Why Do Sports Blogs Hate Sports Fans?

In the South Park episode “All About Mormons,” several scenes delve into great detail about Mormon orthodoxy while a caption on the bottom of the screen says “This Is What Mormons Actually Believe.” The takeaway is that beliefs such as “seer stones” are so outlandish that it’s amazing that any rational person could actually believe this. This “wow, just wow” view of those with different opinions is, surprisingly, just as applicable to most sports bloggers, who just can’t even believe that the vast majority of sports fans don’t agree with their strong liberal views. Don’t these flyover troglodytes know that it’s 2016?

I’m genuinely unsure if writers in other fields have as much disdain for their core readership as sports bloggers do. Political sites are usually geared towards those with a particular set of views, so outside of hate-reads, regular blog visitors will typically know what they’re getting into. While there might be disagreements, you won’t feel like you’re the enemy. The glaring exception, I suppose, if you’re on a mainstream conservative blog and you just want to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, but I digress.

Naming The Biggest Offenders

football helmet

Based on Alexa.com’s ratings, the sites that would qualify as the largest pure “American sports blogs” would be Bleacher Report, SB Nation, and Deadspin. These differ from the largest sports websites such as ESPN and SI, since blogs focus on opinion pieces and analysis, not just game previews and highlights.

The largest, Bleacher Report, has different “streams” (almost like sub-reddits) for teams, leagues, and sports. This leads to less long-form writing and more lists and team-specific information. SB Nation (owned by Vox Media), until recently, had their Twitter avatar set to an “It’s On Us” logo, to show solidarity (?) with women who claim to be sexually assaulted.

The same culture that gave us that ridiculous avatar and campaign gave us a circle jerk of concern for the alleged victim in the Patrick Kane rape case. Multiple group posts were promoted to the front of the site which stated that Patrick Kane should be suspended immediately for simply being accused of sexual assault, and that fans who were not as quick to act on this information actually stood in the way of justice.

Patrick Kane, Victim of a Smear Campaign

Patrick Kane, Victim of a Smear Campaign

Furthermore, the fact that he is a famous professional athlete gives him a legion of supporters that an accuser will never have, and those supporters may verbally attack and harass her in support of Kane, thereby making it seem as if the whole world is against her, all part of a culture that could encourage a victim to stay silent.

The piece cited the NHL’s CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), which allows for the league to suspend a player based on just an accusation. The writers also leaned on the prior suspension of Slava Voynov as justification, even though Voynov was actually charged with a felony, unlike Kane, who was not charged at all. The tone of the articles were that the NHL, Kane’s teammates, and fans of the league were all supporting “rape culture” and consciously or subconsciously attacking the accuser.

After some searching, I could not find a piece on SB Nation that countered any of these points. Moreover, the articles, which were written by five women, were featured on the website and retweeted by a number of higher profile writers for the site. This leads me to assume that most, if not all, of SB Nation’s writers believe that wearing a Blackhawks jersey is similar to calling all women liars. The charges against Kane were eventually dropped due to a lack of evidence, and SB Nation had a small post which was written by one staffer, and didn’t seem to be retweeted to the heavens by their editors and staffers. Weird.

Deadspin is a whole other can of worms. Being attached to the Gawker network, they have their sports writers sitting next to the writers for Jezebel in their New York City office. I’m going going to out on a limb and say that this probably doesn’t help give a well-rounded, “diverse” set of opinions on sports.

Sportswriters and Feminists, What Could Go Wrong?

Sportswriters and Feminists, What Could Go Wrong?

This odd seating arrangement also leads Deadspin writers, whether nudged to do so or not, essentially re-blogging thinkpieces from Jezebel. When you go to the main site looking for sports content, you will find promoted articles from Jezebel and other Gawker properties. Oh, and did I mention “Adequate Man,” Deadspin’s guide for average guys to handle such difficult situations as “being white at a black holiday gatherings” and “how to hit on women at the gym” (Spoiler Alert: Never)?

A simple scrolling through their “Racism” tag (certainly needed on a site where some of their writers wrote for the actually racist, and actually once-funny Kissing Suzy Kolber) at http://deadspin.com/tag/racism shows how white people are the worst. Black “personalities” such as Greg Howard and Bomani Jones are there to put them in their place, with white writers tagging along to agree and amplify. At least I get a good sampling of athlete dong pictures in between my large helpings of white guilt, for what that’s worth.

Even In Pro Wrestling, They Want To Control What You Want

Do You Find This (Relatively) Unrealistic? Bigot.

Do You Find This (Relatively) Unrealistic? Misogynist.

As a pro wrestling fan, I’d like to see “news” about my favorite stupid, really poorly written, soap opera nonsense. While not technically sports, it’s close enough that I should expect to be able to see actual news on injuries and upcoming fight cards without a hefty sampling of guilt about, again, being a white guy. Thanks to Uproxx (another multi-channel blog network), though, I can even get my bro-shaming from wrestling articles.

For example, I can read a piece on why black female wrestler “Naomi” is undervalued within WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and how that relates to a headline at Slate that referred to Nicki Minaj as a “savage”, and how this all relates to wrestling being a bastion of white guys, with blacks being relegated to stereotypes. Bear in mind, this is professional wrestling, thus every single performer is a stereotype. That’s kind of the point. There’s no “normal dude” wrestler who comes out chill as hell and does his thing and doesn’t try to engage the audience. Everything is over the top because nobody wants to watch regular people wrestle just like they don’t want to watch regular people have sex.

Another thinkpiece, also on Uproxx, details how hard it is for women to make it to the top in the wrestling industry, and that the WWE is losing money by not featuring enough women. For more of a cultural tie-in, they relate it to Saturday Night Live’s “sexism problem” over the past few decades.

There are actually several wrestling writers who work for Uproxx, and none of them remotely come close to the mindset of the average professional wrestling fan. It is a unanimous opinion of the staff that blacks and women are under-represented, storylines should include women fighting and beating men, and that dick jokes, slut-shaming, and the like are the worst parts of the genre.

An Actual Lack of Diversity


Pictured: The Enemy

None of these examples are particularly egregious taken individually. I think it’s great that people are getting paid (I’d hope?) something for writing about sports. The main issue that I have is that the opinions are all liberal boilerplate. They’re all safe, and you won’t find an article on the other side, even from a devil’s advocate position. Perhaps something on why maybe teams shouldn’t suspend their players based solely on the whims of women who could ruin their lives with one phone call to the cops, perhaps? I would have loved to have read anything anywhere on how Missouri should have cancelled the scholarships of “striking” football players since that’s the only reason they were even admitted to the school.

There are millions of guys (mostly straight and white) who read about sports every day. Why is it so hard to find well-written content that isn’t overflowing with snarky progressivism, and even harder to find ones that challenge “conventional” wisdom? Are writers for these sites afraid of losing friends in the industry? Is there a blacklist of wrong-thinkers in this and other industries who lose their dream career because they don’t agree with the blue hair tattooed girl at their sister company?

