Is The Feminist Movement Experiencing A Meltdown?

I’m reluctant to admit that I have my finger on the pulse of American feminism. I’m familiar with the biggest web sites, their arguments, their activity on Reddit, and their most vocal spokespersons. Therefore I think I’m qualified to say that I’ve noticed a change in the past year.

They’ve moved away from providing something resembling intellectual arguments to now shouting down all dissent, even from within their ranks. They feel in their soft bellies that their arguments are “common sense” and that anyone who disagrees with them is an enemy that must be immediately outcasted. They know they’ve won the main battles so why bother putting in effort to keep convincing the masses that women are unfairly and brutally oppressed?

Even their supporters are getting turned off. Whereas in the past comments on Jezebel were a mere echo chamber of what the writers were spouting, you can now actually find critical comments that are voted up to the top of the page. Instead of taking a step back and re-thinking their approach to provide compelling arguments, the feminists are essentially resorting to a “You’re stupid” strategy. A good example is a recent article by feminist writer Kate Harding, titled Fuck You, Men’s Rights Activists.

The article has eighteen uses of the word “fuck,” but not one instance of a cogent thought. Here’s an excerpt:

Fuck you for trying to make “misandry” happen. Your feminist enemies don’t hate men; we only hate men who proudly stand up for the rights of abusers, rapists, and deadbeat dads.

Fortunately, there aren’t very many of you, no matter how hard you try to build a “movement.” The simple fact is, most men don’t beat, rape, or resent caring for their own children, and thus have no need for the kind of support and “activism” you specialize in. The “work” you do guarantees you’ll continue to attract entitled shitbags who hate women, while driving away decent people who thought you might have something interesting to say—right up until they realized what you’re really about.

Here is a picture of the author:

Now check out this video of feminists letting the expletives fly to protest a famous male feminist speaker, Warren Farrell, who has served on the board of the National Organization of Women (fast forward to 3:56)…

In other example, when Jenna Marbles, Youtube celebrity extraordinaire,  recently shared her thoughts that one-night stands are generally a bad idea for women, Jezebel came out to attack her along with an army of Youtube feminists, particularly this one, who deemed her video “dangerous thought” that should not have ever been uttered. Imagine for a second what type of state feminists would prefer if they were to lead a country. Dissent would be squashed. Everyone would be “equal” with a focus on redistribution of resources. And the idea of marriage would be eliminated in favor of being devoted to the social welfare state. What type of government is that, again?

I know a scared rat when I see one. The feminist response of whack-a-mole is not strengthening their cause any further than what we’ve seen in the past five years. They are worried that the MRA’s are making progress and I personally predict that 2013 will be the year that MRA and other manosphere properties break out into the mainstream. The inclusion of many manosphere sites on an SPLC hate list was just the beginning of their melt down. It’s not time to bust out the champagne, but their movement is in trouble, and they know it.

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74 thoughts on “Is The Feminist Movement Experiencing A Meltdown?”

  1. The passive resistance version of MRA is MGTOW, and it’s not happening because men want it to, it’s happening because they are forced by circumstances and very rational fear to remain single. Poor men are no fun to push around.

  2. God, these are some UGLY women… Where do they dig them up from???? I mean come on – at least find some that bounce nicely while they are ranting…

    1. Man, you said it. And they would be ugly even if they weren’t scowling, flipping off the camera, and ranting against men.

  3. I watched some of the video responses on the Jezebel article. Its funny to see these girls rationalizing the obligation to be a slut. Being on YouTube is an ego supercharger for these chicks, they believe everything they say!
    Anyway it’s good for guys who want to get laid.
    When I saw these chicks on the video responses I was interpreting it like:
    “I want dick! I want a lot of dicks! I want to choose between all the dicks in the world! Dick! DP! Gangbang! But please respect me, I’m a woman.”

    1. I don’t know man, I don’t think it’s as simplistic as that… I mean, why didn’t feminism take hold in Russia when ratios were the most fucked up post-WWII? I think the sex ratio at that time was 0.5 there – 2 women for every man. And yet nothing resembling the feminist movement was seen…

      1. There was little to no feminism in the USSR because feminism was created to help implement Communism in the West.
        The USSR had already implemented Communism by other means, and therefore did not need to resort to feminism to do so.

