Why International Meetup Day Was Cancelled

Know your enemy and know yourself, find naught in fear for 100 battles.
~Sun Tzu

On February 3rd, 2016, Roosh was forced to cancel the International RoK meetup, scheduled for February 6. The mainstream media had been reporting on this men’s only happy hour as a “rape legalization group” for days, stirring up social justice warriors, inciting violent groups in several cities, and even receiving public condemnation from mayors, governors, and legal organizations. The risk had become unacceptable; as Roosh said, “This isn’t our Alamo.” Even a single man fired from his job due to SJW or Antifa doxing is one man too many. Not for a meetup; not for this.

A tactical retreat was the only sane option; however our enemies revealed quite a bit about themselves in this process, and we learned a little something about ourselves as well. With that in mind, it is worth considering what lessons can be taken from all of this.

Our Enemies Are Legion

Our enemy shows traits of both extreme cunning, and mindless conformity. On the one hand, they react like pod people, holding out their arm and shrieking when they spot any crimethink. They become completely unreasonable in such a state, babbling logical contradictions within the same sentence, admitting something is false and then immediately affirming its truth, demanding that law enforcement throw any and all civil liberties by the wayside, and working themselves into emotional hysterics.

On the other hand, they display extreme cunning. During Gamgergate it was revealed that the gaming press were coordinating behind the scenes, deciding which topics would be discussed and promoted, and which ones would be censored and dropped into the memory hole. Given that on February 2nd six nearly identical articles were published throughout the Australian press within hours of one another, all describing Return of Kings as a “Rape Group,” it is a near certainty that the Australian press is similarly controlled by collusion between the reporters on secret message boards. (It turns out that one company, Fairfax Media, controls nearly the entire press in the country.)


Asking if this was coincidence or enemy action misses the point.

To coordinate to this degree demands sober intelligence, and yet misconstruing and overreacting to a satirical article precludes such intelligence. Trying to separate our opponents into two groups – the manipulators and the proles – is similarly inadequate. There is too much consistency. Both the upper and lower echelons share the same criteria for what is considered a threat.


This is what it looks like when narcissists flock

Most human beings subsume their emotional intelligence beneath their reasoning; when encountering another person they prioritize the spoken word over body language, and it takes effort to “listen to one’s gut” and spot the liars in our midst. This is why dogs can often be a good judge of character; an animal isn’t distracted by logic, it will immediately pick up on hidden, hostile motives instead of the advertising spiel.

Narcissists are the reverse. They will frequently contradict themselves, even denying outright facts that are presented to them, while simultaneously manipulating people with incredible precision. Where the healthy human slaves their animal brain to the frontal lobe, the narcissist is a beast who’s able to utilize the higher functions to serve the lower; being “triggered” is an open admission that the lizard is in control.

The behaviour we’ve witnessed over the past week is perfectly explained by flocks of narcissists, organized online, exercising vicious cunning with a human’s capacity for abstract thought. They are the metaphorical lizard people, dressed in skin suits, unreasonable and unrepentant. Those of us on the front lines have seen their true faces a hundred times before; after this past week, their nature has been revealed to all who had eyes to see.

Their goal is pandemonium. So long as it is chaotic, degraded, cheap, infectious, and ugly, they will endorse it, and they will use any tactic to achieve it: violence, lies, false philosophies, and pretend victimhood. They will be crying and vulnerable one moment, and coldly murderous the next. They are vicious, they are legion, and they’re organized as only animals who have known sin could possibly be.

We see you.

A choir needs a conductor

Through organizing and battling against their propaganda over the past week, we have been forced to address questions about ourselves. What are our motives? What do we hope to achieve? What is the end-state that we seek after beyond immediate material and ego satisfaction? We are men who believe in the cardinal virtues of justice, wisdom, courage, and temperance, and we pursue patriarchy, lawfulness, and freedom. We accept the responsibilities of masculinity; we accept the necessity of law and order; and we accept the bracing cold wind of working without a net.

That and $2 will buy you a cup of coffee.

Patriarchy, lawfulness, and freedom are respectively the products of charity, love, and hope; the theological virtues. Man on his own is incapable of achieving these for one simple reason: people respond to incentives – even us.

What were the upsides of this meetup? Making new friends, networking with men who work in other industries, and starting the process of building a community, something sorely lacking in this atomized age. The only substantive difference between this and a MeetUp.com hiking group would have been a greater degree of philosophical coherence and commitment (and even then – the sort of people who will leave their homes to go hiking are the sort who agree with us on most topics already).

What were the downsides? Assault, doxing, online smear campaigns, trumped up charges leading to arrest, and even death at the hands of on unstable lunatic. As great as the happy hour would have been, it wasn’t worth the potential cost.

This is only sensible, and yet it’s this sensibility that becomes our greatest weakness. Cancelling the happy hour was nothing more than a tactical retreat in the face of overwhelming odds, but it brings us to an important question: when is it ever worth the price? Why spend the time seeking out virtuous men instead of scheming against rich men in your own field? Why bother denouncing feminism, when approving of it will yield casual sex? Why bother searching for a woman worth marrying – passing up many guaranteed opportunities for short-term pleasure along the way – for something so uncertain, and so difficult to maintain?

“Self improvement is masturbation,” says Tyler Durden, as he points towards the cardinal virtues and the honors they’ll win us in this world; but what good is the world if you forfeit your own soul? “Now self destruction…”

Truth, beauty, and spirituality; these are goals worthy of self abnegation.

What we’re fighting for doesn’t make sense when we could satisfy our need for struggle through video games. Demanding freedom doesn’t make sense when we could sit around on the government dole. Seeking out the difficult responsibilities of patriarchy doesn’t make sense when the cows are giving away the milk for free – unless if there is some higher calling that we’re all responding to.

We can’t achieve any of these things as individuals; every interaction we engage in, every moment of every day, incentivizes against the loyalty and community we so desperately need to become our best possible selves. This spiritual yearning for both freedom and responsibility is what unites us, and pushes us beyond the merely rational; this world of endless Prisoners’ Dilemma games weighted in such a way to favour defection because at least that’s predictable.

How do we do it without exposing ourselves to their attacks? That is the question we need to be asking ourselves. Through introspection we will hear the voice of our conductor, and learn what song it is that we are meant to sing.

Tactical retreat, strategic victory

How I thought the world would be

By attempting to set up this meetup, we effectively sent out a small expeditionary force—only to discover an entire division hiding behind the next ridge. They responded to our reconnaissance team with salvos of artillery, displaying their bellicosity for all to see, allowing us to realize the breadth and depth of the forces arrayed against us. They failed to annihilate us, and they gave away their position; meanwhile our position will be strengthened as more men flock to our cause, first out of curiosity, and then out of righteous outrage.

The time for debating our opponents is over.  We are going to replace them.  We are going to win.

A final word for all of those who attacked us, slandered us, and threatened us; we, the men who would defend you against those who would enslave and exploit you; we who fight, not for ourselves, but for the future. We will remember who you are, and we are a larger chorus than you know.

That ex-boyfriend who stole your heart? One of us. That charming married man at your office, with the beautiful wife? One of us. That wise mentor who helped you more than you’ll than you’ll ever know? One of us. And we saw what you said about us, without even knowing who we were.

The battle for civilization will be neither quick nor easy. We will win, but not without great struggle and many casualties amongst those who refused to pick a side. So remember something: when you or your womenfolk are being viciously assaulted and raped by third world savages whom you defended while decrying us—or by some gestapo thug, whom you empowered to oppress us, their breath rancid with garlic and rotting teeth—

That is the future you chose by standing against men of virtue.

Whatever town or village you enter, look for a worthy person in it and stay there until you leave.  As you enter a house, wish it peace. If the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; if not, let your peace return to you.  Whoever will not receive you or listen to your words – go outside that house or town and shake the dust from your feet.  Amen, I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah at the day of judgment than for that town.
Mathew 10:10-10:15

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1,217 thoughts on “Why International Meetup Day Was Cancelled”

  1. If anything came from this, it was a long list of names for the day of rope. Even today, more stories about rape by migrants in Europe, yet they are focused on this! We don’t forget, leftists. We keep records.

    1. And many of us are ex military, so bring it you sniveling little nothing. I would love to match my combat experience any day of the week versus your “list” of people headed for “the rope.” Game of Thrones has not helped your life out, buddy.

      1. “Many of us are ex-Military” read mindless welfare recipients that couldn’t hack it in the free market and would rather kill people for the military industrial complex. I have more respect for burger flippers.

        1. it’s always funny when leftists play toy soldiers
          “i was in muhh military. muhh dont ask dont tell.”

      2. yes, I’m sure you’re ex military. I’m also sure you were part of the new transgender division.

        1. The loud ones at the bar tend to be posers. If they insist, ask for their DD214 and they suddenly get quiet.

        2. I normally don’t care. The last time I said something was years ago, but it was only because he kept crowing up “how many Iraqis he killed” and getting loud about it. I queitly confronted him, outed him (Reservist who never left CONUS) and told him to knock it off. He could spout all the BS he wants, but what he was doing is publicly giving vets, especially the ones who went down range, a bad name.

      3. I’d pick watching game of thrones any day over playing tough-guy on the internet. Nobody’s scared of you, faggot.

      4. Neither has Celebrity Big Brother, which according to your posting history you’re a big fan of. Don’t worry dear, once she loses the Democratic nomination Hilary Clinton can go in too — again, someone of whom you seem to be a large (in a physical and metaphorical sense) fan. Maybe she can charge $100,000 for the privilege and cry poor again?

        1. In another post she says she was “in the military 20 years”, i.e. she was a careerist hack who stayed for the pension and the bennies, since real combat veterans/victims wash out due to the injuries and PTSD well ahead of that time, and she jumped the moment the pension vested.
          Not to mention that, if she retired yesterday or so, and had Combat Experience, the wars she was sent to were started by a Republican (who she wouldn’t have liked) but then continued for just as long by her pal Obama.
          Doubtless she Heartily Objected To The Pointless US Wars She Was Sent To. But Widdle Dwummer Girl obviously liked the prospect of pension and benefits more than she liked her principles. And she’s supporting one of the dumb assholes who sent her to war!

        2. HAHAHAHA!!!!
          “Ex Military” So how was banging the whole Platoon until you got knocked up and left on benefits?
          Fabulous i assume?
          Get back on your knees in front of the latrine, you have no use here.

          One post and then ghost? That’s our proud 20 year combat veteran?
          See you later with another cowardly sock, Little Drummer Girl. This time try to keep your shallow viewing practices separate from your troll accounts.

        4. Friend, as much as I loathe to admit it, Hillary is going to be the Dem nominee, and most likely our next president. The powers that be have already decided that.

  2. So much shorter to write “because we’re a bunch of cowards who are trying to use the media to play the victim rather than set up security for our event like any other group would be required to do, even the Klan and Westboro.” This entire thing is so fitting that it’s delicious – and I think we can put to bed this idea of any kings returning, eh? You couldn’t even figure out how to have an I Hate Women meeting – you know, the kind that kids have figured out how to do in a tree fort? Yeah, real good there, “Kings.”

    1. You are a tough guy, hiding there behind your keyboard. Go take the trash out and pick up your resentful wife’s toenail clippings. Then get back to trolling those that fill you with envy.

      1. You’re right. Far too many keyboard warriors. They probably think they’re SAS or Navy Seal material because they’ve switched their iPads for Panasonic Toughbooks.

  3. This group of men represents the core of what the elite monsters and minions of this world fear. Half of us had been waiting to meetup like this for maybe over a decade. I would have met because I refuse to be intimidated by these demons but I understand if some of the other gentlemen aren’t ready for this. I personally don’t’ believe that we will be winning any war but was interested in having more companions to watch the world burn with.

    1. ” I would have met because I refuse to be intimidated by these demons”
      hear hear! I’m sure a lot of us agree with this. I personally couldn’t have gone because there didn’t seem to be a meeting in Japan; but I’m going back in April, so if anything, if/when this gets re-scheduled, hopefully I’ll be able to go!

    2. You can still go. Some of us still intend going and meet up, but those will be places where (sane) people don’t care about blokes meeting up for a pint.
      “..watch the world burn with.”
      Some of us have kids and cannot do the Aaron Clarey thing, so fight we must. But I understand the dispair.

      1. I agree..the whole idea is to get men meeting up (like the old days). Women will do anything to interrupt men meeting up and have a good time. They always think they are missing something, it’s sexist or they are getting enough attention.
        Laugh it off, meet up another time, have a beer and a good time. It’s all about women needing the attention.

        1. ANYTHING that takes the attention away from them they cant handle.
          Must be horrible to live like that, no control, cripplingly insecure and at the mercy of outside forces that effect their ever-precious feeeelllzzzz
          Thats no way to live gentlemen

        2. Indeed. Modern women want to control their husbands/boyfriends 0-24h. The idea of a men-only meeting is completely unacceptable for them.

