Women Will Never Admit That They Love Being Mistreated And Objectified

The most passionate relationships I have ever had all involved a healthy, even heavy dose of objectifying women. That objectification has made the woman wetter and happier, whatever intellectual opinions she has had about the matter. I am certain the same goes for you in your relationship history. The rosy, sanitized vision of romance women often claim they want, or say they want to confuse men, is nothing but a furphy. Accordingly, I will stop treating women like objects when they stop getting wet when I treat them like objects. Deal?

Of course, feminists are already hard at work trying to counter women’s natural inclinations. Appalled at the willingness of women to subject themselves to objectification porn like Fifty Shades of Grey, they are continuing to erect college regulations and even proper legislation to penalize the slightest form of male sexual activity. Has a woman voluntarily pulled down your pants and started giving you a blowjob? Hold on, soldier, that’s not nearly enough, especially for regular coitus. Where’s your notarized document, certified only after a five-hour cooling off period?

Inasmuch as many women having these beliefs foisted on them is outright brainwashing, not reversing deep-seated biological drives, for the present purposes I will pretend this constitutes women not getting wet when objectified. But what about all the other women?

Even as the SJWs march down on common sense again and again, the responses you get from women are invariably better when you demonstrate that they are, in large part, an object for you. By treating her as an object, you are saying that she is not unconditionally eternal in your life, nor are any feelings you have for her. If she misbehaves unacceptably, falls out of line beyond normal human foibles, or otherwise substantially disappoints you, you are very likely gone and she assumes a similar lack of relevance for you compared to before you knew each other. So why the hell should you stop doing this, if it works?

Some good, by no means exhaustive examples of how objectifying behavior can coincide with women getting sexually aroused or romantically attracted include:

  • Painful spanking of her buttocks. The pain itself is part and parcel of the arousal or attraction (but remember, it has a limit);
  • Calling her a slut, whore, bitch, piece of meat, or something analogous, including prior to and after sex. Oftentimes saying it outside the bedroom illustrates the objectification point much better as many girls say practically anything during coitus;
  • Telling her to do something that she does not have to, especially immediately after she has already done something for you;
  • Depending on the girl: joking or talking far too much with other women. This is an acquired skill, particularly in paying just enough attention to your girl, but it is not simply a matter of inducing jealousy—it shows you have quickly seizable options should you and her part ways; and
  • Out of the blue sending her text messages or telling her point-blank in person the things you want, usually sex-related. As you do so, you make it clear that she is really only the vehicle for your gratification, not an equal participant in it.

Look at the examples in your own life

“I really, really don’t like this girl anymore,” I tell the woman behind the deli counter, whom I have never met before, in Czech. I am pointing to the 25-year-old blonde girl next to me, whose face is now a beetroot red. It’s a joke, and all parties know it, but for Eastern Europe it’s moderately audacious. For good measure I add, “Do you have any meat made from gypsies? This one [again pointing to the blonde] hates paying half for sirloin steak.” My girl goes redder still.

This was just one of many examples on a recent jaunt I made to Prague. The girl in question, whom I will call Kristýna, learned almost every day that me objectifying her made her wet. When shopping for clothes, she would come out of the change room for my opinion. Instead of just looking, I would grab her ass to see if they fit, slapping her rear end afterwards for good measure. “Yeah, it fits,” I would say, but only after the slap.

“You treated me like a piece of meat today!” she stammered out that evening, disbelievingly, after the latest clothes shopping episode. Incidentally, this was just after we started making out on the bed. The antics that followed afterwards, which I will let you imagine for yourself, should not surprise you, either. Quite frankly, there are clear rewards for “mistreating” women.

Having thought for most of my teens that the “nice guy” approach was the answer, with periods of asshole-ish in between, by the age of 18 and 19 I was changing. I came to learn that in most ways treating women heavily as objects at the beginning and even well into the relationship was not just a choice some people made but essential. In fact, it constitutes a very large segment of the only workable path to dealing with women romantically. This has all been confirmed to me ad nauseam by the women in my life, who have represented just shy of two dozen nationalities.

That said, being legitimately cocky and objectifying a woman is not a sure-proof way to get girls and arouse them. If you are morbidly obese and do not have some other redeeming quality, like a famous name or career, your chances using this approach are likely very, very limited. It is your job to use a holistic approach and see the objectification of women as causally necessary but not casually sufficient. There is a difference!

What I am not saying

Objectification has a time, a place and a context. This photo has none of those necessary ingredients, as her face shows. Be aware of them!

This is not an ROK sanctioning to go out on some kind of ass-slapping free-for-all, especially on women you do not know or barely know. Likewise, if you go overboard on the objectification in particular circumstances, expect at least some (very) negative outcomes. Doing it excessively, sometimes even just moderately, in front of her friends is a no-go zone. In these sorts of cases, you are better off modulating your tone to something regularly dominating like, “I need to make a call, can you get some water?” and then working up from there to determine the appropriate limit. The same goes for her (or your) family. Importantly, when you overdo it, you look like you have no place doing it in the first place.

In my own life as well, I have a couple of men edge provocatively close to a sexual assault charge, one pretty much of their own making. Objectification, as you should already long know, only works when you either have attraction or can guarantee she will be attracted to you after the action you perform. Going in gung-ho and acting your way to such a result is a recipe for a lot of drama you could definitely do without.

Moreover, having the ability to objectify is not the only asset you need to have. As a relationship or fling progresses, you need both wits and emotional depth to manage a woman and her reactions. Objectification alone does not provide this, irrespective of the potency it gives you in pursuing women initially.

What women tell you is almost always bullshit—objectification is what they want

You would be incredulous about believing a woman with a loudspeaker, just as you should be incredulous about a woman with an opinion about what men should give women.

A new friend of mine in Europe is hopelessly lost with girls. In trying to teach him how to speak with them, I approached random women at a beer garden. I jokingly asked one of them for her advice on him getting women. When she said “respect” as her first piece of “wisdom” and claimed that a lack of it from men was why she was single, I laughed out loud. I retorted: “If you really wanted respect, you would never be single… the world is full of nice guys.” After that, she could not say anything in reply, so she promptly changed the subject.

Like this girl at a bustling beer garden in Prague, women will say what they want to be the right answer or, sometimes even more commonly, what they think deep down is the right answer. It is almost always bullshit. It does not take a sexual Einstein to realize that almost every trend in the human world proves otherwise. If women did not respond positively to objectification based on natural inclinations, men would not engage in it. And nice boys like my new, hopefully soon-to-be less clueless friend would finally have the girl they desired.

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447 thoughts on “Women Will Never Admit That They Love Being Mistreated And Objectified”

  1. Well framed points. The emphasis on the fact that this is one factor of many is extremely important, especially to those just now waking up from the “nice guy” stupor.

  2. The simple and easy one, refer to her as “your woman,” not girlfriend, or the groan inducing “partner.”

        1. Absolutely. In High School, there was this attractive Mexican girl I called “Mija”, and she loved it.
          She already had enough orbiters and boyfriends, though.

        2. They absolutely do. I see fathers call their daughters that as well. I’m just starting my Spanish learning. Slept with enough of them that its about time to finally learn what they’re saying in bed.

        3. I just can’t go back to white women after Latinas… PS You’re missing out if you’re only going after the English speaking ones.

        4. Bro, I do my damnedest with non-english speaking ones. We can’t communicate per say, but it doesn’t matter with body language. I can’t either regarding white women. I sprinkle them in as they are readily available, but god damn I’m in love with Latina’s. Almost conquered all of SA from North Jersey. Know any girls from Uruguay? 😉

        5. No, sadly I’ve not made it to enough of South America, but so far every country has outdone the last. I guess Roosh doesn’t care for Latinas, or has never really tried them? No South American Bang books. Are you lucky enough to meet them locally or are you traveling down to S.A.? I prefer travelling there, way more fun and I have to get out of Murica every few months or I’d go crazy.

        6. I wish I could but I’m a desk slave… 2 shitty weeks off a year – yes I know get a new job… I’m not well traveled outside of Mexico and the Caribbean. Just made it out to the Philippines in February to see my brother. It’s a hoot and boy was I a celebrity everywhere I went – highly recommend it. I live outside NYC, and not to far from Paterson and Newark (Brazilian heaven). Plenty of foreigners all over. The au pairs from Austria last winter were gems.

        7. Yeah at least you are living in one of the best locations in the US for hot foreign girls, and with a steady supply of tourists pouring in every day. How were the Phillippina girls? My state is 2% Asian so it’s pretty slim pickens here. I find it hard to beat the Latinas, but The phillippines intrigues me as it’s a mix of Asian (naturally thin) with Latina (passionate, curvy, sexy).

        8. There is something extra hot about hearing a Latina carry on in Spanish while you’re churning their butter

        9. When she screams “papi” or even better “papisoto”, you done good.

        10. I’m lucky in that regard, but believe me they learn the ways of cunty Americans in no time. My current has been here 14 years, but she had a strong upbringing in Ecuador which I bring out in her on a regular basis. I remind her American girls are wrong, feminism is bullshit, and being a career girl rewards you with a cat, an apartment, chocolate and ice cream and around 200-300 different men. I also introduce her to my 40 year old girlfriends who are decent women, but bought into the career lifestyle and explain how lonely they really are.
          You need to go. Really eye opening experience. What really intrigued me was the different blends. They are a mix of all Asia – Korean, Chinese, Japanese (look at these), and Native Indian, and they also have a lot of Spanish in them, hence many I met had Spanish last names. I swear to God if you’re ass man… Minga! I hit 7 islands while I was there – highly recommend it. The women are extremely polite and feminine and treat men who deserve it like men. I played them no different than American girls. In bed they love talking “durty”. Took me aback a bit. Not like the dead fish american Asians I’ve scored back home at all. Book your trip!

        11. Hottest relationship I had was from a coastal girl from Ecuador. She had me mesmorized the entire time I was there, but the guys were telling me the coastal girls in particular were so hot and aggressive, you’d be at bars and they would approach you. He’d be at gatherings and they would send their nephew over and say “Hey my aunt Maria wants your phone number”. And totally agreed on the adopting our local ways, hence why I said you are missing out if you’re only getting the ones that speak English. These are the ones in the process of becoming Americanized. Ha ha that’s brutal introducing her to post-wall exes. I like it. And yes, Asia is definitely on the agenda soon. It’s just so hard to pass up all the nearby Latinas who are a 5 hour plane flight away and cost of living is peanuts!
          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Latinas have this magical way of being super sexual without being slutty. I’ve banged them same day and had more respect for them than girls that I dated for weeks in America. I still think about them.. damn those asses!

        12. Listen I’m not telling you pass up on SA, but you need to sample some Filipinos – for research purposes of course ;). I’m divorced and fairly young. I NEVER wanted even a committed girlfriend in the future. I spent the past 2 years and a half taking back the 12 years I lost being a beta bitch with one creature. She wasn’t a woman hence creature. I almost felt even a little bad at the rate I was turning them over. Now I’ve met this Ecuadorian chick – Christ almighty. All the Brazilian, Dominican, Argentinian, Peruvian, Panamanian, and Colombian girls I’ve been with don’t equate to her. She’s originally from the coast and wants to take me there later in the year. So I may go there with a girlfriend and stay there with my new ones.

