Huffington Post Is Leading The Way To Totalitarianism

The clampdown started

Last week the Huffington Post made it a requirement to have a verified Facebook to post comments. This change has effectively stopped me from posting on various news articles, essays and opinion pieces on the Huffington Post. I could theoretically get a verified Facebook account but the payoff of trolling ideologues is not greater than the effort of setting something up like that. This aggravation of setting up such a Facebook account will keep others from posting on the Huffington Post comment section as well.

If the end goal is to really close the walls of the echo chamber the Huffington Post has become, they will succeed. As an Internet business they should want as many page clicks as possible. Maybe not though; they could be going for the MSNBC niche market that favors direct propaganda. After talking to my colleagues and looking into what is actually posted for comments, it seems most people comment to fuel comment wars and chicanery aside from a few die hard true believers.

Free thought is a threat to some systems

This somewhat totalitarian method of control is indicative of the desperation of certain ideology. A system like the USSR could not succeed in the long-term with the existence of a large free state in competition with it. The same idea holds true for certain ideologies. If oppositional ideas, criticisms and trolls are weeded out the only thing left would be social preening between like-minded individuals. By switching to verified Facebook accounts, the actual commenter pool of the Huffington Post is going to be extremely small. This could be the intention because ivory tower people like to pretend opposition doesn’t exist or have no valid points. I guess it makes them feel comfortable to only hear the things they already believe in while they talk with their friends while sniffing wine. I guess as long as the conversation doesn’t rock the boat they don’t care that their ladies are getting drilled by the gardener in the guesthouse.

Justification for trolling

One might wonder what the purpose of trolling the Internet is. There are many. My favorite is exposing the lunacy of certain people’s ideology. Instead of disagreeing with their points, I merely agree and amplify their concepts to the absurd. Some people actually see what I’m doing but not many. You’d be surprised how many people favorite comments calling for the destruction of any political opposition to the prescribed ideology. Some of these same people favoring these cruel comments are surprisingly quick to label other people Nazis.

Tested methodologies

Another method of taking apart the ideological views of a group is to get one subgroup’s prerogative in conflict with another subgroup within the same ideological coalition. This has been demonstrated here. What do you do if you come across a bunch of Hillary Clinton 2016 fans? Tell them we need to change the Constitution so President Barack Obama can run again. That tends to get them to turn on each other real quick. Remember if you trolling hard, always remember which way is up, and don’t get stuck into limbo.

Historical examples

The Huffington Post article trolling which began in 2011 had ended last week. Allow me to show you some comments. I chose based on what caused the most rage and frustration, not wit or intellect. Here they are:


This really got the progressives riled up about sustainability.


This article could possibly been the cause for the Huffington Post comment policy change.


They got real upset when I pointed out their “Third Reich” tendencies with that one.


The cognitive dissonance reached 11 in that thread.


The “Rape Culture” activists lost their shit on that one.


When the equality card gets used against the hive mind, meltdown ensues.


The “Blame Bush” knee jerk reactions were big in that one.


Whenever I questioned the prerogative that the people need to be told what they need, some people lose their minds.

The change to verified Facebook accounts as a requirement to comment also indicates the internet trolls are actually making an impact on the delivery of the narrative pushed by the Huffington Post. By taking such  drastic step, they are worried about something. This something is not merely a civil concern because the tattle tales over there are quick to snitch by flagging. It seems as this move is a shrewd move to remove cerebral commenter who is not in the hivemind. For the most part anyone that has a brain and has any political mindedness whatsoever would never get a verified Facebook account.  It is always best to leave deniability on the table case you might need it. Remember the ultimate excuse for things you might say on the Internet is “just trollin brah”. Disclaimer: this method most likely will not work in criminal or civil court.

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80 thoughts on “Huffington Post Is Leading The Way To Totalitarianism”

  1. Good. It will seriously hurt their traffic and ad revenue. And our side of the ledger their are about million better uses of your time than arguing with social justice robots. Admittedly it can be fun and addictive but it has about as much personal and social value as playing video games, porn, etc.

    1. 100% true. These days I am bored having conversations with those who label any dissenting view as “trolling”.
      Its quite remarkable how many people believe that it is impossible for a person to legitimately disagree with them and these same people almost always accuse others of being nazis.

      1. i disagree. there’s a difference between legitimate disagreement and trolling. i don’t have a problem with anonymous commenting either way–i can see both viewpoints. although i do think that the meme of limiting “thought” just because the site is asking people to use a facebook account is a bit dramatic. just look at some of the comments on this very thread.

