last couple of hours.
          Because of their skin color Racism is there and it is a constant. You’re tired of hearing about it? Imagine how fucking exhausting it is living it.”

        4. Yes, yes we have heard endlessly about how blacks suffer every single minute of every single day, and we have also heard about how every white enjoys the endless perks of white privilege. We are told how we should empathize with blacks, but when was the last time you ever wondered what it was like to be white and living in a trailer park in West Virginia on food stamps and being told that you are benefiting from white privilege? You think that might get a little old?
          This is why this problem is never going to be resolved. Both sides feel that they are the ones being attacked and have the moral high ground. We have reached the peak of race relations and now it’s no where but down as the economy gets worse and worse.

        5. I’m so shocked at your well thought out and non-rude reply that I don’t know what to say.

        6. That’s strange. When someone on your side of the argument can’t make a well reasoned reply they, usually, simply call you racist. You might want to remember that the next time you’re in this situation.

        7. I can’t call people racist unless they make references about skin color or superiority of one’s ethnic background like people usually do on your side.. stalemate for now

    1. you’re a twisted piece of shit, the video shows him yanking a box from behind the counter, dropping things all over the floor, I guess he was just horsing around with the owner who tried to block the door then got shoved

    1. Ho hum, the cops are the one’s who’ve been shot at by “protesters”, the pukes recording the video are the problem, not a cop who’s fed up with being assaulted verbally and with bricks and bullets.

      1. So a verbal assault should be met with a threat of being shot? Thats the world you want to live in…. Of course you do because it doesn’t effect your people.
        Sorry what cops have been shot again?? Help me out with that…. They keep claiming they are being shot at but no officers have been shot. They are standing in one long line when even a blind man could hit something but no cops have been been shot or even injured.

  29. The problem is that everyone has their own theory. Everyone is way more interested in proving someone else wrong than actually coming to some sort of common ground so nothing changes. NOTHING. I know internet comments should be taken with a grain of salt just like this one, but they are evidence that nobody listens – they just yell.

  30. Outstanding article!
    Ferguson is a media shit-show to benefit the institutionalized Left.

  31. Great piece, the Ferguson story smelled rotten from the start. I also came across this piece for a former cop, a good summary of the bullshit cops have to put up with and how your asking for trouble if you’re being confrontational:
    The blacks and leftists in Ferguson have made up their mind, there’s no convincing them even if you had video of Brown charging the cop, there is video of him violently intimidating that store clerk just 15 minutes earlier for God’s sake! One of this most disgusting parts is this Ron Johnson, affirmative action “cop” who has basically sided with the rioters and marched with Bloods gang members. “White flight” is going to run out of places to run away to.

    1. That’s what I never get about it all, it seems pretty obvious that people are just looking for any reason to be angry, even if you believe their story you’re still defending a a dirty hood thief. It seems clear that the Left has a clear goal of keeping the big minorities(black and hispanic) ignorant so that they’ll keep voting for the left. Just as LBJ intended with the war on poverty.
      In America I don’t see how anybody could be anti-gun anymore. With all of civilization being essentially a powder keg ready to explode with anger. One must be able to defend themselves and their property, and anyone who believes otherwise is a fool. Be ready.

      1. I don’t know that ignorance is the cause, nowadays there’s no excuse for not having information. It shows that racial/ethnic solidarity is more important than the rule of law. What we’re seeing in Ferguson and elsewhere around the world (Iraq/Syria/Ukraine) is a breakup along cultural lines. I’ve got more in common with the Yezidis being decimated in Iraq than the black rioters in Ferguson and their white leftist enablers. We’re all Americans, but we may as well be from totally different countries.

  32. The cities of Chicago & Toronto have about the same population. Both are ethnically diverse, with an edge to Toronto, where English is not the first language of 50% of the population. Yet, it has a fraction of the homicides that Chicago does (mostly concentrated among Jamaican gangs) – and the answers are several – 1) restrictions on gun ownership. Gun ownership is legal in Canada, but there are limits in the types of guns you can buy, how many you can buy, and formalities in buying ammo. There is no gun lobby in Canada that waters down laws, and cops actively investigate gun runners. Toronto has a much smaller police force than Chicago, and yet has lower crime rates. There is also less of a Latin-American style gap between rich and poor in Toronto than there is in Chicago and other US cities,

      1. Courts threw out City of Chicago prohibitions on owning handguns, the ban on gun stores within city limits, and the State of IL recently passed concealed carry. In Toronto, if a gun owner loses his gun, he is required to report it missing to the police. In IL, there is no such requirement. Furthermore, in CA and NY, there are additional penalties for having a gun on your person while you commit a crime, even if you don’t fire it in the commission of the crime. No such law in IL. Downstate IL is resistant to any restrictions on gun sales, transfers, or ownership.

        1. Yes these are all recent events and as such are not responsible for Chicago’s history of violence.

        2. So? How does that support your argument that access to guns and ammunition is causing Chicago’s violence?

        3. It’s market principles at work – if you allow for the easy buying and selling of certain products with few market-restricting regulations, you will have greater variety of those products at lower prices. Ammo is expensive in Canada, cheap in America.

      1. In the city of Chicago, that was the case. But the city borders suburbs that have much looser regulations. It was not uncommon for gang-bangers to drive to the south suburbs or NW Indiana, have a guy with a clean record buy a bunch of guns & ammo, who then hands them over to the gang.

        1. You’re Canadian aren’t you? I ask because you have, obviously, never tried to purchase a firearm from a gun store across state lines.

        2. Nope, born & raised in NY. Buying guns in one state and shipping them across state lines is no more difficult than buying a box of donuts. Ask the Mexican drug cartels where they do their gun shopping.

        3. You’re full of crap. You’ve never bought or sold a gun across state lines either privately or from a gun shop. It’s not a donut, it’s nothing like a donut Arnold.

        4. I’ll try using easier words. Gangs in Chicago go across county & state lines to purchase guns, paying people with clean records to make the straw purchase. Do you think gangs invest in gun manufacturing plants? They either ignore the poorly enforced laws that are on the books or use loopholes (like the straw buyers).

        5. No need. I seem to have a greater grasp of what is required than you do. I don’t deny that straw purchases happens, but your point is that guns produce gun violence, but there is empirical evidence that states otherwise. studies have shown that legal gun ownership reduces crime, and violence. However, don’t worry. The GOP will soon delivery the left it’s illegal alien amnesty and you will have all the votes you need to impose complete gun regulation.