Why have these sports blogs decided to forgo the market of “blog posts most sports fans want to read” to Clay Travis at Fox Sports and the team at Barstool Sports (end of list)? Good for them, but there’s still a market out here that is underserved, and newer sports blogs such as SI’s The Cauldron would be wise to consider at least dipping their toe into the pool. The easy answer is that because the people paying the salaries of writers are progressive (Nick Denton, Markos Moulitsas, et al.), we will continue to get half-assed progressive sports commentary.

For many, sports is an escape from the soul sucking reality of life. So why is the progressive bullhorn the dominant noise, and why is it constantly telling me how shitty we are for liking sports?

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218 thoughts on “Why Do Sports Blogs Hate Sports Fans?”

  1. The mainstream sportswriters are just as bad. Every time I read a Peter King MMQB column at SI, I can expect to have at least one cringe worthy example of King signalling what a good little liberal he is. My favorite this year was when he applauded the heroic stand against racism at Mizzou.
    If you ever watch the Sports Reporters on ESPN on Sunday mornings, something I haven’t done on purpose in at least a decade, you’ll get to watch a liberal circle jerk that’s worthy of a streaming porn site.

  2. Those indoctrinated into “Cultural Studies” know nothing about the ins and outs of a sport, but seem to think they can know “reality” by following a sport. Very, very odd.

  3. A lot of these sportswriters, I’ll wager, live in major urban centers. If they have some degree of success and fame they probably rub elbows with people with very “PC” opinions and don’t want the invites to parties to dry up. Imagine a NHL beat writer points out that Patrick Kane might be innocent, or, at least “can we wait until the facts are in?” Then the writers wife is out and some woman she knows socially is calls her husband a “disgusting misogynist caveman”. Afraid of how she’ll be perceived, she gives her writer husband a hot ration of shit followed by a dessert of cold shoulder.
    Not to mention threats of boycott on advertisers that would come from every corner of the internet.

    1. Solution:
      1. Don’t marry that kind of woman
      2. Laugh at people who call you names, agree and amplify
      3. Keep publishing your articles, and if you get fired (it’s only blogs, for goodness sake) start your own sports blog that endorses facts instead of PC.
      They really don’t have the kind of control over us, that we think that they do.

      1. honest question, no intent to condescend: i see you post on pretty much every ROK article, and not just one or two comments, but full-blown convos & multiple threads. i’m curious how you find the time, honest.

        1. I work from home and have a lot of free cycles between things to do. And it’s boring otherwise.

  4. It’s an example of what Vox Day calls SJW convergence. Basically the more SJWS control something and use it to push their agenda, the less good it will be at doing whatever it is supposed to do.
    It does present an opportunity however. For somebody that is into sports in a big way and has writing skills. Given time I’m sure somebody will take advantage of it and will end up blowing these SJW sites out of the water.

  5. As a right winger myself, I’m angry about the Radical Leftist choke hold in virtually all types of journalism.But here is the takeaway.Whining about it is not going to solve the problem per se.It will only provide more ammo for the Left Elites to fire more salvos. Why no start a sport publication or website by hiring Right Wingers (read-unbiased,rational journalist)
    That would teach the snarky and condescending Left a good lesson that we don’t depend on them.

  6. It’s funny you mentioned pro wrestling. Over the years, I would periodically tune in for 10-15 minutes, get a few chuckles, and on the whole, be entertained.
    The last couple times I turned it on, it was women acting like men. Complete “sign of the times” feminism. It took me all of one minute to turn the channel.
    There is nothing that is immune to the Zika virus of feminism.

  7. Who controls the media?
    The blogs write what their controllers want.
    But isn’t it easy and democratic to start a sports blog, and anybody can do this? Yes, BUT, a lot of the sports blogs that merely covered sports were bought out by the SJW big corporations. Now they are part of SB nation or ESPN or bleacher report, and they cover SJW.
    ESPN is in big trouble because it isn’t worth an additional $10 after taxes on top of the regular cable bill. They have doubled down and 60% of every days programming includes SJW nonsense.

    1. So be a Crusader who starts a blog, who is not for sale. Giving neutral parties a pass because they got greedy isn’t something I’m wont to do.
      So start a blog, get a following, make some dough and when Henri Hipster (notice the ironic name) walks up and offers you a hundred million, laugh at him and walk away.

      1. Ok, Question for you.
        Let’s say you start GOJSPORTS.COM. And, let’s say you have an amazing way of getting things across along with a little luck and some ROK support. Then you start getting serious hits, you need more robust servers. Ok, well that’s not that much. So you get an ad here and an ad there. Maybe local businesses that you give a good deal to and help support the community.
        Ok, let’s say you get more and more popular. Sell a little more advertising. Then someone comes along and sells more and more. You are getting more and more profitable. You start showing up on google searches.
        GoJSports is becoming a go to site. Maybe some of the sponsors who are giving you money you don’t even know. Maybe you aren’t crazy about their beliefs, but by now you have quit your job and are writing about sports and your life is getting better by the day.
        Next thing you know GoJsports is purchased. Your name is now someone elses, but you are very wealthy and can now live your life with no restrictions just about anyway you want?
        Well you just sold out your values and your readers.
        I am asking you and not someone else because I think you will at least take a moment to think this through.
        Remember a small company called audionet which broadcasted the Indiana Hoosiers which was owned by a young Mark Cuban. Well, the end game of your blog could be that just as likely as Cuban’s rise to multi billionaire status.
        For what it is worth, I would let the love child of satan and hitler run ads about how if you don’t support transdoodles and queens you should go straight to hell for Mark Cuban money. I would sleep fine at night…on very expensive sheets.

        1. Next thing you know GoJsports is purchased.
          How does that happen without me selling it, precisely? Did I miss something here?

        2. The question is, would you sell it…would you sell it to a very liberal media outlet and just let your name be used for their purposes. My contention is, for Mark Cuban Money I would sell it so fast that Ussain Bolt would come to me for lessons.

        3. That was my whole point with a “Crusader” starting something like this. Unimpeachable character and on a self imposed, strict moral crusade (of sorts).
          Now me personally, I could give two shits about sports. But if it were a topic I loved at a soul deep level, say firearms, hell no I wouldn’t sell. I’d be a Crusader for that topic.

        4. I applaud your tenacity and honor in this. I wouldn’t sell for just anything, but there is nothing I could create and love so much that I wouldn’t sell it to my worst enemy to do with as they pleased for 3b. I could donate money to causes and be more effective with that money than with the platform…though wouldn’t …I would be lounging in some Caribbean paradise being fellated by twins while drinking rum from a coconut.
          The larger point is that these huge SJW conglomerates will make offers for any of the small time crusaders that get popular enough to make money — especially, especially in sports.
          I don’t know roosh other than through his articles…but if Jezebel offered him 3b to buy return of kings he would be absolutely out of his mind if he didn’t at least spend a sleepless night thinking about it.
          Me? Coconut. Rum. Twins.