  4. And do you still stand by criticisms of the MRM? Even a broken watch is right twice a day?
    Is this more a failing of feminism than the MRM propogating successful activism?
    I’m not hating, but I want to see where you stand.

  5. Also, I’m noticing a complete lack of proportion about everything. “Rape” describes everything from forcing a girl at gunpoint to having sex with her after a few beers, and a flashing incident is now an excuse to ban steeet approaches.
    “Hey, baby, here’s my schlong in your face, suck it!” is now the same as “Are you standing that way on purpose?”
    It’s a giant shit test. They’re trying to impose as many stupid rules as possible to weed out the betas who are trying to do the right thing. And the betas fall for it and become even more marginalized.

    1. That’s part of the unraveling. It’s hard to take a movement increasingly predicated on purposeful obtuseness and disproportionate reactions seriously. When jokes become a form of rape, the movement becomes the punch line.

      1. “When jokes become a form of rape, the movement becomes the punch line.” is the single best 1-sentence summary of contemporary feminism I’ve ever read.

  6. The problem is not feminism although I agree that feminism as a formal ideology and movement is becoming a dead horse. The hangers on are the chicks who hate their fathers and are angry that no guy wants to fuck them.
    But the real problem lies in the attitudes that society has about men, as well as female entitledment. When men are seen as nothing more than useful idiots and bank accounts, this is a toxic environment. It is true that women do see men as a means, but at least in the past the so-called fair sex did demonstrate a level of humanity to men if only to convince them that they actually gave a damn. But today we see the only the nastiness of womens attitudes, and no other redeeming qualities. This is what has to change.

    1. Much of feminism is intertwined with a sense of entitlement, the idea that just because I’m me you should want to have sex with me and give me everything I want, even if by nature you find me revolting.
      This is the opposite of gratitude, something women in the past actually had sometimes. It wasn’t necessarily fun trudging off to the office or the factory or the fields every day to provide food and shelter for the wife and kids. Women saw what their men did for them, saw how miserable other women were who didn’t have men doing that stuff for them, and therefore, sometimes felt *gasp* grateful. Beta traits actually meant something because if you didn’t have a man in your life with those traits you may well find yourself starving to death. Now, it just means you have to fill out more forms to get your food stamps.

  7. Some women are homely enough but true ugliness is when they open their mouths. And that shit can’t be unsaid.

  8. There is a concept from the MRM that I like to try and live by, that we have termed ‘Zeta Masculinity’ but is really just ‘being your own man’. It melds MGTOW, PUA, and MRA ethos’, basically making the pleasing of women a tertiary endeavour.
    Have a sense of self worth, don’t give in to the shit, demand accountability, pursue your own path without regard to the demands of others (women), be comfortable in your own skin, advocate fairness (‘equality’ has been eviscerated by feminist ‘thinkers’), live and let live, and live a life of value as determined by you.
    Seems like common sense, but these days, branding seems to be everything.
    What feminists don’t get is there really is no group of people called ‘MRAs’, the movement itself is men from literally every viewpoint standing up together and saying ‘enough of this shit’.
    Sure, there are dweebs and haters…but then, how many times do you need to read some moron going on about how ‘alpha’ they are in a comments section to see it happens everywhere….

  9. a good way to kill feminism if high school kids rip on an shame girls that are into feminism….call it feminist shaming…..shame society works

  10. The thing that will really kill of feminism is the decline of the welfare state. Massive government subsidy of slutty behavior in the Western world props the whole thing up.
    Anyone with any knowledge at all of math can see that the game can’t last much longer. How long? 2 years, 5 years, 10 years? It’s hard to say. But when it all comes tumbling down, even the most stalwart hos will be looking for beta providers.

      1. That’s true, why is why (like you) I expatriated. So, I don’t personally care if or when it ends or if it ends at all. I’ll always personally be “solvent,” because I left the system. I write my own rules in life now.
        I’d like to counter with “Herbert Stein’s Law,” which says “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.
        This misandric BS in the west WILL come to an end: it is only a matter of time. It’s true that bubbles often go on longer than people expect, but in the end they blow up.