        3. We could just start meeting in t!tty bars…being capitalist establishments and private property they won’t put up with militant SJW’s. And frankly, I can’t think of a better (sad to use the word) ‘safe space’ 😛 (going forward I’ll say ‘sanctuary’ ;))

        4. Anyone know who the Santa Barbara tribe is? I think we should still meet in a place. My email is in my profile.

        1. Ouch. Belly of the Beast. I did mention “sane” people. Heh. No worries mate. I am sure you will get one off the ground soon.

        2. Fellow Torontonian. Pretty bummed but I fully understand the reasoning behind canceling the meet up. However, this only serves to strengthen my resolve to actually connect with like-minded men in the future and also reinforces the kinship I already feel with all the guys who read ROK. I would like to keep in touch so if there is a burner email I can reach you on I can send you concrete proof that im legit and perhaps something can be arranged in the near future once all this blows over.

      2. I would actually like to see reports from Tehran and Shanghai showing where ‘we’ have more freedom. It would be the height of irony.

    3. the egalitarians seem proud of threatening violence – i think that’s evidence that men have been too gentle with them

    4. @Jon-I think the fear might be some white knight beta with a gun could cause problems and actually attack one of us.

    5. Yea…..I imagine bunch of guys…. sitting on the roof of a building in an urban area..a.BBQ, cold beers, in tactical gear, armed to the hilt, sitting in comfortable leather chairs, cigars, shades, hot ladies in bikinis…. while all around fires burn, explosions, screaming minions below….. just a thought….

        1. I don’t have to fight in a court of law and deal with cops to carry a baseball bat or a cane. “Just on my way to my local wiffle ball game and the LGBT outreach center officer. Everyone will win a participation trophy tonight!” 😉

      1. And yet it would undoubtedly look far more like those faggot Bundy douchebags in Oregon. Rednecks sucking each other off and pretending to be tough, but crying like bitches when they’re confronted on their BS.
        Y’all are hilarious!
        You may as well be cosplaying as men, because you certainly aren’t real ones.

  4. Hi guys. I know girls arent allowed on here and i only opened a disqus account yesterday when i read all the hateful, ignorant comments. You dont need a girls voice to defend yourselves or your views or anything. I know this. I did it because it was the right thing to do. I knew there were mindless idiots in the world, up til this week i was unaware of how many, and how vile and violent they are.
    Anyhow, sorry for crashing the party. I truly hope you get to have your meetups, and soon. I think there are more of you than you realise, and i think this week, with the display on these articles and on facebook (rok page), your numbers will only grow. Truth will out!
    (Ps roosh, i hope you get every single nutjob who threatened you.)

    1. Thank you Katy. I don’t think it’s so much that women aren’t allowed. There are some fantastic traditional women who support the general feeling here like Lauren Southern and Karen Straughn. I, for one, hope you continue reading. There’s a lot to be learnt about life, health, social skills and philosophy here! Cheers!

      1. Not so much that we are banning them, but that they are not needed in this space. This is an area for neomasculinity, and women cannot be masculine. But we certainly appreciate good, traditional, supportive, feminine women!

      2. Yep. Its just the nature of women to be supporting of a man. They just seem happier doing it. Though I certainly appreciate like minded women who can see the gynocentric, anti-male western society for what it is (C. Hoff Sommers, Karen Straughan, Lauren Southern), having them in a meeting would be counter productive.

  5. As someone who had worked for Fairfax at their Sydney HQ for several years, let me tell you that 3 of the 4 floors in the building, of which they own, are now leased to Google.
    When i was there, they had all 4 floors.
    It was without doubt, the single most PC, conformist, Faux Elitist, Leftist, Union run shithole Ive ever worked at, and ive been in the Transport Industry.
    And that says VOLUMES.
    They sold out to the Left YEARS ago and their readership has been in freefall ever since.
    I left after the 3rd time i got called into Feminist run HR for “creating an unsafe work environment with my views”
    When I asked which views they were that was in question, and who was feeling unsafe by said phantom views, surprise surprise, I never got an answer.
    What a shocker.
    If Lady Fairfax were alive today she’d promptly off herself at seeing the Pravda-esque Commie rag that the SMH has become.
    Noone is happier that that pathetic excuse for a “News Organisation” is bleeding Money like a stuck pig more than me.
    Any organisation that hoists that disgusting pig Clementine Ford up as virtuous, let alone pay her for her vile excretions, AND back her up regardless, is no organisation worth patronising.

    1. It can only go on for so long. Once they get rid of people like you (and there is no other “enemy”) then they end up turning on each other. I’ve seen in countless times throughout the years in different companies.
      An HR department is the worst because it usually has an entire department of women who couldn’t cut it anywhere else in a company. They offered no real skills and it is always about the “feels” with these types. They are, often, the most mentally damaged ones in their personal life (and it bleeds over into their jobs).

      1. Mate i was the only one there that had the balls to point out that what they were printing was absolute rubbish.
        All the other “Men” there were straight up fags, cucks, Lefties, or Union Officials.
        Wasnt a Conservative in the entire place bar myself and Miranda Devine at the time, and we all know where she is now
        And they couldnt have me running around pointing out their nonsense though, oohhh nooooo.
        Get this, they had a Union Sponsored “Male Model Contest” one year, and when i called it out for being sexist i was reprimanded for it, what a shock, huh?

        1. Right. They never understand how the rules are a one way street. They are allowed to do it but when you call them on their “equality” then you’re creating a problem.
          They are delusional…they have a mental disorder or disconnect. You can’t use logic and when you point it out they’ll usually redirect, ignore or dismiss. That’s when you know you’ve won the “debate” with them.
          Fuck them…you’re better off. It’s a toxic work environment for men.

        2. Yep.
          That entire place lived, and most likely still does based on what they print, in this bubble that was completely disconnected from Reality.
          There wasnt a single person that i met there that hadnt come straight from University and had never had any sort of job in the real world.
          It went all the way from Front Line Call Centre people right up to the CEO.
          No fucking clue whatsoever about what goes on outside of their little bubble, nor did they want to hear otherwise.

        3. After college I had an office job and quickly found out how HR Departments are a Feminist Hen House. When hired, two female HR Cunts took new hire guys aside to talk about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. I assume women go through the same talk — however, I never saw it.
          On countless occasions women in the office would outright talk about a guys ass in the office. And when he wore certain pants, you got glimpse of his package and “it looked like he was well hung. OMG! I want to F-Him!”
          I ultimately quit and became self-employed after the day my check was screwed up. When I kindly wanted it corrected, some cunt in payroll who is more concerned with spending time on social media while at work, gave me a line that a check correction would cost me $30. After giving the bitch serious lip on such a ridiculous protocol for THEIR screw up, I was called into HR 19 minutes later as the bitch complained and said she felt uncomfortable by me. I tossed my work crap on the floor and told them to go to hell — walked out. Self-Employed ever since.

        4. H.R. departments are hell holes that women pushed all the men out of through unfair P.C. B.S. They are about 90 to 95% females and therefore feminism finds a natural home hateful home. My aunt ran an H.R. department and she was a man hating cunt.

        5. The heterosexual cucks can be the worst. Even some gay men can be more masculine than them. These cucks can be as bad as the straight up faggy ones.

        6. I only work with masculine heterosexual mature adult good competant men, that’s how you keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, and have success, the other people will fuck you up and your business

        7. Females generally make terrible trial attorneys. While I have known a few good ones most are either too meek, or passive-aggressive and will report you to the law society if you hurt their feelings, or completely unreasonable cunts. Male attorneys are, largely, dicks but that comes with the territory.

        8. I find this especially hilarious because tv shows always make the women attorneys out to be these cunning sharks that know the law better than anyone. Sort of like when women on tv/movies can punch harder than a guy. Fairy tales.

        9. I do stone work — self employed, single w/ minimal lifestyle. I will NEVER work for anyone with a HR Department ever again. What I love about my industry: it’s Affirmative Action proof. Physical Work always forces the Feminazis to (magically) recognize the biological difference between the sexes.

        10. Absolutely. I sell real estate so my career field is constantly being messed around with by the government. Can’t even tell someone if a neighborhood is crap because it can be misunderstood as “racist” and I can get fined something like $5k or get my license suspended.

        11. The “women’s talk” about sexual harassment is 100% how to report men who harass you. They don’t speak a word about women harassing the men. I’ve sat behind closed doors on enough of them. Feminist HR doesn’t even acknowledge that women can even harass men 99% of the time. It just doesn’t happen, because muh patriarchy.
          According to the Tumbrl-educated feminists that run most HR departments women can’t harass men in the same way that a black man targeting exclusively white people for “completely random assaults” then bragging about how much they hate them white devil cracka-ass-cracka folk when posting the video on WaaaaaaldStaah isn’t racism. Because “institutionalized privilege…”
          It’s just kids being kids playing a little game… unless one of them punches a Jew – then it’s immediately investigated at the federal level and reported on all MSM networks as a hate crime.
          Simply a coincidence. :^)

        12. I’m in Manchester, NH for a TRUMP rally tonight. The Feminazis have this mobile billboard driving around Downtown right now.
          “As compared to — the evil — white man.”
          Seriously. What a Joke! Besides this “STAT” being disproven by countless reputable economists, NH is a high income state. You Should see all the women driving around in German Automobiles and living beyond comfortablly here.
          This is what the left does best though: teapot a lie so many times where the general population thinks it’s accurate. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/314656a6618da21f8e82229327ce5b72c253ac515574cb1d6f0b6ebf8602b45a.jpg

      2. “An HR department is the worst because it usually has an entire department of women who couldn’t cut it anywhere else in a company.”
        This right here is the absolute truth. No skills that really contribute to anything meaningful, other than making attempts at being cheerleaders for the company and organizing birthday parties featuring gluten-free cake and non-offensive decorations limited to one cubicle.
        They’re a huge contributor in modern offices being a hellish working environment.

        1. nope. The only thing the HR women are there for is for dealing with the issues that come from having women in the office (in positions other than secretarial) in the first place.

        2. Yeah you also a shouldn’t have any 50 year old white women answering the phone or handling the front office in your construction or construction/trade supply business as well.
          I find them to be the laziest, dumbest and rudest people oin the planet. Having never worked in the trade they seem to have learned nothing in their decades at the place and really are like old horses that should be taken away and turned into glue..
          Construction is for men and women that are like men, they are rare but we all know the type that can frame up houses etc. There are a few and they are not feminists..

        3. I don’t want any dykes either. I know there is an argument to be made from them, but I am not looking to be a tool of social change, I just am trying to get a job done.

        4. LOL.. HR in more sophisticated organization is there to protect upper management from everyone else. At least this is how it is where I work.

        5. That is very true!
          The ladies in HR couldn’t care less about you. They look after the interests of the company first and foremost. With today’s politically correct regime, they will throw you under the bus so as to maintain a “safe” work environment and prevent a costly legal battle over a case of “sex discrimination”.
          Guess who files almost all of the sex discrimination lawsuits.

        6. I am glad for you. I work in one of the few urban industries that is still HR free and masculine, corporate construction, but I am seeing more and more women in positions of authority and all it does is cause problems.

      3. Whats annoying is that if you want their respect (and therefore their cooperation), you might have to be running game at work.
        It’s certainly doable, but sometimes you just want everything to be efficient and focus on something more important than momentarily entertaining some depressed talentless lizard who is slowly dying inside from the betafied environment she has herself created.
        I’m working in a tech environment right now and their listless frustration visibly oozes out through their pores. There are cool girls around, but the ex-carousel riders give me chills.

        1. The good part of it is that you know which ones are the carousel riders…..not gf or wife material. That’s the mistake that many young men make is they take on those ex-riders (with mental issues or still pining for their last alpha) and it’s a waste of time.

        2. Amen. This is the shit i had to do to soothe personal issues at one of my old jobs to get things going smoothly.

    2. Publishing and the media in general are feminist havens by virtue of attracting women in their hordes. Better off working on an oil rig.

      1. I thankfully work in a Male Dominated Industry.
        I will NEVER work in an Office again, nor will i ever hire a woman.
        As the great Dick Masterson says “A penny saved is a Woman fired”

        1. And yet he married that untalented, ugly as all fuck Yoko….
          He beat the living fuck out of her and his kid all the time too.
          He wasnt the “Peace, Love and MungBeans” guy hes portrayed as for shit.
          Nothing peaceful about him

        2. He was very, very vile in a very snarky way in real life as I’ve heard. There are recordings of him in the studio between recording sessions where he is basically an absolute hate filled dick.

        3. He absolutely was, he was brutal towards anyone who disagreed with him.
          He beat the living shit out of most of the women he was with, and intentionally left his only son (who he railed on constantly) out of his will.
          Go watch interviews with Sean Lennon, he doesnt like talking about his father and when he does, theres no love there, only fear.
          “Imagine” My fucking ass
          Talked about World Peace but was a tyrant in his own home.

