Why Do Millennials Oppose Free Speech?

In a recent Pew Research poll, 40% of American millennials favor limiting offensive speech, in particularly speech offensive to minorities. The problem with limiting speech is that it can be a slippery slope as to what is deemed okay and what is deemed offensive. As we all know, it MUST fit the narrative to be deemed acceptable speech.

Although there are already hate speech laws in Europe, the numbers are even higher across the Atlantic Ocean. You would think with the current issues that millennials, especially college students, face on a day-to-day basis that their mind would be occupied with more pressing issues, but you would be wrong. College debt, terrorism, and a depressed job market apparently aren’t as important as policing your words. There are a few reasons why I believe that millennials don’t want you to say or think anything that is deemed offensive by society.

Lack Of Argument Skills

We all (should) know this by now. Individuals who lack basic argument skills usually turn to name calling, logical fallacies, or antagonizing when they lose an argument. They do this so that they can silence the opponent in an argument.

With an untrustworthy mainstream media, it is hard to gather hard facts that can be debunked. Nowadays we have a new method of silencing the opponent: literally SILENCING the opponent. To hell with the first amendment.

Growing Up In Smaller Households (At Most Two Siblings)

This type of family is much less common nowadays

This type of family is much less common nowadays

During the baby boomer era, it was common for children to grow up with several brothers and sisters. Within a large family, a child does not get much of a voice. Their opinions must be muted and they must bite their lip, not necessarily because their parents were the thought police, but to avoid conflict within the family. They learned to accept diverse opinions of their family members.

Nowadays, it’s very common for millennials to grow up as the only child. When they had an opinion or a dream, their parents support it, no matter how kooky it may be. Parents these days are taught to always support their children’s dreams, which leave the child without any sort of opposing thoughts.

Place that same child in a real world diverse setting, such as a public university, they cannot cope with the fact that others may disagree with them (or think that they are outright delusional).

Lack Of Power

Every day the western leaders get stronger, the citizens get weaker. Their votes count less and less, leaving them feeling powerless and voiceless. Their opinions seem to be irrelevant. If they happen to agree with the politically correct narrative, however, then the only issue is making sure everyone else is on board with their delusions and those who aren’t remain silent.

I’m sure you wonder why rap music, particularly that made by Black Americans, is virtually immune to scrutiny. I’ve wondered this for a while myself. If you watched Roosh’s video of the Georgetown “Black Lives Matter” protest, he mentions that around 50% of the participants were indeed white.

What were they doing there you ask? Did the white participants actually care about black lives? Of course not. They cared about one thing and one thing only: the politically correct narrative and silencing anyone who disagrees with it.

The reason why rap music never receives criticism is because it would come off as antagonizing towards blacks, which is who the left needs in order to help enforce their ideology. They excuse the misbehavior of blacks and minorities in hope to gain their support.

Kinda like the one parent that lets you stay up late or eat cookies when the other parent isn’t around. If the left really cared about black lives, they would tackle issues that affect them, offensive speech not being one of them.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that they encourage behaviors that hurt black America. You think rap music, “Black Lives Matter” protests, welfare, feminist indoctrination that drives the women to choose single motherhood, obesity, excessive use of the N-word, and ignoring high murder rates in their neighborhoods helps Black America in any way? This is how they successfully gain power over Black Americans and other minorities as well.

Political Correctness Indoctrination At An Early Age


We see this in our media, our schools, and sometimes, even our churches. Children these days are exposed to political correctness at a very early age, and this ties everything above together into one free speech limiting bundle.

Think about it like this: if you were told that there were certain guidelines as to what you can and cannot say in public, wouldn’t you think that the same should apply to everyone else? This obviously doesn’t apply to the decreasing amount of politically incorrect households that raise their children traditionally, but to the children raised in far left households, they feel obligated to make sure that everyone else follows the rules of limited speech that they have been taught to abide by their entire lives.


I don’t believe that millennials are to blame entirely for their views on free speech. Sure, they have internet access via laptops and smartphones to where they can look up other viewpoints, but when they have had a certain indoctrination embedded in their brains their entire life, along with coddling parents and lack of argument skills. In a society so diverse they feel voiceless, it shouldn’t be a mystery as to why they can’t handle opposing views.

We can point the blame at many other people for this phenomenon of entitled millennials, but that won’t solve the issue. The problem is not those who make a living off of the freedom of speech, but those who are unaffected by political correctness. The majority of Americans tend to be moderates who do not have such views that by society’s standards are deemed to be politically incorrect, so therefore they are likely to not pay any attention to this issue.

I’m afraid to say that until this trend starts to affect the majority of the population, it will only get worse.

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  1. And yet, some of us use logic and reasoning to change our viewpoints…
    The area i grew up in and friends and relatives are, for the most part, fairly Left leaning. I still feel as though i “should” vote Labour, but my critical thinking just cant allow it.

      1. Nope- born and raised 60-odd miles outside of london in a small village. Now working my ass off in London after getting bored back home (age 19). Best decision i ever made.
        Edit: fellow londoner?

  2. The biggest reason is because they believe in Butterfly Effect racism. They think that hate crimes and lack of Blacks in tech industry are caused by people saying racist things and perpetuating stereotypes. It never occurs to them that people think the way they do about Blacks because Blacks commit more crime and get lower test scores. No, it must be the fact that the media and racists perpetuate stereotypes which make people think that Blacks are dangerous.

    1. The way the media act with Trump makes me laugh.
      They mix up cause and effect.
      They think that by saying he is dropping in the polls or reached the upper limit of his support, it then somehow becomes true.
      Then new polls comes out that show their wishful thinking had no impact.
      It’s like thinking the weather man is somehow influencing the weather when he reads out the weather report.
      They think if we say Muslims are cool and blacks are no more violent, criminal or less intelligent than others it will be true.
      Then the real weather hits town and people are angry when they find the blacks are committing way too much crime and murder, and failing in any intellectual discipline.
      Their answer then is that there must be hidden and institutional racism at work. But if they just accepted they are different then they would be able to accept the outcomes are different too.
      The other key thing, is that people are so deep in their echo chambers they constantly preach to the converted and think everyone thinks like they do. They forget it’s possible for all your friends to agree with you and the outside world hold a different (secret and silent) opinion.

      1. Both of the party establishments will find out in the coming year that there is an enormous number of people in this country who no longer care if they are called bigots, homophobic, racist, privileged, and all the rest. Trump has let a genie out of the bottle.

        1. The Media loses its power once it is no longer trusted. People seek new sources of information – Facebook, Twitter, you Tube, Blogs etc. Readers talk to each other and criticize articles in the comments. Trust in the Media declines even more and the cycle begins again.
          I must have read 100 articles where the Media report a new poll that says Trumps is going down, he wont win the republican nomination etc. The latest I read is that even if he wins the Republican Nomination he could never win an election and be President. they think if they say it, it makes it true. But when you look at the Trump -Clinton Polls the gap has reduced from a 35% lead to Clinton, to polls that give Clinton a lead of 3-5%, Trump and Clinton neck and neck, and the occasional poll where Trump leads. Considering that over the next 12 months ‘events’ will only really help trump, he has an excellent chance of being President.

  3. This is a great article. Changes in society and technology lead to changes in behaviour and beliefs.
    What about this too:
    It wasn’t too long ago that there were a limited number of newspapers and tv channels where you would get your news from. They would contain a variety of opinions. You would work with a variety of people (ages and beliefs) from a variety of backgrounds from your local area. Many people used to work in a place that had people of all ages working in the same place.
    Now it’s easy to just visit the niche news sites that 100% reflect your opinion, go to blogs that match your beliefs, talk on forums where everyone agrees and mix and work with people – who despite coming from further afield – have very similar backgrounds and world views. They get educated with similar people, go to work with similar people and hang out with similar people. People are living their lives in echo chambers where they say something and get congratulated on their genius, and then listen to someone else say something very similar and then celebrate the great intelligence of that speaker too.
    When they then meet someone who dares to have an opposing world view and opinion they find they don’t have the practice and skills in debating this on a logical basis. So they do what people have done for centuries, called people names and closed down the debate.
    (Please note that’s why it’s important we all are open enough to read news and opinion from a wide range of sources, not just those that agree with us. We can choose to live in echo chamber too).

    1. Now it’s easy to just visit the niche news sites that 100% reflect your
      opinion, go to blogs that match your beliefs, talk on forums where
      everyone agrees and mix and work with people
      Kinda like this site 🙂

      1. yes….that’s why I wrote the like paragraph in brackets….it all depends if you just read sites like this or you read a wide range of sites…I read a lot of news from BBC, to RT, Al Jezeera, Guardian, Mail, Express, Breitbart, Independent and American and other titles.
        You should never be afraid of reading things you disagree with and testing your own opinions.

        1. I agree..and I’m for it (recommend it) to all. You should know what you’re dealing with when dealing with the enemy. But, again, the sad part is you can’t participate in the discussion because of hurt feelings…no real debate.