  2. Huffpo is just a bunch of emasculated big government wimps anyway. There are enough of those around ROK to keep you entertained. Check out the comments in the “white women are a threat to blacks” article and let the Huffpo/MSNBC pro-black crowd around here provide you with months worth of nonsense.

  3. Huffington Post ceased being a legitimate news source after it started talking about how great Obama is. Also, it allowed an attack on RoK, but if we wanted to attack Jezebel on it, we’d be told to go to hell.

  4. Another method of taking apart the ideological views of a group is to get one subgroup’s prerogative in conflict with another subgroup within the same ideological coalition.

    Fat acceptance versus obesity as an urgent public health issue.
    Americans need to stop eating fast food versus fast food workers need to get double their current wages.
    America’s white people, especially white Southerners (quack! quack!), suck and deserve to go extinct to make way for “diversity,” versus the wonderful overwhelmingly white countries like Denmark, Canada, Australia, etc. (Why don’t those white people deserve to vanish?)
    The harm caused by objectifying the human body and having impersonal sex, except when gay men do it.
    Recreational drug use as a rejection of oppressive bourgeois morality, except when poor blacks do it.
    Human biodiversity = racism and pseudoscience, except when it comes to sexual orientation.

  5. well considering how many internet tough guys are out there its good that for no other reason than it cut down on most of the annoying trolling and desperate for attention suckers. ppl find anything to argue about in every area of the internet. shit really get klnda lame because 90% the ppl who do all the big bold talking are really timid and fearful in real life. even on instagram, you find all kind of weak ass dudes arguing, race baiting, and just overall bickering like catty ass bitches in the comments section of a half naked attention whore.

  6. Its not enough to have a verified facebook account. They can require you to have 50 friends or whatever before they show your comments. So you have to be a legitimate facebook user. It actually really pissed me off when ESPN went to facebook comments. FB comments are cancer on the internet.
    Not having anonymity when you talk to leftoids is a recipe for them attacking your personal life, because for them politics is personal. So they don’t see a problem harassing your employer, your mom or whoever.
    Considering the way the left forms up mobs and “protests” outside people’s houses we will probably get a bonafide lynching within a decade.

    1. There will be no lynch mobs from those pussies.
      1) They haven’t got the guts.
      2) They are too much like the stoats, ferrets and weasels in “The Wind in the Willows”. They are nominally on the same side as each other but endlessly fall out over absolutely nothing.

        1. Actually considering that humans live in a cesspool that grows exponentially every year, the idea that testing deodorants, etc on animals is a huge bit of irony. I doubt if animal testing keeps us safer or cures anything since clearly everything is polluted and if you don’t think your liver, gall bladder, spleen ,kidneys, brain, etc. aren’t loaded with garbage that has no place there then you’re closer to Alzheimer’s than you think. We are poisoned beyond belief, leave the animals alone.

  7. I lean left on a number of political issues but I found your trolling hilarious..on another note, the realization that feminism is so intricately intertwined with the Democratic Party…makes me so ashamed of my past political leanings. Swallow the red pill and tell both political parties to fuck off, they only serve to control the masses.

    1. Politics = derived from the word poly, meaning many, and from tics, blood sucking parasites.

  8. Solution – burner phone + verified fake facebook account.
    Make your own identity and character.

  9. Hemant Mehta blocked me on his “Friendly Atheist” forum because the kinds of atheists who post there don’t want to hear the social science about how women’s premarital sexual adventures ruin them for stable marriages with men. And how atheism per se has nothing to do with liberal social beliefs. And how patriarchy has an empirical basis which liberal atheists wrongly dismiss as superstition just because arbitrary god beliefs have historically hitchhiked on the patriarchal wisdom tradition. We can’t communicate with or observe our tribe’s supernaturals, despite what the people on those foolish “ghost hunting” shows on cable claim. But men have had to live with women all along in a harsh and dangerous world. If the resulting body of learning from those generations of hard experience tends to put women in a bad light — well, you can’t blame that outcome on the gods now, can you?

    1. AH has sold HuffPost to AOL and big media corps are great at destroying the success of companies they buy in desperation and, in the case of HuffPost, at ridiculously inflated valuations.
      In any case, taunting the rabid mob on HuffPost is a waste of time, like watching Porn or playing video games – it achieves nothing except a fleeting but false sense of accomplishment.