        13. We’re living parallel lives. Latinas for the win, every time. Just learn to dance a little bachata or reggaeton, toss some Spanish their way, and you’re off to the races.

        14. I believe is a contraction or eliding slur of “Mi hija”, which means my daughter.

        15. Small percentages of the population in Newark is Brazilian. You mean latins/immigrant heaven?

        16. Pretty much. Portuguese, Ecuadorian, Brazilian, Dominican, they got it all. You live in North Jersey?

    1. I usually have always gone with “my little girl” or “aren’t you a good little girl” or something equally as infantilizing. Chicks eat that shit up. I use it as a reward phrase usually, and when assigning a pet name I’ll go with something equally as interesting in a “I’m treating you like a little girl” way, such as “baby doll”. And of course when she’s being flirty I’ll go to “naughty little girl” or “naughty girl” sometimes followed with a “threat” like “you’re being a naughty little thing, I may be forced to give you a spanking”. Bright eyes all the time with that kind of thing.

        1. Ooooohhhhh…you’re good……too good…..

        2. Or Pancakes. Or Bacon. Eggs. Actually, Eggs is best. That will really trigger all the feminists.

        3. That would be a compliment from me. I love to eat bacon several times per week.

        1. Baby girl is good, my buddy goes straight to that with women, usually within 3 minutes of making their acquaintance.

        2. He’s from Louisiana and transplanted to Ohio. He can talk an HB 9 out of her panties in less than 30 minutes. Fucking women melt for his country boy charm and accent up here.

        3. Or bambina that’s baby in Italian , you got say it like the actor Roberto benigni , Johnny stecchino , life is beautiful you know that guy

        4. As a Texan, I can verify that the Southern accent (especially if you class it up) plays EXTREMELY well in the north. Not just the accent, but the rebellious fuck you attitude that is usually issued with the accent at birth. Northern women absolutely melt with a well executed “Darlin.”

        5. If they are latina, and I am hitting it off with them, I will playfully call them Sancha. Immediate sexual connotation.

        6. Yep. I have an “old West” type accent, which derives originally from Southern but evolved its own way for 100+ years, so it’s different yet similar. Chicks fucking can’t get enough of it. My buddy is married yet literally has girls melting in front of him, even when his wife is around. Since he has that smooth country charm it never comes across as “wrong” though, it just seems natural, heh.

        7. A Texan accent differs from the old southern accent which tends to have a slower drawl to it and has the potential of making one sound uneducated. NOT too thick, not too long.

        1. Doll is fun too. Don’t do “honey”, it sounds too bland.

        2. I’ve been playing with “doll face” a bit for some of the potentials in my social circle game. Seems to work well enough in that setting.

        3. Given as anybody under 30 literally has no idea that anything existed in the universe prior to 1985, you can probably recycle pick up lines from old movies at will. I know that I use the Fletch answer to “So what do you do” all the time and nobody knows the line. It’s “Shepherd”, btw.

        4. Well, I figure they assume that they spent 1985 in the womb, if they are top end 30, what, this being 2016 and such.

        5. “sugartits” …good one . Go full Mel Gibson on them. Mel Gibson in his drunken , bipolar-mania induced rage called a female cop “Sugartits”….

        6. “Stick with me, kid. You’ll go places.” They seem to like that one, especially if they are younger and they have what I call “mentor issues” or a professor fetish.

        7. And it just reminds me of Skinner Sweet, from the comic American Vampire, calling the women “Dolly” all the time..

        8. My response to the question of what do I do is, “I’m a retired Chippendales dancer.” Seeing as I am old fat and bald this raises some eyebrows. If they ask me to demonstrate my moves I just say it would violate the non-competition clause of my retirement contact.

      1. I don’t know. If a woman calls me “daddy” it kinda creeps me out.

        1. I’m not really concerned with what she calls me, Generally women have defaulted to calling me really masculine things, which is good. Usually “dangerous” or “trouble”, said with a smile and “that look” when you know you’ve just guaranteed a fun night of sweaty rolling around.

        2. usually when a girl does something that creeps me out i end up liking it.
          example, I was kind of freaked out the first time a girl gave me head (I know, offensively blue I was). now I like it and use it as a barometer to see if a girl likes me.
          ex 2. one of my exes wanted me to pee on her. wtf hell no! I missed a good opportunity.
          ex 3. same girl licked my asshole among other things like finding deadpool’s on button. it freaked me out and felt uncomfortable. now I kinda like it and use the same moves she taught me on other girls with great effect.
          ex 4 . another ex liked to watch porn. I thought it was weird and I’d rather get straight to love making. go figure the last time we made love I allowed porn and she got super turned on. she also went wild at me using my own spit as lube. she had some kinky tendencies that regretfully never exploited.

        3. Yeah. I’ve had a few of those and it does kinda throw my thinking out of gear. Especially if they’re a lot younger than me and I’m pulling their hair. Not the time I want to be thinking of a girl in a fatherly/daughterly way.

        4. I have always noticed a certain correlation between women who say they like me because I am “rough around the edges”, and a near constant effort to smooth those edges out. I have noticed that this seems to come a lot from women who have power/corporate jobs. Those women love to try to change a man they attracted to, but I have found they grow rather bitter when they figure out that Im not gonna “smooth out”, just for the once in a lifetime opportunity to be graced with the blessing of fucking her beer flavored, one and only, sent from God, pussy. The inner Marge Simpson is alive and well in all the women that follow the opposites attract mantra.

        5. I know what you mean….when a woman says, “you sure are a beautiful man,” you know you’ve hit a new level with her. You could practically shoot her grandma and she’d help ya hide the body.

        6. Its true, real life text to my ex just sent: ” do you not think you deserve to fuck someone who just loves pleasing you and being there with you? Because you do, and you deserve to feel amazing about yourself. Fucking me should not make you feel bad, I think you’re great, and I would love to know you as a person more but that’s not what you want and i have to respect that. But you deserve to have me on my knees working it, and telling you how much I missed how your cock tastes.”
          Treats me like shit, ignores me for months at a time, makes me wait around for him to show up, but then fucks my brains out and tells me I’m gorgeous. Bitches love mind games it keeps me wet as hell, he can do whatever he wants. He gets no other pussy than me and it pisses me off how he just is indifferent and I pimp myself out to him because I’m into it.

        7. I’ve had a girl on a tram tell me my eyes were so beautiful she wanted to steal them. Pretty sure she was wasted… at 2.30 in the afternoon. That’s College for you.

        8. I get “you’re trouble” or ‘you’re bad” but with a smile on their face. I usually call them “doll”, “darlin’” or Muñeca (Spanish for doll). they eat that shit up!

        9. When I married my current wife she was 25 and I was 52 (a month later I was 53) and she liked to call me daddy. I was already dealing with being called a pedophile on a practically daily basis, so I told her to cut it out. She stopped immediately. Good thing too, because I was not going to accept anything less.

        10. You epitomize the typical mentally ill Amoricon chick. Once you hit 30 your looks will fade faster than field flowers after the first fall frost. You will look back with regret about your best years spent getting dicked by “alpha” losers and in your dark lonely room the only sound you will hears as the tears fall from your “thousand cock ” eyes – is a “meow”. Enjoy your cats bitch !

        11. Meh, this is the person I lost my virginity to, how many 23 year olds can say they even remember who they lost it to anymore? I also hate cats one nearly clawed my eye out. I don’t trust cats. He’s the most beta blue pill man on the planet but somehow acts alpha with me, I normally get with complete rejects btw. I’ve been with 3 people ever. Whatever bro. Some people get under your skin and you love them and they can’t be with you for whatever reason they make up. It’s what happens. The wall is real. It’s gonna suck. I have 7 more years darling.

        12. Usually I have women call me “sir” or “mr. so-so.” After the banging them the third of fourth time I let them use my first name.

      2. Funny you should say that. I use some of the same phrases but I don’t do it consciously. It’s just how I naturally refer to them.

      1. I’m afraid that smacks of pedestalization – seems suspiciously similar to the cliched “Heaven must be missing an angel” chat-up line.

        1. It’s subtle, but it’s definitely there. The implication is that she’s The One(tm), chosen by God, which puts you in the position of submission. In order to submit to God, you must do all you can to keep her happy; to make her feel bad is to subtly reject God’s plan. It’s not a good place to be.
          It’s mostly a symptom of the modern Churchian religion – lots of pedestals for women, lots of shame for men. Dalrock has some great posts on the subject.

        2. No, delivered in a neutral tone people wonder if I mean it in a good way or a bad way, i.e. is he alluding to Adam, or Job?
          It is what Adam called Eve right after she disobeyed God and God asks Adam to explain what happened.
          You’re obviously not a Christian or a very new Christian, or you’d get that. I hang around with theological heavyweights, so they get the double entendre.

        3. Ironic to be called a fake Christian (a Churchian) by someone who doesn’t even recognize the reference “the woman you gave me” as being from Genesis, in reference to a foolish rebellious woman named Eve.

        4. I made the same assumption most everyone would. I’ll confess, the Genesis reference was not something I expect of most pastors, much less pseudonymous online chat conversants.
          I stand by my original post, because the sentiment itself I cannot reject. However, I apologize to you for the offense.

        5. Guess I am right to only say that in church, meanwhile in the secular realm I call her my wife, or my woman.

      2. I’d switch it up.
        “God put me under the knife and took one of my bones to create you. You better be worth it, hon, because I really liked that particular rib”

        1. Speaking of knives and positions of power,
          I cant recommend enough
          Jacob millers song ive got the handle.
          One of the most red pill songs of all time.

        1. Lol! My current is “Mi chiquita mona” (My little monkey) and a bonita is thrown in there when she behaves like a good little monkey.

      1. I was with a chick that got livid about that, and I didn’t even call her it, one of my buddies did. She went off on a total bitch tangent with him.
        Meanwhile I call her little girl, girly girl and baby doll and she purred like a kitten.
        Women are weird.

        1. Aye. I suspect it was because she was truly an HB 9 to HB 9.5 and *really* valued her looks to the point that she took immediate umbrage at even the hint of a suggestion that she was an “old lady”. Fucking tight ass body that would have you cumming in place on first site, and a beautiful face like you wouldn’t believe. I guess the whole infant type names I gave her made her feel young and pretty. Or some shit like that. I didn’t spend much time thinking about it until just now, heh.

        2. I would have immediately started calling her “old lady” after that tangent.

    2. I refer to every girl i fucked as “my thing”. and they all love it at one point or another. Girls love to be objectified.

    3. I picked up “little woman” after living in the South and use it everywhere. Drives the Yankees crazy.

  3. Reminds me of something funny when I was in jr. high school.
    I’m hanging out at lunch and my girl is on my arm. She was wearing a loose blouse and I could see her bra strap. I follow the line down and get my first glimpse of nipple in my life. Excited as hell, I couldn’t help but have a shit eating grin.
    Just as my pants started to change shape, one of her friends saw what I was doing and started screaming (loud for the whole lunch patio to notice) “You disgusting pig! Why are you staring down her shirt!”
    I just grinned and replied, “My girl’s not complaining.”