    2. Interesting point.
      I would say this:
      Personally, when I first became very interested in politics and government I watched all MSM networks from time to time (Fox, CNN, MSNBC) and also read many different newspapers and journals (New York Times, Time Magazine, etc.).
      After weighing all the viewpoints, I came to believe that conservatism and libertarianism were the “correct” path. I started consuming websites such as Breitbart, and conservative talk show hosts such as Mark Levin and Michael Savage. I also started reading Infowars for a more “liberty minded” perspective.
      But as the years passed, I realized that all of these so called “conservative” and “libertarian” news sources were avoiding a critical issue that I had read about on various internet sites – the issue of healthy nationalism and the importance of the white race. Upon digging deeper, I realized that Savage and Levin were both Jewish, and that Breitbart was founded and is currently edited by a Jew. Also, Infowars’ Alex Jones very rarely mentions the Jewish elephant in the room, and instead will say “elites”.
      This really shocked me, and to make matters worse, I learned that most MSM news sources are also owned or directed by Jews, and that these news sources all essentially criticize or mock Trump in unison and promote *disguised* white genocide through feminism and multiculturalism. So, from this point forward I will spend my time on non-PC websites such as Return of Kings and Roosh V that have the courage to address the Jewish issue.
      Apologies for the rant… My overall point is that an echo chamber *can be good*, but only if a person *starts* with a very wide viewpoint of the world – and after seeking the truth objectively, they arrived at a conclusion based on facts.

      1. Same for me, if a Jew is not being named, this website loses all the credibility to me. They are just shills.
        Thats why I respect Roosh so much, he is a real truth seeker.

      2. Your causal chain about Jews is not correct. Even among the elites, Jews are over-represented but no where near a majority, not even a plurality. Rather, has happened in Germany and Austro-Hungaria before WW1, Jews have been admitted to the elites. They are in US not just honorary Aryans, but full members of the privileged class. And since elites are now global and not local, Jews from every part of the world, except Israel, are part of the same elite.

        1. I generally like Jews, I like arguing with Jews, I admire their group loyalty and wish US gentiles had the same cohesiveness.
          Nevertheless, they do control the media.
          In movies and television, including TV news Jews have majority control. It is hard to find a clear source of stats on this that isn’t anti-Jewish, though. (Joel Klein’s famous LA Times piece on Hollywood is one good one.)
          A more partisan but quantitative list can be found here:

          Who Controls Big Media?
          Of the twelve(12) senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations,
          nine(9) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical
          representation of 75%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S.
          population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented
          among the senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations by a
          factor of 37.5 times(3,750 percent).
          Who Controls Hollywood?
          Of the sixty(60) senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade
          unions, and talent agencies, fifty(50) are Jews or have Jewish spouses.
          This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2%
          of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are
          over-represented among the senior executives of the major Hollywood
          studios, trade unions, and talent agencies by a factor of 41.5
          times(4,150 percent).
          Who Controls Television?
          Of the sixty-four(64) senior executives of the major television
          broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies,
          fifty-seven(57) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical
          representation of 89%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S.
          population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented
          among the senior executives of the major television broadcast networks,
          cable networks, and production companies by a factor of 44.5 times(4,450
          Who Controls Music?
          Of the fifty(50) senior executives of the major music labels and trade
          organizations, thirty-nine(39) are Jews. This is a numerical
          representation of 78%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S.
          population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior
          executives of the major music labels and trade organizations by a factor
          of 39 times(3,900 percent).
          Who Controls Radio?
          Of the forty-six(46) senior executives of the major radio broadcast
          networks and station owners, twenty-eight(28) are Jews. This is a
          numerical representation of 61%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S.
          population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior
          executives of the major radio broadcast networks and station owners by a
          factor of 30.5 times(3,050 percent).
          Who Controls Advertising?
          Of the forty-six(46) senior executives of the major advertising
          corporations and trade associations, thirty-one(31) are Jews. This is a
          numerical representation of 67%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S.
          population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior
          executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations
          by a factor of 33.5 times(3,350 percent).
          Who Controls the News? (Part 1)
          Of the sixty-seven(67) senior executives of the major television and
          radio news networks, forty-seven(47) are Jews or have Jewish spouses.
          This is a numerical representation of 70%. Jews are approximately 2% of
          the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are
          over-represented among the senior executives of the major television and
          radio news networks by a factor of 35 times(3,500 percent).
          Who Controls the News? (Part 2)
          Of the sixty-five(65) senior executives of the major newspapers and news
          magazines, forty-two(42) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a
          numerical representation of 65%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S.
          population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented
          among the senior executives of the major newspapers and news magazines
          by a factor of 32.5 times(3,250 percent).

          It should be noted that Jews are about 2.5% of the US population, but because of their higher average intelligence are about 6% of National Merit semifinalists, so they can be expected to be a similar proportion of other elite categories without being truly over-represented. The same link covers several other areas besides media (banking, internet, government, globalism and society) and the lowest percentage I saw was for the US Congress, at 14%.

      3. I’ve heard it said before that guys like Alex Jones are “controlled opposition.” It seems crazy to think this when you hear the stuff that comes out of his mouth though.
        It’s possible he doesn’t want to crucify the Jews because he would come off as racist to some and lose some of his audience which he depends on to make money. And that may just be more important to him than naming an important group within the Elite.

    3. I can agree and appreciate part of this comment. I agree that it’s important to have discussions, debates, etc…with all types of people. The problem we have going on, now, is that when you go to some sites, read information and try to question (or debate) different issues or an article in the comments section you are automatically shut down (censored) by a moderator. It’s also pretty bad because many of these sites following right along with the narrative of real life which is: don’t say bad things or perceived bad things…it hurts my feelings.
      It’s a shame and it’s the reason why we have sites for grown ups (men) and other sites for children (women and actual children). I’m always up for a good debate, a little critical thinking and all…but it has to be with other men because of “feelings” when talking with women.

  4. Because they are rabbits. They don’t understand why they do what they do, they are just following dumb animal instincts. Read the evolutionary psychology behind politics for further details.

  5. Why? Incentive systems, operant conditioning by stealth, careful crafting of discourse that encourages the young to position themselves on the ‘ right side of history) and against ‘ hate’, ‘ extremism’/ extremists (anybody who notices what is being done), probable brain lesions, indoctrination that masquerades as education, mass Stockholm syndrome and an emergent culture of the frat boy PC Bro that unconsciously associates social justice with pussy crushing. One more thing: the perennial left-‘progressive’ contempt for process in favour of the same type of end-justifies-the means morality that permitted the murder of tens of millions under communism.

  6. Shortest answer: because they, like the Baby Boomers before them, have never lived without it.
    Many of their forebears in the Greatest Generation – those who wound up fleeing certain regimes – did. And valued it.

    1. lots of famous quotes say this:
      Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.
      Ronald Reagan
      There is also one I don’t remember who said it. Where they say while one generation fights for liberty and freedom, the next generation grow soft, weak and unwilling to fight for it and lose it…….not sure if it was a founding father or maybe even a Roman quote…

      1. Ronald’s quote continues: or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.
        I feel like that now.

      1. I thought we already have one….only instead of student exchange it is a hierarchy of handjob Masseuse to Laundry Mat and instead of when they come back they will love it we keep them locked in the basement

    2. I agree with the sentiment, but one doesn’t necessarily have to live without a certain benefit in order to value it.
      One must simply face some hardship in life. Millenials simply grow up completely coddled, parents buying them iphones when they are pre-teens, always having access to new clothes, fashion, and entertainment, and having the government subsidize everything through debt. They rarely have to work, or if they do, it’s just a low wage job to pay for their frilly entertainment while mom or dad or uncle Sam pay for room and board.
      Just the other day a friend told me he wanted to buy a house, but “didn’t want to put anything down”. It’s the have your cake and eat it too philosophy. We start wars when we are in a deficit and have no way to pay for them. We let anyone go to college and guarantee student loan debt. Basically there are no sacrifices and no one is ever told “no” anymore. Anything that makes them mildly uncomfortable is labeled a ‘microaggression’ and condemned as ‘problematic’ and quickly removed from their view.
      No matter the cost of health care, housing, education, food, etc, the government will always be there with a way to provide it for them (often through debt that they will be enslaved for the rest of their life). The idea of ownership will be drowned out, because honestly, when interest rates are 3% there is very little benefit to owning your house rather than renting it from the bank. Once there is no longer an idea of ownership of private property, our economic system, which is the last great thing about the USA, is toast.

      1. “One must simply face some hardship in life.”
        So true. I talk about this with my friends a lot. Adversity make you stronger.

        1. Just like working out, resistance makes you strong. Thats why I believe in the value of physical labour. Look, most of the SJWs are office rats, who’s die in a month without their bank account.

      2. It’s a good reason why we needed that recession and depression in 2008. Sometimes society needs a kick in the ass so people appreciate how good they have it.
        Too much, too often, too many good times and people forget. We need hard times (again) to “reset” people. Yes, this generation is the worst because they’ve wanted for nothing and they’ve never gone without (no real hard times).