        6. Comprehension is not your forte, is it? I did not say guns produce gun violence. But, I did say that how the gun market is regulated can have an effect on levels of gun violence. Again, gun ownership is legal & regulated in countries as varied as Canada, Israel, Australia, and Switzerland. No other Western country has the “gun show loophole” that the U.S. has.

        7. It’s been tried for decades and is currently failing. What’s your reply to this? Lets try some more.

        8. Well, we could try ending the drug war. But all those white cops, DEA agents, prosecutors, prison guards would be out of work, and we can’t have that? Not to mention all the privately run jails. With fewer private sector options for a middle class living, locking up your fellow Americans is a good way to get that house with the white picket fence.

        9. You are one dumb bastard. Whites in the burbs and exurbs are armed like the military. Yet they do not kill each other in drive bys, random outbreaks of teen boisterousness. I would happily make it illegal for blacks to own firearms in the US though.

        10. Oh, I am well aware of how well armed white families in areas like Columbine, Tucson, Aurora, and Newton. Those white families are so worried about keeping the moolies at bay, they don’t notice their maladjusted kids who go onto spray bullets into schools, movie theaters and political rallies.

        11. What a fucking faggot. Don’t you feel ashamed for swallowing the cock that was just stuck up your arse?

        12. Hmm. You sound like an old Afrikaner.Pik Botha days. It was a white nationalist disneyland ran still by the inetrnationalist cartels. They pulled the plug on it in ’84.

    1. Chicago has a lot more blacks than Toronto. For whatever reason, the black race is very crime and violence-prone (hey, what race are Jamaican gangsters?), so of course people living in a place with a lot of them will see a need for common citizens to defend themselves. Conversely, places with few blacks won’t see the need for common citizens to defend themselves, and will presume to lecture the places that do have a lot of blacks on their silly obsession with guns.
      There’s a reason why liberal whites live in places with few blacks (which would include places like Vermont, Minnesota, Seattle, segregated rich parts of big cities — or, historically, all of Europe, for that matter), and conservative whites in places with lots of them (like the South).

      1. Fortunately for those conservative whites in the South, little Billy Jo can always get a job in the sheriff’s dept to make up for lack of marketable skills for employment, Nice work if you can get it.

    2. Bullshit. A firearm is simply a piece of equipment. I have owned firearms all my life and am not a criminal. Therefore, guns do not cause crime.

      1. Can you have crime without guns? Of course, but – American cities have more gun crime than any other Western nation because, surprise, Americans have more guns floating around. Despite the fact that fewer households are buying guns – but the ones that do buy lots and lots of guns.

        1. To review: I’m calling bullshit on what you’re claiming. An assertion is not proof. It’s not even an argument.

  33. Good cops should quit – in Ferguson. In other words, a man that wants to be a cop should be smart about where he chooses to be a cop. You wouldn’t go looking for a wife in a whore house. So, why would you go looking to enforce the law in an American city full of people with no respect for the law?
    Ferguson is just a media show. It would have died down a day or two after that large punk got shot while attacking a cop if the riots did not serve a purpose.
    The riots in Ferguson provide a distraction for Obama. He is failing all around the world, so he needs a way to keep dumb Americans distracted. That’s why he keeps throwing gasoline on the flames by talking about it. That’s why Holder is there now. That’s why Obama encouraged the race hustlers like Jackson to go there.
    Meanwhile, the media hates to cover Obama’s real and dangerous failures. So, they jump on any chance to cover something else 24×7. ISIS cuts off the head of a live journalist – it gets 30 seconds of coverage for one day, then quickly dropped. 23 black guys are rioting on a ghetto street – it’s cover by 500 media idiots non-stop for 10 days and counting.
    That’s the devolution of American. Nothing new here except that it is a new low.
    So, Mr. Cop, just go find a good community to be a cop in. They are not that hard to find.

    1. Cant we rile up some neo nazis, send them on a rape and murder quest to iraq and cleanse the fuck out of those fucking caliphate monkeys!

    2. Ferguson was a majority white city 10 years ago and almost exclusively white 20 years ago.
      The 50 or so cops are merely an administrative hang over from the original builders of that township.
      They should all just quit enmasse and watch the blacks destroy the infrastructure.

  34. ” I know that officer did not execute Mike Brown like they contend.”
    This is one of the key reasons that the body mounted cameras that Ferguson had in stock should have already been deployed. There’s simply no reason to not maximize the transparency in these civilian-police interactions so as to determine if the use of force was justified.
    Enough witnesses are being reported as claiming that Brown had surrendered and had his hands up at the time of the shooting. Does a man who has surrendered, regardless of what happened before, need to be shot six times including twice in the head (from the ME report)? Hard to believe there wasn’t a significant error in judgement there

  35. Imagine you are a cop. Just try. You got a call from a man who says his wife went to go pick up their daughter at her boyfriend’s house because they were arguing after a break up and nobody is answering the door. As you know on the door to see what’s going on, a shot rings out behind the door at you. You scramble for cover and hide behind a tree. Another shot rings out at you. You call for assistance and other cops show up and start trying to surround the house while being fired on occasionally. Would you mind if that APC comes in give you some cover and take over communicating with the bad guy inside that just killed his girlfriend and her mother or would you just be saying, “It’s not right. This is America. We can’t have armored vehicles. I’ll just hope he does not shoot me.” – or do you just walk away?

    1. Someone is watching a lot of TV. Again, cops are less likely to die on the job than dock workers, long-haul truckers, commercial fishermen, & taxi drivers. If you can cite exceptional instances to justify police excesses, then you are hardly in a position to lecture others who cite instances of police excess as reason enough to institute rule changes.

        1. It was a silly question – since public policy is not written to account for every possibility. Seriously, “The Cop on the Edge” storyline is always engaging for a weekend at the movies, not a good idea to run a country on it,

        2. Lets ask another question. Did you know that police work might endanger your life when you filled out the application?

        3. My approach is no different than your average FOP spokesman, so I do not see why you should be so annoyed.

        4. Yep, but don’t expect to be left out to dry because you’re scared of a hunk of metal.

        5. I don’t actually mind the APC that much if a 50 isn’t attached to it. I don’t mind the cops using exclusively defensive technology.

        1. Yeah, that is exactly what I meant dude – no protective equipment at all, not even shoes.

    2. How about some close air support then, or maybe some artillery. Artillery would be great for softening up those hardened drug houses without endangering the lives of police officers.