      1. Yep. If I remember correctly, the one who complained was flat chested and hadn’t grown out yet. Meanwhile, the girl I was with was already a C cup.

        1. I felt the gif was appropriate for it. I don’t see many of these up here in the north.

    1. that there is a revolutionary act
      Obviously illegal, but can that deed really be wrong. That’s just sexist tourettes

  4. My advice, listen to what women say they want and then do the exact opposite. Women don’t want equality never have and never will. Idk if they say that crap because they don’t want to be judged by others as women are very socially conscious or they actually believe it but either way its B.S. Women were made for a man’s pleasure. They know this, you know this, and everyone gets along better when its acted out like this.

    1. “Women didn’t use to have a problem surrendering to being an object to men. Now they wanna control when they’re an object, AND control when I’M supposed to be turned on…. Lemme ask (women) a question. If you had some kind of accident that made you not sexy anymore. If you had some type of deforming situation, maybe like Kevin Spacey got to you in Seven. Like removed your nose. Now you’re ugly, you’re horrific. What are you, after you’re not sexy anymore? What are you beyond your looks? If men stopped looking at you like that, what would you be?” – Patrice O’Neal

        1. I play him for my current gf and she agrees with everything he says.

        2. All women on some level are trying to take you down
          Hell yeah thats true

        3. Fair point.
          Edit: I want to add that she’s in no way magic. She hates that I’m here, because she was told that RoK is a hate site. She hates the videos I watch because they’re anti-social-justice.
          She’s just my favorite.

        4. Ok good then. I just hate it when I see guys who claim to found “the one”. The perfect girl, who is sooooo different.
          And the sad thing is that I’ve to read shit like that even on this site.

        5. The black and white special on Netflix by Burr was phenomenal – Carlin standards IMHO

        6. “I’m Sorry you feel that way” – that’s the title. Enjoy

        7. I will reserve judgment against you for using the holy father Carlin’s name in vain until I watch tonight.

        8. OK Carlin standards does not mean better than… But I found it very entertaining. Did you check it out?

  5. Feminism is for ugly girls who don’t get objectified enough.
    Any feminist would sell her Grandmother into slavery to look like Amber Heard and have an army of high-value males lusting after her

      1. self-steam. Nice visual concept. Feminists will be self-steaming at both ends when they read this article

        1. so would ms plainjane, if she could just get some, but she can’t, so she’s a puckered up, dry hole shrew……..the world is full of ’em, mr englishbob

        2. She is as she is by choice. She’s free to choose. She could acquire a piece of heaven with half the pain she pursues her personal hell.

      1. In this day and age, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hooter’s girl is a “sex positive” feminist.

    1. I remember back when Amber Heard was a lesbian.
      Girl I’m seeing told me I’m a racist, homophobe and a sexist. And then she got down on her knees and proved it to me.

    2. Indeed she would, but she wants those options without having to work on herself. Well said.

  6. As you can see by this “Queen of Instagram” email Yahoo! sent their users today, it’s often something they love to perpetuate themselves:

    1. Don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t see anything after the colon.
      Edit: looks like the other images on the forums aren’t loading for me, either. Hmm…

      1. Some people fixate on a single body part.
        Yours is the colon.
        Have no shame in that.
        After all, sexuality is just a social construct.

    2. No surprise there. If anything it’s another shit test.
      “Look at me! I’m an attention whore!”
      “Why are you staring at my boobs? Pig!”

      1. Being called a pig always let’s me know I’m doing something right. They usually say it with a smile.

      2. “Why are you staring at my boobs? Pig!”
        Because they look nice, and I’m a man, baby doll. *evil grin*

      3. Yes, how is goddamn “Queen of Instagram” a badge of honor somehow for these vapid, worthless twats? I suppose being “Queen of” something actually productive or interesting and useful to the universe simply never crosses their minds!
        Side note, I catch myself telling other men “Men don’t take selfies” all too often now. Taking a yourself-yourself picture is the ultimate sad, desperate, pathetic cry for attention and validation and about as unmasculine as pink football uniforms!

      4. Oh many a time I’ve replied to “Stop staring at my boobs!” (which is complete and utter shit, you knew what you were doing and wanting by displaying them!) with “Stop showing them.” all smug and assholish.
        Never once has there been a retort…

        1. When I am with a woman that is showing nice cleavage, I make it an obvious point that I am looking just so they say something. And when they do, I just laugh in their face. My go to response is, “You wear a shirt that shows off your boobs and then act offended when I look! Nice…that’s real nice” I say it with a touch of joking and a touch of arrogance. They always change the subject and I lok at her tits even more.

  7. Objectification is all they have.
    Except for the fat and ugly ones. They have feminism.

    1. Feminism is also objectification, they specifically train women to turn into ugly objects.

      1. This is something I’ve long thought about. If you’re a nasty hateful person, you’ll look that way. I know a few fat women (some are wives – husband is fat too) who are not harpy’s and they come off attractive. I’d never touch them, but they aren’t gross.

        1. Fat without attitude is fine, I actually can enjoy a fat woman’s company if she doesn’t come with Bitchy Syndrome attached to her. Not many of those left any more though.

        2. So true and I was typing that out, only two came to mind that currently have any capacity in my life through my friends. In general I’m friendly to whomever I cross paths with, but the ones with purple hair and metal in their face always have a scowl and pout that never goes away. “If you keep making that face, it’ll stay that way!” – Mom

        3. I had a girl who, if she hadn’t been covered in ink, multi pierced, shaved half her hair off of one side of her head and dyed it blue, would easily have been an 8. Tight body, pretty face, the whole works. She came onto me heavy and I shook my head no, said “nah, I’m good” and walked away. Can’t stand that look. Such a shame to see pretty girls do that to themselves. Probably was a cutter or some other attention whore thing in her past I’d bet. She glared at me the rest of the evening while trying to seduce other men.
          Yeah, I’m friendly to everybody too, as a rule. Beats the hell out of being mean.

        4. Yeah. You know my preference though. Long hair, feminine, no ink, tight body, ample bosom, haunting eyes. Those inked up harpies turn me right the hell off and frankly I have no need nor desire to interact with them except to point and laugh.

        5. Used to be that fat chicks were the easiest. I remember the 1980s. Being easy was their only ticket.
          See how it’s flipped all around. But hey, at least low SMV dudes don’t have to fuck fat chicks and instead have to up their game and quality.

        6. I keep them around in case a grenade rolls into the room. Gotta have someone nearby to toss on it.

        7. They were but I never did one. Not my thing.
          Now almost all of them have this raging bitch attitude.

        8. This is very true. Not all females win in the “looks” department in life. But a good attitude, pleasant disposition and homemaking skills can really up their chances of landing a good man than feminism ever could.

        9. Guys in the upper classes in high school would call that “hoggin it”.

        10. Yeah, we called it hog hunting in the Army.

        11. Seriously, that’s quite true. A 6 with all the good traits will hands down win out in the hubby-snagging department over a bitchy feminist 9. If such a thing exists.

  8. Guys who take dating advice from women get regular sex from their right hand, and occasionally, their numb left hand.

      1. Only if the fleshlight is molded from the pussy of your favorite pornstar. But that can get pricey…

        1. Well considering they probably have disposable income between the WoW subscription and Anime figurines.

  9. Women want a man that they can’t pin down. So adjust your personality to include:
    20% Objectifying asshole
    20% Arrogant intellectual
    20% Beer-drinking sports fan
    20% Mysterious world traveller
    20% Introverted depressive
    This will keep her on her toes. If she never knows which man she’s going to get, she’ll stay with you forever trying to find out.
    (Humblebrag: I’m currently pulling this off very well. Current gf is wrapped around my finger because she can’t figure me out. All by design.)

    1. Sports fan I can’t even fake. My go to when asked “So, do you like to watch sports?” is “No, I like to play sports. I look at watching sports like I do watching porn, I’d rather participate in real life than sit and stare idly at somebody else doing it”. Does the trick, tells her you’re one of the “alphas on the television” instead of “beer dude on the sofa” and gives you a chance to introduce having sex like a porn star into the conversation badda bing from the start.

      1. My go-to line is, “The only sport I care about is MMA, and I just watch for the technique.” It does much the same thing, but without the added bonus of sexual subtext.
        I may have to adapt your line – it’s better.

        1. No worries, it’s royalty free.

        2. Whoa, watch out everybody-we got a badass here. You should study a few barfights where Jesus gets away into the night after disemboweling someone with a Buck knife.

        3. I ain’t no badass, Mr. Eastwood. I just enjoy a good scrap every now and again.
          In a god-honest fight, I’m reaching for my pistol. Ain’t nobody got time to deal with knife wounds.

      2. I’ve given girls a similar line about how I’d rather partake than watch. I add in that I only follow motorsports and do some racing myself. This gets them all excited up until they find out I race karts.

        1. Following something related to an actual hobby is great.
          I love to shame the “stat quoters” – the guys who can tell you the batting averages of every baseball player since the 30’s, but never played themselves. I thought I was a nerd because I do vocal impressions and can rap “White and Nerdy”, but those guys take the cake.

        2. When dealing with guys like that, you just have to shut them down by asking if they know what said player’s dick tastes like too.

        3. I’ve only used that once on a buddy of mine. Don’t think I’d use that on a complete stranger.

    2. This is key. They can adapt their behavior to handle any one of the above. But keep them guessing, and the hamster keeps flying full throttle and they can’t get you out of their head.

      1. I’ve got a fun one for when they find out I’m an Eagle Scout. It’s usually when I’m taking them home, and they see my bumper sticker.
        Just causally pat my jacket pocket (one of the front ones, where I keep a spare condom), look ’em in the eye with a sly grin, and say, “Always be prepared.” Instant sexual subtext.

        1. I never thought of the scouts as “lady’s mans club”, but damn that’s smooth. I usually hold up three fingers crooked when I’m telling an outrageous lie and say “Scouts honor”.

        2. I made it to Life Scout then discovered the two G’s at age 16 and dropped out. Wish I hadn’t in a way, but the past is the past.

        3. Nah. While y’all were grunting out those last few merit badges, I was instead camping out with a motorcycle gang and learning about women from the off duty strippers that rode with them. And fighting too, lots of things taught to me about that. And “Game” from watching my uncle plow through a bajillion hot women with ease. But damnit, I really should have gotten that Eagle badge.

        4. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of in life. Great times, great lessons. I have some vivid memories and learned some skills that will come in useful in the end days…

        5. Wait…this doesn’t involve a clown suit I hope?

        6. First they caved on “bullying,” which we used to call “discipline.”
          Then they caved on homosexuality.
          Now, it’s a free for all.

        7. It’d be a terrible idea to begin with. Obviously these people have never been to a large Boy Scout camping area before where hundreds, if not thousands, of boys are camping. Sure, let’s have hundreds of boys and girls camping side by side and not expect something to happen. Segregation can be a good thing.

        8. I’ve always wondered how hard it would be to start a small organization that resembles the original BSA.
          Take boys out camping and/or hunting
          Teach boys to read the land and navigate
          Make boys enforce discipline amongst themselves
          Teach boys how to fight, with words and with fists
          Teach the older boys game
          It’s a pipe dream of mine.

