5 Reasons To Have Wine On A Date

Whether you are sharing a beer with your mates or cocktails with the ladies, alcohol has truly become one of the defining features of the human experience. Today we are faced with a plethora of choice from craft beers to exotic spirits. With so much variety we should feel empowered, but more often than not we see it as an obstacle, ultimately choosing to fall back on our old favourites.

In the past decade another competitor has been thrown into the ring: Wine. With reds, whites, rosés, sparkling, dessert, and fortified styles on offer from all around the world, there is now even more diversity. By being aware of a few key points, you will find that wine actually offers a lot of value.

Before I begin, a few points to consider:

i) This article is written in the context of being on a second or third date. Wine is more conducive to creating a casual social experience and building rapport. Anyone who tells you to splash out $100+ on a California Cabernet to attract some girl’s attention is trying to sell you something.

ii) This article is not arguing that wine is somehow better than spirits or beers. I’m partial to craft beers and the occasional Old-Fashioned myself. There’s a time, place and occasion for everything.

With that taken care of, let’s get into the 5 reasons why getting a bottle of wine is a good bet:


1. Wine Is Classier

Wine has benefited from a great marketing campaign for the past few decades, and there’s no denying that its public image is tied to the finer things in life.

Imagine you are in a bar or lounge. You spot a man having drinks with a woman. If they’re drinking beers, they’re probably just friends hanging out. If they’re drinking cocktails, the guy wants to get laid and the girl might just be fishing for drinks.

But if they’re drinking wine? They’re a couple of people having a good time, getting to know each other, and in a few hours the guy might tell his date “Hey, I’ve got this cool wine I brought back from Italy that you can’t find anywhere else, let’s bounce back to my place…”

Don’t be a snob. Relax, be social and act with grace.


2. Wine Is Cheaper

If you’re similar to me and like to have a good time, you’re not just going to order one Old Fashioned and call it a night. You’ll be ordering a Mojito next, followed by a Margarita, then a Daiquiri for dessert. Things add up if you feel the situation calls for buying drinks for your date as well.

After doing some research it seems the average cost of a cocktail is around $10. At more upscale places this could quickly rise to $15-$20. You’re looking at spending $40-$80 at the least.

In contrast, most venues will have wines available for around $10-$15 by-the-glass. But the secret to getting value lies in buying full bottles. The full-bottle price of these offerings are usually three to four times the glass price, yet you can get up to five pours from one bottle. In effect, ordering a bottle is like taking advantage of a promotion—buy four glasses, get one free.

So if you’re committed to spending $40-$80 anyway, a bottle of wine (or two) will take you a long way. Don’t be sidetracked by the more expensive offerings on the list, as price is no guarantee of quality.


3. Fewer Interruptions

Imagine you’re sitting on a lounge with your date. You’re having a good time, talking about love and the secrets of the universe when she suddenly points out that both your cocktail glasses are empty. You take hers and say “I’ll be right back.”

The line to the bar is three people deep. You’re there for what feels like an hour. By the time you’ve gotten your two Vodka Martinis you turn around and begin to walk back… only to see your date being chatted up by some 6’3” suited-up son-of-a-bitch. And from the way you see her giggling at his every word, she’s enjoying it.

And what are you doing? Standing there holding onto two Vodka Martinis like a drunken chump, that’s what. Sure, maybe you’re Don Draper you can go up and tell the guy not-so-politely to leave, but the love bubble you had painstakingly built has popped, and the atmosphere has changed.

A bottle of wine solves this problem simply. Her glass is empty? Smoothly pick up the bottle and pour her another measure.


4. You Drink More

I’ve mentioned before that you can typically get up to five pours from one bottle. What if I told you that it could be stretched to 8-10 glasses?

All you have to do is pour less each time. I like to use two or three fingers to measure the height of the liquid in the glass. With practice, you don’t even need the fingers to measure, free pouring perfectly each time.