        5. How about this: you biz expands to the point you need more people than the ACA allows you to employ- bam- you need to provide healthcare, but doing this would put you out of business- wouldnt you sell your logo to GloboCorp for a few bucks?

        6. It’s a website. Hire as contractors only (which is basically, hire free lance writers who work as free agents on a per story basis). The web gives a lot of more leverage to make a much higher return for a much lower cost of operation.

    2. “The blogs write what their controllers want.”
      It wasnt like this years ago, the media borg has been gobbling indie sports blogs for years…

  8. Sports writing, video game ethics, and twitter censorship – these are the biggest modern social issues. So many thoughts about this, yet none at all.

    1. High level *anything* is reserved for the 1% of the 1%. There’s no shame in admiring greatness that you yourself cannot achieve.

      1. Absolutely. I simply see no reason to follow a team, spend time reading about them, etc. Admiration is different than obsession.

        1. I’m not saying this as a sports fan, because I’m not a sports fan, but there’s no harm in following a home team (or whatever). But yeah, obsession is clear in the sports world and is quite off putting.

  9. I remember when SB Nation launched that “It’s On Us” shit. That was the last time I visited SB Nation. It had a ripple effect though: since I don’t have cable, my main way of following my local NHL team was through the blog Mile High Hockey and via radio. After the “It’s On Us” trash started, I quit MHH, which meant I was no longer plugged into Avalanche game start times, and therefore no longer following on the radio.
    Ultimately, the intrusion into video games and sports may be the most catastrophic mistakes feminists will ever make. I hope feminists ramp UP their efforts to intrude in those areas in the coming months/years. Too many men observe a dogshit world around them, a world that hates us, wants to punish us, and tax us into oblivion, and men accepted it because we had a way to escape that stress.
    Between sports and video games, we get 95% of the easiest retreats men take from the real world. Feminists and SJWs pushing themselves into those areas may help finally push many men out. I for one, have finally dumped games and sports in the past year because of feminist entryism eliminating my enjoyment.
    What am I doing INSTEAD?! Lifting, losing weight, studying politics, saving money to run for county office, studying entrepreneurial business strategies, and trying to organize men for formal meetups through multiple venues.
    Honestly, I wouldn’t have put my boots on the ground to make real progress against feminist degeneracy if my “escapes” had been left alone. The BEST thing for the future of our society might be for SJWs to ruin sports and other men’s retreats so thoroughly that men are forced to pay attention to the world around them.

    1. I applaud both your thinking and your dropping of old escapes and choice of new ones. I will warn you, as I am sure you know, lifting and exercise and health in general is in the process of being stolen as well….as for studying politics…I like that too but I keep it to Constantine or earlier.

      1. How can exercise and health be stolen? Sports is something somebody else does (at a professional level) and we’re spectators and basically couch potatoes absorbing their propaganda. Lifting, health, etc. are things we do as individuals, and there really aren’t any kind of television/media dedicated to them that are “hypnotic” like television (talking lifting type health, not fad diet crap). It doesn’t matter what some musclehead magazine/website snarks on about regarding SJW, I’m there basically for new exercises/forms and maybe the highest quality protein powder review, and little else, if I’m there at all. Plus there’s always gym floor talk and recommendations which run on facts/gains and short circuit that magazine/blog thing entirely.

        1. It is true, but as more and more women get into weight training because, ya know, we can do it more and more gyms, websites, blogs, magazines, etc. have become geared towards them…and not just planet fitness. Female bodybuilding is now nearly as big as male body building as a competitive sport and I have seen in the last 5 years alone that the makeup in the weight rooms has grown drastically with more and more women.
          At first glance…fine….you know, whatever….women are lifting weights….who cares. The problem is that where women go they bring their agendas. More men lifting weights means more men lifting weights, more women lifting weights means more gyms catering to SJW causes.
          It isn’t as bad as professional sports just yet, but pretty soon, mark my words, you won’t be able to walk into a weight room without having to deal with it being geared exclusively towards women and you will have to augment whatever you are doing to get around that just like women, as they will often complain, were kept out for whatever blah blah blah because the weight room was sexist and biased towards men

        2. If the gym is a publicly traded stock, then yeah, you might be right. I go to a non corporate gym, its fine(hell the women even check out the men from time to time, even cheeseburger).

        3. women will always check out the men and yes non corp gyms will react slower….but I feel that any gym in the end is a business and when the vast majority of their clients and female they will pander to them at the expense of the men they take for granted.
          It is happening slowly. I can’t imagine what a gym will look like in 20 years, but if you asked me what the NFL would look like 20 years ago I sure as shit wouldn’t have said wearing pink, taking blame for every rape that ever happened, dancing around sensitive topics publically and jamming to the sweet sounds of beyonce…no sir cheeseburger, that would not have been my guess.
          In the last 5 years female gym membership across the country has doubled many times over….if you think this wont have a huge effect on gym culture then I say I pray you are right, but seriously doubt it.

        4. It’s happening in martial arts gyms too , everyone is catering more towards to “family friendly ” enviorment. It’s hard to come across that hole in the wall dungeon type gym anymore . As for the women lifting weights , at first I thought it was good . A bunch of women posting pictures of their enlarged asses on “hump day ” , cool . But now when I get on their it’s all these women with sub 9 percent body fat flexing biceps with viens bursting out with the hash tag , sexy or real woman . They look like no different than male body builders .

        5. So, in order to get some gear at your gym, I need to get it in the female locker room?

        6. Didn’t know that about martial arts studios but figured as much.
          Yeah, I thought women working out was a good thing too. In shape women is good. Mostly naked women walking around gym while you are working out is good. What can go wrong right?
          This is exactly the mentality of men with regard to everything that was once a man’s dominion and is now nothing but women and faggots including, maybe especially, politics.

        7. No , I’m friends with the guy getting the gear . Has the chest of a 260lb man and the legs of a 130 lb woman

        8. I stopped going to fitness gyms after I had to wait 15 minutes for some broad to do five different squat varations . She would do 5 squats at a time with some pathetic weight , stop for 2 minutes to record her “progress” , then keep on . To annoy her I kept doing pull ups behind her , made sure to fake kip so she could watch my junk swing. It was priceless .

        9. kipping junk swings…I like it.
          I go twice a day. My morning session is at 5 am so I pretty much have the gym to myself with the exception of a few other dedicated lunatics. I would rather do cardio in the morning fasted and weights at night before bed…but for ease of use I do my weight lifting when I get there in the morning.
          In the evening after work I go and do either 30 minutes or 60 minutes (depending on bulking or cutting cycle) of HIIT sprints. 20 seconds on and 40 seconds off for an hour with an incline at 10 and 10 mph will pretty much finish anyone off and since you are only on a treadmill you don’t have to bother with dealing with girls using benches to do thumb day on their smart phones.

