Introducing Kings Wiki, A Wikipedia For Us

With the help from MediaWiki expert Raymond Kertezc, I have launched Kings Wikis, a wiki centered around the themes of masculinity and nationalism. After a one-month beta run, we are now ready for a wider launch with over 300 articles already published. Here are the most developed articles we currently have:

For a list of all articles, click here.

The goal with Kings Wiki is to have a wiki resource that presents truthful information from a masculine viewpoint. Instead of competing with Wikipedia, Kings Wiki will focus on subjects that are most relevant to our sphere. When these subjects are Googled, the public will be able to easily find our take, especially since Google ranks wikis very highly in their results. I view Kings Wiki as a long-term project to build influence. While it’s not an active destination like ROK, it does have new daily content that will make it worth frequent visits.


Of course a wiki is not possible without users who edit it, so I encourage you to participate in the project by editing an existing page from clicking the “edit” button or creating your own page from simply typing a phrase in the search box and then clicking the red create link. Here is a wiki editing guide to get you started. You can also check out the forum thread on the wiki to participate further. If you create a page, drop the link in the comments so we can take a look.

Click here to visit Kings Wiki.

72 thoughts on “Introducing Kings Wiki, A Wikipedia For Us”

  1. Awesome! This is inline with what I said about an annual guide with advice for men. Kudos for Roosh.

  2. Wonderful-we needed a repository of knowledge and finally have one and with the aforesaid search results we will be able to disseminate truths far and wide.

  3. This is a crucial step towards the men’s reconquista of the West.

    1. Love that word: ‘reconquisita’it channels lovely images of the Spaniards putting Moors to the sword and El Cid cutting his way through them. So is Roosh our equivalent of El Cid, this site is Babieca and the wiki, Tizona?

  4. Roosh, leave the editing user register open for the next 24h hours only (ROK readers). Otherwise, it may get filled with SJW trolls. Then you may open it with care.

        1. I’ll settle for simply “FUCK THE PEOPLE!”. No favors given, no favors returned. Easy as that.

    1. GOOD.
      Let them be pissed. Today’s incarnation of radical “progressives” and SJWs need to learn that they do not control the dialogue any more.
      This wiki is a good idea.
      Roosh should be careful though. At some point, the toxic SJW types will try to co-opt the Kings Wiki in some way. It’s inevitable. He needs to be ready for that, because the misanthropes from those groups have low tolerance for diversity of ideas.
      Their idea of “diversity” is a sham.

    2. These people get pissed off when they read something that hits home. They can’t handle listening or hearing an oppositional view on things. They are suck in the bubble they live in. It’s hard for them to grasp another take on issues that do not match what society has brainwashed them with. I think it’s great to piss people off. It shakes things up. It gets our voices heard. Fuck their PC agenda and let’s open the eyes to people around the world.

  5. This is great! It’ll attract so many more men like us to our “Society of Man.” Although Roosh will probably have to create some sort of security plan for the site, so that only trustworthy people can edit it. He’s a smart man though, I’m sure he already has a plan.

  6. the SIF article is pretty brilliant. good point about how the existence of SIFs refutes the claim that there’s nothing wrong with obesity.

  7. Roosh, what is your plan to prevent SJWs and other entryists from ruining the wiki? Better yet, don’t spell it out, just confirm that something is in place.

  8. Wonderful development 🙂
    No wasted manufacturing of outrage or tantrum throwing from our side through social media. No impotent pleas for attention about media misrepresentation or men’s rights.
    Just good ol’ fashioned putting heads together & working things out & creating value.
    That’s the major reason I can never get down with the whole MRA (men’s rights) movement, as much as I have some sympathy for their cause.The willful ignorance in letting the enemy set the conditions & rules of engagement.
    Masculine men set their own path, learn from mistakes & fix what needs to be fixed with the understanding that current social conditions are stacked against us. We don’t need chaperoning from useless sheep.
    The majority of women, even after all the notions of gender equality rammed into their skulls, will only show up after the new structures are painted, the floors are clean & carpeted & with the water running & power supply connected.
    You’re not seeing them with the ugly hard hats & harnesses getting all muddy & dust covered when the construction is going on.
    The few more rational ones will make decent allies. The MRA movement never quite understood that even with such allies, you don’t put all your eggs in that basket.
    It takes men armed with masculine values to take risks in forging new paths for the betterment of everyone. Let the feminists & their coddled sheep feed on the carcasses of the old simp regime with their appeals to ‘fairness’ & play catch up.
    In short (Heh), this is a wonderful development with regards to taking positive action.

