Samson’s Tale Cautions Against Dark Triad Women

“Find out each man’s thumbscrew. ‘Tis the art of setting their wills in action. It needs more skill than resolution. You must know where to get at anyone. Every volition has a special motive which varies according to taste. All men are idolaters, some of fame, others of selfinterest, most of pleasure. Skill consists in knowing these idols in order to bring them into play. – Baltasar Gracian (1601-1658)

“Discover every man’s thumbscrew” —Aphorism #26 from Baltasar Gracian’s The Art of Worldly Wisdom, and Law #33 from Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power, showcases one of the most commonly-used strategies humans and animals have to establish dominance over fellow beings. Predators in the wild often seek to attack their prey from the weakest angle to ensure a quick kill. Right from antiquity, human history—whether it might be in politics, warfare, social, or domestic life—exhibits countless examples of the successful implementation of this approach.

“So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

But the most common example of this is usually seen in male-female interactions, both in the human and animal world. Since courtship, pair-bonding, and sex essentially involve power transfer, men and women have often tried to ascertain each other’s weaknesses to subvert and “control” each other.

While men with game know how to push the right (weak) buttons of women for seduction, women—being the physically “weaker sex”—have evolved the skill of manipulation to control men. Unsuspecting gullible men or the complacent who let their guard down often bite the dust in interactions with women, with sometimes disastrous consequences, and become prey for predatory women. One of the classical religious examples to illustrate that is the Biblical story of Samson.

The story of Samson

According to biblical accounts, Samson was divinely blessed with supernatural strength to combat his enemies and perform heroic feats, such as killing a lion, slaying an entire army with only the jawbone of an ass, and destroying a pagan temple. He however had two vulnerabilities: his attraction to untrustworthy (or possibly unchaste) women and his hair, without which he was powerless—which ultimately proved fatal for him.

Samson’s weakness for women eventually betaized him at the hands of Delilah, a beautiful Philistine woman from the Valley of Sorek (probably a successful courtesan or prostitute) whom he fell in love with. Delilah was approached by the Philistine leaders to find out the secret of Samson’s enormous strength in return for a reward of silver shekels. Three times she asked him for the source of his strength, and each time he gave her a false answer, unto which Delilah finally used relentless emotional manipulation to pry out his secret from him:

“Then she said to him, “How can you say, ‘I love you,’ when you won’t confide in me? This is the third time you have made a fool of me and haven’t told me the secret of your great strength.”  With such nagging she prodded him day after day until he was sick to death of it.”

– Judges 16:15-16, NIV

Samson finally revealed that his strength resided in his hair, which had never been cut. Delilah then arranged to cut or shave Samson’s locks, leading to the loss of his strength and capture by the Philistines.


Samson had a protracted torture session following his capture (his eyes were gouged out and he was forced to work in the treadmill), while Delilah disappears from the story, but most likely the Philistines honored their promise of payment and Delilah enjoyed a comfortable retirement.

To be fair to Samson, a lot of (gullible) men face his fate in some way or the other, at some point of their lives. Modern men could often face Delilahs in the shape of women who seduce, emotionally manipulate, ensnare, cheat and sometimes even destroy the lives of many powerful men, by exploiting these men’s thumbscrews (weaknesses+secrets) on discovery.

Napoleon Hill in the chapter “The Mystery of Sexual Transmutation” from his best seller “Think and Grow Rich” states that “So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it.” Thus, most of the time, this weakness is commonly revealed to the woman in the form of sex, or through emotional and psychological intimacy after sex—which could involve either voluntary or unintentional disclosure of personal secrets.

The betaization curve is real—especially in serious relationships—and in usual circumstances entails men trusting or psychologically bonding to regular women after repeated sex with time. Throw in the element of love, care and “support” (whether emotional or, in rare cases, material) from the women, then these men often open up more to their women. The problem that could ensue is that women then can eventually exploit this to their advantage later on, when these men least expect it.

The Dark Triad Woman

It’s a scientific fact that women are attracted to men with the suite of personality traits known as “The Dark Triad”. But on the flipside, imagine a man with no game dealing instead with a “Dark Triad Woman,” aka “Lucifer’s Daughter”—a coldblooded female exponent of those traits herself. A description can be read here, a few excerpts of which are below:

“Never fuck a Lucifer’s daughter, the fallout is not worth the hassle, you will not come out unscathed. Typically when a man fucks a woman the power exchange which takes place psychologically leaves the man feeling in control and the woman feeling exposed, not with a Lucifer’s daughter, for a Lucifer’s daughter the culmination of your coitus is leverage. A Lucifer’s daughter does not feel “used up” or otherwise disposable for having sex with you, in fact quite the opposite – she feels empowered.

If she can become a source of sex for you, you will become increasingly addicted to her presence, not only that, but should you choose to cut her off she has the tools to make herself a real nuisance by using the sex as leverage in blackmail targeted at other people (typically women – eg: telling your wife when she was your mistress) and this can allow her more maneuverability to destroy your reputation or otherwise extort you into doing her bidding because “she’s got dirt on you.” The Lucifer’s daughter wants to know your secrets, even if that means she has to be a participant in the formation of the secret in order to control you with the resulting leverage. Her aim is to enslave you by any means possible and knowing you will be resistant to more traditional approaches she adopts a more insidious and seemingly innocuous approach.”