        1. Except there was very little suffer or struggling. Yes, economic conditions are harder on everyone today. But you still see a packed full parking lot at Whole Foods and a thrift store with the same few people who were there a decade ago. It’s a depression without the pain and personal cutbacks that one takes in the face of hardship. Where do you see anyone making sacrifices? I think holiday shopping is still above where it was 5 or 10 years ago. As if we need any more crap.
          As one person wisely put it, in the Great Depression, you *saw* the soup lines and stood in them with your fellow man. In America today, where one out of 5 people is on food stamps, you’re issued a charge card that lets you buy free food anywhere in town. If anything, it has the opposite effect–food stamp cards are actually *better* than before when they could charge food to a plastic card but then had to pay the bill at the end of the month.

  7. Rap music doesnt receive any scrutiny because its a cash cow for a dying music industry. A rapper could bang out 1 or 2 albums a year, just add some synthetic beats to the mix. I wonder how much it cost to produce a classic 1970s rock album in today’s dollars? Session musicans, all the engineers, new producers, etc?

  8. Just two days ago an old idiot told me that I couldn’t say I had once worked in the correctional system because it might make someone feel “uncomfortable”. I was stunned at first then bluntly said, “that’s where I use to work and they will have to get over it”.
    Absolute PC police crap.

    1. My friend is a CO. Inmates are no longer inmates, they are “clients” or “guests”, I forget which…

        1. Yeah. That is why I am not really afraid of going there. I thought to myself: If I fuck it up financially and become homeless, I will assault some cop or something to be able to live there for a while.

        2. My friend has had people get out of jail, then, about a year later, they are back in prison- deliberately. Cant find a job, assault someone, wait for the cops, parole violation, back in the klink.
          Free health and dental, a bed and 3 meals a day…

        3. Yeah, it is pretty awesome. After paying taxes to those idiots, I may as well enjoy some free meals. Only thing I would hope for is a computer with internet where I can write my blog. Aside from that, I could likely use the time to meditate, learn some skills, lift weights.

        4. Maybe. I am not sure this is really a problem in some boring German medium security prison. Most of the guys in there are likely scared indoctrinated sheep themselves.

      1. Sargon of Akaad on Youtube has a whole commentary about the coddling of female prisoners. Absolutely retarded.

  9. The problem isn’t Millenials per se, it’s really the Boomers who set this shit in motion.
    Millenials can easily be put in their places when you tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about and they need to shut the fuck up.
    But instead, Boomers, who are in charge of everything are going out of their way to cater to Millenials. The workplace is a great example. I hear endless eye-rolling proposals about this or that initiative that will supposedly make the job more attractive to Millenials. Millenials are the ones who constantly bitch that they can’t find a job and if they do they are “underemployed”! How about they can come on board and toe the line like everyone before them? If you don’t like that, enjoy your barista position!
    Boomers created this monster, nurtured it in the womb, grew it to adulthood, unleashed it on us, and now pave the way for its continued rampage.

    1. True… the parents sowed this generation with crap like scoreless soccer games, “self esteem uber alles” and helicopter parenting that still goes on well into adulthood.

    2. Because you and many companies employ shitty entitled people and and reject the hard workers, because of “character flaws”. I for one I made it into a previous but only just and ended up being promoted because I was a working machine, then I got stamped on because Gen X’s and Boomers’ old arses could not keep up.
      You see, the two other generations are reaching an age of obsoleteness and see millennials as competition. When they were employed from college, the previous gen was seriously thinking about retiring and made jobs available for them, but now they are old ball bags hanging around because of their shitty life choices.
      Gen X and Boomers never faced any sort of gentrification or no Marxist feminism everywhere they went. Stop being a supremacist ball-bag and blame the millenials as they had so much backward indoctrination in their life it;s a miracle that it’s not biting them in the ass harder.

      1. Any 40-ish man that can’t keep up with you or any other random 20-something dude regarding work is a wuss.

        1. Don’t take my argument the wrong way Ghost, I know my fair share of cools cats but it’s way too often that I see the people they employ. I got rejected from a number of jobs in favour of women and effeminate men (mostly retail and front office position) and people employed because they seemed, yeah, fucking seemed more appropriate for the environment. Now, I wasn’t a nervous little runt, I was stern and even willing to work for lower wages or on a trial period(considering that the last position I went for I face little to no competition) to make up for my lack of experience.
          The fact that I was an still am missed from places I used to work for says a lot. And……I haven’t an inflated ego.

        2. That’s why I stuck with construction. Any woman in the field will either be butchy or just there for the cock fest.

        3. In a way yes, as a lot of men go back to bitchy wives and bratty children, so to them work is a way to express their manhood. Also, to either brag about the new Escalade in the driveway and the new lover they have, or to whine about how their vehicle is getting repoed or how (kid you not) they married said lover and now he’s getting divorced for the 6th time and now he’s on the hook for yet another round of child support. As a single man, I find this amusing.

        4. HA! Most 20ish kids I see today are very skinny or very fat. They are far more concerned with downloading the newest video game or wasting their money at Starbucks and blue hair dye.
          The millennial males have soft voices and slight frames. The females have more grotesque tattoos than a circus sidshow performer, while being so fat they don’t really walk as much as they hobble along.
          They are easy to offend and I like that.

        5. Sternness is intimidating. I lost a contract over not ‘caring about communication’ enough, cause I only talked about the work that is to be done.
          Most employed people are just lazy coffee-sipping bastards who look forward to the next break.

        6. That is the kind of cliche I always had of a man in my mind. I thought: If you want to be a man, marry some bitch, be unhappy, and moan about it over a beer.

        7. Mexican mariachi and country music in a honky tonk always come to mind. Yep, the more people try to dismiss stereotypes, the more true they become. Meanwhile the corporate music fat cats get richer and fatter.

        8. Well, thanks in no small part to Czechs, Germans, Poles, and Austrians coming over with Maximilian and the French, Mexico has some of the best beer and women around. Multiculturalism at its best.

        9. I was there in 2014, for two days. From my impression, it is quite PC in the sense that people will bully you into being polite. Go into a store and ask for something and they will passive-aggressively say ‘HELLOOOO’ so that you greet them back. Quite annoying.
          Reminds me of the hotel clerk I wanted to bang. I asked her to come to my room, but she said she had to work. We made plans for the next day, she gave me her number and when I went back to my room, she said ‘I am looking forward to it’. Unfortunately, a night is a long time to reconsider and in the morning some other clerk gave me a letter where she said it would not work out. Disappointed me like hell.

        10. Avoid tourist traps. I haven’t had the chance to travel the whole country yet, but I recommend Chihuahua City. Nice medium sized city, relatively clean.

        11. You do not know me. I fucking hate tourist crap, unlike my mother, with whom I used to travel when I was younger.
          Once we were to Crete and I had to choose a place. I took the catalogue and found the most desolate, lonely, somewhat off place and chose it. It was a perfect choice.

      2. It’s good you backed that off a bit, pup. There are plenty of men in their fifties and sixties that hang with you on a regular basis. I come from the school of attempting to learn from folks who have “been there, done that”. Being an @ss and claiming that age makes you obsolete can get you an eye dotting said to the wrong fellow.

        1. It’s called respect and you seem to have a bit to learn about it. You ever stop to think that you got “stamped on” because of your shitty attitude? You refer to me as an “old ball bag” in the work place and first I fire your @ss, then I take you outside away from HR and provide you with some one on one training.
          The problem with this generation is that they can’t stand to be told they are wrong. Comes from having such a comfortable life and always getting a trophy just for showing up. That and only being raised by mommy.
          It takes more than just hard work to make it in the world and being an @ss doesn’t cut it. Sounding tough isn’t a sign of male maturity, just makes you a dick.

        2. Age does not make obsolete but there are a helluva lot of useless boomers and genXers who are waaaaay worse than millenials in terms of work ethic and mentality. I am a respectful person and shut my mouth unless I have to speak. I listen and I ask for advice when not sure so I don’t get things wrong. In that particular job I never left before the boss did.

        3. Good for you. BTW, you ever look at the HR staff at companies? What are they composed of? Ever see someone you would describe as “a man’s man” working in Human Resources? Nemesis Enforcer is a typical millenial as he blames everyone else for his shit. Somebody else made it happen and he is just a victim of it. Typical.
          Bet he couldn’t find his hind legs even if you cut his arms off.

  10. Academia churns out millions of Marxist Language Nazis yearly around the Western World. I used to love meeting new people and chatting, now however I turned into a misanthrope. I cant stand most of the people’s belief system and worldviews.
    These SJWs just made life so damn boring. You gotta filter every word you say. PS. I live in a Social Paradise of Canadistan.
    Once I said in front of a bunch of co-workers that “this weather changes as often as a woman’s mood”, and one of them said “Dont say a woman, say a person”. Gosh, I really wanted to tell her that its a woman I meant, b*tch, but that’d be my last day employed.