If anyone (like your date) asks why you are drinking so slowly, tell them you just like to take your time to appreciate the wine. Less liquid in the glass means you can swirl more vigorously, releasing more aromas. And why is everyone in a rush to drink? Why not slow down and have a good time? Smile confidently as you say this.

Make a game out of it. Teach her how to engage the senses. What colours do you see? What do you smell? What do you taste? How does it feel in your mouth (heh)?


5. You Drink Less

Most wines hover around 10%-15% alcohol by volume. Compare this to most spirits which regularly go over the 40% mark.

If you’re on a date, you don’t want to impair your judgement just because you’ve had one drink too many. Just one badly calibrated move can result in you scaring the cat. After a few shots of tequila, your calibration might be off. Is now the right time to go for the kiss? Have you built up enough rapport? Was that her licking her lips or just a nervous tic?

With wine, you are free to moderate your intake by pouring less (Tip #4, above), basking in that comfortable zone between mundane sobriety and total inebriation. Have a conversation. Flirt a little. Sit back, relax, and smell the rosés. There’s more to life and seduction than furiously banging out one-night stands in club bathrooms.


While this article is framed around the scenario of you being on a third date with an attractive young lady, you will find it just as applicable if you’re having a business lunch with an important client or a good time with friends. Your only problem now is finding a wine that you will actually enjoy. No one wants to order the second-cheapest bottle on the list and end up being disappointed. For more information about what styles of wine are right for you, check out my Personal Wine Consultation service.

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126 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Have Wine On A Date”

  1. Nope.
    Shots are the way to go.
    They set the expectation for her to be “wild” and they also work faster.
    By the time the wine drinkers on on their last glass… I’ be getting blown.

    1. “Shots are the way to go. They set the expectation for her to be “wild” and they also work faster.”
      True enough, but they also tend to be more likely to end up puking…

      1. I’ve been to Italy several times, and the notion that wine isn’t masculine is strange and laughed at there. Ironically, most of the younger Italians drink BEER. I’m not sure why that is. Cheaper? Rebellion against the older population?
        There are several reasons why wine has a certain reputation in the USA.
        1) Americans are largely descended from German, English, Irish, and Scottish immigrants than the Italian and French. Wine was something that their enemies drank, and their enemies were a bunch of effeminate pussies, right? 😉 Germans, English, etc. drink beer and WE are manly! ha
        2) The USA has many domestic diseases that makes growing good wine grapes difficult, so it took a long time for a wine industry to really take hold. We have our own species of grapes here, but they don’t make good wine and are largely used for jams and as table grapes (i.e. concord grape).
        3) American wineries weren’t well known until a few decades ago, nor did they have the marketing power of the big American brewers.
        4) Decades ago most good wine was imported, which means it was more expensive and out of reach for the average consumer.
        Of course, all this changed in the 70s, when the French had a very uppity tasting competition between the best French wines and the virtually unknown Californian wines. It was not a serious competition, but a kind of smug tongue-in-cheek reminder of how awesome the French wines were. The French wines were believed to be the best in the world at that time. They had their creme a la creme of the wine industry do a blind tasting in Paris. The French were shocked (and quite upset) when the results were revealed, and the top scoring red and white wines were both from California. It’s now known as the “Judgment of Paris,” and there’s a movie loosely based on it called Bottle Shock.
        For an everyday drink I like beer, but if I had to choose between a great wine and a great beer it would be a great wine, no doubt about it.

        1. ^^^ And made into the great but not much watched movie “Bottle Shock”. Put Cali wines on the map ..

        2. W/R/T #4, increased beer consumption is also a product of the “Little Ice Age”, when changes in climate made it difficult/impossible to grow grapes in Northern Europe, so they had to switch to wheat–et voila!–beer!
          À bientôt,

      2. There’s one more reason the Italians are so unabashedly masculine–red wine consumption is very high per capita.
        Yeah, because Vikings, Teutonic Knights and Anglo Saxon warriors were all pussies.