Some of the qualities of the Dark Triad Woman:

  • Emotionally violent, opportunistic, adversarial and unrelenting under a carefully feigned innocuous external appearance; could be found anywhere
  • Calculated, immoral and coldblooded expert at playing men: knows what to say, how to act to outwit men to make them fall under her spell; master at love games to lure men
  • Intuitive psychologist: adept at cold and mind reading men to size up their strengths and weaknesses through careful observation
  • Usually promiscuous, but can hide past sexual history effectively; does not reveal or camouflages her personal history well to hoodwink men
  • Social predator: usually targets powerful, influential or resourceful men, or men who can be of use to her
  • Sadistic and unempathetic, but uses emotion to disarm men
  • Uses (or trades) sex to:  1)neutralize male authority , 2) discover male secrets, and 3) manipulate the secrets and power of men to puppeteer them
  • Sex empowers her and gives her leverage over men
  • Peddles great sex freely to keep her prey addicted to her and enslaved in her web
  • Once in her web, escape becomes extremely difficult, and usually carries disastrous consequences for the man. She rarely lets him escape unscathed

The article aptly ends with:

“If you meet a Lucifer’s daughter and aren’t a dark triad personality yourself (so that’s 99% of you reading this), run and don’t turn back.”

Delilah, Jezebel, etc are just a few Biblical examples of such women. Besides, women haven’t changed much through history. Trust: a lottery in today’s increasingly deceptive world of betrayals within “relationships,” should rarely or never be invested—radical or unnatural as it may sound—sometimes even after sex. Samson, with all his might, was no match for Delilah’s expert guile. Today, betas (with their gullibility) are sitting ducks for the predatory wiles of the Dark Triad Woman, especially today when men are increasingly being socially programmed by modern blue pill culture to invest in “emotional intimacy” during relationships with women.

In today’s world of permissiveness, modern women usually attain some levels of the Dark Triad mindset over the psychologically and emotionally hardening years of casual sex on the cock carousel, while even “innocent” women may not be as innocent as they might seem—making the concept of emotional intimacy today itself farcical. Besides, women haven’t changed much through history. It then becomes even more important for a man today to instead acquire game, emotional detachment or red pill knowledge, or learn about (or acquire) the Dark Triad mindset himself, to avoid the fate of Samson, who spilled his beans in a moment of emotional weakness, in face of Delilah’s relentless manipulation.


How even a sexual fetish Samsonized some men I knew

A woman who understands that a man can be controlled through sex (or the type of sex) he wants, can easily exploit this weakness to control him by overwhelming him with a supply of his fetish, to psychologically as well as sexually stun and overpower him. I’ve known some men in my social circle who became Samsonized by something as inconspicuous such as an anal sex fetish. Some players I knew ended up marrying or committing to women who used anal to lure and ensnare them into commitment, while some men faced worse consequences like the case I’d narrate below.

The premise for this story is mentioned in points #5 and #6 in one of my previous articles, the “Delilah” is the woman I described there (Madame du HR)—a real life embodiment of the Dark Triad Woman herself. One of my ex-colleagues, let’s call him Alexander, was a young, handsome, well off and highly educated man in his early 30s who had joined the firm a few months before I was to quit. In spite of all his positive qualities, and professional and educational strengths, Alexander had no game. He feared approaching women, letting them instead approach him—he had had only two prior girlfriends in his life.

He had some additional “vulnerabilities,” such as addictions to porn and online whores (representing the bulk of his sexual encounters outside his prior romantic relationships), whom he used to hire regularly to satisfy another of his “weaknesses”—an anal sex fetish, possibly fueled by his porn addiction. He soon confided all this within our social group of office buddies over the the first few months when we used to hang out for drinks.

Madame du HR soon learnt about him from her spies and own observation of him, and made her move on him—first by pushing herself close to him in group discussions at work, while constantly eye-fucking him, and displaying coy ovulation behavior in his presence to gain his interest. She used her mangina slaves within the office to advertise about her sexual expertise to him, to pull him more towards her.

office wiles

Her allure soon worked on him, and he fell for her, later confiding to us that he had started soliciting her sexual services on weekends, to satiate his anal sex fetish exclusively—which according to him she was generously skilled at. I realized she was ensnaring him (like the many others she had already done before at work) and initially thought of warning him about her personality before I quit; but refrained because just as helping friends who have no game is a bad idea, sometimes it’s even worse to warn such who’ve already fallen hard for the bait.

Predictably, she was soon dominating him at work itself, even though he held a higher position than her, not to mention she was leeching off him financially too. He seemed to simply be unable of breaking loose of her stranglehold on him. Even though she was much older than him, and he could’ve probably attracted more beautiful and younger women had he learned some game, his weaknesses and mistakes were all exploited by her, to eventually Samsonize him.

After I left that gig, I later learned from ex-colleagues that Alexander was unceremoniously fired a few months later (with the revelation of his shenanigans with her to the boss—by her—after he cheated on her with another woman, presumably to break free of her stranglehold). But from what I was also told, he had still returned to see (solicit) her sexually out of remorse, even though he had gotten burnt by her and employed elsewhere later. Her psychological control over him was complete.

Such are the wiles, the pull and stranglehold of a Dark Triad Woman, for they blind and stun her prey to other options. Escape is often difficult from her web, unless if you’re Dark Triad or have game knowledge yourself.


“The only secrets are the secrets that keep themselves.” – George Bernard Shaw

Whether it may be the lust for sex or money, a greed for fame and power, or a dark ignominious chapter of your life, no man should let his “thumbscrews” be revealed, and especially never to his women. And neither should men let on to women as to “what makes them tick.”