        9. All they have to do is look at the Hitler Youth camps. I heard it wasn’t uncommon for some of the girls to come back pregnant.

        10. More than a little sex in the Ventures. Put teenage boys and girls together on a camping trip, and you deserve what happens.

        11. My fear is that a properly RP organization wouldn’t get off the ground. I’ve got cousins in a few of those organizations, but they’re less masculine than I’d have preferred at that age.
          The organizations, I mean. Not the boys.

        12. Truth. I had a drill sergeant as a Scout master for a couple of years. We hated his guts right up until he moved, and we spent the rest of our careers in the Scouts trying to restore some of the discipline and honor that left with him.
          The other Scout Masters were infected with the taint that is killing the organization, but they didn’t dare tell him no. It was amazing.

        13. You’ll have to catch me, and brother, my windowless panel van is decked out with one hell of an engine.

        14. What the fuck is with you and strap ons, anyway?

        15. There’s only one thing in my mind when I think of candy, and damn the tummy ache, one day I’m determined to taste every flavor:

        16. I’m interested…intrigued….aroused…

        17. Some guys here are pretty angry at women, and given their circumstance rightly so, but man oh man, I do love the site of a beautiful woman being…a woman. Having that kind of girl draped on me while out on the town is a thing I really enjoy.

        18. I can put up with some shit, who can’t? I fully understand and embrace that it is the nature of the beast with women, part of their allure is that very juxtaposition of wild and domesticated.
          But the things I can never, and will never, forgive feminism for:
          1) trying to turn women into worse men.
          2) stealing all the joy.
          They’re like Murky and Lurky, but serious and actually dangerous.

        19. Taking ass home in a vehicle with an Eagle Scout bumper sticker lmfao why am I picturing a guy in a cheap A2 leather jacket driving a Hyundai

        20. Korean labor/quality at single mom prices. Screams payday loan customer a scosh less than a KIA. Way more solid than a Chevy shitbox.

      2. Prince was a great example of this. He kept the whole world guessing, and nobody knew who he really was, not even his friends. Best question I heard was “Is he a good guy with a lot of bad days, or a bad guy with a lot of good days?” If you can duplicate it, that’s a goddamn guaranteed recipe for tingles.

        1. That makes sense because almost every girl I know is crazy for Prince. And I think it’s due more to his persona than his music.

    3. I cant fake the Introverted depressive because im a happy good vibe men. What do you suggest in return?

  10. The men that are terrible with women are the ones that listen to advice from women

  11. Brilliant article and it rings true from real life experience.
    Objectify and talk to like a child for “courting”. Not all the time as the article notes, but when you’re out dating or in the boudoir kind of mood, absolutely. Getting compliance to your requests is also a good move. Keeping interest stoked with naughty suggestions brought up “out of thin air” is also keen. And of course, butt swatting and random “stop, slam against a wall, kiss deep and grope” moments when she’s not expecting it.

  12. I am married, but it still works with my wife. Like the writer says though, know your limits. Sticking your dick in her rear when she is making dinner isn’t the best idea, but you may grind on her a bit and then go for it afterwards.

  13. Her: “Do I look fat in this dress?”
    Me: I cannot reply because I would not want to objectify you.

  14. Patrice O’Neal visited Amsterdam before he really mastered his redpill beliefs, and said a huge wakeup moment was talking to this hot 17 year old sex worker there. I think he met her socially and then later asks if she was attracted to him and she looked him straight in the eye and said ‘Oh little boy. You need to learn you don’t ASK for it. You TAKE it” After that he realized it was a blown opportunity, and that bitches ain’t shit and treated them accordingly. I’m trying to find the clip, I think it was on Howard Stern, he was only on there twice.

    1. I tell girls all the time “I take what I want and want what I take. I’m part pirate.”

    2. Sounds contradictory for this place but I reckon all men at a young age could gain serious wisdom from prostitutes

      1. Not contradictory at all. Talking to a prostitute could be one of the most eye opening experiences. It’s viewing human sexual interaction at its most redpill and honest.

      2. while it wasn’t prostitutes (well, some were), I worked in a strip club in college as a bathroom valet for several years. Working around sex workers and in that industry, nightlife, etc I did learn a lot of things about many subjects.
        I learned so much about women that I have never had a meaningful or successful relationship. I have been able to keep my dick wet my whole life. Which is better? Who can say.
        The wisdom you learn from whores, however, is at best learning the process by which sausage is made.

        1. That’s why game and PUA developed in The U.S., where prostitution is illegal. In Europe it’s much easier for men to get the right frame at an early age, since they can regularly fuck as many hot women as they can afford.

        2. I don’t know, maybe it is because I am American but prostitution seems, well, yucky to me. I would much sooner crank one out myself than pay a pro.
          It seems to me that PUA originating in America is more due to the unholy confluence of feminism, entitlement culture and cuntishness that also originated here along with American’s natural inclination to compete with one another.
          As a caveat I will say that other than my confidence and my ability to not get giddy and lose frame I do not believe I have much game per se.
          Other than some short time in college I have lived in NYC my whole life. The odds here greatly (and increasingly so as I grew older) favor men. I would say that on an average night out there is a 3:1 single female to male ratio and the fact that I am fit, have my own apartment (roommates are big in this city), have a good job and am not a total lackwit means I’ve put very little effort into scoring high smv women pretty much my entire life

      3. you may have solved the problem of too many female teachers in school

  15. was engaged guy who did flirt with other women and commanded me around when he was not hungry and the house was always spotless. The engagement did stop there. i know you say its bs what women say but i would never be with a man like that, i have been there and when he became like this it was bye bye.

    1. You were engaged to a man who did this. “I would never be with a man like that”.
      You were with a man like that. So, well, there you go.
      There’s objectifying and commanding in a sexual context, but the article also points out that there are places where you pull back and don’t do that. Did you even read the article?

      1. “i would never be with a guy who was just like every guy I have ever been”
        A troll she may be, but a statement like that can only come from a fucking woman.

        1. Oh boy if only your doctor could read English, he would throw your ass into the nuthouse basement! ha

      1. wouldn’t it be more efficient to beat them with the flowers you’ve bought to express your deep affection. Specially if she has hayfever

        1. yes the hay fever and also, naturally, rose thrones make it a very effective weapon for beating but the question was for a middle ground between objectifying and pandering to women not the most effective way to explain yourself

        2. rose thrones? you big romantic you.
          To answer the question, I suppose one could always worship the fact that you objectify them. That sounds like a compromise

    1. There is only dominance and weakness. If you’re not objectifying her, you are weak.

  16. This article reminds me of a 1950s workplace training video from family guy:

    1. Have you ever seen the actual videos that these are based on? They are spectacular.

      1. Wow it hard to believe these were a thing. The world was so different then.

        1. yup. They are legit too. I Have loads of these videos and old smoking ads that I think are hilarious saved on external hard drives. You could actually spend hours just looking through them. This was them being EXTRA PC too.

        2. Yeah, I could tell they were holding back. Maybe the women would have refused to be in the videos of they were too over the top.

  17. I would add to the article that women love being judged. Every time I facepalm or shake my head in disapproval at a mildly stupid thing one of my women does, they’ll exclaim “don’t judge me!” and then give me a “[email protected] me” stare afterward. I think Chateau Heartiste said it best that women are so vocal about not judging because they know deep down that they love being judged.
    Women are best described as children that never grow up.
    Take them seriously at your OWN PERIL.
    I am seeing this cute girl who is very feminine and hates Feminism but can fly into a temper tantrum very easily (one thing about feminine women not often mentioned is that they’re VERY EMOTIONAL, hence why your average beta can’t attract or deal with one because he is an emotional creature too).
    I have learned that I basically have to treat her like a child and not appease her and remain calm like an oak tree.
    By the next day she will be once again even more lovey-dovey and goo-goo eyed for me.

    1. “Women are best described as children that never grow up.”
      Wisdom right there boys.

  18. Yup some women like this but then there’s those who don’t.
    Lumping everyone together “all men are like X…” Or “all women are like Y…” just demonstrates a lack of intelligence both emotionally and intellectually.

    1. I have met approximately ONE woman who was not totally turned on by male dominance. She ended up marrying some dude, blue balling him and being an utter bitch to the nth degree until he divorced her.
      So yeah, there are exceptions, but that’s all they are. Nature selected humans across the millenia to respond to certain cues and circumstances. Most of the human race arose directly from, well, lots of rape and rough dominant shit, like for thousands of years. That women respond viscerally to being seen as sex objects and like rough guys is only natural, it’s built into us. If they did not actually want to be sex objects for men, and men did not see them as sexual creatures, the human race would disappear.

        1. Yep. Natural gays are non reproducing, but show up in human ranks from time to time as outliers. That doesn’t mean that somehow we have to discount calling human beings sexually reproducing beings, because 1% do not sexually reproduce.

      1. Well in that case I’m glad my girl friend of 14 years is an ‘exception’

      2. Ummm.. okay.. So you are admitting your gender are for the most part rapist pigs? I kinda agree actually..Men by nature require stringent law. Most would happily engage in pedophila- as is defined by our current laws

    2. Spoken like a true blue pill white knight.
      Sorry pal, but there are generalities and behaviors that got us here as a species. You cannot undo 10,000+ years of mating instincts with feelgood equality bullshit.
      You lack a true, nonobjective understanding of human nature. I get it though, your liberal professors don’t like uncomfortable truths.

    3. Of course there are exceptions. You should know to assume we’re speaking in generalities. That’s pretty much a given when discussing people: Often stereotypes and generalities are correct for a large portion, never guaranteed for all.
      As Tom Leykis often points out to men who make statements such as yourself, “Exceptions do not serve to disprove the rule. Their called exceptions for a reason.” He’s right.

    4. Saying “because there’s a needle in the haystack it’s better to organise your affairs on the assumption the haystack is made of metal rather than hay” demonstrates complete absence of intelligence of any kind.

  19. Most practical and useful ROK piece for me. I use Mode One exclusively(great success with it) and this article not only solidifies why it works, but inspires me to push it further by calling women “sluts” and “bitches” in my approaches…AFTER I know there is attraction of course.

    1. This is a real and, frankly, fucking scary thing. I have seen it. The worst part is that the syndrome is, ultimately, untenable for them. As soon as they feel secure in the fact that they own your ass they will go back to being their cuntish little selves and it takes you a longer time than it should to realize what happened.

        1. why thank you. Glad to be back. Return of Kings indeed.

      1. But what about when she just molds herself to your personality and it sticks? I think it would be related to this, but not entirely since she wouldn’t revert back to whatever she really was. I ask this because I’ve been in a relationship 25 years and my wife is right-wing/libertarian just like me, although I don’t recall her ever being into politics when we were dating.

        1. It has never happened to me. To be honest, I think it would be nice until I got bored of it and then it would be me being the total asshole.
          But that is me and maybe it is why that doesn’t happen to me.

        2. Eh, it’s just politics and some normal values that I didn’t recall her having when she was young and silly. I strongly suspect though that if we ever split, she’ll return to apolitical.