    3. Tanks or nothing? Really? How about something riot shield like? Would that suffic for the once or twice per career that’s going to happen? To be blunt, yes, I would rather see you face increased danger, than martial law. Any time.

      1. The governor should have rolled in tanks day 2 with orders to shoot looters on sight. End of rioting.

    4. You do realize why this happens right? The females in this country play too many mind games with the males all in the comfort of knowing that whenever a man disagrees or displeases her in any way, she can simply summon you guys to have the unwanted person removed from her sight right then and there. Too many men end up hoodwinked into committing time, energy, money, and mental investment into a woman and often her offspring as well only for it to suddenly and quite abruptly be ripped away from them at any moment in this here present-day America (and in most of the Western World as well I must add). Yes, while some possessive male psychos do exist and only reveal their stripes later on, many such cases are simply women leveraging both men as well as the system for everything they’ve got with absolutely no consideration for the consequences or any long-term ramifications of their actions.
      Note that this absolutely does not justify taking a gun to your family, yourself, and sometimes the cops as well, but when you are quite suddenly and very literally punched in the face by the startling realization that everything you have been taught about family, the law, and your enshrined role as head protector and provider of your very own little clan, turns out to be utter BS, you should very well expect that some guys simply are bound to snap, don’t you think? I have said it before and I will say it again: I simply cannot comprehend how the marriage-divorce process in this country (an industry really) is not seen as a form of legal entrapment.
      If you are in any way an honest cop you should full well realize and admit the role you guys are playing as low-level enforcers (in service to the judges and attorneys who take care of the legal stuff) in enabling the organized destruction of the American family and the general destabilization and weakening of society by the PTB. Is it really worth it to have that on your conscience as the price to pay for your weekly paycheck and awaiting privileges, perks, and benefits during retirement?

      1. I agree with you. Domestic violence laws are ridiculous. They certainly need to be changed. Many cops have fallen victim to domestic violence laws. My own Chief years ago was charged. I would say at least 20-30 cases of cops being charged with domestic violence over my 11 years. We gripe as much as you sir, but if nobody changes the law, it’s going to continue to happen.

        1. Oh believe me, we would certainly like for the laws to be changed. The problem is that state legislators have aligned the legal code as it pertains to the family with Marxist principles intended to purposefully break up the nuclear family unit and consequently destroy the major obstacle and competition to the power and influence of the ruling elite. Note that these are not the deluded rantings of tin-foil hat wearing paranoid conspiracy theorists blabbering some nonsense on their blogs. The original texts laying this out are available in English and have been published in highly reputed academic journals. Here is a clear example from the “History of European Ideas”, published by Elsevier B.V. (read it and feel the chills running down your spine):
          “Marx, Engels, and the abolition of the family”, History of European Ideas, Volume 18, Issue 5, 1994.
          I realize you guys are mandated to apply the law as it is written if you want to keep your jobs, but I still think it would be beneficial if every cop in America could at least understand what exactly is going on here, even if only at a more superficial level. That way, they can apply greater levels of discernment when answering DV calls, and perhaps even prevent a few more murder-suicides by cop along the way.
          As for changing the laws, that is one fight that will be much more difficult to win, as the state legislators responsible for inscribing this into law have been corrupted by higher forces and have literally committed treason against the American people in doing so. And the enemy at that level simply cannot be defeated with bullets, pepper spray, or a nightstick, I’m sorry to say.
          Even so, spread the word here guys.

  36. It’s amazing how 3/4 of the black population act like modern day savages and the other 1/4 of them defend the 3/4.I ‘ve thought about why blacks act the way they act and I don’t consider myself a racists but WTF is wrong with a whole race of people that just can’t get it right?Every other race in this country for the most part gets along but not the blacks and it’s gotten worse over the last 20 yrs not better.I really don’t give a fuck about cause and effect anymore the way they act is indefensible.Every city street corner they all look and act the same.Flatt billed hat,pants falling down,F this F that every other word with no rime or reason there just there.No one on here can dispute what I just posted there’s no way!We all see it everyone sees it.Most blacks seem to me like there zombies Just one step above a zombie.

    1. Don’t forget sherbet and those delicious orange Push-Up Pops.
      A man needs variety.

  37. You want people to like cops again? Try putting murderous cops in jail, instead of concocting justifications. Yelling ‘stop resisting’ while you beat a homeless man to death doesn’t exonerate you in the public’s eye, and neither does the ‘brotherhood’ among cops, from this side of the fence. We see cops outright murder citizens regularly, and almost always, not even a reduction in pay as punishment. Then we hear you justify your perch above the law by citing ‘unique job stresses’, and position yourselves as a defense against being a victim.
    Truth is, police almost never prevent crime (victim hood), so that whole line of reasoning is pretty much shit, now isn’t it? But they sure do show up on YouTube murdering and assaulting and oppressing a lot.
    If police deserved respect, they would have it. Even good cops, as there must be some in existence, are corrupted by allowing these gross injustices to continue. We get it, not all cops are like that.
    But most of you are. BECAUSE the rest of you close ranks when shit goes down, instead of doing what’s right. Because of your silent assent, police are little more than state sanctioned thugs, criminals, who demand respect for their authority while they grind your face into the pavement for talking back. Who threaten to kill people on frigging television, and get away with it.
    Now the federal policies on the use of lethal force on unarmed civilians has been made public, I think you might want to take a different tack in your propaganda pieces. The fact that the cops in Ferguson are pretty much following those orders exactly – in a drill-like fashion – sort of lends even more weight to the idea the average cop is a corrupt murderer-in-training.
    Ferguson isn’t about black vs white. Its about State vs Citizen.

      1. Spare me. List off all the cops arrested for a crime like murder via internal investigation. I’m betting its a hard task. Now, either you are all saints, or you are protecting, as a group, some pretty awful people within your midst, at the expense of public safety.
        And you expect civilians…er, citizens…to overlook that?
        These articles amount to nothing more than some cop whining how no one gives cops credit for good intentions. Problem is, especially around here, intentions count for shit. Its what you do that matters.The only thing guys like you do, is provide cover for some really nasty shit.
        I don’t even own a gun (Canadian), but I would FAR rather protect myself than count on a cop to do anything but bust the first guy they can pin my murder on.