Feminist societies today emphasize emotional intimacy within relationships to socially program men into further betaizing themselves by revealing secrets and weaknesses. This forces them to be subservient to their women in relationship, so that women can take advantage of them later.

Sometimes women don’t even know or realize when they’ve actually discovered your secrets, so don’t make it then evident to them by owning up. Instead deny or divert them from your thumbscrews. In the end, male-female interaction essentially was, is, and will always remain an amoral power game as seen in the wild. Women rarely forgive a man’s weakness, and rarely hesitate to exploit his thumbscrews should their affections turn sour.

It’s said that a woman cannot hurt a man with options. Men often disregard this truth when they reveal their thumbscrews to women, no matter how innocuous, adorable, or trustworthy their women might appear to be. It’s not their business; it’s your own. Never yield to a woman’s relentless emotional manipulation. Resist the urge to spill your beans about your weaknesses, neither reveal themselves to them by your deeds; or else run the risk of emulating Samson someday—a timeless story which continues to be emulated in the lives of unsuspecting men today.

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87 thoughts on “Samson’s Tale Cautions Against Dark Triad Women”

  1. Too long of an article. I liked the story but to take stories from the bible. The manosphere doesn’t need religions. Religions are the root of all evil and it doesn’t fit a red piller.

    1. Religion is not the root of all evil. Evil can exist in any form. It can be used for good or evil, depending on the situation.
      Whether you are religious or not, the Bible is supposed to teach many lessons. Whether you take it literally as the instructions of a deity, or a book for self improvement is up to you.

      1. I agree, but for a lot of people there seems to be no middle ground. Some immediately go full retard and venture straight into religious zealotry.

    2. Religion itself is hardly contradictory to being a red piller. As this Samson example (and a large number of others showing men being men) shows, there is definitely a lot of lost knowledge in scripture that particularly beta men nowadays could use.
      Of course, religion has been feminized as well. There is a difference between attending those super-safe, unoffensive churches and scholarly research. As I said before, lots of churches want to talk about Jesus being loving. Most of them don’t want to talk about Jesus manhandling money changers in the temple or calling the Pharisees out on their bullshit.

    3. Pay no attention to the stories of Pandora, Clytemnestra and Circe.
      There is no classical wisdom to be found there, only evil.
      Disclaimer of Bias: I am already on record in these pages as an atheist.

    4. I’m not religious but I do admit that I like some stories from the bible when read from a secular perspective. And the Old Testament should be read as a war chronicle of the ancient Israelites and of the social mores during their time. The whole point of the Samson story is to show that a strong warrior doesn’t necessarily need to be defeated on the battlefield. Defeat can come in the form of treachery and deceit especially from a beautiful woman. That’s the whole point of the message.

      1. Most of the stories in the Bible were stolen from earlier literature and they are nkt to be taken litetallly, as you said. They are allegorical, only meant to send a message about certain virtues and proverbs, much like the Greek Odysseys.
        It crazy that men knew thousands of years ago the real nature of women and so many of us are blind to it today.

    5. You’re either a teenager or a very soft man.
      Let me throw a few verses at you:
      20:17 Wife as property.
      21:4 Wife and children belong to master.
      21:7-11 OK to sell daughters. Female slaves can be used for sex. Polygamy permitted. Unwanted female slaves can be set “free” without payment of money.
      22:18 Kill witches.
      and that’s just from the book of Exodus.
      How is this the antithesis of red pill again?

        1. Absolutely but within reason. Atheists have unknowingly bought into this idea that the world be better off without religion. The idea is as subversive as it is ridiculous.
          If atheists were aware of Rudi Dutschke, cultural Marxism and the “Long March Through the Institutions” they would, understand how their mindset had more to do with cultural conditioning on a granular level than ‘enlightenment’

        2. there is a lot of anti-religious propaganda. The roots of this lie in materialism and indeed in the marxist idea that religion is the opiate of the masses / people.
          As someone who considers himself to be religious (on my own terms at least) it is nonetheless the case that it was marx rather than Lawrence Fishburne who said that for people “to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions”.
          Religion shouldn’t be about simply believing in what is most comfortable to believe unfortunately it sometimes does amount to ‘consolation’. 150 years on I would agree with you though it is the Marx in the system that furnishes illusion and fosters our modern psychosis. Conspiracy theorists will no doubt be struck dumb by the revelation that 4 of the 6 letters in the ‘matrix’ make the word ‘MARX’.
          MARX is at the heart of the MATRIX.
          Coincidence? Yes, unfortunately. But it is not an illusion that marx fuels society’s current illusions. Good reference to Dutschke btw

        3. Thank you sir. “The Long March Through the Institutions” is often attributed to Gramsci but it was actually Dutschke who codified Gramsci’s philosophy of cultural hegemony.
          In lieu of a literal long military march, such as the one undertaken by Mao Zedong, in western (read: highly developed) countries the long march would be through the most culturally significant social institutions, e.g. schools, universities, churches, courts, parliaments, the media; newspapers and television, et cetera.
          What’s interesting and most relevant to discussion, is that Gramsci was attempting to describe the ruling class of Italy in 1921, and why it hung on instead of being overthrown in a Communist Revolution. His explanation was that “in Russia, the state was all,” and overthrowing the state took capitalism down with it. Italy, in 1921, had multiple strong institutions that acted as “protective ditches” to prevent a Communist Revolution.
          This tells us all we need to know about the pathology that affects the west and what lies ahead for us.