      2. People who think the collapse of the welfare state is imminent don’t understand how the game is played. You have to remember that the USSR lasted 70 years. Japan has been printing money for the last 20 years and has government debt at 250% of GDP – still going.
        The US government does NOT have to fund welfare spending from taxes. They can just keep running deficits indefinitely and get the Federal reserve to print money and buy up the bonds. They are doing this now. Based on the Japanese experience they can keep this up til 2030. When the debt gets to some ridiculous percentage of GDP the Fed can just write it off with the stroke of a pen, since they will own 90% of it eventually. Then the game restarts.
        You have to realise that everything is rigged and the rules will be changed as required. Crime does pay, the good guys usually do NOT win.
        I expect a collapse and reboot of the economic system around 2030 as the demographic issues come to a head, which will mean greatly reduced entitlements for everyone. But the new power structure will feature the same 0.1% at the top.

    1. This type of pro-man response is something I’ve only noticed in the past 2 years. You even see it on Yahoo articles……. Yahoo.

    2. Good to see some backlash against the feminine imperative bias that dominates the mainstream media.

      1. I don’t see the pushback. All is see is the “You’re just angry your priveliges are disappearing” class.
        Usually once I see that stupid BS I blank it out.

    3. I tried to read those comments, there are none as of 12/22. Thought police must have cleaned the turds out of their pool.

  11. Here are some excerpts from an e-mail sent to Rush Limbaugh by one of his listeners. I don’t entirely agree with everything in the e-mail but it’s pretty good overall.
    “The problem in America today is how we have treated white boys for the last decades, and it all has at its root the unrelenting liberal political agenda.  Boys have been pushed out of two of the most important activities:  school and sports.  In an all-out effort to convince girls they can do anything a boy can, schools have ignored the natural needs and learning traits of boys and forced them to learn like girls.  Fewer boys are going to college, in part because they’re being pushed out by a feminist agenda in education.  We have rushed to dilute the energetic aggressive aspects of the male species by drugging them as children and chickifying them at every turn. ….
    “We’ve hyperventilated endlessly over girls and their eating disorders, image issues, self-esteem, sex, blah, blah, blah, but we have most totally ignored the mental challenges that boys face.”
    FTR, the e-mail was sent by a woman. I guess she’s a “pussy” too…

  12. Feminists can afford to act psychotic in public because they have won. In the US, their creatures control the executive and legislative branches. When the next SCOTUS conservative retires, their creatures will control the Supreme Court. They have unchallenged control of academia and the media. They have massive influence over the legal system. They can do whatever they want because nobody can do anything back to them.
    They are getting to the point where they actually CAN silence their critics. That is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of power. They no longer need to persuade. They can use force instead.
    And it’s not just feminists, it’s the left in general. They are acting increasingly insane because everybody they ever needed to persuade is on their side now. They know they’re winning and they are reveling in it.
    Do you feel you owe the women in your life a logical and fact-based rationale for everything you do? No. You’re in charge, you don’t owe her an explanation. That’s the way the left is acting now. Left wing men rarely understand that dynamic on a personal level, but their leaders understand it very well on a political level. The GOP hasn’t, not since Reagan at least. That shiteating little cocksucking piece of shit Boehner just gets down on his knees and begs them to be nice. God, I’d love to kick his fat orange face through the back of his empty gutless little head.
    So what if men comment rationally and factually on Jezebel? Women don’t care. Ever. Never did, never will. When, exactly, did you ever meet a woman who was persuaded to agree with an unfashionable position by a rational and factual argument from somebody with no power or status? What’s that you said? Not all women are like that?
    Yeah, but the other 99.9% ARE like that.
    This is like the retarded mainline Republicans at NRO who jerk off in a circle every time Obama’s approval rating dips to 43%, even though it goes back up again every single mortal fucking time. The idiots who think they can outpropagandize Hollywood and the rest of the media because they have Instapundit now.

    1. “When, exactly, did you ever meet a woman who was persuaded to agree with an unfashionable position by a rational and factual argument from somebody with no power or status?”