        4. He had two sons. Julian, his first by his English wife is the one you’re referring to. Sean is the one he apparently stopped being a rock star in order to look after (by way of amends for his behaviour to the first son).

        5. … On a bit of a side note: there’s a small percentage of lesbian women, the short, stumpy, butch looking type that are first-class. They’re above gossip and nonsense, and utterly unlike other women, and could be “honorary men”. They may not be attractive, err, definitely not attractive, but they make excellent employees.

        6. My grandfather called them “diesel dykes”. The truck driving type women from the 1970’s and earlier. Definitely not man haters, good to have a beer with, didn’t give a shit about feminism.

        7. Yes, yes, that’s it! They typically drive trucks, or buses, and conduct transport trains. Many are even more rational and sensible than most men: ie have the best qualities of men, without all the testosterone filled anger and rage that regrettable accompany men, but for the most part is kept in check.

        8. I like the Beatles but have heard some negative stuff about McCartney as a person too, wonder if it’s true..

        9. >nor will i ever hire a woman.
          But you can save almost 1/4 of your staffing costs by hiring womyn who do exactly the same job as men for less money! :^)

        10. …so really the entire story of “Med Men” was Don Draper realizing he could save Burt Cooper a few bucks. 😉

        11. Sure does. All talk and no action. Many times they are the real bigots and war mongers. Just look at their actions and ignore their words.

        12. To be honest those types never gave me any problems or spouted the feminist BS. They did their job like every other man. Hell they even appreciate your taste in women.

        13. Not to mention that, but Lennon, the Beatles as a whole, were a mediocre pop band at BEST. They simply were not that great. Nice harmonies I guess. Mediocre musicians and lyric writers.
          They were pushed by an amazing PR and production machine. The Beatles were the very first of their kind….a mediocre boy band sold into celebrity and that is their only real achievement.

        14. One of our subcontractors is like that. Cool to talk to, doesn’t throw her opinions in anyone’s faces and jokes without getting offended.

        15. I never got all the hype about the Beatles, your right mediocre, now the Rolling Stones is different story all together for me. I”ll take them over the Beatles any day.

        16. Ah, Sean Lennon. I’m sure if John could see him now, he’d regret the day he pumped Yoko’s horrible gook cunt full of Beatlejuice and conceived the talentless, deluded fairy.

        17. Julian Lennon, decent and likeable fella who inherited Johns talent
          Sean Lennon, deluded little cunt who inherited Yokos talent.

        18. “I will NEVER work in an Office again, nor will i ever hire a woman.”
          Wow you really are a sexist who’s scared of women. Maybe that’s what got in Trumps kool aide because he ran from Megan Kelly like little brat. Dudes who get off dominating women breaking down soon as they get a little push back.
          How predictable and pathetic. Y

        19. Yes, and whether in an office, or outdoor environment like construction, I’m sure she would be a fantastic person to work with. That’s the type I’m talking about: a sub-set of straight-up, legit, no bs, no nonsense women that one can respect … sadly, a small minority, but there nonetheless.

        20. I knew a few of them growing up. Couple wives who’d jump behind the wheel of a dump truck and work an 18 Speed Eaton Fuller Transmission. Let me tell you — those type of women absolutely HATE Feminism. Isn’t that the funny thing? Women who are actually self-reliant and get their hands dirty despise feminism while feminist who proclaim to be all about self-reliance hate them.

        21. I knew a few of them growing up. Couple wives who’d jump behind the wheel of a dump truck and work an 18 Speed Eaton Fuller Transmission. Let me tell you — those type of women absolutely HATE Feminism. Isn’t that the funny thing? Women who are actually self-reliant and get their hands dirty despise feminism while feminist who proclaim to be all about self-reliance hate them.

        22. I have heard her describe herself as a lesbian, verbatim. I do know she was previously married and had 3 boys during that time. But, like a lot of lesbians she came out after she had children.

        23. There’s something about human nature that causes the normal person who outwardly stands for something be doing the total opposite in the background (champaign socialists, Donald Trumps words, Roger Goodell as of late, MLK the Philanderer) and someone righteous and pure crushed by the mobs (Ron Paul campaign, Tom Brady deflate gate).

        24. Did you go and do a trade? I work in health care and hate it due to the women. I recently went to a site and was nit picked for three days straight about my work processes from some cunt. I would like to get into a more male dominated field.

        25. I did social service work for about 5 years with young offenders. The whole system is dominated by feminist ideology. It made it almost impossible to work with the boys in any positive masculine way. I got out of it, went to Taiwan for 7 years taught English and had the time of my life. I came back to Canada 3 years ago and started working in sales, with mostly guys. It’s fucking great, the money is a lot less because I had to start at the bottom and am now working my way up. It’s so nice to work with men, I do work occasionally with females, it’s fine because I know it is only every now and then.

        26. Yeah, luckily id done an apprenticeship straight out of High School and had actually finished it.
          I left seeking more money and eventually wound up in Media but the extra cash wasnt worth it for shit.

        27. Hardly my dear.
          Work is for work not endless bitching, gossiping and complaining.
          You can do that wherever you like, but it wont be on my dime.
          Luckily in my industry i wont ever have that problem.
          Never once have seen a woman in it, let alone one that could actually do the work, so it works out juuuusssttt fine.
          And where you got Trump from when we were actually talking about John Lennon I’ll never understand, but then again you dont even know what goes on in that head of yours, so how on Earth would anyone else, right darling?

        28. She is excellent, absolutely LOVE her work,but shes not a dyke.
          She might look like one, and she makes that joke herself all the time, but is straight. Has several kids too.

        29. She has said that she has been with women in the past but has a long term boyfriend who she has a daughter with i think?
          Not 100% on that on though, i heard her mention her daughter on her latest video

        30. Leykis4Life, please cite your sources for the Lennon accusations. I can only find info on such rags as the NYPost and Daily Mail. And lose some weight while you’re at it. Looking at your multiple chins is disgusting, and I shouldn’t have to be subjected to such filth.

        31. Dont like it, leave.
          Its also an Avatar, and of a particulary famous person, and one in which i have no resemblance to whatsoever.
          So no.

        32. I’ve been working in construction for a few years, and have witnessed many men acting in the exact nature you solely accuse women of portraying. It’s unbelievable how many men complain, gossip and make others lives a living hell while the rest of us, men and women alike are trying to get the job done right with no fucking petty bullshit. A single gender group should not be targeted. We both know members of both genders who fall into this category and as I keep reading all the comments I find contradictions between allowing absolutely zero opportunities or hope for women to praising the ones who can do their job right. The discussion here should be about a certain shitty attitude or work ethic that can be obtained from both women and men alike.

    3. Any organisation that hoists that disgusting pig Clementine Ford…
      There’s the ABC as well. A lot of their opinion pieces are left wing garbage.

      1. Sure are. I actually know the woman (surprise there, right?) that was in charge of the much vaulted “Internal Bias Investigation”
        She told me that because they dont count ratings at all, being a public broadcaster, that there was no way to prove any bias because they couldnt measure how many people were listening at any one time, therefore they couldnt measure bias, therefore there was no bias….
        She actually laughed while she told me this and i just got up and left without saying a word i was so infuriated.
        She gets paid $300,000 a year for that violently Union Protected Taxpayer funded do nothing job too.
        Makes the blood boil.

        1. ABC is a crock of shit. It only really appeals to bourgeois leftists/liberals who like to think they have a ‘social consience’. It is a poor man’s BBC in every respect. Shitty journalism, shitty documentaries etc.
          The Australian media is a fucking joke now. I stopped reading papers here regularly back in the late 90s/early 00’s.
          As for that woman at ABC, it is amazing how much these types make. They produce nothing of value whatsoever and earn higher incomes than most workers in the private sector.

        2. Actually return of kings is the biggest crock of shit. Kings do not cancel meets ups because they can’t stand behind their own hate speech.

        3. Were you looking forward to assaulting people for saying things you don’t agree with?
          How very fascist of you.

        4. She won’t do any assaulting.
          She’ll get some moronic White Knight or Captain Save-A-Hoe to do her assaulting for her.
          Typical femarxist. 100% useless eater and parasite who will manipulate some dull witted beta into doing her dirty work.

        5. And yet here you are….
          To attract a King no doubt MISS mack
          Cant find them on SMH comment sections (When they allow them)?
          Are Triple J listeners too feminine for you?
          Did you listen to that absolute TRAINWRECK of a woman Sam De Brito before she offed herself?
          Are you offended, yet MASSIVELY turned on by what we say here?
          Im not surprised.
          Why else would you be here?
          Other than to get the Vagina Tingles that the PC crowd cant give you….

        6. I was looking forward to a few legbeards being thrown to the asphalt and arrested or shot seven times center mass by the conceal-carry holder they attacked. On camera. So we could all enjoy it on YouTube.
          Alas, Tumblr did make the Kings their bitch… not the other way around.

        7. Keep in mind that the ABC had Ford on their show “The Drum” where she said the term “domestic violence” needs to be changed to “mens violence against women”.The 2 other women and male feminist on the panel completely agreed.The ABC didn`t even bother to have someone on who disagreed.

        8. Gentlemen, ignore this machine. Whatever this site may or may not be we are individuals capable of rising above this torrent of sewage. To paraphrase, ‘keep your powder dry and your pecker hard’, our time will come.

    4. Your mistake was in not recording the conversations and not involving a lawyer. I did when something similar happened to me. It was amazing how quickly HR folded their tents when it got to the Exec/Legal Dept level. Of course, the company went bankrupt 8 months later. Probably not a surprise, since PC tended to trump the bottom line.

    5. I can’t believe how many sites, publications, radio stations, even expos and events Fairfax run. Talk about a monopoly

      1. Ha! They WISH they had a monopoly here.
        They considered their biggest rival to be News Corp, which is GIGANTIC worldwide, yet they are only this pissy little thing virtually unheard of outside of Australasia
        The Daily Telegraph doesnt give 2 fucks about what they do, but every single meeting was about what they were doing over there!

    6. isn’t it always fascinating how media that pushes the left wing agenda are usually the ones that end up with no reader/viewership? the progressives are not that numerous in reality. they are just the loudest. what gives them strength is their ability to subjugate the minds of the weak and ignorant with well crafted messages that, on their surface make complete sense when not held up to scrutiny. scrutiny requires the reader/viewer to actually engage with the subject matter, to study it. however, when you realize that in this 24hr newscycle, social media, video game, entertainment driven world, things such as research become too much like work. and that is why they are winning.
      the progressives have built the framework on how to win, they were the first to use it. the challenge is to use said framework against them. its a soundbite world we live in. anything you say that requires more than the length of a television commercial or a quick Facebook meme, and your idea or argument is lost in the internet memory hole forever.

      1. They are in actuality, just a very vocal minority.
        But they think that they’re the majority because they sequester themselves in these little bubbles and shut out any opposing thought, and ignore everything else.
        Real head in the sand type operators

        1. “But they think that they’re the majority because they sequester themselves in these little bubbles and shut out any opposing thought, and ignore everything else.”
          that is surely by design. they know that to have any open, honest, and transparent discussion of the issue (any issue really) will expose the movement as naked as the proverbial emperor. best to simply keep the wheels turning to the next outrage while those they steamrolled are still trying to pick themselves up from the canvas. by the time you get your chance, your old news.

      1. She was an absolute trainwreck of a person, why anyone would ever listen to her advice on anything is beyond me.
        Sure was fun commenting on her stupid column though, the White Knights were a particular joy to mess with

    7. I’m actually rather tempted to use the system against them. A series of complaints lodged with the ACMA for misinformation and false reporting should upset their apple cart a bit.

      1. You’d be wasting your time.
        They dont care about truth, period.
        And once they get the Unions thugs involved, forget about it.
        Best that we can do is continue to point out the lies and distortions and let people make up their own minds.
        Most wont get, but some will, and they’ll join us.

  6. Tactical retreat…Ok. I’ll buy that. It’s not worth anyone’s career or risking violence at the hands of the unstable for a happy hour. Strategic victory…Absolutely not. Let’s face it, they controlled us. They set the stage and effectively told us that we are not allowed to meet each other. Let’s not do mental gymnastics to make this something less than a loss. The real question is “How do we proceed?”
    And yes we need to proceed in this direction. For those who wanted to meet up (even if they couldn’t) they did so because they wanted to some reliable, virtuous male companions. That part didn’t change. There needs to be ore going forward to show that we won’t be controlled and that this was not just some publicity stunt (as has been accused by the washington post).