    1. Was at a work party last night and had a similar experience.
      Skinny depressed liberal dudes who bring their “partners” that end up glued to their iPhones the whole night.
      One thing that is so ass-backwards about the current PC culture is chicks actually adore a man who speaks his mind and respects himself, but it’s become such a gamble to deal with modern feminist chicks that a lot of the time it’s just not worth the risk. They want this ultra controlled environment that is anathema to a male with normal levels of testosterone.
      Towards the end of the night my work-friend asked me…
      “So you gonna take her home or what? It’s obvious she wants you. She’s beautiful and you can tell she’s kinky. Go for it man.”.
      “I know but no I wont. I don’t date girls from work.”
      “Don’t be like that man… Stop being such a pussy… It’s just an interaction between two people. You both get what you want and it’s no big deal. You’re both attractive people, you’re supposed to be enjoying life together.”
      “Unfortunately it’s not so simple. You’re 23 and you didn’t grow up in Canada. If I start fucking my co-workers they can easily turn that shit around on me and sabotage me. It could be a great experience now, but if I piss her off in a year’s time she’s got leverage, and I can’t let it be that way. You can do whatever you want, but I don’t shit where I eat.”
      He couldn’t understand why I felt so strongly about not banging someone I work with. And honestly it was somewhat humiliating to have to explain to an excited young man that I wont make a move for fear of risking my professional life. But experience has taught me you don’t shit where you eat.
      What’s so fucked up is that all this feminism works against women as well. They are clearly more attracted to dominant and self-motivated males, but ultra-PC environments scare these dudes off completely. These chicks end up either single or following around some libtard and have to numb the pain with drugs and technology. Or they just ride the carousel and get bounced around by dudes who know better than to make any kind of commitment.
      What kind of bullshit life is that?
      No one wins except the few that manage to slip through the cracks.

        1. Perhaps not, but in a decade or two they may be the only options left. Beta males won’t be getting ANY. Period.
          Think about it. There has never been a better time in human history to be a natural alpha male. (For the sake of argument, let’s say a natural alpha is every woman’s ideal: tall, jacked, handsome and cocky. We can also throw in “bad boy” types such as drug dealers and pimps, though they may not be aesthetically superior. Social alphas are basically higher betas.) Most natural alphas do not care about society, or anything that goes into keeping it going. They only care about two things: fucking and themselves.
          However, civilization requires us to care for others, and to focus efforts on things other than fucking, things which beta males are more qualified for. However, today civilization is crumbling due to open hypergamy. Females are now free to run around with all the Alphas they can desire, which means more sex for Alphas than ever before. Not only that, there is a welfare system in place, funded for by betas, which they can take advantage of, meaning they have no need to really work hard. At the same time, if they impregnate a girl, they don’t have to worry about taking care of the child (something they don’t really care about in the first place). There is a multitude of thirsty betas who are eager to not only wife up their sloppy seconds, but to take care of their bastard spawn. Leaving the naturals still free to continue their cycle of pump and dumps.
          Tell me again how it’s not a win for Alphas.

      1. My point precisely, I tend to avoid off work socializing with co-workers. Today, for once we went for a coffee break, just men, no women this time. Completely different vibe, more jokes, more fun, more cursing.
        I dont know what the escape plan is. Being self employed I guess, yet you gotta be of certain cut for that. Moving out?
        Im just bored since I dont say what I wanna say. Like you make a joke about kicking a cat, and they think you’re a Nazi for saying that. Just plain PC boredom. Without this community I’d go nuts.

        1. I’ve worked with a few women in the 40-55 age range who are divorced, and constantly complaining about men refusing to take charge.
          I tell them that in their day, what would be considered flirting or courtship is often labelled as sexual harassment (especially in Toronto). Most guys, if they are smart, realized this and do not fuck around with women at work.
          The dumbfounded looks on these women after telling them this is priceless.

        2. That has to be the worst dating demographic scenario. Middle age women at the workplace. Bitter on a bad day and emotionally flat on a good day.

        3. Your post on how feminism works against women because in spite of feminist rhetoric, what they really want is a guy who speaks his mind and asserts himself, was spot on.

        4. That is why I love working around ‘foreigners’. i.e mostly Asian and South American women. I don’t have to deal with that shit at work. They are generally friendly and don’t get insulted by compliments about their appearance, especially if they are over 30.
          When I’m working around Australian women though, I have to keep my mouth shut.

        5. Same here, I get along better with immigrants since most of the white Canadians are infested with a PC virus. As a result, even their sense of humor is so atrophied that they cant process most of the jokes.
          So they stick by the most part to such topics as weather, sports, food and travel. It bores the hell out of me.

        6. It’s a whole different deal when hanging out with all men (as long as they are men..not these feminized men being created today).
          You can usually talk about anything (no limits) and everyone will have a good time, joke, etc.. It’s the reason why men had locker rooms and bars (with no women). The feel good shit gets old…too many feelings (and PC bullshit).

        7. You know it’s bad when comedians will no longer do stand up comedy on any college campus. They are tired of the PC nonsense and the students being so sensitive (to everything).

        8. In Canada one comedian made a comment about lesbos in the audience, so they took offence and sued him for $10,000 for muh feelings. Also he was banned from performing for a few years. Libtards took all the fun from life.

        9. I find it pretty damn funny that even people (comedians) who obviously vote Democrat are so tired of the PC bullshit. We used to just laugh this stuff off (as adults) but today it’s all about “don’t hurt feelings”. Where are all of the grown ups?

        10. Right…..Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld both have said publicly that they no longer perform at colleges due to the uber PC. Sam Kinison would be banned if he were brought back from the dead …..

        11. That’s when you know things are pretty bad. Comedians no longer wanting to work certain venues any longer. Carlin would be the same….no colleges (if he were still around…damn, he’s missed..and needed). Thank god we have Bill Burr.

      2. As always, thank you for the excellent anecdote Clark Kent.
        Yes, the level of PC faggotry has become nearly unbearable in many social and academic settings in the US as well.
        Growing up in the Midwest of America in more sparsely populated areas has been a significant plus, as people tend to be *slightly* more down-to-earth.
        That said, the majority still gets their news from TV and their social updates from FB and Twitter. As such, their view of the world and how it truly operates is on one hand laughable, and on the other hand very dangerous in the sense that their perpetual ignorance is feeding the flames that are burning down the west.

        1. Thanks man.
          As frustrating as it all is for men like us these days I can honestly say that I would never want to trade places with any of these people.

        2. I cant even watch movies these days without reading between the lines all the embedded Liberal messages, aka indoctrination. Like in the “Jump street” one criminal calls a character of Chanin Tatum a “faggot”, so Tatum says ” It is 2014, you can say a gay or a queer, but not a faggot”, and then he knocks out the homophobic guy. The messge is if you’re mean toward gays, you’ll be hurt.

        3. Same in the inner city, in fact most of the problems you guys list here doesn’t happen here. Besides the women problem
          In fact someone from the outside really stands out like a 35 and single man

      3. If you’re brash and she’s a cool chick she’ll respond to it like catnip. If you’re brash and she’s a cunt she just saved you the trouble of finding out the hard way.
        Either way, win-win. Not much of a gamble at all.

      4. Good points…especially about feminism and the PC environment. I made a comment before about how I notice more and more of these groups of women (usually in their 40s) who hang out together, talk and drink wine when out at a bar or an event.
        You can tell all of these women are miserable as fuck in their lives but they put on a good show around their friends. Many are single but a few are married (to a beta for the bucks) but they all have one thing in common – they are miserable. They didn’t realize (back when) how good they had it with men and women in their respective roles.
        Now, they finally got what they wanted all of these years and the payoff sucks.

      5. True story. My “friend” has been taking the red pill for 4-5 years now. He has been analyzing women for the animal they are, and has successfully removed the self-editing (or politically correct) filter most men use on a daily basis. Because of the way he unabashedly spoke his mind and told the truth about any given situation, his female coworkers became flirtatious (rubbing shoulders, pinching asses, feeling his arms, bending over right in front of him, grabbing their own tits etc), which led to texting.
        Long story medium, I, I mean “my friend” had to check that female coworker because of her passive aggressive behavior on one particular day. She got her feelings hurt, and she used personal texts (ie, texts sent NOT at the workplace) to get him fired. Luckily he was just slumming it at that particular job, but your point is spot on. Society has become so pussy-whipped that women can say/do whatever they want on the job with IMPUNITY, and when a man “dares” to call them out on it, he’s demonized just for speaking his mind. I’m thinking of wearing some sort of hidden cam, just to illustrate a point about the double standards between women and men in the workplace.
        Fact of the matter is, women are being raised to believe that, 1. Men are beneath them. 2. They are arbitrarily special. 3. Men need to do what they say, or they’re not “good” men. 4. Men are disposable.
        This is why feminism is destroying women. Because ultimately, not only are the 4 above points complete fabrications, but by the time women REALIZE they are, they have no skill to get the man they think they want.
        Anyway, “my friend” is still going to speak his mind, and tell the truth, no matter what. It took years to develop the guidelines of masculinity he set for himself, and he’s sticking to them. To quote the great Patrice Oneal talking about his favorite subject (women), “You have to match their AUDACITY! So there’s never a time not to be honest. Ever. EVER! Take the L, there’s a lot of bitches man, trust me.”

        1. Yeah, I have been considering that for a while now. But my health currently does not allow that. Maybe next year. I think I would really love it if my body was up to the challenge. I am rather weak at the moment.