    2. “They are getting to the point where they actually CAN silence their critics. That is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of power. They no longer need to persuade. They can use force instead.”
      Since September 2001 laws have been enacted in the USA that permit the indefinite detention without trial of domestic terrorist suspects. The people have allowed this to stand, because constitutional rights for “bad men” don’t matter.
      Now that this principle has been established, expect to see the complete removal of constitutional rights for other categories of “bad men” – such as rapists, child abusers and wife beaters.
      Noticed I did not say “alleged wife beater”. Because the principle of innocent until proven guilty will not apply.
      Whenever a murder or a mass shooting committed by an embittered man occurs, it will be used as an opportunity to introduce new laws that gradually remove constitutional rights and move towards pre-emptive state action. Since restraining orders don’t prevent murders, I expect we will eventually see men placed in preventative custody when a woman informs the court that she fears for her life.
      Courts currently grant women restraining orders in secret without giving a man an opportunity to defend himself. This will evolve into the granting of orders for preventative custody when a woman makes an application. The first the man will know about it will be when the SWAT team shows up.
      Since this is likely to lead to some messy shootouts, eventually they will just copy the CIA’s methods and do a black bag snatch on the future murderer in order to catch him unaware.
      If you are walking down the street in 2030 and you see this happen to someone you know, don’t be alarmed, it is necessary so women can feel safe.
      So the end game is the rendition and indefinite detention without trial of men who are deemed to be a potential threat to a woman’s safety (because she said so, and feels afraid).
      If you think this can’t happen, remember that terrorist suspects are already treated this way. And that men can already be detained for years awaiting trial for rape based on nothing more than a woman’s uncorroborated accusation. And that restraining orders that bar men from their homes and workplace are routinely granted on a woman’s application without the man being informed.
      If this trend continues for another 20 years, that’s where we end up. The catalyst will be periodic revenge murders from men who have been screwed over by the family court system, or have suffered false accusations. If you take everything away from a man, and you do this often enough to enough men, some of them are going to snap and run amok. Each instance of homicidal violence will provoke more draconian laws in response, which will cause more men to snap, etc.
      Eventually we get to the point where women who are about to file for divorce secretly apply to have their husbands pre-emptively detained in order to avoid any possible violent revenge. To be released only when social workers are confident he no longer poses any threat to women.
      If this sounds crazy, I agree. But history shows that whole societies can go mad together.

      1. @ ThousandMileMargin
        I don’t disagree with you. But a society that treats its (male) producers like terrorists won’t remain what America has been up to now, no matter how much the goverment is able to borrow and/or inflate.
        So feminists are going down as surely as the communists in eastern Europe went down.

  13. The level of misogyny while you babies are crying about feminism and misandry is at an all time high.
    Have you bafoons ever thought that your sick behavior and discussion of ‘game’, ‘sluts’, ‘sexual market value’, and how white men are so persecuted, is what is actually breeding contempt in women. I mean you all claim to be so highly intelligent, it ain’t that hard to connect the dots.
    Maybe you will see an influx of women acting as they should, like ladies when men start behaving as gentlemen, not whiny, beta cavemen.

    1. Which came first the chicken or the egg?
      I’m pretty sure feminism is what caused men to get so pissed off to begin with, it’s what enabled the creation of game, and it’s what fuels “misogyny.” Your comment’s illogic doesn’t even merit a reply, but here it is.

  14. warren farrell was totally slandered in this video,he should sue them. saw him on an operah episode and he seemed alright but lota fat bitches comin at him

  15. I think the feminists are at their apex and they will be coming down soon. The evidence is all around us, losers resort to shaming language, name calling and shouting. They are incapable of discernible argument because they’re argument is invalid and they know it. Everybodys’ equal…fine get rid of men and women as seperate in sports including in the olympics and allow everyone to compete openly against each other. Surely “desegregrating” men and women in the olympics is the epitome of our diversity…its bullshit, that’s why those sports are seperated. Men simply outcompete women on most levels because its hereditary to our nature. Ironically, feminism seeks to destroy the very strengths of women, that is the sensuality, the beauty, the alluring and sexy nature. Feminism seeks to turn women into men….but women of my generation are sensing this. (as has Dr. Farrell above, the guy served with NOW). The enemies vitriol can only last so long before people say, shut the fuck up you tired worn out bitch. That only makes them more incoherent and accusatory toward those who seek discussion. Women of my generation (40’s) sing the where have all the good men gone? Its the only song they can sing because we men don’t want “used” women. That guy you were married to and divorced because he was just “good, never cheated and an provider but boring”…guess what Men Notice That Shit! These women though are silently singing to the younger generation the “don’t do what I did, sure I got the house and money, but i can’t find a good man”…then turn right around and sing the “I don’t need a man”….Its incoherent as fuck….just like feminism itself. These are the beginning stages of the end….The Revolution has begun…I simply refuse to be what any woman describes as good.