        1. They weren’t back in the day at least (now the only ones left are Icelandic Strongmen types).
          It had to do with eating lots of fish, high vitamin D and Omegas, also salmon has loads of test-and-muscle-producing nutrients, for example, I can only imagine what whale can do for someone.
          Note the amount of manboobs on most modern-day descendants of “Vikings”, “Teutons” and “Saxons”.

    1. Even better yet on a date is to drink feminine drinks like Nuvo, Hypnotiq and Alize, but they have a lot of calories so they’re to be consumed only if you lift.

        1. say what you want about rap but it’s srsly alpha. more so than indie rock at least.

        2. I love rap, I just think it’s funny you’re still drinking Hypnotiq. But there’s nothing alpha about drinking something just because your favorite rapper featured it in a video. Alize and Nuvo?? You seriously like those drinks?

        3. FFS brother, if you want a “fancy” drink that your potential “ho” will drink, too, and get that “sultry ache in the groin” from, go with some old classic like a Rusty Nail, Amaretto Sour or B52.

    2. Also beer is the drink of peasants.
      No, Mark, it’s the drink of warriors. The Germans were quite fond of barley brew as well as mead, as Tacitus notes in his histories. Germanics held warriors in high esteem in their societies, often making them kings.
      Peasants? Hardly.
      And approaching a girl at a bar with a glass of wine makes you monumentally more intriguing.
      Heh, yeah, ok. Approach like a man, have a Scotch or Bourbon in your hand.

      1. “approach like a man, have a Scotch or Bourbon in your hand”
        You snob, real men drink Rum or Brandy. Scotch is for plaid-skirt wearing dudes with knobby knees, and Bourbon, well…

    1. You would if you invited them to “stomp the grapes”… Plus, if you are the kind of dude who broads get “the tingles” from, and the broad is wearing a miniskirt commando-style, you might get some unique accents in your wine from her natural flora.

  2. A wine that costs you $10 by the glass will retail for $12-15 per bottle. At $15 per glass it might push $20/bottle. The markup on buying the bottle is 2-3 times the retail cost instead of 4-5. Never buy wine by the glass.
    Actually a great way to do a dinner date (I know those are antiquated around here), is to take her to a BYOB place and bring your own $15-25 bottle. It saves you a decent amount of money, and the sommelier in any large wine store will give you far more guidance and answer your ignorant questions away from your date. He will also give you a couple lands of claptrap to impress with.
    “The tannins in this particular vintage are well known to bring out an oak flavor with a hint of cherry”
    Which psychologically means she will be looking for that when she tastes it and will be impressed when she finds it.

    1. Another downside to ordering by the glass, is that depending upon the reputation of the restaurant or bar, the wine may or may not be at its best when it finally arrives at your table. I always want to be there when its opened, if I’m ordering anything better than the house red in a taverna.

      1. “depending upon the reputation of the restaurant or bar”
        Forget that, if you spot funnels behind the bar, get out of there, quick.

  3. What an honestly excellent article. Haven’t laughed out loud in a long time in the Manosphere, and it was truly needed.
    Yes, wine perfect for getting your date all tingly and shit.
    If you’re shooting for the quick lay, a round of shots of cheap booze at midnight will get the panties flying off a lot sooner.

  4. Great article Tengen! On the east coast there are a lot of BYOB places which is another benefit to wine. You can get a nice bottle for < $15. I also use it as a screen for day dates. If they’re down for drinking wine in the middle of the day you probably found yourself a fun one. I recently wrote an article on how alcohol can effect your health and testosterone http://themanthemyth.com/alcohol-lower-testosterone/. In terms of health, wine usually comes out on top for health benefits.
    Last point – if you’re prone to headaches from the sulphites, a decent bottle of organic wine will run you about $12. I can drink a whole bottle myself (not that I would recommend that) and still wake up feeling refreshed.

      1. Yes, because wine tends to be so dysfunctionally irrational…lolz wtf is with the peasant’s attempt at a backlink?

    1. There are sulphites as a result of the fermentation process, it has nothing to do with so called organic wines which are BS anyway.

      1. Sulphites occur naturally but more are often added as a preservative. European wines (especially higher quality ones) usually don’t have this problem.