        3. See, if a woman molded to me she would be a hedonism, a moral relativist, a troll and, well, a nihilistic twat and, ya know, who wants a girl like that?

        4. What I think when I see loser guys buying guns for “her” and wanting a woman who fishes, drinks beer and wears jeans 24/7…just go brokeback Daryl over there why dont you.

        5. I can’t think of anything worse than being in a relationship with the female version of myself.

        6. Yeah, I don’t invite her out hunting or fishing, and if she wants to shoot she can use one of my bajillion guns from the safe. I don’t mind if she gets a CHL (concealed handgun license) but she hasn’t really wanted to so I don’t press the issue at all.

        7. That comes from her not being secure in owning you. I achieve this during arguments where I have told my sweetie she knows where the door is and she says, “If I leave you will never have another like me.” I respond, “Nope. The next one will be completely different.” She has stopped saying that, by the way.

    2. whew…a cold sweat broke out on the back of my neck… This is so true.Spot on . Fucking scary….

    3. The key is to keep your alpha frame consistent on her and she’ll keep responding like the wonderful chamelion described. Lord help me if she should ever lose her chamelion groove. Keep the alpha frame as long as you have a healthy dick that dangles – and needs serviced.
      But show her a beta face and she takes over the house and begins nibbling at you like a house cat nibbles at a deceased owner. The chamelion woman is as good as it gets. Don’t expect women to be any better than that. It is what it is and they are the way they are, but ‘chamelion women’ are what the good lord scooped onto our plate. She’s there to breed and service. She needs tricks and keys to unlocking her facilities. That’s how personalized personal service works. Don’t underestimate the Lord’s intelligence.

      1. upon my return I have agreed to let him put his finger in my wound.

        1. ah yes, ancient history. Though I have returned…like Napoleon from Corsica, Aragorn to Gondor or like a girl who is right at that age where she is deciding if she is going to be fat or not, to the ice cream isle after sucking here 83rd dick of the night.

        2. are we not all blind to that which we refuse to see…..(I bet I could talk some dirty thot into making that her Instagram status)

        3. Shit, 2 comments in the discussion and you’re bringing the philosophy, all that pent up thoughts and anger from getting banned! Mawh Gawhd

        4. You know that, although Napoleon was born in Corsica, he was not banned there ?
          I think the comparaison would have been better if you would have said “like Napoleon from Elba”, or even from Saint Helene, although he never left that one.

        5. Elba. Fuck. I should have googled first. Yes, like Napoleon from Elba. Sorry, mixed it up.

      2. Yeah, let’s not go there and get more bans ramped up aight?

        1. Not a good idea. Roosh commented on it on another thread. I’d let a sleeping dog lie in this case, at least for a while anyway.

        2. yes, no need to push any boundaries….so long as the boundaries do not close in to the point of suffocating truth, dignity and common sense.

      1. I wonder what the funky bunch is up to these days. Probably hanging out with the other guy from Wham and the culture club.

        1. No idea. Probably should have just gone with what I really meant to say, to be fair I sort of already think of you as that other guy from Wham 😛

      1. While I was gone I lay down and fell asleep and dreamed a dream and in this dream I was boning Olivia Wilde and Giada DeLaurenttis at the same time. And neither of them had beliefs, children or pubic hair. And that was my dream. So fuck martin luther king.

        1. Best comment on the thread.
          You were missed, sir.

  20. Gay men engage in objectifying, dehumanizing, instrumental and often brutal sex between strangers. For some reason leftist intellectuals who theorize about how the modern capitalist form of society results in exploitation and alienation give gays a pass on this behavior – probably because sexual defectives form the shock troops for breaking down a healthy organic society to make it more vulnerable to leftist social engineering and utopianism.

  21. Always with women, a man must wade through a river of bullshit. It’s exhausting work and the payoff never turns a profit. Ooo, I came. I’m so glad I dealt with some broad to achieve that.
    The only nice thing about being over 40 is that I am usually deaf to my pecker. Since it no longer has the deciding vote women don’t get much from me.

    1. Dang hoss. Kids were a great payoff, to me.
      Are you serious about your decline in sex drive? I lift weights like a freak and my t-levels are through the roof still. I’m in my late 40’s. Do you do much physical activity (serious question, not trolling)?

      1. Never forget stress, and a wrong diet… I am a bit younger than you 2 and during “work marathons” (lack of sleep + a sandwich instead of “real food”), never mind even talking about women… I simply can’t.

  22. women say they hate the catcalls when they walk by a job site but in fact they secretly LOVE it . Ugly gals don’t get whistled at or catcalled….. Cool women admit to me that they dig it and wave back at the fellas , old school flirting like..
    I think in NYC ( shocker–not) they have passed actual anti cat call laws . Hard hat /work site dudes can get arrested for hollering at a dame.. Scary.

    1. They can pass all the laws they want, it hasn’t even slowed down and never will ….
      The best was, about 5 years ago I was an owners rep on a project and the building was across the street from a high school.
      Fun times when I would get calls from school administration.

    2. If women hate catcalls when they walk by a job site, why do they chose to walk by a job site?

        1. Be handsome.
          Be attractive.
          Don’t be unattractive.
          The video I linked is worth the watch. SNL back when they were still sometimes funny.

    3. Women who complain about being catcalls only do so to brag/whine. It’s like a man saying “Ohhhhh I hate how my new muscular physique can’t fit into any of my old clothes!”

    4. When women REALLY hate something she don’t verbalize it and they adjust their patterns to avoid the things they truly hate. 99% of things women say they hate…. they really love and they are saying it out loud to brag. so actually by rule, the escalation of this to being a Feminist and protesting etc. is just really just them bragging about how badly we want them and want to “Rape” them and such.
      Its a Global shit test that as a society men failed beyond comprehension. Anyone of you guys who has taken a feminist to bed knows what they are really about when the man isn’t wearing White Armor.

  23. “Inasmuch as many women having these beliefs foisted on them is outright brainwashing”
    Feminism creates enormous and unresolvable conflict for women. The consequence is they have to lie to themselves and others about sex even more than they ordinarily would on account of simple feminine pride. Every man on the planet except male feminists knows that what women say about sex is bullshit yet women / feminists are almost exclusively the go-to-“experts” on all things sex-related and there is no recognition whatsoever within academia that there even exists such a conflict between what women are motivated to say and what they are motivated to do. We’ve heard a lot about the undiscovered continent of female desire from Freud onwards, but if we think of what feminism has had to say about the matter all of it has been cover-up. It’s taken the dark continent of female desire and tried to cover it over in sand so no-one can see what’s going on underneath. It’s time to reveal the ancient psychic artefacts buried in the dessert
    BTW that must have been some impressive Czech there

  24. I have to laugh, this article is spot on.
    During my red pill transition I was getting tired of serial dating once I discovered best how to present myself. An attitude adjustment, some lifting, dropping some bad habits and friends went a long way to catch a woman’s eye.
    But after chatting up females at bars only to discover they are single moms with a brood at home I was getting pissed at the time I was wasting. I would begin nexting girls with shitty attitudes or liberal leaning ideologies like changing my socks.
    I began to notice that as I started outright disrespecting them and nexting them in my mind, they would get excited by my brutish and dismissive behavior.
    While I have found a good woman who understands the world, I still smack her ass and call her a skank, shes knows its playful but subconsciously she is aroused by it. It’s one of the best relationships I’ve ever had.
    Understanding and improving yourself is key. But being brave enough to know how to treat a woman with a smooth delivery is the final step in gamesmanship. Once you achieve that, your redpill journey can swing into politics and culture.

  25. The only women that are against the objectification of women are those women that aren’t being objectified. They hate seeing other women get attention while they don’t.

      1. What about monsters? The other day, I was in Hamburg, and I watched a herd of these things passing by…

        1. Ah Hamburg…. haven’t been there in 3 years….. St. Pauli beach….. cool spot for watching the ships coming in and going out again……

        2. Monsieur, n’allez vous jamais à l’Allemagne…
          Et pardonnez moi l’hérésie esthétique…

        3. “No, I don’t what come on your face. I want to try for through the hoop”

        4. Considering this mentally ill chick got herself horribly mutilated so she could be the center of attention, I’d say she’s all about being objectified.

        5. It’s hard to tell. Why would someone do such a thing? I can’t believe it’s just a call for attention…
          Are monsters objects?
          The worst is this is becoming kind of “mainstream” in some regions of Europe and Canada (and maybe San Francisco and the East Coast, in the US).

        6. We used to, rightly, institutionalize these self harming individuals. For good reason too.

  26. “If you really wanted respect, you would never be single… the world is full of nice guys.”
    For an off the cuff remark, pure genius. I’m just surprised she didn’t wet herself right there and then. Sweet……oh and next time I hear a woman say “respect” I’m using it….thank you very much…….

  27. Essentially, outlining why 50 Shades of Grey is such a popular book amongst women.

    1. I’ve read the books; they’re poorly written, and have simple characters. The plot is long enough to, if you removed the multiple sex scenes, to fill one book, not three.
      Here’s the plot: Innocent college girl is lured into submission scheme by ultra-rich but mentally damaged from child-abuse playboy. After cutting off her white knight friend forever, she falls for, and is impregnated by the playboy, then manages to redeem him from his demons and lives together happily ever after.
      That’s it in two sentences. There is actually some red pill wisdom in there; her friend, who maintains her old Beetle and some other help as a white knight orbiter, get flat out abandoned by her, especially when her playboy buys her at least one new luxury car. This is why doing favors for women is stupid.

  28. Never in my sexual life, did i meet any Disney princess that craves “respect” and is waiting for the charming prince. They like to be treated like shit and that only ads up to the excitement.
    I discover this when i was 20, 21 at the University with a older women. The more cold, distant and manipulative i was with her, the more she was totally dependent on me. I was like a drug to her and it was really a eureka moment to me. Step up the douche bag role, be dominant, flirty and keep them guessing.

    1. What’s wrong with your main television stations? I turn the thing on and all I get is slut-show non-stop in the prime time. Wtf is “love on Top”?
      Edit: sorry, I shouldn’t have brought this into conversation

      1. Brother, Portuguese television is a open sewer. “Love on Top” is the latest of a line of miserable reality shows, where the aim is to get together the most stupid men and women together. I am nauseated even by writing this.

        1. Reality shows are slowly becoming outdated everywhere, since at least 2010. They are often moved to cable…
          Is this stuff still getting high audience?

        2. I have no idea about the rating, but it must have knowing the target of that particular network. The worst is cm tv. I have seen cleaner gutters.

    2. And then, single and in their forties, the smarter ones get tired of the manipulation because they’ve been through it so many times that they’ve finally learned about themselves. Which is one reason it’s harder to bed women successfully as they get older — they get ungameable. That’s when they start mumbling things like “I just want male companionship”.

      1. Why would you bother with 40 year old women when every year, the amount of 20 year old women basically doubles due to population growth?

      2. Usually they begin to say that cliche that” all men are the same” or become addicted to pets. They do love their cats and dogs.

  29. I want to emphasize his point that it has a time and a place. Namely, the bedroom. Even then, there may be limits. Communication is best, not “objectification” if one wants a quality woman, I believe. But, if she is chronically unwilling to communicate or has a toxic personality, drop her like a stone.