    1. I agree…it’s not worth anyone losing their job or career over a meetup. These meetups are just the beginning and even if it doesn’t get to a large, international level the fact that meetups will occur (on a smaller level) is a win itself.
      The other side of it…if we were using logic and their own rules then wouldn’t this be seen as a hate crime against a group for gathering?
      Imagine using this same tactic against any other groups for meeting up (women, Muslims, blacks, Latinos, etc, etc..pick a group) and the shit storm that would come of it.

      1. Patting each other on the back for holding the moral high ground isn’t getting us anywhere. Their Machiavellian methods are controlling us. We can hold the moral high ground and get what we want (which really isn’t that much) but its going to take a little more commitment, cunning, and calculation to do it. There is nobody who should be spinning this story to congratulate ourselves here.

        1. You adapt and overcome.
          It’s the idea that can’t be killed (no matter how hard they try…that’s the message):

        2. Chill out. Step back. Look at the big picture. Plenty of libellous claims have been printed through the media. They’ve put a big target on the back of Change.org too. Now assuming that the individual these defamatory claims was made about is prepared to help a good lawyer or two get a bit richer, then they’ve effectively taken out some of their loudest broadcasting systems. They won’t be able to mobilise as effectively since they won’t have mass media support. Fuckwit public officials won’t shit themselves with fright because stories about petitions gaining tens of thousands of signatures just won’t be circulating. End state, their back to coordinating their limited audiences on twitter, facebook, forums and blogs. No more tapping the uncritical publics kneejerk outrage.

        3. An idea can’t be killed, but anyone seen associating with that idea can have their family threatened and their employer harassed for months on end because they employ a rape-legalizerist! :^)
          I think the real message to learn from V is “violence actually does solve most of your problems.”
          Carry concealed, do not hesitate for a moment to kill any legbeard that assaults you, and when you serve on a jury refuse to convict any revenge-slaying when an unemployed man who just lost his career due to SJW harassment kills seven or eight of them. It was, after all, complete justified.

        4. I’ll believe it when I see it. You just assumed a whole lot on the grounds of hypothetical possibilities.
          Fyi anyone can say chill out online to sound like they’re thinking more clearly. My thinking is crystal clear. Maybe you should sit back, relax, drink a stiff cup of coffee, and contemplate things.

    2. we just need to organize face-to-face meetups privately. think of it this way, in the USSR a lot of people knew communism was stupid, but they couldn’t organize resistance out in the open. it’s the same thing for those of us in the degenerate west living under feminism and cultural marxism.

    3. I’d say it was a loss, but taken in the bigger picture, it is just another (albeit worldwide) salvo against men. It doesn’t matter if you want to get together to talk neomasculinity or if you wanna talk about the law, they will come for you. The victory is in the object lesson.
      The victory also is in the rhetoric used to defame. Now you really know how people feel about homosexuals when they use it as a slur and everyone cheers.
      There’s this Roosh in mom’s basement thing, though.

    4. What he should have done is announce the cancellation privately.
      Can you imagine? Making all the locations public, so that the sjws could easily find it? Then none of you show up?
      They would jump on innocent people who have nothing to do with any of this. They’d attack whoever is nearby lmao

    5. If we gained even a dozen new readers based on last week’s debacle, I’d say it’s a huge victory. In reality, I’d wager it’s in the thousands. We can always “meet up” another day. Thanks for the free publicity!

    1. Silencing all dissent is in their blood. They are the most intolerant types of people you’ll find. It’s funny how they always try to deny their connection to the Nazis, yet have no substantive difference in philosophy or tactics.

    2. This is done by the Anonymous Hackers. They revealed Roosh’s private address and telephone number.
      The Anonymous Group was started and controlled by the CIA. Now ti’s taken a life of its own.

  7. My computer got infected when I visited this site a couple of hours ago. But hey, at least I didn’t get herpes from a feminist…

    1. one manly thing all of you could consider working on is learning to use linux. among its many benefits, it will make you basically immune to malware. microsoft and apple are pretty SJW-friendly, so it’s a good idea to avoid their products as much as possible.

  8. Oh Davis, you are so fucking off the mark – one day you are going to realize what a terrible waste you’ve made of your life. I suspect maybe you already have.
    “That ex-boyfriend who stole your heart? One of us. That charming married man at your office, with the beautiful wife? One of us. That wise mentor who helped you more than you’ll than you’ll ever know? One of us. And we saw what you said about us, without even knowing who we were.”
    Utter nonsense. Not a single person I have ever considered to be inspiring, or worthy of respect, or someone I look up to in the “real world”, outside of the internet, would buy into this horrible, anti-human “red pill”/ “MRA”/ “neo-masculinity” crap. It’s so clearly based on logical fallacies and a regressive desire to turn back the clock. As well as your own feelings of inadequacy and disappointment. I meet them all the time in real life and this place stinks of it.
    The creepy IT guy at work who refuses all offers of friendship and eats alone in his car at lunch time? He’s one of you. The selfish, anti-social loner who we all know spends his evenings going from bar to bar, alone, attempting to hone is pick-up artistry, growing more and more bitter with each rejection? That’s one of you. The date rapist who deliberately gets girls intoxicated in order to lower their inhibitions and defenses – that’s one of you. The unlovable, seedy creep from the pool club who boasts of his 5TB porn collection and you’ve never seen with a woman? He’s one of you.

    1. and this is how you know the idea is spreading and gaining traction. We’re seeing more and more of this bullshit from trolls trying to stop the idea from flowing.
      If this article was against any other group meeting up then “they” would label it as hate speech.
      You can’t kill the idea…it doesn’t matter how hard you try.

        1. i asked him yesterday if he’s happy with the way women treat him, and if he likes how the women he gets look naked. no reply. i was sincerely hoping he’d get back to me. who knows, maybe his brand of white knighting works somehow.

        2. Was this that same dude who was trying to buzz around on my six yesterday? Man oh man, what a card.

    2. “Not a single person I have ever considered to be inspiring, or worthy of
      respect, or someone I look up to in the “real world”, outside of the
      internet, would buy into this horrible, anti-human “red pill”/ “MRA”/
      “neo-masculinity” crap.”
      Yeah, that’d be because your friends are blue pill as well. Subjective evidence pretty much isn’t evidence.

      1. My friends are for the most part happy, prosperous people who have full lives and rewarding, loving relationships with friends, family and, yes, women. So if that is Blue Pill then I’ll take it, thank you very much.
        However I do find it ridiculous that you use an analogy from The Matrix as a basic foundation of your worldview. And the analogy is completely misused – in The Matrix, the Red Pill woke you up and let you see reality how it is. In the Manosphere, the Red Pill involves burying your head like an ostrich in a load of hugbox blogs and message boards where you all just spurge out masturbatory fantasies about being dominant men and “kings”.
        Did you know your great leader lives at home in his mother’s basement at the age of 36?

        1. If your friends are happy and prosperous then how come that condition never transferred over to you? I’ve been reading your comments and you appear to be an unhappy person.

        2. “My friends are for the most part happy, prosperous people who have full
          lives and rewarding, loving relationships with friends, family and, yes,
          Sure, bro. Now you just need to post up your real name, address, and those of your friends to verify it. Or maybe you can’t take what you dish out?
          Better yet: how ’bout you verify with full details on your posting history your previous assertions of you being: 6’3, net worth $5m+, 30 years old and over 1,000 lays? (The last figure should be simple enough. I’ll accept a single picture of your palm for the 999 of the 1,000.)

        3. Isn’t it fascinating how one dose of the treatment they approve of against Roosh and they run like cockroaches back into the woodpile?

  9. Yesterday I was told I was a disgrace of the US Army by two of these lunatics. Because I am a member of the ROK. I am fighting for our freedom so these, Femtard, white knight, manginas, can spew verbal diarrhea at us?

    1. One SM to another, even though some people don’t appreciate their freedom of speech you do. I do as well. Keep on keepin’ on man.

    2. You are part of something larger than yourself. Those idiots will never understand that. They don’t know anything about honour, duty, sacrifice. They live in small, self absorbed world and all they care about is themselves. Respect to you.

    3. I am truly sory you had to endure that. And i thank you for your service (there is no sincere font but its meant that way)

  10. The second worst part of this failure, after being controlled by delusional leftists, are all of the delusional leftists that have bombarded the comment section here. For Christ’s sake we don’t respect your ill begotten views already.

    1. yeah. i know the mods are probably understaffed and busy, but i miss the days when feminists and white knights were banned swiftly. there was an obvious SJW troll who posted variations on “you’re a rapist and an idiot” hundreds of times yesterday and unfortunately a lot of guys engaged her/him/it, which worked out a lot like spreading diarrhea around with a mop.

      1. Silently, I think the rule of three applies. On average these trolls get three articles to flood. As soon as the fourth, back to basics, article comes about, all remaining trolls usually get banned. This situation will be no different except that, we are no introducing the world, if you will, to our views.

  11. Excellent article. Even though we can’t fix it all in this century it’s time to start fighting back and fighting for the future now. I wish you all the best of luck.

  12. I still don’t buy that any of this is real. I imagine it is still on and this cancellation is a trick.
    What is truly frightening is if this is real… Did people in government actually threaten Roosh to back off? Maybe paid him off?
    I guess I’ll find out in a few days..

    1. The police paid hima visit at his parent’s house. The media claims that Roosh called 911 over threats.
      It would be good if Roosh clarifies about that incident. On the pictures he looks a bit surprised and shaken to see them so maybe the media lied again.

      1. I just saw the dailyuk article. Hard to say at this point. Possible he was swatted. This is a temporary setback. ROK gets to choose whenever and wherever the next happy hour happens. We still have the advantage.

  13. Meetups require not that much organization in the grand scheme of things. Just wait a month, then drop it again. Tire them out. The aim should be to really make their lives miserable and drive leftists insane

    1. Who knows. Maybe if we continue and grab all the media attention, Hillary would become a nobody in the coming primaries.

    2. Would be nice though if next time the r world can be left out of it, if it makes the news they just say a mens group is meeting up without all the sensationalist lies.. Once was enough

  14. Im not going to discuss the situation of the meeting. I think all has been said. I will focus in the essential: ROK is a group of sophisticated and intelligent men, that discuss real and important things, things with substance and meaning.
    That is why i became such a fan of this community for a month now and i will continue to do so, in search of “Truth, beauty, and spirituality”.
    “A tree is known by its fruit” said Christ. I believe the fruits of this tree are good!

  15. I disagree with other writers that this is a strategic loss or a strategic victory: the sheer amount of press coverage is good, but we backed down. This was a tactical engagement that we didn’t need to win, so backing down wasn’t a complete loss.
    Additionally, this was an eye opener for me. I hadn’t expected Newsweek to cover the story, and the massive outburst from the left was bigger than their rage at Trump.
    Historically, I would compare this to the engagement at Isandlwana at the outset of the Ango-Zulu War. Although Lord Chelmsford’s Number 3 Column was completely annihilated by Zulu Forces, Chelmsford himself learned quite a bit about Zulu military thinking, and applied that to his “redemption” victory at Ulundi. Further, the Zulu defeat of British forces galvanized support to defeat the Zulu’s back home.
    When Chelmsford attacked Ulundi, he radically changed his attack: forming his army into a large square with machine guns at the corners. He utterly defeated the Zulus, and restored his reputation.

  16. Was meet up day ever actually a real thing, or was it just a way to get free publicity by using the femtards’ hysteria?

    1. I wonder as well. If it was real, public posting and hype wasn’t a smart way to do it. You were practically begging for this type of response, though the level of it in the MSM does surprise me.

  17. When we try a centralized approach, like Roosh attempted, they were able to organize and threaten. THEY work well with and on hierarchies. For us to have success we have to do this as individual cells. That is, each city “leader” calls and organizes for his city, whenever he is ready, and not along some schedule where every other city is meeting.
    They can all focus on “one day across the world, here’s the main leader!” and win. So we do what all successful guerrilla movements do in the age of centralization, which is, we decentralize and go single cell.
    As I’ve mentioned here before, and I’m starting to get emails coming in now, I’m open for a Columbus Ohio (or central Ohio) meetup and those who wish to meet me or meet up with others should contact me via my profile email. I strongly urge other city “leaders” to do the same. Announcing each meetup here, on a myriad of different days, with none to only a handful of cities meeting on a single date, will prevent the Left’s ability to focus on a hierarchy.
    For those who haven’t seen it, check out Leaderless Cell theory. This isn’t quite that, but it’s close enough to foil a national/international level effort against us.

    1. This approach works for the Hells Angels. It is impossible for the government to shut down that organization because unlike most mafias, there’s no central power structure.

      1. That’s kind of who I was thinking of, although more in the larger scheme of how 1%’er’s roll. Excellent observation.

      2. Also the radical Islamic terrorists operate like this in every major city in the West. We constantly hear about the terrorist cells in some cheap apartment.