        10. Ahhhhhhhh fuck! The whole family firndly shit is killing the vibe and identity of entire INSTITUTIONS. Pub? There has to be a way where Sheila brings her cunty 4 yo along to cry in my face. Gym?You already know. Restaurants,stadiums, public trasnport, everything is being ruined when it starts to cater to mummy and daddy’s inability to hang out without their precious cunt produce. Prices also go up in some of these places too, somehow!!! Hmmmm

        11. I’ve seen a family type crap thing try to invade a local bar. The bar owner was doing the “Well, they’re just here for the game, we should be more accepting, even if they have four young kids” and the place went vacant fast (except for the “family”) He never did it again.

        12. I alternate running and swimming in the morning along with 150 crunches and push-ups , 25 pull-ups , and 100 squats . At night it’s either muay Thai or bjj. Taking today off though , sergeant made me do a 5 mile 100lbs ruck yesterday . I feel like a cripple

        13. I didnt know it at the time, but I had the privilege of going to McSorley’s Pub in NYC right before they caved in to the pressure and allowed women to enter. The bartender was so rude, the girls were so stunned, and we thought it was hilarious…he clearly did not want the women there, and let them know as much

        14. I wish I could swim. Swimming would be so great. There just isn’t a non disease infested pool that I can afford in this city. 5 miles with 100lbs is so far out of my league I would cry.
          I’ve been meaning to try bjj. Maybe this summer I will sign up for some beginner classes.

        15. Yep, the plight of the family. Bars and places alike is where men go to drink and act like men, crack a joke without having to watch their language. Women censor men and men censor themselves around women and children. It was an escape from their wife and daily nagging.
          Nowadays, there isn;t one place which doesn’t cater to women and their babies around my area. There used to be a pool place but once the bar was installed, women went there and now its becoming a restaurant.

        16. not for self defense. To be honest, I haven’t got into a fist fight in over a decade. I don’t go to places where that happens. If I do get mugged I will just give the guy what he wants and be on my way — stuff isn’t worth being shot for. If I do get into a fight well, I am in good shape and was a boxer in college and am not afraid to take or throw a punch.
          BJJ however…well, first off it looks fun as hell and second of all it does look like a good way to work up a sweat.

        17. Ah ok then. I’ve tried a few classes, and found out that rolling around on the ground with some hairy sweaty dude was not for me. Consider it a trigger warning.
          I decided to stick to my boxing and muay thai. Maybe I’ll do some MMA too.

        18. “Catering to SJW causes”. 100% right. At the gym that I go to, there is a particularly fat woman around the 30 age mark (at first I thought she was early 40’s but one day she set up next to me and I got a closer look) who insists on wearing the tightest, shortest, lowest most cleavage enhancing clothes imaginable. It’s disgusting. Think Tess Munster (whatever her name is). The owner would tell me (quietly when it was just us in the gym) how many complaints (make and female) he got about her and her clothing not being appropriate. “But other, thinner girls wear the same thing and they are fine but I can’t say anything to her for wearing the same thing”. Eventually after so many complaints he said something to her. The NEXT WEEK he was gone. She complained to head office that we was “fat shaming” and not “creating a comfortable environment”. Gone.

        19. I did some wrestling in high school back when dinosaurs roamed the land. It was more of a show of strength than a way to build strength. It never felt odd because they were people I knew and respected. Day one with a bunch of strangers would probably seem pretty odd though

        20. Of course. I can go along with groundfighting as long as I can try to avoid it. It’s just as a separate discipline that I’m not a fan.

        1. Planet Fatness- dedicated to mediocrity 24/7 (have a tootsie roll or slice of pizza on the way out of the gym b/c you earned it).

        2. my favorite was the planet fitness somewhere in the Midwest where a woman complained that a transdoodle was in the locker room and the inclusion of penis in the women’s showers was disconcerting to you…the gym banned the woman for making judgments on the transdoodle.

        3. I just got my first tranny at my gym…thought it was a woman, then comes waltzing into the men’s room…nice hair though haha

        4. I am always kind of creeped out by the really outward faggots in the locker room. I mean, the reason the sexes are split is because they don’t want people in a locker room who like humping other people in the locker room I thought. If they are going to let transdoodles in the women’s locker and fags in the mens locker, if this is just going to be how it is, lets just make one huge locker room for everyone…I for one will be pruned from extended steam room time but I am willing to sacrifice for the sanity.

        5. I’ve seen this. I swear one of these days I am going in to set off some lunk alarms.

        6. you’re just mad because you are unable to load the spaceship with rocketfuel

        7. I’ve just started hearing the “lunk” meme being passed around. WTF is this all about? Gyms are by definition where you go to get to become well muscled. Isn’t nerd raging on “lunks” in a gym the same as nerd raging at “flyboys” in jet fighter school?

        8. If you grunt too loudly at Fatness, you run the risk of the lunk alarm going off…cant make this stuff up

        9. Planet Fitness, a no judgment zone, actually has a big light and sired (think woooo woooo wooo) that they blast if you grunt or drop your weights. Many, maybe all I would have to check, have banned deadlifting and squatting.
          They have pizza night and give out candy.
          Yes, it is only one national chain….but you will see…even “fitness” is being feminized.

        10. Where do they profit by driving out half of their potential customer base. Ok, so they get the gazelle treadmill machine broads and a couple of fatties and one or two butch male-looking chicks. Meanwhile, all the actual men who lift weights, who are most of them that I can tell, leave. This doesn’t make economic sense.

        11. You would think, but I read an interesting article on just this topic.
          The gym doesn’t make money on me. I pay my monthly membership and I go and abuse equipment. I leave skin in the weights. I am the reason for the wear and tear. I check in 11-13 times a week. The profit margin on me is almost nil.
          Where is there profit margin? Well, for one it is the 100 fat chicks that will join every January 1. They will stop going in feb but will continue letting their credit cards be hit for the monthly fee because contractually they have to and even if they didn’t, well, you’ve met them.
          For every person like me who is seriously into fitness and weightlifting they have 6 women of various level of attractiveness taking up equipment, walking on a treadmill while chatting or rubbing up on the trainers.
          They pay the same as me but use the place less.
          If a gym can sell 2 memberships to losers instead of one to me they may say fuck it. But if they can sign up 300 annual contracts pinned to credit cards to auto debit then they are going to start making changes. Blasting club music. Making more cardio space. Oh, there was a boxing ring in the gym…guess what, it’s a yoga studio now…..and that space that used to be an obstacle course….welcome to our new juice bar.