  30. “If you really wanted respect, you would never be single… the world is full of nice guys.”

  31. When women say they want a “nice guy” who “respects” her, they really do mean it.. so she can walk all over him, spend his paycheck, and canoodle him into doing things for her, while dangling the carrot of occasional sex to stop him from bolting. And he’ll put her on a pedestal and worship her like a goddess for it.
    Meanwhile every Thursday while “Nice guy” is working late to pay for their white-picket-fence lifestyle, the objectifying sonofabitch from the sports bar is balls-deep in his “goddess”.
    Thus endeth the lesson.

  32. Okay, well now that we are done with the anecdotes. Now please, do you have something scientific to back up anything of what you are saying?

    1. Yeah but the studies are up inside of your grandmother’s dead asshole. You’ll need a shovel.

      1. Nice try troll, go try to cope with your superiority complex somewhere else.

    2. Sales of 50 Shades of Gray.
      You’re welcome.

      1. I think we’re done here-that pretty much nailed it.
        Time to wrap up, turn the sign around, and head home. LOL.

        1. No it didn’t. The author claims that the vast majority of women like being “mistreated and objectified”. This 1) Doesn’t have anything to do with being that book 2) The vast majority of women have not, and do not, read 50 shades of grey.

      2. Fifty shades of grey sold 125 million copies. There are 3.5 billion women on earth, 500 million of which are illiterate. This means MAYBE 4% of women are 50 shades of grey fans. In addition, 50 shades of grey is, from what I understand, a domination/submission fantasy book, which is not the same thing as sexual enjoyment of being mistreated and objectified. I do not deny the plausibility of these things, but I do not see the author providing any studies proving a super majority of women enjoy “being mistreated and objectified”.
        Edit: There are 500 MILLION illiterate women worldwide, not 500 billion.

        1. you just said 3.5 billion women, then 500 billion are literate. if you really meant 500 million. oh and by the way ~200 million of these literate women are in Asia and the middle east. That makes for 250mill divided by 125mill. ummm 4%? go back and do the math and come back when you have gotten out of the friend zone with the woman you are trying to impress with your White Knighthood.. have a nice day..

        2. “you just said 3.5 billion women, then 500 billion are literate. if you really meant 500 million.” Oops. Thanks for pointing out my typographical error there.
          “oh and by the way ~200 million of these literate women are in Asia and the middle east.” So what? After all, I was talking about worldwide sales.
          “That makes for 250mill divided by 125mill. ummm 4%?” ?!?! The 4% is the number of book sales as a percentage of literate women to get a rough estimation of how many women like that book. Where did you get 250 million? http://www.percentagecalculator.net/
          “go back and do the math” No I am right, 125 million book would give a book to 4% of all 3 billion literate women on earth.
          “with the woman you are trying to impress with your White Knighthood”I am not white knighting. I am scientifically scrutinizing this article and @ghostofjefferson ‘s statement. If I wanted to white knight, I wouldn’t be on a website almost exclusively read by men and comment using a pseudonym. Again, I as the opposition have provided actual statistics, and the proposition has so far failed to counter them.

        3. uhhh, where did you come up with that 3.5 billion women (half of the total population of people btw) are literate?.. lol.. lets say that 16 years old is the youngest reading this book. Then subtract Middle eastern living Muslims and South Asian women. Then subtract the ones too poor to care about that book or probably don’t even know it exists. how many do you think that leaves? Certainly not enough for the number of women reading this book to be less than 30% of the total literate and ‘viable to this argument’, population. 125 million is 4% of 3.125 billion.

        4. The reason that Asia and the middle east matter is because, Indian woman and Muslim women living in Muslim countries don’t have access to this book or even want or “are allowed” to have access.

        5. Yeah and women in those countries are the same people who can’t read. So it still doesn’t negate that at most only 4% of literate women have even read that book.

        6. “uhhh, where did you come up with that 3.5 billion women are literate?” Do you really have to break down all the fucking math for you to figure this out? Okay here we go:
          Pretty close to 50% of the population of earth is female. The population of Earth is seven billion (7,000,000,000,000). Half of seven billion is three billion and five hundred million (3,500,000,000). Out of three billion five hundred million women alive, four hundred ninety three million (493,000,000) can’t read. When you subtract this four hundred ninety three million (493,000,000) from three billion and five hundred million (3,500,000,000), you get the total number of literate women on earth, which is – three billion seven million (3,007,000,000). Assuming each book goes to one woman, this ends up meaning that four percent the females who can read it, have read it.
          “Then subtract Middle eastern living Muslims and South Asian women.” As far as I understand, the book is actually only banned in Malaysia.
          “Then subtract the ones too poor to care about that book or probably don’t even know it exists.” Okay well those people, are also going to have a pretty high rate of illiteracy though, there already covered. Anyways, that is a rough estimate. Even if you count in all your factors, it’s no more than 15%.
          If you want some less iffy statistics, well then in the US the book sold at a rate of one book for every four women. Keep in mind this is the US, a pretty degenerate country, so environment factors probably come into play with that.
          I would say 1/4 is a pretty accurate number for women who like bondage and stuff like that, and that is a long way from all women like what the author claims. Also, there is a big difference between enjoying bondage and enjoyment of of “Calling her a slut, whore, bitch, piece of meat, or something analogous, including prior to and after sex. Oftentimes saying it outside the bedroom illustrates the objectification point much better as many girls say practically anything during coitus”.

        7. Man!, you are hard headed. Ok lets recap….
          7 Billion people in the World
          3.5 approx. are FEMALE. …. not women, but Female as in, no Penis.
          -Subtract Illiterate women
          -Subtract Women not exposed to this book, whether it be a poor country (like India, which btw has 600 million females or more all by itself, of which 90% wouldn’t know what this book is. That’s half a billion in 1 country), religious beliefs of the region or whathave you.
          -Subtract Females under the age of 16 years old (kids are literate at about 7/8 years old btw).
          -Subtract Women over a certain age, sick or incapacitated to where they cant be counted in this books possible buyers.
          That leaves you with about 250 million viable Female Targets.. lets be conservative and call it 400 million even to be fair to my possible over calculating..
          Whats 400 million divided by 125million? is that 4%?

        8. If you want some less iffy statistics, well then in the US the book sold at a rate of one book for every four women. Keep in mind this is the US, a pretty degenerate country, so environment factors probably come into play with that.
          I would say 1/4 is a pretty accurate number for women who like bondage and stuff like that, and that is a long way from all women like what the author claims. Also, there is a big difference between enjoying bondage and enjoyment of of “Calling her a slut, whore, bitch, piece of meat, or something analogous, including prior to and after sex. Oftentimes saying it outside the bedroom illustrates the objectification point much better as many girls say practically anything during coitus”.

        9. You’ll find its in the 30-40%. You have millions in second hand sales not to mention women handing the book off to others. Its in their DNA bro, to be dominated. Mistreated is a crude way of saying put in her place. It wasn’t “mistreatment” 100 years ago. Objectification means basically being valued for her looks and her lady parts. Women as a whole. Love both. period. Regardless of 50SOG. The popularity and curiosity of most females and 50SOG is proof, not the reason. It is the end result of feminism repressing their natural want to be under a man. Point blank.
          Don’t worry, you’ll realize it soon enough. hopefully.

        10. “Its in their DNA bro, to be dominated.” I can agree with this…
          “Mistreated is a crude way of saying put in her place.” I have an idea, why not use the correct term rather than some other unrelated term. I think there is one of those, what is it? Oh yeah, dominated…
          “It wasn’t ‘mistreatment’ 100 years ago” Well 100 years ago, if you “Calling her a slut, whore, bitch, piece of meat, or something analogous”, you would probably get your ass kicked or you would be arrested for obscenity.
          “Objectification means basically being valued for her looks and her lady parts.” I don’t deny this. But I don’t think women sexually like – or dislike for that matter, being sexually objectified. I think they like it because it’s attention, and because it’s power/control over other people (men).
          “Don’t worry, you’ll realize it soon enough. hopefully.” So I am kind of confused, what exactly do you mean my “mistreatment”?

        11. The reason we say Objectified and Mistreated. (BY the way I think this is the right way to say it). Say it that way because that is what women call it bcoz feminism. By using those words it will get, not only them, but Us men to realize they aren’t being Objectified or Mistreated, they are being treated how they should be and how they want to be, when being treated as such is the topic of the above article.. Anyone with half a brain knows what abuse is, and that is not what we promote here.
          Anyone who sees this as an excuse to actually abuse a woman, was just looking for an excuse to do that and would have done so anyway.

        12. “but Us men to realize they aren’t being Objectified or Mistreated, they are being treated how they should be and how they want to be” Again, I want SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE – that women enjoy being mistreated. I understand your claims about how they enjoy it.
          “they are being treated how they should be” On a side note, what someone wants isn’t always best for them…

        13. How is it not best for them? Their natural position in life is to follow. As quoted once here, when they assume their proper role as the compliment to our leadership they act as “the neck” to our being the head of the relationship. What has more control than the neck? Donna Reed bro truly had more “control” of things than did the wife in “everybody loves raymond”. You look at a couple together 60 years and i bet you the woman is still as feminine as ever. Weight close to what she did in high school and still floats around the room like a dancer when she walks around the house. They are born to be the “objects” of our affection. They look like they do, to attract us, to impregnante them. No amount of modernization or evolution will discount the purpose of a woman’s beauty. Mistreating them is the only way now for them to feel the way they want to feel because they lead these lives that are a lie to what they really want. Thats why the women today are so miserable. Society has shifted forcing them to work……. Its way to long to explain here but you should get the jist of it on what i have said so far.

        14. The only Scientific evidence you need is to only observe. It comes so natural to women. One day it’ll all make sense. Just pay attention.

        15. “The only Scientific evidence you need is to only observe.” That… Isn’t scientific! That is called an anecdote, and guess what, the sum of anecdote isn’t data!