        1. That’s correct, and the proof in the pudding, if you will.
          People who are dead set on killing other people can manage to organize this without authorities being able to stop them. Us, who basically want to meet up and shoot the shit and drink a bit of Scotch, don’t even register on “their” radar, so that leaves only the snarky SJW’s, who have neither time nor resources to deal with this kind of organizing principle.

        2. like the last verse to you never even call me by my name—it was a perfect comment but you didn’t mention pudding, gelatin or halal so you will need to finish it for it to be the perfect comment.

        3. To be clear, most of that was fearmongering, but yes, in the very small number of cases where this has actually happened, it is in independent, small, leaderless groups. Which are practically impossible to stop, another reason all this Homeland Security stuff is useless to stop bad guys and an Orwellian leviathan tool to bash against the head of the innocent citizen.

        4. I’m happy to come back to RoK and see the SJW/Feminist Shit Storm is gone in the comment section. They must have moved onto the next (faux) selective outrage story the MSM told them to attack.
          I honestly feared they’d be on this site all the time, injecting the comment section with irrational, profanity laced garbage. Looks like normalcy has returned here. Thank God.

          How do you manbabies feel about your precious little Roosh being exposed as a loser who lives in his mother’s basement?
          You cunts sure can pick your heroes!
          I also love how tough you all talk, but had to cancel and hide your meetings for fear of retaliation. Yep – sure sound like a bunch of tough guys to me!!!
          Neo masculine? More like neo-bitchboys.

        6. Your a beta male hipster who wouldn’t last one round in the ring with any of the men on this site. Just go do what you do best, shop for skinny jeans, shave your genitals and listen to Nirvana.

      3. Plus they have money and are sophisticated experts at hiring top shelf legal talent to protect them. That is why they have won large settlements against NYC on more than one occasion.

      4. An important aspect of this to understand as well is the 81’s abject refusal to speak to the police, as they see them as lacking honor. The very same can be applied to SJW’s and RadFems; flat out refuse to discuss anything you do regarding this and expect the same of your membership.

    2. I was thinking these meetups were supposed to be that . As men we are supposed to take matters into our own hands and be our own leaders . Roosh merely kicked us in the ass

      1. Aye.
        I think that a more informal, less organized method would do better. Perhaps Roosh can have “city leaders” annotated somewhere on the site, who men can reach out to and coordinate with on an ad hoc basis. No emails on that page, just put them in our profiles.
        So for example, a site link to “City Leader” with vetted leader handles listed and locations, nothing more. Then it’s up to individuals and cell leaders to do it on the fly. Or something like that.

        1. The success of failure of such a public secret meeting really depends on what the goals are.
          As soon as I saw that meeting places would be published online I knew for a fact that I would not be within a country mile of one of them.
          I have no qualm with the goals of this site and the people both on it in the forms of commenters or the authors/owners….in fact, quite the opposite, they have my support.
          It just appears to me as though a ton of attention to these meet ups was in the best interest in the site. And while I enjoy ROK and the community quite a bit, when my interests conflict with theirs then I must make the choice more beneficial to me.

        2. I think instead of publishing an email address, there might need to be a form to fill out with a questionnaire to test red pill knowledge etc or a Disqus test to filter it a bit so these leaders don’t get spammed to pieces..

        3. Yeah, that’s another reason why I think the more decentralized option works better.
          So if you are in Columbus, and you email me we set up the time place out of view of the public board(s). As more people contact the city “leader” could put together BCC email blast lists and then it starts to take off.

        4. That’s actually an interesting idea.
          A submit form with the email embedded on the server end for each active city.

        5. correct and if I was in Columbus I would absolutely send you an email and ask you where a good place for some chow would be and hope you would meet up…not post it online and get it to go viral.
          Again, what works better is contingent on the desired outcome. If ROK was looking to raise awareness, troll some people and drive a ton of traffic to the site, what they did worked splendidly. If they wanted to give some commenters a chance to have a drink and finally meet face to face…big flop.

        6. also, if success is based on total number of David Allan Coe references in a day I am the real winner

        7. It’s never wrong to use a David Allan Coe reference.
          Saw that old coot last summer here in Columbus. Great scene, was in a large-ish bar, very intimate feel. Was standing a whole five feet from him.

        8. You should visit Ohio some time. Give me advance notice and I’ll be sure to have them clear the cows off of the airstrip ahead of your arrival.

        9. I may be looking to take the triumph out and open in up once I get it this summer. Ohio sounds as good as any place.

        10. years ago I saw John Prine under similar circumstances. I don’t usually go in for live music. I would rather listen to it at home (with notable exception of Opera which is more about the night out than the music for me) but I do like the intimate setting.

        11. Tip. If you’re coming from the NYC area, you’ll be crossing over from PA. Watch it if you do, as the inbound interstates are crawling with Ohio state troopers, looking to line the treasury’s pockets.

        12. Good tip. The highway patrol are well mannered stagecoach thieves and little more.

        13. It’s been my experience that Ohio is the most fanatically aggressive at utilizing this tactic. By contrast, I never see PA troopers on the the Turnpike or I-80. I guess they think at their time is better spent helping people, not collecting “voluntary contributions.”

        14. I life in the middle of no-where not in your state but I sometimes travel to Columbus on business and would have interest in a meet up that the Ghost would attend.

        15. From what I’ve seen, they seem to cluster in the mountains…which makes sense, the hilly center of the state has rough roads and they must have to expend a lot of energy keeping those winding roads clear and safe (especially if truckers have issues) vs. other states where its just a big game of cat & mouse.

        16. For whatever reason, the designers of Disqus have not enabled direct messaging, so Roosh has done a good job of trying to engineer a way around that. This movement has got too much of a hateful group of opponents to organise meetings without an inner trusted circle of tribal leaders and various appropriate barriers. Disqus just doesn’t really serve it, even the forum software like the RooshV forum is probably better. Stackoverflow has a ‘reputation’ system with status points. Members who have met in person and spent time bantering in a red pill way over a whisky should have a different status to those who have only met online. I also hope that the tribal meetups when they eventually happen don’t soften and bend the men-only rules.

        17. Perhaps ROK should be a pay for subscription site. Just to weed out the riffraff. I would subscribe in a heartbeat.

        18. good tip. Thanks. If speeding was a reasonable flat fee and you couldn’t get hit on it twice in one trip I would totally take the fine and then just cruise

        19. This is a fantastic idea. And every other week or once a month “city leaders” can meet via Skype or some other means and “report” back. Organization will improve and more will join the cause, not because they subscribe to RoK, but through word of mouth.

      2. As well, what is past is past, and people are allowed to make mistakes, but not repeatedly … Making the wrong call on the meet-up, at least organizationally, is one thing, but let’s not dress up the cancellation with some “holy” excuse or as if it was a virtuous decision. It was pure-and-simple Realpolitik: Roosh would have been legally liable had anything gone wrong … as someone noted, from a mere scratched nail to a broken jaw … whomever it happened to, ol’ Roosh would have gotten the legal bill. Simple as that. (It’s okay to act in one’s immediate self-interest, but one can’t pretend that it was for higher and nobler reasons)
        If we’re going to claim to act and conduct ourselves as men, then let’s not engage in self-deception, and delusions of grandeur.

        1. Perhaps, but no one could have predicted what would have transpired across 40 something cities. As well, you would not have been held accountable, but Roosh, and Roosh alone. Any lawyer worth his salt would have advised to **immediately** stop the enterprise, unless each participant and non-participant protester signed half-dozen “consent” and “release of liability” papers … which in reality is completely unrealistic to do. You can’t even organize a pool party for 6yr olds at the community centre these days before and without signing more papers and going through more loops and checks than if you were applying for the CIA!

        2. How so? Legal liability laws are extremely favourable for litigation in North America. Seriously, just hosting a birthday party for kids at an open park or a community centre is like applying for top secret clearance! The “City” wants to make sure, beyond the minutest reasonable doubt, that should a kid wet his pants and get a rash, that nothing comes back to it, and all to the host. And a meetup like this cancelled one, from a legal standpoint, is more like an atomic time-bomb.

      3. Perhaps Roosh can also teach you all how to live in your mother’s basement when you’re 36 years old.

        1. Persian family’s often live together under one roof until the elders pass or they marry . Great way of saving money . Guess learning about others cultures is lost on you .

        2. Riiiiiiiiight. Try and explain it as a Persian thing, but honey – I have a ton of Persian friends, and none of them have losers living at home in their mom’s basement and acting like they’re some “PUA”.
          Real men don’t need to pose in front of their moms BMW with a bunch of $1’s to try and look rich and cool, lol.

    3. Another tactic that could be effective or interesting might be to relabel these meetings, using some Orwellian doublespeak combined with satire. Let’s call them something like “Anti-rape, Pro-feminist, Submissive-Male Inclusion and Equality Gatherings for Modern Men.”
      How could anyone be against that? How could a feminazi be against a pro-feminist meetup? Of course, once the meeting adjourns, what’s actually discussed is a private affair, for members only.

      1. If you guys are so “neo-masculine” why are you too scared to just admit who you are, where you’re meeting, and what the meetings are really about?
        Exactly. COWARDS. That’s all you are, and no matter how tough you talk, that’s all you’ll ever be.
        Try manning up and owning up instead of cowering like puppies.

        1. Says the pussy who has never been punched in the face before. Listen when you have a few fights under your belt maybe you will understand men.

        2. Yes, I’m not afraid to use my real name on this site, and you face booked me. Ok, I’m shaking in my boots, ohhh.

        3. I like this pic of me, I was just having a laugh at thrift store and thought it be would cool. I am a bit hipster, can’t help looking cool. Anyway I stand by this pic no problem. Also, if your going to poach pics of me, why not use the one where I’m surrounded by my hot Taiwanese girlfriends. Bro, I’m no basement dwelling guy, girls love me check my Halloween pics with them. And yes, I eventually fucked all three of them.

        4. Also, yes I’m dressed as a Mexican for Halloween which is cultural appropriation now. Still would do it again though.

    4. Absolutely. Although I think the idea was Roosh would be giving us a “push” and after that we were all on our own. It’s helpful (but not necessary) to have a “call to arms” that unites us all. However, I think we have everything we need now to disappear into the shadows and below the radar of SJW types.
      We don’t typically use their tools – tweeting, organizing marches, and lobbying politicians – and we have learned to avoid centralized organization, so we will work unseen and unnoticed by their mobs.
      People will ask “Does this group really exist? Or are they another myth?” Does the illuminati exist? Opus Dei? MJ12? Who knows? The only thing that can be observed is the societal changes we hope to bring about.

      1. I put in my 2 cents here :
        I advise going “low tech” — phone trees, newsletters, face to face meetings, written books,etc. I also suggest adopting a symbol so that fellow traveller’s can recognize each other…not unlike how when Christians were driven underground by the Roman persecutions, they would put the fish symbol (the ichthys or ichthus) on their doors. I have my suggestion for a symbol and will share it in private.

        1. Yes. Dead drops, snail mail, messages in the classifieds and personals. Sharpen wits, entertain. Remember The Village, and Number 6? Be seeing you!
          Bonus feature. Opportunities to send SJWs on wild goose chases.

        2. No need when there are solid open-source encryption comms available. Though I agree that face-to-face meetings are absolutely necessary too

        3. Just buy the ROK t shirt and wear it around town, if you see another dude wearing one be sure to introduce yourself.

        4. I do. I am watching what I eat and working out. You however are an idiot and there is no “5 minute abs” that will cure that.

        5. Working out? Lifting burgers up to that fat man-baby face isn’t a workout.
          But please, do go on Super Size Me Mike!

        6. SJWs can’t be everywhere at once and make a decent showing. This is why I expected having many meet-ups all at once was a good idea. Then setting up a code system for future gatherings via twitter or something. I hate HuffPo but Drudge linked to the article on Roosh and I’ve been reading his blog. I used to think it was all MGTOW and Game but there is the larger picture he has been painting. I’m looking to the men of valor to lead the way into a better future.
          Pardon the interruption. Back to just reading.

        7. I was only thinking the other day how much I’d love an ROK shirt. Red shirt with the shield on it with “King” superimposed over that with a crown.

    5. We should organize locally and I think Roosh should use the fact that here in the states we have freedom of speech and assembly to do some speaking tours.

      1. Improvise, adapt and overcome. Simple principles taught to me in the military, yet timeless in their reach and applicability. Times change, change with the times and use the new weaknesses to your advantage, I say.

    6. Do not make the mistake of assuming we have that option. Show me a ‘leaderless’, ‘guerilla’, ‘asymmetrical’ operation that wasn’t under the direct protection of a powerful authority, usually a nation state actor.

    1. Says the person posting anonymously on the internet, safely out of reach of anybody he’s sneering at.
      Go away, gnat.

  18. Reconnaissance allows knowledge of the enemy with minimal casualties. Well played, Roosh and ROK. I had intentions of attending this meet up, and I shall be at the next.