        12. Their demographic is not actual weightlifters. It is the fatties and lazy people who buy a cheap membership and then never use it but are too lazy to cancel so they keep paying the membership dues and telling themselves that they will start going.

        13. just like football which is driving out any sensible masculine man…yet at the same time making more money then everyone……hey it’s the superbowl….I hope beyonce will be there!

        14. But that’s spectator. It doesn’t take actual work. You can participate without having to actually do anything besides, well, shopping if you want a nice jersey.
          Gyms require work, even if it’s just to get in the car and show up enough to justify their monthly dues.

        15. So tell me, do you see many fatties even motivated enough to bother? Seems to me that fat acceptance is the focus, not “let’s get in shape!”
          January 1 we get the Two Week Wonders, men and women both, and sure they do what you say. But it’s mostly men and a few women, not some growing increase in women, at least in my experience.

        16. I had a membership for a short while because it was close. Then one morning at 6 a.m. in an empty gym I was told I was setting the weights down too loudly. I quit soon after.

        17. Still doesn’t cut it though. There’s only a very, very small segment of women who are not chanting nearly in unison “Fat is beautiful!” Maybe in the 1990’s that makes sense, but now? I just don’t see it.

        18. Haha, that’s what the media says but let’s face facts, they know they are fat and unhealthy and feel shitty about themselves.

        19. this is true, but changes are being made which make the gym cater to women instead of men.
          If I lived in a place where I had the room in a basement or a garage I would build my own very simple gym with a set of plates, a power rack, a bench, a texas bar and a rack of dumbbells and never go to the gym again

        20. If it gets that bad here, I’ll consider that option myself. I have a smith machine and olympic set in my basement, but I enjoy hitting the gym (I’m rather social in nature). If we start going the “lunk alarm” route, fuck that shit, I’m out.

        21. Fat is beautiful in the gym too….trust me, it isn’t pretty.
          Maybe it is because I am in a large urban area with so much population density it is easier. There are easily 500 people living in my building, let alone my block or neighborhood.
          Still, my prediction, coming soon to a gym near you.
          Also, fat is beautiful has an addendum: bulky women who have enormous calorie consumption and then power lift so they look like barney rubble is also beautiful. New meme out there is #notjuststrongforagirl
          It’s coming brother. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

        22. Can’t really see it taking hold here. Urban area, sure, you’ve got density of numbers and infinity+n suckers so you can play the numbers and even a 1% draw in high density is big bucks. Dunno. I hope you’re wrong is all I can say.

        23. I love hitting the gym too. I like meeting other people who work out and I like looking at pretty girls in work out clothes. My gym hasn’t gotten nearly as bad as others, but I am seeing a trend.
          Like all trends, it is slow moving but make no mistake….it’s coming.
          I am sure that when female sideline reporters got involved people thought it was a harmless trend. Giving women the vote? That won’t hurt at all? Hot chicks are joining a pool league? Great! Oh, now they have a handicap.
          Fitness itself is being hijacked, polluted and feminized.
          I only hope that it takes too long to really encroach me in a way that I can’t avoid for me to see while I am alive.

        24. I ask you one question. If you owned an all you can eat buffet and charged one fixed price would you cater to fat men with huge appetites or to anorexic cutters? Shit, I would have the cure blasting and a razor blade dispenser in the bathroom.
          Each person that walks through the door is paying you the flat fee, why not encourage as many people who don’t eat that much to come sacrificing every single person who can put away a 28 ounce porterhouse and call it an appetizer?

        25. That sounds like hell. I remember as a kid going to the YMCA to swim in their pools was torture because you HAD to go through the locker room then showers to get to the pool. Guess who was always in the locker room and showers? Naked old men (talkin WW2 vets), not giving a fuck, cock and balls hanging out and they just shoot the breeze with each other like it wasn’t anything. They’d get really heated if they caught you walking through the showers to go the the pool without showering first. They would literally try to stop you, while naked as the day they were born, telling you that you have to shower before you swim. Like someones drunk naked grampa lying down the house rules, except they’d gang up on you 2-3 deep. These guys were old school; the type to tell a kid they don’t even know to pick up their damn pants or to stop dragging you’re damn feet, kid. Different generation, I guess. Funny to think back on, in fact I’m laughing while typing, but living it as a 10-11 year old kid….scary shit.

        26. But, motivation. Of course I’d cater to the one least able to use my services but willing to show up and pay, but if they’re already culturally disinterested to the point where they’re doing a whole “pride” thing that would disassociate them from the desire to even consider entering, why bother?

        27. balls out old coots are bad….but replace that scene with a bunch of mid twenties faggots with faggot inflection voice calling you cutie

        28. But that is just it….there is a new tidal wave where they aren’t culturally disinterested.
          Remember, they don’t need results.
          They will go and do nothing then leave and eat a pizza and talk about how they are “gym people”
          It’s a brave new world…they don’t need to succeed….just pay the dues and post it on Instagram for likes. Look at me I’m doing a squat with a 6’4 230 pound trainer. Then show up on pinot night, have wine…”check in”
          The gyms will cater to them.
          Bit by bit.
          Please I hope I am wrong. But it sure does look that way to me.

        29. Another in my long list of reasons to avoid urban zones.

        30. Ignore. I’m too big for the fags to tease and I’m a regular so I know people. It’s annoying having them play reindeer games but whatcha gonna do

        31. That bitch ain’t cleaned or jerked anything in a loooong time
          Man, that one was like t-ball. Not even rewarding

        32. It’s a ‘gym’ for fat women. They have blinds or curtains so you cant watch them while they work out. There was one right next door to pizza place, a Subway, and a baskin robbins.

        33. Nah, it’s a good gym with good people but it’s NYC so you get some of everyone

        34. You can do an awful lot using just your body weight and a bit of space like your lounge room area. Push ups, squats, sit ups, etc.

        35. Hmmm… if I remember right “doodle” is the root of “dude” (see “Yankee Doodle”), which referred to young, wealthy elite going traveling and coming home with a taste for Italian food. Kinda like the first hipsters, but better dressed.

        36. WTF – flashing lights and a siren on grunting & dropping weights. Sheesh. Even though I am not into doing that (on the rare occasion I do when really pumped up but keep it in check) a gym that does that would annoy me. Got to admit the gym rats who do that continually and very loudly to the level to have everyone in the room and the room over notice them also annoy me.

