Tips From A Special Forces Soldier On How To Become An Alpha Male

The following article was sponsored by Todd Lamb

Hey it’s Todd Lamb. You might know me from my work as a tactical fitness expert and my bestselling Specforce Alpha program. Or maybe you’ve heard about my Million Man Mission to help guys bring back and experience the Alpha life.

And that’s why I wanted to talk to you today…

You see, too many men make the mistake of thinking they need to get six pack abs or rock hard shoulders BEFORE they start acting like an Alpha Male. Truth is they’ve got it backwards.

There’s one simple tip I’m going to share with you in a minute that actually gives you an immediate boost in testosterone, makes it easier for you to lose fat and pack on muscle, AND instantly sends out a subconscious signal to everyone around you that you are the dominant male.

Listen: humans are hardwired to “hear” this silent signal that’s transferred via something called pheromones. And…

As soon as other men get a whiff they instantly tuck their tails and bow down to you. And when women sense it they immediately open up and start evaluating you as a potential mate. It’s just human nature…

And it all starts with two key hormones. The first is your ally in manliness — Testosterone. The second is our enemy in your quest for Alpha status — Cortisol, which is your stress hormone. Here’s why…

Science now confirms that Alpha males display high levels of Testosterone and a corresponding low level of Cortisol. And guess what…

It’s acting the Alpha that CAUSES that hormonal storm. On the other hand, studies show that forcing Alphas to adopt a “Beta male” posture actually reverses these two hormones.

That’s right… just allowing yourself to look like a Beta male will lower your Testosterone and raise your cortisol within 2 minutes! So…

YOU have control. You get to decide to be the Alpha. And guess what…

Once you take charge of your storm of Alpha male hormones your physique will start changing. It will be easier to lose fat. And you’ll build muscle more quickly. It’s simple biochemistry.

Talk about a shortcut and an unfair advantage, right?

drogo alpha

Listen; this is how easy it is. And you can start today. Simply follow these simple body language tips and I guarantee you’ll start to feel your Alpha juices flowing.

TRUTH is… you already KNOW how this feels. Think about it…

Is there something in this world you do better than anyone? Maybe you crush everyone at the pool table. Maybe you make the best martini in the neighborhood. Maybe you master the BBQ grill like nobody’s business. Point is…

When you’re doing that thing that you’re best at… you naturally adopt Alpha male body language. However what I’m going to do right now is break it down for you so that you can practice doing it consciously ALL the time.

And when you do, you’ll enjoy the biochemical storm of male hormones that kicks in and starts doing it’s magic. Ok here we go:

The Alpha Sitting Posture

  •  Straight but comfortable
  •  Legs open at a reasonable width
  •  Occupy as much space as comfortable
  •  Arms over the back of the chair

The Alpha Standing Posture

  •  Stand straight
  •  Shoulders back
  •  Occupying maximum space (spread your legs, elbows away from body)
  •  Don’t rock back and forth, sway or lean
  •  Arms at sides — no hands in pockets
  •  Chest, throat and crotch exposed — never covered by hands or arms
  •  Eyes are up and chin is up ever so slightly

The Alpha Walk

  •  Avoid short choppy steps
  •  The Alpha has a relaxed and predatory gait
  •  Rhythm is predictable with a long stride that is comfortable and confident
  •  Erect posture with head up and eyes straight
  •  Relaxed back
  •  Heel strikes the ground first
  •  Smile slightly like you are thinking about something amazing

Remember, simply adopting these simple Alpha male posture traits has been proven to shift your testosterone to cortisol ratio towards the Alpha end of the spectrum. Once that happens people around you will unconsciously sense your new and dominant position in the social hierarchy.

The crazy part is, it doesn’t matter how slim, handsome or rich you are. This works for literally every man. 
And once your masculine hormonal storm starts raging it’ll be easier for you to build the lean and muscular body that folks expect from the Alpha. It’s a virtuous spiral that will continue carrying you upwards. 
However I have to tell you that there’s still a bit of extra work involved if you really want the ripped, rock­hard, and manly physique that makes other men irrelevant.

There are certain workout programs that will give you even more of a boost to your male muscle building and fat loss hormones. While there are others that actually sabotage them and leave you looking puffy and soft. Unfortunately… 
Most of the mainstream bodybuilding style workouts give you the exact opposite of the body you desire. And I bet if you’ve tried any of them you know exactly what I mean.

No matter how hard you worked at that damn program, you always seemed to stay soft around the middle and never got the lean and muscular look you were looking for. 
Well luckily, I’ve used my years of Special Operations and SWAT experience — along with my extensive expertise in Tactical Fitness — to develop a unique exercise system that’s only for men who want the rugged, lean, and athletic looking physique Spec Ops guys are known for.

And because I had to build my system for men who never know where they are going to be tomorrow morning, you don’t even need to go to the gym to build the exact physique you desire.

It’s called Specforce Alpha. And it’s literally the only zero­-equipment workout program designed specifically to increase your Testosterone, Growth Hormone and IGF­1 naturally and without the need for dangerous and costly injections.

This system is already helping men all around the world finally achieve the Alpha male physiques they never thought possible. I’ve even had guys personally email me to let me know that Specforce Alpha literally saved their lives.

So if you want to build muscle, make other men irrelevant, and get women to notice you fast, Click Here to learn how you can do it the exact same way they did.

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147 thoughts on “Tips From A Special Forces Soldier On How To Become An Alpha Male”

  1. Well well just stop all that, be redpill and dont be a doormat but dont try to be “alpha” because it’s not possible. It’s something you’re born with.
    Obviously you can improve yourself immensely and advice in this article is not bad but you will never ever be a bonafide Alpha male.

    1. Anyone who earnestly wants to be an alpha male, will be. Everyone else has to find out why they do not want to be that. Which is okay, because not everybody needs to be that.
      Besides, what the fuck is alpha? Having muscles and women? Come on. That is like saying that buying a Mercedes will make you happy.

