How To Weaponize Your Mind, Body, And Spirit With “Of Tyrants & Tellers”

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Something is wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Everywhere you look it seems as if the system is rigged against the modern man. Don’t worry. You’re not crazy. Your instincts are correct. There is a silent war that is being waged on the modern man’s mind, body, and spirit. And you know what? The modern man has evolved accordingly.

Let’s be honest here… the modern man is a soft, emasculated pansy lacking decisiveness and drive. He is physically weak. He is mentally defeated. And his spirit has been taken from him. But why? Why did things get so bad? What exactly happened to the modern man?

Here’s the simple answer: He was destroyed.

The modern-man was destroyed by a two-front attack: chemical and cultural warfare. This is no accident but rather a purposefully designed operation that has been implemented on a mass scale for quite some time. The war on men is a known reality and it will bring about the end of civilization unless something is done about it.

What exactly is the war on men?

The war on men is a widely misunderstood concept especially within the general manosphere or red pill community.

Many are led to believe that the war on men is personal. Someone, somewhere decided that it is women’s turn to be in charge. Patriarchy had its turn. Now it’s time to switch things up! They believe that the war on men is being waged as a way of getting “back at men” or leveling the playing field. However, it goes much deeper than this.

The fact of the matter is that the war on men is just a small part of what is really going on. For starters, there is also a war on women. This war is also being won in the same way, via decades of chemical and cultural bombardment. This brings us to yet another why. Why are both sexes being attacked?

Depopulation Via Androgenization of the Human Species

When you put all of the pieces together, you will eventually come to the conclusion that the ultimate goal of the secret elite is depopulation. This is not conspiracy, nor is it wishful thinking. It is reality. And you do not have to dig deep to discover this reality. The elites are all on record admitting it.

“A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”- CNN Founder Ted Turner

“The negative impact of population growth on all of our planetary ecosystems is becoming appallingly evident.”- David Rockefeller

“We humans have become a disease, the Humanpox.”- David Foreman, Co-founder of Earth First

The why is clear. This leaves how. How are the elites secretly working toward creating a smaller, more manageable population?

Well, think about it from the other side of the spectrum. How do you increase the population? The population increases when there is an increase in procreation between men and women. An increase in birthrate is one of the tell-tale signs of a society with healthy, optimized hormones, or a high testosterone civilization. This is exactly what happened in the United States during the post-World War II years, which many consider to be the Golden Age of America.

The economic boom that America experienced enabled the creation of physical infrastructure and more importantly, social infrastructure. The U.S. was fresh off of a big time victory in World War II and there were plenty of jobs and money to go around, so people started creating infrastructure by having children and keeping those families intact.

The American Dream, the goal of average Americans at this time, was represented by the pursuit of the accumulation of wealth and raising families. Everyone knew their place. The men were strong, masculine providers for the family. The women were feminine homemakers who took care of the home and raised the children.

Now if you were a member of the secret elite, this would be the cause of great concern because this new wave development of strong, traditional nuclear families would essentially create units of power and wealth outside of your control. No, you could not let that happen. You would do everything within your power to destroy the very idea of forming families.

How would you do this? You would embark on a slow but steady engineering project in which you turn the world upside down. You would discourage heterosexual relations between men and women in every possible way. You would vilify it and even go so far as to make people fearful of it. In place, you would heavily promote and glorify homosexuality. You would wage an all-out war on traditional gender roles. Instead, you would promote a complete reversal of gender roles by making the men more feminine and the women more masculine.

Sound familiar?

It should, because this is the reality you see every single day. This goal of combining male and female sexual characteristics and traits into one gender, or androgyny, is the means by which they are subtly “trimming the fat” on civilization. A small, androgynous population is ideal for the masters because this is a dream come true from a management standpoint.

No Men = No Fight = Easy Control


This work is a new beginning for both the individual and civilization. Mankind has always flourished under the leadership of builders. So that’s what this work challenges you to do. Build. Civilization and the individual are linked by their need for infrastructure and culture. Without infrastructure and culture, both are doomed to collapse…

In Part I, you will learn:

  • the power of culture
  • how to change culture
  • the exact reason why there is a war on men
  • how Hollywood destroys masculinity via mass programming (psychological operations)
  • how sex is weaponized to enslave you

In Part II, you will take massive action and accomplish the following:

  • develop an understanding of your role in civilization
  • destroy the poisonous programming that has held you back from fully embracing your masculinity
  • start a new culture based on powerful words and mindsets
  • build a strong body with The Of Tyrants & Tellers Weightlifting Program (contains 44 pictures)
  • win the war against compression with a total body movement daily routine (contains 27 pictures)
  • deweaponize sex and destroy the pornography psyop once and for all

Pride. Precision. Professionalism. This is the new way of things. Make this your story where you are the hero. Click here to buy your copy of Of Tyrants & Tellers.

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