        37. If I had space for this I would do it (despite enjoying meeting gym bunnies…..) but in new York it isn’t practical

        38. Late to this conversation. I used to work in memberships for An Equinox in NYC. Around 20-40% of memberships used the gym minimally (once every 2 weeks or less) or not at all after a certain period but they kept paying. For you, GoJ, you see this as a waste and you’d cancel the membership. Makes sense, but not everyone is like you. Many people pay but never use because they want to keep the access to the gym for that day when they decide to go back or restart their routine. It’s ego protection.
          Gyms that had an older clientele had a higher percentage than those that had mostly yuppies and college coeds. Also, plenty of middle aged women love to have a social hour on the treadmill before going out, eating and drinking.
          Planet Fitness and their clones (yes, more similar chains are showing up) cater to the weak-willed types. Membership is cheaper, $10/month verses a high end gym like Equinox ($55+/month), so cancelations are less. The lunk alarm keeps all the serious people away so that the gym can be a “judgement free” zone. Pizza nights and donut/bagel mornings highlight that it’s not a real gym, just a facsimile to appeal to the ego of childlike minds who are afraid of reality. And what large segment of the population does that sound like to you?

      2. I have Meditations and Letters from a Stoic as the 3rd and 4th books on my list right now. Any other pre-Constantine suggestions?
        I’ve been 4 times through the Art of War.
        Twice through The Prince.
        Rules for Radical is next (a Know-Your-Enemy read)

        1. for politics I would say Porphyry is interesting. My thing is more philosophy and I think Plotinus’ Enneads are amazing. A word of warning though, and I say this without jest, some books are addictive and some knowledge goes very, very deep.
          Approach Plotinus with caution if at all. It will, if you decide to try to really get into it, require a lot of background and history from Thales and the monists, through Heraclitus and the sagely magic of Empedocles, understanding that Pythagoras was a wizard and that Aristotle did the great cover-up of antiquity…through Plotinus and then into Augustine. It is a fun project, but I mean it….despite the world being glazed over and wisdom all but disappearing, there are still some thoughts out there that one needs to tread lightly with.

        2. Meditations is s personal favourite of mine , check out “book of the five rings ” if you like that

        3. from you that is a great compliment.
          I am currently writing a book on weightlifting for academics (aka grabbing your balls and being men again for philosophers) as well as a book on living with more intention bringing in weightlifting and fitness mentalities and applying them to the business world, personal life and recipes.
          I am compiling a series of articles as well and have two unfleshed out blogs that one day I will start posting shit too
          I have a strange background in professional academia, corporate world and fitness that makes for a funny little view point.
          When are you going to get another article up?

        4. That’s quite a lot of shit you got going on there, my friend, and it all sounds very interesting — best of luck (talent will work, too, which you have). You should consider putting some of those articles you have in work here on ROK if they’re relevant, just to pipe some traffic to your future blogs. I would read them (both the blogs and articles).
          I should have my next piece submitted by the end of the month, more red flag stuff. I had some shit going on that side-tracked me from writing and took away my focus. Unfortunately, I can’t write unless I’m really in the mood to do it. I can’t just sit down and write; well, I can, but it’s usually total shit that I would be embarrassed to allow anyone the displeasure of reading. Things are coming together again, though, and my next piece will be just as hard hitting as all the others.

        5. A lot of people don’t understand that writing is different than putting a hammer to a nail. You can’t just decide when you are going to do it. There is a process and it needs to happen. I have thought about writing some philosophy stuff or an article on being (comparatively) old and herniating a disc and working my way back into shape….honestly, I think this website is well served by a lot of people and just because I have a good voice doesn’t mean it is needed in the choir as they say…if I find a niche which is not or at least under served I will send something in. In the meantime I will just continue agitating in the comments section.

        6. I think your first article should be why you think the beatles AND zeppelin suck…

        7. I’m curious as to why you say this. I’m a fan of both bands, but I am interested in hearing a different critical opinion.

    2. “Too many men observe a dogshit world around them, a world that hates us, wants to punish us, and tax us into oblivion, and men accepted it because we had a way to escape that stress”
      you can take our self-determination, our freedom, our liberty and any place in public we feel safe but you will not take our leisure time. You are right, but that doesn’t make it less sad.

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    3. Deadspin is the worst lefty “sports” site of them all. They were jizzing all over themselves with their OCD love for Michael Sam (of course Deadspin thinks an NFL team should hire an unqualified player, but Deadspin would never hire Sam as an unqualified journalist). They also routinely cover stories that have zero to do with sports like the Oregon militia thing. WTF? They are nothing but hardcore lefties paid to pretend to like sports so they can force the liberal narrative. No thanks.

  10. The south park episode you referenced at the top had a great ending. The Mormon boy approaches Stan and tells him he only made everyone miserable by proving their religion false. All religions are built around the idea that there is a reward or punishment based on whether you wreckage a good or bad person in life. That is why even though I’m an atheist I support the Christian lifestyle.
    I know that was not the topic of the article, by the way. Just something I wanted to address.

    1. “All religions are built around the idea that there is a reward or
      punishment based on whether you wreckage a good or bad person in life.
      That is why even though I’m an atheist I support the Christian
      The Christian is religion is built on everyone being a “bad” (aka sinful) person and only those who repent and accept the Gospel being able to endure the Uncreated Light of God. Those who die in their sin, including “good” people, will experience the love of God as eternal suffering in consuming fire. It really isn’t wrath and punishment, but from the perspective of the damned, it might as well be, because that’s how they will perceive it. It will be like an uncultured person being forced to endure an eternity of Baroque Classical music, it shouldn’t be torture but, for them, it is.

  11. I cant imagine a real Suicidal Tendencies fan also being a sports fan…
    OT, but apparently there is another protest in greece, apparently they want to raise taxes on farmers, lawyers and doctors to EIGHTY PERCENT! EIGHTY!!!

    1. Indeed. That rag has been woman dominated for a long time, in the executive capacity. It was only a matter of time. I recall bringing this up a long time ago when I started examining their website content managers, etc, this was back around 2005 or so I think.

        1. I’ve heard that as well, for quite a long time now. And if they aren’t currently, they’re run by a huge mangina who might as well name himself Caitlyn.

        2. Maxim was too, briefly; I think she just stepped down.
          The print business model has been totally upended by the web. In print, you had an editor in chief who decided what should/shouldnt be featured.
          Now, its all driven by click bait, let the zombie hordes decide what is important reading. As a result, all mainstream sites now are exactly the same. It boggles my mind how Natl Enquirer-y Yahoo has become since you know who took over..

        3. I really don’t know, at a gut level, but from a “business” level they’re trying to show everybody how “nice” they are and how “progressive”. They are blue pill to the core and more ardent in taking down anybody who doesn’t tow the “My little girly is perfect for the job” line. I feel sorry for some of the sons of these men, being obviously shat upon by the old man like that.

        4. Would love to hear the uproar if a male CEO took over for women’s health magazine. But I guess it’s okay for a hoe to take over men’s stuff.

        5. Once women are put in positions of management the focus is no longer about efficiency and maximising profit but all about creating a ‘safe’ and comfortable environment for the women to work in. Not that they do any actual work but spend a shit load of time gossiping and backstabbing everyone else including other women.

