New Jersey’s Democratic Governor Is Racing To Turn The State Into A Third-World Shithole

Cities in the once Golden State of California have already been colonized by illegal aliens to smuggle drugs, conduct gang formations, and perform other criminal behavior. Many assume that living away from border states protects them from the racket, but with the recent changes in government, the East Coast is on track to becoming just like the West or even worse.

New York is one of the most corrupt states in America, full of foreign students and migrants who manipulate the system. These same “Bennies” fresh from NYU Law have done the same in Florida during their Winter vacations, and now the Sunshine State is flooded with illegal Cuban immigrants and globalist liberal policies.

The Jersey Shore however, may now become the next safe haven for illegal immigrants as newly selected governor, Phil Murphy, declared that he wants to turn it into a sanctuary state with a ‘Defense Protection’ agency dedicated to illegal immigrants. He also recently signed an executive order for Puerto Rico relief even though the state is already in debt.

Who is Murphy?

He is another graduate of the Poison-Ivy-League brigade, and prior to taking office, he made a lot of money at Goldman Sachs. This former financier basically bought his way to office, paying $20 million of his own money as “donations” to county Democratic parties. There are a lot of shady things about him like having a 501(C)(4) to supposedly fight for the middle class and a Wikileaks email scandal. Upon assuming his role as governor, he has already directed the ferry on a course that will lead to destruction.

He Brought Back Planned Parenthood

Murphy revived the baby-killers from the dead by reversing a bill that restores $7.5 million dollars in funds, and now Medicaid can pay for Planned Parenthood. Murphy stated, “I don’t have to tell you all that today has certainly been a long time coming. New Jersey will once again stand strong for Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights.”

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, thanked him for his “lightning speed” in passing the bill.

He Wants A $15 Minimum Wage

Hundreds of Rutgers protesters blocked traffic in New Brunswick, NJ, calling for an increase in wages to $15/hr even after the university increased the wages for student jobs to $11/hr the previous semester. Spoiled millennials still want the government to pay for their education, provide free health care, and now pay them premium for campus jobs such as library attendants, front desk reps, campus guides, and residential assistants even though these positions do not require skills or much competence.

Phil Murphy, has expressed his intention of increasing the minimum wage, but this will be a complete economic disaster according to an NJ based financial expert.

He Wants A Bank Of New Jersey

He believes a “State-owned bank” in New Jersey is better than letting people move their wealth freely. According to him, it would help stop money from going offshore and put it back into the people. Murphy said it would partner with the community and would not be a competitor, but creating such a thing would give politicians complete access to the state’s financial resources and freely direct it where ever and however they please. Getting their hands on Municipal funds would put the state in even more trouble and give policy makers an unfair advantage.

Self-made entrepreneurs like to diversify, but this proposed state controlled banking system would prevent them from doing so. If Murphy is so adamant about stopping money being parked offshore, he should start with Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, who was one of the 500 schools caught hiding millions in foreign bank accounts.

New Jersey Is likely To Go Down Under

Things don’t look good for the Garden State as it currently leads the country in foreclosures. Crime is rampant, the roads resemble third world nations, and the economy has plummeted with college graduates unable to secure high salary jobs. New Jersey is also one of the highest taxed states in the U.S., especially for business owners. Aside from casinos, call-girls, and beaches, there is very little to attract visitors or investors.

What Murphy is doing will make his predecessors look like angels, because the state simply can’t afford his socialist style policies. So, if you’re looking for your next vacation getaway, don’t go to Jersey, or at least keep it brief and minimal.

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69 thoughts on “New Jersey’s Democratic Governor Is Racing To Turn The State Into A Third-World Shithole”

  1. Here I was thinking California was bad. Maybe this explains all the “I hate my life everything sucks” themes in Senses Fail’s songs. Well apart from the obvious daddy issues.

  2. I hate to break it to you but America had gangs long before the “immigrants” moved there…

    1. No shit, Einstein, But we sure have ALOT more with the influx of Mexicans, central Americans, Chinese, Russian jews, Laotians/Hmong, and all the other non-whites being encouraged to come in by the likes of Gov Murphy.

      1. Have about the Italian mafia and the Irish gangs? Have you not watched the movie the Gangs of New York.

        1. Which were also “immigrant gangs” of the period. You aren’t really helping your point here.

    2. Yes they did but most groups evolved and elevated themselves out of that status. Today we have a permanent angry lower class that refuses to abandon the lifestyle. Also modern day gangs like MS-13 make even the most violent gangs of the past look like boy scouts on a camping trip.
      As for the article it’s right on target. The deep blue states are intent on continuing their paths of self destruction. Murphy in NJ, Madigan in IL, Cuomo and DeBlasio in NY, Brown and Harris in CA are all our home grown versions of Angela Merkel.