      1. Okay, Okay, Okay, but the question is, DID YOU make any insta-massive gains using the Mike Change towel workout??

  2. srsly though, if this paragraph isn’t parody then I have to assume the author is either a) retarded or b) thinks we are retarded
    “Once you take charge of your storm of Alpha male hormones your physique will start changing. It will be easier to lose fat. And you’ll build muscle more quickly. It’s simple biochemistry.”
    First joo get the kratom, then joo get the electrolytes and then joo get de weeeemen

      1. Dude I dont know what iti s about you, but everything you write is utterly retarded or nonsense. Literally, I’ve read hundreds of your posts and found nothing I agree with or even laugh at. Are you a virgin or is english your second language?

        1. Almost virgin. Slept with one girl, but she was one ugly fatherfucker. Am I supposed to feel offended? You agreeing with nothing I write indicates hyperbole or a very limited sense of reality. Which is it?

  3. Buuuuullshit.
    And illogical.
    Think of it. Alpha male adopts beta posture (suppose life consists only of alpha and beta) and gets ‘beta hormones’. Beta adopts alpha posture and gets ‘alpha hormones’.
    Yeah. That may work when you do it as an exercise of 30 minutes for a research program. But the key here is your inner life which you project outward through your body. Sure, you can force yourself into alpha posture, but if your soul protests, you will be fighting the urge to go back all the time.
    And eventually break.
    This is just a post to make money. And no, there is no problem with money. But this is just some ‘I read a study’ article with a bit of Wikipedia research on what confident posture looks like. Superficial and unproven in the long term.
    The fact that you write you just read about it in a study indicates that you have not done it yourself that way. So your advice is worthless.

  4. Also, studies have shown that cocaine raises ‘confidence hormones’. So there you go. Just keep throwing that shit in and you will be confident like shit. At least for a few hours.

  5. I disagree with all the snark. Working to maintain an alpha posture will change your mental attitude and improve your hormone levels. Yeah, it works in the short term with laboratory testing, but it also can have a general, permanent effect if you permanently improve your posture.
    You know who else says this? Mike Cernovich in Gorilla Mindset. Posture gets a whole chapter in his book on adopting the Gorilla Mindset.

    1. “Working to maintain an alpha posture will change your mental attitude and improve your hormone levels.”
      You’re right; mental game is just as important as physical game (and two are often related: if one aspect sneezes, the other catches cold).

  6. This is probably Amy Cuddy’s TED talk. And nobody has been able to reproduce her results. Word to the wise.

      1. Well there was a study by Eva Ravenhill in Psychological Science that couldn’t reproduce the effect and there were a couple of stat guys out of Wharton who did a meta study that said there’s little to no effect.

  7. Best post in probably 4 months! I cannot stress enough that posture and gestures dictate the way others see you and ultimately interact with you.
    Here’s a story: A little while ago I was walking around town and I had many thoughts on my mind. Constantly thinking about solutions and consequences and scenarios which may unfold, I had my head down, walking,lost in my own thoughts. You don;t tend to notice what others think of you.
    Then I had my penny drop and answers were clear; with a smile on my face, head held high and pulled my shoulders back I commenced to peacock around and that didn’t go unnoticed. As I held my head up and my shoulders also, two 16 yo blonde schoolgirls passed by me pulling their shoulders back (mimicking me), smiled and winked at me, flirtatiously.
    Goes to show what happens when you present yourself like a winner.
    Also, Krakatom, Mike Chang, Electrolytes

    1. Good enough to get noticed, but unless the rest fits in, how do you build on such a moment? If you were to get into an interaction, would this posturing still help?

      1. Well, it was my dad who told me to pull my shoulders back and walk around like someone who is presentable. He also said that considering my height (6 feet with broad shoulders) I shouldn’t walk around like a sorry person and women like men who are cocky. He pointed out a small colleague of his who was short and despite his height he was not afraid to posture himself like he mattered.

        1. I get it and I know it works in that way, but for me personally, it never got me past this kind of first sight impression. How does it translate into interactions. Will you stay cocky even if they stop approving and start shit testing? Will you be able to connect with them as a man etc? Or is it just show? I mean, you talk about your old man and his colleague, but this is a question you should be able to answer from your own experience. Impressing people on first sight and then vanishing is quite different from having the personality to keep them impressed even in conversation. Not claiming I am able to do that, but anyway. As I see it, I would rather slouch if it fits my mood. The body releases tension and ‘negative’ emotions through these postures.

        2. You see Tom, people don’t care about your mood and will think of you in a certain way based on your posture. Then again you do whatever you like and this isn’t something you necessarily have to do.
          How does it translate into interaction? People seem to be more open and warm to you when you have a presentable posture.
          To women that translates into confidence and appeals to their prehistoric brain. In interviews, it translates into confidence and stability, which will make you more employable and, not talked about enough, more likeable to female and male interviewees (I mentioned how women like to be surrounded by confident men and men like to surround themselves with men which they can trust). The same with clients when you work in sales.
          Use posture as your advantage when picking up chicks and they will respond better to your advances, and I say this from my own experience. Covey an image to the person or persons you are conversing with, and one of confidence.
          On the question of maintaining frame (staying cocky) you should always be walking around,even in the house, with your chest forward until it becomes second nature. Look at military marches and how confident soldiers march: chest forward, left foot first. The aim is to portray manliness and confidence.
          The advice from my father remains just a bunch of words without being put into practice and analysing the results to form your own opinion. Nothing can compare to your own opinion and experience.

        3. For example: this short arsed Murican G.I. stationed in Europe who posed as an alpha all the fucking time. We met in a hostel in Prague. There was this English chicks, short and gagging for it, but little did I know (this happened a few months before I found ROK).
          He was acting all cocky with an aggressive stance and despite me being all chatty with that chick he still got her attention and interest by being more alpha than me.
          Despite my advantage of hight and having a better build.