  19. Usually, if the mainstream media mentions something – like ROK – and does so repeatedly, they actually approve of it, at the top of the greasy flagpole. Otherwise they wouldn’t give it any publicity at all. And if they wanted to “stop the movement”, the media would have encouraged the meet-ups. Because that’s how they I.D. the most active members, among any particular group of activists. Which is why protests have been so mightily encouraged by the media over the years. Contrary to popular opinion, Gandhi was a loyal subject of the British Empire. And Martin Luther King Jr. was a Marxist and a member of a well-known secret society. Once an activist is I.D.-ed, it’s much easier to imprison them or simply take them out. They’ve been running that little operation quite successfully for a long, long time…the strongest tend to stand up and hold signs, etc. So they merely I.D. the strongest, wipe them out, and the rest flee. Pretty simple when you break it all down.

    1. Think you’re reading to far into this , rok just became a recognizable name this week and that’s only because a simple meet up was going to be blown out of proportion. At most maybe 1000 men world wide would have shown up.

  20. Adapt and overcome. It is how all wars are won. No doubt that even though the event was canceled, like-minded guys were able to connect with one another.

  21. Use the news cycle to your advantage. Announce the new date on Tuesday. That way the Monday news will be all about what didn’t happen and Tuesday’s news is all about us too.

    1. Indeed. Or do what the political class do, which is announce on a Friday afternoon when news viewers are scarce. By Monday nobody will have remembered.

  22. I linke to this on another article – Breitbart reports that at least some of the German press (the taxpayer funded bit) is completely controlled by the government (http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/02/02/top-german-journalist-admits-live-on-air-national-news-agenda-set-by-government)
    The level of co-ordination seen here against Roosh / ROK has been something to behold. While much of it is probably the kind of self-organisation that arises when a hive of people share ideology, and with it fear and outrage, there must certainly have been a degree of top-level co-ordination. No need for conspiracy theories: a worthwhile endeavour here would be to do an in-depth study of the press and political coverage of this issue, covering just the period of the last couple of days: how spontaneous was it? how co-ordinated? how managed? i.e. lets in other words ‘discover the networks’ (to borrow from Horowitz) What was the repertoire of words and phrases used to condemn and (mis-)lead. In fact I would suggest its time to bring in some (dissident) researchers. If you speak of having an enemy, then surely the first task is to ‘know thy enemy.’
    There’s a tremendous opportunity here: a vast swathe of the press, including the mainstream press has exposed itself, by demonstrating that it functions ideologically and in violation of the principles of a free press, independent and governed by integrity. Some media reported the issue responsibly – I don’t mean favourably – but with an actual effort to report the facts. The fact is that since the meets did not happen it is only the militant media, and politicians that have actually exposed themselves. Gather information, analyse and interpret and then demonstrate how the media systematically lied to the people, and tried to shut down legitimate opposition
    It’s time to mature: get rid of the dross, the clickbait, and offense for the sake of offense (obviously articles on women with tatts is fine etc). Be very clear about what you support and oppose, and maybe become clearer about what is a real proposition and what is a rhetorical in its nature – as we’ve seen satire will be deliberately misinterpreted. In terms of discipline, take a zero tolerance approach to violence of any kind (which is simply a continuation of policy, and has already been reiterated recently by Roosh and Aurini)
    I’d also focus more clearly on campaigns. The controversial article for instance made an argument against rape, but those who were outraged were able to argue that it had the opposite meaning, i.e. that it was pro-rape. The Cologne issue presents an opportunity to clarify the position here: that both men and women should encourage the taking of as much responsibility as possible for their own safety: i.e. we condemn rape unreservedly, and hold the rapist fully accountable if an actual rape is proven to have occurred, but that the goal of a society that actually wants to reduce rape and sexual violence must be pragmatic and therefore consequentialist. That means both men and women taking full responsibility. This argument needs to be advanced as way of countering the feminist infantalisation of women: feminism says women aren’t responsible for their actions; aren’t responsible for responsible for their own safety; aren’t responsible for getting drunk, or for driving when drunk, aren’t responsible for consent in any meaningful way. In other words feminism says that women are not adults. ROK has frequently pointed out that women in these respects behave like children, so it follows that we should want women to behave like adults, to take responsiblity for their own actions, just as men are expected to do, and to be accountable for those actions, just as men are expected to be. So, accept that the article wasn’t clear, and was arguably genuinely offensive in suggesting actual legalisation of rape as a thought experiment, but double down on the principle of women taking responsibility for themselves, double down on the idea that it is the likely consequences of actions that should be the guiding principle of rape prevention (for instance don’t admit actually pro-rape refugees into the centre of europe without carefully vetting them) and continue to demonstrate the actual harmful and indeed disastrous effects of a feminism that proceeds only from rickety principles and made-up rights

    1. That was a leaning experience. they had the same false story running in liberally biased and conservatively biased news sources. And it obviously was written by the same person. A common source copied almost word for word

  23. Very appropriate that you quoted Sun Tzu’s The Art of War in your opening. It is one of three books I read every year and in the James Clavell translation, here is the entire quote:
    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
    This entire incident did teach us well about our enemy and about ourselves. I believe the rest of Sun Tzu’s philosophy will do us well in the years ahead.

  24. If “they” didn’t want ROK to be around, it wouldn’t be around. When the puppet masters object to something online, they eliminate the website (or the website owner, if he/she decides to continue spreading the word elsewhere). But the mainstream media is promoting this site, and doing so with a vengeance. So those of you who enjoy thinking outside the box would do well to apply a little critical thinking in this direction…

    1. I have an explanation why.
      What you say is true and I personally have thought about it too. The reason why they give it such a massive exposure is because they use Roosh’s movement as the boogeymen in the Rape Epidemic conspiracy.
      The false rape industry and the false abuse industry used to target individual men only but now they started targeting whole groups of men. Like the Rolling Stone story which described in graphic terms how a young woman, ‘Jackie’, was lured by her date to a room in a fraternity, where she was allegedly raped by seven men, as part of a premeditated initiation ceremony.
      The RoK movement involves even a bigger group of men so they could not resist the opportunity to exploit it by lies and subversion.
      The end goal of “Rape Culture” hysteria is to criminalize heterosexuality. It is is part of the Masonic Jewish (Satanic Communist) program to pathologize heterosexuality and make homosexuality the healthy norm (Ultimately the family will become obsolete; the State will take over reproduction and socialization.)
      “Affirmative consent” legislation criminalizes heterosexual intercourse. (You can bet that gay rapes will be excluded.)
      Affirmative consent is intended to replace the current standard of “no means no” with “yes means yes.” … The person initiating sex must receive explicit consent before and throughout the sex act… or he becomes vulnerable to being criminally charged.
      The truth: the rate of rape has fallen sharply since 1979. In March 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice reported, “From 1995 to 2005, the total rate of sexual violence committed against U.S. female residents age 12 or older declined 64% from a peak of 5.0 per 1,000 females in 1995 to 1.8 per 1,000 females in 2005 . It then remained unchanged from 2005 to 2010. Sexual violence against females includes completed, attempted, or threatened rape or sexual assault. In 2010, females nationwide experienced about 270,000 rape or sexual assault victimizations compared to about 556,000 in 1995.”

      1. I think the reason as to “why” is also something simpler, what kind of provocative headline will generate the most clicks and revenue from internet traffic. Anyway, speaking of affirmative consent:

  25. Why is this article now showing up when I go to the ROK site (I got here from looking at Leykis4lif’s disqus profile), and why does my phone not show the same articles as my laptop?

      1. Happens on my iPhone and iPad too. Most of the time deleting the browsing history fixes it, but I wish there was a better solution. (Forced refresh doesn’t work)

  26. Spin it however you want, this was a defeat. Everyone knew the risks involved, you should have let people decide on their own if going was worth the risk.

    1. They still can decide on their own. Roosh can only cancel his own meeting. The one I’m wanting to organize in Ohio is still on once we get enough people responding.

      1. Appearances matter. If Roosh didn’t wanna go, he could have not gone. That’s still no reason to officially cancel it.

      1. Yeah, net gain. But still a defeat. SJWs never back down and always double down. It would have been better to ignore them and push on.

        1. I think Roosh got some verbal threats from high places so maybe he did get a bit scared. In one of his tweets he mentions that he gets a lot of .gov emails.
          Better safe than sorry.

        2. When you check out The Thraex’s link, note that his mother’s address was published online. When he went home to call the authorities and protect her from the subsequent threats, media arms in the UK claimed he was “living in his mother’s basement.”
          *This post is also for all the lurkers out there who may not be aware that the tactic used was to go after his family, particularly the female members.

        1. I’m saying that BBC possesses a pro-SJW bias, and after having read the article, nothing has changed about it.

        2. That is the beauty of it. The media is claiming it as a victory, but they failed to recognize that they are exposing how oppressive they really are. Roosh’s article about questions about himself will bring more rational people on our side and support our ideas. Soon people will read past articles and discover that they’ve been brainwashed.

    2. RooshV is antifragile, but the rest of us are not. As Aurini allude in his example we will be facing entire entire division with artillery while we are at half strength. IF we went through the SJW/Feminist who find the most vulnerable and destroy them. Roosh canceling of the meet ups will reduce amount heat for those who will still venture to meet other on Saturday. This show Roosh give damn about us and not some disposable resource, compare to our opposite on the left.

    3. You don’t have to fight an enemy head on to win , remember the Vietnam War ? The US killed countless more nva than vice versa , but because of political subversion and civil unrest with the status quo the nva won that conflict . When facing superior numbers one fights guerilla tactics , we are not a large army . we ambush , retreat , repeat .

      1. You can kill ten of our men for every one we kill of yours. But even at those odds, you will lose and we will win.
        — Ho Chi Minh

        1. More the American military had not encountered the type of tactics the nva used , there no clear cut enemy lines , no real main bases . They would go in and sweep am area , the nva would leave and come back once they had left .

        2. I asked an old hippie once what he thought ho chi mihn had won, and he responded with a low voice full of emotion “sovereignty”. So I then responded would you rather live in south korea or north korea? He stayed silent.

        3. Hippies only exist in 1st world countries where men have already fought and died for freedom . I never take their opinions of anything seriously

  27. A suggestion: it would be nice if the guys here who in the future want to meet plan this over the dark-net, or if that sounds too extreme, utilize encryption. Maybe an app that somehow uses PGP or some other technique could work? This whole fiasco reminds me of how genuine hackers, and not these new idiots that dare sully the name by terming their useless DDOS endeavors as hacking, were viewed as one of the most dangerous groups in the 80s and 90s. I’m sure that they could be sympathetic to you as they too faced public hysteria. At this point if you really want to utilize technology to interact, then you must seriously consider encryption. Maybe some EE guys on here could provide a starting point.
    Lastly: if you still have faith in the establishment and doubt that there really is an ongoing effort to manifest something sinister on this planet…then well they got to you.

    1. I also think a bit of that could be an idea, but the activities of ROK are not illegal or dark enough to be in the dark net. Do we really want to share a space with darkness like drug selling etc..

  28. Suggestion to the proprietors of ROK and RVF. Create registered hometown forums by city / state / country on RVF so you can atomize and self-organize. The centrality of the meetup effort made it an easy target to disrupt. Fan out and choose the times and places for activities in a more random manner by decentralizing. Keep taking the initiative. You are living rent-free in their heads. They can’t stop the signal. Cheers.

    1. That’s basically the same thing I suggested further down in the comments section. Great minds and such.

    2. I think it was meant that way. To attract attention and invite a reaction. In both events, the red pill movement wins. If the meetings take place = win. If the whole thing brings great publicity to what we have to say (as in fact happened) = win just the same.

      1. This is true. I’ve read some posts here where people came on here to see what all the hoopla was about and discovered that the MSM are flat out liars and the oppressors.

    3. Fantastic idea. It’s hard to identify like minded people through normal social interaction and when you think you’ve come across a fellow tribesman but they turn out to be bed-wetting lefties it’s always a disappointment!

  29. I am a long time lurker and now a first time poster. The articles on here have done me quite a bit of good. I cut my time playing video games and now I read classics, go to the gym 3 times weekly, and learn useful skills. Self-improvement is not easy at first, but it is worth it!
    We will have our meetup someday. A talk radio station I listen to on the way to work actually covered the cancellation of the meeting. Hopefully that inspires more people to actually visit ROK and learn what the place is really about.

    1. Keep going to the gym, and don’t give up when you don’t make progress. Find a better plan, change your routines, and eat as you should.
      When you start to get big, people will begin to treat you very differently. You’re going to be glad you did.
      Self-improvement is definitely hard, but it pays off.