        1. “Poorly made wines tend to have more adulteration such as residual sugar, sulfur, fining agents or higher alcohol to make them taste better. If it comes from a box or has a critter on the label then it’s suspect for headache potential.” http://winefolly.com/tutorial/wine-headache/
          “Sulfites occur naturally in all wines to some extent.[3] Sulfites are commonly introduced to arrest fermentation at a desired time, and may also be added to wine as preservativesto prevent spoilage and oxidation at several stages of the winemaking.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sulfite#Wine

  5. I’m a wine guy. I was going through what I thought was a Pinot Noir phase, but it turned out to be my life. Anyway, here are some further thoughts about wine.
    1. Wine needs a longer runway. If you’re looking to dance, romance, and de-pants some high school sophomore, then by all means go with kamikaze shots. If you’re dealing with a classier broad (as it were) she’s going to be seduced–and women basically seduce themselves–by your (perceived) sophistication.
    2. Being a wine guy has helped my career. Somewhere around age 27, I decided to learn about wine. So I did. I’m great with California and Oregon reds (pinots, mostly, with some others mixed it), and also good with Italy (Tuscany and Piedmont, really) and serviceable with France and Chile/Argentina. Australian wine makes me want to retch. It just does. Wine is the golf of the 201Xs. it used to be you played golf with customers/clients. Now you eat, drink, and be merry. Our biggest customer is a wine guy, and he gets giddy when I start to work a wine list. When the rep who handles his account asks him to go to dinner, he will ask, pointedly, if I will be attending. That makes me valuable to the firm and, if there are ever layoffs, guess who is more likely to be spared the ax. I get more face time with the HMFICs. Sometimes, it’s the “soft” skills that can help you (although it also helps that I’m good at my job).
    3. The First DUTY of a Wine is to Be Red. Chardonnay is for women who are trying to lose weight. And don’t get me started on Chablis. /shudder
    4. The First RULE of Wine is to Drink What You Like. Except Chablis. Lose that shit immediately. To the sink and pour it out. Yes, that’s better.
    5. Wine doesn’t give me hangovers. If I overindulge, red wine is gentler with me in the morning. Some folks do get “red wine headache” from the sulfites. If this is you, here’s what you do. Before you tipple, take a Claritin and an Ibuprofen. The Claritin should ward of the ill effects and the Ibuprofen is in case it doesn’t (unlike aspirin or Tylenol, Ibuprofen won’t react with alcohol and do nasty things to your stomach). If Claritin doesn’t work, try something else.
    6. I like the way red wine tastes. Beer, to me, tastes like rotten barley-water. And it all tastes like pretty much the same rotten barley water. Other people like it and think there’s a big difference b/w a lager and a stout (or whatever). Good for them. I prefer fermented grape juice, thanks.
    À bientôt,

        1. If you’re drinking to get hammered, shouldn’t you be drinking hard liquor?
          À bientôt,

        2. Agreed – only completely transparent alchoholic beverages for getting thrashed with little to no hangover later.

      1. I would prefer that to white wine, actually. Of course, I don’t eat a lot of fish, either.
        À bientôt,

        1. “Of course, I don’t eat a lot of fish, either.”
          You might be depriving yourself.

        2. Well, yes and no. I’ve lived long enough to have tried a lot of dishes. I do like orange roughy and sword. I had some red snapper as part of a tasting menu tonight (and halibut last night), but it’s not very likely for me to go out and thing, ‘Boy, I really want fish tonight!’
          À bientôt,

    1. “It they’re drinking Merlot I’m fucking out of here” Paul Giomatti in that wine movie that everyone went on about ( Sideways?)