        1. Seeing as you’ve been commenting about cops “murdering” people for over a year, I’d say you’ve done your share of whining too. I do agree that what you do is what matters. Just makes me wonder what it is, if anything, you have done.

  38. FUCK THE POLICE. Fascist scum. USA police are the worst. Anyone who defends the cops in Ferguson is an obvious racist piece of shit.

    1. I see that you have reached a reasonable conclusion after careful study of the available evidence and witness statements, bravo!
      (Do I need a sarcasm thingy?)

    2. Ferguson was built by white people fleeing black encroachment in St Louis. Then blacks moved up there and drive those whites across the river to St Charles.
      The white cops in Ferguson are just an administrative hold over from the 1990s when Ferguson was a white township.
      Pretty soon all the whites will sell up and leave the town to the rabid zombies.

      1. Exactly, The riots in the 60s in Detroit was the death nail for it and as this will be for Ferguson.

  39. anonymous cop. fitting of the cowards covering their faces who act as cops in USA. Never talk to the cops. never snitch like a bitch.

  40. In Ireland at the moment the leftists and progressives want us to change the law for a woman who was raped in another country and claimed asylum here. WTF? She’s not even a citizen. The national laws of a country don’t count for anything any more. Why bother obeying the laws of the land….. they’ll just try to change it to satisfy themselves…….

  41. We all know there are “bad cops”…the ones that treat you like a subject and not a citizen when they interact with you, seem to just be itching to vent some pent up childhood frustrations on someone, and others that are just a badge and uniform from being little more than a common thug. But the good guys, and they are out there, see themselves not as supermen to be worshipped, but people answering a call to be their brothers (and sisters) keeper. If wacky crap like this keeps happening, anyone with enough sense and decency to be a good peace officer, will have enough sense not to want to become one.

  42. I would love to get these pathetic American cops isolated in a foreign country somewhere on the free world and administer some swift vigilante justice on them and their governmental and legal enablers for all the disgusting crimes against humanity they are routinely committing every day… But of course, like all cowards devoid of any character or significance, these fake entities cannot even begin to exist outside of the dystopian bubble that is the pure evil police state of United States.
    If a land that started out as a project for individual liberty ends up as the most oppressive and harassing regime history has ever known, something must have gone terribly wrong.. that is even without mentioning the unbelievably evil torture methods they are continuously applying against perceived international enemies of the state for decades and counting…

    1. Benjamin Franklin, 1787 to the other framers of the constitution:
      “If you do not exclude them (The Jews), in
      less than 200 years our descendants will be working in
      the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be
      in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you,
      gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your
      children will curse you in your graves. Jews, gentlemen,
      are Asiatics, let them be born where they will nor how
      many generations they are away from Asia, they will never
      be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an
      American’s, and will not even thou they live among us ten
      generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are
      Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted
      entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional
      Convention. “

  43. Anonymous Cop – off topic, but I’ve always wondered. How in the hell do you guys not get insomnia or chronic fatigue issues, dealing with the stress/late nights/security side jobs, etc?

  44. This message is for the Blacks and Latinos on this forum as well as for Whites who want to be enlightened with the truth. This is not for the racist whites, almost always white males who fear they will lose white privelege and an America where within a generation they wil lose thier power and are scared shitless of revenge (which won’t happen), and being bred out of existence. They are a lost cause. So, we change the narrative to welfare. Blacks had NO say in creating welfare, Whites did. Black people had no say in how it was administered. White people did. White people created welfare, Whites today says it creates laziness and if/when it does, they blame the very people it worked on. WTF? Two reports about Blacks in the ’60s, the Moynihan report and the Kerner commission. BOTH address increasing poverty and single parenthood in the poor and in black communities. Both said that to end it, the Black family unit should stay intact beause both parents will instill proper values. Both said, the Black male needs to be working to be at the head of the family and have a position of leadership and responsibility. So, what did the government do? The complete opposite. AFDC gives money directly to the woman with kids and states no male over 18 can be in the home. So, one can only surmise that welfare was initiated to destroy the poor and poor black families and now that its happened this author blames the victim. Laughable. Poverty could be halved immiediately if the Republican congress would work with the white house on a massive infrastructure bill that would provide millions of jobs in neeed projects in al communities but also in urban areas.

    1. You are correct in your assessment of the true underlying purpose of implementing the welfare state in Black America and who was responsible for it (though it was actually concocted and achieved by a few high-level whites – not every honkey was in on it nor even knew what was going on), but this does not change the fact that your women did, in fact, betray you in exchange for whitey’s council housing and EBT cards. They could have resisted and stuck together, no? Guess women remain women no matter their color or race, eh?

    2. Bulshit welfare is gibsmedat. It’s Jizya. Danegeld protection money.
      You want the benefits of the conqueror without the work that goes with rule.
      You will be surrounded and burned out by the majority in the near future.

    3. No such thing as “racist whites”, what you refer to as “racist whites” are simply racially aware whites who organize in a manner in which every other “minority” group in this country takes for granted.

    4. Red pill site talking about “white privilege” next you will give us some hardcore red pill knowledge about “male privilege”…

  45. Didn’t it come out in the news that the convenience store robbery was completely unrelated to Brown, and that the cop had no clue about it? Not to mention the claim that the Ferguson PD weren’t even informed of the shooting, according to hacked dispatch recordings made?

    1. The strong armed robbery showed the character of Michael Brown and proved that the media was telling the absolute truth when they described him as a gentle giant…

  46. To police diversity one needs paramilitary death squads.
    That is where multiracial society always leads.
    Also Ferguson is being ethnically cleansed of the white people who originally built the city. The rip tide of black migration there killed the city.

    1. The cop still should not of shot him. The gentle giant was just trying to culturally enrich him…

  47. This my friends is why segregation existed. Segregation was NEVER about keeping blacks down but about keeping society functioning.

      1. You’re free to your opinion, but there is not a country on the face of this planet that was/is majority white that black and brown people aren’t dying to get into. And to my original comment, segregation existed for a reason, this is that reason.
        As a nationalist, I support a homeland for black people where they are free to govern themselves in any manner they see fit without the pesky racist confines of the rule of law or western civilization.

        1. Wrong again, your on a roll. I could shred to weak argument into a million pieces but you not worth the effort. If your going to make such powerful statements at least bring some facts and a cohesive argument to the table.

        2. This coming from the person who says Im wrong but provides no data to back up his claim.

        3. If i remember correctly Blacks were living happily in africa when whites kidnapped them and brought them to this country. So who was it that brought our two races together again…. Oh thats right whites. The united states was built on the back of free african labor.