  16. yeah love it. first id like to say that im not a “movement” guy. i dont see a movement; i see an environement where men arent treated as second, or put down for masculinity. we are taught something we should have already known, that is that we should be proud of our penises and the minds and feelings and wants that come with them.
    also our testicles.
    i hear these people saying its a fringe thing. when i talk even a little about “gentlemens matters” some broad or panzy almost always says its dumb, or angry, and attempts to blame my views on some assumption that im frustrated or unable to pull tail. when they know about this environment here they always say its a fringe deal.
    however i have yet to meet a male in the last couple years that hasnt at least heard of it. most show some positive bias towards it, even if publicly they wildly disagree about some things.
    ive run into guys i never met before, or talk to a guy ive known a while, and they have heard of roosh v or someone else (mostly roosh).
    my point is that men, even white knights, somewhere in their testosterone laden being can feel that they shouldnt be criticized for accepting their manliness. and when they find a place that encourages it they feel good. this isnt a fringe deal anymore. its popular among men. and it will only get more popular.
    masculinism. or something. its on it way in.

  17. Once again, feminists lack understanding that men want quality, not quantity. Now Men are going overseas and leaving their skank asses behind. Roosh predicted this stuff years ago. Why won’t American women change for the better? I saw 3 feminine women in NYC the entire DAY.
    They are so rare that they cannot help but catch your eye. America is one of the biggest dumping grounds on the planet. Most of the girls pissed off because some thug/bad boy dumped their disgusting ass.
    2013 will be the year of MRA because with the upcoming civil unrest and war, men will finally take overseas living and women seriously. It will be the only attractive choice in a society that is slowly crumbling.
    3 feminine women in NYC during a 24 visit. I would see 3 feminine women sitting on the bus in most other countries but alas the USA is a soulless, fake place only good for consuming and working.

    1. Most women are probably pissed off because you assume that their lives revolve around a man.

      1. Are you a bitter, ugly woman like the author of the jez article? Most women OBSESS over men! Their favorite movies are always fictional romance!

  18. As long as more and more men “tune in”, and are serious about not wasting more than at most a pump on this kind of rabble, the foundation they stand on will continue to weaken.
    I’m probably a minority in any Roosh hosted forum by actually promoting marriage, along with some semblance of an attempt to keep ones vows, as superior for most men over lifelong gaming; but marrying, or even pretending to have some sort of “relationship” with past-their-prime, shrill cum dumpsters, has got to be way beyond the pale. And for what purpose?
    Instead, do as Roosh and go abroad. As more and more “regular” (as in not bald, 65+, sex obsessed, creepy) guys do that, marry and raise functional families, it will increasingly be seen as the “normal” way to go for most men that wants more of a traditional family. While US born and indoctrinated women will be seen in a more realistic light; as fun and easy pump and dumps for thugs and gamers. After all, that’s what they aspire to be, so why not?
    More generally, I really hope those that “see the light” in this area, aren’t so darned myopic that they fail to see that all the ails of feminism, are simply a subset of the wider ails of absolutely everything that comprises progressivism. As in, any and all “redistribution”, and any and all rational legitimacy of some scumbags claiming to be your “leaders”, regardless of whether they claim their positions of privilege based on divine intervention, bloodlines or nominally coming out ahead in childish popularity contests.

  19. For a long time now, a man’s place in society has had no direct bearing on his social dominance – a CEO is just as likely to be beta as a gas station attendant. But women read social dominance and not abstract status; they cannot handle this cognitive dissonance. They are programmed to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is their biological imperative to sort the alphas from the betas.
    They will accept the high status/low dominance paradox as long as it feeds them, but it is not in their nature to recognize abstract status. As men have ceased to be their meal tickets, they have progressively rejected unequal power relations with men who are not socially dominant, while reverting to form by embracing unequal power relations with men who are.
    Two Points:
    1. There will be no tipping point, because it was never a logical argument in the first place — feminism sprang from the female mind’s emotional rejection of social stratification based on rational organization.
    2. For this reason, feminism itself is not a wholesale condemnation of men — it is only the rejection of a social order in which betas can be in positions of relative power. Men have an egalitarian social impulse that women do not have, and the manosphere is based on the idea that this new beta disenfranchisement is a grievous injustice perpetrated against honest and hardworking men.
    Unfortunately for the manosphere, this injustice is unavoidable. Fortunately for men, whether or not you will fall into the category of the disenfranchised is now a choice that you can make for yourself. In the future, game will not be an option — it will be a necessity, because only alphas will be allowed success.