        6. Yeah. I remember the place I used to work had the same problem. The men were working and almost all the women were busy exercising their mouth. And yet they get paid the same while I have to work harder.

        7. The term Vox Day put forth is ‘convergence’. Describes the process whereby sjws enter a firm and slowly but surely destroys it by making everyone anti-growth.

      1. Women or not I think this was a wise move for Playboy. No matter who is running that magazine it will always be true that they can’t compete with free porn online.

  12. Sports commentary being cultural Marxist and anti-white is certainly nothing new. Look at how ESPN (global sports media empire) covers things and the Jews who founded it (and continue to run it) . Black quarterback = God (and to say otherwise is racist), queer kicker= somebody better pick him up even if he sucks, white running backs = mock or qualify, even if he’s just as fast as a black equivalent.

        1. One of them will fuck the new owner of the Clippers, then she’ll snitch on him for being racist. My money is on the one with the spoonful of whatever the hell that is. Perhaps she is preparing her palette for pro sport magnate splooge.

    1. those two girls with the hotdog remind me of two girls I knew many years ago….except it was a box camera and that hot dog was my genitals.

      1. See, this is part of what I love about being Latin American. We love our cheerleaders hot and skimpy, we sing songs laced with profanity, we call goalkeepers “putos” when they’re about to kick off, and even in wrestling matches, you’ll find grannies yelling at refeeres, telling them their daddy’s a faggot and their mommy’s a whore. And btw, this is our definition of “family friendly” fun.

      1. They should travel together for safety, lest they should be “accosted” by an low-value male who might dare to look at them longingly.
        Poor women! Oh how they suffer.

    1. I’m not entirely sure on the title there, but the website domain is still available. So there is that.

      1. Reviews of the latest gun or mod avaible .except instead of the men using tables , we have expenses models in lingerie as the firing platforms . Imagine a 50 cal sniper rifle being shot off some curvy young blondes ass

    2. Not exactly related but I had a friend in high school with an air freshener that said “Haulin’ Ass” and a pic of a truck with some women with great asses & thong bikinis in the back of the truck.
      I’ll never forget that as long as I live. LOL.
      How about a theme playing off similar to that? 😀

  13. Nowadays, most ex-athletes will tell you that sports are a waste of time. Let the radicals have it.

    1. They have a TV always blaring ESPN in the gym at my locker room and I find it extremely annoying, and sad, to see the forced female anchor present on a lot of the shows that are on there. It’s just so awkward, fake, and out of place.
      As if a middle-class suburban white woman takes sports seriously or can relate to football players she’s talking too. Yeah, uh-huh, sure.

  14. I stopped watching ESPN at least 10 years ago it is so lefty and liberal I can’t stand it. I’m pretty much done with the NFL I don’t need a bimbo on the sidelines telling me anything certainly not about football and with the new rules any wood that’s laid on an offensive player a flag, hardly any kickoff returns anymore and the quarterback may as well be wearing a dress. In 10 years the feminazis will get their wish it will be flag football not too far off now as it is! The NBA I stopped watching 20 years ago all baboons and I don’t know how much talent it takes to jam a ball in a hoop if you are 7 feet tall. I watch baseball but last year they had a woman in the booth for I think Sunday night baseball may be done with that too.

    1. hhhhhhhhhh you sure don’t watch no sport lately, so what do you like now after those sports, I guess hunting and fishing, typical male sports that nobody has corupted those sports yet

      1. I still watch baseball and my son is a pro boxer so I go to his fights. He is fighting at the DC Convention Center Sat. 2/27. I watch the NFL playoffs still but the NFL is not like it used to be.

        1. Boxing is a sport I can really get into. It’s interesting to me that women recoil from it nearly by instinct. There’s no way to “girl it up” and women’s “boxing” is a joke on its face and certainly not a major attraction item for women. Every boxing match I’d ever watched on television, where a woman would enter the room, had her clucking her tongue and doing the “I don’t see what you guys get out of this, it’s gross/brutal/disgusting! Imagine, trying to cause brain damage to win! Barbaric!” or some such nonsense.

        2. It’s a great sport mano a mano that takes a great deal of skill and stamina. Very exciting specially live.

        3. I’ve been thinking about taking it up recently at a participation level. Finding a real boxing gym is hard shit though, most “martial arts” these days are oriental, unfortunately.
          I just got done saying that they can’t “vagina up” boxing, then just now did a quick yp search for local boxing gyms and they’re all filled with front page pictures of women pretending to be men. Fuck me and this gay earth.

        4. Never underestimate the ability of someone or some agenda to shoehorn a female into it and ruin it. Who knows, maybe for boxing they’ll be sending butch lesbians?

        5. They need separate classes because in my experience trying something hard like boxing has the dynamic ruined when you mix women in.
          You’re right though, always pics of “tough” women in local ads for gyms/classes.i can’t take them seriously.

        6. I spent some time on the weekend trying to track down a decent real boxing gym that was not infested with ‘boxing aerobics for women!’ bullshit. Found zero. None.
          Where the hell do modern real boxers train I wonder? They have to start somewhere, presumably?

        7. The last place I found was small, and although some women were there, it was obvious you can’t really take them seriously, and at least it was pretty good in general. We trained a lot and did sparring sometimes, which is great.
          There we so many places like “Title Boxing Club” which give the appearance of a boxing training facility but are just for exercise and women “playing” fighter. So those are out (no serious training or sparring). Also those martial arts places which cater to the “not so serious” crowds, unlike those where you see mostly men & young guys who really are sincere about learning & working hard.
          I suppose you just have to go place-to-place and find one that’s good. I can tell you that I’ve noticed that website & social media info unfortunately are often very old and outdated so you have to venture out in person to see what’s really there.

  15. I don’t get how any mature adult can be so rabidly into any professional sport. Sure I was crazy about football as a kid, and most casual watchers have had their “yelling at the television” moment but to see grown adults wearing the jerseys of their favorite players, and having a near-religious familiarity with the goings on of a game is very strange to watch.

  16. “I’m genuinely unsure if writers in other fields have as much disdain for their core readership as sports bloggers do. ”
    Well, gaming writers certainly had the same attitude, and it resulted in Gamergate, and a large drop in revenue from loss of advertising when the companies backed the gamers and not the writers.

  17. Lowest common denominator products are the current fashion in consumption based economies, and the media is a highly contested product arena. Lazy, simplistic morality has become the order of the day. Dichotimisation is rife. More importantly, people like to feel important and virtuous. Much MSM journalism exists primarily to massage the ego of the reader; to make the reader outraged with righteous feelings of superiority. In a world of tweets the ignorrant man is king. And so we read sports stories that desperately seek a shock factor whilst remaining safe enough for a mass audience. Welcome to PC journalism. If the average person chooses to be of the SJW persuasion the MSM will follow.