      1. Then I guess that you won’t be drinking any Ch Petrus the most expensive wine of Bordeaux lol

      2. Fun Fact #1: Yes, and that actually had an impact on Merlot sales, believe it or not. The funny thing is, IIRC, they were actually drinking a Merlot blend later in the film.
        Fun Fact #2: there’s nothing “wrong” with Merlot. People drink it b/c it drinks like a cab, only without the punishment. 😉
        N.B. Jordan cab is another fave of mine. Great with steaks, and doesn’t beat up your palate. It’s like that really reliable fuck-buddy that you wouldn’t mind having as a g/f if it wouldn’t fuck everything up.
        À bientôt,

      1. They’re excellent but as in every region there are the top ones and the ordinary.btw, the Chianti that comes in the straw covered bottles is the cheap stuff.

      2. Bear in mind that the following are simply my opinions and other people with different palates are going to have other opinions.
        Drinking South American wines is a lot like getting punched in the mouth…except that you like it. 😉 When it comes to Chile, I prefer Los Vascos (it was half-owned by Lafite last I knew; they may have increased their ownership since then), and Altos Las Hormigas in Argentina. A lot of my view is informed by having a meat-heavy diet when I’m in S/A.
        There are some good Spanish reds, but I’m not really a Spanish wine guy. Not that there’s anything wrong with Spanish wine, per se. There’s a good Spanish table wine that can (or could) be had for $15 or so. “Villosell” I think it was called. Mostly Tempranillo grapes with some Cab and Syrah mixed it. Haven’t seen it in a while and dunno if it has gone up in price (it got “discovered” about a year after I started drinking it, and got scarce as a result. They may have upped their production since then).
        Chianti. The best Chianti in the world is still a Chianti. If you like Chianti, I recommend Antinori Toscano, Peppoli, or Santa Cristina. Of course, what I really recommend is Antinori Soliaia or Tignanello. I will drink Tig from time to time, but only if Solaia isn’t available or if there is some bizarre cost structure thing going on w/r/t the wine list. Bear in mind that the first three I mentioned are going to set you back $10-20, whereas the Solaia and Tignanello are going to be 10x that at least, but I’m also and older and, um, well let’s just say I’m well-funded and leave it at that. I was happily drinking any of the first three when I was younger and lighter-of-wallet.
        Happy tippling.
        À bientôt,

    2. Nonsense. You’ve obviously never drank the top white Burgundies like Chablis, Rhines,Sauternes etc
      The top wine in Rome was Falernum and it was a white wine.

      1. I just don’t care for most white wines. It’s ok if other people like them, of course. In my cellar, at the moment, I have a couple of nice chards left over from the summer, and b/c I sometimes have guests that like white wines, and some Peter Michael sauvs, because I have a friend who really likes sauvs.
        YMMV, and that’s ok.
        À bientôt,

        1. Cannot say that I have. I did try a white Pinot Noir once. Carneros something or other. I did like it as a change of pace, but I can’t say I’d want it every day.
          À bientôt,

    3. “Australian wines make me want to retch.” I agree. I had some with a kangaroo on the label at a party once…the foulest swill I’ve ever had in my mouth! And I’m not even that picky…I drink REALLY cheap wines…I think Crane Lake is really good for the price.

  6. #3) I set up a first date with a girl at a coffee shop at 10 AM on a Saturday. I am mid 30s but look early 20s. I met her a few days earlier at a bar that was having a movie night, and am fairly sure she is < 20 years old. Really cute, thin, wears dresses, great body, nice smile, long hair, no tattoos, doesn’t drink or party much, is focused on her studies. When I arrived she already had her drink. I said hello, chatted for a second, and told her I would go place my order. When I turn around after ordering my drink (regular coffee, which is about 1/3 the price of anything else on the menu) she is being chatted up by this dude, then she leaves and goes outside for a minute..
    I should have called her on her shit, but didn’t for whatever reason. She said some BS about oh I had to go to my car for a second, I misplaced my ATM card (then how did you buy your coffee–girls never carry cash!) She came back and we had a good conversation for 90 minutes but I never contacted her after that…. shoulda called her on her shit but the point is #3 can avoid circumstances like this…then again I don’t really wanna be involved with girls who are rude enough to pull stunts like that so I’m glad I found out early enough to avoid getting involved with such a selfish Americunt.