        4. Yes, I see the utility in manipulation. But the pojnt is, in any other situation: Who cares what others think?
          Soldiers are not confident, they are just hardened and conditioned puppets.
          I was doing these posture exercises the whole year of 2015. But even with good posture, eye contact etc, you need to be able to kinda converse relaxedly, not just stare the girls down with ‘Sir yes sir’. Hyperbole, I admit it. But so many seem to obsess over the right lines and overanalyze, which just shows they do not trust their own minds to come up with the right stuff.
          Despite my good posture and stable body language, underneath I was insecure. Maybe this does not apply to you, but from your writing ( focusing on what neefs to be portrayed ) I would guess it does.

        5. Everyone has their insecurities within them, mate, and I bet you there isn’t one sane person who doesn’t. I have my own doubts and things I should be working on and things I probably don’t realise that they are quite good. Conveying is not manipulation, it’s about improving yourself that you don;t have to have a facade.
          I can talk to girls easily and I haven’t found many with the same amount of IDGAF mentality as I.
          What you problem seems to be is that you see confident people as flawless with not many defects and that troubles you since you have not reached that level of confidence. The most interesting people hide some interestingly shameful stories and cringeworthy experiences, you just don’t know em.
          I bet you GOJ or Mistral banged a fat chick in their time, but you won;t hear about it.

        6. “The body releases tension and ‘negative’ emotions through these postures.”
          Where did you read this? Everything I’ve seen suggests that the body is a constant feedback loop between physical and psychological. i.e. Smiling makes you happier and having a negative posture makes you more negative. Good posture alone might not dramatically change your mindset or how you feel about yourself, but it’s certainly better to get used to walk around like you have faith in yourself rather than study the floor and appear worthless. Practice makes perfect.

        7. “Soldiers are not confident, they are just hardened and conditioned puppets.”
          Hardening and conditioning yourself (achieving things) builds confidence. You seem like you’re trying to write other people off as an excuse for your own failures.

        8. What kond of achievment is it to follow orders and be willing to die for people you never met? Physically, military is surely beneficial. Mentally, I am not so sure.

        9. On second thought, I believe you twisted my words a bit and interpreted stuff I did not say. I admit that I used to assume confident people were flawless, but my point here was rather that confident people do not mind showing their weaknesses. Why should they? Hiding them is hiding a part of your self, which means you are restricting your free expression. I am not saying it makes you bad person, as it is your choice to do so, but I believe that any man will be happier if he expresses himself freely – dominant as well as weak sides.
          IDGAF and hiding flaws is contradictory. On the other hand, I guess it is different when used in a Machiavellian manner to reach goals instead of for approval.
          So anyway, it may not be that big a deal for you. This once more shows how it is difficult to make conclusions about other people based on stuff they write on the internet. Always good to know where they come from.
          It is simply something I am coming to learn and a path I am coming to walk. A more honest approach with integrity. I guess it is sort of a necessity right now, as I am meditating my way through my past and kinda integrating all those rather unpleasant things about myself.

        10. Ah yes, another civilian with no clue as to how the military actually is or what kinds of people are in it. Keep your mouth shut since it’s clear you have nothing intelligent to offer regarding the military.

        11. Another proud soldier who feels offended by the suggestion that his job is not the best in the world. Using the word civilian as derogatory. Fine man, tell me what I do not know. But be sure to tell me when I overstep a line; I do not want to be killed for heresy of your little religion.

        12. You’re a different kind of special, aren’t you?Your reply reeks of your filter towards the world. Your post history shows that you have a big mouth; try listening for a change instead of talking about things you clearly know nothing about.

        13. The achievement is in completing the comprehensive training regimes required to become a soldier or to fulfill some other role in the armed forces. You learn skills, you are pushed physically and mentally, and you learn discipline. Following orders is part of life and simply made more explicit when you’re a soldier. As far as dying for other people goes… you almost say that like it’s a bad thing. Risking your life for anything or anyone requires courage. I see no acheivement in being a survivalist who lacks empathy for anyone not personally beneficial to him. Not to mention the fact that soldiers operate in teams and most of the time you’ll be fighting for the brother beside you (who is also risking his life for you and who you likely know very well).
          More simply, you speak from a place of ignorance and clearly have a chip on your shoulder when it comes to certain professions. Such pointless prejudice will avail you nothing and is in fact a symptom of your lack of confidence.

        14. “I admit that I used to assume confident people were flawless, but my point here was rather that confident people do not mind showing their weaknesses.”
          The reason to hide your weaknesses with most strangers (even if you’re entirely comfortable) is because you’d be at risk of oversharing, which most people would find odd. IDGAF doesn’t mean you should act in a way that is detrimental to the everyday interactions in your life. In the same way I don’t call out a fat femitroll as a fat femitroll in the street, sometimes you have to measure the cost of acting freely (doing whatever you want) against the consequences of those actions. I think you’re right to advocate honesty as a personal standard, but sometimes you have to stop before you’re being honest for the sake of being honest and you’re actually just being rude, combative, sociopathic etc.

        15. You’re a shorty? Heh. I was under the impression that you were around my height (6’3″) or taller. Must have you confused with somebody else.

        16. As I see it, followimg orders is not a part of life, unless you choose it to be. Anyhow, there is a difference between following them and not being able to refuse them, as moronic cops have shown me they can not.
          Yes, I say it like it is a bad thing in this context. Clearly, the narrative of dying for your brother beside you has cloaked your senses from the fact that without the war industry, neither of you would have to die. I used to share these sentiments, though, so I can empathize. These days, I like to fight for myself. All else is an externalization of your sense of self. So that selflove becomes brotherlove. Truly, if you were to fight for yourself, you could not blind yourself to the fact that fighting is not necessary. To fight for your brother is just what they teach you to do. To abandon your reason.
          Is it courage to die for your brother or bullshit politician? It does not make any sense. Or is it courage to refuse orders that demand you to kill or die? Courage, honor, right. Makes the moronic sound virtuous.
          Your appeal to my lack of confidence is acknowledged and maybe you are more confident than I am. Whatever that means. Nevertheless, my opinion stands. Thanks for your detailed comeback, though, I appreciate good debates.