    3. If you don’t accept that much or most of our differences are not random cultural differences you will always import the lowest and breed from the least able and will always crash your own nation. You are effectively denying natural selection or genetic variation and even genetics itself.
      While there is this moratorium on investigating racial genetic differences even though it is beyond obvious that the races tend towards different biological group structures and vary along most lines then society will continue to fragment.
      I fear that immigration is a slippery slope as those who arrive will seek to import and vote for those who seek to import more and so eventually the flood gates will truly open.

    4. Italian and Irish neighborhoods were nice, clean, and safe. People went to church. Everybody worked and paid their rent, unlike today when those same buildings are filled with third world parasites on government assistance, and the streets are littered. There are bad sections in Naples, Italy, but nothing like in El Salvador or in Northern Mexico.

    5. Butcher, wow, looks like someone just finished their first semester of college. What else did your commie professor have to say? Repeat after me; The world was a peaceful place. The beautiful natives were frolicking in meadows with daisies until the white man came and slaughtered everything in his path because power n stuff… good puppet, A+

    6. Yupp.. Meyer Lansky, Murder Inc.. Bugsy Siegel, Dutch Schultz , all good God fearing Christian ??

  3. New Jersey folks have only themselves to blame. Edison, NJ is a perfect example. Completely overrun by the third world with a local government occupied by their fellow third worlders because the locals did not stand up for themselves and instead fled. Really can’t blame em though, NJ is gross regardless.

    1. There’s nothing you can do in Edison or anywhere. The bottleneck is at the federal level, stop them from arriving.

    2. Edison, Plainsboro, Trenton, and Jersey City are filled with third world trash Indians. It looks like the streets of Calcutta when I go there. Kids aren’t playing American Football there. They are playing cricket or badminton.

      1. Sad. I wish there was some place where one could live far away from these street crapping idiots.
        Toronto is turning into a south asian craphole as well.

  4. Thank you for the well written piece.
    Believe it or not if you’re an outdoorsman type there is a lot going on here, particularly for hunting/fishing.
    The amount of game in New Jersey is a very big surprise to new visitors – deer, turkey and bear are in great abundance. The pheasant stocking program is incredible, the trout stocking is also very well organized.
    Fishing off the coast into the gulf stream is a whole other world experience.
    However, the author is correct on his points. We are going to have some tough times – especially on the 2nd amendment front with all kinds of new crazy bills getting floated.
    But as we’ve seen time and again, the left doesn’t handle resistance very well. If some of us can get together and throw an occasional monkey wrench it could undo some of this. There is a 3/26 march in Trenton for 2A defenders.
    Property taxes are out of control too.
    It’s tough, if you have a network of family and friends, and shared experiences in the outdoors, it’s really hard to think about leaving.

    1. I wish you gun owners and hunters well in your battle there in the northeast with the even more oppressive gun laws on the horizon. I know you have a tough uphill battle.

        1. Mine either, Slim, but I live in Kansas, a mostly gun friendly state. Have a Kansas CCL, and they are talking about padding Stand Your Ground law here too. BTW, I didn’t think you can lawfully own even a long gun in NYC, let alone a squirt gun?

        2. @ AZ
          Luckily I am in the close Suburbs, 10 mins over the city line. Pistol permits are difficult to get where I am, but shotguns and rifles are a piece of cake. I have a shotgun. Thinking about getting more.

        3. @ AZ
          There are gun owners within the city limits too, but they make it extremely difficult.

  5. Now you guys know why I moved out of there. Even 5 years ago, the writing for all this was *definitely* on the wall.
    I was born and raised in north NJ and there are still really great things about it, but an ultra-liberal state (see also, CA, IL, MD, MA, VT, NY) will never survive long-term.
    Do what I did – cut your losses and leave while you still can. These states are no place to be when things get really bad.

  6. New Jersey has had issues for a long time, ranging from the high taxation to an unusually large number of dirty, dangerous cities like Camden, Newark, Atlantic City, etc.
    Years ago a friend of mine in the military said Jersey was nicknamed the Garden State, but in reality it was the Garbage State.

  7. citizens united was a great failure for republicans.
    in virginia gubernatorial election the democratic candidate receive much more money than the republican. most of the donations for the dems are BIG while the republicans mostly had the middle-class
    the last two presidential elections, yes even with romney, there was more money donated to obama and clinton too, mostly from big donors

  8. If corporations and lobbying for right to work laws in a bunch of states hadn’t virtually destroyed unions, basically every job would be paying $15/hour these days. Do you know how many guys are struggling out there in the job market right now? I have a 4 year business degree and I can’t get a job with no experience and can’t get experience without having a decent job. It’s a circular logic nightmare. Just about as worse is getting paid $9 to $10/hour at some dead end job where you’ll never have enough money to do anything except put a roof over your head and sleep. So despite being smarter than 95% of the population, I’m relegated to the lowest of jobs in this bureaucratic hellhole of a society.