    1. Trust me, she suspected you were 30’s, it happens so much.
      Girls do sometimes carry cash, don’t be ridiculous.
      If she stayed for 90 minutes and went outside for one, I don’t know what your problem is. Maybe she knew him from work/uni, clearly she decided to stay on the date with you, so I don’t really see what she did wrong.

    1. What is the point of living if you can’t enjoy a glass of wine? You might be taking your abs a little too seriously.

  7. Any you guys wondering what the top thumbnail image is its the Gordons wine bar one of the oldest wine bars in the UK right next to Embankment station it gets crowded from time to time but there is a quite atmospheric cave bit where you can dine with a girl on date if your looking to impress her with a cool spot. To all my london folks out here http://gordonswinebar.com/

    1. You mean the oldest still in existence. There have been wine bars since the Romans were there and wine was the commodity most shipped which is why ships still measure their capacity in tonnes (large barrels of wine)

  8. How to seduce a woman during a wine date in seven steps:
    1. Just don’t ask the girl what wine she wants. She would take ages to
    decide and she expects you to take the lead anyway. Besides, women usually go
    for whites. Who wants to drink bleached wine?! If she says she only drinks
    white. Order her a beer or dump here there and then.
    2. Always drink your wine with some food. Order a shared charcuterie
    board, which is great way to get some light touches and feel closer together. If
    she says she’s vegetarian (or God forbid vegan) dump here there and then.
    4. Hold the glass by the stem and look the girl in the eyes when you do
    Chin-Chin. Hold the look for as long as possible. If she fancies you, she’d give
    you all the signs there and then. You’ll know you’ll fuck … or not.
    5. Always smell the wine first and make a pose before drinking with a
    mysterious: Mmmmmm. She would be intrigued and ask: What aromas do you smell?
    Improvise. Be funny. Say things like: Shows promise to last longer than your
    belief in an afterlife. This one will make you wonder what you’re doing with
    your life. What are you waiting for? Say hello to your little friend.
    6. Pour her glass first and be generous but pour it slowly and look her in
    the eyes while doing it. Make sure yopu spill a little bit, wipe it with you
    index finger and let her lick it.
    7. When the bottle is finished, say: Come, let me show you my personal wine collection in my place. Make sure you have a bottle ready on the table. If she says (and she will): How did you know I would come? You reply with a wing: Who wouldn’t? 😉 Kiss! Make out.
    Lights off. Bottled spared for you next date.

    1. I strongly second the recommendation of charcuterie in place of an entree. Depending upon the establishment, it’ll come in at the price of an appetizer but without the appearance of cheapness. Think more tapas, than bloomin’ onion. Sure to make an impression on most.

    2. Besides, women usually go
      for whites. Who wants to drink bleached wine?!

      Bleached wine? White wines come from white wine grapes, red wines from red wine grapes. There is no “bleaching” involved. And wines are context dependent, a white wine as an aperitif, a cold Pinot Grigio (Pinot Gris, same grape and yeast, difference is one is grown in Italy, one in France) before dinner is a perfect warm up, and she’ll easily transition to a more elegant red if you’re eating some kind of red meat or Italian type of food.
      Agree on the vegetarian. Even a former meat eater won’t be able to cook you a properly prepared and seasoned filet mignon, no matter how much she “remembers” from her previous sane life. Dump.
      Fun comment otherwise.

      1. Bleached was meant as a joke.
        And btw, you can make white wine from red grapes too. Like some Champagnes are made with some Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier in the blend, both red grape varieties. Those made exclusively from red grapes are labeled Blanc de Noirs. They are big, rich, meaty Champagne. I can drink those.

    3. Wait, I thought wine was a prop to accidentally spill on her blouse or dress to cop a cheap feel while cleaning up.

      1. “I thought wine was a prop to accidentally spill on her blouse or dress to cop a cheap feel”, or to pre-overcome her resistance to getting a “facial” [“it might get on my blouse!”, solved.]

    4. “Bottle spared for your next date” – or for a game of “spin the” next time the Sorority gals are over.