        4. yes, I believe all of this is true. The idea of the long march, of the necessity of capturing all the key institutions within a culture, in order to collapse that culture from within, or alternatively to redirect has been perhaps the most effective leftist device there has been, not least because it effectively bypasses democracy – and this one reason why it really doesn’t matter very much who you vote for. I would also say that it doesn’t really matter whether this is always or necessarily a conscious process. Self-aware marxists in the classic fifth columnist sense don’t necessarily make for good crypto marxists. Indeed all that matters is that the new incumbents pursue the goals, or at least particular strategic values within those suddenly compromised institutions. If that happens you have genuine plausible deniability, all the better to convince everybody else that there is no agenda. Further these compromised institutions, now have many of those values in-built, so that they replicate themselves invisibly. A good example of this is through equality and diversity recruitment which all HR departments have to support. This ensures that particularly for the most senior jobs, a minimum condition of recruitment success is demonstrating support of equality as an idea (which very easily becomes equality of outcome – something very different from the liberal equality of opportunity). Here is an example of how equality and diversity works to ensure a ‘left bias’ in the british legal system:

        5. That disturbing article sounds identical to what is happening here in America. The first comment alludes to our conversation as well but you’ve already hit the nail on the head; Hanlon’s razor certainly comes into play here. Which is also why I don’t come down too hard on Atheists of the Manosphere but I will call bullshit when I see it.
          They legitimately can’t see how they subscribe to the exact form of radical atheism, used by the Frankfort School, to dissolve the traditional family; Which was also the same brand of radical atheism that the Bolsheviks used to liquidate millions of ethnic (and Christian) slavs; Which also happens to be same radical atheism cult-feminists currently use to absolve women of their responsibilities mothers and wives, thus rendering men and children irrelevant.

        6. atheism / materalism has been a long time in the making. At least since the french revolution, nietszche & marx. Its not a debate that is going to end any time soon, nor perhaps should it. Atheism makes its case, religion makes its case in turn. But it would perhaps be truer to say that it is not religion but traditional christianity, its institutions and props that have been the target. In this respect atheism may just be one tool amongst many in the arsenal of those who wish to collapse the city walls.
          As for the continuities from Marx, through mass liquidations under communism, the destruction of the family from the sixties through to modern progressivism, apologists will do anything they can to deny the connections. If a puppy makes a mess you stick its nose in the shit. If progressives bear a historic debt for the murder of tens upon tens of millions as much as the destruction of the modern family , etc then it is right and proper that they stand accountable for the blood on their hands. Having said that the shortcomings of religions cannot be exempt from scrutiny either. It is a process.

        7. Good points and I agree wholeheartedly. In particular, Christians’ hypocrisy and lack of accountability has corroded public respect for the religion and the followers thereof. I’ve tested my faith in a number of crucibles and have become a better man for it. So I can certainly acknowledge how atheism and theism both contribute equally to the dialogue. However, as a realist, I also see how idealism is more conducive to a successful society than materialism.
          That said, I think what bothers me the most is how atheists typically suggest that Religion is antithetical to science and intellectualism. In reality, until the French Revolution, the Catholic Church was the leading sponsor of scientific research; Which is just one of many examples.
          It was only during the enlightenment that the idea took root that Christianity had been a serious impediment to science. Voltaire et al opposed the Church because of its close association with France’s absolute monarchy. Accusing clerics of holding back scientific development was a safe way to make a political point. I assume the same is to true today, to a certain degree. Atheism is one of many ways to perpetuate the new orthodoxy.

        8. yes, the likes of Isaac Newton never saw any contradiction between science and faith. In practice there is always some kind of agenda to science, and supposedly secular science often conceals this very effectively. You might want to check out Rupert Sheldrake, an oxford biologist and christian who has often been viciously attacked by ‘militant materialists’ who dislike his questioning of the materialistic paradigm (for instance by arguing against the the idea that mind is (can be reduced to) an epiphenomenon of brain).

    6. Christ on a crutch. I’m an atheist and I know there is truth and wisdom in the Bible. If you can find redpill truths in movies, songs and fiction then you can find it in the bible as well. Just because you don’t like religion or believe in gods doesn’t mean that you have to be so blind that you throw out the baby with the bathwater. Stop it. It makes you look weak and butthurt. Grow up a bit okay?

    7. The Bible isn’t all about God. Many parts of the Bible are about personal behavior and responsibility towards others in society.

  2. Like Samson, too many men are blinded by love. They live with the illusion that their women “care” about them as well. I’ve seen men make excuses for their wife with 100 past partners, forgive them for cheating, forgive them for cuckolding, all because they’re head over heels. You need to sleep with one eye open, even in the best of relationships.
    In other words, don’t trust these hoes.

    1. “I’ve seen men make excuses for their wife with 100 past partners, forgive them for cheating, forgive them for cuckolding, all because they’re head over heels.”
      I’ve seen men doing that, and dumping their male friends in favor of their girlfriend’s/wife’s social circle. Pathetic.

      1. I’ve got a couple of childhood friends who did this. Friendship became electronic, a few texts here and there and never any time or effort to hang out. This was before they had kids, then the kids became the excuse.
        They do have time for weddings/birthday parties (wife’s people) though, just not not yours.
        Finally had to let go. Part of you wants to believe the excuses but when you’re realistic about it you know its their choice.

    2. You’ll find “head over heels” is the lady in question giving them the kind of depraved sex , incidentally before the ring goes on the finger, the guy has ever experienced. Kids come along and its a slow death…..Kuntz….and the sexual abuse goes hand in hand with these BPD fuks. They have no qualms in dragging others down to their hellish level….