        16. “How is it not best for them?” Well, people here are talking about 50 shades of grey type stuff. Do I really need to explain why that isn’t healthy?
          “Their natural position in life is to follow. As quoted once here, when they assume their proper role as the compliment to our leadership they act as “the neck” to our being the head of the relationship.” Oh, so you don’t mean 50 shades of grey stuff… Well yes, I agree with that statement.
          “No amount of modernization or evolution will discount the purpose of a woman’s beauty.” Off topic, but interestingly female beauty is something that is still evolving to be better over time because attractive people have more children…
          “Mistreating them is the only way now for them to feel the way they want to feel because they lead these lives that are a lie to what they really want.” Well it’s not really mistreatment bug I get your point…

        17. Listen… You are taking things way way to literal. Noone is talking about 50SOG type of stuff. At all. ( if you quote someone to prove me wrong you are missing the point here) The popularity of that type of thing (50sog) among groups of women who will accuse a man of rape if they wake up next to a bad decision is the cause of the conversation and of the exaggeration. Women yearn to be put in their natural place in the world, in society when it comes to gender roles and the further away from it that society gets. The harsher the road back to general comfort is. Feminism as a whole is bringing women into a place in society that they don’t feel comfortable. Women are at an all time high of unrest.
          The biggest problem with this all is that men, being the less complicated of the two sexes is adapting and hence you have weaker men, less dominate men, cucks. Not only does this confuse the shit out of women, it fosters deviancy and perversions of the likes that have been seen before but which patriarchy was able to control to a fair degree.
          We dont have the protection of patriarchy anymore. Society has run amok and the reason a woman can presume to be dominant now is because the male gender has weakened to such a degree that masculine women now have a huge sample size of weak men that they can relate to, this leads these women into thinking they can lead. They cannot. But with the role of leadership that more women than ever in history now assume, it takes more and more of a swing in normalcy aka 50SOG to bring them back to the reality of submission they crave.. Im sorry that you dont see it. If you are cursed to not understand under the burden of proof and scientific proof at that.. You are lost. It takes a capacity to understand conceptual truths to even have a dog in the fight, when it comes to this battle back to what is right for society and gender roles.
          I dont think you have the ability right now to understand. You need to comment less. And read more if you want to get to that point. Good luck

        18. “Listen… You are taking things way way to literal. Noone is talking about 50SOG type of stuff.” Did you actually read the article? Have you read any of the comments in this thread besides mine? I never said you said anything about 50SOG, but other people did. And I am sure you saw me post this: “Oh, so you don’t mean 50 shades of grey stuff… Well yes, I agree with that statement.”
          “But with the role of leadership that more women than ever in history now assume, it takes more and more of a swing in normalcy aka 50SOG to bring them back to the reality of submission they crave.. Im sorry that you dont see it.” I do see that. I just didn’t understand what the author meant at first because he was vague and didn’t define anything.
          “If you are cursed to not understand under the burden of proof and scientific proof at that.. You are lost.” But… But… No one has cited any scientific proof! I mean, I believe what you are saying, but blue pill people wont, and ultimately, shouldn’t the goal be to get men who don’t understand this to understand?

        19. The BDSM community is rife with ill feelings toward the book. The ideas of trust and consent are altogether absent in 50 Shades of Grey.

        20. I don’t know why thousands upon thousands of women suddenly claimed a deep interest in a butchered BDSM fantasy novel either. It’s not like thousands upon thousands of women claimed to be into such things beforehand, nor did they express much interest in ‘Story of O’ or ‘Venus in Furs’ at any point before ‘Shades of Grey’ was released (or after).
          It’s popular because the media told them to like it, it told them it wasn’t trashy… I think it shows how much power the media has to change viewpoints and people’s idea of what is right or wrong for themselves.
          Use to BDSM was associated with Mr. Slave from South Park. A couple high profile reviews later and a movie, suddenly we have everything from ’50 Shades of Grey’ nail polish to themed couples packs of condoms and cheap silk ties selling at the local drug store.
          I guess people are sheep.

      3. 50 Shades of Gray is an atrociously badly written drugstore romance with a BDSM twist. I read about 3 pages of a colleague’s copy and nearly burst out laughing. In any event, cringe worthy writing aside, it is a graphic BDSM fantasy. Some women and men are into that, others aren’t. Based on your logic, I suppose all men are into anal sex, as that’s a pretty popular genre in straight male porn. And being peed on, all men must love that too, since that theme exists as well. And being shit on, and analingus… And… And…. Guaranteed all of the aforementioned have been viewed by more than 125 million males. Not all of them German either 😉

      4. Not to mention the viewership of the movie and the up coming sequel. But that’s none of our business right?

  33. It is women whom objectify themselves, while men attempt to humanize them.
    They do it for mating. For attention. To compete against other females. etc.
    It is the female that evolved to stimulate(self objectify), and the male to react.
    Men humanize females to satisfy their own fantasy, The fantasy of a woman, a wife, a daughter, that does not exist, never did. ‘Woman’ is the concept of a creature that is worth loving and being paternal to: innocent, feminine, moral, real. (All false)
    Movies, songs, artists, the law system, historical myths, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc….. Our culture is entirely based on believing the fantasy as being real.
    Male denial. This is why men allow false accusations against them. He self castrate, he blames himself for things he is not guilty of, he refers himself as the objectifier, the perverted-animal for being naturally sexual, the oppressor for being superior
    This is why women behave as animals to stimulate him sexually, while at the same time they imitate his humanity ,and men can’t see this, because he doesn’t want to
    This is why prostitution/pornography/exhibitionsim is not seen as thief or self objectifying, or marriage as being the state and women whom objectify men.

  34. You’re confusing objectification with passion. Women like passion. Not assholes.

    1. Is that why they all read Fifty Shade of Grey? Thank god the main character is a truly passionnate and gentle individual, definitely not an asshole getting off beating women. Oups not beating I mean erm…

  35. “The most passionate relationships I have ever had all involved a healthy, even heavy dose of objectifying women”
    Truth, and Goddamn was it good.

  36. I think it depends on if the woman has a high mosque/Othrodox/Latin Mass Catholic/Byzantine Catholic attendance or not. I am a religious and traditional woman, so my husband, a traditional religious man, is wholesome with me, and everything works. Now, when it comes to secular women … the more feminist they are, the more likely you are to find 50 Shades of Grey under their bed. The more angry and deranged a woman is, the more she loves pain and says the opposite.
    I come from a pre-feminist society, so I am like a 50s woman. If someone is rude, I look at them weird. I grew up where war is a regular thing, lived through civil war – so I am looking for a Sheikh, alpha male gorilla style, a community leader, which my husband is. That is a person who is kind to women and kids, solves dispute, but a fierce fighter against the enemy and not afraid to give up his life for me and country, and I am the same. If war and starvation are things that happen often in her country, they offer enough pain, she’s looking for a wholesome leader and family man for refugee from darkness.
    Now in societies that only know peace time where there is no danger, and no church to warn of danger… women then look for danger and excitement. The more feminist a woman is, the more she wants a bad boy. The lower a woman’s self confidence is the more she wants a bad boy. A woman from a warzone is like “why is he wasting energy negging women when he should be fighting men, mama’s boy. Meh”. A woman grown up in privilege, not challenged by life is excited when challenged by men. The mix up between privilege and low self confidence by stigmatizing things that build it like beauty pageants and promoting harmful sabotaging gay designers instead makes many western women crave abuse.
    It’s a sign that there is something wrong with society and that people need to return to God.

  37. Feminists love bad boys and have a weird crush on terrorists, dictators and people who support them. They have 50 shades of grey under their bed and want to be punished. As a married Arab woman, I am the opposite, more like a 50s woman back when wholesome was cool. So for me it was a cultural shock but feminists can enjoy their misery alone. I am happily married and find the stuff debauched feminists are into as weird and appalling, eww.
    I think it depends if you are courting a traditional woman who regularly goes to a mosque, latin mass, Byzatine Catholic or Othrodox Church or Orthodox synagogue. Hard core religious people with strong roots and cultures are wholesome and look for wholesome partners – our societies go through war, we want a partner to go through the ups and downs of life and start a family. Girls who just want a boyfriend or want to party, generally are into hardcore stuff, the more feminist, the more hardcored. SJW Feminist? There is 99% chance there is a 50 Shades of Grey Book in her bedroom. I couldn’t stand the book, it’s about some deranged female cuck who doesn’t have the brains to start a family. I am happily married – but girls who want to have fun, they’ll look for dangerous ways to play.

    1. Agreed, most all women love being objectified, just in different circumstances. Feminists have no morals so they do as you mentioned. The majority of American women (not the feminists) enjoy being objectified and get lots of attention as a result. However, they are not moral either, and are not worthy of any respect. The third class of women, those who do have morals and traditional values are a different nut to crack. My wife is one of those.
      I started out college as a blue pill type, we met early on and followed her around like a puppy. After about a year of that, it got me nowhere. She left and served a mission, I did the same. For those two years, we wrote each other, nothing romantic or anything (at least on her part) Somewhere during my last year, I saw that it was doing nothing. I stopped writing her all together even though she continued to write me. I started writing other girls, and set up several dates before I even got home from Ireland. When I got home, I dated several women, intentionally ignoring her. I guess she got the hint that I was tired of following her. Not a month later, she comes after me like the lost puppy. We were married within a few months.
      Sexually, she was a virgin on our wedding night, and I mistakenly was reserved early on in our marriage. Not wanting to offend her, I did as she asked and avoided doing anything risque. This made our marriage dull and stale in the beginning. Then one day, after being gone for several days on business, I told her I wanted to cut her hair. “Why?” she asked. “No….down there”. That evening was some of the best sex in my life. Since then, I learned to be more assertive, tell her want I want. We now have a locking nightstand with all sorts of goodies. During the day, things are pretty normal, she doesn’t like being objectified around others. At night, after we put the kids to bed, it is a different story,

      1. I guess that’s a cultural thing, it must work really well in the US. But then that’s what is valued by the media, that’s what’s promoted, and yet seen as sinful. Like it’s promoted by the Kardashians, but if a woman says she likes it, she is shamed by the marxist feminist sharia police. I guess we are attracted to what makes us feel like naughty kids.
        Feminists rile against objectification – then that becomes the sexist thing in a feminist society that turns a woman on. Also don’t be the blue pill type, turn off. Red pill, turn on. Even it’s how a man walks, like he owns the place, that is hot, and that tone of voice like he’s boss is hot. Boss tone, boss posture + telling her to do something that naughty kids should not do or will get in trouble with the school teacher, and women love that. I guess whatever the cultural taboos are in a society, pushing them slightly with a confident voice and manner is hot, and it would apply with my culture as well.

  38. A woman can become violent if the man she is in love with talks to or flirts with another woman

  39. Good article! As you wrote, the context is important, and it is advisable to err on the safe side. Start gently and escalate. Going to far can often result in quite unpleasant situations.

  40. I don’t think women necessairly enjoy being objectified. Many have just fallen into the trap of equating sexuality with objectification. They do not see a difference between the two. We live in a society of use. Objectification of women is use of them for personal pleasure. Women falsly believe that if they allow a man to use them that he will find value in them in other ways eventually. The problem is that once a woman designates herself as an object of use for a man in a sexual manner he will see her that way from that point forward.
    This objectification is a destructive force in the relations between men and women. Healthy relations, and not simply ones based on empty sexual self pleasure. There is nothing wrong with taking control in a sexual way but that control should not be based on use of the other person. It should be based on mutual respect and self giving, a handing over of the self to each other.

    1. “There is nothing wrong with taking control in a sexual way but that control should not be based on use of the other person. It should be based on mutual respect and self giving, a handing over of the self to each other.”

      1. The use of another person for personal pleasure is a theft of their dignity. It is a rejection of their being. It reduces them to nothing but a tool and says they have no value aside from what you determine to be of value to you. They are turned into a piece of trash when you see nothing left to take from them.

        1. I think women are doing a PERFECT job of just that without any imput from men. I mean come on look at how fat they are these days and how empty/shallow they are.

      2. I responded to you but it apparently got deleted. That’s been happening a lot lately.

  41. Call a woman a bitch and she’ll get wet and be ready to bang, call a woman beautiful and she’ll think ur like everyother pussy out there and u wont get sex.

    1. I have noticed that…it has gotten to the point that I will only tell a woman she is beautiful when my cum is on her face.