  10. The unhinged Canadian lefty site went to walled garden commenting ages ago. They could not abide the constant barage of trolls which as you so humorously point out perform a vital public service: heaping scorn on idiotic ideas.

  11. Make fb account for comments. Go to a place like 4chan. Suggest that other people who want to keep trolling but need 50 friends post a link to their fb page. Friend-each-other-circlejerk. Voila, you now have 50+ friends on your comments fb account.
    I haven’t done this, but I don’t see why it would not work..

      1. Not true. I have a fake account with a made-up name and some random guy’s photo and there haven’t been any problems so far. I don’t think they have enough employees and time to verify everyone. Of course when your account looks too suspicious, it may get deleted.

  12. Establishment media is dying. It has become apparent to anyone with half of a brain that it is for the most part, complete propaganda. In an effort to stop the spread of anti-establishment discussion, censorship like this has taken place and will continue to take place. Long live the blogosphere.

    1. Agreed. The Mainstream media is dying out rapidly these days because they don’t report real important news and serious news consumers have realized this for a long time now. CNN and similar networks will eventually become entertainment networks because they will no longer be able to masquerade as news networks. All of the major Liberal networks are WAY down in the ratings. Plain and simply: nobody is watching them anymore. When they double-down like this and try to censor interesting comments and the traffic that comes with them, they do a huge disservice to themselves and their financial bottom line. In many ways they are causing themselves to go extinct by not reporting on real, interesting things, but rather relying on parroting the same, old, tired ultra liberal talking points that fewer and fewer people are interested in hearing. People want to hear interesting, provocative stuff; not the same boring equality, multiculturalism bullshit message. It’s a tired message that doesn’t generate enough interest to fuel advertising revenue. I like to see the MSM get eaten alive by it’s own PC bullshit. It’s fitting.

  13. Of course they’d do this. Leftoids don’t have to worry about getting fired or not getting hired by using their real names and Facebook accounts to post PC comments.

  14. Left wing sites only want agreement – that is their entire point – validation of their left-wing, off-the-wall, ideas. They don’t want anyone to point out reality to them – that is “hate speech” in their beady-little-eyes… One of many reasons that I just ignore them – of course, should the moment be right – a reality check really shocks them. Makes it so they will stay in their little corner and hide since the real world is too “nasty” for them to deal with. Better to cower in fear and be safe…
    That is why they are so intolerant of anything other than complete agreement. Reality is much too harsh for them…

    1. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the same reason some guys go into game/PUA stuff/whatever. For some of them, it’s not about just getting higher quality women into their lives. It’s about validating their egos.

    2. It’s ironic how many of those types are vehement atheists that mock religion considering the way they employ organised religion’s tactics. Don’t ye dare deviate from the congregation’s song sheet lest ye be eschewed from the flock and be shamed for all eternity.

    3. But Just Saying, would you be able to accept that your ideas about the economic system are wrong? Even having proof of that? Good numbers that prove, without a doubt, that you are wrong? Just saying…

  15. As a parent, I can always count on HP to advocate things that are utterly destructive to my family. They really are the center of the the “Destroy every vestige of anythnig that is good and wholesome in society” stew, which the liberals and the Feminist haters and the Gay haters are slowing cooking up. They are masters of hiding their hatred beyond syrupy, sweet-sounding titles.
    This site, more than any other, makes me feel that maybe war and revolution, the destruction of society, might someday be actually preferrable to the sickness that is the status quo in our world.

    1. who put you in charge? were you a hall monitor in grade school? making up fake laws reminds me of the third reich.

  16. A lot of these places now use Facebook because it’s easier to track people. You don’t think that Facebook sells info to the government and advertisers? Even if 1/2 the accounts are fake they still have millions of real profiles even those kept “private”.
    Facebook is going downhill much like Myspace even though Myspace was a much better website.
    And btw, if you own any Facebook stock I’d suggest you dump it NOW because it’s going to drop rapidly after the new year.That ugly schmuck who stole the concept is dumping billions of his stock and I can tell you that no member of the tribe would ever do that if something is profitable.

    1. That’s sort of how I imagine the typical “king” lol on here looking, except perhaps with a trap door in the rear for “convenience”
      Just add some genuine Walmart polyester slippers for 6 bucks and you’re set for the night.

  17. So put your real fb identity on the line. Take a stand and let the chips fall as they will. We’re not going to live forever.