    3. This is true even of normal women, the only reason normal women get away with anything is because they are inherently machiavellian, society gives them a free pass and men are programmed their entire lives to be cows (cash cows, validation cows, take your pick) they’re ready and willing to be milked because they don’t know any better. They’re eager and willing romantic chumps who peg their own value to how well they’re doing with the opposite sex. Romance being much the realm of man being that is only male love that is inherently sacrificial, much unlike the pragmatism of women’s.
      With the Lucifer’s Daughter, a sharp analytical eye, street smarts and common sense aren’t enough to avoid the pain and glory she can wreak. They’re the type of woman a smart man knows is bad for him, but desires anyway. They have all the charm and finesse of many a social climbing female, but their key quality is the intellectual connectivity they can tap into, all but usually absent in the plethora of drudgery that is womankind. It is for this reason most poignantly, the ability to connect non-sexually, among others, that many a man is willing to drink the poison that a Lucifer’s Daughter is pissing, working in spite of his own best interest because he is seduced, mesmerised and bedazzled.
      Most women can only seduce a man on the physical level, it is the man which allows himself to fall in love and projects his ideal of love onto a idiotic, vapid, intellectually asinine bag of flesh. With the Lucifer’s Daughter, you have to try your hardest not to love her because she is so captivating. Even when all those red flags are glaring right in front of you. I guess you could say she is the male kryptonite in much the way your typical woman loves a bad boy, except this time the genders are switched.
      It doesn’t really matter how bad she is for you, because the rules of supply and demand still apply, and she’ll make you feel like you’ve never met, and never will again, meet a girl like her. Not only are they destructive, but their uniqueness injects oneitis into all the men that they meet.

      1. this is so unbelieveably true..
        “They’re the type of woman a smart man knows is bad for him, but desires anyway.”
        The funny thing is I discovered Game because of a Lucifer’s Daughter

    4. Agree 100%. But also beware of the white knights, betas and SJWs. They won’t hesitate one second to sacrifice you if there’s even a remote POSSIBILITY of them acquiring pussy (as a reward).

  3. One of these women brought me to the manosphere. Pure evil, her only goal is to control every situation and “win” against men in all areas of life. Psychologists call it borderline personality disorder, I call it emotional vampirism. The sex with these girls is out of this world and it keeps you comimg back long after you know you should.
    Run and dont try to get revenge, she will always have the upper hand because she has no empathy or soul at all. She’ll fuck whoever it takes to win the game.

    1. Oh yes, i also found myself here through a borderline woman and your description is very correct… its interesting to see how homogenous the experience of a BPD woman seem to be for all men who ventured in to that abysmal black hole of insanity.
      These women are usually childhood sexual abuse victims, early childhood trauma causes underdevelopment of the neo cortex and an hyperactive amygdala (no empathy combined with super sensitivity to percieve all your weknesses)
      Back in the day they called it good old bad spirit possession 🙂
      anyways to hell with them once you have known it upclose you recognize it from miles away, especially when they advance on you with that look of idealization.

      1. Yeah this girl hinted to me one day that her uncle may have sexually abused her as a kid. Its almost impossible to know how they are until youve met one, because its a level of crazy thats hard to even comprehend. How someone can seem so innocent and functional on the outside, while being evil and broken to pieces on the inside is puzzlingeven to psychologists.
        You cant judge all women based on her actions though. I met with a Korean girl that was in town for a summer internship from New Hampshire back in June and she was genuinely innocent and kind. We ficked around all summer and her mood never changed, it was such a relief. I can now tell the difference between someone winding me up and being honestly caring.
        Even though all girls arent that crazy, she opened my eyes to the way women think and Ive been getting with a lot of higher quality women since then. Some of us have to learn the really hard way, I guess I should thank her.

        1. Indeed getting crazy with a borderline is (potentially) a quantum leap in personal development, it really is a sort of hell when your in the midst of it, but on the other hand it is a life lesson no money can buy.

        2. ” I can now tell the difference between someone winding me up and being honestly caring.” If you still think that women (your mother aside, in case she wasn’t dysfunctional) CARE for you, then you’re still miles away from swallowing the red pill. Women don’t care about anybody but themselves. They’re inherently solipsistic. You’re barely even on their radar. What they care about is not who you are or what you do, they care about how you MAKE THEM FEEL and what you can do FOR THEM.

    2. I ran across a borderline type too and she caused me untold trouble. They are exactly as you guys described. Buyer beware .. big time.

    3. Yep, was reading the whole article thinking of what is now called BPD. Every man that wants to fuck around with women must, MUST learn about these women. Estimates run as high as 5-10% are clinically BPD.
      I had my first run-in last year after much experience in the game. Even with my eyes fully open, she still took me for a psychological ride. For men with less experience, these are the women that fuck them over with false DV charges, attack with knives, false rape, and other terrifying things.
      Dealing with one of these women is like rescuing one of Michael Vick’s pitbulls. You might think you have things under control, and in the next moment the dog has its teeth in your throat.

    4. Let’s not contradict ourselves. I’m not sticking up for such women, but us red pilled men are the same way. (Dark Triads)

      1. No no no, this is a serious psychological disorder that often leads to mental hospitalization and a life of antidepressant consumption. Yes, many of us red pill men use these dark triad traits to bang women but for most of us, these characteristics are not part of our personality or we wouldnt need to learn them. We still have morals, empathy, and self-reliance. Read the Lucifers Daughter article he linked to above. If you are just like the women that aithor describes you might want to go talk to a mental health professional, red pill isnt about emotionally torturing yourself and other people.
        The male equivalent is guys like Mike Tyson and War Machine who cant control their anger and snap and beat women. Very low esteem with the need to hurt other people to feel strong and good about yourself.