    1. Yeah Matthew it does suck. However your point about unions is off the mark. Heavily unionized states like NJ, NY, IL, CA are swirling down the drain fastest. Right to work states are adding jobs and they’re not all of the dead end variety. I don’t know where you are but if you’re up north or in So Cal I would advise you to move. You should also consider learning a trade. Don’t quit fighting.

      1. My sentiments exactly about learning a trade. So many young men have been sold a bill of goods that a worthless piece of paper from a leftist university, and $30-$40K in student loan debt, is a guarantee for success in life. Shame on the counselors, helicopter parents, and liberal educators for spewing this false narrative.

        1. Because angry young morons with loads of student debt make great useful idiots for the Soros’s of the world.

    2. You have the right genitals and probably lack sufficient Oppression Points. So you’re just Another White Guy with a degree. Now sit down. Jugdish needs a job….
      I get where your coming from though. I wasn’t talking shit about you personally.

      1. Well I was given an IQ test at 29 and by a licensed neuropsychologist and my verbal IQ was scored at 125. That’s real too. Not some bs score everyone makes up from some bs internet test they took or some IQ test they were given when they were a little kid.

        1. All the more reason for a sharp young guy with a high IQ, and some semblance of a work ethic, to pursue a trade like a machinist or Tool & Diemaker, Matthew. 12-18 months at a CC, and all the jobs and OT you’d ever want. Once you’ve been out in the trade 3-4 years you’ll make good $, and always have skills in demand. I deal with CNC machine shops and manufacturers daily in my day job. I keep hearing the same thing “we need skilled machinists, welders, and multi-craft maintenance mechanics”. And these aren’t some $10 an hour barista baloney jobs for graduates with BFAs in underwater finger painting or gender studies degrees.

        2. @Matthew
          Young man, here’s what I tell the youngsters in my family. Make sure you have two different skill sets. The advice you are receiving about trade school is very good. Yeah, being a cashier or barista sucks, but while you are in CC it will bring in coin. If ever you have to fall back (temporarily) to cashier or coffee maker, you can. Heck, have a third joe job skill. I don’t care if it is cleaning up hotel rooms or setting up banquet tables. It’s a jungle out there.

        3. Surprised you didn’t choose a smarter degree then.
          As Forrest Gump says, “Stupid is as stupid does”

  9. He has the phenotype of an inbred pederast and his biography on Wiki reeks of intel.
    So he’s the son of working class Irish peasants yet he magically gets into Harvard thanks “student loans and part-time jobs”. Then he gets an MBA at fucking Wharton of all places. This all sounds as plausible as the existence of Wakanda.
    But getting back to his inbred pederast phenotype, at Harvard he was the president of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals club where he “sang and danced”.
    From Wikipedia:
    The Hasty Pudding Theatricals, known informally simply as The Pudding, is a theatrical student society at Harvard University, known for its burlesque crossdressing musicals. The Hasty Pudding Theatricals was described by John Wheelwright in 1897 as a “kindly association of men of all ages in a gay evening of simple enjoyment”.[1] It is a comedy show.
    So there you have it, men. Just another pederast in politics. They’re very easy to control and will do absolutely anything as long as their (((masters))) give them access to some fresh boy flesh.

  10. Gun control here also sucks. In about 45 states you can get a permit to carry. Not NJ. In fact you have to get a permit to even buy a gun. Looking to move out ASAP but for professional reasons have to stay in the state for the time being. Don’t move to NJ unless you have to do so for work or family reasons. It is a dead end here. Even life long residents will tell you that.

    1. Whoever downvoted you is a cucklord. I sincerely wish for death for the downvoter

      1. Hey, welcome to the club. Someone downvoted me for stating the truth that Gov. Murphy looks like a homo. There are always a few SJWs, SPLC folks, and other human debris watching this site and I think they give the occasional gratuitous downvote to comments that frighten their weak psyches.

  11. Looked him up on Wiki, and in the pic he’s got gay written all over him. But 4 kids, so maybe not. There are plenty of straight culture vultures too.

  12. What is the point of this article? New Jersey has always been a fucking sewer. Its the taint of the United States.

  13. Well the US was fun while it lasted. It seems you only get brief bursts of civilizations that actually reward good people for being good, hardworking citizens. Then the grandchildren of the hard workers get spoiled, vote for socialists and the whole thing crumbles.
    We all came from somewhere so there’s nothing wrong with going somewhere else where we’re treated better.