        2. If crawling around boiling attics, cramped spaces shitty temperatures, heights and other inconveniences then its a job for you.

      1. Yeah, its super annoying self-censoring yourself all the time. Its all very new to me. I’ve only been in the anglo world for a few years, in the French Canada its much less PC. How do you support yourself may I ask?

        1. They are very direct. I had girls buying me beer. They are feminine looking and straight to the point at the same time.

      2. I have a strong desire to become self employed and the beginnings of a plan. I long for the day when I can tell a client that I’m no longer interested in dealing with their nonsense.

    2. well i live in canuckistan and I offend equalist sensibilities all the time, nothing’s happened yet
      might be because im self employed and not white, but it’s really just a matter of critical mass in dissent
      if enough people are “bigots”, it becomes the norm, then they can’t try to single out people. Kind of like right-wing collective bargaining

      1. I pissed off many Leftists as well, a few just walked out on me, one had his blood preassure going through the roof. And all of that by saying things like “Yes, I support Putin” or “I believe gays should not adopt”.

    3. i agree, im from the worst province for free speech there is, Ontario! run by the man-hating lesbianic cultural marxist. and its about to get worse under “im a male feminist, Gamergate is harassment online” saint justin!!!

  11. Well, happy to tell you that political correctness is affecting the majority of the population. All three of the top nominees for the GOP’s presidential runner are very much against political correctness. Trump, in particular, has made it abundantly clear that he is NOT pc and, just recently, said something very un-pc regarding Muslims. Guess what, he’s still growing in popularity. Hmmm, why? Answer: everyone is sick and tired of pc. Trouble is, sooner or later (sooner I suspect), the real response to these sensitive snowflake liberals will be produced and it goes something like this…”If I can say this or that, then do I have the right to free speech?”. Its really that simple. Watch the pundits, no one hitherto has had, sadly, the balls to say exactly that. Usually, it goes like this, “lets ban the word “bossy” “. Conservative, pardon, cuckservative; “what about free speech”? Small difference, but, significant.
    Well, what about it shit for brains? Are you asking a rhetorical question, here? Do you actually expect a responsible, reasoned or even coherent response or conversation from people that are so nuts they insist that “bossy” is banned along with other innocuous things such as Christmas trees or American Flags? No, stop mollycoddling these fucking monsters. Give it right back to them, HARD! K, you think “too” is politically incorrect, okay, so do I or do I NOT have freedom of speech?
    Its that simple.

    1. When my workplace put up a “holiday tree” (read: Christmas tree) I was happy to hear the mutinous mutterings about how bullshit PC is, and that we should feel free to call it a “Christmas tree”.

      1. Victory. I’m being serious, its a victory. These punks have power because we let them have it. Brietbart told us that if we push back they fucking fold..why, look at them, they’re losers and cowards.

        1. Only within the past fifty years has Vermont started to become liberal, so we won’t go down without a fight. The only problem is (to use the vernacular) “damn flat-landers”, aka out-of-state yuppies.
          Hell, it technically took over 200 years until we decided to become a full-fledged state, and our state hero’s greatest achievement was when he was drunk.

        2. Keep it up. I sense real change coming to include the zeitgeist. The left is no longer against conservatives, the constitution, Christianity per se, its actually revealed itself to be against reality. And they can’t win because reality is a tricky fellow due to the fact that its reality.

        1. Well, the supervisors have to call it a “Holiday Tree” because they have to follow HR procedures from headquarters. But most people of my coworkers are amused at the stupidity of PC, except perhaps for a couple millennial dikes and white knights.

        2. Courage is not a lack of fear, but having fear and pressing on. It is frightening, but I’d rather stay and fight than flee. A form of “noblesse oblige”, if you will. Not some sense of romanticism or self-righteous indignation, but simple self-respect.

        3. I owe society nothing, a society that was both unable and unwilling to help me become a healthy man. As far as I am concerned, it is not a bond I would abandon, as there is no bond. They can all go rot and burn.

      2. I work at an openly Catholic organization. We have Christmas trees, Christmas parties and such. Ash Wednesday actually has some people show up smudged in a bit of ash on the face. I’ve worked in the soul-less lay companies in the past, and this is a real refreshing type of atmosphere.

  12. I am currently a millenial at 18, and I attend a homeschooling/ hybrid education school. I am the only person at this place that will surivive if left in the woods for a week, and the only person who actually has rational arguments. Every single teenage girl is a feminist with dyed hair. All the dudes are either heavily into video games (used to be so I can’t hate) or is a complete virgin. Everyone at the school is the same aside for me. Liberal, Physically Weak, Atheist. I am agnostic but i lean right and am a personal trainer, and what is funny is the sheer amount of disbelief I get just by existing. These people cannot believe that Straight White dudes can be proud of what the fuck they are and have real opinions. Everyone is politically correct but nobody will speak over me when I say something offensive because they know I don’t give a fuck
    Article is spot on. My generation is lazy, can’t focus for 5 seconds, and is in denial of how the real world actually works. I really can’t wait for when shit hits the fan and the bullshit establishment goes down in flames. I am honestly impressed by what the government has done to its population. Quite easily in control.

    1. I’m almost 30 and I was homeschooled too. Had a very successful military career and got an MBA and made a lot of cash and married a babe. Being homeschooled set me up for success in a world where most men are totally gimped by public education and ruined for life. You’re lucky.

      1. Most guys these days are soft effeminate porn addicted wankers. Excessive porn and masturbation really help turn men into a pathetic weaklings. Actually, there are dozens of factors involved in creating the pathetically weak men we see today. Our education system contributes to the problem. Feminism does as well. So does excessive video game playing.
        Men need to be driven. We need to work. We need to work out.

    2. “I really can’t wait for when shit hits the fan and the bullshit establishment goes down in flames”
      Careful what you wish for, junior- you just might get it

        1. You make good money, you have a pretty wife, yet you want it to all come crashing down?
          I prefer Jack Kirby’s Ragnarok by the way

        2. Absolutely, thriving in a wicked system doesn’t mean one must support the wicked system. Nothing’s worth the cost of one’s soul. Besides, I am confident I’ll be fine.

        1. I have hunted Elk, however i just keep my 338 for a Shtf survival rifle, as I could hold off police and looters at long range.

    3. Go to the countryside and you’ll tend to find more conservative-types there. The city has enough distractions to prevent one from finding true thought. Oftimes I make fun of political correctness by taking it to extremes. Lots of fun.

    4. As an atheist conservative, I couldn’t agree more. The problem is not that the liberal atheists are as such, they just replaced an Almighty God with an Almighty PC culture. Still sheep.

      1. “What do you get for pretending the danger’s not real?
        Meek and obedient you follow the leader
        Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel.
        What a surprise!
        A look of terminal shock in your eyes.
        Now things are really what they seem.
        No, this is no bad dream.”

        1. In my opinion, “Animals” was one of the best, most underrated Pink Floyd albums. 5 songs in all. “Dogs” and “Pigs. 3 Different Ones” also have great lyrics.
          It’s amazing this album is almost 40 years old!

        2. ~Dogs (Waters, Gilmour) 17:06
          You gotta be crazy, you gotta have a real need.
          You gotta sleep on your toes, and when you’re on the street,
          You gotta be able to pick out the easy meat with your eyes closed.
          And then moving in silently, down wind and out of sight,
          You gotta strike when the moment is right without thinking.
          And after a while, you can work on points for style.
          Like the club tie, and the firm handshake,
          A certain look in the eye and an easy smile.
          You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
          So that when they turn their backs on you,
          You’ll get the chance to put the knife in.
          You gotta keep one eye looking over your shoulder.
          You know it’s going to get harder, and harder, and harder as you
          get older.
          And in the end you’ll pack up and fly down south,
          Hide your head in the sand,
          Just another sad old man,
          All alone and dying of cancer.
          And when you loose control, you’ll reap the harvest you have sown.
          And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone.
          And it’s too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw
          So have a good drown, as you go down, all alone,
          Dragged down by the stone.
          I gotta admit that I’m a little bit confused.
          Sometimes it seems to me as if I’m just being used.
          Gotta stay awake, gotta try and shake off this creeping malaise.
          If I don’t stand my own ground, how can I find my way out of this
          Deaf, dumb, and blind, you just keep on pretending
          That everyone’s expendable and no-one has a real friend.
          And it seems to you the thing to do would be to isolate the winner
          And everything’s done under the sun,
          And you believe at heart, everyone’s a killer.
          Who was born in a house full of pain.
          Who was trained not to spit in the fan.
          Who was told what to do by the man.
          Who was broken by trained personnel.
          Who was fitted with collar and chain.
          Who was given a pat on the back.
          Who was breaking away from the pack.
          Who was only a stranger at home.
          Who was ground down in the end.
          Who was found dead on the phone.
          Who was dragged down by the stone.

        3. I have Russian friends who’ve told me that on the other side of the wall, you had to hide your Pink Floyd records.
          Listening to Pink Floyd in those days was practically seen as treason.
          How can modern music compare in any way to something like that?