  18. This article is good, but it needs more focus on how the college football sites for SB Nation-namely EverydayshouldbeSaturday- are full of contempt for your average CFB fan, especially those from the south. Even the South Carolina fan site was insufferable when Connor Tapp was the head blogger.

  19. Better question is, why would any fan read sports blogs. Why would I care what some random thinks about a game I just watched?

  20. Spot on.
    I played sports all my life, and I love the strategy, competition and winning and losing being the bottom line of sports — but holy shit do I hate sports blogs.
    I can’t even stomach deadspin. I’m black and I think all the bullshit race think pieces are overkill, because if there was a site doing that same shit to black people everyone would cry bloody murder. Don’t even get me started on all the other feminist shit there.
    The problem with bloggers is, they aren’t actual sports journalists. At least they have to generally adhere to a journalistic standard. Most bloggers are just soft pussies, that secretly resent the athletes, because they embody all that they are not. Successful, physically fit, wealthy competitors who risk it all and get paid to pursue excellence on a grand scale.
    I check bleacher report and a few team specific sites here and there, but I will not even Google deadspin. I hate when non athletic and non competitive people who never even played sports, write about sports — and then throw their whiny, bitchy, jealous, and snarky take on everything.

    1. Deadspin is owned by Gawker Media, soon to be put out of biz by Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit

  21. Don’t forget how Deadspin(doctor) was so hyped about the Bills hiring a female coach (you know, a shit team has to do something to draw attendance…) you would think Flavor Flav was working at their office..
    When was the last time you saw a man working at Victoria’s Secret? Shouldn’t Gwaker being talking about that if we are talking diversity.
    Diversity a euphemism for Anti-Male especially if they are White.

  22. I honestly can’t understand why any self-respecting White man would waste even one single minute watching professional team sports, let alone reading about them. I guess the pink ribbons weren’t enough for you. I guess the insane over representation of blacks doesn’t bother you. I guess the repulsive jock-sniffing commentators don’t phase you. And wearing another man’s name across your back doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. Then there’s the fact that the majority of NFL teams are owned by jews, and they exploit the taxpayers of the cities they infest by forcing them to pay for their coliseums.
    Hell I guess I’m just wired differently. I do enjoy watching non-team sports on occasion, such as golf and boxing.

    1. 100% agreed. But you must understand that many people have empty lives and have to side with something to feel alive.

  23. Professional sports: Bread and circuses.
    People in Colorado were lighting fireworks, after the Broncos won Superbowl 50. Just imagine if people cared that much about things that actually matter.

  24. Stop peddling this bullshit, ‘There are millions of guys (mostly straight and white) who read about sports every day.” How do you even feel comfortable trying to get away this lie?

  25. It’s the same thing with video game “journalism”. Basically a bunch of weak-looking men with high-pitched voices who support feminism. The same feminists that constantly bash the hobby of video games and who want to censor games. They want to put “strong” female characters in every single game and remove the “sexy” female characters. Also they want to put gay characters in games (only a positive portrayal of fags is accepted of course). And these journalists just support them! They write articles pushing for that shit. The majority of gamers are mad and bash those articles, but moderators just censor everything.

  26. Speaking of wrestling:
    This woman moved out at 18, crossed the Pacific Ocean and worked another 5 years (in addition to the 6 years she already had) just to get to WWE, but barely gets relevant exposure:
    However, this woman wrestled for under 3 years in total and is currently headlining payperview events while holding her 2nd championship.
    I guess it helps that she’s Ric Flair’s daughter…

    1. I for one think women’s wrestling is a joke and an affront to legends such as Gotch, Thesz, Londos and so on but that’s me

  27. Why don’t men spend more time PLAYING sports, instead of watching that shit?
    I mean we all know the NFL is in favor of gun bans so why don’t more MEN spend time buying guns and training with them, or working out, or learning a new skill, or spending quality time with friends and family, instead of watching this pleb bullshit?
    Being consumers of this garbage culture is 75% of the reason why guys are losing out.

    1. It seems like a really great way to seriously injure yourself. Achilles injuries from box jumps, fractured wrists from kette ball swinging, elbow and lower back injuries from overdoing it on the clean and jerk movement…people have bragged they needed ice baths right after a workout(are you an NFL player? no, you are a weekend warrior). I would avoid it

      1. Even when I was fit enough to run 10 miles on a regular basis, I avoided Cross fit, because I wasn’t going to go swimming the English Channel or run across Death Valley after work.

  28. The media is making me grow to hate sports more and more. Not only with these blogs referred to in this article, but the introduction of sabermetrics (especially in baseball) that is making even the most simple sports more and more out to sound like rocket science. It’s almost become unbearable to watch.

  29. Thank you for this excellent (and overdue) column. Sports bloggers are generally embittered jock-sniffers who epitomize the cliche of the little pussy who seethed with jealous anger/envy back in high school when the football guys were banging all the girls he wanted–sometimes two at a time. The sports blog is a way for him to channel his worship and his rage. Thank you for touching on the Kane issue. One blog–I’m pretty sure it was Deadspin–responded to the charges against him being dropped with a furious refusal to let an innocent man off the hook. It was written by a committee of cunts,and it basically sad, “Yes, charges were dropped against Kane, but… blah blah him and all jocks are evil rapists anyway…” It was so unbelievable that I posted about it here. Then I saw a similar blog from The Washington Post. It’s mind-boggling. The presumption of innocence is a thing of the past for straight men, unless you’re a black thug a cop shoots in self-defense.

  30. i take my cue from certain people I know. In this case, it’s sites like this and Vox Populi that helps filter out the sjw garbage.
    Next generation of bloggers will undoubtedly mark their sites as either pro- or anti-sjw. Just around the corner I suspect as more and more people turn away from infected-media and a huge opportunity awaits.

  31. “These differ from the largest sports websites such as ESPN and SI, since blogs focus on opinion pieces and analysis, not just game previews and highlights.”
    Alas, that was once true, but no longer.

  32. The only Gawker site I still enjoy is Foxtrot Alpha. When Gawker finally goes under, hopefully someone will rescue that site only.

  33. Viva La Stool!!!!! Davy Pageviews keepin’ it real. Most ROK readers would love Barstool. Check it out.

  34. I realize this is about sports blogs, but you can’t talk about this subject without mentioning – ESPN – the Estrogen sports network. Constantly pushing feminism, women in anchor roles to the point of obnoxiousness. Suspending male anchors for the slightest infractions towards women such as one talking about how he Defending himself from a woman who was attacking him.

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  36. That’s sort of a ridiculour point. Your article cherry picks that which suits its own narrative. Hardly and exhaustive piece.

  37. Sports fans are huge retards. I mean, how can you be entertained by watching a bunch of guys exercising? It’s passive, boring and pathetic. There are people getting into fights and wasting millions in this shit. I am pretty sure you need an IQ of 60 or lower to enjoy watching sports.

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