    5. LOL I had a LTR with a BPD. Boy did she keep me on my toes. If she had been smart, I probably wouldn’t be alive today. Oh the wedges she would drive between me and people everywhere. The warmongering with neighbors. The anti-diplomacy. Military men attend war college to learn the Machiavellian shit she would pull out of her mood bag, and she was outwardly a simple minded douchebag. You can’t ever find a mothers day card in any hallmark gift shop for a BPD either. You have to make one up that says something like : ”Thanks for the uncertainty. Never knowing if you will be around a month from now. It is impossible to plan a future with you and unwise to invest in you. But you have taught me why some cultures would invent things like Sharia law, binding of feet, stoning . . Keep it up and your crazy bad girl antics will bring more blanket judgement upon all women good and bad. Then your mood flips and you’re like ”duuh, did I do something”, well happy mothers day, here’s an auto buffer. Hope it works on your dead nerve.” . .
      Now looking in hindsight, I think a BPD woman was as beneficial for me as childhood chickenpox or learning to swim the hard way. I’ve gained the ability to ‘smell’ the presence of a mangina or white knight. The repeated crying wolf BPD always draws out the knee jerks everywhere making them visible before they can take you down from behind. Yes, eventually you get to where you can actually ‘smell’ their presence.

      1. The funny thing is that once you start to display alpha traits, she will no longer be attracted to you at all. She has no use for a man that wont put up with her mood swings, other than sex. She can smell a guy that she can sink her fangs into and who she can deflect responsibility onto. If you dont call her out on her shit she keeps trying your patience and if you do, you’re an asshole that doesnt recognize what a catch she is….and she actually believes herself. Pure delusion.
        It really is like a red pill introductory course. No woman will ever corrode my frame like that ever again.

    6. Bingo! I married one. The ONLY way to deal with this type of soul sucker is to NOT deal with her at all. Run away like your hair is on fire.
      She couldn’t wash the dishes AND pay the bills in the same day because that would be to much for her to handle. But she had the patience of some Tibetan monk and the ability to strategize 12 moves ahead like Bobby Fisher (filing police reports of abuse, calling boss and telling him I was stealing from the company, etc) when it came to nefarious acts or setting herself up for the giving end of divorce rape.
      The emotional and situational hell was nonstop. In hindsight, I have a hard time believing what an absolute moron I was. I considered myself fairly intelligent and have always been about 85% red pill, but she had some kind of Jedi mind trick going on and I just couldn’t see it. My only saving grace was some other poor bastard dropped a hot load in her while her and I were separated and fertilized an awaiting egg (I send him a gushy hallmark card once a year to express my sincere thanks). She promptly signed the divorce papers she was sitting on for the past eight months and was married to him shortly after the ball of joy was born. I Ended up losing nothing…whew that was a close one.
      It was like somebody hit the pause button for my life. I made no moves forward from the day I entered into the relationship to the day I exited. My family, career and friendships all took a backseat to this parasite because all the energy I had was spent frivolously trying to maintain a relationship with her.
      My eyes opened, I stumbled on this site, all the noise around women has disappeared and I see them in a much clearer light now. Everything is back on track and I am not looking back. I sure wish I had been exposed to knowledge this site disperses about five years ago. Sure would have saved me a lot of grief.

  4. Excellent article. There is a lot of red pill wisdom to be salvaged from the Bible.
    I think most people won’t have to worry about Lucifer’s daughter unless you’re in a position of power and authority. I am not, I’m just a normal guy. However, I would certainly know how to handle the bitch if she appeared into my life.

    1. More of a danger to the average guy is a woman with BPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’m talking a true narcissist, not the average female entitlement bullshit that most females have. Those types of women with these disorders generally know they can’t attract (or don’t have access to) well off guys, so they seek their life draining supply from men they CAN attract. Every bit as dangerous as the Lucifer’s Daughter, and far more common. Early signs are there for those disorders as well, ‘the Sweet/Mean cycle’, for one. Tread carefully brothers.

  5. A man differs from a woman
    with his ability to penetrate into the abyss. A woman differs from a man by
    carrying the abyss within herself.

      1. Any biological entity with a womb can “create” as you put it. What happens within that abyss is actually death… not creation. Not necessarily physical death… but death of the soul.. and death of one’s character. Therefore the “creation” you speak of… if it makes it’s way into the abyss… you’ve then both created and subsequently destroyed. Congrats

  6. Every boy in the world should be taught this lesson over and over as soon as he reaches puberty. One of the best messages to ever appear on ROK.