        4. You my friend are wrong, instead regurgitating what you’ve been told prove me wrong that you are capable of learning and do your own research. Europeans made only 1 voyage into the interior of Africa, rival tribes brought future slaves out to coast. (i.e. they sold their own people into slavery). When you say whites, which whites, what is white? This is another mechanism to stifle conversation regarding the facts about the slave trade, “white” is not a race. The french, spanish, Dutch and English were involved in the slave trade, of which their treatment of slaves differed greatly. I reject your assertion that somehow “whites” are collectively guilty of slavery. Do you research of the words “slave” and “kidnapped” to understand the true history of slavery, you can goto amazon and buy a book and read it to educate yourself…..

          Oh and the places where slavery is still practiced today are all still primarily in Africa, look it up.
          You are entitled to your own feelings, you are not entitled to your own facts.

        5. Black were living happily? Are you sure they weren’t actively enslaving each other and living in a state of utter barbarity?

        6. yaw dawg you be wrong on dat, dem whites aint kidnap us they lured dem black studs onto da ships using hot blonde bitches yaw!

        7. Blacks were living happily in africa when whites kidnapped them and brought them to this country

          Better learn some history. Whites did not “kidnap” blacks from Africa. Blacks kidnapped each other and sold each other into slavery to whites. Educate yourself. The below is a clip from the PBS program “Finding Your Roots.”

        8. The English (*coughwhitemencough*) were the people responsible for ENDING slavery all around the world when they banned it in the British Empire. They actually broke the African slave trade, and had it not been for them it likely would still exist on a large scale. It still exists on a small scale.

        9. Plantation bosses in the old south were JUST LIKE the corporate bosses TODAY. They OUTSOURCED ALL LOCAL JOBS to cheap third world slave labor. White immigrant families fresh from Ireland,Germany and Scandinavia couldn’t even find work in the south. Conditions were worse for whites than the old countries. THEY HAD ENOUGH, so they packed wagons and headed west. The corporate bosses today are THE SAME tribal traitors as the slave bosses that ran the south. Queen bitches (belles) led cushy lives pulling the chains from their southern mansions as the land spawned a mulatto hue. The aristocracy bitches didn’t need the vote. Only poor peasant wives would later wager for such a thing. Queen ‘B’s rule with their dictate through their men. They even admit it.

        10. African’s didn’t start slavery. The US wasn’t the only country to ever have slaves virtually every civilization had them.

      2. His comment is stupid and racist!
        Civilization is functioning perfectly well in crime free, Black-majority, utopias like Detroit, Ferguson, and Johannesburg…

      3. Logical fallacies: ad hominem and changing the subject. Intellectual incompetence: subject-verb disagreement (“there’s a lot”) and… I don’t even know how to label the “your ranks pretty high on the list.” Leaving aside the grammar, WTF?

        1. Why debate with racists who have their minds made up? It’s like hitting your head against a brick wall. Not worth it.

    1. Little known fact. South African apartheid did not just segregate blacks from whites, but also blacks from whites from Hindus from Chinese. And finally blacks from OTHER blacks (different tribes here) as well.
      Would you figure that. Quite the “rainbow nation” it has lead to, amirite?

  48. I worked for a city government and got to know a few cops. Not decent people but walking personality disorders. Mostly control freaks and sadists. I stay as far away from them as possible. Don’t mourn when one of them dies.

  49. Blax: We deserve to loot
    Bluz: We deserve civil forfeiture
    Blax: You can’t understand how it is to be black – we need to break the law
    Bluz: You can’t understand how it is to be blue – we need to break the law
    Blax: Our culture means we need to wear dreadlocks even if it looks threatening.
    Bluz: Our culture means we need to wear camo, helmets, and riot gear even if it looks threatening.
    Blax: We want to be judged by our own, not outsiders.
    Bluz: “Internal affairs” will say “our actions are justified”, even if it is throwing a grenade into a baby’s crib.
    Blax: We aren’t doing anything suspicious when we won’t answer your questions.
    Bluz: We aren’t doing anything suspicious when we won’t release the name of the officer that brutally murders someone (unlike citizens, some of whom are proven innocent after being ruined).
    Blax: you have to understand we don’t think some things are wrong.
    Bluz: Flash the badge and speeding at 100MPH or DUPlastered is OK.
    Honor is putting your own life at risk because a principle is greater.
    Cowardice is getting home alive even at the cost of your soul and as many deaths of others as you might think necessary.
    Heroes will knock at an unknown door.
    Cowards will throw in grenades and burn down the house.
    Heroes will deescalate and seek justice.
    Cowards will save their own ask and even perjure, frame, and plant evidence.
    Heroes put their own lives at risk for honor and principle.
    Cowards put others at risk so they can get home safely.
    Heroes risk dog bites.
    Cowards shoot dogs even when they aren’t threatened.
    Heroes take young people who have made mistakes home.
    Cowards take everyone to jail.
    Heroes let people go unless there is flashing neon evidence.
    Cowards hold people, call in the drug dog that if it wags, it means you have drugs, if it doesn’t wag it means you have drugs, and then proceed to destroy your propery.
    Heroes look for actual evil.
    Cowards will steal cash, threatening the worst possible things (e.g. your children will end up with CPS if you don’t let us keep your cash) in a civil forfeiture stop.
    Heroes have a picture of Norman Rockwell cop with runaway.
    Cowards have a Stallone “Cobra” poster.
    Cops today are cowards – as well as being jackbooted thugs.

  50. Some calm here. The cop was probably not a monster, and the kid didn’t deserve to die either. What this is is overreaction on both sides, magnified by the media, which in turn fuels further overreaction. There is no need to riot, or send in armored vehicles.
    In China when something like this happens, the media chalks it up to just another sad incident, downplays the ethnic identity of the two parties, and the news passes without upsetting harmony. A bit stifling, but effective at keeping the peace and preventing ethnic fracturing. American media thrives on doing the precise opposite.

      1. cuz dem slanted eye yellow nigga wanna join dem honkeys and be raycisss too!! gnomesayin?

    1. American media only doesn’t the exact opposite when it’s a black killed. They absolutely suppress information when it’s a racially based attack or rape on a white perpetrated by a black. It’s the white-guilt-ridden liberal-controlled media.