        17. That is a fair argument. I guess there are situations where I would not spout it all out. But the reason would hopefully not be shame over being sociopathic, but simple disinterest in the conflict.

        18. Without the war industry? You say that as if countries can operate and survive without a military force. Every modern country is built upon oceans of blood. People always have to die and there will always be wars. You are decrying people who choose to serve their country for the decisions of those who lead. There is nothing inherently wrong with serving in the military. It is the moral ethics of those who control the countries that is almost always bankrupt or questionable.
          Fighting requires bravery. Dying requires bravery. Risking your life requires bravery. It does not matter if the battle you fight in is ill conceived or if you are fighting an unjust war. You can rationalize not fighting and not dying easily enough but that does not discredit the other. I don’t have any problems with conscientious objectors.
          If your only goal in this world is to fight for yourself then you have already lost. Your death, your expiration, the moment when you are dust and everyone who ever knew you is dust, was guaranteed upon your birth.
          There are smart people and morons everywhere. Your blind prejudice towards servicemen (or police men or presumably any government profession) is a sign of profound ignorance on your part. Or at very least the needless venom of a jaded cynic. I also make no claim to confidence… I simply don’t believe in irritational hatred.

        19. Well, that is what I am starting to wonder, you know. I am aware that war is and has always been a part of life and that is why I simply accepted it. Part of me also liked violence, so the inevitability of war seemed like a nice rationalization. But now I have kind of resolved many issues and I no longer feel the wish to kill anyone or die. And I believe that no truly confident person wants to kill anyone.
          I think the willingness to kill other people always is based on willful or coerced ignorance about their human nature. I know, I know. What is ‘human’, right? But as I am opening my eyes and seeing with all my senses, I just see another person like me. It is not that I think it would destroy my soul to kill them, but I just see no point. At least not in such an organized manner. Two countries are at war. Neither country’s citizens want to be at war. It is not a reasonable personal conflict. And in THAT, it is irrational. You are killing people that personally did nothing to you. You are projecting a conflict on them that is not theirs. Pain that is your own, but that politicians gave you a reason to assume is their fault.
          Surely, the wars that happened were necessary. People needed the experience. But I wonder if history and ‘as it has always been’ is necessarily a predictor of how it must be in the future. I think that most of it is simply a big bunch of traumatized people who are not even aware of it. These traumatized people just need to relive their trauma and keep waging wars. A bit sad. Not saying it is you, as you are not the person making the decisions, but still, you are part of the whole thing. And – which is of interest to you personally – I do not think you are in a position of advantage.
          My prejudice towards policemen comes from personal experience. Also from my experience with public school. I just despise those rule-following stupid monkeys. Know what? My old boss sued me for data theft. He did not even present evidence. In fact, it never happened. Police came and claimed they need to find access keys on my computer. I told them I can give them to them, as I obviously still had them. No, no, no. Procedure, following orders. Forensic procedure. So they take ALL my computers and spend weeks copying my data sector by sector. All my work, all my projects from years are on there. And why? Because they were just following orders. They were not in any power to make reasonable individual choices. They took the stuff I earn my living with, based on what? An unsubstantiated claim of data theft and damage. You know what? The damage that actually happened to my old boss was due to some server update and likely cost him no more than 300 EUR. Now, the police team spend weeks working on this case. Can you imagine the cost? And all it would have taken is to send ONE wise policeman with power to review the case, talk with all parties and come to a reasonable decision. Instead, this big epic drama is commenced where all my shit is gone – still have not heard back from them. And the last time before that that police took stuff of mine, I eventually inquired to get it back and they had already destroyed it. So no, I have no respect for servicemen. They are in positions of blind following of orders and THAT is the source of their confidence. They do not have to think. They are not ALLOWED to think. And that is why it is not even real confidence. It is just certainty. Certainty that they must do as told. Their blind respect for authority and rules is despicable and loathsome. And if you say ‘well, authority is a part of life and god’s ordained will’, then you have already bought into the narrative of idiocism, where people just like yourself tell you that their orders come from god or anywhere more important than your own mind.

        20. I completely agree with the argument that the other person is just another person who is involved in the conflict for whatever reason and doesn’t truly deserve to die… and that there are very few people who truly deserve to die. But that belief has to be universally held for there to be no need to have an armed forces. It’s all well and good feeling empathy for your fellow man, but if he does not feel empathy for you–if he is going to murder you and rape your wife–then there is a need to defend yourself. Or, in a wider conflict, to have men who are willing to defend borders for an entire nation.
          Since when was God’s Will anything other than putting a bunch of monkeys on a planet and watching them kill and fuck one another?
          I empathize with your story, really I do, and you were clearly wronged. But at the same time you’re expecting the police to treat you as an individual instead of following (what I assume is) standard procedure, and then you are responding in kind by treating every police person as the same. There may be (definitely are) tragically insecure police men who gain certainty from their position of power within a community… but that does not mean there is anything wrong with being a policemen or that you should judge every policemen as being corrupt, mindless etc.
          The majority of people in this world are easily led, greedy, and relatively mindless. That is not an occupational hazard. It is the human condition.