  7. Hey guys can I default to your collective Red Pill wisdom?
    The situation: Went on a date with an 8.9 highschool crush (I’m 27 now… and she misses the 9 due to smoking).
    – I take her to my favourite Ethiopian dinner venue… if the date sucks at least I get a wonderful meal out of it… I’m gaming and she outright says that she is intimidated by me. She further gives me some IOIs and things are going well. Eventually just admits she always had a bit of a crush on me.
    – Then.. in the middle of it she tells me she has a boyfriend… and that she is in love with him… I love ethiopian food. I realize she is just trying to get some male validation points from me or she is just trying to read my reaction.
    – She suggests to move to another venue kuz she wants to meet her single female roommate friend. I’m game.
    – So I basically just go and hold frame.. played the quiet aloof type and decided to just enjoy the company of these two cute girls (her friend was a 6.9) and let them buy me booze.
    – Good times… I decide to give more attention to the 6.9 but I go out for occasional smoke breaks with the 8.9 where she tries to maintain my flirty attention but I don’t give it to her.
    – Eventually the 8.9 says she has to crash and I say goodnight. So I hang out with the 6.9 and she tells me in drunkenly-not-so-many words that her 8.9 friend is serial player and manipulates men. Really it is clear that she is jealous of her friend’s sexy powers.
    – Anyways long story short.. I go back with the 6.9 to their apartment and bang her silly against their shared wall so the 8.9 has to listen to us.
    – The roommate took my number and wanted to go on a “real date” afterwards. So we’re texting and eventually I say “Hey yeah (insert incorrect name) let’s hang out”. It ended there… they did not appreciate that I banged her and had no idea what her name was… Goodbye anonymous titties and vagina….
    Anyways… fast-forward 8 months to present time and I message the 8.9 on FB kuz I wanted her to take an online MBTI personality test… (I’ve been profiling everyone I know for personal reasons)… She gives me some bullshit answer that she wont do it.
    Here is where I want some of your guy’s opinions. I think my text-game is mediocre and I wanted some feedback.
    Me: why the cold shoulder?
    Her: Been working a lot. Also we went on a date and you hooked up with my roomate.
    Me (the response which I wanted feedback on): We went on a date and you told me you were in love with your trans-national boyfriend. You fed me booze and introduced me to your single roommate. You’re crazy.
    What do you guys think??? I think a simple… “Are you jealous?” would have been the right answer. I was genuinely annoyed at how her response makes no logical sense but I think I should have held back and played it better.
    Feedback Appreciated.

    1. there’s no rational response to this…. any use of logic draws you into her illogical game….
      the best response knowing she’s a slut is…. “well let’s go on another date and then i can hook up with you.”
      admit that you didn’t really message her for a survey you wanted some excuse to initiate contact, and try for the bang you missed out on…
      if you want to fuck a slut you just have to say so in a fairly overt round about way.

      1. You guys’ feedback is good thanks.
        But about the survey I’ve actually collected 30+ profiles of various people I know well.
        I did take it as an opportunity to initiate contact with her to see if she is available for sex but I woulda been perfectly satisfied with the data point.

        1. see, here’s the problem with you guys. why do you have anything to do with women that pull shit like this? there really are women out there that don’t do crap like this. you’re crazy. look harder.

        2. Thirst. Not to point fingers because I’ve done this myself, but when the jealousy games start that’s when I make my exit. I don’t do it in an obvious way though, I like to toy with them when they waste my time.
          When they do this they’re either not interested (attention whore), shit testing or they want control from the very beginning.

    2. If she was interested in you she wouldn’t have mentioned her boyfriend to you over dinner, especially since you were paying the bill (highest level of disrespect to you). Further women who are interested don’t include a roommate or anyone else on a “date”, they want one-on-one time with you. Judge her by her actions, not her words, and she’s a time waster. If you just want to get into her pants, mabye you could have opened messaging by asking if she’s still seeing her old boyfriend, and if she’s open to seeing other people. I’m wondering if that boyfriend might be fictional, just a standard script she uses if she starts to feel in the the middle of a date that she isn’t interested enough for a 2nd date.

    3. As regards text opener…” why the cold shoulder?”, you’re letting her know you give a shit….don’t. A simple “hey what’s up? Haven’t seen you in a while…”. Plenty. If she replies… take it from there and act aloof. If she mentions about you banging her friend just say, “yup…. you bailed and left the two of is… what did you expect…. I’d give her 5 between the sheets….”. Take it from there….

    4. (1) Don’t do dinner with a girl you haven’t banged yet; (2) text message was too needy; (3) girls who dig you will make it abundantly clear that they dig you; girls that don’t will send mixed signals. This one is sending mixed signals – move on. (4) The name fuck up actually helps you with the roommate. Run some comfort game and you can keep fucking her if you want to.

    5. Have you already responded?
      If the answer is yes, and was that your response, you’ve TARFU that situation. Abort the mission and forget those bitches.
      For future reference: Next time you try to run through more than one girl a clique, start with the 9’s or 10’s and fuck down. No girl will fuck a guy after hearing him fuck her less attractive friend; Envy doesn’t work that way.
      Next time you decide to “go rouge,” for the love of god, please take the homely chick to your apartment and make sure no one sees you. This way you can still claim she’s full of shit if she starts telling people you fucked.
      If the answer is no, wait a day to respond. If you’ve already waited a day wait another day. When you reply, reply like a man. “Why do you care?” is a good place to start; The more laconic, the better. Don’t mention her boyfriend because he shouldn’t exist to you anyways and definitely avoid your wrongdoings. Make her think about it and stop giving a shit.

    6. Your reply made it sound like you did it on purpose, too well thought out. I would’ve asked “what’s wrong with that?” Like I had no clue it would’ve bothered her. Too much emotion in your reply.

    7. If the 8.9 could hear you through the wall, you should have stopped and knocked on the wall and said ”hey we’re doing the lunar lander and it keeps overturning. We need a hand please.” You know these roomies play on nights when it’s pouring rain out. Then would be the only window of time to pop that comment. I’ve missed such windows due to ‘too late-itis’. Thinking of the clencher thing to say only it’s too late. I carry a bag of ‘should have saids’ and dish them whenever there’s dead air. Sometimes they make things roll after the shelf date.