    1. I’ll respond to your comment with a comment as soon as I get my facebook verified account to do so.

  18. Pretty much all the lame stream media ban dissenting comments.
    When that ship sank near Italy and the women were in a frenzy about how men did not take the tack “women and children first” there were a lot of comments on the daily mail article.
    One of the comments I made was “since women demanded equality I claim that I have the right to hit a woman under the exact same conditions that I would hit a man”.
    That got me banned off the daily mail! LOL!!
    Shows you what a bunch of woman worshipers they are over there.

      1. Why bother? If young men are not willing to do even the little bit of pass along my work to other young men after I have put in 4,000 hours of unpaid effort to create that body of work? Why would I bother commenting in places like the daily mail?
        I wrote an essay on this topic a few weeks ago. Simply put? Men will not help other men. Those who say they want to help other men are mostly lying. I am much more critical of men than I am of women. And the men do not like being criticised because they know what I say is true.

    1. Actually dude that interested me so I checked out the Article and was surprised….At least with the Costa Concordia Captain dailymail article, commenters wre quite level headed male and female alike.
      One of the most downvoted comments was an 18 year old male who, in the same breath said men should be GENTLEMEN and wait and that the genders should be held equal. His hypocrisy was rightfully downvoted.
      Most of the other comments were quite rational, generally shaming Facebooks reaction as all of the full information has not been disclosed.
      Others still gave him credit for getting ashore. This was NOTHING like the titanic and some even credited the crew for avoiding an even greater tragedy.
      The children are the ones who need saving first. Then adults, gender neutral. Men being stronger than women means fuck-all when you’re being impaled by thousands of pounds of steel.

      1. Try taking a look at this article. Notice that about 80% of the comments are by men. Notice that some of the most man hating comments are by men too. Mangina blue pill man haters.
        Simon Knowles, Thatcham, England, 1 year ago
        Gallantry used to be endemic. It started in schools at the time when they were sexually segregated and boys taught by men. Now women teach about equality. Gallantry such as hoplding open doors for women is as likely to gerreward you with a feminist rabt these days as much as a thank you. Women have pushed for equality at all costs (except where this leaves them at a disadvantage, that when “positive discrimination” kicks in). We now complain when men exercise their right to equality, and display a lack of gallantry. Why are we so shocked as this behaviour is a direct product of modern society’s teaching and values.
        Apocalyptic Queen, Anglesey, UK, 1 year ago
        Fred – If the reports of the “big burly” male crews violently shoving past passengers (whether they be male, female, young, old, disabled or pregnant) are true, than I dread to think what could have happened if they had been allowed to carry guns. I think what appalls most people is not so much that orders to allow priority for women and children were ignored, but the general aggression and gritted determination of some on board (mostly male crew IF reports are correct) to escape at ANY cost. As an able-bodied young woman in the 21st century, I do not accept the concept that any man, moreover a potential stranger should be expected to give up his seat for me. Ideally, I believe people should be boarded as and when they are ready to disembark to save time. However, in a disaster where such priorities would be necessary, I’d have thought that common decency would demand that ALL able-bodied adults would assist the most vulnerable first and not shove their way to safety at any cost.
        And here is a mangina who thinks that men should be hand cuffed to the ship so they drown. I hardly call this comment “level headed”.
        Fred, Milton Keynes, 1 year ago
        The officers on board should carry guns when ever this type of thing might happen. I would like to think that women and children would always be looked after. So many (men) on here who I would not save, handcuff them to the ship.
        oldbear, Swindon, UK, 1 year ago
        Children first – yes, except if I’m being absolutely honest that doesn’t include the chavvy types who seem to infest parts of the country but hopefully they wouldn’t be in the same disaster as me. Women however… sorry, but with the exception of my wife I think not. You ladies wanted to be our equals and despite still frequently bleating to the contrary it looks to me like you got your wish. Now you get to live (or die) with it. Harsh? Afraid so.
        LanceSmith, USA, 1 year ago
        Wow….what century are we living in?? Of course it should NOT be women and children first. I can’t believe such an outdated, offensive, and non-egalitarian paradigm is even being voiced. Chivalry is and should be DEAD. Female equality killed it. To put it another way, you don’t get it both ways ladies. You don’t get equal rights on the one hand, and still get to experience female privilege on the other. And men, REAL MEN fight for their own rights. YOUR life as a man is worth no less then that of a woman.
        And here is a man hating man who thinks women and children should go first.
        Jesse M, Melbourne, Australia, 1 year ago
        I have to agree, women and children must go first. Look basically this is what being a real man is about. We are stronger, faster, and biologically built and programmed to protect our women and children. This Italian Captain is the worst kind of coward I’ve seen in a long time. His cowardice is to be condemned and he shouldn’t be given any leniency. You can harp on all you want about equality, and gender rights, but the fact is, deep down every man reading this article knows that if they jumped on a lifeboat at the expense of a women and baby standing there in the line, you would hang your head in shame deep down. It’s wrong and you know it. Courage men, courage and sacrifice, even in the face of disaster, its called retaining you dignity and honour. Hell I’m only 26, I’m not some old fogey, but I still know right from wrong. And you whingers complaining about women and children going first need to grow some balls.
        And here is a man hating woman saying men should die for women.
        Ellie, Cambridge, 1 year ago
        Feminism has nothing to do with it. Women in general are less physically strong than men – this is why we have separate sporting events for men and women. We have ‘women and children first’ because men are more likely to be able to swim to shore or survive until rescue. The men who pushed their way past the elderly, the children and the women should feel ashamed.
        And here is a bitch who thinks that women should go first to ensure “the survival of the species” even though we have 7 billion people on this planet. That’s one of the more lame excuses for man hatred.
        Maggy, Macon, Georgia, USA, 1 year ago
        “Women and children first” has *nothing* to do with feminism; there is an evolutionary imperative to protect women and children to ensure survival of the species. Nowadays, *that* seems assured, so all able-bodied adults should give way to children, the ill, the elderly, and their caregivers. Even in these advanced times, it is right and proper that the strong should protect the weak.