        21. Fair enough. But I think it is a good thing to be thinking about solutions to actually help any man feel empathy for his fellow men. The ‘they will kill you anyway, so you must kill them too’ argument is actually in itself an empathy-killer, is it not? If both nations’ politicians engage in these rhetorics, you can easily see why empathy is maybe not eliminated, but overshadowed by fear of getting your wife raped and yourself murdered. I am aware of these rhetorics and I wonder if there is not a solution to stop them. Politicians are, after all, meant to serve us, not lead us into peril. Unless war is absolutely necessary for survival and security – which I doubt it usually is – it must not be waged.
          Good point about God’s will.
          You bring up a good point, yes. But here is how I justify treating them all the same in this regard: Their following of orders is guaranteed by consequences if they do not. All policemen – I assume – value their job security very much, so a powerful threat hangs over their heads, should they disobey procedure.
          And you bring up the usual – and expected – argument of following standard procedure. Tell me, what is standard procedure but the blind illusion of safety by following rules? Procedures are no guarantee for anything. NOTHING. They are just rigid mechanisms of regulation that do not adapt to individual cases, which makes them pointless. The best argument for standard procedure is: Everybody is treated equally shitty. What else is there? Fear that one may overlook something that procedure may have revealed. Again, fear. But what if the procedure in itself overlooks something? Oh well.
          Why not have a police force consisting of people trained in various areas and each individual with full authority to decide on cases? So a single person can look at the case, let it go through his mind, talk to his colleagues for advice on details and then reach a wise decision. I mean, that would be what you would do within a family or a social circle. It makes use of the extremely powerful tools of empathy and intuition, both of which procedure abandons.
          I judge all servicemen the same because they all PUT themselves in a position where they are uniformed and obey the same set of rules. Essentially, they have chosen to be all the same and have their individuality averaged out. They chose to be sheep to have no personal responsibility and then expect understanding for this choice of theirs they made? I treat them as the people who they are towards me. And yes, that is sheep. The fact that they have no choice is a fact they brought upon themselves, so why should I respect that?
          Human condition. Yeah, well. I am not exempt from it. I still reserve the right to be pissed at circumstances I loathe. If I were to give up my judgment just because I am no better – and if everyone did that – it would pave the way for any arbitrary tyranny under the LOGICAL justification that nobody’s perfect. Nobody is perfect, but you need everybody to emote a little and force the others into their place to protect his own boundaries. And since my boundaries were crossed in a manner I find unacceptable, I emote a lot.
          Thanks for your empathy.

        22. By the way, do you remember the dangerous girl I mentioned and showed you a picture of? I just looked at the picture for a while and found something scary. Look.

          I looked into the eyes for a while and after a time, I seemed to start to see a second, mad evil set of eyes. By actually letting myself see the eyes as if they were not top-down. Looks like a howling mad demon animal somewhere in the jungle of psychedelic terror. Do you see it?

        23. Soldiers in uniform translates into “will do violence without mercy” translates into ‘gina tingles. Women who say they like a man in uniform are actually saying that they like trained killers. I don’t find this impulse wrong, mind you, just an FYI.

        24. If your only goal in this world is to fight for yourself then you have already lost.

          Society wouldn’t exist in its current form without some of the sacrifice for the greater good mentality. But do you really feel like the American nation is anything worth sacrificing your life, limbs, or sanity for?
          If we were talking about some powerful force for good, or one of the great societies of old, ok, perhaps. But I think it is insane for anyone to risk their lives for the Amerikan Feminist Democratik Empire.

        25. The recent posts here about women and serial killers (and always ‘jokingly’ asking you “you’re not gonna kill/rape/kidnap me, right?” have been on my mind over the past week or so…

        26. I think there is a lot of nuance here, you need to be comfortable but if you can achieve a better, confident posture (my little brother did it through lifting/yoga and gets commented on looking taller, more confident etc.) it’s definitely worth putting the effort in for, as you said Tom, Machiavellian purposes but also reinforces a positive mentality for you.
          I think the best way to deal with your flaws is not to hide or flaunt them, but to just accept them in front of people with confidence, or adopt a kind of agree and amplify in a casual tone when people try and bring it up as a weapon. Completely takes the power out of whatever they try to say against you because you own it, I did it a while back at a party where my mate and I were giving each other shit, the reaction people give is priceless because it takes balls to confidently accept your flaws.
          The trick is not to lionize them into virtues like SJWs do, and maintain your path of self improvement.

        27. I don’t actually live in America, but I also don’t put much faith in the governance or populace of the United Kingdom or the European Union. There are of course countries much worse and some better than those of the West, so you could rationalize fighting for a lesser evil or move to a better place. Or you could see the greater good as fighting against the Feminist democracy to make your country great again. I’m not suggesting any particular cause… but I am suggesting that having a cause beyond self-survival is important.

        28. The point is that sometimes appearance means more than reality. You can manage your appearance so that people think favorably of you. This can be worth money.

        29. We can play this game all day long. Why value money over integrity? I see it would make sense in situations of survival. Other than that, meh.

        30. Integrity has nothing to do with it. If you want to succeed in your career at some point you will have to manage others’ perception of you. Take it from somebody who learned the hard way.

        31. I am having no career. Not interested in it, either. Why suck up to some corporate monkeys just for the honor of working on some inefficient bullshit that can only be marketed because none of the buyers have any self-respect?

        32. “Soldiers are not confident, they are just hardened and conditioned puppets.”
          This is 100% true, the majority of people look up to soldiers like they are the most brave confident alphas ever born.

  8. The Defense Department just announced they were opening up all combat positions to women, including Special Forces, so apparently joining the Special Forces is no longer on the Alpha list. Be a man among men like Commando Debbie!

    1. Reminds me of a parody posted in Mad Magazine (to the tune of ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’):
      Mine eyes have seen the glory of an army that’s co-ed
      of a navy where the captain has to subdivide the head
      of an air force where they issue flowered sheets for every bed
      The times are changing now

      Glory, glory basic training
      never was more entertaining
      there’s more action, who’s complaining?
      The times are changing now.
      They are wearing battle outfits that are full of fancy frills
      they’re a credit to the union and we call ’em G.I. Jills
      if George Patton were alive today he’d take off for the hills
      The times are changing now
      Glory, glory foes they’ll shake up
      armed attacks they’re sure to break up
      then they’ll freshen up their make up
      The times are changing now
      They are trained to shoot a rifle and they show no signs of fright
      they’re as strong as any man and never run from any fight
      that’s unless one gets a headache and she tells you, “not tonight”
      The times are changing now
      Glory, glory tell her mister
      if she struggles when you’ve kissed her
      no one likes a draft resister
      the times are changing now.