  42. Women will tell you how they want to be treated. I know because I would. For women who like meanness and aggression and submission and the likes there’s a very accepting subculture called BDSM and there are plenty of kinky girls out there. And if want to find out what a girl likes, ask her. You’ll be safer that way and not come across as an asshole. All women don’t like the same thing, they like men are a diverse group.

    1. Women will tell you how they want to be treated“.
      Not in the west. A man would be foolishly naive to believe such things.

  43. “Women don’t want to be objectified” says the woman wearing a low cut top and yoga pants with a pound of makeup and a $200 hair style! Yeah right!?!
    There is a $30 Billion per year fashion and make up industry just to help ladies turn themselves into Objects designed to get the attention of Men.
    1, they lie 2, you better objectify her for her looks or she may find someone who will.

  44. I love this. Your satire is so spot-on the article almost seems genuine; your commitment to pushing the boundaries of humor is admirable. Can’t believe some people still take these pieces seriously. Keep up the good work!

  45. Objectifying has a time and place. Well said. Don’t do it around her workplace, your workplace, a place she frequents often, around her close friends and her family.
    Women have a very fragile ego. In front of people they get easily judged by and have an image and reputation to keep they can easily cave into pressure. Doing this can make her get angry at you often even though she still secretly gets a thrill from it.
    Women and beta males live behind many masks and they crumble when someone exposes ot

    1. I have to disagree but only on a semantic level. Beta boys don’t get jealous. They are envious. Jealousy just means you want what someone else has. Envy is means ya don’t have what someone else has and doesn’t want you to have it.
      I have been jealous of a guy getting a girl I wanted, but I never cock blocked because I didn’t see the point of fucking it up another guy just cuz she didn’t want to be with me. It just makes me think about what I need to do to either do something different next time so I score, or just go look somewhere else.
      Betas will actively try and fuck your shit up if he wants the girl and you get her. They can’t just go do their own thing. I think that is why we see so many betas in commy and socialist bullshit “moments” and politics. The entire Marxist religion is founded on the basic tenets of Envy.

  46. If women did not want to be objectified, why did women’s bathing suits shrink from a freakin’ whale-suit 100 years ago to a piece of butt-floss today?
    Weininger spoke of this, and the absurdity of men beiliving women were the most modest of the genders regarding sex. Women are absurdly curious of other women and what makes men attracted to them… and then act upon it.
    Let me ask you men who’ve played strip poker…. has it not ALWAYS been a woman who lost first? Was that really accidental?
    Let me ask you men, was it not always the women who suggested skinny-dipping or nude hot-tubbing, but then insisted it was not sexual, but rather about being naked in the water, even though they admit all the men around had boners?
    Come now…

  47. Its all about easing into it, to find the limits. I was just at a house warming party for a friend of mine this past weekend, I left my wife to her own devices as I hung out with my buddies, playing drinking games and such. She sat alone for some time till one of the other gf/wives came and introduced herself and she went off to the chill with the other Hens, never to far from me. Every time there was a stop in the action she would check up, (Lots of good looking women at the party). Once the men finally started mingling with the women folk, sitting around taking shot, toasting the hosts and general bullshitting and what not, I made sure I had her get me every drink, she went a few times to get me food from the spread in the kitchen and id slap her on the ass for good measure on her way out on occasion. which got me a smile glanced at me, by not only my own wife. After a few trips to get me food (id make sure to ask for specific things so I could snack on them while they were warm rather than a filled up plate of everything) one of the other guys told her, “every time I see you you are off getting him something” to which she replied, “This is his time to relax, I’m his wife, I’m supposed to take care of my husband.. right daddy?”. to which I smiled and nodded.
    She was born and raised in Venezuela, she doesn’t get why women here act so entitled. I’ve dated many American women of all races and while they love being objectified and told what to do, there was always a point when the brainwashing would have them beside themselves. You lose frame for one second and you’re done.
    my wife was dressed for this party in a loosely buttoned shirt, and tights material booty shorts, (we live in texas, it was 85 degrees). when she emerged from the restroom that day from doing her make up and hair. I was like “damn”, to which she replied, “I gotta look good for you babe, we are going to see your friends and im your wife, I represent you.” End of the night, she was drunk, and lets say I had I tough time driving on the way home (I was sober).
    Now im not typing this to brag, but its a real world example of what is being said in this article. The article is NOT satire and you would do well to heed what it is saying. You will be much better off for it. I love my wife and I treat her right but you have to make sure your woman knows her place and knows her role before you start with all the lovey dovey-ness. Make sure you always surprise her with little sprinkles of what the SWJs would consider “Disrespect”; an unsolicited smack on the ass is a good one and easy to play off.
    Always make sure she knows that you may want to pull her pants down at any given second without warning. That way everything she does, she has that in the back of her mind and with that, you are always a top priority not matter what she is doing or where you guys are.
    Good Article Mr. Brown

    1. Our wives could be twins ;-), but this is shit many guys don’t think is possible to get anymore.
      The two most important things you mentioned I only would be that she represents you, and that you can and do fuck her whenever you want.
      The second you let her have influence over your sexlife is the second you stop having one.
      Don’t ever fucking negotiate.

      1. ..and if she ever presumes to try and take charge, act like you don’t give a fuck and ignore her for a while, mess around on your phone, go to the grocery store and grab some beer or whatever, more than likely she will be ready to go when you return, out of fear that she just drove you to another woman that is willing.

  48. Objectification is only wanted from guys who they find attractive. Hence, don’t be a fat ass that dresses like a goof, and if possible, be fit, tall, and white, and there will be very few situations where your attention is unwanted.

  49. How is any of this shit objectifying? It’s just normal stuff. Also, girls have slapped my arse

  50. How the shit is any of this “objectifying”? It’s just normal. Girls will come up to me and slap/pinch my arse all the time at certain events, I don’t think they’re objectifying me.

  51. Even if this worked at arousing a woman…who cares? I don’t want to have my interactions with people be that way. It sounds unpleasant. I’d rather have a more humane, mutual respect, friend and companion type relationship, even if it provided less sexual arousal. I don’t want to be with someone I have to play mind games with to get along and have a good time. That sounds exhausting and unpleasant. Not worth it, even if the rewards were greater sexual opportunity.

  52. And I will believe men really don’t like tattooed rainbow-haired landwhales when men quit banging said creatures. How do they get to be sluts if men really find them so repulsive? Is it really that dry out there or are all these girls getting reinforced by the same handful of dudes with unusual tastes? I’m a girl who likes chubby nerdy guys so I haven’t a clue what it’s like to be a guy trying to bed hot chicks.

  53. Dear people I have objectified,
    I sincerely apologize for noticing the fact that you are currently residing in an aesthetically pleasing human body. Perhaps in your next life you can come back as an ugly person or a head of cabbage or an especially misshapen rock and never have to face such tragic indignity again.
    P.S. I take it all back #sorrynotsorry

  54. Where are you guys meeting these SJW women? J/k, I know a few and mentioned how I never ask, I just go for it and this one said, “I’m so afraid of you” and I laughed. The biggest slap in the face is showing up at a hipster coffee shop with a hot girl next to you who is so not hipster and introducing her to former hipster friends and having them know that there is a pecking order, that “society” didn’t make it this way.

  55. Guy knows what he’s talking about. This article doesn’t seem like anything that needs to be underlined for the RoK crowd, I wouldn’t think. I’m no pickup artist or hardcore player, but I do all right and every time I’m on a date, after a certain point, I do the whole ass grabbing or ass slapping thing. Just don’t be too about it, exert dominance.

  56. Being objectified lets them know they have physical sexual attraction. Neverthless that is not the only dimension to a woman.
    Rememember the Jane Fonda movie “Barabarella” (her only good film really). In which she wants hard sex with the hirsute Duran Duran. When she finally gets the opportunity she is disappointed to find Duran Duran wants a spiritual orgasm that involves taking a pill and holding hands.

  57. What would be the best article(s) to begin my father’s understanding about the manosphere?

  58. What would be the best way to begin my father’s education about the manosphere? It could be an article, book, product, etc. Thanks.

  59. “If you really wanted respect, you would never be single… the world is full of nice guys.”
    This is just a perfect example of the truth causing cognitive dissonance.
    Brilliant, utterly brilliant

  60. Right on the money. And the bullshit flipside of it is that if you don’t objectify them or be rude/indifferent, they get pissed at you. One time a girl and I rented some artsy French movie from the 1960’s, and there was a scene where a girl was tied to a post and guys threw cow shit at her. My girl got horny as hell and we never finished the movie. That stuff is porn to them.

  61. “”Women Will Never Admit That They Love Being Mistreated And Objectified””
    I thought this was common sense

  62. No shock here. When they say they don’t like it they mean they don’t want you to “Talk” about it and ruin the “Show” for them
    They also don’t want other men finding out about Game as it can expose their weakness: All they really have is pussy. Which, creates life don’t get me wrong but, its little in comparison to what we contribute with that life
    But again, she wants to be sexually objective but only by a dude that is not “Trying” but more so “Hiding in plain sight”
    Its why it can make new guys mad who are finding out about Game and the Red Pill lifestyle yet, that anger must be fought and pushed down until a logical and concrete philosophy is established
    Women who view this post and disagree I ask you a simple question: What is the alternative?
    You as a man just need to realize you have to play the game by “Not playing the game”. Its hard to understand that at first. Trust me I was like “WTF?” when I heard this quote but, trust me it makes sense the further you keep going.
    Its a shit test on the highest level. A woman WANTS you to objectify her but, she doesn’t want to have to tell you. As Rollo from “The Rational Male” said she wants you to “Just get it”

  63. The sadness I genuinely feel for humanity grew largely upon reading these musings, and the comments that followed.
    Perhaps the greatest sadness, is that I only considered it may be jest for a small moment before acknowledging such contradictory, unintelligent and empty thought processes are a real reflection of how many people view the world, thus the sadness continues.
    Perhaps the ultimate sadness is for you, and those sharing your views who miss the point entirely as to why objectification of women is harmful and destructive. To society, culture, and mostly-to you.
    I’d feel true sympathy for how obviously confused and miserable you are if you weren’t peddling these ideals like a half baked drug dealer for those who’ve lost their way.
    You see, every time you and your fellow mysoginists allow yourself to be part of the machine, you lose.
    You lose the pure beauty, freedom and depth that might come from allowing a real connection with true sacred femininity.
    You rob women of the chance to know and express the wonder and incredible capacity they might offer when allowed to be in touch with that side of themselves by suppressing them into mere objects.
    Some women will manage to find ways to rise above this cultural poison, so will some men, and the unconditional abundance that awaits them is what you sadly miss out on as you further contribute to a world of emptiness and numbness.
    Men wake up and have the true courage to see past these illusions that offer so little.
    Women stand up! Don’t become part of the machine, be brave enough to reflect true beauty and integrity.
    Through wisdom, courage and letting go, I hope one day more men and women will share in the freedom of what can be seen and felt from the heart when true unconditional love exists, and heal this great sadness that keeps clinging on in uninspired pseudo intellectual dialogues and unconscious zombified actions plaguing our world.

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