    5. There was one SJW in the class when I was in a high school ‘honors’ class and she castigated me for describing someone’s behavior as ‘animalistic’ because it was ‘speciesist’.
      Also, note how many SJWs are selective in their race baiting and have no problem putting down Asian, Indian, ‘old school European’ and now Anglo white men as sexist / racist but hold up African Americans and, now Muslims as a sacred cow.
      (Don’t worry, they still put down successful African immigrants, and the condemnation of Muslim culture will start afresh after the terrorism crisis is over).

      1. “You can’t say that it’s speciesist!”
        “Lol, fuck off, and fuck a cow”
        “Just because I care about…..”

      1. Haha quite the exaggeration on my part, however the liberal ass school I go to is not the place I look for poontang. That is the local private school.

    6. It felt just like yesterday that I was 18. Keep your situational awareness about you Savage, it will pay off greatly. If its one thing I wish I learned younger, which I think you may already be aware of, is mindfulness. Check out Mike Cernovich’s book, Gorilla Mindest. He’s a guy who runs a similar blog to ROK called Danger & Play.

  13. We raise our children in a cocoon of safety where every action is based on an appeal to the “Authority” (parents, school system, government). There is no inter-group enforcement of social norms. He (it) who screams the loudest gets the most attention from the Authority- to which the upcoming generations have given all their power.

  14. As a millennial, it truly terrifies me to think that, barring a complete worldwide catastrophe, my generation will be the world’s leaders in a couple decades. My generation is so overwhelmingly leftist, but how can the majority of us fight it? We’re indoctrinated almost from day one of school, and then there’s the media which we’re subject to on a regular basis. I’m still not entirely sure how I turned out as right wing as I am. This viewpoint will likely become mainstream within the next decade. As I said before, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of our rights are taken away in the name of “safety” and “feelings.” I really hope Eastern Europe and South America don’t fuck things up. They might be the only places to run to for conservative millennials like myself if shit really hits the fan.

    1. I was overwhelmingly leftist myself until I met my dad. Quite turned my life around.
      These days, I consider myself more moderate or ‘take the good out of both’. But that moderation still makes me more right-wing than the right wing politicians, I think.

    2. We’re only considered “right-wing” because society has swung so far to the left.
      Nowadays just going to the gym pretty much means you’re a right winger.

    3. Things change and many times they can change very rapidly. The indoctrination of the youth today is very disturbing and can damper hope. But, america is not the first country to endure this. Pol Pot’s Cambodia, for instance, had children slaughtering their own parents and a decade later after the khmer rouge was defeated things radically changed back. Same thing for Russia aka the Soviet Union. Your generation may be helpless, but, the new media and new academia will disrupt the mechanism that brainwashed your generation for good. Plus, the next president is going to be a Republican and all of the three contenders are very much against p.c..

    4. “My generation is so overwhelmingly leftist, but how can the majority of us fight it? ”
      You fight it by adopting the NEW counter culture that is: Alt-right, conservative and patriotic. Show your contemporaries that leftism is for sissies and helpless losers. Nobody wants to be associated with losers at any age.
      All “cool” and “hip” movements are adopted by early fringe participants. You must be willing to be the spearhead of that new culture, and have the confidence among your peers to show that conservatism, patriotism and normal gender roles are making a strong comeback, and if they are not “hip to it” they risk being a loser in the new movement.

      1. How can you be “patriotic” when America is one big cesspool of Marxism. The military is a federal entity and it is 100% Marxist! Marxists are violent atheists and 99.9% of the “patriots” I meet hold values that are more in line with Marxism than with traditional white American culture. Conservatism is also bankrupt. The only thing “conservatives” conserve is the last liberal policies that were passed by a bunch of crooked, leftist politicians. It matters little if there is an elephant or a donkey by their name…
        “The conservatives are a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. This pretended salt hath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it be salted? Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious for the sake of the truth.” ~ Rev. Dr. Robert Lewis Dabney (March 5, 1820 – January 3, 1898) Minister, Professor of Theology at Union Theological Seminary and Chief of Staff to General Stonewall Jackson

        1. So just give up then, is that your point?
          Go home everybody…we can’t possible win this culture war…ALL IS LOST!
          There has never been a historical precedent for counter cultures resisting assimilation…EVER! /sarc

        2. “So just give up then, is that your point?” ~ Sorry that you totally missed the point. I see that the state of your political consciousness is practically nil…

        3. Then what is your thesis?
          “How can you be “patriotic” when America is one big cesspool of Marxism. The military is a federal entity and it is 100% Marxist! Marxists are violent atheists and 99.9% of the “patriots” I meet hold values that are more in line with Marxism than with traditional white American culture. Conservatism is also bankrupt.”
          This is your opening statement, you offer no solutions, only cynicism by the conclusion of your comment. We have enough media apparatuses telling us want we cant do. ROK is a place for men to speak about solutions..solving problems is what men do.
          You’re also using mainstream media definitions of terms. What you describe as a bankrupt conservative ideology we have been reframing as “cuckservative”.
          I’ll ask again….what is your point without quoting a wall of text? What is your point in your own words?
          If you’re trying to make issue that there is no return to traditional values that once made America the envy of the world then I disagree.

        4. Of all the likely nominees for the GOP ALL are against PC and the next president barring a outright power seizure by barry the potus WILL very likely be a Republican. Plus, the media is being disrupted and so will academia. There are plenty of reasons to have hope.

        5. Buddhism, seriously, it’s the religion of fence sitters and blue pill “spiritualists”.
          Oswald Spengler was an intellectual, not a worker or a warrior, just someone who sat around all day thinking without getting any dirt or blood on his hands to help reinforce his postulations. A mental masturbater in essence. He was in academia since 9 and knew nothing else besides concepts and theories with no life lived.
          “In 1911, following his mother’s death, he moved to Munich, where he would live until his death in 1936. He lived as a cloistered scholar, supported by his modest inheritance. Spengler survived on very limited means and was marked by loneliness. He owned no books, and took jobs as a tutor or wrote for magazines to earn additional income”
          This is what life without optimism and strength yields. Temper your cynicism, your nihilistic ideology reinforced with your adherence to Buddhism will paralyze you into inaction regarding anything that makes life joyful and worth fighting for.
          In the future, quote others less and comment with your own words…linking other people’s arguments and quotes as your own is lazy and demonstrates you have no capacity to internalize knowledge and regurgitate it as wisdom realized.
          Also, you failed to answer my question in your own words. You’re intellectually dishonest and failed to support your assertions.

        6. Reduced to insults are we? You are dismissed. I would suggest you go fuck your mother but I am not that crude.

      2. Fucking brilliant! And better yet, the mechanism that once produced the “cool and hip” with progressivism i.e. the mainstream media are dying. Like him or not Alex Jones recently hosted the most likely nominee for GOP president, Donald Trump. Huge! Did that hit Trump…to be interviewed by what the MSM calls a conspiracy theorist and even lunatic. Fuck NO, he keeps doing better and better. My point is this, the cracks are everywhere now. Kids don’t watch media that is shoved to them as it used to be via a slanted bias and liberal media. No, they watch exactly what they want via Ruko or Netflix and very soon another personalized aggregator, which will demolish any ability for a centralized media to exist. The used to be able to get away with “strong female roles” usurping what was once Major Dutch or John Matrix (Predator and Commando), because of the limitations of media. Today, you never need to see a “strong female” lead deconstructing “constructs” or whatever gibberish, nor, you have to endure overly idealized homosexual characters etc. We are the media now.

    5. My concern is not what yours is; my concern is that right wing millenials such as you describe yourself are looking for “places to run to” rather than take on the responsibility for standing up for what you know is right. You’ll deserve everything you get. You can run but you can’t hide. Europe is about to become a third world wasteland because those who know right from wrong do not speak up and demand to be heard because it’s too damn uncomfortable. Suck it up, buttercup.

      1. People will not speak up out of fear of being labeled as an enemy.
        Personally, I am fine with this. “Friends” viewed me as some inhuman force that defies their expectations/world view because I am rational and display few emotions. So being labeled as an enemy when the time comes seems like the next, logical step.
        When the gulags come to drag me away, they better wear the brown pants.

      2. I’m not opposed to fighting, and will continue to do so as long as Trump continues to do well. But if he loses, we’ll simply have to give up the US for lost. Sometimes, the only option is to run and live to fight another day.

      3. I see this a lot on manosphere forums.
        All I can say anymore to the newer generations is: Stop running from the country your generation will inherent from your parents, grandparents and ancestors that worked for, fought for and died for to establish a functional culture that is the envy of the world.
        This is your nation, fight to get it back! There is nowhere to run.

    6. Not too worry…things have a way of working out (righting the ship, so to say). We’re seeing it start to turn the corner with the wave of Syrian “refugees”. The left thought they would be clever by just letting in all of these illegals at one time…now we are seeing the rise of nationalism in the U.S. and Europe (due to the illegals and the recent attacks). You can’t argue with someone who is patriotic (loves their country) no matter how hard you try…and leftist will try it.
      Many of us will counter argue that we love our culture, our country and we don’t want it to turn into a third world country (yes, we don’t want our country to be that bad). You may even have to have a civil war to get through it but in the end it will work out.