  30. Pretty fair article in the Independent. Shame they didn’t wise up before the events were cancelled though
    Here’s a quote: “On Twitter, the 36-year-old said he had received “more threats from
    Glasgow than anywhere else combined”. He then remarked: “Is it some kind
    of convict resettlement zone?”
    lol. Yes, pretty much
    Also this begrudgingly gushing about Roosh’s media savvy

    1. Glasgow isn’t surprising. Highly blue collar city, basically Scotland’s answer to Detroit. I really don’t enjoy even having to pass through it, and avoid it when possible when I travel to Scotland. Ugh.

      1. I’ve only been there once for a couple of hours to be honest. I was waiting for a connecting train and somehow and ended up being dragged off to a pub for a pint. I still can’t work out how that happened. Strange place. I guess they’ll drink with you as readily as they’ll nutt you

      2. LOL Glasgow! It’s like the Stockholm of the UK. The whole leftist thing stem from their hate for England and their association with IRA.

  31. Loved this article. Especially the end part! Great work guys I am sure with all this exposure ROK has recieved more men have seen the light and come over to our side.

  32. I think this will ultimately be a great benefit going forward. The event received tons of coverage which will ultimately bring in more supporters and now we know what to expect from them in the future.
    Also, it’s safe to assume that they will claim ultimate victory and not get nearly as worked up the next time around. These are people who are mostly bored with their lives and are just looking for something to get worked up about. The next move should just be to troll the fuck out of these people by setting up fake meet ups and things of that nature.
    A fake meet up should be broadcast that is explicitly for the purpose of repealing the 19th amendment, outlawing abortion, and limiting women’s participation in the work force. The idea is to keep them in a perpetual state of outrage to make them look stupid, and then when we attempt to carry out the real meet up day they won’t have the energy, care, or focus to do anything about it.

    1. This is one of the freaked out real real people. He is not going to read anything and learn the truth. He is just here to vent and look like he is a big time defender of woman

  33. Will Rooch be dispensing the kool-aid to his failed “pick up artist” loser followers from his mother’s basement? LMAO

    1. You’re in Virginia (I’m assuming). Come to Columbus Ohio and meet with me. I’ll even buy the first drink.
      Are you man enough to back up your snark?

        1. I didn’t expect an answer. These types are all hat and no cattle. They’re brave only insofar as they don’t have to look you in the eyes.

  34. “They failed to annihilate us, and they gave away their position; ”
    I’m calling this the key phrase in this most excellent post. We know we’re over the target because of all the flack. We run the flag up the flag pole and see who salutes and who gives it the razzberry. They think we are in range? Good, because that means so are they. Yes, it will get ugly, but it will also have its fun and amusing aspects, like any war.

  35. Honestly the level of hostility from the brain-dead masses was shocking to me but in hindsight shouldn’t have been surprising. It’s going to be a tough battle

    1. This was never meant to be a battle but a guerrilla war. To their detriment, they have revealed their monster to each other and those who can be reasoned with will likely become our insurgents. We win using their overplayed tactic; destroy from within.

  36. The reason the meetings folded— you’re a bunch of pathetic little fucks who have to resort to rape just to get laid, and the rest of the Western world wants nothing to do with your fascist ideology. When you were confronted with real resistance, despite advocating violence yourselves, you ran away with your tails between your legs. Have you considered holding one of your little meetings in Saudi Arabia? You might get more approval there.
    (P.S.— Roosh, if you want pussy, you might want to wash your ass crack first. And I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

      1. That is an example of the sort of thing that needs to be blocked. It is only here to screw up normal conversation. That discus was only created to troll here. Likely one guy doing it with ten accounts

    1. profanity? check
      reference to rape or other sick sexual fetish? check
      hypocritical racial shaming? check
      obligatory “you can’t get laid” snark? check
      anonymous newly created profile? check
      personal attacks and ad hominem? check
      Looks like another feminism journalist just earned her wings.

  37. Has anybody seen the Roosh rant from that YouTube preacher, Paul Begley? What a knob. Exhibit A of why I never want to live in a Theocracy. As for the MSM, I am disappointed that The Washington Times jumped on the bandwagon. They are usually more traditional and responsible. Not this time.

    1. “that roosh needs a holy ghost slap on the face….those college kids need a holy ghost beat down for their actions”

    2. The story got sent out as strait news. “A pro rape group”. Now you know just who lazy reporters are. And the fact that journalists, even at conservative sites, they tend to be liberal and very sensitive to the accusation of being an evil hater. They need to be well informed and brave to defend us.They are nether one.

      1. The laziness is exacerbated by “freedom of the press” and the fact that, like crooked cops and prosecutors, it is so difficult to hold them legally accountable. Look what they did to Richard Jewell.

    3. Churches have been heavily influenced by extreme feminism. You should read Dalrock if you want to know more about that

        1. his latest examples of churchs seeing godly reasons for wives to have temper tantrums and divorce their men. Good Reading

        2. in a nutshell churches starting to equate your wife being happy with you being godly. she’s not happy its because you are not godly

        3. well that would be paradise I think most Christian men would just be happy if women didn’t think a lack of tingles ment the man was ungodly and that was good reason for divorce

      1. I have. I still like to point out individual examples where I see it. This assclown reminds me of the preacher in Porky’s 2.

    4. Note that 90% of evangelicals are outright heretics who think Jews are still the ‘chosen people’. This is why the USA masturbates over Israel to an absurd degree. Begley is yet another televangelist fraud.

  38. Sadly I would think you guys are going to need to institute blocking or every post will end up hijacked by trolls and some well meaning but hite filled social justice warriors. Some might actually come to learn what this was really all about. But I do not see them starting out their comments with ” you are all evil bastards who need to die’

    1. They go away pretty quickly most of the time. We only have one or two on this thread for instance. By Monday their short attention span will be distracted by the next Bright Shiny to be “outraged!” about.

        1. Check out the articles by tuthmosis. http://www.returnofkings.com/author/tuthmosis. The guy is an outrage causing mastermind. I was attracted to the site when some random chick linked the 5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder. Started reading because I thought it was hilarious and then realized ROK was right about a lot of things. Tuthmosis caused similar outrage to this about 3 times with his articles alone. The SJWs go away fast.

  39. Oi, what do you mean dozens of major media entities around the world were all writing the exact same lies? Surely that must just be coincidental… :^)

  40. I renew my call to reschedule the meet ups at local DNC events for Hillary Clinton.
    Either they cancel or admit they lied!

  41. I’ve been reading RoK for years and never once I have disagreed with an article so completely as I have with this one. To the point that I may have to actually write a counter article on my blog about this one.
    Our enemies are not legion. They are powerful, yes, but little of their power is inherent. Most of it is solely because of their enablers. Again, little of their power is inherent. They own the media, yes, but the media power only goes as far as their credibility.
    Our enemies are NOT legion. Our enemies are few, but they control a legion because, so far, they have the moral high ground.
    Do you want to win this war? Then take the moral high ground from them.

    1. Media is far more powerful than the military, especially nowadays when the population is dumbed-down and they simply repeat like parrots.
      People are programmed and they can be programmed to do physical harm and even kill. Media is like the religion before which was able to mobilized the masses to go on a crusade.

      1. I am aware, but they are not unstoppable. As I said, the media’s power is as strong as its credibility.

    2. We have taken the moral high ground from them. We never sought retaliation but just to showcase how they were manipulated. We have several statements from them admitting to wanting murder, rape, death, etc. We have the names and faces of tons of people stupid enough to use their names on their disqus profiles. This also gives us location. Not to mention, friends, employees, lovers, have outed themselves in the process for being blood thirsty, ignorant monsters, giving us leverage in the future, which we can stock away and use at whim.
      This is not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who will be forced to admit, not only were there no rapists here, but the media riled them up specifically to utilize that they don’t think. And if we are doing head counts, only 15 or so people, on my Facebook feed, maybe less, have jumped on the Roosh hate speech bandwaon. This gives me hope that the majority aren’t so easily led and those that are, do not have two brain cells to rub together. Take away their backing, media, and they will fold. And currently, we are the media and can spin their attention any way we choose.

      1. No, we haven’t. Understand a simple detail.
        The mass, the legions, they don’t care about facts. They don’t care about statistics, about evidence, statements or anything else you have stocked away.
        If anything, remember that a sheathed sword doesn’t cut the enemy.
        The masses care about the Narrative. And, currently, the Narrative is not on our side.
        Don’t be the Brave Sir Robbins declaring victory as you retreat. We are not the media. The media is not on our side. The media is more than willing to lie, libel and slander against us. The media is more than willing to rile up the dogs to attack us.
        It does not matter if those led by the media do not have two brain cells to rub together. They are still managers, they are still RH people, they are still capable of pressuring your company, and take your job away, on the whim of our enemies.

    3. It is a reversal, in our society weak people think they are strong because they were given power, but they are still weak. This is why they defend a society based on equality(or false morality).
      But then, most people are followers and emotional, they want to feel they belong to something real and important; they want to think they are strong.
      Your opinions are positive to me. ROK should encourage people to give opposite opinions rather than acting defensively. It is healthy, and masculine.

  42. I applaud all of you for staying so quiet and calm during this time. I fell into the trap of (attempting to) arguing with these insane feminazis over the past two days. Facebook is overflowing with crazy women who are literally trying to kill you guys.
    I’ve now received multiple death threats for “being pro-rape” (standing up for this group) and I’d lose my mind if media was going this nuts over me.
    Stay strong (and probably silent for now) and I hope that you can all get together eventually!

      1. The funny thing is that there really isn’t much for us to convince new people. All we do is present the facts and reasonable people will come to the conclusion on their own and realize we are correct.

  43. Gentlemen, instead of bitching, let´s do something, let´s think how to strike back, i´m always reading articles about SWJ, feminists, manginas and so on, i´m waiting for th articles about how to fight back them and their defamation.

    1. I’m looking into starting locally with one of those responsible for, knowingly, reporting the lies in local media.

    2. On the internet side there are plenty of tips on friendly sites. Serving the public by sharing the faux pas of low-level SJW ‘journalists’ via the wizardry of Google search is one that impressed me.
      Using a company’s codes of ethics/values against them is potentially workable: use SJW tactics: whine, lie, ignore context, claim selfless greater-good motivation, etc.
      I would never, ever, ever, ever, never advocate violence. Sadly, some may resort to old-school pummelings based on overheard remarks, observed virtue signaling, one’s job (an unknown yellow journalist, ‘pro’ volunteers/protesters, and other grass-root unknowns who feed the hate machine).
      Don’t know how this would work as I, like all RoK readers and contributors, am 100% pacifist. One would have to observe BLM, The Nation of Islam, feminist led white-knights, recent U.S. University coups, Muslim ‘migrants’, and RoK’s juiced-up h8ers (featured prominently in RoK’s ‘Meet Up’ commentaries) for a crash-course in lawless, irrational, bigoted, fantasy-driven violence.

    1. Most of the SJW’s and “outraged!” violence threatening Leftists are on the previous threads from yesterday and the day before, you’ll have better luck reaching them there I suspect.

  44. The leftist really overplayed their hand and overexposed their propaganda tactics that even some of their followers are not buying into. Fuel their fires and expose them for what they really are and they will fall.

    1. That was eye opening. I expected maybe a rant by some femtard site like Jezebel. But the MSM doesn’t fact check, its merely functioning as a repeater service for low information progressive blogs. That’s very real. Question everything.

  45. “What we’re fighting for doesn’t make sense when we could satisfy our need for struggle through video games. Demanding freedom doesn’t make sense when we could sit around on the government dole. Seeking out the difficult responsibilities of patriarchy doesn’t make sense when the cows are giving away the milk for free – unless if there is some higher calling that we’re all responding to.”
    Our higher calling are the future results we’re striving for all while ignoring the innumerable forms of instant gratification modernity offers us.
    You’re becoming a better writer Roosh… I’m sure this event will only continue to sharpen those skills.
    One thing is for sure: I’ll be at the next meeting… even if I have to organize one myself. This day and age, I’m almost scared to post this, but is anyone else on here located in VA?

    1. Close. Columbus Ohio here. Good luck, and don’t be afraid of them, they’re nothing, in the long run.

        1. Will do. My email is in my profile, drop me a line and I’ll email you when we have something firmed up.

  46. This site is ridiculous. You have a public web site and forum where your enemies can see everything you plan to do. Then you have to surrender, what else do you expect?
    You have to go private forums with encryption, meetings with security to arrest infiltrators, traps to catch traitors . This web site should be turned into a disinformation site, where fake meetups are planned to make the SJWs protest nothing.
    Like anything, you have to put your money where your mouth is. You can’t do what you want without paying a price.

    1. You have to remember that things didn’t start off like this, so yes at this point there are vulnerabilities. RoK like many other sites started small and grew.