      Or maybe the ‘military formations’ skit of Monty Python.
      Society has fallen far when the parodies of yesteryear are modern realities.

      1. lol no, that’s the college chump paying for it. Military gives you free college, travel, experience, and the chance to claim you’re a veteran and not pay PMI on your mortgage. Was that little bullshit cubicle job going to give you a retirement at 38? Didn’t think so. It is sick these days the marketing done towards veterans, but if you are one you can game the fuckers also. Just don’t join Army or Marines, that’s for suckers.

        1. If you go to the right college you can have the company pay for it. You knew that, right?
          Getting freebies is a loser mindset. I don’t need any. What I’m after makes me enough money to not need any of that. Besides getting your feet blown up might not count to you… Well, I like my feet.
          +The military is hierarchical by design, where betas must submit to the chain of command. What’s even worse, the chain of command is made of more betas. So I stand by my statement.
          Engendering your life for the cuntocracy..
          I really pity the married guys going into the military, getting deployed 6 mo/year, coming back and being served papers by their snowflake with the “reason” they’re not happy. That after they fucked the entire battalion while they were gone… Poor champs then don’t see a way out anymore (beta again) and they put a pistol in their mouth.. Talk about a raw deal..

        2. nice try, as I said I’m no soldier or Marine….so enjoy your cubicle death, hipster. Dying for corporate interests is more in line with selling yourself out to a corporate job these days with half those benies and 2x the work. Look at all these little non-profits, companies, and organizations trying to lick veteran balls just to say they did, as if they gave themselves like Jesus. It’s a sick world, but if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. 96% of vets these days never saw anything remotely considered combat, FYI.

        3. I got the the degree, and had a corporate job before the military. That was all bullshit. Had no college debt and a mortgage too.
          Getting freebies? How about just not paying bullshit PMI on a mortgage and getting a fair loan for being a citizen? My job in the military is not that of grunt, more along the lines of working with civilian aerospace engineers and keeping high performance equipment 100% capable.
          Military being beta? haha, yeah, and your corporate shit is so alpha. Get real, study a little history with your peanut brain and come back with that statement. If I even used the language I use around your coworkers tomorrow, my ass would be handed to HR in a sling. In my job I don’t need to mince words and there is hardly a female…not being at a desk and all. The only way your job is not hierarchical is if you’re the owner. Get a clue fucko, all organizations and systems of power have a chain of command. You think the mafia is equal opportunity? Oh wait, I must be talking to a millennial jerk off.
          I pity the dumbfucks that join the grunts and get used like that too, but look at this article, everyone wants to play the badass! You are really a fucking idiot the way you see everything in the lens of either beta of alpha, obvious I’m speaking with a buffoon new to the world of masculinity.

        4. I own my own company deep shit. I do software contracting work 5-6 months at a time (corp to corp), and I don’t answer to anyone, except the customer. I pay for all my benefits, accountants, lawyers, etc. My shit either works or it doesn’t so to speak… because it does work. They pay, I do my job and I’m out. HR? What’s that? I make more in 6 mo than you probably make in 2 years. I have enough years doing this and I’m capable of demanding a premium. I am not attached to any corporation, and I never actually looked for a job. They are the ones calling and asking for my service , and I’m turning them down many times if I don’t like the project or the team(evaluating 2 projects starting January atm trying to figure out which one to take). Why? Because my skills are extremely specialized, things that are too complex to be outsourced to Bangalore: mission critical systems (high volume, low latency, fault tolerant distributed computing).
          I’m not a millennial, moron. I bet my left nut I’m older than you kiddo.

        5. Guys, both of you have valid points, no need for the pointless insult storm…
          The opportunities military provides can be leveraged by the savvy man at the cost of enduring mind numbing hierarchy for a short term, or similar fitness, discipline and character building activities can be attained through personal training outside the confines of an institution.
          In any case a man can only consider himself truly free when he is personally and financially strong enough to protect himself against the oppressive control mechanisms of his government, which in the modern western world is currently designed to exploit the man to the maximum to redistribute wealth, resources and power back to a police state through the all too willing and easily impressionable channel of the brainwashed consumer female…

        6. Oh man, is the last paragraph really true? How often does the servicemen’s wives fool around while they’re deployed?

        7. ” which in the modern western world is currently designed to exploit the man to the maximum to redistribute wealth”
          I would like to touch on this a little. You are absolutely right, but there is a way around it… Let’s say you make 100K/year and you are taxed 25% (all for the sake of keeping it simple). So you are left with what? 75K.. and let’s say you consume all this on your standard of living (whatever that might be)… Now the gov. comes and says, uhmm we’ll gonna tax you 30% now, just for fun. So you’re off 5K at this point. What do you do? Well, you can work harder .Not sure how you can fit more in 8 hours a day as an employee. Only option is to jump jobs (if you can) or try to get a promotion. You follow me. As an independent you can very easily increase your rate in order to offset the tax increase. Now you are asking 107K for your work. Let’s do the math. 107*0.3= 32.1 in taxes. 107 – 32.1 = 74.9K, pretty much where you started. There are aprox 2080 working hours in a year (give or take). So, if before you were charging $48/hour, you only have to increase your rate to $51.44 to end back to where you started. $3 and change… The higher your original rate was, the less significant the rate hike will seem. But you can’t do any of this if you are employed by someone else.
          This is a broad brush example, but I’m sure you get the idea.
          This is what the big corporations are doing btw. They always pass the tax to the customers. You have to do the same, and working for the Army (or anybody else for that matter) will never going to work this way. The corporations will always, in this situation, try to keep their fixed expenses in place and hike their prices. The rich and whoever can control their income will not be affected by the redistribution of wealth. They will always be one step ahead. A byproduct is a slight price inflation, and again the fixed income people are the ones that bear the brunt, not the rich. And this guy is telling me about his PMI on his $30K mortgage… Makes me chuckle…

        8. 100%. No woman will let a spider web grow around her pussy, while the dick supply is unlimited….
          Unfortunately this is what it means to do the right thing in this degenerate society.