  15. I am a millennial and a only child that grew up in foster care. One thing I noticed
    is that in democrat households this is true if you disagree you get silenced.
    One of my foster parent was pro abortion democrat who wrote a letter to the local paper to complain about pro-abortion crosses on private property to get rid of them
    that were on private property and a few days later they were gone.
    I was thinking to myself unreal she got them to get rid of them, I really, really, wanted
    to go on rant about free speech. But I bit my tongue since since I liked that place.
    The point I am trying to make is free speech should never be limited the results will
    not end well for this country.

    1. Damn, I feel for you. What a shitty situation. I spent quite a time of my life in a boarding home and I know what it feels like to feel like an outsider of a family you do not really want that much.

    2. Don’t get Stockholm syndrome for your foster captors. They’ll drug up foster kids to the eyeballs in psychotropics so they’ll never witness to the greater child trafficking racket they were a pawn in. Remember names and faces of socialist service schmucks and watch where the money goes. I bet if you ever accompanied your foster parents on their errands to the bank, they were stashing away large sums monthly. Remember all you can about the enemy. An entire class of vermin has betrayed our culture. Their names will be called. Many guys on here talk about their desire to merely start a family and are unaware fully of the dangerous predatory anti culture parasites who oppose trad family. If your foster captors were lib-dem, then they were no doubt hob knobbing and connected with the petty local tyrants. Again remember names, the suits especially.

  16. Fuck their feelings. It has been shown that the politicians that support this and their followers have mostly never lived in a non-white area. Trump is popular because the working class whites that do have a voice now.

  17. The best way to shame millennials out of their stupor is by using game principals such as evolutionary psychology. Males and females understand what is attractive and socially acceptable in the hind-brain, and while social conditioning to accept transgenders or homosexuality may be an onslaught they must endure it is up to Gen X and Gen Y to demonstrate what truly is “cool”.
    Thats part of the problem besides the social indoctrination in schools. The popular culture re-enforces the group think with what is deemed “cool”. Girls think over-sized exposed tattoos and fat acceptance is totally acceptable, while the boys think that being skinny and gender fluid is also what is fashionable…..But all this goes out the window when these kids are exposed to and are in the vicinity of alpha females and males.
    While they may stomp their feet and called us cis-gendered or some other such nonsense, they understand in the back of the hind-brains that we are strong, confident, attractive and truly what is “cool”. Its difficult for them to process and thus the gnashing of teeth and utter breakdown in college campuses for safe spaces where the rules of mother nature can be avoided.
    I was at my girlfriend’s office x-mas party the other week. more than 2/3rds of the staff were millennials, of those, half were the typical skinny jean, overly tattooed and sissified. I usually hang with one of the other guys who dates a staffer, he is an ex-cop. We are both tall and muscularly defined and “have a presence” in a room. All the millennial boys that looked our way or were introduced to us quickly look away and down to the floor, They were eager to get away from us. The millennial females starred at us as, internally comparing us to the boys they are dating and have dated in the past. My tall, slender blond girlfriend of 40 puts most of these girls to shame physically and they have a hard time being around her.
    Shame them into dismissing culture rot by simply being the person they should be. Nothing can shame a millennial boy faster than having to stand next to an alpha male in line, the comparison is stark and should be the motivating factor to hit the gym and act like a man.

    1. You went to your girlfriends office party. That was your first mistake. An office party is still controlled by workplace protocols. Anybody can get fired because the HR wombat doesn’t like their “tone”. Much of what people are venting about here is direct result of changes in the workplace. Employers are so averse to being sued that you can’t hurt anybody’s feelings or you lose your paycheck. Just your physical presence could be enough to cause feelings inferiority in someone else. Then they start complaining about shit you can’t defend like you don’t work well with others. Even if they can’t prove anything, there is still a note in the HR file which could mean you won’t get promoted, even if they can’t fire you. So now you’re walking around on egg shells all day, trying not to make a wrong step. Its difficult to switch off the mind set when you go home at night and on weekends.

      1. I am more than aware of office politics, see my other comments on ROK regarding my time in corporate hell. I am more than aware of how to play the game at office parties. Besides its not like I was running around talking smack about leftism, I was at the bar having free drinks. It was the body language of the millennials towards me that was telling enough.
        I was a young man once, and understand the significance of comparing myself to other men in the room…of who I should be, of who I could be.

        1. Corp America doesn’t work that way anymore. Its become like the gym Planet Fitness. It must feel like a place where the biggest loser feels “accepted” and “respected” or you get your gym membership canceled. You didn’t do anything wrong. They just saw themselves in the mirror standing next to you and that triggered feelings of inferiority in them. That’s all it takes now. You must assume responsibility for feelings of inferiority in other people.

        2. That’s the point. Trigger feelings that are based in evolutionary psychology that are hardwired in the hind-brain. This can be done simply by BEING the person that they know (in their hind-brain) they should be.
          The more we strike the inferiority emotion in the millennials hopefully, even if just 20% do something about it, we can begin reclaiming our nation.

        3. My favorite is when executives get to make all the decisions without any of the consequences. Talk about an exercise in utter frustration.
          There is no such thing as leadership in the corporate world, just regulations and procedures.

        4. “I was at the bar having free drinks.”
          No, they were not “free”. You paid for them in one way or another, if not by being underpaid in the first place then by simply having to waste your valuable time being at a work party surrounded by these people who disagree with your presence.

      2. To be fair, in any career, there’s always protocol when it comes to work sponsored parties. After all, I wouldn’t want to be the guy puking beer all over my superintendent’s cowboy boots. And yet, it seems, female dominated parties are so riddled with dumb rules that it is better not to go. Unless you’re a woman.

      1. We are both in our 40s yes. My girlfriend is a rare find, built like a swimmer, feminine and conservative, no kids. We can both still pass for early 30s.

        1. She was a career woman in a larger city, no time for kids. But came from a very small town (a town i live a few miles from). When she returned home she told me she hated city life and was unwelcome in many circles because of her conservative values.
          She is a redpill woman, even if she doesn’t know what that means. I am very fortunate to have found such a woman. She is a throwback to the 1950s female for certain, she comes from a good family that honor religion and Americana. While all women require game, she requires far less than any other I have experienced….once again, rare find.
          I like to think that after 8 years of internalizing and adopting redpill ideology, finding her was easier since I could readily identify quality females from the herd.
          We might get married, we discuss it from time to time. Currently we are enjoying each other and spending time with each other’s families.
          Perhaps we both got a late start in life due to fighting culture rot in our lives, but in the end we won, just happen to be in our 40s when it finally materialized.

        2. Thanks Abba, I appreciate your wish for us. I extend my wish that you find some type of peace and strength to endure as you must in Europe.

  18. The big problem is finding jobs for the blameless millennial censors. So jobs are created in thought policing industries like sociology, psychology, psychiatry and the mad science cult marx educators.

    1. They are like a plague. Hopefully, There are millions of people who don’t think like them, like us for example.

    2. I won’t hire millennials. If I can’t hire a gen Y or older for the job, I outsource it to another country where the 2000 generation isn’t a bunch of whiny entitled pusscracks.

      1. A friend of mine who is a lawyer at a major global pharmaceutical company said they do not hire millennials too. This is becoming common. I think the M’s may go down as, literally, a lost generation. I can tell you that at my Parish mass, particularly, the children’s mass is PACKED! No exaggeration and I live in Massachusetts.

        1. They are that bad. To be fair, there are always exceptions. In other words, NAMALT. 😉 My experience is that 25% of millennials are keepers as employees. I prefer they come from 2nd or 3rd tier schools…less entitlement, stronger work ethic.

        2. In my experience nothing is their fault, ever. They want you to tell them exactly what to do and help them do it, but pay them more than they’re worth to do it. They’re entitled and think you “owe” them something for coming to work. They lack deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills (based on tests and work performance) yet will brag about getting “good grades” so they must be smart. They won’t keep a schedule. They care way more about their home life than work (and I don’t mean in a balanced way). There is no sense of urgency with them or their work. They don’t respect more senior employees or managers, basically think they’re silly and in their way. Obviously not all are like that, but its pervasive… enough so I just avoid them.

  19. It’s not the millennials’ fault they were raised by the feminine. I doubt that any of them actually stood up as a child and demanded that 11th place ribbon. Nevertheless, it’s incumbent on each person, millennial or otherwise, to grow up, regardless of his or her upbringing.

  20. Equalists have never supported free speech because they know their ideology is unpopular with majorities would easily be overrun in an unmoderated forum

  21. It’s the campaign against bullying. They see anything that makes someone else anything other than happy as mean spirited and wrong. They don’t have the ability to separate someone’s opinion that is offensive from actually verbally attacking someone in order to hurt them.