  9. If she’s between 33 and 43 or so and strongly hinting that anything other than wine is beneath her, it is a RED FLAG. Proceed with caution and only if she’s definitely worth it (especially if she’s white).

      1. She’s likely a lower class slag looking to pose her way to the top of “society” on your dime.

        1. Or she’s a classier horndog who needs better plausible deniability than tequila body shots provide.

    1. the fact that she’s single at 33 – 43 should be the only red flag you need. why even date a woman over 33 to begin with?

      1. The vast majority of the young ones are simply too stupid to connect with. Older women who are black or latina (and still bangable) are easier to deal with.

  10. I’m curious why fortified wines aren’t as popular these days. I was on a date at the Olive Garden the other night and thought it might be fun to share a bottle of Ripple with my lady, but this particular wine is no longer offered at nice restaurants. Even at higher-end places like Chiles, Macaroni Grill, and Home Town Buffet, the premium fortified wines such as Thunderbird and Night Train are very hard to come by. It’s kind of a shame. Fortified wines are usually quite inexpensive and pack a real punch!

  11. “check out my Personal Wine Consultation service.”
    This is NOT an article, it’s a glorified promo for some guy’s wine consultation service.
    There was another duochie article recently about pocket squares that the author also had a link to his pocket square business.
    It’s articles such as this these that appear in the mainstream lame mens rags — useless dreck posing as editorial content. I think I speak for many readers here to call BS on this piece.
    ROK in my opinion; is truly a unique voice for men, and has an obligation to live up to its mission statement. Please do not let it turn to shit…

    1. I agree with you 100%. I’m hate wine and will not drink wine just to impress a woman. I drink what I like. Some times I’ll be in the mood to relax with a jack & coke, other times I wanna turn up with some Ciroc.
      If a guy enjoys wine, then he should drink wine. Not because of the BS reasons in this article

        1. From the breast.
          Barring that, fermented milk (Masai Warrior style) would do the job.

    2. Does every article have to be the same boring pickup crap? The pocket square piece was a bit frivolous, either wear one or not, but articles on clothes in general are things that you unsophisticated boys who never learned how to dress as a kid are needed here.

  12. This was always one of my first date tactics — go to a wine bar and ask her “Want to split a bottle?” She will usually say yes, If she says ‘I won’t drink that much’ you can just say “No worries, I’ll take the leftovers home”
    Buying an entire bottle will probably impress her. Splitting it gives some camaraderie (“this is our bottle that we’re sharing”). Also she’ll feel pressured to drink a fair amount, which usually is a good thing.

  13. If you’re painstakingly creating a love bubble, that’s too much work. Chill, if it’s only happening because you’re orchestrating it, it’s not real, and life’s too short. Learn to take a risk, and live with the consequences…if it doesn’t work, it wouldn’t have been worth it anyway.

    1. Sour grapes mentality. If it doesn’t work, you probably fucked it up. Learn from your mistakes so you can improve yourself.

      1. Nope. More like a lazy realist. If something doesn’t work, it wasn’t meant to be. People don’t always click and bang, and that’s absolutely okay. Life’s not a game you can “win” or do right.

        1. “Meant to be” is female rationalization bullshit. This site is about self-improvement, not defeatist nonsense like the shit you’re spewing.

        2. 1. It’s not exclusively female, it’s a concept.
          2. Oh I see, so it’s about not accepting reality, and making goals for “improvement” that you don’t really need in order to distract you from it.

        3. Or maybe we don’t, in which case, is a big risk to waste your life on an illusion. Nope, I’d rather “complain ” here thanks.