  19. Left/liberal progressives are just fascists with better public relations. (Ask ol’ George Orwell– i.e., read Nineteen Eighty-Four– if you don’t believe me.)

    1. No. That isn’t really true. Liberals are more closely aligned with communism than fascism – which is on another side of the political spectrum. Fascism includes the idea of strong national bonds and patriotism but does not believe in welfare and the like.

  20. I stopped arguing with idiots at HP a while ago. Too many deleted comments.
    I do think that many of my comments were better than your examples.
    Hey Obamacare supporters…keep your laws off my body.
    studies have shown higher minimum wage will stimulate our economy more
    because people spend more money and it’s good for everyone…… I know
    you baggers want to keep people as poor as possible because the people
    you elect keep trying to pass bills to make it so; but at least look at
    facts before you post nonsense.
    Yeah. Yeah. We righties hate the poor! We want them all totally
    broke so they can buy all the junk we sell them with all of
    their……oh wait.

  21. there are different levels of trolling: some of it is thought provoking, some of it is interesting, funny and contrarian, but most of it is complete sh^t written by insecure morons.

  22. Progressives are most happy inside their solipsistic echo chamber.
    Most progressive blogs I have checked out screen their comments and block anyone that debates them. This is especially true among feminist blogs.
    So, it’s not surprising that HuffPo would go down that route also. They need to keep their target audience (progressives and feminists) happy.

  23. You do remember that, in theory, women and gay men are BANNED from commenting on RoK? So I don’t think you’re in any position to talk about censorship.

  24. Yeah, I noticed this. Believe it or not, I used to be one of the Pundits on HuffPo- the commenters who’s posts always are featured at the top (just below the article). After posting red pill comments for about a month, they emailed me to tell me they’re stripping me of “Pundit Status”. Now it seems every comment I make doesn’t go up- it’s put in Pending status. LOL. Of course they say all this is in furtherance of ‘civilized dialogue’.

  25. They used to actually give away badges, trophies to people who flagged the most removed comments.
    That was a sick echo chamber over there.
    Most of my comments would get fave ‘ d, people would fan me, and I’d go back and couldn’t read what I had written because the comment was removed.

    1. This reply is a month later but hopefully still relevant to the discussion. I am now a former HP poster and it is wonderful to see HP down THIRTY percent but I am a liberal to the core and I never ONCE saw a badge given to those who flagged the most comments. I tried it for a few months and got no badge as a “monitor” but they did have monitors on both sides of the aisle pizzing people off all the time. I had over the years probably a thousand comments deleted with no reason. As a very general rule I was almost always polite to everyone. Once I had well over one thousand “Favs” which is near a record and that was within 3 hours. The comment was deleted for violating their idiotic rules. I wrote them almost 30 times asking what rule I violated and never once heard back from those assholes and I’m a liberal. So a lot of us liberals were deleted all the time as well.