  22. Speaking from a view of a white millennial, I pretty much agree. I’m an elder millennial white male that happened to come from a traditional family. Most, however, were raised by feminist proxys in childcare, or as latchkey kids by feminist moms and emasculated schlub fathers. I believe at least 60% were kicked out at 18 years old into mountains of debt, and 40% just stayed at home.
    Millennial males are shit on the worst in a haze of psychostimulants and basically told they are no good for anything. It’s a wonder they bother to get out of bed to take a dump.
    Millennial females I believe are given full support by what remains of the weakened family unit. Their dreams no matter how unrealistic are given total and complete positive reinforcement. Everything she does is special. She has a life of artificial pretend responsibilities that consist of taking birth control pills, riding the cock carousel, and pissing her life away one finger swipe at a time on her smartphone.
    All criticism of her is considered hate speech.
    Black lives matter is just a base of obese matriarchal feminists, and men without fathers who only know how to be victims. Is it really a surprise you would see these white millennials be stupid enough to identify with it?

  23. It’s ironic that millennials tend to be the ones most dramatically in support of free speech and expression when it comes to speech, displays or films that promote homosexuality, drugs, sex, or foul language, and will accuse anyone who doesn’t fully support free speech in these areas of being totalitarian and Nazi-esque. But when it comes to speech that is un-PC or is in favor of traditional values, they cry like little toddlers for their government and professors to censor it.

  24. Its the plastic bubble paradox. To protect one’s self from thinking and making decisions one must put a plastic bubble around them as a safe spot so when they have to pay for their decisions the plastic bubble protects them.
    Then they graduate and real life takes over.

    1. This is typical female behavior. They can think of things that need done, but won’t physically perform the duties themselves. Someone else should do it.

      1. To be fair, I don’t think the average American would want to actually enlist because that would entail actually receiving orders from someone else as well as making sacrifices. But with these kids, it’s worse. A combination of conservative parents who teach them that everything outside the house is of the Devil, liberal parents who make their own children oversensitive, and what I find time be a Taylor Swifftesque philosophy of exaggerated optimism makes them think that it’s so easy to serve yet never do it because you know, the prospect of mean big men and women in wide hats and cammies yelling at them terrifies them.

  25. If a boy or young man is a natural alpha, he gets it drugged or “beaten” (as in, by leftist authority-figure bullying) out of him.

  26. Just scary days for all of the Western countries around the globe. They are destroying the peace and freedom our ancestors died to ensure we would have. It’s insane.

  27. This push for ‘limited,controlled’ speech comes from the Workplace Harassment policies.When ‘those’ with the agenda to form the world to their way of thinking saw this being applied and changing behavior,they saw all the other ways they could see it change in other places….Make people fear losing current and future income by not playing to their rules controls thinking….controls speech.
    Instead of us agreeing and acting in a common reasonable way to behave,they enforce it by rules and laws with penalties via money or social loss.
    Reasonable thinking people will continually take more of this squeeze but the pressure is building and building…..Until there is the explosion.

  28. “Why Do Millennials Oppose Free Speech?”
    Because they’re stupid and don’t know any better. They are useful idiots for the Left.

  29. Imagine being the inheritor of a system of rule with an ancient heritage. The way it works is this:
    Your goal is the acquisition of prestige, power, and resources through your control of “the little people.” You have two options for affecting this goal. One is overt force, policing, military strength, the ability to use a prescribed amount of violence to keep people in line. Trouble is the “overt” part. People will eventually bristle at the dehumanising nature of it.
    The other option is covert force: psychological warfare. Thought control. Enforce the slavery of your subjects by making them believe their slavery, and your enforcement of it, is approved by God. But even this has a limit. There’s always going to be a few independent thinkers who wise up to your bullshit, who see through the matrix. The truth eventually prevails. So, the idea was created that there is no such thing as absolute truth. Your inner beliefs create reality. Everyone in history was mistaken and you should ignore what they said. Feelings are just as important as facts. So on and so forth. And because these atrocious lies are attached to the implicit teaching of existential atheism, no one recognizes it as the state religion that it is, or its philosophers and “experts” as the modern versions of the priests who helped the pharaoh rule.
    People know how “organized religion” was used to manipulated thoughts and actions in the past, but because they are constantly told how much smarter we are than everyone who ever lived, they are blind to the same system of manipulation at work today. It never ended, it simply changed its wardrobe.

  30. The Millennials fear intellectual Freedom, because it would necessarily force them to confront the shallowness of their orthodoxy.

  31. Millennials (including me) have been raised in cotton wool, often without a father or even a father figure. They have been convinced by elementary and secondary school policies (K-12 for Americans) that words can hurt. I was fortunate enough to have both of my grandfathers with whom I spent a lot of time woodworking, cutting trees with chainsaws, splitting wood (at 5 years old, which would freak out my grandmother so much lol), driving manly stuff, shooting guns and talking about guy things. This made me into more of a real man that I would have been. Reading books about ethics and argumentation and intellectual honesty also helped opening my mind the different ideas. I was very much pro-abortion a few years ago because “duh wymin’s choice” but after opening up to conservative arguments, which you never hear in the mainstream, I now think that abortions should be severly restricted and performing them beyond the first semester should be illegal.
    Millennials are the product of a diversity of race and culture and a homogeneity of thought. In others words, it’s a recieve for disaster (or, as I like to call it, an Islamic takeover)

  32. the problem is even the supposed free speech advocates [left or right] don’t like certain types of speech and are happy for censorship one way but not the other.
    how about no censorship at all? lets see all the tiles flat on the ground and give people the opportunity to scrutinise, criticise and decide for themselves.
    people dont do this.
    heck the only truly free space i’ve ever heard of was opie and anthony back when they hate patrice o’neal on. some great and vicious discussions, and everything was on the table, race, religion, everything.
    i loved it, but now thats not possible anymore

  33. It really is like the matrix, where only a few have taken the red pill. The wish to just be accepted and fit into the group is stronger for millennials than the wish to speak the truth even if our free society is at stake.

  34. Young college educated liberal Marxists are always seen as compassionate and white knighting for marginalized people. But history has shown us that these types have been behind most of the 20th centurys greatest attrocities.The leaders of the Soviet revolution, the Khmer Rouge, Mao, and Castro have had their roots in higher education.

  35. I think there are some good points here. I had to grow up with two younger sisters. On a few occasions I had to impose the patriarchy, but mostly it was about negotiating through problems and understanding that the world did not revolve around me. Many Millenials are only children and have no experience growing up in terms of compromise or leadership.
    In terms of argumentative skills, I think back to my time in law school. I was 29 years old and surrounded by a bunch of 22 year old: 180 of the most intelligent idiots one could hope to assemble. Seriously, the could solve for X but when presented with any real world dilemma, they were at a loss. I graduated in 1999 and in the past 15 years or so these people have gone on to take key positions in government and industry. It’s fucking terrifying. And it is only getting worse.

  36. I’m 59, I contract cabling and electric in commercial applications, install a fair amount of it myself. Now, I dunno from the women, they’re irrelevant to me, but the boys of this generation are the largest collective class of pussies I’m ever seen. They pass through, I hire them on every now and then, it’s not a bad trade and a lot of them, they seem like they have few options.
    But the kids that have been to college seem to be the worst. They’re obese and have stupid tattoos and hair, they’re sloppy and indeed, like the girls they mirror, they have titties sticking through their shirts and they, like the women, don’t put their fucking CELL PHONES down either. They don’t have a handshake, they don’t look you in the eye, they aren’t on time at work, they see no sense of purpose, they grab the check, get out. They’re going to be, as a generation, the least successful and unhealthy generation of men ever. They’re very soft. The women of the generation, Millenials, most of them, are a lousy caricature of women as I know women.
    But as for the boys, even what ought to be grown men of 28, 30 years old are still living at home, waiting for that great job their stupid liberal-arts-in-whatever to come to them. The sloth is obvious in the women, the tatts, piercings, all the blue hair, but I don’t date this generation of women and I don’t have to hire the women. Women are useless in cable contracting anyway, useless in general because they have even more ridiculous jokes-on-paper degrees anyway. I don’t even hire women to answer the phones, the boys at least, can’t sue me, they can answer the phone and send an email,at least and after all their voices are lady-like. And still, I notice kids don’t know any math, they haven’t the vaguest idea of the notions of electricity, of mechanics, of science and never were curious to tinker apparently, with the lawn mower, the car, their bicycle as a child? Never? They don’t shit about the government, so they’ve had no history, literature? And colleges award a degree? These blobs are educated? Interesting. In what are they educated? I’ve yet to meet one that knows anything.
    But the boys coming out of college and high school? Pathetic specimens. Not even possessed of the most rudimentary skills with hand tools, they’re nothing more than coffee- chasers when we use a few in the summertime for a “helper”, or I let them cycle through the office, take messages over the phone and chase sandwiches. And they’re so weak, they aren’t even useful as mules until they can do something with tools. And we’re talking installing data and phone wiring in open commercial buildings, it ain’t a rebuild of the WTC for Christ’s sake. I know ROK is about the women and dealing with them and is for pointers for guys on the move up, self-starters, as it were. But Jesus H. Christ. ROK guys must be 2% of Millennial males, because the rest seem pathetic indeed. I’ve been rather oblivious to feminism on a lot of levels, but I believe when it comes to these young fellows, I may now have figured it out what feminism did.

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