      1. lol I think there is a Seinfeld episode where George always comes up with the most amazing comment after the fact.

  8. its a matter of folk psychology that women are by far the most manipulative sex, and that some manipulative women are pathologically so (there are lots of references on this thread to borderline personality which seem to reference this but within clinical terminology). What strikes me though is that (abnormal) psychology / psychopathology is just one more discipline that now focuses on male rather female behaviour. Amoral, manipulative behaviour is also for instance one of the hallmarks of psychopathy I believe, yet where there have been campaigns in work psychology for example to combat psychopathy in the workplace the focus has nearly always been on your manipulative psychopathic MALE boss, characters who supposedly manipulate and bully, so that exposing and eliminating them becomes just one more way of pathologising and displacing high achieving males (guess what its really easy to label people as psychopaths). Lucifer’s daughter as described, and all these other manipulative women who use their social networks like Alexander the Great used his armies that is to pursue destruction and conquest never make it into the definitions of clinical psychopathology, and that is because at least partly psychopathology is nearly always gendered. Freud gendered neuroticism in fairness but the modern psychopathologies have been built in part to socially control women. Personally I think psychopathological constructs need to be reworked to include behaviour like this, which is both adaptive but highly destructive of the mental health of all concerned. To do this though, one must focus on the symptoms without focusing explicitly upon the gender. Just imagine if there were campaigns in HR / work psychology to manipulative behaviour in social behaviour / networking. There are wings that need to be clipped; instinctive behaviours which can and must be de-legitimised. We can identify lucifers’ daughter in ROK, but culturally speaking this analysis would need to be de-gendered, that is made gender neutral, for the psychopathology to be de-legitimised within wider society

  9. So essentially you are also saying that to be attractive to women, you have to also be evil. This is depressing, but unfortunately I think you are correct.

  10. I’ve been with a few of these. Spin plates, remain calm and laugh off her emotional storm, and you’ll be fine. Just don’t get attached and the mind blowing sex is usually worth the crazy. They’re a good frame test though, because their sense of reality is so fluid.

  11. Thanks for featuring my article in yours, always good to be noticed by fellow manospherians. If anyone has any questions about dark triad women feel free to ask me here or on reddit (/u/IllimitableMan). Keep your questions impersonal and I won’t ignore them. As for that piece, it’s iffy on the grammar, I need to polish it to flow better when I find the time, and you linking to it has brought that oversight to my attention, so thanks again.

  12. Great article but it really brings up a tough situation that American guys are in. If there is such a tiny percentage of women who are attractive then their power skyrockets. I have a feeling that Eastern European, Latin and Asian men don’t get Samsonized often. I lived in South American before and fell for a much younger Sophia Loren lookalike and the physical attraction was amazing. But she moved on (I had anti-game back then) and I was very upset….for about a half hour. I just went to the beach. Hundreds of teenage asses in tiny bikinis later and ‘Sophia who?’ The heartache, if that’s even what it was, passed on very quickly. If the pre-passport version of me got tangled up with a girl that attractive in the US and got dumped, I would probably be in an institution to this day. The difference is constantly addressed here, yet it is quickly forgotten too. The 80 to 1 ratio of attractive men to attractive women in the US needs to be factored into every issue. It’s always at the forefront, no matter what the issue.

  13. To be honest, dark triad personalities are usually found in men. Women’s evil is something else.
    And unlike male Machiavellians who can actually get things done at the expense of being cruel, female manipulativeness just ends up destroying people with nothing in return

  14. A modern day Delilah can be found in Martin Scorseses “Casino”, which is based on a true story and real people.
    Sharon Stone’s character fucks over everybody she meets -repeatedly-, while always seeing herself as the victim. And all the time she has a magical charm and allure over men.

  15. Incredible article piece. Nice work and nice touch. I have always been aware of the witch-bitch traits, but never could draw a contour around all those characteristics and create a formulation and give it a name -the ,,Dark Triad” reference – pure genius.
    Incredible, absolutely respect this kind of work.
    Good job Oracle Z!

  16. Brain-storming. Some convoluted ideas.
    Would there be a link between the unicorn and the dark triad female ‘configurations’ / sub-types of women? As in, they seem to be at opposing ends of the scale, and their characteristics are rare. Indeed. But their influence on men make them both very attractive to us.
    Is it a hint, that one of these two was the oracle to a man looking for, and finding the red pill? Or maybe we simply are dark triad, or alpha, or anything in between. Note that the DT man doesn’t want, and the alpha male doesn’t need it.
    Women in this respect? They are like us. Incredible. Both are strongly attracted to both the opposite ends of the opposite gender. DT creates his/her own ensnaring Matrix, while Alpha holds frame inside and out of it. Seeing as it is.
    Both have the potencial to make or break a person.

  17. My cousin is with one of these women, he’s miserable but “The sex is mind-blowing” my uncle loathes this woman, they no longer speak……..oh and NOW my cousin who earns a decent living is living paycheck to paycheck in order to support this ho’s “Lifestyle” , the one she would NOT have if it was not for his income……..

  18. Here is an interesting footnote – there were no large millstones at Samson’s time, only small hand versions. Samson at the millstone is sexual slang. Ancient people were firm eugenicists. Samson was blinded, and Philistine women would have sex with him to produce new Samson’s of their own. Blindness turned him into a sex machine available to the ugly or beautiful.

  19. Feelings are like sardines they are compressed into a tiny little box but ones opened they flourish.

  20. Nothing will cure you faster than having been played by one of these dark ones.. If your are smart you will take those lessons and study them carefully.

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