    2. American society is calibrated for maximum pressure, stress, anxiety, and instability. It is a veritable mad house and it constantly keeps people on their toes.
      Keep the sheeple agitated and afraid. That way they will not question where and how the herder leads them.

  51. An infowars reporter reported tonight witnessing groups of young trendy females walking at the periphery of the rioting. They were from outlying areas and out of state. They were reported as walking about chatting, filming, texting, chewing gum and indifferent or aloof of the malaise. I’m wondering if these aren’t wiccan women’s studies groupies and if this isn’t covertly a war against alphas. Alphas are quietly dispelled daily in a surgical manner from communities, households, elementary schools actually (to the psych treatment). The beta bootboy cops will kill an alpha without hesitation. Listen to the police scanner. The biggest three alarm call is always a ‘domestic’ disturbance. Whenever a ‘domestic’ rings on the scanner, units from all around scramble like a bunch of F-16’s that just saw a UFO. And they come primed and ready to SHOOT JACK right out in front of the house that JACK BUILT. Hey they come to snuff the rooster. . . . SO I ASK . . . IS ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT BUREAUCRAT ANSWERABLE or accountable or responsible for the ongoing SLAUGHTER of alpha males? Or is some higher power unseen pulling the strings. Is appears a GREAT CELESTIAL BITCH FORCE is extending its vap tentacles in this turmoiled world of ours. Look hard and focus your mind. WE SEE YOU BITCH ! !

    1. Don’t get married and break contact with a girl the second her crazy level reaches yellow level. That is all it takes to prevent a domestic violence incident.

      1. Yup, the females have literally been weaponized in this country (with an added psychological hair trigger to boot). Once they go off, the resulting shrapnel – in the form of cops, judges and attoneys – simply shreds you to pieces.
        Whoever is pulling the strings above sure knows damn well what they are doing. It’s literally as if a pre-programmed auto-destruct sequence for society has been set in motion.

    2. You stupid baboon. The white winminz are anti-cop. At least in this case. They all luv Big Mike.
      Fucking hipster cunts .

  52. That image of all those African Americans posing with their hands up just says it all. The enthusiasm they have for victimhood is laughable. They need victimhood like a vampire needs blood. Thanks LBJ. What a joke. How sickening that you have to wake up and work to pay taxes to fund this massive psychological fantasy that Af-Ams get to indulge in, from cradle to grave. Their psychological fantasy on your dime.

    1. Without the generous hand of whitey they could not survive. Not in the USA, not in their homeland. The liberal solution to everything is “give them more free stuff!” When is someone going to say enough is enough? We’re borrowing money from China and giving it to these cockroaches and footing our great-grandchildren with the bill. A classic example of the sunk-cost fallacy. Time to pull out ALL resources.

  53. i’m still waiting for obama to bestow us all with yet another godly insight “if i had a son he would look like………” for us all to gasp in awe and cower in reverence.

  54. After blacks rioted in Cincinnati in 2001 the police stopped patrolling the black neighborhood where it happened, and only did the minimum work necessary. They did that for years, and you know what happened? Crime spiraled out of control, the murder rate hit record levels, and the only people who stayed in that neighborhood were those that couldn’t get it out. If they don’t want the police around, then the police should abandon them to their own devices.

  55. Always strange that after rioting to “protest” a murder, every black teen in the neighborhood magically has a brand new pair of Nikes…

    1. Big business LOVES it (golfer’s clap), when people literally kill each other over a $100 pair of sneakers. They term this the ‘perfect consumer’. Ghetto youth will murder their own childhood classmates over marketing madness. Is that control or what? The depths of beta depravity ARE SCARY. They snitch their own brother out for two cents. They kill over stinking shoes. True alphas CAN’T BE BOUGHT. Old shoes repulse like old underwear. Virgin shoes and unworn women only.

  56. The local police are an “immune system” like my dick is 4 feet long.
    If that were the case, local police would already be drawing the line on the feminist state laws they are being told to enforce.
    Do you know anything about the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Mr. Police officer? Have you studied how it funds “domestic violence” advocates? Have you studied how it prompted (through funding, of course) most state governments run by their White Knight politicians to pass laws that essentially eliminated due process for any man accused of domestic violence? While it moreover eliminated the Constitutional right to equal treatment by setting rules that regardless of who calls 911, the man is arrested?
    Have you ever been required to enforce a no-contact order against a man when it was used as a tactic in a divorce case? You know the situations, I am sure you have seen them. The man is kicked out of his house and he can’t see his kids, while his soon to be ex-wife uses the legal system to maximize her financial gain.
    Point is: You are already enforcing the laws of the leftist, totalitarian, feminist state. I don’t see you banding with the community yet, as you suggest you would.
    When you draw the line on THAT, come back and complain about these other things. In the meantime, I have no trust of any police officer. They do not have integrity.

    1. Your concerns are valid, but they are misdirected at the author of this article. Police officers are not policy makers. They are men trying to do a very difficult job, while catching shit from both sides: the bad guys and their political bosses.

      1. yeah, and professional assassins and torturers aren’t evil, they are just doing their job.
        How about the prison guards at Auschwitz? Killing millions of poles was just their job.
        How about email spammers and telemarketers? should we refuse to abuse them simply because they are doing their job?
        Ethics demand you refuse to do a job that is unethical. At least in the military you are required to disobey an illegal order. Police departments just doing ‘their job’ have been given far too free a hand in the name of ‘departmental policy’ for far too long.
        If they are expected to enforce policies and laws that are immoral, unjust, or unconstitutional, they can simply hand in their badge and gun. Whether this means a strike or quitting, the fact that they do not do so, and hide behind ‘just doing my job’ shows their utter lack of ethical accountability, and an utter willingness to do anything to keep their perks.
        There is no one holding a gun to a police officer’s head demanding that they stay on the job… and a man who is willing to kill or imprison another man unjustly just to keep his paycheck is the worst sort of slime.

        1. Righteous indignation, while of course somewhat emotional, is not displaced rage. Emotions, specifically emotions such as rage, indignation, Loyalty, love, bravery, and shame, are vital contributors to the human, and male, condition.
          Autism is not a virtue. Yes, ruthlessness and unemotional judgement are important, but morale and emotionalism, specifically male emotions, have a vital place in reality as well. It is not about feelings conflicting with reality, that way lay progressive reality-denial, it is about recognition that emotion is often an important part of reality.
          More wars are won and lost by men’s willingness to fight than any other factor. Refusing to acknowledge or use emotions is as ridiculous as assuming they don’t exist or that they override reality.