  26. Dissenting comments were always deleted on Roissy’s blog. And comments that even suggested black people might have good qualities. Odd because we all thought one of his best friends and regular wing man was black – what was that dude’s name? The one with him in the photo at the bar with his sister? Anyway maybe that’s the reason. The girls he tried to pick probably nexted his pasty ass in favor of some chocolate lovin’.
    At any rate, that dude loved to delete rational comments.

  27. Though it was fun making the leftists there lose their shit, I was halfway done with the site due to their ridiculous ads, and videos that automatically start.

  28. The problem is that some groups, rather than confront arguments or facts, are more interested in labeling their opponents as racists or sexists in order to quell dissent, even when those words do not accurately represent the people they are attacking. Such attacks are fine when it comes to anonymous names (since spectators can judge the arguments for themselves), but it causes problems when linking our facebook because having such slurs thrown at us can problems with social and business relationships.
    Like most tactics which rely on censorship instead of facts or evidence, I expect this to look like a success in the short term, but they will be wondering (or blaming other things) what happened as their readership shrinks over the coming years. For some reason, original content and challenging discussion is heavily correlated with freedom of speech, perhaps because people who are truly creative and intelligent prefer to post in places which do not have a third party deciding what is and isn’t allowed.
    In some sense it is a game of eternal cat-and-mouse, with pro-censorship people taking over one website to the next, not understanding *why* their post-censored websites suffer rapid declines in original and high-quality content.

  29. Glad to see this article and the valid points it brings up regarding the ludicrous new requirements for not just HP, but also the likes of msnbc/nbc, the Golf Channel, etc. This has become nothing more than a method to control the message by certain entities. I can’t really comment on how it will affect the HP, but it has definitely sterilized msnbc/nbc and The in particular did so just as several very polarizing issues were being instituted in golf (changing how post-shot video related penalties will be called [think TW, who they protect at all costs, lol], creating a new year long season [simply an additional meaningless preseason, yuck], etc)..There w as a lot of venom regarding both those two issues, and most, if not all of it, was essentially whitewashed by the new requirement. The PGA/GC simply want to control dissent of the any new controversial policies, and knows there are few if any other outlets for posting dissent regarding these issues that will gain any sort of national attention.
    If this is the HP’s reasoning, I hope they fall flat on their face. Not that I want to promote trolling at all, but forcing membership to such idiotoc social networks such as FB is extremely annoying to say the least. It allows FB to further track their members, and lord knows what else, plus every entity that is now requiring this is probably getting some sort of monetary kickback from FB, which makes their motives even more suspect.

  30. Yes they are. I’m a life long conservative democrat (yes we still exist, we were Reagan democrats), and posted there for years. OMG the vitriol I would get if I dared disagree with the radical progressives. Now they want me to use Facebook? F that!
    I don’t need my boss knowing my political views. Several people have been fired from my job because of Facebook posts that HR didn’t like. Your employer spy’s on you these days.
    I don’t need some crazy illegal alien, Muslim, gun nut, religious nut, etc. coming too my house because they are offended.
    HP is the biggest bunch of phonies. They always censored anything that didn’t fit their agenda. Arianna the 1%er hypocrite is too cheap to employee moderators. Do they think the people of China, Iran, Syria, Libya, etc. would have ever leak any information if forced to expose their real identity? HP has exposed the fact that they don’t care about free speech, they only care about pushing their own political agenda.

    1. I say you should come back to the right and fight to clear out the establishment.
      The democratic party has no intention of ever becoming like Reagan.
      I post with my real shit because who gives a damn.

  31. HuffPo has long been difficult to make an account on and has a whole circle jerking platform. I really cant stand these restricted commenting things and I hate disqus too, altho I like it a lot more than other things like Google Accounts. Actually what I dont like about disqus is that I cant maintain different accounts without logging out. I dont want my political and personal account being associated with stuff here. And really I dont want someone have a complete profile of all my views. I am pretty sure my main disqus profile could be used to pinpoint who I am with a little work.

  32. God, that’s horrible. I’m glad the enlightened comment policy here welcomes open discussion: “Women and homosexuals are prohibited from commenting here. They will be immediately banned.”

  33. I have found that when I get a really popular comment at the Guardian trolling, they take it down.
    All my comments are now pre-moderated now.

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