      1. 1787-1941
        WW2 was a Disaster.
        General Patton said ‘ We Warred against the wrong enemy”

    1. Which is hilarious sense white men still make up 1/3 of the population including women and were 100’s of millions of guns, and the people who are “conquering us” are weak and low IQ third world morons. I wonder why we can’t stop it? Oh, that is right, it is because tribalism and nationalism bad, be a “muh Individual”, and just say murica, murica, murica three times and drive off in ur big truck. White men got dumb, lazy, nihilistic, feminized, and more importantly de-tribalized. Why do you think the left always attacks male meet-up, why do you think tey are desperately trying to flood the nation with non-whites? They want to keep us from re-nationalizing….classic boil the frog in the water slowly until it dies.

  14. ‘because the state simply can’t afford his socialist style policies.’
    It doesn’t matter if they can’t afford it. They will continue to pursue it regardless of how many people and businesses pack up and leave. California claims it has a revenue problem and not a spending problem.

    1. And when the California pension scheme finally implodes they will want the federal government to pick up the tab. There really should be an article in the constitution that the sum total of all imaginable taxes- income, real estate, sales etc that could be levied on a business or on an individual cannot exceed 5%. And that only one fifth of the government’s budget can be funded through borrowing. And finally, that anyone who proposes to revise those limits upwards shall be hanged, drawn and quartered.

  15. Not all the young people there are clueless all the Jersey people I met were under 25 and all sounded like a broken record….taxes will kill you, you can never buy a home, cant pump your own gas, everything expensive, guaranteed life of poverty they seem to know what the problems were and got the hell out.

    1. Taxes suck here. It is possible to purchase a house in certain parts of the state, but definitely not in the NYC suburbs or down at the shore. Then property taxes will kill you. The public schools are horrible in most areas, even the richer parts of the state. Teachers don’t want to teach. They just want the big fat public pension and two months off a year to hang out at the shore. The beaches suck too. Full of NJ blockheads and are packed. Plus at most shore points you have to pay for the right to sit in the sand. You also have to drive everywhere because public transit sucks and is really only meant to get poor people who have no jobs around. Everything is a strip mall and half the stores are abandoned. Gun laws are the worst in the nation and half the local governments are corrupt. Do NOT live here unless you have to do so because of work or family. If you have to work in NJ live in a border state as long as you can endure the commute.

      1. Not having to pump your own gas when its cold and snowy is pretty nice.
        Being able to get to the shore (or at least Sandy Hook) in less than one hour from northern NJ is pretty nice, and there are more horses per square mile than anywher else in the country!
        Taxes and corruption are pretty bad. The state budget is hurting too because one man, yes only 1 man, whose tax bill accounted for 10% of the entire state budget moved to florida!

  16. Why do people care if retards fuck themselves to death? Simply watch and laugh at apparent cause and effect. We hate these useless eaters right, right. Pigs get what pigs deserve. Yeah, 15$ is a wonderful idea, tee hee…..20$ would be even better.

    1. I left 20 years ago, but I miss driving there. Nice fast aggressive driving, and I love jughandles, no waiting to turn left at a light! Traffic circles are awesome too for not having to stop!
      I remember back in the 90’s one of the govenors got pulled over for going over the speedlimit. Not 2 weeks later the speed limit was raised to 65.

      1. I left S. Jersey 20 years ago as well. Unless you live there, you wouldn’t know if the next intersection had a left turn lane or use a jughandle. I used to call NJ the police state because every township had its own police dept. They were everywhere. The State Troopers uniforms looked like Nazi SS officers.

  17. Did you ever arrive at Newark airport? It’s already a 3rd world shithole.
    All black stuff mouthing off to you in ebonics. I thought I arrived in Africa or something…

  18. The whole of the east coast is over run with colored folk and (((others))). I lived there for 3 years after growing up in Oregon, and I was shocked at how depraved and low quality life is there. They have ghetto zones that look like parts of the middle east after an air strike. These laws and lawmakers will only make the problem, which has been around for almost half a decade now, much worse.

  19. Just left NJ for the “socialist paradise” of Quebec. I now live in the most expensive part of the city in a house twice the value of where I lived in NJ.
    In NJ I paid $26k per year in property taxes and my kid went to a public school. In Montreal I send my kid to a top private school. Now my property taxes plus tuition are less than the property taxes I paid in Jersey.
    We also paid very high income taxes in NJ. With the new tax laws, they will be even worse. No a penny of those taxes went to our schools. Instead they were funneled to inner city schools that wasted the money on consultants and administrators while the kids dropped out.
    It’s a sad state of affairs when NJ makes Quebec look good when it comes to taxes and spending.

  20. “There are gun owners within the city limits too…”
    Some keep their guns stored outside the Gun Free Zone.

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