        9. No, when I pull a retirement after 20 or a bullshit disability that your taxes pay me for life, we’ll see who is laughing. + Medical taken care of, then enter into private business while retirement $ is coming on top of current income. All that glorious travel civilians dream of that I get to fly to for free, for life, on transport aircraft…hmmm, not a bad deal. I’ve done the math dickhead, right now I’d have to take a civilian job that lets me put $100k/yr annual into retirement + $60k living expenses annually to make it more lucrative. So….with a finance degree am I going to make $160k/yr tomorrow with all these bullshit federal holidays off, great travel, and minimal stress? Likely not. Servicemen’s wives fooling around on them? I think it is more the other way around, men in uniform without the beer gut, fucking your wife-who has no pride in the pissant excuse you call making a living.

        10. Goes both ways idiots, smh. Deployment is one of the better ways to see what you really have on your hands, it either makes ’em or breaks ’em. Likely saves more marriages than it breaks, as distance makes the heart grow fonder & highlight what is missed. For those that married too young or early, of course, they married a whore and it shows when she whores around at first convenience. For those that married quality, it shows in the nudes she sends and her loyalty while you’re gone. If you’re rig strays while you’re gone, get another. If not, she’s worth continuing with. In the meantime, life goes on, you made some bucks, and appreciate all that you came home to (that was previously taken for granted.) And for those that needed some strange, the possibilities are endless while deployed.

        11. Your stupid finance undergrad degree will pay you 40K tops without experience. That, if you can get a job… most of these positions are set aside for women. You have no clue what you’re talking about.
          And I’m single, so I get to fuck your wife, loser.

        12. I don’t get it deep shit. I should not have my own disability, life insurance, etc? Why? The fuck are you smoking? I am not better than anyone. But for sure I’m better than you.

        13. “Degenerate society”…I’m disgusted with the lack of values myself. I’m wondering if the above comment applies to officers’ wives as well. If so, maybe officers should marry other officers.

    2. Well men are literally stupid to go into the military now. It will literally end up getting you killed when a woman can’t drag you out of no man’s land because she doesn’t have the upper body strength.
      Watched the movie Top Gun for the first time in like 20 years a few nights ago. That was when men could still be men in the military. I just wonder how much of a hell hole it has become since then.

    3. Killing ISIS. Go boys go
      Babysitting corporal Debbie while killing ISIS. Our prayers are with you.

  9. What Special Forces background does this guy claim to have? All I can find is SWAT. And most police SWAT units are a joke…or the equivalent of what future SOF units will be once women are in the ranks.

      1. I’ve seen them protect ranchers out west from the government a little while back. Well, former spec ops I mean.

  10. Clicked on the website and found a silly, unskippable video with nowhere to navigate to. This guy really doesn’t want my money.

  11. Wanna know another way to keep your Testosterone Edge up, don’t Masturbate. Question to Todd, what do you think about the Pentagons decision today to allow all Jobs in the Military, Including SF, Navy SeALS, etc etc, to be open to women?

        1. He hasn’t gone far enough; he should have announced women are now subject to the Selective Service Act.
          So much for ‘equality’.

    1. It’s another move towards intentional suicide. When men get killed in war you can still repopulate the nation since sperm is so plentiful. When you kill the 1-egg-per-woman members of society, you get to go extinct as a people.
      This shit is not on accident, you know.

      1. There is even Talk that the next step is adding women to the Draft, can you imagine a 18 yr old high school girl who has La-De-Da going on in her head 24/7 being drafted into the next Major Conflict? I can’t, I think of my younger sister and think, Man there is no way she would make it on the front lines if there was a draft, a Meat shield at best.

    2. Even though most women in military with their cropped hair, deep voices, boxy bodies, and man-imitating actions and behaviours aren’t very arousing, I would think having women anywhere near the lines would only encourage masturbation among the troops, leading to declined readiness to fight.

      1. That’s Probably 100% true, that and they wouldn’t pull their own weight so it would be like Babysitting for the Men, and then there will probably be fights breaking out over who gets the Tail,…Just an avoidable nightmare, but you know…PC is ruling the Roost these days.

  12. I thought for a second there I was going to offered a click tab to order herbs, a drink powder or something. Must be a slow day at ROK.

      1. “Sponsored content” I believe what it is called. And yeah he has to keep the lights on somehow. And the number of businesses who would take the chance to advertise on the website of a so-called “rape apologist” and “rapist” are going to be far and few between.
        I say enjoy the free website and all of its great content and tolerate what needs to be done to keep it up and running.

        1. Not someone who markets here but someone who runs a business. You have to make money to keep something like this alive. I get that and can respect that between web hosting fees, traffic, etc. it is more then $20 a month to run your blog on wordpress.

  13. Allow me to give you gentlemen of ROK the real deal in much fewer words:
    1. Limit or avoid masturbation.
    2. Deadlift with proper form 2 or 3 times a week with appropriate weight.
    3. If your back allows, do the same with squats.
    4. Bench press heavy 2 or 3 times a week.
    5. Do lat pull ups 2 or 3 times a week.
    6. Other ideas – bang young nubile attractive women on the regular.
    7. Compete against other men in something a few times a month.
    There you go….

    1. +1 on competition. Nothing keeps the mind sharper. If physical competition isn’t your thing try something even like poker with your buddies. Even going to the casino once a month with $100 and playing the low end tables is better then nothing. (Obviously if gambling is your form of competition don’t get addicted to it).