  57. This makes me think of Chris Rock’s “How not to get your ass kicked by the police” and Dave Chapelle’s “don’t wear the uniform” because the people who complain are those who are criminals or want a faux criminal lifestyle and then wonder why they get into trouble. Chris Rocks essentially says what another fellow once said “Middle-class people aren’t harassed by the police. If you don’t want the police to harass you then aspire to get into the middle-class. People either break the law, act thuggish and/or hang out with actual criminals and wonder why they fall afoul of the law. Derp.

    1. Incorrect. It is actually those middle-class individuals who have run afoul of the cops unjustly that are complaining.
      Yes, your thug is going to gripe about how he hates cops, but the guys here- We are not your typical thugs.
      We are fathers and ex-husbands who have run afoul of ‘department policies’ regarding their children, property, or wife. We are those who have felt, first-hand, the heavy hand of police slavery via CSE. We have gone to jail, and been FORCED to mix with druggies, pimps, and thugs, due to draconian judicial powers and enforcement of unconstitutional policies. We are men who are perfectly capable of avoiding breaking the law… if there were not ten million precedents that make even pissing in your own toilet a crime.
      I understand that you feel like you have a pretty good handle on reality, but until you have had your house broken into by the police by ‘mistake’ or had cops come and haul your child away because she scraped her foot playing in a sprinkler and a social worker had a panic attack, you simply cannot understand.
      Until you have been falsely accused of rape, or given ‘discretionary time’ by a judge claiming ‘contempt of court’ for failing to meet an obligation you never agreed to in the first place, you simply are ill-equipped to understand how the cops have willingly waltzed into becoming enforcers for the progressive mafia.
      Until you have been hauled out of your house and jailed in the middle of the night for speaking your mind, scaring your family to death and costing you tens of thousands in legal fees, you cannot understand.
      That is the problem with progressives… they think they can understand a situation without ever experiencing it first hand. In this case, you have been brainwashed into the public opinion that ‘only criminals must fear the police’. Perhaps that might have been true fifty years ago (although, based on history texts it is far from the truth) but today? How can you possibly believe you can get justice from a man that is hired to put as many people behind bars as possible, or especially a woman cop that is utterly terrified of you and ready to kill you simply because you are taller than her?
      Seriously, middle class people have MORE to fear from the gun-toting uniformed thug class, who have been trained to think of all ‘civilians’ as less than human, than thugs do… you have an address, a family, a license, and a million other ways that they can track you down and enforce ‘justice’ on your ass.
      They are part and parcel of the system that is working hard to turn the middle class into the new criminal class.

      1. I’m sorry your bad taste in women ruined your life. Find a better woman or change the law.

        1. How about you show some ethics and quit the police force? That way, if you really are a ‘good cop’, I can cheer a little more loudly when I hear about some ‘drug war avenger’ getting gunned down.
          You seem to mean well, but you are about as blue pill as they come.

        2. I’m beginning to have some second thoughts about this “anonymous cop” character here. At first I thought he was simply a reasonably perceptive if not exceptionally deep LEO looking for some answers. Now, based on the somewhat peculiar and inconsistent pattern to his answers and replies, I wonder if he is not rather some sort of phishing troll-bot unleashed to milk people here for what they really think and how much they truly know about the system. Not that we don’t share our thoughts here anyways, but the almost mechanical manner in which he follows and orients our mental patterns is somewhat unsettling to say the least.
          Maybe he is a genuine Robocop?

  58. Anon. Cop.
    Thank you for the article. It is important that cops express themselves, if only so they can hear the response from those they police.
    However, I have a lot of problems with what you have said.
    First your very tone separates you from us, as if you are a member of a separate caste. This is a problem.
    Secondly, like many cops you assume guilty before proven innocent. Michael Brown was never convicted much less accused of robbery. There is another camera angle which suggests he paid for the cigars and that the altercation between he and the shopkeeper concerned something else. I don’t know for sure and neither do you. Not only that, I don’t mind a fight either (if I am assaulted) but does that mean I should be shot down dead in the street?
    Third, lets leave aside race, and the fact that one of the guys was a cop. An armed man initiates a fight with an unarmed man. The armed man draws his gun in the midst of the fight. Isn’t it rational for the unarmed man to reach for the gun? Your vision is tinted with blue.
    Fourth, Hoover is probably one of the worst people you could quote (indirectly). He was no friend to liberty. And lets be honest. Communism was never a serious threat to the US.
    Fifth, what makes cops militarised is tactics and approach (i.e. SWAT teams, treating an interaction like a military engagement, i.e. Boston). Heavy fire power? What for? So you can fight the invading communists? A cop should be a peace officer not Judge Dredd.
    As for wanting to be safe – first of all, being a cop is not the most dangerous profession in the US. Secondly, if you want to be safe, why are you a cop? If I hire a man with a gun its because I expect him to take the risks, not me.

    1. “Communism was never a serious threat to the U.S.” Our actual President is a radical leftist trained by Communists.

      1. Are you talking about Obama? He is CIA as were his parents. This is fact. You can put that together with George H W Bush (CIA) and his friends (Dulles, etc.), the Kennedy Assassination and the Nixon “Assassination”. Its a fascist cabal that runs National Socialist America.

      2. Yes, but communism itself was created and installed by the same people running American today – the Hebrews.

      3. Yup, and Putin is a radical rightist trained by (german ex-DDR) Communists. Are they really butting heads over the global arena or is this all one big show put up for us lower life forms down here to keep us distracted from what the big boys are really up to?

    2. What a laughable set of questions and claims. Thanks for making my day:
      “Third, lets leave aside race, and the fact that one of the guys was a cop. An armed man initiates a fight with an unarmed man.”
      The cop (or man if we ignore he’s a cop) wasn’t initiating a fight. There’s no evidence he was seeking to beat up Brown. If anything, Brown was initiating the fight. If someone whom you have no idea of his ability to fight decides to attack you and you have a gun, do you put it away and hope to win with your fists even if it means that the guy might beat you to death?
      I find the term “unarmed” amusing because (most) men literally have arms. They can fight with fists. I think unarmed is short for “un-armament.”
      “And lets be honest. Communism was never a serious threat to the US.”
      Other than the ability to nuke the USA and the planet into the stone age and beyond, where was the threat from the Commies who murdered more people in the 20th century than all wars throughout history put together?