  47. This is really surprising how deep the misinformation travells but I heard on the Alex Jones show yesterday (Thu) where Joe Biggs got a tip that a pro rape group would be meeting in Austin on Saturday and their ‘leader’ would be there.
    If that isn’t waaay off. Alex then said that he’d send a team of reporters to cover this ‘pro rape’ gathering. I myself am a longtime listner of Info Wars and I’m surprised how inaccurate and out of the loop their info was on ROK. Info wars is red pill along the lines of Breitbart.
    THIS MAY be a good opportunity to actually gather at Waterloo park in Austin where Alex Jones’s team and perhaps Alex himself will be present. If Roosh were there, he could clarify things. They’re anticipating some big gathering of some sort. If Roosh were to make this location appearance in person, then Info Wars cameras would be present. They are about as far from MSM media as you can get for the size of Alex’s operation. Alex himself is anti feminist to a degree but has most of his competency in other areas of red pill. On one particular program he made like he didn’t know what harm circumcision does, but that’s ok if he’s chopped. He fancies the higher smv women in his life. Roosh and Alex would be a big leap.

  48. “They hate because they fear, and they fear because they feel that the deepest feelings of their lives are being assaulted and outraged. And they do not know why; they are powerless pawns in a blind play of social forces.” -Richard Wright
    It may just be my crazy baby-making hormones speaking, but perhaps we’d be better off feeling sorry for this bunch of scared little boys than feeding hate with more hate.

      1. I see parallels. They disparage us – who point out the rape fest underway in Europe – as rapists. Sort of like mocking Christ with a crown of thorns and calling him “king of the jews.”

    1. Yeah right, try to sound like you’re taking the moral high road after making violent threats against a pub crawl. The menstrual brigade has no credibility. Go back to reading your rolling stone.

    2. Blood lust got you all riled up?! No worries sugar. I’m sure you’ll get to stir that baby making batter with another bigot just like you. Cheers!

    3. Oh Lord, she’s quoting Richard Wright… and the quote is not applicable to what she attempts to apply it to. Can someone please claim this woman.

      1. Ah, darn. You’re so right. The quote actually references how whites in 1930s Chicago felt paralyzing fear that if blacks were to become their socioeconomic and political equals then they would have to forfeit their seats of power and control. Therefore they felt compelled to assert their dominance through discrediting and belittling the black community. I don’t know how I could have possibly made the connection there–dang woman brain.
        As a sorry for wasting your time, may I recommend a book you might enjoy? http://www.amazon.com/Mansfields-Book-Manly-Men-Invigorating/dp/1595553738

        1. “whites in 1930s Chicago felt paralyzing fear that if blacks were to become their socioeconomic and political equals then they would have to forfeit their seats of power and control.”
          Or maybe they had fears that the blacks would turn the city into ‘Chiraq’ and it would have a higher yearly bodycount on average than most contemporary warzones… Phew… good thing that didn’t happen.

        2. Socioeconomic and Political equals?
          Face facts, the reason that women are not the Socioeconomic or political equals to men is because they don’t want to do the work. Not that they can’t do the work, its because they would need to work! Why work when you can run around crying that you can’t get anywhere because you are a victim of men?
          There is no excuse for any woman not being able to work to get the same Socioeconomic and Political level of the average man, as long as they do the work.
          Anything can be learned from reading. And there are whole industries, like computer software, that just need an investment of a few hundred dollars to get one started on working at a product.

        3. But I am right. You are attempting to equate your interpretation of red pill/ neomasculine concepts with the racism that Wright was analyzing. The fundamental problem with the way in which you used the quote is that it does not align with anything. Are you trying to say that the plight of Blacks in the 1930s are identical to the plight of women in 21st century America? Are you trying to say that persons within the so-called Manosphere are exacting the same type of power relationship on women in 21st century America as whites did with Blacks in the 1930s?
          The fact is that you are yet another middle class white feminist who lives in conditions and circumstances that are the opposite of the oppressive conditions endured by Black people in the 1930s, YET you are trying to equate yourself and your circumstances with such. Here we go again with the white liberal appropriating Black history and culture to advance a political agenda, nothing more. In fact, this is yet another example of the racism for which you guys are notorious. You are appropriating Black life and existence in order to feed your narcissism. In doing this, you do not see Black people as humans, you see them as ornaments for your agenda.
          At the very least, you could have used a quote from a text by Alice Walker for that comes closer to what you are attempting to do as she addressed the oppressive conditions endured by Black women in the 1930s. In that case however, your fraudulence and racism would still be on display because most intelligent people would notice that a middle class white woman in living in contemporary America is attempting to equate her social conditions with those of Black women who lived in the Deep South during the 1930s.

    4. Two posts and user’s posting history is private. Smells like another sock for the troll who didn’t like her prior posting history of love for Celebrity Big Brother pointed to.

  49. It’s never too late, folks. Read how this man reclaim his masculinity at the age of 50.
    How I Found My Identity as a Man
    I was almost 50-years-old before I solved the riddle. A book The Flight from Woman (1964) by Karl Stern, a Canadian psychiatrist, confirmed what my instincts were saying. My mother had been right all along. A man makes the house; the woman makes the home.
    Teaching women to seek masculine power prevents them from getting what they really want. Women want to be possessed by a man’s love.
    God’s love of Creation is mirrored in a man’s love of a woman. A man channels God’s love to a woman by making her a wife and mother. Women want masculine power, but it must be in a man.

    1. But women in america don’t want to be feminime anymore. The want to be masculine. Its penis envy complex on steroids.

  50. http://www.tampabay.com/news/humaninterest/return-of-kings-protest-will-go-forward-in-tampa-despite-meetup/2264088#comments Just got this from my local paper. I send them a good reply saying that ROK and roosh are not pro rape. ROK is about male empowerment. Men are people too which western society does not care about. Socialists, feminists, cultural Marxists, and social justice warriors are the real racists, sexists and degenerates of communities. Their protests against ROK and criticism from media, politicians and others proves it.

  51. Yesterday I was very worried about all this ROK stuff in the media but after doing some more research and reading articles such as this it all makes much more sense. I try not to generalize but there is often some truths in generalizations and sterotyping.

    1. When you get right down to it, all language relies upon stereotypes. Something as simple as the noun “cat” – “Not all cats are like that!” This is why Orwell observed that destroying language was necessary for controlling the mind. This is also why there’s currently a ridiculous push for people to be able to define their own “gender” and select their own pronouns. It both destroys meaning, and locks people into an endless and pointless conversation – “How do I refer to you without offending you?” – instead of talking about anything of substance.
      Saying that “All stereotypes are true!” or “All stereotypes are wrong!” is very simplistic, black and white thinking, meant to obscure rather than enlighten. Nobody who says “That’s a reliable model of car,” actually means every single car of that model, including the ones that have been poorly cared for.

      1. Interesting analogy about the car…it got me thinking about sterotyping and if I use your reliable car as an example then stating a model of car is reliable to someone who cares for his car means he’ll buy that type of car and look after it, therefore helping it conform to it’s sterotype. However if someone doesn’t look after their car even if they buy the reliable model then eventually it will become unreliable and not conform to it’s stated sterotype. So I guess I am saying that it is unfair to blame people for reacting to this group in a sterotypical way if they were first enabled to do so by the media. So perhaps the way to live in peace as such is first to tackle the behavior that enables people to conform to sterotype in the first place.
        I think your article however was perhaps more a call to arms than peace talks so maybe my thoughts are not useful in this forum. Certainly whilst you have a leader who simultaneously courts media attention whist vilifying them you will need to battle this one out for the time being. Thank you for your thought provoking reply to my comment it certainly busted my sterotype for comment replies on this website.

  52. Well said. Teared up a little (just for a second!).
    Still have a hard time understanding – when I bother to try – the enemy’s impulse toward self impoverishment and slow suicide. Truth stands before them and they push Him aside.
    I (correctly) broad-brushed them as evil (active or omission style) some time ago. They were always evil, desired its favor, or could care less as long as they appeared righteous. Only the ever-crumbling wall of traditional Civil-Society checks kept their better demons fettered.

  53. It was cancelled because this neo masculity is fake and you are bunch of pussies.Your “fearless” leader is hiding in his mother’s basement.

    1. Actually u are Roxie. Socialists, feminists, cultural Marxists, and social justice warriors are the real racists, sexists and degenerates of communities. Your protests and criticism from media, politicians and others proves it.

    2. Oh gosh, pussies AND basement dwelling! A twofer!
      Why be original when you can post boilerplate, I say!

      1. It’s the same instruction manual used by today’s “journalists”. They just parrot what was written without doing any fact checking.

        1. You’d think that at least *some* of them were capable of saying “Damn man, everybody I know uses the exact same words and methods, maybe I can do something different!”
          But then I guess they wouldn’t be collectivists if they thought independently. Never mind.

        1. Negative.
          I’ve been hit with several femtard replies that I’d like to smirk back at, but I recall the ban policy. You are a far more regular commenter here than I, so I am asking you if the policy has changed.
          Thanks for the update.

  54. Its official once again, We are the counter culture now.
    We must use guerrilla
    warfare against sjws. In guerrilla warfare, you try to use your
    weaknesses as strengths. Here’s something to remember, if they’re big
    and you’re small, then you’re mobile and they’re slow. You’re hidden and
    they’re exposed. You only fight battles you know you can win. That’s
    the way the small armies did it against big ones. You capture their
    weapons and you use them against them.

    1. Try using your back bone. The biggest bigots and assholes around have no problem getting together but a couple of guys who want to talk about men’s issues start pissing their pants when feminists point their fingers. God, MRA’s make me proud compared to the weak kneed shit here. Maybe ya’ll should drop the macho pretense and settle for gender equality. The humility and integrity would do you good.
      SJW’s ain’t got much going on except a willingness to stand up for something be it popular or not. MRA’s can match them there, but I don’t think the PUA He-Man club can. Too busy feeling sorry for themselves to stand and be counted. Just look at what crap feminists had to bring about wider roles for women in society. They had real courage. You could learn a lot from them.

  55. Now that our 1st amendment right of freedom of assembly is being denied, I wonder how long it will be before the SJWs and militant feminists start to organize book burnings.

    1. Check the response to Roosh selling books on Amazon.
      With assembly down, the First Amendment is now pared to “not prohibiting the petitioning of a government redress of grievances.”

    2. Femtards already tried denial of service attacks against this site. They only support free speech that agrees with them.

    3. In a way they already have: I guarantee the books in the libraries of urban cities differ greatly from the books in public libraries in the Midwest. You won’t find any unbiased account of WW2 or any book critical of che in NYC libraries but you may find them in the Midwest or rural places.

    4. This was a 4GW win. Roosh has the moral high ground, and the intelligent men mentioned by OP saw that, and will continue to see that.

  56. Sorry but you guys are no better than the guys who cuck for the left, by letting a bunch of shrill harpies dictate your behavour.
    Hit me up when your ready to form death squads and make the streets run red from the people who try to tell us how to think.

      1. Me first? Are you implying you would do what needs to be done?
        Doubt that, since you were dissuaded from having a few beers by the threat of getting into a scuffle with a bunch of catladies and antifas.
        You guys have reached a stagnant level, only so much can be accomplished via LARPing online. Eventually you are going to have to confront or conform to these people.

      1. I am not the one trying to tell you how to think or censor you or prevent you from doing anything for that matter.
        They should change the name of this blog to RoC, Return of Cucks, cause you guys are anything but kings.

        1. I am not an anarchist at all, just a reaction to a hostile occupation.
          I wish for nothing more than a return to traditional Western values and to live my life in peace.
          Our enemies set the current terms, not people like myself.

    1. Hey, chief, there’s still a meetup in Columbus, Ohio. If you’re around drop me a line (email is in my profile). Lots of men are still meeting up. All that happened was Roosh basically withdrew himself from legal liability (I assume?).

        1. I never do.
          Years of political activism in real life kind of numbs me to threats from internet leftist retards. Plus, I carry a sidearm. Heh.

        2. Plus, I carry a sidearm….they’re times like this when the old adage about the pen being mightier than the sword seem to be truly inverted…how can any man use his rhetoric against a horde of screaming pepper spraying fanatics who’ve no legal right to prevent through force and violence people from gathering in peaceful assembly? Are these people so dense that they don’t even understand the legal premise of self defense anymore?

        3. In all honesty their threats never materialize in real life. They can get by with assaulting people in disarmed places in the world, but it’s downright dangerous to assault strangers who don’t share your opinions in places where people regularly carry firearms.

  57. Roosh you went straight punk. After talking all that shit about real Men’s Rights Activist you go tail between the legs when it’s time to face the music. Real MRA’s faced down protest and what not but they actually hold the moral high ground unlike you who rather squander it with your misogynistic macho man routine.
    On all future interviews please remind the world you are not a MRA and have no interest in becoming one. You being anti-MRA is the only firewall that keeps you from killing their efforts with blatant misogyny.
    There are men and women very busy demanding equal compassion for ALL men. Banning gay dudes? For real? You sure as hell aren’t a MRA.