      1. I said 2 or three times a week. I lift a bit lighter than most guys because of back issues but still enough to be effective. I typically will do 3 or 4 days between lifts….so, I suppose it’s more like 2 a week. I know what you’re saying – Guys who go heavy have to do it a less and I get that.

    2. Recovery time between lifting specific body segments is a bit more important than I think you may realize.

  14. Where’s the Kratom and Mexican pharma links? 😉 TBH this is at least a fairly informational psuedo-article and if ROK needs this kind of shit then they should be like this.

  15. If ANY new guy were to show up at the team with this “unearned cockiness” he would immediately get riggers taped up and have one of his eyebrows shaved. Real, seasoned operators are humble, quiet professionals, they’d sense your posturing doesn’t match your demeaner and they’d seek to crush you.

  16. I will say, keep your hands out of your pockets pussy! & anyone who wears the hood on their hoodie is sleaze

  17. It’s funny how the old military shit plays out, even today when standards are lax. Most in the military today are shitty about shaving and put their hands in their pockets at work to chill. I call people out on it, & they think I’m a dick for this. However, it just stands out all the more when in uniform, so dont do it. Police wearing a goatee or shitty beard while in their “uniform” is also a contradiction, I laugh at them. However, I find whenever I am clean shaven from a nice Gillette Silver Blue in my DE razor, shirt tucked in, all clothes fit as they should, no gut, classic seiko dive watch….the ladies young and old all seem to smile back. Perhaps, because a sharp dressed man is masculine & exudes confidence? Women love pricks in uniform for this reason, dont forget it. The clean cut image builds trust with them, combine it with an edge and they dont think youre taking them on a one way ride to the woods. Not saying to look like a church fucko or Boy Scout, but consider what James Bond would do. Shave daily and splash on a good aftershave, or if you have a beard wear it like Dos Equis man- maintained.

    1. “Most in the military today are shitty about shaving and put their hands in their pockets at work to chill.”
      The fuck kind of military installation are you seeing this shit in? ROTC?

  18. “Tips From A Special Forces Soldier On How To Become An Alpha Male”
    Hmmm. How about become a green beret?
    And don’t drop the ammo crates and carry the sandman with care. Heh.
    It seems the recommendation for SFAS preparation has changed in 25 years. The “easy days” are for pumping iron.

  19. Good advice about posture in this article. Actually these postural changes come naturally as you improve your warrior skills.
    For an outstanding program on Special Forces fitness check out Nate Morrison.

  20. Hey it’s Todd Lamb. You might know me from my work as a tactical fitness expert and my bestselling Specforce Alpha program. Or maybe you’ve heard about my Million Man Mission to help guys bring back and experience the Alpha life.

    Mike Chang is that you?

  21. Serious but quick question: Can I stack improved posture with Kratom, or would that cause too much alpha pheromone release?

  22. The posture tips are spot on and very good advice.
    The jury is out on pheromones being relevant to human beings. Animals that respond to pheromones have very distinct and identifiable receptors that are easily located. Human beings do not, that we have been able to locate in any event.
    Pro Tip to the readership: Click on the sponsored links when it’s stated up front that it’s a sponsored post. Helps Roosh get paid, which keeps the site running. And some products might actually be interesting or helpful if you investigate at their site. Even if you don’t like the sponsor and exit the page, at least we can keep the site funded here.

    1. Oh stop it. Don’t denigrate the warrior caste, they’ve done more to ensure your genetic line made it this far than any other segment of humanity.

    2. Be careful! The military are the revered saints of America and even most red pillers have fallen victim to this hyperbole and propaganda. It matters little to most “patriots” that the military is a tool of the bankers and an instrument of their eventual enslavement, same with law enforcement. Even Hell has its heroes…
      Excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933 by General Smedley Butler, USMC
      War is just a racket. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.
      It may seem odd for me, a military man to adopt such a comparison. Truthfulness compels me to. I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers.
      I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.
      I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.
      During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.
      Smedley Darlington Butler (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940) was a United States Marine Corps major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. During his 34-year career as a Marine, he participated in military actions in the Philippines, China, in Central America and the Caribbean during the Banana Wars, and France in World War I. Butler is well known for having later become an outspoken critic of U.S. wars and their consequences, as well as exposing the Business Plot, an alleged plan to overthrow the U.S. government.

  23. This is some good advice. Also, my yoga teacher taught me an easy training trick to good walk-about posture. Back up to a wall, pressing your entire body against it, head to feet. Hold there to get a feel for the alignment, and then step forward, keeping the head, neck, shoulders, in the same position as much as possible. Your shoulders will be back, chest out, neck straight, and head up. You look and feel confident, and it’s so much better for your body. Any time during the day you feel yourself slouching, there is always a wall nearby to correct with.

    1. I went the lazy route and simply had a iron rod inserted into my spine. It actually compliments my knuckles of brass and balls of steel!

  24. Good advice. Because bodylanguage will tell instantly if a guy is insecure or green as grass. I have a 25 yo buddy who I think still is a virgin, well his way of walking tells me enough actually.

  25. Your copywriter ripped you off, if you paid as much as it looks like you did. The copy is not very good, though the first two minutes of the VSL had me paying attention so the lead was solid (can’t say the same about the sales letter). I’m in kind of a dilemma now, because the product itself actually seems pretty cool. Just turned off by the bad copy and the terrible math in the sales letter. Hmm.

  26. Hmmm. Probably better to advise guys on getting there T levels checked, and if the results are borderline, then do a trial of TRT.
    I was low in T (and high in E2/SHBG, which negates any positive role that T plays), and I was a sick man for two long decades.
    Now I’m getting TRT, I’m kinda starting to feel better, and am starting to get my energy back, etc.

  27. Pretty much right but if someone does this in the least bit of an exaggerated way, it doesn’t work. I have known a couple of Special Forces guys in my life and they are very, very humble and low-key. Just be cool and subtle instead of having a Napoleon complex about it and trying too hard. Right?

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