        4. Risk that you’ll spend your life trying to engineer a reality that isn’t possible and never works.

  14. This is retarded. Bend me over and peg me if I’m trying to woo some skank with a bottle of plonk on the third date.
    This is how you use wine.
    1st “date” – aka Prospecting. Get a bottle at the bar and order a bit of food. They will flock to you wondering what you are about. Order a couple of glasses for her and her friend and share a bit. Wait for the “mmm I love wine bullshit” grab their numbers to invite them to the next “tasting” you attend. Mediocre wine tastings go on in every city relentlessly, don’t cost much, and are easy to relocate from.
    2nd “date”- aka Low Hanging Fruit. Text collected numbers that you are attending wine tasting give details see who shows… they’ll be there…. They think it is sophisticated. Squire easy ones to poundtown in the alley, tougher ones set third “date”
    3rd “date”- aka Making Her Work for It. You are opening a great bottle at your house (if you have a great bottle fine, if not she doesn’t know the difference) if she wants to stop by and share she’ll need to cook for you or at least show up with some damn cheese or something. If she shows up she’s there to bang.

  15. I’m glad that it was pointed out that price is not equal to quality. Too many people just assume the price and quality are linear. In fact, I bet they aren’t even correlated in the slightest. Wine pricing is often a marketing technique.
    Being able to pick good wine is a very valuable skill. All it takes is a minor amount of base knowledge and an additional small amount of knowledge that is constantly updated. I have never picked a bad bottle of wine, and now I have been ordained by almost everyone I go out with as the one who picks bottles.
    If you are on a date and display confidence in picking a bottle then the girl will only be more turned on when she finds out she enjoys the wine. All you have to do is listen to the basics (white or red, robust or sweet) and you will narrow it down to a handful to choose from.

  16. I like wine, all types more or less. The only problem I have is it usually gives me a headache after more than one glass. Wine is like a good cologne. If you can’t learn to enjoy it on your own, don’t bother including it on a date.

  17. As an ex-pot smoker, who doesn’t like alcohol, I find that red wine is the only acceptable substitute. A light red wine buzz, is about the closest one can get to a nice joint without twisting up. The only time I drink, is at weddings and dating situations, but I must say, dinner and a bottle of red at home, is the greatest second date known to man. Just to be safe, keep a bottle of white around too, most women seem to prefer that sweet shit.

  18. Here’s how to drink wine on a date:
    Start with dry sherry. Finos like Tio Pepe are too dry for most amateurs so order Dry Sack.3oz is a normal glass and is 1/2 the strength of whisky.
    Go on to some regular wine, a bottle is not much for 2 people.
    Finish with some Tawny Port like Taylors 20yo
    And have some Cognac or other type of brandy before the fireplace at home.
    All in the wine category.

  19. I like wine, but have to wonder if all the ‘grading’ isn’t just posing to affect sophistication. Maybe my palate isn’t that sensitive, but it mostly tastes enough alike to me that I consider paying more than $10.00/bottle a waste. My favorite is Rene Junot dry red table wine, very very cheap. I’ve put it in expensive bottles & had girls ‘compare’ the two. They graded the ‘expensive’ wine much higher…same wine; placebo effect.

  20. “you can get up to five pours from one bottle”
    No, a wine bottle (75 centiliters) contains six glassfuls (6*12.5 centiliters), unless you drink like a slob.

  21. In a bar full of guys drinking either beer or rum & coke, I’ve had women approach me because I was 1.) drinking wine, 2.) wearing a nice blazer. The more hillbilly/ghetto your neighborhood the better this works.
    Also, after a couple of glasses of red wine my tinkie starts winking; I suspect it’s the polyphenols and proanthocyanins boosting bloodflow throughout my body.

    1. “wearing a nice blazer. The more hillbilly/ghetto your neighborhood the better this works” at getting robbed in the alley, I suppose.
      “my tinkie starts winking”
      What exactly would that entail?

  22. Or, you could not make every decision you make based on what you think women will be impressed by, and just be a genuine, confident, and therefore attractive human being who is not a creepy d-bag who is constantly trying to make himself seem like something he’s not, invariably failing, thus continuing the creep-cycle he’s stuck in. Seriously the bs written on this site, and the number of men who actually think this garbage is the way to get laid, is incredible.

  23. Seconded. Wine is always my drink of choice when on a date with a woman. Always a rich dry red. And although this may be entirely anecdotal, I find that women who love red wine tend to be very passionate and sensual lovers.

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