  9. Damned good idea. Bear in mind that it will be subject to SJWs and other entering false articles and or editing content to fit their view. So there will be a lot of due diligance on the admins of kings wiki to stay in top of it all. This is an ambitious initiative, one that will continue to be necessary to provide more red pill information to the World anywhere from gaming current females to politics and NWO issues.

    1. This. I was thinking this too. You know how they like to amass their ignorant troll armies and try to overwhelm and change everything to suit their twisted worldview. This will require diligence good sir.

  10. Great I love it! But can you bring back those meetings? With Trump rising its really time for the Manosphere to rise too…

  11. A very cool idea! Question (from someone who is less than computer savvy) if this can be edited by end users what is to stop a Jezebel crusade to use this platform to be insufferable cunts?

    1. If you’re concerned, write your article up at home and go to a coffee shop or somewhere with public wifi to upload / submit it. Note that very few people have a static IP address anyway, at least in the US, this is only available for expensive business level internet plans, but I do understand this concern.

  12. This is great, and long overdue. Great job, team.
    The next thing we need is a website with a news feed that is not dominated by regressive sources. I’m tired of Google News, it makes me sick. Reuters is too international and doesn’t offer as much variety and interface options as Google. Breitbart’s good, but often too “loud” looking for me, and like Reuters, there just isn’t enough variety or local/state options there. So we need to build something where the unplugged male (and female alike) can go at 745 a.m. with 15 minutes before “work” starts, to catch up on the news without getting a dangerous dose of mental illness from the likes of Salon, Vox, MSNBC or any of that horseshit.

    1. Breitbart is about as close as we’ve got right now (unfortunately).
      If you don’t read Mike Cernovich’s “Danger and Play” yet, start now. He’s in the process of creating his own media empire, and if his recent news posts are any indication it will be pretty much exactly what we’re looking for.

      1. Oh yeah, I’m a huge proponent of Mike’s blog and intended to befriend him this summer at the RNC. We live in an incredible time and every man here has been called to make a contribution….best believe I’ll be doing my part.

  13. Missing some articles like “get fat with Matt” and ” white supremacist hate non-white”

      1. Unfortunately, there is a Trigglypuff iamge up. (I created the article and put the gif on there)

  14. As others have pointed out, there is a concrete risk of SJW editors.
    We know they are quite active on these websites.
    It would be a great (trolling) solution to tag them as such and having their work visible only to them and for a limited amount of time, so that it’s wasted effort and time; but they won’t be aware of it, so they’ll keep editing in vain and rolling like a hamster on a wheel.

  15. You’ll never get a girl in the United States with hymen intact, especially post-25. It is impossible.

    1. ay ew ew ew to what I am gokng to say, but I don’t know anybody here and my profile is private so… doctors says there is many myths surrounding the hymen and that it is very difficult to impossible even for doctors to know if a girl is virgin or not. blood or no blod is not an indicator of virginity. I just hope we can kill this myth, i got hitted by my husband because he didnt believe i was a virgin(I WAS!)because there was no b

  16. Whether we like social media or not and I know I despise such and have no accounts on it-we need a manospheric equivalent of such where we are not fettered by idiocy like cultural Marxism and the like.

  17. just about something in the wiki. Okay ew ew ew to what I am gokng to say, but I don’t know anybody here and my profile is private so… doctors says there is many myths surrounding the hymen and that it is very difficult to impossible even for doctors to know if a girl is virgin or not. blood or no blod is not an indicator of virginity. I just hope we can kill this myth, i got hitted by my husband because he didnt believe i was a virgin(I WAS!)because there was no blood.

    1. Aye, read the articles first. It’s a ‘wiki’., a detailed reference from a neutral viewpoint.
      The page you mention contains simply what the hashtag is about, it’s origin, and agreeing and conflicting viewpoints.
      They are just articles about subjects in a subculture.

  18. I don’t particularly care about it, but don’t you think it’s quite confusing having an article promoting virginity until marriage and another decrying the plights of cockblocking? What is RoK true goal? Fight the current trend or enjoying it? Cause you can’t have it both way. You can’t expect anything to change for the better if you indulge yourself in the decay.
    Honestly, anyone who believes women should stay virgin until marriage must engage in relentless cockblocking otherwise he’s just an hypocrite.
    This is why the world at large doesn’t take neomasculinity seriously, because you guys don’t put your money where your mouth is. People will keep calling you out on your bullshit because frankly there’s so much of it piled up to cast a shadow on anything worthwhile you might have to say.

  19. Probably by slutting around like Ζοζεφίν Γεωργίου. Пошел нахуй.

  20. This kicks ass, Roosh! A donation to keep this growing is definitely money well spent. Can I make one on behalf of some feminist organization? Kidding/not really. Count me in on the donation.

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