      1. Witness reports indicate that the conflict was initiated by the cop.
        Try to separate Communist ideology from Communist states. The article refers to ideology. There was no serious threat from Communist ideology as referred to in the article.The US govt has also killed millions of people in Communist counties. Only one country has nuked anyone.

  59. With any luck, maybe cops like Ferguson Lt. Ray Albers will quit.
    Hopefully he isn’t an example of the “good cop” Anonymous was hoping to defend

  60. Is it the “good cops” rolling around like it’s Fallujah, up armored and committing felony assault with a deadly weapon by showing their front sight to everybody walking by? If it’s not, why aren’t the good cops arresting the ones who are doing it, given the abunfance of videotaped evidence?

  61. What we are witnessing are the last gasps of a dying empire. China will be emerge at the top of the geopolitical food chain in a generation. America will be majority melaninated peoples. lol. So, to the blacks, latinos reading all this bravado, its just that. Bravado. Nothing lasts forever. ‘he’ knows it. Ask your parents (or those on here old enough to be around in the early ’70s), White males were talking the same shit about the cities and they lost that. No where else to run, priced out of the areas, we now see ‘gentrification; which is really means they can’t afford to run away anymore. Im laughing because I am young enough to live to see this era over. All this shit talking wil be done holed up somewhere in Montana, while the rest us fulfill what some of the founders really wanted. lolololol.

  62. Clearly the raised hands and “Don’t shoot ” narrative has be proven to have never happened. The person who made this claim was also Michael Browns accomplice in a strong arm robbery and has a criminal record for a drive-by shooting. Brown may have raised his hands for a few seconds while he taunted the officer only to drop them and bum-rush the wounded officer. It took six round to stop the bull, the first four hitting his arm and shoulder and the last two landing squarely in Browns skull.

  63. What was once a site that gave good advice on dealing with women, being more masculine, and workout tips, has now become a hotbed for trolls, douchebags, far right conservatives (democrats and conservatives work together for their own interests in secret so stop believing there’s a difference), bitter-ass forty year-old men, and closeted white supremacists. Well I’ll go ahead and get off the podium now. Incoming ignorant replies in 5….4….3….2…..

    1. Don’t forget the pedants and the people who continuously argue about which martial art would win in a ‘street fight.’

        1. Someone who boasts about how “alpha” they are is a sign of someone who isn’t very highly evolved…

    2. This is a red pill site and the demographic groups you mentioned are the ones most adversely affected by political correctness and cultural marxism.
      You still don’t know what the Frankfort School is do you?

    3. Just like a good old-fashioned gathering of southern “gentlemen” hailing from the KKK, Aryan Nations, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, and other such assorted misfits and perma-angry grievance groups (Don’t forget the imperial wizards with their majestic robes and neat pointy hats – they sure showed them lizards and dragons how to hold down a hierarchy – LOL).
      It really is a veritable Turkish Bazaar here. You find a little of everything once you remove the dusty, moth-eaten, scruffy rag covers.

  64. So Mr. Cop, tell me whether or not you’re in support of all police forces being forced to wear digital cameras while on duty? It’s been found to reduce the number of harassment claims and drastically reduced the use of force while on duty. This seems like a great solution to problems like the one currently occurring in Ferguson. Are you in support or are you against that kind of rule regarding officers? One would think that it would simultaneously reduce the number of incidents of police brutality AND reduce the harassment of cops when we can see how well they do their jobs at any given time. Maybe then the ‘good’ cops will stop fleeing the force.

  65. This is a fucking joke. You want to talk about how it’s not racism and then the first comment I see is “no peace no welfare” and showing only African-Americans? You’re absolute fucking trash and you don’t deserve to have a badge.

    1. Even my black cop friends love that picture and its message. Go save some other protected class if that makes you feel better.

      1. Please. Those so called “Black Friends” of yours are nothing but self hating uncle toms. More white people are on welfare than blacks, we’re only 14 % of the population. Fuck outta here.

        1. No and that question isn’t relevant. Regarding your “black friends” do they happen to identify as black conservatives?

        2. If I say, “yes” then you’ll say, “what are they conserving? They are uncle toms. They would be conserving racism and white oppression!!” I already know your narrative. You are so predictable. You guys must have an internet commenting handbook they pass out. You’re thinking, “damn, how did he know?” and you started to sweat a bit.

        3. Lol so besides your unnecessary paragraph, that means “Yes”. So do you think that if all black people suddenly stopped making rap music and wearing snapbacks then we’d stop being discriminated and hated? Back in the ’30s white cops were doing the same shit they’re doing now. How do you justify burning down an entire black neighborhood just because they had more money than you. Look up “Black Wall Street Tulsa, Oklahoma”.

        4. Yes. The culture causes friction, not the skin color. It’s not 1930 anymore. You may be inspiring me for my next article, sir.

        5. You’re right it’s no longer the 1930’s, which means cops can’t get away with it like they used to. First of there’s no real such thing as “black culture”. That’s just the crap you see on B.E.T (which is white by the way before you say anything about it). Within the past three and a half weeks we’ve had Mike Brown shot 6 times while unarmed, another black man in Beavercreek, Ohio who was shot dead while holding a toy gun, and a viral video of a “Good Cop” that you’d probably refer to as, beating down a black woman on the highway. You created gated communities and suburbs to get away from the “black boogeyman” but no, “The culture causes friction”? More like “Stereotypes aren’t reality”.

        6. They were unarmed but far from innocent. It’s called TAKING OUT THE TRASH. And how many innocent whites have been killed by your beloveds’ knockout game?

        7. You actually believed that hoax? All fox news and other news outlets did was show a bunch of old assault clips from around the world, strategically making sure that all attackers were black and victims were white so that people like you would feel warmth in their hearts and feel justified when they blacks getting brutalized by cops like it’s the 1950’s. Step out of the suburbs, try talking to different people and lose your ignorance.

        8. No I went to a high school were all races got along and didn’t have deep-seated internalized fear disguised as hatred for an entire race of people.

        9. Ha ha ha. Enjoy your anger there, Malcolm. Isn’t it about time you become a statistic?

    1. Lol you can stop being scared and shaking in your boots in the suburbs, people commit crimes in their own neighborhoods so stop your subconscious of the “Black Boogeyman” coming to your house.

      1. Why would I be scared of a criminal coming to my house? If you knew what I had in my house you would be certain that I knew you weren’t a criminal before you entered.