    1. Well said. Evolution doesn’t care about injustice. It cares only about fittest individual. But by satisfying beta with his needs, society was peaceful and we have seen lot of inventions and improvement. Going back to gaming will all but decrease the progress. For one, it will increase number of males opting out of gaming completely because risks outweigh benefits. Alphas will get more and generally happy. Women want to pass only alpha’s genes. But this very thing will lead to more violence and dysfunction because beta has nothing to lose. If he doesn’t get what he needs, he generally doesn’t care what happens to a society so he must be satisfied somehow, may be through technological advancement or some other means.
      If that doesn’t come, we are going to have very unstable future. it is not only bad for lot of men but also for women.

  20. I was accused of raping my grand daughters teacher with my eyes (creep shame), then was placed on a list at the school of visitors who must be accompanied by one of the police officers stationed at the school at all times. It took 18 months of appeals to the school, police, commissioners, and finally multiple school board hearings to correct it. I ended up moving my businesses, tax dollars, employment for others, and my spending to another state and municipality, after writing them a final letter as to why I was removing my productivity and money from their political subdivision.
    Over a decade later and I still receive calls and solicitations to come back. They even offered me tax credits. Every time I answer them with a two-word letter. FUCK YOU.

    1. I know I’m 4 years late but honestly this is outstanding. What a fantastic example to set for others!

  21. there aren’t any hot ones protesting, because the hot ones accept who they are and what they truly want – and are out preparing to – or getting banged by – masculine men.

  22. All of you men are crazy. And you accuse of women of over analyzing everything. Get a grip. Nobody is out to get you.

  23. Woe Canada
    Toronto Canada is infested with misandric hatred against men. I know of many men, including myself, who have had the displeasure of dating these wimmin in the big city.
    The wimmin, especially self-declared feminists, are vapid ideologues who have been thoroughly drilled and groomed by their priestesses at wimmin dominated Universities. Pumped royally with false statistics and hate dogma, these wimmin are professional victims, ever demanding more resources in the name of “The War Against Women!”
    The privilege that these wimmin receive is countless millions from the state which of course destroys the hard working men who pay for this social atrocity.
    Feminism is a serious, sickening hate crime and Toronto Canada is the mecca of such a dehumanizing hate crime.
    Funny that parents chauffeur their kids to school lest “The Male Pervert” molest them; alas, it’s the feminist female teacher that’s raping your kids. See, YouTube, “Violent Women Among Us”
    Canadians, pull your ostrich heads out of your fascist assholes and grow up.
    Feminism – The radical notion that boys are for fucking and men a disposable tool of the state.
    > 93% of all workplace trauma/deaths are experienced by men
    > 80% of all homeless human beings are men
    ~ 50% of domestic violence is committed by women
    No wonder boys and men kill themselves several times over females of princess syndrome.

  24. Men can call women bitches, sluts, whores, cunts, and pretty much any damn thing they please. You, and those like you, would insist these men should not be questioned or held accountable for their words. But if a woman resorts to a few expletives or hits a breaking point after being reduced to male terms on a daily basis, well… she has no intellect. Take a glance at the comments here, and it is EVIDENT that there is a problem with how men percieve women in our culture:
    “Feminism seeks to destroy the very strengths of women, that is the sensuality, the beauty, the alluring and sexy nature.”
    That’s what men expect, and when ya’ll don’t get what you expect, you lash out and cry persecution. So, yeah, feminists find you laughable. Because it’s not their job to educate you on your skewed perspective.

  25. I’ve only recently began hearing about the Men’s Rights movement, and it’s like a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone is acknowledging that things my male relatives and friends have been victimized by, such as rape, domestic violence, and horrendously unjust child custody laws, are actual problems for men. I am sick to death of feminists claiming my cousin’s rape or my half-sister’s placement with her mentally-ill, homeless mother instead of my dad were necessary injustices because somehow admitting it’s wrong would hurt feminism. Ugh. No wonder feminism is unwraveling.

  26. And now, more than 2 years on, things have only gotten worse. The amount of censorship and oppression of dissenting views has reached a level which would have Goebbels creaming his jeans.
    Also, that dude in the opening pic.. my lordie what a fucking simp.

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